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He Says the Charges Against "Web
ster Davis, Macrum and Con
buI Hollis Are Falsa.
Erected by the patronage of the St. Louis public Is symbolic of all that pertains to fair and
honorable business methods. It's a sign of continual growth, and In our onward march of prog
ress we constantly aim to force down prices and give you bargains worthy of the name. Hundreds
of these hind abound here this week throughout every department.
Journalists of Repute Who Were
in South Africa Discredit Its
Statements Political Move
Aimed at Bryan.
I '"' .111. ii. ' ;,l "M.f .1 ;;! ,
rWaJ'ssstil ili ') 1'ltl?'iTnsrlFsl,:
Dublin. Oct. 3) (Copi right. rCO. by W.
R. Hearst.) I hae read with indignation
the charges made by Douglas Story against
Webster Davis, Mr. Macrum and Consul
Hollis of Lorenzo Marquez. in the London
Daily Mail, and desire to offer a few com
ments upon what I belie e to be thi base
lets fabrications of a person who has dis
graced the profession of Journalism by pros
tituting It to purposes of deliberate politi
cal calumny.
I met Story In Pretoria on several occa
sions. Ho obtained entry into the Trans
vaal on tho profession of rro-Boer smpa
thy and by saving he had been for some
time connected with the London edition of
the Standard and Dlsgers of Johannesburg
a strong pro-Boer Journal. Webster Dals's
ar Kalian t was, theiefore in pro-Boer erv
lce. At one time he was in the cmploj ment
of Messrs. Mendelsohn and Bruce, whom
he now Quotes as having received loans
frcm the Netherlands Railway Companv.
But theto previous occupations gave him
no better means of obtaining private in
formation from the Boer Government while
In Pretoria than were open to such Jour
nalists of standing and character as Thom
as Millard. Howard Hlllegas, Richard Hard
ing Davis and other representatives of the
American gress who were In the Transvaal.
Has any of these Journalists of repute
confirmed In any way the stories of the
Daily Mall representative? Is It at all prob
able that a person of Story's limited capa
city as a Journalist representing a paper
than which all Jingo England could not pro
duce a mora venomous anti-Boer sheet
would be likely to ferret out more Infor
mation from the Boer officials about promi
nent Americans than American Journalists
on the spot?
I trust the American people will consider
these points before accepting as true the
uncorroborated testimony of a man who,
having enjoyed the Boers' hospitality, and
having earned Boer money, turns around
upon his former employers and supplies
unfounded charges and calumnies to the
order of the London Dally Mail when the
Boer Government ceases to exist.
This Story says he has discussed the
standing of Webster DavU with State Sec
retary Reite and Attorney General Smuts.
'es. but be dare not say that either ot
these honorable men ever said a word
about Webster Davis or Mr. Macrum hav
ing received money from the Boer Govern
ment tor pro-B er agitation la America.
It U absolutely untrue for this man to
say that any money was given by the Boe.
Government to Webster Davis or to anj
other American, with the object of helping
Mr. Bryan In the presidential contest.
t had far greater opportunities, while In
Pretoila, of learning the views of the Gov
ernment about what was being done for
their cause outside the Transvaal than anj
KngUshmsn could command, and I am ab
solutely certain that I would have beeu
made acquainted with the transactions.
spoken of by Story if any such had eve
taken place.
i reel that I am Justlfled to branding
Story's statements as absolute falsehoods
written to order for the Dally Mall, wltu
the object of having these calumnies cir
culated la the United States for English
service In the presidential election. There
la sot a single syllable of proof adduced to
sustain the allegations against Webster
I write solely in defense of American
honor and reputation. Involved as they
would be If the Dally Mall's fabrication
were true, and to ask your readers to re
sent this Insult leveled at the character of
your public men by an English paper
known to be the most consummate liar In
the Journalistic world of our time.
Wot si QnestloB of Age.
Boms need spectacles very much earlier
la life than others. Dr. Bond, expert op
tician at Mermod & Jaccard's, Broadway
and Locust, will examine your eyes without
charge and fit you properly. Steel frames,
Jl and upj gold, g and up.
Surrogate Decides That $869,018 Is
Subject to Inheritance Tax.
New York. Oct 30. Surrogate Thomas
to-day signed an order tlxlng the value of
tho estate of the late Theodore A. Have
meyer tor Inheritance tax purposes.
He finds that the value of the personal
property, subject to taxation. Is 11.763,331.
the Indebtedness of Mr. Havemeyer being
J1.O4C.630. Of that amount JSJS.SS2 Is to be
deducted from the U.760.JS1. leaving the to
tal taxable estate JSG9.018.
