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XV. A. 4 OK. M. r.
4 (MK. M.
nary passag . It stops every sym torn, allays all inflammation. re Juces the pros
tate gland thcn enlarged, cleanses and heals the Madder and kidneys when ir
ritated or congested, and restores health and soundness to every part of the
hody affected b the disease.
t vi - ! hi: to ptw t i:i:i coxtxihoi s nijcxin r.i.v vvi:i"ooi:i.i. xrnv
O! S t'll U.IT nn 1 all assocm- ilisci-es and weaknesses nf men To th-e miladies -il.ev- 1
li." earresilv .! u I "J .if tie- Wm jrars nf m life, an.l rU m ,i.H.inl.ii;ri iwr otl . r plie-t
, tar- -. ' 'r t.ritment I r .eke tin charge f rpriv.iti oun-.l nod cue .jell pitlent a le .il
.. in. in writing to hold for m promise It .(filleted 11 Is e-.ur dut to Investigate .. ure
il it . ii id. lif new to multitude, nf m-n
ir v ti rat.noi come t my miir nt? mo
cr.ssr-.il an.l strictly prvate A.Ilress OK
Ida Ledford, the Favorite, and
Fake, the Derby Winner, Kan
Made a Killing at New Orleans
Story Concerning Steve's De
parture From Llot Springs
Tanforan Knees.
i:niiDUi' .-i'eciai.
New- Orleans. Ii.. Dec. 21. The talent
maruttfotl to pick two winners this after
noon. JIii!-iimmer in the clopinfr event ami
rieotwins in the second. Doth were at pro-
MMtvo price.'. anJ confequcntly the public i
Kalneil verj' little lv their victories.
As u-uat the hanJicap. whicli N set down
as tlie teattire of the day. resulted In a
dump. Take, the preliminary derby winner,
Iff n- V,r .hr fr
lMf .1,- n Z
went up ami yet
linns ai.d then iuit. Moroni took up the
runniiij; and led his field until well in the
.-tretch, when the nlnc-Miot. Chorus Boy,
challerfred him. and from there home the
two fought it out. Choru.1 Hoy winning by
a very short head. Ida Dedford, the avor -
ite mado a bid for first money at tho " ,,1 hcrLonhomrnl-ark J-ccy
stretch turn, but faded away and finished i CIG would be very appropriate. In view of
a distant fourth , ! the fact that the site of the new track
I.-c-Jockey Joe Mrode of St. Donis planned fron,s (llrcctiy on lhe oM Uonlioramo road,
a killing with IKnry of Fmnstmar In the hich u ow ejlIe.I Delmar boulevard,
flfih. Henry was plajed down from s to) Mui3 a. Cclla, Sam Adler and C. A.
Ss nt pot time. After runninir well until . Tilles will organize the new Jockey club,
the .stietch was reached, the Rood thins fell I -vir tviu stated last night that it wouUt
back and llni-hed fourth. Emigre, carrying pe capitalized at JloO.WV. Oradlng for tno
a good-sized commission of Steve L'Hom-nl- .-w track will commence as soon as a few
dieu, was tho winn..r. Midsummer, who ,n,or details in connection with tho trans
won tho lat race, was bid up 300 over hLs jer of the property are tettled. Tlie neces
entered price by James Kobertson, owner ..r- cash in payment was deposited witn
of Doustersnivel, who finished second. Mid- i the Third National liank jesierday. so 1
. .......- n .e n.ntnn.! I... 1.1.. n-.... M-nh.... I A (.tl.. clHlP
""" "'" """--" """"'"'I '"""''
L'Hommldleu wa.s seen at the track this
afternoon, but refused to talk.
First race, one mile, selllne Domaflee, JO
(Wondcrlj--. 7 to 1 and 5 to I. won; L'hlers, 1S
(Mce.lr.n), i to 1 and 1 to 1. second; Miss Loretta.
si iMayi. to 1. tnlrd. Ttme. l:ls'j. Dan Cupid.
J"od.I. llltt HoTkln. Jack Martin. Ilarrica, Erch-scl-oltzto
&n.l Dlvertisement also ran.
Second race, all furloCRs Klet Wine. 105 (T.
WalUil. 2 to I and cuu even: Augle M.. Iu5
( Wonderly), 4 to I and I to t. second: Coe
wll. 113 (Mitchell). 1! to 1. third. Time. 1:11.14.
Hard Squeeze. Con Vernesa and Lamina also
Third race, rehire, one mile and an eighth
I'hldias, 101 (Cochranl. 5 to 1 and S to S. won:
Indian, ion (May), s to ; and S to i, second:
1 al Lead. l' (Mitchell), 3 to 1. third. Time.
:.&i. Joa Shelby, Dick Furber and Banrjuo II
alf tan.
Fourth race, handicap, cne mll Chorus Boy,
1ft! (May). J to 1 and 3 to 1. won; Moroni. 103
(A. "Weber). 7 to 2 and C to 5. eecond: Glen
Lcke. 101 (Dale) 7 to 2, third. Time. 1:17. Ida
Ledford. Zack Fhelps, Fake. Althra and Aciubla
aIo ran.
Hfth race, seven furlongs, selling EmleTe, 101
(Cx-hran). 4 to 1 and t to 1. won; lteducer. W4
iMai). j to ; and : to L ec-.nd. Juice Magce.
.13 iltlchardsi. 7 to 1. third Time, l:.3',j. Hemry
.f Franstamar. Uiralite. Zanetto, .11m eeer II.
Dt-cLess of York, Veloca and Inland 1'rlnco al&j
ran. ;
V!.t. H.a .1. In.lnr... ...It t UnmM..
KZ (Wllk-rson). 7 to 1 and out. won: Mousler
feelrel. mi (Robinson). 7 to 1 and ! to 1. aecond;
Scrivener. 113 (ISoland). ! to l third. Time,
1:11V Orey John, li.-lchtle B.. Fell Mcll II.
Ii l-rlncefisa and Crystalline alo ran.
To-Uny-n Crescent City Entrlea.
First race, threo-quarters cf a mile, aelllna;:
Sara Gamp
Orav flallv ..
l-lrate ejueen
Madrllno G..
llentiw .....
... s
... i
Porter II
Shut up .
Second race. mile, and one-sixteenth, sellins:
Glen Follow: .
bur ttton
Tom Gllmoro
Biicenla S...
, 87
I c
Colon :I "asldy
llrlaht Nleht ...
Samovar .
Fatanta .
Ilrown Vail : Si Ited 1'lrato
Third race. tteer!echa- bandlcap, rhort courte
Coley 132 I Ipen .4
Clarota 133 Harre II 133
Governor John 135 I Terry Raniter H3 1
...M .
Fourth race. Crescent City Handicap. J1.00O.
rrlle and an eltnth: i
Sir Gatlan
KnlKht Banneret .
Imp. Mint ,iiu
.03 I
.l' ,
Donna Say
Linden Llla .
VVoodtrlco ...
wiona ii.,
aionk vvaynun
Fifth raco. aeven-clchtha of a mile, aelllna;:
Toumes- 104 1 Jim Conway 10
Terralene ,.1M 1,'nclo BUI W
locust Blossom F9 I Rosy Mom 109
Uterp lo I Island Prince IIS
Mxth race, selling, mile and cne-rlxteenth:
TJttl. Boy Blaa
Hood's Brleado
Silver Coin
TV. B. Galea ...
Lillian Reed
. 93
. !'S
. "S
Ilelei Paxton
Petit Maltra .
Chorus Boy ...
, Ii I
Trains leave Toot of Olive street L 1:30, S,
'32. 2-55, 4:20, 57. i5.
I'nglea 4, Daytona 1.
Tho Eagles of the Mound City Cocked Hat
League won four games from the Daytona on
the Crescent alleys last night. In tho first pair
of cames the Davtons had but four men present
and In tho final but three of the members era
rnauiea 10 now i. under the rules,
pins were allotted for each absentee.
Under the rules. twenty-Hye j
vvitn tnis
cainx tnem the na-tons succeeded In captanne
the third frame. Uxee lacked but three pins or
a CO average, and led the Eagles. Woods, with
tl. was the ls-t of the Das tons. Score;
Names, c M. Ar.
Ormond ..10 3S '1
Tlecker ...10 34 2
llergl-nd . 3 27 47 S-B
Bruns'k .. 9 17 M 1-5
Lies .... 3 li a 2-3
Totals...!! S 47 6-23
Dav tons.
Names. C M. Ar.
