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Cures Blood Poison
A Trial Treatment Sent Free to
Who Suffer From Any Stags
of the Disease.
Cure!! Cases That Hot Springs and AH
Other Tieatments Failed to
Even Help.
There has been dis-ccvered by the State
Medic U Institute. 100 Elcktron Bldg.. Ft.
Wayne, Ind., the most remarkable Blood
Poison cure ever heard or. It has cured
all such Indications as mucous patches In
the rcouth, sore throat, copper colored
6pots, chancres, ulcerations on the body
end m hundreds of cases where the hair
and eyebrows had fallen out and the whole
ekln was a mass of bolls, pimples and
ulcers this wonderful specific nas completely
changed the whole body Into a clean, per
fect condition of physical health. Every
rallrot.d running Into Ft. Wayne brings
scores of sufferers seeking this new and
marvelous cure and to enable those who
canno" travel to realize what a truly mar
velous work the Institute is accomplishing
they 7ill send free to every sufferer a freo
trial treatment so that everyone can cure
themsslves In the privacy of their own
home. This is tho enly known cure for
Blood Poison. Do not hesitate to write at
once and the freo trial will be seat scaled
In plain package.
The :uhest mount loaned on watcnes, dia
monds!, jewelry and all articles of value. Lar
leans a r poclalty. at luw rates of interest. Busi
im BlTictljr confidential. Unredeemed pledjaa
fir tale.
33 und 14 S. 4th. nlao 213 N. tu St.
In Charge of Dr. H. T. STILL.
407 Commercial Bldg.&'ftK?
OlBcc Hours: SSO a. m. to 4 2 m.
Firm?, fistuli. and all rectal
diieiicf a ipcclalty, cnrel
ova niuri PilarrraftRftfitW
j v. !!... u.n fMnaiiirtinn frra. Dr. M. Key
Smith. SiacUllit, Holland Elds. SU K.7l! SI, EtLouU.
CRAWFORD'S, as usual, are first In tho
field with a full and complete line of But
terlck ?atterns and Delineator for Septem
Eloped to St. Louis to Be Married
Girl Changed Her Mind.
John F. Richardson of Efflr.sham, Ill
yesterday stood In the midway at Lnlon
Station and watched his sweetheart. Mis
Jessie Millard, walk away with a party of
friends, after she had eloped with him to
Et. Louts to be married.
The couple arrived at the station In the
morninc with the intention of belns wed
Immediately. They eloped, they said, be
cause X.r. Millard would not consent to his
daughter's marriage. Inasmuch as she Is
only 17 years old. He told Richardson as
much when the young man called on him
and asked him for the hand of his daugh
ter. When the couple learned a few days ago
that an excursion would be sien on tne
Yandalli road from Effingham to St. Iuls
they completed their preparations for the
elopement. Everything went smoothly un
til Miss Millard thought that her parents
would bo heartbroken over her action.
Thtn shs decided that perhaps she had bet
ter postpone the ceremony for a year or
Richardson thought otherwise, and he
tried to argue the girl out of her notion.
Tho argument resulted in a quarrel and
they parted in anger. The girl left the
Ftatiou with several friends, and Richard
Eon stayed behind. He said that he thought
the girl would again change her mind and
decide to be married after all.
The Bi!t Remedy for Stomach nml
Bond Trouble?..
"I ha"e been in the drug business for
twenty rears and have sold most all of the
proprietary medicines of any note. Among
the entire list I have never found anyth ng
to equal Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera s-.ni
Diarrhoea Remedy for all stomach and
bowel troubles," says O. W. Wakefield of
Columbis, Ga. -This remedy cured two
Fevere cases of cholera morbus in my lamlly
and I have recommended and sold hundreds
of bottles of it to my customers to tneir
ntire satisfaction. It aff oris a qui -k and
sure cute in a pleasant form. No timi.j
should he without it. 1 keep it in my houie
at all times." Adv.
Y. Doerr Applies for Let
ters of Administration.
Application for letters of admlnistrattjti
on the rstatc of Colonel William 1- Cas
sidy. lnt'" stock dealer and race-horse own
er, was made yesterday by George W.
Docrr o No. 2321 Dayton street, who was
a buMne's associate of Mr. Cnssidy Col -ncl
Cass My left no will and his broth.-r.