The share of Mrs. Emily Havemeyer.
widow of the decedent. Is fixed at KS3X72
and of the children at $$4,371 each.
Texas Court ot Civil Appeals.
Dallas. Tex- let. 20 Proceedings In the
BUM Court of Civil Appeals. Fifth Supreme
Judicial District, at Dallas to-day:
T. Ja Btrry vs. Kfiitlng Imp. A Mae. Cow Dal
las Oaunty.
W. Bcott vs. W. H. Chllders. Hill County.
OsqarH. Psppla vs. 6hermaa S- 8. Ry. Co.,
WlmM. Kansas ass Texas Railway Company
va Sarah F. Moor, Dallas County.
Texas Midland Railroad vs. A. V. Cardwall.
T. P. Salmons va, Mary E. Tbomaa, dismissed.
i'liaal overrated; appellant required to Die
hwiwiuuii waniy oars.
& Stewart va W. A. Polki file transcript
tenors Kolaalum vs. J. T. Veaaey.
. M. Ptittca et aj. vs. M. A. Keshan.
' uumui aniiw vs. ?exaa lAna asa Axon
Midland Railroad va 8. W. TtL & TeL
aea&a National Bank va. 1. Baum t al
1C X. Stock va. H. W. fclmmona at ak
Hants Company vs. Waxahacal Cotton Oil
, juus vraniy.
SUMP va LaveQ Bros, Lamar County.
u Cnioa TaL Co. va. J. T. Turntr. Madl-
W. J. Tma1na vs. S. T. Sawyer at at. Manas-
sa oouniy. .
St. Lost Booth weamu Railway Company va.
John T. Knight. Bunt County.
W. J. Davis vs. R. IX White, Wood County.
Ilksom Man i'eand Murdered.
Georgetown. Tex.. Oct. JO. An unknown
man was found dead In a pasture near
Taylor with a load of buckshot In his
breast. He bad been dead several days,
and had evidently been murdered else
where and the body brought to the pasture.
There were no papers or valuables and the
pockets were turned. He was about SS
years old, weighed about ISO pounds, was 6
feet 10 Inches high, long reddish mustache,
black hair, blue Gannel trousers, negligee
shirt, tan shoes, no coat, cuff buttons not
mates. The Inquest disclosed no clew to
the murderer, and nothing leading to the
Identification of the dead man. He was
burled by the county.
'When your watch needs cleaning take It
to Mermod Jaccard's, Broadway and Lo
cust. Only expert watchmakers employed.
DtstlUlnsT Company Elects Osscers.
New Tork. Oct 20 The new Board of
Directors of the Distilling Company of
America to-day elected these officers:
President. & M. Bice: first vice presi
dent. Thomas Dolan; second vice president,
Bdson Bradley; third vice president, H. J.
M. Cardexai treasurer. A. P. Plummer;
secretary. T. K. Wentworth.
ir. xxiian vu auu roaue rnmnnno ui i
the Board of Directors and Mr. Bradley I
Mirmaii vi ma Mkcvt.uvv wmihiiw,.
! i H'lMI -I I ! '
p && . )
I cP-sI.M"yq
I SlFts)Ssrl8sff-sssf jSSSSW-SSSSSS '
f "" ' ' sVA. ssl TsssssWssC"" ' " " "
I .HilllillllllilUIIHIIIIIIItlHU
New York Herald's Poll of the
States Favors the Repub
lican Ticket
Electoral Vote Will Be 281 for the
Ohioan to 166 for the Ne-
braskan, Says That
Now Tork. Oct. 29 We hava reached
that period In the national campaign when
partisan newspapers and political mana
gers are using their divining rods In a fruit
less effort to determine how the American
people will vote on election day. Even the
life Insurance companies have ceased to
write policies, turning their ubiquitous
agents lcose instead to canvass the people
on the presidential election. The "authen
ticated" canvasses of tho life Insurance
people tell specifically Just what Mr. Smith
of Indiana. Mr. Jones of Illinois, Mr.
Brown of New York and Mr. Carter of
Maryland aro going to do. Just how thesa
erudite canvassers reach the conclusions
mads public It Is hard to tell. It Is prob
gm I - Ml I 11 Ml
'Mssy-BjJB-lM 'lL'SsfTlsss4HHfc?b
f ' i "-"i '-'""v'T'l','1v''''''l':'-"i'T''''"' " 'j'T-ryr''fr""-i""'""'"-'iiMi7r'" ''"''' "'l
ably a case cf the wish being father to the
The latest canvass of this character is
that which will be published to-merrow by
the New Tork Herald, a vigorous advocate
of McKtnley. This poll gives MeKlnley
2S1 electoral votes and the remainder 166
are conceded to Bryan, a majority for tho
Republican candidate of 115 Electors. With
the excepUon of Kentucky. MeKlnley. ac
cording to the Herald. Is likely to hold all
the States ho carried In liW. and will
make a, net gain of 10 votes In the Far
The ext Conercss.