Hohr z 22 47 1-3
Henkel ... 3 33 43 4-3
Helnzer ..4 13 29 2-3
Woods .. 2 23 fcl
Blind Z3
Totals...io "S3 33 17-23
Consninera -1. lllnr Illblionn 1.
TI.e Consumers of the Mound Citv Cocked Hat
Lesgu. captured the first four games In a walk
from tbo ItliiA ,Htin fin th. A.m. nllv. h.t
rlfjlit. TI.0 Ust was clore, with the ItibSons In
iiuiit hi ine enu ny inree pin. .v inn j-ui,ie;
ttok four games from the Daytons. the conlet
for the championship Is a tie between the Con
sumers. Fafdes and Blue Ribbons. Inharth and
j.urewerti led their respective teams, bcore
A story was current to-day at the track I affair. Surveyor Dodge has a Ire.uly l-en cOUntrV .M'thc ' "Trir. rlt y ' i n'golm, g'o I ' i i" U-V'uSan JuTc ount me ou t, ' I ' "' l'uVr?'-" Ktoctzer: lrea-
concernlng the departure of Steve LHom- over the ground, and arranged n prelim- lence. a majority ..fth" golfers, wlh whom ju.t count me. out o. It. ,,., Henrv I liichanan: sergeant-at-arms,
rnidicu from Hot Springs. It is Paid that Ir.ary survey of the property The grand the matter was dNctisA-ii seemed to t ink TWO IMIXIM' IIIIITS .SCIIEIILLI:!). llllam 1)MieU
the reason that L'Hommldleu left Hot stand, paddock and stables wil be first-class that the prop, r thing would l,c tn li7il.it h ' nnr iv n,i.m
Springs in a hurry was due to the nrrlval in every respect. -Mr. Cella declares. The ,irt world-s champa.nsl ",, , n one r he "" ni.rrU Hum Co..lrpt.-.I full .len'i el,int.,?i,n.?KE v-00? V" J,'1"'
of Hobert Davis, a New- York poolroom club expects to raco under the rules and famous Scotch links. Meiiiwhlle ir its i, Off Events nt West Uiiil Coliseum ?i, ''cken-house. at No. HM3 Loughbor-
owner. who owns J2D.M worth of "markers' ifguIaUons of the American Turf Con- Louis club wlhe" to ii is! Oils intcrLriu.'' J V ..- " "" ,'"1 "" "m' ""gh avenue, with all its chickens, narrowly
against him, and who, learning of Stove's Lress. . . 41 I point, the delegates "at the comlnc mIm, fi ,Jilmwl ". ''nP,rtz.h.''1 assiimol the escawd dei.truction by lire Thursday night,
phenomenal winnings nt the "Valley cf tho I Mr. Cella will attend the meeting of the meeting will have sometl ,ng i.ov.1 '.. manageme.it of the West End Athletie 1 he lam in the incubator was-overturned.
-nt,nr" mrr.c 10 niiof ih.m T,.rf c..m.-t--u .it riiir.im on DecemlHT 2. ens n c 'u'"'-i"m', iiuin to lLs- club, and proposes to give what ho cal s setting fire to tho :ipiaratus. An alarm of
i'i-7 (tit i nn mr. i rHi"K win i irr . irk uuiiiuit inn--' (iiiiii- inn in..i..... . .. .-- -.. - , ,, , '( u i.t -iiiii,. nc in r?i it-n i . .1 - n i it
Blue Itlbbons. Consumers.
Name. C- M. Av. Name. C JI. Av.
I'ishT ....11 15 43 4-3 A. Kvertz. 7 13 41 4-3
Clark 5 33 43 2-3 Bosch S 31 43 2-3
Malone ... 7 T: 47 L. Kvertz. 3 31 47 2-3
Junck ...10 31 4) 4-5 K. Cvertz. 0 1 4. 3-3
LIna'wcrth 7 15 4 4-5 Inharth . 3 23 M 3-3
Totals ..40 13S 41 13-33 Totals ..24 5 43 3-M
INDIAN CLUBS. In all weights, and sev
eral fjradea Rawlings Sporting Goods
Company, 620 Locust street.
CROKINOLE. the latest candidate to
popular favor. Several styles and varieties.
Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, 620 Lo
cust street,
I.onlsvllle Wants Baaeball Franchise.
'fit. Joseph. Mo.. Dec. 21. John W. McCloskey
?t Louisville. Ky.. has made application to
'resident Hlckey for a Western Lea-rue baseball
iranchlse for that city, and It will probably be
rrantcd. -
IC oifi.SVe srTTrC Ts. 1,1m! ta nlnmlntim
iand we have them. Rawlings Sporting
Jejeoiis Company, 62" Locust street.
Dissolved and Removed Forever.
No Cutting or Pain.
It matters not how long you Jiave suffered
from stricture, nor how many different doctors
hare dl. appointed you. I wilt cure you just aa
certainly as you come to me or treatment I wilt
not do it by cutt nz or dilating My treatment is
entirely original with me and perfectly painless.
It completely dissolves the stricture and perma
nently removes every obstruction from thi u
vnur Fimi'Mii. fu'Ie Mv heme tmtmrnt 1 me
MI'DU M. CO fu Oil' M St Lulls.
j Cella-Adler-Tillos Svudirate Will
J'.uild a Course Kast of
Delimit Harden.
Grand Stand. Paddock and Stables
Will Cost SloO.OOO Addi
tional Work Is to Kegin
Next Week.
Pt. Louis will have a new race track
i.ext .spnnjr. It will ho built by the Cella-Tilles-Auler
Fyndtcate. A site for the new
courso was selected yesterday. It la located
on the north side of rMmar avenue, direct
ly east of the Delmar Garden.
There are about seventy-live acres in the
plot, which co:-t SlW.Oo" in cash. The ground
was lHiusjht ly John G. Cello, of Chlcaso
"rJ JU A'Iler f rrt 8mit A"k T1U
I '"-Jockey club, which will bulla tho track
will Ua.- the grounil from Messrs. AUler
and CcIIh.
Iiuis Cella stated Iat nlglit that the
new racimj orcat.lzatlon probably would no
called tho Deimar l'ark Jockey Club, al-
! .,' , ... ... . . ,.,,, .,, v.n..
I "-.-' '""I , I.. ...,!, .1 .nil..
inc r.ev. iraut, wu hc .i irtau..,.u.. .......
He goes there to represent the Little Hock .
St. I.ouis
before Juno lo. This law nrobably will b.;
repealeel at the next meetins of the con
gress, however. If it is not. the congress
may he smashed, and a new turf governing
boely organized.
The Cella-Adlcr-TIlles syndicato expect
to divide racing dates with the Fair
Grounds. Just where Kinloch l'ark will
come In remaira to be seen. The pretty lit
Showed fireat Ability an a. .Muddrr
Four Favorites Won.
hkpubl'c si'eciau
San Francisco. Cal., Dec. 2L Tlie racing
at Tanforan to-day was not up to the stand
ard, partly owing to tho very heavy track,
which spoiled the finishes.
In the 2-ye.ir-old event, the fourth on tho
card. Articulate showed his remarkable
ability as a mud horse. He spreid-eagl-d
his field and won by ten lengths from Selde,
who beat Andrattus. Cougar closed rapidly
' at the erd, and many thought he got the
show. The mo it serious reverse suffered by
tlie talent was In the second race.
Hohenlohe. the favorite, never figured in
the hunt. Lou Rey. a 19 to 1 shot, won
easily from Don Luis. Acrobat was third.
I'armcnion carried a good bunch or money
in the first, but Gllssando. the favorite, won
. . .. ,. .. .. --
one in a nrive. -armenion neat the Hufroon
,", I'-Y. r ' I"acc.
Me "samara, was a hot favorite, In the
third, but KIckum Hob was the best of the
bunch, and eas'ly beat the favorite. O?-
inonei i.cing ti.ini. r-ir ivingsion. who was
heavily played, ran .1 dog race, finishing In
the ruck.
But three faced the barrier In the fifth.
Lenncp, tho favorite at 1 to 2, won cleverlv
from Telamon. It was the latter's firs"t
start, and he was short.
Hound'ee, the choice of the talent, won the
last event easily.
The Singer, a 15 to 1 chance, who got 'he
Place, spoiled many swell bets by beating
out Cyril, the second choice.
Fin t race, fix furlongs Gllrsande. f.J (Coburn)
3 to 1. won: Parmenlr.n. lOi (O'Connor). 3 to 1
second: The Buffoon. 101 (Moiinre). 10 to 1, third
Time. l.lu-. Hondumn. Sum-ncr, Artllla V.VII
lirm F Canelo. Grey Bob nnd Jim McGonan
also ran. Bamtiulla left at the post.