Abncr C. Cassldy. waived his right to ad
minister. The estate is valued at $28.00).
The heirs arc given in the application for
administration as Abner C. Casidy. brotn
er. St. Liouls. Mo.; Annie E. Cuuningaam,
sister, wife of Elmer Cunningham. Mesie .,
Mo.; Frances E. Clarte. sister, widow, T
peka, K.is.. George C. Muldrow. ncpht-w.
Archie City. Tex., and L-lia Taylor, nler-s
wife of I'-redcticl; Taylor, Chapin, II,., ch.l
dren of his sister. Richard Oas-sidy and Sin
gleton Cassldy, half-brethcrs. whose pres
ent abodes arc unknown, and Mary D. Cas
sldy. widow of a brother. Eureka. Kev.
The bond was fixed at Jj2.0v0. As soon as.
the bona is given and approved letters of
administration will be issued and the set
tlement of the estate will begin.
The bent Prescription for Malaria.
Chills and Fever Is a liottle of Grove's Tnstelrs
Chill Tonic It Is slmrly Iron and quinine in a ,
tasteless form. No cure no pay. Price 50c.
Plans -to Entertain Them the Re
mainder of tiie Week.
The Arrangement Committee in charge
of the entertainment of the Missouri Preis
Association has mapped out its programme.
The meeting will open to-day at the L.i
clede Hctd. This evening those members
who hav8 arrived will be taken to the Sub
urban Gurden. To-morrow at noon the ed
itors will be escorted to the Merchants'
Exchange, where an address of welcome
will be made and responded to by one of
the editorial party. In tho morning and
afternoon parties so desiring will be es
corted to places of amusement by members
of the Reception Committee.
To-raoirow evening will be devoted to an
entertainment at Delmar Garden. Saturday
forenoon will be taken up In visiting places
of Interest. If time can be found the ed
itors and their families will ba riven a
trolley ride Saturday afternoon.
Menlca.il Veterans' Reunion.
Moberly. Mo,. Aug. 15. The State Associa
tion of Mexican Veterans of Missouri will
hold its f Jinual meeting In this city on Sep
tember U and 14. W. A. Rothwell of Mober
ly, Mo., 'rtll address the veterans and their
friends. Thomas P. Hoy Is president and
James Martin Is secretary of tho associa
tion. Cored qalcUy and permanently. Xo
pain, mi danger, no detention from
ataalnesii. So pay until enrcd.
DR. W. A. LEWIS, Sll X. 7th St.
3DonH Porjot TOxoit
Km JUt me BEST. norvftftMuxUax tker cost yoa no man lhaa UUrtorgocta,
Boys Attacked Miss Josephine
Smith Because She Had Ridden
on a Transit Car.
He Left His Post of Duty and
Chased the Assailants Police
3Iake Two Arrests in
the Case.
Miss Josephine Smith of Xo. 21C6 Pen-ose
street, 16 years old, was assaulted by a
crowd or boys at Twentieth and Penrose
streets on Tuesday evening and her thlrt
waist torn from her body because she had
ridden en a St. Louis Transit Company car.
Though she was not injured, tho s;are
was sufficient to put her to bed.
Mis-s Smith went heme after the attack
and no report was made of the occurrence
until yesterday morning, when Charles E.
Smith, conductor of tho car, told the police
that a young lady had been assaulted by
a crowd for riding on a car. The con
ductor said he chased the boys for more
than a block, but was unablo to catch
any of them.
Captain Phillips of tho Sixth District
went to see Smith, and ascertained that
It was his daughter who had been set
upon. Special officers were sent to ceo
her and the gave descriptions of tho boys
which led to the arrest of Harry Pohlo of
Xo. 3301 North Twenty-first street, Harry
Franz of Xo. 2114 Penrose street, William
Halm of Xo. 2222 Penrose street, Dan His-
ton of Xo. 2021 Penrose street, Carl Green
lield of Xo. 4320 Florissant avenue and Ar
thur Kruter of Xo. 2U14- Penrose street. The
boys range from 13 to IS years old, and live
with their Tarents. Miss Sraitn positively
identified them. On account of their
ago they will not be prosecuted for assault
and battery, but will be sent to the police
court charged with disturbing tho peace.
