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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 20, 1901, PART II, Image 22

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Paper hy the Retiring Secretary of
State in Explanation of the
Captain Lesueur Dwells Upon the
2eeds of the Two Cities and
Insists That the Time Is
Jefferson City, Mo, Jan. 15. Ex-Secretary
of State Lesueur has Issued an argument In
favor of a constitutional convention, after
consultation with many of the Representa
tives here. It Is expected that the paper
trill have Important Influence In determin
ing the Question whether the convention
proposition will be presented to the people.
The argument dwells upon the needs of St.
Louis and Kansas City. Captain Lesueur
on this point says:
"The writer of this article Is profound
ly Impressed with the necessity for provid
ing, at the earliest practicable moment, for
the calling of a. convention for the purpose
of submitting to the people of Missouri
for their adoption, or rejection, a. new
"He is not of those who come to the
consideration of the question of hostility
to the Constitution of 1S73 or Its framers.
On the contrary, ho recardi that Instru
ment as having been of the highest useful
ness In its day and bavins been framed
by able nnd patriotic men. The present
Constitution of the State of Missouri la. in
most respects an admirable Instrument.
coming, as It did. at the end of a period of
great political excitement, when party
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rN A Mooy to Xioaxi
. ConlMsntlal.
matured and carried out In the short space
of time Intervening.
"The Constitution provides that the
General Assembly may at any time au.
thorlze, by law, a vote of the people to bo
taken upon tha Question whether a con
vention thall be held for the purpose of re
vising and amending the Constitution of
this State: and that at such election If a
majority or the votes be in favor of the
question, the Governor shall Issue writs to
the Sheriffs of the different counties order
ing an election of delegates to such a con
vention on a day not less than three and
within six months after that on which the
said question shall have been voted on. At
such election each senatorial district shall
elect two delegates for each Senator to
which It may then be entitled In the Gen
eral Assembly. The delegates so elected
hall meet at such time and place as Is
provided In the law and organize them
selves Into a convention and proceed to re
vise and amend the Constitution. When so
revised and amended this Constitution shall
on the day therein fixed, not less than six
days or more than six months after It shall
have been adopted by the convention, be
submitted to a vote of the people."
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preceded In the Constitution of 1K5 by
obnoxious and proscrlptlvo provisions. It
yet cave to tho people a bill of rights
which breathes the very essence nnd spirit
of a. pure democracy. Free and liberal at
all points, so lonjr as history shall keep
recoru. ine Missouri constitution of 1S.J
mil stand as a pillar of light In the path
of the freedom of mankind. While all
this is true, and while among the names
of Its framers we recognize many of the
brightest, purest and most patriotic that
have adorned the pages of our history, yet
chancing conditions, and here and there
Inherent weaknesses In the Instrument wa
are about to discuss, necessitate the adop
tion of a Constitution more In accord with
many Imperative necessities of tho day. We
come to the discussion of this question as
one who has uniformly favored restrictions
upon the taxlnjr power; has uniformly ad
vocated low taxes nrtri nn MnnmlMl A-r-
pendlture of public moneys, nor would we
now advocate the removal of proper bar
"jra against cxtravagance.
,. Nevertheless, it has become apparent
that the Constitution, as It stands to-day,
la a hindrance to progress In the two great
est Cities In !hf filalp Kr ly.nl. ,1 !.-.
sas City feel that In some respects the llm
IH'JE0? the,r taxlns- power Is In the
way of their prosperity and advancement.
I K, -, ---- -- " u.a Kuui xcciius gone ja
XhiA. l5at Puol'" meetings have been
-;. ii " purpose or carefully consld
hi!S? 8 iuXect- t Tbese meetings have
been attended by the ablest men and best
citizens of that metropolis. St. Louis Is to
. uaVr?nf W?rW'5 ?alr toua an ent which
i,,?S,ton,jr. ot. St'e. Pride to ever' ills-
kourlan. but of actual nnanclal Interest to
?rtr,Ln.ve.ry inany ways-the enhancement
S1 i5a,,alu8 of real estate, the added de
mand for every product of the factory and
toe farm, the employment of thousands cf
Our youni man nnH th. , ml.. .111 . -
Imi?118 ancles of our two metropolitan
cities, one on the Mississippi and the other
oar3VlS,,UrH Th9 I'"Went of thi
rr?S .cf IV11,0 improvement of 8L Louis
fil9 l"1 at least JW.OW.W is required for
public improvements which are necessary
in rSiaikfhif St- H?1 a at P'aco Jn which
to hold this grand ExposiUon. Whole streets
- . w 4wu3uuLLni; many otners must
be repaired: boulevards must be beautified
Snar,rane?ment fcvlded for the thor
ough cleansing of the city. It is true that
a constitutional amendment has been adopt
Si55abi'SE lPe Jlty authorlUes to Issue ,-
St?.nLonM3'..ro.r.tne ;eason that the cori
itltutlonal limitation Interposes, tho al
ready exlstlnr; bonded Indebtedness belnc In
exeua of 5 per cent of the value of the tax-
Smfr PvP.e,rty v,Dl?.n ,3 the consUtuUonal
limit. Neither can the tax rate be Increased.
