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-.e.- t-jhWso-
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D.O. IUTNEHACO.. Pnli1lhr New York.
Injury Make. I'rire-FlRl.trr Hnitl. Bat
lie Siijn It Will ut Check
Ills Trulnlun.
New York. Feb. 19.-Eob Fitz-immons
was bitten to-day clear through the mumu
by a Eetter dog belonging to New ton Ben
nington, the turfman who has a large Ken
nel on the grounds o liu icilJence at liath 1
Beach. !
The lanky antipodean, accompanied by
Gus Huhlta. was out on the road taking a
run, men the accident occurred. lth
ntzsimmons and Ituhlln wore two uog..
one belonging to Fitzsiinmons and a big
Bt. Bernard.
The latter suddenly copied n setter dog
quietly troiting along behind Mr. iSenning
ton's carriage. Oukk a3 a Hash lie jumped
for him and had the setter by the throat,
when Fitz-lmmons grabbed the St. Bernard
by the collir and pulled him away. As he
aid eo the setter, full of tlht. charged his
enemy again, snapping viciously at him
Fltzsimmons's thumb came in the way and
the teeth nearly met through the flesh.
The lighter gave a how! of pain and then
kicked the two dogs apart.
After cauterizing the thumb iind band
aging it up. i uzsimmons icit uu iuui, .uw
raid It wojld not Interfere in any way with
his training.
Kew Yorkcrn Marl W-it to Sec right
Willi Sulllsuu.
New York. Tcb IS That the McGovcri
Sulllvan fight has aroused universal Inter
est Is apparent by the number of New
Yorkers who Intend seeinc it. Paddy Sulli
van, Charley While. Jack McKtnna unJ
several other lours of things pui:lst.c, do
parted to-night for Bulfalo on route for
Cincinnati, where they will Jcin the Mc
Govern party.
From there they will go to Louisville with
Mrfinvern and his nartv the day that Mc-
Govern and Sullivan light before the South- ,
ern Athletic ciuo. j-coruarj. -. 11m riurst.
who Is In Philadelphia on bus-incss, will
leave that city to-morrow for the scene of
the battle. B-b Fitzsimmons, who referees
the bout, probably will start Friday morn
ing. (in the general result odd3 of 1 to 2 are
offered on McGovcrr..
lluichey McGovern Ilu. o Trouble at
.Ml With the Celestial.
CInclrnatl. Fob. 19. Hughey McGovern.
brother of Terry McGovern, easily defeated
Chlng Fong, the Chinese pugilist. In thu
first round at the Blue Grass Athletic Club.
Covington. Ky., to-night. After tlfty sec
onds of fighting In the first round McGovern
landed a hard right on Ching's Jaw, and the
Chinaman went down and out.
Davidsons AVI II Mcnte Hi-re.
Prf Pavldaon. a brother of John and Fannie
TMvldsoD. champion and fancy skat. Is In
the city and Is perfecting arrangement. that "will
bring the famous pair here for an engaemni
at the Ice Palace. John and Fannie DavMn
ar well known In the Northwest, flrst coming:
into prominence a skaters at their home In St.
Paul j Davidson is the champion high jumper
on skates. He originated fkntinp on stilts, and
performs numeious feats on thlrtj-lnch sti.ta
supported by skates. Fannie Davldwcn Is an
exicrt figure skater and racer and at present la in
Toronto. John DaWdton is fl.lln? an encasement
at Cleveland, where he is Instructing a daughter
of Mayor Tom L. Johnron In the art of fancy
skating. The Davidsons, brother and sister, will
begin their St. Louis engagement inside of two
gkntlntf Itnce To-Mht.
Allan Shaw and William ilcKlnney will me-t
to-night In the third and final half mite race of
the series In which they are comiwting, to dt-cide
the amateur championship of the city. Shaw
holds the title at prtsint faUng won the cham
pionship last vtar. but he has won but one of
the races in this v-ars championship eerles, Mc
KJnney having captured thp other.
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He guarantees a qmcit ana tasting cur.
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His Mount, Bad Penny, Won First
Kace at Charleston, but
Was Disqualified.
Kennedy, Who Administered the
"Shocks," Was Ruled Off the
Track and Stewards Are In
vestigating Case.
Charleston. S. C. Feb. 19. The race
meeting at Charleston has been marked
by several sensations, but all previous
ones were put In tho shade to-day by the
discovery by tho stewards that Jockey
Kennedy, who rode Bad Penny to victory
In the first race, wore an electric battery
on his boot heel.
Bad Penny was very promptly disquali
fied and the race went to Robert Gray,
who had finished second. Kennedy was
ruled off the track, being liken redhanded,
as It were, and the stewards are Investi
gating the case of Owner Funk.
Claims have been made here during thi
meeting that certain Jockeys were using
batteries and electric spura to help their
mounts along to victory, but no creder.ca
was given these rumors until to-day. The
Surprise of tho public when the announce
ment was made that Jockey Kennedy had
been ruled off and Bad Penny disqualified,
because a cunningly contrived electric bat
tery, concealed In the boy's boot heel, had
been used In the race, was unlimited.
The "battery" was on exhibition at tha
Judges' ttand during the afternoon, and
many well-known turfmen examined it.
Not a favorite won at the Exposition
track to-day. Weather fine; track good.
rirst race, selling, six and one-half furlonse
Helen Gray win; W. J. Baiter, second; Patch
work, third. Time. l:M'i.
Second race, for maiden 3-year-olds and up
ward, alx furious Rcsle It. won; Lady Riley,
second; Grace Wilson, third. Time. 1:22.
Third race, Felling, mile and an eighth. over
fite hurdles King Alone won; Collete, second;
Lovalty. tMld. Time. 2.10U.
Kcurth race. felling, seven furlongs Agns
Claire, won; Delia Cee, second; Custodian, tlilid.
Tine. 1.J5
Filth into, celling. S-vear-olds and upward, five
and orc-lulf fu-ierrs H O. Reed won. Donna
B-lla. second. Ar Kenneth II. third. Time, 1:13.
Scored in Easy Victory Over Bill
Mian la S-Year-Old Stake.
New Orleans, Leu, Feb. 19. Frank Ulca to
day scored an easy victory In the New Or
leans City Railroad Company selling stake
for 2-year-olds at half a mile, worth J1.W0
to the winner. Hill Nixon was the betting
choice anil was well backed. He had half
a length the best of the start, but was out
run by tha winner, who had all the speed
of the party. Silver Coin was the only win
ning favorite. Weather rainy; track sloppy.
