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"cV SijLggowyS4'TiViiir.v. -
-: --:
Discount rates were C to T per cenl tm call
nnd time loans. Clearance?. j,w.-. ---
ancc. l70,9H. JCew York exc tog.
discount bid, 00c discount n'ffiSJ
discount bid. par adTOls
count bid. 20c disccunt afl: "r', 5 I
Sc discount bid. par aiked; Cincinnati. c ,
-.1 . .il 1-11- kfij. I
".wheat market Co-ed -at
.. 5int rc b. Oct.. . """"
o.Vrcti rn cl hlrt or
S3cn. year 40'rcNo. l.lte
at 21Sc n. Sept. -3"-ic w
tncl' market for standard - J
closed strong at !. for new. ITIme rtiam
lard closed higher at 6.. "c.
The local spot cotton market closed tteadj
end higher.
Abram X. MUner. ex-Street Commlon
cr. Is roportl missing, by hi- ' -"""?
August 31. when he left her at Webb Ut.
IIo.. ostensibly to go hunting.
Willie May ndwards. tho child who has
flared In o much litigation, was accl-
dtally "hot in the leg at her mother"
tome. , . -
The posso and bloodhounds In search of
the newer ho Jul!j ""A tovo
Farmer RIcgs near Godfrey. II... havo
failed to catch the trail.
The suit growing out of the Presentation
. of a modil to bandmaster Well by thru
,Von der Ahe v.as decided In favor or the
' former, who was defendant.
, William C. Fairvveath-r. principal or the
Hlsh School at Murphytoro. 111., and
1 Srs- E)Je O'Neil r.r McLeansboro came to
'St. Louis and were married.
The minority or the Klevcnth District
Iemocratlc CongresskMi.il Committee has
apialed to the State Committee to pre
sent the holding of a direct primary.
Faor.ible report If made of progress in
' comrletinB the World's Fair fund.
A new organization of business men is
arranging for a large cnorus concert
. Sewer Commissioner Hermann tell what
filters mlfiht bo used to puriry the city's
water supply.
In the underground district, between the
river. Eighteenth street. Cerre street and
Washington avenue, a grounded wire pre
vented arc lamps on three circuits of 'he
x Scekor Company burning.
Mrs. Garret Schmidt Jumped from a s-c-ond-story
window at Alton in an attemot
to commit suicide. She wa terribly injured.
Voters are urged by election Board of
ficials to register before the rush.
The three girls who declare they were ln
Fulttl by Special Officer Rocmcr will arply
for a warrant.
The new monitor Wyoming was launched
yesterday at the San Franc.sco shipyard.
Archbishop Martinelli, new Tapal Delo-
.t in tb TTnitwI States, will open the
new cathedral at Savannah. Ga., on Octo
ber IS.
The Conference Committee of the Iron and
Steel Workers' Union. In session at De
troit, adjourned yesterday without having
reached an agreement with representatives
of iron and stee! manufacturers.
Three thousand union carpenters of Chi
cago, who went to work by agreement with
their unions recently, quit work again yes
terday. Democratltc and Republican campalcn
managers say the presidential candidates
have always raid for their special trains.
Melbourne MacDowell, the actor, was ar
rested on a charge of cruel'j, made by his
present wife, who Is suing him for divorce,
Marcus Daly, the Montana copter 'ting.
13 back from Europe, whither he went with
his family in search of health.
Astronomer L. J- J- 1-ee has departed
from Washington for Su Louis, where he
jvlll spend his vacation.
Complete story of the wreck of th'.- Ore
gon told by a Lieutenant w-ho was aboard.
Strike of anthracite coal miners delayed
pending further negotiations.
William J. Bryan, receives notable greet
ings In -Milwaukee.
James J. Corbett leaves his wife and sails
lor Europe under an alias and aboard ship
with an actress who has long been one of
Ills" admirers.
Terrible torture is arranged for Bresci.
the assassin of Kins Humbert, during his
i life of Imprisonment.
Mysterious citizen of Centralla. in.. proves
a second son of un English noble and lai.s
-.J DW .WW ..... -.- -- - ...
heir to an estate worth JSW.OOO.
Two new cases of bubonic rlague have
appeared at GHssow. and n'ne more per
sons are under observation.
The missing members of the crew of the
wrecked British steamer Indra have been
found on the coast of Arabiu.
German Foreign Olhce attache states that
Germany will not recede and suggestions of
a compromise from other Towers meet with
no favor in Berlin. The official decision of
the Imprial Governmei t to proceed differ
ently from Rti-sia. and r.tain troops in
Pekln will not be published.
Lord Chamberlain. S-crcMry of State for
the Cclories. Is rebuked by the London pub
lic ard press for using private correspond
crce Mr political purposes. The House of
Commcrs is al-o censured for not resenting
th Secretary's assumption of power in
threatening Its members.
Political writers of Europe scent danger
in the present grouping or the Powers and
hint vaguely of a Coatinertal war as the
outcome of the Chinese trouble.
