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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 25, 1900, Image 10

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On the Other Hand, tin Cheaper
Graiiis Were Stronger and
Closed Willi a Fair Gain.
Offl Republic.
Monday. Sept. 2t -The
Indirrerenee of traders to stimulation.
... .-..-. a n tho limited t.it dealinjrs In
Train of a" deBCripUon and the lr-slf-r.if- j
leant fluctuations In values was one
the chief features of the situation to-day.
IurtnK the moat of the "session the markis
drifted along In a dull, furrow and profes
rional way. and there was scarcely a more--ment
lit any f-raln calculated to Rive any
etlr to the pJt operations. The speculative
situation was largely reactlonar; at la
to say wheat ihowed a. noticeable laok of
bull pnthueiasni and none of the strencth
-.. conspicuous durinf the Homing days of
Just week, wiillo on the other hand the
cheaper sralns cxblWted a very tftod un
dertone of strength. The developments be
sides tho above-mentioned were by no
means of stortllns nature, the volume of
business was exceedingly sautll. and the en
tire rltuatlon devoid of features calculated
to arouse the Interest of the trading pub
lic In fact, a dull, slow and uninterestln--market
was had throughout most of the
day. The weaker feelintf and downward
tendency ft the flr.tr groin was reflected In
liwer prices at the close of the day's mar
ket, the loss amounting to almust a cent.
llut In the case of the coarser grains things
were just the opposite, the encouraging un
dertone of strength bringing about a fairly
pood Improvement In vulues. though H tan
i.ot be said that there wsjs any great beuer
taent in speculative operation.
A most deddeJIy reactionary disposition
shewed itself in the speculative wheat mar
J.et to-day, and there was quite a serious
decline In market values during tho day.
The-e waa no speculative energy displayed
In this grain, a slow and quiet slate- of af
fairs existing from start to tinlsa. with a
weak tone and downward tendencj to prices
front the opening. The rr.aifc.ol was weak,
and heavy all through tcs s-slon. lleac
tlons were small and lntreelueut and the
bull.: were very mueh disheartened over tno
ihauge that hail come over the situa.lt Jn.
'i he market was not without bun iiulu. una.
in lact. It waa well favored In this ri.--nc',
tiit-re being a continuation of the bullish
conditions In the NortOHtal viuicii wire ui
eiieitlve last week. They wero not so tJf:
tlve to-day. however, :ouMng no bull n
thusran ct helping speculation. The e
Hen. said to te rains nearij oer oil thi.1
ectlon. and Minneapolis was up c. Again
the movement of sinns wneat to market
was away btjlow what It should have been.
thre b-ing only iiv cars reci-d. coatparva
.ith L3l a ytar ago. and shocks at Jlin
luapoIU and L'Uluth shoid a. decrease of
US.v.' bu. during lafct -Aeek. Tne eake:i
In lntluenco con.sted of a very cniiij re
.pjnse to Saturday's advance on this Etde
by JJver;ool. which retorted only ls-i gain.
lAndon was firm for cargces. and intri'.sh
country markets were said to U- faioi
jtt.le to the telling side. Then the-e w.re
heavy world's shipments of 7K0.o hu.,
whluh was caujwd by litrgely lucreaMid Ilus
i::an and Danutnan Ehipmenis. Koniestio
markets uppeared to be more impressed by
the bearish factors than they were by those
of a bullish nature, and St. Iuis as par
ticularly so by the receipts ot 22.uut) bu..
whlca were only M,9io bu. KnaUer than
those of last week, and then, tw an iu-o-ca&e
of 21S.&4 bu. in the stocks.
There were no buyers of -onpqwnce
irly, everybody geeadugly lidrg .aixuus to
H.1L The opening for d -. was r.gnt wlitre
It closed Saturday, at 7l. and It then sold
off to 7S'.c, but inunediai.y rtaced to
K,c, but there was no life to trading Ke-jM..rt-d
cnlargemonta of ptock-i at dlerent
markets and the prospects of an increase
in the visible supply had a bad Inilueuce.
Again It was the old story as regards late
cables. IJtrdn war. '& up, but lJt ex-pool
was unchanged; I'arw was c lower, and
Antwerp unchanged. The day' export
c.eanngs were large, at 7.-,ew bu. In hour
i-nd wheat, and tii-r; was an increase in
the visible of 1Mj,t.j iu., ftscab-st an In
crease of 4JO.V0O bu. a year ago. The sellins
continued, and iJt-c. went on to 778c be
lore noun. The bujing improved some as the
market tlrtw to a ci-.se, and a sligauy bet
ter tone was shown, as Xpw iorn and
.niigo advanced a little. Dee sold up to
7t.'4c, and ranged between that and .se
tntii the close, whl.-h was Sjc off for the
uay. at 78c asked. Oct. closu "gc tawer, at
t?e bid; bepu n.g r.oiatnaliy -,c down, at
'ic, and May closed a tu.l cent !ow. at
tMi nominal. Chicago r port d 20u.m bu.
2io. 1 Northern taktn for export, and New
York la loads. The cloaiai at Minneapolis
w;i firm.
Corn held up remarkably well throughout
the day. the weakness and declines In wheat
hailn no apparent effect, the market bav
ins independent strength of its own. whiji
remained with It all day The arrivals at
western markets amcunu-d to C14.U.U bu., as
against I.vCl.Wo bu. a y.ar agn. &.- bu.
llng received here, against Lm.300 ou. last
year. Shipments, w-.-e l.i:...x du.. inl the
txirts ISO.ijiW bu. The Mrigm si.uwi e.ily
was due to thc reported shipment from
Chicago of MmauOO bu. liotreier. there was
really nothing to R. J on. except the lOA'er
wheat market, as Liverpool was llrni and
c.oaed d hisiier. thoua there was on in
crease afloat of l.Lai.cW bu., whereas i.e
Ir.creaso a year ago j, only :vjcU u. Tne
openitig mlea of Uec were at l-1-.c 'l'-cda,
at 33?i,c. but it shortly reacted to JJe. Svpt.
in mo meanwhile sold .c bctur, at nx
The tncrea? of l.:a).w0 bu. In Uie visible
supply caused fcorae sd.'Ing. and lec. went
off io3J4C again, but rallied later and sold
nt S3vc. winch was 1-lhc better for 'he
day. and at which it closed. Ocu closed c
i:p. at 37lc bid; Sept. was i,e higher, at
.nd year unchanged, st si. nomluaL New'
iurk reported 26 loads Mild for export,
Oats was another grain that exhibited
unmistakable strength, speculatively There
v.ero no sellers of any consequence, and.
although 21?.a i.as bid for S-;.u ana 23c for
Dec., there were no Riles. Ihe htUe that
was done was in Mry. at 4tC and that
was- inked at !he close. IVeitern market
receipts were S2H.OO bu., a .jast Sw bu!
n. jear ago. Including BO.juO bu locally
ngalnst 6u.w bu last year. The shipments
i.mounteu t. .JS.W bu., and sports to ga!
Jvi bu. There was an tiiere.ue of 1 an. ,i
l.u. 1 the visible. a.s .tgaltun a deCrcol
H,C'J bu. a year aco.
Trnclr Cnavlp.
Visible supply of Kraln
Sj:::-:r..:-:nS Sc3 -S
" 11.SMI.4JM H,.447.0 l.Slw
Anxrurit on ocean jaaie "
"heat-riour .3S.IH,.-) 8j.c4d.oaa- 2t:ai .u
tuts...... . HMiM.iJt U.24JD.OM tSlSaS
'i otal .1-. al larrfe acr ply .,
i-aimoiter 22. 1j Sl.ejS,w 17.to2.oos
Winr-iKr 2. lkfc ..44S.oa uitgiJ
-The work. grain exports
r-hiiarnci of -wheat by tiia prl.-idpH- exporunr
laiat wk. Wk. before. Tr. ago.
Ara-rlra ......
lMnabian .... ,
AuMralla. .... ..
Argitir.B ......
"J'ra ij . 7.-.77. ? ""
a a SJ.-WJi l.itSI
... ..l.W..ia l,bln,4i
..... 3t.a
Trtil. 7.KM.IPO) 7.le.t)0 7,S71,i
Stilprc-.-its of corn from the prtocipaj exmrtin'
countries; ,w8
! W.-. V,1t before. Yr.
America, .2.1M.CJ tooi mi iTsiaai
tl"U iSO.WO a:.. 3,'r
l)-nubia:i Wii0 1S.iiu sii, a
AmenllM XM.VM 1.Jjo.v)iI i.u.vZ
Totals ...S.4M.o, S.7E7.rJ 7,043jOa
- Ironnliall's Com Trade Nes a ftpir. s tnat
with the British wh.tt crop about l-.t.).i h
lebs than lat rear an.1 old r-sries maii-e h..
nt least 2.ieJO.0u bu. tban at opening ct the ?.
ron, the imports into the I'nuea Klmum this
M-aison -Mil haw to U about ISS.iMi.aw bu. it
2Lay turn out. however. tl.'.t It oui,(vo lu win
rce thut couiitr' through, aa atocka in nierchatita'
haida at" rather over K.i"0J)W bu.. and, sillier
earn mg fair rcer ee.
The Duluth Connnercial Record reports the
wheat acreage in the tlireo iriru.pal ut:a at
24.273.0o0 aerea. with aa aieraxe i-ld ot 7.u 1m
r.iilnic a crop of ot-ly 102.7jCii 0u Thiii v-ry
low ield per acre waa due to the Mnail averaae
of North D&kota. only 4. Ou. per acre.
The market fr ocean irt-lptta has lieen fair
ly a.tlie. wltli prices i.er iady n-r the jr.a i
t.il poi-s. Offeruigi are still sm.ll, butp . bertli
I itb and full cargoes, and tlur mote tnau the de
rutnd appears lo affect ti"-- rales
If Ihe movement of wheat from the touthwest.
rs reiiorted by most receivers, continue at its
I resent rate, s-t. iil W, ei lone, he receiv
lns w. bu. dall) .
A comOderabio portion of the wheat arriving
liere Is said Jo be trora Texas, b-ught to go out
ila Galxetton, but rv going through St. Loio
to the AUantic eeat-jard Co.- exp..rt of the 27s
am In here 10-day 73 cars were lor through
hit men t.
Wheat recelrfi at prlntarjr markets were t.
7n,0o bu. their hhlproeau 7n.0i bu. --aja nst l.
Iss.uOu bu. laat Monday. 1 SIJ.hOj bu. a year ago
und 1,7W,"00 L-u. tto jears hko.
Cnsli firnln, Klinir, lite.
-WHEAT Oa(.h market Heeriied 2.I.20 sks. s.34
-05 cars loral ar.d 73 oars througn Jov. or an-l a
lo and dracslng market f.-r r .ft w iier m.tt
of the day. as s. l.cis iWI" c me wn -nl je
bujers vould pay. tjnio fcujlcj early lor cut-
rf the 'iv la-
t - t i i: r- ui . -
i,if Mi'i - ;
iciest ,n ::. . N"- " i
! I
t 7-le . 7..r- trie, latest at .. ;vo. mV"
ut :io if K'i. no urarto at tc to TI'c. In.'K;;
Mit..r. fkI. . : '! 7t,c: No. 3 rl .;
N.. 4 7' - Hard winter In demand nJ nrm.
N' S vlllnc at T.T.Vc and 5"o. 3 at 7:-o.
OWVi i-h market -l:-ell er I-"
m js -ar, thr-ucft Str.wic: .,rterlng Miwll nJ
dn'Mn-l lim.t.'l Hy tan-pie No. If'd nt J" "i1
I. r l- and '- fnr .ld: No. 1 yellow at t 2 .
X.i. .' while at K'ff- r,,r No. 1 white 41V "'
OITS- I'a'h MarVet-Keled 3S cart Ixal an J
I ears thr.swh. lnn. s offerings moderat- and
demand flrt rat, thourh malnlr tocal. IV
Mn,l. No. I -M at r4c: No I t SVif.
N 1 white t Mc: No. s . st JtieS'- :"d.
rncy iSv. No. do. at Mc for hard to .:.
cli-it-d No- white t p'-aV . v -M
ISTE i-iarre an-l rrv fin. Orsda No. 3 snia
at .4c In , alene- N. 2- ,nm
FIT"K Trr. a hflnllr a eable from n
ethr iae and no tAivln et .'t! WW hesr.1 rf
Nr w n fierr n-.u. h ct d mctl- man I
tfcllis R.1J nrmh a- -'h wtaai n t oh mown
t.. p rmit at rtadlan l'iti-. ijuotati n -a -it
'nlfr W-Jit U..ur are us f..llr: I ' i
ws . i-traii I.'- $.: " '3. extra fan- "'' ''
rtsrC'Ml . U-w and metllura Kjuw2 Ja-d
winter in ..- . ei.: fi lw..'r. L
1 J fer Mr nslit--. 3 id tr3 TO for P"'" K
lt r. r'U-H'R-JobWnB at S3 S IB riuc Slid K O
taroKS MnA-81 pearl meal, trlts and
MllluFTli Tlrm. aa oJTerlnCT. b..th n and
to e.ne In. are tmalt. Wle the demand W -!l,at.
