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Xicarnguan Minister Seeking Of
fensive and Defensive Alliance
With Venezuela.
Colombia, Salvador and Costa Rica
Have Displeased President
Zelaya, Who Is Seizing
All Private Anns.
pm;ciai coiincsroxnnxfK.
Managua. Nicaragua, Sept. 2. (Copy
right. 1JW by W. It. Hearst.) President
Zelaya of Nicaragua and PrefUUnt Castro
of Venezuela are scheming to plunge all
Central America Into war.
rernando Sapdrc-z. Nicaragua's Minister
of Foreign Affairs, has gone, to Venezuela
to present to President Castro the comm!
slon of a Major General In tho Nicaraguan
army and the decorations that appertain to
tho rank. This la the ostensible reason for
lit trip, but the real reason, of which no
secret Is made. Is to form an oifenslvo and
defensive nlllanca between the two coun
tries against Colombia. Salvador and Costa
Not that the people of these little Repub
lics havo anything against each other; far
from It; thoy are on the most friendly terms
so far as their co-called Presidents allow
them to go. The secrtt of all the trouble
lies In th fact that thes-j Presidents are
more despotic than tho Czar of Russia or
the Emperor of China. They tire military
dictators. In power only so Ions ns they
can keep their enemies from ousting them.
Party names mean nothing except "Ins"
ftnd "outs." At present the "IJberals" are
In power In Nicaragua and Venezuela, while
the "Conservatives" rulo Colombia, Salva
dor and Costa Rica.
President Zelaya rules tho Conservatives
of his omi country with a hand of iron.
Squads of his soldiers are arresting the rich
ones and lockin? them up hero In Managua.
They get no trial and are never accused of
anything. Rut they stay In prison, where
they must pay for their board and lodging
or starve, until they give up a handsome
line; then they are allowed to go heme.
No man Is allowed to own a rifle, and
President Zelaya has corralled nil tho can
non and ammunition In the country, which
ha keeps here under lock and key, guarded
by his personal friends. He has a. Il3t In his
Cask of every man In Nicaragua who owns
a. revolver or shotgun.
These Internal precautions have been taken
in view of an expected attack by Costa
Rica, Salvador and Colombia In revenso for
the aid Zelaya cava to tho Colombian rebels.
St. Louis Shows an Increase of One
and Ivro-Tenths Per Cent.
Jfesr Tcrk Oct. 19. The followlns table, com
p!ld by Dradstreet. shows the tank clearlne
at ths principal cities for the week ended octs
brr 1. with th percentile of Increase and de
crease, as compared with the correfpociln week
lut year:
Per ct. Ter ct.
I-ia dec
New Tork .........
Itoatcn ... ......
PMIadelrhla .... .
Vu Iouls .........
Fltteburff ...
Baltlmorp ......
Ean Frandeeo .,
X&ns&a Cltr ......
New Orleans .,
Minneapolis .... .,
Detroit ........ ...
Cleveland ...... ...
XAuIniile .. -
1'rovtdence ...... .
Ulln-aukeo ..H ...
SL Paul
BufCal3 ....
Omaca ....
lndlanarolls .... ..
Columbus, O .. ,
Earannah ...... ..
Dcner ....
Hartford .... ..
Jtlcbmond ........
Mempnla ...... ....
a.hlnson ......
Hocherter ...... ..
New Haven ... .
IVorceeter .
Ealt Lake CItr ....
Pprtnsfleld. Mass
rrt Worth ,
Portland, Me ,
Portland. Ore ....
St. Joseph .......
lts Aneles .......
Norfolk ..
Syracxs ....
D J!olr.c
Nain 111
tvllmlnirton. I1 .
Fall ItUer ,
6cranton ........ ..
Grand Rapids ....
.Audita. Oa
Darton. O
Taecm& .
Sioux Ctr
New HMforl ,
Knor llle. Tenn ..
Tnpeka ...... ......
Ixxlneton Ky ...
."pekponvllje. Fla
Kalamazoo .... ..-
Rockford 111
Centon O
FrrlnKCeM, O
Panto. N. D
Hout Fallv R. D
Fremont. Neb ....
ia-nport .
Toledo ........ ..'
CMreston ...
iiou.ton ......
Helena ........ .
Kansville ......
Micon ... ..
Tattle Tto-k
Prrinirteld. Ill ...
Tounstown. O ...
Colorado Sprinirs ..
la.tcs 6i;
15,111. 39
T.Wil ft
e;-3 a. ots
6 evss ii
6 71 lit
4 93C7U
4.H 1.7
1.3SQ. SIS
2.173 OS
1.074 !S
3 H7.M3
419 4CS
.'3 577
f30 4'
32' 4)1
S.21J nil
7M K1
we JS
S.17 31
m an
70 5
4 1
4 s
4 0
3 :
Ttotal. CnitPd States ..ll.e'-l 4i1.1 .... 13.S
Totals. ewt"M N Y.. CSi57S K4 .... 4.9
Montreal SV.&Z J"B .... t.S
Toronto SSS'SIS
Wlnnlrf 1 R!,t .. . SI. I
Halifax ?!! ;;v "T
Hamilton iTl-: K.-1
Ft. John, N. B 55. Sl 7.1 ....
Vancouver. B. C 1.1H.41T
Totals ...
Victoria ....
..J2,:m sst
.. 793.W5
EvidcRCO in Police Court Case
ARnie Parish Fined.
