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- cfr&3!i.J'
Iliere Was Lit lie Interest Tiikeu
and the Price Ch:uires Were
of the Narrowest Kind.
Holiday lethargy still relgrs supremo tn
lool grain circles at.d grows moro ami
xnoro consi)lcuoii3 us the days of good cheer
nnd merrymaking draw near. Tlio dullness
if speculation was particular!) notice tble.
aeslcrday. and tlie business transacted was
Insignificantly small throughout tho entire
day. Thcro nan a con"ii.'uou3 nbsenco of
trader.! in the. local grain pit, nnd cspeciul
Iv during tho foreiart of tho session, tt hen
it can bo FalJ to lu. been practically de
serted, and. for that matter, there was
not much, if any, change for tho better. In
fact, the periods when lilo tvas witnessed
were few and far between, and. outride of
the ery slight undertone of lifo shown,
which a largely conai-.ed to th higher
priced sralii, tho speculative situation w.is
practically without a slnglo redeeming fea
ture from tho time the different markets
opened for business until they closed at
l:J"i p. m.. when It was fountl that prices
had changed hut slightly -.vhero wheat was
concerned, but iiad lost ground In the case
of tho cheaper cereal?.
Yesterday's wheat market was another
cno of these small affairs which have been
the feature of tho bpeculatho situation all
of tho present week, and which can be
looked for until the New Year brings a
Uiango for cither better or worse. Tho fact
tint the Christmas holIdas, which will ex
tend from Saturdays closing to net
Vednc.sd.iv morning, are clo.o at hand
checked till desire to speculate on either
tho bear or the bull side The few trades
made wero by professional scalpers,
ond no sentiment was expressed
on either side. While tho mar
ket here was a decidedly apathetic
iiri nil the way through, it yet disuajed a,
slight undertone of strength, though the
gains In price were not more than le, and
tho cloc wa.i practically unchanged from
that of tho day before. Tho Initial cables
from LJ.erpool and London noted no
hange in theso markets, but later reported
the llrst-namcl d higher. Tho weeks Ar
gentine shipments were small at AWJ
bu.. as compared with ni.wn) bu. last week,
nnd our falrl Urge receipts wero offset to a
considerable extent by the mall arrivals
in the Northwest. At the ouferet thera 'vat
i.o change to be witnessed in tho condi
tion of values here, the ery few trades
made being on a basis of tho previous day 3
prices. May opening at 72V. and then sell
ing at TS-.'u-'iC. A firmer feeling toll-wcd
theso opening price, which was due to a.
report tliat foreigners were goJ buyers on
this side, tho effect of which was to
auso tho above-named option to kU nt
7c. the top price of the day. The improved
toiio was further added to by the Etato
incnt of local ex"-orters that there was a
good demand from abroad for hard winter
and about SO.Ouu bu. had been taken. I Ms
Jiad moro effect at Chicago than here, that
market showing considerable strength on a
report that largo export sales had been
inade in St. Louis. Closing cables were fa
aorabie, "id advance for the day being re
ported at Liverpool and London, and .o
at Berlin. Antwerp, however, was ui.
Thanged. and lluda-b-csth and Paris fie nnd
UTlower. respectively. The reported clear
ances for the day la flour and wheat were
Ficall, at 1U.W) bu.
Shortly nfter noon trade was interrupted
bv the arrival of General Fitzhugh Lee.
end not a wheel turned ut.tll after his re
ception was over. When trading in tho
pit had been resumed it was extremely quiet
. nd no changes of prices took place, th
ing came of the large export business
nuked of early in the day. the transactions
nt tho seaboard proving to be only oa
Utile business was done during the closing
half hour, and .May sold ami closrf 1-lw
better for the day only at . SSWic. Both
Dec and Jan. were neglected all day. ana
closed nominal at 7o and .lUc. re
cpoctlvely. If wheat was almost dead speculatively,
com was actually so. a quieter and less in
teresting market from a. tpcculativo stand
point hardly ever being witnessea than
that of yesterday In this city. Not alone
was the market dull but It was in a very
weak and depressed condition from the time
It opened until it closed. There was nothing
that could be considered as new in the ud
vlces. nnd nothli g was developed to arouse
speculative interest in this grain. The re
ceipts were again good, and. as acceptances
by the country were said to be free, the ar
rivals at primary points aro expected to
continue large. The shipments- were small
and Liverpool id lower since the day
before. The weather was mild and-epring-llke.
All this aSded to the weaki ess. and
Slav opened 1-lCc lower at Krtic "old off to
SuiiJSUc, and then recovered to ."-ic aga'n.
During the balance of the session this mar
ket was wholly-neglected, the only news re
ceived being the Argentine shipments or
E76.0Q0 bu. for the week. Tho market
ilragged alorg to the close, when May was
1-lCc off at ZoMc bid: Dec. had, sellers at
E3o asked, which was ic better for
tho day. and Jan. was that much lower at
Hc asked.
As usual, thero was nothing of Interest
developed In the local market for oats.
There was no news and no speculation, not
n tingle five telng traded in during the day.
At ttio close Dec. was unchanged from the
previous dav's close at ZS'.c bid. and May
was He lower at 2i4e bid.
ON" TUB CURB Whea fiat. May offered
at 72TbC bid 7ic; tellers of puts at itV aud
calls' at 72;tc
Traders' Gossip.
-Jc further advance In iho Import duty en
frtla by Germany would cut down the demand
or American grain and grain products consider
ably Tne United States come3 second to Kusla
lit Vales -of wneat to Germany and leads all
ether countries greatly In com. P.uflns th ten
months endlns with Oct. ths United Mat'
shipped Germany 6M.H2 tbls. flour. V&51.C7 bu.
wheat and SS.ts7.Ki bu. corn. Kor mm Urns
In ISO the Dour exports were 1C3.000 bbls. smaller,
but wheat i,M.Wt bu. larger, and ooro S.151.0M
bu. larger than this J ear. Ttia Import duty pro
posed Is equal to tfm to 60o per bu., excesolne
that cf Trance. thlch Is deemed prohibitive.
Comparative figures of the world's visible
supply of wheat for Dec 1 ehow a total about
Ii.mrt.0C-i) bu. larger than last J ear, with the.
price about 4c hlxher than last year, while com
pared with to years ago the total Is about M
too.lnrt bu. more, and price nearlv :c per bu.
less. Ill sX, with a total about 10.000 bu. less
than the present year, prices were about 13c per
bu. lileher. and in 1S91. with a total of about
14.000.000 bu. more than now. the prtco was about
&c per bu. higher.
Special Agent Holmcn of the Indiana Agri
cultural Department ttatcs tliat fully one-third
of the wheat examined by him In Indiana has
been damatsl by fly. and he Is quoted as ex
pressing the opinion that the failures of the last
two vcars wilt be repeated this season.
The week's Argentina shipments were E36.0W
bu. wheat and ETu.&M liu. corn, against 712.0-Xt
liu wheit and 576.000 liu. corn last week and
3.024,000 bu. wheat and S35.009 Lu com one ear
ago. Since Jan..l the wheat shipments amount
to 71.3. two bu. 'as compared with 61.C35.COO bu.
for i-ame period last year.
The official estimate of Manitoba makes the
area nf wheat this season l.SOOlS acres, 1eld
33.0K.M3 bu.. -oats Ii7i9a0 acres.- vleld tSltr.il
bu.. barley 17S,5iO acres, vleld 2.615.1W bu. and
potatoes IC.SM acres. ylM 2,oii!,ooo bu.
Liverpool cotton statrment: Total soles of
all kind. 3 000 bales: Ametlcan. 33.000: Rngllsh
rplnners' taklncs. Tinoo; total export. 3.000: Im
port or all kind, los 000: American. 87.000; stock
cf all Mnd. S43.OH0: American. 470.000: afloat, all
Kind-. 331.000 American. 314 000; total sales on
speculation t: total sales to exporter". 1.400
It Is said that the Government Anal report
on the wheat ield will take Into account the
quality of the Brain In arrlvlni as well as the
quantity. The quality of winter --.heat was tin
usuaUv rood, but that of Northwestern spring
wheat poor.
Cajh buolnesi in fhlcatro vestrrday wa JIV
000 bu. wheat and 75.000 bu. oats. Bids for
wheat were very cloee to a worklno- basts. At
the seaboard at tho lat exporters reported
216.000 bu wheat and 504.0CO bu. corn taken for
shipment abroad.
An Anrertlne cable rays: Generally In the
Argentine climatic conditions are variable, over
a considerable portion, interrupting harvesting
of linseed. Maize quality shows some falUn? off.
The Modern Miller outlook: The reports in
dicate that crop conditions are much the same
as for several week pat- Winter wheat Is
making seasonable profirea. and the adrlces on
tho whole are favorable. Trade in Hour was
slow in all positions, as the customary boil
day dullnenss was In evidence.
The Argentine wheat vtHble Is 3.13.000 bn..
a. decrease for tbe week of SS.000 bu.. and 821.000
bu. smaller than a year ago. when the week's
clecrease tins 736.000 bu. The com visible. Is 3G0,
000 bu., against 400.(00 bu. a week ago and 1,
Z03.0O0 bu. a year aso.
The Merchants' Exchange will adjourn from
the close of Saturday until Wednesday. Decem
ber 23 In observance of Christmas.
Primary com receipts, 634,000 bu. against
Stt.000 bu. a year ago, including 137,900 bu. at
ht. Louie, against 49 00 bu. last year. Pri
mary shipments, 246,000 bu.
Oats. receipts at primary point. S7S.O0O bu.,
against 361.000 bu. one vear aro. of which 46.600
bu at St. Louts, against lf.SOO bu. last 3 ear.
Primary shipments R.000 bu.
Wheat receipts at primary pelnts were SCA
KU bu:. against 776. COO bu. a week ago: 09.000
bu. one year ago. and 1,043,000 bu. to ears ago.
Receipts nt St. Louis. 49.!00 bu.. against r-.O-i-J
bu. a week ago, and 1(00 bu. a jcar ago. l'ti
rrary ihlpments, 104.000 bu.
MinneapolisSecretary Itogers. who makes up
and publishes, couatry cle.vator stocks first each
month, cays tberu Is no foundation for report -sired
by oss one to Chicago and published that
ri.A--,.- 4 , r.u mi f,. ,!! tnnnih.
taji T all estimates at ihls time are, absolutely
.U',h.t,r R r TtiM nhe.it UJn nw fulW IkJ 1
shape. It was t when It wns thrnsheil. nnd
the freexlrg nlghtn nnl -siirm Js ime Kotte-i
tfci berry In a condition -".hern It's nearlv rtlen.
end I do not kr what the can use thli emp
fir. Wo ljve to ship out the stuff 111 fast as
wo get 11 In our elevators, as Ha cannot ban
lie it fat enousli 10 keep it from heatlnc It
Is wet and sour anJ S05.K) a-l 1 don't see what
It an bo usfl fur tn the market.
ItraNtreet' reported clearances wheit nnl
flour 4.r.'50 lu. this uock, against "75.77 I'.
last tlt ani :MJ.71I bu. n je-ar nco. ";'rii
clearances ,4t..373 bu this week, against 4,x.-,-
4;s bu. la un-k. 3.9U.i"0 lu. a vear ago.
no cabled from Uuenis Aj-res: '! have
t'Cen all rvr the touth hn.l no change to H
Isirt w cither all that coul 1 ij lcslr-i. As .1
tirst-class simile. on, station Lis bought ninety
najsrs on acvount of large cri."
4'ilMh t.rtlin. I'lour, lltr.
IVUIllT-iVh Jlorl.et-Itei.Ucd 2"fi sk find
I.V cars lot.il anil 3 cars through A Vir ,lu,l
mirkt. as little ditnai'd frin cit.icr clt ir v"t
slilo mills, and cvator buci- 1I.1I1C lntln., !
nii'ile. -nliiheil. N"o 2 ril s-'ld .it 7l' l7: uml
fancy tillable i: sld at 7-?c. No. Z red nt 7is
7o1c. No. 4 l fe3uc . No. 2 bald at t-StltV, No.
2 do. nt r.7'.