Bran quo-Me :! Si U-ol- . In
lama am) Tie In fnuill !i . and 3l In ''
,kd nl?."' ""' '?.:. '""'V"
h..rt- at Tfc. At mm bran Julw at and f"i' ,
.. . . ,. t.t 4n ... tiv.1 and 1T
' 3 n t- ' r-i
tou'h hlpll : tii. "rkrt h"Ms Mr.m AM'U .ii.,t rail r.- 11a. In Id.ls at ffrtn
fo- tlmnthj, the m.dluui Krle b-lnif I E- to i for 1--c. 1 :. t. J! .. f r lair t" ,li"
fr sUm"iit, an.' th !- f . r fedln I'r-.'-i" an I - t.-. :; y 1 r una .I1.nath.111 Ki-te-.i
till nrm a -upiily no iRfif l I ai'inl ivimim jitn CH ' tralht l.-ti
c ve" h." 3'ifuuH. nut the low grades dnll. bcilu-hMusI, at J s s . .. Hulk ims-.l v..rlrti.-s
I'rleea on t'k range: Tlmothr "-'vilJ ' in. 1. 1.1 1 aelllne at ii.i V ir bNm. .-ure
cholJ- flliilisa fnr No I. ' W for N". JLV1U .Sali MlrllKan at 7WS1 pr l
JTrV ii Su. X nritrle. JS.S for fl'j j l'nlet. -t :... ,r 1 .. l.u l,.-Ket. N.arliy 01-i-rl
fnr No 1 S 5.17 roe No. S. :6 Ul for runied Iota .. a . to 4 I-r '-bu t'kc
V' VZ.J2? Tf.ws,l fur .mail and 6"- 10 Of- r .tioi.e to f?nry
r . ... T- -- .1 -. . , . t I
J'.illsa 6EPIVS- 1oer i- - Tlm".hT JI..a
VTHm neai iin ir. . . w. . - , . . .
4?4 40. r-d top SM-'iv for chaff to J74T3 for lan.-j.
Olher e,d nominal ,im
rvsTiiK BEANS-B1J Jl.3 r-r !. for prlnif
tBH,?vr"t!-"KKt-M per lO lis.. r".rr l?
.IS'ti:,.I",,rr'" 1'&-..j aV
sc't M imirl out cumman-linK mt .-i s
S5I'E1,TER ljulet. but firm at S3.9S bio.
J'rlec on TlmtiKe.
Th fonorrlng tjMrn ahoiv the ran.
In futures and cash Knttn:
'l.d lUncl
Satoiaay. 1o-.ta.
What Sept ....:'! I) ....r ...
-t 7-ab . ;v
l-v 7 b 7 ts.iH
May W n 4T --
4vn-8ept -'b
O t 31, h ... V ;.;
ls-o .'44,rb S3-ViT
lor r'l. ... i---.
Oata-S-pt 11 h ... . ...
4.t mh . -
!- J'.Sil) i
JIar J4'b M9 ..
Coah wheat, com sad oats ranrd:
of priced
Tsc a
k; n
Si? a
7 n::i
71 wTas
t'-u ...
?&. ...
r, 9 ...
Un-t Year. Fatoniay.
Wheat NoJ rtd.?!"-! ...
7i l
So. 1 r-d v
77 :
X". t winter ..
73 474H
t:s ''7:?i
4.' 'rf .
41a ...
3 hart..
No- 3 hard...
Co-n No. I ..
No. 3
NVc I white..
No. J whit..
Oa's- No 3 .
No. 3
-ii's -
. -v ...
f ..i3
N.i. S Northern rt . . . ,
Nm. 2 white . S! ..
Nk 3 Mte.. 14
Kic 4 Willi- ...23',H34
-.1 ...
24 :
Jlov.-ini-iit of tlrr.ln
7ItlM. wneau
St Ivals f.Ta.
I'laeaxu S....:"i
T.ImI. 4I.aiT
lielrolt l-.it)
K-msta 1t 3-i..M)0
Mil .aiik-e 4 .0
Altrneap..U Wll.-C
Whet- dm.
(C 7 47 SiJ
7.;'.l I.-".'V3
JS..VI ..
ni. a
10 u
4 a.
12 wj
imi: .11 3
New Turk XS.'c3
44 00)
I'Ul.idrla'ilft. ...
Jew Orleans ..,
ll.ii3 Sn7.11
:4.n uluiki
f Cir::ln In More.
To-day. fcai'day. Iwt Yr.
&,v4i311 5,u27.far i35! 515
Jiiti ii" t'
Jl.lsJ 13.M1 W.237
3.335 3.35 3.1 3
MTheit -
Oirn ...... .....
' i.trart grades:
No. 3 p-d
v. . 1. a -a .
MS,' l5rrJ Xli i
SSE-Si "-'-h: ,?hi
N S.-.rn I! i .!
.v. llilt cm j";'; jj '"
N. 1 us 71.4 '
;.. lm l."7 l.M
3: 3-12 i
2.l74 !
Miipnienf of I'liinr.
St Irfiuls ! ITS tbht . Chl.-auo 17.1i5 1Mb.: I-
trmt 1 3 bt.N . WMwpukeo 1.77a Ui . M-n-i--
as-Wis "itcl'd t.til . N'iv -rk mr sks.; Itapl-
niore 4. bbla . ?ew .Tl-aca 1 W rt
Local Fruit, Vegetable, Poultry,
IJgg and PiutU-r Cjuotations.
St. Iuls. llonday rrrt 74. "-
The produi-e nu.rk.ta were c.ne-ally qu.tt
taxiay, but the teillng was romeahat Irregular.
Vegetable, as a rule, ncre Id light rrcelpta and
firm, but nearly erythnuj lo ws.3 plenuful
and prices easier, flee i-ts were snod-nne.
i'otaioes were la fair d-mand. and choice
Northern stov-k. eppwciaily rurali. of which rc
vei; 13 rere Uaut. was in eood demar.il and Arm.
0:1. tws ot bomc grown ear.y Ohms Mere
heiy aJal prlceo somewhat eas-ler
Oabbase was firm and la X-cd d3Mnd. Jkith
hooic-groa and Nortn.rn stock wis wanted,
and reoe.pa aere moderate.
onion. .ere hrra and in actle cemand and recti:-
eli. It. lit ...
i eli ry u m cood d-mand and c-iolce stora;
waa Maixe ard titm.r. t.fl-f rings, a a rule, were
in fa r on:. lion, as rouat ot the baited stock
ts tieen .iipovd o.
..irutioes tr- uolet and steady. Ilecelpts wr
lu;ui: ana ao.ai ei al to the aemanl.
mv t iiiatues ie quiet and steady at un
ctaimed pnea Reeeipta Mere inoderite and the
den.a.1.1 i.U fair.
Itutatajras re dull snd easier, but other
vegetalilet. er quiet and feiead.
Api.1 w.re quiet and sttadv. "Tliero wa- a
CToi demarid for anc iruit. wrach -ass acarco,
but a. ,.! of the offe rings wer- common or In
ferior f.-ult. TAhieh as blow cf sale.
Iu liu i-ra dull and aitr. f-Ance eon-slK-imexils
ot Miehitran .aid c'allfornla peaches
w.irf r...i.J. cut orr i.rs of near-by stock.
we e lilil nnd tr--- d-mar.1 was alht hglit.
Pears te in itood dtnand and the market
steadj at unrhatia-d xiCeic
Piuio? were .'.irc-tf, bat the demand was light
aivi pri fit. a.i.
lira! -re dull and canter. Orferlror of
No-them and Eastern atock wto heavy and tlio
aemand lisTit. tait hoioe-grown srafos were
s ar-: and nrm.
..nterm-ioni wore dead dull and the market
nominal There was only a Hraiied d-mand In
r ret 11 no and prlc-.e varied according to
the eniudit.on f the slock.
cania.upes were in ?o.I demand and the
market wta Arm. Colorado Itnffcy lords vire
alHut tne only kind offered, and these Mere l.i
uod condLtln.
oiartse were quiet and steady at uncrtanirM
pfieee OflVnnir about eoual to the demand.
Iseaona were alro quiet and unchatied.
Other fru.le were Heady.
late poultry was dull and tiie mnrk-t easier.
Yoi.rs ehicLens were ..ft-red rneeV, as c-onatd-erabl.'
stiH.k was earned over from Saturday, and
tit demand was lw. r-p-oially for r.'avv eto k.
IMces were unrhanp-d init aeak. d t-hbk.ns
wfe- slow of al, I ut 1 Ite'i -ia wero Ihrht and
prt.-ea unctiuaced. Turkey, ducks nad g-ese were
qlll'-t Slid e.eail .
..-al were dull and weak. Ibcelnts were mod
enile but th- d.man-1 na. flow.
Sheep and larubn were dull and unchaner-d.
tl.-me wai In fair demand, bat receipt "H-n-hi
anl ample f.ir all ro-ulremrntc.
Weed was weak and som.wna. l-iwer Th-r-
was .taivily anj dnianl. and buyers were ln-d
cureo to nota 011 ior it.wer pr.ress wi lie Holders
slmti.'d a little more disposition to tuake e.-ne-es-sier..
Hides were quiet and steady. Receipts Ticre
haht aad all onetin tret with reauy sale.
The market waa firm, but quiet at unekanifed
prhei-. tteceipu w-re IlBht and there was it fair
Cemand foe cl.ole pt.xk. Kre-h reiiptu sold at
Ilej h fit off, but Inferior atv k bold for I'-w.
Jtereliti st !t. luia to-day were 2.1ft cates.
and tdiipxnents were sou cafaei
ihtr-- J'riidtirl-.
Butter There was a toxxi demant for cream
ery butter and the market . firm -n all of
the hetier Era.Iei. but for the other kl-d the
aeicand was hi.lit. evnot itl.xi-: l r. ame-rj I'x
tra 17"Aa-2k. flrrta I'slS.-. ce-.nds I.' IMIiy
Kstra 17c. hrsts lk. . are 4falc. 4-cuntry
eli r.-paeaed 13c for koo.1 to SilOc for poor.
Ijiqi. -packed txtra r. . ilrsts 15
Cheese Juote: Twins Ili-. slnttle. tic; T. A.
17'ic: New York- 12..-. 1ml.uricer l.eilc. sv-l?-14tilc:
Lrtck llvTltjC roreKdnfi are jobbing
Missouri ft Illinois I Tex.. I. T. At Ok
Med. combing.. 20! Uedlum is jisi;
- -. cioitlng..l9 2 oarse eV low. .13 4il
Jiraid ."-. IPW...1S trlj Fin- n-dle,m..ll PI
ll-jery tt char
t.ignt fine 1
i tria
mixed . .. .II KM
"iu-iuiv burry-.l- -Ci
Hard lurry ...12111
Lig-rt aae It 17
U-avy line ...a ll
Wisconsin ft Iowa
M-ti. comblaa.. :9
CI .ih i, or-aid 1 ai.i
hemlbrie.ht K Sl7 2
ara na dtnm..la tr
rme meflium...ls ilfli-
lagt-t i.v.e 11 jl3
lleavv line ....11 V13
iS.ii"stts ic NeS.
!h 4h; mod. ..Ii 4ilsr
Heaw fine 11
lAikota jl Western
Ihigbt tre-l. ..1? eim-,
I'ark m-diun;..14 .!
I'ine niedlum..l4 jH
Iacht tm. 11 ci 13
H-jvy lln- ....13 u
Arkansaa Sjouth.
Med. Itleeccdl. 1J ISil
Med. (loose) 14 toliS
Lutry Il J!3
Hard burry ... 12
Tuuw ashed
No. 1 21
No 2 23 RJ4
Hurrv IV 31
ira k a sanav.il ui
rine ci-elium ..14 VlS'.l Ancora go-it hair
lJ5ht rule .... 11 u Oan fi. clear. IS 030
Heavy line 11 12 1 Hurry 10 trll
lllack and seedy from 4c to Co a Hi. less tban
quota lion.
i'rov IsliiiiM.
ilarket unchang.d and arm; lard hlgh-r.
Pork N. w standard joblilng f o. b. 312.75.
Laru Choice stc.im k sole $1. 2;c,
lie;n Hanis. Kic Held In tar lots. f. o h. E.
-Id-: Hairs On batis Sy- for l-lb and tVc for
14. N. w York shouldte at . I'rom the bloel
del : Hjn-ol-riouie bams ut .-c. bellies at 7a.c
to 91-r. ui in average
V S. Meat' Bxd. lote: Kxtn short-, fijc; c'ribs
S.c: clear ules sW-t-: oe .ej, J'zf.Ke. as la
av.iage. pUlea 7ac. uealers chariie hisher oa
T1 t.11 idd. T
Tavon bxd . c. meats in a jobbing way:
Hieakf it bacon We-c for heavy to 12c for fancy
l'rrt: hams W1i8nv,c. CsJIfornla 7V.'u7c. as In
av.rag-. Ne-a- York shoubl&rs at iC Plala
s-n ked bxd meats. Kxtia ehrts yc; e'rlbs S"eCi
cle-ar aides SVeSac; bellies luU'rfluVsC. as la avcr-
ri.xte ye Tfe .ee crire ! r on ma'l
t'v Lph! -C i
rdlii: to f;uahtj an.
. cirv ttacon I-'air mm prlc. nrlf.irTilv
rut ard wH Miribd: shiiuMrfa at -'ri-. ld--i
l . izai at 75? n.. t of the Ute irn.niUrlj
ut and poorly liaulll. IbeM aetl on llitlr roi-
TaI!o" Omtrv No. 1 1-C No. ISTe: pa-k-r"
.h..lc 4:.i.
