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"Theodore Roosevelt wilt rtovcr bo President. Tho people will not trust him.
II!? notion that a lifo of activity
aunt oe a life of strife will novcr
Jiccome popular In America. The
eople will not trust advocates of
tho strenuous life. Teddy will
meet tho futo of Clay. The Co
llie prefer a man likes Cleveland
rather than Blaine, and they turn
from a man like Itrjnn to a MeKIn
ley, because the people demand
cniisejvall-'m In an executive."
So said Senator Joseph W. Hallcy
of Texas at the Planter. Hotel
yesterday. He was chatting with
friends, anil It was urged hy a
Republican that l!ooevelt would
receive the Ilepubllcnn presMentlil
"He- mn," nil S' tutor Ualley,
"hut If he (lnii he will fare- like
everv man who has gone to defeat
Worn him from having convinced
th.. iople je was liable to do un
expected things."
Senator Ualley predicts a brilliant
future for Congrrsmnn-cIcct
Woolen of the Dallas district, and
Insists that Texas Is the most won
derful country in the world.
I ; ; j
lg - 3II
Fanla Ft Company May T'sc
Colorado's Trui-ks for SI.
J.ouis Kntrv.
Declares Special World's Fair
Commissionerj-hip Was l"n
. solicited bv ITim.
Hescnts the Insinuation That He Is
Dex?ndeDt Upon Public Of
fice ns Means of a
who has
itrrunuc steciat.
Washington. Sept. 3. Spclal
Fair Commissioner John liarrett,
ben attacked sharply hy th Xew Tork
livening Post for alleged party dlslojalty,
writes that paper a letter descrlblnc his
appointment by Governor Francis and de
fending hii political course. Mr. Barrett
r-as In his letter:
"Noting first the conclusion and climax of
the editorial, I find that with some measure
of sarcasm and a lirgcr measure of In
accuracies you say In part:
" 'Finally, th administration has
appointed him (Harrctt) Commissioner Gen
eral for. Asia and Australia in behalf pf the
Ft. Louis Imposition In JStK. Thus does of'
fire feck the man.'
"Tho truth of th matter Is this: The
administration ha'd no more to do with thfs
appointment than the Evenlnc Post Tills
responsible commission was tendered me
without my solicitation, solely hy the St.
IouIs Directors of the World's Fair
through their President, ex-Secretary of ths
Interior David it Francis, who himself Is
a prominent Democrat. Quoting the words
of President Francis, they offered me this
post because of my 'lone; diplomatic ex
perience In Asia and extended acquaintance
with Asiatic and Pacific peoples, politics,
commerce and public men.1 Pardon me,
therefore, for suggesting that possibly
there mny be more truth than you Intended
In your laconic conclusion, "Thus docs the
office peek the man.'
Wlie-rc the lnrr Coram From.
"Still more, tho Louisiana Purchase Ex
position Company and not tho Government
pays the salary and expenses of this posi
tion. My only connection In this matter
with the administration, unless some new
arrangements not now contemplated are
made, will be that which comes through
tho general interest or President McKInley
nnd the hearty co-operation of the State
mid otl er departments.
"Referring baric now to tho Introduction of
your editorial, jou say: '.Mr. John Barrett
has at last got an office and thus saved the
administration from tho reproach of being
ungrateful. and again: 'His
friends' . -began mentioning him
for various offices' from Minister down to
Consul, but he Ins had to strve by stand
ing and walling until now.'
"Stranfjely enough, the only truth In the
nbove Is again unintended. Such "friends'
tis the Kvenlng Post hate repeatedly men
tioned me for numerous offices and It may
he becatis-e of my 'mentloners' that I hate
been so cruelly neglected.
"The rest of the tiuth which Is unstated
In the editorial is thus:
"(a) The administration has not been, and
is not, under any obligations to me. I sup
ported Mr. McKInley In the last campaign
because I believed in the man and In his
principles. And, It I may Interpolate the re
mark hre, I was more consistent and hon
est than tho Evening Post when it supported
Mr. Bryan and his free-lher theories be
cause of Its bitter anli-McKlnley feeling.
"(b) For no olllee whatever In the gift
of the President have I been n candidate
except for that of United States Minister
to China In case Mr. Conger should volun
tarily retire or bo promoted, and In this
movement the Initiative was taken hy lead
ing chambers of commerce and business
Interests in all parts of the country ir.d
by Senators and Congressmen familiar with
my record In Asia as Minister to Slam and
with my sincere efforts through many years
to build up our commerce with China and
the far East.
IndulEra In Sarcasm.
7c) In April last I was appointed one of
the five delegates of the United States to
tho International American Conference to
meet In Mexico In October. Hence you are
even In error In the matter of my already
having an office, although It is indeed re
markable that you should have overlooked
It or not found In It a supreme danger to
our peace with South America. This high
Government commission given me by Pres
ident McKInley was. moreover, entlrelj- un
sought and unexj-ected, as your Washington
correspondent can readily confirm. It Is my
modest hope that In co-opcratlon with my
more distinguished colleagues of the dele
gation I may be of some service to mr
country and eventually reach the high
standards of the Evening Post.
