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13, 1902.
President Whitfield Expects to An
nounce Complete Circuit
Within Short Time.
Former Chicago Slioil-lop, Turned
Down by Hart, Said to Have
Accepted St. Louis 'Perms
P.aseball (iusip.
James YThltfleld of Kansas Cits-, the
present ofo the Western Bus ball leugue,
was In the city between trains jcsterdny,
departing last night on buslniss connected
wltli his organlzntion which Is waging a
merry battle tilth the American Association
for supremacy in minor kaua baseball In
tin West. 'Whltfiad Is still as ardent a
baseball advocate as he was In the dais
when many of the present fans were in
twaddling clothes He is confident that th
Western league will beKln the season with
it strorg circuit and the best of minor league
talent on its teams
"Tho Western League Is not In the habit
of handing out hot air," said Whitfield yes
terday, di-cussing the prospect in the West
ern League, "and in that one re-pect the
American Association has us distanced. But
when the season begins wt svill haie a Ur
cuit with a larger asgreg ite population to
draw on than lllckty s organization.
"As far no llnamlal backing 1- concerned
w e ha e no f ear. Wo already hale lx got,d
c lti"i on our circuit, and within a few day
jmrliaps inside of a wetk wo shall an-
' liouncu the compute circuit. In Omaha we
Uroie the Ann titan out of the Held. The
eitreme wt stern nd of the circuit is in th3
I liuidj of tut good men who are possessed
of independtrt mean Mesrs. I'JcKard uud
, Hums, who hold the Ln.n-.er and Colorado
l Mnrin-is franthNL.
"It tins been asserted that Tebeau has- the
upper hand of the situation in Kansas City.
He ma have options on a half dozen sites
fur all I Know, but we hive a good loca
tion at Sixteenth street ami Indiana ave
nue, on which we will begin work In a
short time. Our grand t-iund In Kansas ntj
will bn modekd nfter the one at Washing
ton, which is one of tho bU on the Amer
ican I.eajue circuit
"Ail reports to the contrary notwith
standing, we have a lease on the American
league grounds in MilwaukM. and we will
undoubtedly I lace a club there Omaha is
well fortillid, and Mr Van JUrunt. a street
railway man of St Joseph, will be at the
head of the St. Joe club We still have two
cities to add to the circuit. We hac sev
eral good ones to pick from, among them
being Minneapolis, St Paul, Indianapolis,
Toledo, Peoria, Des Moines and Louisville
1 haVe had odors from several of these
cities, and I know that tho American As
sociation Is not so lirmlj intrenched in all
of its town east of the Missls-ippi lliier
but what we can make the competition
btrong In fact, wo are rradj for the light
and will do business in some of those very
titles. In Milwaukee. Billy Clingmin is
i-Ignlng a ttam, but Messrs. Quin and Hav
trnnr, the club owners of tho American As
sociation club there, are in trouble with
the labor unions, and the- club Is unpopular.
We are signing men eierv da. and have
strings on some of the best players that
the American claims
"Iltcently I receiied letters from parties
In Peoria who wanted to know If Peoria
tould be considered an applicant for a
franchise In the Westtrn I ague. At pres
ent Peoria Is not Included in our plans, but
If we can bo "shown wo might consider the
application Baseball enthusiasts will hold
a mass nutting there to-night, and If a
good proposition is. node the city may be
includid on our circuit. We have alo had
prepositions from St. Paul and Minneapo
lis "We can secure good bacUrg in Indlan
upolis and without much troulle, 1 think,
we could enter Toledo Louisville is a pos
sibility, but I am not especially In love witli
it as a bast bail town Dm Moines Is an
other possibility, as we bale options on
. grounds there 1 will be in Ptorla ana Chi
cago this week, and expect to haie the
circuit completed before I return to Kan-
ins City Our schedule meeting will be
held In Denier about March 15
, "The National Ltafiue appear to be in
bad shape," said Mr. Whitfield, turning
the conversation on major league politics,
but I belleie it will come to an agreement.
I am of the opinion that Mr. Spalding said
things that were better left unsaid, but 1
bejieve tint he is working for the good of
r the gime. In the cient that the two fac
tions fall to agree on him Mr. Soden would
make a good president. Mr. Talcott would
grace the president's chair, but I fear that
lie could not devote sulllcicnt time to tho
league. I attended the New York meeting
end am pretty well acquainted with the
events which led up to the rupture, but I
can't see as jet where it will all end.
"Prom certain rumors that have come to
my ears from authentic sources, I look to
see tho Cincinnati club change hands with
in tho next ytar. I think Mr. Hruh is
weary of the strife, and I belleie he would
ell out If he receiied a good offer.
"Tho American and National leagues halo
shown themselves friendly toward the Na
tional Association of Professional Hasp,
ball leagues, of which the Western
League is a member. This organization is
too strong to bo ignored by the major
leagues, and assures us protection from
raids on the plajers. Mr. Hlckey. who was
one of tho organizers of this association.
is now president of an organization which
is outlawed
"Jimmy Manning and 'Kid' Nichols are
building up a strong club In Kanras Citv.
Nichols also acted above reproach in se
curing an honorable releaso from Boston.
Ho scrvid that club faithfully for twelve
ears, and when ho asked for a rclenss
In order that he might enter In business
for himelf the' could do nothing else but
ffrant it."
Barry McCormick. the ex-Orphan, will be
seen In a St. Louis American League uni
form, next weason. Though left out In the
cold by James A Hart. Mccormick's dais
of usefulness are not over by any means,
end MrAlcer has seized an opportunity to
-"- strengthen his team. McAUer went up to
Chicago jesterdny from Youngston. O . and
negotiations were at once started for the
uervlces of tho big fellow. Terms were
practically decided on, and McCormick Is
expected to sign a contract at once. He
probably will bo placed on third base,
which was the only place of uncertain
ttrensth on the team, as recently an
nounced by McAlecr. rriel, the Milwaukee
player, had ben slated to coier bag No. 3.
lrot McAlcer has been on the lookout for
material that would class In with Bobby
Wallace. McCormick was a member of thn
Chicago Irani for several years, and was
T'gflrded as a stead, though not a par
ticularly, biilliant. player. His stick work
l.as always been fair.
All dnubt hn been removed concernm?
whero L)avy Jones would pla nevt j ear.
Jones has written McAleer, stating that
lie has receiied a letter from Jim Hart
faying that he f Jones) li free to plav with
Bt. !nils All of which bears out the as
sertion mado by Mr. Hedges that the Chi
cago contract signed by Jones was only
tin optional document,
Ip discussing the suggestions' made at
Buffalo for changes In the Tilaylng rules,
SIcAlcer takes a sly dig at "Mugsj" jrc
Graw. He pay s: "I think the new rules are
not as bad as most of the reports make
them out to be. Tho game has new angels
ach ear. and In order to keep up with
the new Ideas, the laws should bo changed
to keep up with tho times. It Is necessary
to find some way of keeplrg a player like
JIcGraw within bounds."
Tho suggestions for changes In playing
rules made nt the Buffalo conference have
brought out considerable criticism. Savs
J Til Grillo in the Cincinnati Commercial
"It is a fortunate thlnjf for baseball that
the men who are now conferring in Buffalo
Iinve not been vested with the power to
change the playing rules and that they can
go no further than suggest changes. If
these suggestions are unfortunate enough to
be submitted to sane men thev will never
be an thing but suggestions that is a cer
talnt. Tho gentlemen at Buffalo seem to
be under tho impression that their duty Is
to complicate tho game of baseball. If
their suggestions on the rules are adopted it
will be four vears before any one can famtl
1 irlze himself with the rules of the game.
People do not support baseball for the pur
popo of wrecking their minds in an effort
to understand the game. Baseball Is a pas
time, and the freer it is kept from mystery
the better it can bo cnJocd. The gentle
men at Buffalo nro arranging a puzzle
rune. If the representatives in conference
had gone to Buffalo of their own freo will
thev should not be interfered with: but.
lnce nt least a majority of thom were sent
by organizations or clubs, they should be
asked to retufn home at once. Baseball i
looks none too Bright, but if all the changes I
jrblch are belngMnadB In the rules by the '
Tim Call than spaiilug with Huh Dou,jlis4
is landing his lelt on Hob's jaw, while
conference are adopted the last spike will
have been driven Into the game's coflln "
Over at Cincinnati "King Bid" Mcrhee
Is reeeiilng all sorts of suggestions f r
whipping the occupants of the- Kod band
wagon lntu shape for the season Tho
University of Kentucky authorities have
Invited tho team to train at the Lexington
Institution and offer to bear the expen"i,
which thev expect to pit by arranging a
scrits of game with the college team
Tuesdaj. MtPheo rettned a ml'-lie from
Professor Ted KcmiMi of the Basebill
College of Kotatlng Skill at IVorn. 111. In
which the professor offer free- scholar'hips
to the Cincinnitl corps of twirlers Ho
claims to haie -'iscoie-ed the secret cf
twirling success and offt-r- to impirt it
either personalli or b mail But MtPhee
savs thJt the Itedsl lb corps villi loUti
in tho same old was du'lng th spring
practice without lUng Kennedy's nev.
