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li- A
"Onr Great Sunrise," by the Reverend J. W. Asliwood Thi K-titi'ih1
C. 12. Murray on ,4Tlio Kingdom of find and His Kihtpoii.-nc-i"
"The Uufoldtn That Illumines." by Hie Rfvurpnd Dwtor Wil
liam 11. Jodps The Reverend K. Duckworth on Paul's PecHn of
Indebtedness to Mankind "The Fast Young Man," by the Keer
nd W. A. Moon- The Reverend S. C. Eby, on u Man's ''alas
tropin's and the Uoodness of God" Services Ree-timt d at Ltndell
Avenue 31. E. Churoh.
Xa Ms ssnaon tt Grand Avenne Cnlted Prribytert in Church yesterday momlntr
the nvereid J. VV Ashwtod c .mpa f d t e moral and sp'rltual light of e'hrlst in the
world to lb beaux of he .unrlse. "Where the Sun ot Rlg''t oun'vs sMn s Into the
Hfe." he 6W "n in tli hct we conW not understand In the eiaibr.ess iiecome plain"
He- further brougnt out !." point tnat the s. tntuai I ght lends ttronnth .nd Jy ami
all goud lungs to the li'e Into util'h Is sti n-s.
The R vt nd " H M r ay, at I ntn n Hi Itaptist Churcij, yrsterjjy lnornln;
preached a'iciit "The KlnftVim of God nd HI- Kiahti-ou'-nv!." Speaking ol the man
who ha put au.ee exerv thing est- la the endt Ivor lo live accornns to I'm IiV ne
Ideal, he vM "He Is blessed lii.lnitelv above the mere worldly man. He has learned
tie greatest lesson of the ages ihat of pl..-ln-i the true es.ltoute upon rei'glon He
can woik to the btt advantage in every dTc-tt-n Ills Hie Is pifperly centered"
"The airerase Christ! in is more occupied In reading a-mul the Bible than In read
iBF tho Bible Hself." diclared the Revere id Doctor William M Jones of Hyde PaTk
Concregatlonat Church ytiterday morning. In his sermon -n "The enfolding the Il
lumines' He aided. 'What the Cnrlstlm ohurcb neds above all other things to to
Kindy the b ok its It. r ther than the s or.dhand Interpretations."
The Reven-nd E D-ckw rth. p s or of St James's Memorial Church, preached
yesterday about Paul's fetllus of indebtedness to all the or.d He said that every
raan ! the object of Owls love, and for that reason If for no other, U worthy of
?rrkxs from eiery Christian. Be des this, he av.-lared. obligation In spiritual mat
ters Is mere! the carrying out of the taw of mutual obi cation and dependence
anions things material Paul s who e-hcartedness In meeting1 hts obligation Iho
speaker especially commended to his Mtaror
The Fast Toung Man" rurnlslted the thomo of th Reverend W. A. Moore of
Ueulah Christian Church In his sermon yesterday inornlr. He told hoxv you -g mm
are led out of right paths, and sa d In clos'ng- "The future of the fast youn man
Is that o: a drunken, profant outcast. God pity him and his mother. If she has cot
died of a broken heart, and his wife. If she still support him. '
The recent storm at Galveston eras epuken about yesterday mern'nc by the nev
erend S C lb In his sermon at the Church of the D v ne Humanity on "Mans
Catastrophes and the Go'dne- of God." He said: "To my mind the lesson of tliw
dramatic horror of Galxeston's calamity t just the some lesson that Is ecfor ed b
the dally exit of half a hundred thousand tn.uls by ordinary causes. That lessen Is
that man la made for better things than e'ther bn-lnes or pleasure. For
him Wijo ba the beginnings of true character death can mean ca harm, however It
may coire."
SettK-e were renmed sestcrday snorr.lns nt Linden Avenue 31 n. Clioreb, tlw
flrst vman belns delivered by the Reverend Daniel Dorchester, who has been absent
en vculcru
"The Unfolding That I.lumlnes" was the
ttease of the Ucvetend Doctor Wit lam VI
Jotuo at H.vde I'arK Corgi ega tlonal Chjrj-n
ve.eroay my ruins ror t. text he took tne
aarage. Ttie entrants ot tnj nords iveth
.Igut. it gUeih anairatanclos to the tim-
l " Pmud Ctss. 130.
Doctor Junes sihjkc. In part, as follows:
When the t-'. :-r er muak.nd
ba Hi
'Seaicb the Scrtpi.u.B; for in taein ye thlnl;
ye iuif ceraai .I.e.' ne utiei'U ui runjio
rhetoitc but spe'ke ivorus wt.u.h rea-h I '
the toot ot Uiits. Tue t'aa.ut a,d I .8
Measath are. U.riefo.e. at one a. tl the
vo ce of the old olK .satiun, ftt.er ihe lap c
of tulel.elug ceniuiles. is re-cvUoeo In tne
iiew. 'ite scriptures, as used b Je-s, are
largely luei tici kult tie wotus ii -ur
teit, ai both expiessuns rtter to ti.
vriiidgs of iait vt cal.ea the Old Tts J
m.nu Uuu cvbl.e there are tna boukt". the. e
(s only Jnu reveutttuii. lot, as Aanu-ti.ic
says, the New Testament i- hl4d.ii in liie
Old ana th la i-- reveaie I In ine Nen '
Tuev ..i-p.ay mo sijes of the a-tvae sal. i
of Siivalien lUf i ver Elite of anticipa
tion, acd li e go. den st a tt lulli lino it. .to
his e&p.JLfeatioU we tee. j Js. tit d in aban
doa.es me technics lit) of the test, and us
mg tee term 'Wo.uV tor Se.tpures), r.i.r
. hanabiy ot both volumes of the Boo.c
of God.
The divine Word is meant to be a temp
unto at.i teet, and a dght to our pnh.
Rut twfor. it does this we Bum1 Le tlvc.lt.
The Jloly Scrtptuies ate a fountain of light
i.lt.n.aa t.iue wno are ue-.' tj k.ia
: ti. truth. The true learner is childlike, not
ii .tl.-h. ' :s i i il !s r Impte-tjime a 1
iirivb, and to sue i a one the deep
"r.ni.s t '.ol -ie n- dt perCtiv pa.n
J' Itavs- ii .-uiloi't. i. tne A U s of
ia.ii gotpei of life and goes uu'o perfec
tion, "lhe rel'gi'.n of Ch .st Is aao.e ail
'h.nb cxpansi.c, 'iirojtrh it me attain u -to
lerfeet manhocu. by s.iivuis for ihe
in. aisure of the statute i the lit In, ss tf
Chrst.' To pproi ruto lis meaning e
need not ueiirl'ty. but faith. Faith Is nol
an element of weakness, but of strength .
u about faith v ennot attain unto the
promises, r' move mountains, gain the battl
ai.a reaej 'b goal To .tai; -nd to do we
au hate ta.tn. for "tms 's the- victor
hal overcmeih the v. orld, even our
'la '
T. tha man of faith, the unfolding of
G. d Word gives light; I' tn.ightrn- the
. enlarges the heart, and elevates the
soul. It throws ls ravs on two worlds, anu
helps u. to sotve tne probienb of time
lr t-.e .lght of eternity The inspired Scrtji
ure is 'prctltable for teaching, tor reproof.
Jcr eorrettion. for instruction, which Is In
righteousr ess that the man of Ol may i" I
furnished compiete! untoever good woik."
HUiiieiei untoe.ajr. bWJ.1 tf.t
of Diogenes Is the search of i
and to-da It needs above all I
i ne searcn
the world.
things else a man! The con'yriete. tjli-pano-tili-d
man H the product of the life and
tight that come frem God Uy these mea-.a
ihe savage becomes civilized an I the slave
Is made free Freedom Is Impossible with
out enlightenment, and enlightenme t Is in
complete which sheds no tay of light on
The subject of moral obligation. Morality .s
iinore Important than cu.lure, and a full
jiead Is no coinpiisailcn for a foul heart.
