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"This Is the week of the big buyers from
Missouri, Illinois. Iowa and other near-by
6tats," said a member of a big Washing
ton avenue iiholsdle dry goods company
"There were more buyers In the city last
.Cardinals Wake Up at Last ami
Tate a Game From
tlie BoBtonians.
Donovan's Hen Go Through Game
.Without an Error and Put
Up Good Exhibition of
Team Work. -
National Leacu
Clufca. TV, L. )
American league.
Clubs. w. L. Pet.
ritu&mc ...,7i n .ail Chicago 71 is
1 MlWrMa-.M j7 .Sri' Boston 7 41
Kt. loum ,.6S K .500 Philadelphia, v) S6
1iIciko ...
Is'tw ycr.,
j.'4iyp .......da ii .i.n 4auiniore ....nl J.
,.H M
.4S 71
.U 19
W7, MBUiEfftOn.ril 12 ,4'H
.in Cleveland ....Fo o, .ill
.3S' illllvaukc ...U 75 Ml
Yeaferdnr'a Gnmcn.
Xntlonal Iv-agac.
it 7x3is 9 Hoston 2.
American Lrnnuf.
Cl-;-.. 10 t. Ealt. T 7.
I'hlla, 3. Chlrago Z. 1 Washlnirton X. Chi. 3
tt3is-3s,-- x? v. i4.'itm;My. rniii s. "
llrookbn 1J. Clocln. 0.'
trevfoul' plain
To-Day'n Schedule.
Tsatlinat lara?.
Ft. Louis .t Nw York.
Cincinnati at Boston.
hlcaa-o at Brooklyn.
.Pituburf; at Phlla.
American rtfn.
YaFhlnKto it tilnau.
Boston at Chicago.
Baltimore at Detroit.
I'hlla. at Cleveland.
Hostou.' Mass., S.ept. 6,-SL Louis hit Wil
lii hard to-day and won an easy victory.
Tho locals played a loose" game in the field,
and while they hit Sudhoff oafely twelve
times, the UitB were scattered. Tho visitors
put up a fast exhibition. Not a single
rror was recorded against the Cardinals
and their hits were hard and timely. Cap-'
tain Lor-ff and DemontreVilla helped the St.
l.ouls team very much by their poor Work.
Atlr making tno costly errora in tho
fpurth. Long decided that ho could better
1 ln his team by sitting on the bench, and
h9 waa replaced by Moran. who filled the
bill in good shape. For St- Louis thtro was
no brilliant Individual work. tut tho team
work was notable. In the third inning tho
visiters pounded Willis hard, scoring three
tuns, and in the next Inning the errors of
3.'mont and Long Jiied up three more.
In the first Burkett led off w.th a etngte
In center and Heldrick popped up a foul to
'.owe. Dorxvan -Jilt to Long, forcing Bur
l.ett ?t second. Wallace hit safely to right.
Ponovan making third. Wallace tried to
f teal second, but was caught by Long. Bos
ion went out in order.
In tha second Krugcr bunted to Lowe and
wan out at first. Schrher w'alked. and wnt
to second on Padden's grounder to Demont.
rtyan singled to lelt, scoring Schrlver, and
i "ached second on the throw-in. Sudhoff
fanned. For Boston. Cooley filed out to
Heldrick. Hamilton's hot groumer hit Sud
hoff on tho foot, but he managed to throw
Hamilton out at first. Lowo singled and
reached second on a wild pitch, and Long
popped a foul to Wallace.
Burkett opened the third with a double to
-ntef. and Heldrick- walked. Donovan
hunted to Tenney, and Hefdrirk was thrown
out at second. Wallace "hit to Willis, and
Burkett waa caugnt on intra. Kxuger sin
siea to left, scoring .Donovan
J3ftlHVr 1
imr it. llnr trt thfr left-field fencL scorinir 1
Wallace, and en the throw to second Krugir I
scored. Behrlver took second on the throw i
. .T.l. m ,n.T, TTT-.f.n-. DoiIHah ti -C '
H. L41C Ul.lC I.U --.. .. -.- . uuutll "..
nut. Willis to Tenney. Boston went out in
one-two-thrce order.
Ragged Work n- Doiton.
Ryan was up first in the fourth, and hit
fly dropped Into Slagle's mitt. Sudhoff s '
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,.-.,. n.i..t nnii . ii . . .
neck, but the Individual sales ivero not so
heavy a3 they have been this week. I te
ller e the dry goods houses have eclipsed
all former records for business In the first
week of September, which Is usually one of
our heaviest weeks."
grounder was fumbled by Long and he was
s-afo on first. Burkelt's sharp drive was
fumbled by Long, and Sudhofl leached
third, the batter going to second. Heldrick
hit to Demout, and the latter threw wide
to the plate to catch SudfioiT, and both he
and Burkett -.cored. Donovan tingled to
tight, bcoring Ileidrick. Wallace and liruger
struck out. Tenney filed out, to Burkett.