First race, selling, mile Eugenia 3.. 1CS (Lyne).
i to 1. won; Aisle M., 95 (Helireson). to 6 sec
ond: Flctwlnir. 97 (Bcyd). 1Z to 1. third. TIn.e.
1:444. Homage. Dramburff, The Messenger.
Oosby and El Moran also ran. Springer was
pulled u on the back etretch. Afra fell round
ln the first turn
Second race, mile and seventy yards, selllnc
Heme Waotell. 92 (Dojd). 9 to 2. won: Leroy D.,
107 (Lyne). 8 to 6. fecond; The W'av. 107 (Mlnrir.
9 to !. third. Time. 1:50. James Flu. King Ford.
Silver Chimes and Kentucky Huddle lo rai..
THrd race, handicap, steeplechase, full curse
Ceylon," 127 (Johnson). 6 to 1. won: Mr. Rose,
120 iGaddy). 9 to 2. second: lirtstol. 154 (Pen-.).
een. third. Time. :4bi. KbK Elkwood and
Fillela also ran.
Fourth race. New Orleans City Railroad rom
pnny Selllne Slakes, 2-year-olds, half mile Frank
hlci. 107 IT. Dean). 3 to 1 won: Bill Nixon. 107
lOdom), een. tecond; Maverick. 107 iTouns). to
1 third. Time. :494. Modern. TcmDtatlon, Dark
Planet and Holay Deceiver nleo ran.
Fifth race, handicap, mile and one-el&htn bll
t Coin 90 (Lcuden) even, won: Star Cotton. 3
(Iloyd). -J to 1, second; Circus. 68 (Waldo), 8
to 3. third Time. 1:58. Mynheer also ran
Sixth race, wlllne. mile and three-sixteenth"
art-r Han. 13 (Brtnnan). 7 to 2, won: Joo
Doushty. 103 (Otl!) IS to i L second: Reana. lo
lOdoml. 7 to 10 third. Time. 1:58. Deloralna.
Papa Harrv. Little Tommy Tucker. Reflect and
Plnar Del Bio also ran.
To-Dar's Xew Orleann Entries.
First race, selllnc. mile and seventy yards:
riectw-lnr 102 Badae Itell IK
LllUan Reed 103 Laureate 308
T.ilkelth 105. 1'alarm JJJ
Alcle II ew 105 Drambura 113
Loiter $. MS Lou Rey 113
Dutch Carter W
Second race. 2- ear-olds, three and one-half I ur
lones; Honda 95 -Queen Rex JM
Frances Porter 95 May Allen ljj
Ulnrk Pattl lot) I Dl .ero ....108
Offset .f..V... ......101 Mls Shamrock 95
Dark PIitt 104 I
Third race. S-year-oiaa. six ruriongs:
Lady -Wudaworth 5 Lingo
Ateda 85 Julia Juukln ...
Amlaarl I Sandflea
Crescent City W "w
Man NMO'Hagen
Fourth race, nanoicap. ; luuuui.,
Dleby Boll 8i Andes 91
Johnnie McCarthy... 93 Grantor 101
Tom Klnisley 109 1 Karl Kahler 110
Fifth nice, selling, one. and one-slxteentb mile:
Pirate's Queen J Precursor ..... 102
UlSS boaK Vi "" u ..-
Little Elkln
9tl mar..
Rtranreitt ...
.102 Linden Ella
Ttebor 102
Sixth race, ona mile:
Eliza Olllon 80
King TaUus 02
Beggar Lady 93
Masterful 9o
Poyntx JJ
Albert F. Dewey 98
Weldemann ....
Joo Doughty ...
Zack Phelps....
Doctor Carrlck
... 98
Cre.cent City Selection..
Now Orleans. La.. Feb. . Selections at tha
&Firs'tnR.Fleetwinr Algla M.. frm.
Second Race Dark Planet. May Allen. Queen
Third Race-Prowl. Llnga O'llagen.
Fourth Rac-Johnnl McCarthy. Grantor. Kart(
Flffh' Raoe Strangest. Trebor. Henry of
BUtth Race Ellxa Dillon. Choice, Prestom..
Attendnnce Llsrbt, Sport Poor, and
Only Two Book. Were In Line.
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 19. Favorites or
well-played horses won a majority of the
races at Oakland to-day. The track was
still heavy and tha racing was of an or
dinary character. The attendance was
rather light, and only two books were In
line. In the mile event, Bullman was
forced to ride Dunblane hard to beat Ga
lanthus a head. Galanthus was none too
well handled, but closed fast.
Weather clear, track heavy. Summaries:
First race, eleven-sixteenths of a mile, selling
Chappie. 108 (Ransch). 2 to 1. iwon; Courtier. 101
(Troxler), even, second: Bill Isis, 102 (Hoar), 2
to 1, third. Time, UllVi. Idalette, Intrada. Gray
lette alro ran.
Second race, thlrteen-slxteentbs of a mile, sfll
lng Vasalln. !)l (Ransch), 4 to 1. won; Phil
Arclibald, 112 (Conlty). 10 to 1. secofd: Tufts. 97
(Waterturv). 100 to 1, third. Time. 1:26. Frldo
tln. William F.. Ural. Hand Dc Lee, Hlowaho,
llaldo and Foul Play also ran.
Third race, five eighths of a mile, felling Mar
Usplna. 105 (L. Jack-on), even, won; Lass of
Irfit gdon, 105 (Uanch). 3& to 1, second: Mon
tana Peeress, 105 (Birkenroth). J' to 1. third.
Time, 106V.. Jurgfrau, Lorllla and Flattered also
Fcrrlli lace, thtee-quarters of a mile, selling
Dr. Boyl. 109 (O'Cornar). even. won: Bard
Burns. 109 (McC-Inn). 2 to 1. second: Maresa, 104
(Hoar). 10 to 1. thl d. Time. l:19'i. Pomplno,
Narra G. ard John McGurk alo ran.
Fifth race, mile, selling Dunblane, 113 (Bull
man), 8 to 5. won; Galanthus. 104 (Ransch). 24
to 1, second; Formero, 1C4I (O'Connor), 7 to 1,
third. Time. 1:9V Merops, Master Lee and
Sea Lion also ran.
sixth race, seven furlones Tyrannus. 101
J O'Connor). S to I, won: Phvllls 102 (Ransch),
H to 1. second; Huachuca. 113 (L. Jackson). 3
tc 1. third. Time. 1344 Evander. Coramls
aloner Forster and Legal Maxim also ran.
No Raclncr at Oakland To-Day.
San Francisco, Feb. 19 Ont of respect to th.
memory of the late secretary of the California
Jockey Club. R. B. Mllroy. there will be no
racing at Oakland to-morrow, when the funeral
will take pla:e.
