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City Mjr will prov. esta'b'l.h.a practice r"? B itm-Vs nJBt
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For Honest Treatment.
Cure, all Chronic. Jerroni. illnod, Skin and "fiB""ii!1V,ff5aR
Limit Holland Asserts That the
JIi ituus Cuii Do Better Tlum
Even Time Everv Da v.
Gratiot Cabanne, a Plajer of the
Early Nineties, llidioules Lo
cal Footballers.
both sexe .TierTous ffiiuiif, 1.011 ',"""-v.i-.J 7rmuiMt
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Powtr 'entorel iir.d a radical curt guaranteed. AK ror man jj.. . -.
illood Poison
-All . p.-rema ITIe-r cured for life bT mean aMiiii"",
-- .n- --- . . --,..-.-.- ti. i. vtaa h-rjinnfni
ry and Blaililer ailments qulckl7 cared,
rlne; alia private dlneatea which obtj u
aid all Hatm dlfeaces cured. Modern
Painful. DlfiCcult. Too rraouani - -
urinary paag- Ae ipr maiev -. ,4Tjefc
1 method.- 1-0 cutting. Call er wrlt for aw.
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mm whafVtffc- fy.ntranlfal rtw Crmtlnir. .itrvf UllV tre?tBU. :'-
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cal Olattonarr anfl Ad.lirr free at efflce or sealed by null: P Hlctu
or by Mall.
5parate WaItlDZ-too
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JVaius a Cbauce at tin- Bwt of the
St. Louis Elevens Van Vleck
States Tliat He Will'
Not Way.
Manv of the old guard of footbull plar
who did such gieat work on the gridiron iu
the early nineties are of the opinion that
they can t.il.e anv eleven i'i St l.ou!- to
day and Kive it an awful beating, and i''-"
without anv special training "" tlie pirt of
the men who haw grown stout and lofegy
elnce thev last wore the mol"-Uir
There is some ullv of foiniing .in ili'Vii
even at this late day for that putpo-e.
-red Scullin and Gratiot Cabanre -eem to
he erv much in .'avor of it. f-pcaki-ti of
the matter sebtcrday, Cabanre id:
"The football pluers who are in the game
in this city right now are not vvnrthv of the
name. I hae seen ihem make s-ome tacM's
that would have cat-red them to be dropped
from anv of the teams that wore in the
game in im dav. 1 do not thinl. there Is
one good, able-bodied football pl.iver In town
10-day. None of the teams hae the needed
dash and .-p!rit. to sav nothing of their
lack of Knowledge of the elementarv point-,
of the came.
"The raided a big fut the other du
about plajing Schulte in tin.- ?amc against
the Christian Brother-, at if he were a
whole team, and he may be. but it mut be
a erv weak aggregation that cannot af
ford to plav unle-s thej hae the i-ervic" of
Schulte. I would like to get Fred Sdullln.
the Beber.s. mv lirother llute and a few
other" to plaj against a team of ehulii
or Stons cithei. for that mattci. I hav
spoken in that vein to sevral of the men
whom 1 ned to plav v.ith. and most of
them cxpreed a willingness to plav ore
same, just to "how these joting-teis, tb.tt
thev do not know football. Fred Pcullin
said: "I will play left bach, but no place
else, if you get tip the team ' Dute --aid
about the same thing, except that he wants
to plav right halt back, while Clint Hebci
sas , if he tan plav If ft tackle. I
could get Frank Harney for quarter back
nnd several others o the old plav era to
fill some of the remaining positions We
iouW complete the team with one or two
of the oung fellows playing now. and then
beat the Christian Brothers. Washington
Vnhersity. or the taunted wonders Mn-rion-Slms.
"What one good man can do to the teams
of late jeais was shown In 1SS'. when 1H
die Lee boat the Brothels all b himself.
He was onlv an average man back Ha"'
Jf It was not so late hi the seawn 1 would
surely form that team, and may do so any
way. just to prove thai ,1 am speaking by
the book."
Such a game would be the best thing af
the rather dull season that is fast coming
to a close. What Mr. Cabanne sajs ahoat
the football plajers of St. Ixmls is more or
less true. In regard to the abililj of the o'd
jlaers, who hae been living easy for the
last slv jears, to beat the joungstcr", that
might be another story. Certain It is that
the ,bcst tackle In St. Louis Tanner, wis
made to look like the proerblal thirtv
cc-fltB when he faced Coach While In the
game at Kirkvvood. Tanner s.iifl aftc the
(,aine that he could do nothing with White,
tnd was as an intani 1n the hands of the
Osteopath. White was placing the game hi
the dajs.of Sctillin, the Cabanncs et al He
has been In trninlng constant!;, howev-r,
and Dute Cabanne is about the only one of
those named who has done any work m
athletics. Fred Scullin watches the Christian
Brothers at practice occasionally and he
looks fit as a Middle. He should come pretty
near knowing what he can do againt
Coach Stone's team.
Members of the old guard claim that thev
would have to tackle anj of the latter-day
playcrs but once to make them quit the
game, and there Is a deal In that, too. Sel
dom Is a clean, tackle made In games be
tween the local eleens, and when such a
rare thing occurs the man downed usual'.'
goes to the side lines. A clean tackle hurt-,
a man more than all the piling on that
could be done in two games
Coach Stone says that after a game
against Cornell In ISO!, while playing with
the crack Chicago 'Athletic Association, he
felt that he had been in the teeth of a
cj clone for an hour or two. He felt sore
all over and had a headache for two das,
"jet he had been tackled but three times.
The men who made the tackles knew how
to do Uv though.
A .Marion-Sims man is authority for the
statement that Van Vleck will not pla
Washington University on Thanksgiving
Day. He does not like to tell Manager
Ellers so, as he knows that he I" badlv
needed, but stated to the medico that he
would not be in the game. If this be true
It Is certainly bad news for Washington
University, as Van Vleck and Klelev had
been figured on to do about all the gain
lng, end with neither of them In the game
Washington's prospects of winning are
more remote than ever.
High School and the Christian Brothers
tam will line up for a hard gamp this
afternoon. The rules will be followed to
the letter. It Is announced, and two twentv -five-minute
halves will be plaved Tne
game -will be the last line-up for either
team' before the big games on Thursday.
Signal practice will form the work for
Tuesday and Wednesdaj.
Smith Acadcmv and Manual Training
School are scheduled to plftv a game this
afternoon at the Pastime Park, although
there la eome doubt as to its coming on". It
seems that the Smith boys are thinking
that they might be beaten and do not want
the game published It they should be The
two elevens were to hate plajert behind
barred gates on Saturday morning, out
when notice of the game was published It
was at once called off.