Demont v.alked. Cooley struck out and
Hamilton lined a safe one to center ffcld.
Loft e doubled to left, --coring Demont. Long
(.truck out.
SchiKer Etarted the fifth with a sharp
single to center. Padden singled to right.
nd on the throw to catch Schrher at third
he tried to make second, but was out. Lone
to Lang. Demont held Ilyan's grounder
too long and the batter was safe, Schrvler
scoring. Sudhoff again fanned and Burkett
went out. Demont to Tenney. Ktttredse
uas thrown out at first by Padden and Wil
lis went out in the same way. Slagle sin
gled to left. Tenney's fly --.as captured
by Wallace. Heldrick -nas the first out in
the sixth. Long to Tenney. Donovan's
grounder to Tenney was handled perfectly.
Wallace drove ono through Lone and ho
leached Eecond on Krugcr's tafe hit to
right. Schrvier followed with a fly to
Slagle. which scored Wallace. Demont went
nut. Wallace to Schrl-er. Cooley singled
to center, Hamilton walked, and Lane filed
to Dono-aii. Sloran took Long's place and
fcingled to loft, scoring Cooley. ICittreiigu
struck out.
Ryan opened the seventh with a fly to
Cooley. Sudhoff filed to Hamilton. Burkett
bunted safely and Hcidtlck slammed one
to left for a ba--c Donovan popped one
lo lloran. Willis hit safely to center.
Siaglu hied out to Donovan. Tenney hit
reiy to right. Demont hit to Krugcr,
who tagsed Willis and threw to flrfct in time
to complete the double play.
In tho eighth St. I.ouH went out In order.
For Boston Cooley was thrown out at llrst
; iy i-auucn. Hamilton Mngled to left. Lone
hit Mfcly to right, Jloran hit to SudholT.
; forcing Lowe at second, aud on the throw
o iirst Hamilton s-.ored. Willis filed out
iu (-K-nnvqr.
In the ninth Padden hit to Willis and died
nL flr.it. Ryan doubled to left. Sudhoff
struck out for the third time. Burkett nan
out. Demont to Tenney. Slagle drove a talo
grounder to center, Tenney struck out. De
mont ciugled to right. Cooley forced De
mont at second and Hamilton filed out to
Wallace The score:
st. louia
,..,, AB. II. It. O. A. B.
Burkett. If ..., 1 z l o
Helilrlck. cf 4 113 0O
Donovan, rf. - 5 1 -l ; n u
Wallace, a S 3 2 4 3 o
Krueer. Cb 6 1 ; i i
Schrlver. lb I 3 : 0 o u
J'artiien, b 3 0 1 1 E I)
Ityan. c 5 fl 3 s 0 o
butlhon. p E I 0 0 u
Totals 44 I IS 3 ii "J
ab. n. k. p. a. m.
(Haste, rf S 0 : 3-1 0
Ttnney. lb ....5 0 -I a I 0
Demont, 2b 4 1 1 1 4 s
"ooIer. It........ 1 1 1 o o
Hamilton, cf. 4 15 2 0 0
toe. It'.., 4 0 3 3 2 0
Ing. t. -: 2ftfl3t'J
Mcran. e 2 0 1 1 0 u
Klttrcdze. c 4 0 1 1 l
Mllls. P - 4 0 10 3 0
T0tal3 S 1 K II 4
St, Loula , , 0 131100 0-
Boiton ...0 00101010-3
First base on errors St. Louis 3. Left on bases
Boston. 11. St, louis 0. First base on bails O.t
Willis 2. oil Sudhce 2. Struck out By Willis t.
lij- Sudhott 4. Two-ba.'" hits Burkett 1. Ryan I,
Ln-ve 1. btolen bases Donovan 1. Double pla
Kruser and Schriver-1. Wild pltehes-Su'Ihert
1 Umclre Emsll-. Time On hour and nttj
thri minutes. Attendance. ",250.
Cardinals Open a. Scries at New lork
The Cardinals left Boston laat night for
New York, and to-day open with George
Divis's bunch of tail-endtrs. From tn
showing New York made against Pittsburg
It seems hardly possible that the St. Louis
team can fail to annex two of the game3
at least. But such things have happen.
For the opening tilt. Manager Donovan
probably will send Eddie Murphy to the
firing line. Davis has been trjmg out all
sorts of new material, and there Is no tell
ing whom he will pitch to-day.
