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2, XWA.
Tho 1. aies of the IJndell Acnuc Chrls
tun elm -ill !iao arranged an cntertain
nii nt to lie glv n ft the Jefferson Club
Hall, elrand avenue and Pine street, this
tntng Ti'e programme for the occasion
Is at follow s
"t fr rij-o and -lli International
Pima-i. M j. UrMcln
Mi. tun-am Maglnn. ilr. otto Dicrker.
Tabl-au I untan 1.ijf.
Mi-- Po'-leriiiirph. Mr. i:p;eron
Eons liars tone Solo Seirrfvl
Mr. William Pngll-l..
TiMeau rvlonlat Pas
Vis llrln human. J!r WUHara Nlelicl-m
Ft ji" inu SoloAn Offfn Secret
TvbHS pril
Mrs AUtf rt tl CI arrcll
f JV'
ts Tableau George and Martha Washington
111m ll.hn Whitman. Mr II. I-eddtrmm
v!cal Duct On. Trial We Two Were MiIns
XSls Hiril. Mis. PleichT.'
Tableau iKdtlr MadUon.
Miss Thornton.
Teier Polo
( n Marie at tl.c lattice r.obm 1'ran
lei-She W.re a, Wrcatn of Koni. ..Old ISillid
Lt (3) Bon Joui . fcuane Pano
K- Mr flllT.jrd M Dulpb.
W ZZcnlo&ic Tle "U orld's Pair.
Mr ;eurfi! Magvurc.
r 2U.leu Barbara Prlctcfilc
k- MIfs Mabel Srrllh
". wl'i S"l lnicrmeiio from Caeallfria
Ki.-Ui .na iljsjenl
r Mr. William ilurrlsoi,
T l.liaa .. ... Heroine
i Ml-s limn. Mr. Johnson.
t-,ji J f..r si prn..-
. " i en
.. :eln
-in, if lan 11
Mu'i'l iJl . a I :
.Vis lltntsc Cjriie.
"l.Uuiu M""lein Ainfinan Girl.
MWi Jc--io Mntlh. Mr l.iddrrman
t WMiriiw-i Unties Quartet Mulo slcacj
Mrs r l.mlia Web Urn miirano. Ml
I-illlan Jlaitli-VMnd. MS-und r.. r.ino , VIm
Marietta Hagltv. brsr alto; MIs Mine l.'Iitl
. wan viid alt"
SK ten- ArLaiisaj Irncler.
M-. Jt-- M Battle. Mr. Charles Magulic
T ltau1 bonus Jeffeitun
Mr Paul O.rctlier.
uafaetto Park Methodist Chuich '"111
liao u music sen ice Sunday evening In
liaee of the regular service. A iccltal will
, given b Mi. William K lteicli. io!ln
it, assisted liy ili. 12ru- -tira llllteuber
per. alto, Mr. l'rcderick Pftiffer and Mrs.
Cburlc McDonald at the piano, an! the
hoys' tholr
The wvc.ith nuinbt r in the belies of Pop
ti'.nr Tallus at the Central Voting Men's
i hriftlan Aoc!atioii x.U he clvm on Tucs
tlav cienliur. February . by I'lofetsor V.
O Slettei. Rem nil ir.htructor In drawing
ii.. jt i ,ttiu vh.tIt ..h.ini on the e.ih-
1et. "Art. Bthical and Industrial" Mr.
fvlveter Is alo nt the head ui the draw-
me ilepoittncnt of th- a-sociatlop school,
This lecture v.ili be iliustiated bv the ster-
iptlCOll. -V were an tnc oilier lec-iuris in
this ?trtc-i of Popular Talks, this is free to
all inn
There will be a pitriotie service at the
I.indell Avenue nristiin Church, corner of
IJniiJl boulevard and Vandevenltr avenue,
n Sunday evening, to which tha l'irst Jt:K
Jmert. N G. M . the lilue and the Gray
irganlz.iJioii and the .several 3. A. Jt. po"ts
in th e'tv have been invifd. Tne church
Ih appropriately decorated, and Doctor
jiaii'ii, itiiie ioe loi
Nelson v.ill preach on the theme. "Our
c vunttj s ureainc-s - procrumme ol
p elliptic music has been pr pared Iv Pro
I'ycr Jicoliv. tlie cliureh oiganist, ivliUli
w 11 In rend r d by the choir.