American Jockey Expect, to Win.
Race, for Edward Tula Season.
New York. Feb. 19. Danny Maher, the
American Jockey, who will ride for Kins
Edward VII this season, sailed to-day on
tha EL Paul to keep his engagement. On
Ma arrival at Southampton he will go im
mediately to Newmarket Heath to report
to Richard Marsh, King Edward's trainer.
"I anticipate a successful season," said
Maher. "I am not familiar with the horses
In Marsha chaxca. bitt I have been in-
termed that they are all abora th average.
I enjoy riding In England very much, and
will continue to ride abroad as long as 1
am successful. I always have been treated
lalrly bv the officials, trainers. Jockeys and
the public and I foel at home there.
"King Edward has second call on niy
services, but 1 expect to do the greatest
amount of riding fur his Majesty, because
J. Cooper, who has first contract, owns only
n few horses. Mr. Marsh trains for several
men, and I probably shall ride all the
horses in his charge."
nr York Jockey Clul Slenrtl Make
New York. Feb. 19. The stewards of the
Jockey Club met to-day and arpointed tho
following race olllclals: Starter, C. J. Fitz
gerald; judges, Clarence McDowell nnd C
II. Pettingill; clerk of scales. II. G. Crick
more; handlcapper and forfeit clerk. W. S.
Vosburgh; timer, W. II. Barrett; paddock
and patrol judge, J. I. Hall.
A recommendation was made to all asso
ciations racing under Jockey club rules
that all races bo started without recall and
with a barrier releahed by elect! leal or me-
chanlual dcice, approved by the Juckey
Club, and that all owners and trainers are
expected to have their horses properly
trained to start.
On recommendation of the stewards or
the National Steeplechase and Hunt Asso
ciation, the chestnut goldlng Hlghstrung
was reinstated for steeplechase and hurdle
Lexington Horse Sales.
Lexington. Ky., Feb 19 A total of J23.520 was
rectled for the 104 head of horses auctioned at
to-day's Woodard & Sl.anklln sales. The star
was Suslo J., 2.10V;. that was knocked down to
Lister Wlthen,poon for 1S.0.5 Witherpo.jn was
actinic for J. Malcolm Furbei uf Ui hton. who
eent hlra an order to bai tho mate without
naming a prlco limit. The bidding was more
minted than on jesfiday. and Rood slult brought
fair prlceh. The best fules:
1'alr Promise, b. h . 7. by Baron Wtlkce. dam
Tho Duchess, by Btrathir.orc. Will Hukill. Paris,
Ivy. ; J7W.
r:le J., 2:10U. ro. m . 5. bv Jajhawker. dam
Millionaire by Norwood. J. Ma.c lm lolbts. ilos
ton. Mass ; $t.025.
Kurltanla. br. c. 7. by How Bells, dam Alalia
Mdls by Earl. C. G. H rrK I-oiliicton: J1.055.
Roan marc, 12. bv led d. W"l.kt-s. dam t-allle
C. by McOnr.ti's IlamliKtonlan. J. JJ. Stewart.
Lexlnctou; SS61.
Oarsmen 4. Loalilanai 1.
With a team average of slightly better than S
the Oarsmen took thQ Loulsiaiias taw in ruur
out of tte camc3. bchUUnjc nosed Amelsj an4
Backer out oi tho honors tor the winners anl
GiKer ltd the losers The ecort:
tchllllns S 49
40 f
IS 3
11 4-5
Amet 6 30 L6
5S 9
61 54 2t.7 63 4 5
HollneK 2 8 9
Becker 3 31 33
41 45
42 L3 "Z-l t: 2-Z
51 65 67 4) 2Z
riaoeaicm .
. 5 II 33 47 35 C3 4C 230 47
Totals 22 150 214 253 233 254 272 1270 50 20-25
Handicaps Schllllnic . Ameli 7. HollweE 2.
Becker 7, llaben!;ht 0. Total. 22.
Names. C M. 1 2 3 I 6 TI Av.
GeKO" .. 2 27 55 a 5-1 f9 43 2C7 53 2
-, I
Busch 5 42 52 41 67 43 45 242 4 2-5
Loewensteln ... 6 42 4S 40 41 S3 51 219 43 4-3
Mennel S 62 33 49 35 42 43 21 4) 1-5
Bastlan 6 SO 51 38 39 CO 50 23S 47 3-5
Totals 28 193 233 221 222 2S3 2M 1167 46 17-23
Handicaps Ge-rer 8. Bu'ch 8. Loewenstcln .
Mennel 6. Bastlan . Total. 31.
Beaumont. 4, Ml.fionri. 1.
The Beaumontn showed on tho winning side In
all but the second frame or their set-to with the
Missouri Doctor Fischer was in a class by
himself f3r the winners, getting a total of 3ri
pins, an average of 1 1-5. In the fourth gtmo
the Beaumonts lacked only five of 3J0. Phllput
led the losers, dcirg ,6 cu his last time up. The
Nam, lids. C. M 1 2 3 4
Crouell 7 4 23 J 43 81 6) 61
Johnson .... 8 9 40 58 S3 47 60 41
28 49 3-5
Hanson .... 8 4 30 48 Ss 55
65 2C4 52 4-5
Paine S 6 29 58 51 38 IB 44 2' 1
, 8 4 19 62 E5 61 68 CO 3M 61 1-5
Totals. S3 27 141 273 239 261 293 271 1345 53 20-25
Name. HdD. C.
M. 1 2 3 4 G TI. Av.
34 41 51 60 42 61 234 47 3-5
Ncuman .... 8 6
1 33 53 60 47 3 76 2CI 12 4-3
Bullttan .... 8 1
52 45 53 54 30 234 46 4-5
Cullen 8 3
31 47 62 6) 47 53 219 49 4-5
Duckworth.. 8 6 36 42 61 46 37 50 2J 47 1-5
Total 40 IT 1S3 234 262 2)5 219 260 1221 48 21-25
Republics -1, Eagles 1.
Tha Republic live won from the Eagl-s last
night, capturing fuur games to their cppoients
one. XVessells got ten strikes In the nrst game.
! Name. C. M. 1 2 3 4 6 TI. Av.
Fondrom 11 1C 59 t0 46 56 M 251 60 1-5
Lunls 10 31 37 23 54 G". 43 232 45 2-5
uartiett o t t' ia 61 43
!.3 21! 61 2 5
Raclof ...
.. 25 47 64 45 65
42 253 50 3-5
Wessels ,
Maxwell ....