A bunch of auburn tresses matted with
cocklcburrs was offered In evidence In a
disturbance-of-the-pesce case which camo
up In ths First District Police Court yes
terday morning.
Miss Annie Parish of No. ffi North Mar
ket street was the defendant and Annie
KIncaly. U years old. or No. K39 Market
street the complainant. On the afternoon
of October 2. Annie KInealy and Annla
Pariah became Involved In a quarrel in a
lot near their homes and It is said Miss
Parish threw tho Kinealy girl down and
rubbed her hair full of cockleburrs. It
was so matted after the fight that Mrs.
Kinealy. with all a woman's dexterity,
could not comb It out. There was nothing
left but to crop tho long auburn tresses
which had been a mother's delight and a
daughters pride. The tresses, which meas
ured three feet In length, were brought
Into court yesterday morning ard exhitlted.
bv the mother. Thev were still matted with
the burrs. As the mother gazed fondly
upon them she began to weep.
"To think It will take ten years for her
hair to grow out again!" she sobbed.
"We were going, to a party." explained
Annie KIncaly. "d this Miss Parish was
Jealous of my hair, so she filled it with the
Miss Parish was not In court to defend
herself, and Judge Sldener fined her 10
by default.
141 Boarding Places
Advertised la to-day's Republic,
r 311013157
VjVH nBvlVSv tizr'k 1 f JA-J rev!' i
rJL l&MfW ir.t
I jW -mw4f
f SI 'A
i Ql : J
H'att: "I've been lookiug for j'ou."
yws.vww. were found by the police jeMcrdav wander-
ll IHL U!i.
INCOmOUATi:i-Tiie Mms ilediclno
Company jtsterday filed articles of Incor
poration with Recorder cf Deeds Hahn. The
Piid-ln capital of Hivoo Is divided into lot
t-harea of $1Q tuch A. II. Jone-e holds -U
Fhares. Charles Caffji I and William iL
Hoke Z.
BOVS LEG CRL'SHKD Adolph Ilovarka.
10 years old, of No. 10U Russell .ienue. was
struck by car No. las of tho Toner Urove
division jesterdny atterno'tu atd his Ie(t
lee was so badly contused tli.it Uactor Nici
ert. Superintendent of the City Hospital,
declares that amputation will ho neces-r-iry.
Motorman Alvin U. .Miller dcc.ured
that tho accident was unuioidable.
which hrok'! out early tstrday r.iornlnii
dimaeed the Phoenix Carriage Factory at
Ninth and Allen avenue to tho ej-tent of
aoout ll.wo. It Is tupposed to have beoti
caused b a cigarette stump thrown away
by fome tramp who was etkim; shelter in
an pld buggy or wagon fcctting aloug.-Me the
building. 'I"ho damage l fully covered by
A. O. U. W. EUCIIRn Tho committee
composed of delegates from the sixty-five
city lodges of the Ancient Order of l;nlt.-d
"Workmen met at the offlces of the, Grand
Lodge last night and perfected nrranse
ments for the union euchre and entertain
ment to Le held on October 17 at the Ar
mory. Another meeting of tha committee
is to be held next Tuesday to maLo tho
final arrangements.
rlncton. a nicro. 10 vears old. lUine at
No. lto Morgan BtrecC Is at the City llos-
rltal for observation. Ho declares that
Vlclsht-of-hanl" performers who Introduce
dogs. cats. rat.-, pigs. Inde.d an entire me-
nactrle. into the rSHaev of his n.r.m. tnr-
ment him. Thrs "J.l4.ht.r,f.h.-,n,l" n,Mn
ho says, he contracted at a tlitater, whero
.... -.-w. - .-3-. - . .......
he went to tho know.
Breidins and Misa Sr.ltna Sudholf v.ero
married Tuesday afternoon by tho Rever
end Mr. Rrueckuer of llethania Kram;ellc.il
Church. Rotli were cmploytd at a bakery
at No. 41" L.ucas aieiiue. Tho other em
ploe gae thvm a burprlae party Tuesday
eicnlng and pretented them with a num
ber of pretents. The brldo Is a Eistcr of
I'iichcr Sudhoff of the St. Louis baseball
torney Kggera unnojiiLed jesieruay that lie
was going to coutiinio all the IiiKb cases
wltn the exception of four or live, which
he proposed to try by special Jury. If ho
cannot obtain conviction in that way he
said ho would then dhar.Us all the cases.
I The uroftcutliic officers at tho Four Courts
havo found it almost impossible to procure
convictions of the men arrested for offenses
in the street railway men's strike lait
G. Wllej Broome, living at Hotel B i n.
veterday liled tuit for divorce, fiom her
hL.3b.ind, Doctor . Wiley llioome who lias
an ollico at No. 5-") North Grand avenue,
bho charges that his affection tor her has
grown cold mid that ho Is indllferenl. She
asks for tho custody of their tl.reo sons,
the eldest of whim is Is years. Tliu -ouple
have been marrie-d since July, 1377. Doctor
Btoomo also Ilvei at Hotel Beers.
