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I r
Kew York Stock Exchange.
New York Cotton Exchange.
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade.
5.L Louis Stock Exchange.
Chronicle Building
San Francisco
Profits Ample
"Wto dslttlcPret. F T HasV.P H J Little Sx
Phones Klnloch A 1316 BrJI Main 1S9
Dealer In municipal bonds local stocks,
bonds and notes Orders nt other exchanges
prernptly executed by aril ate t ire
t 4.006 Empire Cur, Kan . Cs.
lis 000 Carrollton. l!o . 4m
125.0)0 Jalisco. Mexico. Is
Sagging Tendency in New York
Stocks Railroads Hosed
Steady Sugar Rallied.
New York, Aug. IS This wat, the first day
of the settlement in London and stocks
failed to show their usual recovery in deal
ings for the new account. American btoci.3
loet ground on the day and the general list
was heavy. Consols, however, were rather
firm at SS. There v.as a harder tendency
In money, and. It was generally believed In
London that higher rates would prevail on
both sides of the Atlantic in the early fall.
No alterations -aero reported in exchange
st Paris or Berlin. The Chinese dcts was
of a contradictory nature, but nobody be
lieved in tho rumored fighting nt l'ekin.
The contangoes showed a very small ac
count open in London on either side
In the local market the tone was not very
cheerful, and, except where Fpeclaily favor
Bblo Influences made themselves felt, the
tendency was to sag. Sugar, however, ral
lied on the anticlpitated advance in the
price of refined, and ins-ldo interests were
reported to have bought Brooklyn Transit.
It was said that Chicago shorts had cov
ered a. little People's GasL AtchUon's statc
ment showing some Sliti.V'Q increaso was con
sidered a good one and had the effect of
rallying the jallroad slocks somewhat.
Hard coal roads were inclined to l weak
at first on rumors apparently confirming
the impending strike among the miners and
the possibility of its spreading to the oft
coalers checked speculation in that depart
ment. Commission houtes weie doing little,
but seemed to hav e a few investment orders
In such stocks ns Pennsylvania, Burlington.
St, Paul and the Paclllc preferred stocks.
Money continued almost as easy as ever.
The close of railioad stocks was steady
and very idle. The recovery" in Sugar was
well maintained and Erooklvn Transit was
very steadv. The Atchison statement helped
to give fair sttengtli to granger stocks,
but tho trading was very limited The bor
rowing demand continued to show a. con
siderable short Inter. t open.
The story cabled from ist. PetTsr-uig. ila
Paris, of a defeat of the allies at I eKin Is
unlikely on the face or it, and did not ob
tain any credence here or in the London
market. The position in China, uccordlrg
to tho most authentic news continues un
satisfactory, and thTo is a growing ten
dency for the allies, especially the Ru--elans,
to act independents News from
South Africa is a good deal better and
shows an Important capture by the Brit
ish and slgnn of the Boers matting a final
jitand before giving up uie corneal j in
iirhfcnn statement for tho month of July
shows a net increase after allowing for
operating expenses, taxation and rentals of
1253 735. This is undeniably good and may
be 'taken as very tangible evidence of the
prosperity of Ihe Paclllc trade. All the
copper statistics publif-hed t-nd to show
that the world's demand is in excess of the
supply. , ...
Reports aro current of the construction
of a line from Salt Lake City to Los An
Ktles. This is said to be under the aus
pices of Union Pacific and Burlington, but
what view the Atchison and Southern Pa
cific people are likely to take of such an
Incursion of their territory is not si ited.
London's transactions here were as .--mall
as ever, not amounting to more thin :1,0ft)
shares on the day. It Is not considered like
ly that any activity will develop betworn
this and the holidays at the end of the
JVew York Stock Quotation.
St. Louis. Aug. IS. 23-0.
The following shows the opening .nlghest, low
est and dosing quotations on Uie -Sen A oik
block Exchange yesterday Conected daily for
TJie Republic by V. R. Francl!-, Hro i Co..
bands and stocks. 21 X. Fourth btrtet:
Stocks. Sales Open High Low.Close ie.
Am. Car & Fdry.
Do. pfd
Am. Cotton Oil....
Am. Linseed Oil..
Do. pfd.
Am. Smelt. & Ref
Tn rtA- ....
Zj tt
"iw 33
2)0 36H 37ii
' Am. Steel Hoop.
-i.i ,tf ici ii: isi-
lu ac4 z i !--.
Do. eld
ctd Lin) uiHs i m j-;;
St &. Wire.. 1.H 3U 344 34'. J'a
no nfd.
ion ri j 4
Am. HuBar Ref.
Am. Tlnplat ...
Do. pfd
Am. Tobacco ...
A . T. & 3. F...
Do. pfd
Baltl. Ohio...
29.40a Hi!, ns US3. 9'4 HS'i
215 27 -' z!
"110 ?3 S'S'j 12
liuO 27 27' 16
t24 91"
714 71?,
2.9JU t,94 70
1,030 71V 714
Brook. Rap"Tran. 14.545 53 S5
53i SI
Canada bouui.
'iliss 133'J til" 13H IMS 134sj
Cent, of N. J.
Chea. Ohio.
O. B & ...
B.710 lVl 12ii 123-d 12IS 12J4
S'jL'&'s'tf p." "s'm i iiis lis" jiss xb
a! rT I & Pac." 1.400 10..2 106' lto 10 g?
Vr v Us Pft
STOCKS 11-11 an.
M Telephones: Bell. Main 2712, Main 1S4G; Klnloch. A 1455
Mr W rzTi valleyc rT ll
K (ilk $ and l .T'DI T SLIP Fourth t jlj
V M I Surplus, iJ& 1 O and R S M
(r Urf ??'SrtOfV1m -v-x. 5 Streets.
c, a. c. & st, l
Col l"uel & Iron..
Consolidated Gas.
Cantl. Tobacco ...
Do. pfd
1X1 & Hudson....
D. L. & Wet....
Den. i R. Grande
JDo. pfd
Federal Steel
Do. pfd
Glucote Reffnlne..
111. Central
icieds Gas t..-
"m ?a", .. . 314 344
2 92) 1744 174 1734 liJV. 14
125 79
417 113
. 79 .i"
.. 113 l'
;::: .;.. ... i
"i6o hhl . - J H,.
1.403 S3 S34 S3U -4 i
.: ; ;;" TO
"job lii'i lis! i"i64 iis'5 R'h?
...... , '
L. r & Vict ...
lxm's ,t Nass . 1 fj."
:ia'.httan 1. . to)
M. ml St Ry. DO
N'ut Tub1
. Kit,
71 71 70i 71 71-
1 tl "1 i'l "1
U5M. JK'i IV! iw IK!
M K J. T
i3 rw n
ili Pacific lf
Nit Biscuit KM
lo jfd
Nat. laid
Xnt S"-. 1 . . . 11
Do pfd
N Y. Ctntrnl
X 1 . Ont 4. .
Xer .t Wes' . . 1 "30
D pfd
Xrrth Pac. 3 2.)
Do p.d . ..
Pirific SWI1
S' 3W
,-... re)';
St1, 21' z
M'i ii
... . fc
Si'. !. S5 E. J35t
. . 7 1
l'rmi'vavanla ... . S.104
I'ri svd tet I Car 5:3
Tin pfd .. .
ltcodlnc: . .
uo ist i f J ... i no
Do rl ltd V)
Pt !. .V s l- . !.(,
no 1st i ft
Do M pw :."
Si k -Vv . .. HiO
Do Dfd . ... 1.-M
3S "
rs '
South Pac . .. . l.Sw)
So-.t'i H. 10
Do jifd ...
Trnn i'oal . Iron 1 &v1
rx A PiciBc . . SOT
Un Baj? a. Pape- -.
Do r'd
Union Picnc .. ! ill
Do pfd ... . 5S3
U ri leather.. . M
Do. n'd
U t, Rubb. r .... 1 v"0
Vah. dtb 1"3
Do pfd
V In Tel IW
Wis. Cent. W. 1
Do pfd
Rep I . Steel. . 7S0
Do. pfd .... I'i
Tlilnl Wenac . ...
Tx. dlv 15 pt-r c"nt
-n dlv. -' per cent
r)', c3'.
14 H't
.. n
.. . J7
1-' 12j
.... 1"0',
c Yoilr, Aug IS Sales of bonds were made
hrc to-daj as follows.
Flrnt Call.