Urt-aw- cjuol Iron I'lr- vel!.w "-: whlla
3' c. !Julri i hole Bt-it- IVfijr. "' 4
llf.-f- cm orl'r. lur th-i- ' - tM'ton
Varkrt Jit. toisurs jt $i per dox.: drad at 13 J
niMn son ;rund: G efn-aalti-d "; Southm
C.l. Dry ntat-fhi.l.-. 'Iu lie. averaBii ree.it
H . di-jr fallen 14c dr -alt-l 13f. When Mild on
wlectiuna; Oree'-'iXt No. 1 Tcr. green-(alt N'i. 2
.: bull 5c Dr flint N". I lft-: No 3 J4c-i ;
di ftlut. tmil liw-c; dry mil and sin- xo. Itj-jiteil-No
1 13 .". N Jl'r Iniuwd le less
tnan tun I. ptrt cutd !c lrfl.
l'.mlirj. (;:imc ami Veal'.
IJVK I'uri.Tltl- Airraa ! flutM Toang
lurk. I. k- ,.d ,. ( iikk.i lliO' 7':'-. old
rt .!. r Ji f
1 'li.k-
lav pigc
tilHHtt talc h r ' 2 ilef-M? 6's'. tIrli!K iln. I. n
""! al . 4I In.
; viii: jo..ir rr si $i ". iH-r d" : w kv1-
etik t Ik r c.iz. ii. hkcl large. JJlrn la at
Km- tier dux. (or .i.ng. .0 (ur wkl; j- kauie
II j ir dm., :n.ii !i'r :: , . ,.
H:ikj 1.K1S ..u. i. t -i-.- pt fcs. for aiuiU
to lor m.-diutn and II f-T lar!f.
VKWjuIuh tniail fat 1M ti 1.0 lbs) at
i1 iir Hi hi4iv on. ilia to 17J 1' .) at M
j per . bllih. f Jgh aid thm al "'.. .h'l
ana varnnr .:ini at 'si' . imto -..
1 nt i''il. r He
Spn k
LiTnba- K-1 -it 4c 1 i
ir li. fur iii"i.- M 10 w H : '' k lan.li
I'ViiIlH niiit VcseliiMra.
.... I ,. ... t't.w .,.1. .I..., l.t
. j...... .j. ...,-..,
lite hilh at '. to .-e iinc
pnmn warnlt r..l.t lirought Zae pr - u
In-k-t f r small. ftir4- for meilium wl Ite lie it n.
and H.'arae for fan v re.1 or elliw rari.'iiee
I'CAItS -Quote: lnn-lieM at 31 S to !.. Ka-t-ern
e.h-ld.m at 37 do Seo'ael at P.3. Harl -tt
n 33 liui). Kieter at 31 tH(l 7& pr b'll. N-ar-by
Ihieheav at 3ae- and Ki ler at c per c. bu.
(IRAPKfV Qur4: Ohio -Ib baakt nt :113
for Jxea ami UuMrn, 14- for ."m.-ord. 1. ii:r f"-Nlae-ua.
1 'Mile f,r Elir.i and ZLa'-""" f r Kel
iii..re. n.nj- 1'isken IK-taware at 173 :c and
Nlacnia at "!.-. illeh'ran V. rden at lfa'ii
II. .ii'-erown aid n. arW in IIjtW wippli and
chi t. '-Hi;. tMk t- .'.inr.jrd and ivhlte -rl.
t! a..:ing at -: Vlrf-li la at re per P
WATKItMKIiN-l'ar l r-'l a.illtd- for
frel-ht .harao. wi'le the few Ee.tlng In a reta.l
wa ko at f.' :l to 3-'. per 100
N'TAlall'l ciu.jte standard eratei nt
31.7. 12. pony and 7 i ei-.le. at $T to 31 3a
t." IN. i- 43.ioie at k:o..7 7". per tM for
eotisicned I. ta, and at 60c per l-bo. basket for
home p;rown
Pl.l'ils Itoimons In tlm'te.1 supply sod
ttea.lv at ffi'afi.".. per ia-bn h.p.ket.
t ItAl! AnUa We 1111. te il-olre New York
end SlieMgan 6 lienan at S3 w tr ML
I'AnKIC AaT Ffll'lTS -Mu no: ftah
llartl.lt per it tl.Mjw 1 lb. I Prunes
idiffercnt artt en. at . - per 3MK hor Oa'I
fornla -White Piw-inr pe.ira at 13.13 Si. R'nii'h
beaut? at SKiPrl 7.. l:ierri. d'A 1J011 it It.ra-
2 per -lo bis. and fv- at r.sfl Si per
H-"X. Plums ter 2) lb. erate-r..M pnii e pt
Jli.l 25. Kej- Jap m at J!. Tokav craped at
3' ."'( I l"-T hilf .rate, reaches at 753k. per
3Mli. Ikw for .always
KANES4--Jc.te: Melrtran at SJ.73 per h-X
on t'k and at i. In Jotnc ' fr-m ft. .re.
California lite Valencia SI Zi I M per 00.
New Honduras nominal at JSJi"' per box
lJ-lMONit Quote- Meaalna at JS t" to J:
fanrv Malorl nt 'CQs.M lr box. California at
Ji-r'. S.
BANANAS IV- quote on nrd s: IVtt IJtnon
ft II 75 per Lurch for arsts and 51 2Stfl-&J for
r i nda.
i-c-OANt-7S Qootable at S3 pr 1.905-Ia a
small wav at 31 tier 1 0
1.1 Mr SQuot- at e.K-tiJl p-r M.
I'KANBEItRlFS-New are on aal- at J rer
lx.TAroKP-llom-rrown early OMo: Pal.
fr.n far-ners T.-ar.-i were at 71' Iier t-u..
fa i-y blaff utoik lirinsirg mure. Nor-iem quota
ble on rai! ,! :7a-v- r trk for sound, brie1-.
I white ai.K-k It-Mt reo. lpta Metier, t hole- atllins
H i'"i.-- n 1 w i 'in it. in u ... Kr .v. .
OXloX3t-t.: ""a eUW l iWrfc Up! . Mte-
CABlJ-V-i; f-jput :tork F-IIIntr at ST pftr t.-n
2! trk hrl cl-e gnpfa Fhlppinr Kk at J'-Hnmo-rown
elllns on orders at Hcl.19 Pr
fH.ERT-f)ioj fwnl at lACV pvr a . fnr
tar.att to 4 i-jO' ir bunrh fpr ohnlcr- Miif rliV
ton. C!hiran tnrk at 51 rr crat containing 3
fl ter hu. In ; tart al. Northern at3a-0o 1
It H-kftrirwij .id round sre.n
Miu-Mf i3 :? U'-t. iiim-aTOwn ai ; 10
' ir
ifiVJirtFR Ilnme-irror In filr Mirptv and
rt a st ).. e per bu. lov. N irthern o'J ta
ble at 4Uii p.. hu. t asket for choee K-een.
eli rrme-d and y-liow l-ss.
e'At r,iri-"'V.ri!-buote ehotc- Mlchljran r.t
j; " rer e-at r .ntalnlne if. 2'. dos.
TOlIATOKeVa holee home-irrown quotable at
31 tr lat iooee; Northern Tie to tic leas. Or
der, eh-irtr-d hlplier.
IIITMIAOAS- Sale. 1 car In balk at 2j84- per
bu .1-1
110nErt.!U.,51I Qaft n-w home-arown at Jl
per liM en order..
SWKKT PortTOHS -Jlomo-r-rmn lte-mud
sell at 4Vf5., ' ue. n at rfiifi. o. yell.'-w an-l r-d
tiarserrond at 7 per hu Iiioh- ard at 32 f.r
liern-uda and qu'en nnd at 32.75 pr bbl. for
tam-r-oTid on orlers.
(AKIlOT-N-.itlien qoeilahlo at II HI. 71 per
bbl and at 7:.e- pe- P.i It bulk d-I.
i.l'MUO Hotne-frrown sell'n at 50c fer peck
HKl-Tft-Sell at 21 per l.bl. In ship-Mr-. cr-r.
Tt'HVlPS vjeeite h.-me grown nt JI.2S per bbh
on orders
SAt KIlKRAirl Quote bMs. at 1 2 25. 14 bills,
at 31 T mall oilers rhaTed hitb-r.
OATIIJC- cjuotil.'e at 4fi c per .b
l'K-KIJNO ONIiV-'-iiie bmm troiva whlt
at C3c fer H-twi ba-ket
.vllse-e-IIimeiin. "tlnrUrlt.
IIIOIi'iVINK -iielllns on a tail, or S1.2.
SCRAP ll."N ANIi MF.TAla-Itun-Vruaght
4?c per 10) lbs.; Loa j i-at 3.-. steel and mallea
ble 25c and 30c. rtoveplue 2 . burned lc. Itraas
Uhl 7 heaw Jlu . Olr 311. lad J3.il.
zin ::.;;. ler.iiT ju.
c "11-KltSTt Fl In car lots on trk.: Staves
Cottonwiuil tloul Dbl 3e.;--ij7. S 2 :ij4.i.i; b-ilf
bbl. 3o4i J; bier k-e JlL'uit.. laid tcs t-"..
pork bbL fl. -leaclns;.. t.r set Xa I flour
bol. Si. Shavee. ho i. -F'ruT W.1 Il.t4.r-i 1 ,r
c. 1 per. fs for Ilooi. er. Ii Jf bol 32 a0. coiled
rim l froti S. oak lard tea., cooper-thaveo.
5ia; pork bbl. II.
l ooi'tKA-i.-IJird trs. JT. Ii: pork hVs. S0o:
half MiN 7. tlaek work, r- urd ho- p II iur
.'.irx. ... tm n .!. TTjt , K...
half bt.ii
bbis. ilx-: troducr bbta.
2(c; apple bul.
Bnooif CORN -At 15o& ptr tea.
Car lots
3W to siwi ji-r i.m
HRESTA AX -Fhea. rrlrne 384c per lb.
riaATIIER!- 1'ilme. large, white 4sc In small
and 4oe In largo sU . gray 3te, white, old .'
3.V-. X 25U20. . Xt 2"e3-22o. X.VX I:4i3c; XXXX
fclOc. tare 3 11. r cent for larpe to 10 t-r
c-nt for small tLs. IUek White 3e3;e, dark
271120c. Cbiere-n 4e. T-arkey IJo.ly 3c. tail Toe.
wtnR 17c; wini:. tall and pointers ltc. wtnc and
tai' -'.-. wing and piiinttr lie, pointers ee
1 llfKINS rume a, p.r lb ; antelope trie;
poai JOtI K1J anl dfeniag.-d .nit. Teeaa jo
IP KJ m Clnetue st from ;i.2.64..7S, la.ly sl.p-p-r
7. . eneoa 2-a . pink 14--. golden eI Mr old
vnrth more. Twav tipple 2'r2Vj.; snake 3ik . Maele
Irf,-. Anrellca 33a3!-c: wUe-hark of ro it. Sc.
hark ef tree 2:Ic: M....1 2'jc; btuenag 3..
skull-cip leaven k- for prilr- green. soMiafraa
lark 4e All roots should be thoroughly dry and
clean b-fore ie-mc shlppeii to market,
t-MEkl' l'EI.TS- W'o pelts at i"dy)c; laml-s
SUtHK. ah-tllngs Tutflac. fry or fallen pelts eC
tie- per lb.
IiIUKD ritt'lT W quote: Apples-Evaporate.1
rinss at 3H'a4c. quattera at iSv4c. chops at txW
ttC evap..rated peelings st tsc. sun-dried quartirs
nt 3a-J.c. sun-dre.1 teellng. at nc P.ac-h.
1'an. y e aporated unpeele.1 halves at To. sun
dried at -&2VS". All damase.1 and poor gjiela
rell for l-s Sales. 13 pkgs. apples an.1 :eazi3
In lots st qu.itat.oni.
imirit ortF.r.N rKABE-Jc-bblnr; from store at
Jl 15 sldlt at fl.4.1
V.HIT1: He'N'V-helc.. Iiand picked pea 1-ans
hi a .w 1114c rr from aiore at t?7"-sore-n-d
ae ar lb s. Western at 31.30; weevity
le-e. Uma bean. it tier lb.
IKWY -.-..ml. nt lOr to KH-fsney white
clover 14;il.V; liifirpr. dark and broken I-.. !7x-tra.-t-d
tnd stiairtxl In bbls. etsfi1:. and 111 (ais
1.4tli per ' btuher
I.IN.-EFr Oil, Per ral.: Raw at o. beill-d st
C3e . tc tier gal. loss In car lota. Castor oil In M.I"...
per lb . . I i;.-; Ko. 3 V.'-t-. I ctto:.!- 1 ,.ll
r.uaimr yellow 3c; white 39c: v inter yellaw 43c;
vihltc 4c
llry flood..
?.tf York. fia 24. Kelng the Jew'sh e
Year, the market to-day bus showti a reduced
ntterslatw-e .f buyers. Dusln-ss in all eepart
naents has been quiet, hut ready eupplies o
nii'l that Ih s ha no effect upon th- mark. t.
Tone .-ontlnu-s sirong in all lin- of eot'r.n
rood. 1-ith staples and others. Limited demand
lor print cloths, pn .s very firm.