As to the complexion of Congress, the
Herald Unas that the new House will
have certainly lti Ilipubllcan votes, the
Democrats 1J3. tua FuaionUts and Silver
Repbllcans 5 and that U districts are In
doubt. The present House stands lba Re
publicans, 163 Democrats. 7 Tuslonlsts and
3 seau are vacant. Thus ' the Republic
an majority would bo silently Increased.
At present the Republicans have SO mem
bers of the Senate. The Herald poll gives
them 13 members next year, or 1 more than
a majority. There are 11 doubtful sena
torial elecUons pending. Among the Indi
cations cited by the Herald are that Quay
In lennylau.a unJ Elklss In West Vir
ginia may be defeated.
It should be said that the Herald, in sum
ming up the results of Its canvass. Is dis
posed to qualify the more important claims
Mar) land. West Virginia, Delaware and
Kew lorn are claimed tor Jiciuniey dj- re
duced pluralities, but the Information upon
which these claims are made Is both doubt
ful and qualllleJ. Kven In Sow York, vthlca
Is given to MeKlnley by 113,000 plurality
and to Odell, the Republican candidate for
Governor, by 91.000 plurality, the greatly In
creased registration may upset all calcula
tions. This registration, th!ch shows an
Increase of more than EO.tnO In Greater New
York alone, represents. In the opinion of
Impartial observers, the Democratic "stay-at-home"
vote of four years ago.
Illtuois Rather Doubtful.
In the Middle West the Herald finds that
Illinois and Indiana and the othor States
that w ent for MeKlnley in 1SS6 will support
him this ear. As to Illinois, however.
"Cook County is the key to the situation.
If the Democrats get a very large plurality
there, tho State Is doubtful and likely to
go to Bryan. Alichuler. the Demooratlo
golden ilnish,
well made.
This Week....
Large Arm Rockers,
like cut, solid oak,
cane seat.
This Week
Combination Book Cases, like
solid oak, well
made, worth $12,
This Week
candidate for Governor, may be elected
over Yates, the Republican candidate, and
the fight between Senator CuIIom and Gov
ernor Tanner for the control of the Legis
lature may give It to the Democrats, re
sulting in the election of a Democrat from
The farmor vote la depended upon ta hold
Indiana In line for MeKlnley. Kansas Is
given to tho Republican candidate by u
rohable plurality of 12.K0. North and South
lakota also are placed In the Republican
Minor chances are touched upon In tho
Far West. Tho probable outcome in detail,
as the Herald see It. Is as follows:
For MeKlnley California. 9: Connecticut.
6: Delaware. 3: Illinois. 1; Indiana. 15; Ion.t.
13; Kansas. 10; Maine. C; MarvUnd. &;
Massachusetts, lj; Michigan. 11: Minne
sota. 9: New Hampshire. 4; New Jersey, 10;
New York. 3o: North Dakota. 3; Ohio, 23;
Orrcon, 4; Pennsjlvanla, 32; Rhode Island.
4; South Dakota. 4; Vermont, 4; Washlns
ton, 4; West Virginia. 6; Wisconsin. 1.';
Wyoming. 3. Total. 331.
For Bryen Alabama, II; Arkansas, S;
Colorado. 4; Florta, 4; Georgia. 13: Idaho.
3; Kentucky. 13; Louisiana, i: Mississippi,
9: Missouri. 17; Montana, 2; Nebraska. S;
Nevada, 3: North Carolina. 11; South Caro
lina. 9: Tcnne?ee. II: Texas. 15: Utah. 3:
Virginia, 12. Total. 165.
Total electoral vote-f 447.
Necessary to elect U34.
McKlnley's Indicated majority 115.
English Chiming Hall Clocks.
The Westminster and Whittlnston chimes.
Hear them at Mermod & Jaccard's, Broad
way and Locust.
Farmers' Institute Adjonrna.
Marlon. HI . Oct. 10. Tho last day of the
Williamson County Farmers' Institute was
a great improvement over the erst both In
attendance and Interest manifested by the
farmers. At the morning session J. C
Chamness of Cartersvllle read an Interest
ing paper on "How I Made Success With
My Hogs." after which an Impromptu dis
cussion cn hog-rslslng was engaged in. In
the afternoon Daniel Berry of Corml de
livered an address on "Insects Injurious
and Insects of Benefit." The following of
ficers were elected: President. T. M. Mitch
ell of Corinth; vice president, M. N. Swann
cf Craborchard; secretary. Mrs. M. L.
