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I '
Captain Eice's Fast Cripple Re
versed the Form He Showed
Under Jockey BIoss.
Mr. Calm's Overweighted Colt
Chucked It Up After Running
Seven Furlongs in Front
Hottentot Ran Well.
Wax Taper ran another ot his remarkably
flno races yesterday, beating Ethel Wheat,
Hottentot, Ida Ledford. Wall, Ampere and
Hint Sauce. In a common gallop over a mile
and one-sixteenth in 1:1T:. the first mile of
It in 1:10. He carried 116 pounds. Combs
rode him. The track tvas fast.
Tho race was quite a contrast to the one
Wax Taper ran under Sir. Bloss just one
tveek previous. Hottentot, with 110 pounds
up, beat Wax Taper with the same weight.
Yesterday Hottentot took up 103 pounds
seven pounds oft w hlle Wax Taper took up
116 pounds six pounds on. Wax Taper car
acoled to. past and from Hottentot. It is
true the track lat week was in beastly con
dition, heavy and hard to travel over, -while
It was fast yesterday. Yet Wax Taper ha9
gone well on heavy tracks. All in all, his
race yesterday under Combs made his race
under Bloss look very yellow, indeed.
The race promised to be an interestirjr
one, jet It did not prove anything beyond
tho fact that Wax Taner was better than
he looked under Bloss; that Ethel Wheat
Is a very good filly, indeed, and that the
much-maligned Hottentot seems to be 1m
protlnc; Into a very fair sort of a horse.
What it was expected to prove how good
the oer-weishted Ampere was oter a route
it did not fairly show. It Is true that Am
rere seemed to quit like a dog after golnr
et ea and one-half furlongs, and many good
judges put him down as a nice sprinter, and
let him go at that. Yet Ampere quit with
his mouth wide open. He ran with it open
as if under stern restraint up tho back
stretch and around the stable turn. Ho fin
ished with his mouth open and the boy
holding him haid, and after they had fin
ished the mile and one-quarter ho w as still
looking for his head. At any rate, this is
how it all appeared from the stand. Haish
tergcr seemed to use the whip as they be
gan the stretch run, but without eftect
On the whole, the race run by Ampere
was not quite satisfactory. It did not satis
fy the writer that he cannot go a route.
Above all. it should be remembered that he
was giving older horses tons of weight
while running his first raco over a distance.
As for his being a sprinter, Hllee
pushed him In a sprint for the Golden
Hod Stakes and Hllee quit on Monday
with Duelist at six furlongs. Hence, it
ECems Hilee quit In the Golden Bod before
Ampere did.
The dope seems to prove that Ampere is
a sprinter. The writer wants to see him
eent over the route carring weight for
ago a few more times before be makes up
bis mind about it.
Ethel Wheat n. CIcter Filly.
The race proved Ethel Wheat a clever fil
ly, indeed. She picked up her weight, set
a hot pace for six furlongs, fell back under
Inexperienced riding, and came again at the
end. running a hot finish with Hottentot
and Ida Ledford for the place under a
rather mild drive for little O'Neill. Sho
save Hottentot a lot of weight. Ida Led
ford was cut off and had a lot of hard ra
cing luck. She was going fast dt the finish.
Hottentot ran an excellent race under a
very green boy. Ho is an improving horse
and will havo a chanco in the Club Mem
bers'. Mint Sauce showed all hla speed, but ran
a bit short. The race should do him a lot
o! good.
There was not anything in the other
races worthy of particular mention save
that Reducer, a better horse than his re
cent win over Ducassa showed, was over
looked by the talent in the last race. Re
ducer was well played by his party, the
shrewd "Texas gang," but the general pub
lic would have none of him. He was away
tho best horse and beat his field in a thor-
cugniy correct manner.
Bloss also rode a good race on Miss Pa
tron in the fifth event. The veteran Jockey
makes so many bad rides that a good one
ia wormy oi special nouce.
Fair Ground. Entries for Wednesday.
first race, celling, one mile
S10 William Hover.. 91
70 Free Girl ....
914 Eleanor Holmcs.106
90S Hansborough
851 Anastasia ....
887 Crossmollna .
9C3 Ixione
870 The Was ....
917 Joe Doughty ,
57 Little Tommy
Tucker 91
806 Vlrgie d'Or .... 80
912 Lee Bruno 10$
.. 88
S87 Hardly.- 106' 903 Ladas
Second race, purse, fire furlongs:
... Sambo 1 112s (778) Fans Parell TI..106
J58 King- Daly ......109 699 Helen Print ....l'o
899 Frank Wentker.109 (S7G) Old Hutch ... 11
... Klllmandscharo 112 -
Third race, hurdles, mile and three-sixteenths-
835 Happy Medlum..l231 G37 Mr. Rosa 136
835 Very Light 130 895 ZufaJll IISJ
135 Colonial Dame..l26(E95) Era Jloe .......Ilia
... Towers 141
Fourth race, selling, mile and three-sixteenths-
897 Morris Volmer..l00 I 897 Zonne 106
21 Silver Coin 108 860 Tammany Chief 97
908 Chopin 1121921 Beana .:.... '107
Fifth race, curse, mile and one-sixteenth.
S2G Wall 105 1 901 Bowen ins
915 Callear .....
...105 '
Weak Men
How any man may quickly cure himself
after rears of suffering from sexual weak
nest; lost vitality, night losses, varicocele,
tt. and enlarge small weak organs to full
lSl'rS.ay,f?.TS1,?,pIi,!enl, yur nam and
aaoress to Dr. L,. W. Knapp, 1003 Hull hunt
ing Detroit, Mich;, and he Win gUd'y send
fJJ?.e-recelpt ilb ful1 dlrecuSnTso "I5.t
SK, LSX,,!??'' u.re blM at horn"
This Is cmaJnlya most generous offer ana
toe following extracts taxen from his dall?
S?,y.ttow what men tWnk o M ene
"Dear Sir Please accept my eincero
thanks for yours of recent date; 1 haT
f? K-yoSf t'eatment a thorough test and
iSlf1:6?1118 een extraordinary. It has
completely braced me up. I am Just as -rtg-
Sow'happ- Pam."07 and yCU Cann0t rea119
',?)'atSirTour "ethod worked bcauU
BtrlhTi1? Sera e5.acU' hat I needed.
Btrength and vigor have completely re
J?rt 5na n'ement Is entirely aatls
,a.fi.5,lTo,,G WM received and I had
5?S2Uible in maSHF2?S OI th receipt a
ftorted and can truthfully say It Is a boon
t feeTkgtanlvigor?811"7 Impr0Ved ,a
&2ll!,..r "S k,nK a ne wants
t;?Tr man to nave lu
'r-i7 A3
t V
S3 .
St. Louis Fair Association. Spring Meeting,
Brady; starter, Wm. Bruen. Weather
"&0 First race, purse gOO. 2-year-olda, four and one-half furlongs:
j j netting.
lad. HORSES. Wt. i 8. y. H. i. S. I V. Jockeys. Open Owt PI.