Mojnt Cil.anre fhrlsti in Cliureh. King's '
Ji'ghvv ty and Morgan str.et. will have
pe. :ai paie er its. to-morrow evening,
"p.s'al nunilrs Organ prelude, br Miss
Mabel Ij-ngc 'To In tin" bv- choir: "1. ir-
go organ md mandolin: soio. .ngei s
?ad . 1 v Mr J I) Plcl:erell;"C,lorlV'
ehoi- tno 'liale Y"." Mr. and Mr.
ita-lts H Green and Mr Kelej ; solo.
huvt-r f. cm Cavaileria Itusticana. Mrs.
t'h V"s H ureen. address iy Mr. rjrrell.
ja't .i
Tiin'tv Kieopal Church is holding specinl
l'tt.a lv-ues as follows. Bailv at 7 a. m,
1 .dv ciminunicn pres-eded liy morn.ng
j.acr Wi Inerdav and Priday evening
s. .vices at vvhieli tnidresep '-e made Sun
trfsjs, prajer is at 7 a. ra., l.oly communion
ai 7Uel;holv cucharist Ti 11 a. m.. with
r rrsmrti-.d evenseng and sermon at S p.
i.i. All are inv ited to attend.
The Grand Avenue Pr.sbv terian Church
'is lTitroduetd a fift.'n nn.iutcs minutes"
r-rvi'e Introductorv to the regular
.V &"i'J5r-service. jnJ """ far."it,Js b ing
""neV "iprrreeiated Tills service begi'is
i.omptl) at 7 1". p m. and to-morrow
ive lug the numbers will lie. "The Holv
''i" nng bv Mi Gtorge C. Carrie, tenor
if no Grand Aventu ("lurch choir.
Ml '
N I .
i '
or Hod lias returned from Newark,
wlie'e in p:aein-d tile "rounder's
F'-rmon ..'i la't Sjnda and will re
lii le. tores on 'I'aur' to-morrow-
.ii the S. eond Itiptist. His theme is
.Mm and His Pilends." illustrated
as f,
f and t
rom Mend. Issohn's "Oratorio" bn the choir
follows Haws solo. 'J (ion, mive
eie . tenoi recitative ami oprano soio.
Theie was a disciple", soprano recitative
nd tenor "(. "Ananias went his way";
sopiano solo, "And l'aul came", tenor and
l.uSs duet. 'Now we are Ambassadors";
tiuartet 'How lovely are the messengers ;
quatoi, "O thou, the true and only light."
A series of meetings, led by the Ileverend
r, Campbell Morgan, the gre-it Bngllsli
preacher, in which all the churches con
nected with the Bv.tnftrllr.il Alliance of the
iitv will have part, will be held in Pilgrim
Church. March 1C to CO inclusive. Mr. Mor
gan will reach St Ixiuis March. I'i and will
hold a mass meeting the afternoon of the
2Cth and continue two meetings a daj
afternoon and evening, during tho two
weeks. Committees are already at work
in preparing for tlue meetings.
At th" rirst Congregational Church. Del
mar, near Grand avenue, to-morrow even
ing at 8 o'clork. the Keverend Doctor Cor
nelius II Pitton will give a talk on the
life of Chr'st. beautifully illustrated with
stereoptlcon views. Tho hjmna and re
sponsive services will also be thrown upon
the screen.
The Bevrend V J. Williamson, pastor
Third Baptist Church, will address the
men's meeting at Central V M C. A. to
iiKinovv afternoon at i o'clock on the sub
ject. "The Sapreme Vision" Bible clashes,
conducted bj Judge Selden 1'. Spencer,
Judge A A. Pason. Mr Wells H. Hurl
butt. Jr . nnd Mr. Ira B Bute, will meet a
usual at 3 o'clock. All men are cordially
Invited to attend.