Keep thy he.irt with all diligence; for out
(or it are tne issues or lit- The pure I.
hfart shall see God. and thev who see Gn
are a bleetng to tlvdr kind The unfolding
of God s Word sheds light in the heait. and
it Clean heart, uringa forth fruit In
lire the problem
Jem or lire, an I
to be good There
tv o: th v to be
God It Is for this r-aon that earnestly
advocate i dvout study of Holy Writ.
"The Book of God is the book of books. It
is mote widely read and written about than
all other hooks, and to-day it Is the ino-t
studied and the most neglected Look In
Christendom Here is a seeming paradox,
and yet it is true. The average Christian
Is occupied more In reading alsiut the DIb
than In reading the Ulble itself. Books
ii lw t the Bible are all very good, but tho
Bible Itself is better. Th.- water U mirer
at the fountain head than Ii is after run
ning through some of the polluted inp3 of
rationalistic criticism and the eieves of an.
tl-supernaturallsm. Vte shall find tho
meaning ot the divine mind more clearly
mi tae cnstailine stream at Its source than
we can af"-r it ravts through the sevte-rs
of materialism What the Clnistian Cliurci
t eeds alove an ihtns- Is to study the Book
tse:f rather thin the secondhand inter
pretations What wealth of learning can
be found n the sacred Wo r The poetry
of Job. tl.e -ublirne flights of laaiah tha
t-pirif al hvmns of Datld. the feerlesS ora
tory of Jjo-es and the fervid periods of
I'aul are ell matchless as literature but
they h-.ve a higher value yet as spiritual
beacon-lights for the soul. A revival of re
ligious work a dl I ot a;iear In tha
ehurches until a revival of Bible tudy
takes place among the members. La't ua
have all the subsidiary lights po-slbie. but
these mut not lake the plare of the un
folding of the word, which Imtarts IUJit
and giveth undersiandins to the tirnplc."
The Reverend W. A. Moore, pastor of
Heulah Chrl. tlau Church, preached )ester
ia) morning on "Ths Fast Young Man."
31c spoke from tl-e text, "Know thou ihat
for all these things God w ill bring thee into
Judgment" Ecc.ei. xl. 3. In iart he said:
"Many oung n.en are exemplar) In the
ountx) or village, but veiy toon become
"a"-.' when the) move io the city. Like the
vc.) hi.e salmon caught by a Massachusetts
leacon who determuud to take it to the
e.overnor. Wnile on his wa) to Ilo.tion
tome one setietl) exctmnged the salmon tor
a Stale couflsn Imagine tne astn shment
if both Governor and farmer when the
lackage was opmed. While he was rctu.n
i"t; home the cooflsh w.i slipped out and
th satmon rep act d. On anlvu ., home he
t.itcovered tho satmon and a-d, 'Weil,
:ou're a good iJlu.on .n the ctiunir). but in
ill" city )oa a.c a mifcerable codilsh
"Whi - looking for 'tne fast )oung man'
id hoping to nnd some nay o. reaching
Pita wc vlsi ed .1 down own district late at
i.l:it. In one gardc.t on a streut seeming y
vb-olutely given over to s.n 1 suw lt joung
.v. V ,-3l' "ft to roust, tuai ti i never puruy
,,, . ... '". Z. -.---.a ayaaaa...
their minus foi heaven nor lemlnd thfm of
.h dat; old mothers luliaby. However. I
thoroughly bellevo In St. .Louis young men
of problem Is the prob- I .:J. ,:Ji"",K ln"1 ,OJds away from the
tht problem of lift ts how ' .w-, ,' . i. "p'7,"'w P aee or safef
ere Is no aid to gooinesa ," 'f. ' U TJ'','i 1Isl.al " oii hi.C,
t-omnareo to Hi.. Wt... I nf ?." 5 .'. r"i rn.es of frl irt ! ft. tome ..n.i ni
and rJo!rc to be assoelate.1 with o many
nbo art. manl and true to the right. A
fat slap ci ingine U a good thing, and a
fast horse Is a real jo If uJ well, but
there's no pl.ee on eatth or in heaven for
tilt fa-t oung man unless he reforms.
"This 1 a tal age Business tnt-n bavo
scareely tm.t to eat I viaued a gt'at lo-
lweeo fietorj lately, ana from tne negro
who tt.tied In the juicy leaves nlttl his
bare feet io the small bo oho uut on
t.i-t-. I nap profounol; tmpre-std that imn
, mutt work 'ast. ot hunt another Job
i "Let u follow the fist juunj; m,
man in
the coarse tlitough vhlch he put hi uself.
ftr-t. as a Miv. he has an ov rsuppl ot
pnot a, d self-conceit. His mother !s otly
a AOn.n. he thinks, an i eoul i hardly io
exft 'ed to be able to advie one who will
one who will
her was you 5
lo anvise a 6i.
me Is uuite out
so sooji be a man. And father
so long ago t.uu for htm lo
Louis hey it the present time
.... ........ "
ivhS' -.?:: .. . ...... ... .-
hiiiinu.i. . .....,. .i .1... w . ..
.....un,, ..itaw aiiu .tit t,.. I..'? t
ltttl ola. r giown. how, his heart will .isk
f r parental advice. How to conquer this
tun's -elf-conteit and at the same tltno
nutte him to knot, his gei uine north and
real greatness Is a dlthcult question
"His m-M st.p Is in getting ii.to bad
company He w d! not take advice. ?d ba 1
cun.pam Is so easv to Iind the norse th..
" -... ..e u uee-oine iiKe oar compiny. i
cut.' a louna mun avs. "dun t the G.b.e i
i. "If you are in Rome. .u :nus: do aa '
Romans uo " ' .Mine dt.es not. It c ras n -ar-er
saying. Wluve out of Itomc,' or 'Do as
1 tomans oui.-ht to do
" "Oh, well ' he says. 'I'll Improve tho-e
,e!lovs." Htniemlx!, a drrp of Ink will
coior a bottie of pure water, but a drop of
.. i.uir.1 waie. win scarcely aiieci a tet-
men he hi fast In leaving school True,
a few have succeeded wltrout schooling, but
not maitj. and tven then- few ec.uid do
better if edu. ated He is fast In Mvearinc.
Hi 1. aitied at first 'o
rniiure, then p ty, th. a ntrt
"If an Anient ar. ir-vt.s ln itusla and
does not ar. it Is ;md tht lluslans con
clude at one-e that he is a pr-aeuer Hay it
soon be hat (he men (ana women, v. ho
live under the sweet. st flag that r..rki.e.l
the suniight of heaven' may know tho
en. rm ty ol th.s Amtil.an tin.
"Now. the )..uth I- fast In attending places
of Imourc amusement At flrst he biu-h.-d
at .5a s. mmude forms and uiholy tan
suagc u-cd. but he ilv-d with wolves and
very soon learned to howl. If your rali.d
'tV'Jil"", W. n-' J? K0 lr'-1,J-' " Ivoow
ih" kind of goods tor sale. A glance ai the
'hott-w.ndowa-ihe LilltK-sirdf- ought to be
more than t. ,uah. -.Mm,., , .... ..
TM-jmt.a-u nt a., 11 T,. .. i "
- -'t ;
to deprive you of Ml 7 , V ""
from the n. falls.
l.,M .. - . a," ---'. "" 4W OaltC JOU
. "Ul,virK Rone thls fnr' h" 1' roon fist
In dr liking ileitfr 'never enter a saloon
iof,'a (iXbe'n,lJ:"Ja cf a ta,OOD to ent.r
OU. t hV ShoilM h. .mru ... I a. , .
,. a. .a. ---- - "- -..c w unit: it b.llU
. s. ",h'r s bov or h,'s 'fc.vearMg oil ?
