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'f-pif -' tS. 1
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E ' itM J
Corn and Oats, Although Some
Better, Were Generally Dull,
With Slight Changes.
Aside from wheat, there were no signs of
awakening In speculation, and another quiet
day was experienced in the sraln rit on
the local exchange. Speculative interest
was at a low ebb "arl not much better
late, and confined almost exclusively to pro
fessional room traders. The trade was
nj-riln without cables, and traders, not
knowing just exactly how the situation was
viewed abroad or how the markets there
would oren up Wednesday, were not In
clined to take risks, and so operated cau
tiously. There was no news of Brent im
portance, and little outside of the weather,
crop conditions and the usual statistical In
formation. Such as came to hand, how
ever, faored the bulls In most cases, and
the result was seen In a betterment in
prices all around, though the different mar
kets did start oft rather badly. The high
priced grain Improved the most, and at the
close was from Jc to Slic higher for the
day, while corn and oats were only slightly
better, the former being reported "Jc off to
l-16c to 1e better, and tho latter closed the
tame as corn.
There was little life to be witnessed In the
grain pit on 'change in wheat yesterday,
put the market improved later In this re
'spect. and found Itself In a much stronger
position at the close than it has been for
some time past, the TOe mark being reached
and passed. The trade was again handi
capped by the lack of foreign cables, and
especially from the United Kinpdom. all
Knslish markets still being closed. Other
information jrhtch Included statistics, and
'weather and crop conditions was the lead
ing influence, and in most Instances
checked tho desire to sell, even if It did
not increase speculation. One of the most
influential early in rtic day was the condi
tions prevailing in the Northwestern terri
tory, from which reports of drought con
tinued to come In. The weather was dry.
also. In the West, but the general belief
-.was that winter wheat was all Tight, though
damage reports were received from sec
tions. Receipts were large at this point,
and a private cable received from London,
and which was the only one received dur
ing the day. said that the moro distant fu
tures had declined US2"! The send-off
here was rather bad. July opening 1-lbc
lower at OHc. and that option showed little
or no change until outside markets came
co very strong that a demand was created
and buying improved to such an extent that
the above named future went to ssc and
Sept. which had been previously offered
at 6SSc. sold at 6Sic. and was later bid
8Tic In the batch of bad crop news some
was from the Southwest, and some
from east of the river, and especially
Illinois, the crop bulletin of which reported
decided deterioration. Dry weather In the
Northwest was also brouzht Into play, and
the result was that buying was renewed
and the July option went to 63;iS7Dc. and
Sept. was bid 6S;i'?Klc. Another help to
the market was the daj's clearances of
Hour and wheat, which amounted to 790.000
hu. Late cables reported London "-1 off
for the day, Antwerp unchanged. Berlin Uc
lower and Buda-Festh "Sic better. Hra.---street's
report, while favoring the bulls,
did not appear to have any material e.'fcct,
"though It showed a decreas; In the world's
-'Visible of 4.05S.OOO bu.. against 3.074.000 bu.
decrease a year ago. and the available enst
of the Rockies fell oft L3i000 bu. more
than the official visible of last week. There
was nothing encouraging In the cash situa
tion, but, some export sales "were made here
and about all the Ko. 2 red on hand was
said to have been taken. The buying con
tinued right up to the close, but In a. quiet
-way. and July sold right up to the top,
TOVic, and closed there. Sept. at the close
was bid 69HS63Jie, and May at 7214c asked.
$ Corn locally attracted but little atten
tion, especially, during the earlier hours, as
wheat was the attraction from a specula
tive point of .view. Later, there was some
thing of on- Improvement, but it was a
small -one only,' and at no time during' the
day was there much life shown in this
'grain. The day's arrivals" at primary mar
kets, and especially at Chicago, were very
large, and which were sont in to fill May
contracts, but country advice-i were to the
effect that the movement was falling oft
and Tecelpts -would be smaller In a short
-while. Shipments were good, and the daVs'
clearances amounted to SS4.000 bu. London
reported the market without change. Trad
ing was of a light order early, and but lit
tle change In price was noticeable. July
sold lc off at 42c. and 4242Hc was bid
,!-te,,.."pt-.tironSht 2Hc. and was ottered
nt 424o. but on a rally at Chicago Julv
n;re 'went to 42lic There was an increase
of 38.000 bu.. In Bradstreet's available, as
nsalnst 2,467,000 bu. decrease a year ago. and
when the. regular visible fell off E93.O00 bu.
last week. The market ruled Arm flurlne
the balance of the session, though July d!d
sell at 42Hc but at once reacted to 42Uc
and closed at 42Ufij",c. For Sept. 42Uc was
bW, May was quoted at 42Hc, and June was
offered at 41c
.An all-round firm market was had in oats
at this point, but trading was only fair.
According to Bradstreet's figures there was
an lnciease of 2.C00 bu. in the available sup
plies, where the regular visible last week
decreased 2J6.ouJ Lu. ti. .,
He was bid for Sep . r-t - "", "' "
2,a?ei.J3Jay-w.as oTered at 23c, and the
rat bid for July was 274c, but there were
no sellers at near that price.
Trader' Coaalp.
TTJl?T da,e of Ma5r u the London Dally New.
published the following from Odessa" "After
three successive partial failures of the Russian
1-arvest. and the consequent famine in many and
ide districts of the Government, of Bessarabia
.Kherson and Taurfda. and -slDdolla. there la
much popular rejoicing at the splendid pre-pects
so far. of an abundant vield of all ctoTs as
a result of the abnormally heavy and unusually
lale snowfalls, and the protracted rales which
filmed, it is estimated that there I. an a"er'
? 2chpt,h K .l lnche"'. ot "'""ure In many
the whole of the southern hlacU-arlli realon
anply sv-tflclent to noutlsh the growine sraSi
against the exhaustive summer heats until the
early part ot June, when the usual cond rata?
are expected. If the latter do jut "all a suc
cessful I and recouping harvest win be'hapnllr
assured. The general welfare of South Jl"ii
?,K!,,'U.al,n?t,who"y.on "" Br" sti"le gram
Industry, and for twenty ears past the depenl-
SifoRfavBO0,1v.harrat ha n" bn so acutely
TJiV-i-?1 U,.e' bawevcr several cables of acom-
StJninc nature have been rclvcd regardltir
the Russian crop, and this morning the rSlowlnl
came frcm Odessa. "Prospects fo? oTwhektcroS
oretecomlng less favorable. Ralnsbadly S
r Sroomhall cables that Danublan corn was
arriving In bad, condition. The hlh prtce of
American corn drew out large offerings of C3ri
from tho Danublac countries, and their shin,
cents, as well ns.thos; fmm the Argentine have
S'on rapidly jn volume. The combined exports
f.'1? untries' corn last week were Suite
? " feT5 Ln Htl of U'we from the United States!
,? mun J ,hl" nube and rutte corn has
ni ."'K1 lJS, "don that their price Declined
- -?nf,Acrafc,Iy- Tbt discovery that the condition at
nSanuL1,in. w,rn ,l5 my !'Ut that de
seriptlor out In Lngllsh markets.
.v"if,ln.nclpo"x i"'- "There has been no rain
I.. S"v d"li Eel gooJ eentral rains wltjin i.
wk.!?r ".? "HI nvc some serious dam-
rta the plant poor and appeared damaged?
Liverpool's stock of wheat decrtaMd 264 xn
ii!u. last week and now 2.636.000 bu. Corn stocx
-W "r0 DU- n Increase last week of 144.000 bu.
. SiR2St?ct?tock ?' wheat In Chicago are:
M.600.ol bu. No. 2 red winter and 5.2M.00U bu. No
,1 Northern.
" "'T70?ahaw,,r:8: r.'.Vn,"a BM ni" oon wheat
J'i-SSi11 "I'ure. Wheat on best land can stand
'. f wn"S J0,"!er, but balance .turning yellow- and
sickly. I hear same report nll'over."
The Government weekly "weather crop report
J2is.,!?i,ni A. 5fry. r,'n'Sl! "uprorement In
the condition Is Indicated. The growth of te
crop over theNorthern imttlon o( the.Central and
Jtestem district", however, has been slow and
large areas In the Carollnas have been sub
merged. the Illinois weekly bulletin saj wheat had
deteriorated decldidly. mainly through Hessian
fly Injury, though In part through dry weather.
Oats have suffered considerably through drought,
the stand thin and color bad. with same plowed
under. In some localities rain helped oats. Com
SSSot.vu .pI?n,.i and. "I- with cultivation.
Growth retarded by cold weather and soma In
Jury by. cut worms.
Following from French Grain Company. Tope
ka. Kas.: The latest advices coming to us from
country shippers are to effect Kansas wheat crop
is damaged more than has been anticipated We
believe that a, conservative estimate crop from
EH2?lL,.n41cat,tm" would be from 55.000,000 to
63.000.000 bu. ln many counties where the wheat
Isheadtar out the plant Is withering up. and a
great many fields will never see a harvester. The
Hessian tlr undoubtedly Infests all the fields ana
the only reason we have not heard more of it
before Is because the farmers are unfamiliar with
the insect and cannot discover it until thelr
wheat Is considerably affected.
va Dusen. Hanlngton & Co. of Minneapolis.
Who control a large system of elevators in the
Northwest, wire Henry Poole: "We think outlook
Jr favorable. Some talk of -need of rain In
North Dakota, but think no damage done. Gen
erally speaking, crop never looked better this
time of year."
JrPrtmary corn . receipts. S5S.C00 bu.. against
4a.opo bu. a ycar'ago: 114.100 bu. arrlved'at St.
. Primary oau-recelred turns hn- .mM
iTSSLMa kn .m wA aM ,liv j. . V.
- . ". -- vjw minviuK ar sl
, ,
3T-V iCvm. -, . V. -
Louis, against tl,$oo bu, en year ago; primary
shipment!, 369.000 bu. .
Wheat .recalpt at primary market. Mo. W
bu.. against 243.O0O bu. a week ago. 44.000 bu. a
-.ear ago. Et. Lout received &S,00 bu. against
SUA) bu. a week aco. and 28.300 bu. a.jear ago;
shipment from primary point. 728.000 bu.
Caab Grain, Float-, Etc.
WHEAT-Cash Maritet-Becelved 2.280 ka and
49 cars lo6al and 14 cars through. Th notable
feature was the sale of 40.000 bu. No. 2 red for
export and 5.000 to city mill, this clearing up
nearly all controlled by the elevator. Balance
now mainly owned by mills and exporters. Sam
ples were itrm. but no higher for desirable mill
ing grades, which sold quite readily. Sales of
No. 2 red this side arc 7tc and E. side at 74SW
71c: No. 3 red at 69c to ;i'if72c; No. 4 at fSB)
7"c: No. z hard at 7S'r;3J-c; No. 3 hard at 71if
lkc. A S,Csx-bu. lot No. 2 red sold to come in
COllN Cash Market Received 1.6:4 sks. and
113 cars local and 62 cars through. Steady and
quiet. Offerings moderate, and Mifnclcnl ship
ping and local demand to absorb them. On trk.,
del.. No. 2 and No. 3 sold aX iic; No. 2 yellow
at 4Sc; No. z white at 44iC; No. 3 white at
43'ic: On Lovee. mixed at 42c and white at 43'iC.
