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More Than One' Hundred Thousand Dollars
Spent by Gothamites Before They Fell to
the Fact That They Were Not Get
ting a Run for Their Money.
1 r.V J R .MACON) McfORMtCK.
New York, Sept. 21- Matters pustftlstle are
r dell here at present ns wes Hamlet's
Jame-i "fit weed that rots itself In ease on
3,etl s wharf." Tha public had read with
uisgi. ' ii' c t'argos made by Mrs. Jim Cor
be't, . d Mrs. McCoy, and while tbey have
tiker. th"-n with large pinches of salt, they
ar-- s iti.a - 'bat. liberally discounting their
e: m -u ii th.ir evident d.-si-e to got hunk
II-,! their wMlom lords and masters, thero
er .:i ntnd.v remains enough of truth In
i tbetr si at.-mints to thoroughly disgust all
' livers of trues, manly spcrt.
Cnrbe.t, from ni!nnd. denies In th raort
positive nuBinT that his light with SIcCoy
was a fake lie doubtless tells the truth
I Jr -r, ' n re . is
v If I' f t McCoy
$ tl.e nrg to Ii. :
iiX !" el. !:- t! ..t
he s.s that be had a genuine tlls-
and that he did his best In
at him. lio would no doubt
he had made any arrange-
t ta ilcCov or any of h.s frlend3 by
ni-.ih it 'ii settled that the Kid was to
MP, or that h "doub croj:eJ" lmn.ar.d yut
the great mass of tlothamltcs at present be
lieve that foci such arrangement was
made, and that McCoy was given the
"throw down " I have always thought, nnd
3 think so now. that In anything like prop
er condition Corbett Is McCoy's mazier, but
I alo think that Corbett was tricky enough
to make the assurance of his ability to
t-iii wlih the Kid doubly sure bv an agrats
jnent which threw the sneakylike, cunning
Kii off his guard, and tent him Into tho
lire far too fat and beefy to do hlmrlf full
j'i-tiee. lie got a body thumping such as
he never pot before, and lie was solar
piexuci "all right, alt rlsht."
Thr flghtirg tn the ring was on the level,
J think. l.t the victor-, as I said last
't. .im not wholly pained by e'ean,
immcailaKo method'. I despise trickery
1 .il things and especially in pugilistic
sport. Tho people of New York have pa
uoiilzed the ring for the Ian two years
as It was never before patronized in all its
history. They have put many tens of thou-i-.irds
of dullars into the coffers of fighters,
much more money than they aro ever llke
' Jy to Fee again, and common decency should
lui prompted the sluggeis to have given
ilutn. In the parlance of the turf, "a run
:! tt.eir money." This theiy didn't always
s,:t, 1 now believe.
Tuerc are f ghters in New York who have
juade mure money In the last jear, through
the practice of tnetr profession, than t"iey
eou.a earn in any otner way in u uxetlme.
Hume of them have been "straight as an
(L'rtv," while others have been. I fear, as
rocked as rani horns. Two ol the
mralght ones have been Bob Fltzslinmons
tint Uus Ruhlln. I'm not stuck on Fitz as
ix man. There Is no law on the statute
boot which compels me to like him, and I
iurft. but as a tighter there is. no pain
s' Ofiig the fact that since hs arrival In
A'rrn--a all his Lattles have been on the
.-4i and that he has done his best to Vila
1 time he has toed the scratch in a
ALuut the time It took place It was re
iiorjeu that l'ltz's bout with Joe Cfcoyr.skl
in .'.oston was "arranged" that It ftaa to
be f. "Barney" and that Choynpkl did his
best to "give nlra the double" and do him.
Jde came within an ace of doing him. too.
but If tttre was any agreement bttween
thera Bob defeated It by glvlnc Choynskl
imt, of th" norst hidings he ever got, siil
..' l.as haxl man, in the latter part of the
"niit'St. He dirtr. t put him out. however.
us Ithey had made an agref-mnt that
If ejeh man v.-as en hW feet at the end of
tne limit of rounds (live) the verdict was
totoa draw. Captain Bill Daly, who was
the referee, had no alternative and had to
tall !i that, though before he did he made
n explanatory speech to the spectators. In
hich he said: "You have all seen for
c-.rseHes which Is the beat man." Fit!
lias since denied that he had sj;red to
farney" and there Is no v.ar of proving
the contrary.
Certain men know the whole truth ot thH
matter, but as they aro vitally Interested
in keeping: Information of crookedness. If
there was any. from the public, they aro
lint likely to talk at this late day.
Cor hit part 1 think Fitz is entitled to
me bnult of the doubt, and that is why
1 bay 1:13 American record Is square.
Ous Huhlin Is a flshter to v. hose name no
t ip!'l'n of rro jkednets attacht-. Billy
! add n. hN manager, now claims the cliam
I'lnnlup for him becaue Jim Jeff ri. fco
- tho ?.t-r.uire i haiipion. haj Ignored Gu's
r t illeiipe and Is suk na.lnstead of a meeting
with him. one ulih I'ltztmmoni. ciaTnin
.hdmp!rbhil8 for bLi flhte'H I- MaMen'a
"S'eat a"t," as tho vaudevilliaas call It.
Maher and Rulilln fought one ef tho hard-
; 1 hts ever seen In America at th
Ienox Club In this city a jesir ago. They
v.ent twenty rounds to a draw, and it
"na? this contest that established the fi-;t
that Peter wa3 "dnad gam " lie ?ot a
thumping that night that not one tighter In a
hundred would have taken. His face was so
bruised and swollen that hl3 features wero
nlinost unrecognizable, nhile Euhlln's ribs
were as red-raw as uncookf-d beefsteak.
Maher claimed after the t!rht that he had
Injured his left arm bo badly In tho third
round of the contest that It was practically
usUess. 1 don't know how truo this state
ment was, but I do know that If they
tr do meet again and fiKht one-half as
Mc'ousrly a3 thfy did that nUlii, the club
that pecurea the contest will be fortunate,
Juiigin by tho cabled report? of hi ?ay-lag-i
since he arilved on tin other Fide of
the Atlantic. Jim Corbett has about as ba.1
a case of "rattles" as any man I know of
who It outside of a bughous. and I don't
envy George Consldlno the job ho has of
managing him.