IXIRN -Cash Market Ttreclved " tU.' ant li)
cars local and 70 cirs through Klrm f,r while,
which In small offering aid read sal-, mlveil
dull and hm,r. sa.,s. switched, at 2;"c (er o.
2 anl S-ao for No. 2 and net on tr'c at 3.V for
No. r. No 2 white at 37c net. 27'c del.. No 3
lo at 37c deb
OATS Cash Market Kecctwd 2 cars IcCnl
nnd : can through Cilet and tpiclrangul Hy
sample inltilictl No 2 ut tr.,;c; No. 3 at 2V-;
No. 1 Northtin at 3'itric; N. 2 white at 25'.e;
No 1 do at 2j';1i2i.'s. No 4 do. Ht tl'-c
1:1 N'uthlrg doing. Grade No. 2 nuuilnnlli
I'LOrit A dull m-trket Almost lnipslli!e to
sell m ITurctsou maiketii. as tl prices tho th r
elde Tsllllnt to pa ure entlrtly too low lor thu
seller. IKmestlc trade steadv. but Umitcil cu
tatlons on e,)ft winter wluat tl-'ur an s fol
lows. Patents $1.'i8.J.e0. strnll,hts J3 Uif3.L.
extra fancy f;.2ii4i3 2u, clear J:.75'J3. low nnd
tneilluiu J.'Sir-.K1 Hard w Inter In Jute sk
$:.23it2.iV for clears. S2.033 for btralgttls, mil
K .M.fi30 for patent".
Hi El rLUL'It-Jobbirg at S3 It sks. and S3 .75 In
ConNSrnAL-J2; pearl mal. grits nrd homlnr
f2 30
MlIAFUnrV-SteaJy and quiet. Bran bad bid"
f i-tio for ordlnarj ti largo and 7o In small
ski. and cholcft worth Ic more, bulk at "2c At
mill Iran Jobs at fiijSSc. and ships at Taj1.:-
HAV Hcceived. 7K tons local and 320 tons
through: shipped 440 tons Market very quiet, th
onl) demand of consequence for best grvdes of
tlmoth. though very fair for choice prairie and
clover. The lower grades overplenty ant very dull,
l'nces on trk. ranse: Tlmothj S13j 13.0 for
choice. Ji:,rl3 for No 1, J10',fll for No. 3 Ji
10 for No. 3; prairie JMSO'-U for No 1. JJWir
JO for No. 2 f&3 for No. 3. never v511-
ST11AW-Wheat on trk. S 50. rye JO
UltASS Si:i:i-Clcver Jie2r.. timothy tlt3
(Tla; rcl-top Mc for chan to JS "for fancy: mil
let 7.VS5J1 25. Hungarian 7S'c.
CASTOlt BEANS Bid SI 70 rer bu. for prime
In car lots
IIKM1' SHKD-J2.V rr l"o lbs. pure basis.
e i.si---i no m-irktt maoe
I.UAD-Noinlnilli.- ineh-nnl ot tl U t or ft
Ml-ourl and U.emlcal bard.-" Uesllv'ertzeS held at
SI'ULTER-Dilll at S4.
I'rlrca on 'Chance.
Ths following tables show the range of prices
in futures and cash grains.
Closed Hangs. Clos-d.
Thursday. l'rlday Triday.
wheat Dee. ,...0 n . .JT ... 70. n
Jan. 71", n -f ... 7t'. n
y 72b 73 t7-.s-li72.'j
vrui uec. .......ii.e ..W-...
Jan. 34. a ....ft....
la 231.81 a 5'4.-'33U
Olts Dec. 21'i a ....&....
Slav 24'a b .....1....
Cash wheat, com and cats ringed:
l.at Year, Tliurlay.
Wheat No.2 rtd.71'jS72 71-i72'
No. 2 red ....sS "I70 7.1 ti71
No. 4 winter .. iS7 (i fin?
No. 2 hard ....6fi SJIW fl 4iC3
No. 2 hard ...."".I T64Vs 7 . ..
Corn No. 2 ....22 a.... "Ia;4i3i;
No. 2 31'Jif.... S3'4flS-i
No. 2 white ...3:,r... HT Sl
No. 3 Thlte...31'i'u... ?iit ...
Oats No. ; ...24'Sf.. 2t'-....
No. 3 24 22
No.2 Northern 24Vj"JiS 24 C
No. 2 white ..2S 04 a2T
No. S white ...23iS 2i :"i:
211, 1,
70 S70U
at ftm
6 Wl3
37 jtl37'
37 it ...
23 ....
2-' f(36'i
No. 4 white ...2 (J.... 2. ffw's
Movement of I'raln.
Wlient. Corn
Ft. Lruls
Whe.it. Com.
44 2d- 137.J
CI les-to 112.2..) S74.s"
Toledo 11.101 S7.179
IV'troit 010 11!'4
Karsas Oty 5.fcx) 23.2-0
7.TilTaukee 43,7 IS.5M
Minneapolis 210 7 s mo
Iillluth 63 011 13U17
New York 213 . 11S.103
Baltimore 2S.20 3J4 421
1 hllaoelphia 43M J.tI
Boston 13.2S2 23.323
New Orleans 1R.OO0 7J.WJ
Galveston ac.bo.)
Newport News
Stocks or Grata In More.
Oats .......... .....
Contract Grades
.4.WI.SJ2 4.S2J.124 2.15O.011.
.o. 2 red ...
No. 2 bard ..
No. 2 corn .,
No. 2 white corn
No. 2 oats ...
No. 2 rye .... K.3S3 f.333
Shlpmpnta of Floor.
St. Louis. 5 0C0 bbl.: Chicago. S3.C21 bbls ; De
troit. 1 4 bbls.; Milwaukee, 9.400 bbls.; Minneap
olis. 14.70J bbls.: J11"" York. 4,137 bbls. and 9.3J3
sks.; Baltimore 10.SJ7 bbls.; Boston. L3S3 sks.
Local Fruit, Vegetable, Poultry,
Egg and Butter Quotations.
again dull and
The produce markets were
elow yesterday, bpt there was little change In
Trices. Receipts were not heavy, but the warm
weather had a depressing effect upon trade, as
shippers were out cf the market 'and the local ,
trade bought sparingly. j
rotatoes were dull and weak, as there was !
Terr little demand, and receipts, although light,
were In excess of the requirements. Shippers
were practically out of the market and local buy
ers took yery Utile. Offerings of home-grown
stock were light and the demand was alo light.
bweet potatoes were quiet and steady at un
changed prices.
Kutabug&s wers weak and lower,
wire heavy and the demand slovr.
uggpiant was ouu ana eiowj
Peppers were slow and weak.
tipfn&ch and kale was dull.
Cabbage was quiet and steady at unchanged
Onions were scarce and firm. Bound stock was
In fair demand, but inferior stock was not
Tomatoes were scarce and firm.
String beans were scarce and wanted.
Gumbo was scarce, firm and In good demand.
Lettuce was scarce and firm, and other vcs
tables were steady.
Apples were steady and unchanged- Cnolea fruit
was in fair local demand, but shippers were out
of the market and common or lnferlor.frult was
plentiful, but was hard to sell at any price.
Strawberries were quiet and steady.
Oranges were steady and unchanged. Thero was
a good Jobbing demand, but the car lot trad
was light.
lemons were quiet and steady.
Grapes were dull and slow and other fruits
were unchanged. .
Live poultry was in somewhat better demand
and turkevs were firmer. Offerings were moderate
and there was a fair demand for good stock.
Chickens wero dull and slow, as offerings were
literal and the demand was weak.
Pucks were quiet and steady and gecsa were
Veals were dull and plentiful.
Game was steady. Ilabblts were plentiful and
tn slow demand, but othrrgame sold fairly w-lL'
Wool was dull and wofta mocks arearg wid,
there was little demand for any of the grades.
Turs wero In active demand and the market
was firm
Hides were weak and declining, as receipts
were heavier and the demand was slow.
The market was dull and weak vesterday, ns
receipts were heavier; shipments were light
and tbe local demand was rather slow. On ac
count of the continued warm weather deal-rs
were expecting lower prices and weri slow
about taking hold. Guaranteed fresh jtoek sold
at 12c. loss off, but held and cold-storage stock
was dull and weak
Receipts nt ht. Ixuls to-day were 1,141 cases
and shipments were 5C0 cases.
Dairy Prodt-rta.
Butter The market was dull and slow at
urchanged prices. Offirlngs were heavy,
and there was Iptle ik-manl. Quotations:
e reamery. extra, 24c; firsts 2i21c: seconds lo'j
ISc Dairy Extra UGTOc: firms L61Cc; grease
c Country Store-packed HSc for good to tf
10c fcr poor. Ladle-packed Extra 15c: firsts 14U
14Uc Roll tc for good to 114c for choice.
Cheese Quote: Twins tlc. singles 12c; T. A.
124c, New York llc; Llmbutger ll'.i812c; Swiss
lliilac: brick 12-al2"sc.
Dry flint Average jecelpts, round 144-. choice
Texas LC Dr -salted Itourd I2c. Gr-cn-salted
Western round 74c: r-outhcrn 7c. Dry flint
Selected No. 1 13ic: selected No. 2 L14c. Drj-
.ntA.1 STn 191- S7n s lit f Cr,,n.nllb1
No. 1 Sc: No. 2 7c: bull 6HC. L'ncured Ic per lb.
less; pare cureu jo ve .".
half price.
less and glue stock
No. 1 large s
No. 1 medium..... c
No.l small & No.2.703S0
No. 3 41
No. 4 10
No. 1 large J 1.33
No. 1 medium .... 1.03
Ko. 1 small A: No. 3 70
No. S ......... 30
o. 4 13
bkunk l'rlme, as to
Illack, larre S 1.10
ilack. medium .... 90
Short stripe - 70
Narrow do 43313
Uroad do 13
Texas, round S38JO
Indian Terrlto-y...4oU70
Blue or not prime less
wild cat U&25
Civ It cat .... l
Badger E32S
House cat 14
a ... . r.- ...
.siti- 'i-s'wT si-; Ovaiamazoo) at itiu'jc; rancy largo white plume
"-i'ii -iT?A ' 'io -S to S3.10 per crate icentalmng S to 10 dni.):
, 2-x! :?.?? frrJ, and bulk dwarf at :o423c per bunch. CMctgo
1 rMi' ;iii! -"V..1! cases (contalt.lng 4 to 8 dez.) at 73c to SI. Home.
........ 4.. l '. . V ..u n - fn n .-..
Muskrat 810
No. 1 large 23
No. 1 medium .... 15
:-o. 2 10
Trash worthless.
Wolf Prairie .. .. M
Timber KS1.M
Kcd Fox
No. 1 1 M
NO. .............. ,
No. 3 .......... M
No- .- 11
Gray Fox ,
No. 1 tl
Vrt 1-
No. 3 20
No. 4 1
No. 1 large s.00
No. 1 medium CM
No. 3 3.30
No. 3 ........ 3.0)
No. 4 .. 1.M
Hear 1(112
Beaver is 7
Pro lalo-as.
Pork quiet; lard -lower, and suady.
Pork New standard Jobbing f. o. b. JI2.50.
I-ard Choice steam 11. side Su.S-'c.
Urcen Hams On basis Sc for 16 and IS aver
ages In car lots E. side: other averages In ratio.
Kiom the block; delivered: Hams 7c to 8"c: bel
lies 7-ttC to 10c, as In average. New York thcul-
V. S. Heat-t- Bia. "lots Jobbing: Extra Eiorta
"..(?: c'rlls 6Ic: clear 1Jm CTne; bellies 74
'.. ns In average; plat CV. Higher ..n small
. ";..". ,,., ...... ,. i.i.,. iv,,ir,,i
Kim p fnr henvt t., IS,? for cholCO llzllt
Hll.,'- f. 1, lll.l. j.-.'.i.. -" ....
buns "..' to lO'.c. c-illfi.rniis ,t474c. New
orfc (boulders tic I'lalli mtike.l lild mens -Ultra
Fliorts TTjC; c'rllis 7'1e. clear sides S'o:
bellies 7"ic. ai In average, platii f.c HlKher
on sULill orders.
Oountry Ijird CiiC'jC. ncvcnlln-; to quality and
ntfti lenrlne At f'.i-
Tallow e'ountry No 1 at 4.e: No. 2 t'ifflo.