Th? trad-; .it Canton is so depressed that
but two ships for Shanghai now call there
datlv The Idle populace Is starving and
the Govcrror hfs employed thre hundred
men to act as soldiers In preserving order.
Winners at Kmloch Al Lcne. Curd, Gil
lock. Benlam. W. .1. Baker. Alice Turner
and Orris.
Third Vice President Stubby of the South
ern Pncific says IT. E. Huntington will be
the next president cf the com.jny.
Asristant General Passenger Asrent Ches
brcugh of the Vandalii takes exception to
Pittburs's protest on trains to St. Louis.
The Santa Fe has suspended temporarily
Its switching charge on grain cars at Kan
tes City.
The Eastern trunk lines granted conces
sions to the Three I'3- road In a rate di
vision claim.
A charter for a new Illinois line has teen
filed at Springfield.
The Southern Rnilwaj-'s annual report
makes an excellent showing.
VIee President Warner of the Missouri
Pacific knows nothing or the "Fordyre ru
mor." G-neral Manager Hardin? of the Missouri
Pacific Is not seriously III. as reported In a
Tcltdo dispatch.
lnrllle Inti-Iltc-nce.
.New York. Spt. S. Arrived: St.
from Southampton; Etrurla, from
Cherbourg. Sent. 8. Sailed. New
from Southampton, for New York.
Glasgow, Sept. S Arrived: Carthenian.
Philadelphia, via 6t. Johns. Newfoundland.
Geuca, Sept. C Sailed: Kaiser Wllhelm
1L New York. via. Napies.
London, Sept. S. SaiKd: Minnehaha. New
'Cherbourg. Sept. 8. Sailed: Fuerst Bis
marck, from Hamburg and Southampton,
New York.
Havre. Sept. S. Sailed: La Tourralne,
New York.
Qucenstown, Sept- S. Sailed: Cymric,
from Uverpool, New York.
-"Liverpool, Stpt- 8. Sailed: Lucanla, New
Antwerp, Sept. 8. Sailed: Noordland, New
York, Sept. S. Sailed: Campania,
Liverpool; City of Rome. Glasgow.
New York. Sept. S. Sailed: jllnneapolis,
London; State of Nebraska, Glasgow; Maas
dam, Rotterdam, via Boulogne.
Lovan County Republican..
Lincoln. 11L. Sept. 8. The Logan County
Republican Convention was held in the
Courthouse to-day and the following ticket
was nominated. County Judge, J. T.
BeVana of Atlanta; State Attorney. F. T.
Toinllnson of Mount Pulaski: Circuit Clerk,
J. T. Jenkins; Coroner. John T. Boyden;
Surveyor, John Zelor of Lincoln.
Anthracite Miners' Officials
Again Delay the Ex
pected Order.
Men instructed to Continue
Themselves in Readiness
to Go Out.
Indianapolis. Ind.. Sept. 8. After an all
day secret session the National Executive
Board of the United Mine Workers of
America adjourned to-night at 7 o'clock un
til to-morrow, after issuing a statement
postponing the ordering of a strike pending
the result of negotiations. Officials say In
fluences are at work to adjust the trouble,
but they decline to say what they are.
This action means that the miners of tho
anthracite region will not strike to-morrow,
although tha danger of a strike has
not been removed. The men are ordered to
remain in readiness to go out. Mine workers--
officials refuse to say how far negotia
tions have progressed or by what means
they are being carried on with the opera
tors. At 5 o'clock this afternoon a messago
was sent to District President Nichols, at
Hazleton. Pa., as follows:
"Information reaches this office that
miners in the anthracite region are ceasing
work in anticipation of a strike being de
clared to-day. National Board direct, me
to adv.se that, inasmuch as mgotlations are
still pe.idlng for a settlement, all miners
continue work as usual until they receive
official notice to suspend work and to hold
themselves in tidiness to respond should
our efforts to effect a settlement prove a
failure." . ,
The statement issued by the board re
cites the applications of districts 1. 7 and
9 of the anthracite region to ensaga In a
strike because of a refusal of their era-T-I..W,-
in meet their demand, and, con
tinuing, declares the opposition of tho
United Mine Workers to strikes except as
a last resort, stating that It is the desire
of the organization to adjust all differences,
to far as possible, by arbitration and con
Strikes Arr Like Vim.
"Strikes between labor and cnpltal." the
statement says, are like wars between na
tions; they bring hardships. privation and
want to the workers and loss of profits
to the employers: yet. when Innumerable
wrongs have been heaped upon a people
which thoy have patiently submitted to
for years, using every' honorable means at
their command to remedy the evils com
plained of. without resorting to strikes, and
all their efforts for relief have been arro
gantly refused or silently ignored, they
would be falsa to themselves, their families
and their fellow-r- if they failed to re
sist any further encroachment upon their
rights,, even to the extent of striking for
months If necessary, with all the suffering
It entails, in an effort to remove the evils
for all time to come-thls U the case In the
anthracite region.
