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Urn in the Parlor.
The Model City's Model Sf reef.
KENRY E. DIXEY will explain it
in nest Su lday's Republic. Pictures.
Reai the story in nest Sunday's j J
Rcpu-lic. Er liiant coloring. . j '
I In t. Louis. One Cent.
"T f T 17 -I oiiih!.- i. :.i.ni. i no Ct-n
1 lUl U j on Ir.lllix, Hi re- lriu.
i5Jji( a
if J
Fvo Men and a Boy Killed Near Olathe,
Kas., and a Freight Train Smashed
lip Near Dallas.
lelcgraphers and Company Officials Bolh Claim to Have
the Strike Practically Won Latter Declare Ihey
Have filled Places of All Strikers.
While nS!icers of the Order of Knllu.iv Telegraphers claim thev have jo-at tloatlv
won their strike, nrd that the Santa Fe will ounce ! tli r el, minds within twentv-f ur
hour", officials of the o..mpint say the plncis uf all strikers hate been tilled anl
trams are running as usual.
Notices of ellsclnrgo were sent totevdav to all operators vim li.nl left tlnlr k-ts,
nnij It was aniiomie.il that none will lie reinstated
Agents at St Louis who were emploi'-"g operators to take the places of strikois
elo.sed tlnir otllces tcMerday on receipt of Instructions to hire no mine men.
Two wrecks oe'ourrcd jesterdav on 'he Santa IV ststem. Near Olathe, ICas.. mi .1
freight smash-up. twnsloihmen were killed ami a boy lmrne.l to death in .1 lire tint
followed the accident.
A double-header freight was ureeked at Clear iiki. Tex. twenty miles north of
Dallas Railroad olllcials 'ay there was no loss of life.
General Manager Mudge claims the wires of the company Imp be.n Interfered with,
and offers a reward for an one caught tarn poring witn prop.rty of the company.
Ttuii:i: Kii.i.nn i Kxts-v".
itcruiti ic serci it..
Topeka. Kas.. pCc. 11 Noble Thomas, a
boy 10 oars old. was burned to death m
a wreck on the Santa IV. tuar Olathe. this
morning. Two stockmen were also killed.
In jumping from .1 way car V. R. Thomas
of Empeiia was badly Injured.
Two miles west of Olathe a stock train
was; stalled with airbrakes stink. An etia
freight. In charge of Conductor F SI. Tal
ler, ran Into It. Engineer 1. Furman and
Fireman J. SI. lielle were injured The
stalled stock train was In charge of Con
ductor C Nicholson
Conductor Nicholson sns that when hN
train stalled he went back to do the Han
ging. He sats his tram start-d. he lit a
fuse and started for his own train, calling
out to the stockmen when he saw a colli
sion Inevitable. All succeeded In setting out
of tli way car but one.
After tho crash the wrecked way ear
taught lire and was e!etioved, and a oar
next to the caboc-e. loaded with wheat,
was al- burn, d up. The track was cleaitel
in a few hour-.
To :i reporter for The Hi public to-night
Geneial Managir Sludge made this state
nii nt toaetining the wreck
"It ts unfortunate that this collision oc
curred at this time. Such an accident would
be likl to hap,n line.er block signal run
ning, but with a strike on it Is more serious.
Fioni the itport the conductor ma not
have protected Ins tral.i fullv. or the fol
low ii'g train ma have run over his signal.
It cannot be detcrmlred without an investi
gation "
freight 'in ii v.nr.civi:i.
itErtriiLic i-vtzciM.
Dallas. Tox.. Dec. 11. The first wreck on
the Gulf lines of the Santa Fesjstem since
'the strike of the Order of Railway Telcg-
raphers went into effect, occurred this-morn-
ing at Clear l.ake. twenty ltifles north ot
Dullas. A double-header freight train was
'partially d. railed, and blocked the road all
t!a Tiuins, inio and out of Delias usc-d the
tracks of the .Mi'.'otirl, Ktnsas and Texas
load na ramursU'le ar.d tlreenllle. Of-
llclals of the companj in IJillas. state tint
no oat was injuicd, but as no wilts are
working en that line between Dallas and
J'aris. hi tti"it of the wreck has not
been b arntd lit le
So n.r as tie strike .if the operators is
oinccnitd, thcic appeirs to be no change in
this bectiun. 1'aseiKer and legular fr. 1-ln
trains ale slill operil-il b tii'i. -canl sned
ulc. 1 rains ait fc utrailj late, and tratlic
and tr.ttl light.
Jliianciall. the O. IS T s.pnis to be wtll
fixed in 1 ea--. A member of the Dallas com
mittee taid lo-da) . "Tin1 ord.r has more
than 2,11V members in good .stan ling on the
anous lines in the Male. Dues and othtr
financial obligatioi.s hate L"eii wll p,iM
up, and Uie order has approximate lj Sl'r,
CM to its credit In lank Th O It T. on
tho Missouri, Kani aid Tevis lines alone
ha more than $2S.") In Its trt.aurj. and
the cordltlons aie tsiuallj good on the
Southern l'acillc, thr buita ! ., the Texas
und Pacific and other ssteias ulitnting in
tho State."
nnruiiLic tpuciAi.