Tie song service at St. Mark's F.pPcopaI
Cburth to-morrow evening will include the
following numb.r'." Sopiano solo, "Poiever
With the Ixird " Gounod, bv Mrs. Stribllng;
anthem. T Will Arise," Mar-ton. violin
soli "Serenade" Schubtrt. by Charles Sev
mour. Jr ; alto solo. "There Is Itest for
the Wtary," by Jli's lleall; antln m,
"Praise Ye the Bather." Gounod: cornet
solo. "Holy Cltv," Adam-., bv Professor
( hailes Seymour.
The Beverrnd Doctor J. I Greene, pres
ident of Wlllitm Jewel Coilece. will preach
at the Immanuel itaptist Church lo-mor-
lovv. morning anci evening rnis cnurcn is
ktiow without a jiastor. but It is generally
indcrstood that a pastor will be called in
ti near future.
Special memorial services will be held at
t.iitenarv M B Church. South, to-morrow-afternoon
at " o'clock in honor of the late
George A. -llaki r. Short addresses will be
d. livcred bv the Reverend Doctor W. W.
Hojil. pastor of the Second B.iptin Church,
the Keverend Doctor M Ilurnlnin. pastor
of Pilgrim Congregational Church, and
Mt ssrs Murray Carletnn. I'rank 1". Havs,
J V". Klnselier and others.
The St. Bonis rresbvtery, SoaJi. held a
called meeting at the Central Presbyterian.
Church jesterday the Keverend Doctor J.
ddison Smith jifsldlng. The Keverend J.
1-ajton Maue, pastor-elect of the Central
"liurcli. a? received from the Presbytery
of l-exlngtoii, Va ci.t! airangements were
made for Ids installation. Sundiv evening.
Match '2. The Iteverend Doctor II. I. IVrris
will propound the constitutional questions
and deliver the charge to the pastor, tho
Iteverend Doctor Brands K. lSeattie. of
Louisville. Ky.. will preach the sermon, and
tne Keverend Doctor J. F. Cannon, pastor
of the Grand Avenue Church, will deliver
the charge to tho peopiec. yne otfer Pres
bvterian churches of the city will be in
vited to take part In the installation rctv
Ices The neverend Wiilitm Sehuts. of tho
Memorial German M. E. Church, will speak
at the South Side V. M. C. A., No. 180)
South BightemCi street, to-morrow after
noon tit A:"Q. and hl subject will he. "The
Good Solciier." Miss Gussie B. Kalb tvlil
Tlie Keverend Doctor A. T. Wolff, of th
North Presbsterian Church, is preaching a
sen.-! tif Sunday evening sermons on
"-Modern Flippant Skepticism of the Street
"otneis," and his lliemo to-morrow will
lie? "The Creel of th Jloejcrn Infidel."
Ske Bcvereiid Ioctor A. C. Jllller, prcsl-
dent of Hendrlv College, Ark. is in th?
cit and will prtach at the Cook Acnue
M. 11 Church, South, to-morrow morning.
In the evening, the Keverend V. 1". Me
Murrj, Presiding filler. w.Il preach
s The new bell for the new All Saints
Church, corner of Mt -second btrcet and
Maple :icnui-. of which fie Iteorend .1. H
IjOiig 1 the pastor, will lie blewd Sund i '
afternoon. March 2. at 3 o'llock. lmmediatc
lcl thereafter, a mt'-siou will ho Inaugu
rated by tho KisMonlst Iiiher. J nit s
ltjan and Henry Mlllc-r. to continue, onu
Tho Kevcrcnd Hoctor .7. "W. I-e. piior
of St. Juhn's .M. 12. Cliureh Suuth. will :tr
Jie in tile city tlii tvtniiig, and will fill
ills pulpit to-morrow, uioinlug and exciiing.
The doctor has been spending about t.M)
months in l'asaduia, C..1 . tjir tlif purposi:
of lecruiting liii health, whb h wa.s some
what impaired through i sen re nttitk of
la grippe. Ilepoit s.is his l.ialth lias been
fu!l regained, and that lie will enter m
oious! ujn.il his work.