' I'.nKcr' choice ii4siji.
;rlte.lnall ItreKulir lots country 1'rown 3c.
vellou 3';c. hlto JV l'.-nkns- ftisk: Urown
.34'i3rc, ellow tflle. vtlille 4tf
lleef On order.- Illil.l I'lat. PtJ: rulton
Market flj M. dried at 10-12ic ler lb.; tomuej
at H'ro lr lb.
Mi i..l.
Ilxtremo Kout'iern tklus L ler cent lcs ard
Northern 13 to 2 sr nut mou.
MlKourl .t. llllnol" lllt.nv line ....11 tll2
Mil' c inblna M iJl 1 1.x. I r f. ek
Mill liolhltii; .U H
.Mullum is cilil'j
t'njrso low 13 6th,
l"ln raollum II .!
Llglll line 14 13
ll.ai line 11. tr!2
Dakota A. Vitc.-n
Brlgt t 1111 I IS UlS'j
Dark mull int. II up.
rino tiixlluiii II jl ,
I.ithl ill- .11 ill-
Hiavy line . 12 e.13
Arkm-as A. Noilli
"ll,l .lie, .si) U ifM'i
lirald v Tow u trpi'j
llurrv ,L char
mlMsl . . .17 1
liii.hii lurrs It yLVj
11 nd "-iriy .. 12's?ill
lagl.t line H fil7
lli.'ij 11:1c . ..11 till
Luitbi 1? crti.
wisoinsln .t Pun
Mcil oniblrg li'.VilO
Brail .v. .Iotli
Ing . .. Is (llf'j
s mibrlgt.t ....P. 57I73
'ill. .. If. 111''.
I Mc.l I.C) .11 Ml '4
,i;urr ..11 4 L
1 tubwasbed
IV. I .. 2:1
No J . .21 (Til
lllmr 11 d2
Viuori go it Imlr
1'ltio tl eiUuni ..13 4iS
l.ll-lit Ihi" .. .. It 41 13
licit) llt.c . II (rl3
Kan-is ,v Nhra&Ui
Ilrtght mi ilium 13
nark .v i.u.i) 14 (ii
:..iu i tl.ar .li U
Klne in,dluiu
Light I'."- .
14 ?!.', i lluriv
13 l't j t.J
.10 (111
1'onilry. Iliiim mid nls.
I.lVi: I'tl LTKY llilckfns- !irslht joung
f'-c, did n.isttrs 2c; broiler 7c. '1 iiikcis 'liol e
ilrc-slng stock V IMn and -"r le- l'tiiks
7c ce (lop-teatbeted- t'je. Oil plseoni aa i
fciju il (K-r d ii . u'c
llll-s.'i:it l'ot l.iltY- Quote scc'liil rnd un.
drawn, with heads and legs on iurkevs at 7
7-e tr lb Clikkills iii'iC. Iuks 7'2'iS. elicso
.V"l!-.e quoto choice, select swet stock
onlv. cuall Undrawn JIM. driwn St. l'ratrla
ihtckeni ljrk S3. 1'heisaut St, Wthl turi,e..
sr lb Toms Sc; hens tc luk ier loz - Mil
lards $3; ridl.rads S3; canvaback S-i; bluc-ning
teil S3, green-wing teal SI 3 inlxcil SI "j. Jark
nlpe JlM'. Plover Jl 23. Uoudus k -lairge S'l.
Ier carea.es, jier lb, fij'tc Venison euldlcs.
bides wri Jto Halhlti per dor . 7.c. Jack
ralbtts Si 30. NiUltrels WJjliOc. l'oasuras, eavb,
MiVLt-Clio'ce fat at I'.!: per lb heretics,
thin and rough at 2c lnep dull at -J4c. ttln
wes and bucks nt 2W"c cr lb Spring limbs
Lvces st 4c to 4'-c jer lb. for cholt-, buck Iambs
a: 2'2i!3'tc.
Krnits stml Vcotnlilea.
AITLKSCmoie lastern. packed- laldrrln at
from S1.4J to S1.7) for No. 2 to tzuti 40 for No 1
fc'-"'"'-.'- """' ' '.'. ' T. -" - " -.""?
I-;ir-,r '.',' "riLi"Z,X " I.'. .' ..
quotable at SL7k'I.-0 and greening Sl.7C- per
ijdi. mtasure en trk. vvesiern-pacaej isen iavis
and gVnlting rjj ga from Sl.7. to $1.3, wincjap
at $2 73J3, wlllowtwlg at Su3 2j lop rates for
tarcy Idaho bd. alples at SI 2 per W li bov
for wlmap and Sl.t'iLS'i for Newtown pljp n
anil lloirum 1-eautv.
M'ltAUlll-:Kl!!l:-rirst receipts ::o per pint.
tlUAl'i: Catawbas In llmltel tupfily and nrm
nt 12'u-ll' ir ix,ny basket with fancy paper la
beli l'l-AUS Jicarre. I.ast sales choice l"Artem
Kfifers at $3.731 2 per bbl.
I'SUrtiliMA 1'KAItb yjot- winter Nelll. and
llastcr Buerrc nt S-?2 23 t-er 43 1b, box.
ult.XVl d quote cur lots on trk.: Florida
at STJ3.1) ter ti for ru.-eis and bright. Cali
fornia navels at S2.si for f-incy and S2.es for
choice. Alelcan Scnora at 12 30 end Li Barca
at fj.732 :0 jobl.li.g f rom store 2jc higher than
above ptucs. tale 1 car California navels at
Si.r0 on Irk.
LIlalONb Quote: New Messina and California
at S2W73 per box In car lots. Jobbing 23c higher.
MAI.MIV iIt-I'I--Quot nt S 00W8 rer ltd.
lXKiiA.nt-ouotabla ut 137 1) per 1.000 lu
a smalt way at St per 1W.
l-IM.I-rLi:s ITorida ut S3 to SS 23 per crate
cortalnlng 24 to 3 pines.
BANANA& Quote at 11 SJ to J1.75 per bunch.
en orders.
OIlAl'K rrtUIT Quote Jamaica at S3 tj S3
per box I'lornl. ut Sot, &a ant California at S3
C4 icr w
CI:N'ni:i;Hins-Eales In a Jolbtng way from
fn.. ... Ihnlu s ait. .',.,.. .!,.
lM4.,S!i8.50; late Howes at 110. Jersey at $2.73 psr
ST fill bo..
1-OTATOKS We quote Northern on trk.: Mln
resota and Is-onsin Burbank or rural at 4311
4 fcr fair to 47ti4ic for choice to fancy, rons
bl3c. triumph SvcVJl Michigan rural nt 4734V
for sound, tilght, hmooth stk, bug eaten, Iits
afrected with drj rot ard all lnftrlnr sell for ls.
UNIONS-Ited globes at kOc on Uk. and sic del.;
yellow nt 7nc in sks, del.
CAHBAGr Quote dcrre'tlc at S11313 and Hol
land t cd at 51.1 In t H..L Tnlers rhrp. xt TA
icr crat on small orders fled cabbage scarce
HUTAUAvaAb Lnrt sale bulk at 2jo per bu.
del. On rders at SI'S r bbl
S-AL'IIUKU.VLTI Quote this, at S3 3. half bbls.
i 4 ?; Email timers iiign.-r.
Si'UINR I1KANS Uuote choice FlorlJa round
fnta at S3S3.W per bu. tos held stock nominally
LITTTt'CI" Choice New Orleans head lettuce
In fair ddnand ut S3'o3.M per bbL burnt, rusty
quotablv at 2c tier lb.
cr.i.i-.iii we quiue: aucnigan smau-sizea
tier bunch. Cilery roofs dull
at 23c to 23c per doz. Callforria quotable at 40o
to Pc per drz.. and at Si 60 per crate.
TOMATOI"S Quote choice Florida at S3.M rer 6
basket crate extra fancv north mote; small and
lioor nomlnilly less; California at SI 23 to Sl.73
per l-baskot crate
hWKKT ror.TOES-IIome-grown Bermuda
203Xc; jellow Nanscmond. un and red Nans
mund at toe per bu. loose and at SLSO p-r bbl.
for Bermuda and S2 fcr Nanmond on orders
CABllOTS Qu'te nevr Eoutiern at 2So per doa.
bunchea; old Northern in bulk at &3c to Wc per
10j lbs. del Sile l car buik at 111 to S12 per
ton del On orders, dealers charge SI per bbl
and poor stick less. Home-grown sella at 20?33n
! l cr bu loose
UGGI'LANT Quote ricrida at Sl.SOO'J per
1"3-Mi crate.
TI'ItNl PS Home-grown stock sell loose at jSo
rer bu. Orders charged 7&c per bbl. Consignments
I'llI'I'EUS-Quote choice riorida at S1.25 to
51.73 per 6 b-ik.t crate.
CUCTUMBEKb-Quote FlorlJa at tl72.l per
bu. tox.
Gl'MBO Quote New Orleans at S1.C) to J2 per
bu. ben.,
CA L UIKIDWrnt California slow and easier at
S3 per crate del
SPINACH AND KALE-Hcme-grown dull at 10
4t13c per bu. loose.
1!Alili'llll ITi o!e New Orleans nt "1T!ilrt m.
toz, buuclies top rate for whlle-tlrpcd. Louisi
ana now ii" -is ,jc r-r 1)11, IsOX.
MI"MIIlOOM-Dlill at 23B23C ,r IK
HOItni;itDljII Quote bome-gruira at SJ.M.JJ4
per bid on e-rdtrs.
BniTTS New Orleans (new) quiet at 31c to 4tc
pr doz. bbrches. old sill nt SI per bbl. on or
drs HLTIIRABn PQUASH-Quotable nt 114 pr ton.
BltUSi-ELS ai'P.OUTS Slow sale at Ko to 20o
per quart.
I'liMPKIVS Heine-grown at Mc rr 111 lbs.
bPANIfcil ONIONS Quotable at St.tJ iwr crate.
Miscellaneous Markets.
niATHEKS Steady. Prime live geeso. in .mill
sks. Ce,. in large ska. 41c. gray Sic, old whlto 35
R37c; . 233 c: XX IfitjSV: XVX I15i;e. XX.V
to. Chicken Cc Turkcv Tall IV. win; ec; point
rs 4c. wing and tall 10c; wing mil mi! nd
Iiolnters 7c; body lo. Duck White at 3Jc; dark
at "5o.
DKKUSKINS. KTli Prlmo deerskins Us ir
lb.. Texas at 23c, antelopo 14c per lb ; goat 23o
to 33e each damaged out.
LOOTS Ginseng at from S3 30 for small to St
fcr large; Ldy tllprer at 7c; Seneca at 2Sc; pink
at 14c; golden se-,1 at 48c. May uijile at 21" c;
sneke nt 27c: black 4c; Amr-Uci 32, r-ahoo
bark of root S bark of treo 2Vic bioid 2i-c
blueflag Sc; skullcap leavus tc; sassafras baric 4c
wll I ginger 4c
t-Hi:i:r i-clts iuii-wooi i,clts at toe to &v.
recording to amount of wool on them: lamb at
JSValOc Southern 231J4X; -lioarllncs at 2jjiS--.
Drv stock, fallen, etc., Hi So per lb.
BKBSWAX Quote at 27c per lb for prime
DIIILD rilLTIT Quote apples: Lvaiorat'-d rings
nt 2'ic to 4c. quarters at SVji to 4c. chops at
"jfl'.c: nalings ut 'c. Sun-drieI Quarters ut
3o to 2tc: chops and peelings neglected; to price
quotable. I'eael.es Fancy cvain rated unis-elel
balies Ht 4c sun-ihied ut Ic to 2,.c.
DHIKD ('KIILN I'KAhE -lobbiti-: from stole
at st.2Vi 1.51 s-icouh Jl.Mil.-.".. split li.to.
HONKY-a nb at 10c to KYjc. fancy whlto
clover 15'SPh. Inferior, dark and broken bs.s.
i:tracted a-id strcir.'d In bbls. at C'C',.j and In
cars at 7r7,ic
MOSS We ouote: Grav and brown mixed Via
l.c; trray and brown and lack mlxeii 2.: black
nnd brown do 2,e: MukSV. machine-picked
X at.2"c: XX at 3.c: XXX at 4c; XXX;
at 57fce: infeilor picke,! less.
