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Christmas Comics...
In Colors. Funny for Elders, Too,
Next Sunday's Republic.
Western Trains Running Behind Time and
Traffic Is LightStriking Operators
Remain Firm,
ST. LOUIS, 310., AIOyPAYTiqsCKMlSKK V). inno
Christmas Comics...
In Colors. Funny for Elders, Too.
Next Sunday's Republic
In M. l.onl.. line Ct-lit.
Iil- M. l.otiia.Tno Ct-nli.
nil ii k, ! hrrr enln.
Railroad Ofliciafs Take Hopeful View of Situation-Are Bend
ing Ail Efforts Toward Operating All Lines 0. R. T.
Hopes Trainmen Will Go Out.
Topeka, Kas. Pec 9 Considerable l!f
ficultv attended the operation of the Santa
Te train-, to-div Announcement was made
lat nlslit by olUcials tint .ill trains would
run on time, ami tint all kind of freight
would lw handled in the u-ml quantities.
.Ml trains would be. mn on time-card sched
ules. Tho troubles commenced this morning
when tho California limited train. No. 4.
camo in from the West four hours late.
When tho train reaehed Emporia, it was
confronted with the strike conditions to such
an extent that It was held up for some tlmo
awaiting orders. None came, aud tho train
started. "When It reached tho first small
Matton tho aangor signii whs out, and It
had to stop The process was repeated at
all small stations between nmporla and To
leta. The limited necr stops at tho small
.-tations under ordinary conditions. The of
ficials wero much chagrined to find that
their favorite train had lost bo much tlmo.
No. 2, another California, train, duo In To
rek i at 2 SX. did not arrive at all. and the
ollclals of the road do not know exactly
where to look for it.
ll Train Latei Travel Very LlKUt.
No. b. from tho West, arrived nearly on
time. Instead of being a long train of nlna
toadies, as It usually Is, It consisted of
only thrco coaches, and was pulled by two
pugine. -Arils was cone to preclude the pos
sibility of any delay, as It Is a matter of tha
utmott lmportanco that all trains run at as
nearly schedule time as possible It had no
clearance at any station.
All trains from the East were from one to
three hours late, the Chicago train being tho
latest. .
Travel to-day has been unusually light
Tho Atchison train, which Is usually
crowded with passengers on Sunday, had
orly fifteen people to-day. The people were
uiraio. io travel on account or the, possi
bility of accidents.
Tho fast mall Fcrvice was all right
this morning, and tho road men hope tho
ba-na conditions will prevail to-morrow.
They will not express an opinion, however.
The dispatcher's offlca here Is unable to
Haul trafflo over the cut-off from Argentine
to Emjoria. and unless better conditions
prevail no passenger trains will be run on
the cut-off to-morrow.
"West of Emporia the train dispatchers
can only guess as to the whereabouts of
trains. Some talk hns tun ......pa .,p t,.in..
lag tha long-distance telephones Into requisi
tion to supply the place of the telegraph.
Strikers- Statement of Situation.
The following Information Is rten out by
l"1BTepreentatlvej: " "rvc-
A 8 o'clock to-night practically all the
lgraphers on tha Atchison. Topeka and
Bants. Fa proper are still out. A few men
returned to wofk this morning under the
impression that the strike, tin i -.n.i
IL,and Ttere Iatcr on Induced to Join the
strikers. Later In tho day they were all out
to .. man west of Emporia. Not a man will
return to work unless their grievances are
settled In tha fullest rsslblo manner. Some
of them have already ther prospects of
.1 I?? on other road!l anl 1 accent
them If the Santa Fa management persists
in Its present course.
"iTen frem different places alt along the
line, wired In to the train dispatcher's office
J ere asking the condition and whether the
strike would continue Tk., .I"l
il, i ?L7 e 7" Practically settled, and
the only thing for them to do was to re
turn to work. This many of them did. and
it began to look something like the strike
w as ended.
known" .I?. conalllon alrs became
known to the operators of this city, and
they immediately started to make a change
in tha condition of affairs. They busied
themselves In getting! the real news of the
sltuatlon along the lines, with the result
mat tha operators went out again.
J?.h1 """""i company then met this
move by positively ordering all the strikers
to stay out of tho effee and away from the
kejs. No communications can thus bo
-cm. w tome ot tne rew who are yet work
ing. Opentot- In places where there ara
uptown telesraph offices have been reached
in that manner, while those in smaller
places will be reached It another manner
fcerore noon to-morrow.
"To-night none of tha depot operators? are
working In Topeka. In tho general office
two men are working. One is a new man
and the other Is not a member of the or-
"A meeting of operators from Topeka and
surrounding points was held here this ft
trnoon. After a thorougn d'scussion of tha
rS!'!f " ?a? MiJniaiiju.iy agreed that the
sUuation looked veiy blight for the oper-
San Bernardino. Cal , Dec. 3 As a result
of the strike of the telegraph operators
men lu this eltv h.ive in .!,.-,... .,.
ot work. In tho large machine shops of
the Santa Fo company, an order was post
oa. saying:
'The shops will be closed until further
The strike Ins cau-ed consternation
nong oranga growers and shippers of this
C"J as. if the strike is continued. It will
undoubtedly result in a heavy loss to the
orange dealers.
An BVerailA nf 100 ptrs tf nranr.Aa lu l..ln..
snipped from this viclnltv daily. Thousands
of boxes of fruit havo been picked and are
ready to be shipped and nearly the entire
crop Is ready for shipment. There are more
than 00 carloads of oranges billed for this
ty to the East and if the strike assumes
proportions which threaten the oranges
will probably bo sidetracked.
The Santa Fc Company is making a su
premo effort to rush Its fruit to Its destina
tion. Every available engine is being
Praeaed into service and jard men and
trainmen are working overtime.