OATS-Cash Market Received M cars local and
. uvin tutuuKii. mcauy ana a. ueiver unuwiu.
but not nil offerings could be told. By sample
No. 2 solil nt ?rf--.i:e vrt ,t sue??.. Vn 2
'i..,.... ... a.i.,a. ... ... ..! . ..
ii1"" " -jww'm:: o. 2 rui
at luc: No. 2 whit nt :0'tc: No.
O30'jc for low to choice; No. 4 w
running to white
i. s wnue at x
tthlte at f?lU.H30.i
RI Oulet. lint ktmn'pur. X ear Vn rt ulil
del 1.. side at SS'jc: No. 2 quotable at Mhc
ru)uH-A fair domestic trade and some ex
port sales, but both only In a small way. and
to mvt Immediate requirements. Quotations for
car lots on trk. of soft winter wheat flour are
as follows: ratcnts S3.60S3.7S; straights 3.4)Sj
3.: txtra fancy 3.:tfJ.M; clear 2.Wa:.90: low
and medium 12.1:02.4). Hard winter In Jute sks.
2.602.n) for c'eaie. S.'.seys.io for straights and
H-"-?i'3-,, for paients. spring wheat patents
J3.R0W4 In wood, 20c less In Jute sks.
H KUJUH-Jobbins at W.03 In sks. and
3.3 in bbls.
t-OItNMEAL City meal, f. o. b., 12.30 and
pearl meal, rrrlts and hominy 12.60.
J.IU.FEEn The demand continue from the
South, and .lc bid for skd. bran t. o. b. barges,
but held above that, and an option given en a
largi. lot at 72c, at which 25 sks. sold. Sales to
the tat not to be made above 6Sc basis K. trk..
but very slow, ax mint buyers out at that price.
A!.ml" 'ran -l00 at "3c and ships at 78c.
HAJ iteeelved. 3.100 tons local and 3b0 tons
through; shipped. 703 tons. Offerings still exem
ive. nnd markst unfavorably a flirted therebv.
Only top grades of timothy se:l with any readi-ue1-',:
the mitllum and lower qualities very lull.
Cliolce clover alone wanted, and best prairie,
ab-o. Current rates on trk. fcr timothy, Jt4 for
i'h0'S, J12-WB13.W for No. 1: no.Mijli for No.
:: ,ls31J)-f0r No 1'rairle. JllSil.So for No. 1:
S"45? for ICo- 2: ''Wff9 fr No. 8. Clover,
LlD AND SPEL.TER-A strong maiktt for
lead, orrerlngs of which very small. Buyers now
at H.324 for Lhemleal hard, the same ince us
desllverlied. nnd for soft Missouri 14.30 bid.
bnclter remains dull at 3.f0 sellers.
Prices on 'Chans.
The following tables show the range of prices
In futuie and cash grains:
Closed Ranired CTlosed.
Monday. Ttstenlay. Yesterday.
Wheat May
Corn May ...
Srpt ,
Oats May ...
J2a a
42 j43)
6J4S' b
IS a
2;i, b
,.42iJ a
..4Z"S D
..), b
Cash wheat, corn and oats lanced
, Tetterday. Monday. Testerday.
wivii u. . rea.t V4
No. 3 red 72 (f .24
No. 4 winter ..67 fci7t)
No. 2 hard 72i,'u72
ao. 3 hard 71:kQ72
Corn No. 2 42-421
No. 3 424Q....
No. 2 white ...43444
"No. 3wMle ...u v-isi
Oats No. 2 2i45r234
No. 3 S) C...
No. 2 Northern.294w....
61 e;o
42 VWA
42 6J....
:9 v....
61 l44
62 UW
3s V....
39 J9
22 !....
No. 2 white ....3U4il3V
No. 3 white 3i)v,u
24 ar.'i
No. 4 white ....3u a..
3Iovemral of 4ruin
heat. Corn.
. . . Heci; bnlp. Rec. Shin.
St. Lculs M,K0 77,520 144.000 W.2I1
Chicago 91,1,5 321.t80 714.935 4bt,,l:
jut-uu J.3W Z.SUV 4Z.ITJ
1-iiroit 1.-.VZ 3.1WJ
Kbns.is City 3ri,wo &3.6 2yii
Milwaukee 4S.750 1.47J 14.4W
MlUt CUlJfMlS KiAXH 24 . 4.71.1
.LILluth 41.7,1 244,117 SM
btocka of Grain In Store.
Yesterday. Monday. Last it.
Contract Grades
No. r ltd
No. 2 hard
No. 2 com
No. 2 vclte corn ..
No. 2 oats
No. 2 no
tjv.t39 W9.K0S Ji4,41
... 31.173
.. 2J.tM
Local Fruit, Vegetable, Toultrj,
Egg and Butter Quotations.
The produce markets were again quiet yester
day. Receipts of nearly everytulng were heavy
and the demand was slow. Prices, as a rule,
were weak, but were not quotably lower, bhlp
pers bought very little, and the local require
ments were light.
Potatoes were again strong and higher. Receipt
were light, and there was a good demand tor
fancy smooth stock, especially rural and bur
banks, which were scarce. There was no de
mand, however, for anything except fancy stock
and common or Inferior stock was difficult to
New potatoes were slightly firmer, an offerings
were not quite as heavy as they have been, and
there was a fair demand, on account of the scar
city of old stock.
Sweet potatoes were quiet and steady at un
changed prices.
Cauliflower was dull and weak, as offerings
were heavy, and the demand was light.
String bean" were in better demand and firm
er, as offerings were moderate.
Green pease were dull and weak, a offerings
of home-grown were ample for the demand. -
Cucumbers were weak and lower. Receipt
were heavj-. and there was very little demand.
Cabbage was steady and unchanged. There waa
only a moderate demand, hut receipts were light.
Onions were dull and weak, as offering were
liberal and there was little demand.
Tomatoes were dull and weak. Offering were
heavy, and there was only a light demand.
Squash was plentiful and lower, as there was
enly a limited demand.
other vegetables were quiet and steady at un
changed prices.
Apples were quiet, hut very firm. There wa
only a limited demand and that waa confined to
fancy stock, but stocka are nenrly exhausted, and
receipts were light.
Strawberries were weak and lower. Receipt
of home-grown were heavy, and on account of
the continued cool weather, there jra only a
moderate demand. Some) of the express receipt
were small and inferior and were hard to sell at
any price. Missouri. Southern Illinois and Ken
tucky receipts brought fair prices, but Arkan
sas stock was weak.
Oranges were firm and ln slightly better de
mand, but there wa no quotable change to
Lemons were also firm and ln good demand,
with offerings light.
Pineapples were In fair demand and steady at
unchanged prices. Offerings were light.
Cherrle were ln fair demand and firm.
Blackberries were dull and slow, and a-O0Mber-rles
were quiet and steady.
Other fruits were tteady and unchanged.
Live poultry was quiet and steady. There wa
a good demand for large spring chickens, which
were scarce, but small chlckers were plentiful
and slow of sale. Hens were also plentiful and
slow. Spring ducks sold fairly well, but old tur
kej. duck and geese'were dull and nominal.
Dressed poultry was dull and unchanged. There
was a fair demand for fancy large sprirg chtck
en. nnd choice, smooth, light htns sold readily,
but turkejs, ducks and geese were dull and
Veals were plentiful, as receipts were heavy
anil some stock was carried over, but there waa
a fair .demand for fat calves, and srlcea were
Sheep and lambs were dull and slow at un
changed prices. ,
Wool was quiet, but steady. There was some
Buying by manufacturers, and a slightly better
feeling prevailed. Receipts, however, were lib
eral and stocks are heavy.
Hides were quiet, but firm. Receipts were gen
erally of poor quality, but good stock met with
ready sale.
The egg market was dull and lower yesterday.
but prices were firm at the decline. Receipt
were moderate, snipmenis were Ilgnt. and there
was only a limited local demand. Fresh receipts
sold at 10c. loss off. for near-by and Southern
stock at 9c. loss off.
Receipts at St. Louis were B.943 cases, and
shipments were 2.40O cases.
Dairy Prodaeta.
Butter Market was again quiet, but firm
yesterday, as there was a fair demand for all
rrade. and packing stock wa especially wanted.
Quotations: Creamery Extra HHSlic: first
,h. AA...ta 1C IViIra tw .. HAIL.. .. ..&
33c: grease 334c Country store-packed lie for
choice to 6c for poor. Ladle-packed Extra 13c;
flrrta 12c: choice near-by creamery 16c
Cheese Quote: Twins 9c; singles Vc: T. A.
104c: New York 10c: Llmburgcr lie; Swiss 15
16c; brick lic
Tt-rk New standard continued firm and un
changed at 315.13 In a Jobbing way.
Lard Ctolce stiam E. side wa In light offers
Inr lirm and higher, at S.ttc.
Green Hams. Etc. In car lota f. o b. B. lde;
Hams 10-av. at Sc: 12s at !"c: 14s at Slic: 16
and ln at ic: 20s at 9c; skinned hams 14-av at
e; 186Ms at sic: 222ls at SUc; Callfonilas at
OWiCXe; New lork shoulders at 'le. From the
block, del.: Hams at 9c for lt-lb. average to Via
for run-of-hcuse; bellies at 8H69Vc. as in aver
age: Calif ornlas at 6546Hc New York shoulders
D.' S. Meats To arrive, 45650-av-erage cured
c'rlbs held nominally at B.Kvjc c. 1. f., but no
demand therefor. Bxd. lots In a Jobbing v-ay
ranged: Extra shorts at c; c'rlbs at s'ic: clear
sides at SHc: bellies at Site to He. as In aver
age: plates at 7'ic: fat back at Hc; sUndard
backs at hSc Dealers charge higher on orders.
Bacon Bxd. s c. meats In a Jobbing way
range: Breakfast bacon at. from t'ic for heavy
to 124c for choice light; hams at lulic to 114c:
Calirornlas at 7e to Sc. 4 In avenue; New
Tork shoulders at 7ic Plain-smoked bxd. meats
ln a Jobbing way ranged: Extra shorts -at lie:
c'rlbs at 9Hc: clear sides at OHc; bellies at 14o
to 104c. as In average: plates at lc; tat back
at SHc: standard backs at H4c Dealers charge
Mgrer on orders.