Famonn Old Drnry Gnaml "Will Play
With Missouri Against Kansas.
Columbia. Mo , Nov. SI The Tigers came
boms Monday from Austin, where they lot
to Texas by a score of 17 to 11. One man.
Smith, was hurt in the game, receiving a
sprained ankle, but with this exception the
team la again ready for business. The
most Important find of the year has devel
oped In Williams, the old Drury guard, who
has been, at last. Induced to don a Tiger
akin and who will play in the Kansas City
Came on Thanksgiving Da v. This leaves
the team well supplied with guards and
raises the weight of the team several
pounds. Williams Is an ideal athlete a man
of broad shoulders and powerful build, and
with him In the game surely the Tigers will
"eat "em up." WMIllams has steadfastly i c
fused to don a suit all year, but the" out
come 'of the Texas game so exasperated all
football followers In Columbia that the fac
ulty. was Induced to prevail upon Williams
to do bli Dart.
As la customary, the team is now playing
behind closed doors, and no one, except au
thorities, are allowed to witness the prac
tice. Coach Murphy Is working tho team
hard and has a new play, which Is pro
nounced by men who know to be a good
Ellis Is a comparatively new mon on the
team, and he Is a good one. He has show n
more development than any man on the
team. He can play either guard or tackle,
hut owing to his lack of experience he will
probably be a substitute In the Thanksgiv
ing game.
Smith "Is another good man, but he will
probably not be In the game on account of
his bad ankle. Yant will take his place on
the end. TTant has been placing half back,
but with Karl Dunn bade in the game he
and Cooper will transact business at these
points on a strictly business plan. If all
the team was as good in proportion they
-vould walk all over Kansas. Missouri's
-practice games are excellent, but It scms
continual defeat has made the team go into
game half-heartedly.
Ernest Davidson, who was promoted to
the first team after tho second game of the
season., has put-up. a much better game
than was expected. lu fact, ho has done as
well at center as any man in the line. I)a-
lo!rt iiatt i ml. T.innoi light tackle. V. Ja kson. iit,ht Eti.iiil, O'Doitohue. i ntei : V. lllcl,e. left guild, Mifii.ill
left luKli Jliku, Kit -nd. Thlvto'i, Hilars, r hick, nroekniejei. iIkIu h ilf baek; Cunningham, full biek, C. II like, 1- ft h lit
vidon pl.is with his heart and smil. and 'f
he had iv.enn ouui'ds mure welkin he
ould make the lsl re-itu Mi'-sanii 'us
ever seen Washer Is putting wi hl n-nal
steid game 11' la among the Tigers' eiv
best. In eiry game WcMi has uutoliNOd
his men Yant Is another small mm. with
jaiod staling qualities He is phnins a
head game at practice and probtblj will
plav .-t Kansas t'ltv.
Notwithstanding tho long list of ilefeits
suiing them In the face and pointing with
li de linger tu "lior-i' phiv." the team Is
toufideiit of 1 Hiding the Kansas cltv pn.c
With N ill! i:ns in tbe panic, the ihances ale
fcOoil, but there will be no mills on Missouri.
st. i.ui i! i. ti:"us ;oon uunrc.
nrsit I.mls llnir Miomii "iH.tlliit
Improv -mi-nt In VII 'Ilioir (Sniurs.
Martin ilaney. St Uiuls rnieritVs
football cotch. is lilhlv plejsed with the
work of his tiain this fall The 'vanity
hovs have thowed eonstanL inipiovtmeiit
and their brilliant tlcinr over the io.i,;
Barnei' Medical College eleve'i Situid.u'
proved an agreeable -urmr-e to even tie
most i nthuiast!c followis ot the blue-aiid-whltc
In the estimttlon cf manv elo-e obscivcii-,
the St Louis I'ni'.ei.sitv lw team is the
lipt agcreffation of its weight -vi; fen on
the local scrldlron. Cciach Del inev points
with pride to the fac! that his bo; r have
never fiiled lo gain ground against heaviir
teams bv clever til"k liliv-
"1 don't mean In tills tint we have
pulled orf tint thing original" - ild Mr De
lane, "bat wc took the newest p!i.s
sprung in the lZit ui to ditto and rehears a
them constantly until the bns vv-to able
to pull them oft to perfection. They reir
1 all wor'ted like a ''harm against the big
teams we have tackled and help"d us o-it of
manv a bad hole
"Our decisive victorv over Barnes Sat
iidft shows how much ve have improved
since Washingion ben us In the eailv pait
of the season Washington won from us
hands down, but the best thev- could do
against Barnes in a thlrtv -minute practice
game the other afternoon was to break even,
both sides scoring once. We tackled Baines
a few davs latrr and beat them 27 lo .
Washington alo found It impossible to
cros Holla's goal lines, while St Louis i;.
succeeded in doing so twice. C B C found
It impossible to do better than break even
with us in tne fiist h ilf of our game with
tl m. Washington will Inrdlv lo that well
agalrst the Cole Brlllianie lads when the
ti up Thanksgiving D.i. In my humble
"We have lecn gieatlv outweighed in our
last three gime C. B C. Kolla and
Barnes all h.nl a big welpht handicap over
the 'varisitv bovs Shaw, the blggen man
on our tesm veighs 17t pounds, while Don
aliue. our quarter hack, onlv weighs 12S
pnuiils. Oui team will hardly average 1C
"The present St. l.oius V. team is prac
tically the fame outfit T took "'barge of
when I first came h"re two veirs ago At
tlat time the bos were too light lo amount
to anv thlrg on the gridiron, bur since then
thev- have developed into hefty lads of sire
end subsnnre. Most of them will bo vith
us again net ; eir, when we expect to kerp
the hst thev have m this part of the con i
try bnsv to win from us."
roi.i.nun m:.T rici.i ci.i it.
I'lrst nefenl Conirn to llio Wlierhurn
In Pastes Cnmc of Ilie roMoii.
Dick Jarrett returned to center forward
for the Cvclins Club yeiterda. but the
team was beaten bv the college eleven bv
a score or J to 1. The same was the Vxirm
est th.t has been niaved In the Association
Ieavrue this fall and was the Iirst defeat
that tho wheelmen have suffered this voar.
