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Suggestions, . T
Clothiers, Haberdashers and Hatters.
Xew Republic Buildings
Deletes Selected for San Fran-
semm jieeung umcers ere
rP Elected.
The Diocesan Convention proper closed Its
,J work yesterday with the election of dele
ft gates to the general convention, which meets
at San Francisco la October nest. The bal
loting for these began in the forenoon ses
sion and was continued until the close of the
convention, the business of the day being
sandwiched In between the retirement and
report of the tellers.
VThen all the lay delegates and all but
one of the. clerical were elected, the rival
candidates were the Reverend William
Short, the Reverend w. A. Hatch and the
Reverend Mr. Potter. The result was as
follows: Clerical The Reverend C. M. Da
Ms, dean of the Christ Church Cathedral;
the Reverend Doctor James R. Winchester,
rector of the Church of the Ascension; the
Reverend E. P. Little, rector of Trinity
Church. Hannibal, and the Reverend W. A.
Hatch of Monroe. Mo. Lay delegates J. P.
Triplett. D. F. Leavitt, F. J. McMaster and
B. G. Chapman.
The following diocesan officers were elect
ed: Treasurer. I. Shreve Carter; trustees of
the permanent episcopate fund. C S. Freer
born, L S. Carter and V. N. Judson; trus
tees of the theological educational fund.
Doctor J. P. T. Ingraham. John R. Trip
lett and E. J. Thomas: trusses of the aged
nr.il infirm clergy fund, the Reverend IS.
Duckworth. W. R. Donaldson and V. P.
Relative to the two-hundredth anniversary
of the Society of Propagation of the Gospel
In Foreign Tarts, which will be celebrated
In London. England. June 16. the Reverend
E. Duckworth was appointed to convey tne
greetings of the convention, and the clergy
of the diocese were directed to preach a spe
cial sermon commemorative of "the anni
versary. Mr. Duckworth will sail next
Tuesday for this purpose and for a visit to
his aged mother in England.
Walker Hill. William Eagnell and T. K
Sklnker were appointed a committee to col
lect funds for the benefit of the Bishop
Robertson Hall, located In the southern part
of the city, and for the purpose of lifting
the SCOW debt now resting upon that in
stitution. Mr. Bagnell stated that If CJ.W0
was raised for this purpose In small con
tributions, he would pay the remaining
The Missionary Board elected for the year
Is as follows: Clergymen Doctor J. P. T.
Ingraham and the Reverend El Duckworth,
the Reverend R. E. Lee Craig, the Reverend
3(u.hv3Wj Cavtivu'
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Our window marled
15MUfaU tuut 'Puu. Shut,
( $t Cottiflu j
t rtnaausftr ant wtoort ra-
rino. Car. Gur
CosraltatloBfrM Seni
"SaasSBaa'.. nnnht
te ramp tar SS rt Booklet
flffiaslsla 11 Mono' aswa
110 lf.Brosdway.
im Markt SL
, Dr. J. M. Fergusson,
It Master of DtseaM. Cum til Skin. PRI
t JnJVATE and Chronic Diseases. 141SH Wub
VT tncuo ave.. ST. LOUIS. IIO.
"ONE spot, and one only, which stands
pre-eminent as the Bargain Place of this
town, and that If Crawford', known as
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athw actSrlac-rrereata HVaaaehc.
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5Ul! -J
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Your wants in Summer
Apparel the kind that arc
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Fancy Vests, to wear with flannel
Suits washable materials in
Plain while, stripes, checks and
Small figures,
$1 ipdto $5 '- ....
Seventh and Olire Streets.