Brunswick ...
t U 11 II l! U (1 SI CI 3-5
,.S9 104 256 262 267 269 257 1311 2 11-25
C. M. 1 2
31 23 47 46 53 41 225
, 9 18 6l 51 64 61 43 '.& 53 2-5
CS 43
53 2 5
.0 3-5
51 2 i
25 29 45 53 62 55
15 CO 50 51 43 15
Totals 31 101 231 259 213 2i9 2a 1285 51 10-23
Standing: of Clnbs.
The. following Is the standing of the various
clubs In the Alton bowling tournament. In the
uprnd series nlaved between the teams of the
I Alton Cocked-Hat league:
' Won.
Remnants ............. 5
Crescents 6
Kremers 4
East Ends 1
Eaglta v
Knockers 0
Cre.centn 5, Knocker. O.
The Crei.ents defeated the Knockers at Alton
1nt evening hv the Rcure of 6 to 0 In the bowllni?
tournament which Is being plnvcd on the Krtmer
alleys In Belle street. For the winners. Hewitt.
Iwlth 47 2-5. and hhaw. with 51 1-5 were tha high
men for their respective ttms. The score:
Names. C. M. 1 2 3 4
6 TI. Av.
7 22 62 45 60 43 41 231 46 2-5
Pleper 7 21
41 55 40 47 43 226 45 1-5
McAdams 10 z
1 42 69 45 44 230 44
Hewitt ....
. 9 19 81 45 60 40
.. 5 20 44 34 49 19 47 234 46 4-5
Totals 38 114 232 222 248 231 225 1159 46
Handicap Corbett 3. Plejer 0. McAdams 2.
Hewitt 0. McKlnnev 3. Total. 8.
L. Berrer .
Dempsey ..
C. M. 1 i 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
. 7 2S 51 37 28 42 41 207 41 2-5
. S 41 41 43 41 45 218 43 3 5
.. 7 St 4) 46 IS 43 42 2.7 47 2-5
. 6 50 40 40 47 2A 38 191 38 1-5
.13 T 46 49 43 67 45 2."6 51 1-5
Totals 35 149 226 220 233:19 2111109 44
Handicaps L. Berner 0. Zimmerman 4, Brlce 8.
Dempsey o, Shaw 0. Total, 12.
Diel. 3, Banker. O.
The Bankers of the Ft. Louis Tenpln League
had the tables tuinod on them lait night. Tuts
dav night thev abut out th Doe Run. Mo., team
and last night on the Courthouse alleys fur
fered the same kind of a dtfeat tbeniselv es at
the hands of the Dlels. Uogers and Bu"ih wera
the high men. The acore:
Names. 1 8 T'l. Av.
Graert 170 173 1SS 537 179
Drake 197 200 146 543 1M
Rogers 1SS 34 174 5r6 1'8 2-3
Gnrbe 1S5 155 192 532 177 1-3
PHueger HI 182 221 544 181 1-3
Totals 1 520 921 2722 1S1 7-15
Names. 1 2 S T'l. Av.
Rush 1S3 193 191 572 EM 2-3
Holden 136 143 150 423 141
Lake t 1S2 IsS 135 265 IKS 1-3
Eveily 1S3 165 172 52 173 1-3
Vlohl 151 159 163 473 157 2-3
Totals S37 848 874 2559 171 2-3
Aft.emliler. fl. Machinist- O.
The Assemblers of the Emerson League shut
out the Machinists on the Crescent alleys last
night. The score:
Name. 12 3 4
Dunnerret 42 46 45 38
Logan 31 47 41 35
5 T'l. Av.
22 203 49 3-5
ii 2-17 41 3-5
Inline 36 4S 55 38 41 225
hpurr 38 34 32 47 41 192 28 2-5
Welnhelmer 39 37 29 52 47 211 42 4-5
Totals ..
Lasar ....
Davla ....
Iludslck .
Koch .....
Albright ,
189 212 214 210.213 1541 41 11-1
3 4 5 T'l.
2S 35 4) 201
40 1-5
.. 33 28 40 31 22 164 22 4-5
, 23 23
28 49 T.0 134
. 4)
35 36 8 ISO
... 49 53 44 26 52 230 46
Totals 170 196 1S3 173 183 900 36 7-25
Debutante. 4, Titter. 1.
The Debutantes of the Junior Association met
the Tigers on the Crescent alios last night. The
Name. C M. 1 2 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
Grupe 27 33 52 42 47 45 219 43 4-5
Keane 6 23 36 42 56 52 42 229 45 4-5
Wolff 2 32 47 52 43 (2 5 2SJ 52
O'Brien 5 41 44 31 39 30 40 1S1 26 4-5
lilrech .- .... 3 50 53 52 51 (1 23J 61 S i
..23 IK 210 230 232 243 231 1149 43 21-25
Narnea. C. M. 1 2 3 4 5 T'l. Av.
Seaman ........ C 28 48 23 41 50 47 214 42 4-5
Howe 7 42 36 34 27 34 41 172 34 2-5
Wright 10 '26 37 57 t 38 44 207 41 2-5
Fisher 1 85 45 47 41 SO 40 203 40 2-5
Samuels 13 25 57 35 33 35 41 201 40 1-3
Total 3Ti66M2Mi7iU7 213 997 39 13-23
Reseat 3, rvnabo. 2.
Th. Barents of the Junior Cocked-Hat Asse-
elation won the rubber from the Ivanhoes on th.
Itoj.il allejs last night. The rccre:
Lea ...
C. 11
-. 4 5 TI. A v.
. 3
43 4 S3 41 45 ZJO 46
...17 3)
17 4a 4a i't .si -vi '
llii-chart 11 20 33 M W 33 43 118 43
59 -l 31 33 0 :1 40
Wendel ....
Michel ....
... 3 3 40 52 35 37 41 SJ3 41
ir iEs US 5551 m in 10:2 42:
C. M. 1 2 J I 5.
TI. Av.
213 42 3-5
l.9 39 4-5
2.D 43 4-3
x -T. 35 M
How era
llotto ..
Roth ...
13 31
11 K
37 4( 29 21 03
53 H 33 4 41
31; rc 4i
53 217 43 2-5
'.. 9 23 1 3b 33 55 H 2lTJ 41 4 5
Totals 42 !35 2 2 Kl 195 225 221 11.57 42 12-23
lllur Itiblioiin :i, ConxumrrH i:.
The llluo ltibbons and Consumers' score last
night was:
111.fi; RirtnoNP.
Name?. c. M 1 2 2 4 T 1. Av.
