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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, May 29, 1901, Image 10

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"fvy-( -. yv
O. J. and Ita Haster. 4449 Hunt: girl.
Joseph and Mary Skroskl. M O'Fullon: boy.
Andrew and Ada Mahoney. 4W Cottage; 1".
S and M. Novak. 1227 North Tenth: boy.
John and Ellen Murphv. 3 nottcn: strt.
Frank F. and Olivia Blount. ISO bouth Second;
"Tony and Mary Markowsld. 12CO North Troth:
Albert and Annie Arnold. T2S Shenandoah: girl.
It A. and Florence Davles. SMS Chestnut: Bin.
8. and M. Eaves, 1021 North Ninth: boy.
Rernhard and Louisa I'anhorst, 1411 warren,
Til J. and P. Busking. 2235 B!on,: "?? -e-i
Frederick and Clara Holtrup. 1641 Caroline; girl.
It. W. and Louise Thompson. 3110 Chouteau;
Jeremiah and Annie Crane, 1S1T North Garrl-
Bamett and Rebecca Sherman. S15 North
Eighth; glrL , .
John 1? and Catherine Wolterlnc. 1K2 North
Nineteenth; girl.
J. and M. Toabh, 1107 North Eighth: girl.
John Jnn.... .........
Annie Ufert
Harry Lawrence....
Mary Davis
Rnnet Sv-ln ,
Minnie Hitter
Emll H. Schluer....
Amelia rnngsten...
Alton. Ill
Alton. Ill
Vand.nlla. Mo
..Vandalla. Mo
17JS Franklin
Si! Cass
,.. 23P2 Blilr
1313 No-th Flttccnt'l
....... 3SI9 Wisconsin
Chester. Ill
.. '14 North Eighth
314 North Eighth
1445 Biddle
217 TVc-t Catalan
ICa North Seventh
.. 1901 North Tenth
1415 North eighth
, 15"2 'Washington
Sio Allen
1513 Menard
rrai oitv.
2734 Olive
J413A U Salle
2417 La SUIo
Wellington Hotel
Peter J. Melnhardt
XJxzie J. Drecrko
Moss Porter -
Mrs. Annie Tell.. .......
Albert Horn
Stella Schneider
Joseph P. Clemens
Beulah B. Sttllnell ...
Andrew J. Jones
Maggie Campbell
John Santen
Mae Bender
Rurch S. Dimmltt
Mary E. Owen.. .......... ..
Turner Dai is
Bailie Re-nfro
Arthur W. Eaton
Alice M. Broderlck
Charles A. Klubescheict...
Emma L. Farris -
John F. Johnson
Lizzie Mack ..
Michael Martini
Mary Boeturcr
Fred J. Hake
Theresa Appelbaum.
..23C1 North Twelfth
2225 South Third
...1417 South Seventh
4C5 Westminster
521 Nevvstead
............. .816 Gever
... SIS Oejer
HIS Destrelian
403 Florissant
Wedding; IMng:s (Solid Geld).
Finest workmanship. 53 00 to MOW. Mermod
A Jaccard's. Broadway and Locust.
George Fchoppe, 4S vears, Poorhouse; epilepsy.
Irene Bannoif. 7 years, bt. Luke's Hospital;
Anna Kalt. 71 year. 6233 Bulwer; nephritis.
Herman Latte. 56 years, 813 Gano: hepatitis.
Llse Decker. 2 months, 2143 Farrar; pneumonia
Jane Hardin. S3 3 ears. 313 South Third; debility.
Clarence fecott, 1 jear, 2013 Walnut; pneumonia.
Annie Pease, & years, 1316 Chestnut; nephritis.
Clarke. 1 days. 311 L.uca: debilltj.
Dorrls Cato. 4 years, 91S Montgomery; ;aatro
cnterltis. Martie H. Dever, 60 yeara City Hospital: ne
phritis. Theodore W. Conselman. t yeara, 615 North
Ewlng; accidental poisonlnc.
Thomas Hamilton. S3 years. Nineteenth and
TVasli: tuberculosis.
Ruth BelL 2 years. 50SS Eaaton: spasms.
John Jochcns, 6 jears, 1S4S South Ninth: sol-,
John Bajler. a years, Alexlan Brothers Hos
pital; apoplery.
Ann J. Raggl. 2J years, 113) North Fifteenth:
heart dl.ease.
Martha Mose 43 years, 3C29 Page: consumption.
Alice Mulcahr. 3fi years. St. Mary's Inflrman:
cfcstructlon of bowels.
Catherine Schease, 3 years, 925 OTallon; ty
phoid. Marv Brueggemaim. 1 year, 1302 Sullivan;
Hellen stumpff, 4 months, 1S37A North Market;
Mary 0"Brlen, 2 years. 1147 Wash: cholera In
fantum. Trumhall O. Huspell. TS years, Springfield, Mo :
John Heancy. 69 years, Springfield. Mo.; sui
cide. Michael Tracy, 82 years. East St. Louis, HI.;
renlllty. .
Sarah J. King. 32 year.. City Hospital; shock.
Fritz Hascnjaeger. 65 jears. Lutheran Hospital;
Christian J. Mohr, 45 years, SM4 rage; odesa
of lungs
Henr F. Schulte. 77 jears, 4311 Natural Bridge;
John L. D. Morrln. xS years, 1702 Papln; ty
phoid. Dolley Brown. 3 years. SMBH Manchester; ty
phoid. '
tniOUTEAU 100 ft., n. s.. beL Tower
Oroe and Ncwstead: Frank Munehow
to Marie Muneho w. d X
CITY BLOCK Lota 15. 16 and 17; Ann
Kambousek to Frank Behensky w. d..
CADET W ft- n. s, bet. King's high
way and Taylor: Earn Barnes to Henry
Hames . d
ELBV-EXTH-30 ft- n s.; Hector Plednoir
to Fred Helme w. d
GRAND 230 ft., e. s.. bet. Neosho and
ltaska: Fred HeJnze to Henrv Rosskopf
w. d
GRAND sO ft-: Hector Plednoir to Susan
Itosskcpf w. d
GREER 25 ft n. p. bet. Taylor and
Ncwstead: George Herr to Tom Jones
w. d
IIODLMIOXT 8 ft. 5 in.: Herman Mejer
to Standard Realty Company qtc d....
HODIAJIONT-9S ft. S4 In.: Herman
Meyer to Standard Realty Company ate.
d .
HORTON IS ft. S In.: Hernan Mejer to
Standard Realty Company w. d
HORTON 15 It. 8 In.: Herman Mejer to
Standard Realty Company w. d
JULIAN 143 ft- 6 In., a. s.. bet. Hodlamont
nnd Hamilton; Frank Ruf to Agnes
Horan w. d
Jl'I.IAN 142 ft.: Agnen Horan to Pchue
mann Realty Company w. d..
La SALLE 75 ft-, n. s . bet- Jefferwn
and Ohio: Sophie Woeslendick to Lln
stroth Wagon Company w. d
McIjARAN 30 ft.: August Roller to C
Aulbert w. d
MINERVA 451 ft. 1 In., n. s.. bet. Acad
emy and Union; Frank Rlef to Agnes
Horan w. d...... .... ....
MORGAN 28 ft., a. s , bet Clarendon and
Academy; Berry Thurman to Charles
Dixon w. d.
MINNESOTA 27 ft. 8 In , e s.. bt.
Meadcr and ltaska: Henry Hlemens. to
Julius Relnbold w. d :..
TWELFTH 3 ft. 6 In., w. .. bet. Chou
teau and Gratiot: Charles Neumann to
Barbara Neumann jtc- d
MICHIGAN-) ft-, w. s., bet. ltaska and
Neosho: Clarence HarUe to Annie
Mence w. dT
MAPLE S3 ft. 4 in., s. ., bet. Academy
and King's highway: Kappa Realty Com
pany to Philip Allison w. d
UORTH MARKET-IS ft.; George Pren
dergast to dlntoa Haywood w. d ,
KINTH K ft., w a., bet. Stein and
Koelni Caroline Truesda to Arons qtc.
ITOB.FOLK-5""H.."'ri' s.V"beL""Newstead
and Tower Grove; William Forlow to
Blhta. Fbrlow w. d
NORTH MARKET-33 ft. 4 In., n. s.,
bet- Cora and Taylor; John McErory to
Ella Dolan w. d ......
PINE 86 ft-; Simon Van Raalte to Frank
Ruf w. d
PINE-SI ft.. n s.. bt- Thirteenth and
Fourteenth: Van Raalte Investment
. Company to Simon Van Raalto-lte. d..
P.USSDLL 20 rt-. B. s.. bet. California
and Ohio; John Hayward to Harry
Rchnlts w. d
TVJ KS TV -SECOND 25 ft. -w. s.. bet.
Dickson and Cass: William McGrath to
James MoOrath w. d
TWENTIETH-SI ft. Si In . e. s.. bet.