warrant charging uaault with li.tent to kill
was Issue! csterday against Mrs. Julia
Hopkins of No. 13a) South Second street,
who hot Michael l'iscailnl In his room in
the ilcLcan building Thursday mornlm,'
Mrs. Johanna 1. Noester of No. HIS South
Second street, mother of the defendant, ap
peared at tho Four Courts shortly after tho
wan ant was Issued and gave Lond for her
daughter in the sum of $5 ("A Flscullni is
still In a precarious condition and no light
has been thrown on tho shouting.
was locked up at the Fifth District I'ollco
Station yesterday on a warrant chnrglne;
him with petit larceny for tho theft of Ut
worth of lumber. It Is alleged that he toro
down a barn on the property at No. 22U
Marcus avenue nnd carried the lumber to a
vacant lot near by, where ho has erected a
little shack. J. T. Donovan, a re-al estate
agmt at No. 813 Chestnut street, was the
owner of the barn. While driving in that
vicinity Sunday he was surprised to s"e thit
tho barn had vanished. He nctilied the po
lice, and Cronin's arrest lollowtd.
WIM. OF II. A. ROI.F.IF.YEI!-The will
of Hfinrlch Anton Rollmeyer was filed for
probate jesterday. Ho left JJX) to SS. Peter
and Paul's Church to have massen said for
his wul. To Eisetta Pohlman. an adopted
daughter, is left the household furniture of
tho testator and 7ei To Mena Hackaaus,
his former housekeeper, who is in Germany
ls left J100, and Frederick Gerntzen anl
August Tletzel receive f each. The le
mainder of the estate goe.s to the children
of Dorothea Gerrltzen. Joseph Rolrmejer
Anna Suding and Casper Ii. Rolfmeier!
The estate Is valued at $12,C.
Baumann, a shipping cleik emplnved by
the Swift Packing Company, at Twenty
first street and Clark avenue, was arrested
by Detective Sullivan yestTday morning on
a charge of embezzling trom the concern.
It is said he is short about J150 in hi ac
counts. Raumann Is married and lives
with his family at No. : Chouteau ave
nue. Ills alleged peculations are raid to
have extended over a period of four or
live months. Raumann says there raw be
rome error In the books', as he Is not guilty
of any wrongdoing.
space of fifteen minutes last night persons
In tho downtown district of the city feared
they were doomed to darkness. At tH'J
o'clock the incandescent lights in the office
buildings grew dim and Mreet lights nlso
failed. Diners in restaurants and hotel
guests were left in darkresa. while gaa was
lighted. The trouble was all due to the
bursting of a water pipe In one of the boil
ers of the Imperial Electric Light Com
pany, which necessitated a flftcen-mlnute
shut-down for repairs, nfter which the
brilliant light was restored.
were found by the police jeMcrdav wander
ing around In an al:nlfs mannei. One. sup
posed to be named Collins, was picked up at
Jioilr nvenue aril the N.unml itrli!n road.
I Ho could cle no account of hlmttlf, but
tho name Collins was printed on the inlde
of the binding nf his coat. II" w.t taken
to the City Hospital fur observation. Tho
other man was found In the inr of No. 17T.T
Gravois avinue. He (ja the nam- Jla
thias VORf lb.icl.cr. and jmM he In" a Mn
named Kmlt IMna at No. S17 Natural
lirldge road. He was removed to tno hos
pital. I
Ins is tli report of th Humane Society for
the wee!: endlns Oetolr li): I'.rntlrjr or
whipping. 4; ovcrleadlnK. 1: overdrivi'iir or
ovenvorklns. 1: drUlnp wh-n calleil or
;. i. uriting wr.-n Kaiini tir
lame, iv; cejinvim;
eneiter. 0: cei
animals to die,
at ofTIce, in; remedied without pro.-ecuthm,
.; not substantiated. S; not found. I; prose
cuted, 4: contlctetl. 4; animals taken from
work, S; animals killed, bclnc unfit for fur
ther ue. 5. In tho First District Cuurt
Harry llnfman ard Daniel M lir.uh were
each fined SW and ecsts for worhlnff jralled
stock, and Jacob Gavs was lined fM and
cots for beating a hore. In the ri?con.l
District Court Ad !lon Taj lor was lined J5
and costs for beating a. horse.
charslng' grand larceny it.K room out ves
trrday :lcalnt Zncharias S. Yarnc-ll of the
Yarnell-Wcit PackinK Company of No 610
North Main street. It Is alleRed in the In
formation that he obtained $1.'V from Mr.
Susan R. West of No. 4-a Morgan street
on September 2T., 1SSD, by false pretenses.
Yarnell Ilrs at No. 37o7 Finnev aienue.
About a year ai;o Mrs. West raid she want-
cd to start her mm. Fred, In the grocery
uuuie?. .ir. larneji, ne anees. reprt-jnte-d
to her that her son cauld do Ix-tler
.""il"?In; ''." " ? l "? '?.-
''-.V','u'ii.":a3 'r Proms at tint time
'i"uXV .wV.ii.Si Vh M.'S'f
"""- Yi .?!? heJ m"L,SJ i niio.
.i.YnrniVi Mw' vinS llTVZ? .?OV!? ??
"J ir,nr"i""i l l VtlnR c"'n,,:,n' ,Iefl!-
J1" Jn . Krocers wmilf Three, months
, "J1" tno ?"? .'! " went under. Now
cna rni.M ettA fn
able to rtrnee tlmt Vnrnell
made falpo rpnre-ntnilora no in tii. .nrn.
lags of the company.