Miss Smith had been riding on her fa
thei's car and was on her way home when
the assault occurred. As she reached the
sidewalk she was approached by lour or
live boys who called her "scab" and de
manded to know whv iiie had ridden on a
"scab" car. At first she thought they were
Jesting, and she laughed at them, but she
lound that they were in earnest. One of
the boy.s made a grab at her new shirt
waist and lore a rent In It.
"lear it off of her!" cried one. In less
than a minute they had stripped her of her
shiit waist and would have torn olf all
her clotnes hud it not been tor her father,
who, seeing her pKght, leaped from his car
and ran to her assistance. When tho boys
taw him coming tttey lied.
It is said that another woman was as
saulted, but the police were unable to
learnthe particulars yesterday.
Great victories over disease are dally won
by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Secretary of State So Ordered on
Account of Its Recklessness.
JefTersor. City. Mo.. Aug. 15. State Bank
Examiner "W. L. McDonald, acting under
tho instructions of Secretarv of State I.e
sueur. closed the Oregan Countv Bank at
Thayer. Mo., yesterday. The cap'ltal of the
bank is J10.0M. Reckless and unsafe prac
tices by the management made necessary
the action of the department.
Georgie Freeman, Eight Years Old, Spirited Away on a Cable Car His Mother Believes Her
Husband, From Whom She Is Separated, Kidnaped the Lad.
Father of the Boy.
George Freeman, the 8-year-old son of
Mrs. Clementine Freeman of Xo. 111S South
Fourth street, was abducted early yester
day morning as ho was entering a bakery
at Xo. 1022 South Fourth street, where ho
had been sent by his mother.
The abductor Was a tall, heavy-Get man,
with a black mustache and black hair, who
was fashionably appareled. It Is alleged by
the mother of tho boy that the abductor is
the child's father, Clark Freeman, from
whom she has been separated seven, years,
and wlio made two previous attempts to
spirit away her children. Tho man seized
the lad about the waist, and, desplto the
boy's frantic struggles and screams for
help, ran with him to the corner of Fourth
street and Chouteau avenue, where he
boarded a northbound 'Fourth street cable
Mrs. Freeman was informed of the occur
rence by eyewitnesses, and reported It to
Brennan and Northway Accused of
Blowing Up Southwestern
and Southern Cars.
Men Arrested in Connection With
Olive Street Explosion Arraigned
Two Who Confessed Have
2sTo Attorney.
Detectives Harrington, Schmidt and
Woodllng succeeded yesterday in securing
two more identifications of Maurice Bi en-
nan and Fred Norllnvay, who are held at
tho Four Courts rharged with conspiracy
and dynamiting street car tracks.
Conductor Stevo Swan and Motorman
Emll Jansen of car No. 2G1 of the South
western lino Identified Brennan and Xorth
way aa the two men who dynamited their
car last Thursday night. Jansen said ho
was going north on Seventh street, ap
proaching Pestalozzl street, when ho saw
two men cross over and stoop at the car
tracks, as if they were placing something
on tho rail. He made an effort to stop his
car, but before it came to a standstill, thcio
was an explosion, which cracked the front
wheels, broke the windows In the car and
blew a largo hole through the floor.
Jansen got down to Investigate and found
that ho had stopped his car within a foot
of another stick of dynamite which would
undoubtedly have been exploded had he not
slowed down. Jansen said he got a good
look at the men and he was certain that
they were Brennan and Xorthway. Conduc
tor Swan was equally positive. Application
will be made to-day by Judge Krum for
warrants charging thera with obstructing
the car tracks.
Maurice Brennan was Identified as ono of
the men on tho scene when car Xo. 5 of
the Southern Electric line was blown up In
front of 1014 Arsenal street on tho night of
July 27. Edward Davidson, conductor of
tho car, was thrown down by the force of
tho explosion. Ah soon as he regained his
feet he said a man, whom he identified as
Brennan, stepped up on the back platlorm
und said: " you, 1 did not get you tliU
time, but I will get you next time."
Brennan and Xorthway declared that they
had nothing to do with either explosion.