Second race, oie mil. and an eichth Lou Itcy
110 irarrell), 9 to 1. won. Inn Iils, l.f. (l)om
Inlck), 13 to 1. second; AcrcUit. L7 Hl'Connor),
4 to 1. third. Time, :1'4. Hohenlohe Can't
Dance. Colonel Hoot. Itey Del Hanll.los. Twlnl.Ia
Twinkle, Iiosilbra an.l l:alnFtra Io ran..
Thlr.l ear. r.n. mll R.l!lnirff lrl.-iim T..l. ,AA
(Col.urni. 3 'to I. won: McXarrara. 10.) il!nm-
Irlck), 7 tn 5. second; Osmond. ly (O'Connor), et
to 1. thlnl Time 1:4.,. iitrnm Johnson, hlr
Kingston. Coming Event. Lougbberg and Judse
h'hrophire nlso ran.
Fourth race. Fix furlonc. purs Articulate. Ut
(Mounce). I to 1. won: eid. 11; iivimni). 10 to
1. second; Andrattu 113 (Do-clnlck). 4 to 1.
third Time. 1:17. Cougar. Bernota. Flatterer
and Mrs. Brum 11 also ran
I'lfth race, seven furlonzs. purse Innep. 112
O'Connor). 1 to 2. won; Telamon. 14 tCoburni.
' lo, second: Autumn. HI (Turner). 7 to 1,
third. Tlm. 1:21 Three Manors.
Sixth race, six and n half furlnncs Boundle.,
105 (Buhcananl. even, won: The S'lnger. 103 (Hom
Inlrk). 13 to 1. FCrnnd; I'vrll. I0 (Mounce). 4'i
t.- 1. third. Time. i-. Pilot. Galanthus, Mitten.
Mike Itlee a-id !-Ipzlg alo ran.
To-llay'H Tanforan Entries.
and tip
First lace, seven furlongs, purse, 3-year-cld3
y CIUI. as well as iook aiier me in- reading between tho lines win r.n, .. . ' ... -"i-."'"-'""" nvi rnu.ij eve'inug .il ,..,- .'.'", -..e...u..t.. ,,,111 uiau loss,
s of the new St. Louis racinsr or- character , th S,V-1,":.W.1.1. r5Ilz.. Ine the West End Coliseum. '1 ho chickens escaped.
-.. . TheymutWr5motinrerVl.llrini1S ".., .?.?l",J,,iL "P.-fiU?. I-flV? rtati- nAmM-,;,,, ..
ard vvlTl give St. liuis three raco Iuj " 'crIerXr . a l" Joue-crnod 7K.,U7he-nIJk .'? Hh? ,or Ule l-'"ta:n-weli!ht champion- :AiI,1:so",r,1, SuU,1? 'lrl'rs I'rotective Asso.-Ia-.
The sport is regulated In Mis- ,,oW op.n ehan tdo 1 shh I L .)!, t?ei1'r"T lt !'' '0rld. which title Is claimed 'n " , 0'J " regular monthly meetlan
by the breeders' law. wnicn permits affair, but desim-i n V. VI....:- .." " 'ougiieny, reraruiess or tho fact that V. """ V1..0.1;-. '" ul 01. ixjuis nan.
.days racing on each track between great Louisiana FutchVtse Ceiii.m l.i i-h .1. '"! ovV.. C,'J 's on in . b".u .wlt.h "" i:r:,V.,..-JTh't-l"
i: ana .xnverawr J. ine mn eon- win Invite the attention .f ni.. .,.V.i,. .. '. ' "' """"so m" msnt mat .vie- i-:, "";. "": "etijiun oe me
. In its efforts to restrict racing in 1 i.-...,i.i .... .. ."" I V'lvcrn ix-at. uans. it Is also down on tho ""i""" e.711 iu me- consiuuiionauty
mis and Chicago, passed resolutions When n"k,Vl ni.n,,V .1, "liunm. lulls that Harry Harris an.l Claremo Forbes ",,""- "arber.s law which at present re-
tie track in tne riorrisant valley may navo J ouls : ,,... .' ,,, ", , , "", '-e'lo. 01.
a rough road to travel if It has to fight JffmiIo'SsV u worl'
for dates with the Fair Grounds and the Vn? "J! ""?.'. "' ?.? "."'V. u th, " - feel
new track, which the Cella-Adler-TiUes 1 c,.au ' Am'rlci,, Tr U.V' !1''-,te f''' any othcr
syndlcate propose to build. fftW.!";
Alice Dougherty 101 Chnlcau si
Herculean 114 St. Anthony
Jlarj' Kinsella M Anjou 107
Lamachus fti Ale-e 107
Billy Mcwre S3
Secor.l race, six furlongs, selling, maiden 2-car-olds:
Infra 103 I Missel s.7
I'lratu 113 I Th-acla 1)
Alnder 1:5 I Litmus if
1'i.llow Me IP I Illusion 50
Arprecor 113 j Flcklow i
Long Tom Hi) ' K-tada SO
Third race, six and one-half furlongs, selling.
3-j ear-olds and up:
Foul Play 59 Simon P 101
Gllddando 91 Formatus 104
IVestldlgitator Toti 101
Pilot 99 Almoner 1
Gusto 103 Kosalbr 107
Monrovia I'll
Fourth race, mile and an eighth. Chantllly
Stakes. 3-j ear-olds:
Advance Guard IIS Fnecific 103
Veuvian 1 lis Owensloro 104
Andrlssa 113 Alice Dougherty ....F2
The Lady Ill The Bobbv lf
Greenock 105 McNamara ...:, SO
Fifth race, seven furlongs, purse, all ages:
Fddle Jones 117 I Bill Garret Ml
Headwater HI llrafter H
Mocorito 10 'Ada N SI
Sixth race, one mile, selling:
Pea Lion 1171Lavator Ill
Vlncllor 116 1 Jennie Rcld 103
Pat Morrissey .......111 I
New Yorkers lo Not Think St.
Louis Should I!c liven tin,
I'cneiit tf Her Own Ideas.
KaMeini'is Stem to Think That
Iiiiti.shi-rs Should I'rolit Iy
llu l.riht Plans of the
St. Louis Club.
nr hoi'ldf.e il iiudgins.
r.i:ri ni.K" special.
New orh. Dee. :i. St.-ction.il prejudice
tn.u .lcfr.it the project to h.ic tin? first
op. n gou ciiampKiu.-nip 01 tne worm nviu nuuo miu to uio.se who get gay now
in St. Louis during the Louisiana rurch.iso and then and accus-o me of thinking. I.et
lMitennl.il In i:n. j thi-tn talk as they may. I can only repeat
Loi-al news-papers nhicli make a spccHlty Hint I havo earned the right to retire, and
of golf gUe prominence to-day to the prop- that I shall consider my family llrst ami
osltlun of tho Mound City Golf Club, and the roped square a Ions way afterward. If
comment rather lishtly upon ho plan 10 I ever fight again it will be when I cannot
hae an International contest m Et. Louis earn my living by any other occupation. A
three years hence. r tired banker has the same, privilege. Hut
Not (inn of these new s. papers has any ad- until I lose the money I have made -ml
r-uato conception of the project, and the
e-omments Indicate a woeful Ignorance of
the fact that tho proved tourney Is lo bo
held In connection with the Louisiana I'ur-
ei'.ise Centennial.
The Commercial Advertiser, for example,
disposes of the matter In this wise:
"Win ther from a desire to put it- course
in proper condition for this high-sounding
(Vent or a laudable intuition is to give
all coniM'tltor.s ample time- lo prepare for
tho world's championship, the .Mound City
t'olf and Country Club requests that the
vear i; be set for the competition. The
rews fiom St. Ixiuis further staus that tho
club has applied to the United States Golf
Association and to the Itoyal Ancient C.nlf
Club of St. Andrews. Scotland, for nMK-ial
.sane-lion to hold this ambitious tournament.
A purse of $J,C. it is raid, will be offend,
to the victor, and In all JRrt will Is- dis
tributed in prize money.
Srcrclnrj- Kerr Talks.
"Inquiry regarding this pioposei world's
tournament was made of itubert I! Kerr,
secretary of th United States "3oll As
Miciatiou, but he epress.sl lgnoraiue of
the entire matter. II.- said.