O Fallon and Cass; John Wall to John
Karsewsld w. d
TENTH-30 1 ft- w. s. bet. IUska and"
Neosho; Hector plednoir to Charles
Eblnger w. d
WASHINGTON-) ft-, n. s.. bet. Rob-
nln s Ian. anA QI.tkMi.hi Ta T )m.
percer to Adolph Baer w.'fl
O, K. . Harrr, MM CopeMn: dwelling;: 15,000.
tinden RjalEstaU tympany. 2S275J Siiiivaa;
dwemnrn; 87.600.
Llnaell Seal Estate Company, 3312-8 Sullivan:
dwellings; 87,
W. H. B.
TO Westminster: dwelling;
. V.7!'-iL --tck-p. K5 Westminster: dwell
1ns;; gicixs,
Anna Barnldg. 61 47- Page: flats: S5.SW.
-V"1" -Mtossr. 4528 South Eleventh: dwelling;
UBara A. Bailer. Twenty-third and Papln;
auttme tn nr.TAi flora. .. w
StaneBW Stieinnln. PnnMn. Wm . .-t-
groaawmy; mM)S ' '" '""
Jjfosrson qty. Mo.. May 2S. Secretary of State
to-day Issued eertlfieates of Incorporation to the
ttojlojrlns; new companies:
Robert- Land and Investment Company of
Ina4SHence; capital stock. 860.000. Incorporator
J. A. Roberta, r. M. Roberta and Agnes Rob
rnf. Dominion lOnlng Oompany of Delaware; cap
tbjj Ita JCwooiUtm.wxirc. V. Drew of Shlb
kojetn la agent tor Missouri.
Runbotis-ShAra Tailoring Company of St.
if'So.oSE" capital stock from $12,001
r-TSSS7jiVrtc''?ty The Fort Smith
Boo lfajmractjn-lria: Company was organized here
Xo-o-V "d Socles of Incorporation filed The
?i!73.?' 5SerJKT?T1?enW. J. L Echols.
04m were elected u follows: President, D.
g20rtlil4it. J. W. Patrlok; secretary.
AHlelaal ftf hMMmaHm &. !.- .... aa .
S ?72,L.'w)?i,on 12E flIt,s 0 the Secretary
2 fSt l?2?5a!r'. n capital stock Is 82.600.
tt wtdclitLtKE has been subscribed- The officers
" -Q Ktttrell, president: B. A. Fletcher.
o president: E. E. Blackman. secretary; E. Hi
sjDQner. treasurer.
Have been, making them for years. Stock trans
fer and ledger free with order. Prices the lowest;
SiSftS"-Jj!SySt. Everything in Commercial
1"' " """" HONOLULU. Pacific Mall 8. S.
Co.. Occidental & Oriental s. 6. Co. and Oriental
g. S. Co. From San Francisco: Peking-. June :
C.aellc June 24: Hong-Kong Mara. June 22. For
passage and fie'ght rates, reservations, passage
cruera and Information, npplv to I E. Towns
ley, agent. 431 Olive st.. at. Louis.
ROOMING-HOUSE Twelve nice newly "fur
nished room, for saloon or confectionery: value
alwut 375). Y. 14. Republic
TEN to twenty room house; West End; will
give other Improved property. T IS". Republic
WILL exchange a good bae-burner stove for
brass or Iron bed. 1615 Pencsyh anla.
LOST Small gray -up, Sun.lay afternoon. Ub
eral reward If returned to 911 Chuutrau-
IX)ST Downtown Tuesday afternoon gold spec
tacle old-stjle frames. Return to 4-ti Olue.
I)ST Do; v.hlte setter; lemon ears; named
Bni. Addres.. for rewind, C II. Cooke, Web
ster Groe.. Mo.
LOST Light sorrel hor.e; white face and white
bird leg.; about 15 hands; 6 ears oU. reward
for recoery or Information leading to recovery,
t .. Washington ae.
Washington. 1. a. April 23. 1M.
Whereas, by satisfactory evidence presented to
the undersigned. It has been made to appear that
"The Mecharlc National Bank of Saint Louis."
In the city of Saint Louis. In the County of
and State of Missouri, has complied with all the
protllons of the Statutes of the United States
required to be compiled with before an associa
tion shall be authorized to commence the busi
ness of banking:
Now, therefore. I. Charles Q. Dawes. Comp
troller of the Currency, do hereby certify that
The Mechanics' National Bank of Saint Louis."
in the city of Sslnt Louis. In the County of
ard State of Missouri. In authorized to com
mence th. busin'sa of banking as proMded in
section ftrtv-one hundred and sixty-nine of the
Ilea fed Statutes of the United States.
In testimony whereof witness my hand and
seal of office this twenty-third Cay of April. 1S01.
fSeaL) Comptroller of the Currency.
No 5785.
STOCKHOLDERS' Meeting A meeting of the
stockholder, of The Stirling Manufacturing Com
pany will be held at the office of the company,
at No. 1419 OUe St.. St. Louis. Mo, en Tuesday,
the second dav of Julv. 1901. at 9 o'clock a. m.,
for the purpose of otlng on a proposition then
nnd there to be submitted to Increase the
capital stock cf said corporation from 86.OM, it.
present authorized capital, to 812,000. and alo
upon euch ctrei propositions an may properly
come before said meeting.
n. n. CALHOUN.
A majority cf the Directors of The Sterling
Mfg. Co-nrnny.
Dated at St. Loul. Mo., April 30. 190L
corPER Is KIng-BIg copper and coal mine,
belpg opened on Pacific Coast, the center of In
dustrial actlvltv to-day: great chance for
"ground floor" busing; thousand, taking ad
vantage of it: fortunes to be made from small
!nestment: write for propp-ctus of big. strong,
saf company, expending 85.O0O monthly for labor;
will bear any test; we hae others, but recom
mend thl. as the best !nestment on the market:
tinder State laws, stock Is nonassessable: shares
par alue $1) for a short time 12c cash or easy
Installments. The American Guaranty and Trust
Co.. financial agents, 328 Montgomery St., San
Franclscq. Cal.
IF you are looking for Investments and are In
terested in lead and xinc mines, prospects or
lands in Northern Arkansas, call at 412 N. Tenth,
ip -t. I.oui; hae Just returned from the field
with samples of ore and prices of land.
CHINESE magic trick cards; lots of fun: sent
to your address for 10c stamps. Send Reliable
Book Co.. St. Louis, jjo.
AT ONCE Parties having suit goods they de
sire tailored to call at 123 N. Eleventh st. Tick
nor Tailoring Co. Best service.
O. LANGER. Consulting Mechanical Engineer
nnd Draftsman Working out and perfecting new
Inventions a specialty. 907 Chemical building. St.
Louis. Ma
UPHOLSTERING Do you wish to have any
rcpholstering done this spring? If you do, call on
Donlgan. 1512 Olive st. Phone M 807.
DIVORCES promptly obtained: monthly pay
ments: damage suits handled with best results;
competent attorneys. 821 Chestnut St.. room 204.
MATTRESS-MAKING, feather renovating; lar
gest in city: tick, washed; new ones made: reli
able. Globe Feather nnd Mattress Co. 8201 S.
Broadway. Sidney 12SM.
TO buy rooming-house; 8100 cash and easy
terms. A1SS. Republic.
TO buy small cash business. Address P., 2218A
WHISKY of exceptional qualttv; one full gal
lon, packed In plain box. fcr 82 25. Kentucky
Whisky House. 817 Franklin ave.. St. Louis. Mo.
WORLD'S Fair rrlntlng neatly and promptly
executed. Blekeihaup Brc. printers. 202 N. Sec
ond st. mall orders solicited.
TWO or "three acres, unimproved preferred flm-
firovcments no serious objection) Just west of rlty
Imlts. Will buy only from owner. II 172, Republic-
WE want f s 500 and $3.30 en first-class Im
proved city property for two and three years at
6 per cent- Kollas & Brlnkop. 113S Chestnut st.
TARTNER to invest Ji and services In estab
lished paitirg business; references exchanged. D
183 Republic.
PARTNER WANTDDParty to promote patent
which Is partly advertised and finds much favor;
money wanted malnlr for advertising. Z 192, Re
public YOUNG lady of refinement wishes partner with
8150 In nice, pleasant and very profitable business.
II If9. Republlc
SILENT or active partner can do well with
me: money secured at 10 per cent per annum and
share of "rofit- Wilson's Union Umbrella Factor-
and Shoe Repair Shop. 1010V4 N. Sixth St.;
open 5 a. m. to p. m. .
CASH for uncaJoeled portal cards, portage
stamps, coins; list free: premium coin list. loo.
St. Louis Stamp and Coin Co.. 1008 Pine St.
TOBACCO tags bought; highest cash price.
CerTs Cigar Store, 115 N. 81xtn St.. 8t- Louis.
"SECONDHAND music liox (Interchangeable)
for use In a saloon. M 190, Republic
TO rent for Thursday, light wagon and horse.
Z 202. Republic
TWO ferrets wanted. Address S. A. Arnold.
