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Discount rates -were S to 7 rer cent on
call and Mme loans. Clearings. $10j.4S2:
balances. $513,37. New York eTchange. GOo
J discount bid, 40c discount aelted: Iuls
vllle. S5c discount bid. par askei; Chicago,
5c discount bid. 25c discount asked: New
Orleans. 3c dicour.t bid. pir u-keJ: Cin
cinnati. 3c discount bid. par asked
The local wheat market cloed higher at
Tie n Oct- TTVc b Dec. TT'.c b JIhj. .3
7c No. I red. Corn e loed higher at In o
a. Oct.. 3IVr,c b Dec . 3.W b. Mav K'-tr
3Sc No. 2 white. Onts closed liiEher at 3".c
n Oct . X'-c b Dec 2Tie b. Ma). fas
No ?
Tho loil market for standard men" pork
Io-cd stronaer at SIS for new. Prime ste im
Inrd clo-cd stronger at C S:?c for Eat S'de
The local ""pot cotton market closed quiet
and l-16o low or.
The seventeenth annual St. Louis Ex
position closes to-d.-iy
Jewels worth SlA'l were stolen from the
trurk of Mrs C S. McOulre while on her
way to Cincinnati from a visit in St.
- t Titwti er n en vnrs of f nut
let" search for' his brother. Gust-iv. Ins
appealed for assinanco to the Ocrman
The City Council takes another ret of a
Mr. John Buseh. who died In the Ash
ley building, bequeathed property worth
nearly $1,300 to her husbana.
Ttepubllcars are sending out threatening
circulars to Democrat" to prevent them
from voUng in November.
Democrat? nominate three candidates ror
State Senator and six for Representative
In the Legislature.
An accidental the Imperial Electric i L ght
M Power Compaq's plant caused a brief
upell of darkness downtown.
Mrgmiv Bonner and Joseph Britt eloped
to SU Charles. Mo. and were wed
The Democrats State Committee filled lu
enncie, on the State ticket, caused by resig
nations of Presidential Uectors
Kmma Thompson '.S?1"!, ,
hiving a-aulted Susi- Hensel while street
railway men's strike was on.
Mr. Mirla Johnson, whose husb urn
claims she Is a victim of spiritualistic se
ances. Is at City Ho-p'tal.
R Percv Kennett. a native of St Lou.s.
was killed bv the accidental dl-charge of
his own revolver -it Victor. Mont.
Abram N Milner. former Street Commis
sioner, who dis.ppeaml last summer, has
been heard from .it Webb Otv, Mo.
t; T Morris was arrested in Chicago on
a 'charge of plotting to kill John W Gates.
Mor-is underwent treatment here for the
drink habit last month
Marv Zubellk and Peter Hartman. sot a
license to wed after appljing five times.
A reception and banquet were tendered
to Frank A. Vanderlip. Assistant Secretary
of Treasury or the United States, bj St.
Ixmis officials and bankers.
Mrs Bonier, her -on and daughter are
strickc.i with diphtheria, and three other
children are under observation.
Mrs. Svlvanle A. Beauvals daughter of
Joseph Robidoux. founder of St. Jo-eDh.
Mo . Is dead.
The Wabash and Iron Mountain railroad
ask City Council for switch privileges.
The picture found on the unldenti'ied dead
man in Arkansas is that of Jennie Rlckebj
She does not know- the man
Editor Arthur Prcuss and Pauline Beuch
mann. and William Beuchmann and Eliza
beth Wclte are to participate la a douhlo
wedding in East St. Louis.
The Youtsev cae 1ms gone to tro jury,
which will make Its flrs-t report this i morn
ing The defendant's condition Is sllgntli
The preHbjtcries o Tar heard .ran en
the question of creed revision are wider
divided, some favoring revision, lome sub
stitution, some a supplement to the present
creed and others the dropping of the ques
tion altogether.
Miss Lillian Costlow. flancco of rerrell. the
Felf-confcscd train robber, took the stand
-the trial at Marjsville. O . jesterday and
testified nfjainrt him. He has broken down
and Is a very sick man, in his cell.
Mascagnt. Dangerfield. Weidemon. Poyrtz.
Tour Leaf C. and Captain Gaines were the
winners at Klnloch Park.
A movement Is under way In New Tork
to Increase the salaries of ticket agents
Trafhc managers of Eastern trunk lines
.are trying to improve the rate situation on
westbound traffic.
H C Bush has been appointed general
trafllc manager of the Colorado Midland.
A company ha been Incorporated In New
Jersey to run a railroad through the Yel
lowstone Park.
The Dubuque and Sioux City elected offi
cers for ensuing j ear.
The rise. In Vanderbllt stocks has caused
rumors of several Impending deals.
Jacob Newman of Chicago savs be will
contest the eligibility of Edwin Gould as
president of the St. Louis Southwestern.
An inspection party of the C. P. & St. L.
arrived here yesterday.
The Canadian Pacific threatens to brak
away from the antl-commlsslon agreement.
Marine Intelligence.
New Tork. Oct. 19 Arrived: Patricia,
from Hamburg's Kaiser Frlederich, from
Hamburg. Oct. 19 Arrived: Pennsylvania,
from New Tork.
Glasgow. Oct. 19. Sailed: Sardinian.
New Tork.
Moville. Oct. 19 Sailed: Furnesia, from
Glasgow. New Tork: Parisian, from Liver
pool, Montreal.
Southampton. Oct. 15 Sailed: Columbia
(from Hamburg), New York.
Havre. Oct. 19 Arrived: La Tonraina.
New York.
Napier. Oct. 19. Arrived: Ems. New
Terk. via Gibraltar, for Genoa (and pro
ceeded). Cherbourg, Oct- 19 Sailed: Steamer Co
lumbia (from Hamburg and Southampton).
New Tork.
Brow Head. Oct. VO. 1 a. m -Passed:
Steamer Etrurta. New York for Queens-
tewn and Liverpool.