913 The Four Hundred "iliF i JT ji" 1 V lllarshbe'r .. E-2 &-2 1
Prresoter 110 1 1 ll 2l van Camp.. SO so 3'
Precisely ill) 4 31 3'i I' Bloss 12 10 4
Sj7 Tristram 110 s 214 4' 44 T. O'Brien .. 15 15 6
Dr. Crovvley 110 B 0' t Moody 30 U 6
Com'ls"to-r Forster 119 7 6 " &' J. Miller ... 2 7-S 6-a
Phonollte 110 8 71 71 7 1'lur.kcit .... 5 IJ
...... win Gaston W9 12 10 Sl S Koucon 00 60 20
6 DIM Frits 107 11 11 9 V L. Roso .... 10 10 4
X" Lionel Flvnn .... 110 u 13 10 10 Pace 40 M 30
SS Confederate Gray.. 107 9 St 11 11' Kuhn 10" 1" 30
John storm 107 15 13 13 1- McCnnn .. G ' 4
Flossie Klrg 110 10 13 1! 13 Hnoi 13 So 1
Schv arzuald 113 14 14 14 14 I muck 2 S3 10
Hardcastle no s S54 IS 13 Ulvcns W SI CO
Start good: lot considered. Winner. S. Unras
race was run at the Mart, lot too big to hurdle.
othfrs hardly chanced a position.
Time M, :is, -.SOU, :il, .50.
Second race, purse J400. 3-year-olds
Wt. 3. U. j. H- S. F.
103 2 lno 24 ! l1
109 1 Enk 4 4'4 24
100 4 3nk 1 1 3
10S 6 4nk r' &' '
1C5 8 2l 84 3' E
111 3 C4 C 64 C
105 6 M t 7 7
103 9 9 S S11
1W 7 7 7 9 9
La Desirous ..
Mrs. Grannan
Fred llesslg ...
Quite Right ...
Start good. Won cleterly, after early drive. Winner. W. W. Darden's h. f.. 3. Kher Georgia
Mnnev. Desirous was much the best, bar Maxlmus. who sulked as usual Mrs. Grannan quit cold.
S"ie showed lots of speed. Hesslg dislikes tae route; seems out of himself, ccssnell got an easy
ride Quite Right, off had. was not rushed
Time-:13, :2S5i. :3T4. 30. l:02'4, 1:15!;. 1-JSU.
" Third race, purse t3jQ. four furlongs:
Ind. HORSES. Wt. S. i. Vi. "J. S. F. Jockeys. lOpen Closel' PI.
IS w1klta no i p" V P4 Van Camp .. 3 lio TlO
SSS Okla .. 10O 7 6 3' 24 Morse 7-2 1S-5 3-2
907 WIsterdlne lor, G 41 7' 31 Vnot 10 2) 8
STt Hiss Dora no 4 E4 cu 4'4 Moody .... 6 8 3
S I10'? Cr0E 1M s 3' l E2 McGann .. .. 15 12 5
W3 Uuna Minor 110 2 7 C 6'4dlb.cn TO V V
S'S Anna Elliott 103 3 2& 2h 7' I P. Miles .... IV) S10 M
?i MAsy.c. HO 8 8 8 f iGlven 30 12
152 !! MInp ,v 1W " 9 9' T. O'Brien .. 15 a S
5 Sorter Belle loo 10 10 10 10 I,. Rose .... 13 30 10
,??. hi". BeIle no 11 11 H Hioss GO 100 20
(Si) 'Talpa 110 Houck 7-2 3 6-5
Talpa left standlnc at ncet.
.sl?.rt. falr for aU but Talja. Won cleverly. Wltner. Stubb Rros ch. f . 2. Hermence Itlner
art.Waklta, on the rail, away well at eery break, had no troubie. Okla and Wlsserdlne had thu
sreed of the lot. but were away badly. Luna Minor weakly handled.
Time :124. :24Vi. 304. :.
Fourth race, purse JCOO, one and one
H"3. HORSES. Wt. S. U. V.- 'i. S. F. Jockeys. Open Close ' Tl.
Sis Wax Tarer (I).... 116 7 6 O E ? V. C. Combs ... 113-3 1W 6
S9I) Ethel Wheat (3)... 101 1 16 24 41 3" 2no O-Neill .. .. 12 M 7
WS Hottentot (4) 103 4 3no Snk 2' 14 3 R. Murphv.. 1) 15 6
912 Ida Lfdford (I)... 9) B E E' 6" C' 4p. T. Woods 7 6 2
Oil) Wall (S) 104 3 7 7 7 7 E" U Roe .... 8 7 2
IS77) Ampere (3) 112 2 2no V l1 E3 C' Harshbe'r .. 2 13-3 1
Imp.Mlnt Sauceg) 114 6 Mt 4' Snk 21 7 McKlnnie ... 12 7 E-2
Start good. Won easily; second same. Winner. R. P.. Rice's b h , 4. Imp. Candlemas Utility.
Taper, best by a long way. well ridden and rated. Ethel set a hot race with Ampere nnl ran a
capital race under a little boy. Watch Hottentot he Is Improving fast: ran a pood race under a
ver)' bad ride. Wall, let drop out of It. finished "trong. Ampere quit at stretch head with his
mouth wide open looks like a, sprinter only. Mint bauee was short.
Time Mt. -J, :244, 36U. :5. 1:02. 1:15, l:27i. I:4u5i. 1:4.
Fifth race, purse J3M, 3-year-olds
Ind. HORSES. Wt. S. U- H- 1i. S. F. I Jockeys. Opcn'cio'g'ef Pi.
872 Miss Patron 10S 4 44 24 1 14 1 Mosj .. ...'. 1 "TI 1I3
S10 Chickamauga. 1-J7 6 64 6l 4b 3' 2'4 Glvena S 1" 4
7 tuttcait 108 7 7' 7' S 4 3' Houck 4 G S-i
90 Swordsman Ill i 3nk 3 3J Ink 4 T. O'Brien.. 4 s E-2
fV. Be" DaMs 108 9 9 9 S 6 E' Plunkett .... 8 7 5-2
S.C4 FVank Parce 101 S V V'i B' Eb Gak Enos 40 Sa w
9 Sir Philip Sidney.. Ill 8 S E 7' 7 McCann .... 4) so 21
tl'. 5lands 101 - EI 4lk SI S Hou?k CO 1(10 40
824 Plantain 108 1 2& E 6 9 Corblcy .. .. 13 12 4
Stnrt trnnA W nn In a hnrl Arl tt ir ihiu ll'lnn.. H tin'n i. r ,-. ...
ratron ran ner race, was well ridden and driven. Chickamauca showed all sorts of speed when
he started to come, but could not keep up the pace. Stuttcart allowed to swerre at the end.
Mlpht have won with a good ride Welrht stopped Swordsman, Plantain ran a wretched race.
Time :19, 31. :44, :57, 1:10. 1:23, 1S5"4, 1:43, 1:564, 2 03fc.
VO Sixth race, purse tWO, six furlongs:
Ind. HORSES. Wt. 8. j. . . B. F. Jockeys. OpeClos"?' PI.
IKS) Reducer 104 64 4 ? ii McCann .. .. 15 E5 1 7
911 Ed I. 108 5 in 14 14 2 I!arrlnsr ... 3 11-3 6 5
916 Verify 101 1 E 6!i E S lllarshbe'r ... 3-2 C-s 1-"
873 Frldolln 91 2 4 E4 4s 44'lA. Weber G 12 4
916 Meddlesome 103 4 34 2 34 5' L. Rose .... 10 7 5-2
Alleviate 109 8 " 1 7' 6 rnos 15 .'( 10
fl Echo Dale 100 3 24 3 6" 7" IT. O'Brien.. 20 41 12
746 Grantor 103 7 Snk f 6" S lKuhn 6 8 1
r3 Sn11 106 S 9 9 9 IF. Mile 20 40 2)
Old Fox IOj IPlunkett 80 300 H
Old Fox left at nost.
Start good, for all but Old Fox. Won In a hard
r.. 6.