" "f" trc,' m-inly men. Iiivc ou cour-
-o- .. v,-.. .j of one. or muit the world
count jou a coward? oriu
h'iJ'.ii"f UJH". bi ."vI"E ,! ivnslv-e. ami
he is led ic be fis; in gambling tri. s t w,-,
sornethinv. for nothing! ra-e.-. " ma an.
Pitze hghti B. tl.r look nt vourl-eU square y
.hihr 8'Sa nd.-J; ''"-re's a Jdef,' .,nd f
the least syari; of real manhood u left
eleal no mure. '
"The future of r.ict , ., . .. .
la,iarUink'E- P'out;,Ttb yo ,de, ";l
'''"n a loaihsome. ds,a-ed creature n a
Otir., Mr. "J? V .""".and "hi,
.......a. a I. -ot- II.-1SI1 , ..lraan.1t .11... ..
IrrlfTt Iu...,. .... t.a a . T.V ot
ports Mm
. .... ... j. a, aiini ma tviie. ir stt., etui .
...... a ' -- . .. u.aaa
ur- leanine as lie li ,
-n ..... . " -s-s- -. . . s any iniuer rf.T
I VII I II IIA nr... . .... -
row's,!!! x a man- lmt l l'"-' &
At St. Jame-'s Memorial Church yesterday
morning the Rev.r nd C Duckworll paJ
or. preached from the tett -o much as
In me U, I am rcatlj to preach the g. a,
at Itome alto. Romans I, 13. In part 1 e
spoke as follows: '
"In view of Paul's anticipated viMt to
Lome. thi. expression is ts..iC!..!l sugges
tive. He v as rcadv to nn mi. ... "..
at Kome also because he btllevnl it to be
rfa,,..,.. .!..... .7." .. V ''""'I- 111"
a. ...ti .11 eioo nnio
i .., " iiouiseites on the.r pow r.
the) tl Ifleil antl worshliied It. Their ve-y
name was lnt s)noi.vm of power. Rome be
ing the great center of iv mm. r e of liier
atare and of Empire. Through her gates
sHpt kI0n, ,fat m.V(r niaitlud but t.
f0.1?""!"- ? ,a"' Feizes u-H fact and
tells them that h. kows of a greater r.,1
er than th.irs. That, how v,. much 7
might represmt the ponsr of arms of
wealth, of genius. et the pos.rt. iie 'tH)i.
s.sseaj r.oui.j a. hievetnore-li.fii,elv more-
Hn'en'nr tt .t .,...... 's . ... in- .
fogies of the T.i81..1" r?T oe the'
...... a.aa, . I.-.H H 1 S UeSIIIl 1 rtV III
agies Of the Cai sar-t
orT, i?., . i, . """'J.1 st,m r'- 1
TiTi'l..! .2.?. ? W-,,s '' v)n
eiitiii. ttomr 'lirect d io t o
l-in-ess to them
power, and
ni..,rii.ese anu most merciful re'iilt-the
salvation of men. Rome's (oniiv.i. tt. .'.
$r" .L.'Jlr- ''.i l.L hcr military. leslo.ia.
The emblems of Its powe-are t lie dew tho
Eeed. the l'ght and the leaven, things ublcli
."' s.,..ti.i t- are won pt mv
...... .i....t.r. uui tuiiiss wnicn arc mighty
even in their stl Ir.ess h '
'SL Paul's Her.-., of ti.ii-.,,i t ...
.. 'lT'S... :V".n ".' which
ani n.,ni at road to brighten the dark Diac -s
of the earth All t!n-,rlvers run Into tho
sea, )et the sea Is not full Wh,? Because
It Is under the same beneiiceit law Where
does tl-e clouJ obtain its showers? From
)ondtr ocean, ard now on the w.nins of tim
wlml goes sailing o'er valley and plain till,
touching some moutitnln top, it cb ys tin
same law and drops its precious luess m;
lo rttresh the earth Nor s this a 1 Th
rnrtli herself gives back the verv showers
wl !ch have quukeiied her. Thus all throm-li
the ftgijs. rattire everjwhere and b) eveiy
thing pre.clalm.s with silent voice. "I am
tUll,ail'J 12 till IliSlinCl Ol UUnian life
a law encompassing our very being which
we can no mere throw off than we can
throw off the atmorphere As no mallveth
''Obligation Is an Instinct of human life,
man ltvetb J
a pure .,, ...... ...,1 .'. "i"."s oe- uas sotvn
i rif r:r.i-j.T n.. i. . . -..-. .-v
" "" ee.i.ngry Vtran e ir r . V ''.V., r" fe, '"r ",e". "," . V K 'c . ...V.' 2
"ise DrM implies ol. Lit IM'' ,,i"Ku"- hiM " "lopunnt. the more tn speakably In
tloo is ilike a Hw nf ,...,?.? a,"!. ohl!IJ- comis-tent is the world to satisfy his drop
Xt"of"uaa No.hifnc,1n'r ,ea,Kna?e'.; Wln'tr4'-n ,e,V,,1IrU"J' C',11J ?f li"
! hlniM-lf ro no vs n tnav live to hlrn
Mlf V c lUt UirtiKli them, ami wi ai
deiend.iu !i tin Ir mmiiitrHH Kvirv uii'
ei.td nature fti-it, ti.it unt.s ho K' bad;
to ilu nuriti as urn. tv. sirtkr is ht takes
f'om It In Is .1 .1, i. i. .in-nt. All tine men
y I mo.c or h p tne s,nie of d b'oh.p.
Chrixtia ilij oularces una . nnoi. i t.m
..... ,.r ...,. i. ..... ... ....!
-- .. ... jiui;;t njn Il HUUI wni''W
riiniK n oun life -1 cam. not "
mini." trj unto, but to minister I am
.intone i.m a- one that rvetli." A his
disiii, s He ,-arii from his liu that he t -Mlli.
our till' i-lli..s to oil. r In In the
MI.-U, t,t our ne nature. "Frc-lv . have
r. id, fr.'ly give.' are nunts l.roa I in
tli. ii meaning auj uumiatalutbk ( in1 their
"The Gosjiel of Christ strength!! th
ineni t of dctt,.r.hli t. r. viiiu.g mn m
a i o llRht We u, .iii at tim. s to iues
tion th. Hi-lom i.f noitj put forth io .ve
ome, but ihj a:.. 4.jei ts ot l.ls love. t;od
iotd th. or..i tnat h-. k.ivi lis only bi
l," tin s..ii (hat hiM'r be i..-tli in him
jhoiild not hrish. but hav. e.rlilln; lit. .'
As ubjii of his lev. tlHV at, lines,. I
with a itictiitv wnii h m..Kis it twr.n i'i:r
Willie to sin. I hen. If t'-ls i..sl c
have ir..u-ure to Mh th lnvi an
..i .a! riitht. a -i larkli.i; nli.h Hi. v .lie
poor in...i shall ne l.uore .tiilr rtikl't-
shall i..ir cry fi.r 'piitiag bi b.ar.! )u
vain.' Tie Gos(l i.s ii., us ,,s tt.il as om.-.
and no in. irt our-Ilia n tt, ir .j. fiosstssora
We an ,l.oi loratltuted d loori
"Again are i.t uiu.er oMtgatlon b
Hie itimmaiiij of 'iris.t bans, .f ? 'Go e,
thcreiore, and prtaih the Jipel to evij
cr. aiuie.' 1 hes are our .,r,i. rs Thcv
Kave no place tor escape Tuev affurd no
opponunltv tor excuse Wti-n cqri-t taja
l,o. lo ivili .jure otay? lieloved. do we
rea'tee our ol.liKaitua. and If so. ure no
rvd m.d vvlllltis to dloCliat:e II? St. I'aul
iai.xtd hte ol.uauon. ani rot onlj ball
I itn debtor, tut -l am r.-nd ' bo rea.ly
i he i neithtr pain nor pe.'. or pnva iji
'"U.d .le-trov his eugrn. -a to paj the dib:.