S4 0l
12 W)
Atch pen 4s 100',
Do ailj S54
B i O 4 .100
It T Us .103
Ukln Un
Uas 5s .... 11
C Ga con Es S24
C P Btd
3 1-2h S2
C i O Ktn
44s ... . ICO
C Neb
est 45 ... .1114
22. M0
1 000
M K T of
Ter 5s 924
Mo Paa tr
Sa 2S i
34 reu 95
X Y s .t. w
1st ref os ..I0S4
X P 4s rcg .105 "4
PeorU and
1" U 1st Cs.,130
Rdg gen 4s
C i: I gen
ts :et ..... 15
O C C A. M
L gen 4a 6 97
1) K G con
4 13
Det tins 5s Id
D SI Jt lind
grant 3 1 -la
30. 30'
Hrle l?t con
4s . . S7Vii" a
nint V Jl
con 3s 105l4
li V 1st 44s 9 -
lnt Paper ts 104
Ihlgh Val
ley of X Y
let ntd 443 .109
I. v. N un
4 . .. Via 93'i
Man cm s ioii4
M"t ht En
Ss . . 117
Mnt W S
Chyo 4s .. 17
Do rep .. S.7S4
Pt I. I Jl
lien is .. . lii'l
Stlilll 4s 7a'i
t-t J O O I
3 4s S4'4
r T. r 'A
15 00J
1 00.1
6 0
6s cla-s It .112H
at u s vv let
4s SO'.'.i f04
Do 24 4s .. f2
S P 4a 7S4
Sfill l'an in Txl-
SOU Rj 1st Is
2 CM
4 0o0
y S Ss res 1094
U b 4s coup
of 192j ... ,lJt
U P 1st 4s .
V. ab 2ds s 101
W n Y S. p
let 0s 119U
VV b ctd 4s 111 s
Wilkes and
Rift 1st Es.103'4
Second Call.
Atch nd . . R54
A X VV lt.
96 'it 'j,
con rpg ....117
H .V O 4s ..110
(' C C . St
I. K m 4s . S7'4
t" M i St P
4- 110H
1117 . . 95
Mcx lnt cons
SVt'r S6
X Y S W g
m 5r 9C
N Lack &.
W 6s 135't
O 8 I, t) . .126',
1 Of
R f W 4s 9S5,
Reading 4s .. W
S R T C ..
Sou R R r,s 1"9
VV L R con
4s S74
1 010
O A con us . 92si
C V 1st . .
OS'.ff 9
F P M con n-,1,
T. f. X 4s i'J
M P fs cf
Third mil
2 oro Atch 4s . 10)
I '09 A V 4b . 110
2 WOO II & O S W
M 3 1-2H . K7'5
f.flna ron 23.:oo
10 ow r. t 11 x m
fs 105310G4
l.rm L & X 43 . 91
l'l.OVI X P 3s .. W,i
1 v) ?ou R R Is 10S".
1 01 S V X D 1st
1U"00 St L F w
1st ... )04'a 9t
20.C00 W X Y P g
m MS
i:.090 W X P i P
1st 119'4
Boston. Mas?, Aug 2S The closlnj nuotatlons
01 menj. Btooks and bonds to dai were:
Call loans, 2?3: tlw loars. SS44
A- S. r..
.. 27'S
.. 6j
Fltchburc Pfd. .
Gpniral electric
Do pfd
Rd. Rice 111
Mexican Central
. IV,
DO pfd.
Aroerlcin Sugar
Do pfd
Ilrll Tolpnhono
Hist"i Klevated ..14
ltni.tnli A Milne-.lsS
-vilcii Telcphore
X U. Gas fi. Coke 134
". H . t! . ..124'i
Old Colony ...
Di-mtnlm toal. ... 414
iia liominion
Union Paciflo .
West Rnd ....
. 174
. 2.1
Do pld .
IVdoral steel
Do pfd ..
9S 1 5s ....
Cike I
Mi ul up; Muire.
Atchison 4s ..
X. U. Gas &.
Adventure . -s
Allceez Mln. Co .. 14
.Vmal Copper .. . S.'j
Atlantic . . ... 23
Ito'ton !- Monlina 31j
Hutte f. Iloston '"2
CHlumt A. Ilccla 731
centennial 164
1-ranklln 1"
Humboldt 25
O'-ceola .
i-arrot 41
Qulucy . .. ..ill
Sinta Vr Copper .. 4"i
Tamarick 211
I lah Vllning . ... ;0'i
Winona 3
Wolverines 414
Arnold 4fi44
Covernment ltonds.
York, Auk. IS. Gov eminent bonds t
uite. ref. 2s. when issued, rec ,
btatis. rtf. 2s. whin issued, coupon
Mates 3s, reg ,
States 3s, ceup
btates new 4s, reg ,
Mntes new 4. coup ,
PtHtes old tt, reg ,
Mates old 4-s. coup
btatis 5s. reg ,
.-t,o (..IIITI . .. ..
112 V,
ia '
of Columul 1 3Ufi ,
sevT York Curli Slockn.
St, Louis, Tuesds.v. Au? 2 1990
Rnrehcd dailj bj D. R. l'rancls. Uro S. Co,
214 North Touitli street.
Clo"v Did Ask,
Amalgamated Copicr .74 S3
Atntrcan VVooUn HV4 n
Do pfd 60 71
American Hlccle nfd........ 3) T2
mcricr.n Hide and Leather 6s 49 so
llay State Gas 1 m
Cat Iron Tlpc 3'i 4'4,
Do. Pfd - 2,s 32
Chicago and Alton ubs lot 105
Compressed Air 2 25
Dii-tlllcrs of America 4'j 4'i
Do pfd 1SJ4 lii
Rlectrie Heat 14 1?
Do pfd 30 ?3
nii-ctrlc Vehicle 15 20
Do pfd 40 w
F.lictrlc Pneumatic 34 3'',
Gel eral carrlacc 6 e4
Do. pfd .- -" 43
Illinois Electric Tranyp 14 14
Jntematlonal Pump 154 20
Do. Pfd i....... CaVj 67
The National Bank of Commerce in St Louis.
Capital, Surplus and ProQta,
Ni u Mi'-terriTin Cns . .. IrtV. 11'
.. n Lugliind Rliitrlc V hide . ' 4'
.i V ik Ulectrij chii.le 74 "i
N 1 nl s,lt . . ft 41
I ifl .. . '7
On- I 1. u.r . 2S -'
.. pfl v'4 J7':
LtMier "ils . 274 2s
Do pi I 7l 77'
Iljval bikinc Povdir 91 93
Pkttsliurir Mm'ks.
St Ijuls Tuetd i Aug 2.". WO
Keielvrl dallj In D. It
214 North fourth Mm 1.
l'nt-ltirj l'lite Gli v
"ftini!liousc Air ltri).i'
rrunels, Urn i. Co ,
Ulilrnsn Mot kr. mid Hoiiil.
ct Lnui, Tuesdl", Aug :. 1E
The Ch'cio ;.tick Kxt'nnge was closed to
div n ni mint 01 th" Grand Arnn cflcbntlm
and thtre uu. convtquiiuij, id quotations.
Iuilcii At g 2s CunsoK fo-moniv 95. do for
aieuurt "-. At l.icn -7 ,, Can till m 1'ielllc 'Tf.
h. 1 tul II , Illinois e tnl 1PV, l.-misvlile
7,a4, Unli n PatlMj iicfernd 7s, New lull C n
t.al L2, l.rle 1114. PnnsjlMi-ili i'. Heading
Is,, 1 ri" Iir-t pi.ierreil 341, Northeri Pieilii
1'iftrxsl 7-. Grind Trunk 14, mcondi i,
Hind Mints 1 1 , .Monn St per ctnt Ititis of
dlccount: Shoit bll's 3 s P-i tent, three nunthv
bills 3 iei cmt
Am iurt f bullion taktn into the Rvnlt cf Rng
Hnd on hilrnee to ilij i2,"'a sr iilsu 4 71 4.
Gold premium at l!u-nos Asrcs 1S3 1).
(print! 113.
Herln, Aug. 2 Kv.liargi on 1indon 20 maiki
4S4 pfs. fcr ilinki DU omit r iti"- .short I liU
t'. per cent, thiLe months bills A t ptr ci.nl.
Usfntt-s u is quirt rn the Hoire to iv Amer
1 ans .Ml e'rnidiui I'aclils e- dull in t-jm-pithy
with tho New York raaiktt. Transv ,is
lmiioved in e-vpeetatlon of a dlvldenl lelrg ilc
(laitd ly the Netln rlands Railroad Miresia.es
iti.uv:rtd on bear nmha'CP.
1'arls. Aug 2 Business en the lionise to dai
wa quiet. e.cpt hprrish 4, whlcl wi.ro In
rrtio ut.niaiil Rio Tintos opened trci'g. I ut
ilap'-el on the dei line In copper Kafl'is ihp
sticng on tie siti.fHt.torA war newi front So nh
Africa, Thtre was i,ood bulng for Girinjn at.-i-ount.