Copeland of Marlon: treasurer. A. M.
Townsend of Cottage Home; delegate to
Stats Institute. W. M. Held of Marlon.
BOX COUCHES, like cut, covered in cretonne,
very us:Iul and ornamental, "
This Week
&STS2.50 FOR
i jftgSfu BJramragt 'j
A By3YptssJBssssWm3SBI)
fH BbCbBbI JhjK "W BsELsi HsBBsl
CnR bsE''?bbI sssBSBBSBsrl ssKsssH BLH
v fc El BB
n pi Sail
E. Cor. Eleventh and Olive
October Meeting of lien's League
Galloway Recital.
The Men's League of St. Mark's English
Lutheran Church will hold Its October
meeting next Tuesday evening, and the fol
lowing special programme nas been ar
ranged tor tho occasion: l'lano solo.
"MaElc Fire Music from Walkure" (Wag
ner), Mr. Rodney S-aylor; baritone solo,
"Honor and Arms from Samson" (Handel),
Mr. W. W. Gibson of the Second Presby
terian Church choir; soprano solos. "Bird
and the Rose" and "Love In a Bubble."
Mlbs Graco f Smith. Compton Hill Con
gregational Church choir: piano rolo. Fnut
waltz, Rodney Saylor; tenor solo. Mr. W.
H. Jones. Second Presbyterian Church
choir; alto solos. "Were I a .Star" and
"Open Thy Bluo CyeV Mrs. Wyatt Evans,
St. Mark's Episcopal Church choir; duet.
"Crucifix." Mr. Jones and Mr. Gibson.
The Mount Calvary Evangelical Lutheran
Church, the Reverend E. T. Coyner, pas
tor, has outgrown Its present Quarters at
No. 1507 Euclid avenue, and has decided to
build a church and parochial school build
ing at once. The new structure will be 25
feet by 75 feet and will be flnisaed In front
with toner and belfry. The membership of
the church Is now eighty and the Sunday
school numbers 103 Tho officers of th
Mount Calvary Church are ai follows:
President, Eric Larson; vice president. Con
rad Meyer: secretary, H. M. Barrloi. and
treasurer. R. T. Cllno. The Building Com
mittee js composeu or tne raiior, . x.
Cllne. Isaac Johnson and R. Glldx. Archi
tect. J. L. Wee3.
Charles Galloway, assisted by Mrs. C O.
Bang, nlll give an organ recital at tho
Evangelical Lutheran Zlon's Church, cor
ner of Twenty-first and Benton streets,
Friday evening-, November i. The follow
ing Is the programme:
Coorertsats In C. Louis Thlele
(a) Melodic In C. Ttl. Salome
(l) Canon la II Minor It- Schumann
(c) Grand Choeur Ulalorua E. Olgout
Mr. Galloway.
Soprano Sclo Jttua of Nuareth Ch. Gounod
iln. C. O. Bang.
(a) Fantaila on Eln Feats Burg Ch. Vlnk
(t) Sonata la D Minor (first movement)....
...,..F. Mn3e!nohn
(c) Cintonetta, In A Minor A. Guiunant
(d) Elevation S. Rousseau
XVarJrols. like cut.
couoift ccr. wrii
mace ara n!ciy
Ttis Wk...
This season we closed a contract with the
CO of this city, for the tale of a lot of their
New Improved "Imperial Charter Oak
Steel Ranges (like cut) six ho'es, warming
closet, duplex grate and large-sue oven (18a
Inches wide) which we propose to give to
those who apply at once for only $2.53 down
and the balance to be paid $Z50 a month,
without interest. The factory list on this
Steel Range is $50.00, but for this special sale
the price will be
Such liberal terms were never before offered
in this city, but thi Charter Oak Stove and
Racgi Cct, through us, their agen's, desire to
get at once Into general use (as an advertise
ment) these New Improved Steel Ranges,
hence this very easy payment plan. This
fully warranted Steel Range all delivered
and set up in your home for only TWO
Velvet Carpets, new fall de- QCn
signs, worth $1.25, This Week.UUb
Brussels Carpets, worth 90c, 7Cn
This Week I UU
Brussels Carpets, worth 65c, Cflft
This Week JUU
Ingrain Carpets, worth 60c, A Cn
This Week f3l
Ingrain Carpets, worth 50c, "ICa
This Week Zub
Straw Mattings, worth 20c, IQn
This Week lib
(s) The Oraat O Minor Fugas .....J. 8. Bach
Mr. Galloway.