Benton. Mo.
WANTED Small secondhand printing presst
tato make, size of chase and pi
B 203. Re-
WE buy uncanceled postage stamps, postal
cards, old coins etc; any quantity: write for
nrlces. Stamp Co., 821 Chestnut St.. room 204.
Illlllf Scrap-iron. Bones. Eto-Send for prices.
IIINK Est- 1883. Mayer Fertilizer ft Junk Co..
J UllEV (rom 20 to 1C2 N. 12th. St. Louis. Mo.
COMPLETE catalogues of McKlnley and Na
tional editions of 25c music at 10c Josesa P.
Hunleth Music Co. 9 S. Broadway.
FINE violin: 2C8 years old: In fine condition;
price 8100. J. Busch. 2S46 Lemp; In rear.
NEW Pianos Save 850 to 875 by bujlng from
Uie manufacturer direct; elegant assortment- F.
G. Smith. Mfr.. 1012 Olive st- A. E. Whltaker.
OVERSTOCKED Will sell any piano In the
house at a sacrifice for cash. Daniel G. Dunker
Piano Co. 1331 North Market.
RENT Pianos SI. 82. 83. 84 per month: lowest
prices In town. F. G. Smith. Mfr.. 1012 Olive st.
A. E. Whltaker. Mgr.
SPECIAL sale square pianos to make room;
825. 825, 845. 855, 355, 875 and upwards; also some
blebargalns In used uprights; 31.50 up, this week
atF. G. Smith. Mfr., 1012 Olive at. A. E. Whlta
ker. Mgr.
THE old reliable Emerson pianos can be had
at the Daniel G. Dunker Piano Co , northeast
comer Fourteenth and North Market sts.
nARRT W. TRIMfS parties every Thursday
evtnlng throughout the summer: superb orches
tra, euctrlc fans, etc.; private lessons all hours.
1412 N.Grand.
"A-Al" Printing Cheapest place In town: send
for samples. McGIU & Co. 121 N. Eleventh St..
between Pine and Chestnut.
BUSINESS cards. 81; billheads, statemenln.
notehcads, 31.50 per thousand. A P. Vitrey, 108
N. Twelfth st.
CRESCENT Printing Company. ft7N7 Fourth
St. Fine commercial Job work; popular prices
Send for samples.
..Ji.T.STaEELB. Cp-.Book and Job Printers.
18 N. Third St. Legal blanks and briefs a spe
cialty. Tel. Main 1470.
DOWNING replates and reps Ira silverware.
gold plates watches. Jewelry; good work; cash for
old gold, silver and platinum. 208 N. Seventh at.
GOLD and silver ptatlntTin all branches '""cash
for old gold and silver- fine gold for sale. See
kamp & Krause. 8H' Pine at.
PATENTS, pensions, bounty, Wk pay. dis
charge: notary public: advice free. H. D. 11
S. O'Brien, 421 Chestnut St., St. Louis, Mo.
Three Lines for Flvo Cents.
Each Additional Line Five Cents Extra.
COOlC Situation as cook, or to do house and
dlnlng.room work; best of references. 2900 Finney
COOK Situation by good cook; willing to
leae city, call at coment. Twenty-second nnd
Morgan. No postal.
COOK AND HOUSKOIRL-Sltuatlon by llrst
class cook and houseglrl; city reference, hchnper
Bros Inquire In basement.
IIOFSEfCrrEPER-Lndy would like porltion as
housekeeper. Addrosa F. W.. 2.117 OUtC;
liOUSEKEEPER-Renned widow of 30. with
one elilld. desltis posltlui as liou'eKeeper; ten
jn.rs' experience; best of references, lv I9J. Ito-
1 y'c nn A w.OniMl minL' lidv ileslro.
pofltlon as'ladj's maid: highest city references,
l.lto. lUtubllc.
LAUNDRESS-Sltuatlon liv colored laundress
to go out by the day. 2119 Walnut.
I.UJ.Vliuos Position by white woman 111
laundress to go out by tho day. 1920 Division,
second floor.
H,UNIUES!-Laundres- wnnts washing and
Ironing to take home; Ilrst-clan work guaran-
ttiid. 216 La Salle. w
"uRSEGlTtL Situation bv nursfcirl. 15 jenrs
old; two ears experience. 321S Pine.
hKMSTKB8S Lady living In West End '"u'd
UKe to do ptam sewing at nome. jji-. i.v(.uw..v
SITI'ATION bv middle-used woman to do work
In private fnmlls. 31C0 Finney ave.
STr.NOO.lt M'HRR Position as slcnogrnrhr: 2
years' exprlenoe, doing shorthand, tvpewrltlnc
nnd office vvcrU; moilerato salary.
Monroe st.. city.
A.Mres 1312
STENOORAPIIER-SltunMon by young Udy
stenographer for tlie experience anl practice:
willing to nsslst with office work, salary no ob
ject. F 197, Republic.
voniC-fcltuation in family, anj kind of work
bv dnj: exirienced In nursing sick. 11 lsu. Re.
Three Une for Five Cents
Each Additional Line Five Cent. Extra.
General Ilonse-rorlc.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for light lions,
work. 3202 lJiwton.
" HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general house
work. 6748 Vernon nv e.
"HOUSEGIRL WANTED Girl for general
housework. 3C37 Finney.
"TlOUSEoiTTlj v.VANTED-lrl for general housc
w ork. 3918 Co'.leman av e.
HOUSEGIRI. WANTED-Glrl for gerernl house
work 2318 Catlcman avo.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general house
work. 4244 Shenandoah ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Houseglrl about
jears old. 1U35 Goodfellow aye.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED First-class hoase,glrl;
small famllj. 41 Mirjland.
-HOUSEGlRLWANTED-Olrl for general house
work. Apply at 2204 Oregon avjs
" HOUSEGIRL WANTEIvGerman girl; general
housework. 3114 Shnandoah ave.
ilOUSEGIRlTw'ANTniv Girl for general house
work; good wages. 3627 Finney ave.
HOUSnGIRlWANTED A gor.1 colored girl
for general housework. 4350 tvost Hell.
HOUSEGIRL "WANTED-Good girl for general
housework: German preferred. 2313 Lucas.
HOUSEGIRL WANTEV-CIrl for general house
work; must be able to cook. 340) Morgan st.
mtTsnrimTrtVANTRD Jlrl for general house
work; no wnsning or ironinn. k-q jif"' t.
unltSKfilllt. WANTED Colored houseglrl;
four adults in family. Apply 777 Aubert avo;
" HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to do general
housework; small family. 2524 N. Grand ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general house
general housework: no washing. 423 I'nge ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Reliable girl to do
general housework; w ashing; for three. Mil v 1c
tor. HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for general house
work: no washing or outside work. 4372 Laclede
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Young girl for fin
era! housework; no washing; good wages. SC3.A
HOU8EGIRL WANTED Exprlenced girl for
general work In small family; good wages. 426.
Morgan st-
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Colored girl for gen
eral work: must go home nights: good wages. 4105
Delmar ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-At once, girl for gen
eral housework; three In family: good wages,
ton Morgan.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Girl to do general
housework or to assist; will pay good waijes.
2M9 N. Gmnd.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Competent girl for
general housework: email family: wages 815.
8637A Shenandoah.
"HOUSEGIRL WANTED Immediately, good
German girl for general housework: small family.
1744 YVaverly place.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED Girl to assist In
housework; with other help. 360 N. Tailor ave..
near Olive st. cars.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED A girl to do general
hrwework; salary 53 per week. 105 S. Fourth St..
East, St- LolIs. 111.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Good wages for gen
eral houseglrl: three In family: 6 rooms; cars
pass door. 52f0 Do'.mar.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Good girl for general
housework: nq washing; refermce required: good
wage.. 3320 Cleveland ave.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED German girl for gen
eral housework' no washing or outside work;
good wages. 6157 Washington.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl about 14 to as
sist with housework In small family; matt sleep
at home, 4759 Hammett place.
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl for housework;
no washing; good home and wages will be given
to right party. Apply at 1939 Bacon.
HOUSEGIRL-WANTED-I want a general
houseglrl all summer till fall; I will pay her
half fare to me. Address John Jennings, Lake
Creek. 111.
HOUBEOrRI, WANTED-Glrl to do general
housework: good wages; three In family. Take
Tower Grove or Grand ave. car and transfer at
Arsenal. 4028 Reber place
Dressmakers una Srazaatresaea.
EXPERIENCED pants and overall operators;
steady work; third floor, 720 N. Fourth st.
APPRENTICE WANTED An apprentice girl
to lenrn dressmaking, with knowledge of tew
ing. Room 45 Llnmar building. Vandev enter and
GIRL WANTED-Small girl, over 14. to sew on
buttons. Scharff Mfg. Co. 908 N. Eighth, third
GIRLS WANTED To Hv coats; power ma
chine. 2129 Clark ave.
GIRLS WANTED Experienced hand girls on
pants. 2719 Chippewa st.