Tommv Kane scored one goal for the col
lege, while McSweeny duplicated the trick
a tew- moments later. Corcoran fouled the
lvtll, twifting it through with his hand,
but the referee did not see It, so the score
counted. Jack Comerford counted the one
goal Tor the C.vcll-ts All the storing was
done in the first lnlf. the second half be
ing about the fasten football that was
ev er seen on the colleqe campus. Thi line
up follows:
v-. n v 1'osltlons. I'm 1!IK
..lPhnu' . .. C.oal .Tut .
P.U krtl'KPr. . ..1 nil hack i.rirrm
(Vrcciin Full baclt 1. SlpUnnousli
1-Innecn. . .Hilf t-ack . . . ....Ltmls
llche Halfback Miaiu;linsy
UnaiKlnn Ha'fback . ... I.vncli
Ommillo .. .forward . . I udrnoie
Iviv -in uiFli .. rorwanl . Ualv
Urrit FnnvBnl larrflt
jlcnenv. .. Forwarl ... . shei
T Kanf . . l'o-vard umerfoia
ll'frfe livvrince Itllf-i
Tho second game furnished a surprise
when the Globes held the Sh imrocks to a
tie game, neither team s-corinr. The Globes
hive strengthened a deal or lite, and will
be in the race for leading honors in a
month or so Matthews of the Shamrocks
if improving in every tz-mw nr.il' feeds his
forwards well, indeed, fm a newcomer in
fast company. The line-up:
Shamrocks Position OIoV.
p l'opn Goil . O .nnnll
v Popp llill back Mi x
Hobinwin ..Piill lnck ....IV i tt
T ItcDonoiish Hnlfliiiii .. Itardlni;
Mathens . 'Iilf back .. . I.mIoii
u(mp . . Half back McCormaci.
ItediiimJ ."orv.-irl f'ravin
lae.. . Kurwanl Hm'woIc
Trfnnvne . . 1'orivaltl Ilru.a
McDowell . .r-irnanl . .. . 1.1 nan;
itpfpiec V. Kavanangli
Hcfented filen Carlioan mill Kept I )
Itct'ord of "o Seori".
Glen Carbon's foolball team was defetted
b the Carondelets tsterdav aftemrou bv
a score of 12 to 0. The gtme was witness.!
bv a large and enthusiastic crowd of tilti
Carbon neople. who. while the regretted
to see the home team liealen, were loud in
their praise of the Carondelets for the clean
wav- in which thiv won.
The features or the struggle were the runs
or Dwan and Hupperl to touchdowns, and
the tine tackle of Aroe. '.."ho saved the
Carondelets bv downing Heck on the ten
vard line after an etcltlng rai" or Ilfl
yards down the field. The Carordelet eleven
has not been scored against this seas'"-
The line up follows:
filen Carbon V Ulcn. CarcniMt
llljhlev Itisht end Arpe
jiitlToii Klsht lackli . IItIups
MeCullom Kiglit guard TTov
V.'eller Center VVharivn
Ptleber lyrt guard. JfcNulu
H Waltien
Evans I.?ft tackle.nilllet O:Valrten
I'aen2r Ift end - Ran
Hurcdorf Quarter lack. . .1 oiler
K?ck rtlglit half ack Dniii
POfk Felt half baek IJupntit
Mnorphtad Full bnck Kinse
Hrferee .Vrpc I'mplrc Claik
David C. Campbell, ISO::, "IV 111 Lend
the Tenm. Aest lear.
Boston, Nov. 25 After the Harvard team
tfturned to the Yale gymnasium after the
game jesterday, they elected Captain Daly's
successor, who will lead the crimson team
next i ear.
The choice fell on Dav Id C. Campbell, 1902,
who played left erd in the game yesterdnv.
Captain Campbell prepared for the Ij
:ence Scientific School at 'Worcester Acad
emy, where he plaed tackle and was cap
tain of his team In his freshman year ut
Harvurd ho plaed right end and enptatned
his team. Last ear he played left end on
the 'varsitv, and was especially noted for
the grit that he showed In diving into nn
Interference and upsetting It. He is six feel
one inch tall, weighs 170 and Is 27 years
i Id.
Harvard men feel thnt he will make a
cod leader foi the crlmon eleven, since he
has already captained two teams and has
had a great deal of 'varsity experience.
Dnchnnnn Colleger -O, Klubcrrj ).
Tror. Mo, Nov. 13 Buchanan Collegp ot this
el'v played ElsbcrT, Mo, a football namo here
toiisy. U.'chanan defeated Etebeirj. SJ to 0.
Hi-hind Her Powerful .Machine All
Ways Moved Smoothly
and Aceiiratelv.
Hut uuhn's Contest lH'.i.n.iMiutt'd
Thsst i lie rumuiuu U'orknu'ii,
the Kusliers. Are tho Bone
and Tissue of the (Sumo.
Hi:i'L'bL.lC hPLCl KU.
Xcw York, Xov. 2"i I'orhaps the mo-"l
flltpjr lesson to be learned fiom the Yale
Harvard g.ime of .veKTday Is the v.-lue of
an aggressive, stonc-wnll rush line, r.e
hlnd .i powerful machine of the Yale stamp
all plav more smoothlv and aceiiratelv. The
blue forwaids opened up holes of barn
door dimensions, upset eager antagonists
with ease, making possible end runs. On
the defense they tore Into the heart of Har
vard's formation before thev had started.
Behind such an electric batterv. Is It anv
wonder that the backs were unable to gain."
Transfer Harvard's half backs to the Yale
line and they, too, would have been nblc
lo advance the pigkln.
Put Hale, the famous line buckcr. on the
Harvard team, and his demise would have
been a short and sweet as that of Kills
You cin't butt through redwood treea,
even if they do wear blue stockings It
slmplv means that a good rush liie is the
hone and tis'-ae of the game, through vvl'oso
hnrd work the limners make the telling
plav s
I do not mean to detract from the men
who carrv- th ball, but thev- are too fre
quently looked upon as stai, whilp the
common workmen, the rushers, haidlv get
their simre of praise.
It has been somo ears since an altnk
as sjvage and formidable as Yale perfected
this vear has been seen. Its value was its
sureness and straight-ahead qualities it
got two and three ards more often than
ten and twentv. but It got them ever time.
The ball went ahead as slowlv a" a steam
roller, but the advance was just as power
ful nnd Irresistible.
Yale runners struck the line at right
arglcs. ro tint everv tep taken meant a
gain. Knd runs vrrre ied now and then,
but principally to open up a crowded wing
There was no fancy veneering, lint just
plain, simple football of the freight-car or
der. Harvard's overwhelming defeat will no
doubt be accounted for In various wau. not
the kast hkelv being overtraining. Inlfs3
the team is ctimina!! nilMnnn Util, I can
not see how such a fact can be proved.