"curling ball "
Outfielder Boy Clnrk who has sjgned to
graze in the conttr pastuie- for the Neil
York club, vas oonsidixed one of the fast
est men In the Neil Ensland coibes, and
was selectel as the AU-Anitrhan cent r
fielder for the featons of 19 "M'"'!. Li-t
summer he piajed with the fast all-col- j
itgiate baseball cl' u or W oonsoeket. It 1.
File members of this team villi be found in
the National l-oiguc this stir Thev are.
"5 illi ims of Chic ie.0. Hazleton of St Louis
Bob Lawson of Boston, and Anderson and
Clark of New lork.
Andrew P. Ovicr. former captain of tho
Washington and Jeflr-on Collet team.
has been signed bv Baltimore. College plav- I
era are making caprni out or tneir -varsity
experience on a larger tcale this jear than
ever before.
Down in New Orleans the opinion pre
vails that IYrd Abbot, tho New Oritans
catcher, who signed with Cincinnati, will
MICK IU IUU t eilCail-, UCHC Ilia CHIIllrtCl I
Abbott went to New Orleans last week and "
immediately huntd up Ar-ner Powell and
t Ukctl business Late-. Abbott signed a 1SVC
New Orleans contract, accord'ng to Powell. ,
Abbott con-iders the National League sit- '
uation quite uncertain ard appeared to
fear that he would not draw his alar reg
ularly in Cincinnati Manager McPhte of
tre Kctls couts tile 'aea that Abbott will
desert He n that Abbott used CI icln
nat! advance mow to take his Fouthern
Wlnnrr to Itct't'Iv SlxM ami Iser
I'firt Per Cent iif Pin ie.nnd
Illiidt; on 1'letnrt lltiue.
New lork. I'cb 12. Champion Jim Ji dries
announced this morning his final offer to
Bob ntzsimmons for a fight foi the cham
pionship of the world. The onl terms under
which he will agree to light him are that
the winner of the Lattle shall rectivc CO per
cent of tl e purse and the loser -to
If Fit7simmons wants to light Jeffries he
will hue to accept those ti rms Jeffries
sas he will not. under any circumstances,
consent to split the mone equally.
Before miking the above declaration Jeff
ries received a letter from Delane. The lat
ter told him that his offer of CO per cent to
the winner and 40 to the loser was too lib
eral in fact, and, unless Pltzimmom ac
cepted it, to declare off all negotiation's
After receiving thCMi instructions from his
manager, Jeffries announced the above as
his ultimatum to nizlmmons. Jeffrie) sivs
he is willing to split the picture money with
Otto sleloff I.nutls Mvlngs Heavily
.cvr rlc l.iKht W.-Ik'iI.
Chicago. Ill . Tcb 12 Dahny Duane, the
New lork lUhtwctght, w.ts ltncckcl out to
night at the Acme- Club by Otto Stelort of
Chicago Duan receiied ins quietus but a
minute before the end of the contest, The
first live rounds wera rather tame, neither
man exerting himself to an great extent.
When they came together in the last round
both started out In earnest. In one of tho
mlxups that folloved Duano was sent to
the floor by a rlht swing. He got up
groggy, and before he could recover Sielolt
connected with another swing that put the
New Yorker out.
In the preliminary Harry Johnson of
Pittsburg was knocked oat by "Kid Farm
er In four rounds Farmer Is onl a tie
ginner and was substituted for Clarence
Forbes, who was unable to meet Johnson
on account of an injured hand.
Mock to Flelit Stevenson.
Georse Ulock anl Antiy Stevens n will flg! t be
fore the St IxiU Honing Club burdny attern on
Fe'iruarj 13, at tatca weiehts, v,th Jlal Iol
rffert-f As a preliminary, a bout will prob
ably b put on between Tony Patara anl Al2
chenck. if th two can conia together on thfl
welgbt Question.
.Mack and liny l'lar Off First Section
at Hatch To-:KIit.
Tho opening block of fifty points in the
200-poInt three-cushion billiard match be
tween Frank Day and E O. Mack for the
three-cushion championship of Missouri
will be piaitd off to-night at the itoyal
rooms on Sixth street. Both men are In
good shape.
In a short practice game last night Mack
made on average of slightly better than
two The second section of the match will
be piajed to-morrow night at the Roal.
tho final two blocks being scheduled for
next Monda and Tuesday night at Hau
ser's. Ilclmont Ships Horse Snntb.
New lcrk. Feb 12. B way of experiment.
August Belmont has oruVrtd a string of hors
shipped from his Long Inland training quarters
to Aiktn S-. C This will ptrmtt of earlier train
ing, lining to the milder climate.
Forbes nnd Williams Are Matched.
New York. Ffb li Harrj rutts of Chicago,
the bantam weight has leen matched to flght
Jim VMIllans of I.nxUrnl before the National
bporting Club of London The lm-s are to Kil
tie on Derby night, next Ma, at 1:6 pound", for
the bantam championship of the world and a
liberal purse.
Football Injuries Prove Fatal.
New lork Feb it William Senate. 21 jea-
old, of Brooklyn, la dead from injuries rcceliel
In a football game Fcbruar 1. when he was
kicked In the stomach
You can secure a better position if you
watch The Republic's "Help-Wanted" col
umns ever day. 1M places are advertised
to-day. Bead them.
: a l.tpubli I'll t graph"!
ai tin Ilu-iti-- Mens Gimnisium 'allihau
Douglass is countering with his right on the
aleu Will MeH Before the We-,t
End Club in a Fifleeu
Kound Uout.
Tim Callahan and AJstln Hlee will meet
to-night at tha West Knd Ciub in their
much-talked-of battle, at 12C pounds the
bout being scheduled to go fifteen round.
The occasion will be the fourth mretln of
the men, their prei'ous battb s having re
sulted in two tw nt -round draws and one
twcntv-iound boul, when Callahan got the
decision bv a narrow margin Both men
haie expressed their intention of haling the
present contest settle superiorit declslidy
one w.i or the other.
As a preliminar u the main go. Jack
Dunleavy will meet Chiule Cornwall In a
ten-round bout, at 11 pounds, both fighters
being well known loealli n th welter
wtlght division Dunlcaiy has a r putatum
as a coming lighter, and has hown to ad
vantage in several bouts in th.j last jear,
while Cornwall Is just beginning his ca
reer as a professional. Ho l.as fought sei
eral emateur bouts at th- local rowing
clubs, and has appeared In one Or two
minor professional affairs
Callahan will be seconded by his man
ager. Bill ltoche. Rite v 111 be seconded
bv C. H. Thompson, his manager, b Pat
iirly and b Ton Patara. Karij has
served as sparring partner for Rice in his
tialning pr paration in the latt week. Joe
fctei.art win ielertre both lijhts of tho
ci cuing
Once tho McGov ern-Ilav e Sullivan fight
ib over, there will be a great dem ind tur
tho winner as a fiatuie in boxing corneals,
aid the bon will boom lighting among de
sirable members of the 12t iund cS-ass. 1'alK
of a bout locallj between the victor aad
seme tood man of his weight is cuirent.
and the chances aro that at least an t fl'rt
will bL made tu brin tin winning lighter
heic. Interest all oicr the co-nti is cen
tered lu tlw light which will take place a
week from fcaiurda, and, altl oagli no
cliamp onship Is Involved, mole inteicst Is
felt in the outcome than was displaed in
McGoi rn's last b ittli , that iil-latttl match
for leirj ot last rnant.sguing Oji It
l.as believed bj a majoritj of si ortiug nun
on that occaon mat be wuuni uclcat
oung Corbett, and ttw Denver lov had but
few supporters.