Schwartz. Brennan, Xorthway and
Whalen were arraigned in the Court of
Criminal Correction yesterday morning to
answer the charges preferred against tnem
on Monday. All of them entered pleas ot
"not guilty" and their cases were set for
trial on August 27. AVhalen was represented
by Judge Ji A. Xoonan and Schwartz by
Attorney E. F. Cunningham, who has been
retained by the strikers to light their cases
In court. Brennan and Xortnway were not
represented. Attorney Cunningham s,aid
that Brennan and Xorthway wire not in
good standing with the union and would re
ceive no support trom that source.
"The union will defend Schwartz, but they
do -not approve the action of Brennan and
"Does confessing to their guilt bar them
from assistance from the union?" was
"I am told they were In bad standing bo
fore the dynamiting," he replied. Xorth
way and Brennan declared that they were
not In bad standing and they are confident
ly expecting help from tho union.
Judge Clark fixed bond In all the cases
at J1.O0O. Xone of the defendants were re
leased yesterday.
Assistant City Attorney Stanton Issued a
police court summons against Mrs. Mary
Schwartz, mother of the man charged with
dynamiting, and Mrs. Mary Connollv,
the police two hours later. She said she
thought her husband could be located at
Xo. nil Arabella street, Xew Orleans. She
declared that ho had deserted her and had,
therefore, no claim to the children. She
said he had tried to get a divorce and failed,
some time ago. "
Mrs. Freeman blames all her misfortunes
on a Polish girl, who, she says, gained the
affections of her husband seven years ago
eloped with him to Xew Orleans, leaving
her to eke out, as a dressmaker, a meager
living for her three children.
"I was married sixteen years ago," said
Mrs. Freeman. "Our domestic life was
peaceful until this girl came between us.
My husband had a good position as sta
tionary engineer in Pocock's can factory at
Second street and Franklin avenue.
"One day a,-friend of mine came to mo
and said my husband was .jallln-j on the
Polish girl and that he had Uee.i seen wiih
her at all hours of the night. I cid not be
lieve this at first, but about a month laier
I went to the girl's home, at Tw-.-lftn i-nd
Benton streets and there I saw tm. two
together. I said nothing then, but sutet
fluently went to see the ghl. She raid
she had not known that my hucta-i i was
married, and promised to break oil her
relations with him. Soon after this my
husband left me, leaving no word of faio
well to me or his children. I s.oon leund
out that the girl was gone also, and I bes
pected they were together.
"Four years ago, when I was living en
Hickory street, my husbstud returned. Ho
offered to make up and for my chll Iron's
sake I did so. The aaine evening he aid
he took a-car ride with my son George and
my daughter Katie. He went and I hoatd
Lowest-Priced House
In America for Fine Goods."
$sr During August Only.
of the very finest CALLING CARDS and elegantly (Jj- A
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Special Offer of Fine Stationery:
sheets of "Hyacinth," "Zephyr" or "Azure" Imperial, a specially
fine Writing Paper, and 50 Envelopes to match, stamped with a
two-letter monogram or single initial,
illustrated, all for
Samples mailed frc.
on application.
fiWrlte for our new Catalogue
charging them with disturbing tho peaco
of Miss nmilv Hessler of Xo. 3750 Kvans av
enue. Si-rgcant Dowdnll secured the sum
mons on the complaint of Miss Heisler,
whose story was told in yesterday's Itepub
lic. It is alleged that these women, who
livo on either side of the Heisler home,
have been threatening Mrs. Hcibler because
sho boards Transit Company employes.
O. Alicrcr Mfg. Co.
Havo removed to larger and moro con
venient olilces In the Mermod & Jaccard
building, Broadway and Locust, suite S02.
Over a Thousand Members of the
Gaston Relationship Meet.
r.nri;BLjc speciau
Salem, 111., Aug. 15. The annual reunion
of the Gaston relationship began at tho
grove of the old Covenanter Church, eight
miles south of here, this morning. Over
l.COO are in attendance. The reunion will
continue to-morrow. Tho relationship con
stitutes tho Gaston?, Telfords, whams,
Mortons, Blaira, Boggses, Simers. Kelts,
Fikes, l'hillipscs. Creeds and Parkinsoni.