"(d) In contrast to tho Evening; Post's
Insinuation that I am a chronic office
seeker and dependent upon office for n liv
ing and support. I would. In all modesty,
sub-nit that through the means of hard
work and unremitting application, the value
of which I learned In the days when, as a
Vermont boy, I had to work my own way
and pay my awn expenses through Dart
mouth College, It has been possible for me
to develop legitimate private business Inter,
ens and connections that make me Inde
pendent of worry about getting any of the
various offices' which the Evening Post so
charmingly pictures my 'friends' as men
tioning for me. Of the twelve years that
have elapsed since I cradunte.1 fmm ,.oi.
lege, four only hnvo been spent In Govern
ment service, nnd I resigned that office to
give way to an appointee of President McKInley."
.Mobile nnd Ohio Chun-res Hail-
road ComiiiisMiincrs Hear Ar-
jiimeiils on I!iid. .Junc-
lion Cro'i'.iii.r Ca:-e.
The umiuisr.ccinrnl i,y tle lnan'ig-ment of
the St Liul, Kan.i5 city and Colorado
Railway that the roid will be built to
Clinton. Mo., Is reganhsl. according to a
dlEp.itch from K.-insp city, as it n indi
cation that the Atchlnm. Topeka and
Pinta F.i Company, to which the properly
formerly belonged, may use the line for
an entry to St. Ixiuls before th opening
of tin World's Fair.
Sln-e the promoters or the St. Louis,
Kanras City and Colorado Hailwav, now
building west from St. Louis, announced
that Clinton. Mo.. Is to b" the line's desti
nation, them hive been rumors that the
company will buy or has already arranged
for tho purchase of the old Blair Line from
Jiansas city to Clinton.
This road is one of the two now owned by
the Frl.sen system that parallel each other
from Kansas City to Clinton. They are so
close together th.it one companv can hardly
use both.
The St. Louis. Kansas City and Colorado
use. to he a Sant.i I"c property, but the
construction of the present extension west
to Clinton Is in the hands of a company
in which John Sculiln and David It. Francis
of St. Ljui.s arc the moving spirits..
hether it Is a Santa l'e property jet and
will make a S.inta Fo connection for St.
I.ouls In time for the World's Fair is a
mailer aoout which there Is no end of
flurry of excitement locally, as this Is tho
first move mado by Governor Dockery In
Kansas City affairs.
Pioneer of St. Joseph and of a
Prominent Family.
St. Joseph, Mo.. Sept. 3 Mrs. Anna
Schroerr, aged 70 jean", member cf n prom
inent f.imlly and who had resided In St,
Joseph for forty-seven years, died at the.
faintly residence of her -on. Edward ('
Seiiroer.. this afternoon after on Illness of
two j ears.
.MIIS. MAI1V .1. Ct.STI.1:.
SahTn. 111., Sept. ."!. Mrs". Mary J. Cas
tle, aged .1 vtarM. who for the nasi forty
je.irw Imk li.en an active worker In the M.
E Churdi. died here this afternoon.
Ccntrall.i. Mo., Sept. 3. Samu.l Patter
son, .igi-J M ars, died at his borne, twelve
miles northeast of thl.s city, this morning
of HrUht'c dlc.ise. He was the father of
Proft-sor ('. S. Patterson, School Commis
sioner of thl.s county.
IMH'Tllll S. 31. I'OHKVr.
Iligbei. .Mo., Sent. .1. Doctor S. M.
l-orest. a prominent phyxld-ln of It.indolph
'oiinly. rile! at his home In Iteiilck to-day,
aged about .u years.
in: iisovi;iu:n . uevii, fixii.
hi. Jiuins. Newfoundland. Sent. ?.. The
JJreak in Prices Equivalent
Twenty-Five and Thirty
Conflict nig Crop Reports and Rains
Tliroii-iliont Texas Cotton I-Ms-
frirl. Accountable for the
Rrcak in the .Market.
nnppur.ic spktial.
N'cw York, Sept. S.-Lmcrglng from a yeVVWVWVWW
ears purgatory in "P.ictun! Carvel," John
Drew appeared last night at the Empire . ;
1 heater In "The Second In Command."
play which makes all the dramatize. novels
w.azen ar.d shrivel up Into lmcjj numbers.
It was the opening of Mr. Drew's tnth
xcaosri as a star under Cn.irles Frohman'a
management, and. in addition, last night's j
performance aw the Empire Theater enter
.... iih ic.-iui year, ine num. in snort, too
on many of the attrllutu or a Jubilee-, for
rarely does It happen that an nirJle-e Is
as unanimous In iw verdict with regard to
the merits of a pliy and an actor as wai
the audience last night.
It Is a great de.il to say that Captain
Marshall's flay lived up to the fame which
had prece. del It. for no pl.iy In f-wiorn has
had Iti praises so enthusHstlcally chanted.
But "The Second In Command" more thin
realized all expectations. With a plot as
Anil Jinny CrrrnI.neJ..
Almost Half-Million Dollars Ap
portioned in Arkansas.
Little Itock. Ark., Sept. S.-Below Is the
annual apportionment of the common-school
fund as made to-dny by the Department of
Total enumeration of children In 1MI..J01.74S M
Total amount apportioned 441911 ca
Amount apportioned to each child...".' jj
Counties-Arkansas. H.0S7JS: Asnley. 17.310 M:
"il'r. i.wa: ipnion. IH.ret.M): Jlcone IB ;
Crossing: t'np nt Ilrldgo Jonrtlon In
terest Four Hon. Is.