At the tlot tie tifnnesq was acon
ttutid Thr ter ee-t rcnli- l!f 'la for tho
I'Ciount. I.xchinge on Loi.don ."f 174c for
elucki Sp inisti 4s 72 V)
Trenstirj Mntcniont.
Washington, Aug S !' da statement of
the Traer bjisnee in Hi" t,inertl fund fz
duslve of the $1.4 imO OuO 1J rsere .n the
division of ndemptlon. shuws Available cash
lalanee. J137.4 K),3r.7. g II. SO 393.572.
The Hunk.
New lork, Aug ,S Mtmej on cnll eac at
Di'14 Ptr tent, li.me nrcanitle papci 4tiP
IHir cent. Stalling 'xchange ns vsitlt actual
bueinttts in barkers' bills at 51 sf4 tor dem 111 1
and J4 ".ISg 4 vt for 69 dujs posted mtes (1.8.
4 and $4 M4i!4 S" icnnutiolal bills 54 SS','!!1..
silver ctiliih its bl'.t;t2 i Mexican dull its
4Sc L.liange S12J i"' 4W, lialcmrs S7.127.1.
Do. 'on. Mas , Aug. 2 l.xehangc $13,10.621.
balances 51.63 ',1 4
Plillvdilpliia Pa, A'.g IS liark cl'ailngs
11,'MJ,U02, baliDies JUbS',".!"
Daltimore Md . Aug -S Cl-arinss J2.S32,0r6,
bdinces 5311. 3.
Cincinn til, o . Aus 2 (nearings 52,120 5.
Xew lork exefiange lOfiloc discount Moi ej 2j
Qb per etnt.
Bar Silvi-r.
Xew Yolk. Aug ,'S Uar Mbfr 614" per otinci
Inuun. Aug .5. Uar sll'er sf-adi, 2S J-ltd 1 or
Porritru lli'Iiiine.
There was little dtmand fur foreign extliango
aad tlie inarm t was wtit
D H 1 rands, ltro i. Co. report closing
quotations, .es follows
Prime Stirling cables 4 5Sg4 SS4. checl-s 4 S7'i?
4 s, t, days 4 S34M4 u
Comirticl.il bnnk'is thecks 4 S74. &1 days
4 ts., 'O djjs 4.324
Gi-aln bills 4 S14tf4 Si. cottcn fcllli 4 SJU3"
4 S34
Pavker' THris tables C 1513 13 1 16, checks
5 l.i-sno.1" 1-le.. t) days 5 Wt'ao IS 1-lu
Conimtrclal Uicneh iianet, ehecks 5 16411
5 16 1-16. (.) duys j lSVaa li 1-16
bwiss irancs. caeeks u il.Si5 1J 1-16. CO davs
6 22V.-5 12 1-16
Helslin francs, checks 3 1S4. 01 days 5 21",.
Panktrs' rtlclitmnrKS, cables VKi, cliecks
95 3-16, W days 944itjH4 S-'c
Commtrcial rkichsniarks, chicks 551-16; W days
94V,, M dava 91 1-1C
Dutch guilders, checks 404, W dnys 4V 1-1S.
Ltmintrclal Dutch guilders, checks 4J4flJ J IS.
60 days 39".ij.9 lS-lli
New York MiirLet Gossip.
The foliowirg synopsis of the gossip in regard
to the leading features of th J'. Y'jrk market
vas receivi-I b D R Francis. li-o. i. Co .
New York, Aug 2S London advices weie con
strued as unftvorablo bv arbitrage biokrs hero
and thtv were t.Ilcis of stocks during tie tore
nuon The stllln,- for foreign ateount v. n hta
lesl in Noithern I'ailuc, Lnion Paeil c and ht.
Paul, urd amounit! iu all to about lO.OJ share.
The dullne-s prevailing in ll o bond mar) el was
Indicntid lv the fact that only four brokers
attended the forenoon bond e ill. and at 1 p
in thtie was only one broker on the p-rt of tha
roor equally occupied by the bind clovd Com
mission business was small. H R. T. was Etrong
en buylnis ptpi.lariy attribute! to btnndard f ' t
ertv, moat of the orders being lnnJIed by Ileii
,ie Co, who have rCMitly ben very activ
for these Inte-tsts Jloust-s that were the Iienv
lest sellirs of Sugir yesttrdav were bidders for
the stoek to-day, iut were rt t able to buy any
1 irgu amount, as tho stock like the rest of Urn
UH. vas In scant supply There wrs no meeting
of tho directors yisprday. and no new tlevtlop
rrei ts occurml to-day on which yesterdav
belling could hat b'en based.
Jerse Central op"ned at a sharp dcllno un
der selling ty tradirs who bought the stoct a
s'lort tini" ago. on a confident belle that it
would be wanted by IJ . u. an 1 who were
Influenced the other way to-riny bv rtports of
penulnj, strikes In th t ml mines.
Iyrdon l:.5 i in. A couditinn nt extreme
apathy obtains in all of the securities markets
To dnj Is th first making up dnv of the fort
t Iglitly sctllpment, American railway shaics are
extremely dull and oters average 4 per c"nt
below Ntw lork puritv.
Indnn, 3 3) p m Hie market for American
railway shares Is no" firmer and shows muio
Advices received In rcgird to cotton wero a.s
Cotton closed In I.lierpool 3 to 4 above yes
terday. and this market, though nervous dur
ing the forenoon, shored no marked tendency
either wav, putting th" weekly veather report
Issutd by the burciu about 1 p in Some pro
fessional or'rntors b ui,ht f reelv just before tbn
report i.ns read off. the 1 npression prevails that
It was knovn by a fnvore.i Jew, and as the
Irnor of.lts siimmnr- was vr-y much vor-e than
otpecteil, or Jusliiled b' ptlvnte advices of lute,
this mvrki t oiHanced 10 points ei intlitr general
buying, f- irlng foreign markets may retard it
teriously to-moirow.
i!tloiiuI Ilnnk Affalrn.
Waslilngton. Aug. 2S The application for au
thority to organize the Franklin Coanty National
Hank of lirookvllle, Ind. with a capital of
Jl'.M.'O. hdfl to day been approved
The Complrolltr's certiilcate authorizing the
First National L'nnk ef Ft imferd. Te., to beeln
business with a eapltal of J73.U0O, was Issued 10-
lteserve, ag-nts for national hanks were ap
proved to dav, as follows
Tenresscc The Hanover National Uenk Niw
York, for tho llrst Natloml Pank, Jlanchfster.
LOCAL HOMJS Ajn srocits.
More lilfe- Miovvn Vllnlngr .Slocks the
l"enturc or the Daj.
There was more life to tho n arket to day thnn
has t. en witnessed for manv a long dav, and
tlie trading wa" also on a much lareri scale, a
total of 2.' 00 shirts of stock of dllUrenl kinds
charging hands 'there weie not si manv quo
tations mado a muil, but there were several
eranges In prices. sutro for better and others for
wcife. Tills wis the case with United Railways,
pnticularly the bonds ard prefcued stoek, winch
Mire btitrttr.
Z ho fciWe of the mirket was Granlte-BI-Ic-t.illic.
There were rood buvln,: nnl selling orders
for this stock, and Curing the d is JOO siares -,old
On ntvs tcccivetl yesttrday of a strike- at the
mire, tl o oienlng salts of 2H) shares WLre at
12 23 but as theie were r.-ore sellen than buyers
th market soon weakened, Ihu next salo was
at 52 224 and then -90 brougnt 52 .0. at whleh
there were sellers late, and 52.174 bid
The best trade of the day was In Un'ted pre
lim d. 200 sbarn selling qulctlv at 5G7.7V). and
the elose being t J67 bid and Jti7.;n asktd. Tho
lonimon was unchanged at 52) bid ard $20 77
mid 521 askd, but the 4s were strong at JSj bid
ui.d 55.39 atked
Dtring the dnv a trade was made in 1,090 shares
of San fcHa-tlan. ,'le Price paid being 7c. and
04c was bid for more.
Rank and trust stocks, as usual, were quiet
and nominal.
"Sub" anil Edison securities attracted more at
tention than has been the case ot late
To-day s cloirg qjotations:
United Railways 4s
Do. pfd
Transit or common
MiEsouri-Udlson cemmon
Do. pfd
Do Ss
Et Louis and suburban stock.
Do 5s
Do Incomeo
Mississippi Valley Trust
St. Louis Trust
Lincoln Trust
Hark of Commerce.
Third National
San Sebastian
llnwerv J1.C09 i.s
Un'on Depot shorts
Rid Akrd.