Mother Lived Only Three Weeks
After Her Son Was Convicted.
nnruijuc speciau
Texarkana. Tex., Aug. 13. Information
reaches here to-dav from I'rescott. Ark.,
to the effect that Mrs. J. II. Kershaw, who
fell sick n few dajs ago upon the conviction
of her young son. died yesterday trom the
elfotts of a broken heart.
The boy was sent up for five years for
aiion about three weeks ago.
tVnco's Klrnt Halo of Cotton.
tVaco. Tex., Aug. 15. Waco's first bale of
cotton was received to-day. It was raised
by J. W. Dollins. this county, weighing r20
pounds, and (-old at auction for 11 cents.
Thcmcrehants gave a premium sufllcient to
make up$lC0. This is two weeks behind
the enrlinit first bale and one week behind
the latest.
Menod &
Eight-Year-Old George Freeman, Ab
ducted from No. 1022 South
Fourth Street
nothing of him or my children until two
years ago, when my dautrvr wrote, lm-
Sloring mo to come and get her and her
rother. The letter ave an ,idfU-3 In
Xew Orleans. I went South und with the
aid of the police, recovered my bov and
girl, and came back to this city.
"Then I heard my husband hid entered
proceedings for divorce nt Xew Orleans. I
went there and defeated him. Th Xew Or
leans police wished me to prasccut', but I
refused, saying that all f w-uitod v,a.3 to
be left alone and In poi22ion of my chil
dren." Mrs. Freeman heard nothing moro from
her husband until yetird.ty. She r.'d not
seo him then, but learned later that a man
answering his description hitr.beer. J-ic.ind
Xo. 1U8 South Fourth strost since. Mondav.
William Bindbcudio, a butcliar j:. the
French Market, says the stranser ap
proached him several times, asuing cue.s
tion3 about people in the neighborhood, and
Blndbeudle savs he thought he was a de
tective. BIndbeudle particularly remem
bers that refertnee was made to the Free
in a ns.
The mother is sure the man who took her
child is her husband. Xo other person
would have a motive, she says, in stealing
the boy. Besides this, she says the descrip
tions of the stranger given by Blndbeudle
and others who were eyewitnesses to 'he
kidnapping, prove to her beyond a doubt
that the person who abducted George Free
man is his father. She says she Is l3t,r
mined to prosecute him for his present
Our Commercial Slsrn Department
Is in charge of competent artists.
516 Walnut El.
Locust St.
Offer of
choice of the four styles tfj-j AA
Locust St.
3000 engravings mailed free.
Mrs. Hicklyn Told the Coroner
That Burns Did Not Fire
the Fatal Shot.
Burns Is Held on This Verdict, and
the Woman Is Also a Pris
oner Pending Mr. John
son's Action.
If Dennis Burns, who shot and killed Wil
liam Dickson in hl3 homo at Xo. i)33 Collins
street Tuesday, is saved from prosecution
it will bo due to tho efforts of Mrs. May
Hicklyn, the mother of tho dead boy.
At tho Coroner's inquest yesterday she
departed from her original statement and
told a story which would tend to show that
Burns was innocent of intent to kill her
Desplto the change, a Coroner's jury held
Burns on a verdict of felonious homicide.
Burns was a boarder at the Hicklyn
home, and, according to Mrs. Hlcklyn'3
original statement, he owed her $30. In the
last few days he had given her J2, but re
turned to her several times Tuesday to get
money to buy drink. Twice she gave him
the money, but tho third time she said aha
retused, and he grabbed her by tho wrlats
to throw her down. Her right arm was
rore from burns, and 8he struggled to
free it.
As she fell back, having loosened her
self from hj grasp, she said her hand fell
on her revolver, which sho kept under her
bed. As Burns rushed at her again she
said she shot at h!m, but missed him and
he took the revolver away from her. Sho
then seized a butcher knife and cut him
on the wrist. At this ho fired at her, sho
said, but tho bullet missed her and struck
her son, William Dickson, an invalid, who
got up from bed to defend her.
At the Inquest yesterday she said that she
threw tho revolver to the iloor, and it was
exploded, the ball striking her son. Coro
ner Lloyd questioned her at some length
on this point, and she became confused,
malting several contacting statements.