11 Mien
.'''..r101' A'" ,,"t '"r,h''r ' individual ,'i ,1,
in give a national ,,r int. ru.itlmi il
touniainent is an . ntircly differ, m matter!
in :i ii.iTTif iiiM-n. i .... i ....
iim inner l. (lifers
in.i X"? ,'?i,.'i;" biV!'Sr "f '-th America
i,-. i y....ein. i one in. re Is mi :cgu
,l?0 .f unio" """''. -' in this country
''"" ,s.,.i ,f'r,.i,ln W 'f Kovernmeiu
h. . - - - nn, iiiuiitisM tvuriii
ampioiishlp golf tourney. I'resldent .Mc"
.-i..i .. ""- :""u"" eny 1,011 anil founlrv
Hub. the originator of the World's Fair
championship ,iea, said;
"We propoe to secure the consent of U
S. A. ! and or the governing lMn!y on the
other side, which I take to be the Itolal
and Ancient Co f Club or St. Andrew, to
the holding of the llrst enrl.l-o ...a, ..
,.l.mchl. ,. ....- II.... . .. ,.. fa"-. S...1I1I
.....i..i.), xi.. ,iui UllK-f
ood thing.
"Wo will ask for 1303. as that is the veae
on which our great World's Fair will be
re-Ill not because we r.innnt m. ....- 11..1
ready before that time. They will be as
tjw i.s-a. ...a as ean oe.
"I think Secretary Kerr will see lhe
propriety and Justice of our claim, and also
tho Koal and Ancient Golf Club or St
Andrews-. Everything will be done legit
imately. If we cannot get authoritative
consent for our tournament we will not
hold It. Not only will we want to have
tho approbation of the governing ImhIIcs
we will also want the pl-iers. Unless wn
can get at least the best half dozen players
In England and America and every other
country or nny golf Man ling as well, we
will not call It a world's championship.
give us their approbation I am sure thev
.11 e--.ii.er me- auiiioritaiiv' Ooelles do not
will wo will holt
will wo will hold a tournament which will
not bo called a championship one. but
wnicu will ne recognized as such, for
we win get tne great players or the day
Just the same.
"As for the New York papers and golf
ers who approve our idea, lmt d -em its orig
inators unlit lo carry it out. and that an
English cours-o should secure the plum
which blossomed n St. IaiuN, we are much
obliged to them. I am quite sure, how
ever, that English golfers will hive be';r
taste than their N w York brethren nnd
will refuse to nccert what belongs to oth
ers'. 1 ven if offered to them bv the auto
appropriative New Yorkers-, who seem to
own tho earth "
draw run coriiM.M match.
Tneiilj-SIx Doun Will M.-rt nt Van
tin to InrU ri-1lfrrii.
t. a a 1. 1 ..-. .. . T
ir.r.af T-.m im t i.mii tr ....... ,, . ,..iVv
commence at De Hodl.imont Park next Sun-
day iifternoon. when the two Hr"t round.
vvlll be run. On Christmas Day the stake
'"ft - " "a.T ana a-'UI'- JLUIJ. IVIII
win ne run on.
Every dog I.. St. I-niil, iilth nny preten-
slon to diss Is nominated In the stake.
May Herschel. Warburton. Astral Maid, l.i
ily Hugo. Ben Boll. White Wings. Lein ine.
Van Nye. Sweet Fully. Barton Tag. Mon
won. Ornament. Boundless and Society
Belle", all good ones, are In the cast.
Warburfon drew a hard one in May
Herschel. Barton Tag will have his hands
full with Society Belle: the puppy. Moun
tain Chler. will hustle Ben Bolt. Imolne
will make Lady Hugo run. Boundless, will
see that White Wings hustles and Sweet
Folly l;a a good dog to beat In Van Nye-.
A usual. Astral .Mall has .-my luck there
mav be. She not only draws well In the
stake, but her second courre should also be
-asy. In lact, Mr. Co'llns's bitch Is th- only
greyhound In the stake that se-ems sure o"f
winning her first course, not to speak or
the first two. Astral Ma'd Is in line rorm.
and with her phenomenal luck an great
speeil and cleverness It looks like a soil
bet that she will win the stake, despite the
fact that there ere at least ten very good
dogs In it. The draw:
Prince IJcf titlark Joe Lade- Maud) J Itim
brick. Jr.. vs. Kansas Klirr (Purpont Rn- May
flower Llllv). T. F. IIonpr.
May lln-hel (Admiral Tvron Rent Mernlne)
Curran & Nichols, vs. mi. Warburton (nolchir-mu-Kllalre).
J. J. Livin.
eliief Flroy (lhiirsnil Chief Carrie L Hen
own Hfdler r Slls AOallne (Pat Malone
Snow Fl-iVei p Conrad.
Astral Maid (Imn. Astronomy Vyst'c MM!)
R. J. C.iilln. v I'nliv Barnes (Glen Ajt Jliss
Nellie!. Hard.- f Hindv
Boundless (VV.sratah Anchorla Tv-liod) R. j.
Collins, vs. White Wlp". (lord Ncversettle
White Line) Venown Ieiller.
Ornsment (CllrTerd Ftsle). Miss II. J. GiMior.s.
vs. Thursday XIII (Unknown). H. A. Jones,
M. P
Nellie's Lat (Gin Ayr Miss Nell'el. R. A.
Ha-dr. vs. Sharprocv- (Fnknowr) At. Hushes.
Van Nve (Ard On-jut Fclloe.l. . A.
Hardv. vs. sweet poiiv (Old Boots Dam not
gleen). John S. Bratton.
Lldy Hugo (Sir Huro Vlllar. Girl). Hanlv
I Hue-de-. vs. I-moIr.e (Hector Leyza). Curran &
I Nlehc.I-
!n Holt (Mter Hereie Mirela. Hsplr Jfe
Hendv. vs. M'Sintaln ("h'f (Pr'nce Charlie
Prlec- --"e.l 1). J. (5 D.-.-hC-eiux
Mon.vn (rallnh LUtle Fair") Ries & Becker,
vs. IJn.li (Csllrh Al'nei. J. . Kliir.
Imp. Barton Tc (Verwav Mvtle Greeni. .T.
J. Ijivln. vw. Soc'etv Belle (Grand Faahluu lady
vf liUiiwi. J. C. Dt.liaaauu
not reieh.Vlniv.VniX. . .. n hii-s ines .11111 nuarKey. anil imnilii. ami rorbett.
1 -im si r. I d .i u;, " U? 'rVM'"1 ,' ' '"" "' liuixlrcl and one men whom I Vive
i am sure- i ilu u.it know what I would do nut and fone-hi mnv .1.. hi n,.... .,i-.t..
II sllcn : r rtii.wt 1. ... l.A.. . . t. .... I .-.
,.,..i' r, ".""""'I "me. The request about It. ' '
,:?u vLT.V'r.'.'.V' h?y..ut '" ,al.' "'".'' "- . Th.- vvlso "gazaj bos" sav that I will not !
Februirv im I i 1 '"'"" ""'ting in inr.-Uo this, because It will afreet my hul-
opiiiion Vs to U,', Ut "n. i'" ,'"vl,r-'.,t ' '", f. ! not want them t., worry .-iboiit
ii c- n !e , "ri .' V ''J'." wi,h '.rl' '"'''"- I "HI attend to that part of
e. U-'if1 inv Vn.1 vi'b.'.i"' ."." s,s ' f ' '? Ion' a " "-'" they should
L-lveVnv so'rt-..r . il''I..MI,lh u?nu " ,,-' N"'v Iet '"" a" co'n "'! throw
l.v- i r,Ur,rtn,;f l "a'.tl0" ' "" ll ".ut their slur-. I think I have serve-d my
Other golfers who were sp'iken" to on
VstTjoker Th1 in,-""--I tre-it tne affair
as a joke. The universal opinion was- tint
..Y,1 l'SL1" i"U' ''.l WorWs ch HnirtV,n"hll.
would come ahum tiirnm.ii ......i-.,...... '
i iiirieiiii'H lie.
Members of the Mound Citv 0.r ii. V Y" . '"""!L"' "Vrf. "'".i"5'"0 "V, "L'J7 l '",. ?..,aJ ?r"Ji,.?u. "
n..i..... - ., .. . . . lfultimnto lioxlne litits untlr th. f.tir.ln.w lire was turned In hv a n.isse--.li .in.l fl.n
1.11111M1111 fin uir iniifd ;iAn e-nw.. ...
Says He Will Never He-enter (he
v& :is Lonj; as He (.'an .Make
a Living Out of It.
De-dares fit' Does Not ('arc
Whether the diainiionshin
(ioes to .McOoveni nr to
"One-IJu'd" Con noil v.
in iioiu:itT rny.sui.MONs.