Parti'. Pl!' c!1..hlm well. Ed L. ran a irood race.
i , t wmii; was a. sleeper,
lime :i2',i, ::h. :35, :, 1:1c, i:iii.
Sixth race, selling, six and a half furlongs:
... South Breeze....lM 1 S70 Sklllman 109
Stl Ben Leal lul (916) Brularc lut
... Cherry Head.. .. 101 iisn) Irish Jewel 105
First Race Hardly. Jot Doughty. Little Tom
my Tucker.
becond Kace Helen Print, Old Hutch. Father
W entker.
Third Race Era Moe, Zufalllg, Mr. Rose.
Fourth Kace Tammany Chief, Silver Com,
Fifth Race Bowen, Callear.
Sixth Ilace Brulare. Irish Jewel, South Breeze.
Xot in Condition, bnt Gave Boner Boy
23 Founds and Won on Courugc.
Chicago, May 28. Garry Herrmann, the
king of Western 3-year-olds, made his first
appearance of the season to-day at Haw
thorne, and at least answered the question
as to whether he is to be a factor in tho
American Derby. The answer was in the
The colt won a grand race from Bone)'
Boy, at a mile and a sixteenth. Boncy Boy
ran vastly better than yesterday, when he
was beaten by Strangest, who this after
noon was defeated a dozen lengths. Stran
gest, Boney Boy and Garry Herrmann be
ing the only starters.
Garry Herrmann won the race on cour
age alone, and Is undoubtedly one of the
gamest horses that ever lived. He was un
questionably short of condition, and to
day's race should do him a great deal of
good. He conceded Boney Boy twenty-two
pounds, but was a 7-to-10 favorite in the
Weather clear; track fast. Summary:
First race, four and a half furlongs. selling
Ernest Parham. S4 (Ranscb). 18 to 1. won; Hans
Maimer. 110 (Ellis). 12 to L second: Hat Mitchell,
au iivuuervsoui. id to i, uura. rime, iw. stuyve
Harden. Puryear. Ogle. Aladdin. Lord Quex,
Pa:hassus. Slleslan and Dougherty alio ran.
Second race, one mile Operator. 112 (UsthwBv
7 to 10. won: Omdurman. 103 (Domlnick). 11 to
a nrvuuui ttuu firme. lua tJ. vvooasl 11 to 6.
third. Time. 1:CH- Economla and Alzura also
Third race, five furlongs, selling Magi. 103
(Mathews). 4 to 6. won: Dodla S . 102 (Domlnick).
23 to 1. second: The Esmond. 105 CWInkneld) 11
to 6. third. Time. l:CCi. Kentucky Muddle,
Pronta. Meme and Wastell also ran.
Fourth race, free handicap one mils and a
sixteenth Garry Herrmann. 110 (Woods), 7 to 10
won: Boney Boy. 104 (Domlnick). 17 to . second1
Strangest. 103 (Davlsson). 3 to 1. third. Time!
l:4S. No others.
Fifth race, one mile Merlto. 100 (J. Mathews).
4 to 5. won: Llradta. 101 (Coburn). 8 to i, sec
ond: Reseda. S3 (Ransch). t to L third. Time.
1:41U. Prairie Dog. John Grlggiby. Vlncennes
and Gray John also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs Alice Dougherty. 107
(Domlnick) G to 1. won: -Rival Dare. 109 (J.
Mathews). 2tt to 1. second: Fireside 109 (Coburn)
7 to L third. Time. 1:16. Alex. Pearson. In
candescent. Xansen. Blue Lick. Emma C. L..
Moses, Braw Lad. The Butcher, Buffoon and
Donsterswlvel also ran.
Entries at Hawthorne.
First race, seven furlongs:
Scarlet Lily 97 ileeklng 159
Isallne .7.. ...100 Charier Moore 109
Uerlto .107 I
Second race, five furlongs:
Harry Beck lOSIJohn A. Clarke 105
Blenneworth 102 Redhook 107
Legal "Maxim 104ISouth Elkhorn 103
Thim race, mile, selling:
Plead 89
Moses 93
Uncle Tom 94
Irrpromptu .... 93
Ida V 93
Prestar 103
Senator Thompson ,.i(V5
Andes 111
Knight Banneret ...IIS
Fourth race, free handicap, seven furlongs:
Johnnie McCartey .. 9V Sulirlan io
iiyxona 100 jimlnez 11a
xancjsuuu .... ......iva
Fifth race, mil and an eighth, selling:
Red Annie 93 1 Espionage 107
Little Elkln 93 Ben Chance 110
Trebor 104 1
Sixth race, mile and an eighth, selling:
Appa .1071 Wing Dane 107
evening Biar iu cmminaae
Herse 107 Nellie Waddell 1
Jennie Day 107'
Wins the Preakness Stakes at Grares
end Cleverly at the End.
New York. May 28. Three favorites were
successful at Gravesend to-day, and, as the
sun came out and the track had dried out
to some extent, a good day's sport was en
Joyed. The Parader showed his class again
to-day, winning the Preakness Stakes clev
erly at the end.
There was a big upset In the (Hover
Stakes, wnicn was the otner fixture. Lu
cillne was a hot favorite at 1 to 2, but was
beaten at the end by Disadvantage, a 20-to-1
shot, running for the first tune. Sum
mary: v. First race, about six furlongs lata. Ill (Bull-man).-
4 to 6 and out. won: Lady ot the Valley.
93 (G. Thompson), S to 1 and 6 to S, second: Gold
rux. 110 lu-onnor, hi xo 1 ana & 10 z, uura.
i (O'Connor), 10 to 1 and S to 2, tl
:U 3-5. Ben Viking and Beautiful
Time. 1
Second race, grille and seventy yards Dolando.
10$ (Shaw), 4 to 1 and 7 to E, won; Knight of the
Garter. 109 (J. Slack). 7 to 1 and 8 to f, second;
Guatuns. 103 (O'Connor). 7 to 1 and X to 1. third.
Time, 1:48 4-5. Lucky 8ur and Animosity also
Third race, the Clover Stakes, five furlongs
Tllfiiin4aA If SCtt wi a - -T
SS-rrfc S.SK.,Sfi..fl' ?iW.ii
". - Mm IB.MMWII, uf v
and out,
Mny 2S; twenty-fourth day.
clear; track fast.
Judge, P. A.
ph. c. 2. De Beam nlr Emma Iiulse. The
The lot oft In front ha J It all to themselves,
and up. seven furlongs:
I Close
L. Hose ...
llouck .. ..
T. O'Brien .
McCann .. .
MoOUV .. ..
Gltcns .. ..
- sixteenth miles:
and up; ono mile and three-sixteenths:
drive of four. Winner, II. S. Batchcldor's b-
Verity Improved on his late races. So has Frldolln.
nis previous race aid not snow mm up .Ills
second: Hanover Queen. 112 (Spencer). 3 to 1 and
7 to 10, third. Time. 1:03 1-5. Lady Holyrood,
Chirrup and RosslKnol also ran.