Wichita, Kas., Dec U Train" are run
ning on the Santa I'e to-night, both north
and south, although all are delated from
thirty minutes to three hours. Verj little
freight is being moted. The railroad officers
are making claims that the ttrik" Is ended,
but not one-half of their stations are tllhd.
The strikirs- are confident of sucee"-, and
nav that if the eomp.m elo s not come to
time shortlj, the train crews will strike in
E mpathy.
General Chairman Newman, who i con
ducting the strike, went to Newton last
night, anel held an Important mtetln? with
the train crews, and saj? they promi-ed him
their assistance' If needed. To The itepulillc
correspondent he said.
"Some of our men on the middle iKisioii
hae been persuadeel to return to vork. in
l.oies of getting better Vages, and these
men will be let out of the union. Most of the
men are remaining firm, however, and i
will bring the company to time before twen-t-four
hours have expired. All we want
to do Is to keep things- in their present con
dition two das longer. Tho wreck at loll
this morning, wnenin one man was- liurneel
to death, shows that the company will hate
to jield soon.
m:r.itn ron wim: ci tti:ii.
. Topeka. Kas., In c. 11 Gener.il Manager
H 1" Mudge or the Santa Ke to-day lssu.il
a notice offering a reward for the arrest of
lemons who In aav way Interfered with
the operations of the wires or instruments
ct any other property of the company
"There was some interference with the
wires on the Okl ehom i diison and nt
Olathe." said Mr. Mudge. In explanation of
the. iiotiee..
now TiiviTir is aiti:cti:h.
Hmporia. Kas., Dec 11 Chairman New -tnan
of the eastern dIIlon of the Santa
Fe operators, to-night gate out the follow
ing statement.
"Evert thing points to the final success
of the rlrlke or the tclegraphe-rs on the
Santa K- On account of the Inability of
the company to secure a "ulllcltnt number
of competent operators to operate the sys
tem, they hate had the block sjstem and
are pla-lng 1 1 r and inexperienced oper
ators at the l.e to handle trains on which
thousands t people ride.
"The following statement of frtight
trains run and loads anel empties handled
throuili Kmpoiia s-hows the great losa the
company is sustaining by the strike and
shows the company is making a losing
"The strike occurred December 8. Cars
through EmiKjiia ateraged daily before the
Etrike 710, after tiie strike 4&. Car3 of stjck
handled through Kmporia Sunday, Decem
ber , tor Kansas City market, 10a; Sunday.
December S, only thirteen cars for market.
Only one stock train has been received
from the Oklahoma division since the strike
as called. Nothing but through freights
are runnirg. and they are badly delated.
Forty trains- were handled through Em
Tori i December C, forty-four on the 7th,
t'ghteen on tho 3th and setcntecn on the
"The situation on the different divisions
! practically the tame as on t esterday ex
empt that we Into gaineil In some ticini
tles." '.tin ett ic tioni: tu:.
ChliMg... Di-.- 11 To-night Third Vice
rresld'-nt J M Harr. su t lli'tei.lent of the
c elating eh pirtn ent of the Santa IV Kail
wat , luMili.il ill the ag.'tits of the oonipiny
lot to mi 1 ij anv more operators, as
lioug'i men hid been engage el to fill the
places t leated bt the t"Ie'grai.hers. who re
f ponied to the str.ke call lie said:
"At fifteen othtr points en the ststem wo
I ate ! n iiainlliug new operators since this
tiin.lili b. ga'i To-da I notified our agents
i.ot tn tnaf -iiij more."
Itrf. rring to the report that the company
was filling striltrs place-s t.ith inoompe
t. nt npepitirs. Mr Ilirrsal.l.
"We did write to schools- in Iowa, asking
f . r eompttent operators. The men sent us
in evert instance were thoroughly ea-nlned
and will have to pass another min.ition
when they reach the placts to which they
aie assigneil We do not want the old cm
plotes to return Tl'tlr places hate b"fn
Idled with competent men, and we will re
tain tl.rm '
"The strike is practically oter. and our
bu-lness is normal," said President 13 1'.
Klplet "A little delai and sime annot
ance has been the burden of our trouble.
The report tl at officials t the company
are oppo-ed to I ibor unions is false. We
hate no epiarrel with Labor unions. On the
contrary, we believe the) are a good thins
when preiperlt goterneel."
Denier. Colo, Doe. 11 A nonuninon op
erator, giving his name as J. I!. Comstock,
who. with a e-ompanion, Iijh been in charge
of the Santa IV .station at Sedalla, twen-ty-tiie
inih-i south of Denver, was brought
to this city to-day with a bullet wound
in his arm. He reported that set en men ap
peared at the station at 7:13 this evening
and ordered him and Ms companion to
leave at once. As they left the , Mlon
ieteral .shots were fired, one striking Corn
stock in the arm xuk companion escaped.