Cfilrnerii Poultry (luotulioll..
Chicago, Ft. 21 Iced poultry dull: chlrk-ns
llittter. Chee.i- ninl Erar.
New Yik. Sepl. 24 -Uutter- lb-ceipls 7o2
jik-;- : firm, creairierv I6'fj22c, Jjue eresmerv
HJCyCTlVa;. factory Hole.?.. hee Ri.(ti;i, 4'
303 pkg : market Hiady. targ- white 11 r; small
white Iie,HllV-: liriie coloie.1 llc. sinatl do.
IPkc. Cggs -Keeefpts 8.0filt pke. : slcjdv; Western
tegular packing at mark 12'jWlSc; Western, lo-i
orf, 20c
Ilrie'il I'rtiils.
New York. Sept 21. fairly active sales move
ment dei-el- p-d for earh.rate.l applet with .-.
rteadler undertone prevail nt on fal .rable c -un-try
advices and a sikmI Inquiry. Prices, however,
vcro unelngcd but tending upward at the c!oe
Ftato common visa quoted from 2c to 6-, prlii-i
V-ii'ic. ehol 5'iai..-. fancy a.ic. Cailf.irnli
dried fruits were dull but steady at u-ichallged
Jirtcrs. l"runes 3c to 7Vc Jier lb., as to -lie und
mall: Aiohnts Ilotsl llglJc. SI.r Park liO
lbc I'eaches Peeled lUSllic. unpeelsd laKSc.
the Visible.
New York. Sent. 24. The statement of th- vl-I-I'.e
supiily of grain In store and afloat e.n Saiur
dsv. -pt. 22. as complied bv thi New Vork
ITodme Exrhsni-e l as follows: "v nent a4.3.isi
bu.. I'iere-ae.1 l,isat,Am to ; corn 7 322.ia In , In-irea-.-.l
1.720,0X0 bu.; its ll.',3u Imnasei 1-212.-.
bu.. r)of.000 bu.. lncreaee.1 7a,uo), bailey
.l.ooo. lncrcaavd 2t..uu b-i.
-lie-la I .llnrLel.
x"" York. Petit, 24 The price of steel mils
was redu.-cl to 32. a loss of 39. Islt produ. .ii
no material effect in metal rlrc-le. as thero were
tel ers at. even lower Itgure-. In Ni rthern Iron
a drop or eo polnu was recoroed. with the lnar
krt .weak; but pig Iron warrants continue dull at
J9 37javilO 3714. There w . an udvanc- ,.f 11
ts in laindou. due to manipulation, and prompted
a llrm, Lut quiet market he-re at J4 bid. la-ad
and spelter ruled dull and qu!-t at uachapsed.
New York, gept 21.-S.gar Raw llrm: fair
rennlnr 4',c, centrlpigal ! tett 6c. Molasses
sugar 4c. retlricd nrm.
. ,'"" ,.'r,ean?- l-1- ""'Tt. 21. Pucar qul-t; cp 1
I if c- centrifugal s-lloiv ajJc; ,econds Sit
4 U-itc
New York. Fept. 21.-W00I dull
Turiirnliiie anil llosln.
,?;'w Tn,r-- -erd. 21. Turpentine steady at CtJ
itn.En firm
Oats Were Dull, but Finn in Tone
Provisions Firm Despite
lleiivv ii'un of Ilofjs.
ninTnuc "PKctAi.
Chlc.iso. IP.. Sept. :t "Wheat was heavy,
like the stock. In all p"4tloiut and the
gen-ral tone of Ionian markets. The woath- j
er was had in the Northwest, ui-poris lrum
there of the condition of untlirashei! wli'-nt
niuM not he much worse. Increase In the
visible. In the quantity on ocean juissago
and in tho receipts, compared with last
yearr. at the Western primary marketH
-.ermled nit else and eau.Mil n decline of
Vne a bu. Corn vias linn, tralnlm? Sc
each for S pt. and Ot't. Oats won; dull, but
firm in tone. althnu-;h 1-Pc lower In the
end for 4 let. provisions Ti.-re llnn. In spite
of heavy run of lios.
Whatever tlio result may he when the
end of the season shall have t-hovin the net
outcome of a heavy wheat crop In one sec
tion of the country mid a very iPMlelent ono
in several others, th-re u no douht what
ever of present ahundar.ee. It Is where It
rnn be seen; It admits of no peradveiiture,
and the future M-arclty uiKin which pre-se'nt
"eciilative puichases nre KitiI Is, In tlio
nature of things, prohh matlcal. Hut, of
course. It is In the province of srwe-ulatlon
to anticipate the answer to uch prohh in.
The present HuRicleiicy f -upiillca w.-ve
brought pioinlnently btfora the trade this
morr.lnj hy tin tnereease in the amount on
p.c-.ife of iljtf.OiO hu.. and of sh'pnvnls of
2.116 " bu. from ;u--.i. and of l.(n,iM) bu.
fr im I-anub.an fieirts since a wot It ago, imii
trihutiue; to smell the total of the we k'a
exports to Kuropc to within a trillc- of l.
41 si bu. Such liberal jshipliients from tho
Mirp us-produclnK countriei had a lepre--Int:
irihieni-e utum the Liverpool market,
ami their c-!Tet mas felt lore quickly after
the npeniuK by a decline of '2c under Satur
day's tltn-ina- tiKuies.. The imme-ulatc open
l4'c tr.-in-,ii li.ms were higher than Satur-ia-rMini;
pne-e, lieHrauie of the renew. :1
in the Northwest of rainy weather. Most
did. ful accounts we-ri rt-i elved from then;
of the irreat damage done to stackeel wheat,
and the wheal in -dieark ile.s.nberl as
having boon reiluced to the condition of a
m.muio l-.eap. ln ihe o.her band, it was
alo t-akl wheat In shuck had practically
be-e-n all thr.iilu.I.
Th' d.i's reiciiils at MlnncapoHs nnl
Duluth w.-re SCI cars, or IK more than the
previous alnmiay's arrival:-, but i41 carloads
than on the e-orresxnait. day of the
ear U-fore. t'lilc ipo cot 4la cars, beln?
!H In excess of i-iliirdaj estimate. The
shipmriiis rrom r.KuI.ir el, vators o"e 7S.
Xi bu. hard wlnt.r whiat, and S,.u bu.
I.rirt. but. In addition to that. 12S cars and
lj'.ii bu. nun. t wheat and a I cars ar.d
fciwfi bu. sprint- wheat, was taken from un
li.'i nse'd house-. Seatioaid clearani-t-s prom-Ise-d
to lie larjte. llei-ton shipping; d7i
hu . ard New I irleans l2.ii) bu.. iumI it w ,s
owiii- to the liberal eiiorts. that, after
the first decline, the market rallied v a
h:i. The vi-dhle Increased l,iS.l" hu.. 1.1I--lni2
the total to ahSM.mw bu.. coinpartil with
"2..J.iju bu. the- same day In lMy. The
weakness ihat had rn-nmnioncwl alter the
small reaction ref rrt-d to above was ln-cii-awi
after the completion of the KIMe
statement, anel In spite- of the fdi-t of the
si.ibeiard cleaianoe-s of wh. at and Hour be
IiiK enu.il to TK.ai) bu. l.tvirjiool closed at
same price It did Saturday. I'arts was
eeiu.-il to -Jic a bu. lower, and Antwerp ur.-cliamt.-d.
I'rmiary trwrket receipts were 1.
".7lJ bu.. compar. d with l,ol.-e) bu. Iho
t-hiiilar day of last vur. That wan no-
other of the day 3 weakening Intluencc-.. !
1. t orieiitnir at f-ntn 7v- .- to "- u..i.i I
sjiarInRl at Til',.-, and from that gradual- 1
1 tlce-lincd to TIKe, with :t rccovcrj In tho
eiiu to .vaic, unerei u closed, belnif .c
lower than It left oft Satuiday.
In corn. bunInoss was coniparatlvoly
l.Kht. but the seaboard advatues were to
the effect that both the t'ontlnent ot I'u
ropei anil l.'nu. u Kingdom were- liberal bi.l
o. rs for ci rn. the tonner iii.iultluir tor of-
leis for tliljirm-ntx runhim; all tho way I
....in mi- i.i.e-ui tune 10 next July. Tho
weather a damp. c.t'Hins; Mime less jiosi
tivo c.ne-!a lluiis e't vr early 11101e1no.it
of new euin. Ihi total receipts were Mi
e .rt. mill the shipments from he-re since
faaturday. 1 iv7.mi bu. The estimated re
ceipts tor Ut-i.iorrun were 07i cars. Sia
boatd clearances were only P-i,-.vj bu. The
quantity on pa.-u-Ma- ie-teasc.J i:,oi.i0 bu..
leuvniK it at tjtei bu.. .iM.iim-i ls.72o.-xv
bu. last year. ". lie visible increased 1,-7J0I.-W
bu. i.i.tkinx :i total for th tireeeut
time of 7.X2.IAS.I bu., acalnst S.Sjt'.00 bu. a.
yar ao. iaverpool f not til fututes as Hd
up anu spot corn v4j hisher. Oct. corn
oiaiied at tmiii :tt',: to 'sc rose to s,c
and closed at -Ja.-nC, against S-,,ao
J-aturday. New icik reported sal.s for
exiHirt of Si boatloads and vessels weie
chartered here for bu.
Oats wero -leiii. but nctlve. with Ilttlo
chans-o 1.1 the end fi im iturday's Jinal
piK.s. Ihe ricelptg wire Sf7 cars, and tile
shipnie-nts 4.?,.;..a bu. Clearances from the
Ai untie j. oris weie 17.' uu. The visible
suppi) incre:is-d LSU.oml bit. and now
au.cunts to Il.doU.vt.) bu.. aa-aitist ,wji bu
the i-umo time last yiar. KMlmateel re
ceipts for to-:nori.jw were Sua cuts. Oct.
o.t's opened at 22'i.c. sold .sparingly at
I-ltic lower; then acianc.il to 22 ,c and
ck-sed at 12VjC. Vessel loom was taken for
shipment of DAft.0 bu.
ltniiKo 01" 1'nliir.'..
Artlel-s. op-n. IliBh Jiir. o-
V at -i-ept. .. TS!i 7Ji ;7i 7i
.N"V , .-07I-1 73, TM, 7-j
uiii-rni. jrm 4 j. 4.,.
w.iiVaii-, 2.;s ., avif-.;
3e.1 --.
eT'1 -u-;.'4 n7-Hr 2'"-- 21T-"-
"el. ... ai... -Vsl'a. ."!- fat9-"la. Tj-t 1
.v. 2 .; K.'.thT e.,, r
Itk-Oci- .. .. i:.b U.:i ii7. it n
ltsa i .. .. - 7 .. -
Lard Oct.
b i-'., -'-i 7.06
e.'i.li ..S. 7 02V,
'. s.R. I.n7i i,., 7 021,
Jan .a e.ii c r.. '7-
St Libs- Sept.. 7.70 7.7.. j'to 7 ;.";
". 7 4i ;..s 7.4iH 7;(i
Jan, C.ori ( it, I.t,;ij 6.w
lireeijils and MiipnirinsI
Artlcle-s JUc. Fh!p.
Ilolr. bbls U4 u.,i)
Wlrtt ta S.l.-iuo joii.J
i til. bu....
...414. no LO.'.'-iO
..3SJ.I-W 43I.IKS)
veais, ou...
Jtle. bu
lu"'J. sj.ioj iAWi
The barley inaroet continues So hold firm
that is, for the lietler iiu.tlltl.s of cram,
while isiorer iades of llnht-u.-lglit barley
vore s-ow of sale, ti uu- a uiuiber of i.irs
of late arrivals were light-welulit Kiuin
and e.t.iors rather uiity. .Malting r.iaoe.e
rat pvd fjom JiV to .Vs. and fe&i lots tic
to -jc. tilpiiii.,ts amounted to 31.5t. bu
und exiwrts out of New ork S(Ui2 bu. The
visible- supply was poili-d at TSl.'" bu . ,tn
inie-ao oi ii.e'i n.i. amount or gr.iln 111
St. re at Chicago a;:KieKato 1 I.7ij.wa bu.,
neither an Increase nor a decrease.
St j.-.
ISyo ruled weak with wheat, but at the
reduction the market be-camo Meady. of
lerniris wcie iiKht ar.d .It-manil tame. Only
n small amouiil of bueii.ess was done. No.
2. to so to store, s-ol.1 at itV-e- and No. 1,
on traik, at e.'i. lteceirts viere 1J uus and
spipmeiits notr.inK. KxMirts out ..f New
Ymk were reported at e.all bu. Wltbdraw-.-ils
from store J.vOO liu of No. 2.
. iMbly supply aniounte-d to &.' bu.. an
herein- of 7a.u-o bu. 'hicn;- stocks wcie
4 I."!-! bu,. an Incie-use of I2.oiW bu. The
marsiot ilosed with . lo-s of !c for futures.
5 pt. cio.icu at 5-'i-c, Oct. closed at iSc and
Dtrc. .it SlUs.
Klateved maiket ruleu lirm. In smpnthy
with the Norihw. stern markets, vvliicli ad-.-.rcl
In the covertng of shorts Ihore1.