ICIrkwood Council. No. CV. Royal Arca
num, had an entertainment last nl;ht In
Armory Hall. Fast Grand Master Jere
Haldeman made an nddreso nn! John A.
Rohan nnd James J. Rohan sanjr. John
Daui r recited and the Da Lisle Orche-tra
furnt'hed tho music.
Richard C. Schneeko of Spanish fviko.
one of tho richest farm'rs of St I.ouls
"-wu.'ij aiu nirmiii r iti iiie .ouniy nemo-
rralfe. Cenfr;il I'mr.!,,. flit. I . ...i. in
tho Clayton Circuit Court 'jtsterday'for ill-
vorce from his wife. Luclnda Schneeko Ho
nllc;es abandonment. Tho couple weie mar-
rieu Bepiemner is. ixn, and reparated Sep
tember 3. 1KJ.
The young men of Webster last night
gave a dance at Bristol Hall. It was tie
first of tho season nnd was a very elaborate
affair. About idxty couples were present.
There, wcro manv gue'U from KIrkwood.
Tuxedo ard Maplewond. as well as from
the city. The danco listed until enrly this
morning. J. P. Gruct. Jr.. and Chester Skin
ner were In chargo of the arrangements.
This afternoon the corner stone of
Rusch Hall, which U a part of the Wash
ington l'nlverslty group, will bo laid with
impressive ecremonlm. Many prominent ed
ucators will bo prcfcin:. The principal ad
dresses will be made by Charles Njgel and
tho Reverend John W. Dav The etrclses
will begin at 3 o'clock. The building will
co-l tiny), md l.s to bo devoted execu
tively to chemistry.
Isaac Lazier of KIrkwood. who died on
Wednesday :it the Pnitertant Hospital. In
St. Louis, will bo burled to-day at Oak
Hill. Ho had been In the hospital for six
months, suffering from n hoindcss ns of
paralysis, which whs tho result of lead
polsonlrg. Ho was formerly eniplovrd In tho
lead mines at Joplin, Mo., and while thero
reeelveil n. VVOUnd. Which resulted ill tllO
1 poisoning. Parker Bros, havo charge of tho
Assistant Treasurer Vaiidcrlip and
I,. F. Fricli Entertained.
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Trank A. Vanderllp and his secretary, IJ.
F. Trich. arrived In St. Louts yesterday
morning on their way to Chicago, after a
tour throuch the West, and aflcr spending
tho day with frlerds among the various
banking Institutions of the city, departed
early this morning for Chicago. It was not
generally known that Mr. Vanderllp con
templated visiting St. Louis, and hU pres
ence here was a surprise to his many
friends. While hero the Secretary km the
guest of General B. G. Farrar, In charge
of the United States Subtrcasury.
Mr. Vanderllp. accomjanled by General
Farrar, s-jent the morning Inspecting tho
8i.hr,.-iMirv -and visiting the iir., h-ini-im-
Institutions. In the afternoon the party took
a carriage drlvo through the residence part
of the city. Mr. Vanderllp expressed sur-I
prise, at tho many beautiful residences and '
th- Improvements made since his last vkit i
to St. Louis. In the evening Mr. Vanderllp
took dinner witn me lamuy of William H.
Thomson, cashier of the Boatmen's Bank.
Last nignt at the residence of General
Farrar. No. M35 Franklin avenue, an in
formal banquet and reception was tendered
by General Farrar in honor of his guest, at
which many of the United States oiiiclals
and financial men of the city were pres
eat. Mr. Vanderllp stated that after vis
iting Chicago he would proceed to Wash
ington, stopping oft at the cities of Pitts
burg and Cincinnati. Among those present
ut the reception held last night were: Will
lam II. Thomson, William W. Le-e. Judge
jimos M. Thayer. James Rlair, II. T. Kent,
Judge Seddon. Charles Nagel, Geo.C. Hitch
cock, Congressman Chas. F. Joy, Thos. Al
kin. Postmaster Fred W. Raumhnff. Dis
trict Attorney E. A. Rozier. William L.
Morsey. August Gehner. Randolph Hutch
inson. William H. Thompson. Walker Hill,
H. C. Grenner. Louis C. Bnhle, D. M. Hou
ser. Charles E. Pearce. Judge Adams. John
O'Fallon, A. Wallace and Congressman
Richard Bartholdt.
Di'iioimees Mr. Hryan l.efore an
Audieme of His
'What Docs Mrvan Know About
Iiviii KltTiions.''' Aiki'tl the
Ifcpiihliran Chaiinian A Day
of Chilly Uvfeiitimis.
nri-riiMo si-eel u
l-ln. ..In. NV1.. Oct. ID. Finalor Mark A.
IIunu.1 enteieil the 'V"-.ems imintrj" to
'y. His rici'iitinii v.'aH Mnifwh.tt fro-ty,
but he craped uchatniid. The Senator
spoK" In fnurtefii N iirn.-ka tonnt,. and
wound up the diy In I.lncoltu To-n!t;lit ho
addrc el his icniark" to itr. P.ryan.
Reforo an audlenn of svwr.il thousand
rirsons be denouncid ns ",t 1 olll-h lie" the
charge raadu by Mr. Rrjan In his i-peerh at
Paierr, III , that the ll-publlc.in-. had ralvd
an ennrtnous sluh fund.
"In roRnnl to tint Mate nwit." iild gc-tn-tor
H.nin.i. "before an nudlem-e In Lincoln.