Constock hailed an incoming tra'n and was
brought to Denier His injury Ls not seri
ous DOLPHIN THTS roll T. I.Ol !..
Galie-ston. Te . Dec 11 President Dol
phin of tin ir.br of Hallway Telegraphers
tei-nlght is-ueil the following statement:
"Htpresentatlte's of the order hale wired
from Chicago that 10 per tent of the men
si-nt fiom that cltj to take the p'aces of
strikers hate been members of eithei trades
and profe'ssions who took advantage of the
offer of free transportation and meaD to
ceime S.iuth and s. t. it the-.t could not b"tter
their teiiiditiim in th"lr own trade; the oth r
1 nr cent wore mo"t!v members- of the
order who were going on an excursion to
the South.
"I!lg union mit-tiiiRs of the machinists
conductors and firemen have been held nt
The- Ne-vdle -. I. is Vegas N. M: I'll bin.
Colo: Itaton. N M.: G line st'.IIe. Tex ;
fit Inline Tex. and other points, iadirs
Ing tile action of the tedegrapheis ai'd signl
fjing willingni'ss to aist in bringing
about a s( ttleine lit.
Mr Dolphin went i.irtb on the Santa
P. to-ulght II was s;,ii,.,i tint ho hid
-tiiittd for St l.or.is. the h..ul.inrters of
the order
ii vt. oitii:it stu'iii stiiiivi:.
Pur bin. Colo. i.(. 1 Heprossnlallves
fiom tho six railroad brotherhoods held a
meeting to-ulght for the purpose of consid
ering 'the tin r tint dioii.il take action In
support of the striking tele graphor.s. 'Ih't
w.re in secret -os-ioii till late in the n'ght
The tarious di-Iegatlons wore appointed .-is
tommi'sions to present the matter to their
respective brotherhoods sc para tell and bate
them d. termlne whit thev want done.
COIOM-I. I'lll.K H STtli:i:T.
Galtostor. lex.. Den 11 -Reports received
up to a Hie Hour ui-nikui iie uie k-ih-i.ii
olllcos of the Gulf. Colorado and Santa To
were orv encouraging from the companj's
point of view.
General Manage r Polk stated to-nislit
that ho w.is deliige-il with telegrams and let
ters of application from men sreking o'i.
ploime'iit as eiperators and agents. Some
of them hate been accepted and others
will be lnte'Stlgattd He also stated that be
bad recoiled applications from members of
the Order of Uallwiy Telegraphers who
want to leturn to work. In this connection
Colonel Polk stated that under no circum
stance will the cuinpani itlr.statu any man
who had deserted Lis post
Heports nee lied to-night ludx-ate tint all
trains a-e running on sehe-dule time without
delay or trouble, tilth tho etc. ption of the
breaking In two anel running tosether of u
freight train rear Cedar Hill
A message recoiled to-daj from Diilsion
Superintendent Srott bj Goreral Manager
Polk sMteil tint a crowd of Itlzens, head
cil bj ex-Agent Scale at -Morgan, forced ,i
ni-vi oiiiplote .it that place out of town.
Ij.ter another moi-age announcul that the
lew n,ent and opTiitor hid loturneel to
tbe place and was r"eparod to remain on
.uti and that the conipant would lirottct
.St. Louis Agents iiifornieil That
All I'liites Have IStun Filled.
Local olliclals of the Santa Ke ststem sail
josttrday afternoon tint the company htd
srcureil all the nonunion op'rators
neeeled to fill the positions tacated by
strikers, anil that the strike was practically
Agents of the company who haie been
engaging operators here rece-iied Instruc
tions lit wire that there were no more
places to (111
In conformity with this order the office
at No. 21 North Ninth strtot was closed,
nnd adiertlscmeuts were withdrawn frcm
the newspapers.
The head of the local bureau said:
"The strike is practically ended. Within
ten days from the time the O. It. T. called
Its men out. the Santa To will hate forgot
ten that there was a strike. Trains of all
kinds are now running, and new operators
Hre being sent out from Chicago, St. Louis.
Kansas City and New Orleans as fast us
they are needed.
"In St. louls we secured about setcnty
lirsi-ciass cit ..I... - ifc .iiiiuuvia ul .iie
O. II. T.. who were glad to so to work." J
De Wet: "I've
ISo.inl of Kdm-ation DeriuVs to f'.ill
a Smim;i1 Kk'flion in
Proposed luereaso Declared to l!e
Xeee.s.sar.v on Actotint of tin:
Crow ill"; Demand for Ad
ditioual Facilities.
At the monthly meeting of the Doard of
Kilucution I.iH night It was decided to hold
a special flection of tho taxpnvers of S.
I.ouls to ascertnln their wishes on the
question of raising the school tax from 10
cents to (9 cents un the ?100 valuation.
The matter of Increase el taxation for
tstlool purposes has hi'e-n tinder eonsielera
tlon of a special commlltoe of tbe board.