; o 00 5s.i su
. 67.00 67 5)
. 2H.50 2t 00
. . . . 5.1 M
. 12 0) 91 Vi
. 7S 30 fcO.CO
. 101 50
. 92 00 1" 0)
192 SO
.222 00
. 143 50
. 240 00 .. .
. 146 09
. 1 29 1 27'J
. 2 174 2.2i)
.064 .03
. 101.25 100 -,l
. 10J 2o 1C0.50
General BnHlncujt Fnir ".o Clian-ccn
of Importance In Money Matters.
ftU I-owlA. Tucidi. Au. 25, 15,
Hu'lness anions the Iocil htnls ind tm't roni
failles today was about ip to tit iisuil Tue
ilit's run 'ihere weo no new d i!njin ut" of
an" kind and for tho pi"si nt at p ist n)
ehangfs are liikl for D-isits and vlthlnw
nls to da v,i. i iiui iniglnrti fiir. aid a v t
gtd demiitd for mon wis ri purlf d at marl
all tie bulks, fi un the coiinri md il 011
ktal necount Monev uas In 1 irse suj ; lv onl
lliire was no iitiotnbi. 1 Iunj,e in 1Im ouiu rote
which were f-om 5 to 7 pi r cent for e ill nnl
time nioii"
The lonl built rlr irircs v nro fnir nt 5 1 "ST, -612.
the balnm 1 q ninnunllii to it 91 115
Domestic Exclinnc.
Uliinl-e- . IlrKlgmn I ond, stoik. eonmvrc'al
I iper and xel uige br Kt- "1 1 North Uoiirlli
sliett, quolo exclllng' as follow;
I lid
! par
1 pir
1 pir
l'c prem
g i Co , 307
Hi 1 Ask.
Ml 11".'..
. U.'4 lCi j
Pi . 1 1.1 -
.if'? no
. pi in
101 107
1(0 III
. Ill 112
. l). it,;
..1124. 1144
ll.'1" Ill
1134 111
New Vrik 11 ill's
1 incintnl! . i dit
i.eisiiir. . . .... : dls
New 1 menus Lci'ls
Uhleago ... PU
C'ilj of .. I.oilis
Cirieeled daily b, Gaylord. l.lissing . Co , 307
' 'mi' sneer
City 1 IT 1 D jpflT . .
( Itv I "us cold Jl X . 111; .. ..
Cits T-s. till'.)
1 Itv 4s, stti'ilnr VI X . ion
v n is, cm 1 m j.ij
City 4s, t,Kilnr; 2a ytni" 19i". I I)
City 4s. ,-,1 i, a O . 1113
Cicy 4s. pol 1 I .1 1118
Cltv ) . -terllng. A. f) 10th 19 tf
Citt f ., rMd O. 1-ifl-.
City Cs. gold A O , n.v . ..
City f currrr.cr, A O . V" . .
.V Suicide .md :i Tplt'rain
Treino. C.tl .Aug. .3 A loal undert ikiiw
firm is in a quandary wh'it tu do . Itli tho
body of Chailts X. s Sthllllng. who com
mitted suicide last Saturday and who has
urn relatives in Indianapolis Afier tho
ueath thi rtl.itivex we-.e notliied am! tele
graphed to svnd on the remains if the df
i(.is"d had any money to defr.lv- the o
pen" In iMinich as ho was detitnto, the
ir.f riiRe v-.a; wired back that a buri.il in tii.i
pottir's Held would bo his lot, and them
came nn onler to embalm the body and
iiwait furt'ut instiiictions Tliese- wero sent
to-dav in n telegram "Impossible to tin -vent
pauper burial, will be tin re; li .denti
ne itioii "
Tho raessuRe -.vai repeated and foi nd t.
have Ik en tciegraphftl correetly. Still it is
thought theri i"iis.t have been some enoi,
in vliw of the pievlousi mess,igPt tna( jjw
last should have read, "If possible prevent
pauper burial "
To futthei complicate matters trlpqr.tphic
l'ui';!r,i-"' v-t'r'' m"'e to-diy suggesting tin:
Schilling vas murdertd for Ills monev.
xothins i;, known here to substantiate thH
Taken From Officers by Xorth
Caroliua .Mob.
Charlotte. X C, Aug. 23 A brutul mur
der was followed by a, lynching at Forest
City, a sl.ort distance from Charlotte, tuis
afternoon. Tho murdered man was Jlills
II. riack, n prominent citiren of Ruther
ford County and a member of the Statu
Legislature The man who was lvnchwl
lor the crime wa Averv MHK a well
known negro of that section
It seems that 1 "acl: had been mining
peaches from his orchard Circumstances
seemed to point to .Mills as the thief. Hack
met Jlilis tills atternoon and accused him
of the theft. .Mills drew nib pistol and sJior.
1 laek. tho bullet entering the body near
tho heart, causing death almost Instantlv.
Hacks body was torn found nt a point
near his house and .Mills was cupturcd an
hour after he had lire J tho bullet into
l lack s i body. An nnmd mob took tho
negro from the oflieers. swung him to a
tree and then riddled Ills body with bul
lets. Jliils is said to have bien a desper
ate chaiacter, and his victim was ono of
the most popular men in the State.
Relatives Keceive Keal Estate
Valued at 100,001).
St Paul, .Minn , Aug. J3 -The will of tho
late, Archbi&hop Ilemiessy 0 Duburnic, Ia ,
has been admitted to probnto here. It gives
to a half dozen of the prelate's relatives
J4"0,tOT worth of real t statu In Ramsey,
iihliingtori. .Mow or and Freeborn counties
Uliier relatives and vaiious church societies
r-ot real -ind pertonai
Ttio will named a executors Archbishop
I J Ryan 01 Philadelphia Archbishop l
Revirend CI. ment johannls and .Mith it 1 V
Henn'ssy of D.ihuque Archbishops Itvaii
and rclian and lirhael V. Hennes- ,ie.
ni0? ,0.ac.t t- evecntors. ana the estate
?i".cr!2ra,:,,i3Ls,cd bi 3,an,Bcr ,iynn una
"Negroes to Test Some Recently En
acted Soiitlieni Statutes!
Boston, Aug. "8 -Galoes S Jackson, a ne
gro lawyer of Richmond, Ta . ncting for the
National Council ot the Constitutional Rights
Association, has employed former Attorney
Oenet.,1 ,. li lllllfihniy of this city and W
t I' nreckenridgo ot Levingtoii. Kv as
?;',"reI ,VnK-(llngj "'nth Willi.,.-!,., ti
ll ted for the purpose of bringing before the
Supreme Court of the United States the
lues ion 01 the legality of the- recentiv en
acted statute Inws and constitution 1
wl'Ib !,"m,C",tS ",' r'"X of th,e South" States
wlileli. it is claimed, tendu toward the dis
franchisement ot the negro. The cas will
possibly be brought before the courts $
Massachusetts and will bo carried to tho
Supreme Court of that State.
Preparations for Instructing Girls
in Domestic Arts.
reparations nro b"lng mado for the win
ter season at the Women's Training School
at No. 173 Locust street. The managers,
of whom Jlrs. c. C. Rainwater is president,
announces that thero will be departments
for various kinds of sewing, milhncrv and
business courses, which will begin work o
September o The household trainln- di-
,l'eM-n,cntr,'.11,1 lRsln to study ' the second
week m October.
A limited number of girls over hi years old
will hi given instruction in tho various
branches for a trim of six months free It
,i.V". "J.1"01'',1 ooJ.,(,t of "" Institution to
f-tlucatc the girls to become eiliclent seivants
and housewives. The admission conimittti
will consider all applications at the school
on Tuesdavs. Wednesdays and Thursdays
from 9 o clock in the morning until noon
Miss F.utcII Returns TTome After
Two Dajs' Absence.
iliss JIaggie Farrell, who was reported
missing from her home. No. 2002 North
Ninth street, since Sunday morning, return
ed home Monday evening. She had spent
the gi enter part of the time, she says. in
wandering .il out the city. .Monday evenin -she
was round near the river at the foot of
Benton street by a neighbor. Will Harsch
man, and her lutlo sister.
She denies that she contemplated suicide.
She has been subject to fainting spells
sinco the death of her brother, John, fifteen
years ago. Miss Farrell Is 21 years old
and is a niece of Police Sergeant Walsh
A quarrel with her father caused her "to
leave home.
Georgia Captain Dies After a Long
Atlanta, Ga , Aug. 23 Captain Frank
Crenshaw, Twentieth Volunteer Infantry,
died here, to-dav.
A wound received at Manila caused his
Str. City of Sheffield and Bartce
Uor eharter or will contract for tnwlng. Adlrcss
Traffic Manager.