Fit It was reported that he wai glad
that his wlfo was about to sue him far
Sufferers frost this horrible malady
nearly always inherit it not necessarily
froai the parents, but may be from some
remote ancestor, fcr Cancer otten runs
throueh tcveral centrationa. This deadly
f3 A S& vS"J
' poison ra3y lay dormant in the blood for
years, or until you iczzn ci'.aaie mc, iiiC4
the first little Bore or ulcer rnaltesits ap
tiearance or a swollen gland in the
breast, or some other part of the body,
gives the first warning.
To cure Cancer thoroughly and perma
nently all the poisonous Tints must be
eliminated from the blood every vestage
of it driven out. This S. S. S. does, and
is th- oaly medicine that can reach deep
seated, obstinate blood troubles like this.
When U the poison has been forced out
of the system the Cancer heals, and the
disease never returns.
Cancer begins often in a small way, as the
following letter from Jirs. Shirer shows:
Asnall pimple casie on ray jaw about an lack
btlow the earon the left side ot lay face. It give
at no paia or lccoavea
tince, and I should hare
ferp otten about it had it
cotbeun to IjiCarneand
teh; it would bleed a
little, thenscabover, bat
wocld not teal. Thii
ccatlnnrd fornrree time.
htn jny jaw began to Wi.JWf
well, becoming very -Xiiz5i3 tl
lifnl. TheCaECrrbe- XjlWTX ;&K
antUitwasailareeasa J5SsLJ!tiiiSS
a4 it vn irmarVable Xh -"'
kat a tro-derful e3ect
bad froia the cry beglnnicr ; the sere begn to
al and after taking a few bottles disappeared
surely. ThU was two yean ago ; tliei e are still
so strus of the fcinrrr. and mt treneral beatlh
continues good. Sins. K. Siiiv.Ba, 1 Kata. Mo.
&! ts the greatest ot s.11
&TH blood purifiers, and the
enly one guaranteed
(ky purely vegetable. Send
v tor our tree dooc on
Caacer. contnininc valuable and interest-
a information about this disease, and
nte our physidans about your esse. We
aaie no charge for medical advice.
VV-tl. a-
bh i2?t
divorce. Thursday ths papers rontahjeil
tha news that he hart cabled her, uit)n
that the nn.irtj that he had run mh;
'ith another woman were false; that he
loved her oi.iy a"d wat-ti hT to join bile
in England as sjeeciijy as poaaiblo.
Instead of complying with his request.
h gave his table to her lawyers, who made
it public throtifth the newspapers. Then the
li-itllrmot her Iniertion of suing hsm tor
dnorre, and of Ircnlcntally supporting hr
.iiatge ibt he had arranged his fiqht uh
Kid McCov, by dotumentarv cvider..e. s;U h
as the stubs uf her ch. tkboo'i. to aubrt.inii
ate her statement that uionetary torleit
was poetcd to Insure th? carrying out of
the arrangement.
IT she will make good thla Intention ther?
will he no doubting that Co.-bett's Ofht
wi'U SIiCy was "a llarnty." Corbett wai
quoted the other d ly . having s.Jd In
Ixirdon that Champion Jim Jeffries was "a
dead oik-," that his lift arm was perma
ntutly ciippled and that Fitzslmmor.3 was
the real ch impion. If he 13 correctly quoted
he has earn A tfce conietnpt of every friend
he had In the wurki.
Klng Eolohion was eonsldpred th-j wisest
man of his day in h.s dealings with his
fellowmen. and yet I believe that he had
considerable trouble vith th womenk nd.
Corbett has got hinwlf Into a mo-t ois
graccful mc3 He had a theatrical tour ar
ranged of at le'tst ten weeks duration, end
It bid fair to be a very sutcesi'ful one He
has thrown that over, and there Is very
little chance for him doing any pugilistic
busdnes In Enpl.ird. Tbe National Sporting
Club will hardly touch turn with a en-toot
pole. When he returned from his ..nt vfclt
to Kngland he denovnetd Its members.
There is no heavy m n,ht In England to
day at ail comp.ir-.bie to him. and if ho
and Charley Mmiieil should agree to box
eery one over there would know that tio
meeting would not be on the level He
may be able to make a match In 1'aris with
tome of the esvoiImf, bit even if he does
there will hardly be mm h money in it for
him. For a erity bis fat Is !n the lira,
and he Is a shining example of the fact
that "the way of the transgrts";or is hard."
Billy Brady, on ben Uf of Ch impion Jim
JeirrieS, challenges Bob Fits Immoiis ai,d
gives him unfl December I to accept. He
t-avs that If Fitz accepts his challenge ho
will bet him $Ut to :in,v that Jeffries
will win. and that it" ho tFitzt accepts this
offer he will pay him Jl.CHw tne Instant be
6i:rns articles of agreement and fiftX) mora
when be enter. the rinjj.
There Is only one piice in America in
which a comet such as thr coubl be pulled
olf and that Is In the Siaie of Nevada It
Is not likely that F.tz will accept this of
fer. In the flrst plaie. he has acuta re
tired from the r.ng. and in the second place,
he is not disposed to ba.'k hlm-atlf wen at
the odds of C to a for tny tush aniojnt as
Brady demands.
Brady further says tl'at should Fitz re
fuse to aceeDt the.-e ternt-i h wilt pive tin
Itt-blln a match, but he couples thii an-
nouneement with a deramd w! ich s ier- i
ta.r ly not equitable. It Is tbut Ru! In
chall poit $;."ioo at once and an adJ tiona! I
52. i'i) whtn tho articles of ngreemeit are
bipned on tr.e 1st of December. He mu-t '
then post K.f'O tnoro to m..ke up the JW,0 ;
net against joane J12.0UU. t urtne'more,
the contest 13 to lake rbice befoie tiie ciab
offering the largc-si p'irse for It and the
winner Is to take not only all the P'-'rse, but
also have tho sole right to all the money
that may bo tamed through the pictures o
the fight to be taken
Now I doubt If fluhlin has fio.eoo to bt
against Jeffries, and -ven if he tm nmii'
has no right to assume that he-aue .! f
f fries is the champion he has the s..lo rigtit
! to say on what terms h. will Cjibt men
' who are ns-plrants tor the honor If be
wants to make the Amtrican people be
lieve that he I really and truly on the
dead 'cvel. Instead of naming terms like
. those abovn quotcl, he wbl iy that n.w
that Jef'erles's arm Is so far recovered
I that he can train properly, In? will tight
i any man In the world who aspires to hla
ime. givin,; tne preierence to ntzsmmona
and afterwards to Ruhlln. Sharktv and
Jdahcr In the order named, wlnm r to take I
an. ami ony asi.uig mat a reiasonao e lor
ft:t be ptatjl to suarsntee the appear
ance of the -spirant for tho titlo In the
If he does this tho people will believe that
he rtaly means buMnuw, and If be d ei
not they will regard his challenge hlni
piy a bit of advertising for his pr.njlpah
Tom O'ltourke. on the part cf his "quit
ter," Joe Walcott, has alo challenged Gus
Itunhn. He wants t3 pit the r.tgro icuiiat
the Akron Giant, w;nrr to taive u.l tne
purse offered by tin.- cub bidding for tho
contest, and to wager i,i"W :; n s de bot
that tValcott wld win. As Huhlin has a
straight record he piotaby Will paj m
attention to this challenge. I believe that
Itublln can knock nine kinds of black
paint out of Walcott in a few rounds.