E. P. Little, the Reverend J. K. Brcnnan
and the Reverend I'. W. Fauntleroy. Lay
men F. J. McMaster. D. F. Leavitt. Charles
Sparks. EL H. Lycett. F. Enlng White, Wil
liam Bagnell. W. C. Stith. C. C Curtice and
G. M. Cadogan.
At the afternoon session part of the debt
of the St. George's Parish to the treasury
of the diocese was refunded. Some years
ago this parish lecame indebted to the
diocese to the amount of Sl.vCO. and on ac
count of the failing health of its rector, the
Reverend Doctor H. A. Holland, it has not
been able to pay the amount. The conven
tion therefore, at the request of Mr. Walker
Hill, voted unanimously to cancel one-half
tho amount, provided the remaining Hw
was paid within ninety days.
The Committee on Expenses of Deputies
to the General Convention requested that an
additional $23 be allowed each clerical dele
gate, which was unanimously granted.
H. H. Dennlson of Christ Church Ca
thedral was appointed a committee for the
selection of a place for the next diocesan
To-day the Woman's Auxiliary of the
diocese will hold Its annual meeting at tne
Cathedral, and holy communion will be ad
ministered at 3:30 a. m. A business session
will follow In the Schuyler Memorial
House. On Sunday, there will be the annual
celebration of the "Missionary Hot" at the
Exposition Hall.
Sixth District Christian Endeavor
Union Holds Session To-Xight.
The Sixth District Christian Endeavor
Union will begin Its seventh annua! con
vention to-night at the Lucas Avenue Cum
berland Presbyterian Church, corner of Lu
cas and Channlng avenues. The counties
embraced In this district are Crawford,
Dade. Dent. Franklin. Gasconade. Warren.
Jefferson. Lincoln. Montgomery, St. Charles,
Phelt-s, St. Louis and the city.
Present indications are that there will
be a large enrollment of delegates outside
the city, one county (Lincoln) sending twenty-five.
Every preparation has been made to
entertain the delegates from a distance,
and an opportunity will be given them to
ensage In practical downtown evangelistic
ivorK, unuer in leaoersnip or tne veteran
worker. C. J. Franklin.
The programme this evening will open
with a special pralso service, under the
leadership of R O. Bolt, and the Rever
end Harry Blunt, pastor of the Old Orchard
Congregation Church, will lead In the de
votional services. The Reverend Hav Bell
of Wellsville. Mo., will speak on "Present
Needs of the Church." and Professor Carl
I. Ingerson will speak on "Present Needs
of Sunday School and Missions." The special
address of the occasion will be delivered by
the Reverend Doctor R. V. Hunter of In
dianapolis, Ind.. president of the State
Christian Endeavor Union, on "Christian
Endeavor's Contribution to the Xew Cen
tury." The convention will last through Sat
urday and Sunday.
The Reverend Mr. Lee Besigns as
' Delegate to Conference.
The Reverend Doctor W. B. Palmore,
editor of the St. Louis Christian Advocate,
has arranged to travel extensively during
tho summer months. Ho will attend the In
ternational Epworth League Confercncec at
San Francsico. and. will deliver an address
on "The Church and the Saloon" July 18.
In August he will attend the Pan-American
Exposition and Chatauqua, and August 14
he will sail on the Majestic for a short trip
in Europe, and will represent the South
west Missouri Conference at the Methodlit
Ecumenical Conference. In London. Septem
ber 12 he will sail from Liverpool on tho
The Reverend Doctor J. W. Len has re
signed his appointment as dele ?a to from
the St. Louis Conference to the Ecumenical
Confcrenco in London, and alio his position
on the programme for an address on "The
Status ct Methodism In the Western Sec
tion. ' His successor is the Reverend Doctor
J- H. Young, pastor of the Centenary M. E.
Church, South;
Correct Form of Weddlnir Imitations
Are assured when ordered at Mcrmod &
Jaccard's, society stationers, Broadway and
Locust; 100 finest engrax-ed calling cards
and plate, J1.M; 109 cards from your plate, tl.
Writtfor latiplet andpricet. Malltdfrtt.
Visitor at St. Loot Itotcla.
P. Dunn or Beaumont, Tex., Is at the
R. R. Rice of Vamer, Ark., Is at the
S- B. Miller of Oswego, Kas., is at tho
N. D. Barry of Dallas, Tex., is at the
D. G. Thompson of Galconda, III., is at
the Llndell.