Ccti try Bacon Quote prime meats: Sides at t
S84c: shoulders at 54c to (c; ham at I44c
. a. meats He per lb. less.
Oleo Stearlne Held at JHc
Tallow Steady: prime country at 4TiVfc; No. 1
at -44c: cake at 4c Packers' choice held at 1
ftlc E. side. s
Grease Quote smalL lrreauhir lota ennntev.
Brown at 34c. yellow at 3c white at 4c Paelr-
ers' stock: Brown at 44e4Uc, yellow at44c
j white at 6C5HC
Beef On orders: fthld. limmm 'at ia vtwit .
Market at 310.50; dried at Uc to 12o and lie per
lb., as In kind; tongues 144c tier lb.
! - " " bibw.
rouiiry. vane ana . veaia.
? uvk miii.Tirv. rnirv-air srerrag !
. - V"
hen Te; roosters, old or staggy vimryj, 3Uc. Tur
key Round lots So. Ducks r.'iiCc. Geese, (top
for full-feathered) 4c. Spring chickens seinnc by
weight 114T16c per lb.; top price for fancy large;
spring ducks liriS124c; spring geese 10c -cr B.;
pigeons tl.W per ilox.: squabs SI.
DRESSED POULTRY Iced slock, scalded and
undrawn, with he.ul nnd Ues on: Chickens
Average 7674c; roosters 4c. Turkej a Average
6c. Ducks 7c. All poor stock, litiludtng sour.
sweating, thin, scrawny, etc, nominal, t-'pring
chickens I51j 16c. '
FROG LEGS II per doz. for large. 60c for me
dium and 30c for small.
VEALS Choice fat at 585',c per lb.; heretics,
rough, small and thin 3ff3',c. Spring Iambs 4'u
ROASTING PI ('.-Quotable; at from 1 to Jl.M
per head, as to size.
Fruits anil VrRctnbles.
APPLES Quote: Fancy repacked russets 35 and
willow twl-p to m per I'bl.
nL.ACKlll:Rltm-SI.23-l.;5 per 6-gal. case.
SI RAWBEItlUKS Uome-grown sold mainly at
60tz.Sc, but a few fancy wml ns high as Mc per
3-gal tray: Arkansas mid mainly ut rrum 9i)c to
31 per 3.gal. crate for choice, but soft, hehl-nwr
and small block told as low as 73o n case, mid a
few fancy early arrival" brought more; Tennes
see sold at from Wo to 1 and ICi mucky at from
rS.0?. .IS-15- "llnola and Missouri told mainly at
atwcijti i)" S"K1"' C'"""' and Sc"----crn HI'"""
CHLKR1ES Home-grown nt 11.S03L75 per 3
gal tray.
. ORANGES Quote, car lots California sound on
Jl.! t,x.tra fancy 3:.'j3G0: fancv navels at J2 9)
jf3- choice do. ut J.'.ToftJ M; n-edllngs n ti.iOW
t. :or.56ice fancy J2.23tfA33: Mediterranean
sweets 12..583. HlooJ orann.s. MosMna. In half
bxs. containing 80 to liO. at J2. Jobbing prices
-to?,P.'.rfc-J higher than car lots,
.i H(i5,iS-""on,,a " lrk- t J2.6) for choice
fj'i'f J,B2.!iO for fancy; Mes-lna quotable at
i i&i.'i rr..lt"-. acronllng to uu.ilily.
SSfe-JT.!?SL".-,'U1 tTom ' o W per 100.
C3FOANl'Th,--u----blt' a- 537--0 Per l.OJ0-!na
"nail .way a"t 14 ht ton
!. Aflfrpn "'dels 1 M(il.75 per bunch.
i. . VV1-L,ESQuo-e: Havana at 23 per crate
.-.S,J?ty?.1.wa5': Florida 33.ti) per crate.
.eisJfO,.0f,A ,--El"llri-Sold at J1.23fl2.
according to quality.
uoObLBKRRlES Home-grown 60c per S-gnl.
I-OTATOES Northern on trk.: WIconln nnd
M nnesota-Uurbank at DOKc for common to
fair to 6vK.Cc for choice bright: rural at 70fr7Jc
for choice bright: while mixed at J0ii5.-; com
mon.'0 fair red mixed at 40Sfoi)c; Mlchlgzn rural
at tuc for fair to choice and 7ii?7:c for fancy
smooth, and 73c delivered. All bug-eattn. In
terior stock affected with dry rot lets than aiiovo
CAUBAGE-Quote choice New Orleans nnd Mo
bile at 11.802 for fancv: damaged and Inferior
cess; Mississippi Costal Springs S25(2.10 per
crate del. On orders higher. New Orleans Jl.M
per crate.
TOMATOES-FIorlda at J150fi2 for small to
medium and J2.M for fancy largo per 6-baket
EGGPLANT Quote Florida at J2.30 for "mall
to 33 for choice per lN.hu. crate.
STRING HEANS-New Ollejlw l.u. bis. 733
for flat; round green Jlfn.25. Alih-ima 7.".c for
Hat and J1M1.23 for round guen. Mlrslsslnp) wax
a,;d.,r0,l!tJ..ET.''en W !S ner hu. hox.
CLCUMIILRS New Orlean" quotable at $1 per
"Rte for choice; jellow and small less. In bbls.
GUMBO Quote Florida at J3 50 per 6-basket
PEPPERS-Cholco Florida at SI 50 per 6-basket
NEW POTATOCS-Loulslana 11.1591.20 per ;-
Mil. sk and J: S0473 ner Mil.: trlumnhi 11.2371.20
rr .: S393.2S per bbl. Inferior "lock les.
llSs" "?i"ln5 slo,,,J' at MS)7;c per crate:
BLFUWKR Selling at 40c5?H per bu. box.
. 5E.BS New Orleans not wanted; home-grown
lOtSl.- pr doz. bunche. Orders hlaher.
CARROTS-Quote: New- Orleans nt MUSOc per
ooz. bunches. Home-grown nt 10c per bu. loose.
On orders $1.50 per bbl.
TURNIPS New Orleans quiet nt 23fl30c pr
doz. bunches for choice; old 7tc per bu. On or
ders higher.
KOHLRABI Choice large New Orleans at 10a
ijc per doz. bunches.
SI'INACH Home-grown at 5c per bu. lon"e;
Southern rot wanted.
SAUERKRAUT Quote: Bbls. nt 31.50; half
bbls. at 32.50
SWEET POTATOES-Quote home-grown from
45tir.joc per bu. loose
ASPARAGUS-At 2.1ilj40c per doz. bunches for
home-grown, acccrdlng to size and quality.
KALE Home-grown 5c per bu. box.. Conlgn
ments not wanted.
LETTUCE New Orleans not wanted. Homo
grown sella at 10c per bu. box lcoso.
RADISHES New Orleans nrd other Southern
slock not wanted, as offerings of home-gro-vn
were literal, and sold at from lc to 4c per bunch.
. GREEN ONIONS Home-giown 3j6c rer doz.
GREEN TEASE Home-grown Jl per Int.; 13
per bbl.
NEW ONIONS-New Orleans Mc per &-blil. sk.
RHUBARB Selling at from SSJIOc per doz.
Dry flint Average Tei-vs receipts, round 13'5c:
choice Texas 14c. Dry Hint Native 13v;c: fallen
12c: Southern 13c. Dry flint-Selected No. 1
14c: selected No. 2 12c Dry Hint Hull lie. Dry
salted 124c: selected No. 1 lie: No. 2 10c. Green,
salted 6VitI6'xc: No. 1 7c: No. 2 Cc. Grcen-salte 1
Bull 54C. Glue Dry 6)4c: green 2Uc Uncureil
or green lc per lb. less than cured llor"e hide"
Green-salted No. 1 12.50; No. 2 31.50; pony and
glue stock 73c.
"Missouri A Illlnol
Tex.. I,
T. ft Ok.
Med. combing. .1.
Med. clothing..!)
Braid & low. ..13
Burry & clear
mixed 14
Slight burry.. ..13
Medium .
.ii en1
.12 W12V-
.11 fl!2U
,.ii rum
Coarse & low
Fine medium
Light fine....
Heavy fine...
. 3 W84
Dakota & Western-
Hard burry..
Light fine
Heavy fine.,
..II) HJlU'i
.'.io en
Bright medlum.15
Dark medium. .12 Wi
Fine medium.. .12 124
Light line 12
Heavy line s 0 S4
Ark. & Southern
Med. (fleece")... 164
Med. 4.1onse)....13 (313'4
Burry It l!ft2
Hard burry 9 ff 9J4
Tubw ashed
No. 1 234
No. 2 21 23
Burry 17 I7
Angora A Goat Hilr
Long 1) (il3
Short & low.. ..11 U12
Hurry & cotted. 8 it S4
Wisconsin Iowa,
Med. combine.. 154
israia low..,. it
Seml-brlght ...It
Fine medium
Light fine....
lleaw fine..
Kansas & Nebraska
Bright med 154
Dark A sandy. .13 134
Fine medium. ..13
Light fine 12 Q124
Heavy fine & &10
Black and seedy at from 4c to 6c per Ih. less,
15c allowed on old and 20c on new wool sks.
FEATHERS? In demand: sttady. Prime live
reese In small sks. 46c. In large sks. 44c. gray
26c In small. 34c In Iarg" sks.; old white rr.'crtic;
X 2i'f30c; XX 16B20e; XXX 10920c; XXXX t;
cnlcktn 2c; turkey tail 18c, wing 8c. pointers 4e,
wine and tall 10c: wing, tall and pointers 7c,
body 2c; duck white 35c, dark 23c.
DEER SKINS. ETC Prime deer skins ISc per
lb.: Texa at 2uc; antelope 13c per lb.; goat 25c
to 274c each; damaged out.
BEESWAX Quote at 274c per lb", for prime.
8KECP PELTS-Full-wooI p,-lt" at 50c to SOC
according to amount of wool thereon; lamb at
236-500. Southern at 253-inc; shearlings at 20335c;
dry stock, fallen, etc, 7(l9c per lb.
ROOTS-Glnseng at from 34 for small to 34.50
for large; lady slipper at Cc; sencca nt 25c; pink
at 14c; golden seal at 26c; May apple nt ZV-c:
snake at 209224c; black at 24c; angelica at
24c: wahoo bark of root fie. bark of tree 24c;
blood 24c; blueflag 3c; ckutlcap leaves 5c; sassa
fras bark 4c; wild ginger 4c
STOCK PEASE Whlppoorwlll quotable nomi
nally at SI. 8081.90 for prime; cow pease 12.10.
Other varieties nominal.
CASTOR BEANS Hid S1.20 per bu. for prime
In car lots: small lot and Inferior less.
LINSEED OIL-Raw 61c; boiled 62c; lc per gal.
less In carload lots.