Fourth race. Preakness Stakes, mile and sev
enty sards Tho Parader. 118 (Landry), 2 to Sand
out, won: Sadie S.. 103 (Slack). 8 to 1 and 8 to I
second: Doctor Barlow. 118 (Odom), 8 to 1 and 8
J.tS' 'K1?' T,.rac' l:l-5. Outlander and Tho
Golden Prince also ran.
fc'.'iU racf- Svo furlongs. selling-Ohagen, 102
(Shaw), 7 to 2 and to S, won: Honolulu. 107
(Landry). 2 to 1 and 7 to 10. second: Juvenile, 97
(J. Dalj). 4 to 1 and 7 to 5. third. Time, 1:03 2-5.
cfe.RK"rfM ,,n', Po'Ulllon also ran.
i ,i .H2l m,Ie a.nd v"y yards-Carbuncle,
ill SkSfinK '. ? 5 S".".1 J won: Kamara,
Sn(SSi hfJ 1-a.nd.2 t0 ond: The Am?.
iSil'i1-11 r,Sh,,:, U?. 2 aniS evcn- third. Tlm.
alio ran. Frletchle. Balloon and Nanini
Entries at Graresend.
First race, five furlongs:
.naPd?- Wcst Tchula us
v??. l-aT M"l Benton GTay
S.Nat,ons 1 Oclawha ....."
woodmanstcn ici
Second race, mile and a furlong:
aJSKJIK!? ,03l rouble Dummy 102
Andronlcu I03 Lanceman ........... w
Third race, five furlongs:
Meridian"'1 ?S' ?""'
Jucnaian 102 Rmnrtset
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth:
?anic. aIIant Wi Humboldt
waiffbout-.::::::::::! aiade Run ....:.:::::,i
larS.JES' flVB """H?" ''.:
Pkv Scraper ....
Cheval d'Or.....
Doctor Blddle ..
Judge Warden ,
Lady Taddcn
. 91
Edna J
Ante Up...
Spry .......
... 95
... 93
,.. 90
... K
... SI
. St
. 97
Sixth race, mile and seventy yards':'
Fairy Tale
Goldllia ......
Frank Kenny
Isaaa Hooper
Mark Twain .
Street Boy ...
Salmagundi ..
jiorose .... .
Sen De Lear..
Bluo Victor ..
Beautiful ....
Hoxane ......
All Salnu ....
With Only One Track Rnnnlnir, Good
Crowd Was Out and Sport (Keen.
Cincinnati, O., May 2S.-There was a large
crowd at Newport to-day, despite the fact
that the free gate has been done away
Si .T,3e track was hcavy. Starter Riley's
work to-day was perfect. Summary:
"l race, six furlongs, selling Robert Morri
son. K I (jr. Williams), 3 to 1, won; Nancy Do-
(L. Jackson), to 1, second; sSuMboatT
100 (Baptlste). 5 to 2. third. Time. l:iii ci?ih
itefe ,ows' Anutt'8. aaVkCina
s 10 1. tnira. Time. sits. Ingo. Doctor Loveloy
M5tfi?h!,n' Wanlnta. CubanTte also .ran '
Third race. mile. selling-Wilson, 112 (Troxler)
V Von:,- O. Fox. 112 (Snel). 6 to 1 sec-
ond: Doctor ITVinnlA ins iti. x'V. .lli 1...ct.
Time. l:7U. Kemp: Saragamp.'' Madeline O
McCleapr and Get About also - """
?ucnh race-'x nirlongs-rillbustcr. 107 (Aker)
4 to 5, won: Guerdon. 107 (Lvnchv sr. t ,.I'l
ond; Old Phil. 07 (Llndrav)
8 to 1. third
1:18. colonel Strathy. caloocnn. ruin.. vi.
bc'J.?IJWEr,l and Northumbrla also ran.
iiviii .?' .., !!? one-half furlongs
six ana one-half furlong-Pruo
Jackson), t 10 1, won: Lady Kent.
' J? ' "econd; Castine. 113 (Snell)
'--"-. 1 .. .nvnnju;, u
lira u'nionf 4
6 to 1. third.
mission. Little Rita, Elsie Venner
ChiD also ran.
and Pino
tiS1 u5 S?!!,a "J"5. a Suartr, sclllng-Banquo
J. 11; (Lindsay), 5 to 2. won: Virginia T 3
R. Head). 6 to 1. second: Albert Vale ' lis
(Knapp) 2 to 1. third. Time, 2:15. Charles' Fs
ts. Hlla. Klrkwood. Zolo and George B. Cox
Entries at Newport.
Firs race, one mile, selling:
S?nBlWo it 9IlI'ot Thomas 102
Bister Sudie 97 Mlcou "!" io
JJncha 97 1 Squaw Betty "ins
Bowdy G 102 1 Ann "iSe
Second race, six furlongs, nurse:
The Bronze Demon .. 97 Back Talk ....
Ida Tenzance 97 Corlalls
Arrogant 97 Robert Gray ..
Carry One 97 Times Star ....
Soudana 97 J. j. T
Doctor Tarr Ill Havelock ...."!
Third race, four and one-half furlongs,
.viunura .,
Natalie It.
Corlnne C
Martha D.
Tom Crnhh
Battle Davis ...
Lauretta Burke
Mary Ralley ...
Miss Gaines
Smith's entry.
rounn race, one mue ana a sixteenth
1 Ill
. 98
West Baden .
Tonv Llcalzl
i.iinonn ....
Albert Vale
Abe Furst .
The Sluggard
Fifth race, four and one-half furlongs, eelllnc
I'enner 95 I Ben Hullum i
Pigeon top
i-aui uart ..
St. Hera ....
Fred Krupp
... 91
no ...... .....
Doctor Worth
Sixth race,
seven furlongs, selling:
Polly Rlxby ....
Lucy Leach ....
Robert Morrison
Frances Wels ..
Mr. Brookwood
iocuei liiossom 10
Fairy Dell ""'o'
McCleary ini
Eva WliB0n -j
Doctor S. C. Ayres..l07
Resalts at Oakland.
San Franelfii rsl M, s vs.- ...
went down to defeat at Oakland to-day. and the !
bookmakers had much in b nf th m,m,
bookmakers bad much the best of the vtsnment. '
Basslnger carried off the riding honors by land
ing four winners. Results:
rirst race, mo furlongs, selling Blanche
biiiDherd won; Hohcnloe, second; Aurora B.,
third. Time. 1:03.
Second race, four furlongs Botany won; Ma
relio second; Knocklngs, third. Time. :ii.
Third race, one mile, telling Hairy Thatcher
; 1'lrst bhot, second; Formatus, third. Time,
Fourth race, four furlongs Shell Mount won;
1 lou, second; Arrrado. thin!. Timo. :&i.
1 '"h race, six furlongs, selling Van Tvno,
vvon: Princess Tltanla, second; Mamie Illldreth,
third Time. 1:134.
m,i,i7."1 r,u'Cl mile and sev enty 1 irds. selling Jim
McLlcevv. won; Alicia, stcond; ilerojis, third.
Time, 1:IC?J. ,
liesnlts nt Toronto.
Toronto. Ontario. May :s.-lle-ults:
1 Irst race six furlongs Martlmaa won; Queen
Carnival, second: King Joshui. third. Time. 1:13.
becond nice, live furlongs Blow aho vvon; Lara
cor sicond; Pilastir. third. Time. l:w.
Thinl. race, one and one-clghth miles Kasio
?": tuclJlre. second; Bill Court, third. Time,
Fourth race, one and one-Mxteenth miles
nrontns won; llandlcnpper. fecond; Flag ot
Truce, third. Time. 1:50'',.
lifth race six furlongs Scorpio won; Tharaoh.
second: I'ljlng lies", third. Time. inc.
flXth mi.i nn. mlln T tr QTnm unn TttnVt-
land Prince, second; Tcna'rlo.' third. Time'. 1:44.
AVnx Taper's llnil I.i-ks Sclmvvnckcr
In Hard Ffirtuiic.