W. B. Johnson of Ardmorc, I. T., is at
tho Planters.
Virgil Conkling or Carrolllon. Mo., is at
the Planters.
Sidney Fischer of Petersburg. Va., Is at
the Southern.
W. H. Maxwell of Greenwood, Ind., Is
at the Llndell.
Major J. H. Finks of Glasgow, Mo., is
at the Laclede.
Hosca Townsend of Ardmore, L T., 13
at the Southern.
J. A. Cunningham of Caruthcrsville, Mo.,
Is at the Southern.
Major Harvey W. Salmon of Clinton,
Mo., is at the Planters.
State Senator J. H. Watson of Wood
lawn. I1L, Is at the Laclede.
Carlos F. Escarar and R. V Cariedo of
Guaymas are at the Planters.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Wlnchcll of Kansas
City, Mo., are at the Southern.
Mr. and Mrs. Irl Sandrldge of Fort
Worth, Tex., are at the St. Nicholas.
John L. Bogy, Jr.. and Vallce C. Bogy
of St. Genevieve. Mo., are at the Laclede.
Peter H. Huck, member of the Missouri
Legislature, of St. Genevieve, Mo., is at the
-Joe Tall, chief clerk or the Missouri
House of Representatives, of Kahoka, Mo.,
Is at tho Laclede.
C J. Meltan. G. M. Holm and A. P.
Garr, railroad men of Cincinnati, O., are
at the St. Nicholas.
Colonel John B. Jeffery, special agent
to establish routes for free rural deltverv
for the Post Office Department, Is at the
St. Nicholas.
Bl(t Four Route Trains.
Lv. St- Louis 8:30 a. m.. 12:00 noon, 8.-06 p. m.
Ar. Cincinnati 6:00 p. m.. 9.-05 p. m.. 7:30 a. m.
Ar. Buffalo 2:53 a. m., 6:18 a. m., lot) p. m.
Ar. New l'ork 2:55 p. m., 6.-00 p. m., 80 a. m.
! Colonel .Jimies A. McCalie Made
tScm-ral Superintendent, and
.1. P. Driiscoll Promoted.
McCain; Will Act ae Assistant to
General Manager Jenkins Ad
vancements the Reward of
Faithful Service.
Colonel James A. McCabe, formerly su
perintendent of the main division of the St.
Louis and Suburban Electric Railway Com
pany, has been appointed general superin
tendent, and J. P. Drlscoll. formerly In
charge of the Meramcc division, will suc
ceed Colonel McCabo on the main division.
D. A. Donovan, an Inspector, will tako
charge of the Meramcc division.
Colonel McCabo will act as assistant to
General Manager Thomas M. Jenkins.
L The new general superintendent is an ex
perienced railroad man, having been sixteen
years ln'th business. He was a division
superintendent under Mr. Jenkins when the
latter had charge of the Covington and
Cincinnati Street Railway Company, and
came to St. Louis two years ago, when Mr.
Jenkins assumed control of the Suburban
Superintendent Drlscoll Is also a man of
ability. Ho has bten fourteen years In the
street-railway business, twelve of which he
served under Mr. Jenkins. He held a re
sponsible position on the Covington and
Cincinnati road, as did also Mr. Donovan.
Superintendent Drlscoll has been In charge,
of the Meramec division for over a year.
He Is familiar with all the details of
street-railroad work. SJperlntendent Dono
van's promotion is a reward for long and
faithful Eervice under Mr. Jenkins.
J. X. Gray Had Dropped It Into a
Park Drain Pipe.
J. X. Gray of Bonne Terre. Mo., went
to Tcwer Grove Park yesterday and short
ly before noon he accidentally dropped his
pocketbook into a drain pipe. The purse,
besides several valuable papers, contained
a J100 draft and W0. Mr. Gray immediately
made inquiry for the park officials, but
could find none. He was told that his purse
might be recovered, and. with this hope,
remained in the park until 5:20 o'clock.