1 want to hurl It back In his teeth and
tell him It Is -,s fa!r; as hell."
"When It comes down to personalities. I
am wllllni; to rtand before the Amiri an
twoplo on my record as a buslne-s man. and
let him stand on hi. I have been in liul
ms forty years; I am cmplojlng r.fmi men.
piv tiie hijhest wases, treat thim HKe
men. nnd they all rc-'pect me, and when
Mr. Rrjan or any other man charges me
nnd I nm wllllni; to appropriate, it all, as
I nm chairman of the Hoard of Manager!
of this Republican campaign with any juch
methods as thoc. I vroposo, as I said, to
hurl It back and denoume him as a dema
Kosue In his own town."
iimnliifn Ilnil Ureal.'.
Then tho Senator nkked. unwittingly:
"What docs Ifryan know about bujing
election", anyway?"
A score of voices shouted baik: "Nothing!
Nnthlnu! Hut you dol"
Mr. llanna could do nothlns with this
crcwd, but when ho repeated his npe-ch
lr.-Ide the operi-houso he was warmly re
ceived. This (ratherlnjr wns cnmpo-cil eir
organization Republicans, and they Invited
the- Serator to "come analn."
Starting1 early this mornlnr from Sioux
City, the Senator crossed the Missouri River
and began his two day' tour of Nebraska
In the town of Krrerson. H!a route lay
through tho strongest Populist nnd Demo
cratic districts He Ms greeted at many
places by outpourlnKs f Rrynn men, who
I Routed so lustily for their favorite that
the Senator could not be heard.
At only a few towns did Mr. Hannn re
celo a cordial welcome. He was tall.lnt;
or th- sliver question In Norfolk, when 1
J recent dollar The Senator pulle
or tn- silver question In Norfolk, when a
a Hollar from Ills pocK;t and held It up.
J "There Is one." he i-.-id. "The fllvT In
That dollar Is worth only M cents In the
j markets of the world."
I "It's worth a dollir In the United Slates,
and that's whole jou happen to be," re
sponded the questioner.
"Now, I don't want to talk about free
jller." Mr. Hanna continued. "That is a
dead Ifsue. Kven Mr. Rrynn has abandoned
The Senator was Interrupted here with
shouts that tho Republican crators and
newspaper! of the East disagreed with him
en that point.
In Winslde tha Bchool children were wait
Irs for the train. They were all lined up
by grades and they carried tills tranpar-
' ency:
"i-opuiisi iarmers. Beware: Chain your
children to jourselves. or put them under
the lenl! Mark Hanua Is in town!"
Mr. Hanna talked In Madison, the home
of Senator Allen, but did not mention tho
Senator Hli reception there was a decided
frost. The few hundred Kople who gath
ered to hear him listened in silence, and
not a cheer was raised. The crowd melt
ed away beforo the Senator had fairly be-g-..n
to talk.
In Scliujler tho chairman of the meet
ing presented Senator Hanna as "The man
who commands the Attn when he wants to."
Somo printers In the rear of the crowd ,
uiougiii me cnairman reierreu to the New
York newspaper bcarlmr that title, and
they shouted: "Rut he don't command
Bt' Six.' "
Tho Senator turned the corner rather
deftly by expressing tho wish that he could
command tvery son of a Populist.
The Senator's voice is suffering from tho
strain of campa!i;nin8. and bis rheumatism
( .. ,... in
" ,:? l.nife
him some trouble, but he s-eema
i ,0 b0 cllrful and Bays ho will corapleto
his engagements.
Husband Says Spiritualistic Se
ances Affected Tier Mind.
Her husband and three Httlo daughters nc
companv ing her, Mrs. Maria Johnson of No.
, H31 Talmago nvenno was taken to the City
Hospital last night for observation aa to
her mental condition. Christian Johnson,
the husband, says that his wife Imagines
that sh confers with beings of tho other
world; that the thinks tdie can talk to her
dead sisters; that sho Is continually wrlt
lrg them letter), and Is under the hallucina
tion that she gets replies.
Mrs. Johnson waa in tho Missouri Ilantlst
Sanitarium for ten davs. but her husband's '
means did not allow him to keep her thero j
lorgcr, and he was forced to havo her taken
io me ciiy Hospital, .virs. aounson com
plained about being placed In n hospital.
Mio h.ild there was nothing the matter with
her, nrel that she would die if she was sep
arated from her children.
As she stood on the stone steps that lend
to tho observation ami prisoner's division
Fhe kissed each ono cf her children separate
ly nnd, weeping, said that sho was sure
the would never see them again. This com
pletelv unncverved the huslnrd, nnd he.
too. was unable to control his emotion, and
wept with his children and wife.
Johmon said that his wlfc'a condition re
sulted from her having attended splrltu.al
litlc seances, and having allowed herself on
various occasions to be jdaced In a trance.
He slated that ho had opposed her taking
undue interest In such things, but that hho
M-crn.il without control of herself in thesj
matti rs. Johnvou is a lineman for the Bell
Telephone Company.
Miss Ella Heyl's Injuries Are Pro
nounced Serious.