New York. Oct. 19. Arrived: Steamer
Werra. Genoa. Naples and Gtbraltar.
Tlie Beat Precrn op ".
Chil.s and Ft ! a bottle of Grove Talttlni
.rorn," S.rS&jr.aSd gaacW
Operators and Miners at Odds Over
Powder Question.
Hazleton. Pa . OcL 19. Tbe settlement of
the b'S strike of anthracite mine workers
Is undoubtedly blocked by the question of
the price miners will be asked In future to
pay for powder.
Emplojcrs have agreed to pay their men
i per cent more than they were paid
before the strike began, but tlie insist that
in figuring the net advance of 10 per cent
the reduction of Sl.Z a keg In the price of
powder sba'.l be taken Into consideration.
The miners apparently want to g back to
work for the 13 per cent advance and then
rrbitrate the question whether they ore to
get their powder cheaper as an additional
It Is not believed that the mine owners
will grant any such demand, and their re
fusal may mean the indefinite prolongation
of the strike.
The spirit of Jubilation that prevailed in
this resion on Wednesday has given way to
a feeling of disappointment. This is appar
ent everywhere.
Shenandoah. Pa.. Oct. 19 The Cambridge
coll'ery resumed operations to-day under
a promise to the employes that the 10 per
cent advance would be granted and the
eliding scale abolished.
InaUve-JUromo-Qulxta Tablet.
Fear Expressed That tlie KaNfr
Mar Seize Pome Chine-e
Authorities IMeased With Count
I.aini'-dortrs Interview, and Be
lieve That the Russian Kuler
Siucerelv Desires Peace.
Washington. Oct. 19 Administration offi
cials and diplomats accredited to this Gov
ernment were deeply interested to-day in
the cabled Interview with Count Lamsdorff.
Rusia'h Minister for rore'gn Affairs, out
linli g Itussla's pollcv in China.
M Dewollant. the liusslan Charge d'Af
falres, said"
Russia made formal declarations of her
purpose to the Powers when on Aucut
. last, her diplomatic representatives, in
accord nice with Instructions received from
St. Petersburg, repeated that she had no
territorial designs on China: that her pur
rose was to act with tlie other Powers In
ei-tnblisliing tho safety of tho foreign lega
tions in Tekln and to nid tho Chinese Gov
ernment in suppressing disorders Her oc
cupation of Manchuria was solely for de
fensive purposes"
In the official view ther can h no with
drawal br Russia from this declaration, ard
the officials express den Hatisract'on til it
through Its Minister for Foreign Afilrs the
Rus-inn Government has agiin given e-pres-dem
to Its pollcv along lines identical
with those sot forth in its officiil circula
te the Powers
The authorities fullv understand tint Rus
la proposes to protect her own Irterrsts.
and thev applaud her purpose In this re
spect With til- United States. Rusia and
France oppn.ed to dismemberment, it Is un
likely that anv other Power will attempt to
seize territorv-
At thesnrre time there 1 the prave danger
of Genrnnv precipitating mich a eontlneen
ev and or Great Britain following suit, and
then, of cour". as .a natural rnnequem.r.
wou'd extend ber sovereignty over Northern
Wateli Rrrmanr ml Rnssln.
An ofieial here, who Is deeplr Interested
In fie solution of the rhlnese question In .a
manrer which will preserve th territorial
fqpltvof the Rmpire m-de tbi st.atement"
There are tin nations whose pollcv In
Chl-n mii't be sharrlv watehel One Is
Gerrnnv and the other Is Rula The
foTnr will attempt to tVe territorv nv
brute force The nthe- will oppose such
pol'cv. It will ntii.vt to ih. entrance of
Germany into Nn-thern rn,na and It will
use its best efforts tn rrake a peaceful
solution pnsth!o Ard when peace has
been restoied Russia will iv to fhlnT
"We would 1'ke this bit of terrl'orv in
the north You have a greit deal W
showed our friendship for von nrhen oI
were In trouble We withdrew our troon
and made every effort to restore peace
Now why not give ns thij. when we ask
so little
"And China." cn-Kded th's gentleman.
"will say. -es' This was the pollcv pur
sued subsequent to the Jap mese War. and
It secured Port Arthur and T.illen-Wan
and gave Ru-sla control of Manchuria.'
It will be seen from this that efforts are
still being made to discredit RussU's mo
tives The Powers that are not in accord
with the principles which have guided the
Czar's Government In the international ne
gotiations regardlrg China have not been
lnicttve. and the quotation given above In
dicates that thev have succeeded In creat
ing the belief in some quarters that Rus
sia has ulterior designs not consistent with
her professions
It can be reoll'sd to this, however, that
Kuss-in's actions from the beginning of the
trouble ill China hive be n In complete
harmonv with her professions and thire .s
no nason to suppose that they will b
Berlin, Oct. 19 The joint note of Li Hung
Chans and Prince Chlng has not made .1
good impression In Government circles
here. The general comment Is that the
noto re ids more like conditions imposed
upon the conqueror than the reverse.
Doctor Mumm von Schwartzenstein. Ger
man Minister to China, will arrive In Pe
kin in the course of a few dujs. LI Hung
Chang and Prince Chlng will bo informed
formallj of tlie conditions upon which the
Powers have agreed. Germany takes the
view, however, that such a declaration by
the Powers could not be considered tho
commencement of negotiations, as such .1
step as negotiating for peace would onl
be possible after the removal of all doubt
that LI Hung Chang and Prince Chlng are
fully empowered by the Chinese Imperial
New Battleship Htarts on Long
Voyage to China.
Washington. Oct. 29 Th- new battleship
Kentuck sails to-morrow on her long trip
to China, which will take about two
rronths. Sho has been t the navy j.ird for
some time making flml preparations, and
Is now gone to Tompklnsvllle preparator)
to u start .n the morning.