The St I-oui I'rimars I'mon will hold its
meeting in the hall on tfe t'll-d floor nt No
31 North KIghlh sunt, which has 1hi-ii
fitted upon prci.ill for tin ir u-e Mis.
Uankiii will had in the deotuna! .serie-,
and Mrs. J. W. Athjood will teach tho les
son. 'I lie Uecroml B J'uekworth. rector of
St J.ime" Bpi'-coiial Church, iireached 5en
tejila at tilt- noonda mtetlng in piogres
at corner of Blghth and Olive Plieets. He
will alu speak again tti-daj
Tlie Si Ijinls nv.ingelle.il AlIHrce will
hold its IV'jruary meeting, at Odd rclltm-,'
Hall net Monda at in.'o ,, , Tho pap r
of tie day will bo read !v the ltiron!
'harles i: Watson, pj.stor of tlie Tirst
United rrcsbj tcrl.tn Church.
Tho ISevcrcnd I. W. I'a-ntlerov, rectir
of Mount Calv iry Bplxcopnl ChiirMi. will
deliver an address at the Honcus ne.t
Mondav morning on 'The Goptl in the
Coinmunion Ollice."
The evensong programme at St lcn--g-.s
I piscopal Church to-irerrow oveniii; w.il
intlude the following number Trio f.ir
violin, 'cello and organ, hj reset, v.lli le
rendered liv Miss nilen Jnhnson ielinl-t.
Mr. llresinaii. Veilisi. and Profrssoi Paul
Mori, organist. Tenor --olo. -A1 de Willi
Me." Shellev bv Mr Willi im Jorsen,tn,
violin solos bv MNs Johnson. "Adag!c," bv
Uies, and "Ucrceu-e," bv (Jodard. .ugait
eolo. "Pilgrim Songs of Hope.- Hapt.stt;
Velio son. 'Bvening Stir." ranuliau'Ci ,
choi us, "Gallia, ' Gounod, by chtir of thirty
Pn'ou Miss'on. No UK l'rnnklln avepu-.
will begin fipeelil levival n tings to-night
aini the Reverend B B. Hendricks, pastor
. of a Cuinberinrd Presbv ten in fhureh ai
Terne-see. will pi each. rc-merrow the
Reverend h II Bolton of Chicago vvi'l
prtach -.nd . or.tintie for at least one week.
j preaching each evening.
The male quartet from Barnes Medic ll
College will render special muic at the
revival meeting at the Tower drove 31 B.
Church to-morrow night. Mr. James Kicli
ardson will also sing.
The First German I'resbjterlan Church
will hold evangelistic meetings all net
week. Tuesday and Thursday evenings In
BnglWi anl othet i venings in German.
There will be an all-dtv prajer meetirg
... . , . .. , , . . -rt - -
vv leinc-ciay, iiegiiii.i..g a. ao ... ,.
I"ull gospel services vvi'l be held to-n-.or-rovv
afternoon at L'.30 at No 2511 Stoddjrl
sii.et, conducted 1 Bvangeh-t Annie Pai-le;-.
Topic: "OIiedicncL'." (I Sam. xv. -22,
'2:; 1 Kinjjs iii, 11; liev. xxii, 11.)
Tlie voung people's topic for conferenco
in tin. evirlons denominational societies to-
0,i t nlw.d.enee" which is
morrow evening Is Obedience, which is
li-ic-f.il on thre different STiptlires. I Sim-
I .... n-t .r;. r King-, id 11 and Bev ela-
iii.n ssll u The first relates to the dlsa-
bedience of Saul, the nrstKIW j I sraeu
the second includes a promise 111 .iue i to
Solomon at tho time he assunea inc. scci
L IClls .-- --- . .
ter of Israel, and tne tniro is "'- "S ".
fill promise 'of Clir.'st to all who seek to
lender mm true ooeeiieuce:.