GIRL3 WANTED Twenty-five experienced
girls for plain sewing. Apply 114 N. Ninth st..
In store.
GIRLS WANTED Girl operators and basters
on plain shop coats; also girls to learn. Gauss,
821 N. Twelfth St.. third IIooT; (
GIRLS, WANTEDMachlne girls to sew on
wrappers and dressing sacques; highspeed power
machine, J. Goldburg. 1700 S. Seventh.
chlne sewers on coats. COS Carr st
GIRLS WANTED Machine and hand girls.
basters: also girls to learn on vests. 3104 Salena,
work: take work home. 1014 N. Sixteenth St.
Rovltzsky's, 4650 Maryland ave. Olive st- ;ars.
cutter: steadv work and goodpay. The Paul E.
Wolff Shirt Co.. 815 and H7 Washington ave.
SHIRTMAKERS WANTED Fifty experienced
shlrtmakers on part work: steady work and good
pal : all new high-speed machines. Apply Fer-Ruson-McKlnney.
lOOfi Lucas ave., third floor. J.
Wetzel, manager.
makcra. Apply at onco. 3203 Lawtoru
W1TCT ASrTeTTTTI-s triVmB ImiIi a, .
I 8202 Law ton st.
experienced waist finishers and girls to
sew at 2733 Lucas ave.
""WAISTMAKERSW'ANTED-100 walstmakers
at once: highest prices and good work a spe
cialty. Olean Bros., 71, Lucas ave.
"waist trimmer" and finisherswant
ED First-claw waist trimmer and finishers-
Call bet. 8 a. m. and 6:30 p. m . 3133 Franklin.
COOK WANTED-Good white cook. 8741 West
COOK WANTED References required.
COOK WANTED Restaurant cook, at once.
8220 Laclede.
COOK WANTED Good cook; city references.
4228 Llndell boulevard.
COOK WANTED A 'girl to cook, wash and
Iron. 2s2 Westminster.
JUOK WANTED ilrst-ciass cook
good wages. Call 3931 Cook ave. "'
COOK WANTED A mludle-aged woman to
cook In first-class family. Call 2321'4 Ollv e.
COOK WANTED Flrst-class cook for family
of two; must have best references 6755 Bartmer.
COOK WANTED Cook for private hoarding-
ney ave.
COOK WANTED Flrst-class colored cook
no washing; , best of references required. 248 N.
COOK. ETC, 'WANTED Cook and dining-room
girl. Cottage Hotel, Fourth and Trendtey sve
East Bt. Louis. 111. ' '
COOK WANTED A good plain woman cook
for flrst-class buffet downtown; light work 8 a
m. to 8 p. m.; answer. E 1Q. Republic
HOUSEGIRL WANTED-Glrl to cook, wash
and Iron. 5095 Falrmount ave.
WAITRESS WANTED Neat German girl- no
rasters need apply. ll N. Eighth st. ""
.'-r 3l'Sak
i "" iE S'isl
Three Lines for Flvo Cents
Each Additional Line Five Cents Extra.
Cirri, ami Salesm'tiiiieu.
vaswrs on grociry article: salary. Rosen, H3
Spruce st.
teml nrtlUe used In evry household: quick sales;
large rt'turns. Chas. W. Fischer. t32 S. r-eventh.
STKSJOGIt.VtMII'tl WAKTTTriAn M.nartaneal
stenographer nnd Remington tperator: give ex
perl nee. references and age: fermanent position
if sallsfm tury. K lli7, Republic
M'HSi: WANTED-Colored girl a. nurse or
Main iwl.lni!, fiom the South. Address s. J..
C2JN. Ittamnont st.
f'H.Mi:i:iaiAll) WANTKD-A good chimber
malil Call at :Vj", N. Eighth st-
-iO S. Seventh.
for dining-room and
Illlll-S MANTKD-Glrln to work In lioardlng
li.ue aiN. liioadway.
GlltlJj WANTED Two colored girls for res
taurant kluhen 1C0 N. S.'ventli st.
illUI. WANTED Viitin-; girl, about 14 or 15
eur nl I. for Iiakirj- 233 IViinkllii ave.
Illl." WANTED To phk nuts. Apply 618 N.
iotid st. Must be over 15 j ears of nice.
GIRLS WANTED-Twelvc girls to pick straT
b'rtle off stem: good wage. Apply at once
Liquid Canonic Add Mfg Co. Lemp and Chero
kee. LXD1ES WANTED-For light horn- work; cash
silnrv; prmnent position guiranleed; Investi
gate' stimp for reply. Address M. T. P.. Car
rier 21. fct. Lnu..
LADIES WANTED-To learn halrdres.lng.
minlcurlng. massage or chiropody; from four to
elaht wep. required: compkto outtlt of tools
prr&ented rich student: position, secured In best
istalilihltment. in rltv; comparatlvelv no ex
pinse. Cnll or wrtie Moler College. 1141 Mnrl'et st.
LUN1)HESS WANTED-Good waslieruomnn;
81 a day; call this morning. 2856 Olive St., un
Fcr all stovts. a. O. Brauer. 318-318 N. Thltd nt.
Three Lines for Five Cents.
Each Additional Line Five Cents Extra.
ADMAN Competent admnn wants sltuttlon;
references C 13S, Republic.
ACCOUNTANT Sltuitlon bv an experienced
lumberman and accountant- X 151. Republic
ACCOUNTANT Books opened, exnmlne.l. bal
anced and statements mad: Urm or corpora
tions J. J. Fischer. 310 Temple building.
four hours evening, making .Ketches, plans or
specification writing. E 19S. KcpuMlc.
ADXERTISER, of twent jears' experience as
railroad frelcht claim Investigator nnd account
ant, thoroughly cunversint with tariffs and rout
ine, desires to connect with wholesale houe.
imnuracturlng comriny or transportation com
.iny a. recehlng. shipping or correspomllng
clerk: Al reference: moderate salary: Interview
ollclttd: no objection to leaving city. B ViS,
RAKER Situation by a first-class bread and
cake baker: city or country. 4121 S. Ninth st.
BARTENDER Sltintlon wanted as bartender:
good references. P 114. Republic.
BARTENDER Situation wanted as bartender;
good references. P 194. Republic.
BARTIlNDER-HrtuntlonT by first-clans Imr
tender; city references. J. Hand, oil fct. Joreph
BUTCHER-Sltuatlon bv flrst-class meat cut
ter: references. D 203, Republic.
lit TCHKR lounc man wants situation In
butcher ehop; luis had four vears" experience; can
five lie.t of rcierences. 1. 133. Republic.
ROOKKEEI'ER-Sltuatlon n. bookkeeper or
collector; best of city references. D 1&5. Republic
BOOKKEEPCTl Al bookkeeper wishes to
change; best city references; salary reasonable;
wholesale or retail business. X 172, Republic
BOOKKEEPER Toung man. competent-book-koepcr
nnd stenocraphcr. would like set of book,
and correpmdence to take carp of niter 5 p. m.;
own. typewriter. R 171. Republic.
CLERK Ycunc man. 51. good references and
no bnel habits, sober. Industrious, desires place
In wholesale house; start reasonable. O 187, Re
public "COLLECTOR Situation by good, reliable young
man as collector or office work of somo kind. W
191. Republic-
EMPLOYMENT rhvsirian desires employment
cf nnv kind: prefer with a chemical or phar
maceutical company; good references. D 101,
GARDENER Situation by Ilfo-oxpertenc-4
English gardener and florist; highest references.
Address Gardener, care Plant Seed Co , St. Louis.
"GROCERT CLERK Position as grocery clerk"
Addrcea F.. 3218A Vlsla nve.
HOTEL CLERIC Situation as hotel clerk by
experlence.1 man. willing to ieavo cfty; refer
ences. A lvZ. Republic
SALESMAN ITxperlenced traveler; large ao
qualntanen In West or South: millinery or no
tions. Address Salesman, 4401 Evans.
SOLICITOR Advertising and Job printing so
licitor wants work. Address F. Ehrhardt, C01
Union Trust building.
STENOGRAPHER Toung man. 3 jears' expe
rience: Remington machine; warn, position; ha.
references; will work reasonably. Z 181, Re
public WALL paper to clean; nine years' experience
In this work exclusively: send postal; will call.
J. Neil 222 Marlon st.
WATCHMAN Situation by man. 31. a.a watch
man or tlrrekeeper; sober, honest, reliable; ac
quainted In city; best reference-. L 187. Re
public WORK Position of responsibility and trust by
a man of ability nnd experience; nsed 32 vears.
P 203, Rert-bllc.
WORK Situation by joung man a. assistant
In billing department wholesale house.. F. K.,
106 N. Broadway.
WORK Situation by young man In office or
light work of any kind or drive delivery wagon.
1710 Whlttleiv
WORK Situation by man to do general work
about private placo: suburbs preferred; rofor
ences G 195. Republic
WORK Position In Jewelry more; clock work
preferred: six venrs experience; con furnish Al
references. H 1C3. Republic.