In th present case, how el or, the recent
surgical operation on McGoi era s nose has
glicn bulbian man supporters he would
not otherwisu haie. Haa this match been
mads beioro lerr suiftred Ueitat, Me
Govcrn would have been an oven. helming
favorite with Sulllian little thought ot.
Under present circumstances, wun Ttrr
defeated but thtee- months ago, ainl witli
his noso still in a doubtful condition" from
un operation, fculliian is clo-e up in tho
estimation of mail ring followers.
Kuhivan will undoubtedly put up th"
h irdest battle of his lile? on this occasion,
its victor over McUuvern would plate him
direct! in lire .us .a eanaiiate for the
feather-weight championship With Mc
Goiern's note still weiktncd, and with a
prospect of i match with oun- CorboU
us a jossibllit. hullivan will llijlit us lh
never lought before
McGovcrn has stattd th it ho will retire
from the ring if he is defeated in the com
ing battle 'J his statement can be accepted
with reservations, hoi. ever. Corbett and
Fitzslmmons both auroanced their retire
ment from the ring "eieral tims before
they lost the chnmplon! ip. and other ilght
er halo generall found tiemselies drawn
back to the squ ired circle In spite- of de
terminations to retire It Is ale to predict
that McGoicrn will not retire even hould
he meet defeat.
One question rather difficult to answer
Jun at nrcent ! Jtut what Is th- feathir
wcight limit. Young Corbett has annouactd
that all fights for his title must be at ik
pounds, and most claimants for tho cham
pionship tip the scales in the neighborhood
of this figure If suecesslie battles for tho
title are fought at 12t pounds. It is hard
to see when the weight villi be shifted
back tn the original figure.
Orlginallv, the feather-weight limit was
115 pounds In the nrof"sj0nal ring, and
this weight is still considered the feather
weight limit under the rules of the Amateur
Athletic Union. The professional :cil was
raided, however first to IIS pounds ,in(i
then to 122 pounds, where it remained for
ears. and was accepted as tho true feather-weight
McGoiern agreed to li(,ht for his title at
125 pounds and lest. His ennquerer slates
that future bat'les with him must be at
that figure. As none of the present chal
lengers for the title, with the exception ot
Abe Attsll. would be able to do much I e
low 124. It s likely that the raise in the
Unit will be peimanent.
If the newT boxing protective association,
about which so much Is heard ever as
sumes control of the sport it will probably
bx the limits for the various clause, im
movably, and will require the graduation
Into a higher clas of a pugilist outgrowing
his own class This state of affairs woull
certainly be better than an eianic scale
vhlch Increases in we'ght with the holder
of the title.
Became Suspicions That Coup iia
I'uder Cov er.
New York. Feb. 12. Frank Brne, who.
without notice, declared oiT his match with
Cans, on Monday night, in Philadelphia,
this morning confessed that the bout was
The light-weight champion said that it
was agreed that there must be no knock
out. The were to box six fast rounds
A few dais before the fight was scheduled
Hrne asked Gsns to post $100 as a guar
antee that 1 e would not hit hard enough to
score a kneck-out. This the negro refused
to do.
Tho next day Erne learned that Hereford
and his friends were trying to bet 5 to 3
that Gans would score a knock-out. He
avers that Hereford was rlanning a big
coup. This could easily have been accom
plished, says Erne, as lie would have taken
chances in the ring, believing that Gans
would stand by the agreement not to try
tor a knock-out.
Anieiidnu nt Forbidding Uettini; en
Heats Was Defeated Almost
Chun-is. Uiders. and Urheis lio
l'atronie I'eison"- Under l!an of
Associations Will Be IJaned
From lei.0L'ui.ed Track.
New lork. Feb U The biennial cot irss i
of the National Troui.ig At-sut! Uion t iinu I
to an end this eiening at the Mtsrra Hid
Hotel Besides electing olheers, the cotit,resi
mado Important changes In thu rules, I
lecommecded b tho Joint Co-nmittee from
the association and the American Trotting I
Association and the, American Truttin lleg
istci Association, which met here a mouth
Anions tho-e present at the meeting to
da were President P P Johnson ol I.ci.
liiLlon, K.. Secrctar W. il Cccher of
Hartford. Ueoie M. Archer of RociiHter.
l.owis J Powers of Plulidclphij, William
R Alien of fat Louis. William G P. .lock
of CIci eland. C. A McCull. A. J. Welch
of Hartford, ii lllium Christie of Ports
mouth. N. 11, W. L. Hutciilngs of Boston.
C M Jewett of Boston. 11 W. Wilson of
lajxington. Rensselaer Weston of Goshen.
acott Locke of Concord. . It , c. -. v. una
of Red tlink, Albert C Hall ot Stamford.
Hamilton Uusb. lMward A. Tipton and I 1
M Caffert of ISlnghamton. N. H Bain of '
l'oughkeepsie. Frank W alker, H JI. White- i
head and T. L, ejulnib of Boston, S II. ,
Rtindle ot Danbur. H. Seeds. I b Kauf
man and II. M, Culleu of Philadelphia and ,
J Walter Lovctt of Bethlihem. !
The Committeo on Credentials reporti d
f22 dflegates, mm cf them represtni'd l,v
proj., sjnrn of those present repre'intlns
as in in as forty Mr. I'age, Mr Wil-on
un.l .Mr David Bonner were uppointed a
committee to nominate oillcers I
Mr Willis moved an amendment forbid- i
ding betting on heats in a race and calling
for tl o expulsion of any member who shou'd
allow It It was not adopted, JSt votes
being against it and oal four votes for it.
The Committeo on Nominations reported
for the re-election of the present oillcers,
Including among the members of the Hoard
of Review .1 Malcolm Forties of Boston.
John C. Weity of Canton, O . and R. II.
Plant of Macon. Ga
A clange. making the rule -against hopples
more stringent, but requiring action by
the AniTlcin Trotting Association to be
come effective was proposed b M Jewett,
but vi.es voted down, the present rule 3,
section Z remaining us it was
A new rule 1C section 1. n ferrlng to dis
qualiiicfltton. was adopted It provides:
Omers w'io start horses rlJrs or drliers who
ride or drtie. ana all lio-e starte-J at mtetisrs
condii !: hy reisstib un1r pnaltj by ellhtr th
N itional Trotlnr Aesth.utivn or th .tynericaa
Inntln A"oclatlcn lall. b op ration of e
rules b henceforth di-qualllleJ from th rigit
to ctnijete on f,runds of nieiib"-s uhlch els
qcalllicatlon ma be remoitd or.l by order cf
the lfuttii of HiUn ina upon pa treat rt a.
t'ne cf XI . to go to this r.'-oclatkn the flna to
aip to tre hora or hordes tlliualltled. regard
lets of an ehanse la ownership
Rule 21, section 2, was amended so as
not to permit an person interested in any
hrs in a race to act ' in an olilcial ca
pinlti in that race."
This is broadi r than the recommendation
of the conference, which mentioned only
"judces and timers "
Rule S"i section 3. vias left unchanged,
after a Ion? discussion oier i proposal to
allow judges to declare nny heat voll for
pulling or other irregularities Mr. Welch
urgtd that the greati st peialti now n
forcable ag linst ptr-ons guilt of such
E radices was to "giie Piem their mon"
ack "
The rule regarding distances was also
left unchanged although the Conference
r,imm!tlee recommeiwlarl r rrflntifiri nf tttr
f t A new section allowing the waiiit'g j
or instance on consent was al-o adopted
Besides other p naities. the fine for allow
ing suppression of the correct tlm was iii
ereaeil from J100 to $.". A board for d(
termining records was ist-iblisaed. to coa
s st of the p-esidents of th- National
American and Register association:
The following was added to rule 11 by a
vote of 72 to 12
lteciirda tai not bo made or bars licurrel in
trials of i:l where th,re is r. r 1 .el m:
I ot k making o- oil t r i uMIc betting en tl e m . nt
xi i nuntj tclTitel! f r no t till am e chartsei ir
colleen 1 from couireting horses-, no -I'lmlsvin
f-e to the .ate cr gianl &t.ind an-1 no nrli'l 5ej
of an Mr 1 sold hueh ricrlonnancej iliall tut
let ni'rril l uMic iu e-
On motion of Mr. Wilson it was voted to
petition the I nlted Mates Coi-gress to lllow
on application an extension ot six months
to the period of six months during which a
Canadian owner of a horse n Import the
same in bond ard free of dut
The nut iongre-s will be lirlu in this che
at .1 pi ire to be determined bv the presi
dent of the association.
i-oih 1'iioiiiiui vr m:v oitt,i:s.