Wax Taper Is certainly a marvelous
horse. When he warmed up for his race
yesterday ho tottered along f.ivoilng his
forelegs like a blind beggar with pe.ite in
Ills shoes. Ills lorn were svv.-ilhcd In
bandages, and from the way he hobbled It
did not Eeem he could reach the padaock
from the Judges' stand. Horses with less
apparent lameness have been barred from
races. Yet when they started to go after
the money he came down the stretch strong
ns a Hon and sound as n bell. Ho would
bo a great horse to take to England, where
they go a lot on preliminary camera or
"warming up," as it it called In America.
The Britons would make him a million to
one, and Captain Rice oquUI take tho King's
crown Jewels back to Arkansas for picka
ninnies to play with.
Tlicro really was nothing wrong about
Duelist's race on Monday. Ho had a right
to win. His raco In thu Inaugural showed
It. To be ure, he had some bad races to
his discredit, but ho had .shown he could
go six furlongs with a ghost. Of course,
the bad raco and his good races will hurt
bettois by Keeping them guessing, but bet
ting should have no olllclal standing on a
race track. While tho race was Justifiable,
friends of his stable, who are heavy and
"wise" bettors, are doing a lot to mako it
look bad, by thtlr efforts to prove that no
0110 left St. I.ouia to back Duelist In the
Toolrooms of other cities. They --ny that
certain followers of the Duelist stable went
away to back Hllee. If they did, they
should have guardians appointed for them
selves.. Then, when the stable of one horse
gits to hacking thf contender In a race they
aro In. it looks worse. Tho chances are ten
to ono that the wise and Hllent Mr. Wil
liams went away to back Duelist, and did
It, as ho had a perfect right to do. on form
a, ,on. knowledge. In trjlng to make peo
ple believe that ho bet on Hilee, h's friends
are showing him up In an unfavorable
Speaking of Hilee brings to mind that his
0Bner' iIr- Schawacker. lias been up against
tho rough edge of the grindstone pretty
regularly of late. Mr. Schawacker Is not
accustomed to having his face held to the
omery wheel; in fact, holding faces thereto
was his percentage heretofore. But of lalo
Mr. Cahn. Mr. McCoy, Mr. Turney and
others have been thrusting the Iron of
financial loss Into tho soul of Mr. Scha
wacker. Fiist he bet $000 to win JIW on
Miss Mao Dav. and hht was left :it th nrnt
and beaten by Maud Gonne. Nothing daunt-
iu. .ur. ocnaw acKt-r giupeu tnis ouious dose
with a straluht face and bet Sl.OOft nn THIm
to win the Golden Itod Stake. Ampere beat
Mm. This hurt Mr. Schawacker. vvhn hid
Ampere up a few notches. Then Hllee met
Blink In the Mississippi Valley Stakes, and
Mr. Schawacker went out to get his money
back. Blink beat Hilee. and Blink was bid
up. When Hilee met Duelist, Hllee wus 3 to
6 and Duelist 4 to 1. Mr. Schawacker could
have "deadened" Hllee to Duelist and won
a barrel. Being an honest sportsman, he
bet 011 Hllee to beat Duelist. Duelist killed
Hllee. Truly the hooks of an honest sports
man, who will bet instead of running for the
fun of it, are ofttime:. cast among nasty
President Lucas of Klnloch Park won a
barrel or, let's say keg for a change of
money on lUducer esterday. Mr. Lucas
has a sharp eje for a crack, and when ho
saw Keducer beat Ducassa the other day
bis penetrant and prehensile optic saw moro
in the horso than any other at tho truck.
He played him all three wajs at 30 to 1,
11) to 1 and & to 1, and got away with
enough money to build another race track.
The Texas gang also got the coin on Ke
ducer as they' went to tho post.
Ampere was giving away oodles of weight
yesterday and going hib lirst dlstanco with
older horses. It was asking a lot of him.
On the whole, his raco was not so bad, and
in no caso does it appear that ho was well
ridden. There never was a horse that ran
with a mouth so open as Ampere did yes
terday. To bo sure, no one expected a 3
i ear-old to give a horse Ilko Wax Taper
fourteen pounds, or a horse like Mint Sauco
eighteen pounds. Besides, It was the first
time the colt was asked to go a distance
and fcolng a dlstanco with older horses, not
to speak of having to give away weight, Is
usklng a lot of any 3-j ear-old.
Tho Jumping race to-day will bring out a
lot of line performers and good riders.
Every horse in the race has proved himself
good, safe Jumpers, and tho boys are cap
able riders. They are a lot litter than they
were last time and the race should bo a
spectaop well worth seeing.
Apropos of Jumping races, tho Irish
riders, etc., they aro tolling a good one of
John S. Bratton, an Irishman, an owner or
Jumpers and a crack gentleman rider In
his youth. Mr. Bratton was receatjy
quoted as saying that none but Irishmen
havo any business riding Jumpers, and
pointed to the last race run at the Fair
urounas as prooi ot m us&eruuu. xaiuk
nt that list of Jockeys," bald Mr. Bratton,
"McAuliRe, Clancy, Johnson, O'Neill and
Casey, all Irish, all finished, while Flggs
and Ellis, who were not Irish, did not
finish at all." Now It Is said that Clancy
Is not Irish at all, but Hebrew. f
Field Day Exercises nt LcxiuBton
Provide Gooil Sport.
Lexington. Mo., May IS. A largo crowd
witnessed the field day exercises of Wcnt
worth Military Academy. Tho events were
won as follows:
Shot put Wade Evans, Lockwood, Mo.; dis
tance. 3814 feet. ,
1M sards hurdle A. M. Davis, Aurora, Mo.;
time. 2u!i seconds.
Hammer throw Wade Evans; distance, S3 feet
2 Inches. ... "
100 jards Wade Evans: time, 10 l-o seconds.
Itunnlng high Jump Hector Williams, Hot
Sprints. Ark.: distance, 6 tcct 2 Inches
Jlall-mile run A. M. Davis; time. 2:30.
Pole vault-J!ector Williams; distance, II feet 0
220-sard dash Nick Hall, Tarklo. Mo.; time,
23 seconds.
One-mile dash A M. Davis, Aurora; time, 5:31.
Punning broad Jump Wado Evans; distance,
IS feet 8 inches.
Quarter-mile dash Nick Hall; time, 58 seconds.
Ucst all-round athlete Wade Evans, Lockport,
Second best A M. Davis. Aurora, Mo.
Little Itoclc O, Chattanooga 7.
Little Rock. Ark.. May 2S.iJtt!e Rock de
feated Chattanooga again to-lay. Tho score:
n. 11. n.
Llltlo Rock 0 0 4 0 0 2 3 0 ..9 13 2
Chattanocga 1 10 0 0 10 4 07 11 2
Batteries: Little Rock Sporger. Popp and
Hutton. Chattanooga Clayton and Roth.
Colletrc Games.
At Peoria University ot Iowa 11, Bradley Poly
technic 5.
unpuBLic srnciAL.
Galesburg, 111., May 23. In a poorly plajed
ramo here to-day. Lombsrd Colleire defeated
Knox by a score of 13 to 11. The Knox men re
cured nine hits and made eighteen errors, while
Lombard had ten hits Kith eight errors. In
ncldlnjr both teams plajed a ragged came.
Batteries: Lombard Jansen and Bowles, Knox
Llndstrom, Ksslck and McMullen.
St. Marj's. Kas.. May 18. St. Mary's wound
up the baseball Beason here to-day by defeating
tho Btronfr. Manhattan College team. St. Marv's
put up by far tho best game of the season. The
St. Mary's 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 .. 4' S '4
Manhattan 2 000000002 3
Batteries: St. Man's Slattery and Hannock.