Tho kind of obedience under considera
tion Is that which everj one is eMiected to
render to the revealed will of God I his
will has been learlj outlined In the strlp
tures of the Old and New Testaments, and
. i-i. .w...,. in. miK mf.illimo rmo
ot faith and r.ct'M U b inai ouuiw
vhich lies at in.' ioiinu-iiiun ui ubn. -.-torn
to God -md right relation to human
fcclcty. It seeks to lift the Human soul
up to the p'.tnc of Its lirst relation a"d pu
it in . po-tUiok of communion and felio.v
ship with God In a v ord. it is conform
itv with the original law of liems
iMl'EllATIVB-Sucli obedience is imper
ative. There is nothing else that can ta ke
its pi-ice Sanitid said to Saul, "Hath the
Bor'l as gteit delight in burnt offerings
as in obeving the voice of tho IO ret Be
hold, to obey is better than sacrillce. an
to hearken than the fat of iam. Sau
had been commissioned to CO and Mnl;
Yineiek. and utterly destrov all hit they
have and spare not." But ln'Uad of uoin,
.-0. Saul "spared Agag and the liest of
the -heep. and of the own. and. of the fat
lings and the lambs, and ni! that was
scod. and would not mt.rlv destrov them
When confronted with his d'obedl.nce
Saul at nrst said. "1 have performed the
tommandment of the Bord ' But Samuel
called his attention to the lowing of tho
herds and the bleating of the snecp, he
said ho had done this in order to sacrl
Uco unto the Bord " Hut Samuel replied,
"IKliold. to obey is " than sicrllice
and to hearken than the fat of rams I
... i. MiiTM-rti nnd !? ns blndiiiK to
day aSNXhen flrt tnWl.heU. It H our
Imperative duty to obey the will of. God
as evpresstd in his Word, roKAtdlcbb 1
all other consideration. Subterfuge is
not permissible and K snjre ta he lisc0V
cred Too many effect to comprom.se.
ohedlnce by rendcrins me sort of ron
bWeration. But thU will not work. Somo
men acquire wealth b haily inismes-,
transaction-, ruid then stele to case theii
conscience by niacins some iare dona
..... ..- rth,niiii .e tpHeinnsworU. lmc
.. .!," fMl'TnUt-iko if Still and Is tho
.1... !!, mm iilist!tUtC lOr ODeUHilltr
.-. t.v. ---.- - - ,. ..t..ll.. 1
'LWHMnNT-Disobedience Is mre to
hrlng'lts dire rrwaid. It tot Saul hli, kins
dom and It will cot any man tho kingdom
of heaven who trie it Said Samuel t
Saul: "Becaiw thou hast rejerted thn woni
of tho Ird. ho hath aUo rejected thee
rrom helm? K!nB " Ami Sail I said n io
SanuM. "I have tinned" What would he
not have (,len to be able to undo hLs act
of dKobodlPncp" But alas, it was too late
He was now to reap as lie had jovin. T-'k
mauv a man since, proud and defiant until
his Bin overtook him. and then ready to
part with i.t.r thins for restoration Bur.
hoouer would tho Niagara return back over
the fall than tint man could undo the Mu
of disobedience. Hut is th-rc no hope. Yes.
but only in the mercy of Ood as eerci-ed
thiouKli Jeus Chrlt. He "bare our sins in
his own brdv on the cro" that T.e mls
"hope lu his mercy." But thte door u
mercy Is open only to thoo who truly re
pent "and do work' meet for repentance
It must be no half-way matter. Uke the
poor publican to which Chri-t refer there
must bo a en Ins out. "God, be mciciful to
me, a pinner , , t ,
BLESSINGS The clomi: thought of tlw
leon In ban 1 is that of the blesimcs
which accrue in onequence of obedience
The promipe made to Sotomon was. "And ir
thou wilt walk In mv vav to keep my
statutes and mv commandments as thv
father David did walk, then I will lengthen
thy days. So also In Kev elation, xxii. 34,
"Blessed are they that do his command
ment, that they may have rteht to th?
tree of life, and may enter In tluouKh the
Kates of the city." Thus It will bo en
that the blessing'' promised are both tem
poral and spiritual Had Saul obeed tho
voice of the Iid. he would hive been es
tablished In the kinsdom of Israel. Htid
Solomon continuously walked in th foot
steps of liU father Dnld. the kingdom
would not have been divided, and his llf"
would not have Kone out In a shadow. If
we obey God rather than man. wc will not
only have right to the tree of life here, but
shall eventually enter Into the eternal cltv.