'laient W s iluitiiit-d tin Prnnk Hicc ill
'1 no- t ur-Old.
J-.cn Orleans Ia . I'tb 1.'. Frank Illce
and Hrljtol were :li; beattn favontts tu
d i Wtathtr iloud ; track last bum
mar .
I lit latt-, felling-, one and onu eichtli ml,
Initio Laji. Vfif (c Ituberteon), l. tu , tn,
l,illle Itttd, tin) (ilonroej, 2 ti J. seogad, 'ir.
3teiienhti It, tf,j,i.j ii to 1, il nd in ., l
latt.c lunim) iu.n.l, Ln-le Turn, Azu i, lxjit
uble. Gla.e Jtun. laud II , 1.1 toiun and i ta
ut I). alM lull
---ect-nd late. . t.tr olds, four furlongs Mai
erltlc 1U7 ftuung). u To I. wo'i. imp laj Win
kie, 1U7 tl v atoii) 7 to 1, e-una, inintv Itue.
llll, ll" Jonts), J to t.. third Jinir. ls, Moi
trn. 0fKt.t. Ct.nipJtation, lttul Dt-celier, Ilui
da and 111 jjis al-u ran
iluid l tie, t,ie i ie.au. n .ndltap. si ort cojra
ViLlittin. lit u viii-on), L tu J, won, ilr
Ltit, u. it idlv), to i !.-ond, ltridtui, lS
UVnn). 11 to w, tliirtl iim., j-ju Ct'un.
latei.rt!,t and JIiia- It ilsu ran
1 umtli iatt. hanoltap nut, an l a slxteertn -Intrueiie,
1 lUttuin) tu i won, MlKr Coin.
V) (liuien). 7 to 1 ieconu, 1'tllt alalfe lif ti
1 run), tu Z. third lime. 1.17'j lttbetl i 31 u
1 ifth rave, elx funons-fct. Cmhbcrt. I"1
lOJum). -iea, tion. Jt nn ljrl,sb. li, tl
Mal-ln. 1& to 3, t-tcond. 1'rowl. y (j MPIer).
S tu I. third rime, l ,1's l'ust. Ok e, .gp
ttan 1 rlnce. I ickle balcc lU)dt'. Klsa Quick
also lan
sixth race, sellin-;. -nbe an-i thrce-e'cith.s-
ilala. W (Utlll. 4 to won. Little Ukin. Jivj
(Klnutr), D to 1, tectnd, Klnittelle. &j tlitts--hon).
4 to 1. third. Time. 2 .14 ;tar Cotton,
litloralne and balialela alto run.
To-Dhj'h tn llrlenns Entries.
l-irt race. nlllnK "'"e a"d sertntj jard
Itajward Hunter . jiil'utcli Carter 105
J091O 1- ''3 McWIl'lanal . ,;
l.jlJasa ai LovUit U.ossom .. . i
lltll of Klgln . . . 1W 1 rated iQ.j
Hjlni. l-ile - ... !'' t' ''"II i
fcaan Lazarus .. . 11- Charles C 113
second race, tlx anl one-half furionsi, 3 jta.
I'arnasus 7 , Dl3by Tl.ll if;
Ctrlnne C s I I.ilitt 1-mmy ib
Ladt l.lket IA I Lrnest I'arltam lj
Larl ltte.nt .. . I 1 iMiiufoni .. . jns
Dut.tor ilirt 1"1 ! LtToi U , . ...11,
Kuae of Mav 102 1 V. -ral Dance 17
Third race, sri.lng, seien furlcngs:
Anna 101
Ulrd'c Stone Ml Corlili 110
I-Ieetwlne M lr.tldntal iu
sir Kinitston ... . U7 Aiater 11;
Hadlant Heat .... 1)7 Judso liagee iu
Teiralene ID Dramburu 11-
Light Belli- 11')
1 ourth race, handicap, tlx furlonps:
Kaloma SjI l'Uton JlV-t 1C2
Lady Contrarj .. f1 1 Andes iUa
Tom C.llln." 1) tj-icy m
Tom K'neelej SJ I
Fourth race, BeHin? mile and cn-o.uarter:
Plnar del Itlo S 1 Aanoj jj;
I'lnte-n Queen " 1 I rnk McConndl .. 1)8
Zack I'helps ... . " Joe Doughty ll
Jessie Jarboe sj lien Chaiie J,
fil Itlce 103 ilajor Manslr 113
Star Cotton 1)3 I
With race, sellim: sien furlongs:
Gractoas IK Free Coinage 110
Sx Iu7 Hutch Miller nt
Lady Kent 1"S l'rlnce eno 112
Add 1W Deponan in
Homage 10S Jon O Ford 115
Itoyal Sterlln? 110 I'haroan 115
.112 1
Cre.cent CItr ''electlonn.
republic srrt IAI- - ,
New Orleans. La Feb 12 Selections at Cres
cent riti: ,
First Ilace ilctVIIliaras Csarles C . Bile of
Swoml Race rarnasus Klncfcr.I, Doctor
Thirl Race-Judue Magee. Sir Kinsstor. Ter
raiene Fourth Race Tom Kintfdev. Setoj. Andei
Fifth Race Eta Rice. Jessie Jarboe. Fran'
Siith Race Deponan. Nrx. Ilutch illller.
SyH la Talhot Won. hat Claim of Fonl
Wan Allowed.
San Francisco. Cal . Feb. 12.-Tae princi
pal incident at Oakland to-day was a dls
duallflcatlon in the 2-ycar-old event. Bull
man, on Sylvia Talbot. th 3-to-5 favorite.
1 vmpd Arti's ot Hie heal of the tretch
a l ea-r,ni ii n H'lo tin rati Ii t drliir.,;
i b v v a r l t w t in a u i-i Irom
Aiiii oi,i o e onii r t aimed a tool anl
tin n , was placed last Tom Mitclu-11. a
So-to-1 shot s cured thu place and G.uiot,
quoted at 2JJ to 1 and to to 1 for the show,
was placed third.
OConnoi, who roe'e DuckO, the odds-on
faiorile in the fourth race, broke one of
hit "stirrup s'rips Tne saddlo turned and
O Connor cou d not do the gelding justice
and was b nten hi Diderot and Galanllius.
ror.aero, i!..; ed from 5 to 1 to 2 to 1, took
tl o third race trn Picador. Bib. the fa
vorite made a poo shut nig, ard tao stew
ards dt-cidd to ipisiigit.
Weather cloedi , i v k -,'oppi. Sitmmarv
P.rsr raL te.n ei, nhs cf a i iIW se'l'-ic-ltrji
UTdletr) 3 til. won llcaihua 1'3 (I-Jn--on)
b 1Z i. s cvoil L hia. 1 Z ilLeJfrnl r.
t 1 tl inl Tine la Ir ie The 'I! er
t hanuet. T, o mi aid llarr, riiitther also
st-cond rat seitn 'Irte.ntl s o' a rule, 2 evr
out i ." Ait i: iu ie mnurl & -o iwn
Tim .(..n.i.ll ,.. I. . II i r . . t .....
I. . .iw.i. ju ii -i,( -, VJ 1 HJ O 1U T,, I
111 (f- M Ul u i tVri lira Id High
I chanolkr j 1 fc-j 1 la la b t a'-o ran
I wll.Ll. 1.111 1 .1 1 1 1 ... .! i 1 .'-. In, ffllll
i-g -"-
Third race, o a fa.! ort e clith mM -UI-i
lotiiro 111 (J M h ,, 3 to 1 M,i I'i'al-i-IV)
IU t onn r , to 1 -eonl llab till tlloa-1 7
tu 10 th -1 Un, 2 DJc Matr Let- ana Ljial
brio ran
Pourtb rare on sad one-hlvteJnth mil" Emilias
UIilTot ,tl utn.'-c1!!. ;i, tj I won, i.alanthUf
In (I. Jae!c-in S to 1 in 1 Dutkoi 1
(11 Cm ir). ; Ii third llir. HJ llo-tu
al ti ran
Plfth j I utmlti nur-- S rllmou it 11
fO t onnor 4 1 v n -1 ittrl 1 I
illurm) l 1! lit hi US (J IU 1
4 Ir 1 t irl 1 j in s - l.j ,.-uJ Jun
un 1 -lta cjut 1 I 1 in
sif rici., t 1 . - nt 1 's of a 11 de 11
Ir I 1 t er 1 . iM o iioil .0 1 w n fl
bin n li M.rrs , t 1 tecorii Llaeite HI
lli,ir J' t 1 thltil rttne 14 Hen I-Ii
Cisi'al . Pine, shot, Ne'Ilo forest anj P-coj tlio
1 m
To.EIjijN O.'.klHnd KnlrleK
Tirt i , plllnp t'l.c-f -fimrtrr of a mil-"
ilHim T 13SI Thll ArthibiM TO"
r-t.-uar . IT nik Tajlor . 1VJ
tn!i it a Intraui lt
llirt-v That hr lis et-mvell IaVe Ui
sec J rat. i in btven si'teentl s of a nil-
r ialt.en f-ar t X
Mir I" i i Ir s't Ivsle I0.