Their wages have not kept pace wltn
the cost of living and In some cases have
been reduced. They have been required to
deal In company stores and accept wages
based upon an antiquated sliding scale, that
invariably slides downward; they have had
their wnges reduced by an arbitrary and
exorbitant Fvstem of dockage; they have
been compelled to wait for their pay weeks
after the time specified by law and In open
irinintlnn nt the same, and in many other
1 "- -.-- -
wajB their rights and liberties nave ueen
trampled upon and In many cases they have
been compelled to take their childr-n from
school at a very tender age. In violation rf
la. and put them to work In the breakers
In order to earn nulticicnt food to support
their familUs.
"All of these Impositions have been pa
tiently borne until they are no longer
btarable. TT.ey have sought conference aft
r conference, with their employers, hoping
to meet them and obtain an iimelioratlon
cf their condition. Their appeals have been
Ignored. They have pursued every concelva-
b'e conciliatory method, made numerous
propositions and have offered to submit the
whole situation to arbitration, and all their
efforts have been In vain. They now make
application to this board for permission to
strike. In accordance with the laws of our
union. We greatly deplore the circumstances
which compel us to order a strike in that
Held, but we feel that we have done all
we possibly can to avoid a conflict with
the exception or a slight hope that has not
yet been rollowed to a definite conclusion."
Farther Deluy In E fleeted.
In order that the operators may have a
further opportunity to avert a strike, mat
the Industry and commerce of New England
and Eastern Statee may not be temporarily
stopped and permane.ntlj Injured byan un
necessary steppage of their fuel supplies;
that the many thousands of workers en
gaged In tho.-e Industries and commerce
whese welfare Is Interwoven with the min
ing interests may not jiiffer from causes
over which they have no control, and In
order that they may have time to continue
negotiations along the line Intimated, the
miners in the anthracite tleld are hereby
notified that the Nat'oaal Board do rot j
deem It advisable .o o.der a strike to take ,
effect September 10. s requested uy tne
Kazleton convention, but the m'.nors or the
whole anthracite region are Instructed to
restrain themselves for a few days longer
and hold themselves In leadlnes-- to cease
work immediately upon the ending of the
ninitln? neirntlntions. after which time, in
case a settlement is not reached, an official
ordering or the strike will bn sent out oy
thls board."
SPIRIT PAVOniXO A sttiiki:
Wllkesbr.rre, t'n., Sept. 8. The anthracite
coal miners await the orders for a general
s'rlke with the knowledge that they are
in a better position for a prolonged siege
r.r Mlnnm then thev have ever been. For
months thev have worked stendilv. and j
th pav Tor August, which they will get
next vveek. will le the largest they have
recrlved In years,
rserrrat enthusiasm prevails, the strike
fev-r Is high and the mm have thorcush
enfidenre In their leaders. They have j
wilted thirteen years ror the time to come ,
when they could, as they declare, Tree ,
themselves rrom the numerous oppressions
which have tied them down.
Now that the time has come they are
eager to make the most of it The asser
tion or the operators that not 10 per cent
or the men favored a strike and that not
more than 2t ppr cent would strike is not
borne out by Investigation. '
Never before in the history of coal mining
have the miners been so thoroughly organ
ized. DItrlct organizations have labored
far into the night, not speech-making, not
oriranizlnc. but enrolling the names of the
thousands who voluntarily applied for ad- j
mission ftiiiu LUC UIUUII.
It Is estimated that since Wednesday 20.
000 men have joined the union, nvny of
tbem from districts which were not ex
pected to favor the strike. The chief vic
tory of the men was In enlisting the miners
In the nonunion plants operated by Messrs.
Mills & Parsons, There In the last two
years the leaders had labored In vain. The
men. conservative old miners or the most
Intelligent class, refused to even listen to
union arguments, yet since Thursday all or
them have joined tho union, some 930 all
In other districts the men have eagerly
sought admission to the ranks and thou
sands more are expected to join to-morraw,
Address of thf National
The v.nges of the men have not
kept pace with the cost of living
nnd In some ca-cs have been reduced.
They have been required to deal
In company stores nnd accept wages
based upon an antiquated sllilln;:
scale that invariably slides down
ward. Th.y have had their wages re
duced by an arbitrary and excessive
system of dockage.
Thej have boen compelled to wait
for their pay weeks after the time
perilled by law.
Thev have been compelled to take
their children from school at a tender
age In violation of law and to work
them In the br:iker.s in order to earn
siifficltnt food to support their fam
ilies. when mass meetings will be held at central
points throughout the entire region.
The opirators have Uisrd their hope of
no strike on the fact that many of the, men
do not approve of a strike now.
The dtt.lr to light it out with the com
panies, however, is strong. To-day a boy
at thu Lehigh and Wllkesbarre mine here
struck becau-e he was not promls-ed steady
work. It wis not much of a grievance but
the strike fever was In the air and forty
drivers als-o struck In sympathy. FIe hun
dred men wire thus thrown out of work
for the da. The -trike of the driver and
breaker bos alone would shut down every
collbry In the region and they know It and
want to strike.