A week or so ago the Pittsburg roolers
were praying that the Pirates would not
Tall down in thejlast, and expressed hope
frr no more than an even breik with tho
Eastern clubs. Their fears have been al
ia) ed. and It Is now conceded that the
Smoky CItyiles have mounted to Such a
height that nothing short of a total col
lapse can beat them out of first ?lace. The
Pirates now lead their nearest eompstltors.
thn Ouakerr bv 43 nolnts. The record of
r1 ..V.'b m(n In ho Vn et ! trill Tl rtdr
fn! 7CIi ik re-sdv7 victories In the five
days Is certainly evidence ot championship
form. The consistency and strength of the
.,... I, nM..n In .Via -fn. ihl fml.
fact that four
itlllU 3 iHVVU II 41. IT .uv
double-headers are Included among this
number of victories. The Piratca, however,
will te up against the real thing for tho
next few days. The Quakers arc their op
ponents to-day, and, beginning Wednesday.
manhood. 'It stops aU unnatural dis-
With the decrease in the number of buy
ers the big houses have been enabled to
catch up, to a certain extent, with their
shipments. The congested condition of tho
stores has been relieved, and the insides of
tha stores are regaining their normal con
a series will he played with Brookljn. These
games nill be no walkaways, as was tile
case in the Boston and New York acriea
The Orphans bhlft the fecene of their la
bors to Brooklyn to-day. and Cincinnati fol
lows St. Louis Into Boston. Doyle's men.
will have to hustle to keep their grappling
hooks on second place, as New fork is
apt to pull out of tho St. LouU series with
an even break, and tho Hanlonltes probably
use the Chlcagoans as a stepping stone to
higher things. Cincinnati seems to be safe
In third place for tho present.
Cincinnati Is minus the services of Johnny
Dobbs, the hard-hitting little centerlielder.
Dobbs has been summoned to the bedtldp
of a dying brother In Chattanooga, and
will be out of the game for several das.
5IcPh.ee sent for liarrv Bay, the Red"-'
utility fielder, who was seen here with Cin
cinnati a month ago. Jack Suttboft ha
been subbing In the center garden Tor
Tho Brooklyn club is said to have ?igued
Ivtuterschlager. a third baseman, who had
been playing sensational ball in North Car
olina this summer. Hanlon has been trying
to secure this plajcr for some time.
Jerry Hurley, outfielder of tho Albany
team of the New York State League, has
been signed by Cincinnati aud - ill report to
McPliee in a day or so. "
Toronto has signed Shortstop Cnrr, who
was so'd by Schenectady to Pittsburg, hut
who failed to make good with the Pirates.
No surprise waa occasioned by the noni
fiom Chicago that the American League
magnates naa openly announced an mten
tlou of placing a club in Sit. Louis next
jcar. joe wuinn has retired lor the pret.-
ent season, but has hinted that lie would'
don the spangjes again next year, and it
bits been reported that ho will bo selected
J.i captain the team hero, and certain It is
that no ohe would bo. more ntirmly wcl-
tomed by the fans than Joe. It Is said that
possibly the Milwaukee club would bi trans
f erred to St. Louis. If so. Hugh Duffy will
likely come along with It. Hugh has not
proved a howling success as a manager, anil
probably will not bo given that berth next
year. Two clubs should find support In St.
Louis If both play good ball. The selection
of the teams, together with the grabbing of
players and all the excitement of a winter
campaign, should keep things stirring hero
this winter.
Manager Donovan has nol yet succeeded
Jn corraling any "phononib" In the East,
but when the team gets, to New York ho
probably will do a little extra scouting. All
torts of miner leaguers are turning up In
New York, and rarely a day passes that
an announcement is made that somo new
Newborn! 0' to nah.cyo
on one or two tnlrlers up In the New York,
State I.eatrue. He Is also s.tudyinz the rei:-
H n.1, . . .. 1,1 .... I .1 X' .- I-
ords of several Eastern League tnlrlers.
Clarence Wrlcht of Dayton may flnlsli tho
pcascn In a St, Louis uniform, but nothing
will be done toward securing him until tlii
Cardinals return. Another no-hit victory
was turned by this piomising tvvlrler few
days ago. It is hardly likely that "Iron
Man" McGlnnlty will desert ?IcGraw for
Donovan. It was reported some time aeo
that McGlnnlty received an offer from the
Itobisons. hut the rumor was never con
firmed by the local magnates. Officials ot
the club who are now wllh the club in tli
Bast, raid before departing from St. Louis
that no offer had been made McGlnnlty.