COTTONSEED OIL-Summer yellow at 2Cc;
white T7c: winter yellow 41c, and while 42c
HEMPSEED Latest sale at 32.75if3 per 100
lbs. pure test.
DRIED FRUIT Quote: Apples Evaporated
rlrgs at Site to 4c: quarters at 3c to 4c; chope -it
VAlKci peelings at &c: sun-dried quarters -it 3ffi
S'ic for good Inferior less. Pea'hes Fancy cvnp
oroted unpteled hilves at 4c and sun-dried nt lc
to 14c p-r lb.
DRIED GREEN PEASE Jobbing from store at
S1.23; Scotch 31.S0; split 31.4'l,
WHITE BEANS Ilnnd-plcked pea bean" In a
Jobbing way from store at S2Q2.03 per hu.;
screened at S1.9e01.97 p-r hu. Country at J15?!.:j
per bu. Lima beans at 741?Fc per lb.
MOSS Market steady: machine-picked In best
d.mand: offerings liberal: crny mixed 147fliC:
gray, brown and black lt?2c: brown nnd black
mixed l'iB2c; machine-picked X at 3CT34c; XX
at 0404c: XXX at 4495c; XXXX at f.gi'ic; m
ferlor picked less: extra black 6c.
EMPTY BARRELS Coal oil. turpentine and
gasoline 95c; vinegar-COc: black oil 40c: lirseed.
light oil and varnish 75c: sugar 15c: whHky foe.
do. half bbls. ?5c: wine $1; sauerkraut 33c; pickle
45c: molasses 30c: lard tcs. 25c: 15e off for cch
broken head or stave; 2c off ftr euch hocp miss
ing BROOM CORN-In fair demand and steady.
ttrtalle. per ton: Common at 140 to 350! fair at
$60 choice short green brush r-t $704
BONES Choice bleached at S15 per ton; other
kinds from tio to tit. ,
Wrorght Iron 45e: heavy cast 4c; m-illcable TVc:
steel 20c breakage 31c- stove 30c: burnt -J-: light
brass S7.50; hcavv bras" 312; copper 313; zinc
S2.15; lead 33.53; pewter S12
ICHWINES-Steady on a basis of J1.30 per
PEGGING AND TlES-Bagglng-m-lb. 64c; 2
1b. 4c; 84-lb.7c Tlei SI. Twine, 9c.
POP CORN (en Cob) Quote the range from COc
for mixed to Sl.li for choice white rice
LUMBER From first hands quotations range
as follows: Poplar-1-lnch at S2SS29 and J1W19:
1462-Inch at 33331 and S20931: 24-Inch and
thicker at 131033 and 121922: square 4x4 at 322
and 111. 6x5 lo 7x7 nt 325, and 115: s8 and up at
S2ft(JS0 apd SIS. Oak Plaln-awed Inch at $211221;
and 314016: 14 to 2 Inch at 325026 and Sr016; 24
9U incn at laoai inn i&; quarier-saweu, wnue.
Inch at 3338(1 and S20R22: 14ifl4-lnch at 142 nnd
; quarter-sawed, red. Inch, at S2S330 and SlsZe
: 14014 inch at S29831 and J1SU21: bolsters
nnd reaehes-at 224: tongues at S3a Ash 1-Inch
at -4&x?j ana sis; inxitrz incn izwjh and fii
Oil: 24x4 Inch trt S23831 and 317. Black walnut
at S70 and S40 and S20. Cherry Clear nnd second
at 365; common at 330 and culls nt 312. Hlckorv
at S2 snd $10: hickory axles at KM. Cedar at 325
t26 and S15fT16: posts at I7c to 2Vc each, accord
ing to else. 8ycamore at S101Z1I for merchantable
stuff: do. quarter-sawed at S24R23 and $12. Cot
tonwood Mill run fft 312313: box boards (13 Inches
and over) at $22. Gum at S9B10 for enr. $22 and
$11 for red. Cypress nt $2O30 and SH920 choice
Louisiana worth more. Maple at $12 for soft
Order higher.
Dried Frnlts.
New Tork. May 28. The market for evapo
rated apple ruled tolerably steady, but not ac
tive, a only a light Jobbing trade at unchanged
price wa reported. State commons 2a44c
prime 44g4c; choice 554c and fancy 6B4c;
CTatifnrnla dried fruits wern inneftu, hf nMi
nally steady. Prune SB7c per lb., as to size
Hi. .?u2!LtT- riMts-Roral. 74ei2e: Moor
FarkWOUe. Peaches-Peeled 124620c: unpceled
The Visible.
New Tork. May 28.-Bpcclal cable and tele
sraphlc communications to Bradstreet's how the
(following changes ln available supplies from the
last account:
Wheat United Slates and Canada, east of the
Rockies, decrease 3.6S6.000 bu.: afloat for and In
Bjrope. decrease 4CO.OW: total supply, decrease
4OK400. Corn United States and Canada, east
Rockies. Increase SS.000 bu. Oats-United staten
and Canada, east of the Bockles. Increase 2.000.
Among; the more Important decreases reported
to BrscStreet's are those of L254.000 bu. at Chl-
JeajroiwlTate elevator 200.000 bu. ln Manitoba.
SS:.1,' t.0nuuV 11M21- t Northwestern
iterlor elevators and 52.000 bu. each at Portland.
..13 g!34
..12 312'
Me., and Deiot Harbor. The leading Increase Is
that of ISt.OuO bu. at Quebec.
Xntlie Strera Steady Trxans In Lara;--r
.Supply nnd Steadi Hoicb Active.
CATTLE-Beef Steere Heef offerings from na
tive sources were fairly good and the qual.ty
was medium. A brisk movement ruled and a per
ftct clearance had lieen effected by 2 o'clock.
Outside competition was sharp, but local Inter
ests managed to buy up n big percentage of the
arrivals, 'there was no material change In gen
eral conditions. Steers. 1,300 to 1.333 lhs. aver
age. (Old at 33.40 to f.1.63; 1.200 to 1.290 lbs.. SI.70
to ..V); 1,m) to 1,150 lbs.. $4.50 to 35.50. and less
thill 1.0M lhs . J4 to 31.90.
Keprrentatlve sales:
Nix Dep.
Av. IT.
No. Des.
40 steers
46 steer"
38 steers
22 steers
7 steers
16 steers
49 steers
9 steers
12 steers
10 steers
26 steers
23 steers
3 steers
42 uteers
lu steers
2 sleerB
2 steers
3 steers
6 steers
J steers
Av. Pr.
1150 5 :
11.1S 5.15
1122 5.1i
1078 5.0.)
1103 5.l)
1WJ 5.i
1024 5.01
1137 4.M)
10:-5 4.9)
1HB 4.t0
9M 4.SI.
9t7 4.W
1030 4.8)
917 4.7".
M7 4.6.)
Il'l) 4.5)
!")) 4.V)
963 4.5)
910 4.31
531 4.10
22 fcteern
z; sieera ,
9 steers
32 Aleers
SS steers
3 ne.-r"
2i) eteirs
10 steer"
7 sleers
Is Mcers
2') steers
S steers
16 steers
21 steers
19 "'eer"
5 steer"
IS steers
19 steers
26 steers
1353 33.C3
....1211 I...".)
....12 5.J)
....12 0 5.1)
....13U 5.4)
....1233 5.3",
....I2M 5 3)
....12H 5 J.)
....12S3 S.S5
....Hal 5.2)
....12. 5.2i)
....1255 5.1i
....121)6 5.11
....1236 5 1)1
....1212 4.70
....1212 4.70
Illl 5.50
1112 5.10
....U6i ;.:o
19 steers
..li'i; i3i
IS Mrs & hfs.HS7 5.23
3 steers
623 4.0)
in ii ir '"tie-Butcher cuttle receipts were
li . .' ut th'lt cut nu nur "h bujers. lor
J.n St .' '"" ,!,,r,a" ,no' tou,d "y n'ir l'nds
lit? ' wt , "Ming to piy good prices. It was
of Ti , (i"""" '""" R"r fianapoint, and most
rt .1 . ii .. .... oniiumi, mill 1I1USI
of the heifers llgure.1 10 higher thun tho clue
of a"t vveik. and the highest of the ear. Hflt
f. "', 'A l0 K-3- mainly at $1.40 to S. nnd
J-JS"."'" l0 ,,-w- ,nc buIk at $4.15. Veal
ta.es were alo extensively representeil with
i,l".s ?". l i" l,oomi an'1 'd at 35 to SS.73.
nnd bulls held a lirm tonn at S3 to $4.10. A Very
rat lovl or l.fi5-lh. stags, which really classed
as lieef. sold at 35.10.
lUnreseni.ttU a eii,i
No. Des. Av. Pr.
1 jrl hfr (.50 33.33
33 heifers ....752 5 10
2 helrers .... J30 3.00
' nilxe.1 7ij 3.,w
54 mixed ;ii 6..10
11 helftrs .... Sir ,,.oi
5 lielferi, .... 7j 5.1 0
3 helrers .... 726 4.SJ
CR heifer" .... 7:5 4.73
2 htlteiii .... an 4.7i
helrirs .... 5-6 4.70
li heifers .... 771 4.70
S cws tc Mi. 0S7 4.70
S cws & hf".. 27 4.7.1
No. Des.
2 C3US ...
4 cows ...
2 cows ...
1 cow ...,
1 heifer .
3 cows ...
1 cow ...,
1 cow ....
2 cows ..
4 cows ...
3 cows ...
11 cows ...
1 cow ....
2 cows ...
1 cow ....
2 cm ...
1 cow ....
2 cows ...
1 cow ....
2 cows ...
2 cows .,
2 cows ..
2 cows ..
1 calf ...
4 calves
6 calves
2 calves
1 calf ...
1 calf ...
2 calves
5 calves
2 calves
4 calves
1 cair ...
1 calf ...
2 calves
2 calves
1 calf ...
3 calves
3 cnlves
1 calf ...
1 calf ...
2 calves
1 calf ...
Av. Pr.
....1013 3.5)
.... d25 3.5.)
....lo.' 3.40
.... 930 3.40
.... 621 3.35
.... 1.36 3.T5
....1050 3.30
.... 710 3.23
....1115 3.10
....1030 3.10
.... 933 3.10
.... 910 3.0)
....101) 3 0)
.... (65 3.00
.... 970 3.0)
.... 90) 2.73
.... S30 2.75
.... 9V) 2.65
.... 750 2.V)
.... S75 2.35
.... 7 2.2.
.... 675 2.00
.... 72i 1.7
.... 1m) 6.75
.... 130 6. CO
.... 125 6.60
.... 1:0 C 0)
.... KO C.5.)
