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A handsome Textile la Our Upholstery Department
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To Introduce the New Fall Goods
OCCURS TO-MORROW, SEPTEMBER 10th. Every department is now ready to
show advance styles and novelties for the Fall and Winter of 1900. We're very proud of
our selections, and we want you to come and see them. One hint we give: When you see any-
' thing you like particularly well, secure it before you leave the store. This is going to be the busiest sea
son Barr's has ever known. Prices rule lower now than they are likely to later in the season.
Our Cloak and Suit Department.
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rn- mol-o lm mtrnk of nvor-
looking our shoe department in the
enthusiasm for textiles, etc. There
are new toe shapes, new lasts, new
stales in shoes, quite as important
as any other feature in completing
the ensemble of well dressed
women, misses, etc. These will he
display ed to-morrow.
Among the special opening day
values we quote these in shoe de
partment: Ladies' rerfection shoes, lace or
button. Goodyear -welt soles, latest
fall sliapes, $3.00 to 5.00.
Bos' Calf-skin shoes, bulldog
toes, Goodvear welt soles, sizes 11
to 5 1-2, ?200 to ?3.00.
Misses' Kid-skin shoes, lace or
button, kid tips, strong and dura
ble, 1.50 to 3.00.
Special Values in
Uirb-ella Department.
Fine Silk .Finish Umbrellas. Parason
rrames. Steel Rods, Case and Tasel. La
dies or lien's Natural Wood Handles,
rancj- Trimming, 25 inches. ?10
ITetty Princess or Ixop Handle Um
brella, with splendid quality Union Taffeta
Ellk Coers, best finish throughout, 2i
Inches. JL50
All Silk (tnllled) UmbrelHs, best finish
and equal in alue to many Umbrellas, sold
for 7?o and Jl 00, more than our price. Thev
can bo hd Ja black. oay or earnet, X
inches. KM.
We are showing- a speclil line of Chil
dren's School Umbrellii They are better
made and better -lariety than usually
seen for little folks, 10c, 73o and $1.00.
In this department we are pre
pared to show you a moie extensn e
assortment than ever.
Our 25-cent assortment of ladies'
fancy lace trimmed Handkerchiefs
(always attractive), will surprise
you; over 130 different kinds and
styles at this price.
At o0 cents each Be sure and
pee our display of ladiesUWc Hand
kerchiefs including French hand
einbroidercd initial Handkerchiefs,
scalloped and embroidered, hem
stitched and embroidered, etc., etc,
all on fine linen.
At o0 cents each Novelties in
men's fancy silk Handkerchiefs
well worth seeing.
We don't often talk about our past we haven't time
but in this case we're proud of the prestige of this depart
ment, gained since its enlarged space enabled us to carry
a stock large and varied enough to meet the individual
wants of every customer of Barr's.
We open the fall of l'JOO to-morrow with a magnin
cent stock of new Tailor-made Suits, which includes the
equally popular styles of blouse, tight-fitting and reefer.
All made of the new fall materials and in all the new fall
colors that fashion has approved. In fact, a thoroughly
complete and high-grade stock. Prices range this way:
$10.00, $13.50, $15.00, $1G.50, $18.75, $25.00, and so by
easy steps up to $100.00 per suit. Come and see us to
morrow. New Dress Skirts.
A superb stock of New Dress "Skirts cheviots, broadcloths,
homespuns, coverts and Venetians; also crepons, taffata and peau
de soie silks made in the latest flare and flounce effects; all colors,
all lengths up to 45 inches. Prices $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, $12.50 and
up to $85.00.
New Wool Waists.
A complete stock of all-wool Flannel Waists in beautiful styles
and designs over a dozen different shades all beautifully made and
perfect fitting. Prices from $1.50 up to $7.50.
New Wash Wrappers.
This wonderful department has again been fully stocked with tons of new Percale and Flannelette Wrappers, in rich dark patterns,
perfect in every detail of fit and finish; all have inside vest linings. The waists are neatly trimmed and the skirts are1 made in both plain
and flounce styles. Prices 9Sc, $1. 19, $1.29, $1.49, $1.98 and up to $7.50.
A Trio of Pretty Xea Fall Cotturut SPUtcAsd at BarTi.
4 M fcrf VW fJ-iWS?
Sil , . V '
Vg A.VdX
We like to tell you about new
arrivals here because the daintily
wrought wares are always fasci
nating always in demand. Barr's
Embroidery Section is noted far
and near for the peculiarly uniform
beauty of the selections not an
undesirable pattern among them,
while Barr's prices range lower
than asked elsewhere for less de
sirable goods.
For opening day we make these
special prices:
Sd sample strips of Cambric Embroideries,
1 inch lde. regular S l-3c alue Opening
Price, 3c jard.
