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p Last week we made new records all over the
EST PRICES ARE THE MAGNETS that pull a store full of people day after day, and
each day we demonstrate that there are heights in modem merchandising which oniy
those with courage, enterprise and ready cash can reach.
; Emm niiTnn niinccivcc is
i BatS EiaH I yOSEif SJ 8J B 8 && H HL &U&J m -l
BAOOfiiis jiMi&jft
wsgBn S3ffSaiSB3Jy
nmmmm m mm
Wa. V?rtt.-k.
Lines of g$ g Ess ST 1L Out
This Week Regardless of Cost or Value.
Rend this list cnt-r can I ally. f you sec anything' in it that you arc
interested in come down Monday early it will pay you.
I.01 of ?0-ir.ch Changeable Lln'jc !!i.s. la p oil desirable colors Mr jard
roods for . . . . ...
Lot of 13 irch Noicitv striped Ti'?'as ill-silk goods, especially .id irlcil for waists
sad halm; purposes. T5r yard is the retulir price for
ti-inca All-ilk Colored T..rrct.i Lining:
tvic yard ,-oods fi
27-inch All-Mil, ni.-iik TaSctsi I goods: will sell vrh-.t tre have or this rumber
loniy JJ p ,) for . .
21-initieitnti sr havy quality imported b'ac'.: I'cvi ilcSoic;
reRularSI ilv-ird coods for .
IS-irrl. cstri.eiintv ISla-k I? ivil 1s!ik. th.s is a vcrv beiutiful fabric, especially
adupteu f r moUEC we ir 5- vard Is tie value for, . .
ci i o-n-v nrt w 'oi vcrj hm iiuility Hl-u-1- TjiTetT -'.l;
the J2 v.i-il ,-- Je fir . . .
.... 69c
45-i:'cbal' -noil 'm, o-tM Wor trlTffifi's m g-een ?rjr broi.i aril tan iniiui-c.
75c yard was fie price n c n.m to clo,e this 1. t we mike the price
J-G-ineh all tm -tnreii llnn'c-rtin". in best of tee i fill colo-ings, goods that
were nude to seli for jl ii -yo'i can ha. e tiiern this week for . .
C-Inchcoaved i:i;:'',li Crepois sh lie, of bro-Tti blu" tii "in I castor Is all we 1m e
left of th-s grc.il bargain taer were s iM for 5J . aril our rlou.s prue n II lis .
52-inch nK red ltror.1i lo h-. It i u'thhi ' , ' co or. tl i Is the ri pull" p- re
will o"i- r -h m fur li - nt'"k i-l-H r . ...
Allourh.ch ilass nipo-ted Vovclti P.aids. n i.l the pisiel and street shads
goods th ,t w seel fiom SJ to -' i v i-tl iv,U iU ;.- mil ueei at.
f4 ir.ca ex ridunr-ii sroel Nou,. , Plaienijck (, 'f -su t eg,, were sold
for Si 0 iri a ,;reat ha-r-a i at
Si. 00
Special Sale of Slack Cheviots
CIoscl last Trcek from Eastern manufacturers at far lielotv regular prices:
69c AV-Wool Cheviots for 43o vd
58 z vd
: 6
i foil 11 1 sue
85o All Won Cheviots fc-.
SI.OO N1 Wool Cheviots for ,
SI. 50 Mi-Wool Cheviots for .
SI. 75 AH-WopI Cheviots for
75c yd
3c yd
Sl.25 yd
To maka you comfortable
ihe comincr winlru nitrhie
1 ,"
e& The trood sort, tile Tvarmfli-fivitirr Viml i r,r,.- .. , t.
&iiki&3 low what the market prices are to-d.iv
Darl; prav X'oitana Wool !llanltet- full 10-4 sl'o r AC
ffijrkt price to-ajy liu) per pair. . Oar price Is 5 I a- pair
White r.-.d -ei-let All Wool Western-. Mado Hlanketi full 10 1 ize
luret pr.ee to dav is l i0 pair - ah r-A
A aantr all this rnaics our price iffSmUXJ
M A Great giilinerv Srnris.
mmmm J
iBi S2fcali&l5? Wxl8 A'M t.oMiijj out a II our Pattern I Pits that cost us S25.00,
One of the largest in the connti-3', is now stocked to overflowing with everythin
novel and beautiful. There arc more styles here thin 3'ou will find in any other
stores put together. No idle talk this; sec for yourself. Xcw Box Coats, Stylish Blouse ! -"J-V f'j
-- J- -J1 "Ts-i -.a 'w
' J&yW a-u-J ana s-w.c-0 m ft & & S
new, bffjtf ,or sgrs
tliT-r. SVr-i ''.' -C TbfSf pattern ll ttS .ire the pTrn-ltSltf rrenHmc r.f ctteli IaeU" ?