E.MITT BAHHKIJ-Coal oil. turpentine, und
gasoline Si; vinegar COe; blark oil 43c: Unseed
light oil and varnish 73.. sugir l's; whisky ft'
do. hair bbls. pc. wine SI: ssu'rknut 33": pick'
43c: isolates 20c; lard tcs. 33 2 off for each
broken bead or -stave: 2c off for each hooD
HTIOOM COIIN-In llelit offerings: readily sal-abl.-
nt jy) to 75 ter ton.
BONIIS-Clirlce i,'e?chd at SIS per ton: other
kinds from JI0 to JL
HAGS. 17TC-. per 110 lbs Country r-igs at 50e.
Old Hope No. 1 und manlia $1.30; No. 2 $2 30
Hi.bber JS. '
snitr IIION AND METAL. r' 101 lbs.
Wrought Ircn 43c: heavv cast I2'c: millcahle
20,: steel 20c--breakage 30c; s0e c. burnt 20c
llgnt b-iss si.zj; neavy nrass 111.30. Copper
112 W Zinc JIM. Lead S1.50 Pewtc' S12.
connrn loi rv.ir.,.. i...i , . -. .-. . .
I c-OOPliltAGE-buob
, bbls. 9c: do half bbls. 73c: slack work-Vim 1-
I boop flour bl Is. 2oc; flit-hoop do 22c: hxlf-bbls.
2tc: meal Ih's. 2?c. rto'n e or arpie bbls 23c
iiii-uwiNK seiiire on a basis of ji 7
LINSCKI) OlI-At 3'c raw and Eltc boiled la
per gal. less for car lots.
New York. Dec 21. Wool quiet.
Hidea and Leather.
Xew York, Dec. 2L Hides nrm. Leather flrm.
Tarpentlnc sod Kosln.
New York. Dee. 21TurpentIne dull at 40''3)
41'ic liosln quiet; strained, common to good,
11. .3.
SIlDiicaiioIls Flour.
Silnneapolis. Minn , Dec. 21. Cloe; Wheat
Cash 72-,c: May 74"c: July 73S7iar: en trk.
No. 1 hard 7l'c: No 1 Northern 72Sc: No. 3
Northern S7VJK."-.c. Flour and bran unchanged.
Dry Goods.
New York, Dec. 21 The cotton goods dlvlskn
of the dry goods market lias rule! inactive to
day In all departments. Th' business In progress
has shown no material change tn pricca In any
direction, ndther In staple 1'nes nor fincles.
lanens continue nrm, with a moderai donsnd.
Moro inquiry for lurlaps and tendency again-
a Sujtnr.
New York, Dec. 21. Sugar Haw steadv; re
fined qlliel. 1
Nevr Oilcans. 1, Tc. 21. Sugar lull. (r-en
kettle 3vi3-i,: open keitU centrifugal 3 7-lMI
4',: ce-jirlfugal whiten 4'ii4 It 1C-; )ell.ts 1
4,-c: seconds 2rl. SIolah.ses steady: lici ket
tle 2j3c- centrifugal 1-3 :ic; da. tlrup -r-j33a.
. ,vn,, . tv LU 11
IS'o Contract Corn The Day's lie
ccijits Failud tn Help the Mar
ket Provisions Lower.
! niii'L'iiLic FrnciAL
Cliicngo. III., Dec. SI. Grain matkets were
slow and of so little Intcrtst to many that
they left the lloor to vvntch tho moro alluring
iliu tu.ttlotii of tlie Xew York stock market.
Win at ruled quiet but llrm. Com was weak,
imiro especially for Dec. wlilih lost V"tc, as
against Jtc iliclino for Muj. 1'rovislons were.
ulet but llrm nt a trifling (lev-line.
WI rat opotioil (inn at from 2e to Tjtc for
JI.iv, entnpjreil with 727'ti7-c at tho clobo
tinl.iv. l.lvirpool wa) up 'i!. wiiieli was
.itnong tlio liilluer.ciH rnntributing to the
opening Mnngtii. Argnitliio tliippod oi7t,l"
bu , ,1s against l".(' lm. li'O week tn-foie
.i"I l.et.iKI bu. tl.o corrosm!nlliig v.cek of
tin ve-.ii befon. and that vva- anotlier ioii
triimtnry ltiiMui to tin bettor tone. Tho
-u.-g-:lliiii in tho c-oininrativily sinall slup
mttii:? from Argentine was tli.tt their bulk
would have btn larger had tho pru-tNvt of
tho crop now being b.irvtsted been (-.ttlsfac-tnry.
It vvai tlar foro lalccti as confirmatory
f thove estlmat'-i tli.it tnado the iporlablo
surplus from tlie new crop very much mail
er than tint of the e.ir pncullng. An lm
piOasinn alio prevailed lint, notwithstand
ing tho appariiitly heavbr receipts this vear
lh.ui last, tho visible supply next published
would s-hovv OMMv) hu. or more decrease,
compared with l,7Jj,0-0 bu. increaso from a
much mi.iUor movement thf llke neck of
HO). The piltrury Western market receipts
nro giving indications) of being larger this
.vear than I,it, because nf the unovenness of
the t rop of lion, moro of the latter coming
1 nipor.irily into sight this reason on that
.icioiml. It Is not moving mo Htealllv ai
usual from Western riselvlng points, anI re
appinriug again at Kistern nccumul itlvo
cnttr-. but H dropped by the way at Inter
ior milling pl.'ce, whiru last sc-ason's crop
was a comparative f.il.urc. The nnomaly of
lK-avier receipts and moro rapidly diminish
ing accumulations promises to be a feature
tliat may hcntelorth receive greater nccen
t uat ion und prove an ignis fatuus that. If
follow el, will bo likely tu lead the bears
into a bottomless quagmire.
1'rimary Wt stern market receipts were
C"in,i0 liu., .is against oltf.OOO bu. tho corre
sponding day nt the vear before. Chicago
(,ol lu carloads, compared with 61 the jear
before: Minneapolis and Duluth 34i cars, as
iigainst 471 a wet It ago, and 410 tho like day
of tiic puviuiw eur.
Seaboard clearance of wheat nnl flour
were equ.ll to lu,luu bu. JlinneaHills re
ported the Hour trado good and a sharp de
mand for spot wheat, the lower grades of
which worn up from lc to 2a a bu. New
York rerorted moro encouraging advice.s
iron tlie Continent and higher blda for
wheat, but c. i. f. brokers hero said sea
be ird bids for wheat were qulto out of lino.
Suctpctline tho oiening udvanci?, .May wheat
began to bag and declined to "Zc before
being picked up again for a still higher than
the llrst advance, reaching 73ii573?eo before
the nttt downward reaction. May closed at
TVaC or 'ciittc over the final price of tho
day before. New York reiwrtcd 59 boatloads
sold for export and U.W) bu. were sold hero
tor MiipmcuL
Corn was heavy and dull, both for near
nnd distant futures, but the resulting de
cline was much Iho heaviest for tho cur
lont month'H delivery, although there si as
again no contract corn In the day's receipts
and no ctrtainty of tho holdings for JJcc
delivery having been much reduced. Tho.
Dec. shorts wero made to feel easier, how
ever, by la reduction In prico immediately
after tho opening, but a quick reaction of
l'Ja from tho early decline indicated a
itill existing ion-; Interest that might, un
der encouraging circumstances, work evil to
the shorts before the 'month expired. Dec.
corn opened nt from 4.0'ic down to wtSic, yes
terday's closing figures having been xOiAc.
and a decline to Ro occurred beforo tho re
covery to IS'ic. referred to In above re
marks. The prlco after that yielded ngaln,
hut moro slowly than at flrsL Jan. corn
o;ened from '.ic to ?o down and remained
heavy; May coin was likewise easier, open
ing at from !i'sc down to SCo and dropping
fclowly to S3T-C (luring the forenoon.
Local receipts were BO cars, as againit
IT? thu je.ir before, and of the latter num
ler S cats were contract. The primary
Western market nedpta amounted to Sa.
fr'O bu, as against iro.oOO bu. list vear, that
feature of tho present situation nctlTj to
the disadvantage of those who had bought
May corn. Liverpool reported Hd decllno
for future.--, and Jd decline for spot corn.
Argentine shipments of com for the week
wire VjS.Wi bu.. and tho clearances from
United States ports for twenty-four hours
7S.I.W bu. Laithnated number of cars for
to-morrow's local tereippi was C73.
Dec. corn rlosed at .IV'c. or Pie lower
tliar It did the d.tv before: Jan. nt 26'4c. a
decline of 'ic. und May at K'ic. or Mc down
since jestcrday. New York reported 40
boatloads sold for export, and 60,C0u bu.
wero worked here for shipment.
nut a.
The oats market repeated Us chronic per
formance of doing as near nothing ns was
poufclblo without losing all claim to space
on the floor. The fluctuations for Slav lo
llvrry were from 2Hu to ZZZiitCZK1:. and the
losing price 23"c ai it stood tho day be
fore. Local receipts wero ZZZ cars, as
against Ii3 a year ago; "hlpmei tl 5S.W bu..
compared with lUOOO bu. Estimated re
ceipts lor to-morrow wero HO cars. Sea
board clearances were UU.WO bu.
Itangr- of Fntnrea.
Articles. Open. l!lh. Iaw. Close.
Wheat Deo ... j"i 7.u; , C0V,i7j
Jan TOWs 7Hrtt 7537.H, 7oi4H
May 73 H7JH 73V.WS 72i; 73 ::
Corn Deo ...2SVd4)'t t 28 2S4
Jan 2i:, -b's 2(i si.u
Stay 2 tT3r,i. set, 25; -t,S3tl
Oats Deo ... 21'i 21S 21', 2P4
Jan 21S 21s 21', 21
May 23'. ZV,H 23s 23s
l'ork-Jan. .. 13 20 I.!.?) 12.20 12.S)
May i:.12'j 12.1214 12.11 12.12(4
Iard-Dcc .. 7.2) 7.20. 7.174 7.17'J
Jsn. K.s. 7H .li2', r. kji,
May 6.M IM ifl .
ltths-Jan. .. C.21 .30 C.2"J4 6.31
May 6.35 -33 23 C.3
Recclnta mud Shipments.
Articles. Iter. fihlp.
Flour. bo!& 4)0C0 14.")
Wheat, bu. l2.0i) 12.04
Corn. In v 373 0"0 n.o))
lilts, bu 2S4.00O tS.Oi")
ltje. tu 0 4,CO
IJarley. bu 67,'W 16,'W
Tiailcy ruiid itcady. but quiet, with light
rccclpta-21 cars, whlcli were quick I v .ib
horbed. Shipment; amounted to 15.71! bu.,
and exports from New York nothing.
Choice to fancy ranged from r.7c to C0c:
good. KliiOGe: medium grades, 47f(alc, and
low- grade, Ctf-lCc.
The rye market did not vary aa to price,
but barely any life exibt.-d. there Iicln-j lut
11 small bu'incss done. Dec. und Jan. wero
i.omii ally -iC-ic. Slay sold nt Uc: Xo. 3. f.
o. b.. brought MIao. Ueceipls tre 3 ear?,
aud shipments 3.CK bu. Withdrawals from
private elevators wero " cara of No. 2 grade.
Xo speclil change occurred In the dull
fi.txsted situation which has prevailed for
the last week. Tho market was depress sj
somewhat ami thcro was as much as Ki.c
for both spot seed and futures. Ktcelpts
continued to be small. ZZ can, and ship
ments 1 car. or E."St bit. Sllnneapolls ar
rivals were 11 cars and Duluth 10 cars a to
tal of 4a cars at tho three points mentioned.
Traders were not more disposed tn tran-a-t
busluebs toward the close thin they were
early. Consequently the m irket showed a
greater lns. or Ic, for loth sOt and fu
tures at the finish. Dec, opened at J o and
closed at those figures bid. Slay sold tit
St.ri3iil.F0 and rested at Il.rS b'd and I.a9
sellers, llejected changed hands at SL!p
1 U for poor qi'alitv. Xo. 1 Northwestern
bruuglit J1.60. Xo 1 was nominally quoted
nt SI M Duluth market was lQZc lower at
thu end.