At that hour Park Superintendent James
Gurney came to his aid. The sewer nines
I were flushed, and as the water came down
wun a rush Superintendent Gurney,
through an aperture in the pipe twelve feet
from where the pocketbook was dropped In.
caught the lost wallet as It came floating
down stream. Its contents, though water
soaked, were little the worse for their live
hour bath. Mr. Gray thanked the superin
tendent and rewarded Philip Glebel. Her
man Helm and Hugo Schaff. park employes,
who assisted in the recovery.
In our watch repair department we em
ploy only expert watchmakers. Charges the
lowest for guaranteed work. Mermod &
Jaccard's. Broadway and Locust.
Confederate Veteran Fails to Lo
cate Boy in St. Louis.
George II. Ellis. 71 years old, a veteran
of Company B of the Second Louisiana In
fantry. C. S. A., known as the "Red River
Rebels," Is In St. Louis searching for his
? ? "'urBe li. tins. Jr. According to the
? JieUSr ThLc.n tne o!d man received, hi
son lived at No. lea North Ninth street
,1 m?V? f"lm ttere ?eTaI weeks ag
him father has been unable to locate
.,?f0SevE:IIs' Jr" ,s a ""road man. Sev
eral weeks ago wounds received In the Civil
Kite?an to,I,an the father and he was
SI.eiifcwork' ColIe!ne all the money
ho could, he came to St. Louis, Intending to
make his home with his son. C'"-""K "
Are Ton Thlnkln? of GoIuk to Texaar
. i'ou are' .s5.nd Rlx ce"ts I" stamps and
fv,CUJ? C0.'?y' Prceedings Texas Farmers'
25Brws' containing iSO pages valuable
agricultural information S. F. B. Morsel
roadV Ho?sto"Texn T"a Centnd Ra""
Police Searched for Stolen Animal
Which They Had Found.
After searching for three days for a horse
which had been stolen from George Rob
ertson, formerly a member of the House of
Delegates, the police found It at the Sixth
District Police Substation. The horse was
2f?2'enaa.way from. Ta5"Ior and Easton ave
nues Saturday night. About 230 o'clock
Sunday morning a policeman found the ani
road avenue and Natural Bridge
It wa3 taken to the substation, to be held
ror its owner. It was not until the third
da) that the polico discovered the stolen
horse was In their own custody.
Attend the auction sale to-day of fine
Clocks from the Merrick. Walsh fc Phelps
collection at Sixth and Olive sts.
Kritzinger's Forces Causing Brit
ish Troops Much Anxiety.
Queenstomn. Cape Colony, Wednesday,
May 29. The Boers are massing under
Commander Kritxlnger to the northward
of Bailey. There Is much local apprehen-
.Inn arirl .hi. (.. ......... .. . . .
......... w, ,ui SU.IU remains Ml nignt
in the trenches. Passenger traffic to the
wiui ij auapcuueu ano. ireigni w proceed
ing under an armed escort. The banks
close at noon.
Tickets to New Topic and Boston
Via Big Four give ten lays stop-over at
BulTalo Pan-American Exposition.
Bingham Fabynn.
Washington, May 30. Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Baxter Fabyan of Carthage. Mo., have Is
sued cards of invltlation to the marriage
of their sister. Miss Florence Fabyan. to
Richmond Fletsur Bingl'am nf this cltv.
The marriage will take place at Grace Epis
copal Church, t'arlhjge. at 8 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday. June 12. and the young people
will reside at 1213 B street Southeast, this
city, where they will be at home to friends
the first and second Saturdays In October.
TVheM Nature
Needs assistance it may be best to render
It promptly, but one should remember to
use even the most perfect remedies nnlv
when needed. The best and most simple and
Keuuo remeay is me oyrup 01 figs, manu
factured by the California Fig Syrup Co.
Illinois Newspaper Men to Meet.