Heckm-in 5 1 41 fS 21 26 !.S 2T0 40
RoekMlniF .... 9 '7 m 41 33 47 3S 20-1 4
ntzslmmons ..U 24 .V. 41 39 41 4i I'M M 4-S
Miller n S 41 49 49 4i S3 215 49
Uraun 12 2; 52 40 41 43 "9 224 44 4-5
Totali 50 105 213 22! 3f 217 230 1093 43 23-25
Names. C. M. 12 3 4 5T1 At'..
Winter 4 ,-rt SO 31 49 62 21, 4! 2-j
Clark 7 42 41 S 41 37 44 190 33
I-erol 6 36 31 M 3S 31 fl 217 412-5
Llniw 19 S3 47 29 41 3.1 26 I'9 3, 4-
DowIlnR 9 19 25 CO 5S 2S 42 J3Z in --5
Totals 2G 1M W) 204 5i 159 2C8 1040 4121-23
Western nrnncb, A. A. V., Holilis Ses-
ioii at Llndell Hotel.
At a meeting of the Western Branch, A.
A. U., at the Llndell Hotel last evening-,
presided oer by Jerome Kurst. the St.
Louis University Athletic Association was
admitted to membership In the body, and
eeveral committees to handle important
business were appointed. Handicappers for
the ersiiliiB ye.tr were elected, the result
being the selctlon of T. II. llland and C.
I VnndewatcT. . ..
Talk of slvlng an athletic meet at tho
opening of the new A. A. U. grounds In
Forert Park thib spring w.is taken up and
th matter was gone over in detail. It was
decided to have a nuetlng and to ajsk the
Southwestern Ilowlng As-snciutlon and
other local bodies to participate. A com
mittee, conbis ing of T. R. Bland, Jerome
Karst and .Marion V. Parker was ap
pointed to visit the World's Fair directors
and confer with them on the subject of
giving athletic meets In the course of the
Miles McDonough, Throdore Bland and
Stoen Kane were appointed a Committee)
on Itccords.
Mntle Best Totnl In Tollce IteToUer
Work at Xew IlaiiBe.
Police-revolver practice was continues
yesterday at the new range. No. 13 ooutu
Sixth street, and twenty-three
... .
passca a toiai oi jaj 11. " "' .
accustom tliemen to shooiing n" r "'j
theTbe"?- traulo See'n'lci STO SIS
range, but thi majority of the oiflcers stood
tho test well. , . h-,
Dryden was again high man In the shoot,
making a total of 31. Joplla wits a close
second, will, a total of 2. vvh.le O bbon.
was thlra. nun 2i. iu)uuii"ii -
ccming ln'close bthi'nd. with 225 each. Other
scores were: Rcves, Spratt and Ball, -
....).. cvn..n, t.-tnr. a.wt ntficpr Wells.
each; Sergeant Logan and Osllcer Craig. 220
each: Officers P. Thompson and Laradj, -u
etcn; it. iiioiiiuu. "i"":"'," zy. '
203; Qoetz. 23; Hancock. S),; Lee. JJo; Co
mer and Degnan. 20u, and Ituel, 201.
Ten officers will be select d this week and
sent against the ten civilian experts, who
challenged them In a special match race.
Inatienral Came In CIns. A Three
Cuslilon Billiard Tournament.
A gamo between Clarence Hutchtngs and
A. Brock Inaugurated the annual Class A
three-cushion billiard tournament at the
Grand lost night. Hutchlngs, at least, played
Class A billiards, negotiating an average of
.63 In a uO-polr.t game, winning with sixteen
buttons to srare. llutchlrgs took tho lead
from the start. Brock runr ing 2 and 4 as his
only scores In tho flrst twenty-two Innings.
Hutchlngs played fast billiards after the
Ilrst thirty Innings, clickine off clusters of
2 and 3 at frequent Intervals. He finished
with a run of 2. Dick Keogh refereed the
gan.e. To-nliht Doctor W. O. Campbell and
George Hevner will play.
Last night's score by Innings:
Hutchlngs-0 10000002000200400000
0000110 0103220020201332000011
001 12200010200 0 001000001112.
Total, 50- high run. 4: average. .63.
r.rcck-0 00000020000001000000021
112001000011030000000022. Total,
84: high run. 4; average. .44.
Dcfcnli Charles S. Xorrl. for Amatenr
Billiard Cliuinplon.ulu.
New York. Feb. 19. Wilson E. Foss suc
cessfully defended his title of amateur bil
liard champion of America In his match
with Cliarits S. Norrls, formerly of Chi
cago, but now of the Knickerbocker Ath
letic Club of this city, to-night. Following
Is the summary of the score:
Fo-s-3 21 030 16 0100 16 52 1 17 03004100
18 1 13 1 0 0 30 0 0 0 6 2 11 5 5 37 7 0 0 18 0 ) 0
24 203 21271U112 15 10 23300S1100U10
16 0 S. Total. Vj; average, 6 62 73.
NorrN-') 1141925 70621612 H 8 01 10
2170 10 2297092I3 2 1110 12 20 10S2321
O3 1GS010 12 1!12 4O!O71111S23100
10 IS 9 0 2. Total. 464 ; average, 6 26-73,
Referee J. B. C. McKee.
Xew Six-Club Bnseball Organization
Launched at Xeiada.
Nevada, Mo , Feb. 19. The Missouri Val
ley Base Ball League was launched to-day
with a circuit of six towns, including Ne
vada, .loplin, Sedalla, Springfield, Fort Scott
and Jefferson City. All of these towns ex
cept Springfield and Jefferson City were
represented nt the meeting. There U a
proxy here also for Qulncy, 111., but tho
promoters figured this city was out of line
on uccount of location.
A schedule for six clubs was adopted
provisionally and the proposition of taking
In Parsons, Kan., and Webb City, Mo.,
and making it an eight-club circuit wat
discussed and left open until the next meet
ing. Doctor D. M. Snivel!" of Kansas City was
elected president, secretary and treasurer
and F. A. Hornaday of Fort Scott was
chosen vice president. The Board of Di
rectors Include: 1). W. Stewart, Joplln; J.
B. Roe, Sedalla: II. S. Fisher, Springfield;
H. S. Mitchell. Nevada. 11. F. Priestmeyer,
Jefferson City. I
A salary limit of J10O a month was adopt
ed and a 125 guarantee for even- game was
decided upon. It was agreed to establish
a sinking fund by putting five per cent of
the ceneral admissions to all games in tho I
treasury. Each club agreed to deposit $100
at the next meeting In Fort Scott in
April to guarantee tho playing out of tho
Echedule. The schedule adopted provides
for 123 games, nnd the season will open
May 10.
Corwln Win. Front Bremier In Open
inn: Mglit nt Cnliiinnc Club.