The names of the men who are Interesting
themselves In the new Constitution are suf
ficient guarantee that It Is not license which
!fwed' jUK.0?,y a reasonable degree of
liberty, and that for the tuxes expended as
targe permanent Improvements will be made
to tho city as Is possible.
"! ord-eli? b5 elective for the purpose
of the World's Fair, constitutional amend
ments would come too late. The remedy
could much sooner be supplied by a Constl
tutlonal Convention, nor could the result
possibly be made so harmonious and satis
factory oy amendment, which, at best,
would be patchwork. In addition, every
7m i m """H'eu a comession or In
efficiency of the Instrument in that partlcu
Jar. It were better, therefore, with vo many
needed changes, to remodel the Constitu
tion than to put upon It here and there
amendments which render It moro or less
Opportune Time.
"The principal objection urged to the
calling of a Constitutional Convention 13
that the members might be wild in their
Ideas of taxation and thereby do quite as
much harm as good. The answer to this Is
that the Constitution was adopted at a
time of great stringency, succeeding; a pe
riod of unexampled Inflation, during which
schemes for so-caUed public Improvements
had been carried to excess. Not unnatural
ly, under those circumstances the members
of the Constitutional Convention legislated
beyond the ordinary ecope of constitutions,
and here and there fell into errors and in
consistencies. Some of these arc crave and
very expensive to the people.
"No more opportune time than this can
well present Itself for the framing of a new
Constitution. The State Is fairly prosper-
.. v.k.vo.u nni is not unauiy nign.
there are In public life a number of men of
distinguished ability who would consent to
serve as members of the Convention. The
clvlo spirit of St Louis and Kansas City Is.
Just now, so sensitive that It Is quite safe
iv.n?.1""1101, tliat onlv men of the highest
ability and character would be selected, so
that the chances are In the direction of se
curing as members of the convention as
nigh an order of trained talent as has ever
been ootalned In Missouri, and these, not
IOSlng Bight Of the treat n.1m. In th. i-rtn.
? ".ffiifO ?.. ttownven- five years a prominent member' of the Third
.... ... vuicu ufc- iug earnest practicnoie TinnM. rt,..- 1. j. , .
time there Is no reason why several Jus- ; "aPust Church, died last Tuesday in Chl
tlces of the present Supreme Court, who ! "aSO- His wife died last November anil
have for many years been considering the i the friends of Mr t?.,, . ., ., JT
Instrument, could not be selected as mem- ! ? I"enof of Mr. Bezner say he died from
hers. Their ndvlce nnd assistance would be a DroKen heart.
Invaluable. The position of member of the Mr. and Mrs. Bezner came to St. Louis
Constitutional Convention Is not regarded f,om Germanv -Ar,tv . n f.
rs an ofllce. Chief Justice Marshall, at the . , .., twen,v-flve years ago, Dur
age of 74 years, was president of the Con- . ,nS "-elr residence In this city both were
stltutlonal Convention of Vlrslnia. His m'nd I members of the Third Bantlst Church
was as clear and his reasoning was as solid rtier seldom Vnt.-ti .. Jr -nurch-as
In younger days, his deepest Interest be- i y seldom missed services, nnd were
mg excited In reference to the independenoa Known to nearly every member of the con
of the Judiciary. He remained six years ' gregatlon.
r mis on tne Dencn or ine supreme
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Domlnlck Smith, 11 years old, who lives
with his parents at No. 1U7 Old Manchester
road. Is a prisoner at tho Tower Grove Po
lice Station, charged with shooting Charles
Holmes, a companion, 13 years old. A
warrant has been Issued against him chars
in? assault and baltery.
Holmes Is only sllshtly Injured. Smith
Ehot him In the forehead with a "C-callbcr
revolver, but tho bullet glanced and passed
around to the side of the head. Inflicting
only a slight flesh wound.
Holmes lives with his stepfather. Henry
n'lthlngton. at No. 112) Old Manchester
road. A few days ago, according to his
story, ho gave Smith a pocketknlfa to sell
for him. they to divide the proceeds of the
eala. Holmes Bays Smith sold the knife
and failed to turn over the money. About
3 o'clock yesterday morning Holmes says
that he demanded S cents, but Smith again
reiuseo. tsmiin went upstairs Into his
house. A mlnuta later. Holmes, says, he
appeared with a 82-callber revolver and
Biiut ujui iu me xorencau.