Springfield, III., Sept. 3. Tho epntrovertcd
crossing case at IJrliige Junction, near East
oi. Louis was beard to-day by tho Hail
road and Warehoe Commissioners. Four
roads already cross at this point, and three
others desire- crossing f jclliue". Thoe hav
ing crossing at mis time are- the Chicago
and Alton, the Ulg Four, the Clover lejf
and the Wabah, while the Chicago, Pecrla
and St. Louis, the St. Doul, Troy and East
ern, and the Wiggins Terry Company desiro
to put in crossing tracks-.
The Chicago. I'eurla and St. Louis suc
ceeding In getting a crossing laid at the
point several nights ago, and In the morn
ing had an Injunction preventing any of the
"' rcaos aireauy Having crossing rights
from Interfering with the new nn. Am v.t
the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis has hot
endeavored to use the tracks that were
quietly laid after night.
To-day's meeting of tho Commissioners
was attended by tne general manager.-! and
the general superintendents of the railroads
concerned, who made arguments. These
olilcials held a meeting at ihe Leiand Hotel
last night, and agreed to lay tho desired
crossings, using an Interlocker to prevent
accidents. This arrangement 13 not agree
able to the Commissioner, who aro In
clined to th belief that the point ought
tp havo an overhead and under crossing.
The matter was taken under advisement,
and the decision postponed until the next
meeting of the commission on November 7.
F. W. fc X. O. MM: TItAXSFEnnCD.
In JfoiY thr Property f the Houston
and Tri Ontritl.
Fort Worth. Tex.. Sent a. The inf for
mality in the transfer of the minor lines
operated by the Houston and Texaa Cen
tral Rallwjy was made here to-day 7hen
the deed transferring the Fort V.orth and
New Orleans Hallway, a line fortv-onc
miles long, between Fort Worth ard "ax
ahachle. was filed.
The four lines Iwught by the Central are:
Fort Worth nnd New Orleans, forty-one
miles; Central Texas and "orihw.vtern,
twelve miles: Austin and Nort'iwestern,
ninety-nine and two-tenth miles, and the
Marble Falls Branch, six miles.
The Houston and Texas Central has now
come Into possession of lis miles of new
roads. The consideration stated hi the as
sumption of the bonded indeb'.vlness of the
roads and the payment of all debts. And,
further, each deed recites thse nar"lers
were authorized by a speciil act of tho
Legislature. The value of the property ts
not stated, but the H33 of reve-nue stamps In
dicate that It is about JZi-SJOO.
-": ". .i.a.j.. t.ainoun, 13.CSZ JO; Car
JCys.rc aebume. S3.! frl: Cleveland. St.ra.Si:
..v.,(. e-riiKIOru. J1.44I71": Crittenden. JI.'JM.IO
CroES. JJ314.U; Wallaj. 3,f.14: Derhl. 3.Z4S.7f:
?. ?-;-7I3-;i;.r?iIkJ"r- -.m.U: Franklin. i:
J1I.02; I ulton. J4.S67.Wi: Garland. J5.770.S2- 45rant
K.7H.W: Gre-n. JS.IO 68: Hemp-tead. jio 1KM
'lot Springs. U.-1.M; llonard 15.10115.'
Ir.lTndcnee. J3.379.JS: Iiard. tl.V3a.18; Jackwn
S8.C-3.-6. JffrFOn. llj-Sfc?: Jnhnar.n Ctf-r-.I
To secure additional Information dlrectlv
from tho people, it i-j iropn-.l to send Ht
tl! boi.s of gold and greenbacks to persons
who wrlto the most l.'ificsting. detailed,
j.n.1 truthful descriptions uf tbeir experi
ence on the following topics;
I. How have you been aftccted by coffco
drinking and by changing from coffee to
:. Dn you know any one who has been
ililven amy from l'ostum liecau.se it came
10 th tahle weak and characterless at tho
Hrvt trial?
. Hid jou set such a person right re
garding the. easy way to make. Postuui
clear, blaek, and with a crisp, rich taste?
4. Have jou ever found a better way' to
make It than to use four heaping teaspoons
ful to the pint of water. let stand on stove
until real boiling begins, then note the clock
and allow It to continue easy boiling full 13
minutes from that time, stirring down oc
casloinlly? fA piece of butter about the
rizc of a navy bean, placed In the pot. will
prevent boiling over.)
5. Give names and arcount of thoe jou
know to havo been cured or helped in
health by the d!-mlsul of coffee and the
daily use eif I'ostum Food Coffee In Its
. Write nam's and addresses of V) friends
who ou believe would he benefited by
Jeavlng oft i-olTee. (Your name will not bo
divulged to them.)
Address your letter to the I'ostum Cereal
Co.. Ltd.. Uattle Creek, Mich., writing vour
own name and address clearly.
Ho honest nnd truthful. .Jon't write poetry
or fanciful letters, just plain, truthful statements.
Decision will h mad? between October
0th and ?ovembfr hth. toi, by three
Judges not members or tho Postum Cereal
Co ... nne) a neat little box containing a J10
Sold piece sent to each of the five bst
writers, a box containing a J.7 gold piece "to
each of the next bet writers, a 12 green
back to each of the WO next best, and a U
greenback to each of tho 2uO next liest
writers, making cash prizes distributed "to
r. persons.
Almost every one Interesletl In pure food
and drink Is willing to have their name nnd
letter appear In the rapers. for such IicId
ns It may offer to the human race. How
ever, n. request to omit name will be re
cpecled. Every friend of Postum is urged to write
nnd each letter will be held In high esteem
hy the companv, as an evidence of such
friendship while the little boxes of gold
nnd envelopes of money will reach many
modcrt writers, whose plain and sensible
letters contain the facts desired, although
the sender mar have but smalt faith in
tv inning at the time of writing.