All the operators on tho southern Califor
tK ullwaJ'. t which San Bernardino Is
"e headquarters, havo observed tho ordtr
lueir president and quit work. No at
tempt is made to till tho positions left va
Los Angeles, Cal.. Doc. 8 The local trail
dispatcher of the Santa Fe road announces
"tall trains wero on tlmo and that tho
strike would In no way Interfere with traf
fic. H declared that In all less than slxt
operators had gone out west of Albuquer-
Vn and J1Jale. s'- ot the San Joaquin
alley divUIon and live or six only of the
Mnthern California division.
An this cit only four operators quit
"ia. The strikers- places have been fillel
rvecry Instance, according to tho dis
patcher's statement. There is great reluct
Jce on the part of members of the order
""'""Te good positions to go on the sjm
etlc strike.
,"5r. Colo, Dec. 9 A special to the
r m Albu1uerfiue. N. M., sajs:
The strike of tho Santa I"e operator is
JJfalcg to be felt here. I'assenger trains
fH several hours late to-night and while
"J? xo plenty of operators hfre. frclsbt
" are tied up. waiting for onKrs at
- """ stations, w here men hav o gone out.
inlet fere
The tlo-:lrg of the thnps h'r ti r'ciit
w-i men out and groatlv
with lm!lncs.
Mania 1 OIH.la .prlnl.
a. decldcdlv hopeful view of the telegra
phers strike sltu-iilon Thej all snythe
.uklK,e of the strike Is practlcilly
ir? n.,,;oad" a,,j ,hut ui Ta" of tho
roia will be in their normal condition in
Mae of two works The officers felt Justi
fied to-r.iglit. In view of the alleged Im
provement in condition, in rescinding tho
order clo-ing the shop-.
II. I". Jludge. central imnager of the
roid. tent out a general order this after
noon to all opeiators who had not v,t gono
e-wuK to promote them If they
would continue In their resistance to the
strike. He told them that thev- U,l been
juimiui to the interests of tho compinv
thus far. and that they could (111 out UieiV
application blanks for better po-ltlons a:
once. The general manager ndded that
ail the men not taking part In tl e striko
Ehould have better positions. If they wero
capable of filling them, anl that their old
places will bo filled from outside sources.
,.,r- Mudge expresses great satisfaction
this evening at the order he had se-it cut
and said It was onlv fair that the company
.-...u n.ua recognize tneso of the men
who had been faithful to Its Interest".
The officials have kept In close consulta
tion all dav and tin- nnt i.t i. ....... il...
detail of tho developments escape their in
tention. They have had somo detectives In
Topeka all day watching the movements or
tne strikers and reporting to headquarter.
uLL,r si GKrri .stui:mkt
Galveston. Tct . Dec. 9.-L. J. r-olk. gen
eral manager or the Gulf. Colorado and
Santa he Railroad, to-night made the fol-
"At 3 o'clock this afternoon everj thing
was running smoothly. v0 are gaining
ground rapldlv in the matter of installing
a.Ee!,s and optrators. ami will con-
A. A v . "en morc rjPl' from now
? u"nc,;s la nt suffering m the
fiS . ', d(,.8ree- ,or Sundav. our daVs
freight bu-lnes Ins been good, indeed
no?fhi'rUm,,ll.ls' nent-"e trains n ,hrt
northern and twelve on the southern dhl-
,n1I';i S. far a" lh- lume- of busmess
handled Is concernrtl, t ,,ouId never ba
known that there was a s,rlke on To-d.?
o ' "" '"-'w operators to work
deserted tnd of recond lot nine. The
nJSTIi,"B 'nfed. were Order of
Railroad Telegraph men who simply cam
down here to lmras us. '
"This mornlng-s mall brought too a Iai.
number of letters from all over the .Stale
making applications, fn .....' "I r,lJIe
tors ,?nd In nai,,"t7o, :.:
pect to receive enough men from other quar
ters within the nct two davs tV operate
?"r.,roai-1ih. C0P-"t menVrom oT 7, d
Bright Outlook in the Senate for Teller
Amendment Demanding Full Control
by the United States.
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty Scheme Said to Have Lost McKinley's
Favor and Its Supporters Are fewer Dais
v. Amendment Sure of Adoption.
tl atv h i. K t ii
President v.iihtir.tw
to lOMlf
r.rprr.i.ip ?i noi u
WaMilngton. I 9Theiar..Iiv ,l.,i
ing i.il., J of Sfihitt.is wl ar lM-t.riii
r" r. . in j ,x ll)(1 i,,.
t 'Mlleaisl i !iu,
fi... . .
..... . ii.iiu..n :rnm in., x.nale
'h T llcr am. rdiinit :. ih treitv dr"
n.ii'Mii a di tinrili VrntTi.-in i in.,f a,i
slrlkii u- ,,n nr, .nnr.. to fortthnthiu
j i ! if iv intr in, I i,n. il Mates f r.
If it pi, i, t liniiiK s.i-ngtii
V ' ""' frseniN 'nr Its adoption j
lit .r io .1. v..) m. nis tr, Hit- faiure !
of ll.t ni) s a. tlvilv and tt.vt . .i .... tl
"i,- i hi n lur Hie n, .1 v
m ijnrltv.
I'tki .im. ,lt
Vt'lt til 111 thiit 'Mil 1
The .ni, i tj , , f
Rumor Current in Chicago Society That She Is Engaged to
Gerard Barry He Fell in Love With His Model
Romance Developed at the Easel.
i r.ir. It i
1 '- n"" "'i wirtl I h tht- i'iiM. riv
wilhilrw Hip tr.-i f ,r H,.. r. ison ih.t
li.hlii.1 it I tho ....tl,n ihit ! th tine
h- ne-o(u.tI il,. Hav-i,i,n..r.. ,,,,
tl, I.rl C. ,,i,r..'.,to. t:,P. Itrit.iln w
will lie l,i ati..:,. t i pn... -mo,, tie . tin?
tlt ii.Mou I.LItr trfatv mil anl vcj.1
The adhert tits ,r the ,,rizlt .,1 II ,j ttraty
rr.w find thrinsehrs ronf nte.l vitha
propoMtlon from t.e friem-s ,,' th. t in.tl
width, if Ihiti, v,v a-tf,j ,, ,. ,,. ,.rp,.
tltnt nmiM rcvetl -onie Inid hiftorv at
Up .s .-te Di-ranm.-.t whiili lias heretofore
oi Ij Ltrn hintn,! at
Hn (iibal IHsintPKrnli-Mc.