The bottle-pool tournament, a novelty In
the way of a combination of pool una
billiards, was inaugurated last night at the
Cabanne Club by a match between N. C.
Corwin (CD and J. W. Bremer (11). Cor
wln was the winner, capturing two out of
three gamex which c nstituted the night's
play. Both men "broke" over their handi
caps once, making more than the number
of points which constituted a game for
each of them, and were compelled to start
over again, thus prolonging the match.
To-night Barnett and Sprague will meet.
Pool Match nt Von der Abe'..
Harry Snider, the youthful pool expert who re
cently defeated "Wee lllle" Sudhcff In a pool
match ot Chris Von der Ahe's ruom. Grand and
St. I.OUIS avenues, has be n matched against
Gus Toleman for a 50 pjlnt cmin ous-pool game.
The match will he piaeu at von uer Anc-a Sat
urday night, beginning at 8 o'clock.
William Lafferty in Serious Con
dition at City Hospital.
William Lafferty. of No. 2337 Diddle
street, was found by a policeman at
Seventeenth and Blddle streets shortly aft
er midnight, with a bullet wound In the ab
domen. Lafferty told the police that he was shot
at Fifteenth and Blddle streets, and claims
he does not know who shot him.
He was removed to the City .Hospital,
where the surgeons say his wound may
prove fatal.
SPOKANE. WASH. Attorney W. A.
Lewis was sentenced to serve eight years
and six months in the P nltentlary at Walla
Walla for stealing $225 belonging to one or
his clients. This sentence Is to run con
currently with the sentence of seven years
already imposed on Lewis for stealing
tnoney.feom another client.
Tiokors Carried Xnme of "Mod
ern" as Winner of Fourth Kace,
as Result of Conspiracy.
Ri:raBi.ic special.
Chicago. 111., Feb. 10. Through what Is
believed to have been a conspiracy, en
gineered by gamblers and horsemen, two
licker concerns sent out the wrong horse
us the winner of the fourth race at New
Orleans to-day. and handbook makers In
Chicago were fleeced out of a sum estimated
at MI 000.
The Gold and Stock and the Cleveland
telegraph companies, owners of the tick
ers, say they were victims of an error
Although a correction was sent out by
both companies about fifteen minutes after
wards, mobt of the bookmakers had. during
that time, paid off the bettors all stran
gersand the latter had disappeared.
There are upward of fifty men who make
handbooks In Chicago daily, but so clever
ly was the scheme laid and carried out
that few had any suspicion that everythins
wus not all right.
Modern was the horse that was made the)
medium of an exceptionally heavy play at
10 to 1, and was declared the winner by the
first message which flashed over the tick
ers throughout the city. In every place
where bets Irid been made there was In
tense excitement, the bettors crowding
around the bookmakers and calling fur their
So heavy had been the play on the horso
that many of tho bookmakers were almost
McGovern Now One-to-Two Fa
Favorite iu Betting on the
Uout With Sullivan.
Kid Tarkcr. tho vegetarian pugilist, who
was defeated by Billy Armstrong in Denver
last Friday evening, has decided to tuke up a
carnivorous diet, and announces that he will
eat meat in abundance from now on. Ills
snowing in the bout last irlday was a great
disappointment to his friends, although
Parkcr llimseif oniy partially attributes his
poor work to his vegetarian tendencies.
While sparring with Philadelphia Tommy
Ryan at Toledo Sunday night. Young Cor-
bett it said to have Injured his wrist quite
severely through landing with the forearm
on Rjan's head Physicians examined the
member, and stated that ha had badly
sprained a tendon.
John L. Sullivan's latest declaration U
to the effect that he intends to start a
farm and tuke up agriculture as his pur
suit. He declares there is not enough in
the sporting and theatrical business for
him, unvwuy, and he states that he pines
for a bucolic existence.
Terry McGovern Is now a l-to-2 favorite
In the betting for his bout of next Saturday
evening, and a good deal of wagering on
bulii sides Is being done by sporting men
of Cincinnati and Loulsvillu. Cincinnati
sportsmen who have vll'.td Terry at his
training quarters are backing him to a
man, while the Louisville men, after wlt
ntssiug Dave Sullivan box. are supporting
mm ne.tviiy in tneir own city.
Sullivan has Dem working with Big Bob
Armstrong, the negro hea' weight, nnd is
said to have developed greatly of late and
to have shown a capacity for Dunlahing the
negro In Eplte of his size. He also boxes
with Charley Sieger, who trained Young
Corbett for his battle with McGovern, and
the latter is greatly Impressed with hl3
charge's chance In the coming bout.
FItzsimmofis will dcubtle"3 prove an at
traction as referee, considerable curiosity
being felt as to how he will appear in this
role. From present prospects the crowd at
tending tho fight will be even larger than
was at Ilrst expected.
Young Corbett Is having an unexpected
Epell of Idleness Just at present, due to a
sudden hitch In Toledo between the man
agement of the "Stranger In n Strange
Land" company, with which he Is traveling,
nnd tha management of the theater at
which the company was) appearing. As no
arrangement could be made, concerning the
receipts, vesterday afternoon's performance
was called off and the money returned to
the patrons. The company will endeavor to
settle the difficulty to-day.
Jeffries and Fltzsimmons expressed them
selves about their prospective battle In a
newspaper interview recently, and Jeffries
Is quoted as follows In dispatches from
New York: ...
"I am glad that Fitz has consented to
meet me. I want to show the public that
my victory over him. which won for me
the championship, was not a fluke. Ever
since that time I have been willing to
give Fitz a chance to retrieve his lost lau
rels, but. unfortunately, could not accom
modate him when he challenged me after
he had defeated Ruhlin and Sharkey. I
was physically unfit to fight then, and
even if I hud agreed to fight him and had
subsequently defeated him. the public
might have said that my victory was not
clean cut. because Fitz had Just then en
gaged In two hard bouts. As matters
stand now. however, there will be no ex
cuse to offer on the part of Fitz or myself
if either of us should be defeated. I know
that Fitz Is a dangerous man and win
train as I never did before. I ought to
pet Into good shape. I am confident that
I will repeat my former victory over Fitz.
Fitzsimmons evidently intends to change
his stvle of fighting when he meets the
champion. He sjvs:
T will be In the best condition of m
earner. I want tr, win b.tck ray Jaurela
which Jeffrie took from me three jears
ago. Whether I succeed or hot, this will oe
my last fight." i,
Fitz now believes that ho has a canc
to win by adopting Jeffries s actdcs. He
thinks that It he stands away and lets
the chamslon come to him he will have a
roval chance -to win In a mlx-up. Fitz has
won most of his fights, he says, by taking
advantage of openings wnen i..e u v. --
low has been laboring under the bcll'f that
he was winning, lie sujs mi "- S'" ?"
into the ring fit to fight for a King's ran
som, nnd that he is confident of reaching
the big champion on tome vital spot ana
putting him to sleep.