$P G ,?B7rS
1 the exquisite rreitious of such Paris"
isn. London .nid Nen York Millinerv artists as Virot, Berthe
Coats, Automobile Coats, Ulsters, Capes, etc., as well as a stock of Furs that cannot be'
equaled in any city west of New York.
J- v -.iriH-r. tiarescoc .l'lers. 1 nncois and Ltrlitensteiri. Thrrr
'V" 1 are fort of these tu.iiMi.fici lit h.tts. :i:id tint Iwn aliVii V4-.11
lleie area fever this re't s snec'ils. A lot of theretr
C-lmli Hoi. 1 o.its. 111.1 e of kersejs aruith roiicn
cneiiot cio'.ns iKUla-tl"'oiir
pettaV;2-c, SQ.95
AbO""00of the h nCsoiie 'I.u or ma 'e llo Coits o'
k' rse eloths with a lot of tine st'tch g 111 ul as
ve know how tu in .he a teat urd mill eAr-lient
liinrs colo-i Mark, tii 1 ismr bbi hi ma r d
coals well T:orlu 111 a ren'.vr t iy fi f" rf rt
XiSJnnd!i: Our bpectil Price . vPiii.'JJU
An cl-cuit Uoi Toit. tilth th ncw tnpi" c.ipe-. hind
& r v
s m -v sTticnea ana w" im test or str n imin i q k'
,",,S-",," C, Price SI 8. 75 KVM -'
ro-v lo of dressy Iloi Colts n th line s'.itihcd o!i.ir &$f I
pitine round Hie not toil cuffs illd i ti'Lii- lined r m I t1."' I
5.17.SO Coats Xpnhl Price . ..SOiUU l X i' A , J
J' 'L"
" I
boautirul assortm'nt S I"i-rnp np'-s some -with
iThiip t sonic cvttli ft'fjr rloili strmrriugs. I hi
ami fj'ii v ii'C' mi rN rtj riv tii rrr'i'ir
. SS5.90. SJS.50 and SiS.59
CLOTH SUITS -A Rare Offer.
iondiy we will offer ti.o 1 ir.-e ruri.s-.tt nut iin-l,a
i el line Ti lor M.ide s, ,. 1M ,, tir ,, N tl
oKies and reus t srtit-dtin v inn nth. r s-, 1 s -nut j.
suit m the h-t t rih is.t'im " u 1 mi1 mi-n. is
hifli as j'vi o ail si 'es .1 rt a ffy T E?
U tust-M .11 iru.hf S&3s,s3
rhli Is Truly .iKtrc Chance
Vi?v huc ' ',o:t r for Eightee" dollars and Fifty Cents.
I -. A Beautiful line of Imported Neckpieces in
White Crystal Veiour with heavy black Chenille
trimmings: also Slack Liberty Silk Neckpieces
with heavy, long ends of black chenille and Lib
erty silk.
Misses 2nd Children M Forgotten,
tli!. 1 ui( 11 ui'vtii'-fs and nlain 'dues the CQrt Ofirf flTl
un h n, fori old vcathcr,2 Bargain I'rice.Uu! Glill fb
Ladies' Chenille Huffs.
White PcarletaKdKaturalGray Ml-Wool lllankets, verv line pr.i.i.
.i irftr, 11 i r iwn, i . iij yur pjir jiu asv vfav
cf saving a dollar aad a haif Is to
.. ti jy item I:ere
Market price to-day 5J 0 ptrpalr
JJataral silver -rray snd'earlet Cl forma All-Wool lllani.ct 5, full 11 4 sl? k "y jnr
Our price but & g nJiJ pair
The Time Has Come When Your Horse Keeds Protection From
the Cold. This Sale cf
I Lap Robes and Horse Blankets
Comes just at the right time. The goeds were bought long ago, when
manufacturers' prices were down. We bought heavily and now you reap
the benefit of these low prices.
Fine Plush Lap Robes,
In p-stt7 deslens-raarktt value to-dav Is S3 00 t f IZ r.