.. . ..... ..-,., wm, uni me i()l m,lmrtiTs
cept t.. riiallrnzf. I m .rni .,,., ,h.
tiil .llln nr.l w t .1,
-., . "' "
iii'r treaty is.,,..;. Tlifr 'li
s n' of the 'ri nd of tb3
11 tl" quint tl at a larceff
1 III. .11.) n.ltn.n
will !. ., It mk. l.t tne il it-l'.inn. . fntti
Ioplt ,it. th. frit rtN of t,P T. II. r amfid
! nt Itiievt- ihit -h, .itlnilnlstr.ititin will
It tii n v n v il Iiik n. .hi c.: the littrras
v-iti. i!. .fi. ui.i'i i.t n .1' i ud vvltli-
iTH- ' tit IH, .im jii. ,, t .... I , SSr.iti.
i prop,- j m M(. , t, , ,v,
lell. r- V iiiron- M.iinl.
Senator Tt U-r In t t tlk t.-i'.tv vn;oroii-,ly
tlrtl'.etl tii- II iv-l'.iu.ptfn' theme fop rho
in-1 11.-
Will (Mos,. With Arjjiiiiiriifv
. I.. K'cddcii mill .liivih
Wa I !,.
i:i:rt r.i.if m'ivi vu
Cl.icaRo. Dec. S -The n port ! current in
Chicago societv that JIr UC0IL.0 JI Pdl
ni in, widow of the pilace ear mitmi,. is
soon to Im married to Cerard Ilirrv tin
well-known New York portrait palnt."
I'or gome time the rnsaqt-ment of Air
rullniaii and Jlr liirry hav bet-i an mm
secret, and the recent visit r ir u.1Pp, t
inoiith. are vail to h-ur dtvelnped t,e oid
tlmo filemlship In 1 U..11 VIr I'iiIIi-i 11 ,
Air Itairv Into tii- mo-t siimri- .iITtetloii
nit itinr.tit nrncrfn.il vn i,mte tl .t
! v is autiiiuu litfore .iu. 1 IU. t... !,, a
n.t 111 mi It Tl'ii- att.l tK1i the fate was
t irt-.fl. an.i miiiv tj mv.i .s were il-trovt I
I'foie th, inline' wn uatlvllt.l uin, i.ij
be first a de-er-lo-, -o the It.vF, nM.dme
irpor-ers nr,i ,on If , Tpr a ,.
r.,"PP";"r s,,,m ' ntroIli.i-s
Mi-e-isth to th it side rr tho fonce
The Ilive.ilnl . eelt.iml.- r.Utr.tr.
et or tl .. n-nt terlmi-, I It,.. trtir k at his
trratv I fin. tie tlefee'Io" nf (he I'resul, ,1t
I'ri-flf who row lems tovi-1, ., ampn j.
e-I t't.itv
The n.vls am-ndn-ent I- rrrt 'n of adnp.
ton. for the ,,art Iea.'rs laving made
a laiefu crva-. hav.- rrarli.tl the t-on. In
"Ioii that without It th tre.tj cannot be
I . ...... ue .,. .,fs nn x.. tj ijton-iiulner
"lJ" """ ' ll'Ve ..!, alisolUtllV igi.tjred,
111 th t ip ip tt r ii ,
1 It. Id v,nl it- l.iier. "that the treatv
livyt tie t''utiill-l:-iler lir.ilt-js
rrtitl. nt . t Ii .! ,rI r e a.Iitiins cn
tlrelv .1 T f.-n Hi.- re..Pnt tint I
Hon t t 1. 1 It I is .,nv real alhlUtlon to tht
irt-tiu 1. 11 im. ,1 f tliii, . 1 Ih-Iicvp,
men was a fair pieMiu.itlun of the ques-
i.fii i n-.e ,.n.in p,.,pe. vitli a reti.est
to the liritNii C.vtrnn. nt t- 1l1r.1p.1tr tho
llt-aty and lent- u- to ; nll.I the tanal un
iIt -uch urns- as we saw !i with te un
fit rstandin that It I- to W nniiral to all tha
world In time of pf.it t. tie mnimerre of the
woi.d to Inv. tht vnme rli;ht to it as vra
hvc and I-iv'-z th.- ntxti.n ..t i.
I ,.. ,.v.. ... .. v,u-
ir. 1 art! .rv.t'itui to tali agreement H3
ilaKi "' ""-'ii mah- villi f-ot.i i:tca and Nlrn-
....... un, ., h'.ij ii nun j relieve woula
nite- ij,p jppurtji 0f .;. Kngij, people.
"The Knsllrh pot -de Im.. .limn tl dj-p,
po-itmu to I v.r fr-emilv to us .-.nil thev
t.rultlv an- not .!.. v;tl to tlo tn-,thlnjr
that will taii-e trlcil 11 1. tut'n thorn and
the A-ntrlean iole If the canal Is built.
I Uli've the would be wil'lnsr te leave tte
Hi-Mt.ou of it-, control entlrelv m our
hai d
Mr I ode
Chka-ro. otensll,iv f..- th" ...."'-.'..". "",B. '" '"'.w. is a n it me worn., i
11.. r, . ..u " . . 'V " "1"'l: "' " i slimier j.iati.ri.1 inn
' ll.l- .1 irk
11.ur ami . tt. 11,1,1 iii iitint-. are di licate
lv inoiil.ltsl -.n the portrait was imally
flrl'heil. It wii'i an Idenll-eil -.11.1. ,.' ir
.. .. . . - - - .