In h.s raasnliicent .on-er.nien and en
.l.avor he Mites at (his mite to have paid
it kiri of ine obligation, but -till h. .ri.-:
i nn.-t ne Home." o mum as- in me i.s. I
am i.aJv to prtach the Go-pel at Uoma
a st. r
I hlr.k how much that meant 's-o much
as in me Is -a superb intell.i'i. in.iomll.i
l.i i. -olution. an unllli.. I'm; ct i rag. i
fo-un,. i.ijgious e,-r.t to e. jojou- ron-te-lm.
nt. an uushiken fa th castleis . n
trg. and a matet.l.-a voiisi.TatUo Aid
to this that lf-.ienrtce a, tht lav. nft.i
lite, and you have at 1,-ist -,(mt con.-en-iion
ot this gr.iud old nu siontr's 'inui h
in it was rtal for muv hi liehulf of
Kome and the s..aPl. Are ne tliic. rend,
nun our little or much to strive for his
k..i-.i, n, hat a glorious ihtna It Is .
m.t a nntn h. ts rtat,.v V. ho i m s.iv.
.is much ts in me !.. I am r.a.lv" Kv,".
in tl. oni.narj avocations of lie fcuch ,t
hn,K ' ' J-l v' l.alom V..IIU. lUi
'.K ts of thi iKi-t i)u.i!it.v, lie.au,.. In is
reai.v w.tn all his powers 1.. render th
V. sr.'tle "erv c' " " no urgtPS
... uhat al Insniratinn such a servan.
m-,. .,. ,raT.et """lo" he brings to h
matter' He is ready-ready vMtn all h,a
re-;.iires to serve.
'"Ihis wholth.artedness Feems to have
be,n a characteristic of St. 1'iul'o. Ei-.i
ifl.T.fc1"? ,V"'t;r"'on h? P-rsccute.1 Ih
t f,'"1rfcrU!.n,"Tn V." lhv " as ,he Pri"' "'
i ('"f From the ver b.KTnnl
. i : .. t" "'" umo 'trange nt,..-.'
H i i . v,. . " "lo erJ outset ll
1L" .?"'I,ri"1' "! s u, in him. he si,.
...i. . ": " " -'
and I
..-... i ttinit'rrt i not with ties
mi. I n.id t. i ...is . ...
1 i' ,"'. v,s,r" anJ thorough was hi
i 'o: '"J'Tl d.'!,j T'' thruufch ".e who!
-..- . - . . "v "'- ""-"if-iit-iii i hq in.
eoui.l -ay. - am caae to be ..fTcrwl uii an
te titne of my departure Km hail t
tave fotght a Koou tght. 1 have Bzished
j il ocurw. I have kept the i m . n',"'eo
" - -i ma iiii in.ii n itj .in. iuJir. k.
-- -- s u . . -. i .nil IU.1IUU
1 .... . - : "e
t to "T. "L."""1 .be. I'tunded. to h.
h.,a .i ...t oe oiu o,n
H-..I ,!, '."""? "V." 'ou nat 11
.. "c -.'.- re.tuj. men; N .t h .if
h.arted.. but wi h our .hole iten.r ' ,'
the i t.t that ottokui u,- n us.' K , it
honor our Ivii.g s tomma. 1. r.adv to n.
arsw.r our on praj-is for the t:otui,.K
... .,...--.i..;i oi r'Kiitcou-n -r and
pe'lV. ua"'' to jay tl. ..In ,.
".. ihk. arai to our M.thi.n Mn.
u.-rn. int. In the haJow of dta'ii"
" "e saio oi us n h but rot rta.it ' 11
much or Uttie to meet th oi.i .'...,
uunlllliiK to Kive ihe mu,h ..e i...i ..
t..e ufin; iet us n..t foraet that we ..
u-pute our otity , an -ther. In t-ub
isieru-a tnere is a outy unto Itstif-j
toi..!oii.s daty wni. h no othet aelf cut
"It Is only 'as much as In tne l ' , i -
not render the si-ivice ot angels U
but ram, but we may render as mu ii .
us is Our out be-ins in the ure oi k Ii
we lime Giv .1-5 wbai we have will !. I
molt grae. aial tnr.re power God tti.l civ
to us grce lor grite The divine l.te 's r 1
wh'eh ri-. s to It- own lev. I art! 1. a. t
UI.U- d potttr. Thai life. a.J that li . ..,
av.nlt. lor ail ar.d . luell) tot those .tn.
lav. s.-iiaethiii'.-. ti i.,t nitich A- m . i.
as lh() hue .md ire. thev use Tliet t. il
in Hair narrow sj.h re. doing the.r low .v
v,..tk, and thus -tint theui.-elve.i to be
sons of God rd kings of men, 111 utt. r
nob.ent-ss of m.nd.' "
At t!,e Ciur-h of the Dlvlt.e Humanity
)eterday. the pa-tor, the i.ev.rtnd C s-
f " -
!l - l' - I'aehe.i aD0.1t ".viatic Catast.opht,
and the t.oodnessj of Goi" He tooK t
his text the words: "iet saiih the hou- ,
of ls-iael, the way of the Loid Ls not equal.
Ob. house ol lsi.icl are not my wa) e-iuil?
And lato n..t jour a)8 uut iua.? " " Ke
pei.t, ai.d turn jum.-c ;e, tfom all ) u.
iranih;rtsbions, so in. put) shall not be jour j
ruin." Lzekict, -tvilt. S) and . i
Ha said, in j.iit . I
"In tiie da. 3 of Jonathan Edwards, a '
cataustrophe .ike that wluh hit overiaken
GatVes.o.i would h.tvc c.-n .leeiaied to tie
a vim tut ion of the A.iniguty for tn. dns tf
the pcopic Altnuusn InU aiiiptml u.s tl s
aster is In our mi. ds no mesAio of an ,
in a-r or arbitrary del v. tiev rti.eiess it ii- I
lu (rates great pilucipie of human dentiny
antl tiivii e ordtr. vwticb It benuoves us t'J
note and understand.
"In the lueae nee of untoward vlcl-sltudcs
the human mind 111. (is no comfort in tne
pie-T) ar.d science that ileal on!) vsllh the l
natural and ma. trial Tne s ut, lace ta
lace with tho vast Issues of Hie and tleat'i i
. n.-s tut for tne hiiohU .go of God. and i'in t
Ih .iipe.es, d only by a p. rci ption ol .spirit-
uai I .wo and u s.nso of htatenly reaiit es. i
'.Mun ait) giea. tinsels uttius the in.nd
I- panne to uoubt the pattnce ..nd pOater
the Lords goodiuss. h). It .tsks. could
not a good tuthtr tn htavtn have aventd
this caiunit)? But. looking at the siiluee
can wo on.rw!,h S dhln" imp"?.aY I
God s.tn he nj re.sp.cter of pt.s.ms oi uin-
munltas, or lialiona Natir-'s la.vs me tho '
basic and vlslb.e. md .nost tasnv tend ts
pres,ii n of the will of God, and thev ro
universal and uniform llity would fall of
their lughtst iunciloii. which Is to .ducat
the human init.tl f ther; ais tiny piacc In
their adnunaStiation fur caprice or mil' i
I..1 t or fnoiltism. God's ..,) arc cquiU
The stjrm that d. vasiaKd the Texas Coast
was .nude In the sail c way a th. User til
tuibtnees with wh ch we arei lamili.tr vvhe.i
ciintr.iry currents tollde Mm ure .t lib
erty to I iiiltl their cities on iew-l)lns .-,unl
bars, v.-iff. water in tront and water to -h
id. anJ with vast Itve's over which liur
iieants can sweep with t vts -augment mg
fury, bill tf thev do so they take their
lives In il'clr hands, and if dls.ister nvtr-tik-s
thtm it will not lie because of the
lnttU.ilit) of God's w.ivs-. Lut because of
the unequal wajs of man's Intelligence and
obf d'e nee.