S7 sample strips of Cambric Kmbrolderies,
Hi inches wide, regular I2c value-Opening
Price 7c sard.
733 sample strips of SnUs and Xalnsook
Embroideries, 4'3 to 6 Inches wide, regular
25e and J7c value Openlnjr Price, 15c j ard.
Special sale Monday of manufacturers'
short lengths of fine Nainsook Embroideries,
2 to 3,x j ard lengths, all new patterns for
next season business, the best and cheapest
embroidery eer put on sale, on sale Mon
day, operlng day, at '3 regular alue.
Also bargains in 4H jard Skirt Lengths
Embroideries from 10 to 15 Inches wide 27c
to $1.12 per jard.
Notion Department.
Barr's Notion Department has
never been as full of new things
and novelties as this season. New
belts, new buckles, new bags, in
cluding a full line of steel and jet
beaded. The new style wrist bag
in endless variety. In short, every
thing new, novel and pretty that is
shown anywhere, in greater varie
ties and lower prices.
Here are a quartet of opening
05 doz. new-style wrist bags, in
all leathers, worth ?1.50 to ?3.3(,
for 98c Mich.
A table filled with new-stIe
brooch pins, stick pins, etc.; stIes
you'll pay 30c for tdsewhere; 23c each.
230 do, black velveteen skirt binding, cor-
O uuroy or plain, o-ju. pes., loc.
gro. 1-inch black patent leather
belts, 10c each.
Barr's Annual Sale of
m. a
TN'V,tpKv23r-v , The laca represented
jy&&jr7?. & X of this ad. is one o
Saffis3Stf.ffiKl!ak. &. X lar patterns of
Vw?g'Jf!p533j!K -A, X so much used
fe?Sf55jK?ygEK. o' X mlng Dresses,
VirV-iB. fy X. ln our J108
In border
our popu-
Maltcse Lace
for trlm-
for sale
Dept. at
Blankets and Comforts
Begins Monday, September 10th.
This is the sale made by us once a year and taken
advantage of by our thoughtful money-saving public, who
select the seaion's requirements, in the way of bed cloth
ing, at prices far below thsse ever offered by other houses,
and even here only once in each twelve months.
Choosing now you have also the advantage of select
ing from immaculately clean, fresh stocks of thousands
of pairs of blankets fresh from factories famous for the
quality of their products, of piles of soft, fleecy comforts
made to our own order from the choicest materials of our
own selection, giving you a range of choice that will be
impossible anywhere later in the season.
Purchases now made will be held for futur delivery,
without any extra charge whatever.
Cotton Blankets.
We don't call them Eastern Wool, but their right name, Cotton.
250 pairs 10-4 Cotton Blankets, white or gray $1.50 per pair
250 pairs 1 1-4 Cotton Blankets, white or gray $1.95 per pair
Union Blankets.
Partly wool and partly cotton.
The 10-4 size, in white only, at, per pair. $2.00
The 10-4 si7e, in white only, better quality, at, per pair $2.75
The 10-1 sire, in white only, still better quality, at, per pair. .$3.75
The 11-4 size, in white only, at, per pair $3.25
The 11-4 size, in whits only, finer grade, at, per pair ...$4.25
The 11-4 size, in white only, finer grade, at, per pair ,..$4.75
Strictly All-Wool Blankets,
Exclusive borders and superior finish.
10-4 size, finest wool $4,25
11-4 size, finest wool $4.95
12-4 bize, finest wool j $7.75
12-4 size, finer grade. $8.50
100 pair Gray Cotton Blankets, 10-4 size, Monday... $1.25 per pair
Seven Big Specials worth looking at.
10,000 yards New Silkaline, 28 inches wide, choice patterns,
worth 10c per yard; in this sale, while quantity lasts, 4c per yard.
100 Nubra Rugs, new patterns, fringed at both ends; Monday,
each only $1.25.
100 White Marseilles Bedspreads, size 80x90 in. This is the last
of a big lot; were $2.73. Take them while they last for $1.25 each.
75 pairs Wrapper Blankets, in pink, blue or red plaids; Monday,
while they last, per pair, 95c
100 pair Portieres, corded down the edge and across bottom, the
newest portiere made; bought to sell at $0.50; choice Monday, $4.75.
100 pair Roman Stripe Portieres, six colors to select from; bought
to tell at $4.00; Monday, choice, $2.95.
50 rolls China Matting, 40 yards to the roll; the $7.50 quality;
Monday, per roll of 40 yards, $4.50.
New Millinery.
A little too early to choose the
fall dress hat or bonnet. A week
or two from now we'll show you
hnndsomerautumnmillinery than
i ou ever saw. But for Monday w e
have 230 new Turbans, just what
jou want right now to replace
the travel-worn summer head
wear. These turbans are mostly
black, all the latest ideas in trim
ming, and we're going to make
them "special" for Monday at
prices ranging from $2.30 to
300 of the popular "Ladysmlth" Hats,
In new colors and trimmings; 7Sc Hats.