How long the strikers will be able to hold
out If the operators continue stubborn Is a
question hard to am-wer. They will have
their big Ausust pay day next week, nnd
about October 12 will get the pay for Uie
een duys already worked this month.
The United Mine Workers' Association of
ficials say they have JTOO.OoO on hand, and
all of this will be used If necessary. The 1U
Hnols mines promise .. and aid is ex
pected from other labor organizations, t-o
that, notwithstanding the efforts of the op
erators to cru-h them and the refusal of any
credit, the strikers feel confident th3t they
can hold out for several months. But It will
be at heavy cost.
It will take over Jt.yo.OOO a month to Keep
the strikers alive, and that Is based only on
MO a month to each of the Hi,0W workmen.
oi'En.vrons skciu:ti.y
nwi:.ium; in iiu.iutiks.
Scraiiton. Pa.. Sept. S. Information rcach
fd mining hendquarters here at 2 o'clock
this afternoon that the big strike of an
thracite coal miners would bo Inaugurated
at 6 o'clock to-night. No formal call for
the strike has been Issued, but the miners
have made all arrangements to go out, and
all they want Is the word to quit.
President Nichols of District No. 1 noti
fied Secretary' Dempsey tlds afternoon that
ho had again communicated with all the
operators in this district, asking them to
arbltiate. hut they had refused.
The United Mine Workers. Secretary
Dempsey said, would do everything to pre
vent any violence and would assist the
operators, in pieserving order.
To-morrow thero will b; public mass
meetlngs In tfcli city. Secretary Dempsey
and M. D Flaherty, preiddent of the Cen
tral Labor Union, wil deliver aid-ernes.
A prominent number of District No. 1
Board made the following statement ti.-dty:
"The men are anxious to get more pay. and
1 believe they have come to realize that
they can do so only by concerted action.
"For years a rtaln amount cf what was
termed refuse fr m the mines was piled up
around the mines Of late years operators
have been screening this matter and getting
vast profits. About Cu per cent of the mat
wmmmmmMtmi i. iwr jh
! KKlCMkjrM-i'MfrSi
X.-IU I II l I 'I'LII i- . ' 'Thl II ' "II I m-ZtfMir I
-'XA. ,SW-3 lfnr) VZG-7 l t ft SM3T. JW-y.
w wv vi. , x -.-. -y-.iw . an nfrr-iiriB m-isi u
At the street fair at Litchfield Miss Amanda Neubers was chosen queen or tho
flower carnival, held September 6. by popular vote. She Is the daughter of Mr.
Adolph Neubcr, one of Litchfield's prominent men. Miss Lou Meadows was the first
maid of honor. She Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mdows. The second
maid of honor was Miss Aencs Hawkins, daushter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hawkins.
ter turns out to be saleable nnd Is readily
sold. This Is downright robbery. The stuff.
was mined In tho regular way. and so long
ns It was not sold the men could not ob
ject, but now that the operators are getting
hundreds or thousands or dollar out of the
stuff and the men are getting nothing, there
Is Indignation."
The D.. L. & vV. people are secretly swear
ing In deputies about the shops of the co:n
pnny to-day.
tlniloton ?!i Ken! . Efffirtll BTC
belrg made here to bring about a Hett.iwnt
of the lmiending strike. John Kahev anil
Thnmns Dnffv. mmbets of the Executive
Board of the three anthracite mining dis
tricts, arc in conference behind closed doors
with Father PUllps, but they have nothing
to give out for publication.
Father Maloy or Audenried and Gneral
Superintendent Richards and Division
.Manager Hadesty or the Lehigh and
Wllkesburre Coal Company held a Tour
hours' consultation this morning.
It was learned later t.vit Father Maloy
nred uron the LehlKh nnd Wllkesbarre of
ficials the derlrablllty of conferring with the
United Mine Workers, but General Manager
Richards refused to accept an) such .iro
posal. The company will deal only with its
own Tien.
The United Mine Workers are said to be
well organized at the collieries rontredU!
by this company.
The refusal of the Lehigh and Vv llkes
barre Company to recognize the mine work
er with whose committees the officials -o;i-rerred
frequently during the strike th'-r
three vears ago and through whom the
trouble at Audenried and Honeybrook was
settled. Is taken as an Indication that the
operators are determined to opihui; the
union to the bitter end.
TlirtH Thousand Union CiirpcnUTH
of Chicago Quit Work Again.
Chicago. Sept. S. Open hostilities between
the contractors nnd union labor were re
sumed to-dav when at noon nbout 3.0CW union
carpenters quit work. They demanded a
half holiday on Saturday. The contractors
refused to accede Hive during the summer
The carpenters had, returned t work for
the contractors under special permits irom,
the ir unions, although the big tiulldlns
trades strike still continues, affecting iO.wu
Plan to Kill the 1'opc Originated in
Rome, Sept. 8. The rewjipiper Pcrse
veranza rtales that a pint to ass.xs.Mnate
I'ope Leo has lieen discovered und rrus
trateJ. The alleged plot was hatched, according
to the paper. In the United States, and. as
a result or its dlnoyery thu Vatican guards
are taking extraordinary ' precautions.