YOUNG MAN Thorough education, good hab
its; office preferred. J. N., 3145 Icust-
YOUNG MAN Thorough education, good hab
Its: offlco preferred. J. N-. 3H Locust t.
CrIlfrt j'fr.a.ewitt.i wareta' v-ateae n, -
c.liV'HJ. ir..-.lUJW ItUlLiUI.MI, C7T. JLii hi
and NINTII RTS Opn throuith th nummr.
eSksIS t.n..t ai a. aaa-Sl H.al aa rtaaa,a.a. . . t a fc-
wltrout vacation. Business otenings coming this
school largely outnumber graduates seeking po
sitions. The graphophone Is used In dictation
classes. Cnll or write for clrculai.
Three Line- for Five Cents.
Each Additional Line Five Cents Extra.
Clerk and Salesmen.
CASH paid week'y to "11 trees for the Greeley
Nurseries, Greeley, Colo.
CLERKS wanted who can use easy, stylish
shoes. for n.Si. Harris. 520 Tine st.
MAN WANTED Young man to assist In office
nnd collect: salary 31S per week. 1230 Olive st.
MAN WANTED Good appearance, to renre.ent
old house on road: salary and expenses to start- , HUSTLER WANTED Willing to travel; sal
Call at 919 Olive irt , room 2. . nry to start: nice, easy proposition and pleasant
.n v- v . t.t-t ? Z. ; 7Tm T vvork. Call at 919 Olive St.. room 2.
MAN WANTED Young man to asslt In of- .
flee; must be willing to leave city; salary 850 to
start. Call 904 Olive .t.. room 309. I
MAN WANTED Young man. 12 a day and
traveling exDen.es: must loan emnlover xsno:
money seemrc. Wllloughby Remedy Co , Box 1051.
MAN WANTED To take charge of Mflce-and
handle correspondence for wholesale cigar house:
permanent posltlcn; must Invest 8150 cash. 1233
SALESMAN WANTED-Energetlc salesman:
school supplies; country work: 3100 salary and
commissions. K. o. jjvans : co . Chicago. 111.
flAT.T-eiMT'sr irivrrn T .all tana aa -, I
fees to family trade In the city. Apply 1111
Franklin ave. vv i
KiT.t75M.VV WAVTvrtVlnn t. anrb e -It...
see retail trade: good proposition. Room 220. Be
nolst building. Ninth and Pine sts.
SALESMEN WANTED-Men to sell teas and l
coffee. In the city: family trade: good pay. An- i
plybetween 10and 12. 725 Franklin ave.
SALESMEN WANTElCTo .ell a guaranTeed
article used in every household; quick sales;
large returns. Chas. W. Fischer. 632 S. Seventh.
must have good appearance. 521 Mermod . Jac
card building. Gol opportunity for right man.
SALESMAN WANTED-Salennn calling on
aloon trade In the city to handle good-paving
side line. Apply 323 Walnut nt.
7-eiulslana; sell
Hon right men.
WA NTED A rkansas,
........... " nu"""i -ran., part experience in uoverwuiK omc; "inKie mnn
clears; side line; good prone-osl- preferred: salary paid. Addres Red Cross Medi
Mutual Cigar Co . 602 N. Fourth. , cal Association, Springfield. Mo.
SALESMAN WANTED For dnir- nnrl orrvarv
trade; must know trade and be a hustler- ref
ertnee required. Call 210 Benolst building. 2 to 6.
SALESMEN WANTED- Men who can sell
"Reform." everywhere; the best nickel cigar
Jiade; liberal proposition to salesmen. Address
lsvanaClgar Co.. St. Louis.
SALESMEN WNTED-Two good house-to-house
men to sell from wagon: 81 per day and
expense, and 10 per cent commission. W. j
Cawthon. 2C30 Washington ave.
"SALESMEN WANTED-"To represent us and
sell teas and coffees to families In every town
In Missouri, Illinois and Southeastern Kansas'
big pay. Athletic Tea Co.. 917 Franklin. '
SALESMAN WANTED For wholesale and re
tall trade only, by June 6; natural ability and
aptness more essential than experience; straight
salary: no commission; 814 cash required: also
references; none hut those meaning business
need apply. D. Allen & Co.. Canton. Mo
WE pav 125 a week nnd expenses to men with
rig to Introdace roultry Compound and Insect
pestroer: inclose stamp. Eureka Mf. Co, Mar-
....' .-.-. ..,..- - I ,...a,, ......... . .- VW -,..X. ....,'.S . .,r..tt--lMVlfi
tTAr.'. Un" 'or Five Cents
Each Additional I J no Five Cents Extra.
The 1 roars.
BAKER WANTED-At once. Address C. W.
Catroll. Buffalo. Mo. Dallas County.
BARBER WANTED-Good barber, at once;
bring tools. 800 Carr at.
BARBER WANTED-Barber for Saturday and
Sunday. Apply nt tnt Natural Bridge rd.
llllN'CH HANDS WANTED-Good benah and
machine hand. In sash and door factory at Sev
enth und Barton.
BLACKSMITH WANTED-A first-class all
aruuml blacksmith. 18U7 Menard st.
BLACKSMITH helper and bench hand: night
anl day work. St. laiuls Car Co., feOOO N. Brouw
must hu good lloormnu, steady work. W. B.
Cave hun. Ilunlsville Mo.
BUSHKI.MAN WANTED-Comnetent bushel
man, one wliu thoroughly understands cleunlng,
pleasing nnd tepalrlng on ladle.' and gentle
nien's girmunln. Apply at tll Baslon ave.
CAUI'llNTEIM WANTED-Olriienters and car
biilld-rs. Apply 2S00 D- Kalli st.
lj. N. Seventh st.
Young Carriage Co.. 412 1 Delmar ave.
FEEDER W4.NTKH-l'ony cj llnder-pres. feed
er. Ulckellianpt llrcs . Printers. 202 N. Scond.
GAiti)Er:it.vANTi:i i
At MX Tavlor
GOLD GILDER WANTKD-Oold glider at one
at llrej'. Art btoro. 7i N. Broadway.
HORSESHOER WANTED-Good hors'shoer 10
go to Natchez, Miss.; steady Job to good man,
to gooa man
Iron Store Co-
sen 1 n'lilresM or apply to Sllgo I
915 N. Second st.
MACHINISTS WANTED Ten flrst-clas- men
to leave city: men neenstnmed to roundhouse
vork preferrnl. Apply J. 11. Ferris, room 103
Hotel Imperial. Brondway and Chestnut St.
and tx.llfrmokers bv the Toletlo. St. Iouln and
Western Railroad Company at Frankfort, Ind.;
standard wnges nnd steidy work. Apply to Ed
Keane 101 N. Fo irtli St.. St. Louis, or A. J.
Ball. Frankfort. Ind.
aTnti:rs"wanted House painters. Apply
to Josh Iiwis, l'05 Locust.
house painters. .la. H. Dowllng &
Franklin ave.
Co , 2223
FAlTItHANGERS WANTED-Come with tools
nrly. "lhe Cowilen.," 2'M Newslend.
pittcrnmaker. Ferd Messmer Mfg. Co., 2700 S.
Seventh St.
work on retail orders. A. Slssner. 170 Franklin.
enced plaster worker to enst itatuary In gelatine
molds. 711 Ilollnnd building.
SHIRT CUTTER WANTED Experienced shirt
cuttnr; etendy work and good pay. The Paul L.
Wolff Shirt Co.. 815 and 817 Washington ave.
SHOEMAKERS "WANTED Shoe lasters and
shoo heelers. 2216 N. Broadway.
makers; wnges no object to flrst-clnps men. lie
Namara Shoe nnd I.at Co . 2fl N. Sixth st.
TAII1R WANTED Man tailor, who under
stand, basting on shop coats; also to put on vel
vet collars. Gnu's, 821 N. Twelfth st.. third floor.
wall paper men. 10 nnd 12 N. Ninth st.
WANTED All shoecutters from Brown Shoei
Company, Nos. 1. 2. 3 and 4. to meet at nno-
Workers' nail. Twentv-second and Franklin ave.,
Wednesday evening May 2). R p. m
Local No. 126. B. & S W. Union.
makers: nlso tongue, gear and body makers;
good wage, nnd pay even Saturday night- J. F.
Luklng. Nos. 1615 and 1617 N. Seventh st. St.
WHITENERS WANTED-Good whlteners; 25c
hour. Call Dellnlere. 290. Laclede.
BELLBOYS WANTED Two experienced bell
bovs. Hotel Beers, Grand and Olive. J
BOY WANTED To take care of horse. 18 years
of age. 1111 Fnnkllm
BOY WANTED Boy about 14.
a. m.. 3702 rinnev ave.
Apply before 10
ROYS WANTED Three smart loys for factory.
Main and Tiler sts.
HOY WANTED Boy to learn grocerv business.