(Jpor., . t Z, I. .t vti 1 1
J rnk "'I lu an al I,ttl- Jltuyitt J-i
Lab 3ir- 1)31 "
Till-! ra. , Futuriti coins, etllins
- i!M-g 114 1 hi- ' h I IM
t.lb 1 a- i,f ,(l DeiinU .. . .14
ii lAt-n Uj (.ls.rc.rilu '
! 111.111 rte rcturit ort clll ;
MhtU t y "o'-ina . . 112
Mra. !i'"j . te ,1 r 1 rute US
fair -lUii-i 1 ) lU z IU
biti a ivt-einths cf a milt-. e-Hhi
&au Lrtiit -n l nl P aj 101
A'fcu-i l n iup W
Anj,at i Ifl van 1 li Io . 't
llulme'ti ';, H iltj ... .10S
l'it j Ik an .. . 11 Lral . Ii2
. ith racv, mile an J dftj jirls, elllnf;
-aia i ii Ilurparlin 111
"(iii . . in it iii i.to-is iih
Jleroin . pi j nvi Lallantae . 103
I. I- nr l., o-lz II .. . Ifof
; iKar . I '
OiLInnd elet-tions.
nrrt iti.ic si 1 1 iAl
sin lr-n -b. o let VL On Oaklind
r ri-t i. t. sreeawili Lake. I ebrtury.
uai ir
S-c n! n ice Mlreina, Jennie McGcwan,
tl- Muiartt
TMi 1 Itare fccalljwac. G'l nltir ea la n.
I u i'i Hace IJj --mo lar.hlno, Torllla.
I 1'tti H.U. Mrtl" I'l'-j lUn II It.
suth Hace Meropi. t.VloneI Uailen'jn, Ijd
star (Ine I'm orite nt Charlesttin.
Char'est n S C . Fb 13 AI o Km II was
tho onli ivisrlns faiorit-3 at the l-vpositlon track
this alterrooa
llrt ra se'llnu fiio f url 3ns Alzora won;
isuu'-t'u rc.nd Intent ihirl Tine. 1 OS'
s-. onl rate, p t fu-t nss Jln ct inlan won:
Ilattle Ini. second. Litadly Mght fchade. Ulrd
Tin . I .)
TUii 1 rat- (lllar, cue mite, ortr far hurdlea
I'arrii 1" i on Netncle, second, Loi lit,
third Tlp'e 1 ST .
tourth rate h.i dlt ip ci n f irlona: Ducassa
w n tainii el, second L-lIa IJarr, third Time,
i c;
Firth race match race f r pun-, teien furl ni3
I Ittl- T'jv ir won. Hue nam. r cond Time.
i -a-
sixth rate s-IIinir sit f arlonjrs !o Itan II
wot tvrtain. Ettrd, Abcr'rfne, third. Tiirt,
1 li-j
ntsunr n vi.i. (jwiiis To-Mfmr.
Two Contrsls in rT l.ensjur Sehed-nl-!!
for Ijiiiitsiniili Hnli.
Ti" gains of the now baket-bill leajruc
will be pi in d this eienln? at Louisiana
Hall, the Monirchs linns up ngalnn the
boutli Sides -tnd the Iirummond (lu iris
team rrctlir the Hl-h lichool M'imni The
llne-jp In the opening Sime will be:
M"isrths I olllon SoathSllel
ScSaeftrrin-r Kl'it fimard .. . .. N.uman
1 r . . I f t forward Uui
I.utbl rt . . . ' enter rftrlser
Jtau li- . Rl-ht ;uaril . Kortkamp
Hehriai I.fft ,iird Klen-r
In the Drummond-Hifh School garae the
lint.-i.p will be.
Drumraon Is roIt!oi IIIi;h S-hnol
Jtiitt .. . . Itlght forimrd.. rublnsoa
urles . . I-it fjrward H miln
l.riram itntr ... Kitzp-nter
Sieve- .. . . I.lKlit (niard Larger
lajlur . . . Lett s,urd Kornham
LBicjc or iv!i:itiev si'oiitimev.
J'";1 '"""
Itceomnieuifs Xiits for the Iietter Pro
tection of titime.
Indl inapolis. Iri'l . IVI 12. Sitt-cn dele
Citus from as m-mv Stat-s vifo present at
tlie niettlnc; lure to-d 1 or the Xat'on.U
Aemb)i of the Ltagne of American
fcjKt: t-men 1
The tltl gates sanctioned and urged upon
Congress the pissage of scleral measure
that haie bt en rc-t.ntt.tl or u 'II be shortly.
One of thte bills provides bt Utr prot c
t'on for wilii animals and b'ids of Alaska
ami in ik-s an open hunting seasoa of bt
two mo"thj
Ar.othtr bill tirovitles for the con.ersioa
of all forest reserves in Western t5tates
Into p.im preserves, and thit thtse tracts
shill bt polictl and gov erred as is Yellow
stone Park The third measure provides
for the extension f Yeltoiistone I'ark
north anl east, to include the ldjacent
timber rts ries Pr tiiston of rapans for the
purchaa. of the Alb id herd of buffalo, one
o' the list r in ilninf. hints, i- urgtd
He-olutions wcie passed urging Congress
to taak al solute g im prt series of the
timber tonnes of the mountains in West
ern St tt ard t" n'ohiMt killing antelop.-an;-
time before 1SIJ Still another mint -t
was made a-kiry It is for the prohibition
of the shipment t f hi ads and kins of gime
from A! iA.i Tlie meeting closed with a
banquet to-nuht
iionii: c.ititi (ins 'lot it". nu:"VT.
Jniiun'I.I, Ts I-ictirin mill llln Mtr-1ti-s
in Po-ttMiiit ti (times.
Monte Carlo. l"eb li To dj's pro
gramme of the international ch. s tourna
ment pro.ided for the pining of pd
journtd anl drawn gums, of which there
were nine When tht in-i for the inidd 1
ritb arrived Janovvsi and Tschigonn
hrd scored vittorits nur Li"cnbrg ind
Aibin rt-iecttiel.,. an! draw, h-d resulted
In the ttinusts between Wolff ami Teit h
inann. bchlfChttr and Mareo. and Mieses
and f;ur-ter,r
In tie aftt rroon session, Albln beat Tsa-pir-
ami JI i-c 11 and Marocz drew a sc
onl time The seienth round will be plaed
ipoTtlnc olt .
i.M'llsra IIKIanev ard Alltn Phaw will neet
to right at tht5 Ite Lalace In the S"cm3 rice of
tnel sere ' r tut lo at. t.tuini'itj-t-j ; ,
Joti Le Hoy f No -15 1 renkl n -iienii f r
mr mai-tr Lai- 1 n i- la ie e pt of a
1 tttr Cxi. I tun a-'tin-; lor t matt.li at 11.,
pounls with Harr lttiLtt
t II ThompFOT tti maimer ff Austin Hi e. I
jeFtcrda. ictelta a t .Mm rom I.I1I Id J
wird tf t nt r f-kii i, fo. ,i int-li t.tteen t
ltice ard J.dli To) tu U-'nttr buer, at l- .
l-un2 I
w .. -.. n .. e t.... f..m, w l.,.,. I in., ti t
a t-ttfr.t.1- .......,.. ...... ,
Torrini. ui uni. I I. -1 w-.nu-un, del--
gate" it -it'-l. tt eltt -tntis wer i reyent
... . i. a . .. iiln a. Bt.rMi rt ri a N. ill. ml A i-.oir tilf I
i inw ui 'a """"' ; "" - "-j i
sis-don of tl e N tllnal Asieirhlv,
I.espue tl Alt'! an t.rtini.n nett tui;tj ,
Tne natioral preident. II H fc rle of Ilttnul. j
pieslJej j
In hla report Pietflent I-arle referred to the .
di-'-ward slitie of th- tnt'nhvra'ilp of thi 1--
A H -ecrttar IIas"U 01 tlo-sto-l compare 1 ,
m-mi-erthip tiSJres of a eur ilpti with tbus. of I
to Ua. wmcli Blnwea tlut ire nemoerauiii attt
decriaeed f-tra 21,32s to 10,323
Athlcttrt (o Ho l'lareit I nilrr Control
of llt-Kulurlj Ktlnhlltlieil Comuilttee.