Timothy and Clover Seeds.
Timothy seed was too firmly held, and In
consequence thero was only a Ilgat business
done. There were about 5 or 3 cars carred
over as unsold. Ono car of to-arrivo seed
sold on private terms. Otherwise nothing
eUo was done. Dec. was nomliia-llv J4.A
Jan. and Slarch wero Jboa and J4..0 bid,
without trading. Spot seed was quotab.o
over a range of JI.10 to Jl.U) per cental. Rc
iclpts were 6Q,000 lbs. and shipments 103.CSJ
There was no business done In cloverseed,
owing to lack of offerings. It was reported
nominally steady at JS.5i!ai) per cental for
Mpot seed and $10 2Z for Dec. delivery. Ite
eeipts weru S,3 lbs. and shipments nothing.
Provisions opened a triflo easier tind re
mained throughout tbe session stubbornly
firm at the slight opening decline. The fo!
lowing small reductions were in the end
established: In Jam pork, ac: Dec. lard,
2'jc: Jan.. 5c. Jan. and Slay ribs each Jtj .
Hog receipts nt Chicago ivero ", head,
ami their prico was quoted from -.l2 to c
lower. Tho aggregato of tlio days run In
tho West was 76.300. as compared with .0,a
the corresponding dy last car. Kstimatisl
lor tu-raorra-A'3 local run was a.'.- head.
Liverpool reported Cd decline for short clear
backs. 1
.11 -IIIKI'T II V TI'l.ncnAl'IL
New Yrk. Ixe. 21. I'lour Itecelpts 11.215
Ibis.; el-rta 1M7 bbls.; rolccttit und more r
kfcs nomlnil. iloslnit st' id), ltje Hour atllvo
end linn, fair to kwmI J2WU2.15, ticice to fancy
S3.13i3. Ilueknleut Hour stendy, S2-10t2-V.
Iiuckntuat noiulriHl ortnual st tdy. ltje qui t.
llnrhy st.-nl. lUrlcy malt dull. Wheat J:e
ceirts 21-.S2., bu.. (Sports 7,t'rf3 bu. fcpot stiad);
7Co. 2 re-t 7l1c f. o. b. al'oat; No. 2 Kd ibc
1 levator, No. 1 North rn t'uluth Kic f. '. Ii
iitloit. No 1 haul iMIulh SP-o f. 0. b. atloit
optlons. altrn steady ti;nini on tDSll-'Ji caol.r.
Isllecled sul.(siucl t uetresslo'i under (wait
French mnrkets and altcrnoon business oa
rather snail Nwrtl.vosi receipts, an exjs.rt d '
niaud in thu soutliAt and Ksd Hour uuslmss
isi-ormi st Jllrm. jiIis i1oh.-1 steady lit '.o
nt i.iliaii's;, ;iureh rj't-iTy' , closed ,J' -c, Mav
71 Vi?j )-p.-; . bt,l 7-j. ; iv 7;ji77i-e." closi I
77c. Cirn Uecclpts I12.lj bu . t ri 1 '.")l I u .
lalei ej.oio lu futurta, li.t,i" bu tt; si t
. No 2 4''t ilvatornnl 4,', f n. b. ul'oit.
(iptlons ha I 11 et-a ly i.ent!i on small leelts.
but lil,r vltld.d to INV .lls. tftlin.it. s of
lrge i.irlids and ilisaetmlntins cxiiori diinsnl:
iJ."'..','5 '" -! i't lillii. Jan. ciist
C.'.e. ln) tp,i,4- . .l.e.l 41 t . II-.-. . .eii-4-e.
(llv-l;-ceiptK -i! bo. .i..rt. rs.it!: bu .
.111 -I'!"- tt'Mt cut m.an dull. tlckll
I lilt. .MiDe. ,l .b.mlders 54c. do. hams i'i
J'J. Iain! titmln.il. Western ncKmcl 57': r -tiled
.sier. imminent S7.4); s-,uii Atnerl 1
I,. -V ""lnn. itf.. l'or'i H.adv. fmnlly
III ;l, ble.rt il.nr J1IPI7. ni.-., I2'if IJ. Tallow
nrm. ellv 4.1. Cr inlr '-. .1... ...,. .n.Ml .ill
.. ---.. ., ,.-..-, iiviii.j... .in
n.li .
prime .riulo 7i d. kIIoiv rJ'silloe.
Ilbe llrm
.,,.11, -i...i. l-ea'iul-i eti.olv
I11I11I. , i.
I VV I,. .t.iii ....a ..... . . 1.
1ei. ;.;. il.iy 7-jc i-,ni dull und loner. ias!i
.r,.',, tf-e'-siV. i,a,.U23c! lV. VS&
unVlur',.1'-"'- "l" '.: ii-u-&'oa
Chi.aK". 111. Dec. 21 Cish -luotations era
lis fillovvs I lour onlei mil mu IoiipwI Vh:.
i ... . , : .;.: ,-. - - -:' .,.-t
- ;. .r1 -" ""tier market ti.11 dull; cream.
ior?.l.'i5s;'.- dalriei, 124.0c Cliecse quiet at
0J,iill-,c-. l.ccs iuiet; fioh SJ,-.
IJieril. lec. 21 llacon hhrrt ribs dull :s;
Fhort cl.ar li.cks dull. t;s ii. clear bclll.s dull
, GJ. 'c lids of -vlieat ilurllir the pi't tlino
.liys .!.() .entilH. lnciud ns 71.W0 American;
rssipts ..f Ameiic.n torn .Urtn)C the ,vt ,t,ree
lijs. 31 cemals. vv lather stormy, tthlat-.s-tsil
cul.t. No. I (Silifurrd, c, -1 ,f No. 2 red
Western -.Inter 3s lt'jd. No. 1 Northern spring
rs .'-.I; rutures ul.t. Vb. Cs .!: March 63 VI:
31 iy nominal rin si,M,t qlll(.t: jimcrjean mixed
r.;Y.. 'si '.d. American mixed old 4s 2'i.d. lutufca
quiet. Jan. 3s lo-l.d; itunh 2s sd
Kansas cite. Mo. M. 21. Wheat May w
6;'sc: cah No. 2 bard C3',Si,',c. No. Z MQUc:
.'j-sA01 c"-&'- -o. 3 .- nvte. Corn-Mav
i ' c: ra",, Xn 7 mixed S.-tK.32iic: No 2
white Sc No 2 3i,c. Oats -No. nhlte 24it'o2Sc.
J;ls-No. 2 i,c Hay-Oinlc. timothy SI) 30-(
11. do. prairie f MfM. 1 1 11 iter-) 'ream erv U't
rTv dilrj 1C-. Hcgs resh 13c. iecelpts-tvheit
J' eo ;' K: oats 1 vo. Hlilpnienfj-What
E2, '). corn S.2C0; cats 1 f1.
Xnlives Active Texuns Tendlii-r Li
rrnr.I Hoes lllr-her Sheep Strndy.
CATTu: Native eattlo Trade There was noth
ing of any Pivpcrtance on this side of th cattli
yards, offerings being small and of a featureless
character. Ileef steers, such as wero lvr, sold
quickly and dlsplajed a stronger to hh-h-r tone,
vHIe butcher cows and heifers were In active
Ccmand at previous quotation. Calculatlns from
the clojw of last week beeves aro now fully 13a
higher, butch'r offerings a shad? easier, cancers
stcajy anJ bulls end milch cows unchanged.
Veal calves have drorr'd to a 5'4o top.
Sales to-day Included common, llght-weiaht
steers ot II : butcher cows and heifers at 11.53
to $1.20; stock steers and feeders at S2CS to
$3.30; stcck cous anl bctf-rs at S2.2S to S3; veal
calves at $3 to to S3 CO; bulls at S3 to $3.10, anJ
milkers at 126 to $10 per cow and calf.
lEeprcrentatlve sales:
sl si. 1 Iv N. 2 27lii . No 3 7'4 Ni 2
vlilie jii2s, -c. No 3 white .o',jJlr. trk. mlx'sl
llestirii ',4j2i',.., trl.. uhito to'l'ic. 1-ta.n-l
Had). but iictlv.. Hips qulLt. Coal .hill.
I!(f sb.idy; f.imlly SHi.l:. m-s JJirsj,; b..
ii'tnii ilji-ojo ,1 tin. 1 .., ,tji, ..,., .1.. .-.-.
..... rrriiiK it)rec. NO. 2 Kd ilVi'int'.?.
1 lom-No. 2 j.. . n -jellow 3sh-. Oiits--2-,c;
No. 2 white 2-S..i2tc. No. 2 nnlte ;l.'.,2 .c.
lt)e- N.. j iiMc -.irlc)-tair to cho.ee mdlt
Inc -.ii.". Haxs.e.1 No 1 t -3. No. 1 Noith-
niniui.o. iiinoiny reel 1'rime .4 CloKr
r.! '.-llJ"f Jf""!'" 1lJ-3. 'roiblons-Mess sik
Sll.l2-aillt.2: lard i..i2 iiC.D;: ,h rt rib sides
J . "" S.231lC ISu; dry s-llled siwulders (bx I ) ."
WiC. sl-orl clear sides (bid I Si b3l6.73. MhLskv.
bis of hichwinrs. SI 7 nn i. !-... ?.;!
No. lies. Ar. Tr.
1 cow 1.M
1 COW T3) l.t.0
3 feeders 134 E.E0
2 etockers .... fi3 S.30
13 sllickers .... 24 2.23
2 stockers .... S50 2.C3
1 heifer SCO 3.00
2 heifers S 3.00
2 heifers ..,.. 723 3.53
4 heifers 517 2.7
1 heifer t) 2.2s
I calf 110 6.10
1 calf 120 S.25
t call en ....... 127 6.23
2cal.es IX) C 00
7 caltes Ill GOO
1 calf SO CM
1 calf 121 4.W
1 calf ixo 4 (
1 jearllng .... 2tO 3.73
1 calf 1-TO 2.73
1 calf J 3. to
2 yearlings .... Ifo 3 ti
1 )earllng .... 370 2.2S
1 bull 13.0 3.10
1 bull 12W 3.10
3 bulls 1C43 2.10
1 bull l:i 3.1
1 bull 1020 3 O
I bull 11W 3 'O
1 bull Dud 2.S0
5 bulls 513 2. S3
1 bull CO 3.73
1 bull 132) 2.30
1 bull Kill 2.4
1 b-.ll 410 2.)
2 cws it civs. .ea.. 40.00
2 ens A civ S..C.I. .22.00
ncin Vr clvs..ea..3l.-)
1 cow A- calf.. ..27.30
1 cow t calf.. ..27.00
1 cow & calf.. ..2.(')
1 srnrfier ....1CS.) 3.2a
1 srrlnrer 1'jO) 2.M
cATTI.i-- southern attle Trade Tho volumo
of the iouthern cattle recelrts during the present
week has been about on a par -.ith those of tho
past month, vihich has tren considerably below
th average. Just following nrass ceascn as It
Cocs, nnd being n little 10 eurly for a steady How
of fed cattle. Five-day supplies show a crand
total of 230 carloids. as against 2S7 cars received
In the six das last week. 232 the vieek before
and 235 the, correspondlnc week a jear aso. With
a etrona- to higher tendency to tha trade to-day,
steers ncur 13c to 20 better than .a week aco.
and 3)o higher than tho low tlm the Pre part
ef thU Keek. Clood cows are a dime higher than
th- close of last wcea. and canners show no
material difference, anil Arkansas. Mississippi an t
Tenresste stockers of all descriptions held u good
uctlve. i.rm tcne.
Durlns: the week Alabama and Mississippi
calves sold at Sl.73 to $4: Lulls and oxen at S-'.M
to S3 75: cons and mixed cattle at $2 to S2.C5.
larcdy at $2. to $2.40, and stockers and canner
steers at J2.33 to 13.