This oo-nmittce. which conslsteil of James
I Pord. chairman, John Fchroors, Koliert
Moore. John A. Harrison .and IMw.ird Elict.
submitteil Its repeirl to the committee of the
whole on Monel.it The report was adoptesi
as the report of the committee of the
whole and a resolution frame el to be pre
sorted to the bo. i id at its regular monthly
This resolution was adopted bt the tote
of all 'ho me nibi is piesent at the meeting
excepting Albert It. Greene It follows;
It. soim. That In ll.e Juliane-nt of this
Ihm-iI it Iia, liemn nes.sarj to Iroreae t1!
snnuil rite of tntallein fir sclnv.l iurjkA.es in
t'i ltt ef St lnlls mi all tnxaMe pmiHTIj
wllhin tin limits .f tli- rite of Si liuls from
ti cnts to ei r-niH iti the $!" initiation I e
it tlior.f.iio furtli-r
Itrse.lieil That a "i.l.il oh-clton Fliall l. h. Id
In Ihi' .lit e.f Hi I-iiuI nn Tuos.Ihv. th tteolitj
slxtli .tiv of lVbriiar. till, at which th epi".
linn shall be .iiliinitll to lh voters f said
olte. who at.- nxpate-rs of such cilj, eihMh.r
th r.ito of tixitlin for rrhol purpi.es (n
rnlil . lt en tatnliio jrutiTty within the limits
ef the eiti .if M Iiul. plnll bo lnoresU freitu
i onts ti r-t onts i.n the JI1 tahiatlon. anl
thet t!ie lt,i.ir.l of Klectitn Comnii.'en'rs 'f
th- city of St Iji.uIs ar herpbt rtiiueto.t ati 1
elirortist to in..ki nil nici-s-trj rules and rfEH
latlons iir the ennbirt of such election and
take charge thrre-of ns l.v the statutes in s lrh
oas mole nn.l iiroti.ls.
i:mVAm c m.tOT. e-mlrnnn
According to law the Iloanl of IMiiCation
lias the right to held speclil elections, the
expense of which Is to be defrajeel bv tre
eltv To avoid putting the expense of the
t res-en t election upon the eltv a resolution
was passed providing tint the board peti
tion tho Legislature to change the law so
that It might pay from Its own funds all
expenses Incurred
With the closest possible economy, the
Hoard of Education Hi ds that the preueeds
of the 4-mIII tax. which pats for all
the needs of the schools. nre Insufficient to
meet the j re per demands which the people
sl'oull make upon their sjstem of public
schools. A large Increase in population is
expicted from the World's Pair, to Le held
here in UmS. making the erection of addi
tional public schoc-ls Imperative
Kebel War Vessel Destroyed by
the io eminent
Panama, Colombia, via Galte-ston. Tex.,
Dec. 11. lCop right. 19(. by the- New York
Herald ) Official adtlees from Huena
tentura indicate that tho power of the
rebels, in the western part of the Republic
has been broken
Governor Alban of the State of Panama,
who led the expedition which went to the
relief ot Huenaientura a month ago.
cabled to-day that Port Tumaco. on the
Hay of Tumaco, was recaptured December
4. after three dajs' lighting. The rebel
steamer Galtan, which was engaged In the
blockade of Buenaventura and has been
the chief reliance of the rebel forces in
their operations against coast towns, was
destrojed by the Government fleet. Evi
dently the British steamer T.iboga, which
had been seized by the Goternm'nt, and the
gunboats nt Buenaventura were used in
the operations.
The United States cruiser Bancroft has
left Colon for Bocas del Tortx
. g ,MU4 I ! IHiajSl.l.g
4y- I f?j J
hung something on the
I"r MisiiiHirl Pair W odiirHilay:
xinrmiT In neirlliern portion. Tliur
ln, fnlr In nitliiriit proluilil fnlr
in iieirtlieru portion: niiid lM-cuminir
I'nr Illinois Pair; nnrinrr In north
ern nnil central portion. 'I luirsiliii,
t'lonil,, probnb! nniier or ruin: nrl
nlile Tti oils, lirennilngr frrs-Ii, soiitli
erlj. I'nr rUniins I'nlr Weilnesiliij antl
TliurMlii) : fiiNlrrl) iilinln.
1. Wreeks en Santa IV In Kansas and
Council Summons Meier and Martin.
Citizens Take Steps to liuild l'p the
To Put Question of Greater School Tax.
Weaker P.epubllos Pear United States.
St. Louis KxproUr In CollWcni.
2. Standard Oil Trust Victorious.
Calls Subsidy liill Cl.assIgIslatlon.
Jury ConsldeTlng Morrison Case.
Z. Pills Passe-el for Prick Streets
Congress Taki s 1 p itooz t'ase.
Jur.t Indicted Fran'; Hainilte.il
Chaffee Incident Amicably Settled
German Steamer Sunk in Colllslm
I. Feats of Strength Puzzle Men of Soieji-e.
It ice Track Ke suits.
Mod Sloan ltr.rro.l at O iklaud.
Plan to Pre tent McGoiern F.glit.