1 1 nvveiueiiljy an Impiovement of 4iilirc for
futc-es anu as much lor "pot scwl occurre.L
L'omand was Rood and oltennsi. Ilsht. He
ceipts wcro e' cars and shipments noluin-'.
Mirnearolis arrivals were. ; cars and IJu
Ibth H cars, making a total of 23u at the
thice iKilnts mentloneil. fc'pot No. l North-v.tslc-rn
and southwestern sold at Jl.cVirj
1 !i. Sept. tlnished at tl.il sellers and Oct.
.it JIW s. Hers. The Northwestern markets
advanced Cdiatjc.
'lluieithy xinil Clover Se-eti.
Timothy seed. ulthouKh 10c higher, was
eiu.el. Iie-nind was eood and offe-rincs fnir
Sj ot -'eesi se.ild a' "-1.Ti-m 4. 27. and country lots
from J.7T. to S.1.I5 S-'pt. " local at 31.35 nom
inal!. O-t. opened at Jl 3J bid and closed
al $4. ILcelpts wore W.JDO lbs. and t4iip-m-nts
4S,ufc lba.
Clover seed contmuid to rale quiet, with
out trading In futuns. There were a few
luirt of ftample traded In. The demand wai
Rood, and offerings, were larger than they
have been for tev.ral days pam. Sample
lots covered", a ranse of fS to S J.73 per cental.
Oct. closed at 510.1". nominal. Receipts wero
1K.W1 lbs. and shipments' :,3&! lbs.
I'mvlsions opened very quiet, with heavy
fet-uii and sunie- dchne In pork; but lard
and ribs were firm, and offcrinKs belnt7 lUht,
all three of the principal speculative com
tnot'lties improved as the session pri'BresoCd.
JJi-K receipts w're hi. ivy und prices un
changed to ogiix: under Saturday, close.
Tlio number of hogs' in tho local run was
4.VJ'. or E,iX) more than was expected. The
aSiirt-ate of the day'a receipts in the West
was iVAKI head, compared with only liall
the similar day of the previous year. Uver
j.ool ipioted lard ed luiwr Kstlmateil lions
1 ir to-morrow, IS.OmO ' mpircd with S.t-trdav'i-
prices, polk at the- ttul to-day w.u
Joe lower for O.t. and i-o hlKher for Jan.
Lard for Oct. and Jan., aC e ich. Hit -'iu
1 iKher for each of the three deliveries
!eiit., Oi t. and Jan.
3i.HKi:'i' n 'ii:i,i:iat.ti'ii.
New York, SVjd. 21 - I-"lour Re.-elpt"i 20.K9 11 :
eii..rts 13.SWI lail".. ale '..:. inalkit was held
si old prices ell a.eoum (f the relative steadine.."
ef N.mnn.-st cc-ti wheal, and. tl-rfjre, was
l-lllet all da, Minnesota pat ntn ll.JlSl.W "I1
Hour Ilrm, siles J. tatr to good J3.llsai.3n. Choi. -l
tanc-y Vl.-wl l.w. buckwheat 6 -Jr quiet at J- n
2 a. l:u-kwheat qulit at i-rtanae- c 1. I. "-w
lo'K. t'orninc-al nrm: ellow We-stern sue. city
M.. Hranjjwlne J: 4ra.i2.to. i: ijiaet; No -Veati-m
ic f. o. b. afloat. Klaie 3aVtc c. 1. I.
New Vork. iurley t irmly, leeumg y' c. I i
New York, mailing .o.a . I l. Ilullalo. lai'-h-1
iniit dull. Western -i-v . Wheal -Ke-elpu
ii..'-.. . x.tf 124-41'v. sal . iSiO.'i-si I il urea, .u -Ism
exi-rl t-pol euner. Nei. J te-l tet'i t o. I
i.tli -it una 8-i.f eh v il. r. N... 1 Niltl rn Uz wn
t.'.i.-ic f. o. b iirioal raw. No. 1 bard IH.ialh
"C'lC l. c b. aflwt eiplloii ..ieiir.1 altad) 11
riitli With a aharp N'a-thnest ..dvaw-. but
qui. ly yl. HeJ lo pleasure e-t unload.ug and
bloke a ev-ut a bu-da-1. Additional fa. tots o. d.
pie-sslon v.tre lit-ml lun-Msea In both Anrl&
and l.nglifJi vlioles, a fair increase on i-aiuagc.
Iigi.t speeuliiiv sun- rt ami a tir esjiort trad';
luully rallied ou cov.nng awl iloee.1 sl.au at
'cuii-e n. t decline, March '.,"):, clo-e.1 .-.
ilaj et'tlW-e-. clewed -, Bepl. Sa : la-lv ,
li-d 2V . Jct. ti'4"4:a . el"-. I "2 i- . !' 4 .
W'ji le. eloaed 44 v Corn Rie. tpts lM.in. .1-I-iris
I-M.tf al pia.isv Icture-. lisi.iv.eAp.irt-
f-l.t strong No. 3 -tw'ec eleai a and 4i. f o. I
Ulloat to arrive ail .-! Ilpl. It market wns
n. aily to hnn alt .lay on Ibi - i.tihllt oi r.u-h
Iirurt a fair .srmaiid In.tu h. rta and a law"
Irel.ase In ttle- lal.lll- on ia-Mij;e, .-I.'d lir.u
lit '.rii net adiaii. -, May iI.h.J 41' . ;-p'.
Hi',.'-. e-loseil 1-e-, fee. II wV42e. closed 4-V.
Ilatb lleelpts H7..00. export 7a... a Spot qultl'
No. 1 3a. : N... I S4V. No. 2 white 72.tc; Nic 3
while 2-.c. trk. inix.il Western 21V2S-, trk.
while Western rust .-tai- ytJr isjitlons dull lait
M-i.ly with call r-el easier, sprir.g bran 310 a-i
mi;, mlildlllie; Il7e, l.- Hay nrm Jlop. 4Ulii
la-i f steady. Oil titeata MUady. l,ird lino. w'e-t
era steamed 37. .'-J. sVpt. i.ie-d fi ! n-anlnal.
r aned qubt. Pork llrm. Tallow steady. otl.a.
e.d oil stea.ly; jellow 27Se. ltlce steadj. M.e-lans-s
I.i.il.. .pt. 24. laird-American refined hrm
ot J'i Hams- short cut stud at Js tai. Itai oi
-i'1-ar l-lltns tirm at 4.-.. snoul.l-rs. iquir'S
flaii at "u. Cottvnaesd oil -Hull relin-d Nov -Apiil
alead. at Jus lurp-ntlr.- ,t-ady .-t 3Ui
'1'aliow Aio-tralian in Ie.na n sieaa at tai 2ei
A', heat i.,t Una. No. 2 re I West-in winter
3 1. Not 1 Northern spnng he o'iU. No. 1 U
foima i3 eld; futures quiet, pi. 64 2Sd; l-.'
m .1 c..m nia.t hrm, Amer.. ..n ra.xed, new
e i'...l; futures quiet; Oct. e 4'td: Nov. 4s Al.
lt: Is 2
Kim-rji Cliv. I'o.. fti-rrt. 24. Whe-it Ie. 7t
71'i.e, ill- .i-n a"..-. Ca.-n N. 2 hu.d '.0 a7J ,. ;
No 3 Mas .'!.-. No 2 red 74,a.-; No 2 Ts'n'-i'v
tv.rn-l.ee. a-tlZv'.e, May .-ieifcic. aPh .'.. 2
mixed 37i No i wblt rv ,i . No : aVe Hals
No 2 white 3K.2ai. Kjt-iw 2 S-HjC. H:.. -i
I o. - tlfnothy .aialw, .hol.e prairie JVoi. aO
llutter Cream. r isiil : da ry, famy, 1"-. liih
I-'iich LIV. Re:i.t- -Vl.al .awl b : e.rn
4',4j. out JI.0O. h:pme-nta h.at tVi.i00 bu..
cern IO..W. o-il -;oije.
cli.cag-o, &ei.t. 24. t'ash quotation were as fot
itjt: Hour-Kiy. Wheat-No 3. ;.nt.Vc: No.
2 r 1 Te"-!-. Corn No i 4!', . -. NoJ 2 -h..
4l'.V'Ic. Uat- No. 2 22Vo-.. . Nic 2 ivti.le 3a j
. . .vo e w-nite :ia , -. uve-:o. 3 b.s.
l-ariev Ijooj u-dinir 3l3i'..-. fair to cnol. e
n-.ilt.ng i.oa7c. Flaxseed No 1 11 51; No. 1
Nirihwoste.il S..54. Tim..th i-e.1- Piim-, si -De
4 a-. I'nnisions iles. pork. ier l.bl.. $ 2'.-l.i..
l.ar.l. per P1 l , 7"2 sln7i..V. r"h..rt nbs, aid-.
Clesr-e). 17 i,w7..'.. dry selte.1 shoiiol. r ibxil.
l"l.uV-; short .bar si. lea ibvd.l, 1. 1.. lw. o.
th- lrodu.-e 17e. iiange io-da ihe tuit r mar
ket was firm; cieamirio liiijici, .dairies 13
Pc Cheese llrra. l'j'.ull3,c. K?3 arm, fre"-i
li.le.Io, O., Sept. 24 Wheat active; ipot it'.-:
Oct Sl'.c, X"r Me. Lm V4'4- t.rn i asn
a-id Sept. 43r, Dec. 3a-.- Hat. .'ash and 1--11
lio. Lee. 2ic Hits urhlmn... No. 2 ca-h
4Srr. Clov -l-si-d -tH-c. Nl. liec. 2 TO. trade
Mrorisr. Oil North I.lma si.-, ."-utli Lima 3c.
i.ivi: stock utiiKirrs.
Nrttlv-s I.oivir Tcvnris Menily llo.
old Ola .i-e'p Menily in Mreinrr.
Bt. l.i-Jls, Monday, fcent. 24. K.
IbC. Ship.
Cattt.5 l.M-l .'e
It e ...- l
F.i. i i !.,
Horse an.1 mules 4al 111
'A TT Lrl Native elutlo Tra.le In a general
way rative call e arrival ei- fairly gil for
tl.- in tMtti-.e day of the we. K, amoumliif to
iieollt al .-aTa, lv cars of -.pnft were Kansas
erased Texans. laef steer wre In hirbt sup
ply and of a tilaln diaracifr anl In sympathy
with biK runs and lower quotation at otter mar
ket aji easier to P.- lower c-.r.dltion was felt
lhitcher c. w arel helf-ra were In uryeil d.'mar.d
ai si-adv to strong pr.e-. and aitliougn the to k
iai'1- Offering, nmed ratlier l..aii. tie Kiia-rul
ffeimg veas an tiiiproveni nt otr tne indifl. rent
tore i revaleiit nt tbe e )K of last w..-a. v'ulve
w.re a lit le lower and bulls and m lch .ows hniv
an 1 steeid Sales tia-luue.l be. f steers, l.J.H to
l.4 lbs. av.. at SI ft to J'. 30. buieh-r c w and
heifer, at il 3a t. le 5e. s4 cK steers aiul f-ed-m
ut J3.4 lo $4, stoek cows and h-l'ees at $2 2i to
3 :, veal talves up to J pei i. ihs , oulis
at 12.10 to 33.22, and milkers at )2I to 2$ per cow
llepresectatlve sales.
No. lie.. Av. IT. No. IV,
4-lMe.ia 1WI3-.-01 2 eons ..
l.tetrs llsi .20ljcows ..
teers 111 i.ol t 1 cow ...
e..st.ers ., HO-! 4 SI 2 cows ..
In. Her w 4&.11 Xt.iw ...
In uelfers 2 4.aal riows ..
lcaw 110 '.toll 2 cows ..
leow 1 - I -f-ed-rs
IcuAS H3 4.0a 1 24 fenl-rs
Av. Tr.
... 2.(3
... Hal 2
... 2
... US 3
... 71J i
... Jua ..Or
.... o l.aa
1 -aO 4.J3
.. ?ao 4.1
1 c ,w IiS 4.1"
lost.M.kers .... lsi 3
2 ueiiers s 4av
low 1"10 i..a
coWS lla J.7
t..-os.a .....- 3sl 2.im
1 heller '" I-
3 COV.S l'40 3
2 belter. i0 i.i
"r. hiTer.. ... 7n7 3.0
astoekers .... 072 ja
leedett, ..... Ma 3.a
2 slock-rs
. i 3.
. 77 3.
.' .-. 3
. Ma a. 2.
. TaJ 3.2a
' la a 2a
. aa a .a
litiockeri ..
7a feeders ...
12 atia'iter- ..
3slocklH ..
2sloeker3 ...
4fetekers ..
2v stoe-kers ..
1 St' kel ..
2 stociurs ..
12 Mocker l ..
I7st.icaeis ..
3 stocJcerM ..
. sloekers ..
z heifer. ....
2 h. Iters ....
1 heifer
: neifers ....
2 heiters ....
2 heifers ....
1 he iter
1 heifer ..
2 heller ....
I mixed
&CVWB Jk hf.
3 cows ......
1 heller
1 heller
4, mixed ....
2a hell, rs Wl 3.J7I
1 teller .ai j.m
I. hellers 7:i 3.3a
Scuwa .-i. hfs.. -Si 3.3a
10c0w U 3i0
0 heifers i4 3 -'J
2 be feis a.i.