Talk this subject over with your friends
nnd Bee .how many among you can. -win
prti'i s tAiE,00', nnVt competition
and In tnc best kind of a cause.
Jsfayettr. J .&: Lawrence. 11791.80: le U -('t;.4::
Unecln J4.387.SS: Little Inter. J4.731.44;
wnn. J...0J ,0: L)noKe. Js.f''S4r Madlcn rr
41.-. OS. Marlon. J4 0S4.84. Miller. J6.K8 84; itlssli
lxrl. j;.M9.M: Monroe. J5,KS.43: MoDtgomery
U7I9.C8; Nexada. J8.;w.; Newton, ti.s7.:
OuachlU. J8.CS.4S: Perry. J2.7S4.7S: ITiIIIds. JS -
C.3.40. like. ,5S6 CS; Poinsett. J2.M3 f,8: I'olR.
K.177.3:: Por. J?.I4;.eS; I'ralrle. JI.273.7J; Pu
la'kl. J21 tSJJtr lUndalph. J8.4M.:4; Saline Jt.
"OS.dl: Scott. JI.113.88: Pearcv. J4.S2rt.82; H-ba-:tlan.
J12,78r,.4S: Selcr. 13.843.79: Shnrr.
J4 .7)1.14: St. Francis. J8.CH.1J: Stone. J3.K3.81;
t'nlon. J11C6.34. Van Iluren. J4.51:.); WaMnr
ten. JIT.01I.4-); White, js.570.10: Woodruff, J
Kl.a. Tell. JM52.C
ITnnt for Sci;ro jrtinlerer of Miss
Mary Henderson Continues.
p.nptinLic srECTAL
Warrensburg. Mo.. Sept. 3. W. C. Hyatt
this afternoon Increased his reward for the
unconditional capture of "Bossle" Francis.
Mrj. Fannie Fraks and T. P. Henderson,
relatives of Miss Mary Henderson, who was
murdered, each offer $25 reward uncondition
ally, waiter Host and w. . Shock of this
city offer JIO each unconditionally. This
makes S170 for Francis's unconditional cap
tpre and JG for his arrest and eonvlctlon.
or a total of SS20. W. C. Hyatt has also
ofTered an additional JM0 reward for the
arrest and conviction 'of any person who
hired Francis to commit the murder. The
total of rewards In all features of tho case
Is thus SUM.
Ed and M. L. Henderson, brothers of Miss
Henderson, left this afternoon for the vi
cinity of Kansas City to aid In the search
for the negro.
l'nion anil Snntliern Pacific to ITave
Mall-Contract .Superintendents.
Omaha, Neb, Sept. 3. The management
of the Union and Southern Pacific railroads
has created the olllcc of superintendent of
mall contracts, and It Is understood that
Herbert P. Thrall, now superintendent of
the Eighth Division of the Railway Mail
Service, is to be appointed to the post, re
taining alio his position with the Govern
ment. The duties of the office will Include the
designing, building And titling up of mail
cars and superintending the weighing of
malls. An expert in mail handling Is re
quired for the office, who has an Intimate
knowledge of the vast amount of mall con
nected with the tostnl requirements on tho
various lines of railroad as well as be
ing able to conduct negotiations with the
government, ana -Mr. inrnit nas been se
lected because of hla varied experience In
the mall service.
Itevrrend Mn-.es Harvey, the renowned his
torian and sclnltM and the disceiverrr of
the famous rirvllfMi now In the S-'mlth-"onl.in
Institution, Washington, died to
day, lie was bom In 18W.
WAS MM'i: I'.tllnl.S AS A CATEIIEIt.
New York. Sept. 3 Albert Zimmerman,
aged (... steward of the Theitrlc.il I!uInes4
Mens Club, was found dead In his room at
the eluli to-day. At his side was a bottle
which had contained carbolic acid. Zim
merman was once a famous caterer an 1
was befriended by former President Arthur
and many prominent men of twenty years
.tOTKI .1MM.tr. TltAIMHt HIES.
Kansai city. Mo., Sept. 3.-Ednard Do
lierty. well-known on the vaudeville stage
and In the circus business, died at a local
hce-plt.il to-day. He was taken III at
Omaha oine time ago and brought her
for medical attendance. Dohcrty was a
noted nnlmdl trainer.
IIDPPFlMf" special.
Murphysboro. III., Sept. 3. A. I'. Row
man aged 73 years, of Travalgar. link, died
In this city Monday. He had a wife and
daughter at Travalgar. hut had made his
nome in Mumlivshoro the r,nt 1, .,.!.
Louisville. III.. Sent. 3. rMwnr.i vM,ni
a preeminent farmer near this city, died 'to
day from the effects of the amputation of
his foot, which was crushed In a hay pre-s
rniE.Ds die sE4i: snm iiorri.'
ni:i'i-Di.ic special
New London. Mo., Sept. 3. Matthew F.
trnfihi'Z1 aT. dhtd ,""" Dl,Sht "f organic heart
vear me clty' aBcd ;1
rtnnV"i'!ain ?M'il!"- awl . or New lsn.
a? T.w.L.orcCar.Rrine Ia,n nlcht In St. Louis
al"Ptist Sanitarium, four hours later
e .k" mcn TC "fIong friends, officers
SLth.?. faf"e church, related hy marriage.