O'ilourke saja that If Iluhbn declines a
mati.li with Walcott lie U willing to back
tho giant negro. Bob Armstrong, again-t
him on the came terms. Armitronsr is big
nnd husk. but as the sparring tanner of
Tom Sharkey aijd Hob Fkzsin.mons he
hi not shown up as their tiu,l. IK' a' 1
Kjlilin would nuke a verj Inures' pj
lii.-.n h. w ith the chances of victory, I th.nk,
lti the white mans favor.
Tlure lias beep quite an exodus of the
pug.hbtlc fraternity fium tills city. Some
cf the scrippets who a few weeks aSo had
vi ry exalteu id Las on the subifet uf 'li
timounts of the poises tiny wuuid tumed
lur have buffrcd a diminution in the B.z-
of their caputs. The weaih r U decidedly
chlb here at prew.-iit- At times there Is a
fuggestion cf btiow in the air. Some uf .he
thumpers shuddt s as they think of the pos
sibility of having to live on a diet znalniy
composed of Kills of "the beautiful." It is
erj. very sad. Thty are hoping, howive-,
that after the ioitmaT election mere may :
be tcrapping in this lty, aw or no law, '
under "imlice prouctiOi. ' I'fcrhftpa thete '
mav be. ue shall t.. iut Jr there is the
pursa will be mere kol tons of wnat wer?
offered when the norton law, of blessed
memory, was in force
Apropos of the matrimonial troubles of
Corbett nnd McCoy I fcnid recently tnat, iti
a rule, pusiluiB do not make model hus
bands. A correspondent atks me why I
made this Ftatenietit. For one reasoa, be
eaie It is true, and, for anothT, to wara
euceptlble women against marrying thump
eta. Very few of ihem are worth) of a
good woman. Yankee SuilHan, tn llrst
e hampion of America. was aci ued of thraw
ir. a lighieel lamp at his wife, which iet
h-' elothea on lire and Inlllmoil Injuries upon
lur which eventually caused her death.
li-j p- lltiral "pull" wuci h.m f-om be
inz properiy ryisute! for tbK act
lm Hjir, his conqueror, I am told, did
neit live very happily ' ith hU poube, and
was anything but a mooel husband John
C He nan. "The tienieia D y." heiiarated
from Adah Isaaca Mrkin. the actress, and
trieJ to deny that ho waa legally married to
Their wedded life was anything but happy.
Torn Savers. Kngland s most famous
chsmplon since the das of Tom Cribb. lai
hnvled Into court by his wife, who had lum
lined and rebuked f.T beating hr. Tim
w-as after hiord lJalmerdon and otners had
raised a fund which provided ua annuity to
him for life.
One of Joe Goal's wives had a very shrew
ish tonzue. and once f-lio used It on turn
with such enraging effect that he picked
her up bodii and sat her down on a ied
hot ttove. He did "a. bit In stone" for tins.
I could mention many other Instances of
fghtcrs bad behavior to their "bttier
halves." but if I did I micht hurt the tei 1
Ii.gs of some celebrated pug'h-ts and mavba
cause them to push tn rey face, .o I'll
staid pat. merely commending I'un'-h s fa
mous advice "Don't!" to all maiden who
contemplate matrimony with "ehampicns."
A Lay I'nstor.
Dortor Edward Everett Hale's Church In
Roston has excited soma of Us cor.tem
jioranes and drawn the attention of the
Cioughtful generally by calllig to be lt3
associate rastor Professor Edward Cum
mlngs. of Harvard, who Is not a mlnlste.
at all, but a student and teacher of social
problems and u promoter of social reforms.
The bonds of creed lie very light on Unitar
ian clergymen, but still there Is novelty In
having an acknowledged layman for pastor
of a church. Apparently Professor Cum
mings is very well qualified for the work
he has been called to. and 'f he accepts
the call, the precedent Is not unlikely to
bo followed The devclor .ent of what Is
called the institutional side of church now
adays has gone so far, and Is so Important,
that men who are- qualified to manage that
department of church work must be as
much In request as are preachers of ac
ceptable theology. And after all. If the true
pastor Is known by his works, rather thai
bv his rhetoric or his prof ion It Is p s
s.'i th-t tf-at mtthod cf der-o .strati" 5
pastoral fitness may prove r.o' to b- ,.'to
ne'ther unscrlptural -U S. J!. -II. , la Har
per's Wetkly.
Faculty of the Big College Warns Students
That Members of Athletic Teams Must Be
Bona-Fide Undergraduates News
and Gossip of the Gridiron.
Washington Vniveisity football plav. rs
have been given to understand by the I'ucn'
ty that such practi-es as were used to get
a team for the schojl the last three seasons
will not be tolerated this season, and that
the team which repiesente the university
cannot pis-" agaln-st any team that M
known to bavo -nen flaying on it wbo aro
not bona Ode members of the school which
tb it team represents.
T'le faculty certal.ily Is to be enrnmended
for ?uch action, as It mians the behiiininsj
of the crreade that is bound to come
I'galnst ao-called "ringers" in school ath
letics. Last year Washington University
football team wa3 largely made up ot men
who did not attend the Institution and
mado no pretense of doing so. When this
tiecamo gem-rally known, and bovs Judt
ready to tnier college got the Idea that
they had no chance to p'.ay football If they
went to Washington Cnlverblty they wouli
at once choose anoiher c dlege in b !i 1 1
finish tielr educatlaca. The plan was car
ried so fur last fad that tome very uood
players, who wero students, eumd not
make the team, but wero ousted by men
who were their Inferiors at every point of
tho game.