Tiue. numbers of her plav er" left the gime
o!iaiistcd, but so did I'nnceton's men the
week before.
Hnrv nrd's schedule had been carefully pre
pared, her game with the Quakers giving
h-r two weeks to get on edge. Yale, on the
other hand p!a-d her two big gam's with
011I5 :t week between
It looked like :i plain case of "outplived."
There mi be no question 1 ut that Har
vard btscd hei hopes In Saturdays bittle
largelv on her good shonirg in the IVnn
.sylvinia gam" The (Juikcrs, by using tne
guard'sbnek formation, naturall wunenid
their line Hiivarn's mrwards g,t ihe j imp
on them and completelv overpowered ti-.cm
Hvery phiv put In'o operation by the crim
son worked moothly ami gained cood
ground. It was .irotner 1 rooi that aii
thlrg goes behind the winning llm.
Get a booh ru-h line ami .von nave moio
than half the game In our pocket It ial,--
more lime to develop, out it pays in ine
liltOIl ltlis 1'OR S,l o KI3IIT
I7litflili Papers Mi l.oKiv of l.tc-lttN
fiistllivn thv iuerivaii lo'k.M.
London. Nov. i Jlost of the morning
papers coinm nt upon the success of ,h
Amerhan jnckevs In Kimhind The Tlmi s
devotes a column and a halt to the subjict
s.ilng it: part.
Wjiwliiisiandlng some criticism cf his
ildin, tmii can oe im douhl that Lcs, i
Kent is a ve!', line junac of pacs a. id
nannies lift in,ist..s vcr wcil ilut Jicun. i
not alvvaj.i distinsuisn nimsetf at t tit ilnih.
and In in.s wav he has Inst moie l.icvs
b a head or a ncl, loan l.e ha, won l
mce margins His pros pee is lor the ntt
seas-on arc v-ry good, on tti" assumption
tlipt the stewaid" renew his lice nse.s.
'fclopti's total of cLMitv-tnn wins is a
most ciedltRhle poirorniaiic". It is geinT.il
1 agreed th it he ntvi-r rode in better tonn
It is doubttul whether anv othei jocl.e
would hive won with Luckr.nv. in the l'ort
hind Plate, although ou tliat nccisou he
somewhat exceeded the limits of fall pl.t "
The article- etpiesses gre'it approval "of
the Prince of Wales for retaining H. Jones
as his lirst jockev In pi ice cf rfloan, but
rnints out that Sloan was the onlv- jickev m
whose case- consistent booking would have
realized a piodt lor thv season
The Dally JIail sab- thnt Relft's triumph
constitutes in "unanswerable argument
against Hia English st0 of riding, ir nut
against English methods."
The Daily Telegraph, commenting upon
the tact that 'i-omc .English jockeys have
successfully adopted the American stle."
sas there Is no doubt that a majority of
the owners prefer It.
The Sporting Life thinks that the results
of the season "will furnish food for re
flection lo those English jockevs who have
been slow jo recognize the merits of the
style of their rivals "
Tie Sportsman sas;
"It would be affectation to denv that our
robust faith in the invincibllitv of the Eng
lish Jockevs has received a rude shaking:
but whatever can be said against the Arair
Icans, the inexorable logic or events has
justincd their employment "
IIriI the Illcliext AvpraKr of Winning
Monutx of All tin .Io-kei.
New York. Nov. 23 There .arrived on the
French llnr La Lorraine to-day "Cash"
Sloan and J. X. Treemaa, American jock
e.v. who had been riding In Trance. Sloan
was under contract ro the Duke de Gram
mont. Baron Leonlno having second call on
his serv ices.
He said that he had ridden in about lit
laces, winning one out or rour, -which gave
him the highest per cent of an jockev iu
France, lie tame lu second In twenty
laces, bud m in mv of the others secured
1'riem in. who mde for f! ision Drejfus
i.iil ,M. lube ile I'ttesi. second call, lode
In lt'i rates, ulnnh'g si, elite n Both Jnck
in villi go tiom h.re to Louisville tor a
vi. i ihi.i: nn.T m: w.
. JVh! lierwlour l,niN Ilnlf-lti ntlii-r
of Tumniir Vlklnt.
l-(lm,icn K , Xui ' lVathcitont Ins
Invl ilentli the ahti!tl. jtnrhtiK toll M 1 t
tur Mclliiile- iljin iiup-.ii lJUsr4llIIU-stt r uis
oM 1 11-1 Jut f nl ilt.nc"!)!! tqLMrA,rB;Uir"ti.n
foi JT :) H whs a Imir-WothT to Tu uniu
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son The U s n tht onl is i spyi n to Ins
nw nT, n" rrrit 1 ojw -, wen phuil In him !m
nct cr on . r count uf lis sLprioi lip piling
is Qin'il, th lin. has thrown notlmu I t
Mr U lius Hamr th inlnc- for thr I Uhr
f'TI' stable Will f"i , -,lfu fur St w oi.M
im will r'turti In n short ti-ir t" ( -.m pru it i
ti n for nft 'aon - umiMUn fih twt-ntj four
' e rllpc' now .'t ICfnion t-tnrU f.fm
To-D.iv s epnl-t I'ntries.
Clncinn ill (1 m .N lollnbu ire
X' u iori nlrif. fn to morrow
Ciist rat' lie eiglill's or a lallo
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Kiltvle llCiil-rr-com WJcf t
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popil la si IMijc mile -mil a -ivuenth
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A ineprcs lit: i
Thlitl rare tl rrf-tpiarlerp of i lolli'
ITri Ifnl
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semd im . '
Avatar . 17
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Kill? Ituth'it. nl
ronrth race, sMHpp on" mil''.
l!iril"il . w I icr
s.irtln .. 'I'HjciI Irme
i:tta . I I J 1.
Mi !rtfoid ". isauber
I-nuisvllIo Iloll. "7 I
1'ifth ne five and ore hplf furlons-. soilins
AH Clifrrv n i ItrhPrt Mnrrlon
I'ollv W.ign'r . 10) Tunirfr
I.nno 103 Kid Hampton
ilpnaic ... 103 I n Covemnter
sKth rate, s-clling. hrc- qt arlrrs ot a mil.