Schenck and Mcrarland have at last come
together on the weight question over whlcn
they have been haggling lor tne lust i
days and have agreed to appear before the
St. Louis Rowing Club Sunday afternoon.
March 9. in u ten-round bout at 122 pounds.
Stevenson and Block will meet next Sunday,
F-bruary 23. As a prel mlnary to this latter
contest, Elmer Mnyfleld and Otto Herget
will meet in a ten-round go at Ho pounds.
Mai Doyle will referee.
Two bouts will be pulled off before the
Brooklvn Athl tic Club of Brooklsn 111.,
next Saturday evening, the main event be
ing a ten-round go at 133 pounds betw,p,n
Kid Bradford of Chicago and Cotton 1111
ter of St. Louis. Jack Cay and Doll Kan
Kins will go on In the preliminary, a six
round affair, at 12-. pounds.
Crazy Snake's Followers Tamely
Submit to Arrest.
Muscogee. I, T., Feb. 19. Deputy Marshal
Grant Johnson came In from the West near
Henrietta with twenty-four Snake Indians,
whom he arrested at Hickory Camp Ground.
It havlntr been rcporteu to iuc ouuc;
States Marshal that the Snake gang of
Indians were maKing trouoie. -uepuiy .iuihi-
- ., ,, l-JI... ...L.-- nnn.ov.w tn
son arresteti an iimiitii vwiu i. --
be in a warlike atthude. Upon his arrival
at the Hickory Camp Ground he found
thirty-four in the camp.
Thno. ii. nrrp.ip. Thpv ax the same
men who were brought In last spring with
5?" J 5 ,.- J .nl,l h.. th.
court except Lattle Mlcco, who pretends
to be the legitimate Chief of the Creek Na-
iinn anH iTih chief who claims to De
Chief of the Uchees. Only Ave or nix Win
chesters were captured with these men.
They have warned other Indians to stop
leasing their lands to white men. It Is re
liably known that as many as 300 were In
camp there ten or twelve days ago. The
report mat a Dana ot tnese inuiuus hhu
nnrf nn nmltTllt On Old PX-Chief ISDSrheCh-
er, and had taken a United States flag from
him 1f.nkt confirmation.
Ten of the Indians captured by Deputy
Johnson escaped the guards last Monday
night, while he was away at Henrietta
communicating -with Marshal Bennett.
There Is no excitement here, and es tha
Chief of the gang is captured no farther
ro"Me I llkeli- to occur.
We Cure Varicocele
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-varicocele is
invariably it results
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cocele In live day.-.,
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Americans Who Gave Money to
Brigands Wait in Vain and
Grow Anxious.
London, Feb. Sfc-A dispatch from Seres,
European Turkey, dated February IS. to
the Dally Graphic, sas that W. W. Teet.
treasurer of the American mission at Con
srnntlnonle. has gone to that city, and that
j Garglulo dragoman ot tne American
' nn .' Constantinople, and Doctor
Iga"0" at Constantinople.
House, tne inisiuitij, ..
Seres, are growing very anxious nt the de
lay in the release of the captives. Which
was expected a week ago.
The Turkish Government declines re
sponsibility In tho matter, says the dispatch
from Seres, as the transaction with the
brigands wn3 made without Its consent.
.Boston. Feb. 19.-Charles A. Stone, a
brother of the captive missionary, has re
ceived no information about the release. He
said to-night:
"I cxptct news tho moment she is re
leased. I am expecting a cablegram at any
moment. I think that If she has been re
leased. I. as well as tho American Board,
would hear as quickly as would the news-
Favor a Denominational College
of Iligliebt Possible Grade.
Warrenton. Mo.. Feb. 19.-The Educa
tional Commission appointed by the various
State conferences of tho Methodist-Episcopal
Church met here to-day at 10:30 p.
Tho meeting was held at Central Wes
leyan College and its purpose was to con
sider the educational Interests of the Meth
odist denomination in the State of Mis
souri. Four conferences were represented,
as follows: St. Louis Conference The Rev
erend Doctor M. Luccock. St. Louis; Doctor
O. M. Stewart, Kansas City. Missouri Con
ferenceThe Keverend Doctor C. Spray,
Hannibal, and the Reverend Mr. Mills of
Cameron. The West German Conference
Professor O. E. Kriege. Warrenton; tho
Jlnverend J. II. Fiedler. St. Louis. The St
touis German Conference, the Reverend
William Koenke and Doctor G. B. Addlcks,
Warrenton, and the Reverend C. C. Stah
mann. St. Louis. ....,, , ,i,i
The commission adopted tha followlnr
recommendation to the Beveral State con-
"We believe a moro central and unified
policy of co-operntlon in our educational
work Is the essential condition of our suc
cess. We therefore recommend that our
conference appoint a similar commission to
meet during tne monvn ui rnuuii, tz"i
to select or locate a college of the highest
possible grade of our denominational work,
In the morning. Doctor Mills addressed
the students at chapel exercises. A large
platform meeting was held in Kes9ler Hall
this evening, and ablo addresses were de
livered by Doctor Spray, Doctor Stahmann
and Doctor Stewart.
Tax of One Per Cent Will Be Re
tained Scale Committee.
rcoria. 111.. Feb. 19. The question as to
whether the 1 rer -ent tax should bo abol
ished was the chief matter of Interest In tho
convention of United Mine Workers to-day.
The proposition to do away with the tax
came up early In the day and was tabled
by an almost unanimous vote, amid scenes
of the utmo'rt enthusiasm.
The selection of a Scale Committee for the
nine subdlstricts in the State nnd the selec
tion of delegates to the State Federation of
Labor occupied the major portion ot the
time. The delegates to the State Federation
are as follows: James Htigglns, Murphys
boro: William HeftI Belleville; James Beat
tie. Spring Valley; K. H. Duncan, McDon
ald; Oglesby and Edward Cahlll. VIrden.
Twenty-seven were named as members of
the Scale Committee to meet with the op
erators to settle certain minor points in con
nection with the scale for the coming year.
At the National Convention, held In Indl-
anapolls. It was decided that the present
scaic auumu """ ,,no wi m ,
...all', mmiflni
t ,,... ...........