Miss Ella Heyl, S) years old, of No. ZiZl
Pole avenue, was. seriously Injured by fall-
ln orl " street car at tt.ij ociock last
The joung woman was a passenger on
the car. which was on the Bellcfontalno
line. At Pone and Bellefontalne avenues
the signaled for the car to stop and walked
out on the rear platform. As the convey
ance was approaching the crossing at a
slow pace. sh stepped down n the step
and was about to alight, when the car shot
forward again nt full speed. Miss Heyl lost
her equilibrium nnd became excited. In
trying to regain a foothold sho was hurled
to tho street, after being dragged some dLs
tnnce. She was cared for hy spectators,
who carried her to her home. A physician
who was summoned said her right hip was
broken and loft shoulder dislocated. He
pronounced tho Injuries serious.
River Rank Cut Away.
St Joseph, Mo., Oct.X 19. Owing to the
sudden cnange in the Missouri River at this
point, fifty feet of the cast bank has been
cut away in the last twenty-four hours.
The lost property was very valuable.
A meeting of prominent citizens this af
ternoon Issued an appeal to the Govern
ment to take action to stop the ravages of
the stream. Much valuable property la
1 threaten-
It is a well-known fact that Lytlia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has cured more women than any other remedy. It therefore
mu.st be the best possible medicine for female ills.
Hut some women make the mistake of thinking that they will try some
thiiifr else simply because it is new. That mistake is often a fatal one
fatal to the health and happiness of the experimenter.
Is it not foolish to risk tho possibla results of
such experiments 7 Is It not bettor to depend upon
a medicine which has been tried successfully for
tmriv years, ana wmen
wanting 7
Do not therefore let any one persuade you to try something which
they say is just as good. It cannot be just as pood. Mrs. Pinkham'a
Compound is tho best, and there can be only one best. This is not a
mere assertion, but is a positive fact, admitted by buDiireds of regular
Holy on your own common sense, and Mrs. Finkham's life-lonjj
experience, and yon w ill make no mistake. Don't experiment with your health
Is good, and is backed by such letters as these to Mrs. I'inkham :
Suppressed and Painful
Periods Cured by Lydia
Em PInkham's Vegetable
" I was thin, sallow and nervous. I
had not had my l lenses for over a
ycarandalialf. Doctored with several
pky.sieians in town and one specialist,
but did not pet any better. I finally
decided to try your medicine, nnd
wrote to vou After I had taken
three liotties of Lydia IL Pinkham's
Vejretablo Compound and thrcs of
ltlooil Purifier, my men'c-. rrturccd,
and I feel as well and strong as I ever
did. and am trainimr flesh. f1Ls5
Lena Gaines, Visalia, Tulare Co., Cat.
"After following the directions
piven in your kirid letter for the treat
ment of leuctjrrhiica, I can say that I
hart) been entirely cired by tho nsn
of Lydia 11 Pinkham's remedies, and
will'pladiy recommend them to my
friends."' niss A. B. Davids, Bing
hamton, N.Y.
Tho Medicine that holds the record for the largest number of Cures is
Lydia Em Pinkham's Vegetaislo ampusssim
Daughter of Joseph Knliiiloux,
J'oiiihIit of St. Joseph. Mo., nnd
Member of Old French Fninilv.
Mrs. Sylvanle A. Beauvais, 74 years old, a
meml- r of one of the oldest French fami
lies of St. I.ouK daughter of Joseph Robi
doux, who founded the city of SI. Joseph.
Mo., died at her home. No. ltlS Grattan
street, ye-rterday morning. Through a
period of three year, succeeding the. death
of her husband. Francis A. Beauvai. Mrs.
Beauvals's health gradually failed, until the
final moment came.
Mrs. Reauvais lived all her life, with the
exception of an Interval of fifteen ears. in
St. Louis. She was educated In tho con
vent of the Sacred Heart, and later made
her debut Into the St. Louis society of th?
day. Her heme was then on Main and
Myrtle streets, and the Robidoux mansion
was known throughout the western ectlon
of the country as tho nbodo of wealth and
In 1S47 sho became the bride of rrancls A.
Reauvais. who had then just entered into
tho retail jewelry business In this city. In
1SI3 the Robidoux home and several houses
adjoining, which wero also owned by Mrs.
Reauvali's father, wero burned to the
ground, occasioning the loss of considerable
money. It was through this fin- that Jo
seph Robidoux became the founder of St.
He determined, after this blow nt his re
sources, to move further westward, and by
boat made his way up the Missouri River.
It happened that the prsent rite of St. Jo
seph offered an Inviting place to establish
himself. He did so, and subsequently tho
place became a stepping iiolnt for emi
grants to the Tar Vst, and finally became
known ns a trading town. It was named
St. Jo?cpli In honor of Saint Joe-)h if th
Catholic Church, of which Ruhhloux was an
Eirlj In the sltlra Robidoux and Mr. and
Mrs. iv nival, who had followed Robidoux.
Sr.. to St. Joseph, went back to St. Louis,
and they continued their residence hero
for the remali.der of their lives. Hr. Be-au-vals
re-entered tho Jewelry business, and,
until his death, was known as the oldest
Joweler In the city, Eugcno Caendet rank
ing second.
In 1S97 Mr. and Mrs. Beacval celebrated
the golden anniversary of their weeding.
But four week's aftir this l.appv occasion
death came to the huband. Mrs. Beau
v.als mourned hi3 loss deeply, and grief at
the parting after fifty ars of close asso
ciation. Is telle ved by her children to bo
the real cau of her dcmUe.