Metropolis. HI., May SO. The Southern Illi
nois Press Association will meet here June
21 and 22. Edgar A. Davie Is Acting Presi
dent this year and R. B. Thompson of The
Metropolis Herald, secretary
To Care Headache In lO Wastes
Take Parker's Headache' Powders, a her
are safe nd sure. All druggists. Price 10c
Mrs- Frank Keyser Dies.
Mount Sterling. 111.. May 30. Mrs. Frank
Keyser. an old resident of this place, died
yesterday of consumption. Mrs. Keyser was
60 years old and prominent In church and
benevolent work.
First Regiment N. G. M., will unveil the
monument of Sergeant Charles J.- Williams
in Bellefontalne Cemetary Sunday after
noon. Sergeant Williams was born July
24. 1874, and died November 12. 1898. from
fever contracted while with his regiment at
W Makes Perfect.
For thirty years we hare been manufacturing fine Ready-to-Wear
Clothing, each year improving on the preceding
one. This season we have outdone every previous effort.
Our clothing, in every detail that goes to the making of perfect-fitting
clothing, is the equal of the very best efforts of the
custom tailors' art, and our prices are about one-half the
custom tailors' price. No tedious trying on, but a fit the
moment you feel the need of it.
Elegant Worsteds and Cassimcrcs, $15.00
Fine Blue Serge $10.00
Rich Imported Worsteds, Serges
and Casslmeres $18.00 to $25.00
Browning, King & Co.,
Broadway and Pine.
Of all kinds, including "Grandfather" Hall
Clocks, also
Diamonds, ) from the
Watches, ( Merrick, Walsh & Phelps
Silverwares, -an-d-
Arl Wares, Ne. Jaccard Jewelry Cos.' Stocks
CiCii ttCi
until the sum of $250,000.00 is realized.
(All Guaranteed by the Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Go.)
SALES DAILY, 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.
tCsTo-Morrow Special Sale of Housekeepers' Wares.
Delegates to District M. E. Church
Conference Talk Freely.
At yesterday's session of the St. Louis
District Conference at the Immanuel M. E.
Church, South, tho Reverend Doctor C. E.
Pattlllo, pastor of the Xafayette Park
Church, spoke on "The. Necessity for Deep
er Spiritual Lite." He called attention to
the fact tnat the church In Its spiritual
lite was not keeplnc pace with Its expansion
In other matters. He said that the church,
confronted as it was with the great prob
lems of Indifference, doubt, poverty, labor
and moral reform, had greater need than
ever for deepening- the spiritual life. He
said also that there was danger of over
emphasizing men, money, methods and ma
chinery to the neglect of individual spir
itual life In tho church.
The Reverend itr. Stephan. pastor of
Mount Auburn Church, spoke on "lion" to
Improve Attendance Upon the Social Meet
ings of the Church." He urged that these
meetings be made more attractive.
The Reverend Doctor T. E. Sharps, pastor
of Wagoner Place Church, answered the
question, "How to secure and maintain n.
good attendance at the evening service."
He suggested a genuine pastoral work, spe
cial puiplt elYort along evangelistic Unrs ami
the co-operation of tne entire membership.
The Reverend Doctor Lee, Presiding El
der, spoke on the missions of the district,
such as Carondelet, Bridgeton, Marvin. Oalc
Hill and Clayton, and urged the co-operation
of all tho Htronger churches for pla
cing these on a self-sustaining basis. The
Reverend Doctor J. H. Young, pastor of
Centenary Church, " follow ed w 1th an ad
dress on "Local Church Extension Work,"
outlining the plans of the St. Louis Church
Extension Society. The closing address
was given by Mrs. Steele on "Condition and
Work of the W. H. M. S."
Speaking of the past year Mrs. Steele said
It had been an encouraging one. three new
auxlllarlcs halng been added, making the
number seventeen and the membership
M. The total receipts for tho year. In
cash and work, were S2.697.15. In closing, a
special appeal was made to the pastors of
the district for co-operation In Increasing
the number of societies and their mem
bership. The Reverend Doctor Halleburton. Pre
siding Elder of the Washington District;
Professor N. B. Henry, president of the
Marvin Collegiate Institute, and the Rov
erend J. N. Beall, pastor of the McCaus
land Avenue Presbyterian Church, were In
troduced to the conference.