A. Wlllbrnndt & Son. Eleventh and O'Fnllon.
BOY WANTED A boy to work In grocery
storo and take enre of horse. 4000 Kennerly ave.
"ROT-WANTED-Experlenced bus boy at the
Breltllng Rc.taurant. 411 N. Broadway, up
stairs. BOY WANTED-One used to working around
marlilnerv. Cros.ey. southeast corner Blair ana
"BOY WANTED-Boy of 18 years, who has had
experience In meat market: no other need to call.
1K17 N. Twenty-nrtn.
rinva WAVTFTTe Ten hervs: call Wednesday
after 3 p. m. 4032 P. Broadway.
BOYS WANTED To learn trade;
paid. 317 spruce.
nnvs WANTED The Helnlcke-Flegel Lllh-
pgraphlng Co . 24 M. .viain si,
tirvtiKirnrw tVavNTED HouaebOT. coloreil or
..Uw-..--"" "JI-. . .
white, at once. ii i;uy
MAN WANTED-Neat joiunr man about, 18. to
work around house and wait on table: rerer
ences about honesty and ability. 3W4 Llndell.
Canvamera nnd Sollcllora.
vassers, with rood references: permanent posi
tion. Call 205 Century building.
SALESMEN WANTED Sev eral good men can
find steady employment nt good wages selling a
self-healing sadiron. S 194, Republic
SOLICITORS WANTED-In every town: salary
er commission: four to eight-day opium and whis
ky, rure. Address Thompson Sanltarlnm.St-Ioul.
SOLlClTOIta WANTED Country solicitors to
cater to family trade: liberal commission: excel
lent goods; quick sellers Address Kentucky
Whisky House. 817 Franklin ave.
WANTED Five experienced, hustling lire In
surance solicitors: fine contract to right men;
open field: big opportunity. Address Security Mu
tual Ins. Co . Little Rock. Ark.
WAITER WANTED Whtts man dinner waiter
at 2C0S Olive.
LABORERS WANTED Laborers. Apply 2800
De Knlb st.
LABORER1 WANTED Laborers for shore-Im-
Frovement work: ship to-day. Apply Burke,
.evce and Washington.
MEN WANTED Men to beat rock. Contractor
jnrncK. 2HtJ latcieoe. -
MEN WANTED Twenty-five men for ballasting
rant? for Frisco Railroad Company: wages 81.51
per dav work at Fttpulna. I. T.: free pass. Ap-
. . .-"" innA i- -iaii 0.1. I .!.
nr J wan. w .. imru - cP h-.kw
. 7T . .
vrvriCE to Fewer and Water Pine Laborer.
A special meeting win ne neii nt vvnaiens hiii.
corner Eas'on nnd Spring. Wednesday evening,
at 7:30 p. m. All members Invited.
" DRAFTSMAN WANTED An experienced ar
chitectural draftsman; one thoroughly capable
of taking charge of and superintending archi
tectural construction. Apply Mariner A Clark,
Architects. Turner building.
FINISHER WANTED-One granitoid finisher.
Arply 720 Lincoln Trust building.
HOSTLER WANTED Man or boy to attend
horse, and work around house. Apply at 3204
MAN WANTED Young man to work In butch
er shop at 725 Chouteau ave.
t MAN WANTED A man to work In kitchen.
609 Market St.
MAN WANTED Aged man to care for cow
I and lawn. Apply 5220 Maple ave.
"MAN WANTED Competent man to do weekly
, Job work; call becween 9 and 10 a. m. 4327 Wash
1 Ington.
MAN WANTED Man with horse and wagon to
rieliter two riavs ft week. AddIv 4 to C. 117 N.
. ! Sixteenth.
MAN WANTED Man to take care of horses
nnJ ,r,0 j. Eooa. deliver)- wagon, at Korte's,
' -
I izi-j iiiauie st.
I MAN WANTED Young man
pleasant work:
rood salary o rignt party
Room "S" Odeon.
1012 N. Grand ave.
MAN WANTED To travel; fair salary and ex
penses to commence; experience unnecessary. Call
cr address Manager, 904 Olive, room 309.
PERMANENT position for the right man to
represent old-established company having 8200.000
capital: $15 per week and expense, to begin, pay
able vceeklv direct from our office; no deception;
absolutely straight salary, not conditional on suc
cess; chance for rromotlon and Increase of salary;
state age. reference, and busln-ss experience.
Address Universal Mfg. Co., Box 733, Phlladel
phla. Pa.
PtlYStCIAN WANTED Phvslcian who tins
had experience in advertising office; single man
PORTER WANTED Good, flrst-class, experi
enced poiter. 717 Pine st.
ter. O 186. Republic
WANTED. Everywhere Hustlers to tack signs,
distribute circulars, samples, etc; no canvassing;;
good pay. Sun 'Advertising Bureau. Chicago.
WANTED Men and women to copy letters, 85
to 86 weekly, working evenings; work mailed on
application; inclose stamp. Toledo Novelty Sup
ply Co.. Toledo. O.
WANTED Men to leam barber trade: only
eight weeks required; special -offer to applicants
from distance; board, tools and scholarship: busy
season: !13 to 815 weekly paid graduates; writ
to-day. Moler Barber College. 1141 Market at
YARDMAN WANTED About place to scrub"
etc. 360 N. Tavlor ave.. near Olive st. cars.
Business and Shorthand College. 219, SO, 221 and
223 Odd Fellows' building. Individual instruction
In Sbortnand. Typewriting:, Bookkeeping, Arith
metic and Penmanship. Phone 871. Bar U4 raf Qt,
AGENTS WANTED-Ladles cnoeble of flp
ptoachlnr well.tn-do people: something new and
good. XTt7. Republic.
AGENTS I havo the best monej maker known
for live agent.: 320 to 850 a week. Call or ud
dress 1137 Washington. St. louls.
AGENTS-ror honest dealing and quick ai..
try the Peerless Grinder. Peerless Mfg. Co. 22
? 1 nurth st.. St Louis. Ma
AUiMlfl oambu JialO ami irmwr, u i.i.r
big pay; quick return. Apply Old Reliable Star
Portrait Co . 2h N. Eleventh st.
AGENTS wantkii i-ndles or gentlemen on
the best-selling household necessities; references;
must bear Investigation. 1719 S. Broadway.
AOENTS4 WANTED Agents for the finest Imi
tation itlumiinil In lha un'trl: send 25c for SI1II1-
ples. lilg T Diamond Co.. 220 Ilenolit building.
AGENTS WANTED-Agents io demonstrate
new patented noveltv; sella on sight. Particular.,
address Universal Mfg. Co, box 1070, St. Louis,
AGENTS WANTED-Eiervwhere: new alumi
num i ard ense and cards: goel sellers; Mg
nntnt.. it.mt.ia '-. ii.iaicf.ti i S. Broadwav.
St. Ljuir.
AGENTS WA"NTED-8ajers' Claim File sells
everywhere; almost every merchants bus; retails
iur ; 4- .1 prom; i'i uauy. cajci st .. ..
J2. 40S Olive st.. St. Iauls. Mo.
AGENTS WANTED-Rubber collars. 25c: cuffs
Me: mallei ten receipt of price; will not turn
vellow : guaranteed not to wilt: send for circular.
Thread City Collar Co.. VS!) Olive St.
AGENTS WANTED Male er" female; best sell
ing Invention of the entur; live canvassers make
V a dav: terms and territory upon npplttatlon.
Parker Mercantile Company, t-t. Louis. Mo.
AGENTS WANTED-Clty or country: get our
proposition: honest business; over 8100 a month:
chance, for advancement. Call or write Lewis
Medicine Co . 400 N. Third St.. St. Louis. Mo.
AGENTS WANTED-For newly discovered Iml
tatlon diamond., ring., studs, pin., etc.: finest
Imitation on market: write for price.. Eureka
Diamond Co.. 904 Olive st.. room 206. St. Iul.
AGENTS WANTED individuals or firms 'o
sell the new Alpine Are and burglar proof safe.
No capital or experience needed. Outfit and full
Instructions free. Big profits to workers, i Write
for catalogue nnd terms. The Alpine Safe A
Lock. Co . Cincinnati. O.
AGENTS on salary or commission: the great
est agents' seller ever produced; every user
of pen and Ink burs It on sight: 200 to 500 per
cent profit: one agent's sales amounted to ICO
In six ilajs; another X32 In two hours. Monro
Mfg. Co.. X 43. I.a. Crosse. Wis.
FIVE rood hustlers to work for the onlv flMt
clas. studio In St. Louts handling tickets; ele
gant outfit free. Murtllo. 1314 Olive st.
INSURANCE AGENTS No lapses-new propo
sition. 25 Lincoln Trust building seventh and
Chestnut ft. . S o'clock. C. A. Walker.
travel; other, to canvass: 850 to 32oo rer month.
Call or addre. G R, C. Co , H37 Washington
ave., st. Ion's. Mo.