1 heller ....... wl 3 2a
7 cos 10S7 t.J
lecw Ml Si
211. llfM 64a 3.10
:i i" 4-io
3 cows 173 3.10
3 cows l':4 .
1C.W 170 1.2a
IrW ! 1 W
1 cow- 7il 3.is
1 b.ifer 7.M J iw
4I-.IWS & hfs.. 710 1.00
leow 1'
1 eOW IwO fa:
1 heifer 7W .,
2 hellers ' "
..,-. - 2-
4 ..'s 53' 2.:-)
1 cow li 2-'
3 cow 4a Z.H
toViS ........ Via a -V,
1...W I"!) iSi
7 mixed !sa 2.u
1 cow '30 2.l-
2 c-w e ! -
i; ml 4 Z Vi
2 cows Si 2-JO
2 CoWS ........ Ma 2 .j
Mown . hfs.. lS8 2.. j
Scows ........blfii) 2 7a
1 cow ......... "la-. 2.7.
1 cow 10 2..i
1 cow .........1I'.J 2 7a
1 ui 2.75
1 CMS 2. .a
I, mixed Ml 2 To
1 cow , .V X-
Scows "40 2.
1 COW ......... IciO 2.SC.
low 2.
4mlxel ersi 20
74 2 JO
.74. J
. Ci 2 0
. te5 Z "i
. E 3 fV
. 1.10 2 al
. iaa 2 4
. 4 11!
. S7a a I'O
. 70 3.M
. 7i3 2 -Ja
. tU 2.1'a
3la 2.:-l
. lVl 2
. 7a0 2.Sa
. 622, 3.Sa
. 1..-1 2.3.
. 4 s 1Z
. A 2.va
.... tea) 2. Co
.... J 2
.... &12 2 ...
.... 4.-3 2.2a
.... 4'. - 1
.... 170 C.2J
.. . . - ,.-
la .
.... 120 4 'O
.... 12 ti.'JO
.... 11 6
.... luO i "
.... 20 4.."l
21 :otxe.l
2 calves
4 Call.
2 valves
1 ealf .
lcalf .
lead .
lcalf .
1 ci If
2 yearlings ... .4a 2 M
4 Ye.irilnas ... a7 2.ba
ltearllnas ...323 ll
3 year.ine ... 34V 2.1".
lt-arlltv- ....330 l.ia
1 bull 11." 2 -'j
3ISIIN 124a 3.VI
lbull 12W 3 "
1 bull l.-. 3 '
2 bulls lil S
2tulls llai 2 l-i
lbull !' 2 .
2 liutls li. 2.Va
3 bulla SUtt 2 r
lerw A calf &.!
1 row : ealf 2h
2 cow .4. iiaeirhi. 'Il
3 cvna Je cv eacn oi
3 cows ic evs.each 24.'i
1 strltcer ....bK 2 )
Kpelner ....b-' I.2a
1 spnnner ....1310 2 10
1 spnex-r l 2 so
lliiwi ........ M2 Zv
, i..ns ll-i 2 Wl
1.-.W 750 2 6)
t cow ! 2 ail
leow 701 2.aO
IClMl 0S 2 a
1 cow 41 2.-)
Sro. J 2-
I e . ks.1 - la
Southern Cattle Tiarte ejoa-wnnise et.e .r
cipta weio iaa.y fair ior llv opening day of ths
w.ek numbering lla .arl.MMl.. I wni. h t"e In
,ll.,j. Yenll.c-y -.n;ilhute.l . .Southern KaneS J
uli.l Texas 3D. Tho qual.ty averagcl i.ell for trili
I.'aal III gias ta-jua. but Mi. cf the off. tin?.
were on the sttl. lly toppv or.!, r. Lv-il t- aera
i.nd l.ul.'li-r. were free l.uj-ers and seieral out
side Inteiest wire acll- e- mia-litors. Mee-. .ld
practl. ally etea.ly allliugh an eo-ass nal wilea
iu .11 f. It an as'er ten an.1 ceto an I l;er
we.o firm. Calves ruled o kir than lh clo-e
of last week. M ,
ef last week. Atkanas bulls soU at 7S smt
cms at 31 to $2 :i Texas and Indian Terr-tory
culees. 12 to 24 lbs. sv.. sold at ...- to 0 per
head. hulH at J2.&1 to 12 . cows and heller, at
JJ to 53 -a HOd steers, 712 to 1.0S0 ltav a.v.. av
2 n to II 13.
No lie.- Av. fr.Na LXrs. Av. Pr
21 leers '.. ',,:'" -Z ;"..
Hi., .a .ae-i' . ....... -,
24 fll ers
277 t era
2 t. rs
.le. la
a te. rs
- sl.eis
117 sf -rs
:') Steer
20 calves
73 calve
73 calves
70 calves
Ik calv
1 bull .
4 bulls
4.1a I 123 cow
777 l.lt 2 eow
...101 2.S-I
H4 J.S-J
10.1 4
li. 3.7,
CC 3 Ta
3'v 3. SO
li2 3.i
... each i.al
....each 9.25
....each s.3a
....ea.-h .a
....e-a.h W.io
SV 2.S
Sim 12.13
3.-OWS -B -?
1 COW Sail 2
2C-WS "S' 2a
1. mixed 19 !)
i corns & Me. e24 1.
1 eowa 7el 3 oi
22eowa Kit 3 1.
2 heifers 720 3.2
1 heifer v) 2 23
3 heifers 703 3
22. cms A MS, '" -
S'oelfer UI 3.2a
lOeowi. 3.25
7 ncvis 7l3 3..
l row
S.-0 3.0-I
i .tears ...... Sa4 ..a
.... SIS 3 aO
.... 177 3 ?a
.... 7 3 S3
.... Ill 3.3i
.... S 1.40
.... HIS 3.4a
.... !il 3.43
.... tO 3.4a
.... 7'2 3.47
.... TSS 2.47
.... Salt 3.)
.... - Z.fu
.... v .w
loll i v.
... -si-, i.a
la 2a
1.2 3.6-.
45 vi-crs ...... Si0 3 70
47sle.ru 1J 3.7S
10 calves ....' 11 .a0
H calves ....each t.2a
217 lrs 4.a
lbuit ;x j-;
1 bull MS 3 .5
4 bllllS W J-"
C bulls ;
X hulls 1051 2.W
XI steers
W steers
2 steer
II steers
PI St. ers
2a st-er
2a steers
3 Bteers
12S steers
22 steers
2a steers
24 si-en
11 steers
77 stec-
4k Steer
ata Hirers
1 hull S30 Z.IO
25 bulls 2.-J
llaill ,1-e" S.J
1 stag hie 3.00
3 coves "J 2.'
;c lo." 2 Jo
12 calves ese-h s.aO
. ...- ert.1 -.a.!
31 Stetrs I've 3--a
2 steers J .
27 COWS --al ... .
HOGS-The supply of hogs was th- ronvt Ilws'
In ten weeka but tt came In slow.y ami the law
arm-ate were at disadvantage, coinpawlanli
Lola wefeTn hand?' The rty tradl"si ""
le to lie lor.-r. with m. ai. ot th. togs at Ites onf
Saline. L-te-h-gs were at full to"Ur ard
the early ue.ner.es. ---;f --.--,,.,
niii ' -"a little m- re on unaMfraDl
111' .V Ol. w.iura...- '-- ", , ,
a 5.' . paid by Swift C'i. fr
lbs. av , one i nd srt..l u' ;'
xt DMce was fur a but h-r loal.
a..... In. -- ir-.
MI- "'.-'-. -i. --.- .
kl II- a -. grid's, ,-. A "fair cumber of
2?' .-... hi"., of eartooa weights & Id O' '
that ere- Worth K.fO en Saturdaj ;''crr.
V,- heeinnlnc to buy heavier ihK. than tie do
jow-cra4e orltrlnca not consiaere-J, sell at J-.-,
in summer. Salft Jt Co bough: 7-s h-at z
l" Tks at a coVt of . and a lghter drove.
& head, 174-lb- v at a.4,l TSe N. !- Mrr1
t-. "ye. JO he-id. 2-Ib. av cost J...4. -
tn JZ.tfl. ns sg-ilnst J7 '4 to S3.rl on Slturdar.
Pup. and light l.ghts f) to 14? lis. ay. at 1 3d
t S-.i, a. ..rli rj qualitv . light bo-. la.i t
j: l 11. . se .1 ut Ja J. iv Sa ..' li.- '"llv at $- J
tt, 3a i, Meniuni ei-his, l-i t" lb .. ..'-l
nt Ji.2a to ti -7't. the bulk goliw at Ja.3.'. to 5 a.
Tn.. heavy culls sol J at 34.WI lo Se, and fair to
bst heaiy hogs nt f S 2J to 3a.a2. t.o.l mixed
he-vs at S...21 to la.la. and conuuan to fair mix
ture, sold at 33.2.1 to 3&.13.
ller.resentatlve a-LCs:
No. A v. P.. No. Av. Pr.
2 ..PU...J4.W. 2I...12...S.3
6...ZH... S25 W...10S... i.Sp
9...lvu... 5.3-1 9I...1J... 5.30
173 ..2.7... &.3714 Ul...2a3 .. S 33
70.. .IM... t.4-1 37.. .2L'... 2 4-)
4n ..22... 2.4H St. ..243... f..l-
27 ..lf .. . 21. ..231 .. 5.4.
124 ..I'O... S. S...I72... ..
HN...1KI... S.l SI...1S7... 5.10
S4...211 .. S.4I M -.171... B.4-1
2...ies... 1. 4o S3.. .170... 5. SI
12:.. .241... 5.4214 1...21... r. 45
27.. .IV .. "... 7 . -ai V.
p4 ..21. . 5.4i C . 211... 5.1".
1 . ..241... :..4a IH ..i ' .. 2.4'iA
27. ..212 .. a il fal.. .I".. . 5.M
IS. . i-o .. a -I M...2I. .. a. "ft
T . 224 . '... VI 2ka .. a IS',
No. Av. IT.
W...12S... 5.2".
H..J9V .. 5.35
12 ..224... 5.3".
2 ..1J... 5 4
a2...1'C... 5.0
43...1i'!... 5.)
42..2J... 5.4)
...li(... 5.41
72.. .10... 5.H
;...I17... 5.12ea
It.. .209 .. 5 4..
72 . Pc... 5 4.".
1 ..271 .. i.-ta
-- ..P-'i... a al
5I...153... S.V
7 . 2C .. S. .0
72. .! .. .".. .T'i
JdlkKI' The re. elpt. f she.-o mere only in.!
irate and In. hided two .rouble de. ks s'-ipp.d m
by a loi-sl .laiigllerir, leavlni; a snvell supply
Ior sal. In K-neml the quality iva onlj fair.
A go.! deriail prevaile.1 an.1 sh-ep ami lamb.
Kuitaiila for the mutton trade sold leadlly -it
steady to strong; prices. Medium ami common
i.nes were barely ste-ady. The st.icker trade was
quiet, as bit few Were IrHiudesl am ng the ar
rivals'. Sales in ltsle.1 Ismbs at 31. ;3 to 3a. cull
Ihinle. st 33.'i t. S3 7a. n ution sh-ej. it 33.'. le
14. stoek. ts at 12 ii to 31 2o. and buck at 32.73
.So. XV.
Av. Pr. i No. I)e. Av. IT.
h Limti-t
. i.(Til!
I,. . milts
12 laitilm
... la o io -.k. rs
... 7' a i s t.i-ker-e
M 3 2t
17 3.Jt
... s7 :.. i
... 71 iMt
1 nUt-M r-4 ....
7 Kt- k l"- .... V
m i-t n i'lCrs ,...ltJ
l.'.iull lattibr... fl
I .,
2 A
4 ...
i-s unitstt 7
J vuit Um.rti... w 3..-
W-UiH Ir-ib-4... &, 3 7
fM-ill IfclobM... 4i 3.5
r-cijll Mrnix... 'J& Z.r
iVtiuckH 1 3
.TbtsikA -' "
; tuk 16 3
Kiiuctts ir. :-2i
Xlmclc 1 "
23 lnm'-s 74 4
2 iMtivA r-hrp. M 4.M
31 n. i-- (rbf-p !li 4
34n..livw hr?.117 4.-j
fi name Rii-fp.iH 4.f
It I HBtUft Mr"!- Ill 4
aUa-'Sto alt-rj. .. vt -t.W
34 Ark. sheep.. ! t."v
MT ZftilJ.... i 5-i.
II.tK.-v-Th" ,' onl wlih a irn.rat
nrn. tr- Luik oz .hlh tc.nltMj or uu-nrn
quHl't:.. ry tevr i-U-t-':it r xp-rt h-r
iy-t-s avHliHitl--. tlwiwch tlw tlVman! wa- lUral
an.l npnmutl !! cuuM ht lian-l --1 qmi-
a nunn-r to .td.ant.,j. f-tutirrn luin ai
rir ntl ty a kwi-iIv nupilwr f buyer who
.re ifa-ly t-tkt of all tt tnijrth. nultahl-off-t-rlnK"
in thlr la- th luiprov i i t4mittt!l-.n
iuUi.4v; m urnKit a J jt knl 1aBr on th
fn .- i-sirsii.l Kia'H. tr m omm ti o chon
th rrnre n S'ut. -rn h i!?- njs Jw to $.. w.tii
th- tuU I-rlnrine Xkt to K -qi a. oc'aNi.l
Fal uj. t !'. The 1- w go- I L3i to 1.4W ib.