Nl'W York. I)CC. HI. I Hill r.li ..f t.rWn
liKiitlng forever. I Fay this ome more a.i
the capacity for providing for my family I
shall not e-nler the ring.
This is surely about as plain as I can
make It. It Is not for advertising purposes.
it is not to make a Miisatlnn I ,!,
!,. n.-.f
care for advertising other than ti,.,t i,i..i.
1 icgitimaley pay for. My shov -
Honest Llacksmith." Is miking money, and
it would not look well for me to throw
stone-s at other j-hows, and I shall not do
tliOM who ma d'sacree with me on tho
quistlon may do mi and welcome. IAt the
old g.inn- go on. It is not brutal when
pioperi.v conducted. It Is full of science.
It is intere.stlng when fakers are kept out
or it. I shall doubtless attend matches in
tho future, but not as a principal.
I think that all young nun should know-
Hie art of self-defense, aril that Hi.- sciene..
of lioxliig as reminded before pioiier.y In-
il.. .....iV..iti . -..... ..v- i-ni,iinu
1 am out of the game for good, nnd Jef-
lime in the ring. Almost a nuarier if n
centurv is i iiougti for any man at the game.
All tin; men who are now quarreling lor
the champion-hip were spring chickens
when I was old at the game. I am tired of
It flll.l Ikllmr.. ill at .. .mm h n .. ,..-..... ... I....
.1...... .1 . ...i.. ..'. 's.i....- ... ..,
i v..,:. 'iiA? u '" ,, Ul ",y -"'"
I have a wife whoso feellnes must I... enn-
sldere.l. and children whose future is in mv
same night. The limits will l.. iimit.i.roin. 1
uf fairs.
, ,
l.iillilon tin I'laer, Jllllf- Xt tlie- Time
rtntl iSt.Tno Ilie I'ursr.
New- York. iw. . ttn b.iinn .t, v.,.
lish feather weight, has accepted the otter
of the National ; ! ns CliK of iVindon
and has signed articles to fight Teiry Me-
Govern. J ,
The agreement calls for a twenlv-rotind 1
bout nt 122 pounds, for a purt of R.iT'i, of
evfiie-n ine winner is to receive Wo and the
h.ser $7i". ir McGovern consents to mi n
Ji rdan. It will take place on June 2. The
ngniers will weign in at . o clock on lhe
Uay r ,l, "-'ohtest.
Snyn l.nw Does .Not Empower Him to
Stop Proposed Je-rTrlcn-IluIillii .Mill.
Columbus. ., Dec. 21. After looking tqi
lhe laws of the State on prize lighting. Gov
ernor Nash said that he not only finds in.
win raid for Interference by him-elf hi such
exhibitions further than to tir.-o Iivm!
guardians or the law to bo vigilant, but It
Is his opinion that only a jury 011 trial Is
uualilled to declue whether such a perrorm
ance ! in rely a sparring match or a prize
light, an J unlawful.
Flint Ilotlts nt MII'Timkcc.
naukee. Wis.. Dec. 31. lluillv Enn of nil.
Cnco Vea-S a-.var.lril th- dis-iflon over ICi.l llerrl.-L-
i.f Itoch.ster. .N'. Y. i.fter six rounds of fist
Il-htlng hefiiie the ILi'Icr Atliletlc lltili to-night.
1Mb nclit.r-. were on tie Ir fi. t at the wlii.l-up
allck. y i;i:.y (,f 311hv.iuke.- won fiom Joe Cur
tln of e'lilingo In six rounds.
Held .St. I.ouis A. A. A. lo Close ."core
by Clever Drlbblluir.
Walter Randall, with only five High
School players to aid him. held the t.
Louis Amateur Athlct'c As..(.cI;tt!on Iiockcy
""' i" - rn..-ij .a, 1 until, 4.(H1 Ulir
Illf flirt a -irl eliPiij l(tMLrail 1 .- nenal.
vinner. Sam Erskine. captain or the Hi il
'chool seven, quit the gam e after three
..in... ... ' .. V. . .... . . ...
...ii.... ii ,ii i-iuy uu aee-en ul hi ins iia.i ine-
ICainiall. who Is ccntr rush on tho. font
it'.iiii. I'l.ivfii n it:i ii.iiii i:nrn zitui .r.
l Ro.iM coutitisl by High. On man
nnLlrwar. 1. . . at... .,..1. rf . a
nf i Tlnk 7o he other by Pre ty dribbles
T. f.,c, ,,", ?. W- iir,, "i,
JSunlfS1.! i n?.?'?1' 'friw.1 . P,
,.,., ,, ,. --,-.-, ,c -,::,- ' v.y;
assistance fr m'Trlri N v E," iZ
then. The latter pa s.hI the puck to Ran
dall for the shot which reared the frst
goal of the game. Walter sent It Into the
screen, guarded by Dick Bland, a bit loo
fast lor anv man to hindle.
For the Athletic A soell 1 n Harry Woods
plaed the game that he always does when
Ilnsl up against oung.sters. but winch
sums tn be lost when playing agilnit t o
chaps who are as old and as hard as li m
self. Woods played his po:i'Ion of cover,
point last night itist as Harrv Klelev-n nes
It. He dribbled from his position to the op
posing goal time after time, nnd was only
roiled by the cleverness of Paddock in poal
ror High. His shots were lightning fist
and hard to stop when delivered close up.
Woods got one through Pa Idock bcrore
time was called for the first half, and tied
the score.
Bob rCalme scored a It'ckv goal early in
the second half from a 'crlmmagp. and th
Athletic Association seven seemed to have
ever thing their way, but Randall got hj
puck and carried It rght up to Bland,
whe-re he gave it enough Impetus to h ve
driven it through the screen. The scire
was again tied, and remained so until the
end of the half, when an extra five m n
utts were called 10 decide the match. High
School appeared to be a winner th n, as the
rorwards got the puck to themselves In
rront or their opioncnts coal, but fall.il to
count, as there were too many or them
there. Woods took the round rrhber hack
to High's coal nnd made a shot, which
missed cleanly and went lack or the sere n.
It rebounded to Jim Kin ella. who was
standing directly in rront or the goal, and
who had no trouble in shovine It through
for the third count and the game.
The line-up follows:
"! -lo not caro how they arrange the que,- ! Fii'.r V-.Kne-AroChvm a?l'-JIIiST.I,,I,,i
tio,, of the, chainplonshlp of the world. lASr.Ul,h
Ker,f niVly ' "! Ter.ry Mc:oV.,.rn "r ",e " s,r1' ' yat.da on a charge of stcal.ng a
Ken ucky ltosebud or -One-eyed" Connol- revo.v.r Imm .Miss Ida Dange wl moving
Jr ,,'cova "" '" ',r,st mt I "- -longings from No. 1JJ, Kv.nis avenue !
1 havo inv own hi. ..is mi (ho c.o.i..,- .....l I ... v.. -s.,., i ....... ....... n l,lgv i
hinds If the wolf should Come prowling ' DOSS IlAItltKItS ELECT OFFICFUt
''tLiJouseV'Dolnl'tlio ?ee,,ve,0AsoV.,a,nr SS
1 1 .--u-wi meet at izi nounus in n mnieii nn thn -i..-. .... . vuuuauuii, lemsimuun ana a
Pt. Iouls A. A. A. Positions. Hlch School.
Bland Goal Paddock
Ll ford Point Pasco
Wood Cover nolnt Caldwell
Klni-eiu Forward Randall
Itot.lnron Forward Stewart
Kalme Forward Nlch..Icn
Sesftlnaiiaus .Forward 1'rsklne
ENERCISERS. a very acceptable Christ
mas present. Prices from Mc to $3. Rawl
lnfr Snnrtlnir Conds 1'nmnanr fisn T.nciit
I strcat.
la the City.
commercial travelehs-ti-.c West
ern Commerelal Traveler Association will
lio.d Its annual meeting at the Llndcll Hotel
IJcct-inlor 22. ut 10 a. in.
WIDOW IS IMVi:i!TV-JIrs, Kill Sheri
(l.iii. a wlilow So jt. us oi.l, who live.- in the.
tear of No. IKO North Riuaduay. Is In destitute-
circumstances. She h.iS no nnaiu or
j-ir iii...ii ii'i'rit ... ..... . ... ..