This year nnd every year hereafter the
potley will be reverted and carried to the
oilier tremfl. Manager niler. is In a 1
quandary over the advisability of playing J
a game with the team that will go umier
the nao of the Marion-Sims Medical Cel
Iege. Thl3 la the other extreme. Indeed, as
the men on that teara are simon pure ami
teurs If tbey are not studmg medicine, and
they are playlns the gairie just because
they love It.
That school athletes need ?omo strict
rules and tho enforcement of them, to rid
them of some men who are playing foot
ball, winning athletic contests and so forth,
who aro not bona hue studenu. Is a well
known fact to every follower of the game
In St. Lotils. If other schools follow the
esampls that has oeen eet by the Wash- '
.nKton University. St. Louis will have puie '
amatcura and inoro interesting interoalUsi
ate contents.
It is strange that the Washington Uni
versity faculty should be the flrst to make
this move, as It hag alwajs been credited
with being the lea-.t interested in utliletlca.
It Id good news, at ary rate, as Washington
ii bound to be the leader tn athletics over
the entire Southwest. If not tho Went, when
Installed In her new quarters out on tho
fcklnker road. When a lcacer nmong col
leges makes an Important move the others
have to follow suit in t-hort order, and it is
only a question of time when all St, l.oui 1
Mhoois will declare against the "ringer"
tard clean irort will be had onco more.
Coach Van Vleck already has the Smith
Academy candidates working very hard,
a-id by Thurda. when the school opens for
the fall term, he will have the Ighl or
nine now prc.cu- ing in such shape that bo
can give tt t new ones enough attention to
mnko them catch up with the seasoned
lads. The boss have Iota of tontidence lit
their new coach, nnd claim that what ho
does not know utxiut football i not worth
The Christian Ilrothcro' College bovs are
tn the sa-ne- tix in repaid to a coae-u that
the High Scnool has been In Ivt a month.
The managers of both teams claim that all
the coachei. or those that have pretensions
tn that line, think that the school athletic
associations are really banking institutions
and can afford to pay most any old prlco
for the iteslstance of a man who will only
claim that lie Is a football coach.
The High School has bad orfers from
some men that do not know as much about
tl.e game as any member of tho regular
team, un.i they Invariably want big sal
aries, while thoe men w ho do know the
game and ore capable coaches will not
ace'ept remuneration for their services, at
it is reward enough for them to see their
teani3 win. but unfortunately all of this
ciuss ate too busy this fall and cannot
spare a moment's time for football.
At present It looks very much as though
both tho Hii;h Seliool and C. Ii C will
go through the seison without outside as
sistance, whlio St. Ioni-i Univenltv and
Smith Academy are well fixed In tins re
spect. Washington University has nothing
In tt? wav of a coach and very little In
the way of players. Those she ins are es
good as. any in tbo city, but light now
thire are bu: five of tbem. The L't.iverMty
will open next Thursdaj, and quite a num
ber of cracker-Jacks are expected to make
their apiearance. Newman Samuel will re
turn from the Kast that aay and tdiould be
of great help to the team, as be has been
taking lot-, of exerclso all summer and haa
strengthened himself ccnIde-rabi.
"our lab men v.ero at the I'to-time field
Friday and all of them KOt Into uniform
and practiced with the Washington and
Smith bovn. The college m-n arc to ing
for the 'varsity at New Huvtn. nnd de
parted yesterda for the hast with hopes
of being placed at the training table upon
anval there. Tb- men were Cook I'.wis,
Jim and George Reynolds and LouU At
kinson. St. Louis University foot bat players fe-11
over themselves In their enthusiasm when
Martin Delaney arrived at the school Fri
day morning. In the afternoon. In answer
to his eUI for candidates, twenty-two promising-looking
young athletes donned the
moleskins and rportcd for their tlrst work
out of the grldiion fja-oti. Nearly oil of
last year's team was 011 hand, in addition
'o a number of green men. The latt. r vv.ll
koep 1 Coach Ielaney very busy for some
time, although not without promise of re
ward, as a few of them aro as l'kely-ap-pearlng
candidates 33 ever stepped along
uny Held.
Nearly all of this month the University
bovs have been complaining that athletics
would hurt their football team. Even the
uav of D laney's return tho best athlete lr
ho school was heatd to sav that the Uni
versity was out cf football tills season with
Its men trying to win the runs, jumps, and
so forth, at the Coliseum, but that same
man was the most enthusiastic over the
team's chances Friday when Delanry an
nounced thnt athletics would be dropped
after next week no attention being paid to
tho proposed "championship games" at the
Col.seum the latter part of October. He
I" not in favor of putting his boys in turn
ers' contests, in which they meet Ke.i'-oned
men who have practiced such specialties .s
Hicar-throwitig and ropo-clinibing all tn-ir
lives. Tills tnear.s ihat the Unlvers.ty bovs
will devote all their spare time to footbal'
attir this week, r.nd most of It this week,
ns Delaney does not care much whi ther a
Fl.ov.lng Is made or not. but thinks thai
as the beiys are entered they might as well
About tfce most promising green man Is
IM Walh, who was on the tr&ck team last
spring, and has had considerable experience
in general athletics, but has never before
played football. Walsh is tall, and weighs
about 175 pounds This does not tell much
about him. however, as It U his propor
tions that Immediately impress one with
the fact that he should mike a crack feKit
ball plavtr, with his broad shoulders, bg
chest and poweiful limbs Walsh was tried
at guard, and will undoubtedly -linke the
pos.tion, as he has the courage tl.at w.II
stand an awful pounding before giving an
Frank White will play center again, nnd
If energy and ambition eount for much, tho
other local centers will have a ban! row to
hoe, as he has the weight and cleverness to
back up his great desire U. have his team
beat ver thing In sight thl3 fall.
McDowell and Donohue are both playing
at quarter in the different line-ups. and
both are such good men that they will se
cure a position some place on the team.
St. Clair Shaw Is like a child with u new
toy when he gets his brawny arms around
the ball and starts through the bunch,
and the way he can rough 1. Is a caution.
Shaw Is almost a certainty at half, as his
speed and ability to stop, turn and ct
away again makes Iiim about the fa-Mest
half In town.
McJlanus. formerly of tho Christian
Brothers' College, was expected to enter
the University yesterday, but did not,
though ho nas on tho field washing tho
team at practice. Mac will enter this week
and the ginger thnt he will add to the team
win r.et it aure ir ueiati-y u not careful.