Manhattan-Hill and Moore.
Amateur Itascliall Clab Xotes.
The II. & K.s defeated the Paries Sunday at
Forest Park by a score of 18 to 10.
The St. Louis Commission Merchants defeated
the M. A. C team at Carondelct Sunday by a
score of 12 to 3.
Tho St. Louis A. A. A. team will play a nine
composed of the Bank of Commerce and Office
Men plajers to-morrow afternoon on the associa
tion's grounds In Forest Park.
The Sewards defeated the Flohr-Walkers Sat
urday by a score of S to 4.
The Junaes defeated the Conrad-Schoppes by
a score ot 9 to 0.
-To good all-around players would like to
Join some strong team In the 12-year-old class
Address G. Herbert. No. 1602 Olive street.
The Butler Bros, defeated the Levis-Z..v,M.
Sunday moraine at Forest Park by a score of l
la tu At
The Holv rfroaa (Tilth wnn fmm lh. r?MM...
Sm, AArK nf IS ... 1
.M a tku. c v. ., m .1.
The Trinltrs won from tha Imtiutm.!. r.
core ar 11 10 la. 1
--The Marionettes defeated ths Copper Dodgers !
oy a scort of 11 to 10.
Is the First Twirler to Down the
.Wonderful Giant
This Season.
Patlden Got a Pass, Wallace Sac
rificed and the Local Receiver
Won the Game With a
Neat Single.
National League American League.
sS's- ,. w h rfL Club. W. L. Pet.
New York.. .14 8 .E3S Chicago 20 3 .6W
Cincinnati ..15 11 .577 Detroit .......IS 11 All
Philadelphia .15 12 .6n Washington .14 0 .CO
Pittsburg ....14 13 .519 lialtlmore ...12 9 .Kl
1 -ookljn ....13 13 .510 lioston U 11 .&
"st,on ,' J2 JJ Milwaukee ..10 17 .370
M. Lou! 12 IS .43 Philadelphia . 3 17 .3)5
(-hlcsgo 11 13 ,3tl Cleveland ... 8 13 .2S6
Yestcrdns's Gnmcs.
Xntlonnt Ttrue
American League,
lialtlmore II. Chi. 5.
I'hlla. 4. Milwaukee 3.
Two games po&tponcd.
Pt. Louis 1, N ork 0.
I'hlla. 1, Cincinnati 0.
lirookljn 8. Plttbburg 7.
lloston-Chlcogo game
To-I)nj'x Sclic-ilnlf.
American Leacue.
Vntlnnnl TaCTie.
St. lyiuls at New York.
Cincinnati at I'hlla.
PKtrburg nt liiookljn.
Chicago at Boston.
Boston at Clev eland.
lialtlmore at Chlcaso.
I'hlla. at Milwaukee.
tVashincton at Detroit.
New York. May 28.-St. Louis succeeded
to-day In snatching a game of baseball from
the top-notchers at the Polo grounds by
the closo score of 1 to 0. It was a tight fit
from start to finish, and a better game has
not bom witnessed In many a day.
Literally. It was a pitchers' battle. St.
KLouls sot eight hits. Of the eight, two
were scratches. Tho other six were clean
rapi Tho only run that scored was due
to a base on balls, followed by a sacrifice
hit and a single.
In the second inning Matthew son-failed to
find the plate for Padden and gavo him a
present of first. Wallace sent him to sec
ond with a sacrifice.
Kruger lilt the ball to Matthewson, who
threw- to third to catch Padden. There was
time to got the runner, but O'Day refused
to call htm out, evidently believing tha,t
Strang had not touched him with tho ball.
From tho stand It appeared that If Strang
had not touched him Padden was out for
running out of line, but O'Day refused
either contention, and eventually It cost
New York tho game. Vanllaltren was
plajing in too closo and Ryan's hit over
his head scored Padden.
In tho fifth New York lost an opportuni
ty when tho first batter got to first, and
never was helped an Inch home.
In tho sixth Vanllaltren ran ns far as
second when Wallace dropped a fly, but
the next thrco batters could not get him
In the eighth Matthewson singled to right
field und tried foolishly to make second
on the hit, the very play that cost New
York a run tho other day. He was thrown
out, and the next two batters came to the
plate with faces as long as those at a
amoral party.
In the ninth Strang began with a bise hit
and Hickman and Davis boosted long files
Into the air, instead of putting the bail on
the ground, where there might have been a
little chance to move up the batter. With
two out, Strang finally stole second. Gan
zcl got a base on balls, but on tho fourth
ball Strang attempted to steal third, an
other unnecessary play at that stage of the
game, and was thrown out. Had the New
Yorks played ordinarily well with their bits
thero never should have been a time when
the game was In danger.
ATI W ST r 1
S-.... TT.I. .. - . .. "- "
,a jiiiiiimi. Kl. ........... 4 U 1 Z 0
S-eluich. It 4 0 0 2 0
ciriiHK. u. ........... ........ 4
iiicKmon. rr 4
DavU. s 4
Ganzel, lb..
Smith, c
Nelson. b...
Totals .....
6 27 It
feurkelt. If ,
lleidrlck, cf ,
McGann lb
Donotan. rf
l'adden. 2b
)allace, s ,
Kmcer. 3b
ltian. c
l'onell, p
O. A.
2 0
4 0
e i
3 1
2 2
2 3
1 0
6 1
2 2
,.0 0
rcw lork 0 0 0 0 0
0 0
0 0
CI. LiOUIS.... 0 1000
,.0 1
First baso on errors New York 1. Left on
bases New York 6. St. Louis 9. Two-base hits
Van Haltren 1. Strang 1. Itjan 1, lleidrlck L
Doublo pajs Ponell. Wallaco and McGann 1.
Hit by pitched balls Ganzel 1, Burkett 1. Sac
rifice hits al.ace 1. Stolen bases Strang 1
Donoinn 1. First base on balls Off Matthewson
1. off Powell 1. Struck out By Matthenson 6
by Ponell 4. Umpire Dnjer. Time One hour
and forty-one minutes.
St. Louis Was One of I lie Two Ten ins
That Bent Matthcirson Lust Year.
Christie Matthewson, who has created
tuch a stir in the baseball world this sprins.
met his Waterloo In big Jack Ponell at tho
I'olo Grounds In New York yesterday It
was a real pitchers' battle and the St.
Loulsan had tho best of the argument to
tho extent of two hits and one run. It Is n
colncldonco that one of tho two games
pitched by the great New York twiner In
the National League last year was against
tho St. Louis team, nnd on the home
grounds. lie lor that ns he did the ono
other effort he made In fast company in
St. Louis may be having a hard Job to
keep out of the tall end, but It Is certainly
making records on the Eastern trip. First
the team Is the swcllest of the swell teams
on the circuit, traveling around In the fin
est drags and four-in-hands that money can
hire. Hlg headlights grace the front or
theso rigs from the Immaculate shirt-fronts
of Donovan, lleidrlck and the other Beau
lirummels of the outfit. That Is somewhat
of a record, but when it Jumps Into tho
sprinting Giants nnd takes a fall out of
them, as well as gllng the Idol or Gotham
a beating. It is something worth bragging
Dnn SfcGnnn has earned his position nt
third placo In the batting order. Ho has
been batting great guns since he was
tilaced ahead of Manager Donovan Ay tho
latter. '
Hobby TVallaco's return to tho game was
celebrated In a most creditable manner. If
tho winning streak can be kept going on
the strength or taking the first game rrom
tho Gothemltcs, Wallace must be retained
at short lndellnltcly, but If the tribo falls
into the old rut It would be well to alter
nate Wallace In the game. Then wo would
lie sure of half of tho battles, at any rate.