2? .V rhrbT," d1uhIe funeraI svfc5
at the Christian Church to-morrow
.tins, jiaiiy scimocK.
nEPunr.ic special.
Drowning. Mo., Sept. 3 Mrs Mirv
Schrock died at her home south of "town
this afternoon at the age of 72 veor She
WaoS 'Jo widow of tho late Joseph Schrock,
one of the wealthiest men in Linn rvmntv
and had resided In this county for fifty
years. J
Farmlngton. Mo, Sept. 3.-S. C Gassom.
who died yesterday In St. Ixuis at tho
Missouri Baptist Sanitarium, was a citizen
or this city. He had represented this (St.
S1C0,,c'-.C0S,nty '" lhe Legislature from
mJ?.1"1- 1J.e sPent Part, of his timo here
with his son. Judge J. S. Gassom.
Auspicious Opening of the So
ciety's Fall Term.
Tho fall term of the School for rhyblcal
Training of tho St. Louis Turnvereln
opened last night In the hall of the society
at No. I'M Chouteau avenue. The many
members in attendance were an Indication
of the growing interest taken in the eourse,
and officers of the association I05J: forward
to n sucecssful season.
The class which received Ir.stiuctlon In
the evening numbered forty-three.They pto
sented a good nppearance as they Mood In
four regular lines and were put throuan the
prescribed exercises by the teacher, Alvine
E. Klndervnter.
Children of both sexes will receive In
struction ever' evening after school and
every Saturday morning. The young wom
en's class will meet each Wednesday ev-cn-
i.iK. rriuay aiiernoons win oe reserved ror
the class of matrons. Every Sunday morn
ing Instructor Klndervater will give lessons
In fencing, boxing, wrestling and kindred
At the close of the class exerches last
evening the members gave an Informal
smoker, at which Instructor Klndervater
made an address relative to the Interpreta
tion of the constitution and the conduct of
the association.
Itii' nnil siirfer.il .leellnes eif from 10 to H
... .. . . ... - -. - - scene n
points on general aim urgent iin.uKiH.iui.. Pn,.i i,i sln-,r ,Prp b ,., nhn .,,.,
N. w York, Sept. 3. Hears in cotton had n i
.,. . .... .. .. . .. .! ..!... I -v
..eio .... o.. ...s e...u.. ........bc '"-""' simple as a tale- by John Strange Wlnt'r,
1 inures were extremely weak at the open- , . , . .1i.nri,in-
scene hy scene, and there was many a hard
ened e.Id stager there lat nlcht who spruni
t a leak In his eyes before the tnl of the-
third act.
For Mr. Drew It was a night of redemp
tion. Nevvr again shall the role of the
abominated Carvel be thrown In his teeth.
As Majjr Christopher Iilngham, the thick
headed, luckless middle-aged soldier, who
lovey a girl only to lose and gets marching
Government Ends Its Auction in
Comanche .Country Towns.
Washington, Sept. 3. The Federal Land
Office lias been Informed of the completion
of the salo of town lots In the town of
Iawton, In the newly opened part of Okla
homa, which rlntshep the Government sale
In all the towns In that Eection.
In Law-ton thcro were 1.420 lots sold, the
receipts rrom. the sale amounting to S414.S45
making the total receipts from the sale of
town lots In the towns or Lawton, Ana
darko and Hobart J735,uK. Tho highest av
erage price. $201 per lot, was secured In
The money accruing from the sales had
been placed In the Subtreasury In St. LonU
to the credit of the Secretary of the In
terior, as trustee for the three towns. Un
der the Jaw- It will be devoted to improve
ments in the towns and In the surrounding
IJIb Poor to IlofTalo.
September S. 9. 10. 11. 13.
H5 Buffalo and return, good 15 days.
JlS.ta Buffalo and return, good 20 days.
S18.40 Buffalo and return, -good till Oct. 8.
Gt tickets and full Information Bl Four
Ticket Office, Broadway and CTestnut t.. or
address C, 1 Hilleary, A. G. P. A., St. Loult
. '1
3fechanlcal Dppnrttnrnt Placed Under
MannKernent of Tiro Heads.
p.nruiiLic special
Murphysboro. III., Sept. 3. An Important
change was made In Mobile and Ohio Rail
road circles of this city September 1. Mas
ter Mechanic A. U. Mlnton of the Murphjs
boro division, whose headquarters have
been In this city, was given Jurisdiction
over the mechanical department of the road
from East St. Loul to Okalona, Miss., with
headquarters at Jackson. Tenn.
The services of Geo. Manual, master me
chanic of tho Jackson division, were dis
pensed with.
This change cuts the mechanical Hen.irf-
ment of the entire M. & O. system under
two heads. Instead of three, as heretofore.
Evidence In Clieeny-Frlseo Cane.
Monett. Mo., Sept. 3. Joe P. Rice, Rail
road and Warehouse Commissioner, was
here to-day taking evidence In the case of
Paul Cheeny against the Frisco for over
charge freight rates. The case was settled
and .Mr. Rice departed for St, Louis tonight.
Pemonal and Cnrrent Notes.
W. C. Melville. Northwestern passenger
agent of the Trlsco nt Omaha, was In the
city yesterday.
C. W. Mordoff. assistant genera pas
senger agent of Clover Leaf, was here yes
terday. W. A. Tuley. Southwestern passenger
agent of the Frisco system, was at head
quarters yesterday.
