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Do yoa know what a " PM " is
'm.n-tr a Kin ernnimu
kvMiAuii ai Jincnuin
1 worms, old or young, "f her
life, both in her home a wife ted mother and in jocictv. Health
is thi founUinheid of eaci. Without hafth bautr fadi irruirth
vjnlsbes. To preserve hatth ind prevent disease Cody's Pure
MtR Whiskey his stood prt-c.T.irirnt for ilrrxst half a century. ' Jutfcrinr;
woHsnknsw one-tali the merits W thb srat ledicioal Whisfccy twr ills
sjwild be reduced very, wry reach.
for fifty years Dolor's Pare Milt Whiskey his been the ttedird of parity
sd excellence, it his no equal
It euros consmnpttoa, nervotrsccssind indfejestlon, ;Irw pcrer to
the train, strength d eiutlcity to the muscles aad richness to the blood. It is i
promoter cf jood beiltu jnd Joaferity. It a a boon to wonca it her tiros cf
illness. It mixes the old vourg, kejps the. yoarjf stron?.
Duffy's Pure A'.a!t Whfckey a prescribed by over so en thousand physl
cfsss and Is used in over two thousand prom'nait hrtspiLsia. 7iitlei-bg
chemists of two cordlnents lave analyzed it nany times with the same result
"Absolutely pura." It is ttio only pure malt wfilskey mads io the
world. No home should be without It. It is the only whiskey recognized by
tlia government ss a medicine. Et sareou get the sna.M. Beware of Imi
tations and cheap substitutes. AU d.-ajjists and grocers, or direct, express
prepaid, f t.00 a botCe, Medical byclet sent free.
SLIWaLiSSLiJAssSi ifrjgi.sgi" B
sg - "-it a i-5i,rr5?'
tlC Tlk, iSp2lt
Hie Remington Typewriter lasts longest. 5o does liie Remington Operator
sh WjcKoff. 5eamon9 & Benedict. 327 Broadwcy. New York.
Branch Office, 710 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo.
M) The filler is a combination of High Grade n)
The filler is a combination
Havana and Domestic Tobaccos.
They are appreciated by critical smokers because
this mixture produces the mild Havana aroma taste
without the depressing effect of heavy all Havana
Price, $2.25 per 1QO.
Distributers, St. Louis.
Marcos Feder, Cleveland, O., .Manufacturer.
gafiMiesiaeassaGaiiaMsi m
Petition From A. D. Brown Look
. ing to Settlement of UN
Claim Against the City.
A. D. Brown, owner of th properly on
the southeast corner ot Twelfth street and
Washington avenue, yesterday tendered to
Mayor Zlegenheln and City Comptroller
Sturgeon a proposition to purchase from the
city, at a reasonable prlee. to be determined
by the Mayor, the Comptroller and three
disinterested persons, the old No. 8 englne
bouro, located on Seventh street near Olive
The offer. If accepted, would terve the
dual purpose of relieving the city of prop
erty 'Which It has heretofore sought to oeli.
and would enable the city to reimburse Mr.
Brown for damages sustained by-hlra In th
widening of Twelfth btreet from St. Charles
atreet to Washington avenue. In his con
rocnlcatlon he states that he has no ulte
rior reason for wanting the property, and
would agree to rent the building to the city
until such time as a no v.- structure would
be ready.
The city has been anxious to dispose of
the old No. 6 engine-house, and the move
ment went so far that an ordinance was
passed by the Municipal Assembly author
izing the rale at not less than 175.000. This
amount was not bid. and the building was
not sold.
George A. MadiU, W. IL Thompson. D. It.
Francis, E. O. Stanard, Charles Parsons.
TV. H. Lee, C. H. Huttig. Bobert S. Brook
ings. F. N. Judson. August Gehner nnd
Nathan Frank Indorse Mr. Brown's position.
In a statement appended to the proposition,
and recommend that the engine-house
property be sold In order to reimburse him
for the portion of his realty on Twelfth
street which is now a part of the street
proper. As the ordinary revenues of the
city will be Insufficient to wipe out the ob
ligation by the first Tuesday of April, they
urge that the city remunerate him by sell
ing the old engine-house.