The change that hns come over the boys Is 1
really wonderful. Three or four dajs ago
trey were around bewailing the fact that
they would not be ahl to give the Illtih
F. honl team a fair fight, to say nothing of
t -ailng It Now they will tell vou that th
Ii'gh has nDt a chance on earth to wli
fr:ii then T"cy re not bluff!" g by any
means, ami they aro Justldtd in their conti-
d' nee, as their candidates are heavier than
tlio.se at Hlsh by an average of seven or
eight pound to the man. that Is if thu
V.'i ... kl of fhn inn JX-TY IM llM tr.n n n.t
thei'e is no r. anon to si-e why tbey should .
not te. a.- yet. rue tmaiiest of the can
didates are well built and not light, al
though a couple of tnem appear to be small.
A comparison of the team that is almost
certain to represent High and a team that
can bo gotten up at ths St Louis t'nlver
slty will show the difference In weight, and
as for plevlng ability High has not mueii
of a: u:nt;ige. At cen'er for High wid
te John 1-arpb, who i.?. at the v ry leat,
twti ty poui da lighter tl an White of the
Vmvcrs-ity. b it he has the edge on Wlntj
when It comes to 6peed and rough work,
a he is tougfcer than shoe leather and dots
not know what the word quit meats. Whit.:
does not. either, for tl-at matter, but be Is
yo laifce that ht tannot get hinislf Siarrt
rncd . nr.i.gh t" withstand the lard knocks
of a Mime wtthoi.t showing the effects tn
his work. il-h at guard will outweigh
Cither of the HUili guards Ly fiftee'n pounds.
and has them beat on speed, but of course,
will be shy where ovperienee counts. Wln
t rman, tbo other High guard. Is about tho
f-nme size es any one of thrfe that could
be pkv.ed In thHt position by Delaney Xlor
r.mn as a tae-Me. would be lighter than
Webber of the Hlgn bv possibly twenty
jioirius. while Tevis could be stood off In
weight by two or three men at ta'kle on
tho other Elue. Sleber and Krsklne as the
High ends will be lighter than the Univer
sity ends by at least llfte-en pounds e ieh.
in thu backs. More of High Is nearly as
heavy as McDowell at quarter, but Shaw
at half is heavier than DaughaUay by fully
thlrty-flve pounds and Maloney or any one
of half a dozin others at the University
wll tip the beam as far out as will Bob
Klnzie the cth.-r HUli back At full. Henrv
feir ilili is neavi-r tn.'-i Donohue of St ,
I.OU1S. out wouiu ie emeweiKiioo. ny some
other eand'dates for full :it tne University.
Of course this Is a verj roagh gmss at t!,e
University team, but In no casj has the
heaviest man been picked for 3 position,
unless he was conee-ded to bo the best
there, or Is the oily candidate Quite a
P'.iiiLer o' the University stars have not
b'in nunttnnrd as on tho team, but they
aie be'vi'r thin those who are in their
p!-i(- ard this Is given only as an llltiotra
ti m of 'he creat difference In weight he
me. 1 Hlsh and the University. On thee
lluns. the latter will outweigh 'he for
mer by about lOu po'inds. which docs not
Local Links Are Almost Burned Up by the Sun
and Drought Country Club in Ex
cellent Condition Simpson and
the Championship.
Wednemlay's rain, cold weithor and the
return of tho summer absntees -jiil maku
the links about St. Louis lively and wortn
playing on this week. The seaside resorters
were missed, the beat wan horrible, but the
absence of rain waa the worst of alb In
deed, had It not coma when It did the links
would have been burned out of playing con
dition. For el2ht days not two ounce-s of
water had fallen on la bOW odd acres of
golf land in St. Louis County and city. It
was like playing golf on the Mojave desert.
You vlare not take sod, for If thero had
been sod to take you would huve been
smothered in the duet, and you would have
bioken your club. Such an unpleasant sub
ject is not very pleasing discussion Just now
when the grass Is coming up and the Jon;
mashle shot lies dead by tho flair.
In c wcik or so they will be talkirz of
fall tournaments. This promise's to be a
very busy full in that line hore
bouts There will be the bis open
tournament of the Country Cli.b, wnich de
cides the championship of St. Louis and
county. The date for this event has not
yet been set. No doubt It will come along
at the U'uai time, the first of November.
Last iej.r this tournament had some forty
ntrle,. This season It Is quite sure to have
I'M. All bona fide players, too, no com
Pllmentaiy entrants. This will ri-pretent an
Increase uf lii per cent In golllng sport here
abouts, which is not so bad for one year.
Tl.o Joekiy Club is laying plain lor a
big handicap tourney to follow the open
event. Lsst year the hotse club gave s.
drop-of-the-hat affair, which exulted a great
deal of interest una brought forth a-lot of
excellent players hitherto unknown. Mr.
McCreery, who Is chairman ot tho
Jockey Club Greens Committee, is deter
mined that his rext affair shall far out
shine that of last year, which wa a. hurried
and maiden eftort.
He says that his prizes will far exceed
In value and beauty anything hitherto of
fered for golf competition in the Southwest.
They mil be "numerous, useful and vaiu
ble." Mr. McCieery says that he expects
Ix entries rur Lis open handicap tourna
ment. It Is not likely that tl.e Field Club will
tliow the season to go by without a tour
nament of more than club or dual Import
ance. The lilsscll'a i'olnt Club ha.s recent
ly finished lis ne-vv clubhouse, and a fall
house wrming is on the tapis. Summer
houscwarmings are all right, but they cotn
pai Illy mth the fall aii'a.rs of that
nature Prior to this season the limited
quarters at the disuosr.l of this excellent
und hospitable resort of good fellows and I
lovely women have not made It an object
to entertain large numbers of visiting
g ilfers. This fall It will be different. Thero
is r.o finer place to go than to the Field
Club no better people or none half as hos
piuble. If you want dlrticult links they
have them In sueli awful quantities, all
stocks, and all brands.
Almost any one would b glad to pay a T5
entiy fee to play over the Country Ciub
links In an open tournament If he could nut
get to do It in any other way Tboi.gh the
ilnl.s near the county neat are not of kind
and nrable nature', they certainly bear com
parison with any In the West-. Naturally
the soil Is unkind and IlI-dl.oosed to grass.