1 1111111.-11. ari nit iiiininr
Il id f.-ill"ii in love
to the other
thVs cUyohe ?,7hV llV- o.,is In
I'eP iJ?,i Atchison, Tojieka and Sinta
thartri- aiSJStcm U K claimed to-night
that the efforts of the -tiiKins telecrfiVh
vlce-presldcn of thT coninai, v Tl n!"
made the followln-f sta,emem! "' l'n'gnt
fcomewhat Ies than per cent of the
operators empj ed re-ponded to the tr Ike
rl ? rd S0'Ue "f ,he,e " applied for
re-emplovment. All pa-seniter and frelsht
1 V,i . ul icouceu ,, olunie of
business moving, the normal forees o? men
worked.--rJ" S f Ule scnlle '" '"
At all points Jlr. Bair annotmcetl. or
moJlf. J?"'","1 in the """"" -Imp- to-rnorron-i-iornlng
as us,, ,i. At ,,R ,,
office, it was stated that .all ,eKunP re2-
bountMnilns ,.ft Cluea.o to-daf 0 .eYel-
.We..hUn,re'1 oriela,or- eie emplojed to
nnti' V:.tl at." tt IV .'.ad-
?, ' ''xc L" J"-'ces or "trikers Th.
cw- men were belnj: hlre-l. It w..3 Mid i
all sections of the count! v. -"."
ThouRh th- company oihelils eliim to
have tho tltintlon well in l,dlld dI,u ,,,"
rt!' .P'T113er anJ frtlKnt trJ' l'l be
d -patched to-morrow without delay idi
v Idu.l teleeraphers wlo walked ou ere
claim that the union men knew what they
were doiny when thej walked out, and !."
e tare the strikers will fight the battle to the
bread-and-vvater point If netes.ar.v
.Members of the ttleKraphic order lime
uctrti a-iireu mat tnej will be provided
with means to keep up the battle and -up-port
themselves and families.
knss -nv orricitLs tsi.k.
Kansas City. .Mo. Dee S l-ne,.! ......
IV olllcials give out the following statement
of the strike situation to-nlsht.
Chicago divWIon hail IM operators Se-
...t. .... n.. ..r ........ .. .. .. .-
-. . -... ... niT-m viii 011 fctriKc: nt-w
operators weie placed to-dav. i:asteru divi
sion had 103 and lost S). .Middle division
the mam line, and Hutchinson eiit-ofr had'
Ci and lost ii Western division had 7i and
lost Nearlv all Important points aie
si.ppitd with operators to-tl.iv. v vi.,.
Ico division had E7 and lost ill. All places
filled between I tat on and AlbutpRrque to-
uaj. mo oraniie uivieion had i! and ljst
7 Oklahoma division, main line, bctveen
AVichita and Purcell. had V and lost .15.
AH important places except I'urcell arc
provided for lo-t!a. and I'urcell will be
taken care of early In the mornliiK. South
ern Kansas dlvi"lon. main line, and Oiranl
Itraneh, had 11 and lost 33 I'.tnlnndlt divi
sion, main line, had 1". nnTl lot 9 Alt Im
portant places are provided for to-day.
ooi.ineni niinsii ami rexas had G and
lest 2.
"I!uIness has niovetl in verj jjood haie
r.i--enfr trains are pa-iiis practK-allv on
time with no more deiav than is nsn.ii
Stock trains arc being handled and there is
no accumulition of cars at an point. All
shops will be open and work resume "as
ui'al to-morrow.
"A telegram from the general ruperin
tendent of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe
at Cleburn. Tex., states that thlrtv-two
freight trains ran on the Northern division
of the road yesterday and twentj-ninc
irams on me aoutnern division, which
equals the average daily traffic of the road
during the last month.
Wichita, Kas. Dec. 9. Leaders of tne
striking telegraphers on the Santa Fe Hall
way boast that they will tie up the entire
sjstcm AV to-morrow afternoon. Thev- pre
dict that the company will capitulate within
tive tins.
J. A. Newman, general chairman of the
strikers' union. Issued this statement to
right: "At a o'clock this evening the situation
from the telegraphers' standpoint could not
well be better. The Santa Fe Pacific men
are out MIidl. with not a man working,
and cur reports show- that traffic is prac
tically at a standstill.
"On the Oklahoma and the Southern Kan
......iK a 'enrme or artistic decoration of tho
Pullman mansion, bus started the 'tor
that tit wedding will take pla e before tho
tnt. oi' the winter.
Tht re Is a rom.ame l,.nk tf th. ioi.rle.l , v.iih hi, uu.,. i
i if v IF " -"' -" - "; ThvTr v,:-i,u,r .; :i:.:rr"
.a. portrait of bis l....tif.,i ir., -. h.. ".,". .... '" V' ""." ." '" .""- v '" wtin.lertul
ieii in lovo with Ills Mibjeet and I
t.iKiug in tne situation it a glarte. tli
,.ir. .. ."...- ... ....r. tu. . in-, .men .urv iv in, ,an,.. tl, (-,ir,c,,
ranfn't,"'1", 'J"l"l? ...T.,J.N '." . '"i " '?"- Mr ,rrv 1&
II r.Vn I . ' 1'inetl llPf Willi .,1, .trill Of
1 ...... ,- ,,,,, miiii Jlio in.ll.e cn.ii!., n the h.Mlse
former vvlfn of ltnski,. i. ,i i ... n . . '
belle In IXlantl '" b . .7 'J ....T.""' " '?' ..' s ,"""" --"" I Ii
The ease of Mrs Pullman and Mr i:.,r-v ' n.u r , T' , '.mt" '?