Tho gunboats Vicksburg and Annapol!.
which are alo to go to China, will follow
In about two weeks. The Frolic, which has
been designated to take tho place of tho
Dorothe for rimilar service, is In good
condition for a start, but probably will be
detained In ord"r to furnish more extensive
quarters for the large number of oillecrs
assigned to ner.
Admiral Ho Said to Tlave Routed
the Enemy.
Hons-Kong. Oct. la The military man
darin at San-Chun reports that Admiral
Ho has d.reuted the rebels, killing 10 of
them and driving the survivors Into th"
Northeast River.
Rebellion Aimed Solely at the
Manchu I) naMy.
Shanghai, Oct. 19 Sun Yat Sen, the re
former, and other so-called rcb-!s have Is
sued n manifesto to the local Mandjrtns of
the Vang-tse Vallev derouncing the gross
mi-government of the Manchu lnatv and
proml'lng not to-lnterfere with native con
Native of St. Louis Victim of Acci
dental Discharge of His Pistol.
St. Paul. Minn . Oct. 19 A spec ial to the
Pioneer Press front Helena, Mont. says.
"R. Percy Kennett. member of the State
Game and Fish Committee, and a wealthy
and promlnert sportsman and cattle or ner,
accidental! shot and killed hlmelt at Vic
tor. While rumaging through .1 drawer a
loaded revolver fell to the floor and was
discharged, the bullet crashing through his
head. Kennett was a stepson of ex-Governor
Hau.er and son-in-law of A. M. IIoI
ter. a millionaire mining man. He was a
partner of Granville Stuart and took part
in the famous raid led by tint pioneer
through Judith County, during which many
cattle rustlers were shot and hangeil. Ken
At. w,. 30 .crarfl old nnrl native of St.
Chinese Emperor Pleads for Ameri
can Aid in Restoring
.McKipley S.iu All lloverninenls
.Must p.. Satisfied of the
Ruler's Ability to Punish
the Offenders.
Wishlnslon. Oct 1? The message of the
Chl'ese Kmperur to the President, tuning
e trlv negetti itbns for a spttbmnt. and the
President's npl ihircto. were made public
to-d i .is fnMows.
(Handed to tin- Preside-t liv Minister
W Oetolur IT !.
"T'le following telegraphic Imprrlul let
ter, ditod n t-b-14 t' forwarded by tho
Pnv Co incll from Turg-Kinn (in Shen-Si).
and retransmitted from Fh inglml by Hi
ret tor G neral Sheng. tinder d ite of Oe
to!er b". has been received by Minister
" The i:mror of the Ta-Ts!ng Empire
to bis Kxrelienry, the President of the
United St.ites. Greeting. We are extremely
grateful to jour i:cellencv for taking the
initlitlve In the withdrawal of troops (from
Pekln), and for consenting- In the Interest
of friendly relations, to use vour kindly
offices betweor China .and the fnendl
Powers, who b.ne ben offended on account
of the rnent upevpetttl uprising in China.
" 'n therefore espee fallv delegate our Hn
vov nxtnordinarv ird Minister Pionltn't'-n-tliry.
Wu Ting F.ing. to personallv deliver
this telegraphic letter to vour Kvcellency.
tonelng our sincere evpn sslon of thanks
" 'Y b-g that 5 our Kcellenev. in the in
terest of peaee and intern itlonal good tr
illions, will ex.rt jour fritndlv Influence
with the either Powers toward the complete
efr.icement of nil 111 feeling and the speedy
determination on their part to negotiate
for a pt.ic.ful settlement For thl we
s-hall feel unbounded gratitude towards
jour Kxeellencj", v hoe good offices we nre
now earnesth- hesee'chlns '
President MrKlnle'n Reply.
"Communicated to Minister Wu for trans
mission, October IS. ISO
" 'Washington. October IS lW Ills Majes
tv, Kwang tlii. Kinperor of China. Greet
ing It lias afforded me much pleasure to
receive jour Imperiil Majesty's telegraphic
letter of October II, which lias be.n dcllv
eied by jour Majestj's Minister at Wash
ington "I cordiillv- -hare jour Mnjestj-'s wish
that there nnv be .1 peace Till settlement of
all questions between China and the Power-.
whoe Interests and citizens liave ho
grievcuslj suffered wrong in jour Majestj's
eir minions, and that the outcome may ho
the eomplite iTaecmeiit of ill feeling be
tween them
" 'The desire or this Gov ernment that such
a settli ment m iv be brought about spee-d-ilv
Ins bee 1 made known to all the Pow
ers, and T trust that negotiations may 1 e
Kin so soon as we and the other offended
Governmerts shall be effectlvelj- sat!sfd
of jour Majestv's ability and power to
tint with Just sternnes the principal of
fenders, who are dotiblv culpable not alone
towards the foreigner, but towards jour
Majestv. under wlosn rule the purpose of
China to dwell in concord with the world
has hitherto found expression In the wel
come and protection assured to strange rs.
Self Confessed Train Robber's
Sweetheart Testifies Against
Him He Breaks Down.
Mir.sUHe. O. Oct 11 Miss Lillian Cost
low, who was engaged to be married to
Ferrell. the clf-oonfeseMl train robber, was
placed on the stand late this afternoon. Al
though quite nervous, she did not at nnj
time Ios- her composure She hesitated at
time's, but It was evMeiitlj' the result of her
de'ire to be explicit and positive rather
than to evade the questions.
She said she had become engaged to Fer
rell in September. 1S91, a"d that shortlj- aft
er the date for the wedding had been flxel
for August Hi. l'tti. She told of the prepa
rations for the wedding and of the money
that Ferrell had given her to keep for him
the day following the train robberj-.
She said Terrell had tola her that ho had
drawn it from a building and loan associa
tion, and that It represented his avinss.
She did not know the amount of the money.