A well-known Brookljn rootpr h.is
changed his mind completely regarding Pat
Donovan, captain of the PfrfictOF. Here
tofore ho pictured Sir Patrick as tho
toughest proposition on the ball field, be
lieving that every time the big right llelder
tackled an umpire the tirade that followed
mado the air in the vicinity a torrid blue
anu tne napiess omciai was fortunate in
escaping twltli his life.
"I had . a chance to look behind tho
scenes Monday," said the rooter, "and saw
that every lime Donovan walked away from
from Nash after a bit of a kick, he woro
a good-natured smile and, on one occa
sion, ho winked at Charley Irwin. I have
come to the conclusion that all this kicking
Is not due to personal feeling, but to a
conscientious effort lo get all that is com
ing. I believe now that a visiting captain
lias as much right to object to j decision
as tho leader of the home team." Brooklyn
The Cardinals have certainly got all that
was coming to them. And the umpires wcro
not entirely to hlamc. At Erooklyn. how
ever, the newspap'ts commented en the fact
that Nash favored the Brooklyn team in all
close decisions. He almost created trouble
Monday . when rendering a decision wiich
very much Incensed Dick Padden. Pet Imps
If Donovan would do a little ssrious k'ckmc
at times he would not bo bunkoed t i.t of
so many plays.
It Is claimed that the Cincinnati club liai
landed Georgp Wl'iters, the jounssW whc"3
pitching has done so much to keep tlif Uj
lon Americans near the top. Winter is lie
of the twirlini; finds of the ytar, :mJ h.is
worn better than Matthew son.
George Merritt, tho premier pitcher ot Iho
New York State League, and one of its
best batters and fielders, haf been voiJ to
Pittsburg by the Utica management. Mer
ritt has been In great demand among Na
tional League clubs. It looks now at It
Utica could not win out In the New .York
State League pennant race, and tho snle of
Merritt was. therefore, easily arranged.
It Is reported that the Pittsburg club
Is also negotiating for the releases of Ola
son and Donovan, members of the Utica
ciuo. ints is naraiy iiuery. ns the pirate .
are now carrying their full complement cf I
piayers, ana me uuncn coma narmy n 'im
proved, and certainly not by minor-league
Philadelphia 3, Chicago 2.
Philadelphia, Sept, 6.-Scoro:
Chicago .... 0 0 0 O'fl 0 n 9 22 l' i
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 ..3 3 3
Batteries: Sfenetee and Kahoe; Donohue and
ritUbura; 1S-13, lew York 2-4.
Jw Tork, Sept. . First game:
Pittsburg ..... ..:.orS 3 iij: oij s i
New York .0 Oosogooo 2 9 S
Batteries: Leaver and Yeater; Hickman. Liv
ingston and Smith. Warner. .
Second game: .
It. II. E.
New York ..,.-.: J 0 l-o 0 8 ft 4 9 4
Pittsburg . S 0. 0 0'6 513 14
Batteries: Phylc, Van Sandt and Smith; Mer
ritt and O'Connor. -
Brooklyn 13, Cincinnati J.
Brooklyn, Sept, 1 Score:
Cincinnati ,..1.0 0 o 0 ft n n ni in l
Brooklyn ....:... IH nil ..is - I
Batteries: Sutbotf. Phillip and Pelts; -Hushes
Tuo weeks remain for the visiting days
of the merchants who are coming to St.
Louis to buy goods, and in that time sev
eral hundred late buyers are expected. New
faces axe seen daily In the stores. As has
Wasl-inicton " Chicago 3.
Chlcajo. 111., Kept. . Score:
R. H. B.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 03 5 2
Washington 0012 1)0(2 05 IS S
Batteries Katoll and Eullhan; Meicer and
Cleveland 10-. Baltimore 7-7.
Cleveland. O , Sept. . Scores:
First Eirue H. U. E.
Cleveland 0 113 10 3 1 ..14 15 S
Baltimore 3 030100007 9 9
Batterle3 Wood and Moore; roreman and Bres
saltan. Sccord game It. H. E.
CIeii!and 0 9010S0 I 2
Hattimore 0 1 0 0 C' 2-7 10 1
IlAltcrles Drackcn and Wood; Iloncll and Bob
ln&on. Detroit S. Philadelphia ."!.
Detroit. Sept. 6. Score:
R. H. E.
Detroit 0 5 2 0 0 .. S 6 1
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 5-3 6 2
H.itlerie Ycaser an! Buelow: Prazer and
SUelman. (Oam'j called at end of aixtli on ac
count of thootlr.s ot Presliienu)
to Game at SUlvankee.
Mlltraukee. ITept. 6. No ball pani. Game
FSheduled" hetween lnraukeo and Boston for to
day was pUcd proilous!'.
Minor J.casne Muifuatea Adopt
.National Agreemeit.