Nniicv Till P.' Vellator
Hairv Thoburn IM . Tom Collin
The itPf7pr 10. 1 Hoic-diGe Tohut
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To-naj'n lleiiiilnss Jlnli-le.
vilnncton Nov l'!. Follow insr ar llio ph
ttips for to-morrow s rai cs al it mil'is" tt.tck
First rate selling:, spvpii lurlonc
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half fuilo'iB"
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llnioiliv rAey ... Ill 1'r.vin .. . .1'-
Arvprne . I Dim" . . M-
Autonalon .. . til VolhUiu' '"-
1'rovfst 1Z f!otll'n KIJ
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Third rlip n.p and one-llrtlf furlonK
I.pBC Hopppr llll All r-rl 'nr'i.'il 'it.
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Hand Mop . II) Welch illrl PI.
Tan . . . It) Fir sici,i . . io.
1'rot. co 10".! lnr.illllil , 1""
t'curlh race. ix 'itrloiiz- h"llln-l
Pulli I'nrl. PMts in f.ut- M
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Fltth r-icp. celling mil- aid a slMPclnS.
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sixlh iocp nan.lipap. mile ipd i'i-p -sixteenth"
Knlnht of tlie Oirtcr 12 I Urr.'ii ter . . in.'
I'lnrPntus . li-l j Mrl-ofi of Dire I fc
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I'atliunPtp . lii IinopiMnMl . i)
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-an ncltco Cal . Nov "" Mondaj si:
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Firct racp, llilrt'tn-slvtccpf's i.f a inle.
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Hlldreth s entry.
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I llullilers nml Ui'Kll'.ers en llus
1'repnrjiis: ipr i"- " -.-".--
Uristo'. It 1., Nov. Si-DcslRicr Nat IK r
resholi Is now hard at work piopari'ii. for
the actual construction of the nest dcfenii
hi of .If America's Cup Hl Plans have
been pei'ecteil and approved, mans or tlie
specifications have been committed to pa
psi. patterns are being gotten out for ke 1
and frames, and Hatlnwn l at work on
.i comprehensive sail plan prepaied evj'ii
before an material was ordered Toi th"
hull or the new champion.
Whitman, who Ins down .ill the Her.e-s-luifTs
vessels, has got his working fore
together, while carpenters havi; selected ! ihe
wood, which will form the kfel mold. This
should be readv bv December 10 and th(
k'el will probahl he cat bv liec-mber 1.
The new- acht's sail plan will probablv
be larger than whs Columbia's. shamroVi)
huge club topsail, whlih caught every
breath of air. and enabled her to outfoot
Columbia In almost everv iinhnished rate
off Pandv Hook, taught Designer Nat a val
uable lp-sou on the i.se and abue ot s-ill-
I"Herwlll not -matcrlall increase the new
yacht's working sails, nor will he adopt
the "vVntson club, but his plan I 'salt! to
bo a radical departure Irom accepted H"r
rehoff traditions, and will surprise vacht
ing sharps, who have been giving English
men the credit for turning out the best
fitting "-alls for their achts.
Opinion Is divided as to whether the mid
section of the new jacht will be of th
hallast-fln tvp like the Cartoon, with Iss,
vrr displacement, greater beam and softer
bllges-or merelv an improvement over the
'niitmhiii.Tiermifier tv nc. giving greater
i draught and power.
MeKinleyV 1'luraliiy Is l!lf),0()2
and His Majority i!).S:58.
Milwaukee, Wis, Nov 25 A special to
the Sentinel fiom Madison. Wis. s,ts the
official canvass of the vote of the State of
Wisconsin In the election .shows th? count
iu oi- .is jiiiiuiii;
Tor President: Br.v.in. Iai: I'.oollcr,
10 (ISO: McKinlev, Debs- 7,f.ai
For Governor- Bomrich (Uem.). i6;,6il;
Smith (Pro.) 9.712: LaFjIIcMte (Ih'P). -CI,-
f.fO. .....f .DUI T-fnn. C. OT" V1IIP ISfl
Km luiK's Aie Made in Kwry Bi.ti
Kate Diek .laireU Xoi Fast
Kiidiih for Hrilisli LmwL-
I.ou'-i Hulland, the foot itiiiiier, who went
to England several munths since to win
fortune on the cinder path, letuimd to St.
Louis list Wedntsda night. .Mr. Holland
has an interesting story of his tilii to the
Uiitlsh Isles He a( its' that Americans
know .ib-ijiit- lv nothing sT.ont the foot
r.iiinc; game, while the Englishmen know
all there is to be- known, but are tr lng to
I...H1 mure
'lo 1 Itepubl 0 ti pin li r : essetda Mr. Hol
la! d said: "1 had a ver pleasant time
111 England and ninuagfd lo make epeniei
out of foot laces, though I did not win one.
I lciitud that Ann "bans are away behind
the Engli'hnun 111 tiaining and ill timing
rates. Whin l .11 lived aeioss th" pond I
iuiiIiI not 1 1111 the st.iiid.in 1") arils in
12 .and it look me three months to do :ll
foi that distance. 'I his was not because I
had gone back on the form I ran in aiouud
St. Louis, but was due to the slownes ot
the tracks over there and the gnat timing
th it Is done there The trainers and timers;
that is, those who make u lifetime sti.dv
of font rating, can time a sprinter to .1
feot lu anv dislptiee. Thiv do not say tlat
u man 1.111 In M 1-5, hut that he r.iti two
vards worse than even time. Even time
is ten v.ard" to the speond In England,
v I lie ovor here when a man s.ivs even
time one thinks that a runner did :10 for
the ino .ards, but do not figure other dis
t incfsi so There is something In the nlr
fat ill ikes a man feel as if he v re being
luld back When 1 landed In New York
1 fill as though l could outrun a thorough-b'f-d.
It must be that the itinospheie la
lighter In America than in England
Heeelv -fI I'nv for Training:.
' When I went ovei there I assumed an
ot lie 1 name and no man in England to-day,
cept tho one who trained me, knows that
mv name is Holland I was paid IS, of $11
a week, just tor training in ordpr to give.