Wo shall soil them nt $2OU
Double Plush Lap Robes,
, Veryhsndsomc-onn side fancy, other j black marie: value to d---ftrtw
Ss$-jc a saMnr: of II iaoaeacU robe !s quite n -i r
o - ar. iten, . i-fc.. t , ?fefc M I-.
wur MTIUU IS svv-7.ff J
Double Plush Lap riobes,
Of cen-mohair, very teavy and mperflne qmlltv marltet valuo tn.d.17 t T "ye
is 75) .. .. You can buy thorn hero fcr S&O.O
A $3.00 Stable Blanket for $2.00.
Aclcarbuv ns of l Woo each blanket, i-qjare Wool Ulanets m Scot-li vool a t r.r
ruiu for street usa Worth S3.00-0ur Prlco dQO
Extra Fine Wool Blankets,
Double "Wcae and very lary. mnrVct raluo 110) Salo P-lrn 15 ff
Wo Have tho Correct Stylos.
M'ro'and r-nm l"-it tin to 17"1 vo'i II find the
la-cestllnof iHe u -ch Hot I oats In th s C1I ti is
utodLS cis'.ois, red and black, fur trpnmed and plain
At S15.00 worth S21.50
At S18.75 worth 52G.00
At S2I.50 tvorth 631.00
At S25.00 worth .s;n.so
At S29.50- - - worth SR7.00
At S35.00 ..worth SHOO
Lirurlineof Kwvi oth t'lstr.- sin' ticht or
tishtbftiu stra- sams enp r"k
worth i.&75-Spcci3l Price sO.UU
S50.0D, 565,00 and $75.00
Iluvschoice of some exqunite Ioni; htnpire ( oats
and Carriage v.'rap-) blao.. and colors, fj, LJ n,te
liuiug. HorthlTi (itotioioo
srrois browns. i,.u-s roj.il re It. ", - 1 tT s '" ' V 4'
but m , UiwIn.So. Ifor S2, 75
2dw h"i ?l.e,7rIon5,s Yi-1?? Ur a" "' fic. tie pas,, 1 shad-,
brd t"matchna TZVlTat'iUP "n '"",
not. I, es and Is sold ?? X&&1" A" Xg
sirst.Kreen n'le h aci.. hel trope o- n'n made hi ..,, t,i,..
best make-s in Xe Yorlt to ell forT- " 2'rZ X
eacJ Our Bargain 0. J fJr S.BO
'I hev re pretti am popi ar ml t tp ind7 v i'i
wnr a furg irrnet.t or s, .rf r( r . t. u, in.itj , u, ,
seisOl! if she Wants (O be In th fl.hon
FurScnrlS t'lsclr aline .fid luvr'l.VnK S'y'irs
bt uomiri; to ever" f n.e
Prices tron, SL00 XQ S50.00
The latest . - te in IMri, London and 'ew ork, arrived only vesterdav,
an I ra. and liUrk. Lome and see them.
In black
Prises range from 38,50 down to $1.68.
(hone of 1! il M i Heal Mar', n or lt-al n v -c.'f-. !
ortnsii?i 47 .i'i ai.j i-; i j3 e
each Special Sale at sjjQ.U"
A chcice line of s,nf pox , , ,, Jirge innG Enil starf
ai ii. it vault Jin jy to il
Al.neo,vr t ral Iieiter ind i irten Coiareties w h
tail t o iients, Totth -Pi n.) k c a r
Our Special at sS I H 3 G f
Tine .Mink Storm Collars wall farcy Pnin-s ad
ta-l ornaments wo th fc. t 71-
SMM Special Price iIiUi O
V S7.59 each, S(S Wis set,
Thnt Fit, Will Wear and Clvo Satis
faction, fit $20, $25, $27.50 and 535.
Cold weather is here, so are Bargains in Boys' Clothing. Recent
purchases from lartje manufacturers cIosiuk out all winter stock.
i;e ji! sii. h talue to-dn that you cannot afford to let that boy of
1 ours j;o shabby.