MEN WANTED-Men with rlr to advertl.e
and Introduce Monarch Poultry Mixture; straight
salary, SI5 weekly and expenses. Address with
stamp. Monarch Manf. Co , Box 48". Springfild.
87.00 to 812.00 dally. Get thin winner. No talk
ing. Sell. Itself for 75c. easy get dollar, nest
agent made t?4 W .ij davs. Fills your pocket,
with cash. Terfect Rubber and 14-csrat gold
plate Fountain Pen. complete; sample mailed,
Mc; three. 1 tj: .x. 32 50; dozen. 34 75 Remit
with order. John F. Nevins. 117 West Sixty-third
street. New Tork.
TESTIMONIALft-Pold th. dozen yesterday; or
der, for 60 more: John Ralme.. Marquette Mich.,
received .ample: sell, nt sight; send half gross.
G. W. In In San Angelo. Tex. took 20 order. In
two hours. W. T. Harris. Mokelumne Hill, (nil .
"Modern" filter easiest thing to sell I ever han
dled. Hamilton Marsh. Norwich N. Y for
water work, towns only; send for circulars.
Modern Filter Co.. 241-18 Franklin st-. Boston.
WANTED Several capable men In each Sat.
to travel and appoint agents- salary Sion per
month and expense., together with commission on
sales by agents appointed: position permanent
to right partv; experience necessary, but un
questioned references an to high character must
be furnished. Address Jobber 9(8. 35 Dearborn
st . Chicago.
ALI those desiring help or seeking situations
may register with the Free Employment Bureau
of the State Labor Bureau of Statistics. flSH
Chestnut st Situation and help furnished free
of charge. Tel. Klnloch A 911.
Salnter. and paperhanaers; highest wages paid,
rational Employment Ox, 113 N. Sixth st.
CHEF WANTED-Colored chef. J3: and sec
ond cook. 840. National Employment Co.. 113 N.
Sixth st.
CLERK, ETC.. WANTED Grocery clerk. 825;
bartender and saloon porter. National Employ
ment Co.. 113 N. Sixth st.
FARM HAND WANTED German farm hand;
$18 to 33) nnd found. National Employment Co.,
113 N. Sixth st.
IaBORERS WANTED Colored laborer-, ex
tra gang: 81.40: free fare. National Employment
Co.. 113 !C. Sixth St.
LABORERS WANTED-Five factory laborers;
81 60; concrete laborer.; 81.80. National Employ
ment Co.. in N. Sixth st.
MAN WANTED Young man for private pine;
825 found. National Employment Co., 113 N.
FIxth st.
huggv-washer and carriage driver: 82 found. Na
tlonal Employment Co . 113 fX. Sixth at.
ALL kinds of household goods bought: entire
contents of houses wanted; full value paid.
Jones A- Co . 1143 Olive. Main 157; C 742.
ALMOST new. babv buggv: twin-burner vapor
gawllne stove, oven attached, and two good rugs,
all in good condition. II 197, Republic
OLD feathers; will pay 33c per pounl;
peital 8. Batav.'a. lit N. Ninth.
PARTIES declining; housekeeping, see me before
selling furniture, pianos, carpets, etc ; will pay
highest price. Wolf. 18 S. Eleventh. Phone C 405.
FEATHERS WANTED I pay the highest price
alo for carpets that can he obtained. M. Speel
man, 2628 Olive; send postal.
"SECONDHAND furniture, stoves, etc , lsrge or
small lots, bought at residence or store; good
prices gtv en by Gibson. 2219 Wash st.
WE buy all kinds of furniture: orders promptly
attended to. 1022 N. Twenty-first st.
""2.0C0 secondhand chairs for cash. J 195, Repub
lic. For Sal.
BEDROOM sets. 82 up: parlor set. Tt: ward
robe. 32: dresser. II: sewing machine, II: beds,
80c; chairs, piano, folding bedj and sideboard..
1704 S Eleventh.
CHEAP gas mantels, globes, chandeliers;
globes 5c up; fixtures 60c up; also Job lot of gas
stoves at bargain. 2625 Franklin ave.
FOUR beautiful polished bras eras fixtures, t,
8. 4 nnd hall light for 112.50. 3109 Tine St.
LARGE flrst-class stock of new furniture, bed
room suites, wardrobes sideboards and house
ho'd goods: cash or credit. 723 Franklin ave.
REFRIGERATOR, beds, etc Apply 4214 West
minster plsce.
REFRIGERATORS', best that money can buy.
nt warehouses New York Storage Co.. Twenty
second and Wash: also new furniture, carpets,
stoves; cash or time.
ADAMS, the stamp man, 814 N. Sixth at., rub
ber stamps, seals, stencils, etc; good, cheap,
quick: write for new list.
RUBBER stamps, rubber type, sign markers,
brass and aluminum checks, at lowest prices.
Kaspsr Stamp and Seal Company, lit Locust st.
SK the Parisian Wall Taper Cleaning Co.
thilr prices before golpg elsewhere. 1729 Franklin
ave. Telephone Klnloch C 941. Bell M 653.
HAVE your panerbanglns; done at headquarters:
we do more for less money. Westhus. Broadway
and Allen ave;
HAVE your dirty wall paper cleaned now for
81 00 per room by expert cleaners. Emrlck Wall
Paper Cleaning Co . 1215 Olive st. Phone D 100.
References If desired. '
HERE You Are I will paper jour room for 32
up; work guaranteed. H. E. Gregory. 2C27 Park
ave., house painter and Interior decorator.
THE United States Wall Paper Co. are head
quarters for all grades of wall paper. 910 to 914
Pine st.
WE can satisfy you and save you monev; a
perfect Job every time: estimates furnished.
Up-to-Date Wall Paper Co . 1101 S. Jefferson ave.
ZEHNER tt CO , 1420 Papln St. Paper hang
ing, whitening and plasterlrg: all work done at
lowest rates: satisfaction guaranteed: send postal.
BCSTON Steam Dental Rooms. 418 N. Itrood
wav Sets of teeth. 83: painless extraction, 2c;
bridge work, 33; open Sundays until 1.
LOSTON Steam Dental Rooms. 415 N. Broad
way, Between Locust and St- Charles 310 and 315
rets for 37. Doctor Case, proprietor.
"DOCTOR A7E7MOSER7bentlst. 1324 Wash
Ington Ave. crown and bridge work a specialty;
terms moderate: consultation and exam. free.
OUT PAIN, by a new preparation.
Prices moderate.
. ei. o. o:
,M I. --..,.,......-..... 1 . ....Wl .S....
IWn Vlanl. Vuu.1 . a t.ltf 1.-. -.-
a-vs. moil,, uiw, i.iciiu. . tan. wa.L. HOV CI',
tons: books, latest out: letter writers, dream
locks, eti.. go to 704 Market st-
MAN or woman with literary ambition and
business ability can obtain a desirable publica
tion cheap. W 185. Republic
I WANT to buy law, medical and other good
atonal. JoimUcAhan, pootoellsr. (ta'aoal Market.
rifteen Cents Per Line.
at.t. m-tvnte diseases a sneclaltr at tha 1
Iln Avenue Free Dispensary. 1214 Franklin am
ANY girl needing friends, help or care throat
confinement can find them at the Salvation Arof
Rescue Home. 3740 Marine ate. Enilgn P. M
genson, matron,
CONFINEMENT cases taken; part pay In wet
If desired: private seclusion, consultation aaa
trial lrlm,f mlnntlnr babies free: traif. hea
regularities; try my reculntor: best of medical
care and nursing: get my ternn: written fusr-
; can or wnie; ail mats
patients met at station of
tirrtlTifit Its' a netararnil
boat In my vehicle. Mrs. Dr. Murphy, lis i
2125 Olive st. Klnloch pnone mi..
nor-rnn mart MtmpjfY elves written i
nntee: board 32 50. 33. 14 per week. 2123 and
Olive st.
DeiCTOR MERWIN. 2233 Olive nt.. expert pe
clnllst. treats nil ladlea troubles; painless method
brings quick relief; prlvite home provided.
DR. DENNIS, regular licensed physician; suc
cessfully treat, all female troubles; guarantee!
results: also confinements: perfect seclusion la
my prlvnto home; consultation free. 2117 Morgan.
DR. MRY ARTHUR-Only physician kr-alns
a confinement home In city having a healthy lo
cation; tralred nurses: excellent accommodations:
mclherly rare and perfect seclusion: lrreniarta
t'e. sreces. fully treated or no charge: guaran
teed resi.Its. Consultation free. 2911 Morgan st.
GOLDEN Seal Temale Regulator relieves from
3 to 5 hours. Sent secure from observation fof
31. Golden Seal Medlcnl Co.. 2311 Morgan.
LADIES In trouble will not regret calling on
Mrs. Holland: lowest terms. 2226 Pine st-
I.ADIE My regulator never falls; one com
plete trentm-nt free. Mrs. E. Starr. 2929 Frank
lin ave.