"But the simple and h-utal truth of
sclei tlflc and natural fact ;s only one as
pect of human calamity. The moro we turn
troin the unequal navs of men to the con
templation of the impartial equality of
coo s tvats. me more cur uirge ot wan-
lnS is turt.sl Into a song of rejoP-Ing God
jog s wavs. the more cur dirge of wall
Is divine llf. it-If. ..pel his ceaseless ptir-
I !;I to mo1" 'A''r th'" u:e to recipient
forms created in ills owi Image and like-
nes The natural world c-Klsts to he the
birthpWce of immortal entitle-, who are
o'll) incidentallv natural and material,
and are organlnll) and essenll-illy spiri
tual Hence. God's omnipotence Is engaged
in Lringlng human forms Into the world
ut something like the rate of 2fmVOHW
. """'. l eemury r.acn cnnu oorn nto
the yorla has lat.nt in him the capacity
mansions I
So thnt, side by side with the universal '
phenomenon of birth, v.e have the untlthet-
itji ini.:iioi.ieniin oi ueain ueath Is a be
nign fact for the nice even In the most ex
' 'ZZ .-"" "f v'w llow oon would the
,.... ...,,, ,,, ,,iv ovevrouded and
ini--anltary and monotonous If the gencri
tio.'is were Imprisoned sueeessivcly at tho
lato of thou-ands of millions a century.
... . . .. tiigorgmenf
1..1. .a spiritual light, piivsital death loses
.ill Us imcanniness nnd horror. It Is seen
to be but the prelude to man's truo birth
and eternal progress. It It but one step in
the fulfillment of God's equal purposes In
man's behoof To him nan is spiritual.
Created fOr .'I hPaVenlt fttt Immnrtnl at.a,
tin), acd tn dealing with the human raco
- -aai , a... id a IIUU3C Ot I.ILHIV
fl.,,1 r.-inN onh et-riri1 etui" To him It
i- f no , p-5 -mi. bi ulnthtr n in-i.i I
rli h or ikm.i j-mirl ot unlettered, old .r
"un?, his nirniixitrnie i"- working tt lirliiK
li.n.itter ami j-. muni minliood out ,f our
perlem i s, anil hNUui1.s Tin Krt t
lav. i .r It's i re.it Ion uorh. on inin.iriiau
! reanlless of our imiu:illll' Dialli ii'HT
' ..,i. ..v .. .,,.. i . ...
... ! iia uaiiv i.ui.
iJii the dav that Galveston lit In one
f. II svv on 5f ilti7ii-. tht n-t of tlio
world save up in round timiilit-. ."" in
It unit's The av.rafr - tne initio vvl'h the
in. i si .,, j ,,Kvv,i-k. It i- a law if
Iivt-i I'r.ivM. m that God work- out lil
purtio. ailing th. lins of I. -t r. -Is-Jtii
" In the iit'O-iliim ot the faith, tne 'n-
flOttl Ulf .if God to lK "- of til thus
1 . oii.lltlon-, ulih Ii ire I ivor.ihk to tie intn
rat. I "t'llitvtte. naltirtil icsoiuces, soi i ii li.il.lU
are great f triors In stluionliij; hnmnn
birth- ni-d the suliseiiient t;rowtTi af
slronu. t'loouttlve ( .s pit . The same law
hold cstl tti tin litrtti of mi n out of
Iho nan.ral Into the spiritual world Cwl
works o tli. lines of ! i I ri-lstance. and
makes i. of our If.' o"ant aiitl -. lllsh
i .-- an I disobedient .. in a comnlishin our
tiatisf-r from ihl. woild lo the otht r So
, long as huin.it. pa'-Moii' are cjitonlc, and
ur cr. . .1 . iilmlnat.s in w.it and rupi e. wc
inav eei to see J-ath In tsjitnnt eoin
pnnionliip with natural di-ordrs When
In happier future Dims mural and spirit" ii
exit lit ii' e shall pre all. death In Its be
nlKnitv will be no le-s comnttn . tin re will
bt. uteans by which Hie heart's throb- can
le mail" io cca-e, but us In life, mi In
ilenth. vtoleni'e will tlve place to gentle
nes. mid v.e can
ustiln. J ana soie'ed.
H uu uifi.trli. tiuht, approach th crave
Like on v.lj uihiis tie lr.tt'.ry of tl. ceuci
At"ut lilm ,ii,j Iks doutn to tl.a-ir.t tlr auis.
"To tin niiinl the iu amoiii t lt.soll of
the tlramatlc horror of Galveston's ca am
Ity Is Ju-t the same I. --sir. that Is enfoiced
by the dallv lt from Sji Uj to Sitttnlav
lurln llftv-tuo iM-fKs In evitj vear of lulf
a I'titi'iied thousand -oul-s. ThT -son Is
tint man Is, made for lKtter things than
eit In r liu-iuffs or pltasjr.. Tht-e ilitnKf
are isood in tin Ir worldlv p. ate, but ll'c hu
man olll Is mule for gooiine.---. and purtv.
a-id uefulnf-it and htinianitj. and iiti--!-Wme
For him v ho Ins the I. ijlnnun-'s
or true ch 'racier dcaUi can tin in in. h-nm,
lomvr it m-tv come The -juI thpt is
vauKht In tiieinnts- and Inkiuity is no niro
off in rtalitv thin l was Ik hue All mot il
ruin He exeluslveiv In the lnhtrent condi
tion. "l,"t no man Io s unsjtntutlitllc or nar-rnu-mlrtlett
as io liell.ev that tin- di.-is:. -I'
tnt out Galveston as tnoto Inl'itiltous thai
the rt st of the nation. The tout r ifSlliim
I.I on eighteen, wno wtrt no more In error
tli in th re-t of Jeni-al-m We are al'
ilike. In our mod.rn I ft ever.where tve
imn ate intent on tnnk'nc nionfv, and th
women are al.s-orb d Ii i-pvudini; it. Woil I
11-e--. withers the herds of the heart ami
d'li . ut the springs of s'lrttu tl nrlratl n
iind etidfavor Novv, . in t'tt dajs of ou
l.i. pi's m.ni-trv the i,rat need Is genuine
lepentirte We vtin alforJ to have H'tV
fear fo that kind of hurt ind catastrophe
that K t's onlt the bo.lv. but w need to
f. r -nd avoid thit di-olie litnre of 1 iv
that de.stiovs the chart ter and wtrps t'i
soul 'It. pert, and turn v ur lee-, from
ill vour tr.it'seresciona, .o Iclqultj shall not
le jour ruin.' ' I
nin ki:v on. c. 1:. i'.vttii.lo.
1'astor Lafayi'tti. Park M. K. Cliurcb,
Th Rtvcreiid J. W. Afhwood. pastor of
Grand Avenue United Pie-sPyttilan Church,
pi an.eu )esierua n.uri.mg on "Ujt Giu.it
i-uiiiise. ' I ik.iig tor his text Luke i, is:
"ilic ia)sprn.g irom on IHs'i hatn lilted
us " He sa.d. in part:
"The i.i-autt oi u.e sunrise has ever been
the subject tif lot. anu pointer, lltie is a
rc.eielice to t..e luiiotst tsuuiise e-.tr
kiioun. As tilt nur.1. -ml fplntt.al .n.initel)
suiisiss Ilia; .nsiea, so t.ais Mt'tus in
btaut) the lu.ui ex.iaijltion e.er seen trout
1 .K, 3 J'eaK Ol ull Olie'l tatol.u 11 i. e.
J.S.. tnia-t I1.1S 1 iseu t.i luaj.s, leaiu.y
aial ijili.ldliC). Ills eoilulig tuts Intnl.. rctcl
atlolis. ' u.e icceellng durkn.ss. Ileelr.g from the
face of t..e ns.i.a sun, li.il icveaied tho
Pa.lII foil). V lisreVcr too kuottlttie of
v. 111 .st .o.-s be'IUhhtCd beuet auu piaetlcu
n.Ust lel.tat.
tiltn t. ..at resplendent color and tiark.o
are the eoiiiiiiaaiitt acts bt-deckttl v. lien
ooiie lor t tuiti s saAC. liotv t.tulitail too
Ilie spent m tno cltUai,uiicu or itic .Masters
pi t st nco.