Hill Magnates to Mint Platers.
Mtrmod Anxious to Open Competition.
5. Father Ilarty Welcomed Home.
Drummotiil'.s Family In Want,
citj Notts in Hiiif.
C. Price of Cotton Has Steadied.
linach e.f Promise Suit Tried em i:it
Death of I.". S Mai'DomiM.
White Man Weds a Negr.ss.
7. Houseman Sats If. a Finish Fight,
t orschinieis Hat.' Iteeonio I! conoil. d
Explains Dipiite- With Portugal.
Alionl Iiidl'teil on Fiftv-One Counts.
St. Ijiuls-Chicago Can il Di-cu-s.-d.
b. tutorial.
Poet Kllci to He Guest of Honor.
Vet Attacks Oleei Hill.
Wichita 1-ind Puling Fai-lleacliing.
'.. J.uob Stuirpf Kills Himtelf.
The Hallroids.
in. Ki-piiblle Want Adienisiiiert.
Ilocord n ISIrths. Marriages, Deaths.
Transfers ef Koaltj.
New Corporations.
11. ttt public' Want Advertisements.
12. Grain and Pioduce.
Cattle lies.
13. Financial News.
Hiver Telegrams
The Weather
Punt ral eif Captain John A. Watson.
II. Colh-ctor Found Tcrant Dead.
Citizens Complain of Lights.
Governor Heckham's Policy.
Judge Holds Out for Another Dollar.
Four Injured and alany Passenpeis
on the Cliirajjo and Alton Sc-
ercly Shaken Fji.
Chicago, Dec. 11. Four persons were in
jured and many passet gers severely shak-n
up to-night In a head-end collision between
a construction gravel train and the St.
Louis express train on the Chicaso and
Alton road, near Sag Bridge, thirty miles
out of Chicago.
The fallme of the flagman to carry out In
structions caused the accident. But for tho
fact th it the express fain was heil-d by
two locomotives, which tended to broak the
shock, the crowded coaches might have
be en dcmolihel.
The Injured: Engineer Wheatley jumped
from the express engine; burned by es
caping steam, and sustained setere cut in
Fireman Itoblnson jumped from engine:
ankle broken and setcrely brulseel.
Rear Brakeman Kelly cut about head and
bdly bruised.
Mrs. Charles Chaufka, Ellwood, 111.; head
cut and body bruiied.
tree for Johnnie."
Siiiih Commissioner ;uid Mis Dep
uty .Musi Appear Hefore Tliat
I!odv Next Tuesdav.
lie Will fondiiot the Presentation
of Kvidenee for the Council
Martin Probably Will
P.e Tried First.
Tfra City Council yesterday afternoon un
animously adopted resolutions submitted
by Chairman Wiggins of the Special In
vestigation Committee arranging for tho
trials by the lidy of Commissioner of Sup
plies l'reel C Meier and Deputy Commis
sioner of Supplies George H. Martin, the.
former o.t a charge of reelect of duty and
the latter on n charge of misconduct In
The resolutions protMe tint both men
shall be summoned by Secretary Grates to
appear In the Council Chamber at 3 o'clock
roxt Tuesday afternoon and show cause
why they shou'd not 1 e remoied from office.
The notice Is to bo served by S"rgennt-at-Arms
Turner, and Is to contain the specifi
cations presented by the committee In Its
repo't to support the- general charges
The city Co-incll will be represented In
the proce'cdings by the Citt Attorney. Perry
Post Taylor When the lxuly is called to
rrdr next Tuedav It will resolve Itself
Into the rommlttce eif the whole, when It
villi be ready to begin the procedure As
tho resolution for the trial of D. putv Com
missioner of Supplies Martin was the first
to be adopted. It Is likely that his trial will
take proe'edonce over that of his uperi r
officer The Council will devise a routine
for the trials next Tuesday. afl'T the.
chargis will have been read and the pre
liminaries arranged
President Melor. father of the Commis
sioner of Suj piles. oceupUd the chair es
terdiv Toward the close of the session,
howoirr. he relinquished the dial- to lice
Pr.-sl.lcnt llorton. It s generally supposed
that he will ropiest Mr. Horton to officiate
In the trials and that lie will preside at the
regular mo-tings, as u;nl
Mr Wigciiis Introduced an or.llnarce pro
viding for the erection of scales -t or near
tbe new C!t Hall, on whleh all supp'ies for
the new- and old City Halls, the Jail and
the Four Courts arc to be weighed. The
chief engineer of the new Citv Hall would
hai i barge of the scales anel would Issue
cortllle'.ites to weights. Xo other cortlflcate-s
would be valid when touchers would be
sabmitted for painiont or when requisitions
would be offered fo- approval. The engi
neer and his assistants would not lie per
mitted tJ accept ant fees. The appropria
tion for the Installation of the scales I'
to be dcrtveel from the funel for the erection
eif tho new City Hall. This ordinance was
presented as a seeiucnce to recommenda
tions made by the special committee In its
re jMirt.