.... 1(0 6.50
.... 115 0.5)
.... 12S 6.M
.... 115 6.50
.... 110 6 5
.... 109 6 50
.... 140 6 50
.... 135 6.5)
.... 140 ro
.... 150 6.5)
.... 133 6 5)
.... 113 r..i)
.... 140 6.5)'
.... 1-0 6.5)
.... 115 6.5)
.... 100 6.50
43 4.70
22 hilferi
33 helfir"
11 heifer"
1 htlrer
2 cows ..
12 helrers
1 cow ...
26 lit iri-ra
1 he I for
15 heifers
2 heifers
. 741 4.7l)
. 615 4 65
. 647 4.60
. 70 4.50
.1230 4.3)
. 631 4.70
. SCO 4.50
. 7i? 4.40
. f-M) 4.4)
.531 4 4)
315 4.40
16v 4.4)
4 cvvs A. hrs.. 762 4 40
12 mixed mio 4. jn
- llilll'lS
4 heifers
5 heifers
2 cow" ..
7 htifor"
11 heifers
3 cows ..
4 heifers
1 heifer
:-o 4.4l
.. 712 l.i..
.. 57s 4 35
..109.) 4.3..
.. 578 4.3l
.. 574 4 25
..1263 4.23
.. 553 4.Z3
.. 7J0 4.
1 cow
..12W) 4 27
.. 773 4.13
..1010 l.l.i
..1102 4.1')
.. 725 4.(0
, ;i iineu ..
' 1 COW ....
15 COWS ...
0 heilers
(93 4.0)
5 cws & hfs. 7" 4.0)
6 calvcB
1.3 6.5)
1 cow
.108) 4.0D
4 calves 14) 6.5)
7 calves 114 8 3)
3 calves ltO 6.5)
14 calves 131 25
1 calf 150 6.2.-,
1 IOW ....
2 heifers
2 cows ...
2 heifer"
2 hrifers
1 heifer .
2 cows ...
3 mixed .,
2 h.irer"
3 cows ...
1 cow ....
3 cows ..
1 tow- ...
3 cows ..
14 cows ..
C cow 3 ..
1 cow ....
3 cows ..
4 cows ..
4 cows ..
2 cows ..
3 cows ..
1 cow ...
2 heifers
1 cow ...
1 tow ...
1 cow ...
1 cow ...
2 cows ..
12 cows ..
8 cows ..
2 caws ..
24 cows ..
9 cows ..
2 cows ..
....1'JOO 4.00
.... 615 4.0)
.... MS 4.0)
,... $13 4.0)
.... 7)) 4.i
.... 610 4.1')
....1107 4.0)
.... .-.41 4.C)
.... C 4 0)
....113 4.0)
....121) 3.9
2 cnives 151) 6 25
2 calves .
95 S.ti
25 calves
4 calves .
1 calf ...
3 calves
4 calve"
5 calves .
1 calf ....
2 calves .
2 calves .
3 calves.
15 slags ..
1 star ..
1 bull ..
1 hull ...
1 hull ...
1 hull ...
.... KO 6.23
.... 162 6.2i
....16) 6.25
.... 140 6.t
.... Ih7 6(0
.... ltO 5.6.
.... 140 5.5-)
.... 123 5.l0
.... 120 5.00
.... 2.3 5.00
....1615 6.10
....1410 4 90
1410 4.1)
....1700 4.1
.... 913 3.10
....1250 3 90
....10jO 3.91
....1K39 3.D)
.... :63 3.9)
.... 970 3.f3
... .lO.'l 3.S5
....1357 3.8)
....101O 3.V)
....lOo.! 3.S0
.... 913 3.81
.... !-70 3.(0
.... 4w) 3.7j
.... 87) 3.7.7
.... n 3.75
.... 9W 3.7j
1140 3.75
.... 950 3.75
964 3.7)
..... 963 3.6
1000 3.15
1016 3.61
14S4 3.5
9S0 3.5-)
135.) 4..M
1510 3
139.) 3.65
1250 2.6..
1 bulls
1 bulla U90 3.6.i
1 nuit 115) g.ro
1 hull 1450 3.60
1 bull 54.1 3.54
1 bull 1M) 3.5)
2 bulls 555 3.5)
2 bulls 1235 3.40
2 bulls 910 3.35
3 bulls 9i0 3.30
1 bull 770 3.2i
1 bull S0 3.2,
1 cow
115- 3.50
1 bull 4'0 3.H0
Mockers and FeederR5lnelr enlllj. nwalni. .-..
rather limited, but considerably larger man je
tenlay. or any clay the latter part of last week.
The quality was miscellaneous, running from
good feeders' up to si.so. to common little knot
hearts, dolvn to $2.50. Country buyers were fairly
well represented, and local dealers made a
-.trong front, all of which combined to Incite n
quick. aggreslvo trade. The best cases found
the mon urgent Inquiry at strong prices, while
a few- of the very plainest kinds were slow in
moving, but by 2 o'clock the clearance was good.
Mock sters ranged from J3.40 to Sl.Si. feeding
Mo.crs $4.25 to $4.(.0. stock cows and heifers $2.7i
to $1.15, nnd jearlingi $2.50 to $3.53. An active
market was reported in the milch cow depart
ment, and prices showed a slight advance over
the low point last week, range $30 to $54 per
IlcnreseritiLtlve sales;
No lies. Av. I'r.
4 feeder" .... 912 J4.l
4 stlickera ... h!5 4 63
3 stockers ... 73ii 4.5
26 stockers ... 576 ".)
18 stoekers ... (j.2 4.40
1 cow ..
No. Des.
1 heifer .
f9) $.4)
Av. IT.
420 3.i4l
1 heifer
. 670 3.10
3 heifers 433 3 5j
6 heifers 585 3.47
1 cow- 720 3.13
6 cows 56 2.70
learlings. . 197 2.5)
1 ceiw & calf.. ..34.(0
3 cws & clv-s..ea.4 i.OO
1 cow & calf 41.0)
2 cws & clvs.ea. 41.25
1 cow it calf.....40.C0
2 cws ,vc civ s..ea.39.O0
7 cws & clvs..ea..l7.60
2 cws & civ s..ea..37.50
7 cws & clv..ea.36.io
1 cow & calf... ..35.0)
2 cws & clvs..ea.34.50
1 cow & calf.. ...33 00
1 cow ft calf.. ...32.-4
1 cow ft calf 32.50
1 cow ft calf.. ...30.uo
1 cow ft calf.. ...to.O)
1 springer ...1030 3.15
1 eprlnger ...1140 3.10
is -eeuere .... S15 4.4)
12 Klo:kcrs ... 6ji) 4.21
2 stockers ... 5G0 4 23
& stockers ... 762 4.2i
5 fetdeis ... M4 4.25
23 stockers ... 770 4.0)
18 stockers ... 410 4.0)
2 stockers ... 40 4.(0
22 stockers ... M2 3.7j
46 "tuckers ... 3M) 3.75
31 stockers ... 545 3.65
12 stockers ... 631 3.5)
5 stockeis ... 5t 3.40
20 heifers .... 5)11 4.1i
2 heifer" .... 4i0 3.7j
2.' c" lc hfs.. 512 3.75
4V helfeis .... 533 3 75
13 mixed ..1... 672 3.75
2 he.rets .... 5j0 3.70
3 cows ...;.. If, 3.71)
2 heifers .... 4S3 3.50
2 heifers .... 570 3. CO
Southern Cattle-There were a large number
of quarantine cattle on offer tonlay. nnd every
one of them came from the Lone Star State. Re
ceipts aggregated 95 carloads, and, combined
with the big run of 141 cars Monday, made a
two-day supply that has not been equaled In
years Rt this period of the season. For tho first
time this spring, grosser comprised a majority
of the holding". A train of 985-lb. fed steers
from Temple. Tex., topped the trade at 34. s5
and grass steers sold as high as S4.25. Negotia
ting wus slow early In the day. but soon as"umed
n better aspect, and from that time un'll ev
ery thing changed hand", the scales were kept
busy. Values ruled steady, with some of the
rrost desirable- feel offerings selling stronger and
the crmmnnc"! light weights a little lower.
i:epreeiitai:ve sale"
No. De".
17 steers
10 steers
4) steers
Av. Pr.
. 705 3.6)
. 649 3.1,0
. 634 3.55
5 steers .... 782 3.50
9 cws ft hfs S45 4.3i
3 cows !36 4.10
3 cows 9)0 3.65
6 cows 910 3.65 .
2 cows 935 3.tS'
4 heifers .. 765 3.40
2 cows 845 3.40
It cows 759 3.40
39 mixed .... 631 S.25
2 cows 700 3.25
2 cows 80S 3.15
15 mixed .... 488 3.oo
37 mixed .... 499 2.95
1 cow 660 2.-5
1 bull H7 S.4)
2 bull 850 3.40
11 bulls 830 3.40
1 bull 9S0 3.55
3 bulls It) 3.50
16 bulls 1084 2.4)
i bulla 876 3.30
t bull 1250 3.25
1 stag 900 1.00
4 calves ....each.9.3)
4 yearling 43) 2.75
24 steers .... 9j9 4.25
13 steers ....1073 4.25
22 steers ....105 4.45
48 nteers .... 952 4.20
20 steers .... 7H 4.15
25 steers .... 793 4.15
51 steers .... 355 4.1$
95 steers
2 steers
49 steer
31 steerB
22 steers
24 steers
156 'steers
. S93 4.0)
... 79) 4.IO
... 793 4.00
... 6)5 4.04
... CS -I.87H
... 796 3.85
, S45 3.80
. 899 3.S0
135 steers
5S steers .... 8i 3.SO
84 steers .... 751 3.7S
IV steers .... ei2 J. 65
54 steers .... 7S7 3 65
12 steers .... 746 S.65
HOGS-The hog market opened with a moderate
ELpply on sale, and the total for the day w.n
not large, vet better than on Monday. The. qual
ity averaged reasonably good, and possibly n
shade better than esterday. Trading frcm the
time the market opened was active, and some of
the beet medium and heavy hogs sold a phide
tbetter, hut the general market waa no more
than steadv, nnd the common and trashy stock
of all de"criptlon" sold very slow. Butchers were
operatln- freely on the early market, and paid
tip to lw.874 for 231-lb. hogs, and most of the
butcher hogs sold at $5.50 to S5.85. .Good lights
found ready sale at steady prices. The close
was not materials changed, and all the hog
that arrived in decent time were sold.
The main drove of packers bought by Nelson
ilorrls ft Co. S.426 head, averaged 196 lbs. and
cost $5.76. and the main drove bought by Swift
ft Co.. 2.873 head, averaged 188 lbs. and cost 1S.75.