When reminded of her fnrmpr stntpmonf
she said that she and Burns were scuffling
for the possession of the revolver, when
it fell to tho lloor and w,as discharged.
Mrs. Hicklyn and Burns were taken back
to tho Fourth District Police Station, where
they were locked up to await the action of
Assistant I'rosecutlng Attorney Johnson.
Burns has been a boarder at the Hicklyn
home for several years.
Wear .Spectacle When Needed.
Delay is mlschievour. Dr. Bond, expert
optician at Mermod Jaccard's, Broad
way and .Locust, -nM examine your eyes
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A. A Lesucur and Mrs.
City are at tnu Latlnie.
Lesupur of Kansu
Mihs Jacobs ut DaMjn City la at the Plan
ters. Guy S. It003 of Houston, Tex.,
is at th
J. II. TVrisht of Mansfield,
Gt Nicholas.
W. T. Harris of Sherman,
Tex., Is at tho
Tex.. Is at th
William ISohrlncr nf Rnn,, Tai- I. at u
Bt. Nicholas.
-J. J.
O'Connor of Springfield, Me,. Is at tha
T. P. Kelso and Mrs. Kelso of Wichita, Kas..
aro at the Planters.
Hogan of Topeku, Kos.. is at ths La-
-O. H
Willlams of Paris, Tex., is at tho
. E. K. Mitchell of Monlllton. Ark., Is at th
, O. A. Stafford of Wequetonslng, Mich., Is at
the tit. Nlchuiiis.
A. J. Tullocic of Leavenworth, Kas., is at th
S. Tomllnson and Mrs-. Torallnson of VInlta,
I. T., ure at the lxndell.
J. C. Kite of WentzvlMc. Mo., is at the La
clede. G. P. Porter of Mexico Is at the Planters.
W. H. Stowers of Vlcksburs. Miss., Is at
the Southern.
H. W. Van Houten of Xew York Is at ths
S. II. Powell of Kansas City is at the La
Old Sol Threw Obstacles in the
Way of a Marriage.
Charles Maret of KIrkwood and Miss An
nie Vogelsang of Old Mancne3ter were mar
ried at the Catholic -Church, KIrkwood yes
terday afternoon, after the ceremony had
been delayed for nearly an hour by various
Maret and Miss Vogelsang went to Clay
ton Monday and obtained their license.
Maret went to Old Manchester early yes
terday afternoon with a two-seated car
riage In which to convey the bridal party
to KIrkwood. Some time was consumed la
preparing for the trip and tha party lift
Old Manchester a half hour lste, and Ma
ret urged tho horse continually to main
tain a pace that would satisfy his impa
tience. KIrkwood was at last reached and the
party had almost reached the church when
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the services of an oculist or not DO NOT DELAY!
one of the horses gave a lurch and went
down, exhausted and overheated. Effort,
were made a revive him. but In vain. The
wedding party was compelled to descend
from the carriage and wade through dust
three inches deep for several hundred yards
to the church. With spirits scorched
rather than dampened the dusty party en
tered the church. The Reverend Father
Stempker, who was in waltlnt, performed
me ceremony.
Mr. Yarrelmann Wants to Expend
?1,500,000 Within Sis Months.
If property owners are willing. Street
Commisrioner Varrelmann desires to recon
struct twenty miles of street at a cost of
J1.5CO.C0O within the next six months. He
said yesterday that plats would be pre-
Sircd and the proposition presented to the
oard of Puollc improvements, so that
hearings may be held during vacation and
the ordinances submitted to the Municipal
Assembly when it reconvenes on October 9.
The streets which he hopes to Improve
are those In the district lying between Cass
and Chouteau avenues, tho Levee and
Grand avenue; he is thinking of extending
the limit as far as Park avenue on the
couth, but has not positively determined as
to that.
Granite would be used downtown and
brick or apphalt In the residence districts,
according to the wishes of property owners.
Granite construction costs from 6 to 13
per foot, brick paving about h and asphalt
about the same as granite. In order to do
the work It is necessary to have the con
sent of property owners, who must bear
the expense. So far about 90 per cent of
the property owners have objected to ex
tensive street improvements In various sec
tions of the citv. and if the same average
is maintained Mr. Varrelmann cannot do
the work without a two-thirds vote of the
Municipal Assembly.