, , .... iij.i.iii ,1. .. i.pu'
II. .4 '.. l 1 IH VIM,
IVIi-vf. Tli.u
Mllilll'll .1 II I OI
ly Attonicv
Sin- Will i;.. At-
AlllTtlll to Tf.l!'-.
f;r tin- I'hwi'cii
hum I'ic.iilu'i' Ciiliiis"tl.
taint tn m in win. h ,,
'!'. '.Nt I !'.',".' "f TW,'k '" I'Tlr-tlUK h.r own portrait
I.u kin. IliN Meoml tuniniNMiin k. in .Mr larrv en-
t, .nil .nun i ue in , pti ml,, i,
In the l.-t-it M ir
vtrai t Is t p.etetl
tuttiratoi- o
Oi - of the lu
..... ...(.. ... ,...-.,
,.-.t. ii.,-. oceii -onitwhu .lifTereiu
About tin e.,rs ago .Mar-hill FieM -ni-rloje.1
the artist, who was thtn net so
Jtais old, to pilnt the portnit t.f u.t
tlatighttr, Kthel Tree Tile po.-trilt -h.m.il
ueh Hut p. r eplliui and -u, h ulinirabl.
leehnl,,iie that it won the admiration of
.Mr Pullman, who g,v th. artist a ntnn
btr of sittings
Mr iiirry it'.UIzi-.l iii.n ., .n...i r...rt-..n
(t the Palate far magnate would do -niii Ii
towartl miking his it-piit ition. anl b -ptiit
a greit ileal of tlm. up in it in the wtrks
Hint he was at work ill. ISarn glint. I th
fritnilship of the . mile- Pulltn in fmnllv
and slnte that time lu hat been a ftcrpient
Vl-Itoi at Klbnon. N J ami the TIl.niMlld
Islands whtre the Pullman .summer Immrs
art -uuate.
I.ovv llt-Knii hi H.r i;nfl.
Ilirlv list siimmtr Mr liirrv was toni-ini-iloiietl
tu pulnt h isirtr.iit of Mr- Pill
man. He went to the sunimtr home nt i:i
leroa. N. J. lmmed,atel afttr tht -r lu. n
of Jlrs. Pullman mid her niothtf ilrs
Saugei, from their Ktuopcan tour The
daily sitting" whl. h t Mended over two
II lotitris Is s.f.l t.. 1...
. ii.iuoonie.'i iii fiii, mn
. I!1" T" N ' UM "' " - "rl.
lall and , iii.N.uii.. u ,. , f.,w,r,.
sriI,M tirtlcs
Vo toiitirmatlon td Uu i.ru, nutri
111..11I1I pl..ns ef the ioii,.p ,ou,j u ,,.
Jal11.1l in Iiiraj.,, to-iilUit M,., IMlitnan
v"t ""I ,0.1'1 ,l "'" 5irl'K". Ark. ai.d
Mr lt.ni I-. hUw-l i . ,. i:jj
iiiik . ricit-.Mis iMM-ninn.,,.
itri'i i.ut hpi;i 1 vi.
New Vork IVt 'I Vlr 1:.., .1 1. ....
tt.- artist, lives at the Alpl ,,. . artnu-nt
hotis,, tllH flI hut ,( Wdt U) tlor(
to-nllit that he vv is nt ,,t liome Cou
trnlng Im r.ortrtl t :iMtmenl to Mrs
Pullman, filemls t.f Mr U.rrj had in, iu-fo-inatlon
Tlie. know oilv Hint th. artist
js toiaini'siGiietl i.v the wi.io.v r the
Palat.- Car nugpate to t v-cutt- s, ,ril
paintings and to diret t fe ifiiinleling f
htr Chicago buns,. TlirsC fiionds ,1, , ,t
vvhollv ertdlt the r.poit fi.nn Chic .go that
Mr Harrv and M's Pullman ar. tngi-i-1
vv hilt, admitting tint miU, a tiling 111 ij b-
sender trains onl J.j time card, and all
are latt
Tho Ktstern tlivi-lou has about five men
working i:niH,rIa and Kiiisjs nt ,IM ,i.
main line, but the Emporia tut-nfr. ov.''
vvliMi the frelglit is handled, is tied up
olldlj The Clikago dlvislnn reports tint
the men are tlrm and determliusl Wlillo
..it; 11.no uiiour ttn men working, tlit-ie.
are not enough to handle the passeng, r
and frtipht b-isiness and tverv thing is be
ing badly dclijed
"Tho rtporls from the flulf. Color idu 1111 1
hanti re how tint the mt-ii ar.. as firm
., m." . ,,,e ,"ml'Jn 1" utterly im-
ablt to fill tin. til1tp r ,, strikers
"It Is repotted fioni Albuqut njue tint
the trainmen wen of there have rtfus-d
lo work any longer under the- dangerous
eonoltions and not a wheel s moving
. ... wo.,..,.e ,np ,itr s.IIItn r ,
Colorado havo notified the oflkeis that
thev must stttlo tho trouble win, ,)H
te ographer. by 3 o'tlock Mood ly morning
otlierwis,. thev will take action -,re
out to stay until the company comes to
Tor Missouri Tuir VIIM,,,. - lir,.
1I111. fnlr; mil mi mill: varlnltlr nlo.N.
I'ttr llliimls I'mr Vllntln ntll m.t
kii rnlil. roi-s.li, t. fnlr. it ill. rlslnir
leii.liprnti.ri-: HkIiI Iti fresh n..rl lirrlt
'Sii 1 i'i.ifsi'i:f-i vi..
V. it 1 1 ii K is l e
1 is in tas, J K'.loratio
M. nd iv.
!l t'ni now rf in tins ,,r.. ih closing .,r-M-mt
1 ts of A I. Iledden for the ,1. fense
aid Ji-tph V .iters fr the prosecution
Tins,. aiMiiin nis, !). tt,,rii...s .j, v ill
one.if u,e jir.ns went li-t night wlirn It
I.ev.li. .itluri. for ilu. si .te ...n..i
open them to cntt .Mi-s ilonisrn i ,,r
t'. r io irt.-.e. t ihtir hi.r.its from jealous
we 1111 -i
P Moontv. In ,, srecli for the tie
f-lse ..,ti.,. olln Castle of wlilrtlllv Mini
111.1 ing jealous, hetween the two worn n
Vhr,i II. nrv SCiiimaiitpr. for tne tlt-fe.is,.