Cliicago, Sept. C The National Aasocia
ilon of Professional Baseball Leagues1,
mado up of tho presidents ot tho eleven
minor leagues from California to New Bng-
I land, elected the following officers to-day
President. Patrick T. Fonera New York;
secretary and treasurer. J. H. Farrell. New
York; Board of Arbitration. T. J. Hlckey.
st. Joseph, JIo.. W. H. Lucan, Portland,
ore., William .Meyer, Jr.. Fort Wayne, ind.,
m. H. Sexton. Rock Island, 111., and T. II.
ilununc. Bottoh.
A new national anreement wan adont?d.
There will o four classes of leagues, and
the protection fe3 will be one-half what
they havo been herfltofore. The leagues
employ a total of l.MX) players. The next
meeting will be In Now York City, October
Western Association.
Columbus Columbus X. Malttiitv
4. Sec-
At Wheeling Wheeling 6, Toledo 5. Second
jsvnie anurded to Whppliiw, Toledo refusing to
.At IVaytpn Darton ' Orand Rarlda 7.
At Fort WJ5 be Marlon 7, Fort Wajno 4,
AVoniriTa Tennis Tournament.
5TUcuco,teDt. 6 Tho Jlnal slncles In
Sffi. ' "Waited
' ..I.- . .... .
lllss Clostermau
"-. -. 7-5. 3-7.
defeated Mjss Parker, 3 6,
' . To-morrnw jjsl ciosterman will play MIm
jicAtcer for tho champlotislilp. Th finals In
uouuitn v.m ajoo ce played to-morrow.
&ontIicm lieairne.
At Xnnhvllii-Xashlllle. 8. New OTleam .
Game- -tum on account of darkres
At Chattanooga Chattanooea. ". Fihreveport X
At lilnnlpsliam-BlrmlnBham ?. uttlc Rock 3.
At McroohFj-Wemphls 1. Selnu 1.
Amateur Baseball ntea.
Th" Donk Bros.' tram and the Consolldat-d
An I Lompany team will meet at Colllnsvllle to
inorrow. Klelst villi do the twirling for Donk
Brcjj end Wrlsley will eo on the rubber for
thn Consolidated Coal Company. Uach team will
put up I'ji on the result. .
Tin GIohM will play the fcond irame of a
teries with thj Harradine-McKittrlcks to-morrow
at Athlctli-. Park, Ihls promtaes to be an Inter
esting ca.-nc. at the teams are about evenly
matched. The first game was won by the Globes.
Harry and MrDermott will be In the potms for
the Globe and Wley and McSweeney will do
tho battery work for tha Il.-McK. rh ram.
will be called at 3 o'clock.
The Elsenstailta will play tha C. B. C. team
'n the C. B. C. campus this afttrnoon. The
game will be called at 3 o'clock.
The Ljcledes dfcated the C. P. C. team
Monday in an rleven-lnnlng game by a ?cor
of H to 5.
Th Oakhll), learn would mc a game fr
Suncay niorninf. AJdrcts Frltschl". Ko. lit
Connecticut atrtft.
The Reporters and the Burllngtona will play
nt Handlan's Park Sunday mbrnlrg at 9 o'clock.
Miller or Coeliran and Gleasoh will te the h.if.
tery for thn icrlbej, while Keneflck and Srnofce
111 EiC
la the DOlntn for the tturllnetonj.
Tin: Et. Ixrjls Atnietics uoun like a eam
with come out-ot'town team for to-morrow. For
rame wire George Juerscna. Ko. ?m Iorlh
Twenty-fifth Etrcet.
Tte-vr Challcnicer Stretched
Sail In Flno Style.
New York, Sept. 6 Tho Shamrock 11 did
not start Until 2:S p. m. on her trial spin
to-day. owing to the calm weather and the
fog which prevailed during tho forenoon.
She had a new maln"ail to stretch, the third
ksstjs torus
to southeast to smooth tho wrinkles "out
of it.
Captain Sycamore gave tho 8hamrock a
sharp luff at thq entrance to Qcdney's
channel, while the crew trimmed the sheets
down flat. The yacht had been making only
12 knot, and now slip took on additional
speed,- travcllnir at something over 13. as
f-he fairly flew through the narrow- channel.
When just cWr of It, the skipper brought
her about and. then, without easing sheets.
kept her broad off. letting the full force of
the breeze strike her beam. In thirty sec
onds she was dashlntr back over thn cmirsut
she had just covered. She returned to her
anchorage at 4"
ancnoraKO atj-w.
If you want a servant qulcklm, advertise
in to-morrow's Republic. Twenty-one words
or less, 5 cents. Take your ad. to any drug
First Snowfall of Season at Hel
ena, Mont.