1 ll.VJ.1.1'. 11 Willi I.fllll. 7 I. I vr r .... t
11.1.1 .111.1 iK.-n i.i.i uttn iri -at,.il at No. CO
1 in. : ne. 1 i ni.TUny art . n.o ill l.y A.rf?taiil
111. 1 in int-cint hinlili ami a iua'1 of
mm i-is 011 a cti.ir.- of IvNKiiaikin-;.
ii . . .: .. - - v ...-..... .m:...t
KKH M;i A 1.U'I:NSI:-I:xi l? "ommi
slomr lhf.l-i ljil.iy (i..i.p.l.-i with the
Iiolliliniii of con.iii.it-.ai u ..nil r f us .1 Ja;n.s
J .IT, l.il.i .1 liecn-H.- t. i-on.n. t .1 f.ilccii. c-ii
I.ucliil auiiue, nt.ir ili- aiitmriMii tnt.ks.
Trr.NKIJS- rKSTIVAI-Tl,,. HumLnlili
runnel. In win Kn.. a hristmaa li.suval
iiii.l j,Mi,ii Mn- i-nliil. Ion iiuiiti.iay .vcn
Ini:. I i-ci 1111.1 r K. at 1 .1 i.a.l N .. Mj Kit -.n
uiiiiue .Me l.ln.rs ami tlitii rrienilj Will bo
auimttiil me.
KILL1-I) IIV A TKAIN-r-i-slmlr Mleg. a
l.nour, n jears oil, wuo lived on the iV'.lI
Ave'nuo roan near LU1.c111t.11iK. St. Ljiils
I'ounlj, was run iiot.n and i..Jta .u I..H..I
last nielli by .11: Iron Mountain engine. No.
j ';. Ills body was lem.ved lo t..e inoiguc.
SHgo lion Company enteriaiiud lis employ
es at a banquet at Faust's latt night. An
tlal.onite- menu was .served In the I id.e
uiiiii.-ioiiin em tue s.eor.d iloor. Cuve-M
viru laid lor fifty guests.
niMANi: socii;t. i:rcm.i--The coi-
J'" CImIi. lliimam- Socli ty will give- a pro-
gKs.slie e-uthie- at the lio'inc of Mrs. Lid.i
I Cli.mi snelttr at Carsouvl.le.
I ..
i ..""' "K','. 1Ji LL.JtI.SS-hink Craig; nf
reneVl. U,.:' Xe'y,;,. th'ile d
len rol.b.d ol tJ by a ncgreVi at Vo SO
Sutiili Mxtli stre. t. Almeu.i i'aliner, 'who
I lo"'-cls the hutise, was aiTcsled.
FELL FF.O.M A LADDLIt-Kllzalieth
3'e.id. 4( j ears old, (,f Xo. TiKl South Sixth,
'tre-et. while cle-inlug windows at the I'mv
ldint Association's quartirs. Sixteenth and
Washington uvuiiii-, MI from a ladder and
sustained two severe cuts on the face. Sho
was taken to the City Hospital.
.... i.-iiuui- nuu win give a series of sub
ertllllotl ll.HKIUet.S for fnetnlierv nn.1 lh.l.
fimill-s during the winter. The Hist han
ipiet will be given January S. 1WI. when
harlis Dcnb. late United St ites .Minister
to China, will deliver an address. .
STItUCIC I5V A WAGON-Fatrlck Nichol-'
son. w ,ar old. of No. 2H licleile ave-mn-.
was struck by a wagon on tho street
In front of his I.oa:e yesterday. He suITered
contusions Pbout the face and shoulders
He was sent to the City Hospital, where his
injuries were not round to be serious.
Homtopalhic .Medical Society will meet III
regular mh Ion In the gentlemen's pirlor of
the West End Hotd. December;, nt S p. m
Doctor E. F. Itradv will read an essav on
ninur r. i-. iir.uiv win read an essav on
. inanuy and Jts Helation to Crime," jfter
I .. t.ii. ....n i ii. i... ... ' ;. . V
""l" "'" " oe uiscuseu.
1 llce-nse.
charging Turnery was issued cstenlav
ag tinsl W. E. EmerMin of No. 2G10 North
1 ---... ... ... , .,..-, i-.i ... .sei. eiiei isortn
. Sarah street. It l .nllei-e,! It. !.. .r..-.nn.
I that he passu! a forged check for .! on A.
that he passid a forged check for .! on A.
iongeiiiuth. a grocer at No. 1J7 Goode ave-
? 'it, . clleck ,:l? rtr"wn on ,ne franklin
III ""1 ",V!-",I1i,.'1';1:1 '"have been signed b-
l'?l, U, 5 "aiier; V1"1" it was presented
at ,he bank It was declared worthless.
... .....,. ...., ...
- Thomas H Kllcn. whose suit for divorce
against Catherine Hllci was tried in Judge
Tally's court yesteieiay, toid the court that
when he was married to the defenJiut,
Junuary 2S. ltur. he was 73 veais old and she
was . They were married at Highland. O..
and lived together until Julv is. iwit ii
charged th t she cal ed him nnmesr.nl -I,.
culated stories about him and tln.illv .!e.
pencil him. The court took the case under
J.Micny warrant was? Issued esterdsy morn-
4mr rr,.tnr t'(t1 . . III! a.i . -
..lis, taasali.-l.n-, lillial.II 1 1 1 11(111 Taa i-5 JtMr OIlIi
ll.-V 11,'t.i. "V.. tills. I...1.I1 . .. .
who lives at No. ll- Franklin avenue, for
me uiiegeii men 01 a norse and wagon
Thur-sJ.iy. Othcer Alyvvard or the Fourth
Distilct arreWe-d Hlllman at Eighth and
Morgan streets wh.le dtivlng In a wagon
j which was later identified by Ben Sussman
I or No. .13 North Seventh mreet. Sussman
will prosecute.
..... ..... ... ,T.
ii.i.ia.ii .vi.i.L.s. AejejuiTTED Judge
Wood opene-d the sealed verdict veatenim-
morning which was- returned In the e-ase o"f
William G. Allen, charged with murder In
the second degree. Allen was acnultle-d of
the charge. He klllesl Her.man Baute on
August 22 last, the ie-u!t or a quarrel. They
lived in u double house and w-orkcl : id..
same place. Allen quit his Job because ho
had trouble with Baute. Subsequently Baute
called Al.eiiouti-lde and started a fight. The
'hooUng followed. .
""- "
vntt rt'il suit for divorce yesterday
f VIllollA r t.,r, .1..-1 ,. a. ..
Palnt Ninette V. Bean, charging indignity.
Mh,';y .""'f.- trfJ, 1i1, .nt -Montgomery City.
-MO. June lo. IsJI " ami setiarateH rv..tr.KA e-.
l-.o. tin -,e tnW ,ha .,; i "s..... ,.,
1 .. 1 . i I - ''"'""J 01 meir
'1"8"ter. 1 ' "ic. aged . ycrrs. A few hours
V,cf0". ,lie "1"K J'f ,ne '"vorce suit Mrs.
Bean began a habeas corpus proceeding to
,KOt P"--""" , " ShiU' w "-
leges, was taken from Ivcr care and Is at the
lme of her huabands mother.
ve.-tlgatloii. Gal.nsher Is chargud by John
Iieimann. a farmer rrom l'attonvllle. with
having leen party to an attempt to rob John
Hi-ike. who vvas in the city yesterday from
llri'igetown with a load or corn. Make was
locked up on .1 chaige or Intoxication.
ror 32. vvas given In Justice IT . m.-i.i.,-.-u
court jesterday against A. Ncuville In fa
vor or Annie S. Kline. late of N.-w York.
She a.legul that she e-ame rrom New York
to work for the defendant as a jhlrt-wilst
de-sigr.er. In her contract with the defend
ant, she alleged, it was agreed that if ner
services were not sitLfactory he was to
pay her $2. tor traruspor.ation to New York.
After working fi,r h.m three weeks he dis
charged her and refused to pay her the J23,
she stated.
will l.e a gymnas.Ic cxhiblt.on In the Cen-
tral Y. M. C. A. gymnasium on the evening
of January 1. The programme Includes an
Indian club drill, to be conducted by G F.
Schwartz: a twenty-yard dash, fancy club
swinging by John Booger. fencing contest
and a broadsword contest between II. C
Emanuel and Dudley Shaw: horizontal Inr
exercises, conducted by II. E. Holdowav:
an obstnclo race, a walking contest. lt
yams; ioiaio race, parallel bars exercise
and wrestling mat work.
City Faint Company e-nteralned Its travel
ing representatives and employes at a elln
ncr at the Mercantile Club last night. After
the dinner a number of short addresses were
made by the employes. Norrls B. Gregg,
president or the companv. acted us toast
master. One or the traveling representa
tives. Ed G. Orear. who has been with the
firm for almost a quarter or a century, was
elected chairman or the traveling represen
tatives' meeting a day or so ago. He was
one or the principal speakers) last night.
following officers were elected at a mcctlaje
i " ..-j. v.v-j i.ui.ufi i-kirvi. i
:- ,"...' ,. ."" " " uvea at o. 1333 liartlett. 23 vcars old. or Cincinnati, u.. wno rimpies.