Foutli American Countries? Said to
I!c l'lanniii"; an Alliance
A'siinst the I'nited States.
ban Juan, Porto Hlco. Dec. 11. (Copt right.
U. lit the New York Herald Comra.i.)
It Is reported here that the Republics ot
South America are negotiating an alliance,
hating been prompted to do so by the fear
that American influence will be-corne para
mount and threatening In the Western
The mowinent Is said to be an outgrowth
j of the I atln-Ann-rican Congress, recently
held In Madrid.
The Executiie Council of the Porto Rl
can Government has decided that franchise
matters hereafter will be considcreel in se
cret session. This decNIon has occasioned
t much fatorable ecmnient.
It Is estimated In official circles that the
contention to cement the agreement be
tween the Republics will meet In Santiago
de Chile.
Emissaries are now- making the circuit of
South American capitals working mj enthu
siasm for the plan.
Unanimous Response to News
paper Publishers' Invi-tntion.
Committee Is Named to Ar
range for a Nonpartisan
Steps toward th" upbuilding of St Louis
through tli. lemi.val of constitutional and
ehart.r r. s ri turns ami fur promoting its
gei.ral wilf.rc and improiement were
e'.o'did upon l,i -t night at a meeting of
r I i.s. nttlt. illiz n. talltd together bv
the St Lulls Dill) N. w-iiap, r Publishers'
A" delation
The- s.son. called to Older at the Mtr
cat.,lli club ,i Presiil-nt l. M lions, r er
the Publish, V Ass.Mpiili.n, was presided
oterbi 1 H Llonberger. who was chos.n as
t.iil-eirary ehilrman. Breckinridge Jcnes
acted as s,., rotate.
A resolution s, ttlng forth th views of
the in.itliu; was introduced bj Charles W.
Knpp and ani'-nelid l.v him a? the sug
gestion of Nath in Fr.r I: It was tlin unan
iumiisii adopted It provides for a eori
n.iltn of In. iii.ii to pr. pire a sell, me for
the organization of a immanent nonparti
san e-MiimiIon for the public welfiro
This eommitVe. compos,, of 1 rl. Lion
lerg. r, 1 N. Ju son. K. C. Simr.onJ. B.
Sehiuirna her and C P Wa ibri Igo. is to
report at a meeting wh'cli will 1- he'd a
Thursday of next week Discussion o the
bes methods to be pt.rsu. tl by i)ic com-mitto.-
vta general, at the ieep:est of the
me 'nbers
M'i:i:i-ni in tiii:
m:i:hs or -ihi: nu.
Spe ethos on the needs of sit r.oui, and
the hist means of -e . uniig legislation l.y
whieh teliof eettibl b. gained, tire made
bv former Goiernor Duld R. Fran-W, F.
N. Judson, William II Thomii'on and R b
ert II. Kern.
The consensus ,,f eminion seemed to be
that th.. best way in which the fullest
and sfti(liet relief could be eibtaincl woull
be- through the e ailing of a con-tltution ll
contention, the manner in which this would
bate to be done being explained by City
Counselor Benjamin Schr.urma-bT.
The meeting was attended by representa
tives of the prli.eli al social and conmreiil
organizations of the city, anl by represen
tatives of the municipal administration, it
wa.s noted by several uf the speakers that
a ressjnse had been received from every
one- eif the gentlemen inviteel, and that all
of them were represented peremally, by
proxy, or by letter.
The meeting was absolutely free from
partisanship and from personalities direct
ed toward anv one in public or prli ate life.
Discussion was wholly along tbe line of the
reeds of St. laiul", and how best the great
est good to all the pop"c of the c ty eoul i
Is secure!. The session listed an hour and
a half.
ii itposr.'s ok Tim
mkktim; set roimi.
The meeting was held in room "L" of the
Mercantile Club. President Houser, In call
ing it to order, referred briefly to the pur
poses as set forth in the call Issued by tho
Publishers' Association, which stated:
"It Ins heccuiio apparent that legislation
of some sort, either by amendment of the
City Charter, or bt- constitutional amend
ment. Is urgently necde-d If St. Louis is to
be lut In condition for the World's Fair.
Means must bo dctlsed to raise additional
revenue f r the growing wants of the city
and to enable St. Loukt to meet require-,
nients elue to conditions radically different
from those In existence when the Scheme
nnd Charter wereadoptrd twentj-four jears
"Tho neeeltv for such remedial IcgM-i-tlon
has been clearlv shown by the press of
St. Louis, and' It Is proposed by the St.
Inls Pal!) Newspaper Publishers' Asso
ciation that a nonpartisan commission,
eomposed of emint nt citizens of St. Iu!s,
be croate'tl to e'oniuer means of securing
needtel legislation."
M J. Lowensteln's nomination of Isaac II.
I.lonberger fmparary chairman and
Robert II. Kern's cg-es.lon of Hreckenridge
Jones for timpi rary secretary were accept
ed unanln.t us'.y Mr. .enes's call of the roll
of those lnilted is representatlies of the
social ar.d conircc-clal Interest" of the city,
and or the mi.niilpal administration, shotted
that all but two were prist nt. personally
or bv proxy.