MRS. DOCTOR HOGAN receives hefore and
during confinement: Infant, adopted If derlredl
ladle. In trruble call or write. 2215 Olive st.
MRS. I HOTSON. Indies' private home ehrea
Ire- confinement: absolute protection and sarar
assured: motherly care: Irrerularltles; sueeeai
guaranteed or no charges; Infants adopted: re
formation fre-: ladle. n trouble, call or writes
German and French spoken. 2201 and 2201 Olive.
OLD DR. WARD. Office. IMS Washington Are..
St. Imln, Mo. fToubl-s ladles or genfeia.iL,
anv cause, sklllfutlv Heated: saving life of mis
ery and regret. Call or write; 30 years' experi
ence; guarantee results: perfect seclusion aeA
privacy for ladles: comforts of home; motherhTA
enre: quick restoration to full and complete!
n-ann nnn .irengin: pnunis m-T ax Train.
Tor an Abnormal. obt!nat ea of jiapprwnlcti.
any caue. mr rrsrulator fall fo rM.v in .4
hnun.. ro-IUvelr Kua, nuite-M. No rot or plllt.
Many im.. from unlridi- Meal af home trwit-n.-nt:
mail $3. Doctor Jackson. It. C. Sfl. 1ST
P-arbora Chicago.
Ruqture and Varicteili
Office or Home Cure. See BelL Expert
mechanic ami Inventor of Bell Rupport.
No knife; no syringe. No agents. The
Bell Rupture Cnr Co.. 1418 Washington
ave.. St. Louis. SIo
and wmssrr uiem otntzn at wtrnra
In 4 to HDtjs;Aa. at. B. c.TBoyrso
K37 8. Jefferson Ave- St. Lotus, Mo.
AMERICAN Storage and Moving Company. HH
Olive St racking, shipping, storage; separata
rooms. Tel. Main 2531. w. H. Langdale. president.
BONDED Warehouse Hy. C. Wlehe Storage
and Moving Company. 1512-1 Franklin ave.:
money advanced when desired. Klnloch C 883.
FRANKLIN Warehouse and Storage Co 108
dustproof rooms. lon3 Franklin ave. Charles
Nledrlnghaus. Proprietor. Both telephones. V
LINDELL Storaee and Moving Co . 1227 Taylor :
ave. will move furniture carefully and promptly;
phone Llndell W: Klnloch B 1SCT,
NEW TORK Storage Company, Office" HI
Union Trust Building Move. pack. ship, stent
fine furniture In private rooms. Fhons Main 34.
SOUTH Side Storage arid Moving Co . 1)1. lUt ! Si
and l?ns Sidney st. Tel. Sidney 23o; Kin. C lilt. - F
House for furniture, etc.: new and clean: 1
Insurance: careful moving, pacKinir ana
rilnirr 1WS-ia.l? Chouteau. L.!eenaan bv the
and guaranteed by Mississippi Valley Trust
for 825 onn.
Warehouses. Grand end Laclede
aves . for snfe.keeplns; of furmla
ture. plaros. trunks, valuables, boxes, etc.)
strlctlv flrst-class; moving, packing. snipplnSa
etc. Money advanced. Consign goods our cart.
Estlmntea free. Get our rates. Phone C 891.
K. U. LEONORI. JR.. A CO . 1215-21 Olive at.
AMERICAN rverdler) Steam Carpet Beatmc
and Renovating Company, Nineteenth and Pine
First-class work; lowest prices. Bell Main tl
Kin. D 70.
AMERICAN Upholstering nnd Carpet House .,
Steam carpot cleaning; curioins. pnaars carpets.
matting, oilcloths etc. 4& D-lmar. Bell Llndell
1206; Klnloch B IfSS.
CARPETS taken up. cleaned, made over aa4
laid: best work; lowe-t prices. Empire Btaara
Cwrpet Cleaning Co.. 2123 Lucas. Main 1131; CHI.
ENTERPRISE Steam Carpet Cleaning CO.
Special attention altering, sewing and relaylnc.
Easton and rendleton. Llndell 174 M: Kin. D Wt.
""GLOBE Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. takes tip.
clean, relays carpets; lowest prices; work sTaazs
anteed. 3139 Olive St.: Klnloch C 1488.
TRIVATE lessons, shorthand nnd typewrltlns;
exclusively: expert lady teacher: full course 855T
or Ji month: position secured. Barrs. 2841
Washington ave.
HOTEL WYOMING. Fifteenth and Chestnvtt
Modern Improvement: rooms, boo ana H
day: 82 Per week and up.
LADIES and gentlemen, have your larmenta
cleaned, dved and repaired: first -class work. Parla.
Djelng and Cleaning- Co. 1330 Franklin are.
vowtrt TO LOA!.
On Real ttafate.
MONET to loan on ral estate at reasonable
rates: inducements on large amounts; alaobnlld
lng loans; monthly payments; 8200 and mward.
John Magnire Real Estate Co.,
107 K. Eighth at.
Oa Feraonal Proaerty.
A PRIVATE party loans money on fumftttra.
easy payments: conddenttal and proper treat
ment. 501 Chemical bldg.. Eighth and Oily its.
APPT.TCATIONS for loans on household
receive our prompt attention. New Tork Flnanoe
Co.. 207-8-9 Odd Fellows bldg.. Ninth ana OUva.
EQUITY FINANCE CO Money without ae
curl'y; we buy salaries and negotiate loans oa
furniture; easy payments. 1410 Union Trust bt&s.
"JOHN W. rnALEYTw N. Ninth, room ML
negotiates loans of 825 and upwards on personal
property: low rates; terms to suit; confidential.
" MONET to loan on furniture, planoa and "alt
good securities: lowest rates In city: bnHnsea
strictly confidential: est. 1878. loot Morgan at.
MONET for salaried people, boardlng-hoos
keepers, teamsters, etc.. without security: easiest
terms; largest business In forty principal eltlaa,
Tolman. room 801, 211 N. Seventh st.
V& furnish you money quickly trad enifldMitltvW
iy. wunoui Sstcuniy. raiionai ureait jo.p roGaa
m-902 Chemical bulldlcr. Eighth mnd OUv lUL ,
fasTA-rister 4 lost In dnw amnneif msbi il farlaaasasa..'
SS1VUCJ aT SW..S. -aay HHSVlaMtp Wall fail
tHaxsaics in
BARBER shop; good location; will sellcheaa,
reason for selling, other business. 4249 Rieten.
three Vehicles; cheap.
stock, tools; also two 0
4507 Easton. near Tayloj.
CIGAR store and stand In offlco building
town; noth bargains; must sell; owner
North Saturday. Brush. 107 jr. Seventh.
CONFECTIONERY and news stand; laundry
commission pays expenses- 214 N. Fourteenth.
DENTAL-offlceand J2.40o3ractlce-foraala lo
1200 If taken at once. F 135, Republic
FIRST-CLASS meat market; best fixtures;
ira line ice- dox; also cannea gooas; v
for cash. Inquire 2329 Madison st.
GOOD-rAYING confectionery;
eir.f.rinaai trad:
going out oi Business; win sell cheap. T u
Suing out
doing good
business; a bargalaiS
price I3CO. o 188,
GROCERY, doinc about J15 cash business dally
price 3200 if sold to-day; "have other business.'
1313 Olive at,
. I WANT to buy your rooming-house, store or
business. Newton te Co . 218 Lincoln Trust bldg.
OLD-ESTABLISHED meat market, doing geiod
""Jlut". wwm.-r leaving- cy. aiu. easton ave.
ONE-chalr barber shop for sale cheap on ease
1.1""". flwi. j. ja. aicvown, ueepwaier,
iiasiAjjiuM, on Chestnut st.; snap; yon
for t). Newton & Co.. 216 Lincoln Trust bldg.
near Union Station; big bar
gain; best location.
Trust building.
Newton & Co ,
215 laUICOIS
ROOMING-HOUSES; large assortment; In
c ..a. ut c. ..ewion co.. Z16 Lincoln
nEK-ROOXf reaTTOlng nonaa f.Trn . en. to-atlftri'V
one-half price; early. Add. O. care Garrison'
TWO-CHAIR barber shot).
maklnr Its,
sell for I2; reason, other business
its S. Broad--'
WHOLE or half lntere.r in en. ..
!!,'.r re0,t JU,t outside city llmftarTliSS:
B&n 81 aasTax-ss.
I.ADIES. I will teach you ullor-madwi
Mais. Miuuuiuf 4fiT.UV
CBtei, lOr ll.igL -ala -' Jf JE
,sisininian aTst, w, tmum lata . yt k
fa If van
All nd
GU hot
ifl F
-aSah Id
-affk sen
.laSSSe. anr
Prr" lr-4 m -
snip-y j -a.
r. i 3P
i tlfl
J for
JS rr
t a
i an
! s1
I iz
m al
I "
l -
sm -re
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zyi f
V- tu
h. I.
vv I m
r u Isf
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beat' R
xiTtatawi -4M
t. tfJa:t71y-y'r-iy.Cj4

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