Nor.li I.ltjh h Mrec.. was anested yesterday has lieen teaching school In Emporia. Kas.. "' of
nltcrnooti bv llHirer Ki.nn...ls- nr .1. i.....-.i. ,... , ..,.. -I,- .: .......i.... writ
; . V . , . ---- "J -'. ..ii- .ii.iiii vvas eit-uillicii la-l infill as ph.- naa i'piiih ,
1. strict and nl.ieeel In the linliinv..e e... .. i... ..i. Ynt..n c.i... n..i a..n, , .i... r-t... v
lac. y ur olil - tm
IT il ii 1 1 laXl inrnv 111.-i.ina-i
Km hmvbv .. i... .. ..
aaii swf-ii iiv i..i:ii
i " f
1 ife-itlt.$ilS.
11 n o.- r''ie ulix l to the oririiiN etallMied an.l iru arc -lre- rtb-
en. .1 !i every wjv xu .I.v. mcntallv jnJ n .vs'cil v W can n. slt.veiy sire you theq kes.
vjfet lut m r.t r tiatj!-fur u-.. il.Ie U.- can refiryo-i ti.n-.i-blo Djsincs-.meu wh. in nc hav
1 cur.-.l 1 onsult u- f . i 'm-.n fit viki .v.r a h iid-j mirri.-! lifeaiJa succeisful bUMnc-. career.
njCrnCCC n?T R51J"v"' nercmailc p- tl stu.l7Jrtn- treninentif.Me-s iisrr.ss
Ulu. Muhvi Uf (Akll formin? veirs.an 1 (iver.".n rural pitieats Kill irUlIy tcstl'y
loiursiu e-ss, hi jril lion-HtT ill th- nract.ee of 00- ,r lallv
V.V jlsoru-f- -.TIM TCEB in M to 2 id iys. III. X)n I'OI-sONIa 30 to 3J days, SEXCAL DE
IUL1TV aid a.I Vital Wca-n-ss-s ai 1 I) se .sis ur mn.
WKITI us ifud Se.rriptltnot ro'i- is-j if unble to e-ii: Our p!rfcteil systeta of hoati
treatment I-:i1hjisu cess, in. c onsultation and Lxiaiiriatioi Free.
Hours. 9 j. m. 1.1H p. ni sun 'ivi. V a m. 10 I n -n. Meitiin this panr.
Grs. FIUiHGIS 5 FRMOH, Bl?i;!:(-.8s,.
AH Through This Paper.
Rawilngs Sporting Goods Co.,
(Mil fll IUC QT H.in!i s... kmb:m, at mwunM iiiu itua.
Oty paper will m' Ub!Uh4 craetlc lnc- IKS. Bn kaek aoafetva
of 'Hi Rtpukitc; Im convlnctd. Ton Mt OR. WUITTIER IB proa
For Honest Treatment.
rvM. .11 CTIsrABlM- i-aa. Rlaiaid. Rbln and UrlnnrT Dlseav-vA
... . i-owfr riipri-a ana a raaicai
.- -. . . -
iiioou J'olaons All itirei. Eci-ma. UlewJ.
Vriiiairv . rimi.i. ii.rt Mi-i.i. m.,rA
,... .. Tri . .. ..T '.-..-
- - ZT Jfc
n-riu. d. ponliicr nil rrrtaibinM3 or unfltn for btni or mirrtlj.
rtiuli of rrarfl. Ivat mftohoo-l. mllkv arln. orcanle wtakness 3ulcknia via.
I'llea .1 an Hrcfrl aiM rure.1. Mod-rn i-ethoi!"- no cutt'tia. Call rr writ fir a"'
JnrKlenl raw whether rorrr.!ttl or trqulraa ucca!nd!r trrautL atrleocele In ai.
aicdlral Olctfamary .na Advlaer fr at offlca or araled by mart: Si pen picrnraa.
Warmon BlShOOa Plllft
Cherzh m1 uica l..-i. Faue.y cu tae wont cases la old tad youn? arising from effects
cf k! abuse, dissipation, eicntas. oc deireaemii!ir. Curea Lost ManhtTOd. Ird"
potency. Lost Power, Nleht-Loaaaa, Scermatorrhoaa Insomnia, ialna
Iri BaclcjEll paalroa. aamlna. imlaslons. Lama acn. "trrout Uf
falllty,Headacha,OniltnaaatoMarrT,i.paaof rv79 aman, Vancocalo,
or cona Ipatlon, Jtfpps QuIcKnaaa) of Ols- IrTIl chain, Stops Nr
ous,Vwlfchlna;'orfjo;idl. taasn aie taaea-u. CJL11 rtior ponrt
,pty Irinilon. boar ret He,uonO-nt. a cure is at lunJ. KiTITl Restares saall. smderelcped
Hae.ii iJr
ami, Stln-nlates lhe br Ja and ere ce-lcrs. sac a box.
orWityrtfi-narJ. .ith a boi-s. Cimain tree. Ari-sa.
RABOTCAU A CO. Broad a ay aV Lucaa ATas.
of the St. Louis Theatrical Brotherhood:
ITeeldent, Ixiuls Hassliaum; vice president,
Joserh Erters: recording secretary, John
Quarz; financial secretary, Lee Springer;
treasurer. Theodore L'hl: gul-1?. John 14ob
erts; guardian. John Collins: trustees,
Jatnei I'nrmelce, 1'lciiard Mullln. Frank
AVard; delegates to Central Trades and La
bor Union. William Donavan. William Bar
ton, J. Holtmejer: delegates to National
Alliance. John Collins. Joseph Maurer; dele
gate to State Federation of Labor, Jonn
th ivcit roetiuvv 'vviv Tnnli
Schenkel lost his suit yesterday In Justice
Haughton's court for oW damages against
the St. Lou.s Transit Company, the United
Hallways Compiny and the city lor lajunts
alleged to have been received by being
1 thrown from .1 wagon near Broadway rnd
I Hickory s.reet June Is last. He claimed
il.unuM's on account of the bad condition
of the street near tho ral.ro id trncks. The
defense was that the St. Louis Transit Com-
pany could not keep the street adjacent to
Its tracks In repair be-e-ause of the on-
dltlons growing out of the street railway
. r,." "i .,.,. 'ij,mi in (vnrni ih,
mens strike. Justice tiaugnion sustameu
'.""J..-"" 6" J--."- - -
meyer of No. 2219 Magnolia avenue, after
searching all (lav yesterday for his brother
William, found him In the City Hospital.
William Is emplojtsl by the Uicleile Gas
Light Company, ami wnen ne iiiu not re-
turn to his home yesterday, his relative
became anxious. Thinking, remaps, tnat
an accident might have happened him and
that he had been sent to the hospital.
Henry Wolfmcyer went thither and made
inquiries. A man had been brought in early
in the morning, who had been picked up
unconscious from liquor on St. Vincent ave-
'."c. between California and Nobraska ave-
tiue.. The man was taken tc the hospital
In the patrol wagon. He gave lus name ps
Will Thotm-. Henry Wolfmeycr Identified
Mm ?s his brother.
rag. a laborer who made hi? home at the
Cherokee Hotel, at No. E22 Market street,
was found dead In his room at 11:13 o'clock
yesterday mcmlng. It la supposed that he
died of natural e-iuscs. The Coroner will
noI, an inquest to-day. McCrag had been
nnmnlnlnln- f.ie coe-HM I rtnfa flf nielli llfflltn
complaining for several days of hi" HI health.
He old not ri-e yesteruay morning as usual,
and Joseph W. Vaey, the clerk, went to his
room to investigate. A rap at the door
b-otight ro response ard he forced an cn-
iraree. ..ii.v.1.1 -';; 'i'-;'. .1' -.
trarev. MeCrng was clean in neu. ui.s toiy
was quite coin, muica'ing irat
taken place- hours before. The
taken to the Morgue. A purse e
trat ueatn nail
The body was
cents was found in the dead man's) posses-
. He was 25 year old and single, as
as Is known ho had no relatives In tho
.....,. ,,i
Hosrl'al- She station passpnger agent or
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, over
which route her ticket rend, thought she
was acting s'rancely. He drew the atten
tion of Officer Dixon, who took her to th"
liosnital The hospital physicians found
I nothing the matter with her save that she
appeared very tired and nervous. They
told her it was not imperative that she re
main at the hospital If she chose to leave,
but she e-xpressed a wish to stay Tor the
night, as she was too fatigue.! to go else
where. She said that she had been working
hard at Emuori.i and was almost worn out.