! Id th jurv tii ,t Miss ilonls n was ., pear,
nnthi tits Sr , , ,v1 h(r Ue lj(.n(.,j,
of the doubt slip 1, 1 1 i,p i,..,
fatle-'s shoulder and wept
I trlii.: ids argument Mr S. humuker
Ii.ade vigorous at:.ks upon the Keveie-.l
Wharton pistr f the .Mrthoill-t Church
to width Jtssp Morrison Leknged
' Inls man ' s.,M ,1,,. .,ttoriit, "went to
tlip noire of the iinfortun lie Mrs. Casile anl
hui.ttsl up evidence ag dnt Jei,. iiorri-, n
Whu do m, t,fl,k f H leJcner ttho
wt i.l I eotitrlhuie in j ,, ,., ,,.,.., ..
lor iotljt rless girl, and i me nbt-r of h's
own mirth' Think or this ni.aohtr of to
dav r.d then think of the Christ who died
fe-i the i.,or till, f on the er s... Ii,tj,i r
J.lvlng e-o: -olatlon to the imforiuuate CI ira
,s . . . ., ',r,'atl,,r wnt Into that house
us 1 tlettetlve to tonvlct a poor, motherless
fell., and 1n.1nl.tr of bis .... n . i....i.
J.ssl.. vi, rrl.on spe,,, the daj in herctll
-Irglng hjinns with h.r fathtr and receiv-P-g
mu.v . il'trs. vvht. evpress,,! their belief
that aiiiultt.il is sine
She wis tliess,,! nlll,,. ,.,,. fi)p
(itst time since the trial eommenced. She
rtmrr-t tf !. a ....
the fi.wr of the Senalp. u 1'I... l - - '
." tli !5it. Dtiurtnieiit to In'nnn ifn
.... ... toe i.ieis ,,p ! w.,rn ,,im (f lh(
n ip,hn- failure t.f his eherlhe.l pirns
pninlnent Repul.l'rin Snatt- 'ae
jualatci with Ihe sit, atio-i. to-niht g v.-J-Hir
i.:re-.r.dent the names ..f the ft-
..i :pii.iiers who. he
lor toe Davis umni.npnt
Iemterdts-i:,m. i,p v,-tz. Caffcn.
hllte-i !.. foekrell t'ult-,isCn. D-itiel
Jt.re- frk) IJennev. Mniha,. JIcEnerj.
Mtl-iiirfn. ilallorj-. .Mai tin. -Morsan. ilon-
V,';ip!fniU,:;:"n,,r: oan,v-"- Tallaterro.
ijltoan. Turl.) Vtst and Tonne. To-
i i"i.jio.il-n and Jnd. pendwits AKcn. Uut-
r Harris. Heafel.l, Jnpes (Nv" ) P-t'l-
r.rn"Vorar;.Tur"r- vten ,rt "- '-
lifpulilicans niklns.
'I object t.. the Haj-Pauicefote treaty
lecaus ii e-arfss wlih it n,. t-.tt....
th it .A. . ..i,.tvt....i
..... . - ...... u,-
Jionroe- I .etrlrt.
"ii". will vote
wlii. h I
adverse to tho
think has btt-a
I law ley.
11 rk.
jloir Kjle. McIJrMe. Lodge. Se'wtll n,,'
lerkin-. lejrd. Poster, i'l.. t (V vV
Simon. T tal. II .-..,
n Is make a total of fifty of the TOra.
"..snip of the fcoiule. or x more than a
.1 v.ry viluible tks-tnne. not enl for w.
but for ..II the Amrrli-ii iation. It Is I
tactriit, I think wc can't tlepirt from. antX
whattver may 1. ,.,ir r.iitlous to tho out
Mde -world in the lllturp. W(. tlr(J , t
Mai .1 as the arblttr and prottttor of any
Amerkan nat on that needa our kindly cf.
I object to the Hay-Pai.rtefi.te treaty
not build this e-anal until n ...- ..
nr..n. t... .1.. ... . "- "'"""'
-..,......... las ,., 0i,taineil.
fore, if i;reat Itrllain's 9.m m..
!.t.T,'-,,h,rm,-'t "' na ' rig,,, to
, ,' , "rr i-'ent. and I am not willlmr !
to admit thnt t . ... ...,. ""' t
.. M1I ,tlliy uuiiu a canal
un kr ucl. ccnditions and everjbodv knows
that we w, I build it nnjhow- If we want it!
I t-bjeet to tho Ha.v-Pauneefotc treaty
becau... It Implies that we would not treat
he world fairly without i,ch a trtatv My i
Judgment is tl. it no nation .shou d l
Iow.d to use It , tmie of , I .
Heve- it would bo letter for mankind IhTt
no ship of war should go throim. It except
our own and tho-e of Mcaragu and Costa! ,
h ob
liciii.iiid for IV'iinliif.s Acmi.itin"
vi-i' Two Jlillion DiiH.irs
to Hi' Dionitfil.
The rallioai officials
nrn hniwiiix .. . -
-thtdule time. The SuSu $X? i?
dav- were fairly rcgujir. Hut tl,.. VI 7 '
ba-ncs, is not In good s ,n "' 1 'r" . I
trains sehetlnleil .... '., .""' rrigiu
moving with -.,thlTO.rr.??V-,.,r
Zu 7?SJ!!,t "nHle. Vr,
buck . r n.; .J.tm'f-nr" -"
it . V V ".- jam-, wero batllv
blocked ve-terday and this morning bit
during the day a large amount of freight
was gotten out and there is practically no
blockade here to-night.