The funeral will take place to-morrow
from St. Vincent's Church at Ninth and
Barry streets. Father Hue her will con
duct the services. Mrs. Beauvals leaves
seven children. live daughters and two sons.
Fifty Thousand Voters Will Elect
Federal CommisMoner.
Ran Juan, Porto Rico, Oct. 13. Partial re
turns as to the registration for the forth
coming election indicate that about BJ.OOO
voters registered throughout the Hland. In
tho municipal elections last spring S1.K9
votes were cast. Next month's election will
be for the choice of a Porto Rleau Com
missioner to the t'nlted States Congress and
thirty-five members nf the House of Dele
gates, the lower house of the lnular Legis
lature, which will meet January 1.
Tho party leaders agree that the Repub
licans will havo a majority in the House
of Delegntcs and that the Federals, will
elect their nominee, Senor Manuel Uazell,
as Commissioner.
Yosterdiy was the fecond anniversary of
Spain's evacuation of the Islam!. There
were no oillclal exercises, the only Indica
tion that tho day was remembered being
the decoration of the buildings In San Juan
ana certain public buildings elsewhere.
Miss Bertha Allen, daughter of Governor
Allen, will be married In Lieutenant Logan
at the palace, October S.
Mrs. W. II. Ritter Receives a Let
ter Dated at Wehb City, Mo.
Mrs. William II. Rlttcr of No4?jS OIIvo
street has received a letter from Abram N.
Mllner, former Street Commissioner of SL
Louis, dated at Webb City. Mo., October IT,
in which he declares that he had no In
tention of running away when he left this
city, and that the reportg of his mysterious
disappearance are uncalled for.
In a letter to an afternoon newspaper
Mllner Is quoted as saying that he filed suit
fnr divorce last Wednesday. He makes no
reference to this In his communication to j
ilrs. miter, so sne says. jirs. .miners
frlend.s assert that her husband has no
possible grounds for divorce.
Mrs. Ritter is the wife or a former mem
ber of the House of Delegates. The Milners
and RItters were neighbors.
nas never aeon rouna ?
A Grateful Woman Re
commends Lydia Pink
ham's Vegetable Com
pound to Every Wife and
" I have taken eight bottles of Lydia
I. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
witli most gratifying results. I had
been married four years and had two
children. I was all run down, had fall
ing of womb with all its distressing
symptoms. I had doctored with a good
phyhician.but I dcrivedvery little pood
from ids treatment. After taking &
few bottles of your medicine, I was
able to do my work and nurse my
pevcn-months'-old babs. I reconr
mended your medicino to every wife
and mother. Ilad I time. I could write
much more in its praise. I bid vou
God's speed in vour pood work.1'
firs. L. A. Horns, Welaka, Putnam
Co., Fla.
Man Found Dead in Arkansas Xot
Known to Her Picture Lost
Ilere Last July.
The small stamp photograph taken from
tho rocket of the supposed St. Loulsan
who was found dead last Thursday In
Greene County, Arkansas, and which the
police wer using as a clew to discover his
Identity. Is the likeness of Miss Jennie
RIckeby of No. 1SICA Pa pin street.
The young ladv- expressed surprise yes
terday when neighbors rushed Into her homo
to show her her picture In The Republic,
and she said she did not know the man nor
could she tell why he had the photograph
nor how he happened to have It. She was
unablo to remember any acquaintance
whose appearance coincides with the de
scription of the dead man. and she had
never heard, she said, any r.nrae similar to
that of Albert Bossarc, which was written
on nn envelope which tho dead man had in
hts pocket. Furthermore, sho could not re
call (hat she had ever known any oie liv
ing at No. SC13 North Broadway, where he
was thought to have stayed or to have
had friends.
"I lost ono of my pictures last July,"
said Miss RIckeby. "and I frequently won
dered who had picked It up or If I would
ever hear a!out It or see It asain. Quite
often I thought of the little photograph and
all tho time I kept thinking that some one
had found It, and that I'd hear of It again,
but I never even fancied that nn old man
had it, or that anybody would carry it
around In his pocket, like this man did."
Miss RIckeby celebrated her fifteenth
birthday on September 13. and has all the
girlih animation of a young lady Just
turning to "sweet sixteen." Sho and an
elder ststcr. Miss May RIckeby, wero lean
ing on the gate early last evening and talk
ing about "that picture." "That's the
strangst thing I ever heard." the girl said.
"I lost that picture In July somewhere
around Lafayette Park, nnd now It turns
up three months later away down In Ar
kansas. In the pocket of a dead man that
I don't know and never heard of." She
turned toward her ulster and smiled. "Just
think!" nhe remarked, "ho was W years
old. too."
lie Declared She Took In Washing
for Too Little Money.
Jesso Grey of East St. Louis is so firm
In hl" openly declared conviction that no
one should work for less than 13 a day
that when ho came home and found that
Mr. Reed, the landlady of his boarding
house, had washed all day for J2J5, he
administered to her a sound beating.
Mrs. Reed was unwilling to endure such
conduct, nnd had him arrested. Police Jus
tice Oehler Imposed a fine of 15 and costB
for disturbing tho peace. Grey will have to
work several days at his scale of wages
to satisfy the demands of the law.
Grev works in ait East St. Louis packing-house
and boards with Mre. Reed, who,
to make both ends meet, takes in washing.