The hot wave of the last few days will
have passed, says Doctor Hyatt, fay this
afternoon, and St, Louis win be In an area
of higher barometer. There is- a possibility
of showers to-day.
The erst snowfall of the season has' been
recorded from Helens, Mont, There were
thunderstorms yesterday at . Cheyenne.
Rapid City. S. D.. and at Dodge City, Kas.
Showers were reported from Jacksonville.
Fla.; Vlcksburg. Galveston, Duluth, Mar
quette, Omaha, Bismarck, Helena, Denver,
Amarlllo, Tex,
The' thermometer ranged between TO and
JC.5 degrees In St. liOUls yesterday. The
hourly readings iterel I . m., 75r 3 a. m..
M; 3 a. m..-7Ji 4 ,". "2; 5 a. m., II: 6
a. m,. 72; 7 a, m., U 8 a. m 73. 8
76; 10 a, 'm.. fl; il a. m.. Hi Vt m.. n?i
v. m., is; 3 p. m.. so; Pm-..-sj; 4 p. m.,
80; 5 P- m... 87; S p. m., io; 7 p. m., at; S
been stated before hundreds of merchants
ere coming to St. Louis this season to
make their purchases, who In formeryearj
had gone to New York and other Eastern
Yesterday was an unusually busy day for
Friday. The visitors have previously en-
'Afternoon Meeting Devoted to Work of Preacher's Relief Fund Ad
dress at Missionary Service by the Reverend .C. Rodenberg To
Morrow's Services Will Conclude With the Ordina
tion of Two Graduating Members.
Only one sc-jion of the German M. H.
Conference w as held yesterday at the Salem
Church, tiie afternoon being devoted to
committee meetings and the meeting of the
Bishop and his cabinet.
Following devotional services, tho confer
ence passed to hearing from the superan
nuated ministers, which consumed tho
major part of the session. Kormal action
was taken advancing the conferenco
students for the ministry one year. The
German College, in connection with the
Iowa Wesleyan University at Mount Pleas
ant, la., was nrcscnted, and It showed a
prosperous year.
One of the most Interesting committee
meetings held in the afternoon was that of
the prcachera' relief fund. Into thi.s fund
each member paya 1 per cent of hta salary,
and from this fund Is paid out to confer
ence .claimants the Interest earned. The
fund has become qulto a source of revenue
in aiding superannuated ministers.
Last night an interesting missionary serv
ice was held, and the address of the occa
bion was delivered by the Reverend C Ro
denberg. Special music was furnished by the
choir of Salem Church.
A special feature of this morning's ses
sion will be the discussion of the proposed
new constitution as adopted by a two
thirds vote at the last general conference.
Extraordinary Motions Resulted
From a Resolution Introduced
by Delegate Karbe.
Speaker Oronln's parliamentary tactics
proved exceedingly amusing last night to
tho House of Delegates combine and the
meeting of tho lower house was converted
Into what resembled a vaudeville perform
ance. Mr. Cronln himself seemed to enjoy
his own humor and scintillations.
A resolution introduced by Mr. Karbo of
the Tenth Ward, empowering th Commit
tee on Public AP'ounts to engage a stenog
rapher and expert accountant for an in
vestigation of department books, was the
topic of a speech from the chair by Speaker
Cronln, after several Delegates had made
motions of various kinds.
"The city ain't got any money," the
Speaker exclaimed. "B'sldes, th Tenth
Ward Improvement Association's got lot
of money: let those fellows pay for tho
inquiry. That'll be a good way to settle it.
An', my friend (directly to Mr. Karbe). th'
Committee on Public Accounts don't need
no order or resolution to look at th' books
In th' Mayor's office of th' Comptroller's
office. I put experts like you on that com
mittee, so everything 'd be all right."
Mr. Sweeney moved that the resolution
ho referred to the Committee on Sanitary
Affairs. Mr. Burke moved tfiat it be latd
over a. week, and Sir. Relss moved that It
be filed. "There ain't no use making mo
tions," the Speaker asserted, "I say th"
resolution's out of order, an' I'm boss here."
Before adjournment Mr. Relss moved that
the House recede from all Its amendments
to the Bbyce fender bill. ''I've given you
and your friends time enough to make a
swags 3SSB
to take the Initiative.'' said Mr. Reiss. Mr.
WIndmueller seconded the motion.
Evidently members of the, combine, in
cluding Speaker Cronln. had forgotten
about the fender bill, for Speaker Cronln
readily entertained the motion. When Mr.
Relss said "fender bill," Messrs. Sweeay
and Geraghty arose and claimed the floor.