Th tcp of the market was $5.90 and the bulk
of the hogs aliove 150 lbs. average sold at 35 70
to $5,524, as against SS.85 for top and S3.70 to
J5.S0 for the bulk on Monday. Fair to good
bulk at $5.70 to $5.75. Light lights. 100 to 150
lbs. average, sold at S3 to $5 to, the bulk at
35.25 to $5.5?; pigs under- 100 lbs. sold at $4.50
to $3; heavy culls at $4.75 to S5.9S; good mixed
hogs at $5.60 to $5.75. and common to fair mixed
lots at $5.25 to $5.65. ""
Representative sales:
No. Av. Pr. No. Av. Pr. No. Av. Pr
76...2-S...S5.90 59...251...S6.874 74...21I...S5.8S
75.. .218... 5.85 C1...SS... 6.85 5S...283... 6 85
25.. .2)9... 5.85 68.. .210... 6.85 S9...206... S.tH
7...210... 5.824 69...2S0... 5.-34 42.. .200... 6.S3V.
78...211... S.824 64. ..241... 6.824 75...21C... S SO
e...-U?... O.BVI 03...4M... D.SV 7Z...3")Z... fi M
7S...210... 5.R0 70.. .254... 5.80 143..195... Km
C8...192... 6.80
79.. .215... 5.80
72.. .225... 6.80
78.. .198... 5.80
73. ..200... 6. SO 61. ..ISO... 6.80
88. ..212... 6.80 7S.,.S0. 5.10
St.. .193... 5.80 12.. .210... 5.S0
M...201... 6.80 97.. .201... 6.80
46.. .2110... 5.774
774 73.. .191... 6.774 90.. .317.,. 6.774
rrli. it r. ?, en .. 2 117?
98.. .199... 5.774 SS...189... 5.774
84.. .187... 6.77K, 63...1S4... 6.774
79.. .209... S.nji
av tan r -'
2-..v... e.,o
77... int.. . S.73
49...188... 5.75
54...174... 6.75
79...196... 5.75
27...231... 5.7S
S5...181... 5.75
51. ..211... 5.75
5S...19S... 6.75
M...1-S... I.7J
84... 177..; 6.-J
J-4....1 3.. ! J-r. !-( n.lO
... 5.7
20...261... 5.75
17.. .201..
81. ..201..
51. ..187.,
83.. .181..
. 5.17
. 5.71
C3...1J4... 5.73
68...192... 6.75
56. ..222... 6.76
57.. .209... 5.75
e8...1M... S.75
48...18... S.7J
44.. .21$... 6.7S
, 5.75
. 5.75
, 5.75
92... 194... 5.7S
S6...1J1... 5.75
26.. .217... i.V
No. Des. A v. Pr.
in rteeia .... 18, J4.H5
tw steers ....1012 4.)
67 steers ....1025 4.70
. steers .... nil 4.6)
150 steers .... 9-0 4.60
46 steers ....1063 4.50
29 steers .... 745 4.30
141 steers .... 964 4.25
24 steers .... 939 4.25
S9.. .178... 5.75
91. ..1179... 5.75
65.. .111..
42. ..21)..
..179... 5.75
19.. .317
S0...2K)... 6.
25.. .176...
51.. .1(2..,
35.. .193...
38.. .177...
25.. .153...
50.. .149..,
5.'. 5
if., .'.li
. 5.7'
. 5.724 61. ..161..
"" 41. ..-)!..
5 CO
74. ..172.
. 5.70
. 5.7.)
. 5.70
. 6.65
. 5. CO
. .(-.)
. 5.53
. 5.55
. 5.55
. 5.50
. 5.45
. 5.10
. 5.10
. 5.00
. 4.75
15.. .184...
31., .161...
17.. .141...
16... 141...
.. .130...
55.. .140...
67.. .13...
19.. .132...
7.. .108...
130.. .132...
93.. .170..
76.. .137.,
24. ..129.,
27.. .132.,
19.. .121.,
29. ..120..
48.. .118..
11. ..113..
191. .127.,
16... 9S.,
56.. .148,
42.. .131... 6. .',5
16. ..140... 0.50
60.. .124... 5.M
74.. .123... 6.45
13.. .116... 5.4.1
19.. .112...
24... ...
, 6.25
, 6.01
17... 89...
biithI'-Con"lderlnc that the entire receipt
were either native or Southwest sheep an I
lamb" the supply was fairly liberal, but no larger
than tho trade demands every day In the week.
J he proportion of sprlsg lamb' was larger than
usunl. A good demand prevailed, and the market
was active and price, on about the same Irasls
as on Monday, mi far an good mutton sheep were
concerned. Limbs were not quotably lower, j-et
there wa" a weak feeling, and the market was
not considered quite as goo.1 as yesterday. The
Blocker trade was steady with a good demand
iii iii.mii ?ui.pi. inie-rur cull spring lamm were
very slow ale and prices irregular.
Representative sale:
No. Des.
Av. IT.
No. Des. Av. Pr.
120 na sheep ..lot 4,t0
(9 na sheep .. 81 4.10
2'-.", na sheep ..102 4.0
10 na sheep ..liO 4.5)
9" na sheep .. 97 4.50
46 Sw-w. sheep.132 4.50
10 S.-w. sheep.105 4.50
45 na sheep ..101 4.35
21 na sheep .. 91 4.35
39 na sheep ..111 1.35
31 na sheep ..121 4.21
34 na sheep ..102 4.13
21 S-w. sheep. :9 4.t0
10 stor'ters ... 8 3 23
10 stockers ... 84 3.3)
10 stockers ... (4 3.(0
10 cull lambs.. 43 4.25
10 cull lambs.. 46 4.0)
10 cull lambs.. 49 4 00
6 bucks 151 3.25
10 cull lambs.. 24 3.20
8 bucks 132 3 00
42 bucks 110 3 0)
14.) lambs ...
39 lambs ..,
9 lamhs ...
65 lambs ...
12 lambs ...
69 lambs ...
63 lambs ...
20 lnml.s ...
81 lamb ...
8o lambs ...
43 lambs ..,
58 Inmbs ...
28 lamhs ...
31 lamb" ...
23 lambs ...
22 lamb" ...
25 lamhs ...
26 lambs ...
IS lambs ...
87 na sheep
23 na shejip
66 na sheep
14 na sheen
. 68 15 v,
. Ml
... 67
... 63
... CO 5.7-.
... 56 5.73
... 63' 5.73
... 5j 5.'5
...57 -..;-,
...f6 ". 73
5 5 1
. 47
, 51
. 6) 6.,i)
. 68 5.3)
. 19 6 2.
. 51 0.1O
. 91 4.61
.117 4.-0
. 1'S 4.l
112 4.50
61 na sheep ..l'is 4.rQ
53 na sh'-ep ..112 4.;o
81 na sheep .. 53 4.ro
107 na sheep ..1(2 4..t
107 na sheep .. w 4.50
3 bucks i:0 .1 00
3 bucks
143 3 00
6 bucks
2 bucks
6 bucks
:..Ui 3.0)
...115 3.00
120 3.00
HORSES The mirLLt I...4 . ntrU. tlhaeal -,.
considering the period of the jear. but as a
ruio thy quality was representative of a medium
to gocti class of horses, with but few or the
choice to extra grade. Tliero Is a. slightly better
recline In the market on Eastern and export
account than prevailed during the greater pntt
0 1 i1 w-"- ar,d as a consequence, good, smooth
chunks with bone and substance nre selling a
tew points better than the average previous
values, or practically as good as the week berorc
Ia"t. some en!nosa "till attends the trade on
Plain and medium ofrorlngs In the chunk class
by reason or the liteness of the spring seaoi,
and the demand for smull and Inferior workers
Is not satisfactory, by comparison with other
kinds. Activity In the direction of British pur
pose" Is unabated and as strong as a week ago
tight carload" were shipped Monday. The coach
horse department I" llrm.
Horse quotations:
Heavy drnft-Common to good. SHM3150; choice
to extra. J160fl2M Chunks 1.150 to 1.3r0 lbs,
fair to good. Stuff 19: good to choice. Slio&iss.
Coach horss and cohs Fair to good. $l35ii75:
choice to extra. f-ro-Klo. Rothes for the South
Small, light drivers, fair to good. S3.V350: choice
to extri. fG075. Southern drivers-Large. S5
12o. Lxport chunks l.;i to 1.400 lbs. plain to
good. $o110; choice to extra. $1138150. Business
drivers I air to good, $k5jl10; choice to extra,
$12jM160. Saddlers for Southern use Fair to good.
$73e90; choice to extrn, $10OulCO: fancy galted
and New- Vork saddlers S150S3O0. Inferior horses
Common, small plugB, $25s-33; heavy work
plugs. $40360.
MnLES The mule receipts continue of such
small volume that there Is Utile or no lntere"t
dlsplaed In connection with the commission de
partment. The few arrivals are In small lot",
and the salesmen find no trouble In negotiating
them quickly, leaving the pens the greater part
of the time In a state of perfect clearance. While
exterior trade this week has not opened on as
large volume as ordlnnrilj. there Is stilt an en
couraging Inquiry emanating from Eastern dis
tricts for the best grades of big mules, and any
thing on the blocky order, from 14 2 hands up.
Five or six carloads were sent to Pennsvlvan'a
coal mining sections last Saturday, but the Ina
bility of dealers to obtain enough to fill lmmdl
a.te current orders was responsible for the I'ght
movement nn Monday. Values for the kind rulo
In gcid. strong position. Tne dealers have been
bujlng n few small mule" of the warrior type,
but the order Is not weighty enough to cause any
activity In the 'market on that particular ac
count. Mule quotations (ror broke mules, 4 to T years
14 hands, extreme range
14 hnnrt". bulk of sales ..
I 60.-9 75 CO
63. COM 65 00
60.00W 75.o)
144 hands, extreme range
144 hand", hulk nf sales
15 hands, extreme rang ,
11 hand", bulk of sales
154 hands, extreme range ,
154 hands, hulk of sile ,
16 to 164 hands, extreme range.
16 to 164 hands, bulk of sales..
75 0)3100.00
SS.OOttlOO 0)
90.O0-3U2O 00
Tne first lino of quotations In each class Is
calculated to represent the full range from
common to extra. Dealers, however, often
classify superlatbe hunches (all tops) forbuvers,
which sometimes sll considerably above the
highest quotation. The second line of quota
tions signifies tho bulk of sales and generally
represents- the various clasi.es as they are sold
on the commission market, more or less mixed.
II y Tele-rrnph.