Mr. Brown is )n a peculiarly unpleasant
The Paquia Immune, Treatment makes drink so obnoxious that it cannot be re
tained upon the stomach, thus immunizing the patient. Reclaims relapses from
other treatments. Indorsed by business firms of NATIONAL REPUTATION. Ad
dress rAQUTX UI3IUKE COMPANY', Dcpt. F, Chemical Building, St. Lonts, Mo.
- .
ire nro purtKS cstrw By trtrr
ire ittrtbntes of sneers fn a wmiA
CO., Rochester, N. T.
predicament as the result of the failure of
the Municipal Assembly to appropriate the
sum duo him. UN building on Twelfth
street was started InlSSJ after the Assembly
had decided to widen the street, and he
abandoned thirty-live feet of his land for
use as a ttrect. under the new ordh0nce.
The city, however, did not order the worl:
commenced, and now the thirty-Are feet
ere part of the street, while Mr. Brown ha
not been paid for it.
"The commission," eald City Counselor
Schnurmacher, "assessed the damai;. s to
the surrounding property nd reported !t
flndtnea to the Circuit Court. The city has
the right to conform to the court's judg
ment within one ear. If this be not done
(If the appropriation is made) by the first
Tuesday In April. Mr. Brown will not b
able to recover his damages for ten years,
as the Judgment cannot bo renewed before
that time elapcs. Mr. Brown, therefore.
Is In a very unfavorable situation. If he
does not set the J10:.6C2S; before April, he
will havo to wait ten years; meanwhile his
land is being used as a street and he U not
acquiring- any bereflt. The city Is tulng tho
thirty-five ftet, but has no legal title to it."
The affair has now fulfilled all the re
quirements of law. nnd nothing renmlns to
be done except for the city to meet the ob
ligation. Mr. Brown signifies his willingness
to accept tho old eng!ne-houe. which the
city has desired to ?tll. as part pajment.
leaving to the Mayor, the Comptroder and
three bu&Ine&s men the matter of deter
mining on a reasonable price. It Is thought
that other sites, wbteb more perfectly dom
inate the downtown dTjrtrict, would be moro
suitable for an engine-howe.
A. B. Little Will Contest Colonel
Montgomery's Appointment.
. "VI it U-'.C'Al..
Texarkana, Tex., Oct. IT. A. B. Little,
the defeated candidate for the newly creat
ed office of County Clerk of Miller County.
Arkansas, has appealed from the decision
of Governor Jones In appointing Colonel J.
M. Montgomery to the office. Little has
ergaged the services of Governor James P.
Clark to tight tho case, and papers, looking
to a suit will be filed at orce. Little dis
puted the right of the Governor to act in
a case of this sort, and It is stated that his
course is being supported by other interest
ed parties in different sections of the State
who are to take similar action in the event
of Little's success. Itenewed interest has
been kindled in the matter, which involves
many conflicting opinions as to the law's
spyg ri
- """ . .
The car jumped the track on the curve at Prairie and Lee ave
nues while roin; at hijilt speed, knocked out the .-orner of a grocery
store and wrecked the porch of the adjoining dwelling.
A runaway car on the I'nlon line Jumped
the track at Lee and Pratrle avenues yes
terday ir.OT.liis. and crashed through the
side of n brick house, taking out a corner
of the wall, ard nearly cau.lm; the dath
of a wcms.n. Three parsengers In the car
wcro badl shaken up. but escaped Injury.
The car r.as Xo. Hit of the t'nlon line In
charge of Motorman John Brown and Con
ductor I.ce Crawford. It was the first car
out of the sheds at w o'clock jesterday
morning, and It was rtlil quite dark. Thero
are no street lamps In that "portion of the
city, and the car headlights give but a
feeble Illumination.
As the car went down tho hill In Lee
avenue tovrard Pralrlo avenue. It attained
a high rati of speed In the darkness Mo
torman Bmwn lost his bearings, and. think
ing ho had one more Mock to go. left the
full currcrt on as tho car reached the
The heavj- car leaped from the tracks,
dashed across the sidewalk thirty feet, and
Into the corner of the two-story brick build
Harry Noerper. Eleven Years Old,
, Swallowed One and Was Too
Frightened to Tell.
Doctor Did Xot Learn the Cause of
the Trouble Until Too Late
Death Followed Sur
gical Operation.