Crew of tile1. South' American He
port Many Ships Lost.
Miami. Ma.. Sept. 8. The steel barque
South American or Liverpool, laden wltn
mahogany, bound from Santelana. Mexico,
to Falmouth. England. Is a total wreck
on French Reer. Florida. ;rorty-three miles
s.outh of Miami. . , ,.
The Captain and crew, less tnree- men ter.
on the wreck, arrived here this morning
and are being cared for by the customs
officials. "
The hurricane struck tho South American
Tuesday, September i. when off Careypcrt
light at 9 p. ra.. and at 2:C0 on the jth the
barque, with all her canvas blown away
and unmanageable, was hurled upon the
reefs. The vessel will prove a total loss,
but her cargo may be saved.
Ciotaln Schjonemann of the South Amer
ican "reports that on hi! way to Miami he
passed the following stranded vessels: Tho
Tout -masted schooner James Dudge or Phil
adelphia, in ballast. Inside the reefs and
utlcat. Vessel with only the Mumps of her
marts showing, name nnd nationality un
known; crew presumably lost. A Nor
wegian barque wltn no one on board, and
the harkentlne Cuidcon, laden with lumber,
previously reported.
There I another vessel on the reefs s-outh
of the American, and n steamer report -a
ashore north cf this place.
Brjnii-nockerr Club Orsar-lze-il.
A Brvan ard Dockery Damoentic Club
was organized at Wellstoii last nislit with
125 members. L. Stephens was electel
insldent. M. Scoptld secretary and S. A.
Steele treasurer. At the next meeting the
founders of the club expect a membership
cr at least WO.
p5-.ft-?iiVjf J I fjWK&JXu'K'isi' -1- fl
flfilL I o bun I 1411m
New designs and
flVVJiprvrJ'.iAVfiiT -rf?'-T5?.-'-"'---
mi TKirivKuv was rit ctici:d.
lie-m iii-rats fteseiit n Fnlse Re-port llr
KnrilliiK Holla Celclirntlnn.
Holia, Mo., Sept. S In Thursday s issue
or tho St. Louis Globe-Democrat there ap
peared an article ntitled "Democratic
Trick at Kolla.' This article was a sur
prise to the Democrats of Phelps County,
and especially of Kolla, where the Reverend
Mr. Bolster, who was tnld to have been
taken advantage of by the Demoe-rats In
regard to an Emancipation Day celebration.
Two weeks ag. the minister went to the
Democrats of this city und requested them
to prepere a letter to the chairman o the
St ite Committee, requesting him to send
Ither A. XI. Dockery or Webster Davis to
ItoiU September ). to speak at the pro
posed Emancipation Da eelebration. On
the repre-scntetlon of the Reverend Mr. itol
ster the Democrats prepared the letter in
troducing him to the Slate Committee and
explaining the objct or his mission, and
nil Democrats to whom it was presented
without exception signed the letter or re
quest. The Heverend Mr. Holster presented
tne letter to the State Committee, and it
was upon his personal application that ar
rangements for Mr. Dock'ry to speak were
made, and the statement in tho Globe-Dem-erat
that Mr. Holster has been deceived Is
Whether the Emancipation celebration be
held September SJ or not. a large audience
will greet Mr. Dockery and Judge Shackel
ford. IvintUICK A!IAM10.S J1rKIM,nV.
AoteiS ItrpnMfi-HU tlrntor Cnnnnt Sup
port Imperialism.
Dioomlngton. ill.. Sept. 8.-I.onidas II.
Kernck of Illoomington. former Republican
S'ate Senator from thl district, has an
n unccd that he cannot vote for McKInley
this year. He still claims to le a Repub
lican. He promises to give his reasons for
change or politics in a signed statement
V.e Kerrick Is opposed to the tendecy to
ward Impel tllni. He has long been looked
un'ii as ..e- of th- cblest e.rators of the
HepuMIean party In C-ntral Illinois. He Is
a brother-in-law of the Funks of this coun
ts, Kti) are a power in Republican politics
In tne State. . '
Mr Kerrick is a capitalist, a rarmer and
a bneder of tine cattle.
; n? Meeting: Poorly Attended Mcht
MeetlnK Abandoned.
e,ulccj 111.. Sept. "5. What the Republlc
m. caiii-d the real opening of their cam
k.,i..n in ihL eltv and countv took Dlace
her.; to-da. Hlcnard Yates, cindldate for
Governor, Ji. J. uamun. canuiuave ir ai
tornev General: W S. Xorthcott candidate
for I,ie-utet.ant Governor: XI. O. Williamson,
candidate, for Treasurr, were the adver-tl-e
I speakers. Kobody cume In from the
eimntry and the-e were rot over l..V0 city
pc ,dv. on hand to h-sr the cendldates. So
v'l m.Tuglnc was the afternoon meeting
that the night meeting, which was to have
leea addressed by Mr. Hamlin and several
e.tht-T peakers. was declared off by the
ei.T.rrit'e" In time to !ei the speakers tak-i
tl e same train with Jud;e Ya'es tor Gales
Prominent RepiiMlenn Politielun of
Oakland Clmiiirrn Purlieu.
r.EPrnuc SPS3CIAL.