Here Are the Bargains Just as Described:
5O0 BEHrcR for small dots- v'vet collar, button up to the
ne . in 1 1 ons biuc Iiouclt anu Chiviola. jft 7C
A S.1.S0 Reefer tor &., I O
200 OO.JIJL--BREASTED, AI!-Wool suits sizes? to 1".
yea-s r-umiite na-n s"nu st,i ,i a near saving 01 5i.u. ES'3 En
,.s jua fc..-.c i ho.ee of Suits worth S5 00 lor
25 WlfOY V-STEESUlTS-AIl-Wool. fancrsllkcr
n'.u Stills -north S3.. t0 for
it . 5Sfl TOP ft1" &TSfor bovs 6 to 16 rears in Ive-scvt. Chevio!
iii-J,, Ji Irish :- ee a ch" ce assortment -all erj stji-.sh this yar,
'ViVV.J A S6.S0 Top Cott tor . . .
300 LOKC PANTS SUITS for younr men 5icele-HreasteiI
ia and Doub e llreasted Vests. At! Wool CbeUotj tt 5 ftK
,....,,. . S .IUII 1. 11 III I UU III! . .... ... ....... V
JiUlHlrcaS Of rich LaltlC Seal, J-Jectnc Seal, I 450 YOU?IC M -HS TCP COATS-'lt" l5to-.1iyeirs-J"toKchestn:e3s-
Xear Seal and Axtala Seal Coat, in Ktou and , - -' ;r' A Coat worth S9.S0 tor S7.25
regular coat ShaptS, Wltll best of linings. Tiles; 27r-RAC AW TOP C OAT 5 -Made of tine OiMrd Cra or TanCtvrti- fl0 QE
coats are all made to our special order, and we sr, to inve.-.rs . . . ... a tji,lanabic sio.oo Coat lor 9Qm 573
oinranlce them to be the best of their kind and to r?E?l'r5 CIath ROFJES-iooiiianketc.othiiatu Robes, . ,. , RA
, , ,, ... , hi . ..mi . j )n p n(1 i co r nKS .. A magalflceat Kobe tor sl'tilV
ne niiiy i p?r cent to J' per cr-nt less than any ,t000 DOZ.?J BOYS' WARM Caps with puii-do-vn bmis-coifs iv-io,,
of S.lllle grades to be found els CWlierc 'I irlwi-s .! :ht nenol and hv,t styles. To Big Tables Tall
' S0-cent Caps for 29c
i5-cent Caps for 48c
FUR TRlfttft3iKQ3
On iir Dopartmont, SeconM r loort.
We carry m i-ur Department, on se on 1 lloor, a comnlet!
line of all Linds of Fur Trinimin-'s b the vard.
A Big- Sale Renaissance Scarfs and Stand Covers.
I .COG of tl rra bought sochr in for cash frmni forccn tnanufjiCturer
that u car ana ill slII ifccai r.t but a suhp!3L sdvAnceoa
Half Price.
Prices from fjQc yard UD, They are Beauties the Patterns are Lovely.
Also Fur Heads and Tall Ornaments. , They'll make elegant holiday presents. Buv now and lay them aside until the
silk Ribbons 5c Yd,
A sale Monday of nearly
-3,000 yards All-Silk Fancy
Ribbons, bought cheap for
cash from jobber last week.
All the new colors, vith
fancy satin stripes; 1 1-8
inches wide. Now is your
time to buy Ribbons for the
hair and fancy work.
10-cent Ribbons, rn
Monday flC
Men's 20-Cent
Handkerchiefs I2:c each.
All pure Irish
I.iucn, perfect in
every detail
hand-worked in
ili tls and hem
stitched. eactly
10,200 of them
imported direct
from one of the
largest handker
chief makers iu
Belfast, from whom we receive thousimis
of dozens veariv He had this small lot
of o'oO doen on hand and sold them to
Ub at a sacrifice Jwcry handkerchief
in the lot is worth 20 cents; 19 I ft
Monday, long as they I ,st, cach..''-2l
? : !
i s& Psj o i r .p if" r nfr fn & ffs i ?&. sbk k & gk S&&
S2.00 vScarfs and Covers at $1.00 EACH.
$2.25 Scarfs and Cover at $1.25 KACH.
$2.50 Scarfs and Covers at $1.50 ACH.
S2.75 Scarfs and Covers at $1.65 EACH.
S3. 00 Scarfs ard Covers at $1.75 EACH.