She contracted to wash a certain amount
of cloth's for $2.3. and It took her all day
to finish It. When Grey camo home his --upper
was not ready. Gre said that Mrs.
Reed worked for entirely too little money.
Hot words followed, and they finally led to
May Xot Be Eligible to Electoral
CollegePeak Substituted.
Kansas City. Mo., Oct. 1?. Mayor Jam's
A. Reed of the city to-day declined the
Missouri Democratic nomination for
clector-at-laree, and John L. Peak, former
ly United States Minister to Switzerland,
was promptly substituted.
Mr. Reed resigned at the request of the
Democratic State Committee, which feared
that tho provision In the Federal Constitu
tion, that certain officeholders are not
eligible to the electoral college, might In
validate Mr. Reed'n vote.
Victim Had Bccr in a Cataleptic
ConditloH Eighteen Years.
Berlin, Oct. IS. A sensational case Is re
ported from Nausslltz. near Dresden. Eigh
teen years ago a railway official named
DIttrlch was run over there. He had re
mained ever since In a cataleptic condi
tion. Scores of noted physicians, after ex
amining him. had declared themselves un
ablo to explain the phenomenon.
Yesterday his wife shot and killed him
and then hanged herself.
r LL I I i I i ii .i III 111 I n nil l i HI II lil'in'IIUMK.
M mm
medicine that vou know
Nervous Prostration and
Inflammation of tho
Bladder Cured by Lydia
Em Pinkham's Vegetable
" Dkar Mrs. Pixkiiaji I have used
your Vegetable Compound for female
weakness and it has done wonders for
me. 1 al & had nervous prostration
was not able to loolc after my house
work. After taking one bottle I began
to improvc.and am now better in every
way and feel like a different perton."
firs. Delia Keiser, flarien Ills, Pa.
"Dear "Mrs. I'iskiiam I cannot
praise your Vegetable Compound
enough for the pood it has done me.
I suffered from inflammation of the
bladder. I tried doctors, but obtained
no relief. At last I decided to write
to you. and now. thanks to jour reme
dies. I am entirely cured." firs. K. S.
Grady. 131 Union St., High Bnde,
New York City.
Old Gomez Foldiers Want Liberty,
and the American Army Ex
pelled Clash. Expected.
Washington. Oct. 13. General Fltznoctt
Lee of Virginia, who Is hsre on leare ot
absence, raid h!3 respects to the President
to-day. General Lee will return to Cuba
. but take a
constitutional convention of ths Cuban ceo- U
p!e, to which delegates already nave been
elected, will be held November 6, to estab
lish the "free ard Independent Republic of
!' General Lee says that there !s likely to
bo a great deal of friction In the conven
tion, ami the result Is problematical. Tha
foreigners, rrench. English, Americana and
property-noicuig' L-pnniaros, ce said, wars
In favor of some sort of American pro
tectorate, which would Insure the protection,
c life and property, but the old soldier of
Gomez's array wanted to carry out a radi
cal programme. They threatened to Initi
ate proceedings In the convention by tha
adoption of a resolution demanding the Im
mediate withdrawal of the American troops.
General Lee expressed the opinion that
the troops could not be withdrawn until a
stable government was set up. nnd capabl
of furnishing the necessary guarantee aa
to life and rroptrty.
General Lee said that the past year in
Cuba had been the worst, so far as yellow
fever is concerned. In his ovperlencs. Tha
fever has been prevalent all over the Island.
end he told some of the facts In connection l
with It seem to explode the theories of j
American medical experts regarding ths ef
ficiency of sanitation as a preventive.
English Correspondent Gives De
tails of Latest Attempt.
London. Oct. 13. The Sebastopol corre
spondent of the Dally Telesrraph sends de
tails of en alleged plot about a month ago
against the life of Emperor Nicholas.
It appears that, about a fortnight befora
the Czar and Czarina besan their Journey
to the Crimea, a student at Moscow Uni
versity, ton of a post Captain of the Black:
Sea fleet, was arrested for dlgglne In a
suspicious manner in the vicinity of a rall
wav tunnel near SebnstopoL
The police, nfter tho arrest, found a large
quantity of explosives deposited where they
would have Inevitably wrecked the tunnel
when tho imperial train was passing.
The correspondent says there wa certain
Irdlcitlens that the plot was one of thos
concocted by tho Brescl group of anarchists.
Cook Wlio Was Injured In the
Wreck Killed Himself.
New York, Oct. 1?. Nicholas Scalp, a.
Swedish naval cook, who was on tho battle
ship Malno when she was blown up In Ha
vana Harbor, shot and killed himself In
Brooklyn to-day.
His Jaw was shattered br flying iron In
thn Malno explosion, and he had been un
able to eat solid food since. This and delay
in cettlnjr nn Incrcaso of pension made him.
very despondent.
1 00 Help Wanted Ads
Printed In to-day's Republic
Three Injured hy Boiler Ksplosloa.
Dallas. Tex.. Oct. 19 An explosion In tha
boiler-room of the Standard Milling Com
pany's plant on the Trinity River front to
night did considerable damage to the build
ing and ncalded and otherwise Injured three
negro employes. William Godberry Is ex
pected to die. James Brooks and William
Ingram are seriously hurt.
of Beef makes the difference
between a flat, flavorless dish
and a tidbit that would tempt
the most jaded appetite in the
world, oc
tgie!.- -
. t
- -.iJ-rH
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