Arkansas and Tennessee yearlings sol.1 at $1
to $3. mainly at S2.10 to $2.C3: calves at $3 to JI..V)
per 1C0 lbs.; bulls, stags and oxen at $3 D to
$2 S3; oons and mixed cattle at $1.33 to $3.23: the
bul nl $3.23 to $2.8S; stock steers at $2 to $1;
largely at $2.70 to $3.10 ond beef steers. S21 to
32 Its. uvrras. at $3.20 to $3.30.
Itepresentatlv e sales:
No. Des. Av. I'r.
S etiers 940 $4 V)
1 heifer 11.10 4.1)
22 cas & hfrs.. :S3 4.13
2 cows l'l '3 3.73
3 helf-rs 710 3.73
t heifers CTt. 3 !
3 cus ,.......lir3 3.30
1 heifer 7S0 flaM
1 cow 1430 3. 40
3 cous KS 3.40
1 heifer S70 2.40
13 heifers S04 3.33
15 mixed 7S 2 20
4 he'fers S02 3 25
1 cow t'.s) 3.23
2 cows 10') 3.25
I COWS 10"4 3.25
1 COW KM 3.20
IS COW l.j-l 3.10
i ccuit 1WI 3.10
10 cows 1033 3.10
heifers f.ll 3.10
1 caw S70 3.0.)
1 cow S70 2.00
2 cows 1105 2. S3
3 mixed 103S 2.75
Scons 1072 2.75
5 cous 1)22 2 75
4 cons ........1005 2.70
5 cows 1021 2.70
bcum !C.S 2 70
1 cow lt 2.CS
3 tows 124 2 i
1 cow 7") 2.S5
6 cows !3 2.S0
7 cows 9S4 2.30
3 cews S70 3.45
Scows 733 2.41
4 cons . S73 3 4)
5 cons So0 2.40
2 COUS S30 2.35
1 COW HO 2.3o
2 cons 715 2.30
4 cons ........ SS, 1.75
No. ties. Av. lr. No. Des. Av. Ir.
1 e.rllng .... 230 $1.25 21 mixed fsl 2 30
1 Jiarllng ....320 1.75 lour 720 !!)
2).arbngs ...33 1.75 20 mixed 43 2..D
II irarllngs ... 372 l.s5 2 cons e 2.t5
13jearllngs ...259 l.s3 I cow 711 2 63
4 Jl-arllUK-S ... 2M 15 IS Blockers ; 2.55
I )Tarllngs ... 2C 2.25 2 feelers ...... K33 3 00
Cjearllngs ...243 2.23 3 feeders S33 3W
2)carllntrs ...360 2.30 Ijeirllngs ...235 1.75
1 jenrllng .... 30 2.50 C yearlings ...331 l.ts
1 calf If) 2 SO 7)earllngs ... 21t 2.25
1 calf 100 2 SO 1 bull 4s) 2.0)
2cal.es S) 4 00 4 cows -.) 2.23
2 oxtn ll5 8.7S 14 mixed 4t 2 40
17 mlxe.1 454 2.00 4 heifers J2 3.1.)
23 mixed C14 2.20 S3 steers S33 3.10
Itl.ews ....... I.7S 225
HOtlS Rtcelnte of hogs were S.U5: the market
was fairly active at a general advanc. of Sc en
parking nnd tutcher weight, the bulk going at
$4 S. to JI j;c,. with the top at $4.9". A few
selected Christmas ,lgs and 1) head of butchers
suld at 5c per lb. There was a fcurplus of light
trashy pigs, and a ni irked decline resulted l'riics
on such nere 15c to 25c lower than sesterday. the
bulk of the trashy s-cuthem stuff going at a g n
eiul decline of 20c to 25c. Tho good weight native
pigs cere clse tn steady.
The late mirket was nearly as good as the
otienlm trade, and more lato arrivals came In
than were expected. The bslft a; Cic purlins'
c nslfted of 2.215 head. 217 lbs. riverase. at $1.91:
1SI pigs. 12S tb.. at $1.7. nnd OH", plrs, S2
Its average, that cost $4.34 The Nelsoh Morris
c Co. bogs 2.170 bead. 213 lbs. average, cost 1
$ 0: alo 51 pics. C4 lbs. average, ut $1.
The bulk of tho hogs, the pigs and the ttrlctlv j
lon-grndo offerings nut consliered. sold nt $1 S3 .
to $1921-. as ngilnst SI.S0 t $I.S7'i on Tliurs- I
da). 11s and light llrhts. ;) to US Its. aver- j
a-e. at $1 to $3. according to quality; light hogs.
l7l to 185 lbs. sold at $4.W to 54.92'.. the bulk at '
$1.75 to SLsO; medium weights. ISO to 233 lbs.,
s'M ut $4.75 to $5: th bulk colne; at $4 90 to
S4 92'-. The heavy culls sold nt 4 23 to 11.30, and
ralr to riesx neavv noes av -i.ia to if-: goon
mixed hogs at 31.73 to $1 ond common to fair
mixtures soil at $4.35 to $I.M.
Representative sales:
No. Av.
IT. No. Av. Tr.
No. Av. Ir.
41.. .170.. .$4 r,)
27.. .163... 4 C.
27.. .162... 4 T.
2.;...2"U... 4.7".
11. ..134... 4.s2'4
J3...201... 4.V-.
73.. .ItS... 4 V7'-,
$3.. .210... 4.10
S...223... 4 90
7H...2IO... 4 90
S3 ..SOS... 4 90
CO.. .IK... 4.10
7S...170... 4.90
71...1V4... 4 10
U...IU... 4 9-1
93...1'0... 4.90
$2.. .214... 4 91
47.. .201... 4 90
3"... .22.... 4.1C1
73.. .227... 4.9:1,
77.. .219... 4 924
9?.. .191... 4.12'J
CI. ..274... 4.92',
fC...197... 4.925
2l...l9... 4.6",
11.. .135... 4 70
23.. .1W... 473
101. ..1'2... 4.73
S9...222... 4.S5
S7...214... 4 74
31. ..23... 4 00
S3.. .191... 4.90
fn...21l... 4.90
et.. .!... 4.o
74. .."Ml... 4.-0
29.. .214 .. 4..1
42.. .203... 4.'0
CH...23I... 4.51
44.. ,2M... 4.S-I
SO... 117... 4 M
rs...ii...$4 to
C--I...1M... 4
4I...U1... 4.73
10.. .237... 4.73
71. ..16... 4.)
43... 1st... 4 83
S3.. .192... 4.S7I4
f4...112... 4.!3
H...2i4... 4.10
f4...24t... 4."0
77...1r... 4.!")
21. ..201... 4 '
40.. .233... 4.M
23.. .21)4... 4
S1...DW... 4.)
"...Ml... 4.1.1
41. ..231... 4.90
C3...21S... 4.-)
41. ..22.1... 4.92li
5J...237... 4.9211
4.2'. 72.. .29... 4.S2U
.4 92U 73.. .211... 4.s2U
. 4.2'i SI...24C... 4.92'i
12C...224... 4.9JU
71. ..230... 4.92U
77.. .221... 4.2t.
K...243... 4 2'j
72...2I2... 4 9.",
CS...23J... 4 92'J
...... 4.?.'U
9.. .233... 4.124
S1...1S1... 4 92U
..227... 4 92".
,.2-M... 4 92'S
W...2D... 4 92V, S2.
. 4.9J'j 4...2... 4.12'
09... 23S
,. 4.33 10...222... 3.00
SI1KEI' The sucnlv of slien on sale during th
fast four davs of the present week was not as
large as during same isnod last week, ncr was
Iho quality as r-.sji. I i-e ..rrivuis were uraiiy
all nallves or Southwestems. The market was
slew, dull and declining every day. Kuyers
wanted good if. cnoice lamos. out raeuicm iu eum
mon lambs and sheep of all de-criptions were not
I, eo.nl demand, (loci to choice lambs declined
about rCe to 4V, fair to medium ones 40c to GOe
and matton sheep 20c to 4e. Mockers snoweu
no material change. Rut fi w were on sate ami
tlie demand was not large. To-day the supply
ns sm-.ll and the market slow, but steadv.
So far tldi week tho sabs included lambs st
SI 23 to $3.75 per V) lb., th bulk going at S3
to $5.50. Native and tonthwest mutton sheep
sold at a rasgo of SI. to $1.25. with the bulk
of sabs at $3.75 to JI.10: etockcrs sold at S3 to I
f3; cull lambs at J2 to II and tucks sold at S
! S3.23: pilnclpally at S-.73 to ).
lie ,-. nt.nli m cfits I
Nc. IK-sl
Av. 1"
... tl J3.15
... M S.10
... 73 3 (10
... st ru
... so s.oo
... U 4 J)
.. 4 4.')
... f 4.23
...102 3.73
.. ii S.&i
,..P4 3.M
NO. 1- A, j.
21 limbs .....
23 lambs .....
21 Ijmbs
12 1 itnbs .....
17 lambs .....
27 limbs
9 Iambs .....
1 Umbs ..
21 t..it. sheep.
f.2 nat. pr-. p.
12 n.t. Fleji.
41 n.it. Fhep.
21 uat. sheep.. ..113
33 uat. thep....l,s,
23 nat. sheep.. ..121
2 C)
IS stocKers ..
11 eull lambs,
33 g'slts
.. 44
... 44
f, bu K3
1 buck
2 bw ks
1 buck .
4 buik-i
13-) 2.J .
1-) 2.t'
ID 2.V) I
1J2 2.W
iiiiiisi s i.v...i. tirriv.its were nbut nominal.
r.n.l as tb holdovers wer small, very few ofr
liKs wero Isforelhe buoers. Hie market tre
seiit.d a K'l cbaraLcis hmall. shapely. little
bolt. 1, 113 t 1st lian.ls. null as Here wanle-1
for Itnllsh cilvar) servl.--. soli strong ilurim: the
r.ek arid ilo-nl eicee.llr.alv tirm. witli Hill a
e. ., !,. lro.1 lif..l .l t,i irf I OOel.t IO till tlie X
irtliii ordr. l.xi.rt ei.uni.s. drlv rs ; arid . liclee
bamesj liorte, ..u, .usH.c.l a sutffet ry 1 n-
llltl.OI Of II. 1 IH .Iltt.C tl 11 tlfllllklH ,,-.-
li sev.nl i.ionthe. 1 arm .hunts held thlr pnw
imi buoyant tone and r.Uthrn hor-3 bad a
liUnl ..ml t .it strong to llrm Psures.
llurs-p oiatiun.:
Heavy .ii.itt-mmcn to pai.1 S t" Sl.
cbolie to .xtra Sllu to SI73. Kami .hunks 1.1 )
to 1.33.1 lbs. fair ti Pil '3 to SV. fc'Od ...
hcii-c IM to I1- i"ah liiis.-s mil .-ol.- alr
to KOl S133 to 1173. elioke to lri J2M 1-"-IIor?s
tor the - lilh-Mnall. IlKbt driv.is, t ilr
to pist J t J'.., chob. to extn iri to t.
S'outhern clivers. lari,e Is- to J1U Lxport cIiuiiks
I il t.. I.K l!s. plal" b rood $S) to J."',
.hoi.i. to xtis S'k t" S!- Ilu-Ine s ilricr -lair
10 cel S-3 to 110. eholie tr evtra SI-
S"v s-ad.llrri for M.utli-rli use-lalr to ire d S
to S7... ihli.-e to extra 1 to 811 . fallO-aalb d
and New lork siddlers Sl-0 t 3u. Int. n 1
hurMs -Cumin 11. snudl iilui.3 Jla tu $30, heavy
J work pi 5 to S-w.
I Ml IJJ4- I'rldaj's arrival! wre sevcr.I iar
bad . bat tho majority wen nmsjned direct to
tl.- dealers 1 1. c mrah-i n tens had onlr a
11 islenit- h 1 v- siii;.ly trum .tli- r Ia)s. v. Inch
.s inpriseil prl:lilly icclium and plain kinds.
I arid whim -.(lc buns rlue.d out at nonin.i"y
steady prices, with tl.e earl.tr part of the wc.k
Hi- mirl.it has l-rn lllerallv suppli"! th's
eeek. thoii-:!i not as he.avllv as tbe w..l. befo
Smoutli, fat mill s of small and m-dimr
and iood as-s soil re 1. Ill) to leal dealers, but
tl In and nse.1 prades have been slow.