New Hacn, Conn , Feb. 12 Yale is to re-o-ganizo
thu control of her athletics by put
tiinr them in charge of a regularly estab-
ll-lied athletic ccmnuttee 'Hie main fea-
tuit3 in the present system or control j
athletlt.3 at lale will be retained, but all
the questions of athlttlc policy will here
after be submitted to the new committ.
Up to the prts nt athletics na.e been con
ti oiled bj the captains and managers of
the four Ifadin athletic teams, tht! foot
ball baseball, -.re., and track tsams. with
Walter Camp the general athletic advlter
and director
Tl. h few committre Is not quite decided
upon, but It will probably consist of the
four manager, who will represent the un
derKraduatts, and three alumni, one ot
whom will bo Sir. Camp: a second will be
the secretary uf tho university, Anson
riieips Stokes, Jr. and a third alumnus
who may be picked from the New York
alumni or ma be a New Havener. A rep
resentative of tho faculty, liko Professor
Wolsey. has been sugp-ested.
The proposed committee will keep tho
control of athletics at Yale where It now
lies, with the undergraduates When the
new committee Is Anally organized It will
be found to consist of a majority of one
iairr rasifp iiMrn
m lib hi 11 m ma r-ga & tin t-m
t iiViii nrfiT hm
"ocVte 1 live da"V
peclalists who po-css
3i vlffyf
ti - !atienrVersonarrreo,.rricnee. .ess of time or I-JjJ.l
N? 'S inir rmr mi tl UJ of cur is ri tireiv Tahiti -b t'i'l "eiax
T - dange?: tt hn- beer, ...cd In ove- t a thu-inl of the mo-1 ac-
V pra-.i ted cases of VaricoeIe wthotit record of a lngl t'i"'
N- ' a?" we of our abilltt th?t we will guarantee a ror-
A 1 ma.,"n- ou.e- or fee r. funded Hicrv tr.ee of "l1Ld,,!li;
goodhealSrot 1'. &? SSSS
stSre to lou th- precious and coie'-d ow,rIfISnSIUn-es but rho'p se-s no :enu
of im tators and .npo-tct ivho mal e inanv al.uriiij: p orni-cs ran 01 i neKlc-?-I
inc curative ..Mill. If vou are attll-te.l tome to our ot.iees ami 'J ?S?.Mur-T
Varicocele is certain to re-tilt in total iraP't-ncy "r,l ive 11" "in to reliib!;
we can foreier rid von of Ibis deadl comp' i t II r sKept i ai we wm .
business mn whom we haie cur-d .ami wi I convin" nil ' .4i, list la Arabic i
promises. We arc trtatirg more cises of aricocele than ani othi ' spt l '
aid can elve von tin ver .tulckest safest anl -urest cure know.i to rcec cai
Call rnd b examined fre.
to 9rt flat. l.rvo.SrTui.1 DebllUy In CO to
cj.vpr ii-.oii!ljt- tn mnn Cnnvultat nt) at I p-
WHTTR If unnMo in -nftll Olir BPrfeCted
LMrtL, C.-.I u..n n m tn -k tti Sti-idnis-
i;iin--''iui ltuui V t VV U t. "
IfeKl VfV" Ut.lrr.. semlnnl ..llrn.. l.-im- II.cl.. '"'-' .'.'""J' ' , fr JM,'"" , Ntni !
WRntrt rJ l.....,rV.m.. lrl,-.lP. .rl.n-tlj.iitlon.-ti.MQnlflniM -lanaTJ "f '..!? t,.!,V; t 1
r.TItcMn-r..ri t,:ii FStct. urolmmUte. inrri I J y;-' --- AT "-V.,-
eierr fjnctlon D.n't (. t despondent,
.!.., 4HmTiti,ith-i hraln nl
A writt-n.?ri.-rnjV.''r " '. "5 .'"".."'JP.'HV.V'S f.V. i .i .TJti.-M.U-
Address niSBOr Btntul tost. I
r ucikd. V.B.. . -uau
for tie students over the aluranl VI -o-lutIv
ever qa -tion rel itias to athb ,i s
at he uniierslty will be reftrrtil to tins
committee Il orsinlzitiou is jpur i.d
of In Presidint Hadlt but tht pi t 1 -.s
vet to b submitted to the undtrgra Juates
for ratification
It ia possibl' tbat the captains as well ts
the manigero will be includtd on the com
mittee, the eonimittet has been talked of
I it Vait for months, and Its orstr.iratlon was
onl a matter of tin e It had nothlr to
do with the pre nt disturbance with Har
vard Its formation homier, rcmoies the
oft-reptated claim of the Harv ird athletic
K.Alers that the kntw of no stable athletic
organization at Yale with which to treat
whtn they wanted to ho'd an athletic con
ference. BOWLING.
movm irv i.i:r.ti:.
llluu Itlhhoiiss 4, K,'ul .!., 1.
Th Ulue ItlMions tf Uc Mcun 1 i Itv Laj-u-Yn
t0liT ainrH f-om th Jltpatltcs oi th- Hojml
rUi-A! lat nlslit W hll- the result i so on-slcif-J
there uaj a. diltercncw of onlv thlrtHn p'n-i
ittwetn th two t.es on the n'ght : play lit;--ftinmcns
and F FoMtlrum w?r tie star per
fonr era Th s-core
i.M.n itntno.;?
Bcknnn .. .
Fitrslmmi na .
C Miller.... .
P p.nJrum .,
II I'rnSnin
Alorsln .. .
RtiffloN Aln Flmt Serif lib. KnociV
cr in fhr Place.
The frtt EerkH cf game1 In the Uton Okil
Hat Iasn-, jlajeJ oa th- Krempr alleji-t In
I ell 'trti't. endeU Iit eiening with the gane
be'wttii thp 3xnockeri ard the Fglc In the
r!p3 thf Eat. If a aMuml the flrt rlc' at the
Man am! w?re neirr h"icUi wtnalne out lo th
seri.s with th1 rtconl of thlrt- three Rames von
anJ -eeiite-n lot Tht Knotl er were -ytt-ona".
with twirt-rln Rames won anl tuent-one
panics Kt The ecor I series of th tourna."it;nt
v Ul bo start-pd at onte
rolloi l"ff Is the stir.il'nfr cf the lark-us clLb-
at thm rn of th rlrt aeries
Cl-n M
HiRl-a "
K m-ckora
Hewnanla -
i:at kmis . .. ?
)Zrmers JS
il i
If Knockri deftatel te ?;!( In the mal
pariw of the lirt (eries In the Alton licue Ut
etenlna bi the -cire of l tt 1 The ycore.
Natre Ildp C.M1 2 3 ri Av.
Tterir- L. . I J a t) B li 1 ' - -Kennes
..71) 2; 47 tl 47 IS 11 2T -T;Z-
'irm-rnan S a II IM' 4- 41 ZI
iitoip-v . i ; no ii : ." n ::
Shaw ..0 4 S M M CI 61 45 r!
i Z o
',2 3
5 1 3
Total" . a IK :50 271 273 7s5 231 12S7
Name HJr C. M 1 2 3
4 r. ti
it h :s
S2 vt ra
4. 31 2-
i -a 275
2S 62 214
7 3-"-
S3 2 3
I errer. F..
4 14 S". o7 IC
7lruai2 ...
l!l::rr ...
Total- .
2S ;2 51 4t
S 31 44 14 TI
IS 63 w rs
9 15 47 :2 4
. Zi 33 V3 2C2 2.0 2C3 235 23 12S3 51
.n ion .vii)ci vTIO.
lannliiift .1. T-IIllf O.