Chicago, May 28. Cattle There were about
5.000 head received here to-day. which were large
for Tuesday. Sales were on a basis ot S4JJ4.0)
tor poorer grades of light weights; fair grades
Wf.,.20: medium $3.2595.45; good fat droves $6.60Si
u.iO: choice $5.7586. On days when there Is a
large supply sales. are largely at $5S5.75. but
Tuesday is not a day when the best grades are
offered very freely. The rtocker and feeder
uiuncii 01 me market, is rainy active at 32.75
6.15. little stock helrers being dull and 16i?20j
lower than a week ago. Butchering and canning
i..iti .c etriiiuK ntiiri av eieauy prices, UU1IS
rolng at$2 i5"J4.6o. stags at S3.25tf5.20. canning
n'"."J1-'-3 an'- butcher cows and heifers at
Hogs The receipts so far this week are close to
66.000 hogs, as compared with 63(93 for the sume
period last week nnd 63.839 for the correspond
ing days last vcar. Recelrts tu-daj., 24,000 hogs,
sales being on an average of Jc per 100 IDs.
higher. Hogs sold at $5.6535.90. as an extreme
I?UF'v i.llh the greater part of the sales at
$o.io'5.824. Stags $4.75-35.00: boars. $3.5001.60;
Governments $2Sil.25; pigs weighing 70 to 13j lbs!
brought $4.50S15.67.. common to choice bacon
hogs weighing 140 to 195 lbs. at $5 6335.824:
mixed, droves weighing lt.0 to 210 lbs. at $5.63-
5.So: rough to good heavy picking hogs, nverag-lne-
280 to 450 lb" . $6.624Sf5.774: selected butch
ering lots averaging 220 to 270 lbs. $5.80a5.8f4:
heavy shipping jts weighing 260 to 350 lbs. $3.10
SrJT.'E-TI?le "rivals so far this week footed
tin 37.9.0 head, acalnst 22.772 for the same por
t!m..ofJa"t week. To-day's receipts only about
14.000 sheep and Iambs. There was a fairly good
demand at unchanged to easier prices. Colorado
Inmbs Sdf'5.29: unshorn Colorado lambs $5.65
other lambs $4.23fi5.20; culls $3.5034.5); sheep
sold on a bails of --4.73. with choice 86 to
143 lb. yearlings $4.60J4.73: ewes J3.7594.2C.
South Omaha. May 2S.-Cattle Receipts 3.500;
market active, steany to stronger: native beet
steers S4 sOii'; 60; Western steers $434.85: Texas
steers S3 &0(f !.:0; cows and heifers S3.b034.60; can
ners $1..;'I3 i 50; stockers nnd feeders S3.256;
calves $3"6.iy): bulls, stags, etc.. $2.7504.10. Hog
rR,ceJ'-t?- "J00- 'nnrket shide higher; heavy
. hS'Z.'i'- "'T'1 $3 C243-V65: light $.-.6505 624;
pigs $360: bulk of sale" $5.6085 65. Sheep Re
ceipts 3,30i): market active, stendy: yenrllnas
$4 20-firi; welhjrs $3 80-jfl.4); common and "lock
sheep SWXi: .ewes S3.t5-Jt.10; lambs 141J-5CO;
spring lambs $5-16 25.
St. Joseph, Mo. May fS.-Cattle-Recelpta 1..
Jl?.1 T.arket s'eady 10 5c higher; natives SI.60SJ
6.8j; Westerns $4 4085.60: cov.t. and heifers $2.30.01
6.25: veals $106 75; bulls and stags $2.834.75:
sl(.ckrs and feeders Si75fr4.(fl. Hogs-Receipts
9.4.19; iimrket ftrong to 5c higher; light nnd light
mlxe!.V;!V",A80v medium and heavy $5.70(35.90:
plrs $3 5VB4.73: liu.lk f 5 70(85.80. Sheep Receipts
slow; stead; clipped lambs strong to 1O0 higher:
woolcd 100 lower; top Colorado SJ.W
New Tork. May 28. Beeves Receipts 109; noth
ing doing at vards; nominally s'eady. Cobles
quote live cattle stronger at 104B1214c; top 124c
refrigerator beef higher at 94810c per lb.; hlp
ments 690 cattle. 1,817 sheep and 4.5M quarters of
beef. Calves Receipts 12; no trading; nominally
steady. Sheep and lambs .Receipts i56S; sheep
10c lower: yearlings weak: lambs 35o off; sheep
$3.2534 40: jearllnrs $535 83; lambs S6.75B7.25.
Hogs Receipts 1.297 11 for slaughterer; market
Kansas City. Mn . May 2S. Cattle Receipts
$.300 natives. 1,000 Texans, 103 calves: native and
Texas steers steady to 10c higher; stockers and
feeders strong; cows and heifers 10315c lower:
choice beef steers $5 40-15 80; common to good
$4.75475.25: stockers and feeders $3.7635.05; West
ern fed steers S4.754r5.50: Texas nnd Indians $4 25
435.50: Texas grass steers J3.-J--T4: cows $3.25-
4 60: heifers S3.r.-?3 25: canners $J!f3 23: bulls S3 23
414 50: calves $436 51. Hogs Receipts 18.7CO: mar
ket 6c hlher- top $'..90; bulk of "ales $7.6535 83:
henry J5 8035.90: mixed packers $3 63JJ.-1 85; lights
$5.4oTS.75: pigs $15105 3.1. Sheep Receipts 7,500;
mnrket strong; Wes'ern Inmbs $4 9035.60; West
ern wethers S42.-i;4 f.V Western vearllngs $4,654
5: ewes $3 7324.25: culls 12.7532 60: Texns rrass
rheen S3 75C4 70; Texns lambs $4 6034.70: spring
lambs $5.7536.50.
Fair Inqnlry In Proa-re nnrl Market
I Pretty Well Sustained.'
New Tork. May 3S. fjve poultry receipt to
day were S car Western by freight and fully
1 car more by express. Italny weather yester
itsy kept dealers off the market, but there was a
fair Inquiry to-day In progress from the retail
Interests and the market Is pretty well sustained
at lDc on fowls and Cc en old roosters. Turkej s
steadv- at yesterday's advance. .Spring chickens
rot plenty, but 2fc full high on nncst Western,
while small Southern are lower. Ducks and
geese are slow at unchanged prices. Other quo
tations uncnangeu. .
Dressed poultry receipts to-day 1.T3 Pkgs. The
fresh receipts were not heavy, but with invoice
from Western sections showing some increase,
especially from Indiana and Illinois, the feeling
was none tco strong at present price. Prime
Western dry-picked fowls were held at Stic, but
Southwestern are shaded to DUc and even lc,
when, by so doing. It Is possible to move a line
of goods. Western spring broiler when strictly
fancy and average from 3464 lbs. to pair, sell
readily at full outside figures, but on the average
grade ot scalded roec Ij full high, while most
of the dry-picked are selling at from !" down,
thourh handsome large command 27873c per lb..
Frozen poultry quiet and unchanged, with Mies'
confined to small Jobbing lots. -
Iced Poultry nrollcrs Western 'dry-picked 9
SSc; Western scalded "SB:: Western small 20$
22c. Others unchanged,.
New York. May 2J. Eggs Receipt to-day 24.
343 cases. Receipts were again heavy, bat with
clear weather and the favorable condition at
tending the market on line goods, show a firm
feellne-. A better business dolns- lnffthe hettep
grade ot the ordinary run at Western. Dome ,
flt.lvB i,i otw... ... .73. ,i auu .umu, m
hey. can be landed here st the price from the
West. Western and. Southwestern, fair to good.
Lucky Dime Oil Co.'s Stock
Thursday, Nay 30th, Will
This stock will advance to 15 cents per share after this day.
This advance in price is caused by the daily increasing value of
the company's lands.
- wiifff r.
V -Cs.'A, kV-'SlS'.'-i . 1" Ife ffiaastL- l?f
Msd t )&! -. i
msf rtli. i in l mi
"2T I
i?v " 1
m sfja-sjsj-isBh e, a'VjBBfrlBsUsst " '
This company, without doubt, offera tn , nret and most reaaonabla em
proposition on the market to-day. tront. -: ano aw- r -- w
The Lucky D'rne Oil Co. owns fl-re tract , . tt t - gnrronnd tha Bi Gaaher-I
that no matter which way tho oil veins ru" ,iIiTIrhnrrnd to catch them. Sevani
big wells on land rlpht adjoinint; Lnckr D?,arr7Lb.0-,?-l1,ti 2- rtod tatS
week, and then Lucky Dims Block will luj".?, Utrr ' doitar "Pect,a Jn "-J
The ofHcers and directors of tho Lucky JSJ SLf-U 221 n ,. rvmnnr'af-a
oorn?any"a W"Uer C Jonc8' MaTOr of City of GalTeaton. ! a director of thus
Tho land of the Lucky Dime OH Co. ar. .-- .t. .. ,.. .. .. M4, M1
ital stock of- the company. a to-day worth M moeh as tha ctlra eD-
rvir turtner parucuiara; prospectus ita,,
H. C. NOEL & CO., 1023 KHUri IMf., St. Lolls, Kt.
wM to(M Uitr ttMM Mm, Mm. will mmlHrmt, mat la .-.aa--.fi
Alt null
outWeRofn8t.bf onhsnife! .r. ExPre
outside or st, Louis and notification sent
'3ffia5rttt h,&rtouTfoonT.oh,i? fissassp.
SPECIAL 1HITir--i-.i.. m . .. .-.. '
"at mark,'
10.-Mlec. Other qaotatloaa
Chlcaa-o Poultry Qnotatlos-s.
ChlcaCO. Mair 2. Teeil viAti!-. ..nil sw-m.
S-fShc; turkeys SSSVic. -"-
Batter. Cheese aad Hsa.
New Tork. May . Butter Receipts lMSJ
-kgs.: Ormer: creamery lei8c: factory llOUSc.
!Se'2-UeS?.,P," lt"2 Pkgs.: Arm; fincy large
tored SJiBstc; fancy large white SH?f fahfy
small coloreiTsifi9Hc: fancy small white TV
Eggs-Hecelpts 24.302 pkgs.; steady: Western unl
graded HWtflSHc: Western ts-led lSgiSJio?
General Sltaatloa for Snot Qalet aa
"- "virMai race inasge aiade.
I-cal Market Spot cotton steady and un
changed; sale. 1.000 bale.
"o ordinary g 7.18,
Low middling "7 s.S
Middling... T -j,.,
Oood middling - j.iJX
Middling fair j-ijo
Tinge and stains He to Ho off. whit.
Warehouse statement:
. . .... 1303-1301. 1S99-M0O.
Net receipt to-day 163 st
Net receipts since Sept. 1 23,-"; 1M,4W
Net shipments to-day 234 31
Net shipments lnce Sept. 1 1T2,220 IT3.7-
Orois receipts to-day L008 1.133
Oros receipts since Sept, 1 SS0.61S TS0.417
2E"t! ,hlp"-ent since fept. 1....S15.75J IH.2M
u.wva, wi, .U.1IU 44,03 V,tlI
Spot Cottoa Market.
Galveston-Steady at TXc; receipts. ,11 bale.
5Tr..0rlX,lni,-JaulJt at -c: receipt. 1.4SI bale.
Mobile Quiet at 7Sc; receipts. 2 bales.
Harannah-qulet at 7 S-lc: receipts. 1,607 bale.
Charleston Firm at 74c: receipts, 3S bales.