It was. in two packages, one containing
gold and the other bills.. She also told the
storj" of Ferrell's arrest at htr home on
Suiidaj. two elajs after the reibberj-.
Kdward M Weiodcock, a prisoner In the
I'nlon County Jail, was placed on the
stand and repeated a confession Ferrell
had made to him It tallied clos-ly with
that made bj Ferrell to the Columbus, po
lice. When .asked bj- the defense how Terrell
had come to make tho statement to him. he
"Terrell must be 'cracked.' "
Ferrell was taken sick in the Jail to
night and a phjsiclan attended him. He Is
apparentlj- weakening, and It Is feared he
will have a nervous collapse.
Then Frederick Kharong of St.
Thomas. 111., I.ot His Temper.
Tho little town of St. Thomas,
near Kdwardsville. 111. is an en
thusiastic municipalltj. whenever a
campatgn Is on. Ju-t at present matters
an- at a fever heat and pollllc.il dis-iu--sions
occupy most of the time of the citi
zens. The other !ay a debate was gotten up.
Miss llertha Herb, the adopted daughter of
the prefent Major. Julge Nagle. spoke for
Brjan and Trcderiik Kharong. a prominent
citizen, spoke for the admlnistritlon'H 'full
dinnr pail."
The joung lady was more than a match
for her opponent, and refuted all his argu
ments with such skill that he lost his tem
per and the debate at the same time. Wii'n
Mr. Kliarong's i-elf-control deserted him he
w.i snmo pxnresiions a little too fctronj;
for the rostrum, and his opponent left the
The following day her father. Judge
Nagle. returned from New Douslas. where
he had been transacting some business, and
..,. .h ne ihn ilolmter with jn axbandle.
The latter was not brought Into plaj-. mere
words proving strong enough to convince
Mr. Kharong of his ungcnllemanly conduct
and elnc the Interview he has not been
teen In St. Thomas.
Drraorrntlc Picnic sit Dallard.
IlEl'l. I.UC M'hCI.VL
IJutler, Mo. Oct. 13.-The Democrats of
Northeast Rates County held a grJnd p.c
nle at Hallard to-daj. General II. S. Clark
made an able address.
141 Boarding Places
Adverted In to-day's Republic
First Report Will Re Made at !
O'Clock This Morning Xt
Rallot laht Night.
Commonwealth's Attorney Bitterly
Ciiticised Ilim Nelvm Refened
to Packtd .luries, The De
fendant Is Slightly Better.
Georgetown. Kv., Oct 19 There will be
no v-rd'et in the Youtev c,s,s to-nigl t.
vvhen court met nt S : to-n!(,lit. the ejs..
was forimllv submitted to the Jurj. Tlie
Judge told them thev could us- their own
pleasure about eor-idi ring the ci" to-night
or to-morrow mo'iiing.
They decided to take the papers to their
rooms to-night and report back .it 9 to-morrow
morning and thev were sent to their
bcardlnc-housn with that understanding.
Yoiit-rVs condition to-Jilght is better than
jesterdaj. He Is taking nourishment to
dnv without trouble, and phvticlans stiy his
tempernture. pulse and respiration are nor
mal. e1non Mentioned Tncked .Inrles.
Colonel Nelson began his speech In the
Youtsev trial at 9 o'clock to-daj. He said
the belief existed that Juries are lieing
"packed" In th:e cases, "for the defend
ant had been urahle to secure a Juror of
hl own political faith to sit in t-e case."
Continuing. Colonel Nelson asked the
Commonwealth's attornej- whether he
wouli ask that Yout-ev- be tried for firing
tho shot or for aiding and abetting the fir
ing. "I will leave that for the jury to dfter
mlre." responded Franklin.
In referring to Tout-cy's, present pbv s'cal
condition. Colonel Nelson said he felt like
asking: "Can a dead man have n fair trial
as guaranteed by the Constitution? That
Yout-ey is to all Intents and purpose of
this, trial a dead man.
Spoke for Flv Ilonr.
He said Yout-ev had .1 right to deferd
the Executive building If It hail been at
tacked, and his having a gun on January
T wa not suspicious because ev.rv other
man in that building was nrmed nt that
Continuing, be said the testimony plainly
showed that Yout-ej- was not even In con
templation of any crime, and that John
RIcketfs -tnry thnt Yout-ey took twelve
men into th hall and stationed th-m there
shortly before the shooting was completely
NeNon took up an the testimony and
commented on It in detail. He sjvike 'or
five hours and did not conclude till after
Franklin eorel Tnjlor.
Commonwealth Attorney Franklin be
gan Ms speech at HCS this afternoon and
spoke till T o'clock Ills eloquence at
times was thrilling and he brought sobs or
tears to all. even Judge Cantrtll en the
bench and Julge Askew of tlie defense be
ing visibly affected.
He scored ex -Governor Tavlor. saying if
he had two sparks of eourag he would re
turn here and help Youtsey out of this
trouble, if anv of the witnesses had lied on
Yout-ev: that If T.ajlor hud even only one
spark of manhood he would now commit
suicide under tb whip or his con-clence.
He fitted .all the testimony togethr. .an!
told the Jurv that nil those thing t'stln'd
to could not have been occidental. He -aid
lr Arthur Goebe had told an untruth as to
what Yout'ov told him. then Arthur Goebel
was .a worse man than the one who assas
sinated William Goebel
He cited many incidents as told bv other
wltn-svfs that corroborated what Youtsey
told Goebel. and said ex-Governor Bradlej's
absence as a witness practically eorrobo
lated Culton'a testlmonj as to Youtsev.
frr if Culton did not have a talk wlt'i
Urad'ej-. then he ought to be willing to go
a thousand miles to confound Culton and
save Youtj from death.
At 7 o'clock court adjourned till S.20.
when th" rase was formally given to the
Jury bv the Judge.
Say Checks Presented by Patrick
Were Forged, but Differ in
Explaining Hon.