Yet ilackrel' has made the bluo prs-s grow
where a year ago thistles had their own
thorny troubles rearing their fuzzy crests
to the breeze. I did not see the links from
the advent of the recent prolonged drou-iit
until yesterday. They are a surprise The
fair green Is 111 cspiial condition. When you
consider the lorg drought Its condition Is
s.mply remarkable It must have been a
even a Jolly gooel toasting too. In fact,
Norman "old ! they were. Funny those
Englishmen. JJost nny one else would have
bieathed deep and In an lmprecatlona! wa
groaned, "They got a of a burnln" '
V' t Norman merely Millies and murmurs.
"They- got a Jolly good toasting" milk and
hom-y where there sliould be sulphur and
sab peter.
The greens are pretty well burned, but
not so badly as they are elsewhere. The
course Is regulated as a golf links 5houId
be. It will be much beticr this fall, when
Mackrell opens the new greens. Oh, It pays
to spend money on a golf coutse.
The Algonquin courses were burned out
all of sh. pi. The greens, which were very
good in the spring, became raggeJ 'tides1'!
The Webster scil Is better suited for i.-olf
purposes than any In tlis part of the coun
try Uut the trees spoil the links A fellow
might as well get an ax and go up In the
Michigan woods at one" as play golf
Uirough tho precious orchards and lawns of
Webster. If you are not stymie to the treo
the tree Is stymie to you. Tbe-n you may
be the worst foozlcr, and a bad r.llcer Into
tho bargain, but If you are stymie for a
tree and 209 yards away from the hole, you
take your brassey, turn on your toes,
swing right, with wrist motion, pick her up
sweetly, follow through perfectly- and. blng!
sh" hits the very centPr of a sapling that
Is not two Inches in diameter, and bounds
back within an Inch of your nose, faster
than It went away. Did you ever g-t
stymie for a little bit of a slim tree anl
mKs It? I never did.
Take that eighth hole at WebHer. You
F"t n!rng carer frrm the tee to the creek
and then tco to ruu tho corner. You bavo
ri r 1. 1 . 3 b' h cf c v i v.- 1 I' t
l 11 u - I il ' .. J I 1 t '
!! 1- ,n teel it in i.. s t ..i h :-l .
ll iHIK. 1
That tr.o St. LouU University t. -m is to '
be counted on i'l football this s-i igii can
not be denied any longer, notwt'rs.t..nd.
that nearly all football men of exptr.ence
in this city have been claiming that High
would eat up their Grand avenue neighbors
when tncy met on the gridiron.
Cornelius Daly, the nomit rlul youii; ath
lete from the Worcester HUh S l.ool. Is
causing all kinds of trouble betwe 11 alc
and Columbia It seems that Daly took his
preiimn iry examinations for Yale a e.r
;o, and ii v.- .s not thought tha; l.e w U I
change his mli.d about goi .g there. i. ho
ha many f 'lends In New Haven. At tie
last moment It was learned by Yale tr. n
that Coach Panford of Columbia had paid
a visit to Worcester and tha D-ily wu
practicing with the Columb a team at Brm
t'ord i'oiut. Thurslay Daly and Sanfoid
Rot Into an argument which resulted in
Daly going home Sanford said that the
man tieedeJ a i.tt but from other Colum
bia people it wis Uarned that Daly hrd
quit Columbia for good and alL Now Yale
men are worulering if be will go to New
Haven aeeortiing to his original inp ntlsn.
Daly w..s not only the best (ootl.all player
nf tho famous Woreester High School team,
but l.s also .1 great oarsman, ha.ing rowul
in the WachUMjtti four for two vears. This
U the four that was stroked by Ildwartl
Ten Eyck at tho National Regatta and
which won with ease, notvithstanding the
fact that Ten Eyrk elaimed that he strained
hi.s back In the r.o-e.
It has bees ofiloiall: announced that Tale
will not allow any of her football men to
try to ind.; o Daly to a'tend Yale, but as
Daly's friends have already gone to Worces
ter with that Intention they probably know
that thty are nafe in getting him.
Yale lost Ralph Davis, the crack of the
"prep" schools. In Just the sam- way that
Ci lumbla got Ialy. DavU was switched
off by I Tinefton, but has not been there
long enough te. duii'cate Daly's perform
ance by getting into trouble with the
There Is considerable t'knprxilnt raent at
the University of Pennsylvania over the
f..:luie of Alvln Kraenzleln, the greatest
athlete of the decade, to secure the consent
ofhls parerw to play foo'bal! ICraenxleln
now nays that lie is out of all athletics, S3
lie only wanted to play football this fall to
bco wliat be could do at the game.
Coach Etagg tf the Unlvcslly of Chicago
took a hand in te scrimmage of Ida foot
ball players Friday. Impatient over their
shortcoming;', and tired of standing on the
sl.le-llri": shontlr.tr commands and exhorta
tions, he rushed into the thick of the light,
brushed the qi arter back aMde. and pro
ceeded to captain the tram h'msclf. Bend
ing over le hind the broid back of Center
Ru-h Himjiton he called the s'gnal In
!'i..rp. cl-u f i', and motioned for the
ball to be "iiinpei. As 'l sped from the cen
ter's bands S-hgg seized it the wrong way
and was so slow In pas-dug It to the laelf
baek that his ld lot a ard.
Undlscourajed by this d.sastrnu attempt,
he tried scair-. This time he fumbled ami
the ball ro'lf 1 Into the tangle of players.
Quick as a 11 'sh Stage dropped on tha
ground, vith one arm thrown caressingly
around th" pig"kii. while half a dozen
brawry young giants cat uron his frame
and the icf.ree yelled: "Doim!" After that
Profet-sor St gg re-sumed his old method of
coaching without practical demonstration.
sen those driving competitions at hoire
shows where the artillery men stand still
and have stakes driven half an inch from
the l.ubs e.t their eaisseois. then drive
around ard througn the stakos at a gallop,
never tcu hing one-? That Is something
like driving up that hill from the creek
bottom to the cikbth green at Webster.
There Is the green and between you and it
are two great big tree- You can Just se
tho green cuddled between their loving
arms. There is Just place for a perfectly
driven ball to get between tte leaves of
both with a elndge and a swish. If you puil
or slice nn Inch you will knock a load of
kindling out of the one or other of the deor
things ami jr.ur ball falls Into a quarry.
Oh. those Welister trees. They ruin a
mighty promising golf course, and they
shade a lot of lovely girls who go round
after you lulling for Mr McKInnle to lick
you They have no business on a links,
and they have no busine'si protecting girls
who want to see you beaten.