Oak'and. III., Sept. S-J. E. Mclntyre, a
pi eminent real estate man nnd politician or
this city, hn .in June. .i nis d -termination
to vote for rjryan und Fteveruon and the
remainder or the Democratic tlrl t. Mr.
l'cl'5 yro has repiesint-d the Thrl Wanl
In tne C itv Council as a Republican for a
nurrber of years, has been a Deputy Sheriff
nnd 1 nited States Marshal, and lor over
. t n vera Central Comtniiieeman of the
Republican pnrtv in this township.
I In an Inte-vlevv Mr. Mslntyre fajs that
1 Ms travels over the State- have convinced
him that th.re Is ii prosperity and that
he is cppos-'JU to trusts auu inip-runsm.
Greeted by n LHrfte- Crowd at Wash
ington. RF.prni.ic FPECIAU
Washington. Mo.. Sept. S. Chnmp Clark
spoke at the Fair Grounds In this cltr this
afternoon to an audience of at least '.SyO
lie -s n.. Jle waii introduce-: by Governor
r.olte nn.l for an l.our and fifteen mlnut-p
w' s Siven end attfntun. He discueced
lr-ie.u:im in lis inimitable way. and not
only 2tre: gth n-d f eojnty Democracy,
bu gave th It puuli'-ans many things to
! pn"er i.ver t r: : lie vm nam eiown
tho "Hag" in his congrua:onal district.
Caiujintcii Manucers hi.y I'reNlilentlHl
Cnr.i".li!nte. IIae AlvvnM Done o.
Chicago. Spt S. Roth Dem'cratlc and
Rpuoi.ian managers sjy they ate not ln
t. rested in the m-IIon of the boutlitastern
Passenser Arociattoti In deriding that can
didates ft-r iiMtior.al oOlces must pay for
special trains In lb future. At buth nead
nua't rs It was declared that they had al
ways paid for special trains, although In
some Instances excursion rates were
Railronil Iiispe-ctor for Dockery.
E' ee:r. Mo.. Sept. 8. Democrats or
g r.-ed tco Elsbeny Iiryan Democratic
Club here to-dav- with a memoershlp of ever
1C. Captain T. It. Ileld. rallroal tie inspector
for the K. line. m.tde a warm speech In
ffcvor of Dockerj-. He said the Republicans
are asking railroad men to vote for Flory
even tl -jugh they vote ror the rest of the
Democratic ticket. The officers, of the club
are: F. I. Dawson, president: J. M. Glbs-n.
first vice president: A. Hrown. second vice
president: I P. Downing, secretary: Cap
tain T. It. Reld, treasurer.
Rcpubllcnn County Ticket.
K!:rrm.ic spixiial.
Moberly, -Mo., Sept. 8. The Republicans
of Randolph County nominated a county
ticket to-day It was evident that the
w hole matter wa cut 'and dr.'ed. as there
was not a single contest for any of the
eleven positions. Here Is the ticket: Rep
resentative Ed Hsley; Collector. T. J.
Mollnar; Sheriff, Frank Winkler: Treas
urer. A. R. Thomp on; Prosecuting Attor
ney. T. B. Klmbrough: Assessor. G. F.
Qulnn: Surveyor, B. C. Music; Public Ad-
ill 3
colorings, to match the very latest interior
are now ready for your consideration.
fade from REMNANTS of Fine Carpeting!
SPECIAL PRICES for this week!!
mlnlstrator. Julius Dunn; Coroner. Doctor
G. G. Bragg: County Judge, Eastern Dis
trict. I. Wlcberg: Western District. M. D.
T. S. Kelly. Postmaster, and A. B. Cooper
were elected delegates to Judicial Conven
tion and Instructed Tor Gentry of Hoone
for Judge. Chairman Aklns. though billed
for a spellbinding addres-s,railed to material
ize. The convention was chiefly noted for
lack of enthusiasm and the abstnee of the
negro contingent.
Democrats Secure Reduced Rates for
the Vandalla Catherine.
RKP1 ..-iC &f ECXAL.
Vandal!.!. III.. Sept. S. The Democrats of
this city and county will open their -mm-palgn
by a rally, to be held In this city
Wednesday. September IS. Adlal Stevenrcn.
candidate for Vice President: James Todd,
candidate for Attorne-y General of Illinois,
and T. M. Jett. Congressman from thia (the
Eighteenth) district, and candidate for re-
o!eettnn will he Tiresent.
The Fourth Regiment Rand of Mount er
non will furnish the music. Reduced rates
have been granted by all roads running Into
this city.
Republican Township Conventions
Held In Jefferson Coonty.