Ordinances have been passed to pave
Union boulevard, from Delmar boulevard to
Easton tvenu; to lay granite In Jefferson
avenue, from Washington avenue to Mar-
Ket street, ana to reconsirun Lombard
street with brick from Broadway to Fourth
street. This work, which will cost about
$100,000, will be started this month, or early
In September.
It Will Become a Law in Ten Days
Arranging Plans.
Mayor Zlegcnheln signed the City Hospital
bill yesterday morning. In ten days It will
become a law.
President McMath and Commissioner of
Public Buildings Longfellow will confer
some day this week and Mr. Lonsfellow
will then proceed to arrange the plans for
the building, under the supervision of Mr.
The Best Prescription tar Malaria,
CT.IUs and Fever is a, bottle of Grove's Tasteless
dim Tonic, it i simpir iron ana quinine in a.
tasteless form. No cure no py. Price 50c.
Soldiers' Reunion at Bearaatown.
Beaidstown, III., Aug. 15. Tho second an
nual soldiers' reunion of Brown, Schuyler,
Fulton and Cass counties Is being held nt
Klvervlew Park. Senator Shelby M. Cul
lom delivered an address to-day. Richard
Yates will speak to-morrow.
Wedding at Beirliag Green, Ho.
Bowling Green. Mo., Aug. It. Mr. Carl
Hume and Miss Gussle Tate were married
here this evening, the Reverend C. F. J.
Tate of Louisiana, Mo., officiating. The
bride is the daughter of President Tate of
Pike College, formerly of Mexico, Mo.
St. Lonlaan at the Capital.
Washington, Aug. 15. Mr. and Mrs. John
"W. Vaughan of St. Louis are registered at
the Raleigh.
Don't Purchase a Pair of Sheas
rn..BH ami ... w.iv wmiwiivmi nunnirlQ 11 O.OUt
HARRIS, $4 Shoe Man. 520 Pine St.
of High Grade mJ
Eyes of Your Children
60ft 0UVE ST"
airanEMju.i- .uihi
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
"Used by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century.
ARROW) Collars . 2 for 2e.
BRAND f Cuffs l. . 25c.
Smart in faahion. but conomic&l la vrlca.
Meeting of Scruggs, Vandervoort
and Barney Stockholders.
The stockholders of the Scruggs, Vander
voort & Barney Dry Goods Company held
their annual meeting on Wednesday, at
which directors for the ensuing- year were
elected. The result -was the re-election of
. M. Scrugss. William L. Vandervoort,,
naniora Crawford and Oliver Anderson.
K. M. Scruggs, Hanford Crawford aifl
Oliver Anderson were re-elected president,
vice president and secretary respectively.
Hanford Crawford Is the general man
ager and Robert Johnson 13 the head of tha
buying department.
Splendid O.llces for Rent.
$17.50 per month and upward. In tha new
Mermod & Jaccaid Hreproof building.
Broadway and Locust. Best city location.
Roosevelt' Tour.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Vice Chairman Henry
C. Payne received at Republican beadujr
ters this morning a copy of the Itinerary o
uuvcrnor jtoosreveit, as iar as agreed upon,
by the Governor and the Natiimal Committ
tee. Governor Roosevelt will niak3 his flrt
speech at Detroit. Septemiir 6. He will
speak at Grand Rapids. Mien., jjeptomter
7; South Bend, Ind.. September i; La Cmsse,
Wis., September 10. From La Crosse. Gov-
North Dakota, Montana. .Idaho, Utah.
Wyoming. Colorado, Kansas. Nebraska,
&!S: irl'IS01.8' jUana, Kentucky, Ohio.
West Virginia and Maryland. Ontahiaff hla
speech-making In New York. ",u""" uu
No torture compares to that of a Rheu
matic. Prescription No. 2S51. by Elmer A
Amend, quickest relief of-aIL - "w "
Street Potato Crop Saort.
AllO aSS. ill.. Alio. i-:t t. -nt-.
S5i&VTH Lat c?P'wi" . I'sht. as a
v r ,c . ." 'uw" or weeas. causes
July exceS3,ve ra,I through June and
until I can 0ft the Stock
B. tT
-v3.--aij . -JSA?jr-i-&isii.--

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