I Mulo quoiatlons (fr broke n.ulej 4 to 7 years
14 hands, extreme rant
14 hands, bulk of rales
I11 liHlids. extreme rarute..... ...
11N haitda. bulk of salts
13 baud., extreme ranLe...........
15 bands, bulk cf sales
IS1 i h .rids, extreme ranee. ........
I1; ban Is. bulk of rales
11 to lcij hinds, extreme ranee.
...jt3.vi tc in no
... Ro O) to f3.0i
... &l (to 7).0
... 13 00 to O) '"
... eo.oi to ;.)
... ..6l t. w w
... 7-.CO tc 103 0-)
... s.).o.j to ).)
... -. tn ll-"')
lb to lbtu hinds, rune or sales...
.103.0) to 113.0)
Hulk of rales represent mixed mules In first
h inus. Prices, abev bulk flt-urs re;iesent lirst
ilats rriil!, extra llnlsii and eight, strictly fat,
practically sound and classlned.
Us Telcjjrnph.
iti:i'L"Bi.io sri:iAL,.
Chicago. III., t-ec. 21 Cittle There was the
loual iicht 1 ri lay feuppiy, alsiut 2.0o) bead belii?:
i.-ceivrd and tri.iie k,i falny active at steady
prices. 'Ibe vveek'M receipts have run lsi-t eattlo
behind last u.ek's urrlvats. and pricea ,.erane
23c hiRher than on Munda). the supply havln
been rtducxl to the proptTtlons cf the tirisent
modemto demand. 1Z steers aX6 now Mllins all
the way from S3&U&4 5" for the poorer riad-s
up to $.23-115.73 for so.-d to strictly cho.e, and
a f w ears .f extra primo stiers have told for
$"..M''i". tsiles neie largely ut $4.'j!. A few
goliiR al.oe 5.f0.
Hoe- With estimated receipts to-liy of only
2I.VW hoes, us aralnet 23.4'l last Friday, tra I
was acttvo nt jeuterdav'a beit iuotatlis IIoi,s
sold nt 11 range of $1. toy 4. 97. Is-lnr; about 2 is c
loner than u week ako. The budt ef tbe bai 3
took place at 5I.V'i'l . pbts selling nt Sl.20tj4.7o.
according to velcht and jua!ltv. The reteipts
of hogs this tt.srk have fallen 11 rood dell short
of the receipts last week aud a jear ago. and th
offering nere well taken, although the packers
mude rather determlnel efforts to forco prlcea
bheep Only about 3COJ head arl.ed to-da7. ss
against 11.413 list Friday, and prices were no
loner. The wek has been on extremely t.al one
for rellers. and Iambs have declined 7'j9S0c.
nhlle nutlvo wes brcke , and the better cbisi
of wethers 10J15c Uberal receipts and loner
markets Kast were too muh fir seller, fcreep
sold tt $2u3 for cull4 up tu $3.'J)ii4.2. for the lyit
wethers and narlings. enes selling at $2 teJl3 O);
lambs aro selllrc at $3i3.75 for culls upn $33.25
for the best; carlir.gs selitnc at S1.13D4.75.
Kansas city. Mo.. Dec. 21. Cattle llecelpts
2.30I) natives, J)0 lexaas, 100 calves: choice kill
ing steers 10c higher; other grades steady to
JOo higher: native steers $1.255.4): stockers ar 1
feeders $3lf4.73; butcher cons and heifer $ ii
4 23; caoneri. $2.4)u2; fed Western $3.s5.13: fel
Texans $3.50fil.23; grass" Texans 13.11U3 3';
calves S3.yifi5.23. Hogs Kereip: 13.fA; roark-t
opened 3c higher, closed steady, with part f
gain lost; he-ivy $4 '0a4 37S: mixed SI.Sj'4 9a,
light $4.75U4.?a: pigs $4.151.30. t-heep lie
clpts I.SjO; Improved dem ind for all clas-s nt
strong prices: lambs $3'?3.:o; muttons iZ,fiii.Ztl
Etockers and feeders S3.2534; culls 3J.75'u2.25.
South liraalia. Neb.. Dec. 21. Cattle Receipts
1.700: market active and strorger; native be-f
steers $4 7.,'irS.40: Westrrn steers 51571.0: Texas
steers S3gS.7J: cows and heifers weaker at S3
Gl: canntrs S1.75j2.73: stockers and ftolera dull
at $3:4.oV: calves $48: bulls. sta-tB. etc.. $24.
Hog Receipts S.200: market shade hlgb-r: heavy
SLVnLV.; mixed $1 Wii4.S2'4: light 5t.'.0l 3;
pigs $4ff4.3; bulk of sales $4 S)'(f4.s22. bheep
Kecelpts none: marxet ncmlnallv unchanged: fed
muttons $3.75,74; Westerns $3.b52-l: bnir.on
and stock sheep $3.50'a2.: lambs $4.2315.
New York. lice. 21. I'o-ves Receipts 3.473;
steers in good demand. 10iil3e hlghr; bulls nun:
cows steadv: steers $l.3l'il.. JO; bulb. J2.;0'l3.3O:
cows $I.tif3.15. Cables quoted live cattle firmer
at lllfl-ji.c-: refrigerator bef ai.-SSCjc per lb.
hhlpments none, caiives Receipts 111: steady fur
all grades; veals $1j1.23 graspers nominal. Sheep
and lambs Receipts d.:; slow ror an sorts cr
stock; sheep weak to 10c loner; prime lambs
barely stead): others lOiJlJ; loner, bh.ep $2 23W I
3 linx fen choice $1: culls SI. Iambs 31 v;(6.75:
culls $3H4; Canada lambs $.i0a..o Hogs lie
..tt S? " . mn J tnsKd T. f1s . fc I.l-kass9 TA S
cetpts 4.222: quoted weak at $!.tijaa.29.
St. Jcsepli. Mo.. Iec 21. Cattle Receipts :3;
market steadr to 10a lower; natives S4y3.C:
Westerns S3.75i75.40; cows and heifers $1.73 cr 4 25.
veals $3.30u5.75: lulls and stags $2.302f4 M; stk
ers and f.sslers $.'.5ff4.3). licgs Receipts 7.744:
market 2,;'" hlgl-cr: light and Hsat mixed
$4.s2'i4.i5: me-llum and heavy $.S2V,?4.J2Va;
pigs U.5)J-I.25: tulk $l.-"3I.S:'.i. Eheep-Recelpts
Jsl; tnavket steady.
Vo Cbanges In Spot Markets Local
Spot Quiet and Uncbansed.
Local market steady. Bales U tales.
Cood ordinary ..................
laiw middling
.MuMllns- fair
elotxl middllair
, 9 .-18
9 15-14
, 1) S-15
off white.
SU-lb. 1'tc Ties
Ttngea and stains 4c to .
Ligglng-l-lb. 64o; 2-lb. Ji
Wareho'J-e statement to-day:
1S00-M. If33-1M.)
Net receipts to-dae 2.36) !79
Net recelfti. slr.ee Sept. 1 107.231 11S.7S5
(truss receipts to-day 5.33 Z,m
Cross receipts since -ept. 1 572.V30 C34.152
(truss shipments to-lay 3.9?5 SS4
Cross ehiprienis since Sept- 1 SH9.NI3 481. Ut,
block on hanl 7I.C33 lo5,;41
bpet cotton markot:
Galveston bteady at 7-lfc; receipts 13,173
New- Orleans Quiet at 7-lCc; receipts (.44$
.Mobile Quiet at 9 2-lfc; receipts 763 bales.
s-avannah btiady at Ve; receipts 4. '24 tales.
Charleston Steady at J"-15; receipts 1.C33
Ncrfolk Steady at 9"tc: recslpts 1.73 bales.
Wilmington Hrm nt 9-c: receipts 637 bales.
llaltlniore Nominal at lie: rccipts 243 tales
New ork Dull at P l-ljc; rrcen ts la32 bales.
Iloston Dull at 10 l-16c; receipts 702 bales.
l'Mladelphla-yuiet at WU:; icceipts S3 bales.
Houston teady at 9 7-li.c; receipts 9.593 bales.
Augusta Firm at 9Cjc: recelits 1.2n bales.
Memphis Firm at 9 9-16C; receipts 2.100 bales.
II y Telegrapli.
Nen York, Dec 2L- To-days events en the
Cotton Excliange wero lnter.-sllng. with develop-
meats in conneciion wun trie seitiem.nl of Dee.
short nccouats exciting at tunes. There was r
inultatlon during tho fcienoin e.f any movement
t "siuecz.s jiec- shorts, and not until nearly
uldafiernoon did tho storm break which carried
to. with .a rush to 102SC. as against las-t night's
dosing cf ysSc. (Jn the opening the market nss
quiet and llrm. with irU.t nncianged to 5 ints
l.icber. llulllyh cables from laVcrpuul arid M in
theitcr. together with smailtr iort and Interior
i.celpts than expected, wer risponslble for the
tbe and subsequent gain of 23 sInis. Proat
taking set in, an.l before the Ibst half-hcur had
elapsed, prices fell sharply SfclO points. Room
covering eh. eked the decline, southern informa
tion was llrm. without lnllcailn, sjttal new
fr.-tbrts. It woubl be difttcuit to determine Just
who startcl the buying la Dec, but almost le
f.o tho pit was aware of It that option was
roarlr.K upward rapidly, with shorts In a panic.
Offerings apiearcd to have entirely withdrawn,
and not until 19.23 o'clock was reached could
holders bo induced to sell sufticient cotton to
atate the alarm of oversold room eptrators. Talk
cf Ij'sc for tec. before dell.ery diy helped to
Intensify the excitement. The fact that spot cot
ton was advanced '.c only Increased the belief
that there was no help for shorts In the event of
holders ie;iJlng to squ.eze thttn. At the close
the mirket nas barely steady, with prices bet
22 points higher to 5 points loner.
Cetton spoi closed dull and irregular at an ad
vance of (.c: ml Idling uplands 10 5-lCc; do. gulf
1-, j-iv.. N.cs v u.ira. ruium ciose.t oaieiy
Vct'-Ap'r.jfaTlU iuSe.!
ness; 3-32d higher. American middling, fair. I s-
SSd. good middling 5 19-22d; middling S'-d; I iw
middling 3 5-lbd; good" ordinary 5 la-lial: ordi
nary I 12-16,1. The sales of the day nere 6 0M
babs. cf which J) were for speculation end
export and Included 5.300 American. Futures
opened firm and closed steady: American mid
dling I. m. c. Dec. 5 23-f4'f..2i"ald s.: Dec-Ian
4 23-C4.1 s.: Jan. -Feb. 5 2u-b.il 3 21-CI.1 b.- Feb .
March 5 14-64.1 -.: March-At nl fi l-cir.'v itai.i
s.: April-May 5 13 CM tc: May-June 5 10-d b.:
June-July 5 07-645 C8-c"4d J..-; Juli-Aug. 5 j-,i
..: Auc.-Sept:4 34-v4Si4 :sWWd b. Tenders fcr di
livery at 10-tiays clearings were 3-jO bales new
New Orleans. Iao.. Dec 21. Cotton firm: tiles
4.750 ordinary 7 13-lta: good ordinary s 7-lra low
middling 9 l-lc; middling 9 7-lc: goo-1 mlddlm
9 ll-lCc; middling fair toe. Receipts 6.415- stock
379227. Futures steadv: Dee 9.44c hid Jin
9 2S1.9 2Jc: Feb. J.3l89.!.a: March O.rfel rc:
April 9 30'(i3.21c: May 3.2Syi.t9-!: June 9.25i9 -""
July 9.2IU9.25C. .-...v..
Prices Lower aud Iluyers Kxertlns
All Kfforta to Dear the Market.
New York, Dec. 21. Uvo poultry receipts to
day were two cars by freight and a few- iols by
express. On late arrivals jestcrday afternoon
Ji; had to be accepted fcr clUckens and tbo of
f. rings this morning sold at same fgurcs. Heavy
fowls not overplenty and steady at JO: light
slow at 9c. Turkeja la accumulation an.l slow
with average lots not c-cceoilng Sc Ducks and
geese about steady as quoted.