"'I ins very light exit mis the sphere of ac
tum, liitnased hsiit vtitieiis me flcni of
c.- tr p ite.tt.oii, n.aU .las ).eitis ,1 gie-iler
ia.,hc lor atctivit). lie who einpleys tho
I ligui nltoiueu hj this suiis.i.iie net u nevtr
1 be idle, tim wi.i lain aiupiu use lor efti.v
jotitr i'owe.si ttii.ch atie usties in the
ua k are bieug..t into gic-utcsl activity when
tne sun Man arisen.
. "Atio.hei ver iinporlaiu rtult of this
rf , V a.,..- Hi, lo ..... r..aa..l.tl tif Ml .HI' Sat-mlat.
". .V"S.mucft t..l w..s men, coiictureor
u..,Er...., aj aa.s a a. . aa.... -- ... ..J .........t.
' ,!: i... .ho ..... ..i..n n, -. ..n
,..,,,, nn, :,n,.ri...n,i uf-,, , .i.ru,,.. i,.
CtJine piuin.
! LooK-ng to the natural sun for Instruc
tion, wo aro t.tugtu tint sumlght Is rev.v
I lug In its lntluei.ee. llow Iitiu.b the BjUI
I be onics during the nigut' Hut with thu
I rm-, of tne sun that benuinbe-l suhnils
sioii is baiiished. New tee.lns nrcv.i.1.
awakened nope cauFe.s courage and s.tiroy i
tli-lerinlnatlon. the uespalr of the night gives
1 1 ee lo the da) spiii.g, and its influence.
'Ih- discouraged soul, sceiing tn.it ever
battle Is . loasiug one. Is enabled by the
new rad.ance to look upon ai conqiitilng
I-auer. ln the 'light of his countenaii'c' v
s one who will contlurt us to victorv, and
tin n, looking train him to the foe, llr.d
many that In the dark looked glgmtie. are
re.ti.y du.irf. T.ie spectral sizt was lin- i
a.nary, and in the imht no longer terilf).
lbs stinrse has sure.y come. Christ t n
trre'd our horizon through the lncarn.it. on.
The Savior's life Jus It w.is spent In hum m
form Is historic. No iegllimut- testl'i.ony
h.is been found lo dlicreilit the fact. Jesuj
Chi 1st catnt. H s Ulc was sunshine. It was
the upllll of the vv rld. Wherever h.s lava
h.ive pmeirattd the results have uec-u simi
lar. .Many dtep In sin, who fled to him anl
ln repentant ple.i laid ho.d on him were
recclioel, enlightened, saved, not ln their
sins, but ftom them.
"Toala). as hd'evers, we met t arouui
the Lord s table le. celebrate li s love in com
ing to earth for our tiki's We l.erc to
day c'-leLrnte the sunrise of the- world's
situation. Irft nothing in life cr treetm-nt
of God or man stop a slngie ray of tight
coming irom the ccntnl sun cf righteous
At lmma'iuel Baptist Chu-ch jesterday
morning the nastor. the Reverend C. II.
Murray, took for his.tcxt Matt, vi, 33: "Seek
i'e first the kingdom of God and his right-
eousncs.s, and all things shall be added unto
you " He spoke. In part, as follows:
"Human na.ure Is called upon to assert
Its dignity, to accomplish and to declare Its
true value by giving itself primarily to tho
eternall) bAt nnd highest. Me.e negatives
are dispensed with, and a positive task of
the highest and mou ennob.ing order ls set
for the soul of man to ac-'on.plish. No
doubt Is expressed concerning his ability to
achieve thedeslied end. The reward Is cer
tain. He shad have the spiritual good of
God's kligdom. and In addition a due meas
ure of earthly blessings.
"Whtn shall we know the depth of mean
lnu Jcxus had lu wind when be used that
plKtBt!IB.Hflill lll'l irilllTWtlMSill llulTIUUSWir.f
ts jt - ycvi
and Return.
H"i m 9
41 p. m- 7 1
It V I.O lis
Wabash Ticket Office, Southeast Corner Broadway and Olive Street.
-" " "
old prophetic ttrm. 'Kiiigijoin or Iod He
eirinlnlv n-.antnioti I. m a pi o'f where tlm
subjects were rulio bv an nmmpoit nt ftw't
ftoin vvifioiit. more than a lmp toidlllon
of stiiutrs t.i'i to the rtlcn ot God uid In
tiot tilt 111 that v.e ur. to -t 1 1. It as a iOs-t.s-lnn,
fomethltig Hi it Is to alii le within.
t ! tt Ir to b" tht ruling prineii.lc of tin
foul-' Tin n we would undt r.stard that the
kli-gdom of God Is whtre. the wl.l of God
Is done ou .arth It Is In hraveii. ilono
idiillv, that the pfrfttt original ordtr of
things ir.av come down from l.eavtn and re
HliZe itself on earth. Kieli Individual is to
sick this po-f.'s-ion for himself, noi foe
ftlf alone, hut that God as spirit may Oil
all iind condition rill that Is In the world
i "That no mistake may be made concern
ing the nature of that which we aro lo
set k. he adds, "and his righteousness.' A
rlchteousntss like God's. Nni in linniiied
righteousness, but one iti.it we are to hun- ;
h. i itnu inir-i siifr AH'cn emiirncs i ot
only the outward nets, hut the deep Inner
life of desire and p'irpost A righteousness
that meets lth the approval and rtv.ards
of our hcaveniy Father
"This Idea of rlKhteout-ness In connec
tion with the kingdom Is in entire harmony
with ih. whole of Kevilitlo . God has al
vvajx h en working m the hearts of men
and revealing himself to them a- a power
for rlglittouspiss. The i lid Testament
n.ovt- p. r-.'-t, mlj nn.I st0utl In that dl
rts'ilon and any thought not In harmony
with this 't every one that nameth the
name of Christ, depart from inhitilty' hasi
no pi ice In the New Testament The Ideal
i f nghtcotisiifs rl-es higher and higher
until we tlnd God's idtal In Christ's caar
iicter and life. This ne are to sek. It
meai s an or good that there Is In nr It
means an unfaltering supiiort In death! it
niei'js -n imperishable treasure and an
Immortal crown In h aven.
"If all this is mt-tnr ua t.nl.1 in c...--
prlcd If vvt w.re not to sMl; (t Urn It is
emin.niiy proper tint this ihoulj be fie
, TniVytU" U Ya&2K21yS
fresh'-st huur.s of nil remaining time
mis is tne ... thi r- t,. .i. ,1,.....
AnjtlilPs that w II dtter us from making
tie greatist iio-sib'e succcsi in th s hell
Is to !). rigoroii-ly p.Jt a!de. The les- mttst
be su-rlfictd to the greater. Everv ob
struttion must he swept awav. Having
come thus far and intelligently planted ou
st If on till- basis, ooklrg at the pnsent
and future through ihe medium of r-vea-tion
one- is r re pared lo seek the kingdom
with an inlleMble will. He is not hair m
iot.ut but tilmll) decided. Xot only wl'ii
ilie deMrts and nff ctlons of the heart
'm-s he s,ek. lut Ms best a-d enllchtened
u tsnn rts are In harinonj so that the
Atilr mar, outwardl) and Inward y. I,
n-weriiig as b,st he can the hi-nvenlv
mm. is -s:,., p nr., ,h j:Il.r.orn .
r'n in .r, Is l. sSO,j intin't ly ab t'-e
n w. rill) man He has learned the
- tales, lesson of the aets. that of plac- '
tr .' .r,io .st'mnte upon religion, l'e
' in wo-k io il... greatest advantage li
v dir. et.cn. h!s ife ( properli c 11-
' r. t He Ijt ho'dnifr things ln Juyt rro
' 'f r in knows thl r nd lis re.ilza'iii
g'v s him n e-pte which Is the trti-
c . 1 and inllnltely aliove anythlns the
' t has to oft.r
' 'he p. arj things of I'fe s'ia'1
lit u'.t-i !1 worth) geod, just so far it
It sh 1 1 prove good to von. rhall follovv
th hief anl gnat insstSSsin. God nut
wlthi o 1 sjnn l.ings sou thiik vou
hcu'l have, but he knows best Heme Ti
ber That all thing-, work together for
them that love God' H.ve fault in God
s 1 gen ril thing true nlttv lends to mi.
terin -UITI-'S, 11
UCceS. it nreserv.s hei'lh nr. I
v., its the waste of indulgence and pass" on;
Iff !i tb con-erve and build m. the in.i ,1
mei t All these are cements In a ti(.' I'.ive th'm, and do not believe It it yet ar
et'sf il life b-it it is all as nothing whn ranged definttclv, though some of them, at
innii T-tti witn tne great po-sess.on. 'the
King 'om of God.'