1 he "sailers," an English term for backers,
a eh nice to win mono on mv running, Jp
think of winning a S-heflloId or an Elinouig
hindn-ip In training in the old country 01. e
veu Is iiis.inlt. h, there are men over
there who have been nursed for lhe last
live vears ju-t to wm one of the big events,
as thai means th it thev will never have to
do a stioke of woik again The moncv for
a winner is sure to be about l,"9". and It
is custom ir for a wlnnei of a Sheffield
or ,111 Edinburg (o open .1 public house. His
followers .ire ifrtnin to support him for tne
ict of ills davs. Hulchings. ihe faste.t
man that ever breathed, has won nnd lost
three fortunes, but the men who won money
on him are keeping him up to-da, though
he is a wreck and could not earn a ent.
lie is the 'nan who did even time T second
for .100 v ards Wercrs tan that distance iu
Vi) 2-1 seconds In America, but that would
be about 11 In England There is a man
named Downer over theie now who made
one v.ird over o.n time for the distance,
and he is not Ihe bet man in England,
lithrr. He 1.111 In that time In .1 race witn
twentv -five mn Ho ran around them all
and won in "0 2-".. which on the extra dis
tance he line) to go to pass his Held made,
him cover TO) vnrds in less ih in even time
"I ran i- .a few- races, winning several of
mv heats, but found it more prcfitable to
follow the English custom of '-tandlng up'
iu the duals, in other words, I could make
irore monev bv not Irving to win mv races
tl an bv winning them. But to tell v'ou tho
truth 1 could not have won If I had wanted
to though manv of the folks thought that
I enuIJ 1 was on the ten-vard mark with
men who y.cre doing eviii time, while the
best J did. ju-t before leaving, was three
vards wfi'f-e than even I could nlwas
calih the men who had eight ards on me,
but was uinble to beat them out. My
backers thousht th.it I was throwing them
down, but mv ti .lining showed them that I
v ar not I gained In strength constantly
ard was running faster everv day toward
the clcse of mv short e ireer In England It
was no use to l. there, however, as I
vvruld have b"in given the worst of it in
the h indic.ips had I entered In the big
event.s that are run ibout Christmas time.
The Englishmen were caught too often by
Americans iu the great race and now a
111 111 from the States has little chance to
win Steve r.irrell was the first of them to
turn a big trick, then came Donovan and
lastlv "Cucker.' Collins, who Is theie now
and making money.
Could Unto llmlv u Ilortmie.
"If 1 had known as much about the run
ning g line five years ago a I have learned
In tlie last few' months I would have made
a fortitile'Ifi my sp'ked shoes. You have no
lde t. or how (he do things Over theie. It
I an irsult in ask a. tr liner what time Ou
made in a trial He will answer ou.'I am
paving roi .von- mutton and giving jou
our three pounds u week What more do
.von wint." The men are worked twice a
di and can alw.i'- repeat In just as good
time as thev can make the rim trial The
could not understand wh It wa that I
could lun verv fast on one dav and slow
the- next. I met manv friends of Tom ,Ait
keu's while on mv trip and all Were unani
mous in saving tint he was q wender In
Ms dav. ard to be n wondT over there
where there are ome lOfOO j-prlnters, means
'I cannot account for the slownfss of
ihe tracks there, but I gue" they are not
up to, the Americans in building fast cin
der paths "
.InrrrU Xot I'nst In EilKlninl.
Mr Holland give some interesting points
on lhe gdim of association fpotball. Dick
,Iarrti,-tbe star pl.ter r that game in St..
.ouis, accompanied Holland lo England
The latter s.iUl: "We .ill know tint Dick
Js .1 wonder around Jicre and otitcl.is-es all
others, with Ihe possible teptlon of Hcimy
Cnvler Hi; tried to pl.i on some or t'ie
TU veiis over there, but could not make
good One trial was sufficient, as he proved
4ll.at.Jie would not do The football plaver
fite'undor contracts such as are given the
baseball pl.aj-ers in this countrv. Ihev h.ivj
to report at 10 in the morning and take reg
ular prictice. combined with running work
that would make the average pla.ver over
here wish he had never seen a football.
Thev are paid about 435 a week, which is
II large salarv- lu England "
The fact that Jarrett cou'd not make a
team In England does not prove that he !
not a gicat football plnr, as he has been
away from England since 1891, and has
been plav lug with "dubs" ever since. It
takes any man three months to nreprre
rn- his first game In England, while the
St. Ijuiis man only trained si weeks. Jar
rett was alvv.ivs corsiderul a far better
man than Hobert,son, known as Little Rob
bie, who kept goal frjr the Cycling Club
four enrs ago The latter Is how plalng
on a team in England, but it took him a
full ear to gel his contract, and that with
:isecond-cIa"'s eleven. Jarrett was given a.
trial on two second-class teams. He Is glad
10 get back to St. Louis, and sas that he
will stick here now.
Mr. Holland has not given up running en
tirely, but will not return to England. In
legard to the story that came out at the
time ho left St. i.ouls Mr. Holland said:
That storj wiis,-(8ie,n out bv a oung
mm who w-as a schoolmate ot mire and
later mv manager. He was simply jealous
bi cause I did not take him with me In place
of Jarrett. and thought that he could hurt
me bv giving the story out to a newspaper,
knowing that it. would be telegraphed to the
other side. As a matter or fact it did lot
hurt ma in the least. There are too many
good men In England for one man to fright
en, and my running under an. assumed name
kept them from knowing who I was. any
way, -r ,
"Conlrorvfto stories thnt have been given
out. Dick Jurrett did not manage me In
England. 1 did not .see the football plaer
more than once m three months."
Aninlenr CliHinpIonx Lie Lnn.
He added: "MaLerry. who was a crack
man at 100 vnrds In America, could not piy
for his meals out of his winnings- on the
other side. He Anally admitted that he
Was no good, and came home thre weeks
ahead of me. He was an nmateui betre
going to England. All th- good English
pmateurs lie in wait for the Bothol Plate,
the great amateur race, and do not take
part In events stvled as champlonsh'ps.
There wire- amateurs over there that cou'd
have beaten Tewksbury a. good five yards
lhe d ty thclatter won last "ummcr."
When asketl about the stylp of the Ens
H"h runners. Mr. Holland said:1
"They run with their heads leaning to
r0 CltOiJIDirifilL?l9 ") THE OLD,
LIA. O Vrllll. II M
t. .11 lt rmn. fr"ttrvlii j flf,l A110
IU16S men .md noaie., c-.ili or tend fi.r
'ree. tu enable sou lo uroDem- state njur'J" I oiinnliaiiuu r rti-.
Uf.l. U I.oat llaiilinm. I'silliiiir .lIemor. Loss or jmni-
linn. Vrro.11. llelilllli. Llehllltatinir Urrams. 7,'lghts
Losar". Varicocele. Stunted Decelunmrnt. fcexuil
Vcutl-ful 1'ulllrs. or exceses in later vear.. -afel, privatelv and posltlvelv cured.