Tl e Itanhoes of the Jinlir rocke7 Hat A-n-rlatlon
ttvk even thins in -teht In their tilt teim
tie I.IU c on tKe (vrr'nt altejn last nuht l-eri
U: ftr t-B wln-ri and tied lh I-ict" rccfil
frr lilt.li Pte :irm-. J Wrni-1 one htm
the lit ei-pport Onlv fur run .-rvel up f-ir
dutr with th YJIIe. an I the blinl elTeetinllv
n. the-etl tl-ei- chances, which woiiM liate ln
non too sooJ will, flto men in the gamo Tne
-"e. .-.
111.1 ii-
Hairs ..
Illlr.l .
Schult: .
f tl 1
T'l W
.-., 34
42 27
"fi 37
-. 23 45
2 20 41
42 2,
14 II 2a
41 4-5
47 3 5
. 33 141 113 195 1 T-O20I
ItuKchart .
flia-e't .
V cntlet ...
Totals .
4 ".
, .. 3 10 H 31
3 I- fi.1 71
,.".. S 2C 37 47
. . -, 32 :) 4
I S S 3.
... jTi2?232'1
21 31
IS 4?
30 (A
--i 4)
L0 31
33 215 2o5 117 47 2 25
Itcsnilt 2.
Tlie Tlierx of the Jll-J r A. elation w n the
rW in-e from the llepent- .n the K.j-il allci.
Li"t nt-?M Rots and rUM ecel ed for th.r
Tie -csre
C M I 2 t
.. . . s 23 3t 2 s
Sean in
A llowo
J llo-e
A rli.ht .
Total3 .
Powers .
I., th .
Tot il"
V -H I - 3 4 & TI Av.
7 25 E 4'. 37 2S Z ?I1 iZ 4 r
. c :; 4i j; 25 si ' r; -11 2-3
.J ; f) C ol 67 St m Zi 4 5
12 15 4- 41 40 4 47 S7 43 2 3
. y :u 45 4 c v) zi :-( 4$
.C S7 3 ZU 221 2IS Zli 1177 47 2 -J
CM 1 2 3 4 . Tl AV '
.3 17 4a -nl 37 3- W Zi 4t 4 1
6 !3 M 31 3 4" T23 Z 3 ;
4 3 4 ;) 22 47 41 Til 42 4 '.
T. 2 42 r) 41 4 Al ,21 44 3 3
7 21 41 4 4i 41 :t5 rj
-J HZ JL -." I'Ji 5 i.. 1111 fl 11
214 42 4 5
21H 45 1-
18 57 I 3
223 II 3-"
211 42 1 3
l 21 4 3"i U
r 33 23 44 22
S ."? JS 4. 44
a 43 43 3J
'l 117 2S 23 132 216 2.1 1032 U 2 25
.. !
M 1 2 3 I 5 1 l Ai.
2J 7 1 43 S3 31 21i 43 I '.
a 41 2 ". I? 52 111 3-5 t -
24 M - 41 W 5i III 44 2 5
4- 42 34 S 41 41 IM 39 j-j
33 4) 42 3 4) -S " 3' 1
... 1
35 IM 220 177 1S7 135 2w 10H IC 23
.... i. t..t.. 'I .letritIlinn
;; . .. ..e .1.-. T-m,-ri t lazue won I
- -' . .w , a.ii.l(ni m the ITf".
tlieotl7 csmo ironi llir i.t...i. - - -- - - , r ..
c'nt altcj- 1-i-t nl:ht Keck an 1 la-1 cd the
inneri- and llirn tnd liwle-a wore nign lor
... TK atinrii1
jne iu--ia "".,,; i-rmrnvs
..- i0-ers
2ame anl lldci
uw'cm S
Hahn 8-
Grar'-ee S
." l 2 3 4 5 T'l
23 4 5
4 ia is t'J
.32 42 t3
2U 37 Si 41
. r. 37 27 :
. 25 45 35 31
4'. IM 25 4 ',
41 1V7 37 2 3
43 113 3 3-5
Tillrp. 4
nnseHr. 1..
3)1 lit 2''2 1S3 103 3Si 13-25
Name and Ildcp.
I-asar. S
IKtls, 8
Kocfr 6
lSoe-Cl, 4 -
3S 4) 52 4!
9 33 25 3t
. SI 47 41 SS
43 4-3
25 1-3
4d 4-4
41 13
. 3 2.1 2S 42
. 41 32 44 41
5" .'J"
: 5
41 :
2, 14 W3 200 221 1030
TCil'l LKICin,
DIel 3. Iraiterlnl O.
Tlie Inrerlals were ea'l victims for tV B
The irnreri s aI ,a.t tl-o 1?
y"' ri all three events I'iljeier totale.1
no for the wlrnerf. an avttKe of M 1-3 per ,
came. S-chlopp led the loi-e-t- ne rcoie:
bchilllto ...
Farthel ....
II. r;. 1 - e .v.
... 2 3 19 13 153 J)l 151
.... Z 7 IM 125 Hi 442 147 1-2
.... 1 13 113 U 1S1 442 U7 2 3
.... 3 9 111 137 153 W. !3" 1 3
.... E 6 153 IM 151 3M 173 1-3
Totals .
S-amei. BE 1 2 J TL
151 2-3
1-11 J
.". 1 3
17! 1 17
Gfaett . 0 1 1" 17'
Drake - 6 133 13", 1 5 V44
l'-opera 3 IS "" 1T4 'r'
Garbo 1 6 S3 113 1-1 33
pfluecer , 0 1 u5 12 222 itlil
Tctals 11 21 K)J 873 wi a.4
Spencer. 3, Kn-jle -.
Th. Rnenrer. nf th. Mound fntv Ijeairue won
to odd (mm from the Eailes en the Acmo
si CI E
"Varlcoce'e Is Nature's Mark on Male Trarsgrc'sors." for
invariabl it results from abuse of those poi.ers wUh whlca It
o s.arr.Vretl fereverV .Kid" we are the only
the skill to Perfect . cure In tUU -jm-
-We also cure to ta cml sirlotiijrc ara
SO ia3, and all uu eui.t:a a
rir t i ' J.I 1-.
ittem of Home Treatment is aiwaj
'j i m n i
' 1t.it- -. - -
O--V vxa w -
rat ftlfic. t Loo's. B9.
V..tnrl TnlI. J
a """"",?
Eerl" CPlltfr. iC. 1
ii box ; six tur "a.60 bjf
Cirtalars ire-.
m . w
1 ri tary. s u-ir. vr Tnti.rj LIUCD lVlO"?
I-ttcaiiitit j undlTlS to?5.ar. 1 ( u rin b trPitI
atb meiurtUctfcuierrfi'tfbi'! rt-ai-itf j;u intntj. I"
j oa preftr tor ant- lr- o nil! ro.in.ik t 10 l sj rail
roiilAn ariht-' I1, an.1 no ciirp" If we fail ti
CJr If j 1 ha.TctaL.-pa men ur. itnlJiIe potash.
unJtU l-1-.i.i. h-a j.adj nit iliiicms littihe '
laouth,-, ire tiirint. jiimplc-, pj-' r tolorrd
cniitiii!i rs 111 " l-art ot t-U Hnl . 11 ilr
or T(forouN fall 1x17 "t !t J' ttu Jc"nUa-r
Isr.OU -TOlMJN tit t -q;a inntfe
cum e-o iritttifpifft tb-4tln.it 4 c tv nna
chIUuce flic wurlil Tur 1 i.o "n.nI,V
curt. JhU uNe-Aie hit iavrMlMcfc'! tneklU
of tli-if miMt fiiiiipnt piyi I ins. S5UU.OOO
cipital b-uhlnd our itnfiM(titl-iial Kiiaranty.
Absolute prMir and JO-w-na;ic book Mtit
scaled. obianchoiacra- Vm. biUatJJreofoIIwBi
11U7 Maionic leuiple, LUICAGU. ILI-
LjI U f-uuntaral
irritatioQ? or ulceratiom
of rmcni membriPM.
IVinI 'js. an I nut .istrlt.
' is luidiji. W
Gcro-rtl 1C
'rat Cosu-tc
EwiisCnEMW'Tj:. Kent or poi-Hnous.
c mp,o M Sold vkM
usa 21 rnt In plum rayp-r,
ST ' Ijgh&l W mp-pb. r"pail. fa
-vi ki, or .. ix iiics. 5.,.
Circular -ien -- r-nueat.