1th 6. special price of 15c for Monday's
selling; i
Black Dress Goods
In an Infinite variety of weaves.
Novelties in Black Pierola
Cloths, New Crepone, Fancy and
Plain Camel's Hair, Venetian
Cloths, Armures, All-Wool and
Silk and Wool Melrose Cloths,
Granite Cloths, and many other
new weaves in smooth and rough
materials arriving daily.
S0-lnch Black All-Wool Cheviot as a
starter for the season; regular Ko
Quality for 60c.
40-Inch Black All-Wool fiattn Soldi,
permanent finish, 11.00.
tInch Black Mohair Granite Cloth,
coarse and fine weaves, $1 00.
EO-lnch Black Genuine French Vene
tian Cloth. H.50.
iS-Ioch Black Mohair Whip Cord. tL3&
Autumn of 190Q.
Our Department of
Young Men's, Boys' and Children's
Fine Clothing Hats
Makes its first announcement for the fall
of 1900. - Our stock and assortment are
much larger than ever before better, too,
because of a greater experience in the
high quality demanded by Barr's cus
tomers. Our materials have been chosen
carefully and made up under our own
supervision and comprise all the latest
novelties in both styles and fabrics. Only
manufacturers noted for fine ' workman
ship are represented at Barr's.
Household Linens.
Every room in the home has a
claim on our Linen Department,
that has not been overlooked.
Table linen, bed linen, towels,
Bcarfs for sideboard or dresser,
centers for dining table, embroid
ered or hemstitched covers for
tables in guest room or parlor,
linens for every room in the
house, kitchen, parlor, bedroom
and bathroom, and Barr's guar
antee goes with every yard that
they are pure flax, at prices low
er than less responsible houses
charge for something less than
"pure flax."
We give you a few specials for
this, our Opening Week:
150 dozen J. S. Brown's Nap
kins, dinner size, $3.00 per dozen.
200 dozen pair pure Linen
HeniBtitched Pillow Slips, hand
made, 98c per pair.
Two cases 2 - yard - wide
Bleached Double Damask Table
Linen, our special patterns, ?1.00
per yard, Napkins to match,
$3.00 per dozen.
1,000 dozen novelties in Scarf
and 30-inch Center Pieces
prices 39c, 41c, 49c, 59c, 98c and
$ 1.49 each, just half the price we
have Bold them.
Domestic Department
Is now complete in made-up
goods, Sheets, Pillow Slips, Bol
ster Slips and Waiter Aprons
and Jackets at mill prices.
Washable Dress Goods.
Flannelettes, with soft, fleecy backs,
come In the same patterns as the more
expensive French flannels, and at only
8 l-3c yard.
Mercerised Sateens 50 new stIes In
fall colonnrs: Just the pretty material
for house dresses, waists, etc; 15c jard
COO pieces lovely Penanrs In blue and
red, grounds, our own styles, 12V4c yard.
1,000 pieces Abbottsford and Amoskeag
Seersuckers, new fall styles, 100 yard.
We quote a few of the attrac
tions in our Lace Department.
Laces will play an important
part in rich costuming and as
well be a feature of all house
dresses of inexpensive material.
The display of opening day
will be well worth seeing as an
artistic exhibit of imported laces
for all purposes.
Black, Silver, Gold Jeweled
and Colored Spangled Nets, $3.00
to ?12.50 per yard.
Black Beaded Nets, $1.30 to
Black Escurial, Venice and Re
naissance Nets, 1.00 to $12.00
Black Serpentine Lace, 1 1-2 to
10 inches wide, 10c to $1.50 yard.
Black Dress Nets, in Chantilly,
La Tosca and Point d'Esprit, 83c
to $3.00 yard.
Arabian- All-Over Laces, $1.33
to $6.30 yard.
Arabian Bands and Insertions,
11-2 to 9 inches wide, 20c to
$8.30 yard.
Ties, Neckwear and Veilings.
Arabian, Russian, Venetian,
Point d'Alencon and Renais
sance, Revers, Bolero Jackets
and Collars, $1.25 to $24.00 each.
Fancy Ties and Fichus in Hon
iton Point Applique and Duch
ess, 23c to $3.23 each.
Dress Trimmings.
Fancy Embroidered Applique
in Black and Colors, GOc to $5.50.
Spangled Chiffon Trimmings,
$1.75 to $3.75 yard.
Ribbon Department
At 10c jard Swell new style Fancy
Ribbons, width No. 7, for children's hair
ribbons, ties and fancy work, at 10c jard.
Only needs to be seen to be appreciated.