Reports were received from Carondelet.
Man-In, Centenary and Wagoner Place
churche. Marvin Church was commended
for Its work at Watt's Chapel in the down
town district of the city.
The report of the special committee on
the Cabanne Church matter will be given
at 10 a. m. to-day. Addresses will be deliv
ered by the Reverend J. R. A. Vaughan,
James L. Carlisle. A. E. Whlttaker. W. S.
Baker, the Reverend A. H. Robbins, the
Reverend A. S. Croker and the Reverend
W. H. LaPrade. This afternoon addresses
will be given by the Reverend M. T. Haw
and the Reverend Doctor J. H. Early.
It pays to attend the COO.000.03 Jewelry
action at Olive and Sixth, if you only buy
for speculation.
United Turner Societies Trovide
for Children's Pleasure.
The Installation of fifteen large swings
for children In Benton Park next week by
the United Turner societies will be the
first step In carrying out their plans of
providing entertainment for children In the
downtown parks. Later thirty more- swings
will be established by the societies li: other
parks of the city.
The swing, which were malo in Maine,
are strongly constructed and will hold four
children. Hyde Park is to have t'-n of the
new swings. Carr Park six. Lyon Pjrl: six.
Laclede Park four and Jackson Place four.
The Turner societies have borne the en-
tire expense at the swings, but will try
to secure tMYo-operation of others in mak
ing the later improvements .which have
been proposed. These are the iddltlon of a
set of simple gymnastic appliances In each
CASTOR I A FaliftrtssiaChiiifra.
Practice 5 3
park, with an Instructor to give the chil
dren systematic training.
Segovia's Band Defeated Doniol
Is Again Attacked.
f Manila, May 30. Thirty-three men of Com
pany A. Twentieth Regiment. United States
Infantry, recently encountered Segovia's
band near Paracale. North Camarlne Prov
ince. Surgeon .St. John was killed. The ln
surgenta lost five men killed and had two
Doniol h3s again been attacked, and re
enforcements have been sent from Marln
duijue. As a re-wlt of the investigation of the
shooting affair at Camp Stotsenburg May
21. Lieutenant James Howell of the Sixth
Artillery will be tried by court-martial.
Second Lieutenant Cnarles R. Lloyd. Jr.,
also of the Sixth Artillery, and Doctor
Overton, who dressed the wound1 received
by Lloyd at the hands of Howell, have been
released from arrest.
Memorial Day was observed here as a
Unsuitable Spectacle
Injure the eyes. Delays are sometimes dan
gerous. Dr. Bond, expert optician, at Mer-mod-Jacrard's
Broadway and Locust, will
examine your eyes tree of charge and guar
antee a proper adjustment. Steel frames
from Jl up; gold. j and up.
Incorporates at Pierre, S. D., With
.?SO,00'J.OOO Capital.
Tierre. S. D., May 30. Articles of Incor
poration have been filed here for the Cop
per Company of Montana, with a capital of
tSllftflOfflfl nn..ha1f nMfarrul an ina.hnlf
. -v. ,., .... ...... Jr. ....... v.. .. v,.-..al.
1 eommon stock. The IncorDorators nre Ar
thur P. Helnze. Stanley Glfford. Kranklln
Nlen. Frederick Eckstein, Carl Swcnson and
Oscar Nelson.
Tare Thronicta Trains
Leave Union Station every day In the week
via the Missouri. Kansas and Texas Rail
way. The Fast Train, the "Katy Flyer."
at 8:22 p. m.. with Pullman Buffet Sleeping
Cars; one for the City of Mexico, via San
Antonio, the other for Houston. Galveston
and other important cities in Texas. The
New Train. 11:15 p. m., with Sleeping Cars
Tor the 8outhwest. The Mall and Local
Express, at W5 a. m. For tickets, berths
and other information, call at No. 10.1 North
N. B. Tourist Sleeper every Tuesday on
the "Katy FIyr" for Texas. New Mexico,
Arizona and California points.