Blnn E3nfBn all stages. Prlm.irj. Secondarj and Tert'an", witn following evmptooi3:
DIUUU frWIOUIIf) jllliis; Hair, tore Throat, -nullen CtlinJs Irruption'". CreaMne O-"
on the titln. Rbjmatlln Hone j'alns and other evidence of Blood Disease cured lor Hie
t'liii.irv Dipeat.. Cleet. Slrieture. Unnatural Discharges Kidney and Bladder Troubles. Plies and
Fistula cured e'ut of-tonn pitlents treated by mall Medicines ent everjv.here omutt tne
tllil Unt'tor. Free. Clurg. s Ta. I'all or write Hour--J a. in to S p. 111. Pumlars to I
TV, po WrtaU. T t.r. th. rrnpti
It ,top.
RABOTEAU & CO.. Broadway
ti'e fiont. while we stand straight, and.
v. nen tired, our heads so back, causing uss
to -Inckcii perceptlbl. I lay that to the
superior streiiKth of the nnKlishmen. As I
"-aid. thev- are trained to build them up and
make them strong, while the one idea In
America "-corns to be to brine out the speed
at one, regardless of the fact that It takp
strength to make speed. That was probablv-
the reason that I could not beat out
men to whom I was givlug eight yards and
catching at tity vaids Th"v had the
strength to keep forward, while my head
vrould go baek, and then the da light -would
begin to show between us."
Bright Outlook for Ihe Sport nt the
Crexeent City Thin A Inter.
New Orleans I.a . Nov. "J There has
been a general livening- up in all srort cir
cles fo.' the last week, caued by the arrival
of horsemen and race followers generally.
Alieady there are horses enough at the
track to conduct a llrst-class meeting, and
books enough to till the ring. However,
most of the good horse1? are still to come,
while books that are now- doing business
North and East shortly will arrive. The
proposed meeting at Jacksonville is hailed
with delight by patrons of New Orleans, for
the reason that the nature of the meeting
at the riorlcta track will take care of a
class of horses that have no business In Ne-v
Orleans, and Incidentally will give some of
the sm ill owners a much better chance to
make a living than they could hope for at
the meeting of the Crescent City Jockey
Club. The local meeting was. at ono time,
a decldedlv- "casv game." but that day has
tone bv. It now Is a meeting where one
has to come prepared to win in almost any
tomp.inv. and, as a. matter of fact, two sea
sons ago AIeander Shields left New
Orleans for Trlsco because he found the
game too hard for him here. Such a. move
would have been laughed at a few years
ago. but It Is doubtful if ever there was a
racing point in the country that has made
as rapid strides as has New Orleans.
The steeplechase course Is the lateat addi
tion to the many improvements at the
course, and In this the management has
diown tho same desire to excel as has been
shown In everv- move. This cour.se. when it
matures, will form one of the handmomest
envw-country bits ever constructed. The
jumps all have been topped with hedgo
shrubs, ami when they are a little sturdier
thev will form a course that will add great
ly to the thrilling sport, and at the same
time afford safe obstacles. There will be
ncthiiiR serious to throw a clumsy Jumper,
while the good ones will find an obstruction
that will call for as much effort as a. rail
fence 01 a stone wall. Shrubbery In t'ds
southland grows at a rato that assures this
course being in tip-top condition Ions before
the spring weather.
Manager Bush of the club said tho other
dav that he wished It understood that his
statements of the action the Crescent City
Jockev Club intended taking: against owners
who raced at Washington alter the arranged
dates were no eviderce of an unfriendly
feeling toward the Washington racing. "1
have no desire to attempt to restrict or
limit the meeting ot the Washington meet
ing," said ilr. Bush. "I cannot take any
course than that already outlined. That is.
we will not permit owners who race at
Washington after December 1 to race at
New Orleans. This is absolutely neccssary
for lhe protection of our racing. The
Cres-eent City Jockey Club is governed by
the rules of the Western Turf Congress,
and bv- its ruling a continuation of the
Washington meeting will constitute outlaw
racing. If we permit outlawed horses to
race here, naturally our track will be out
lawed. I would only be too glad, were it in
my power, to grant any courtesy possible
to the W.ishlnston club, and the announce
ment made merely was to give horsemen
ample notice of our position. It Is one we
are forced into."
SlKiieil Article to Meet tlie EnKlIaU
Mnn Ht TattcrHOlI'a for S,0l)O.
Chicago. Nov. 25. Terry MeGovern to-day
signed articles to "meet Ben Jordan ot Eng
land In a sl-round contest at Tattersoll's
Mime time In January or February. The
light K to be tor the International feather
weight championship and a purse of 4o,00ft.
Manager Lou Houseman, after procuring
JIcGovern's signature, forwarded the ar
ticles to Doctor Ordway, the New York rcp
1 tentative of the National Sporting Club
of London, who fc looking after Jordan's
Interests in America.
As Jordan oltered to meet McGovern. for
.1 purse of S-I.tiiO In London, it is believed
that the Englishman will have no hesitancy
in making the match for the Chicago niter.
McGovern agrees to let Jordan wclght-ln
at 112 pounds at 3 o'clock the day of the
Youiifl I'rit'st May J'enMvo Kepri
nuuid ou His Return.
Tl'ti Kevcrend William Kotte. assistant
pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church,
Academv and Page avenues, -ni10 left St.
I.culs about t.'.o weeks ago, had not re
turned esterday. His parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Kotte of No. 1823 South Ninth
treet. say that he Is traveling somewhere
In Illinois upon his vacation. They do not
know e.ictiv where he Is now, but say that
when they last heard from him he signified
hK Intention of returnim; to St. Louis and
resuming his old -post. Thev say that he
will nut make application to Archbishop
Kaln for a new appointment.
When rather Kotte left town he failed to
irform his superior, the Reverend Peter J.
O'Rourke, pastor of St. Mark's church, of
his Intention. Thic fact caused some dis
cussion among the parishioners of the
church and tho local Catholic: clergv. It is
custom.irv for the ounger priests to obtain
leave of absence before going away from a
parish on a vacation. While Father Kotte
f.estorelto ffia Vigor of Life
fffB. . ,fV v .a. t I f -! atillaa
.T .jayyyym rirari'ir U VUH'llUl'lii'ei
mn "b wdim u . -A-. ";-r"j rr.rrn ." :lvw ".n 7m,ti mtimhene itrenrxhn nd
mt timm; :, . ... -i.... ... .a. iatn.rni'nnhinuiia nae tonorniimpa'-iicj.
- n r;s:'Ti
,.t,tl.. -EPIDIJjE SX'."T;Sni'Z7 l. .I,, tfo'r Co" brU. send
",' ' ",' f"'."55 'f,u " im. nVIKlIEDlCI b. CO., V. O. Jinx 20 J. Hi. Franc
We cure permanently all Nervous, Chronic, Blood and Skin Diseases, Lost
Mauliood, Hydrocele. Varicocele, Epydidtnitis, Stricture, Rupture and Piles,
without cutting or being detained from wprk or business. Consultation free.