.vim:tki i:i'itis
TIIF.lIt tllTI!.
O. I While-law, president of the Mer
chihts" Exchange, sent word that his ph
slclan had ordered him to remiln at home,
and that the older had conic too late for him
to appolrt a proxy. He sent assurances' of
his hearty mp.ithv with the moiemont.
and of his willingness to do what he could
to further It B. .1. Strau". ptesldent of the
Columbiin Cli.b. telegraphed his regretsthat
a sudden lu'lr.ess tall had ttken 1.1m oat of
the city, lb promised eo-cpemtlon in any
aetloii decide el upon
In a I. Iter which expressed thorough sm
pithy with the movement. John A. Harri
son, president eif the Board of Bdac-ation.
regretted his inability to accept the imita
tion to take art In tac de'llbcrations ar.d
n.unc.1 Dot tor William Taussig as repre
sentatite of the beard.
Temporary chairman IJonherger eleclared
his belief that the Importance of the mote
ment Inaugurated by the publishers' Asso
ciation roul.l not be oterestlmated. He urge.
the advi'.iblllty of a thoroigh discussion of
the matters that would come up and the
necessity for promptness In such action as
should be decided upon.
A series of preambles and resolutions,
submitted by Mr. Knapp for the aiottel
purpose of Kiting a starting point for the
discussion, were argued at some length by
several gentlemen No action was taken en
thorn as a motion, however. Mr. Knapp sub
mitting Instead a resolution which Instruct
ed the chair to appoint a committee of five
on plan and scope. Mr. Frank suggested
that the mooting name tho members of tho
committee, and Mr. Knapp ne-cepted the
suggestion. The result was the resolution
which was adopted bv the meeting, and
which is printed herewith.
i v. .nnoN t::i.i..
or m:i:im:ii ciivgi.
F N. Judson. in answer to a suggestion
from Mr. Lowenstein, discus-ed the needs
of the city ami the liest manner in which
they could be met. He eleclared the meet
ing to be the nio.-it remarkable one, in Its
r. presentatltc character and the practical
ly unanimous rtsponse of the gertlemen in
vited, thet had ever assembled In St. Louis.
Mr. J ud on explained some of the legal
difficulties) in the way of the progress of
St. Louis. The clt, he said, is confronted
by a condition which is the natural
result of extensive acejuisition of
tenltory and efforts to bring :t
all under .mini lpal gnernment with
out changes In n Clarter which was
framed for the government of a city mu'h
more compact. He decmid it imperative to
take st'ps to curtail expenses and to in
crease the le.enue to meet the new- condi
tions. The city Is shackl-ti by the Constitu
tion and its charter, and he considered that
the- onli real remedy lies In a constitutional
contention and u new Constitution, cr, less
preferably, amendments to the present Con
stitution. Formei Goiernor Dai Id R. Francis, as a
rcpresentatlie of the World's Fair, was
asked to give his Impressions. He declared
he saw no way In which to remedy the
situation except by constitutional amencl-
e pi.w iii:ciiii:i i p
. lent pt m.ic u i:i.riti:.
O Ro'olv.d. Tint I. H. LlonW- r. F.
N. J ud on. 11. c Simmons, E.
Sehnurn aeher art! C I". WaltrUgo
e bt appoiuteel a committee of five on
x plau and organization, to prenaro a
-tlient f r the permanent orear.lz.a
e tlon of a noiifurtisan cotninls-ion for
s the public welfare
e Re snivel. That the commltt'1" of
five bo r.iiui.sted to roirt Its rocom-
ninidat'oiis as- to the id in of or
v ganlz.iti.in and nominations for
membership of the commission to an
adjourned meeting to le hell at the
O SI. r antile cj-ib on Thursday ercn-
Ing. Dec":nl.er JO
mr rts. or In i now Constitution. He dl1 r.oj
knov hi w I eoul 1 be done-; but he was dis
tinctly in fivor of granting the city tho
right to I-sue more IkipiN for Pie purpose
eif r..i!i :r the revenue necessary for public
inproien en's.
i). ii. pii wrm iiv
iisim; m;i:iied n n.
He s..w no reason whv the present gcrer---llon
should be ciiripellod to pay the whole
ee.st of Improvements whbh future genera
tions would enjoy, when the money for
tl-r.i route! lc Wreiwed at per cent, and
the paimcnts distributes over a long term
I cir He U-IIciol that the citizens of
.M. .aiuls would at the re-ert time wltl
lrglj vote for a Jln(...,i,. .cn, ,, . fnr tflo
purtio- of giving the clty noe.itd im' v -ments.
Mr. Francis discussed t(lo rjutlon ef the
city s water supply m lonct!, an 1 said that
crltiilMsl abroad than any other one thin?