BLACK ATEEi PETTICOAT :-9W of excellent quality, all made with.
e ti d se.T,s and faced around bottom some v.li!i three ilaall strapped ruSles,
ntheis inth co neo rulles, and t.t'11 anotjer style laca ttl OR
trimmed The whole of that 900 ai 91b9
And Thoy'ro Well Worth S2.0Q tah.
di Amur 1l il ISlftDTsl Three weeks aLo we hid a sale of rectilar 17.9
For Shirt iVaiStS, ' I.lic, ,i'u -sulr., ror M95 each Tfcey went so fast that so hsd but four
l.f tne vrnini; of tl.e first da. n selimc. We have been tortttnate enouch to ,
uin nn cirf ri.-. tui i seiore a--the lot of them, linetiv deser bed thev are Blsck blU tUirts. beau-
VYIII L.O JOiri onet-p, monday. ,. v ., L.. c aduted accordion plcntin? and tlr.isl c.l with dust A AC
rutli . Jliey re north 57.50 each. Ine price Is but 4ti?v
A Clear Saving of $2.55 on Each Skirt Purchased.
CLOVE-rlTTIKC PETTICOATS-"'adcof Jersey Uoth-not to be bought
s) fa re r. s.t uu s cowl tor stout Oi JI tZ.f
ui.s SIJ.9S. SS.9S apd i&HrmOJ
French Flannels,
45c Yd,, Plain
French Flannels,
50c Yd., Printed
Lot Best
Plain 40c
Printed 50c
oafea!, Washington Avsnue mi St. Charles Street,
Officer of the Olvmpia f5uat:iinrl
Fatal Jihock at
r.Erum.ic srsciAU
Roxburj-, Slass., Nov. 10. rnim iiaraljsls
caused by the concussion of blfi suns in bit
tie, Lieutenant Commander Stoitelj Mors in.
TJ. S. N-, died at hi home litre to-day.
ilr. Morgan, then a IJcntenant, commanuoii
tlie forvtaid tuir..t of tliu Ulympia during
tho battle of Manlia.
When Deiey told Captain Grulley he
mUtht open fire. Morenn received the order
to begin tho battle. One of tiio bip; kuiib
under his command was the first to epeak.
and ho tired It.
He fought hia turret all through the bat
tle, though repeatedly knocked down by
concussion. Physicians beliee the shock
to his neivoua Fy.itom from tiie eere
Hqhtln; brought on the paralvsi,.
Captain Grldley. tviio enmnianilcd the
Olyrnpia, Is also dead. He had long been
ill yhen he vndeiook to light the Aniei
Ic.m flagship The strain of the battle is
i,uppcd to have agcnuatid bib trouble, for
lie died soon afterward.
Under orders from Captain Grldley, the
Lieutenant Commander, the d.iv after the
bic naval battle, took a force of armed i
men on shore and destroyed the magazino
and suns on Calte Tort and Arsenal. Thu
lark proved very dangerous, but it was per
formed with the greatest satisfaction to the
commanding officer.
fjeutcnant Morgan was on dutv ut the
taking of the city of Manila, on August 13.
In command of bis division Soon rfter
lliat his healib faileil him. and lit was tt.:it
home in charge of the transport ilrutus.
Mr. Morgan was born at Mount Holly.
Ark., and he entered the Naval Academy
at Annapolis in 1STG. He was 41 jcait old.
A widow- and on s-urvUe him.
tion. proceeded with its business The an
nual nport of the i:ei ul.iu Hoard wa-i
read and adopted. This repnrt re-.ifws tin
work of the botr,l In the rnUsionarv lieid
and Its rinding and r.iloptioti were follow. d
bv one ol the most enthusiastic lc:nunti.i
tlons -jer witnessed In a religious conven
tion here. It. Uuckner was re-eb i teil
president nf the cormntl2n. A. C H.itci ot
nronnwooil tind J. H Tru tt of Sherman
were ek-etcd rcir Sarles. Tin prominent is
iling minlterH will iill ell the local niili.lt.,
to-morrow, and on Monday tho convention
will resume Ininlne.
Vote on I'ri'sideni and (Jovornor in
Othpr Missouri Counties.
Xehrn.sKn Dpinocn
Com i Older li
lis Secure
ir a rub ic
Count ol (lie H;lllots.
CIHIltrON roi'NTY.
nuri'ue sfi.r-iAi.
Keje.sville. Mo.. N'ov. iriit,.n1,i
returns of the f Chatltim Cm.:lj
siiow- the following Democratic majorities;
lirvan for Pr. sident. I Ol. Ilni kerv. lor
t.ovtrnor. l.K'i; Ilueher. for Congr.hs,' 1,3
cni.u cm vrv.
i:i:i'nn.ic sii.cli..