Harry Noerper. the 11-year-old son of
Justice of the Peace Christian Noorpcr of
Luxembourg. St. Louis County, died at the
AlcUnri Brothers' Hospital last night, the
result o Hwallowln? a slt-penny nail at
Klausmanr's Brewery Iat Friday after
noon. Toung N3erpers elder brother was doing
repair work at tho brewery, and he wa.s
sent there to take him some nails. After
he reached the place he jmt one of the
nails In his month. In a moment of Tor
ftfulnss he opened his mouth too wide,
tho nail went down his throat and lodged
in tho aes"phagus.
Harry wsis too badly frightened to tell his
brother what had happened That night he
complained of a swelling In his throat, and
his mother Eupposlng It was a cold or some
trifling Indisposition, applied a simple lo
tion. Patu-day the swelling Increased, mil
by Sunday the boy was In eirh u condition
that a physician was MimmoneJ. Harry
hod said nothing about th- null, and tliu
phjslclan p. as puizled until he finally In
duced the boy to tell what alld him.
Tha doctor advised the father to take his
son to a hospital and have nn operation
performed Yesterday morning the lad vva"
much worse, and tho father hurried him to
the Alexlan Brothers' Ho-pUal. v. litre the
necessary operation e.as ptfrlorni"d bj Doc
tor IV J. Lutz
Doctor Ljlz was not sanguine at the time
he performed the- operation, saj ing that ..
feared the matter had been nelt-cled too
long. Young Noerper eank rapUI until 7
o'clock last night, when he died, lie will
be burled to-morrow from his father's
home In Luxembourg
Will Be in Session at .Maryville
Until Friday,
itnvrnuc special.
Maryvllle. Mo., Oct. 2. The Pre.'bvterlan
Synod of Missouri mt In the Pre.sbj terUn
Church here this evening for their synod-
Ical conference, and will remain in session
until Friday noon. During that time not
only will the regular buslu s of the Pres
byterian Conference be transacted, but a
number of address wl'l be delivered by
men high in tho inlritry and councils of
the- State and national Presi.terian
churches. thu.s mal.ing the m.ethig of as
great Interest to lav men and church people
generally as to those dlrrclly InW rested In
ih- technical business of the snod.
The Preebvtcriun Snod of Missouri em
braees six Pres-bj teries five In MISM)uri
and ono In Arkansas. It has 1 ministers
and fort -two candidate's for the ministry;
2W churches, 22,3o communicants, 2,oi3 ad
ditions last car and 27.bU Sunday-school
scholars. The svnod is not a delegate body.
Ever' minister and one Elder from each
church within its bounds constitute its
membership, thus1 making a delegation of
313 people, besides 13) missionary societies
and boards, each of which is entitled to two
delegates. It h expected that 7SJ delegates
will be here by to-moirow noon.
Devotional exercises were conducted this
evening, the Iteverend T. D. Roberts of St.
Joseph presiding. After th devotional ex
ercises, the follow lnx addrca-es were made:
"Presbyterian Policy," by the Iteverend
Duncan Brown. D. D., of Tarklo; "Prrsbr
terlau Doctrine." by the Reverend C. B.
McAfee. D. D.. of Parkville.
has"gone to canton.
President McKinley Will Remain
There Until Election Da-.
Washington. Oct. li President and Mrs.
McKinley left the ty at 7:13 o'clock to
night for Canton. O.. where they will re
main until Mr. McKinley casts his vote on
November (, when they will return to Wash
ington. Ai;companing them were Secre
tary Cortelyou and Doctor P. M. Blxey of
the navy, the party occupying the private
car Lucanii. Secretary and Mrs. Hoot also
had expected to go with the presidential
party, but the former was called to New
York on rrivate business and will start
from that city west to-morrow. Mr. Boot
Is to make an address at Youngstown. O..
on the 25th insl.
ing at No. 2S0S Lee avenue, or-tipled by Au
gust Blrgge as a grocerj uml !oun. A
lortion of the wall wat, turn away, :inj a
htuvy Iron post was knorlxf! ilown like a
Mick of kindling wcod across tne porch of
John During' house nct door. Into whlth
the car ran with Its remaining force.
At tre instant t'ie cra--h came Mrs. Dur
ing had stepped out on the porch, nnd the
Iron post fell within a foot of her head.