A meeting of the Western Passenger
Association will be held In Chicago on Sep
tember 3.
Vice President and General Manager
jtusseu iiarunib oi me -Missouri Paclfl"
said that so far as he. knows there Is no
Intention on the part Of the Missouri Pacific-Iron
Mountain system to absorb the
It Is Said He Is Slated for Deputy
r.npuBLic srnenAL
Kansas City. Mo.. Sept. 3. It was report
ed he.-c to-day that Editor John Marrona
of Harrisonvllle Is to come to Kansas City
to be Deputy Coal Oil Inspector under Ben
Paxton. Mr. Marrons Is at present in Okla
homa attending to private affairs
.A. local politician, who claims 'to know
what he Is talking about, fays Marrons has
leased a residence in the WestDcrt district
and that he will be the Governors peTrsonal
representative here. The coal oil office here
i"w "' ve ' m iees. inspect
fit- Partnn 1io assistant -."-j;...
Luther G. Freeman Weds Miss
Etta Ilanser of Nevada, Mo.
Nevada, Mo., Sept. 3. The wedding of
Miss Etta Hauscr and Luther G. Freeman
of St. Louis, which took place at high noon
to-lay at the home of Mrs. W. c. Brown,
was a society event.
The pretty home was decked with .flower-
great clusters of coldenrod were massed
in every conceivable puce in the parlors
and ros In the loveliest varieties, com
bined with ferns, were most effectively and
artistically ued In the dining-room.
The marriage ceremony took place
promptly at high noon, the Reverend G. D.
Edwards pronouncing the words which
bound their two lives together. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Freeman left for an extended wedding
tour, which will Include points in the Caro
Mattoon, III., Sept. 3. Two wedding were
solemnized at the Church of tho Immacu
late Conception by the Reverend Father
Hlggins thl.s evening. The contracting par-
uea were naxuuei uus.iu ana Jliss Llessle
Farley of this city and George Sanders of
Vinton. In., and Miss Wllhelmlna Harris of
this city.
Hnrrlfburg. III.. Bent. 3. Th m.irrlne nt
Walter S. Pankey and Miss Lucy A. Pick
e ring will be solemnized here at C o'clock to
morrow morning by Elder John Odum.
Monett, Mo.. Sept. 3 Felton Cox and
MI-s Minnie Stockcr were married here to
night In the Baptist Church, the Reverend
W. O. Dixon officiating.
Jacksonville. Ilk, Sept. 3. Albert Renner
and Miss Emma Maler were married here
to-day by the Reverend Dean Crowe at th
Catholic Church. The bride Is the daugh
ter of one of the wealthiest families of tha
Indianapolis. Ind.. Sept. 3. Miss LInnie
Thornton and Aubun T. Farrls of Sedalia.
Mo., were married to-day at the Third
Christian Church. The ceremony was pro
nounced by the Reverend Allen B. Phlllrmit
The bride wore a tailor gown of brown
cloth, with a brown and white striped waist
nnd hat tomatch. She carried pink carna
tions. The bridal couple left to-night for
Flora. 111.. Sept. J. William 31. Moore a
prominent farmer of this locality, and M'lss
Sarah L. Stoops of Wayne County were
iKiiirieu iiere mis aiier.iuv... .justice F M
McVeigh officiating.
Scalded by Encaplnor Steam.
Henry Burghause, employed at the Illinois
Central roundhouse-, was badly scalded by
steam In an accident yesterday morning.
He was oiling a locomotive when he acci
dentally turned on a steam cock. He was
enveloped In steam and scalded from head
to foot before iio was rescued. Ho was
taken to St. Mary's Hospital.
D'-spite the break In prices, room sentiment
was very much mixed. The factors which
swayed the early market were weak cables,
olliclal reports of general rains In Texas
Saturday, with scattering rains. In that
State again jesterday. larger 1M0 1W1 crop
figures by Hester than expected, a "top
In. -ivy" long Interest and absence of sup
porting orders.
I!y 12.30 o'clock prices ha1 broken eeiulvi
lent to 2." and 30 points from the clejslng quo
tations at the end of business on Friday,
when the exchange closed for the triple
Ilnr Day holidays. This sharp break was
due to general liquidation and heavy shorts
selling and bears assuming an aggressive
attitude em this pressure and absence of sup
port. The day's news was mostly bearish
and the break was accele-rated by forced
liquidation by traders who had overbought
on last week's sharp rise, many stop loss or
ders being executed by brokers on the way
dow n.
I.onc Interest Congested.
The long interest has become somewhat
congested in the tendency to exaggerate the
crop damage In the Atlantic and Gulf
States, and expected a too low- average con
dition on the Government crop report to
day. Apprehension, with later expectations
of a 10 per cent decrease in condition for
the last month, which had been current
most of last week would not be realized,
and heavy Southern selling against receipts
of new- cotton and efforts to liquidate by
local and New- Orleans bulls were what
broke the Liverpool market Saturday and
again to-day. These apprehensions were ful
filled, as the Government report, published
at noon. Instead of showing a loss of fully
10 points, reported the deterioration as
equivalent to not quite G points. On the
publication of these figures there was re
newed general selling;, which broke prices
all around about 10 points further. Then
the market rallied on covering of shorts 5
to C points.
Market Continued Irreixnlar.