Rodcrich figured in the victory yesterday
with hi3 neat sacrifice, which placed Pad
den on second.
Ryan It proving a mighty valuable acqui
sition. Ho can Jump into tho Inllcld and
mako a good showing, and 'when placed be
hind the bat he proceeds to win games with
timely hits.
Hnhn 'Weakened in Eleventh Inning
and Filled the Dases.
Philadelphia, May 28 Cincinnati was de
feated In an eleven-inning game to-day by
the locals, becaure of an error. The pitchers
were effective, but In the eleventh Hahn
weakened and gave a base on balls, which
was followed by two singles, filling the
bases. Barry then hit to Shortstop Magoon,
who fielded the ball to the catcher to head
oft the runner, but Catcher Peltz dropped
the ball and the locals scored the needed
run. Orth and McFarland were injured dur
ing the game nnd were obliged to retire.
Attendance, 1,402. Score:
McBrlde. lf.S
Dobbs. cf...4
P.eck'y. lb.. 5
Craw'd. rf..S
Steln'ld. 2b S
Irwin. 3b.. ..S
Magoon, s..3
Pelts, c 4
2 1
Barry. cf....6 2 2
Bel'ty, lb.. .5 2 13
Flick. rf....S 1 2
0 3
1 10
1 2
2 1
1 1
0 2
0 9
0 1
woiv-n, 3b. .3
Slacle. If.. ..4
n I
0 i
0 i
jacKcn. c..3
McFarl'n, c.2
fross, s 3
Hallm'n. 2b.4
Orth. p t
Donohue. p. 2
Totals ...40 TS0 7 1
Totals ...39 I 23 14 0
.. ,
.0 00000000
.0 00000000
Philadelphia ..
Two-baaa bit
0 l-l
Two-bass oUa-aicBsWa . Btelnfaid i
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RABOTEAU & CO.. Broadway and Lucas Ave.. St. Louis. Mo.
flee hits Hallman J. Stolen hases Barry 1. Ift
on bases Cincinnati 8. Philadelphia 14. Double
plij s Macoon and Beckley 1. First on balls
Oft Ilnlin 5. orr Orth 2 Hit by pitcher By llahn
1. btruck out By llahn 7, by Orth 1. by Dono
hue 4. l'asscd balls Peltz 1. Time Two hours
and twcntj-lHe minutes. Umpire Bmslle.
Pirates Knocked KKson Ont of Box
Champions Did Same for IViltse.
Brooklyn, N. Y Hay 22. Brooklyn won
to-day's game by bunching hits In the fifth
and tho succeeding three innings. Pittsburg
Knocked Kitson out of tho box In the fifth
inning and Brooklyn did the same for
Wiltse, battlns In live runs and tlelng the
5?Jf" ,Von.,van,dl,d better wr than
PhlllppI in the wind-up, although an error
by Dahlen very nearly let the visitors tie
the scoro in the ninth. Attendance, 1,500.
. ,,, AB.H.O.A.E.
Scheck'd. lf.5 4 10 0
Datls. rf....S 2 2 0 0
Kelly. lb....5 2 7 0 1
Daly. 2b 4 14 5 0
Dahlen, s... 5 13 5 2
McCre'y, cf.3 2 4 0 0
Oatins 80...4 12 0 1
Farrell. c...3 14 0 0
Donovan, p. .2 0 0 0 0
Leach. 3b.... 1
lleaum't, cf.3
Clark. If.. ..5
Wagner. rf..4
Ilrnnsf'd. lb. 4
mtchle. ib..5
Zlmmcr, c..4
Ely. s 3
tviltse. p.. ..2
PhlllppI, p..2
0 2
0 1
1 2
2 2
2 ID
2 3
0 2
1 1
1 0
0 1
Totals .
Ill 27 11 S
Totals ....38 9 21 12 2
Plttsburir 0 0104000 27
Brookljn 0 0 0 0 S 1 1 1 S
Earned runs Pittsburg- J. Brooklyn 4. Two
base hits Scheckard 2. Three-base hits Brans
tie Id 1. First base on errors Plttsburir 4, Brook
ljn 1. Lett on bases Pittsburg 12, Brooklyn 9.
Stolen bases Beaumont 1, Davis I. Double plays
Kelly and Daly 1. Dahlen and Kelly 2. First
base on balls By Kitson 2. by Donovan 3. by
PhlllppI L Sacrifice hits Beaumont 1. Ely 1.
lilt by pitched ball By Kitson 3. by Wlltse 1.
by PhlllppI 1. Struck ont By Donovnn 4. by
PhlllppI 1. Wild pitch Donovan 1. Time One
hour and flfty-nlne minutes. Umpires Nash and
Philadelphia 4, Mllsraukee 3.
Milwaukee, May 23. Ganln pitched his first
game on the home grounds to-day and lost it
after a hard struggle, a questionable decision
cl lng the visitors the winning run In the ninth.
The fielding on both sides aa brilliant through
out, and Celer and Hallman made several sen
sational catches In the outfield. Attendance. 1.000.
Gilbert. 2b. .4 13 4 0
Waldron. rf.2 2 10 0
Ilalhr'n. cf.3 2 3 0 1
Ander'n. lb.4 0 13 0 0
Conroy, S...4 1 0 S 0
Friol. If 4 10 0 0
Burke. 2b.. .3 0 3 2 0
Leahy. C...3 14 2 0
Ganln. p.. .3 0 0 3 0
Totals ...30 "8 27 161
teier, n....s 1 s v u
Harden. If.. 4 0 10 0
Cross. 3b.. ..S 3 110
LaJole, 2b.. S 13 4 0
Full, ef 4 3 2 0 0
Davis, lb.... 4 0 11 0 0
Bowers, C...3 15 4 0
Dolan. S 4 10 4 0
Frazer, p.. .3 2 0 11
Totals ...36 12 27 it
Miliroukeo 0 0 0 2 0 10 0 03
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 12 0 1 4
Earned runs Milwaukee 1. Philadelphia 2.
Three-base hits Conroy 1. Stolen basei Powers
2. Waldron 2. Hallman, 1, Frazer 2, Cross 2,
Fultz 1. Base on balls Off Garvin 2. off Frazer
1. Wild pitch Garvin 1. Struck out By Gar
tin u, by Frazer 2. Boubte plays Gilbert to
Anderson; Frazer to Powers, to Davis. Sacrifice
hits Waldron 1, rrnzer 1. Left on bases Mil
waukee 3. l'hllidelphla 10. Umpire Haskell.
Time of game One hour and tblrty-rlve minutes.
Baltimore 14, Chicago .1.
Chlcaco. Mav se rft-hnn,1 n1ti.t.a-- ....
suited tho Baltlmores to-day. They batted '
cnut'vu lot eibi uuncnea nils ana set en runs In
the first two innings, and found Harvey equally
easy during the remainder of the game. An
error, a gift nnd Isbell's drive otcr the rlght
flelj fence, gate the Chlcagos a good start, but
McOlnnlty kept them guessing thereafter. At
tendance, l.ioo. Score:
Hoy. cf. .."..6'
Tones, rf o
tlertes, 2b... 4
Isbell. 11) 4
llart'n. 3b...4
ehugart. s...4
Mcl'-nr'd, lf..3
Fulllvan. c..5
Bkopec. P....0
Harte, p.. .4
H O.A.E.