. .ta. ,. .1 ..... . ... ... ,
lour Work Was not finished, it nt nnle
b. gun. when voj became a Clirlstlm Your ;Srtct- Beijamin Llseman. a member ot the
u.v.al of allegiance to Christ a )otir Co.ird of Trustees, said: "I saw Doctor
S.vl r. as the one who po-s st d all ll,- Harrison a iVw days ago. but he did not
ru.-ar. 1 great e.ment.s of a good example, broach the subject of his removal to New
was ir.ly the tir-t stroke of service f ir York I am ctrtain It could not be defmlte
flrlst His Merest Is now j.iur oh t t. lv decided wltheiit mv know Ine- something
Serk tlrst the growth ami progress of tiio
kingdom 5ttk it with tour whole heart
lor vourstll and jours, and through all
eternity jou will prt -e Gol for his cv r
wltlenlng and extending kingdom and f r
the manifold bles'lrgs of rh.vt realm with
which )ou are Burrounded."
The Reverend Doctor J. G. Merrill, for
merly pastor of the First Congregational
Church, but now dean and acting president
of risk Ciiiversity. an Institution for ne-l-roes
at Nashville. Tenn.. udJrc-s"d his old
parl-'iiom rs veslerday morning concerning
his new work Kisk University, he raid,
was helping solve the negro problem by
educating a selected few from the vast mass
to become leaders ef their ptople. It hits i
studen s from J different .S.ates, and alms
to maki of i.s graduates safe, moral
preaclers and professional and business j
men Its .students. Mi of whom have been
graduated, are working along the lines ln 1
which the) were train. d. 'Incv show ttiem- '
selves capahlo of receiving an education
and using it.
Doctor Merrill suggested that n small
part of the many minions being p.iven lo
foster universities for people Willi . )eais
of clviliZaitlon behind them be turn.il tn
aid liiftntitlom Instructing joiith with only
tlfty je.irs of chiilz.uiuii behlial them. 1'itk j
Universit). he said, is in need of tndow- I
ment. ami. until this is secured, of money ,
for current etpenses He declared that t..e
undereduiated negro Is tho g.eat jirt.l.Ieiii ,
of the hour, the educated nt cro lis snl'itum 1
Services were resumed at Llndell Avenue
Methodist Episcopal Church )cstcrday
morning. The Sunday school was opened
for tho first time ln several wctks. The
Reverend Doctor Daniel Dorchi'ster. pas
tor of the coi grcgatlon. returned Friday
from his summer home near Martha's Vine
yard, on the coatu of Massachusetts.
He deliver, el a sermon on general evan- '
gellstle work to a good congregation. The
nttendanct .it Sunday school was not su
large as prior to the summer vacation.
Doctor Dorchester's sermon was full of'
vltjor. He spoke of the religious inlhi. nces
for good it every-tlay life, and took an op
timistic view or the situation. After tho
services he was thanked b) many mem-lier-s
of the congregation Vr his inspiring
He also preached last night to a large
Army l.oanl Js Preiiaiiii;; for a
Kansas' City, Mo., Sept. K. The Emer
gency Ration Board of the War Department i
began in Kaivaa City jesterday the prepa-
ration for a test to determine what shall ho
the now eme-grncy ration for tho United
States Army 111 the field. The itft) rat ems
for a eonitlnilioti of fooda which the board
has decided to test nan made by the Ar
mour Pat king Compan). and the tieM ac
tual emergency march will be made in Ok
lahoma urn! Indian Territory b) a troop of
e ivalry from Fort Si.l and Fort Rrno. the
men e.itin only the food preparation of
which the board has decided to make i
trial The e crimen! may result In a com
pl. te .hang.- In the feeling of the American
soldier uuring active tlutv in the Held.
The members of this board are Colonel
C A Denipse), First Infantry; Captain S.
X'. lVatit t .In ITItli.h Pi i-nl ri' ntiH e',,.-.!-. f
F.'w. Fo3t?r.' Fifth Cavalry Their purpose 1
has been to learn the smallest amount of
food that would maintain a man's muscle
during a day. To ascertain- this, they have
made a vast number of experiments blnce
they were nppolntc.1 last December, and
they have dt elded upon a simple mlxtute
consisting ot two cakes ot pure, sweet
chocolate anil three cakes of a combination
of meat ami breadstuff, lu a condensed
form, all contained ln a small tin can, six
Incites long, flat and rounded like a flask.
The board is also to make a test of a
combination of food compounded by a com
piny in Pasaic. N. ., which Is tho same
as their owr compound, except that tea ls
u,cd Instead of chocolate.
'with free
ing the greatest
economical travel. Night trains all have both Compart
ment ($2.50)and regular Sleepers ($2.00), and day
trains have Cafe, Library Cars and Parlor Cars ($ J..00).
Time of Trains:
IT "I p. m
l.v Chicago .
r bt I,biils
Pastor of Temple Israel Favorably
Considered for Pastorate of
Temple Einanu-EI.
Trustees of St. Louis Charge ot
Notified of His Intention
Would Not Re Surprised
by Resignation.
The Ileverend Doctor Tvo:i narrison. whs
has been for revcra! jears In charge of the
.tongrega'.Ion of Temrle Israel in this city.
is btir. favorably considered for the ras-
tornte of Ttinple Emar.u-Kl of New York
Citj, the richest Jewish church In America.
Only one other name la now considered bv
-ngreffa,ion's committee.
! ''or several weeks there have been per-
si-tent rumors that Doctor Harrl-on had
been called to the pastorate and had ac
cepted, but. according to a telegram from
New York, the question of a tuccessor to
Kabhl Silverman, who died about two years
ago. Is still In abeyance, though lioctor
Harrison's name Is most frequently men
tioned for the place. The dispatch quotes
E. J. Mejers of the committee to select a
nw pa--tor for the Temple Emanu-E! aa
All I can say I- that the name of Doctor
Harrison is being considered by the Board
of Trustees of Temple Emanu-El. No decis-
.. ...
Ion has bt(n reached."
a-l . .. .- , ...
111:3 taieiueui was rcpeateu uy a more
influential member of the congregation, who
aoded. "Doctor Iiarrtson Is being facrau.y
considered. He has but one rlv.il, Kaabt
1 -eev e.r i 'ri),,t.ii,.i,i it to a n.iaenn tr
teaching a conclusion.
11 uas ueeu impossiuie to omuiii any sor.
of statement about the matter from Doctor
HarrI-03. though several of his St. Louis
friend" are iirm In the belief that he will
leave St. Louis thia fall to lake up tho work
ln Tcmjle Emanu-EL
, lne "uf'"s ot temple Israel
'--h advi-ed that Doctor Harn
The trustees ot Temple Israel have r.ot
son Is to
least, would not be surprised at any time
tn 1 1 c ta t o uu Uaittaai ii lino u ueeiiie 11 1 to mat
.. .... . - .
of it. Lec.iuse we have a contract with Doc.
tor Harrison, and b"foro he could leave he ,
w ou d have to secure a. release from the i
trustees. j
1 shouM not be surprised, however. If .
such a requect came In the course of a few
weeks. I know that the trustees of Temple
Emanu-El hnve lo. g had Doctor Hariiscn
tinder consideration ani "hould he be se- .
iected. thcro are many reasons why he I
would not refuse the charge. His father ,
lives In New York and that alone would bo I
an inducement.