Cures guaranteed. If you can't call at our office, write. 3est system of home
treatment for ottt-of-city patients. Onr charges are reasonable and within the
means of every person. Hours: 9 a. m. to 8 p. nt. Sundays, 9 to 11 a. m.
DR. SPINNEY & CO., 720 Pine St.,
jnii elerlto-l'rinarv Diseases of both
Kouk and UuestlDii Lists in ea!ed en.
Debllltv .mil evil effects eaued by
RESTORED "cupidene
cf , &me 1 Freneh J In'.r S theBaeV,
All iMsei by d.jr or sight.
rreient" ssiclm,. a durbirr..
CtrlUUe fie,o,eiuf,
resore, .tc.u
lth rro.
for free cir.
FrantlK. CaL,
aad Lucas Av e.. St. Iou!i. SIo.
Curei nil Chronic IWibm. Dr.Bs4 Vegetable Ctmtl'
po"iiTel7 ceres ..ervou PcMlIty. Snunal 'Wrakntsi.Loift
Jlanfcoo.l or aay eTils Tfialifaie from jonthfi.I error or
r xcf sue In from two t seven week. In use and constantly
silvertifrd in the M. I-ouU papers for ,irer forty virs.aml
has never failed In enrinff tho Wort Css. iriee. Fl
DMlars, tnil pacVcs, One Dollar, mfiklent to snow that th
I:3HttfI1I do all that Is advertised, hold only by Dr C
. IIOrTAVVAV, So. C22 Mores a Ptwet, St. Irtulf, 31a,
tiMbh.htil;. Private Circular FKEK. r.
If Toa hare irasH, weak onraiuh
: lost poirer or weaJtanln drains
; oar Vactmm Orgaa DTelcperwill
i restora you wlt&ont drug ot
! eloctricltr: 25.000 in wet aot n
fallnrs; not ona returned; no C.O.D. fraud wxfttfo
particulars, sent pealed in plain envelope.
10CAL APPLIANCE CO.. 414 Cbirlis Bfj., Oiivir, Cola.
was entitled to a v.ocatlon. not having tatceaj
one for two years, ha may receive a reprl-'
mand upon his return for not having taken
It In the regular 'way. y,
Gorgeously Gowned WomanAskcd
to Bo Locked Up.
Jlrs. Fannio Chapman yesterday Vent) toil
Sergeant McFarland, tho kindly officer ii
charge of tho police station at Seventh and
Carr streets, and asked to be locked up.
The Sergeant, -whose heart Is as batter whenu
fair w oman appeals to it, registered tho self si
styled lady on his book of arrivals and as
signed her to an apartment with bars in the'
Mrs. Chapman was goffering from a tem
porary loss of memory when she arrived at
t5 station. She did not know where shu
lfv ed. Sho vaguely remembered that it was
somewhere in tho neighborhood of Twelfth,
street and Franklin avenue. Mrs. Chap-'
man was clad in a. flowing satin gown ol
regal crimson with billowy laces drapc4
When oo of the runners for tho Fourth
District hostlery gathered In Mrs. Chapman
Fhe was In company with Jerry Jones, who
said ho lived on Jlorgan street. Mr. Jones);
was vainly endeavoring to persuade the
gorgeous lady to do a cake-walk. Aa the
sympathetic officer found upon Jones's peiS
Eon three pairs of spectacles he surmised!
that his sight was very weak, and to sava
him from danger ho gave him into Sergeant
JIcFarland's care.
In tailing an inventory of Mr. Jones'3
property it was found that ho was troubled;
with heartburn, and he asked. "Whash goo
for It?" And Mrs. Chnpmon irtM-foimJ tor
be troubled with periodical incarceration in
the holdover, and she inquired "Whash goo
fer th hoi' over?" But as sho was making;
socgoo eyes at Doctor McGarry, eha was
escorted to her apartment.
Gib Barheo of Joplln ls at the Ijacleda,
J. G. South or Chicago la at the Undell,
S. G. Pay no of Chicago la at tho Laclede, '
" R. H. Jenk3 of Cleveland is at tho South
ern. U. V. Hill of Keokuk, la, la at tho TSn.tr
J. D. Saycrs of Toledo, Ou i3 at the Ea
Sir. and 3Ira. Sara W'lUard ara at tha
P.. C. Xangan of Clinton, la.. Is st tha
Brlgham noyco of Kow York; la at tha
H. C. Powers of Indianapolis la mt tha
C. W. Watson of Xcw York Is at tha St
W. C. Plttman of New York fa at tho St.
George McClala Is at tho Llndell front
F. A. Fitch ot New Orleans la at tha
Howard Kennedy, Jr., of Omaha Is at tha
G. W. Batchelder of Oklahoma. 13 at tho
Annie M. Clark, of Boston la at th
T. L. Minnus Is at tho Planters from,
J. McD. Trimble ot Kansas City la nt tho
A. K. Kenyon of New York Is at tho
St. Nicholas,. . -
Senator ,T. C. Culberson of Texas Is at
the Planters',
W. W. Sharp of Springfield, Mass., ia
nt the Ljclede.
Charles W. Hayncs is at tho St. Nicholas
from New" York. , .
F. B. Green, a resident of Topeka, Kas.,
Is at thev Laclede.
S B. Burnett of Tort Worth, Tex., la
at the Planters'.
Jir. and Sirs. A. A. Kelly of Buffalo aro
at the Southern.
Joseph GiraUd Is at tho St. Nicholas
irom isew lorK.
Sir. nnd Mrs. Morris Boss of Indianapolis
are at the Southern.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Patterson of Peru,
Ind , are at the Planters'.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Bradley of
Dubuque, la., aro at the Southern.
Wherever Catarrh Is
There is sure to be a waste of mucus,
Mucus is as precious as blood. To stop
this waste you must stop the catarrh. Pe
runa never fulls to do this.
IlrlcU llloek Uarncil at Beatrice, Xel.
Beatrice. Nob , Nov. 13. Fire to-day de
stroyed the brick block in which tho gen
eral merchandise s.toro of Begole & "Win
Awdale was located, together with stock
Involving a total loss of $53,000, of which
$68,000 fall on Begole & Van Arsdale, who
carried Insurance of but $23,W.
The other losses, run from $500 to $3,000.
with insurance at about half. The origin
of the fire is unknown.
and Happiness,
v r
K. ;& -vi eJj,i

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