For Jl.mbtirg. 111., cjarks.ll'r. Loutlim, Han
nibal, i.'ulmy an I Keokuk
Str. ST. Pl'L
Le.uej siatiinlaj, bepteirher 1, 4 p. m.
To Durln?ton, !a., ani ilatura S7.51.
To Keokuk, la,. anJ Retum S6.0D.
Inrludlni? inenli nn tirth. on tr ct. Tiul
errj TuPdax for Hurllntton ard ecry Sjtur
di fo- Keot-uk
For St. Paul ani l-ifermidiite LaiJinis.
htr. Qulnev leaves Wednesila, Vug 2" i p. m.
lei JIain 2447A. ISAM P l.l'sri Act.
Tor Moiler's. Hnrnburg and a.1
Ctilhjjn eount7 landings.
STRAVti-R I'Aimira
Leaves vYednesd iy i.nd f-jiur'ay a: 4 p. m.
from wharf boat feet La nst stre. t.
T. G. IllaJCIC. Acent.
Phone. Main 532.
Si. I.oilis and Hermann Weeklv- Packet,
sir w ir oh vit.vim:'
Leaves fut or iVeri s "I'linhi, F"rt 1
at p in for Venln5ton He-m ini. lefferr-on
Cltv. VVtlffs Point ind all wav I in lines
li:i:nci: 'ivcdoSvld Acent.
Phnn. 2!aln lSs, V 117. 203 N" 1-vee
lowui: Mississippi.
Kemphls and Return Cniy S!2
InrlnillniT llealu nnrt Merlh.
bte3mr Iirrs; ler lean's Trldays at I p m.
Ftearrer PIlri-.Rf- I.EE laves Tuesdays lit a p
m for Memphis ard ail ar Ijrdlngs, teltini;
freight for Helen urn! Uriar'3 Point. Pnona
Main 4rv ani KInlrrh V 112
J.-sO B JlAs-ENGAI.E, A.-snt.
wharfboat foot of Pine street.
rrn stk cnvuvuivr
Ch. ter. J.'. VI irv's ,md all way land
ings rWiliii Mil COLLMISH
satur.lT s nt a p m fr. in r. rt , f Pine t . rr
tug exrursl, n nt" of 53 round trip me lis and
birth imluPi'
r,fe ,w'fVllVvr-F Mrr)OVLD Agent
OfFi-e 2Vt V L-io. phone :t 10S A 117
Strame- C.Rr. i:OLI. In plac of Chero?"
to Chester and way Sardines Itaves Tueslav.
Thursduvs ni J "ntur.l ns at p m from Kngl
Pn.k'l Cotninny s v harfBoat. rnMng evcur
f 1 in rate of tl i.mrl nip me ils and brlh In
cljdn IIUNTUlt DF.N JENIvIXS. Agent.
lifSi- GltV OF EKPHiS,
i JTSrjk Will leave wharfbnt. fo it of Pino
JtS"k;, t , VV.ilnr&Iit August . nt Z p
CdrifcEi ni tur tnp ijinrj,, ( airo, pa.
tliinli and all piint on Tenntsit Rlier lo V.i
teiloo. All lxfiirsion Feaon now or en, cnlv in
Mr lounl Irlp, slit eiht. dats Meals and brrlli
lnt led --d
1 hones llaln 4CA. Kinloc'i A112
JMX i: MArst:M;AI.K, Vgent.
3?C53- 3JCTC-C7S7- Orloans
and way landings scutn of Memphis
Str. JQttM K. SPEED,
leaves aiuruay. teptemoer s nt 5 p m , fi
wharfboat, tuot uf Oll.e tt. I hone Jlun !(.
leaves Saturday. September S
Str. 'tt'ar Earle for Cane Girardeau. Oommrc
ftnd ku vway landings itonday anil KrVny. 1
P. m Tor lltlniiln River Str. Bald r.tel tot
Peorliv and Intermediate point. Wednesdays and
Saturdays 4 pm.
iriTXTER BEN JEXKIX3. aen. Ast.
Phone Main 233
i i.i. i.n o is itmin.
linois River Pao Go,
iS Str. R. C, 6USTEB.
VV C. Colvln. -Master. a R. Beaty. CHera.
1-or A.ten. uraflcn. Hardin, K mipstil!, ?ublt
and all w u- landings. Leaven ev.ry VVcdnesJa,
and ftu.uruuy at 4 ro., toot of Pine at.
JOHN W. lllAVTbLL. Agent.
2A X. second at.
Pione Main trHt
Rise nnil rail nf the Rivern
For 21 hours ending at 7 a. ni .
St. Louis, Tuesday. ug. 25. 190.).
Plntions. Uanj.. r Gauge Change.
Pittsburg 2J 0 hi ii 0
Purl ersburg 3 1 fi -0 3
Unelnnatt too 7 ) -0D
Uiulv.ille : ) r. I 'd .
Xashtllle 40 3 IB -u
e'hattjnooea jl 0 ...7 -0 4
1'lnrence p. o u 7 0 0
Uvansilllo 25 0 4 5 -ill
.lohiiMjnville 21f i.s . 2
M Paul 14 '1 ru '0 1
UubUfiue IS i) 4 1 -0 1
Dav.nuort l"i ) 2 7 ) 4
KeoKiik 13 0 2 ! I.J
lies Moines Rapids .' t '0 3
Peoria 1 0
Crnfton Ml
Omaha ISO 4S 'Jf,
Kansas Citv 21 n l).i mi;
Itoonvlllo 20 1 "i S ) 4
Hermann .'I) 7 J ei t
t-t Louis "') 0 S.4 oi
Chester Jl 0 0 3 0 1
Cairo 43 ) in i oo
Memphis 23 n 4 ". M I
Little Rook ill) 4 1 i j
Vlelisburg .. 43 0 4 1 o j
Shreveport 16 'I 3 3 -o 1
.Nnl e''lems ISO 3", -j j
RIfiT -I"all.
7jcal Foretast Official.
Qulrcy St Paul
St Paul Keokuk
11 c Gi.nter Xaples
Peters I.ee Memphis
I'nld Kacle Peoria.
Spread Ilaglo Grafton
Currier Hamburg
St Paul
Spread Fairlo ....
Peters I'o
Grey Eagle
Itivcr rorrenst.
Tlie rlier at St Ixjuli will rise.
.. . Alton
... VImph'3
.. ..Chester
River nnil HiiMlnrss.
At St. I.ouls the gauge registered S s feet ye.
tcrday. there being no change la the last 21
Traffic active and hcavr In receipts. Larse.
passenger business
Weather clsir and cbse, much warmer than
ifondn; .
-Captain Robert Lee Gains v.z
the Peters I.ee for Memphis lost
on the peters i.ee ;or .ueuipiiis ia.sr. ntening. He
grcH to Memphis to enter the Government service
nn master nnu piio- tu uiu itn i'- enisc.na. Tue
bout is now with the llset at Merrphis.
I'ilrts Al Faulkner and Slim Woods are bring
ing the coal steamer John A V ood up from tin
South itter delivering .a ton. Tha Wood ia now
In the vielnlty of Lrtenvilla.
Captain laylor. master of the snagboat
Wright, will use the Wright In blowing up the
sunken sand digger, now submerged near th Ir.
etlne ihe snaKboat will move over to the Incline
as soon tin the slight repairs now Iting made
on her aliove the bridge are completed After
clearing the channel of tho sand digger sho will
clear south.
- A big consignment of contractors' siippnc5 jn
custody of 25 laborers, went out to Memphis' on
the Teters l.e Itmis of th eriulpmtnt were 11
wagons, p whe'l barrows 1 hou-e of tools )
shovels and 27 mules. Tho men have hcen cn-agid
for work un a city contract in Mtinphis.
Captain loseph McCt.llo.iKh returned to the
cltv frtm Canton, Mo. it no.ui yesterday, lie
vient In the afternoon on the Grey Lagle.
Tne City cf Clifton piss, Cairo at 9 o'clock
yesterday morning en route for tot Loul. bhu
v-ill arrive this nfttrnon At that point her
ficUlvt eaigo ionsiste of 12l,u-j feet or lumber,
so,) bacs of peanuts, wheat and a miscellaneous
trip She will pick up considerable wheat on her
way up.
The St. Paul arrived and departed yesterday,
taking out lo) persons to Ilurllngton, most ot
whom weie round trippers.
Tho Qulncy arrived from fat. Paul with a big
trip of people' and freight, bhe is reeelving to
return this afternoon.