Li4-jnks offt-rt! n us.e ) to $! .". while plain
lo .cnl tlrUer- sM at Kj tj JI.
lni5e i tarioTn: Jlav cntf: Common to
l-Ta,)! 3J tO llv-J, ChOl"4r to fin v Sl&i t STK
J t .vers -OmiraoT to hi-p Ji to JWj. iu.t HH to
Ul. "ttth h S1j to f SaJfll n .Jin
iii..n to t-hoK-e $" S--"'. tMcy Jl to $I7.".
Ctiunkv. 1.3 lo 1 lb-. -i 'crnn.4 n t k.kh! i)
to km. ci..a'- to extr. II to Jl'. bout, m
lMUtrs rumiiron to t;1! $ to -i cboie to i
tra 3-tf t J7i. Tlaio ,1 to J4-".
MI1. -As a ru.t of th- (hi I tuatt' n in the
rnai-K't .iurirw; tl t-i tw w-k t.i- oitnh,ic
r- ipis tor thi wi.k -r tr l.Kt, ruling
an-ur.a tbs snuilkst m man weU AirivHla to
dfl-rd wer rt. rr limtt-i and tn commiWon
vuppiy anTK.i.ntH. R- than loo h--jl Viin
iu ntly the uji-pmnR nai qut ani kalem r-r-I
"to-! no ch4ni; In ttie ifilin? t r ten-lr-n y
ir-rn tJws markt of the pr-ius two s.ffks.
(i-ima; to tit lact that no Urfiish rack mule
an l4nic Na-ujiht and thtt mining tmiia are
jres-lllnf tl iwl n a ouni of Kantrn commit
rat'"iitf, tli tr4t l l-etn? iiaJe dr-Til n the
tMuthrn iieniintl, wM li at r-ent .s tackw-rJ
anl n-ut up ti It- olum for this time cf y-ar.
Mui quotations ifur t-roke mules 4 to 7 jtarj
1. hand, extreme range $) 0 to JS!-)
2. l.-anu. bulk vf mtl-. 4-..- to 'ii
J-iS nanJ. fxtreKi range vi to C.;.l
1 j ilil.i, bulk Ot -fi.tr 1 4-kJ to S-' -
V aanis fxtitn; range 51 j to y w
Ii harm, hulk ..f m:- Mvoto 7i -1
.1riul.li!, eXtr-emtr r4!lje ...WtO rf '(J
2.. hsUatli. bulk c aal-s ; to vj 0
K to Jtl nan!-, ex ti tme ran :. to !&"
1 io )'., bar.dt., bulk tt atea 1N.M t' i:iV. 0
J.ulk tf 5al s if-i nMiit mike I mul in Ural
hnda. rr.Ls atK Uj)k fii;urei reppent nr?t-..-
mulfi extra hnisn an-1 Height, strictly l
piu-.tkail atsUtiU a-hl .la!i1rd.
lly 'IVIoiiruxih,
iiErrnuc si-EnAi,.
h-caaj, in., tit. 4. Cattle Mon-iSay contin
ue, to t a da ut Ubial r-x-tpts. to Jars ar
rtaN bcwic n tn neloborho..i vt Z1.M hal.
U4 awtain&l J2. last Monda and Ji.l. on Mon
da a jcar .uK -. 1Vadti iad tatrlj acue this
iiaeuiriri-. but tiuyers wtre lastiaiouj about their
i..t-ct.o&-. jii while tht really Kl oroea swll
it bitraU) innceS the othtr d---r.i.tlos wert
Ht-ak frales lAtre on a baU ot J -&r t-r C"in
nui to fair i.atssu and tel U--t.rn ters. - 1
i for milium t.j s ksJ aim so .-rtf .ii fir
M-od to -choiie. with prime .attie salate.e at X -"
. Tue riratr i-it ta ii lo-vur. exi-rirs
trtkli.-.- a K-ftd number, l-urtnc tho last w-jrtk -x-ltri-r
iurtri.-s-d 4,-wl cait.-s. a aj.un.t 4,1
the prec-iiDi; vnrek anl .',4j the corrrtp-DJinc
ek a jtar agi.
llwRa aGvid-utly Iajt wetk's hlch rrlce- start
ed a soyd nianv lir-u-ie' this va, to-'aU)-' re
trit firp t-Miinat-M at -sii-oy h-jRf, as acan-t
orly Sf.'Jjt.' la Mcod.i ar.. b,i i-n th corre-tr-oii'jinx
M muay jl e.tr ao. fity paiktr ani
Lantern sniir-r9 wanted Ut. hoct-, but tney Ira
Ii(ava th te.Jrtuni:y to force i-nces li'r?nj
iheie wtr further riu-ct.oi.s f 1-43 ltr. li ?' hW
ui an extiera raasc ut .w to .-m. Iars-ly at
. Jj.-i. Mas tllim: at Zt)4.ttf. titAern
vnt throw uta and bear; at Jl.--vi3-.0o ami
. hp- ih Ktr'x opa! vlth a "run" of
atui Ji.iM. t-h--t and lambt. .,5 i.mpared with
Z Jr tart Muiio.t and i- M-.ntia a t.ra-.r .
Vlih a ry f.ir leni-r.d. ah-efi jtii at steady
tr.ttirf. but lainhti suft-r. 1 a jurth-r online of 14
rlac, th-t ht-mic loo titany for fAltr. r-aiei were
01 the folio. iok ta-is: I'r-.mt native w ethers i I
fr4.1&, eood to chcire- mlrtt an- and wetlirrs
JT'iJc. fair to K'JJ'i mii-l JJ fyd.rt. prim
ere? v -rn fchr-; J. liu 4. ' j fa.r to gd
Kraps 1.Htirn aliet. J3 '.-vt.4. TariKe feeders Jl.iW
tt: ;.. cull and tall tndt im.
New ofk. Z. 2i. -IVevr. Kx-eipts 4.5;
very Umlt(l tradinK. of. I stT td; other
lift. r. bulU and mwit lower. j-fi -rf; hulls IZ.7
94; nw .1 7vtoi.aU. CaMe ,m-te IU- caul
f1w at luv l2'. shep Ui12c. shpni nis n.n.
( al Hect.liiH I.J-C. hu and 2.-c utt. Veat-
,in.7l, t.-i ; frrs"n and buttTm-kv $-
.t, nited anl Ifd -.al.a ...ftw-fe L.'- he-
and WunbivlUn-eiiaits itU..M, frhp l-u30e - it.
lamhs -rv b -i , shft-p SZifht. cuil- J-i.
lambs f.-v.fi: t-'afii'la 1-tnls - (m. cults list
Xti.Ss Hotf Receipte. 1-AZ. market -a-rlr at
soulh Omaha. Neb , Fept. 24. Cattl-i:reirtf
ll.i." . in .uoinx U.t'ftf Wo-al-rna; marK"t st adv
on best, i"W and 1 tHr on --mxn--n. natne t- f
teer H 4fii- 7j, Wtntvra ateers Iltai 7"J; Ttx-
steer -J.'i4, . xw!. and hHters i lt.er. Jl H
if X. c-vniMr- U jv2.. Ft'Kkers and faer
st-ady t. h-Aer, ti-sViT S5. calve sC-Jj.-" . buU.
stacs. etc., .&. ilt-s ICt-uelpta l.-k), m.rK-t
u-ritte wer; heay 4?ii 1. mUe o.1jij 15;
lijcht tiK'lJi-. J'-K WcOtlTi, bulk tif a.-)
$i i,x0 1. Shep Ke.-e.tns Vrn. market I.w,
lt.wr. Vf-M-rn mutt'i-ji Ji.M4; tvk tlie-r
i jj.t.fii; liroba J4'at.Nt
koiUeii i ity. M . SM-T-t. 24 CUttl" Uerw-Ip'a
7.7ii native. 5i T. xai. 1 .-vo talv -;
market .-.bout rteatlv: naU.e ftes $1 4fVJ'.,
Moher and fedr W 2ia4 : bnti her itm-f and
h-lteri JC'iw: 'annfr! $2w.Vj3.h-t, f,a Wtftertw
i2 ;&. intred Tevans UX4. t tle- J4'
lt. H1.4SS Itettipts SV, rfiairk-rt -low. "c to l'.
ker; t.a- and mit-l J". J4ij3i, Uyht J5 3tf
6 30. i'ls J4.7-ro .''n-' p Itf-eiii S--: heuw
utpl of Wenttrn, market a te, -jC t 10c
hi;,ier; Iamb Jl ;c m, mult-.n-. J3.r-4.i,
Blockers and Ieedvrs J..ul; .uUi w-.-a3.7-i.
tjxi: i"rrn. iaiikiits.
General Adniire I Totton A'nlur
frtrMiitcrr niitl IUkIict.
St. Iuy. ilonday. .ert. 21. 19.
C-TTtsWerable FtrenRth was shown by cotton to
Oty. anl & Sally In future, which showed an
all-round adance. This ttrength was brousht
tout elderly by IJerpoul, whi-ch wa hluher for
Kah siota aird futuieis, That roa.rk't t.iM oCC
h jto Ute. but rk a 4 to sp '.nts belter for future-
pw ion ijtneu LI 10 14 ivlnts higher.
1 Lil th" .;- Mas -"-fee up fcr H-ots and ftoiu ZZ
tu p-jnt tor rutuir.
1 ocal Ilarket Steady ati unchanged. Sales
! imIi- p.
Ordinary 3 M-i
.Kvia o.ditutiy 9 -ii
Goott n.io-Mli g t Isi-lf
aiwlnmK 1''
UijvI nilUcJinf; m A
aM.Uell.na: fair Ir
itaSs.n-lVn.. ' W Pr yard; 2-lb. &.3ic; 2i
lb . fc cMt. Iron tl- $l.. Hemp twine W ptr lb.
V.ar-hcibe ktten.4.nt ta-daj;
Net rr elptr to-daj 177 73$
2s-t nctipta unci Sept. 1 -V.M7 C,7a
t; receipt. to-ihi i S.Votf
tr'-ot it-ertpt- sinee t-ept. 1 l,vM ll.yil
(rc- snipn.' nts to-day 74 1.477
(.m-sc fJiii-im-iiti flm't Siit- 1 IO.SjO 2i.wj
tck on l&n-l -. t3.ii
l4erpool MMrket bot tuln4 dull, but VJ
hitrher, uplanus 7-vd, aa'-w 4,w b-Ue. Iutuit
t-l-Mf d steady; .--ept. 7 2-Wd n.. Sil-l-OfX & 12-4d
. Uit.-Nov. i 4j-tld s. Ntv.-iatc. i 3l-Jld .;
Oee.-Jan. 5 r7-M a ; Jan. eb. 5 U U b.
N-v .ork lla.ket )t iuirt and Sc hi slier;
rsidount; .ivc. aFiiu'ea closetl stroni;
tl'---. It K&- iaaW. Clo.
t?alday. To-day. T.-lav. To-day.
t4rtrnber to j iUO l -' lu.-
tr-u-tr ' 7 l-o iv 10 ut U'.b
;w ember ...- . -! . 3-l
Ii4-oiter - .- ''-I t.;t
Jtiuarv !.'- -77
ebruary ,. :.-4 77 i.i- 8.77
aWar.h -- 9-' .74
Net recHpt at L'nlted States ports for thrve
d-j i.4sa oalef;, igainvl .' Tor the -M.m-5
1 !. iait w-rroL. and sv.& last year. Eincc Hi.t.
A s.tl.47 bales, aicaln-n JlttffZ bales Fame Hint
last a-eaavn i-3tpurw ior inree oajs i,vt tMie-,
v.aint ZX-SSZ tor tht tnllCO time last '..m-k. tj(!r
ci. hand JbJ.TZZ Uiles. agairwt .4J,at baJea Ust
New York. Sept. St. To-da's cotton market
vi.- a, bull afT&ir At no tin- during the KaMion
.Hi tnero tne uKitiei nuicaaiii 01 HtaKi.c--j
ana in no itwtatjc was tnere an uttempt n.au
t biins; about a reaction fioni tiw open.np rUe.
;lcweer. sjecuiaUon was rtrK-tea mainly to
liv "talent" ati f-iU-d to reach th.- hiue pro
pojtionfc which wtre so characteristic of the Dull
juariat-t two weeka affo. ln cenire na steady
with price- uj llt.l point!, mm 1-eli.K larKt-ly
a synitthetic movernnt. laeriool beiriK al-art-eil
xar beond utpe.tatioa. (,otr.l bujing for
tortagn account, an nwiapMttoa to Ml on th-
purt of local pastier, h .are uf pit hort adued
t. th ttrn. tone. After the llrst hour bu-slness
r-.ltlHl down to a Mow ntn trade, with th
uarket t?noiiEir little la the way of Interesting
iteelopnentK. lYUe ra lei a "hade, throupn
the decline, wh.cb was due to an abec& of cul
toi. for sale. The livSit-K ca les. uro bullish.
aud th in6w- frt'in the Sv.utnwtst was resardt-d
as stroricb adrhe to the tr p. TCeo-ipi, wTv
rot aa tirK a- pr-nl. -tl. ai d prnate caMs de
it. red l-.uropean -finners and Miorts were tifrald
of -a wirier in tiutnern ! markets As the sta
tion wv-ft alona the i.c-.I marfi di."pLted no
m of rituridnjr animation until at the op-tnin
o the last hour. I'mairrable crop reports, pre
ciitr.1 n- tor a bu'lih Soverninnt report to
rrorrow. reports that fp-t cotton In th-a South
T-a rapiily hardinlmr apaln on urgent export
din and and apprehension- of a bulge in laver
jcul lo-iauorrow- lefore our openlnc, started a
flurry of co.er.ns, which soon erew into a full-
Oaicc of the Pre-Ident of the
Hoard of I-ubll-- Improvements.