.lefferson fitv, Jfo , Xc,. ioTlii ollieial
count on the constluithual aniendm. nis
.n ( nle Count si1(lU, ,lllt nn csl , t Xos.
4 and f,. uiatitig iu the World's Tali, were
deflated by large majorities x 4 ami ."
caiii.il in soiiKihlng oxei l.JTO uinjor.ti
I'.llililWVV nil'M'V.
nni't 1:1.1c srnciAu
riillon. Mo Xrv. 10 The ote for Con
gressman and Itipresentatlic in Callaway
Count is. ShaikIeford. 4.1.11; Moore l.HH;
Shaeltb ford's majonti. 2.L'.r.. Tor l'.epre
sentatie in the Legislature Frank T I!a
K'r received 4 174 votes and Kimbroll l.'sii:
li titer's mnjorlty, ;.2S.
Tcxiii BiiptlHt Conen1loll.
m.rtiBUC spi.vi.vl.
taco. Tex.. Nov. IP. The Baptist General
Convention oenied P A Tlavden a eat as
mctseugtr to-day, and, with cry little Iric-
r.-trmingtoii. Mo., Nov. 10. Complete re
turns from St. Francois Count show the
lollowing majorities: McKuilct. for 1'resi
rtent. It;, A M. Docker, for Goternor, 401;
Lilnard Hobb, for 'ongr(ss. 3'd.
Xeoiilcntall Killeil Hi Itrtitlior.
RF1 1 ISLn. Sl'lX'IAL.
Iiii-tol. Ttnn., Nov. 10 Wliile nut himt
liig near I!ritol this aft' rnoon, Klnj Cimji
b.'ll .1 uuu man. aecideiit.iiu shot and
kilbd his 10- car-old brotlii r." 15 some
means u shotgun in the hands of the older
brother was di-'chargid and a load of buck
shot tore a large hole in the body of hib
ounger biothct.
Hrjnn lilrclnrs Carrlcil Dnllnx.
Dallas, Te.. Nov. 10. The count of the
vote east in this eltv on Tue&ddv last was
completed to-day. The Brian and Steven
son elector, carried the city bv a pinrality
01 1 4y iotcs. McKinlev carried the eitv bv
ioZ In S!)S. Gov. rnor Sa.rs ran UK) ahead
of the electoral ticket.
Omaha. Neb. Nov. 11 Willi but two
counties lo bear from in th State, 1111 til-f-ire
of unulllelal rctiiin-, Dhtiich (Il-p 1 is
leind Goteruor I. ., iiliiralltj of tr?.". our
Governor 'ontei. The balance if the
.-tato tiiket i likeK to be Hoiiiiblieari, but
Il will take Hi., olia-al , 0,u to ileteimine
the rtsult.
Th r- is iu, clwnge in the lcgMathe sit
uation, the result i!..m tnJImr in Douglas
County, Oninli.i, in Wli. b the ollieial count
proceed. 1 only a little way to-diij. County
Clerk liaierl (Iteji , w.us fon-ed by oider
of the District Court. s,curi.j hy tlle icni
oer.ns, to in tke it a imld.c cuimt. Tlie leel
ing i" int. ii,e, as Douglas Count results
uclerinim the iast t the Slate LeisLitiire.
Chairman M. nuningi r 01 Hie nurd con
gressional Uistri. t to-night reported th a
Congressman John S. Jiobinson, I'tislonlst.
i, elect, d by L'T pluraliti, a, snown b tlie
complete rtlutr..s, trioiiicial. from nil coun
ties. His .Ifction was up to to-day qu.s
liontil b. the ltepuiilliaus.
The majority ot Neville. riisnist. in the
Sixth District, is 32s, ., stark. Fusionlst,
In the Fourth, 41.:.
This makes tin teprrsentation of Nt.
I.r.iska in ( oni-resa unchanged-tour Fusiou
is:,. two I'optilHis, two D, mocrats .ind two
lleiiiibilcai.s. an ,,t whom, excepting fcliall
ennargtr (Dein ) 111 tin rifth Distrfet, wlio
sin. i.oed butli.riaiid (1-op.), being le-
McKiiile.i's m.ijoiity in Ncbtask.i is 7,:W.