John A. Stewart of Cincinnati is at the
D. B. Hartsell of Toledo Is stopping at
the Laclede.
W, T Sapp of'Galena, Kas., Is at tho
St. Nicholas.
H. P. Bailey of Texarkana Is registered
at the LlndelL
-J. W Merrlam of New York Is at the
Planters Hotel.
II. A. McCaba of Chicago Is stopping
at the Laclfsle.
I W. Campbell of Boston Is stopping at
the St. Nicholas.
W. A Fisher of Kansas City Is a guest
of the Planters.
IV ix- Victor of Boonvllle, Mo., ls stop
ping at the Ltndell.
Ed M V.uon of Jefferson City is a
guest of the l.ac ede.
Harrv Mmon Is a gucn of the St. Nich
olas from New York.
Raiymot d C. Street of Brooklyn ls stop
ping at the Planters.
W. M. Swatek is reglstere-d at the
Planters from Chicago.
W. M Baxter of Nashville. Tenn., is a
guest of the Southern.
A. J. Blackford ls registered at the
b'outhtrn from Chicago.
Edwin l Sml'h of Syracuse, N. Y., ls
stopping ut the Planters.
E. It. Daw Jon ls registered nt the La
Celde from Davenport, la.
Mrs. D. W. Whalnn of Conwtiy. Ark
Is a guct of the Southern.
David Itumlioltl. Jr.. of Philadelphia ls
registered at the Planters.
Mr. and Mr. John Miller of Philadelphia
are regl-tered ut the Southern.
Mrs. A. II. Hoefcr of Springfield. 111.,
is stopping at the St. Nicholas.
C. II. Cramer and W. T. Molltor of New
York are guests of the Lac cde.
William S. Godfrey of Colorado Springs.
Colo., is stopping at the Southern.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gray of Den
ver are guests of the St. N.cholas.
IX F. Bishop of Honolulu, Sandwich Is
lands, is registered at the Planters.
W. M. Price. Jr.. a gueu of the Plant
ers. U registered from Stuttgart, Ark.
II. L. Carroll and William E. Moore of
Qulr.cy, III , are guests of the Lacled .
John O'Connor and J. J. Uonohue of
Louis. lie are- gci'-ts of the Southern.
Mrs. F. A. Pitt an.l .Miss Strickland cf
New York are registered at the Southern.
Mrs. C. Johnson of LIttI Ro?k. Ark.,
accompanied b) hcr mother, is at the La-
Thomas J. Shannon and Alex,
aleni M Xi Un3e" frm
Mrs. J. It. Pest of Cambridge. Mass.,
is nt the Undell. accompanied by her
Joa-qdi Souta
Accused of Rob
bing tils Employer.
Joseph Sontag was arrested at Seventh
and Clark avenue xesteiday morning on
the charge of robbery.
Sontag was employed as porter In Georgo
Schumacher's saloon, at No. j0 South
Sixth street. At 4 o'clock last Friday morn
ing he w.is behind the bar cleaning up tno
place. The only other occupant of the sa
loon at the time was Charles Wunderle. the
barteneler. A revolver was 1)1. g on a shelf
behind the bar. and when Wunderle turned '
for a moment. Sontag. It is charged. Ditketl
it up nnd pointing it at the bartender com
manded him to throw up his hand. Wun
derle complied and Sontag hurriedly rifled
the cash drawer, securl. g about $J3. and
backed out of the saloon, making his es
cape for the time. Tho revolver was valued
at U7.
- . . ....uua.j.Hw. . a-; n v, tat .j t ,vaa --a -t, ...a, a.j ,,. j M I U tatTtpiy Ultier-
choice between the two. I cannot say when ;fcv u. "' cloth reve sd to form compara
a decision will be reached. The matter is j CoIar Iri no'tcht-?10"1 nieet the tUra
not pre-in- and the committee will i;le . The close-niting tivo-pIeeo sleeve, bars
full conjideratlon to the subject before slight fullness at the shim ders ,.-i-ji.
It usually costs $15.00, but on
Saturday, September 22d, the rate will
be reduced. Wabash trains between
St. Louis and Chicago are all equipped
Reclining Chair Cars, afford
degree of comfort consistent with
...,11.00a in. 9 13p.ra.
, . 6.51 p. m. 7.15 a tn.
H.J0p. m.
7.S& a. m.
One of the Smart Autumn Styles In
Ladies Wraps.
Kxceedingly smart ore the new Jacket
for fall wear Machine stitching Is th
aicepttd mede cf decoration from eight to
tnt nty rows being u cd around the lower
.dge, collar, rev era an J cuffs The latest
models are not quite so short as last sea-
4MI I.-idleV Jacket With Loose Front, ZZ,
, 31, JC, IS, 40 and 12 Inch bust.
ton's, and irnw. chon.1,. ..,.. .u. w. .
" ..... auuuai, ta.caa. L11F U.IX ra.,-1
ers, being made with an under-arm gore
which produces a more sraceful effeet
I , IHt-'-trr.ted, the tatty Jacket Is oai'j
Ol Ol3Ca tPn.tl.1Tl Tll s,la,a, kaat . .
j'KtwW '.' 'Al ?!
mryfm I
mmi I
v--5S c j ' 1 t'' ,H
??' Vsl 'it'fflA
a,,... ..".: ZZ -.--.. ..a .,..siv m tr?'. -p
v.T.hCurd sVe V-ts 'derJ' an1 ,s shaIgJr ft
, The fronts are double breasted alhMh P' t
with sma ! buttons and buttonhole worted fi J
tiirtiiiirr. ll... fit -et,..,. n. .. ... mt
i trlbuted in small gathers. Tl lower e!es
Is flmshed nlth machlne'itltchlng to simu
late a cuff.
Diagonn , broad or lad'es' cloth, covert,
erieviut or aty of the medium-weight cloak
ligs are appropriate for Jackets ln ttls
st) Ic.
To make the J-tcket in th medium size
will require one and five-eighths )ards of
fifty-four lnca material. The pattern. Xo.
'. is cut in Mzc for a ZZ. CI, ZS, JS, 40 and
li inch bust measure.
Cut this out. All In with bust measure,
name and address and mail it with 10
S0S1. Frico 19 e-nts taclMs
Any one wishing the latest style
patterns miy obtain them by calling
at ROOM 20, Second Floor, Repub
lic Building, Seventh and Olive.
II. J, Dobson Is Now an Observa
tion Patient at City Hospital.
Probably the last heat derangement cast
of We sea. on is now in the City Hospital.
II. J. Dob-on of No. i.01 North Third street
ls the patient He is boirg held tor obser
vation, and the only tea on which can !
as-igned lor ins loctita. condition is over
he.itu.g last Saturday c-ve.ilug.
Lobson was foumi laie Sat.raay night by
On.c.r 1'aci. on the cunier of Vande.enicr
and 1 aru ave.iucs. ac.tng strangely. The
roan could ! no atcount ot hunself. but
seemed o.e h at d, and utp arej tu haT
been exercising violently In sume way.
Xo Mori- Ceutrall Fairs.
Centr.-illa. .Mo , Sept. 16. The stockholdtrff
of Cenu.iila Fair Asvclat.on met last night
and Voted to no.d no mure lairs here. The
amphitheater una other property will c
soiu. 'ine talr has c ntluueu .or Bve years
und has been a financial success
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Set Facsimile Wrapper Bctrw.
Terr amnll ana u easy
to take as raga-e.

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