Tho market continued very Irregular dur
ing the afternoon. Various constructions
were placed on the Government crop report
by the trading clement, and those who
were caught short of the market by the
recent rNe and fought the advance the
closing days of last week were naturally
the ones who professed the greatest disap
pointment over the Government's figures.
They put out fresh lines of shorts and ham
mered the market whenever an opportunity
offered, nnd were aggressive on that side In
order to close (he market as low as possible
and to Influence Liverpool as much as pos
sible. A study of the Government report shows
that the condition in Texas, even up to the
21st of August, which is the date from
which the Government report was compiled.
Is 30 per cent, which equaled the poorest
condition In the history of that State,
which was ZS In 1S95 and 15 per cent lower
than In the season of ISM and 13 points
below the mean low average condition of
the crop In that State the past ten years.
Also the condition In Arkansas Is 61 per
cent, which is about the poorest on record.
Since August 21 the crop In the Atlantic
States and also the Gulf States was seri
ously damaged, as all the weekly State
crop reports of last week show, as a con
sequence of the hurricane and excessive
rains which swept In from the Gulf from
New- Orleans and Mobile.
The market closed easy, with quotations
29 to 36 points lower, as compared with Fri
day's closing prices.
4tr -JBt," -
k K s ,
V - ,i$7SB.V- 4;m I
it W$fc A
-" s-S-r "il r- . ''
r MwMmim '
- v2?33ff3S3M
'5r . ' mstimmmL
? Er?PBi&. ?mM
s. W'jmm.L. wiism '
E 'hte- ? 1iiiIiiiIiiiIiiiIiiH 4 '
: a :.;. 'mtefMsme :
orders to the front only to be left at home,
he has mo3t lovable and attractive role
which has fallen to his share since he be
came a star. But what Tommyrot all these
announcements are that Drew never worn
a uniform on the stage before. How about
"The Passing Regiment," at Daly's, or his
performance of Eric In "The S-ruire"? In
appearance he made a typical British
cavalry officer and he gave to his per
formance a tenderness and pathos which
he has had no chance to show since ths
yeir that he played in "Rosemary."
To tell the plot of "The Second In Com
mand" would only ruin a prospective pleas
ure, but Mr. Drew never in his life has won
an audience so completely as he did In the
finale of the third act. The scene is In the
officer's quarters just before the regiment
starts for South Africa. Already the sol
diers aro falling in when the Colonel re
ceives a telegram, and. after reading It,
hands It to Bingham.
"I have bad news for you. BInks. old
man," he says. "Vou are not to go with us.
The orders have Just come. An experienced
cavalry officer must remain here and you
have been picked out."
"I know his real reason." cries Bingham.
"It's it's because I'm such a confounded
The band strikes up, the good-bys are
said and the curtain falls on Bingham sob
bing his heart out In the empty room.
There were times) In his earlier scenes
where Mr. Drew- once or twice had seemed
a nine too comment, a trifle too dashing worked at a high pressure for the purpose
for such a blundering person as Bingham I of keeping the flow back. This is. the well
was known to be. But in this scene he I which struck Immense deposits of gas fiva
I or six wceKs ago, wntcn oiew tne pipe out
of the well and wrecked the machinery.
got their faces marked In a rather com
promising manner. In the scene last night
MIS3 Kecler, acting a3 an amateur nurse.'
was reading aloud to .some of the wounded
officers, her lover among them. When she
reached the point In the story where tna
heroine ktsce.I the hern Twieelftnn.nlt. alim
I leaned over .Mr. Short and did likewise.
When she turned her face to the audience
again It was seen that one of Mr. Short'a
stage eyebrows had come off on her cheek.
The house began to titter, but quick as
thought Mr. Short made her kiss hlia again,
and while he held her In a long embrace
cleverly rubbed out the eyebrow with his -pocket
In point of dialoguo "The Second fa'
Command" is the peer of any of the other
Marshall plays.
The Columbia' New mil.
Marie Walnwright. at the Columbia,,!
the newest Josephine and W. S. Cowper
the latest Napoleon. They produce a little
sketch on a dark green stage, and there
are momenta which recall Miss Waln
wright In her happier, younger days. Ton
see an unpleasant side of the Emperor.
Some of the lighter traditions of his char
acter are a bit dimmed hy W. S. CowpeVs
study of. him. The skit has to do with ejne
of his love affairs, and the best situation ft
one in which Josephine detects and then
forgives him.
Joe and Nellie Doner appear In "An Es
caped Lunatic"; Charles Burkhart imper
sonates Hebrew characters: the Roblnson--Baker
Trio do a fast jumping act, and rtM
Latell pleases with his musical moke turn'.
"The Cocaine Fiend." as given "by Andy
Lwls-and"cbcjpa"ny. is one of the least bat
not last, things on the programme. After
they get through you haven't, the faintest
Idea what it U all about and you woiildn'-t
go- far to ferret out. George W. Moore ws
on hand with this Irish Joke: "Ireland wiHr
never be free." he says. "It's too far away
from the United States, and an Irishman.,,
can't fight on water. Ho ha3 to haye
something mixed with It."
Well Spouting Both Mud and Oil
in Large Quantities. -
Beaumont, Tex., Sept. 3. The well of the
,T. M. Guffey Petroleum Company at Sour
I-ake began spouting oil and mud just be
fore noon to-day and was -still going at A
late hour to-night, though the pumps were
SIO.TB Cleveland and netnra,
JIT. Buffalo and return.