When she saw the headlight coming to
ward her with the apparent spei of a comet
she was too frightened to move, and rtood
until the danger w.is j.at. The car crashed
Into the porch tearing off the railing and
splintering a portion of the floor.
There were three parsengers in the car.
two men and a woman, but they were not
Injured. They left the place before their
names were ascertained.
A similar accident occurred last Juno at
the same corner while the strike of the
btreet railway crr.plojes was in progress.
That tlmo the car only smashed the front
window of Blegge's store, and tore up a
section of the sidewalk.
llr.. Ida Krocch Remarries Di
vorced Husband, Despite the
Threats of Rejected Suitor.
Airs. Schremskl Visits Gretna
Green to Learn if Her Sou Ob
tained License Seeking
Belleville Elopers.
"If you marry Charlie. I'll kill him and
you and jour mother and mjself."
According to Mrs. Ida Kroech this was
the threat that was made against her last
week by a rejected suitor. The threat, she
Eavs, was made at her boarding-house. No.
12 Olive street. Now It is up to the suitor
to make good. a Mrs. Kroech marr.ei
Charlie vesterday.
Charlie Is none other than Mrs. Kroech'a
divorced husband. The coupl- vvtre first
married nine ears ago, disagreed and got
a legal separation. The hand or time healed
the wounds caused by the disagreement nivl
recently Mr. ur.d Mrs. KriK-ch concluded to
Meantime, Mrs. Kroech. who Is a hand
some woman, had other admirers. One of
them fell madly In love with her and In
sisted that she marry tim. But s.he refused,
as she and her former husband had Lecoiue
reconciled and agreed to resume their
marital ties. It was then. sas Mr-.
Kroech, that the rejectesl suitor pointed a
revolver at her head and made the dire
threat. Fur that reason they concluded j es
ttrd.i) to be quietly married at Clayton.
Mr. Kroech conduct!, a book More at No
Oil Pine street, and has prepared to glvo tha
rejected suitor a warm reception "ir lie at
tempts to execute hl.s threat. He has al'o
made nrrarueinfiii fer th.. ..f.fv rte i.i.
i v.lfe. Neither he i.or Mrs. ICni.eh "will give
the name ir the rejettd suitor Mr. Kro"ch
! thinks that the tnwn will n.t .i... , ...i .
- ..... ..... (.,, ,u i!Ul-2ii
. them. But. they sty. If he shovis the bast
uiNimsiiion to interiere. they will Immedl
ately tell all about him.
The Kroeclis are Catholic. The rejectel
suiter Is a Irotestant, and Mr- Krorch
ay she told him that thU. If no other. vva
sufficient reason fo. lis tejeetion
Fears Her Son Is Wedded.
"I accepted the congratuHtlon" of my
friends smilingly leanse I would t'ot for
the world have admitted to them tint I w:m
ignorant. But at the' same time my heart
was broking"
This wa.s the expl matlon that Mrs. Emma
Schrcrrkl of No. HJ3 North Twenty-second
street mr.de Io a Kepubllc reporter jester
d y of her reason for coming to f'lajton to
ascertain definitely whether her 10-year-oUI
son wa- really married to a Miss Dora
I'endler, who lives on Evans avenue, west
of Wbittler street.
Mrs. Fendler sas that her friendi have
be-en congratulating her for the last six
weeks over her i.ew- daughter-ln-Iaw. She
had not herd that her son was married un
til she received these eongratulatlons. and
then smilingly acknowledged the felicita
tions rather than to admit that her sun
William was so unmindful of filial duty'as
not to ask Her consent.
But after her friends weze gone she would
approach William, she says, and ask him in
the kindest manner If he was married and
if be did not know that his first duty was to
her. And then William would smile, but
that's all. But he continued to lire at "home
and the congratulations continued to pour In.
And she would continue to question Wil
liam, but all to no purpose. And all this
time, sajs Mrs. Schremskl, her heart was
The suspense has at last become unbear
able and Mrs. Schremskl Journeyed to Clay
ton yesterday afternoon to examine the
records. Neither the name of aon William
nor Mls Fendler were Inscribed thereon
Mrs. Schremskl departed, saying she would
examine the St. Louts and Belleville mar
riage records.
Other Victims of Cnpll
In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Kroech. there
were ten additional victims of Cupid who
wended their way to the county seat of St.
Louis County to find connubial bliss.