"Motion to adjourn' s in order," the Speaker
shouted. The motion prevailed rapidly and
Leaving the chair Speaker Cronln glanced
toward the gallery and said: "I'm going to
nave a roonps cuupiuur sign nung on me
wall here."
Some Delegates apparently did not like
his reference to the roofing company, for
even some of the combine members think
the concern Is back ot many hold-ups of
bills, and, consequently, is getting them
Into disrepute.
Specifications for Manufacture of
License Plates.
City Register Fltsgibbon will receive pro
posals at noonrnext Tuesdsy for manufac
turing metal bicycle and vehicle plates and
dog checks. The specifications which he
has prepared are something of an Innova
tion in restrictions against counterfeiting.
He hopes to procure plates that will be
difficult to duplicate. In addition, the dies
will remain in his custody when not in tue,
and the work of Impressing the plates will
be subject to supervision by a deputy of his
department The plates must be made, by
power press and must he of a kind that
cannot be made by -a press operated by
hand or foot. .
Lang. O years old, of No. KW Washing
ton avenue, was overcome or heat Yester
day In a candy factory at No. ut Walnut';
Street, wntre no is cnjpiuym. no was lasen
mokane: MO.
.,.mi -..-., 'ii .. n
deavored to get their work done, spend
Friday in recreation and have started homo
on Saturday morning. Yesterday, how
ever, the stores were crowded all day.
The shooting of President McKinley cast
a gloom over the wholesale district. Hun
dreds of the visiting buyers, who come
This constitution proposes two changes
which will likely prevent its adoption by
this conference: On that of ctianging the
vote front a three-fourthi lo a two-thirds
vote hi order to an amendment to the con
stitution. The other ! the striking out of
the word "laymen," wliich will admit wom
en to the floor of tho conference.
An Interesting feature of to-morruvv aft
ernoon's strvU.es in connection with Hut
celebration of the slMlt-th anniversary of
Salem Church, will be ordination ot the two
graduating members of conference. One of
these I J the Reverend J. P. Koeller, who is
a graduate ot Central Wesleyan College at
Warrenton. Mo., jnd who lias also taken
two tcrm-i at the Moody Institute, Chicago.
Mr. Koellrr has been pastor at Jefferson
City three ar. and one year at Her
mann. Mo., where he will probably be re
turned for next year. The other Is the
Reverend W. I'. Ibler. who Is also a grad
uate of Central Wesleyan College. Mr.
Isler ha been pa3tor for twti jears at Ap
pleton City, Mo. and two years at-Whitewater,
The following arc thd peclal Sunday ap
pointment!.: At Memorial Church. Jefferson
avenue and Accomac btreets, thu Reverend
W. Schoenig; Eden Church. Nineteenth and
Warren street, the Reverend K. C. Mar
garet; Ebenezer Church. Cottage and Tai
lor avenues, the Reverend T. W. Rhode:
Zoar Church. Gano and Carter avenues, the
Reverend R. C. Philipp In the morning and
the Reverend S. R. Bollner In the evening:
Zlon Church, morning, the Reverend K. T.
Sternberg and In the evening the Reverend
F. Pichler.
Three-Year Contract Agreed To
Council Accepts Minor
The garbagc-reduction-contract bill was
passed last hlght by tho House of Dele
gates, after the House had receded from its
amendment for a seven-year contract. The
bill authorizes the Board of Health to en
ter Into a three years' contract.
The House agreed to a three years' con
tract and to the clause providing for sworn
statements of the quantity of garbage re
duced. The Council agreed to the amend
ments requiring the 'reduction plant or
plants to be accessible by paved or macad
am streets; to the amendment requiring a
deposit of $50,000. instead of 120,000, and io
the amendment to compel the reduction
company to pay for extra cost of hauling.
Mr. Cronln introduced .1 bill to appropri
ate SI.0S4 for salaries of physicians and am
bulance drivers for the North Side and
South Side dispensaries: Mr. Sweeney a bill
to appropriate JM0 for a new wagon for tho
Inspector of Weights and' Measures; Mr.
Troll a bill to appropriate S3.00Q for the
children of William Foley, a member of
the Fire Department, who was killed while
at work, ami Mr. Buckley a bill to appro
priate iU.7SO.90 for damages incurred in tbo
opening of Fyler avenue.
The Council passed bills for the recon-
take on renewed strength,
stout and robust. All puny and languid children
need this great builder of pure and rich blood.
Feel perfectly free to consult your family
physician on all these subjects. He knows the,
formula for our Sarsaparilla. ".