That cleanest of golfing places, the Fair
Ground, has been allowed to run wild a
good deal In tho summer. The. greens are
very hempy save theme at the lake, and they
are as lull of wild grass as a Kauris
steer. In tho racing season the Fair
green was not cm regularly and the wlro
grass nourishes as It will If given a Cham a,
confound it. The wild grass Is very preva
lent on these nice links, where the tod is
so good when taken care of The tecs,
which are the only grass grounds herea
bouts also, have the wil 1 gra s on them very
billing You know what it is to catch a
nico buntb of wild arasa with your wooden
club" Just like driving a ball that Is teed
on the other sidt of a poultry w re fence.
Then the greens are not cut largo enough,
though all t'.at Is needed to make a green
Is to put the mower on. on two of the
greens wheie n long second goeg on there
Is not room enough to illp a dollar for tho
eirlnks. not to speak of carrying a bunker
11: lwi yards and lying 011 the table. Then
the eighth hole Is a libel on golf. Too
short for a driver, too long fcr a cleeek.
With a yard square to pitch on a fellow
would need a balloon to relay his ball to
tho proper lie. Tfce tee should be moved
baek for a driver or up for an lion. There
Is an ugly, big, weedy hazard In front to
j.et the bliori iron and the penalizing track
behind to catch the driver nil! It was a
pood hole last fall when it stai ted near tho
No. 2 tee, and took a drive and a mashle.
But some of tho players protested! it was
too much of a walk from No. 7 green to
the tee. So It was moved un. It wantil
have been letter to put In a little railroad t
lor tne ureM ones. It would have been
more like gulf, anyhow.
The eighth, ninth and third greens are
cut too nar-ow. It is impossible to pitch a
short ball from the bide of the course
on the green nnd hold It there when the
playing lie Is cloee up The long grass in
tervenes. Pitch over and It rolls off. Pitch
short and It sticka In the gras.
The trap bunker. In on the right of No. 1,
just does catch a good straight drive from
the short lee. It I3 not ten feet out of
hole line at any time. Playing from tho
long tee a slice ball lying on the fair green
will have to bo played ove-r thD trap. Th'.s
cannot be done and tco stccn held. It will
roll otf.
The Fair (-rounds course la the neatest,
most convenient, and by nil odds the best
turfed of uny nrour.d St. ixiuis It needs
Just ri few changes and a little hard vvorl:
for a Week or so. That Is all.
Robert SImpron. the Tleld Club profess
lional. Is working hard for the open cham
pionship, which will be playrd in Chicago
in tl.e llrst week of October. They rate
him a first-class chance. He has teen spend
Irg the dull days of tho summer solstice at
the Country and Field Cljbs. Lately be
haa h.d Mackrell for an opponent. They e.o
say, do the caddies. lads snd link-hangers,
that there hnve been some very warm times
periods quite worth the price of admis
sion. Norman, who ses It all. but who Is
the while such a confoundedly wise fellow
that be says nothing, admits thlt It has
been "up and up." which im-ans tnat there
has been a lot of give and lake between tho
stars, with honors easy, as the prize fight
bulletins say It Is hlnted that once Simp
son had 37 In his bag going to the last hole,
when his driver broke. Then h toek an
other hooked Into the plowed land, and took
5 Norman a III go to Chicago 10 caddie or
"carry." as the-y call It. for him A most
sagacious fellow Is Norman, and liable to
lea prtK'Igiously valuable man to a plav-er
In tight times. He will do the work. Simp
son the playing and Mackrell the entertain
ing When shall ruch a trio meet again''
Lik the Irish bodcarrier who had nothing
to do but to pack the bricks up the ladd t
for the other fellow to lny, Simpson w.ll
only have to do the playing for the other
fellow will tird the balls and -arry the clubs.
The ball will be Fhown Simpson, the club
shoved in his calloused hands, he will b-
told where, when and how to hit It. and all
ho will have to do is do It Then Mackrell
can stand back of the ropes, smoke, grow
nervous and pick tip that :M-yard cuppy
with his braIe and beat Vardon once more'.
Speaking of etippys, brassies and such
things. Simpson, who must lie a woodwork
er, does not like a cleeK. He says tbat It
Is the most Inaccurate of clubs, or rather,
that It Is the very hsrdcst of all clubs to
acquire ni" urae-y with. He uses a spuon
for his ch ck -bet3 of distance and a mldiron
for shorter en- s. Miybe he is rbrhi. Yet
the very swe t t ar.j personally most sat
isfactory suots ever initio aro those sweet
(gz u m
, sr
1 all
t 1,1 A
tia :u.
tfftiH '
il) K3Fwm
Jalii Ui SaA h
r-v m Si M F3
v Ivrstta yKrSii w
'&JW 3SV
Varicocele and Stricture Removed Without.
Operation, and Specific Blood Poison,
NervoSe:ual Debility and AIIAs
sociate Disorders of Men
Cured to Stay Cured.
(W. A. COOK, M. D.)
While my patients can always depend
Blcal work when they demand It, or when
qulied In order to bring about a curs, I
the years of my practice, to so perfect my
brought about without tho aid of tic knife.
It Is comparatively easy to cut out an7
an operation of this kind means a loss to
you have a sore on your hand, a surgeon
how much greater is the skill of him who
turu usefulness.
It was this view of surgery and medict
treating Varicocele sad Stricture, which.
form of operation, cures the disease and
condition. My system of treatment for
one which cures without operation; this
clusively In my practice. The records of
ST per cent of all cases taken.
In Varicocele, by means of my treatise
to their natural state and the organs which
health and full usefulness. The method is
In Stricture my treatment removes the
Xort. simply by the remedies which the pa
Without the use of those dangerous
by most doctors, and which leave such ter
tific Blood I'olsoalaz thoroughly and per
atlons, but 1 rid the whole system of every
scalp in a clear, healthy, natural condition.
In t'eno-Sexusl disorders I havo also, as Is well known to the medical profession
generally, made gioat advancement over the old-time methods, and never mind how.
Icng the undermining conditions have been active. I can promise a complete and per
manent restoration to health and of all lost powers. ! do not sttk simply to temporar
ily stimulate the weakened nervou3 and physical system which, I am sorry to say,
is the method of most other so-called specialists, but to permanently fculid np tha
whole constitution of the patient and at tho eanio time remove the underlying causes.