The first couple to reach tho Gretna Green
were Frederick Mack of Indianapolis and
Miss Sadie Mae Annls of Elmwood Park.
They were married by Justice Greermfelder.
Wla Atinla tM a vIpb.Iaii. v.iiii. w
view ot any snoo maae any
where at any price, and they
aro sold yesterday, to-day and
forever for S3. 50 without any
" mark down " or other sales.
In Regal Stores you will
find 151 styles and 121 sizes,
embracing all kinds and descrip
tions of shoes, and including
Rcgals modeled after tho latest
creations of the exclusive custom
boot makers of London, Pari3
and New York.
DcllTtrcd, curU( ekiin prtild, t any
adorn ia the United stitn, Ciue, Meilcaacd
Gcruuy vpea receipt of .75 pr r A'Hta
any pons witila tt luau iftht Parcel Poaul
Eattw. PrcMnee, Nw York, EiccUtx, Colli.
ncr. Pfcilaee'phfc, W atfcgttn, Pr.:hurjr. Ejf
U'.J, Ciciacati. St. Loo'f, Chicles, Datrot,
Utrrlan. Dearer, Adacy. N. Y.. AtUata. Ga.,
Mi!wu.'a, Wla. FAC1 ORY, V. hunaa. Mill.
aryl-a icd materials by Kegil meh9ds, zn oow
read? ar.d aild at the aasia price a &9 n.cn'a
ahc-i. They rcreent tba choice"! raat;rial,,tha
mbilca7tt&2d"ccrefulirsrk!sirshipa&c all tha
&ti"-cet1aoIcxc!i.rcne r,bjch Repal n-thada
ato4 ijc. TKar are snv oVtainaoW by mail
irect tVcri evr Btan 0c. XC9 Scacer Street.
Seed f it M ssca'a 1-Uj! bcal Ca:a'.o;uc Y.
? 3S
, 15 ctaiMt xaufa aire,
and has lorg been a social favorite In the
northwestern part of the city.
They wero follow d by Edward H. Jones
of Chicago and Miss Jessie Fox of St. Louis.
Mr. Jones ar..l Miss Fox did not tarry leng
In Clayton. leaving the town as oon as the
knot was tied bv Pastor Charles of the
Clajton I'resbjterian Church.
Following t' en In quick succession curna
William P. Hovch.on of No. 3173 CUftcn
place and Grace K. Caldwell of No. 2019
Park avenu". and G orge Davis of Cincin
nati and Belle Davenport of Colllrsvll'e.
Both couples were married by the Reverend
J. M. Stultz of the Clayton Methodist
Church. Mr. and Mrs. Houghton eald they
had been engaged a jear and came to Clay
ton by accident. Mr and Mrs. DavU were
accompanied by a Mr. Fairfax of ColIIns
vllle. who saiJ tlu.t she had eloped nine
years ago and lived happily ever blnce.
The last couple, were married by Judge
Wilson. They were. Alexander linos of No
j3I North Chaining avenue and Cora WaJe
of No. 12J Gejir avemte. They were ac
companied by T.my Berner and MI3 Dollle
Roos. Their romnrco was not divulged, at
Mr. and Mrs. Boos announced as soon ai
the marrlaee ceremony was completed that
they were not at home to reporters.
Seeking Belleville Elopers.
Bellevl'le Is a place well known becaii'e
so manv matrImon.a!! Inclined vouns per
son of oth r communities run away from
their homes and go there to get married
But for once, the situation 1 reversed, and
Belleville youn? folks have left their homes
on elope-ncnt bnt. and their parents have
been trying tl-clr best to head them off
wherever marri3go 1! ffses are dispensed.
There r.re two couples concerned Annie
Zlnk. drusht'r of a 'tatlonary engineer in
Belleville, rrd'a man named Hudson; and
- . a rfatSigfrIncS3 that ism jf&
TO m . r a blscnit when it comes out tlfaMih
LKm of the oven goes ia tho S'
lf-lfcX 0 "Ihseal Patent Pact- lWfk
c$fa T ge.M AUitsdelkatecrisp- W 'ISt
KT. fr W there-ond it stays 4 ' t
T "In-er-seal Patent Package" fSP'1, wS
btlaeonrylacmethodoi: ' ' rt tf WS'i
kecpuig biscuit fresh and jOF tK MM
crsp. Getitwhea and where JiFWVV JSI&
f proof against damp, miw ijCt &cl M$r
S SPBklBl dfyjrfmrtB the package-
business it means nn inducement
man has for urging you to buy a high-priced shoe,
him in the stores which advertises shoes to
sell at $3. CO and some other prices.