Commencing to-day the S mta Te limited
train from St. Iui will arrive at Dallas at
..i p. in. InsteaJ of Si p. m. and will
leave Dallas at 8 15 p. m.
rxpcnuc srix'i Ms
Dallas. Tex.. Dec. ? Men who are In
charge of the strik of the Order or It ill
way Telegraphers of the Gulf. Colorado
and Santa Fe sjstcm report to-night that
the trainmen will Join them in a dav or
two if the strike, of operators Is not settled
bv that time.
The tralnmt 1 heli' meetinzs last nieht at
Gainesville. C'eburne and Temple to enn-
siaer tne proposition or redcr.atlng with the
operator" and striking at once. All the
delegates not being preent, the meetings
were adjourned until Z o'clock this after
noon. At Gainesville this afternoon the
vote in favor of federation stood at 3J9 to 0.
The results ot the meetlrgs at Cleburne
and Temple have not jet been reported to
tha Dallas committee, but Its members ex
press confidence that the vote over the en
tire Santa Fe tem In Texas will be fa
I'ttr VrUitiisiis I'nir VI on. 1 11.. ,.,,,1
Tiirstlav: north to east nlntls.
1 -Vim I k an C111.il PI in Guins New
Moiriso-i Verdict KxpeetiNl To-Dav.
: l'ostmastor General Smith 011 Kui.il Dc
liveij. 3. W'htslmen Too Fast for 'Ii imt-Ot ks.
Mc draw's G.iuiukt to Natio ul I.eigue
Turf Ciinsolidit.on at 1'il-to
. IMitorial
The Plage
Nil Pang Sijs tliini Ntttls No if -
tlonant s
Stnatt Sipi inilers Pul lie Mumv
Httwtrs Aid Alttnlitun Hazaar.
." St. Louis lioj Itekaspd Prom Pt.rt C.rint
Kabhl Harrison to Pemaln in s:t. iaiuis
Health Thitatentd by Son's Ahnce
C. IU public Want Ans.
7. Hepubllc Want Ads
News Prom Washington
Lead and Zinc Report.
Weather Bulletin
9. Movement of Grain
Wall Fell on a Wrecker
May Have Reen Noel's Son
W. Second C'remony May Re Performed.
Had to Hunt for a Pre leher.
J. I'. Relleiiger Goes on Trial To-D.aj.
Another Fight In Observation Ward.
Stricken on Day of Wife's Funeral.
. a ! .,"' m0r.'i "n". co""'l''"t of acquittal. I
L V."' '. ,'" JUry U"U 't irnpresse,!
tl fill. No. I will not na nn llu .1 ... I, ...
quitted, although l have recelv rd some
nndsome ofTers I would like to h. Ip earn
he money to pay the expenses of this trial
I.ut I will rot exhibit no self to do It. 1
wb .iv ht-.e In Eldorado and live down
he bad iiame som,. people have given me"
j:i:i-i ujrM'iciti.
New York. Dec. y-Onin,- to the influ
tnte of Iank II. ilptt. i.Ipi ., r
Thomas c. Piatt, the Republican leader in
Net. Vork. this btate-'s claims against Ai
mour .w i;0 . amounting tu $l,7s,tt), aro
about to be abandoned.
The amount represents penalties claimed
bv tho State for the alleged illegal tal of
okomarg irint- here in 1S9I A similar claim
against the G. H. Hammond Companj for
$e7l'.i"i Is also to be tlropjietl.
W hilo an . ffort to eompromIe the rlalms
against Armour . Co. w is being made a
few veirs ago. the records
ripjlit IVtsons Went Down in ilia '
Fos'tci-. Toned by Iron Dili..-.
I Miring Ueavr Gale.
ti, '.I C- 3In "' nM"t r.e ot '
the most bitter gales that ever swept Lak ,
Krie. the iron ore barge Foster. In tow of
the Iron Duke, went to the bottom at 4 i
o clock this morning, tea miles off Erie, 1
and eight persons wero drn.oj ,. 1
CaptaH John Rrldge of Cleveland.
Fir't mate, name unknown.
Second mate, name unknown.
Seimen Robert Wood and 'William Kt-lly J
of Port Austin. Mich. .1
ook. ilrs. itay. of Detroit. ; 5
Twtt tlllknoten .1elr.n.la i
Tht. Foster wa one of the fleet owned hjl
iMiiiious Hetwci'i, I'oituil :m(
IJnll..iid S,ij,l t0 j(, Aiiiii.iMe.
WaMilngion. Dtc. 3.-Reports of possible
war between I'ortugal and Holland are with
out foundation according to onleial advices
leeelved lure
1 ,Vmf."i"'. det,-S':,.U Thyrso. .Minister of
Itr.ug.il In Va-hingtoii. has received a
iitt-i!;e from Usbon itatlng tint time u
mi tiuts'tun of hostilities between that Gov
rmneiit and Holland and that the- relations
;:. si,;'sin,iir:rcrnmcnts -,re not " -ri-
1 I" TiJCM"Jt U'e I;ortl-K"'-" Minister has
t.pT,r 1 rJ.KV1 ,""'""t tne Dutch Min
ister has left Lisbon has no significance of
a warlike tharactcr. The two Mini...,.,
were retailed for conferences foncernln
the cancellation of the exequatur of tho
Dutch Consul at Lorenzo Marqnei Thoro
are two sidts to tho story, and neither Gov-
ni L .r '""" "a'tc to precipitate .1
tiiplomatlc crisis over the matter.
... , - - - - w. ...i. uvc. UIA.IU I.Bff
prove the ciunv. were tle-strojed by the I Corrlgan of Cleveland, and for two
'"ff vorK tiitra Itailwav m.i th. "."uni nts neen running from rnilnts t.
i.rie wnn iron oie. Her carEO conslstp.! o
traiiMpjitatlou eompanks. Ch lunccy Jr.
Iippevv was, the letive president of the New
Vork Central rt the time. He is now the
colleague of Thon is C. Piatt in the Fid'-trd
States Senate. Frank H. Pint Is the rep
re ent.itlve- of Armour Al Co He has never
in nle anv eirtt of that faet. Indeed, act
ing fo.- Armour h. once offered to pay the
Statt SJOU'i to drop the- cases.