Steamer Carrier arrived on time and will re
turn to Hamburg this afternoon bhe brought in
a good cargo ot general freight, besides her cabin
The Mlsourl River steamer W. H. Grapevlno
gets away Saturday evening for 'Wolfs Point and
all intermediate landings.
Steamer Peters Lte arrived in the morning
nnd d.ptrtcd In tho evening on her return trip
to Memphis. Her passengtr register consisted of
15 ptop.e
Tl e G.cy Eagle derarted for Chester ani way
polrts ytstalay atternoon. guing again Thurs
day. ateamer Columbia clears this afternoon In tho
Ste. Genevieve and Chester trad", departing irooi
the foot of Pine stret.
The City- of Memphis is receiving to clear this
eveiilrg on her run lo the Tennessee River.
The John K. Spid haves September 8 fcr
Xew Orleans, Memphis and all way pjlnts souttt
cf that point.
Steamer Raid nagle arrived from Peoria yes
terday morning v 1th -' Otf) sacks of wheat, 700
head of sioek and sundries. The Bald Eagle re
turns this nfternoon
The R C. Guntcr was in from Xaples with
a good trip and will depart nt 4 p. ni. to-day
on her return passage.
Tlie War Eaglo goes to Commerce and way
poirts next Triday evening.
The United States snagboat Wright, Captain
James Taylor, master, has removed the foilow
tn snags In the Mississippi River bctweeen St.
Arrivnls nnil Ilepnrluros of Train at
Lnimi stntion.
ill illy e-m Sinday.
ISund it only,
ttbaturdi., imlj.
ifSiturdav and Sunday
Iiiilv eicept Foturday.
I Kv.ept Monday.
air i.im:.
Train Dtpart
Louisville l.xpre's Cfntralin.
Mount Vtrrmi Mount Cr-
me! Prl est n. Uu'-vlll.
W ashingion, I hll id- lj Ina and
Ne'v Vori. .. 0? am
Mturt nii.n In i-nm iniinn fo Jj pm
f OV p-i
2 12 an
x-eui-viut i.uniti inii -vl'le.
Wasi,in,t.n. iflti'iinre.
I hilidciihia inl New ork ":15 rm 'bM pin
me ri it. "
L..i: smut!:. i:w ouic ei:xTRL nt
Tri'n IKpirt Arrive.
Iiiii,..u tp-lls Ilvr r. s . 17 3-am '.Jniii
.vn Yuik nl Iio'ton Li.nl'ed !i.2)am S bpm
Kimkerbuikc h,n. al Nt
nrk. I. istnn W i-hl-gtor,
Ralttmo-, md Pli.Udelibl i. 12 0am C'47 pnv
Alton Kxpret" . ,11 50 pm 121pm
-I .iti i n .ml Alton Aeeoinn o-
latii n . t4 2) pm 13.50 pm
P. sun. New ik. i-.eirmtl.
Uash'ngti l lltlnmn, Phll-
ai'elilnt . . S 01 pm 7 30 am
lion 1 1 'ves 0 it ,t. in . 'Z.l p m. Arrtven
pi ") a m , 1 11 p. in.
ii ... . s.v. i:
'I rain
Cirtiinatl Loulnlllc V n-h-
iistui I'sltinvt. rhiltdtl-
ihia ami N't u ork Uxpres .
C.i limit! f.i ni ill.-, I'm
I lire- W ifhington, 1'aliiiiitrt.
I I In.'oli h,a ard N't lorl.
Fart Mail
fir. inn ill Ai nimiiidati n
Cin. Inn ill I.ulstill.. I'iits-
1 erg V ashineion, jaltn .ore.
1'lulaili I, Ma ard N- n Yt.'k
Royal l;h;- Llim'e 1
I'lora Ac ommolitiiii ...
1 lor.a Attom-nodjilm
A3 est II idn ..n 1 Urcrth Usk
Sfrirgs via Munuu Route
. R.
liepart. Arrive.
2.15 am 12 10 pm
"S.OJprt 7 30am
t. Is am t7.23 pm
? 20 a-i 6 55 pm
15 pm fi 12 .am.
Jii.35 p :i 1 132 am
S 20 am S 55 pm
mULIMIO-V, IJOlTi: ST. .1.. K. &. A.
U. It. ll l.MM.V M'ATKJA.
Train. Lerart. Arrive.
I or ilunnlbnl. H. f- si j.
Mint', yuir.tt, Keor.uk ral
Uialingtiin . . . .'2 75 am S 51 pm
IkviI t. llinn'bil 7.)nm j:fipm
J or iju.m v md Xorth . 17.30 am 1C 31. pin
l.rst. Paul. Mtinrapoli li
F 1st Sill. Hn.d llfini.ta sml
' Tl e ll'i.lliigton-X.irtnrrn I
'. 3 21 am
ciic Lrpr.ss. for Kansas
City, st Jo-i ph Xorthw-t
Ne'iraska. Ulick HUN. W'yu
mlrg. Jlontann V. ashlr.gtou
J'uki t Sjupd. Portland and
"iet,i n .. .
'The Twin City U-ctres
3 00 am 6 35 pm
Minn.apolis st Paul nnl
Iowa . . . .'2 03 pm 2.13 pm
Th. 'X.biasl.a ( ol'r.ad . K
pie s ' for Invtr, Colorado
l lib anil P.ntll. c.inr tl.
St Jo- , Ii .' ; Q- pi
I.oe i! i. Rurlingion . . 7.,0 pm
It- NV.rthtm lov.a. at 1'aul
and Minneapolis .7:IJpm
Uor Illinois, tu i.,t s,a. Un.,
6 35 am
il -3 am
1,6.39 am
Uc Dubuque an 1 La l"rose ;
Fo- Kansas City. Omaha St.
io imi. i:a-i s 50 rm 6:t0am
'3.30 pm 1,6.1.1am
it t,in einter, .'Drasi. l.
e i lorado. Utah and I'acllu
tout, al-o Northutst . . .. '9.')0pm s7.t0 am
Lot il from Harnlb.nl !! 00 pm
For Alton Leavo 7..J a. in., dall, . S.21 a ni .
dally. Hi) a m . daily. I-",) i m . tatunlay
cnly. 3W p m. ftcept Saturday land Sunday.
o vi o. in . eir-rt sur-iay. 3.1 p m , daily, 7.M
p rr . dally . j ;o p ,.. (iaut.
Train Depart.
Allon Ll-nlted for Chicago -Sj, am
Chicago I'alaeo Ei, rtta "S.JUpm
(.hlciicu "MldnUIit Sp'cial '..."ll 31 pm
elicago "I'ralrle State' Ex-
& 5j pat
7 am
7:57 am
Strlngfleid Accnmrr.odation . '. C3 un lu'-i ?m
Kaps citv Vestibuled Lim-
lte.l -10.10 pm7.C3 am
Rartai City- Day Expren.-, -s.iw ftm .5.3.. pnl
tirlnsil-Id loeal fi.Wam . .....V.
JatrSunUile Actumni.idatUii.. Ij.05 pm tl9 54 am
IIMLU.M (C, P. A sr. L.
..Tra!n.,,. Depart. Arrlie.
..sjii tini'ji itrnicr, vaia:.-
tnu.ua and Grafton
Peoria IVkm and Springfield
Alton. Clifton Terrace and
Ci autauqea
Alton. Cliftcn Terracj and
iS 03 am IS 01 am
3 13 am 7 3) pm
1 15 pm. t11:33 pm
14 34 pm 10 35 am
Ji 26 pm
13:15 pm 1J9:11 pm
enauiauiiua f
tuoii. eiuiun icirice. e;nau
tauipii ond faprtngileid.. . .
Alton. Cliftcn Terrace and
Alton, elifton Terrace, e.nau
tauiua ai.d Grafton
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Toledo an! N'ew York Express. 'S.liam 5 55 pm
Toledo and Xew ork tipress. 'Ills pm 7: am
(Illinois Central )
Train. Depart. Arrlv.
Cotton Blt Express 3:35am 7.24 pm
Texas Faft Mall to Llttls
Reek, Texarkruia, Dall is,
I ort W'ortn and At.IIent .. . 3 05 am T.3S pm
D.lta CtilumbUd and Cairo
Express '3.00 am 6.55pm
Fat Day Express, Hot fcprirgs,
Dallat'. l'ort Worth. Austin.
San Antonio, Hojstcn and
Galveston 2.21 pm 4 .33 pro
Texas, Mexico and California
sptrlal Dallas, Fort Worta,
Ll 1'as.o, Lot Ang"Ies, Oal-
iD.mn Sun Anr.inlit itn.l fv.
redo 'SUSpm
Memphis and Hot Springs
Express 3 37 pm
"7.33 am
7.00 am
' Train. Depart.