Norfolk Firm at 74c: receipts. 41J bale.
.Mlmlngton Firm at .lie; receipts. S3 bales,
llaltlmore Nominal ot S'ic; receipts, non.
jvew York Dull at SHc: receipts. 305 bales.
Beaton Dull at SUc: receipts, lea bales.
Philadelphia-Quiet at 8'ic: receipts, 130 bale.
Houston quiet at 7Tc: receipts, 4.031 bales.
Aiigusta-tiulet -at 8c: receipts. 267 bale.
MemphU-Steady at THc; receipts, 7S bale.
By Teles-rapt).
. Nw T.ork- MJr 2S.-July liquidation kept th
local and Southern market In a heavy condition
Pretty much all day. Price suffered severely
tinder pressure, while sentiment on all sides was
disposed to favor the bear point of view. Re
ceipts were large, the English cables showed pro
nounced weakness" In Liverpool, the crop news
was of friendly average and the weather condi
tions South were better than at any time of late.
On the call the market was easy, with prices
off 208 points under selling for both accounts by
tho South. Wsll street, the room contingent and
Liverpool people. The feeble sttempt at re
cuperation soon gave way to weakness after the
call, and st no time during the rest of the fore
noon did th -trade act on the belief that a
marked advance was tn order. Several slim re
actions occurred on room trading of a profit
taking character, hut selling for short account
was popular as a general thing A better weekly
croD report statement from Washington, esti
mates fcr large receipts at leading point to
morrow and the moderately good weather fore
cast gave the market a bad turn soon after
mlddav. Julv dropped to 7.78c and Aucr. to 7.3?c
around which level buying for a rally nf ".ffS
points became somethtnr of a feature. The In
dications strongly pointed to the July clique be
ing a supporter of that notion nt 7.'0s and un
der, and a seller at 7.85c and over. Several
times during the dav rumor had It that the
"deal" prnle were selling out. fearing- that rot
ten would be shipped here In overwhelming quan
tities before very many day. Liquidation, broke
out anew In the last few minutes and forced
nrlces to the !owet level of the dav. The mar
ket was flna!!v herelv steadv 10219 no'nts net
lows-. Spot rlosed quiet: middling uplands S4e:
rn'ddllng Gulf 8t4c: sales 222 biles. Futures
elosed stead: .Tun 7.72c: June tt7trz Juir T.77e:
Anr. 7 10e; Pent, 7.05c: Nov. 7.07c: Dec 7o; Jan.
7.02c: F-b. 7.03c.
New Orlean. Ta May 29 Cotton easv: sale
S.ft-JV .ordinary SXr- rood nrdlnry 1-ISc: tow
middling ST-e; mlddllnr 74c: good middling
8 J-1e; middling fair 8 7-lSe; recelnl 1.8)1: atnek
14117. Futures oulet; Mav 7.81e hid: June7.Me
hid: Julv 7.47.fii)c: Aug. 7.247.23e: Sept. 8.S.-TO
.7c; Oct. 77f78c; Nov. .75l.77c: Dec .7Sa
6.76c: Jan. .77tl.7Sc.
Liverpool. Mav 28. Cotton Spot Moderate
business. 1-lRd hither: American middling fair
4 13-1M- good middling 4Sd: middling 4 1S-1M;
low mlddllnr 4 7-32d: good ordinary S 21-32d; or
dinary 3 13-32d- sale 8.000 bales, of which FA)
were for speculation and export: receipts 13.000
hale. Including 11.800 American. Futures opened
quiet and closed steady; American middling. 1.
m. c: Msv-June snd tune-July 4 17-44C4 lM4d
.: July-Aug. 4 17-S44T4 18-4d b.l Aug.-Sept.
4 13-4d h.: Sept, 4 is-4d b.: Oct, -. o. .. 3co-w
r Oct -Nov. t 80-84411 tt-Vd r No-e.-Dec. 3 M-Jl
eb5W1-S4ab1"C,,,' ' ""' B"Ma b'! J,-n''
Metal Market.
New Tork, My Upon th resumption nf
business In the London metal market to-day, aft
er n three days' holiday, trader found that the
boom whlrh wa In progress when that mnrket
rtcsed on last Friday had completely disappeared.
Liquidation, w the order of th day. and before
the decline wa arrested a loss nf u 10 was th
result, with the final nhase of the market weak
snd spot quoted at 1128 and future (128 17s 4d. A
med business wa done at the Inwee 1vl nf
valuer. Here, however, aside from a sympathetic 1
dsellne of about 29 rmlnta. 'ftnthlns lit tn era ne w
-important, aereiopments. in mantel ruling dull
and' easy. ll dr.jnd. flaallr closing easy, .with
pot quoted at l7.MM. Copptr la .Lonooa de-
Ptsifinly le the list Oil
aBeiiOf addrew
Money Order. Money dtvoatted In any basil
our Becretary will Insure stock for naaaT
ellned Is .to I U U for -(pot and M Us M fta
futures, owing to a doll trad at that potntTTna 1
local tnarketlor that metal also eaperienesd n !
uninteresting session, demand being absent anS
"TS!? Jn"5Jno!? o'.' nominal on the basis
of SIT for Lake Superior and S1.6X4. for casUas
and eleotrolrtlc The stesdtnMs or ij i. ,"
ever, was chiefly th result of the strength la
London prices there advancing 2s 6d, closToB as
112 8s M, The close here was steadv at AS7iT fr .
lotaof M ton orover. Spelter ruled dull her at-
.mn. in uonaon, nowever, a loss of Ss was tl
cored, dosing at 2l7 lis. rJomesUo Iron Sir
ket wyrs omewhat easy ln tone, but wer not
quotacJy lower. Olasgow warrants cloted at S3S
Md snd Ifiodlesboro 4Kd.
londoa. May H. Conaol for money ttx dew
account U 1S-1S; Atchison 7i; Canadian Faetfia
1(W.: St, Paul m; Illinois Central 142; Louis
ville 104H: Union Pacific pfd. 80; New Tork Cen.
tral 131H: Erie ilia: Pennsylvania 7J-: Readlnr
IVi: Erie Brat pfd. tS; Northern Paclfio pfd.
101U: Grand Trunk 11; Anaconda 3;i; Rand Mine
42ta: United Bute Steel 45; do. pfd. tSH. Money
2H6? per cent. The rat ot discount in tha open
market for short bills Is 84,05 per cent: do three)
month' bills JHes-4 per cent. Bar gold tn tha
open market 77 ti Spanish 4 aC Gold pre
mium, quoted at Buenos Ayr 138.40. The amount
of bullion taken Into the Bank ot England on.
balance to-day was 1S.0OO pound.
Pari. May St. Business waa dull on the Bourse
to-day. The persistent decline In Spanish 4s In
fluenced the whole list. Rentes were freely of
fered. The decline In 8panlsh 4. explained br
the publication of a project of the Spanish Min
ister nf Finance to levy a tax on thoe securities.
Rio Tlntos relapsed on weaker copper. Kaffirs
were weak on realizations. Three per cent rentes
lOlf 16c for the account. Spanish Is 63.50.
Berlin, May 28 There was a firmer tone on the
Boerse to-day ln expectation of an early settle
ment of the Chinese question. Internationals,
however, were generally easier, especially Span
ish 4s. Americans were dull. Canadian Pacific
opened easier, but recovered on the satisfactory
weekly returns.
lTatlonal Baak Orders.
Washington. May 28. Certificate hare
Issued suthorizlng the following national
to begin business:
Tha Citizens' National Bank of Dublin. Tex.:
ness. Msy 28, 1931: the Citizens' National Bank
of Crawfordsvllle. Ind., until May 28. lsei.
capital. SSO.n-0. The Commercial National Bask
of Council Bluff. I.; capital. SI0O.0CO.
The corporate existence of national banks has
been extended a follows: The First National
Bank of El Paso. Tex., until the close of buil-
ibi. roliowing oanKs have been approved as
reserve agent:
rspnot, , nk nf r-ommerre. Kansas City, for
the First National. Roff, t. T.: De Moines Na
tional. Des Moines, for the Atlantic National,
Atlantic la.; National Bank of Commerce. EC
Louis, for the Council drove National, Council
Srove. Kas.; Hanover National. .New iork, and
National Bank of Commerce. Kansas City, for
the First National. Oall.itln. Mo.; National Bank
of Commerce. St. Louis, for the Formers snd
Merchants' National. Ollmer. Tex.: Merchants
Laclede National, St. Lmile. for the First Na
tional, Moody. Tex.: National Bank nf Com
merce. Kansas city, for the First National,
Whltewrlght. Tex.
Treasurer's) tlond Parrliaaea.
Wash!ngton. May 28. The Secretary of the
Treasury to-day bought three small -lots. For
S33.003 short 4s he paid J113.75. and for H.W"
short 5a 8108.91 was paid. The total purchaseto
date for the sinking fund Is 83.41.79.).
Gold Shipments to Europe.
New York. May 21. Lazard Freres will htr
IllOOOco in gold on the French line steamship
on Thursday next.
Indian Territory Banks.
Washington, May 2. The abstnet of ths
Comptroller of the Currency, showing the con
dition of the National banks In Indian Territory
at the close of business on April 24. Is as fol
lj-sn and discounts. 13.977.0:0: tctal pectC
CHS .Rji : 1 nlted fltfttea ..miUmi.. en ,A a
posited, S436,tT72.
vWTl'-Ji1 deposits. 14.752.967; average
held. 41.57 per cent.
Illtlea and Leather.
New Tork, May U.-Hldes stealy.
Tarpentlae aad Rosin.
New Tork. May 28,-Turpentln dull,
dull; strained, common to good 31.32';.
Betratsna i alas Urn a as) r-.t.ia -.a
--.-..-. , . -.. -", --"irii m 11
Mini i uvue.wi-. iiuein urm; quote A
Sl.: D $1.10: E 81 15: p si 20: O 11.25: II 1
S1.M: K C.K.; M S2.40; N lift; W O faoi'
S3. 20.
Dry Uood.
. ISew J-" sy.a.-tJrj- Oooda-Tli mut
to-day ha been quiet, so tar as th hcW trade
1 tnflsrni-(- It all A a.es . tm -,, - T .
-- "-"----- siiriint (iii'-iivi. snBBlW
. Is at as Bs-s-iav. ....i.kl. --
Print elotha Kats hM in-tritva i!ia.
iunntr cnn( in pMcrt. Prlnu dulln mS
'q vnsnwna qum ana uncninrfl. fluk iwXL
imuiraioiutl. . , ,m
vfe. : I
tt V Y Vtf! .5 !&
mwStKsmSBsSSfTvSlFTx h I
Tiear tetrt- 'sgPgfFfaO v.--yi-L.-w ; it
r!) v fww
3&a! m
1 1
I 7- A
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J1 W
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