William J. Bryan Accepts Invita
tion to Speak in Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo., May 30.-Secretary
Marshal of the Jackson County Democratic
Club this morning received from William
J. Bryan an acceptanco of the club's In
vitation to deliver an address, and ap
pointing as the time for its delivery June
Mr. Bryan said he would take for his sub
ject "The Outlook." and discuss the South
Carolina TIUman-McLautln light.
1.25 Ronnd Trip
Springfield. 111., and return, Sunday, June
Z. via Illinois Central Railroad.
Death of Hiram Price.
Washington, May !0. Hiram Price, who
served many yeirs in coi.gress as a Re
publican representative from Iowa and who
was Commissioner of Indian affairs from
5151 to the beginning of the first Cleve
land administration, died here to-day of
heart trouble. Mr. Price, who was 87 years
of ace, was president of the State Bank
of Iowa for many years.
Boars the
Are you aware that the "Southern Button" is
fast becomina the raoDular Low Shoe? They
are comfortable, and so
vo uit; loui xnaii ixioras, inen mey nave moi rvi
chic appearance so
Low Footwear.
Southern Button. !
Patent Leather Vici Kid. hand turn sole, Louis 0 f AA
XIV heel, neat toe, 2 to 7, AA to D OTiUU
Ifcli'AVsBBBnnnnnnJBBPtm. ".ksSS
HKnntnnl MiW ''VnnnW
IPI. 'Usssssi
Made in our workrooms
by superior tailors pains
taking, intelligent men,
who never permit a gar
ment to leave their hands
that isn't the top notch in
every detail.
If those claims make any
point 'n your consideration
these suits at 812 and $1.1
will gain your quick ap
proval and for us your con
tinued favor.
Young Men We have
exceptionally attractive
styles for you.
Life of Weil-Known Capitalist Is
Despaired Of.
Francli A. Lane of No. 3610 West Pine
boulevard, for more than fifty years a resi
dent of St. Louis and a well-known lor-al
capitalist. Is now lying critically ill at his
residence from a general brf-aklnc down of
lU system. Ills Illness Is of several 1eek;
Members of his family are constantly by
hls bedside and relatives In New Vork. In
cluding Doctor and Mrs. Carr Lane, well
known here, have been telegraphed for. Mr.
Lane was reported ye.-tcnlay to fce barely
holding hH own and his family is in great
Mr. Iine was Iwrn January 4, Ra. jn
Palmvra and eame to Kr Initio in icit
He entered a mercantile house here. later
h.-n-lng a connection with the Simmons
Hardware Company. A few years later he
retired from bwlnes and devoted himself
to managing his estate. He owns consid
erable property In the city. Including sev
eral tracts along Olive street.
He Is known In local military circles on
account of hH connection with the old
National Guard, of which body he was a
member when It accompanied General p.
M. Frost on the Southwestern Expedition.
Uo was married upon hli return from the
expedition to Mls Emma H. Price, and
sho and seven children are living. The
children ar Doctor Presley Carr Lane.
Price. Almira. Emma. Belle. Josephine and
John Beach 1-ane.
Large Shipments of Home-Growu
Strawberries to the North.
The first receipts of peaches of the season
arrived at St. Louis yesterday from Texas,
and sold nt E0Ii6nc a peck box. Most of
the fruit was of fair quality and ripe, but
on account of the liberal offerings of
strawberries and the cool weather there
was little demand for the reaches.
A Tyler. Tex., grower shipped the peaches
to P. M. Kieby on consignment and there
were about five bushels in the shipment.
It was estimated that there were nearly
45.000 gallons of home-grown strawberries
offered on the local market yesterday, in
addition to the receipts from Missouri.'
Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky and
Tennessee, which brought the total up to
about 50,000 gallons, but. notwithstanding
this large amount, prices were firm and
slightly higher, as shippers took large
quantities of the offerings.
About ten car loads were shipped from SL
Louis yesterday to Chicago. Buffalo and
other Northern cities.
St. Louis County strawberries are said to
be the finest grown in the United States
and command good prices in other markets.
They are unusually large and of fine flavor
this season, and the crop is said to he
On account of the many visitors at the
Come and see our Box
Lace or congress. All
iu saturaay. Harris
I Mills & Averill, I
much easier adjusted 7A
hard to find in Ladies V
Black and Tan Southern But
ton, flexible sole,
2 to 8, AA to E.
Patent Leather Southern But
ton, flexible sole, 01 Cfl
2to8, AA toD.-OlldU
Black and Tan Hand Turn
sole. neat new toe, 0 All
22 to 8, AA toE.OZlUU
619 623
I N. Broadway.
Kir.. I
High and Low Cut. The
finest shoe in quality, fit
and style for
$3.50 -
Shown in St. Louis or am
other city.
Patent Leather, Patent
Kid and Tans and your
foot properly fitted.
Chltllcoth. Mo.. May S. 1M1. Pd
will h received by the Board nf Un
312 N. BROADWAY. n-'be
, b
the State lncmmai ilorae lor uirla. CMlBaoBK i-V"- I
Mn until 15 o'clock noon. Jun r 1901 ftSW-O-s-VAS
erection and completion of a two-story EP.. -Ja
CTliaKe uui.um uku tuv BtuuiMU. OK BWQ- I
stltutlon. ar-corainir w plans sua specjflcsnLJ
wtllCn can i-e rern at in oince oe IDS UMUtf
tion. or miuara i.. oarTcr, srcDitccT.
A certinea cnecK m me sum nr fcoo.oo sBsil
companv alt proposals upon above general ess
tract. The board reserves the right to reisct turr
or all bids. f
Separate -ealed propoeals will be r1J
the same time for a low-preure steam baattBar
apparatus iir mu ouiiainir. ana also
seaiea propoeai ior ?anuarj piumDlosr
and specifications for which mar be seen i
nrnr of the institution, or William r. fl
architect, chllllcothe. Mo. Kach proposal Mr
steam heating and plumbing shall be aeeaaa
panled by a certified check In the sum of S10A.a
paab!e to the treasurer of the Board etltira
agers. State Industrial Home for Girls. Th
Doara KKnti ov ngui 10 rejret any CTau 1
Pan-American Exposition at BulTalo. that:'
city is just now furnishing a good markA
for St. Louis County strawberries aaer
large shipments of home-grown green peaas'
are also being made from St. Louts t-;- r
Buffalo. ":
Freedincn of Zanzibar and Pembiasir?.
Have Xot a Happy Lot. 0$ '
London. May 30. Ninety-eight per cent
the slaves of Zanzibar and Pemba PreferJCTi
remain slaves, according to corres
Issued by the Foreign Office concerning tn
working of the decrees freeing the slaves.
Fewer slaves applied for freedom In VKf)
than in 1K. because, the British CbnnBls-
sloner avers, most of the slaves know UWjr.v
are not likely to gain much present" 'a"
thrown on their own resources hav a. ansa. 1
cult time to make a llvinl. v- "t 1
The masters have been kinder rtnea tka'. - --"J
slave legislation was enacted, ana Bk - ibv- "-i-i
make their service more attractive. wf
- . .Tj'aw'
Calf Doubla-Sote
SiZeS 1r -to.. Mar aO.-LArii'Sr
" . bridal tour to St. Pass, r .?!KS3XlH
sizeJp - f
"-! I
".V- -n'll
-,-rrr-f-' j
&PBbJ- tT5- '
ri - t v .
ff A -
Vfc- , X -r
. ,.- A(.v.
i -.a - -i .. j a .w-.'t'u.'Sfejjirg

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