Nirthern linnets Express
Si ririglicld, Fretjtirt and Du-
b'iu- '7.52 .am
CHcag) Ditlljht special .. . 12:J)pm
Spilrglleld Accomreoditlon . . t 15 pm
Ctlcigo ' Diamond Special" . "J 10 pm
7.4S pm
5 20 pm
'10.46 11m
7 21 am
rarlucah Mail and Expr"'
tlurphysboro, e'arbonlile and
Mar.on - T.54 am 7.24 pm
Xew Orhans l"at Mall Cairo,
i'linpliis. Jackson. Tenn ,
snd Texas Htprtsj Nash
ville, Atlanta and Jackson
ville 'SMam S.lCpm
Acccmn udatlon Murphy bere.
al-rlr.n Cairo. Snurt.a nn !
Che-ter 14 23 pm
AeeommiKl itlon Slurphv sturo.
Marlon and Creal sprlncn I23pm
til 33 am
11 32 am
Mw urieans t.imuei. airo.
Memrhls Dixie Flyer Nash
ville, Atlnnti nnl Jackson
ville, I"a . . 'Slln "TUvri
L. II. A. ST. L. HV. (lli'iidcrsi.n Iloilte.)
Train Depart. Arrive.
Fast M ill O-vensbero. Clove--
lrt. Iyiulsville and the II ist 5 23 am 'LlSpra
Eistcrn Ixprtss Owensbrro.
the'Eust .55pm 7.2) ani
Lruls and Memphis since August 11: One in Ar
thur Iletd. threo in chum at Island 4". three In
1-oglenian's e lime, one at Lin:enn!.il Island, on
ar Walls' iAii'ting. eleien at Corbttfs Lindlng,
one at Pecan Point, tifteen at Island SI, two at
Rutlar's landing, ono at Davis Lvinding, two
tclow Drlters. one at Bulletin Tu Ahead. 2 at
Plum Point, ono at Xcv- Haven, two at I.lt
terels, two at Harfields, ono at Buekner'p. one
nt V rlIit's1 Point one nt Isl md is. one at
Island i7. one at Llnwood, one t Gay of o, twen-tv-thrce
In Btnd 14, ten in Jce Kckils Benl. two
nt Cherokee, one at Burrus's Landing, three at
Riddel s Point, four at Toncy's Tow head, ono In
N v Madril ilrnil, one at la I'orgcs. one at
Isl ind 10. on.- at Is'and 1. four In Lucas's llrnl,
ore at O Brlen's Landing, cne at Bird s Point,
ot e at Ruff ilo Isl md. one nt Phlladelphii Point,
two In Cape Girardeau Rend one at Old Cape,
ope nt Flora Creek, one at Deill'i Islun'. on
nt fountain Bluff, one opposite 7C Lanlirg,
three at McLean' Point, (ivc nt Crane's Ishtn 1.
thirty-set en at penitent! iry Point. Total. 15.1
The work was done under the supervision of
Ccitaln Edward Burr of the United Stales corps
of Engineer:..
Rr TcIeRrapli.
clro. 111.. Aug. 23 The river Is falling slowly.
The gauge reads 10 feet. The wailier is cl-ar ard
y(ry warm The City of Clifton from the Ten
nessee River with a fair trip, consisting of 10".
utrf feet of lumber, a mall lot cf staves nnd
sundries arrived it S a m. She did a light busi
ness here and di parted for St Louis at 3 a. m.
she has a. filr trip. Tlie Fritz from tho Lewer
Mississippi with I birge of logn and 1 barge of
co-tonwuod tho latter for the Muncie Pulp Com
pany arrived nt S.'to p ni. she returned south
lieht.' The Wash Honshell derarted for Thtt-ei
with 2 barccs of lumber to-day. The Harveuter
lrotn at. Iuls arrived at 3 p. in. with 4 loaded
barges She will return to St. Louis at daylight
with i loaded barges Tha Oakland cleared Tor
Nev Orleans at b P. m. with 4 four loaded
barges Tbo Condor from the Lower Mississippi
with 1 barge of lumber arrived at 4 p. m. bho
will leavo for ti"e Upper Ohio River to-morrow.
Captain Oeorge W. ( lark, who is located for thy
present ut Mound City to look after the W. W".
0 Neil and tow, came down to-day and returned
this evening.
M mphl", Tenn . Aug. 23. The Ora Lee clcarc I
at 5 this evening for Cairo with fair trip Thu
Wichita derarted for White River at 3 thls
cvtntnr with fair trip. The J. N. Harbin left
at 3 this evening for the Arkansas River with a
good trip. The Hill City from St Louis will
nasa down to-morrow on way to Xew Orleans.
The James Lee will arrive to-night from Friars
1 cint ani clear to-morrow- evening on return
The Georgia Ic will get In to-night from Ash
icrt "nd leave to-morrow cv.nlng on return.
The Delta arrived this morrlrc from Vlcksburg
with fair trip ani will clear to-mjrrow evening
on return Ihe- Rees Lee got In early this morn
ing from St. Louis with 1,1)36 packagis of freight
end left this forenoon on return with good trip
of freight and passenger'. The Raymond Hornir
with tow of empties will be due up to-morrow
on wav to the Ohio River
Chester. III., Aug. 28 River stationary; gauge
6 3 feet. Weather ep-ar and hot. Up: Peters
lye at 11 laft n'ght. Columbia left for SU
Louis at 12 o'clock noon to-day. Down: Co
lumbia arrived at 10.20 p. m. War Katie at 13
Train. Depart.
Valley Parle Accomrnoilation... t7:10 am
Valley Parle Ac-omm"lalion... 8.in
A alley Park Ace uiimiliIlon . p.W Ml
Texas ard Kansm Mall for
( nrthage. Joplin, W I. hita,
Arkansas ii. Oktahoma.
Dallas. Ga!e-ton and Tort
Worth .. S.43am
VaIIv I'ark Accommodation... tl0 Fra
Patlhe Attommo.1 itioii - ..71.10 pm
Vellev Park Accomm'!aticn... 3pm
PaLitio Aee mmooatinn t5 24 pn
Va.ley 1'irk. J ommodition .. 77.10 pal
TexiH Limits, ttcsiibultiir. for
Kureka Sprinus Port smith.
1 nnis. Corsltuna. Ai.stin. snn
tio 30 am
tS :15 am
il 25 pm
S.19 pm
t6.45 am
110.25 am
t5 55 pm
t7'45 am
;7.u0 pm
Antonio. Houston and t.al-
vesti.n . .....
W.sl.rn h-vprees for Vlr.ita.
S 60 pm "7.30 I
nklihoma arthie, Joplin.
Wichita. Rurton and tho
3.00 pm 7.2S ma
L. it .
Fast Mall-Evan-sUlle.
. n. k.
Depart. Arrive,
Atlan- .
h. C:
vllle. liinninKiiani.
semcry Clitt moogn.
1 1 Macon. Charltston
Mobile. Xew Orleans
8-2Sam I.Kon
Jacksonville, rla
Mount Vernon Aecommod itlon. po 00 pm 3,,j am
Southern. Ilpre.4, to Lvani,
vlllf. Nishvllle. Blrmlng
lam. Mobile, Xew- Oriel n,
Thonnsvlile Jacks-invlIIe.
l'al ilka A:ala and bt Pe
trbi.rg. Flu sg-jopm "7.20 am
Train Depart. Antoe.
Fast Mill . j
3 OOam 10 05 pm
lJtal l.xprei.3
K..ra! Citv. St Joseph. Oma
-i.am -sujpm
ha and faouthern Kansas e.x-
jiess 3 00am ?:15pm
Wasl'ngion Actommodatlon .. 15 25 pm 17'ooam
St Jotpb. Joplin. Wichita and
Karsri3 Umited daily 3.10pm riOTara
Kartui i and Colorado Express.W:lO pm 7:1) am
Crevo Coeur Lake trains leave Union Station at
C s0 a n . M.I5 a. in . ttll-20 p. m.. 15.25 p. nu.
t7 ") p m
Jxavc Vandevcnter Avenue at tl2 S3 p. m.
Oak Hill trilns leave Union station at 16.45 a.
m . tlO.ln a m . 14 56 p m.. and 16.15 p. m.
Xirkwocd trains Itne Union station at fT.W a.
m . ;i e) p. m . 11 2o p. m . 15.25 a. m.
Leave vandcv enter Avenua Station at tHOi
a m
Dally. fExcept Senday. JSunday only.
Train. Depart. ArrtTB.
Southern Special 7:25 am
Northern Special 7 00 pm
West India Flyer 8.00pm 7.41 am
Murphvsboro. Sparta. Chester
and Percy Accommodation .. t4 50 pm tliasam
3i"71c"Tk. t.