New York. Oct. U.-The preliminary ex
amination of Albert T. l'atnck and Charles
T. Jones, charged v Ith attempting to de
fraud the estate or Willi im M. Rice by a
forred check for JT.OO. drawn In Patrick's
favor on Swenson & Son-, b inkers of this
cltj", was resumed to-daj-.
Mr. Klnslej. an expert on handwriting,
was recalled by the defense. Hl3 testlmony
was urlmportaitf. !! was followed by Mr.
Tvrrell of Milwaukee, also an expert on
handwriting, for the prosecution. In his
opinion tl-e signatures to the $25.iU0 and
30)1 checks, submitted to him. are for
geries. Ills testimony cornhorated th it of
Messrs. KinMry and Carvalho.
Mr. Tyrrell said in nns'ver to Magistrate
Rrann that the Tifth Avenue Trust checks,
which the former declared to le forgeries,
were written on the same dav. mid that
tho trirlngs were done with .1 wet pt-
Kxpert Carvalho said v.'terday thej were
done with a drj pen Mr. House ..s'ted tro
wltncs-. if he could recorclie his statement
with that eif Cirvalho. A legal argument
fellowrd between eounrel on both sides.
Magistrate Rrann Interposed v Ith the re
mark "That experts never .agree"
Henry Tolman of Chicago, who described
himself as a "microscopical expert." de-e-Iarcd
the checks forcerlfs. He aUo pro
nourced as forgeries the rlgmturcj to oth-T
checks. Including one for tlS3 0.r. the latter
on the Tifth Avenue Trust C.mp.iry. and
papers of assignment and revocation or
At this point Mr. Ofborne said:
"The people rest." and on npnllcation of
Mr. Hou-e an adjournment was taken to
Wedne-daj next, when th" defi nse will be
gin. Mr. House said he will finish on tht
daj. .
W. S. Carson does to Philadelphia
G. nanrauer His Succes"or.
W. S. Carson, former jardtmster of the
Terminal sj-stem, has resigned and will go
to tho Philadelphia and Reuling lines.
He will be succeeded by George Hanrauer.
formerly chief clerk to General Superintend
ent Dunlop of the Terminal Companj-. F.
K. Bentlv. former secord t krk In Supprln.
tendent Dunlop's otllce. will succeed Han
rauer. The departure of Mr. Carson Is a
matter of much regret to those with whom
he was associated, as ho was verj' popu
lar. His resignation toot effect lesterday.
Mis. Ben.ler. Son and Daughter,
at riiy Hospital anilTlnee Oilier
Child! en Ciider Observation.
Willie. Five Years Old. T- Buri-d ,
on Thursday and Mother Be
comes III Next Day
Ali Aie in Danger.
Iiis.jve has i,,i, a 1,, n han 1 upon the
family of Mrs. M iry lienzkr of No. Mil
Rulwer avenue. The motlitr, on- d lughter
and a -on are at the fit Hospital, -offering
from diphtheria Ultle Will!.- Hi nz
ler. ". months old. ilfal of the -ickness
Thursday and w i.s buried ve-irdav Three
other rhildr. .1 arc IsoIiPd with the suf
f"iTS. rind e ich was cxpettcd list night to
develop "jmpi,,,,,, f Ine ml.,jy at anv
mom' lit.
The boy Willie was the first stricken.
Tho seriousness of the complaint was not
recognized, ami the other children cam"
into Immediate een t let with him Flmllj'
a doctor was called In. but It was too late.
Tlie child dl'.l. and I is brothers and sifters
had contracted diphtheria.
Immediat.ly nftr the funeral jesterday
Mrs. Renzler w is tr!ekn Rut an hour or
-o Htr Htrmin. a -on 4 jears old. de
veloped the sjmpt'iin-. ami then Iiuisi
lVnzW. in j-ars old lwnme sck. Mrs
TVnzler then determ'n'd th it It would be
let If th whole fimilv were removed to
the CTtv Hospital. Tlie pediee were notitiel
and an ambulance srpt for
Thev were r-e It d at the hospital about
S 30 0VI01 k last n'ght. anl were asslgred
to ward No 1, the diphtheria ward. It
was the opinion of Doctor NIetert that all
tlie fnmllv would contract diphtheria, hut
that. (-Ince the three who bid nlreadj- con
tracted the dl-ease were In the Incipient
Mages, the lives of all tould probably be
Mrs. Renzler Is married and sajs her hus
bard's name Is John Renz.er. but that he
left home a week ago and has not sent her
anv indication i.f his whereabouts.
Charges Preferred by Mrs. Mustek
Were Not Sustained.
Pdiceman Tatlrick Rurke of the Fourth
District was a defend nt in the First Dis
trict I'ollce Court vesterdov morning. He
was charged with disturbing the peace of
Mrs Annlo M"sck nnd her daughter,
llirdle. who live at No. H"-7 North Slx
te nth street.
Tho alleged disturbance took plnro on
September ., when Rurke and Policeman
1Mb irds nrrftnl Joseph KlelJ" In the act
of holding up Frank Dobehnan. It Is
raid that Mrs. Muskk and her daughter
followed In a crowd which surrounded too
officers ard thtir pri-oners. Interfering
with their movements At tne time. Mrs.
Mustek alleged that Hnrko cured her.Tlure
wire witnesses who said he di I nnd others
who were ii the crowd were emphatic in
savlrg that he did not. Rurke was dis
charged. A Qntck Core for Malaria,
Colds, etc.. Parker's Cascara-Quinine Tab
lets Monoj- back if thej- fail. Price. I3c.
Parker's Headache Powders Never Fall, luc.
Xegn) Held Miss Bitter. Struck
nor in the Face and Got
Her Purse.
l.lsic Ritter. 17 j cars old. of No. HIS Dol
man street, while pasting a dirk allev
which opns on Dolman street, near Cho.i
teau avenue, was assaulted b a negro, who
struck her twko In the face, snatched her
purse, and made his escape. Though the
negro secured but a few cents in change,
the robber wasi of the mot daring and
brutal character.