He argurd against any charge in the pro
vision, which prohibits the use e.f water
revert.,, for any purp s,. othe- than Im
provements and exttrsions of tl,,. service
and hoped that the agitation in favor of a
reduction of water rates would fall for ths
reacn that in the accumulation of a stir
j.Itis In that department lies the city's best
nope for acquiring a. manlc'pal filtration
plant. And this, he contended, is one of
the great ne-eds of the clti.
Sir. Francis cited the case of New Or-
ilV"rU),,'r-h I!y is at thi' tlmc- expending
HV)M) for street and setter improve
ments, all ,.f which money has le.n raised
through the sale of bond.
"Froni a Wor.d's Fair stardpo..-t." said
Sir. Francis. "St. Louis needs -mproie-mei'ts,
and must hate them."
He agit-tj with Mr. Ju.Non as to the reD
resontatite character of the meeting, and
tommeited uin the unanlmltv with which
the Invitations, had been acceidcd. u0
thought this was due to concerted action of
the press of the city, and that it could cot
otherwise have been achieved.
peopm: i:pkct
soMHTiiiNf; to hi: pom:.
W. H. Thompson, chairman of the FtT-.,...
( ommlttrc of the World's Fair, .summarized
tl e conCition of St. Louis by Ilkenlmr ths
city to a boy who had outgrown his clothes
and neeeled a new suit.
'Tho fact.' he said, "that the Imitation
to this meeting were so generally accepted
Khows that the necessities are realised nn
that the people expect somethins to bo
He did not see anything- unreasonable in
such an organization as was proposed. H
"Though we elect men to perform the du
ties of government we should not lose sight
of them, and hi gltirg them encouragement
and showirg our interest in affairs wo will
get belter results."
Sir. Schnurmacher explained the methods
by which a Con-tltutlonal Convention could
be called and a new- Constitution framed anil
acted upon. He eleclaresl it would h a
much speedier process than that of amend
ing the present Constitution and would ac
complish more
Other gentlemen discussed the chances fnr
the success of a call for a Constitutional
Contention and declared their opinion that
the Stite was ripe for such a step.
Assistant Comptroller Fred tiabe ex-pre?s,-d
his belief that a Constitutional Con
tention was the spoethv.t and probably the
onlv way In which the desires results could
be achieved.
:i:. who .TTnvnnn
iiie cFi:m:i'i:.
Those who were present at the meotln
C. P. Walbrldge. president of ths Busi
ness Men's Le.'rue.
Slalrolm Slacbeth. president of the Real
Estate Exchange.
L. D. Kingsland. president of the Slanu
facturcrs Association.
F. N. Judon. for the St. Louis Club.
I. II. Llonbcrgtr, president of tho Uni
versity Club.
Robert H. Kern, for the Siercantlle Club.
E. O. Stananl. for the Commercial Club.
Breckinridge Jones, for the Round Tabls
K. J. Spencer, vice president of the Engi
neers' Club.
SlcArthur Johnson, president of tho Cea
tnt Trades anel Labor Union.
J. A. Steinmeyer. president of the Fural
tnre Hoard of Trade.
P. B. I-lttte. for the Lumberman's Club.
Pierre Chouteau, chairman of tho Worl3'
Fair Committee of 3.
D R Francis, chairman of tho World's
Fair Executiie Committee.
William H. Thompson, chairman of tho
World's Fair Finance Committee.
Charles W. Knapp, editor and manager
of The Republic.
Nathan Frank, president of the Star Pub
lishing Company.
P. SI. Houser. publisher of tho Globe
Democrat. William C. Stoigcrs. business manager of
the Post-DI-patch.
Emll Preetorlus, president of the W'est
Hche Post.
William A. Carpenter, for the St. Louis
Theodore Ailelmann. for the Amcrika.
St. J. Ijiwens'oln. secretary of the St.
Louis Dally Newspaper Publishers' Asso
ciation. Henry 7iegenhein. Major.
Robert E. SlcSIath. president of the Board
of Public Improvements.
Iaae H. Sturgeon. Comptroller.
Freelcrlck Gabel. Assistant Comptroller.
K F. W. Sleier, President of the Council.
E E. Slurrell, Speaker cf the House of
Benjamin Schnurmacher. City Counselor.
Harry IS. II awes, president of the Board if
Police Commissioners.
Doctor William Taussig, for the Board of
C. F. Blanke. for the Union Club.
E. C. Simmons, appointed as proxy for
Pr sldont Hlrschberg of the Noonday Club,
wrote that bis notification of the appoint
ment reached him at a time when it was
impossible for him to break an engage
ment for the same hour. But he gave as
surances of nls d.sire to co-operate in ths
I.ed Cross Sends 1,001) to rrovidtj
Shelter for the Homeless.
Washington. Dec. 11. The Washington
auxiliary to the National Red Cross Asso
ciation to-day sent S1.VW to Mr. John Sttly.
chairman of the Relief Committee at Gal
veston. Tes.. to be used in providing shelter
for the homeless. Another thousand will
be sent soon by the auxiliary, which is le
eelvlng contributions from all parts of tho
United States.
i .
; !1
r !,
i La

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