September S, ?, If', 11 and 12, via Big Four
Ticket Office Broadway and Chestnut sL
Amalgamated Association Officials
l'rofess to ISe Satisfied With
rrogress of the Strike.
The saving t a few. cents on a bottle of
vdiuw &M.hiaw mi. iiu. c.w.io iur i6 n
fJS-5i. vnS2!: . I nyuce of having dessert that is "jusT.
The arrival of Mr. .Marrona tciu ca a J mtu off" to flavor. Always buy Burnett's?
Fittsburg, Pa.. Sept. 3. Developments to
day in the steel strike show decided gains
for the manufacturers. The accession of
thirty-two skilled men to the Star plant.
the Increased production at the Painter and
the Lindsay and McCutcheon mills, the de
fection from the strikers' rank of seventy
five machinists and pipe cutter at Conti
nental Tube Works, and flfts- at the Penn
sjlvanla Tube Works, the Importation of
twelve men to the Monessen Steel Hoop
mill, and the installation of three mills en
the, night turn at tho Clark mill all point
to an early resumption all aong the line
as viewed by the steel officials.
The Amalgamated officials, however,
make the claim that everything is pro
gressing satisfactorily, and say that much
of the supposed advantage of the manu
facturers Is bluff and cannot be made good
Amalgamated leaders In Pittsburg do not
believe that there will be any Investigation
of the charges made by Mr. Hlckey at Mil
waukee. Secretary Williams said tc-day
that If a committee should come here for
the purpose It would not be received by the
Amalgamated officials.
President Schaffer. It Is said, to-day re
ceived many Indorsements of his course
and encouragement to remain firm. The
president himself is confident, and pro
fesses to be entirely satisfied with the prog
ress of the strikr.
The tin mill workers of Sharon to-day
forwarded to Amalgamated headquarters
JSW for the strike fund.
Fire at nowllng Green, Mo,
Itnicllnc Green. Mo.. Sent. 3. Fire this
afternoon destroyed the block of buildings
at the northwest corner of the Court
Square. Loss as follows: R. JL. Pollard,
building, about Jl.Ott): Insurance. J3.000. J.
W. Ingram, building. J1.M0; Insurance,
$100; butcher stock, JTO); insurance, T2U).
Will Buckburg. bakery and restaurant. II.
600; Insurance. J1.2C0. F. P. Grau, tailor
shop, J1.0W; no insurance.
Carlsbad Hotel Closed.
Nashville. III., Sept. 3. The Woman's
Christian Home of St. Louis, which has
had charge of the Carlsbad Hotel in this
city, has closed it tor the summer after a
successful year.
swepe asiae an criticism ana won a genu
ine triumph.
To Ida Conquest belongs second honors,
for, as the vacillating heroine with
two lovers, she was cast for a thankless,
yet at the same timo most difficult part.
She never looked more charming nor has
she at any time acted with more power.
Guy Standing made a superb figure as
Major Anstruther, and his acting was fully
on a par with his fine performance in
"Diplomacy" last spring. Ida Vernon was
a thoroughly well-starched Dowager, and
MIs3 Carrie Keeler, a divinely gowned In
genue, who fairly shared the comedy honors
with H. Hassard Short. Mr. Short scored
a hit as one of those "silly-ass" youngsters
with which most FngiLsh plays, abound. In
the last act he and Miss Keeler uncon
sciously Introduced a plagiarism from "The
Wife." It was a pure accident, and the
clever way In which Mr. Short brought
Miss Keeler out of her dilemma won him
a round of applause, which, for the mo
ment, almost broke up the play.
It will be remembered that in "The Wife"
Charles Dickson and Louise Dillon had a
scene where they experimented with a pleca
of smoked glass, with the result that both
A telegram received this afternoon by W.
C. Averill stated that the well was flow tor
large quantities of oil when the message,
was sent anil that the How was struck at
a depth of SS0 feet.
At the office of the Guffey Company the
information was. given out that a telegram,
had been received stating that the well was '
flowing oil and mud, but they had no de
tails. It is believed by oil men here that
this well will finally develop Into a first
class gusher, whether a good flow Is secured!
at tho present depth or noL The presence
of such vast quantities or gas Is one of the1
best Indications.
Guthrie,. Ok.. Sept. 3. At Granite, Ofc,
to-ilay, a gusher of oil was struck at a,
depth of 3-X feet. The flow 13 very heavr
and has created great excitement
To Care Headache in lit Sllaatea .
Take Parksr's Headacne Powders. The.
sre safe and sure. All druggists. Prlc IDs.
Foreman Killed Laborer.
Waterloo, III.. Sept. 3. William Crlte.
foreman on the Mississippi Valley Railway
Company now being built In Monroe Cotm
ty ten miles west of this place, shot and.
Instantly killed Claude Hughes, a laborer,
this morning. Crlte then disappeared.
No cures to report, no long record
of testing, nothing to give you confi
dence but talk, all talk. That's the
truth about nearly all cough medicines.
But there's a record of 60 years of cures
back of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. And phy
sicians endorse it, prescribe it for colds,
bronchitis, and coughs of all kinds. Prob
ably your own doctor does. Ask him. He
knows all about it has the formula.
"I know from persona experience that Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the
best medicine In the world for cjuicily breaking up a heavy cold that has
settled on the longs." D. C. Sxedzkzs, Fine Hill, N. Y.
2Jc.HcU.H. J.C.AVERCa.Lowt8,atofc
1. !
'-ij"V'- '
- .,

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