Mount Vernon. I1L. Sept. 8. The Republic
an mass-conventions were held In the tlx
teen townships of Jefferson County to-day
to se'.ect delegates to the County Conten
tion to nominate a county iieivei i e.i
Thursday rnd to select committeemen. As
usual there was a Tanner-CuIIora contest.
The result on .committeemen is not known,
but the Cullom faction Is said to cavv; se
cured a good working majority of commit
Comtrenitlonal Committee Will Con
sider Ills Withdrawn!.
Qulncy. III.. Sept. 8. C. S. Hearn, chair
man or the Democratic Congressional Com
mittee or the Fifteenth District, nas called
a meeting of the committee for September
12. in this city, to take action on the with
drawal rrom the congressional ticket er
x IlIIs Haselwood. who Is seriously 111.
Hoone County Democrats Active.
Columbia. Mo.. 8ept. 8. The Boone Coun
ty Democratic Committee organised here
thla ufternoon for the fall campaign, a new
committee taking charge. Ell Penter was
chosen temporary chairman, and active
steps were taken for the organization or
j Democratic clubs
in every townsnip en
Roone County. At llarg. a Democratic club
was organized, and addresses were -nade
by L. T. Searcy and J. E. Hoggs.
Republican Out
for Bryan.
Salem. III.. Sept. 8. A Bryan and Steven
son Club. 160 strong, was organized at the
Town House In Foster Township, north
of here last night. Addresses were made by
L. M. Kagy. O. V. Evans and Senator
Charles K. Hull, all or this city. Several
formfr Republicans Joined the club. The fol
lowing otileers were elected: William J.
Jones, president: Joseph Hathaway, secre
tary; A. I. Eagan, treasurer.
Miller County Democratic Ticket.
Eldon. Mo.. Sept. 8. At the Democratic
Convention of Miller County, held at Tus
cumhla to-day the fallowing ticket was
nrmlnateJ: Representative, Doctor W. S.
Alec: Prosecuting Attorney. Barnoy R-ed:
Collector. S. G. Crum; Sheriff. James War
ren; Asressor. W. Patinstnln; Surveyor. A.
Torr.son; Ccroner, S. D. Bliss; Judge of the
First District. Henry Blomber; Judge cf tha
Second District, James Weaver.
Democratic Campaign. Opened.
Mrdora. III.. Sept. 8. The Democrats of
Chesterfield opered the campaign by hold
ing an enthusiastic meeting to-night.
Speeches were made by local speakers and
James M. Mahoney of Bunker Hill.
Democratic Club In Patterson.
Patterson. III.. Sept. 8. A Democratic club
of nearly 1C0 members has been organized
in this city, with Luelan K. Jones, princi
pal or the schools, as president; Lee Doyle,
secretary: 8. H. Patterson, vice president,
and W. C. Linder. treasurer. Preparations
have b-en made to send a large dolegatlon
to tho Stevenson rally at Roodhouse.
Campaign Opened In Salem.
Salem. IIL, Sept. 8. The Democratic cam
paign whs opened at this place to-night
with an address by William II. Green of
Mount Vernon. III., to a large crowd In the
Courthouse. A large number of fanners
from surrounding townships were present
Frank Burton the Orator.
Medora. III.. Sept. 8. The Democrats of
Shlpman met to-night and organjr.ed a Bry
an and Stevenson Club. The meeting was
addressed by Frank Burton of Carllnvllle,.
Mldille-of-the-Hood Ticket.
Columbia, Mo.. Sept. 8. The Mlddle-of-the-Road
Populists of Boone County held a
conference here to-day. D. T. Mitchell, who
Just a Little
Out of Sorts
Tint Is
the way. many serious troubIes
begin. The stomach gets a little out 01
order. Is neglected, and chronic dyspepsia
follows. The blood becomes a little Im
pure, as occasional pimples testify, and In
time a lorlg array or blood diseases attacks
the system. It Is safest to cure these trou
bles at once by thoroughly purifying; th
blood with Hood's Sarsaparllla. It main
tains the health and cures disease.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Msdiclne. Price XL
was the candidate for Congressman In the
district two years ago. presided It was de
cided to put a rull county tl'ket in the
field, and the convention for that purpose
will be held September 9.
Elaborate Plans for Celebration at
Marlon, III.
Marlon. IIL, Sept- 8. Arrangements have
been perfected ror one of the greatest
Democratic rallies in Southern Ilinois to
be held at this place on Tuesday. S-ptember
IS. the opening day or the Williamson coun
ty ralr. Adlal Stevenson, e-acdidate ror
Mce I'resident, will address tne people at
the talr grounds in the afternoon. jt tiUht
two meetings will be held or.e r.t the court
house square and the ether at the opera
house at which candidates on the Slate
ticket will speak.
Commercial Traveler Are Abnndon
InK McKlnle).
Casey, III.. Sept. 8. James S. Whlteworth
a well-known traveling saloman f r F. S.
Oarey & Co.. of Zanesville, O., sas that
he has been converted to Iiryan. .Mr.
Whlteworth has been a life-long Rtputli
can. He says that many of the commercial
men have changed Irom McKInley to
Xeiv Democratic Clnti In I'ana.