.i,ii:it coi M'i.
nin'i ni.n, mI'uciai,
.lopiin. -Mo. Nov. 10 -The result or the
voto upon ameminittii.s to Hie ( onstitutian
will not be obtainable until iie.t Tiie,o.i-s
canvass. Dall papers here have not been
able f. obtain an cstimne. although the
lotisensi.s c.f opinion is tnat each and all
carried by large majorities
tiiiii-i'.ii i-i mi 1 I'jie ocnooi. gae a ptae
tical demonstration in the teaching of fra, -tions,
to several hundred oung public
school teachers at the High School vcstei
cU Mr Hall use. 1 one of the olisscs Irum
his school to iUustialc his methods.
A pr.tij home wddln lasl ncik wis
th it 1! Mis- Anna I) lianun. r. iian,Iiti 1 ..i
Mr and Mrs S. I" Hammer of tl.. S . tl.
Side, and Jaiob Lisp, mini on Wi dm in
i.ulng The bride wore I'ari- in i-lin
triintn.il with lue and Insertion and ta.
iled a bunch of biid.il ros. s. ,),P n , ,i
tended h l.er sister aid s'ter-In-l,iw Mr
Itudulph Hemke and Mr,. Henry Hammer
who weie m irrled Just one n,ir ago The
gioonisinen were Messrs Itmlolph Henik.
and II. nrv Hamimi
The mrlors v.ne decoiated with ilm
and fioweis- Tlie rnmil" will lie at li' "ie
to tin It friends after Dei embei 1 at No
UUi Ohio ave line
Mr mid Mrs. t j Cunnlngli mi of No
ll".J West I'ine boulevard ban i-si. j . ir i
for the marriage of tb-lr .iaiigiUei G1.1
and Dm tor Itubeit IMw.i d Wilson on
Wednesday afternoon. November -1 at "
o'cloek at the new Cathedral Chind A
lee.ption will follow from 7 to 9 o'cloei;
The ushers are Geoige Helmutli. I'o
Sturgeon, Harr; Smague and Will ''11M.
ningham. Geoige 1'iadlev Doctor Sin per I
Hi van and Will Nicholson will Ik- tl-e
Miss Cunningham'!- ster. Miss Kather n
Ciiuningliain will I e 1I1, niaid of honor m 1
Miss i'lancei It. -rii. Mis Man Kin.nai'
"Miss Al.ce Verm 1 01 Pittsburg, 'the brides
in lids
Th.- bridal part will have several en'er
tnlnments cinn lor th" in tins wee! . .mio- -them
a card p.iit by Mr and Mis John
lliinnrl! on Friday evening ;..nd a theater
part bile In the week
Mr Carl Kenneilv ot St Iioui, and Mir
.! ss,. 1;. Clmk vv ill be mairiid on Mondav
evenliig at t.-30 at the re'dence of tlie
bride's par. nls. Mr and Mr- Jesse Clatk
of No 3ij?i; bhi naaduih avenue
Among the gutsts viill be Mr. and Mrs
.7. J. Heat of Cincinnati. .Mr. and Mrs Hliiir
of Shenandoah av.nue and .Ml and Mis
John Clark of McNalr avenue-. After a le
ception the ncv.lj married couple will it ave
on a trip tn Chicago and ''lnelnnatl. stop
ping before tlie ret'jrn to St. Iouis. at
Hloomi'igton. Mo.
Mr. Hiipji To. Is and Mrs Tevis of Vo
2917 Sheridan avenue have sent out earn.
1 for tilt marriage of their d night, r. Ger-
trude Cusliing to Mr. Thomas Ivornlln on
Wednesday evening, .sovimuer JI, at S
0'ilock. At home after December 0 at No.
M.1 Fuclid avcnui .
rf- 1 ,1-.. I.. 1.. ,..
i lie marriage ui en,, .iuhum. isaijer and
Mr Martin Hofmann will take place at fie
I 1 '-,iieill.- l-l Hie uiiiii , -ia.ii;iim, ,g, , .
North Maiket street, November 21, at fi
,- iuci. iiiiiii.-ui'ii. ii ...,si m,- lerenionv
the couple will depart for a tdiort wedding
tour lo New York.