Ilelple.. Woman Darned to Death.
rtnrlrat.-Il!,, T.nn P.h 10. 171,.,. fr-nm b
-at. caiii-h" h Vtnthlnt. nf .Tnnii TVnnipl
here this morning and before help could
reach her she was burned to death, and her
home destroyed. She was
ears! old and
Zlne Ore Still Advancing-.
Joplln, Mo., Feb. 19. Zinc ore Is again ad-
Vandln. A!(4 Cl r.A Inn la raiwirian ,n t.n.
linnn n,ln r,r Ihnu Int. nt n- nrhlnh
brought only J33 last week. The buyers are
very anxious to secure the ore and have
started to bid fot it two days earlier In the
week than their usual custom.
- - ..- ...
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Separate Waltlnic-ilooni
for Each Pcr.on.
care; the worn w - . j---gSiZ,
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lmnieuiate. impart
a euro is t hand.
nerve center?. 50c.
Tleor and
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til, undevel-
a box ; six for S2.50 sr
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mrpniara tree.
sail Laos lis.lt,Lns.Ii
rrlmtry, S conuary or Tertiary BLOC roiSOS
pel maoently cured In 15 to 95 days. Tou ctnss treated
at home for the same price under same sruaranty. It
you pretertocome here e will contract to pay rail
road fare aod hotel bills, and no charge If we fall to
cure. If you have taken mercury. Iodide potash.
acd still bare aeues and pains. Mucous Patches la
mouth, sore throat, pimple., ropper colored
.tiota.ulrer. on anr part of the body, nalr
SPeyebrow. falling oat. It la this Secondary
BLOOD POISON tht we guarantee to
cure. Wepollcltthemoetobstlnate case. and.
challenge the world for a case we rannot
V eT,,I. rfl..... H. .lv.v.l.n4Ma.l ttlaalrlll
r th.mntimlnptit nltvsli ians. SSUO.OOO)
capital behind ear unconditional guaranty, i
se.led. Ko branch offices. Vso lull addresa a follows
1407 Maaonio Temple, CHICAGO, ILL.
3 Year.' Experience.
Private matter, taillfuliy treated and medicines
furnished to patient at my oface. No h.ndranca
from business. No exposure, but a speedy and
permanent cure in a kw uuys. x-uticitis uui u
the cltv treated by mall or express on receipt of
85 to pa for medicine. Call or write and de-
crib, symptoms.
Hours. 8 to 8: Sundays. 9 to 13-
Storm Visits the Southwest Yes
terdny and Last Night
In parts of the Southwest a snow fell yes
Jerday. Sleet was reported from several
parts of Southwest Missouri, and probable
damage to wheat- Mining interests were
afTected In the lead and zinc districts of
Jasper County and adjacent territory.
Sleet Injuring Wheat.
Golden City. Mo.. Feb. 19. Rain and sleet
have been falling all day and tha country
is covered with a glare of Ice several Inches
deep. Tho wheat crop Is threatened and
unsheltered stock Is suffering.
Cold at Guthrie.
Guthrie. Ok.. Feb. 19. The spring weather
of the past few weeks was cut short to-day
bv a cold wave. There Is zero weather to
night, with flurries of snow and wind.
Ilea-vy Snow. i
Butler Mo.. Feb. 19. The heaviest snowj
of the season fell here to-day. Snow
inches deep, and very cold.
Mines Affected.
Joplin. Mo., Feb. 13. The storm, whlcS
appears to be general throughout the min
ing district, will reduce tha output of the
lead and zinc mines considerable, and will
probably causa the price of ore to advance
Slock Suffering.
Adrian. Mo., Feb. 19. A strong" wind, ao
comnanled by snow, has been blowing- from
the East here all day. The roada are lm
passable tn many places, and trade is Um
porarily hampered. Stock is suffering-.
Don't forget to read the Wants.' US ot
them printed in to-day"! Republic,
Westerners In Sew York.
New York, Feb. 19. Among tha arrivals
Rt tho hotels here to-day were the following
St. Louis a. D. Carpenter, C, O. Waraeiy
Manhattan: W. T. Cock. G. D. Rosenthal. W,
M. Maglll. Imperial; W. Moffitt and Mr.. If of
ntt. C. Budke. It- C. Kerens. Waldorf; Mlsa M.
McNamara. Miss M. L. Kelly. Miss F. Dlgua,
Albert: T. W. Garland. H. d Dennia. Gerardr
A. Waldhetm. Hoffman: C. J. Arnheltel. Gllseyl
W. Butledge. Union Square; C. Schleslnrer. Bel
vi!rt. .1. MtfllPP. uaavaiL
Kansas City A. F. Nathan. Miss S. B. Shu
maV- Villi M ITnn-Mt Criterion; H. G. Husi
J. G "walker. Cadillac: M. Costello. Criterion
R. R. Whitman Westminster: w. L. witn
Gllsey: J. IE. Wlttman. Union Squaret M. U!
St. Joseph R. J. Woodruff. Imperial.
A Most Remarkable Remedy That
Quickly Restores Lost Vizor
To Men.
A Free Trial Package Sent By Hall
To All Who Write.
Free trial packages of a most remarkable
remedy are being mailed to all who will
write the State Medical Institute. They
cured so many men who had battled for
years against the mental and physical suf
fering of lost manhood that the Institute
has decided to distribute free trial pack
ages to all-aho write. It Is a home treat
mant and all men who suffer with any form
of sexual weakness, resulting from youth
ful folly prematura loss of strength ana
n,amnrv 'irenVr h?rk varicocele, or emacla-
tlon of parts can now curs themselves at
" . ii i ..,! e-
r ntirmth and BeeU13 to BCt direct tO
The r.meay nas a pccmuui H,T ', ,,
the desired location, giving strength and.
development Just where It Is neeaeu. II
cures all the ills and troubles that come
from ibars of misuse of the natural func
tions and has been an absolute success la
all cases. A request to the State Medical
Institute. 1040 Elektron building. Fort
Wayne, Ind.. stating that you deslr. one of
their free trial packages will be compiled,
with promptly. The Institute Is desirous of
reaching that great class of men who are
unable to leave home to be treated and the
free sample will enable them to see now
easy it is to be cured ot sexual weakness
when the proper remedies are employed.
The Institute makes no restrictions. AnJ!
man wno wnte3 win De bciu hkc imw
carefully sealed In a plain package so thaj
its recipient need have no fear of embar.
rassment or publicity. Readers are ft
aueMed to write without delav.
f tinanltilf lOtl 1
.m.........m...m. .mm
-.--.'- -i ,jl, . -7-js..'t;g ..-wtAj-,-.
--.- .-..v
r Zv. yV;
-.-. i. b i.l & -l VJSg jfo rrfW T "ff "" & &&&

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