. J.Io,'Pes tran acreamtnfj Into his house,
thinking he was mortally wounded. Doc
tor Hull of No. 1507- Tower Grove avenue,
who was called, found that tho Injury was
only Flight. Policeman Coghlan of the
Seventh District arrested young Smith and
took him to the station. He readily ad
mitted the shooting, but excuse his action
on the ground of self-defense. He said
Holmes, who Is two years older than he.
was coming at him, and he had to defend
T. J. RgJD SHE CO., 411415
J" Hary Hawes. president of the club,
told them that ho would be only too glad,
on behalf of tho organization, to tender
them the use of the quarters for the pur
pose named, and would also, see that noth
ing would ba lacking In the accommoda
tions for the guests. The committee of la
dies reported to rather Coffey, pastor of
the church, their success In securing a de
sirable hall. and. with Father Coffey's sanc
tion, closed the deal and Issued tickets for
tho euchre. The ladles In charge believe
that the event will be one of tho most suc
cessful given by the parish.
Save doctors' bills by giving Foley's
Honey and TUc to infants and children In
time to prevent pneumonia or croup, which
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Steamer Ruckeje State Burns and
One of Crew Is Lost.
CarutbersvIUe, Mo., Jan. 13. The steamer
Buckeye Btate burned at Barfleld. Just be
low Caruthcrsvllle, yesterday. Tho Are
originated In a bale of cotton. As toon as
the tire was discovered they ran to tha
bank. On gaining shore they had to get
the passengers oil by lifeboats. The pas
pengera and crew were all saved except
one rouster. name unknown. The boat was
In charge of Captain S. C Mclntlre.
Herman Bezner Grieved for His
.Wife, Who Passed Away
Last November.
Herman Bezner, years old, for twenty-
Court. Jndrfft &tnrv. -nrhllA a JnstlcA nf tha
Supremo Court of the United States, was a
member of tho Constitutional Convention of
Massachusetts, and In the case of Waldo P.
Johnson, who presided over the Constitu
tional Convention of Missouri in 1875. It was
decided that the position was not nn ofllce.
as otherwise he could not have been a mem
ber of that body, as he had not been re
enfranchlsed under tho Constitution of 163
and would have been thereby barred.
Trrjt Ihn People.
"It Is proper to revere the Constitution
and at all tunes to uphold and vindicate It.
So long as It Is law It Is fundamental, tho
father of the statutes and the- palladium
of tho rights and liberties of the people.
But. while these things are true. It must be
remembered that It Is a human Instrument,
and, like all human efforts, the subject of
error and mutability. It should not, there
fore, be erected Into a fetich, but when It
shall have served Its dav of usrrulnoiia in
sofar as Is necessary, give way to changed
environments, advancement and progress.
Wo feel satisfied that the men elected to
the Constitutional Convention tn 1M1 would
be of such high character as to preclude
anything like a wild throwing down of
roinucu upun unwise or uniair taxation.
But eupposa they should. It does not lie
with them to defiantly say that the Instru
ment they prepare shall be the organic law.
Before this can be- done their work must
ba submitted to a vote of tho people
Knowing this, this alone would be a check
upon them. It Is the people only that can
ratify the Constitution. Shall It be said
that there are conditions In Missouri to
day which make it unwise to trust tho
peopleT We think such a position cannot be
seriously maintained.
The relief needed by St- Louis cannot bo
adequately afforded by Constitutional
amendments, no matter how willing tho
people of the Stata may be to accommo
date that city 'n Its great enterprise of tho
orld s Fair. In order to pass necessary
amendments there would have to be an
act adopted by the Forty-first General As
sembly which cannot ba voted on unUl the
next election In the fan of C The Fair
will open In May or June, 1301 It is obvi
ous that measures for revenue cannot bo
Mr. and Mrs. Bezner wero inseparable
companions. Through rain and shine they
wero always In each other's company.
When Mrs. Bezner died, last November, at
the age of 72 years, the old man was Incon
solable. "Life will never bo the same to me, now
that my life's companion Is gone." he was
heard to remark. He had always been re
markably healthy, but he commenced to
show signs of falling vitality, and his rela
tives thought that a change of environ
ment might benefit him and perhaps give
him something to think of and keep him
from brooding over his wife's death.
They sent him to Chicago, but reports of
his condition from that place were not re
assuring, and Mr. Bezner grew steadily
nurse .cuoris 10 interest mm In Chicago
were unavailing, and he never entered Into
the spirit ot little Jollifications that were
prepared especially for his benefit.