"An through the raising of my family I
best medicine we could keep a tho house.
know from experience that AVer's SaisapariUa'is the best family medians in the I - 0
world." T.S.Ajd-STkOKC, Kokomoilnd. . "; JJ- ' ' " j. . - 1; , -j
from Southern and Western States, where
such assaults are usually met with vigor
ous action, denounced the act of the u
sassln, and. regardless of party affiliations,
expressed regret that the country chief
executive should be shot down in such a
struction ot Merchant street from Third
street to Broadway and for the establish
ment and construction of llllmore Street
Sewer District No. 2.
The Bryant & Stratton Business,
Shorthand sad Telegraph
School of St. Louis.
This Is tha most widely known and ne
ccssful school of its kind in the West; nnd
bclrg one of the very oldest and largest. It
numbers among Its graduates many of tha
leading business men in this section of tho
country who have found that the knowl
edge acquired here has been so useful that
they not only patronise tho school, hut call
upon it to furnish them with the best class
of office help. The fact that a majority of
1 our students are preparing to enter taaostss
upon tncir own account enames us 10 ran
iT substantial service to those who wish to
obtain employment alter finishing the course
cf study.
-Applications at the College office for help
number from K0 to SO) yearly, and nearly
always exceed the number of graduates
wanting employment.
Within th- past few- months orer 180
business men have applied to the school
for stenographers, bookkeepers, clerks, tele
graph operators, etc; among them rera
the following well-known firms:
Graham Paper Co... ........!
National Cash Reglstar Co......... ...4
JUswouti Pacific Ry Co.. .'. .
llohr-Waltcr Candy Co ..
Hamilton. Brown Shoe Co ...........2
The Brown Shoe Co. .. T .
St. Imis Merchants Drldge Terminal .
Ry. Co .....J
Bck & Corbltt Iron Co .....1
Southern aiissourl & Arkansas R R-
Amerlcan Hxprcss Co , .....3
Columbia Phonograph Co., 4
Stone Hill Wine Co , 2
The Western Brass Mfg. Co. ...... .......I
Daily National Livo Stock Reporter.. ..2
The Electric Storage Battery Co J
Gilsonlte Roofing & Paving Co... X .
Henry Hell Chemical Co .9
Wm. Koenlg & Cu.p Agricultural
Implts ............. .2
Mutual Life Ins. Co of Near 'York..... .J
Werthelmer-Swartq Shoe Co J
Bcrthold & Jennings Lumber Co ..'...2
Vandaila Railway Co ......2
Handlan-Buck Mnfg. Co , ...2
Lammert Furniture Co.
Boeeklc-T Lumber Co.
Eisenstadt Jewelry Co.
Jacobs Mercantile Co., Atlanta. Tr.
V. S. Commissioner of the Ave civilised
tribes. Ind. Ter. .
Adam Roth Grocer Cor
Missouri. Kan. Sc Texas Ry. Co.
Madison County Ferry Co.
Dozier Bakery Co. '
Friedman Bros. Shoe Co.
Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co,
Fergusor.-McKlnney Dry Goods Co.
American Radiator Co.
Helmbacher Forge and Rolling Mills Co,
D. H. Baldwin & Co.. Pianos. .
Frisco Rv. Co.
Wltte Hardware Co.-
BaerrOHver-Singer Clothing Co.
St. Louis Noveltv Co.
Jas. A. Wright Sons Carriage Co
Exchango Bank, Piedmont, Mo,
St. Louis & North Arkansas R. K. Ox
Browning. King & Co.
Gulf & Ship Island Ry Co.
Fuhrer-Ford Mining Co. Mt. Vernon,
Blelock Mfg. Co.
And about 230 others. . '
The school was not able to, fill 30 per cent
of the above places, owing to lack of gradu
ates seeking positions.
'Young people attend a business1 coUSfJO
only once, and a -mistake In selection, n
the mistake of a lifetime. It is folly to o
to an Inferior or unknown school because it
is a little nearer or a little ohssper; and now.
is the time for those who wish to partld-
pate in the- success of the Institution an4
share in thq constantly Increasing prosper
ltv of St. Louts and the West. . -
The school rooms ot the Bryant & Strat- .
ton College, flfth floor 'of the Century Bund-..
Ing, corner Olive and Ninth Stf., are ths
finest in the country and they are open day
nnd" night. Apply at the College offlcs. flfth
finer of Century Building or address Bryant
& Stratton College.
Smith, a. negress. was arrested Thursday
evening on a charge' of stealing handker
chiefs from the dry goods store of W." T.
McArthur, No. 1800 Franklin avenue.
ial" sajsw J!-, 1
Good building material
Stone and mortar. Day by day
the building grows, becoming
higher, broader, more solid.
The best building material
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Day by
day it makes thin and pale children
until soon they become"
found that Oyer's Sarsaparilta. wsa the J
I am now past 74 years of aire, and 1 1
- .
mi .
to tha vair saoa-p-a

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