She Is on her way to spend the Christmas
hclldays at nor home.
Hoy and Sister Killed and Olber
Occupants Seriously Injured.
Glbs-n. HI., Dec 2!. A southbound Wa
bash Irelght train cfllVed with a carriage
occup'rd by Lydla. Nathan. Pet r and Mary
Fnrney. at the cros-tng one-ha'r mile north
of here, at ." o'e'o k this mimlrg killing
Ljd'a. a'ed 21. and Peter, aged 13. Instantly,
and Injuring the other two occupants.
Xevr Rasrliall Manager Already Popu
lar With FolU.s at the Capital.
Wasnii gton. Dec. 21. For better or worse,
Jimmy Manning has cast his baseball lot In
Washington and has made a bold bid for
nubile favor. Personally. Manning lias made
u big hit at the capital. The baseball J
.nn.il . hntn t.i Iron )ilm nt htu n-nM ,n !
furnish first-class, sport, and. no matter the
intrigues of ether organizations. Manning
holds the top hand.
A man never made a host or friends
quicker in city strange to him. Manning
ha- splendid jnrk grounds under option and
will buy a certain site. U a price can bo
.1... U.ll S.. ...'Il .-,.,.,..,.. U.... .' l.V ,U ,,,., ....-
Areyouafilicttl with Varlrocrle or It results Nerve u Debility ami
!t.Manhoir Art-you nervous, irrliab'e ami esron. ent Do tou
- cnirur aait tta'iition? AtrtdD crowing vckiLp-
and weaker sexuilly Are tou "-'iC rinc trim V tal liralnf ami
I.n:islors? There fi a i.en cr:-icnt f Ihe cn.it.v.' organs o"
jour I'elvlc Py-.tem. and even thoUKb .t fis you tio iri.utlu at pres
ent it tt'U tiltimitey iinun you. iteniess y. ur cine!, rack yu
rervous svtem. ni.tlt voa formirriei! Ilfpaml -.porteri v ii-rxitenee.
Win r t l rare.1 (-forr it i t o Ute We can cure jpo to 'lay cured
under hW en zuaranlcc. We hive vet la sc- tlic i. c. V"ariu 14
r.n.noi cuie c treat tlinannln of e.ises wh- rr the onllcarr
.liyic.anl-eaiotie. Ctur KI.KCTKO-rilK.MH; METHOIt ..f treat
att Is a po-ltin paitil.sH anil peitajncn cure Vriler ur trett-
ipiuu-i n niitr't u.iiin.r uiui?. icmi.iiii:iipsi
. t. ...! .. .1. .
eirH im-ian irx 13 liirir ni'iuiiiaitr. ur itu 1
ucDllliy. L,o iwiiooi, c.. prai: i
- - .. . - . -i.i- i T. -
euro auarararru. abk .or ui.i.. u.
cured for llfo by aara
rainfu raruit.
mKina. Ask for blank S-V
Too Fmont cr BlooaH
. . t. . ..,i, .
canaultauon t-tf ax uraaai
or by Mall.
5parata Waltlnj-Raaaa fa
each Penaa.
tJe been ta ik crtr etrrean bv tlie teasers o( lie Mjnsoa
I r Ij br maJ- asaaaaaal A emttea rnertntee. to cira
1la-e.o Rafnaxly CO., San FranClSCOs CaL
St. Loula Mo.
of tie most obstinate cases guaranteed
in from 3 to 6 days ; no other treatment
required. Sold by all dracnts.
816 Chestnut St.. St. Loais, Mo.
The RELIABLE Specialist
Curea private and cbrunlc dis
eases. Lost Manhood, Nervous
Debility. Lost iKor. seminal
vteakne... Mgbt Losses. Debut-
tall.... l.ta.M.. u-.... iu.. ,-
. rlcoct'e and all reaults of errors
! cf youth or excessea In later
' J""
Cermanentlr cured t:rl.
Ililr,. TM. a... .11.., ,., .....&
. roaaiurai uiscnaritea . ar.a.aii
Unnatural "Discharges and ali
" or Kidneya and B adjer.
and Blood Poison, all ataajea. poaltlraly cured.
I Cbarces low. Out-of-town patlenta Wetted by
mall. Hook and Question last on Spec a! Dliaaata
sent "."ree. Consultation Kre. Call ur nrlta. Uoura
a. m. tots, a Sundajs 10 ta 12 m.
If yon bars aman. weak enraoav
loat power or weakenlaar draisav
oar Vacaam Oraaa DareloperwUI
restore yon withoaa draaa at
I alacricitTi 5.ao u aaai not saa
failure: aotaaeretnreadi no (2.O.D. fraodi wrttafat
aartlentars. sent sealed la rlaln anTelopa.
UOU. aPPlMRCE CO.. 414 CairlM IhJ .. Bantr, CtJ,
CrjTft 1I Cfcronie Dix-isi-. Pr.B-'sVrtrtsbU Cormtfrt"
PotitiTcIrcurtt crvou Ui-biJitx, Seminal w rtbm, JLott
)iitlTClrcurtt crvou I;I)!itx, tminaj w rvxea$. jumI
inhaoil or njr ctIIi rr'altlnz from youthful error or
.Minaoou or any eTiif iraiiini rrom yoai-iiui error or
J tittittln from two to ereo wpck. In utesnilcoaatajatlT
' ftiiTPrtllnl tn it. S T nnla nanasi fnf r tnrtw arasi-a ana
slTcrtliKl in ttif? St. jLonfi oaocri for orrr fortr TnixiBd
tan nerrr f tlll In cotId? the Vrt Catr. Jrtc,TI
If'sllar . trial ratka cf . One 1 IUr, sufficient to thow that th
RtirHrwiil do all that la aslffttiaed. s-old oiklr by Or. C
A. V.i!anxav. No. ea Morgan mtkc, St. Louii. Jlo.
CaUbIUta 1? l-riTta Circular FCIX
itiaial.illUiDUI & URlUitl BLOUil PISM
1 tlUMlienllr eu.ed. Xou can b treated at hoin.
under s.nie Guaranty. If yuu have taken merr
cuiy. lo.Ide potash and atlll have achea and)
pains. Mucous Patches In Mouth. Sore Throat,
coppee -oioreei s-pois. ulcers on any
the body. Hair or Eyebrows talllne out.
1437 ilasomo Ten.ple, Chicago. UL. for proofs of
curt s. Capital Jsi-u.vW. We solicit the moat ob
stinate ca-.es. We hate rurej the worst caaeal
In 15 to 33 day 10J-page Book free.
io aaatr vuatr autciurtf uaia MUallO
Kuoi coiuyluiuta nt tbe Ur
chum ut u-titration.
Price Xl A bdtuc Kcr (ue by Jrus-jtit.
jfl vfllofltSTEr.'S. tl4UklsH
Pennyroyal pills
urisiRsi ana v.iy aieaalaa.
Kafe. JII.itiiw L.4UM. m braggtrttat
vuie.uaj-.iv9 xvuauaii laBtaaV
sal 4,IametailibatM Mad vita alaa rlbbsa.
Take .Iber. VrfiiM Isaaaeraas Sb.
tltatliMia a.4 IailltJ.aia. Bay af yaar
Iimr, 1,1. a-t 4 e. ib .ikss fc, Partlealaaa.
Tfll.tJa aal "H.lUr fr Ladlaa?
in bfrv.t retara Mall. lO.aOOTerUiaa
afal ,s- s all Prarfina. VmllM thla aaasav.
a-ree.1 rrnn. Either location Is within flf
t'en minuter." ride from any part of ths
Mr ami Air. Tinrimr hid ns guests last
evening Mr. ami Mrs. Cloueh. the. latter
Anson's daughter. Mr and Mrs. Manning
liave gone to Kansas Citv for the holidays.
Golf nt Hot Snrinca, Arkanaas,
Willie Smith, ex-open champion of Ameri
ca, and David Bell, the Amerlcran resident
open champion, will play a match game of
gotr Christmas afternoon on the links of th
Hot Springs Golf Club. Both are hard at
work training, the weather Is fine, the links
are In snlendul condition and a record score
Fhould be made. The new Hot Springs spe
cial leaves St. Louis everv evening at 7:20.
reaching the Springs at 9:00 o'clock the sola
Morning, la tlm Xor breakfaaC
HM SaasuS
V1"' f
' I

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