Mi"s Ritter was going home at about "
o'clock jrsterlay evening. She had Just
crossed Chouteau avenue, and was walking
on the east 'lie or Dolman street. The
negro had cvilently been concealed In the
alley, for no sooner had e come abreast
of him then be ru-hed out at hr.
He threw bis arms about her and struck
her trice with bi clenched list. The first
Wow was a glmcing one on the temple, but
he secord struck his victim directly In the
mouth, cutting and badlj 1 rulsing the lip.
The voung ladv was tomplelelv stunned
,r.l could not think to rail for assistance
" " . ..,.,, Mr,,- ilmrn the alleV
until tlie mr.ro --.---. r. IT."
w't'i her purse In his possession. Then a
. .. I.AI.XAn.ll1 tf tit
number of persons .... i- - -
ct.,.. Iv answered her cries nnd set oft In
pursuit of th P'rso snatcher. The chase
was unavailing.
jjls Ritter describes her assailant as a
mulatto, who wore some kind of dark clotli
mg and a gray cap. She was too much
dazed to note closelj-his appearance.
100 nelp Wanted Ads
Printed In to-day's Republic.
New Yoik Democrats Ilsive Letters
Bearing Odell's Name.
;;, lorlt. Oct. 19 -Dudlej's famous
blocks-f-five" scheme, uncovered in In
dura during the first Harrison campaign,
is recalled by 1 letter givvn out to-night by
..-. 1 . .r 1d Muni 1.
' Jatr.-s K. MiHUire. cnairiu.... u " --
I cratlc State Kx.cutlve Committee Tins let-
ter Ix-ars tne nshjiuic 1'-. " .
Republican candidate for Governor ''
York, who also is the chairman of the Re
, niil r-in St ite Committee.
1 N.1I.R..1 that It U a clrcnlir l-'ter
cop'e of whieh have been -ent to trus.cd
RtPiibllcjn workers throughuit the Sta.e.
dlr's:tliij them to l.uj ten urchaat.Io Dem
ocrats each election dis.rl.t. Here h the
letter as made public bj Chairman Mc-
My Dear S'r: Your nanc Ins been haml-
- lie.jM.- tttnnlil ffn whom wo
I ru me a"i 1.' vt ...,....--
I can tru't. Will jou klndlv s,nd m" at on-v
, the rames of ten lndervadcnt Democratic
! voter- residing In jour elerti..n district
! who ou think nny be Inilaenced to favor
our ticket on .-lecuon oav :
"Al-o advice us of any cxpeno Involved.
Yours very trulj. R. R. ODKL.I.,
Chairman R-pub!iean State Committee."
"It I 1 lain to even fair-minded man
what the s'gnificance of this letter I'." said
Cb ilrm in McGuIre. ' Only on- construction
can lie put upon It."
Mr. McGulre showed the letter to Richard
Croker. who said:
"It Is a plain case of blocks of five."
Chairman McGuire soil that the letter
had been sent to former Senator Murphj- by
a friend in Greenwich. Washl gton County,
who wrote that he and two oth-rs had seen
the original. The Democratic managers
here have only the copy quoted.
Chairman Odell said over the telephone
from Newburg to-night that th" letter was
a forgcrj". and that no such communication
had ever been circulated by himself or bis
party friends.
The Coming Dry Goods Event.
It Is Well Worth Waiting For.
At the great Auction sale, October 11th and 12th, in New
York City, of Imported and Domestic Silks, belonging
to James McCrcery & Co., we were by far the largest in
dividual purchasers.
Out of the Sit 1,000 worth put up for sale we secured am
enormous quantity of the medium and finer qualities.
We hope to have everything ready for the sale Monday
Dili' GOODS'
P. S.-We are advised that first shipment has al
ready arrived in East St. Louis.
get nro oi totju. rQACM: vm.
lVia'' Of3'-. ti Smiern Hotel.
St. I3U's, May VS. 135.
W r Ifu"iins. hro .
No 4 N. STnd .st Cl'y
Dear Mr -In rei ly to vuurs it th lh l-.t I talt j!ajr la stating tht th work rm
have tee-n dolnc ror u t r th- rit fu-ir jears a th srmsern jiotc-1 has btn p-fc"ly sit -factory
It i a er unus-uat tatnK to -e- a roi Ii, fun In car atcreroom it" wo'klrg dpart
mect I renew tlie cinirait t r in tber jeir th pleasure. Very trulj Jur.
It C. ! i:v I lI-n.jT
Republican Manager's Swoepitm
(.'liallcnjip Taken l"p liy New
York Deniocrati?.
nEn m.ic sfi.ci.vu
New York. Oct. 11 llefuldlcan 'V ice
Chairman Ilenrv C. 1'ajno was called in his
latest bluff to-d iy. Ycterday he issued a
iweepins chilicnKP thnt lie? was prepared to
bet an unlimited amount that Brvan would
not fi"t ni mttiy fl:t)ral votes a he dil
In ISM Not enlv thtt. but he would bet -to
1 on It. all offer aceepte'd.
To-dij there were seven! easer portlns
liloof'; vviitlns Mr. I'aj-ne'"! arrival. Pavne
Kot In late, and smlltel a sl"Kly hmile when
informed of the errand of the waiting gen
tlemen. Then he announced tint he hid
made one bet of Vt.W on the terms men
tlnr.e'd. and fi.it w 11 all he cHred to take
He had no I'oubt that other Heptihllctns
vvoulil be tvillin? to -iccnmmoate them, but
that was all he cared to venture. Preed
for the name ef the party tvltli whom he
vvaqere-d. Mr. Pavne declined to furnish It.
leavins the troiiR aid probnbly crrect Im
pression that It was 1 'wash" bet at best.