When you went in, intending to pay
$S.50, you found that the salesman v.-aiting
upon you had volumes of reasons to prove
that the high-priced shoe was the shoe you
wanted. And you paid the higher price,
feeling, that perhaps the salesman was right,
and at any rato not wishing to seem eithev
mean or impoverisned.
And you find out later on that the shoe
you had paid $5 or $8 for was sold in a
" mark down or other salo for $3.50.
Regal Shoes are the shoes
you ought to buy. They are
the equal from every point of
ffam! I a
l4w- ml
r.EGAL DRESSING lilhe Veil ka'tcrIilnrejKiT-fif-Ta-ivelcoirt. W art aulaas to maJb
Itrsal Satea lcol aa trell acd w tit aa szg ai U raciVI. cd Rgal D-esveq h U10 resvlt of cracN arody
ni7r.nert ta,etcraacr:tt Cr,i.iiwbcnw-)i!dc-.Teihirh3Ed iutaii 71!!, and at tbitaaa
u cceaerre lie leather, i cr ia.'a at all Kcgal Store, cr 19-: ly oail, cr wila acMa. TriTaier Tack-
39 caina
Lena Menzke. daughter of a respected
Belleville family, and a man named Shep
pard. Shcppard nnd Hudson are said to
have been hired performers at the Belle
ville Street Fair, and It wus there that
they met the Misses Uink and Menzke.
On Sunday night tho two girls, who are
both said to be 17 ye-ars old. left fctvne and
havo not since teen seen. A note was
1 found by the parents cf the Zlnk girl.
which the latter had evidently Itrft behind.
It stated that ihe and her friend, Lena
Menzl.e. had gone to St. Louis, where they
wero to meet "Mr. Hudson and Mr She-p-pard."
get married and depart to Louis
ville. Yesterday morning L. ZInk. the lather of
Annie 5Unk. rotllled ndella Emery, his ion-ln-law,
who conducts a srocery in this
city at No. 2710 Chuuteau avenue, of what
had transpired: and told him to prevent
the Issuance of UceT;e3 either at Clayton,
or St. Louis. Emery telephoned to Clay
tonaund Matloned himself at the City Hall,
but neither of the two eloping couples put
In an appearance.
Emer 3ald yesterday that both glrl3
were under age.
Millionaire Kingman Will Force
Future Welfare of His Employes.
ma-uiiuc special.
Peoria. III.. Oct. 22. Great "prosperity"
poters adorn the walls of the office ot
Martin Kingman, the Peoria millionaire,
ard he Is giving out announcements to the
effect that the future welfare of laborers In
this and other cities depends vpon the re
election of President McKlr.ley. and at tha
s-me time the wages ot the -00 men em
ployed In the Kingman plow works. Mr.
iliit,mcin's own prop rty. hare teen cut
in two, and a large proportion of the men
-Jir anoNM. wcurr
which the sales- fisti
You have met
CURS KE&D4G?3E 101
arc out on a strike. Among the strikem
art? u,'l those who have bren employed In
the fitting and erccLrg d partmenta. These
men quit their j'necs yoon as the last
cut was announced on Fn ay, and declare
they will not return until tho former w4co
ecal Is restored. These rren work bT the
piece. Three weeks ago Kingman made a
cut. nflecting allthe employes, the reduc
tion averaging 23 pvr cent. Thlt last Is a
rj per cent cut. Ihe men's earnings are
thus reduced to a point where they would
no, even meet bate living expenses.
Train Jumped Over the Tree.
Burlington, la., Oct. 22. Burlington pas
senger train No. 5. arriving here at) a.
w.. on the St. Louis. Keokuk and North
western road, struck a f llen tree shortly
after leaving Hannibal. The engine, tender
and luggage car mounted the obstruction
and returned afely to the rails on tho
other side without serious injury. The paa
yengers were badly shaken up. but not hurt.
The tree was cut aw ly and tho train pro
ceeded with only a sho-t delay.
WJ o.m.avrq yvvtaaJlAo.TVM
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