At last the end came and tha old man
was buried beside his wife last Friday aft
ernoon. Tho funeral took place from the
residence of his son-in-law, Fred Eitmann,
In Clifton Heights.
Ladies of St. John's Catholic
Church Arrange Large Party.
The ladlea of St. John's Cathollo Church.
Sixteenth and Chestnut street, have ar
ranged for a progressive euchre to be given
on the evening of February S, at the Jeffer
son Clubrotfms, Grand avenue and West
Pine boulevard. The proceeds of the enter
tainment will bo used to defray the ex
pense Incurred by the church In having
the streets on which the church property
abuts reconstructed with granite.
All the arrangements for the euchre a-e
In the hands of the ladles of the parish.
In looking about for a hall of suitable di
mensions. In which to hold the euchre, they
rwera referred to the Jefferson Club cuar-
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Sciatica, Lumbago, Asthma, Catarrh, Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Heart Weakness, Nerv
ousness, Headache, Liver and Kidney
Troubles, and All Blood Diseases.
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I). E. Ftawtoa.3130 Cslverf street, Lincoln,
NeK, writes: "Your 5-DR0P5'came In good
use at nr home today. Mr wife hid a lot of
boiling water spilled In her hand and away
she ran for 'S-DROPS and used It thor-
ougoiy. I tola ner it was not ior inn, out
she stuck to It that It was until I showed
her your circulars. She said she did not ,
care for that, and tonight she has the
laugh on me. as It cured her band, and now
there Is no trace of the scald upon It. It Is
marvelous! I rave some of 'ff-DROPS'to a
neighbor who bad La Orlppo and was sick la bed. Today he lslup and around and
praising yonr 's-DROPS.
Samnel Pontius. Hortoavllle, Kaa., writes: "I want to tell you what 'S-DROPS
has done for my wife. She bad La Orlppo and It terminated In Inflammatory Hbsn
mattam. I employed several of the best doctors and they did her no good. I took her
to Hot Springs and still she got no relief. I finally procured some of your 'S-DROPS
and It worked like a charm. Today she Is a well woman of seventy years. One of m
-elrhborshad inflammatory Rheumatism and was riven up by doctors to die. I recom
mended 'rS-DROl'3.' and a few weeks after he commenced to use It he could walkaround,
and today he Is a well man. forty years of age. lie says 'S-DROPS' saved his life, and I
believe It to be a fact"
.Mrs. M. L. Hilton, Board Camp, Ark.t "Two years agolwas taken 111 with La Grippe
and since then wa not able to do a day's work. I was so ill I could not even do my
own housework. There was a pain tn my right side all the time and my heart was so
weak and breath so short that It seemed as though I could hardly lire. The first dose
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Special features of the five Yolumea
Revised American SuDolement-
An txtrailon of the original articles en th
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The Guide to Systematic Readings fg2g5. laSS!!arS&h S?
different occupations of all the people.
outlining n different ccurses ot readlng
acd points out the tains yoa may want
to know, or should know, about your
bnal&ees cr profession. Furthermore. It
makes systems Ma reading along any
line practical.
Cut out the attached Inquiry
blank and mail it to us, or send
postal card with name and address.
Fleasc end to m. FREE sanrpU
paRs and full partlcolara prrtalninr
to your Ubtral tier on the Encyclo
paedia Brltannlca.
Xame. .
Street .... ....................
Is tats...... ....... ..... ...........
No. 350.
and send it with
your name and
address to Swan-
son Khenmatic
Cure Co., Chi
cago; and yoa will
be sent a bottle
of '5-DROPS--free,
A trial bottle wUI be
mailed free of charge
to every reader ot this
caoer wfio l n aof fer-A
lf rota any of tho above-
named diseases. All
1 that we ask you In re
turn Is that you take It
as directed, and you will find It all that
we claim. It costs yoa nothlae, and yoa
needfeeLunder no obligations whatever
In securing the trial treatment which we
o3er. Here Is an opportunity to test
remedy without any expense to you. Cer
tainly nothing can be fairer than this.
There are persons going about the
city posting smali bills on private propertyplate-glass
windows, front steps,
vacant houses and other "fly-by-night"
As the public no doubt does not
understand the situation, we take this
means of information, that our position
may be known.
Our posting and sign painting is
done only on places rented by us for
the purpose. We condemn the de
facing of property in this manner.
St. Louis Bill Posting Go.
Williamson-Gunning Adv. Go.
m. 'uii
Large Size Bottle (SOO Dmh) for Nl.OO. from jour Drurrltt or prepaid direct
from us. For sale by all Druggists.
arve -drops" a. trial. it never fails.
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rt-adtoff.3cximqro& Benedict.' 327 Broadwqy. New York..
Branch Office, 710 Locust Street, St. Louis, fW
, M.i
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