If it vv.i" watered at all.
J. J. Tonnsend. a romincnt Chicaco bro
ker. announc.nl this morning that he want
ed to reacli out for !') of .VIr. Pavno's
monev at the odds mentioned, and an agent
called on Air. I'ajne to arrarce for tho
waprr. but I'avn- vv.is at the Turther end
of his hole and still dlsglnff dirt.
Dcmocnts of a. rhltosophic ii turn of mind
refer to Arthur P. Horm-tn's theory "f !
chotocieal vaves In politics as in other hu
man aff Urs. They say that thee politlcil
waves run abttit throe v.eeks naart. The
last week in t-cjitmber Hanna was be
moaninc Knpubllcan arsithv. Alwut Octo
ber the Republicans spninc thrlr hurrah
bcttlnR fever and claimed everjthlna;. Then
came nrjan's vHit to New Vork ard the
crest broke and Is now r ceding, while tho
IJemoeratlo wave Is coming on.
Tour druKEiat will refund vour monev If
Pa7o Ointment falls to cure Klngworm. let
ter Old Ulcers and Sores.Plmples and Black
luads on the face, and all tkln diseases. Uc.
Elderly P.ijier Vender Created a
Skene at Union Station.
On tho "disturbance-of-the-peace" regis
ter at the Pour Courts U the name of Mary
Arnold, who U Known as "Ntvva Mary." a
curbstono vender of newspapers. She Is
mere, than W yers old. and for the last
four vtars htr accustomed stand lias besu
at the southwist corner of fcightetnth and
The polfco My tint Mar) occasionally
becomes irritable, M-pttl illv when her cus
tomed are tew and recerpla small, lester
day tho police say. she became unusuall
obstreperous, and. alter throwing a roe.K
througU a plite-!asj wimlow- and attempt
ing to break ..not her with her umbrella
the was arrested by Oilier P.obertson ana
"Ne'vvi Marv" objected strenuously to in
carve ration. hh re.-i ted with all h-r feeblo
for.e. but to no avail. At the Central Jjis
trlet Station Mie d.-citred that the had
numerous hom.s. but wa- loo niolMiiant to
alvo an specific address, ll.r arre't she.
considered a perfccuti.)ii. sten.c.intr.y .e
cided to allow her to remiin In tie Hold
over until she could tell a connected otory
Otherwise she will be int to the INitlco
Court to-day. charged with disturbing tliu
Illinois Central Kailroad Train
Goes Through a Bridge.
Fast freight train No. ES. on the Illinois
Central Itailroid, bound to New Orleans
from St. IouK crashed through the 1U
bled bridge which spans the Okavv Itlver
at New Athen.s. thlrt-one miles from St.
IJtis, shortlv aft. r t o clock last ninlu.
Tne focemiotlve crossed the briilqe sa.ely.
but fourteen loaded freight car fell with
the su.l brldse into the r.. A brake
tr.in v is injureil.
The locomotive was driv.n b I-. I- F0r
ot Kast !,(. jj.uls.
I-.te trams x the Illinois Central were
taken over lh Mobile and Ohio road to
Sparta and thence to Coulterville.. The dam
uuo will mount .nto the tlious.ir.ils. It was
Impossible to secure an e.tlmate last night.
s.nreecsful Canetlilnles.
tpriogii Id, III. Oct. U The following ap
plicant have. si.ccessiull .included the
ritate evimln ition for certificates as mire
ncnag. rs and hoisting engtii-ers. and will
bo 1 pible to e iiiplonient 111 the State:
lllne iianas.l J .tin Mlllr-e u--. f-1 rlnn "al
lv. c. 1. iVnnell ami 1" ler .iy. Tana;
oorK U llurUm and JfJr Ilerry. Oreen
vl'. Wll'iam Kunlri, iv-kln. Jeter Itm.kr.
lvt.rflurfc. Walt, r V fruUl han5. East IV
er. VV. il. e.reen. Jehu It. Wlute jul J0M1
e.iitt licit vtti. v.liliapi Iiienitr. Hennan V.
la-imall. l-vrr .Villon ana Jutn txiunon.
rirlrBncM. Henry VVelcr, Jluiphtxno; a.hn 1".
JirlAusrhbn. aul.urli. J. In .im. Ui-- I. -Vix-rnder
VU-on l art 11 till!. iecl):e er.. I'e-a-ant
I Ulna. VVii.om emeu, laltuta. Jamts
Muti.h. I.lvrt n. tvlard clerk anj Jutjn e.1ar,
Ii.rtlnsr i:nslTer5-linlt A Hl. :fJi;
John Kenhnr. J-n)h I,. ilui.n. Isrard l.out
nnd John Ilrrmin, IklUelll". Thomas Ii!it.
lilsraond; John lhllr. Ilrahlivoo.1. John 1'
lartnan. Morjhptr". HNy M. llcrk. I joti;
Vviium 1 l.unn. cXirk cu . J s-pli Arcner.
lUrclaj: .tllnir It septan, iirac-.ll'e, W 11
ford lJjt'cck lut'd Alln. e'olai'v.Ie. IlrUe
ltorn. Ivtei-tJurx. Kre-lnleic V". Dr.sctiH, Tay
lerMl.e. V.Miam UilMi. Auicrn. Tirt! f etor
w!n. e.rten Kldire. Times M Miifer. Cirard:
-harl. A. VV.mack. eS'en e'.il.in. Ihmras Oiaj.
MrtnsreM: Jlkhei I.uej. JE.l.e.y.
Min F.xa miners (.-urse Timb and Matthw
Bnun, l)rinKtlW John Kctd. Tllden; James
e"ay. Shelbjtown, Jacob II. VV"illlamlon anl
Jacob Williamson. Hiell; John I! fcrnith.
Illchael Galllgan and VVI11 Jon, Herrin. John
Ii Hrrnnan. Vlrden: Andrew J. Wotneartner.