McGraw. Sh ;
1 1
2 0
3 2
2 2
1 2
0 1
1 1
1 4
0 0
2 0
Uonlln. If.. .5
WlU'ms. 2b..5
Kelster. s... 5
beymour, rf.4
Jackson. cf..3
Rchle. lb.. ..4
Robln'n. c.5
McQln'ty, p 5
1 1
3 2
4 4
1 4
2 4
3 1
1 0
0 0
S 0
3 1
0 0
0 0
0 2
1 0
2 0
Totals ...41 17 27 13 3
Total 39 10 27 19 6
Chicago 3 00001100-5
Baltimore 5 2 2 10 0 2 2 e H
Left on bass Chicago 12. Baltimore C. Two
base hits-Jones 1. Hartman 1. Williams 1, Jack
son 2. McGlnnlty L Three-base hlts-Kelster 1.
Home runs Isbell 1. Sacrifice . hits Jackson 1
Seymour L stolen bases Donl n 1, Jack-on 2
1 Hartman 1. Time nf imme nn bn,,. nHJ
ufty-flte minutes. Umpire llannasjau.
Western League.
Minneapolis. Minn.. May 28. A close decision
in the ninth Inning of the second game this after
noon made the double-header an even break, with
one out and AlcCreedle on first. Congalton sent oni
to. the fence, McCreedlo scored, but Ilrennnn
.u,u t,vu.,iuu uui m uuru. ana tne
team's chance was gone. Attendance
First game n H p
Minneapolis 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 7 g i
St. Joseph 00000000 60 6 1
Batteries: Minneapolis Swormstedt and Klel
now. St. Joseph Underwood and Doom.
Second game R. H E
Minneapolis 02000000 1-3 si
St. Joseph 20200000 04 3 0
Batteries: Minneapolis Wadsworth and Kiel
no w: St. Joseph Maupln and Dooln. -
St. Paul. Minn.. May 28. St. Paul and Kama.
City plated a double-header to-day and brok!
even. Thecal te-jm lost the first game throuih
ragged fielding and Inability to hlC In i the ser
Srfi?"" the. home. team hit Wolfe hard, while
'tcGlll was almost Invulnerable. Attendance, MO.
First game dm m
St. Paul 01000000 0-1 s s
Kansas City 01 0 20010 04 t 2
Batteries: St- Paul-Thomas and "Wilson: Kan
sas CJty Welmer and Messltt.
8econd game o v tj.
St- Paul.. 01204000 0-7 11 t
Kansas City 00010000 01 J i
Batteries: St. Paul-McGlll and Holmes. Kaa
sa City Wolfe and Messltt JXM
De Moines. la.. May 28. Denver turned de
feat Into victory t(May after the third I Innlns
Hard hi ting, coupled with loose playln? diJ It
There will be no game to-morrow, but two aam.a
will be played on Thursday ltn Omahaft!
tendance, 1.000. Scort: Al
Ties Moines.
2 1 ( 1 0 0 1 0-J- g-
Lienver ..
iiaticnes: ues Aioines welga and rnr.w.n
Denver-Butler. McNeeley and s,. Bulllyan?
Omaha. Xb., May 28. Omaha tnnv .mh.i..
irame from Colorado SprlngfV& binrtuS
hits In the seventh and eighth Innings, m. 2 25
Scor?:"' tW Tlctorl" ,n "ecesslon tSj eVjJm!-
Omaha 0
0 0 0 0 0 1
tr v
Colorado Bprinis
olorado Bprlnjs..' 10000100 "iCl ! i
Batteries: Omstia OrUhasa ana Ooodlas. Qilo
-r i-
m 5 Days
Safely. "
in 10 to 20 Days.
Debility m 30 to 90 Days.
rtabllihed practice
ftlnce 1S7Q. Sm bafik
Xoa ace DR. WHITTIER in perso
Consultation Free at
Office or by Mall.
Separate wsitls(.BSi
for Kslcb Fsrsoa.
cored by Doctor! U Iwcuu Wl Pr eent are irouoixi mm i-ras.
Write for Quotations. Commissions handled ea all
races. Long-distance telephones Tarda (28 sad Sat,
lUli fl'IFlRY 4183-4189 S. Halsted St
Ulrica u Lcani. Chicago, ill.
Pennyroyal pills
I ant L.t -...Ttl. . 1 S iia.vi -u -
-" na HiiaiiiKiaiiei BSTW1 WMaS DaSJB USSJJSBf .
Takenoatlivr. TTiAii ra
T't1skiUla aad MK1UT 1W lilfii
W; oj.relsm MaU. lkMH
slat a 4lit detail ttnmmtmtm m
Ctlakealer Clir-l-sl .. Maillnm n
urn tl tiaaafaa,
Cotton Root Pills.
AI.WATtBPniTri'.-J K.u.st. oaM
Tha uiDs. met. by thonnndf of voihca til
orrticUDlteiiMtf.lTitbtOLD DOCTOBS
prhata mail practice, for M jtaxa, mud not m
Moaf r Rtnrocd If not u rtprtMotatl. m&
4 ecntl IftaniDtl for sUsTM iMrtlralat-a
Or. Beit fn d fK gnr 7fp K fnufa m
For the Care of Stricture and analSM
Bona complaints of the Or-
is" of Generation.
Pries II a bottle. For sale br druntsta
If 70a hare mall, weak orvanat
loxt power or weakening1 drain,
oar . acnam Orpaa XTaloptr will
rwtoro 70a without drat r
elsVtrltT'.TSlVrA In mm. .
fallnrs: nutnnerfrornedt no CO.D. fraud; wrtlftfor
particnlarn. r"ntrialet1InplainenTeIop.
10CAL APPIUBCE CO . 72 Thorp Blk.JndHnaXtlS.fl4.
Office of Commissioner of Supplies.
e , j ,clt3r Hal1' May 21th, 1S0L
Sealed proposals will be received by the
lU2no-clo1Sem'.o0nbeOPene1 at "" oflS
nil i"r"lshlnS the City Institutions 'irlth
Dry Goods as per Requisitions on file In thli
office, samples to be submitted.
Call at Commissioner of Supplies for
blanks or Information. w xw
SfalthaisdaePrlfaaetmenntU9t be ,taChed
theobr!aS-ilhIabVJnrSeJeacn,yeda,terat,0n W er"
The Commissioner reserves th right to ra
Ject any and all bids. B
Commissioner of Suppllea,
ruthersDrlnfBGa,ton ancl "ahus. Umptre-Car.
Three I Leasrne.
---...j. BWIC.
BlOomlnvtnn ,n.A...- R.H.B.
,.:.". ......a v u a u x o ..in
00001000 34
DJcaU?l'g;a.n'iItto0.?.nsfCC"ty and Bt,t-
At ?t.tr!?r2n1rK5c,c IslaI"1 " Cdar Rapids .
At Itockford Kockiord 10. Davenport 5.
At Bt-anstllle-Terre Haute gains postpoaa-
Western Association.
a I u.LS"e"r;I'cu5Vl"e 7- Columbus 1.
At 0nd Rapida Urand Ranlds 8
na)iiff i. i - --
At Daytpn-Indlanapolls 5. Dayton 3.
Toledo-Marlon game poatponediraln.
little Liver Pills.
Must lear Slgnatur of
sa B
ssBH nTsfBpBsv Below
TarraataOsMaaaaan' I
UMtf'ssim I
am,ipissMiBsaJ w"
&rT.,.,- ,- - ., . ' -TT-rr-ssssBssssssssssssssssMssssssssasssMsaissi

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