?7Ea Bi
& p'A
lucant Prh f Cure ii 13 dftji. erer n.tnrct I
wi l (.la Ur Mini tu any n-fftrir In a plain M-aletf n
Tt oit KFF a irr-cnit'on l.h full dimrtiont for
' niic. rrttAte iure ijr Ijt 1UUJ. Nermnr I
M it. arivc'. . WrM L. F. PACSf
Private vox 7-ot-, WAHgn-n.i wiwn.
Ctitk all Car u c I Haiti Ilr B " tt-Ubl CnrtlT
r-j'ltll ti't t'tIU4 IlfltUitjr. 'Ul Wfakor-'f. Lot!
Ma-ioox or it ei t r"-"itltlrr from jfiuthrnl nor ot
e--t.f,in tromtvit-j srtcn wmii In unl conitaotlr
-tii-cri?! lo thi st Ioui-i ?tptt-t fOTOTfr fortjr Tt-.-s, n J
Ilollarf t 'al FiasP. Hit- lljl'ar l-nH cnlj l D. O.
A. Hoham, No fiJ3 Morcan Strtt, fcc IauI-l Md.
Embiii-iiJ 1S7. Prlta-c Ctcul.r FKi-E.
all? t lat nlglit Tho lyw turn lot th cptTi
irir trac or mm-s anI the fojrth also, fralllnir
cnlj st-ven pins short vi the seon i isa. GootI
woik ttai dcii on lvth side. Mueller biowiair
In front for the win
12 ani cclunna ct Z
letter than t Just
imrrr r.T ll-tho
in front for the winner, with an a.eras3 oi
-12 Iliac t till two pna
ere iln in excess of. thft
aterng- at llher. who led tho lowers. TLo
I .VaTrt
I :
132 tl tS
111 41 3 5
2: ri 2 s
2T.3 31 1 5
2-j 37 1 3
Kicker ..
. il
;- a
H-her .
Vj cofr
l,ninitit 'ca.
. . I 11 61 61
... 7 21 4-, S3
... u 13 30 li
TotaU 35 1C 232 27 Ml Ml 270 1231 El 13-25
llu-IIer ....
Itoacli .....
Mack ....
Crest rj ...
Totals ...
Comiilelt-s Cnine With un Unfinished
Him of Mncl).
New Torlr. Feb 12. One of the best g-imea
In the Caa A am ttcur billiard totirnament
at the KnlcktrbocUer Athletic Club wa
plaied thort to-nUht between Doctor 1
I. Jlial of thia eitj' nnd Charles Threihia
of Boston. Ihe game lasted forty-four
innings. In tl-e I ist ono of which Doctor
3Ii.il eclipsed his best iiravlou- scare of tha
tnurn.imtnt with a run of ninety, unfinished.
Ili3 pla in thit lin.ii imiiiiK of the irimo
was a brilliant spot In the toarn lment. ana
amot s the experts who watched the pi ty
it wj cttrceded that eery stroke trom
thn beKlnninp to the end of the Ht Innin?
w-ii p'ajed almost perfectly, unci when h9
countid up the tot".! of loi the winner was
congratulated on all sides Threshie plaved
an tM-eilent parne. but the New Yorker
-icmed to be iniinciblo at eery stage.
Tor the fir-t tin e in the tournament a
placer will bo asked to take part In two
i m. to-morrow. TI1I5 contestant Is U. I.
Conklin of Chicnso. In the afternoon h
will meet to-nl tht's loser, Threshie of IIos
tcr. an I in the 1 tiling he will meet Slgour
rf of California.
Fn-lonipR H the 'lanillnB of the plajer
up to elate: Jlial won four. lost ono: S!i;our
lej won three, lost ore: NorrU won threes
lost one, Conklin won two. lot one:
Tlireshie won one, lost two: llende-Iclc woa
one, Iot fle: Miller won one, lost five.
The scoro of to-night's game follows:
Jilal-r. l!0140l4101O0 15SO4OO')Ut
;-13 21Oll)16 12(01i0040131l)13'). Total.
i'1-l averaisC ) 4-41
TTrtshlt 0211 11. r. 311037 tJ(203511I
3 2 2 3 7 7 0 33 3 ) 0 1 t 0 l 3 II 3 0 1 3 13 1). Total,
1 ai erase. 5 23-44 Ite'cree, Mr. L,. E. Berra-tiu-
V II Slgourney. th. San Francisco ama
teur billinrdist. piajed a very good game,
tlie fonrt'i of his series of sl-c. during tho
afternoon. II h opponent was Charles S.
Xorrls. formerly champion of the Chicago
Athletic A'socintion. but now champion
or tne lvntckerDocKer ciuo. where the tour-
mment Is beinc held. Tho
champion was In much bette
when he met John A. IIendric!
cramiron or Connecticut.
some of his work was of a Bilt-edced char
acter It v.ai ao Rood, Indeed, that his on
ponent joined in the applauss for his fre-
. , ,t .. ,.i.
t.. . . : . J
Follow injr is the summary of the after
noon came:
iKO!i-nt 1 12"1111041000(il200lS3'I
0 2 0 2 3 IS 3 13 2 1 4 r. n 4 5 0 J 0 17 14 0 0 S3 1 13
1 3a 1 0 2 3 0 44 4 e 1 IS ui Total, ); aversia,
Norri. 2 1 S 15 4 T i 0 14 11 0 15 25 13 1 T 15 8 0
2D1OO211OJ4101 20102315J$41
S 0 0 0 3 7 ! 4 4 0 Tt tal. 315; avenge, C 55-67.
Referee Florlan Tobt-ifl. New Yorfc.
cnM: cllu rooi. toduxajii:tt.
Hulknmp Dcfented hy Small Marjrln
la Game With McJioI..
C. C. Nichols won from J. Hulskamp lat
nlRht In the continuous-pool tournament at
the Cabinn Club, the lalters handicap
proving too steep for him. Hutskamp held
the lead throushout the same, and finished
in good stile, but ho could not overccmo
hi handicap, and fell short by fifteen
point), not counting; scratches. The jam!)
to-night will be between Wallace Xlcdrinc
hai.t (12T7) and V. J. Enimick (liu). list
nlsht' score by frames:
Nl-hrls (S))-S 7;75(HC 5-Scra.tcnes, S:
total 5.)
ilui-laimp (1101-10 S 10 S 5 10 S 3 10 1 r-Scratch-s.
4, total. SI.
I.nney-IIneilon Pool llatfh.
Th "et-onl blirk of tli- cortinuDus init.I match
for the -nte ehairpicrihip lelwen J. V Iiney
ard 'HI!- llt,retcn wan ?aed off at the lia
varre rni m Oilve mreet Iat nlaht. In-r
ptttJn -ti polnti 1" " Lrrt of the nlcht a play,
thiucb his grand total Is still lss tran llues
ton's. Addfnir M point, the score made ty- Up
ton, who plted In Loney place Tuesday nbjht.
to lat night's ecore. Loney has a tttal cf 221
cualnH Huttin'3 241. The nnal e-ctlon rf th
match will be played off to-nlRht at the Nattrre,
and the ini-'i ii etpeeted to be ettreinely close.
1' t 1 lrn plajetl a sootl icanie a3l nlht. I-oney
mall-; nin-i of 1( anl 15. while tluestcn madi
rrt rn of 14 and one cf 13. The score by in
n'tirs: 1 ney-7 1 8 3 1 00 !: 105114 013415 1
0162023S3 hV-ToaI. 125
llueeton-0 423061301143 11 1050131
423802 11170030412 5-ToUl. 119.
C 31 1 3 3 4 -i Tl. AV.
. 3 12 S3 i.1 U fi B III M V t
. 4 2J Si It) 42 43 tl 245 49 l-5 V , i
.3 41 41 44 4, 34 2"4 41 3 3 m J J
. 6 ii "o C4 g h a s: :i i j
. S 2j tl ii C7 iZ 36 267 S3 2 5 U
.23 iH 23 277 231 273 232 1323 S2 23-2J f
Pacillc Coast jf
r form MibjiM
c, tho formefl
t nlsht. aufl
t1- 7"i zJJhi,.i'iL'isLTs' saw'7N"! J-v jVseaf
fy .. a---$i ?;-?jjf'?,3ir'-? .
V'e-fc'yHf't.iW 'sj---!. ;
f &'- et
o-.v,3-:-j7Jfci;?--1v:v.f,4. -tT ib?p-"',?ji&iy-,vi?-:
KA-p sm-T'f1 Vkr7iar''H

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