Barclay; VV Ullam P. Mclran. Ilea Junction: Sam
uel O. llakr. Auburn; eTiarle fliehl. lUvlle;
Jacob Davis. Athena; Chatl's ir. Klllln-r'th,
Plnckneyvllle; Joiin G. Atklnwin. Cable. William
McLaughlin, Uuqnoin; Jacob VaKntlne. lUver-tca.
vi -nt v si-Y,-ri ct st iiri rt
A New Train
and Texas,
Daily, after October 14tb,leaves
Union Station 8.57 p. m., with
through Chair Cars and Sleepers
for Dexter, Alalden, Campbell,
Paragould , Jonesboro. Stuttgart,
Pine Bluff, Camden, Texarkana
and Texas points.
Morningtrain leaves, as nsnal,
at 8.36 a. ra.
Thenetrtralmrillrarty ninety pr
cent, f ttportsa2entotfeSt.rrmn.
eisRirer became it rrtchct then at
aeonTeaint hour in the mornlsff.
Oar booklet." With Hod nd Gun la
ArL&neft." deeorlboe the finest
spnrtlne gToandt la America.
Send f jr t re copy to
Gty Ticket Office, 969 Olive St
Fellow-StuilentH Routed a Club
.Mass jleeting.
Cambridce. Mass. Oct. 1? The Harvard
Democr-atle mass nvctins was mobbed this
evenirs by the Republicans of the uni
versity. Two hundred Democrats were Roldlng a
political ruliv In Mar-nchnetts Hall, the
olKst of Harvard's buildings. On th foor
nbovo were a thousand Ktudente listening to
a lecture by Doctor Ealley. Vhen the) lat
ter hud fnlshed the men came downstairs
aril forced an entrance. In their rush they
sm ished win-lows, broke in doors ami com
llttcly routed the meeting. Through the
broken windows anj eioor.s the Itepubllcans
1 ourcl. There were SCO or them to 2X Dem
ocrats. Tho president or the) Democrntla Cinb.
K. 1 Iprfan, a Councilman of Boston,
"The Itepubllcans have called us the party
cf dissension."
The Republicans cheered and yelled.
He continued: "I see by the crowd befor
mc that there are some Republicans here.
Thee are not Democrats, and they are not
gentleman." .
For an hour the crowd within doors anl
out jeileel and cheered, jamming Into the
low wlndonK and jelling for JIcKlnley.
Take LaiatUe Brcrao Quinine Tablets. All drur.
htrts rerund th money If It fal!e to cure. .
VV. drove s eicnaiure la en eaca box. 23c.
Knthnnlaatlo Demoermtle Meatfac
Flora. 111.. Oct. 13. One of the largest as4
most enthusiastic Democratio meetings dur
ing the campaign was held at the country
residence of Captain Abel Longworth. near
this city, yesterday. The gatherlnir was la
the nature of a neighborly meetlmr of old
tinie. voters. Capt ein longworth has been
a lifelong Republican. General Alexander
(J. McQueen, who was an old-line Republic
an until lately, and who was a delegate to
tho Fremont convention, spoke. Many
others spoke and voiced their patriotism by
declaring for Democracy against oppression
siml the retiuenant doctrine ot lmDerlailsm.
llimniiim ami .McKinlcvlsm.
One In Every Three Affected.
Of the 73,000,000 people In America, It to
estimated that Z,000.OSO. or one In srery
three, are partially d'sabted from a broken
down nervous system. America Is the)
greatest consumer of coffee In the world.
Can jou draw the correct Inference from
these two fact?
Many a person will exclaim. "Nonsenjef
It is eaiy for any thoughtless person to jurnn
at u. conclusion that a philosopher woula
tudv carefully over before reaching-.
Think of the members of your own family.
How man) of them are perfectly and com
pletely well in every respect? How many of
jour friends arc perfectly healthy? Inquire
of them nnd jou will 1 surprised to learn
that tho average eif one lnevery three who
an sick. In the main, stands true. Health,
depends, primirllv, ujon a perfectly poised
ne-vou". organization, and tho greatest
known mmv to t'le nervous sjstem Is esaf
lee. Its active I rinclpal Is caffeine, which.
Is .1 pronounced nerve destroyer. The ac
tion Is, first, to attack the stomach, then
the piicumogastric nerve, which lies behind
the stimach and which is directly connected
with the brain.
Tlie disordered condition passes thence
from the brain to all tnrts of the body, and
In tome it will show In trepidation (well
known nervous condition): in others this 1
hidden, but the work goes on from day to
day, until some dav the accumulation cf
forces climaxes in some organic disease. It
maj be the kidnejs become affected and
Rtlghta dlseise sets up. It may be weak
c i.r. may be catnrili. stomach trouble, pal-
I Itation and heart failure (which Is be
e nlng moro and more noticeable among
Somewhere, ou ma)- depend upon It, this
work will show forth in the form of disease.
It may become so Hied and chronic that It
cannot bu thrown off. It is hard to Induce
II man or a woman to give up coffee when
thev have become addicted to its use, but It
sucli people can be given Postum Food Cof-f.-
thev will qulckl)- change for the better,
for the foex! drink, when rronerlv made, has
1 etcn a more beautiful color than the or-
ernarj' coitee. ami nas the delicious, tooth
some flavor of edd government Java of the
milder and higher priced grades.
The work of reorganiratlon begins at
once, for the tearing-down element of cof
fee has been elimintted. and in Its place the
strong rebuilding effects of the elements
contained In the foenl coffee go elirectly to
work to rebuild the broken-down delicate
gra matter in the nerve centers and brain.
This Is just plain, old-fashioned common
senso that any thoughtful person can make
use of: in fact, hundreds of thousands of
brain workers tn America have already dis
covered the fact and are using Postum
Pood Coffee, to their very great benefit and
rlic 1

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