1L la-uis. P. ntemla-r m lej-A
Public notice Is hereby civen that f.r
Eoard of J'uhllc Imjirovt merits will holdal
special meeting at the hour of 10 a. m, of !
lrrnr day of ocTon7:Tt. ijnn
nt lis oltlce. lioom ". In the New" citT
Hall, for the iiui-pose of con'IJerlae tha
matters hereinafter nam-d. to-ivit
No. 5C1. Board's Jlotion. For recoa
structlntr alley in citr block No. is f.
I.ucas avenuo to ilorsan str-et and he.
tweon AVharf and First strpet.
No. Dfiad. Board's alotlon. For recoa-strurtini-
alh-j In city bloek No. 16. fron
Franklin avenue southwardly as far as
eiiK'n. a distance" of about one hundrei an!
elKhty fMt. and between Wharf and First
No. rc. TSnanVs Motion. For reeor-
strui'lliii; alley in eity block No. SI. from
S-;iruco stnet to Clark avenue and between
Third street and Fourth street
No. &T04. Iioanl's Motion. For recon-
rtructln alley In clly block No. ST. from
I'ine street northwardly as far as open, a
distance of about ono hundred and tblrty.
livo i, tt. and between Third street and
Fourth street.
No. . leards Jlotlon. For recon-
...leo-llllL; ;en.y ill Clly IllOl K VO. leZ, frOra
Cerre- street to I'oplar street and betiv-ea
Uro.uhv-.-iv ar.d Sixth, street.
No. JSTa-. Hoard 3 Motion. For ee-
structinrr north and auth alley In cltV
Work No. iil from Franklin avenue t'n
...isli street and between Elchth street
and Ninth street.
-., e. r... ,. ....
m. a-w.. Mioani s .viotion. ror recon-
rum.11111; inioy in ciiy uioeic jo. zm north.
from Julia street to Carroll street and be--"'
twen Ninth street and Tenth street, 1
No. ICH. Hoard's -Motion. For recoa
stnictinr; e-a-itern, north and south alley a
.-uj oiock .no. sfj norm, inra Ju'.la Rtrc-.t
to Carroll street and between .Menard
fctreet and Eleventh street.
Xo. SC1. Uo-ird's Motion. For recon
struclinf' all-y In city block No. Mt norfi
from Fourteenth street to Sl-cti-enth stre't
and ono hundred feot south of and parallel
to Poplar street.
No. ICOO. Hoard's Motion. Tor recon
Mmctlnir alley In city block No 4St frH-n
I'lKhteenth street to Mt-sis!ppl nvenue and
be-tween Park avenuo and Hutcer street.
No. 561. Uo.'ird's Motion. F-ir recon
structlns est and west alley In city bloe'k
No 8. from Kl.-venth itr.'et to Twelfth
str.-et and about one hundred and thirty
feet south of and parallel to Cas avenue
No. "GiX. Ho-ird's Motl' n For ryo"n--trin-tin-;
alle In city block No. (SSI cast,
from Kut-rer street soutlmanlly as far aa
open, a distance of about two hundred and
seventj-two feet and between Isroadway
and Sixth street.
No. Va"3. I!carrs Motion. For rec-oc-structlm-
east and west alley In city block
No. 72", from D Kalb "-treet to SoronJ
street and between Nirth Trudeau street
a.nl nu"-ell ave-rue.
No !;i. Joard Motion. Tor reen--.-f-tructliu;
north and south alley In city
block No. TOO, from Fldney street to Victor
street and between Second street and Thirl
No. Z&Z. Hoard's Motion. For recon
struetiiir; alley In city block No TH. froti
Lynch street to McCSIrk street and betw-t
Eleventh street and Twelfth street.
No. :ffA. Hoard's Motion. For rccon-rtructln-!
alley In city block No. T. front
I.iml street to S-'heaandoah avenue and be
tween Menard street find Eleventh street.
No. Stair. Hoard's Me.tlon. I "or rccon--Iriictini;
i-outhtrn north and south alley It
city block No. 451, from Dorcas street north
wardly to east and west alley in said block
and between Hroadway and seventh street.
No. KHi Hoard'i Motion. For recorl
structimr northern north ond south alley In
city block .No. Sal. from Lynch street south
wardly to east and west alley In snld hloclt
and between Broadway and Seventh street.
No. MS. Hoard's Motion. Fur recon
structing nllcj- In city block No. S57. front
EiKhteenth street to Nineteenth stre-t an-i
between Olive street and Locust street.
No. &..0. Hoard's Motion. For recon
structing allej- In city block No. Sli from
Klshtcenth Ftreet to Nineteenth street anl
between Wash street and Carr street.
No. JOT. Hoanl's Motion. For recon
structing alley In cltv block No. H7. froaj
Parnell street to Jefferson avenue and be
tween Warren street and Montcomery
No. tfnZ. Hoard's Motion. For recon.
structlnjc alley In city block No. 1111. front
Blair avenue to Fifteenth street and be
tween Monroe street and North Market
No. faTTi Board's Motion. For recon-structim-
alley in city block No. IK, from
Thirteenth street to Fourteenth street and
lietween St. LotiU avenue and Wrisat
No. KT4. Hoanl's Motion. For recoa
structlr.c alley In city block No. 1214. from
MaIIinckro.lt street to Sallibury street ani
between Hroadwav and Ninth street.
No. ym. Hoanl's Motion. For recon
structing north and south alley In city
hlock No. 131J. from Geyer averiu." north to
east and wst alley In tsald block and be
tween California avenue and Oreson ave
nue. No. Ta7fiL Board's Motion. Tor recon
structlntr east half of east and west alley
In city bloe'k No. IZU. from California ave
nue w-ctwardly. it dlstanco of about on
hundr.I nnd forty-lve feet, and betweea
Ueyer avcnu and laafsiyette avenue.
No. If,.,. Board's J'...tl.n. Fur recon
structinc; alloy In city block No 1410. from
IVstaloiad street to Lynch street a-.d be
tween larnp avenue a 'd S.'ler.a street.
No. KTic Board's Motion. For recon
structlnu east and west alley In 1 Ity block
No. lTOo. from IaPthnswell aveaue to Ewtnrr
avenue and betweien Aibms street and
Clark avenue.
No. a679. Board's Motion. For recon-stnirtln-f
cast and west alley in tlty bin-1:
No. 1733 west, from Ewlnu avt-nu" to ll..r
rlsun court anel between Manchester av'cnuo
and Lacltle avenue.
No. 0?.. Hoard's Motion. For recon-structliiK-
southern est and treat alley In
city block No. 239, from Uogan street to
Nineteenth street and about e-icthy-four
Tcet north of and paralM to O'Fallon
No. &TS1. Hoanl's Motion. For recon
stnintlnp east half of east and west alley
In city bloek No. STTJ. from Vandeventer
avenuo woMwanllv. a distance of abou.
three hundreM aud twent -eight feet, and
between Delmar boulevard and Morgan
all cltl-'en-j lnterostcel in nny of the. mat
ters alaive named are requested to attend.
Hy order of tho Board
KDW. Fla.vn.
Secrctnry Pro Tcm.
fiedred bull mave-nent. I"rr advanced slowly
at drst. but later moreasesi until at the elo.
the market tins llrm. ltb the ailiajice txtcn.le.i
t. fruiu IJ to Z 1-ints. From let, tnforrnatlon
Wall street was a heavy 1-uver of Oct. and J.in
opiloKs. Tho outh al.'Nj surihased the winter
me.nira. freel. and rei.reset.ui.tves of forelirn Fu
rorean hevises were actlvel eniraireil in secueinz;
he ll.t In eeneral s a tnatt. r of precautl.-n.
Th- undtrcurrent of .entlment at the c!eie wn
Ur. r.nlr bulllfh. with the i.iiolle once ri. re
shiwini; Intense Interest In tho staple spot
eloSrd oUtet At t.e- aalvarK-e. mldl.Hlr uplari.1.
l".c. il. Ilulf In. s.lle iJC. bal-i 1-utiles
l.ed llrm. et.t. 1" 3ic. 4vt. l le. Xm s sir.
lev f" Tk Jan 3 c. I'e". J. 75c. JL.r.'h 9.74c,
Airtl S.7k-. May s.TJe. June J.74C. July s.Tac.
AU2. S.63V-.
New- Hrlean.. fax.. Sept. 14. Ci-ttni tatur-s
firm; S-etit. lO.Slsrl-' ax-. O-t, 9.s.itaa.,M; Nor.
e4?.-. ri-c. -i.weiirj.itc; Jan. 9.tHtl.Mc; r-h.
9 : "Me March 9 lij9.5c: April J.bSfJ.C'K::
May J.Ci6.C7c. Oton firm; -le. 5,100 bal-t:
owinary r; bo.i.1 ordinary 9 l-16c; low mlrt
dllne 9 tl-liie-: mldJllnj 1-) a-lCc; Kood n-IJilil-i?
I 9-16 : mldallni- fair 19 lj-15c; receirta li.SJa:
stix-k 7J.79 bale.
laierpool. epi. ;t. Cottre"-Pot sTiatl ta-J-res;
pnees hisher. American mliMIlnr fair T 7
l&l. re.! inl.J.illnc 7 3-1S.1. mldilUcR "t,,j, low
mlildline' 6 11-1-1. coot ordlnxry 6 0-SJ: ordi
nary i 7-"Cd. Th- .ales of the dvy were 4I,i
bales, lni-ladlns; 13ii bales American. Nona for
peculation and export. Kicelp:s S.JO1) bale, all
arrerrl-an. 1-uture ..rened hrm and closed
eteadj. Arr.erlt-an mlililllnir 1. m. c: l-ept. 7 2
C4d v.; Sept -Oct. S ll-Ui 12-64(3 .: K:t.-Nor.
5 tZ-M s. ; Nov.-Dee. t 43 64-1 s. . Ie -Jan. & 27
61d s . Jaa.-lb , 24-64.1 b.; I-eh -Mare h 5 21
Moi 22-SI d .: March April 5 U-tMltl 2tt-4i le:
Aprll-ilay 5 lS-etil s.; May-Juno a 17-C4.1 s.. Jane
July a la-ill-3-a IC-SId .; July-Autc. i ll-C4d s.
Mlimeaiioll X-'Ionr.
Minneapolis. Sept. 21. Close: Whss-t Fept.
-)V: Oct. teS5-ii.e: jiar S3Hc. era trk. N'o. 1
hard Sc; No. 1 Northern SHc: No. 2 Northern
r"tc Mour and bran unchanged.
New York. Sept. 21. CoKee fSpot IMo barely
rtea.ly: No 7 Invoice 6v,c. mlW ejillet; Cordova
:, 14c. Put arts opened steady, with prices lt
IS laiints le-hne. and ruled weak under local
pressure, f.illo.vtnir tho adverse Kuropean ard
iiraztlian news, heavy receipts at Itio an San
tos, an absence ot vutsida siculatlon: cle.ed "
11 points net lower; total sales 34...1.) raiies. m
elu.llnir Sept. C.KSS O-Vc; Oct. 6.903'. Sac- Nov.
7.06c; Dec. .!(; March 7JuS7J5ac: Mai 7.4
7.4io: July 7 ic.
Hides anil Leather.
New Tora. Sit. St. Hides Mrmp leather Srra.
I'orelisn l.xrliaitjre
Here was very little demand for forelen ei
clinRe. and the market was wealc
I. 1". l-'ran;la. Uro. jt Ca. iep.jrt closing; rnt's
as follows.
I'rane sterllnc cible. 4.S7',i; checks 4.S7iiO
4.i. t0 davs 4.S34."21U. "
Ccmmerclxl bank-i-v check 4.WU24.SCH: CO
a.. . . k . 1.. a . ..
u.j.i.-i.n uy)s t 3.-.
drain bills 4.534; cotton bllH 4.82i'tt.S2H.
Hanker' Paris cablcii "..la!; checks i.lSil'
E.1S 1-lC'la IS",; OI elais a IS.,..! 1-ItJ.
Commercial I'tench fnir.es checks 5.16".
1 1 1. ro days 5 1-eSSa.li 1-1S. "
Nn las checks 5.1".. ! days LSUfK 22 l-163i
Kelclxn francs check. 5.1Si,33.1S 1-16: W days
i.21i.tla.2t l-16r".-2itc
Hankers" retchmark cablrs 9-21;; checls Si 2-15-tt
days 31MT3I 1-lt
Ctmmerclal rclchsmark checks 55; CO day Sit?.
Meaijs93r.. .
L'ank-ers Pnteh EUllJcr. chrcVs 40 3-18310i-
das S3 15-16840. --1-.
Commercial checks sdlifSiO 3-16; SO aacj-sai2c.it.
ik VS'rz

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