Pana. 111.. Sept. 8. A Democratic club
was organized at Morgansville to-day with
the following officers: President. KImer
Crocker: vice presidents. R. 11. Nichols. G.
R. Dreiinan. 'iliiam Elder; secretary. W.
H. Harris: treasurer, C. R. Oslirne; rl
nance Commttee. Royal Kutcner. G. R.
Shepherd. Charles Milligan: Ccmmittee kf
Arrangements and Speakers. William Mor
gan, James Henderson. William ScJtt:
Committee on Membership. I M. t lark. r.d.
W. Haley. William II. Hendrt,on. The
meeting was addressed by W. b. McBrlle
and Cloyd H. Wallaee. The club no con
sists of sixty-five members.
Iiryan anil Ddt'Lery Clnb.
- Rolla. Mo.. Sept. S. A Bryan and Dockery
township club was oreunied to-night at
Rolla with a membership of 1. Colonel J.
L. Buskell was elected president. James
Coffman vice president. Cyrus II. Jones sec
retary. James Spilnian treasurer. Several
enthusiastic speeches w ere m-ide.
Party Rallies E-ry Week.
Whitehall. 111.. Sept. 8. The Bryan and
Stevenson club hell Its first cpn air meet
ing to-night and was addressed by Francis
Fowler and Mark Mcyerstein. The club will
listen to speaking evory Saturday nisht "un
til November S rrom a pavilion spccliliy
erected and by which the grounds are bril
liantly Illuminated.
Republican Club tn 'Waterloo.
Waterloo, IIL. Sept. 8. Republican of
Waterloo organized a McKInley nnd Yates.
club to-night with a membership cf 1PJ.
A. B. Sinclair was elected president, ara
Fred A. Jcedicke secretary. A. C. Bollinger
addressed the club and music was fur
nished by Doctor William Frank's orcte
tra. Xetv Pure for J. C. Colquitt.
Little Rock. Ark.. Sept. 8.-John a Col
quitt of Columbia County was to-day ap
pointed Deputy Auditor by State Auditor
elect T. C. llonroe. Mr. Colquitt was Speak
er ol the Arkansas House of Represnta
tives In 1896.
APPRENTICE WAXTED-Young lndy to Iffra
the Japanese oil pointing and "rfc .n stuiff.
CII at Japanese Art Studio, is Olive it. rocm i
OLA7.ERS WANTED-Pit unien !: '.on
lob. eger Slsn !id I'aJnting Co.. . sec
ond MOllOAN Pt.. SJM L-vrg room, with sVp.
furnl'hed or unfurnished; Kentlnen or couple. ,
DELMAR-Are., 4tl Famlrhr.1 rootrv w,t
boant: prlvat taznlly; alt ooavraiinea; vary
reasonable -
"CAIIR EnterJ Into rest at 7:20 P. -. SP--tembtr
8. 17. Refctrt E. Curt, ased TS year.
Iu notion of fUDexal will be given.
COSTELLO-On Eaturday. September . A jt
9 p. m.. Virginia Comelio, the txtoied alia
James and Miry Coste!U tne ihik).
The tunsral 11I tak place from No. SS3 Clarx
avenue on Monday. SajKember 10. at S p. ra.
morning of September
Creek. Mich., on the
, l?.j. John McIIvatne
Funeral from Holy Angels- t2urch at VJ V
m.. Sunday. Septra1' . Interment private.
Twncnv-On itunlV- Bpi-t.mlr (. Vffi. at
C a. m.. Jainen A. uicsawn. i oy.iu .
-.,-uv.. -"- ---. . .. . ,.-L
ilL an old cltlten or otterviue. cuumr eijuojj.
io late rraldent o Edwards. Bnton tXsin-ji
Mo', aged U ear.
GORSE-On Friday. Sptnber 7.jm S.rf
m Edward Lyrton tjorae. only child of Ednara
H. and JulUc Oorse. aged 14 )are and 6 montta.
Funeral services will be held at the family rea
u xr sue irnlnrn-tfii mtnu.. Sundar. Sep
tember '. at o'eiock p. m. Frtend lavited t j
attend. Interment prtvute. j ,"
Eaton. O., and Galveston. Tex., papers please .
copy. ''
VHITTAKEn Friaay. September 7.
oo. at
ad ii
10 M a. m. Ltlwun Jeme wniliar.
!.-'. n-iu utii nlace from John r. Collina's.
. -. - i- Tt s ir,.iirtH street- on Mon-
n; "r "." ,.. w calvary ceme-
terr. rrieaas are invnn u vr.-
Anbers of the Knlghta of St- Patrick an.
reaueated to meet at No. Sti Morgan rtreet oa
Sunday, the th taat., at S o'clock p. m.. sharp,
ertni the bafige of the order, to attend the t
rluffor our la" brother. Ben F. Brady h
i.H. J,im rrom the above number on this data-
Mathew Kiel. Grand MaxshaL
For other death notices ace par
eves f Part Two.
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