At 5So yard Heaviest and best quality
Fancy Ribbons ever shown, for neck rib
bons and belts; real value, Ko jard;
opening price, 6Sc yard.
Muslin Underwear.
Offers three unusual values
opening-day shoppers.
At 93c, the balance of our white
waists, made with all-over lace
fronts and French tucked backs;
earlier price, $2.30.
At J1.25 Ladles' Petticoat, made of black
sllkoleen. umbrella shape, finished -with
three small ruffles, actual value $2.00.
At J3.98 Ladles' Petticoat, mado of taf
feta ellk. umm-ella. shane. finished Trlth
accordlan plaited ruffle, ln all thq new and
popular shades, actual valuo J7.E0.
Woven Underwear.
The most beautiful and complete
line of Ladies' Silk Underwear ever
before shown, In round, square and
V-shaped necks, fancy crochet
fronts, full assortment of colors and
cream, all exclusive designs, made
expressly for the Wm. Barr D. G.
Ladies' Cotton, Wool and Merino
Underwear, Union Suits, all shapes,
black natural color, white and blue,
in all the different weights, me
dium, heavy or light, all the very
best goods, made by the best mills.
A full line of Children's, Misses'
and Youths' Underwear, for fall
and winter wear, in union suits and
separate garments, wool, cotton
and fleece lined, all the most desir
able colors and weights. Also the
biggest line of Infants' Vests and
Bands to be found in the West.
To-morrow we shall show all the
latest designs in French Silk Hosi
ery, black boots, colored tops, all
over lace, solid shades, embroidered
boots, an endless variety, from
$1.25 to $7.50 per pair.
All the latest novelties in Fancy
Lisle Thread Hosiery, best pat
terns, polka dots, allover figured
lace stripes, the largest line of fan
cy hosiery ever shown in the West
A beautiful line of Ladies' Fancy
Cotton Hosiery, all the very latest
and chio designs, black and colored
grounds, polka dot and fancy boots,
all fast colors, from 23c to 75c.
Our line of Ladies' and Children's
Cashmere Wool and Fleece-Lined
Hosiery is now complete, from -all
the best makers in Europe.
At Art Goods Dept.
Hundreds of new and pleasing
effects have been gathered for the
pleasure of skillful needleworkera
or home decorative purposes. The
head of this department, who is the
highest authority on these matters,
will tell you all about the latest
fads for holiday gifts, etc
Among the new things to be on
view to-morrow are
The new Indian Pillow Tinted and
Stamped for Embroidering; with back price
6Co each.
Tho new Burnt Wood Pipe Racks and
Match Holders price 79c each.
One lot of Battenburp Doj lies la different
patterns price 10c, worth 25c
The new Stripe Laundry Bags ln variety
of shades price 49c each.
One lot of hand-made Renaissance Laca
Squares, 20x20 price 89o each.
All Linen Momle Cloth Scarfs, with Hem
stitch Ends and Stamped for Embroidery
price 43c each.
Stamped and Tinted Table Covers, trimmed
with fringe, in different shades of canvas
cloth price 70c each.
U il'fcr'
f -!.- 1I .. - T
b .-. sti. ;
Books and Stationery.
We open the fall of 1900 with tho
most complete Stationery depart
ment in St. Louis. All the latest
popular and fashionable tints,
shapes and grades, in boxes or y
tho quire, and at low prices impos
sible for houses carrying smaller
and less complete assortments to
NEW BOOKS are received daily.
Yesterday's arrivals include "The
Maid of Maiden Lane," a sequel to
Amelia Barr's famous "Bow of Or
ange Ribbon." Among the latest
additions to books for children is
"Mother Wild Goose and Her Wild
Beast Show," beautifully illustrated.
All the magazines and fashion books recog
nized as reliable expositions of the best
modes may be found on our counter.
New fashion books for October are
now in.
SO.' w .,.
The Lace represented In border of
inn au. is one or our popu
lar patterns or Maltese Laco
so much used for trim
ming Dreses. For Sale
in our Lace Dept. ai
40c yard.
& J&VZl. TSf3
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?;' "T- r-' vKi"'.r
,. . I StT JL.'l,H
J".5'.jr- i iA'ijM'1
Ljr...jsTt.;B -j
m M YiitZ7X?'Wl
iw pSafc'rt iSfrva
r. 'J -, f 7 Wi-.Ti' 3
ci 'aj3ny-j-ia-cc
' .orv v A Si
' XtA,l49 U-h C.
1 kt'7.VvLV24 ,
m wxu
v. ' rr - rm
I . Oj
oV tsssssssm??r1MfEA7-'f
mmmmmaWt iu Mrs-r.tn
"j Wi.-fftj. '? ,
"t, .v-
1 "TTaBiC -i

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