Tin Rtpulilie in Gever. or of New York
at that time. Frank S Rlack. refused to
agree to such a settlement, ami he was
Uaten fur rt m-minatlun and retired from
anilities. His rel itluns with members
tne putt I.inuij have been straln-d ever
since, though there was some semblanc of Kot there tho Foster plunged
a, re-eoiiciiutiion prior to tne prcsiuenttai
election. whn Mr. Rlatk was p'ev died up
01 to omhialo K. IS. Odeli. Jr.. tor Gov
ernor at the Rtpubliean tt..te " nv ntlon.
Tho prtuliar trans tetloiis which nave
marked the oleomargarine cltlnis consti
tute a gr..ve cirdal. the extent of which is
jut being understood The propositi n to
ah melon the cl dins will doubtless be .'ought,
but the- Rtpubllt-ansj tcntrol it Alban by
a overwhelming m ij rltj. and this na-
jorltv Is iintler the ttintiol of Senatir I latt.
whose son is counsel for Armour .t Co , nJ
alsa for the Hammond Companj.
1 . tons of ore.
t aptain Atl.ley of the Iron Duke mado
Erie In s.,f, ty. In an Interview he said: 4
"The Foster was In tow. about 1.C0O fet V
astern. I was up all night and there, mn
three men on vatch with us. The seas were J
rolling tremendou'Iy from the northwest 1
and the galo carried with It a Mln.lln
J"htbt0rm" V"'K n,ade tho harbor "Slit all J
Went llon-n in Ileavr Sen.
..s.. c su.neu lor me carDor, a se
much heavier than any other experienced
xtruck us. I ran to tho stem. Jut as r
;in awful
sea and dove down nost. tirst ti,...
not a erj ftom a soul of the crew of eight
Mie carried. Just as tho pitched down I
- iw a rran on her forecasdlo with a lantern.
The tow line parted when she went down.
The storm was so heavy that I coul l
w?,n,'.Ut '1bJut ll bani for a"y onc- There,
would not have been a nrtklc of use any
waj Ueause the seas were so tremendous
that no on,- could have lived a minute, even
t he-re been
the water had not been icy
( onnors. a 1!- ear-old ntgress, living at No
.C Palm street, was sfiboeil it, tre atjlo
men last night bj her stepfather. William
Johnson. Johnson was quarreling with ihe
girl's mother, and when she tried to be a
peacemaker she received a knife thiust In-
sas division wo are not making anv effort vorable to federation, and that the train- to theCltv Hospital whT tatorV.'i
to do anj thing, and they are runnlnE pas-I men will quit work as soon as requested. pronounced the wound daiicrjus. -NltUn
Mis. Garvey Saved Her Hubb.iud !
I roni Being Burned.
While Policeman Dennis Garvey of tho
Tenth District was peacefully sleeping in
lis bedroom about 11.13 o'clock esterday
irornlns a couch In the room caught fire! 11
an unae-eountable manner and th dames
... .u .. ...e- ura in wnicn ne was siccp-
Mrs .Garvey sm.Iletl on.ethln- burning
and she entered the room Just In time to
s-tve her husband from being beverely
burned. So nirrow was Garvev's e-capc
that his hair ws slightly tinged. In help
ing hN wife- extinguish the flames the- nfi
etrs of his Tlhi hind were burned. D.:
tor otanding of No. 3Ji New stead avenue
.rrMd tho burn and pronounced It not se
riou. The furniture In the room was dam
aged to the extent of $50.
Died Fiom Iiijuiies in a Game on
Tlbiuksgh ing D.iy.
nEPunuc ppeoi i
Peoria, 111 , Dec. 9 James Purelj Kelly.
?! jtars old. was burled to-day. As moum
ncrs at his funeral wire ten other jounc
men. his teammates on tho Peoria. Social
Athletic Club's foctLall team, ard they hid
pkoed side b.v Ide with him on the grid
iron on Thaiiksgivinir Dav- when h re-
teivesl the injuries and contractctt tho old
,....s.. icsmim jji u. ueaiii .di r ntiav
Kelly was a strong athlete and a popular
vouug man. He was one of tho star per
formed In the big Thanksgiving Day game
at Pekln. where the Peoria team was con
testing with the junior athletics. Kelly was;
il everj- seriminaie and the game was
marked bj his brilliant playing. He re
telvci a fevcre blow on the ht-iu. however,
anil hraln trouble was brought on which,
coupled with pneumonia, resulting from a
cold caught In the same, brought hU llfu
tu an abrupt end.
ii-. .
erv for heir. 1 nA.... . f
llirr..! nn.l .t.e,i V. ...' "V."" "a"
t. L 1 i 1 ... V. "'"V- out n was no
?aret." "" C'Jld d0 t0 mak0 port "n
When aked for an opinion as to th
cau- of the sinking of the Foster, Captain
Ashley aid that he could not tell
Apparently ever thing was all richt
TwrUt,h7 U?'L' "h0 took that fatal dip.
There had not been a Mngle signal of dis
tress from her up to that time."
There are SO to 10) feet of water whern
esri?k ?UI7.?d- The Koster was valuetl
at JIJ.Oji) The life-saving crew took a trin
out to-day but coald llnd no traces of
wreckage. There was no insurance.
Board of Commissioners Divided
as to Location.
Chjeaco. Dec. 0 .T.r. rennrta r ti.-
Itoard of Commissioners of Public Charities
In reference to the location of the proposM
Illinois State eolony for epileptics were pre
sented to Governor Tanner Saturda.
A majority report, signed by three mem
bers of the board, recommends r site near
St. Louis and on the Mississippi River,
while the other two members advise a
lo.nl ion on the Rock River, about seven
miles north of Dixon.
The Legislature will be asked to appropri
ate J3oi)0ui) for the buildings and grounds ot
1110 propuscu institution.
t I

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