Mr John F. Albert and Mrs Albert havo
issued card5 for the marriage of ths.r
5 Egssxngttass&j If a A
2 li 11 l U JLIL
jSL9fJC I i . 1 Ory
esssui issa
Four II ile sfeoi Ring.
rlnuit .a L11, "
Oolfien Oi'i Cent'- Ti
bin. s!h cf top lCr'-j
.42c I
'"th Ar-Ttl.f TT-,-t.u ...1 I Hnr
ft Sulfcol rfznmP'f. a n .1 1 coll stove aade,
Hnrne Ba-
ir thjbtthnrd
Fall iz Xo. 7 Coot StoTtw.
ln-K oTn. made la St. LocJa
.ind sroo'l Laiers
Cik natmx tov. fallv nirlc
Iwl. 10-ia Are pot, T Qfl
brsc nra ... . PKuU
4JQuict Ma! and superior
-oi oq eosjr payments, ax
-k mind -n. 11 m m m m 1 KiiirniiifG 11.it k r ( tj i 1 'in 11
s x ;mv: " iSAiJ-fiBi3 jfire J4 a-m or iau.uu I'
t5 " " hos . .. JJiCi.OJI casap.-:c
j Solid 02k or mnhcRdny
5m flpish robMer poat
liraw arm
Parlor Rockir
Jt'sT (II'Tn OP
Brnmeli Boost Han.
mse &il2 eTaot
assortment of ff I r net
pattTa,oniy J.U
Ingram Itooia Knpi.re
TersibJe ptternfi j:ood
colors, only. 53.63
Smyrna Hnirs. revBnl
blo Oriental designs,
ell-30x80, C IP
only JJl.la
Ilrassels Carpta to
close out lot of 8oc
Ptterai. .-In
por jird ......... t lt
Isimfn Crpet.srrM:tly
half wool, new patlernr,
per yard 38c
Floor Oil Cloth, itir
idth persq. yd. .23c
caw. wmmwwmmm
daughter. Mnrv Anatoli" and Mr IMvvirl
G. Pott on .!!i-ua evening Nov. .eber
21. etiOiloik at t, e l 'lull ill Of till .'wM-
rniiiorhiiit Hill Introduced in the
liitlinn Legislature.
Tahleijiiah f T Nov. T). An Impottnrt
bill has oeen iiitrod.ienl in the loner hou-e
oi the I'berokei Lesjslature-. and is mee -Ing
ulth some ereouragement. The bill was
1 introduced bv J 1! Wood.ili, member of
1 the Lrci'lutuio f n m Hi I mare District, aid
is niening with some eniomagenient. It i?.
in substance, is follows.
That I he Seer, t n o' the Interior b re
quested to proceed t) allot among theright
iu' members of Hie Clierokee tribe ()f In
dians ami buna lide eitlzens or th. Cherok. e
Ntioa a, uiuili wf iiaid lountry not r
served as is inelutUd within tho present
liiiiii, , f tlie Cherok. e Nation. In the fol
low Ins manlier
1. bald allotment to be deferred until the
-so-. alle-I Delawaie claim now pending In
tlie Court of Claims, shall have bem fully
s ttltii.
2. All of said lands not included within
the HmiLs of any incorporated town, to be
appiaiscd store- by score, according o the
preient government survey at their true
valui. provldni that no land shall be ap-p-ai:ed
at more than ten dollars tSlOi per
acre, nor less than one dollar (11). aid va.ua
to be estimated v.Ith nfcrenc" to the fertil
ity of the soil, its mineral deposits and vege
table products.
?.. The aggregate valuation of nil lands
out-iilo of Incorporated towns, when ascer
tained to be divided by the number of
rightful members of the tribe and t itlzens
of the Cherokee Nation, and the result thus
obtained to be the cash value of each per
son's interest in the general allotment.
1. Kaih allottee shall be allowed to select
his. allotment and that of his wife and
minor ihlldien. so as to include Ills or their
improvements, tho amount of land consti
tuting each person's allotment, to be such
a number of acres as w-ill at the appraised
value amount to the cash value ot his in
terest in the gei.eral allotment. Allotments
to orphuns and to minors, whose parent or
parents; are not citizens, may be selected by
the guardian, as above provided.
The bill concludes wlttl several provisions,
regarding reserved laml" for townsites,
cemeteries and other public purposes.
Moxiinn colwty.
Pans, Mo , Nov. 10. Monroe County'i
ollieial vote on constitutional amendments
Is as follows:
First Yes. LT.is:: no. 174. Second Yes, 1.
S7; no. SSi. Third Yes, '.'.Ti.; no, fine.
Sixth Ye ,SD6; no. 6-J7. Seventh Tcs. 2,
152; no. !'..
Yon Will lilamc Yourself
If you don't attend the great Suit an.l
Overcoat sale. Globe. Seventh anil Frank
lin avenue. See pago 11, part oue.

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