Boprano) Solo Coma Unto Me.. ....W. Cora en
Mrs. C. O. Bang.
Them. Variations and Final ....Louis Thlels
Mr. Galloway.
Tuesday evening, October 30, the members
of the Assumption Parish will give a festi
val for the benefit of the church at Con
cordia Hall, Thirteenth and Arsenal streets.
For the last month committees have been
nt work on the various tables, and report
excellent progress. A gold watch has been
donated for the handsomest man In the
Mr. Harry Lrlghton
Has returned to his former position at Mer
mod St Jaccard's. Broadway and Locust,
where ha will be pleased to see his friends
and all interested in flno diamonds, watches,
wedding silvern ares and Jewelry.
The Missouri Nupreme Court.
Jefferson City, Mo., Oct. 20. The follow
ing proceedings were had In the Supreme
Court to-day:
Carroll va. HmJ. submitted on briefs.
8mlly va St. Louis and Hannibal Railway, ar
gued and sabmlttvd.
ElUry Vs. Caldwell, death mixta ted and cause
revived: signed and aubmltud by plaintiff tn
error, submitted cn briefs by defendant In arror:
twenty days to defendant In error and five days
to pUintin In error to We additional briefs.
Peterson va. lie ha, axtued and submitted.
Hants vs. llurnnanu argued and submitted bt
appellant, submitted on briefs- by respondent.
Kirn National Bank of Maxico v. Ragsdale.
arsu-d and sjbmltted.
Harvey va. Stevens, submitted on briefs.
Reedy vs. St. LouU Brewing Association, con
tinued to January call.
Roberta vs. Crawford; appeal dismissed oa
Fleckessteln vs. Waters: argued and submitted.
VVltnauDt vs. St. Louis; eubmltted oa briefs.
Babcoclc va. Merchant' Sxchange: argued aad
Francisco vs. Wlrsn-ld: submitted on briefs.
De Oonato va. Morrison: argued and submitted
by anpell&nt: submitted cn briefs by respondent.
DtTlaloa No. 1 adjourned to November U, 100.
at wnicb tune It la expected several Important
decisions Fill be rendered.
Court In bano will hold another sesalcn Monday,
the tii Inac. for tho purple ot hearing the
argnmmts tn the case of the State ex rcLTaus
va Crittenden (the Kama city election east).
No. 7 Coot Stoves, lite cut,
made in St. Louis, worth
,10.00, This Week
Turkish Lamp, wrought Iron,
with bracket, like cut, ruby
glass, This Week,
China Closets, like cut, bent glass
ends, mirror top, golden oak, high
, goiaen wax, nign-
ly polished,
worth $20.00,
This Week..
Foreign and Domestic Corporations
Placed on an Equal Footing.
Springfield. 111.. Oct. 20. One of thai mora
Important decisions of the Supreme Court
was that ordering a writ of mandamus Is
sued against J. R. B. VanCleave. Stat Su
perintendent of Insurance, compelling btm
to license a foreign Insurance company to
transact all lines of Insurance business In
In April. U93, the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation, limited. appUea
for a license to do a credit Insurance busi
ness In the State. The application was re
fused on the ground that the law forbad ,
a foreign company from engaging in all
lines of Insurance in this State. Last Marca
another application for a license was mads
and refused. Tho Supreme Court was then ,
asKed to issue a wnt ot manaamus, aireci
ed against the Insurance Superintendent, ,
compelling htm to license the company to
write Insurance against accident and em
ployers' liability, licenso to transact an
other line of Insurance already having beea
Among other things, the Court says:
"Our construction Is that domestic cor
porations or companies organized under th
act of April 21. 1&9. are authorized to trans- ,
act all the lines of Insurance business men
tioned in section L It this Is true of do-
mestlc corporations. It is also true ot for
eign corporations, b-cause under repeated
decisions of this court foreign companies
are placed upon an equal footing with, do
mestlo companies."
Splendid OBees for Rest,
$17.50 per month and upward. In the new
Mermod & Jaccard fireproof building,
Broadway and Locust. Best city locattsa.
Grocery Firm Falls.
Eureka Springs, Ark.. Oct. 90. Isa O.
Ward & Co.. grocers In this city, closed
their doors to-day. The assets about equal
the liabilities.
Solid Gold BIrthOIontb Blags.
For October, the Opal, signifying "Hops,"
US to fl3; with diamonds up to 1500. Mer
mod & Jaccard's. Broadway and Locust.
iM&: "-

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