Fowls Western prime 10c: Southern 9e. Chick.
ens western pruno S'tc; ruoters e. Turkeys
W.sterr S?S.j. ..,,-. sac- c . . .. ?
Ihls LM Appears Every Sat,
8NFO ?fVsAT.O 5 C
(l.. rl fWf'nne ISlUniot-- .,
KW IUlt un.ucaf 3isr. i,;a
American & European Hotel UOOKLLI.i ritEn
Hotels and Resorts.
A. .. Am'ricgg Plan: 12. P.. European Plan.
Albny ?,t j?5I: Tae Ten Eycfc
Astievilie J-iJv-. .iSKieS Battery Park Htl
Dal imo'e
Muss. (Ilv HiJ)
American Plan, J) up.
Hotel Yendccis
, , 1;rJrp,-anft m-r.p!an, Ut PriinCstlrlf
( tJfS'rjrj I(.ar1,Uci luy station. nOl.l DIUIIiHiCn
flnslnn Hass. sendforrlr
United Staes Hotel
DroD? .
n. s. 1:. i'..$i up.
2 Hate! St. George
A. I".
Cn3 taRjagadardVfi'iviVenc. Stanton Hsi
agggm. Part Htl
Knon lie '""
The leading
Hotel Imperial
I.AIKKL HOtlsti.
1. Xl'Ur.l.- N-TH -PISTE3.
fie. Yjrk l,'-T1'f!?rTcTrcuiar...foailvTay Central Htl
iJEff Ycrk 'r.'NrS- HoTel St. Cloud
Ne-v York urn'-vrlai'c-rp. Hotel Hatarra
t oi Vnrlr Wi Ave. r,th St.
Htl. Kjnslngtoii
I.SI luinije
jeo. t. Howe, Prop.
K2W York
-I'-TayandiMst. It. P., UaIoI Dekel
.(.Vju-i. a La Carte. nOTcl rdDSl
K3W Yjfil L"tKlnr:,,-ea&nLpn,!,Tn':'tuTpr'- HOtil Alb-fl
. 2i? Y.rk s-rlirofa Hotel Victoria
niu Vsrli liroadwar and 14th st.
EH niR 1:. P.Slperd.y.
Mo'toi Hoaia
Barrett Hqusi
6th -r. an134tli Ht.
II. p.. $1- Oaml up
7M ami Cbtnat
Tlie Rittenhouse
st. A.P. andi:.P.
Fohnd Springs
31 e. Open
all year.
Mansion House
Riciinund Va-
A. 1" V up.
n. p. ;iM up.
The Jefferson
St. Nicholas Hotel
W3sii!ngto,i Jr.
V2hingt:n i'bs'ointiii.Ve0.;. Hotel filcf moa.
V.a-h'ng'on DA USiX&SL Hotel Coclirai
Wtern prlir.. pair, H.2iS1.3T; Boat3ncta
lrsd poultrr rec?lpts to-day S,tX pM.:
celir o far thla tt -;; foot up IMsJ P-tf-. anil
coldcnibl that aniied ty frcltbt acd mpnaa
net tr lutiea.
Iur3 hre cslcp ecry mean at tbair (aU-
rTwl to beir tb rcarkt. which la fallr Ho p-B-P
li. ua h-ns an lc Iov.fr on tom than ya
terday. Ccicpftlns Eistrn marketa are krira
than our?, and ctnalicrabl- etork waa dlT-!rt-a4
Is-n A.-Tafje tst lots cf raised tnrkfly offered
at lie while 5als In JLnw have be-en reportt
at JOHc fctrlctly fancy dry-rlcXed jcjns tuxtm
jircaslonally reach 10-bc. uhlle a few fane?
Northern lndlanaa brought lie. but vher yeuaa
tomi nclzh ctr IS to 26 lbs. 19a has to c ao
rept--d. funcy smll hen turkeys salable up to)
lV-zc fcr dr-PcWcd. nnlla particular rcajka oM
BcaMd hae A at 12c In a arnall way. wMla
mixed Maldr-d are cot salable o.er Uo, unleaa
th toms run amall, when It la poaalblt to Cf
Toward th cle the pressure to more atedl
wa- quite pronounced, and figures Quoted were)
ery iriunny irau--a en unes or koooa
Western chickens and fowls cleaning up aleirb
t 'e4'-e fr fowls and 9c for chickens. wMla
fancy fcoft-meattd chickens salable up to VH
-c. Western eee-e in heay supply, bat qaalfty
1 quite ordinary and felling' IowIy at Tt?c
fancy, all juune. c(n.mand S'ifiOa. Wcstera
tliat kj net oerpIenty and rrlm steady.
I -n'-i-sicked poultry Turk) s Western tfry
plcketl prime hens lie; hens and toms mixed lC-H6t
oun? toms. nma.il. fancy. liS101-ic: young tornsv
mcr 1; llxs., I0o: i?outlirestern prime 10 -40: ol4
ltf-r!-. Wete-nis. XQrjl0oi toms fee; brottera.
V estern fancy, und-r 4 lb, to pair. HTlCc; ayer
ace t-e-t 2-ftUc L"hlcW-,ns Western prime eca.4
d 53 .c, urj-F-c-rs-Ml fiU'-ic; Scuthireytern prima
Stf1. roTvis Wc-tern prtm- dry-picked t-Hc;
scalded t-ic: old roosters iSSCo. Ducks Wst
ern prim- lOJillc: fair to rood S$9c Oet-ie
AVesiern prime yous l-o; old and young1 mixed
Iced r"-trv Turktrs. arerare dry-P-clietl 138
ID'-.c: scalded KaiOc; thin and framy 7(Wc: oid
aerjce bst tonn mx Chickens Western dry
picked fancy 9i,yre: averj grada SHti-:
i-caIdM fancy feie9c: Scuthwestem. good ta
prime. SSS'rc. Fott1 Western dry-picked. aTer-
age i-nnnj. i-c; scalded 8c; Southwestern dry-
plckf-d fc: old cocks. Western 535c. Spring
duck Western prime Pc; average cest TCS
fcprlnc gf-ese Western TSSc
11 utter. Cheese and Eggs.
New York. Dec. 21. Butler Receiptor 1IU
pkp ; steady: creamery lTOlSc: June crearnenr
17Uik: factory ll'.tflSc. Ches Receipts 2.1SI
Lkts.. siron:: raccy large lau-maoe hh-Jii-so:
fancy small fall made llitt'2c Egcs Recemta
S.s5u nkgs ; steady: State and Pennsylvania 249
2'c: Western regular packing at mark. 20323-TiOi
Wc-ittm. less off. 25c.
New Tork. De. 21. Petroleum dull.
OH City. Pa.. Iec. 21. Credit balaoesa Oatrt
certlflcatef closed $1 "9: bid for cash. Shlpmsnti
139.C29 bbls . nvtragc 97.6S3 bbls.; run U8.1B bbbk.
average fs).431.
Liverpool Cnttoa Statistic.
Liverpool. Dec 2L Following are the wsftl
cotton stnlLcttcs:
Total kites of nil kl-i.ls 3.M0: total salsa
Ira 22.roo. nnglls! snlnners takings 73.001
tal ex;s:rts 310. Ircnorla of all kinds 108,000; lsie
ports American S7.KO; stock of all kinds S4XMt
stiKk American 470.C00; quantity afloat, all klnda"
331. -'. quantity afloat, American. $14,000; total
sales on speculation 200; total sales to e-cportaBs)
1.4.0 bales.
New Tcrb. Dec 21 Coffee gpot Bia ftlJf
7 Invoice t'.c; mild quiet: Cordova litfUlia
The market for coffee futures opened ataaar anal
unchanged and followed a narrow rut all 1
I 4aa
with succutatlon light, foreign market n'
bearish average and crop movement, hamvT
In-? to Petit room selling In late sessiaa. m
euld far months near th close. Spot demand
cole mill nie ireiinE imi uciibu. siwss
nr ret unchanged tn a txilnts lower. Total
14.250 bags. Including Deo. 3.60c: Jan. SastoJ ,
i.oo; auiy a.vjc; epx. b.no; cpct. -.
California Dried Frmlta.
New Tork. Dec. 21. There was a fatr nlag
movement again to-day for evaporated apataa.
with a steade undertone preralaot. Ad v loss bask
the country were favorable to buyer: arlcesV
honever nece not auotablT lower, but OBBoaa
slons wero freely granted oa large lota, fltata
common was quoted at t-joo: prim eswewa
choice SVjUCc: fancy C07c California dried frulb
were ina.tlvr. but steudy and nominally quota
nt i'-trs'-o per lb. for prunes, aa to six and
quality. Apricots Royal 11014c: Jloor Pork
ltc. l'eaches 1'eeled 16ti20o: unpeeled 89o.
.Iletal Market.
New York. Deo. 2b Trading was. ea th whota.
very slow In the local metal market and ef 4
holiday character, sentiment was still et a,
licarlsh nature, despite another rise ef f3 at laera.
lon ns the reeult of n speculative movement lis
tin. the close there being llrm at ill Sd. Thauajk
tho local market responded with an advanc of Isl
i..niM 1 uas r-mv in a nominal war. aa tin.
was freely offered at $2S 50, which was the
. ulng figure, but touna lew t&xera, copper V
inc f.irure. but found few takera, CooDer to.
Ten.1011 nas arain a shads higher end cloaaa.
steady at i71 lss 7.1. but failed to Influence th
lotal sttuatlon to any extent, prices remaining
unchanged laa.l was dull and nominally tuw
rhang. .1 here at $4.27''. while abroad there waa
an advance of 2 fci shown to 6 2s d. A loss cd
2a sl at Ia.nd n for spelter to CS 10 ihowa than
price to Is- tje ion est for the year, tut the loca)
situation ruled very slow at S4.i21tg4.1714. Iron
in Kncl.ind was dull, with tilascow quoted ct (a
and "Viol llcsbcrn 53a 6d. In domestic circles tha
Iron market wis without Important new feature,
ruling nominally quite dulL Ilg Iron war
ranis $9.50310.50: Northern foundry J15-U1G.W;
Southern foundry $14.501115.75 and soft Southerm
T. P. Dourlard ef Van Buren. Ark., Is at
the Llndcll.
la. M. Reck of Illlbboro. IIL. I at the St.
T. J. Rrock of Topeka. Kas.. is at the La
clede Ashley Coekrell and Mrs. Cockrell of Llttla
Hock are at the Planters.
C. W. Kassett and Mrs. rassett ef Bt. Jo
seph. Mo., are at the Southern. ,
1. 1. Clark ot Alexandria. La.. Is at the
LlTd;.'!1- "" " KitU1'- "
T. O. Towles of th insurance Commissioner's)
Office at Jefferson City, Mo . ts at the Laclede.
P. W. Flnley of Austin. Tex.. Is at tha
W. J. Rucker of St. James. Mo ta at Us
W. II. Neltgh of Parsons. Kaa, Is at th
John J. Harlee and Mrs. Ilarlee ef Havana,
CubV are
-a ? ' J
av ine bouine.ii.
Iloarman. Coal Oil Inspector at S-orina
field. Mo., is at the Laclede.
L. I", i'.ratt of Lester. Ark., la at the Llndell.
1. U Veeder or Chicago Is at tbe St. Nk-b-cla.
J. T. Walthenlus. formerly with the Guardian
Trust Company cf Kansas City, Is) at the Plan
ters. ,
A V. Alexander of Pike County. Arkansaa, 1
at ine -ouinrn.
K. T- Graham of Kansas Ctl-r fa at ft Taw
I. W. Hly and daughter of Denver are at ika
Jesse Turnr ot Van Buren. Ark.. Is at the.
, M. T Davis, a banker and Demooratla -jot
iticlan of Aurora. Mo . Is at tbe Laclede.
Suffered Kelapse Thursday Nighty
Imt Wan Improved Yesterday.
Cliicago. Dec. 21. Plitllp D. Armour, who,
after an Illness of several weeks, suffered a
raie-ut rciatiso i-tst mgnt. was consKloraurjl
apprehension t, relt
s.vaarti.! im$Zit-tmm.IZKtt$Ji&t
r-iztiaasX&32a5& -

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