Jefferson City, Colorado. Seda
11a. Lllntcn. Fort Scott. Par
Depart. Arrlva.
sons and Indian Territory Lx-
yres .. ........................
Fort Worth. Dallas. Waco.
3.15 am '6.01 pra
8:15 pm 7:Uam
layior ana Austin Express..
j-on worm, Dallas, ban An
tonio and Galve'ton Express 3:li am S.Olpn
SedaMa, Nevadn, Fort bcott
and Denison Express S.iepm 7:llara
Train. Depart. Arrive.
Mall and Express 17:lu am 111 10 pm
Mall and Express 5n)7pm t7:Wpm
sVlouis-peoiua lixe"
(Sea C. St. P. & St. L.)
ST. L-. K. c. &. c. iu n.
Train. Depart. Arrlv.
Union Express (dally) 4 00 pm 8 35 am
Creve Cotur (aunday only).... 131am t .S pm
Criva Coer (Sunday only).... 6 (Mam 7 56 pm
Creve Cueur (Sunday only).... 1.35 pm 6.56 pm
Eastbound Leav e Eighth and Gratiot Streets,
cxeept aunday. 4.0, t.it, ..37, 8-J1. 10.05. H:lj a.
ni.. L:10. 1:12. l.V, 4. !:10, s.Zj. r2 p. m. Satur
day ard Sunday only 11.41 p. m. Sunday onl.
5 24. 7:14. Iu U a. m.. 521 p. m.
Leave Wasmngton Ave Except Sunday. 4:24,
6 .'I. 7.41. b.io. lu.l?. ll.Ii am.. 12.J4. 1.46. 2 5u.
4 U4. 5:14, b-.'V. Ss p m. aaturday and Sunday
only 11.15 p. in. aunday only 0 -1. 7.3s, 10. Iu a.
m , 5 25 p. m.
Westbound Leave Granite City, except Sun
dav. 3:15, 7, S:14. 3'28. 10:42, a. m.. 1:10, J il. 3-i.
4.o j. 5.44. 5 53, 7:12. 3.17 p. m. Saturday only
4 .j) p. m. aunday enly u 3 :j a. m.. 1 0J. i
p. m.
Lave Madl"xn Except Sun lay. 5:13, 701. 8.1S,
9.U. 10:16 a. m.: 1:1j, j.17. it.;. 4.4f. 6, 7:i7. 21
p. m Saturday only 4:jt p. m. Sunday only
0. 9.11 a. in.. 1 .07, tirjl p. 04
aadalTv l.IXE.
Train. Depart. Arrlie.
Fast Mall i.mua l: am
Trains Xo .0 and 21. Xew
Norlc. Philadelphia. Baltimore
and Washington special S 41am S 40 pm
Indianapolis ani New York
Loal S:0tam SiOOpox
New lork Limited l:0u pm 'li 65 pm
Petoskey and Mackinaw Lim
ited 1 -00 pm 12.52 pm
Columbus and Eastern Express S.IS pm T.U pm
ardalla Accommodation a.Su pm '8:16 pm
Indianapolis and Xew York
Express .. 11:23 pm S.lOpm
Fast Mall 2:40am '1.44am
Eastern Line.
Train. Depart.
ecntinentai i.imiiea uetroir.
Nlegara Falli, Harfaio. Xew
York and Boston J 00 am 7:15 pm
Toledo. Detroit. Niagara Falls.
Buffalo. Xew York and Bos
ton Expiess -3:30 pm
Toledo, Xew York and Boston
Fast Mall 4:45ara
ll'drlght Limited Detroit,
1'uffalo, Xew York and Bos
ton 11-tlpm
Toledo Local Express 'T.ii am
CIiIcuko Line.
Banner Express Chicagj 8 40 am
Banner Limited Chicago ...... 9.tpm
Jlldnlght Limited-Chicago HJWpm
Fast Mall Chicago 2:15 am
Kannnn City Line.
7.15 am
2.45 am
2.00 pm
S.45 pm
Bt pm
7:15 aat
7:6 am
Kansas City Express
Kansas City Fast Mall
Kansas City Limited
Pattonsburg Kxpress
Cannon Rail Omaha
3.0O am M Dm
2.15 pm l.sOam
..lO.lo pm
S W am
.. 9.u0am
... 7Iil nm
6 00 pm
7 00 am
Ottumvva and Des Moines Ex-
jrefs 3 00am S(Hpm
e'lti mwa ana lies mines eam-
Local Train
! 1) rm 'C-iO am
West Moberlv and Kansas
City I .oca! 7.40 am 6 50 pm
Mcts?rly Ivjcal 5:)Spm 11.10 am
East Decatur L cal .... 14 55 pm 11.0b am
Dei ttur Local (Sunday only) .. 6.15 pm
Snbnrlinn Trains.
From Union Station
St Charles
Klnloch Paris
111 3-1 pm 114.03 pm
. t8.l".pm
2.43 pm '4.03 pm
4 2irm 3:41 pni
13.10 am
Jrt 2S am
lUin 10 Htm
Feiguron ,
1 emusoi
Fei -tusen
(Thursday only)
1 1 luuson . .. .
- 21 1 '30 pmll to .30 pm
From Olive Streit Station
St Chirles . ll.v)am '1.50pm
St. Chnrlei t7't)pm il'iOam
Rrlc'i-eton "4.13 pm .10am
Ilrldg'ton 1 47 am 15.1) p 11
lcrguon S D am tS4)an
Ferguson '1.55 pm '10 3) am
Ferguson ......15 45 pm 15.55 ppi
Ferguson 16 2pm 3.20pm
Ferguson (Thursday only) 11.5) pm 10.3") pin
midnight. II. I.. Abbott at 6:30 a. m. Tender
in ard out on time.
Grand Towr. IIL. Aug. 23 Harvester down
nt 7 p. m. yesterday. War Eagle down at 6'41
a. in. General Abbot with 2 barge of stor
down at 10.20 a. m. The gaugo reads 9 feet.
Itlver stationary. Weather clear and hot.
Burlington. Ia . Aug. 23. The present stags)
of water Is 2 feet ll'i Inchef. a rl'e of 2 Inches
since Inst report. Ihe weather Is clearing ani
warmer. The Green-Hay B'llo down. The) W.
.1 loung In and out from Davenport. Th
Elol'e in and out from Keokuk.
I'aducah. Ky. Aug 23 The gauze reads 3 7
feet and statlonarv Weather hot. Dlclt Fowler
to Cairo at 3 a m John S. Hopkins to Evansvlllt
at It a m. city of (Jilfton to St. Louis at 1 a. m.
Watch mnkc3 excursion to-night to Metropolis.
Business dull.
Cape Girardeau. Mo.. Aug. 23 Rlier falling.
"Weather Hear. The War Eagi down at It
a. m . departing for Ccmmerco at 1 p. m. Left
for St. Louis at S p. m.
Louisville. Ky Aug. 23. River rising. In
canal 5 feet 6 inches; on falls. 4 feet 4 Inches:
below the locks. 3 feet 3 Inches. Cloudy and
Warsaw. III.. Aug. 2H Gauge reads S feet.
a fall of .3. Cloudy- and warm. Silver Cres
cent In and out en time.
Wheclirg. Aug 23. River 3 1 feet, anil fall
ing. Departed: Bedford for Pittsburg at 5 p.
m. Clear and cooler.
Evansvllie. Ind . Aug. 23 River 4.5 feet, and
stationary. Cloudy nnd hot.
Pittsburg. Aug. 23. River 3.3 feet and sta
tionery. Clear and warm.
Cincinnati. O . Aug. 23. River 7.7 feet, anel
falling. Clear, mercury S6.
Missouri and Ohio Congressmen
Clash in Maryland.
Mountain Lake Park, Md , Aug. 23. TI19
feature of to-day at the Mountain Chautau
qua was the Joint debate on "Expansion"
arranged between Senator J. P. Dolllver of
low a and Congressman Champ Clark of
Missouri. Ow'ing to business engagements)
Mr. Dolllver telegraphed that It was impos
sible fcr him to be present and Congressman
Charles Grosvcnor of Ohio consented to tako
liU place. Mr. Clark spoke for one hour.
He said. jn part, under the leadership of
McKlnley. Grosvenor and others, we. as a
country, fell from a high state and becama
land grabbers.
Mr. Grosvenor said that imperialism wai
nothing more than a dream and what tho
hoys called a "pipe dream." and Mr. Bryan
had hail that sort of a dream. The real
issue of the day was 16 to 1. He said that
liy the treaty with Spain the United States
I acquired it first territory and every ques
tion of imperialism was settled by that

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