Whenever it Is possible to do so. I am very desirous ot having the patient call at
my ollico for a pertansl laicnicvr. If living away from the city. I will de
duet the railroad fare paid (one way) from my regular fee. Tha attention of thosa as
a dLtance Is called to the special low excursion rates during tho Exposition, begin
ning September 17th and ending October Ift. Address
610 OLIYE ST., - - ST. LOUIS, WO.
half cleefcs, IS to Ho yards, right bans up
to the hoie.
A nice He of a white ball In the green
grass, a bunker, seventy yards off. tho hole
sixty yards bevond that, a bright cleek
blade, a brisk address, t'10 hands back to
the hip bone, a swift crack, and tho ball Is
what .Mackrell. v.bo is very snappy and
Yankeelrh. calls "stoney" It Is tho pret
tiest and most effectivo shot that can bo
played. It fe.-Is better. looks better, ard
works better than any other. Mackrell has
It do n line. I have seen him take twenty
five bi.lls i!0 yards off, and lay theci around
the hol-j close and f re-queut as egg3 in an in
cubator. Had th honor of rretllnr n private look
Into Siinrwcn's chamiionshlt) bag yester-
ray. There was a mighty tine set of tools .
In It tlitee drivers, two spoons, a brassle
wttn the usunj complement of iron ciuds
and a wooden putter for running up the
long putts and short approaches They say
It U simply great for that Kind or worn.
Tho main thing that strikes you when you
ro over a pr r-'s-ional's bag Is "Why don't
he make clubs that suit me as well as ho
mitkps htc nun etiihs to suit meT The In
ference being that tl." professional makes '
better club'. Tor himself tnan he does tor
his customers.
When this was remarked to Mackrell, he
said: "I'll bet Simpson will sell you any
club In that sack for the regular prlee.
I dare say that thee clubs do suit you bet
ter than your own do. Do you know why?
Simply because he made them ns good
clubs should be made, not to suit odd fan
cies and bizarre ideas. When I make you
a club I make It to the purchaser's order
and to his Ideas, to what he thinks will
suit him. He wants It that way. He gets it.
tint tf he nlln.re.1 htm to witch htm swlnir
n while, note his style and build. I'll bet !
he would maKe tim a ciud tnat wouia suit
him much better than tho one he has made
to his Ideas He Is always allowing for this
and that, cutting here to square this fault,
tilling there to reluce the other one Hence
he gets tho clubmaker to make him an in
ferior club Let him make the club, and
ho will find It all right."
There may be something In that. The
wrlt'-r mu't admit that the best clubs ho
ever had were those made for him accord
ing to tho Idea of the professional club
maker, who made them, not according to
his own.
vnTi:n.N traim:ii or tiii: icx-
Coach George "Woodruff of the University
of Pennsylvania football team has begun
the work of training his men In sober
earnest. His first Instructions to his men
were In the rudiments of football, and
with that ho couplers much needed physical ,
exercise. His plan Is to give the vann a cer
tain set or needed points in one day's
training, and then the next day to re
hearse these things, repeating the process
until every point Is completely mastered.
Thus far the most Important active wo-k
that haa been practiced has been punting
down the field for tho purpose of developing
speed. He has defined to the men that
every run must be the outcome of a definite
purpose, acd at the same time he Is get
t'ng them used to Judging distances. IPs
process is to line his men up and scud tseui
il issa dl 1
m M'in m mm BN
upon the most careful and successful but.
the case Is such that it la absolutely re
h..ve constantly endeavored, throughout all
methods of treatment that a cure could fco
offending portion of tho human body, but
the patient which can never be restored. If.
can cure It by cutting cfT the hand, but
cures the sore and leaves the hand for fu-
ne that led me to perfect a method fo
without cutting or burning, or any othee
restores the organs to their natural healthy,
both Varicocele and Stricture Is the only;
system originated with me and Is used ex
my office show cures, by this method, in
nt. the engorged blood vessels are reduced
they supply are restored to a condition o!
painless and requires no losa of time from
obstruction without any pain or discom
tient himself applies at home.
drugs which enter into tha remedies given
rible after effects, I cure all stages of Spe-
manently not only the outward manifest-"
vestige of the roison. leaving the skin and.
Primary. Secondary or Tertiary
Blood Poison Permanently Cured.
You can be treated at home under
same guaranty. If you .have taken
mercury, iodide potash, and still have
cches and pains, Mucus Patches in
.Mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper
Colored Spots, Ulcers on nny part of
the body, Hair or Eyebrows falling
out, write
Cook Remedy Co.,
452 iUasonic Temple, Chicago. III., for
proofs of cures. Ccpital $500,000.
We solicit the most obstinate cases.
We have cured the worst cases in IS
to 35 days. lOO-page Cook Free.
nway after the ball at full lilt, and at each'
line-up ho places his men In different po
sitions. This method has.llready had thj
iTeet of Increasing the -mbers in the
squad, fcr the men now hav an Incentive!
to get out In the field and practice, as ev
ery man now has an even chance to nhovr
what he can do. It will a'so have the ef
fect of getting together a scrub team from
which to draw for 'varsity candidates next
year. Among the new men who have como
out for practice recently Is Wallace from
last year's team. Ned Goodwin Is also
out at play, and as he Is a sprinter, h
will probably qualify Into a very good
player. McGe-e, who has played on his clasi
team. Is out. Not enough has been seen,
of tbe new men yet, however, to enable
Woodruff to Judre accurately of their
value. What the coach haB In mind now H
Pie getting of the men Into the ways o
the game. After he has done that ho wlU
weed out the nquad and begin to mark tha
regular men.
THE highest award at the Paris Exposl-
Uon. Ie Grand Prix, was bestowed on JL
Joseph Hel for hU stringed Instruments.
JI. Hel has. after thirty years of labors ia
tie studio of Vulllaume, succeeded In re
producing the Stradivarlus violin, a beauty
cf workmanship, varnish and tone. He ob
tained the flrst prize at ten consccutiva
world'B fairs for I1I3 admirable violins. Ysays
and Ovlde Musln, the two great Belgian vio
linists, recommend and play them. Mr.
Emlle Karst has a number of pupils who
play them who will learn with pleasure that
the Jury of experts, the artists of Farts.
have given them llrst place.
And Return.
B. &. O. S-W. R. R.
Going Oct. 6th.
I-s:t cheap excursion to anclioiatl. I
All partlcJllirs at Broadway, sad Xeoenst. .
1 yMAUhViA
si 1

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