Flrpt of all. there mut be obedience to
the puprcmo command of Christ Stvs- the
apostle. John: "Thi U hLs commandment,
that we should believe on the name of hr
Son. Jesus Christ." This is the supreme
tet of our obedience. The man who is un
willing tn start here wltl necensnrily lead a
life of disobedience lo the upreme will of
Christ. The law of the pospel requires this
unconditional surrender in order to salva
tion. Our disbelief in this requirement will
not effect in the least the awful conse
quences "f llnnl disobedience. "YVbapoe e r
n man soweth. that shall he nlo reap."
Disobedience Is Mnt and "the wages of sin
la death " Obedience Is life, and "the pift
of God is eternal life through Jpmim Ohnt
our Ird." "To obev is hotter than F.irt1
flce. and tn hearken than tho fat of ramt"
Obedient, fil'at last anl always Is the su
nremo rul of life. Kloseod ho Chrisfq
name. 'lf e confers our sins, he U Jujt
and faithful to forgive us our sins, and to
cleanse us from all uurlghteousntss."
Tie list cf enaon tnplcs anl special servl es
for to-morro 1 as follows:
DrJ.5I.tr. VVKXUi: IMmar anl rendleton: ths
l:eirnl Distor J T M Johnson. Pattor
" I'i.ier for Itevltal", s p m . "Tlie Cost
of I'.eJ 'Cting Jesu."
1 til Hill 1 "Urtemtli anl Sullivan, the Rever-
mj V llowells. I'astor Morning and evening
GllVMJ AV I'N'IT No ;7it Xoith Grand, th?
Heverend Aitln Clavon. Paster 10 to a. m-
and S 1' I", service
1,11'UI.m: I'VltK I.aravetle nnd Illssl-slpnl:
The Iteverrlil 11 letnr T ' rarleton. Pi-tor -
Jl a in . ' 1 1 r Ohnu's sake", i in , (St.l s
tluUIance In lb" Monlng and Presence In the
MAl'I.l:vv 01 tie lteverer.1 W I. M ir-h.
Pastor 11 a m Th ft Ttid lVrjr". ."! I'
m . "The Jin of Salvation '
bii'OM) Utiunii.nl ind Lnent the Itevcrenl
Dool.tr VV tv HuelXIVt. i-11 - m . la-
vieiMlire-i," A in The V.,n and 11U
JMoiiN" Tiiirc! Imuic n Ptul Ptutrattd i
fuii Minlel'-ihn Oratorio. i
HI I OK i:li: No !" N.r". T.nkr tho
Iteieitnd s K Kwlni. Pts'or Ti Ka"ini
I V Cdv.artls of ft. . "M. . ini.inlig Oti ,
l:vniirllz.itUil '. p in. "The sinner anl Ilia ,
Adtotate '
Tllllvli tlrand and va-hInfcton the Iteverenl
li.pctor V .1 AVIIIlamfon. P.ibtor Morning. '
"The llent miner . r .it -u 7 ti p. in. n
Thin- I It art ltlj.'a- Itiptl-ms
Town; CiitoV li -No. 152J Norfullt. tl.o Reer'nl
Mmi'i stuie.m. Pastor Momini; and etenlnir
frv ices
tt.Vilil! leWVPl: C-and anl riurlssint: tl o
lteircrd J I' Heri' lit r 11 a. in . "In.
3lce m tlie VViUieinets '. 7 u p m . ".stjlni;
ttrcat Things "
iiisski.i, jvvl:xt i:. Xn too; i:ueii, the itev-
rend 1 ri.k llorioa. Pasto. iiuiiiilu .ml even-
lr tftrvlies
A 'ie iirji'i.e.. -u iu.m i.i i-l i .ii. i;u, in.
U.v.rend II oichu'z. P-slor Morning and ""' ' V "', -"' ". si.iae. u-iu u.inri. me .;ev
nellnK Mivlees ' 'end Wll.lam ja,nst"i. p!Mor-ll a i;.
I CRONlI.l.L.T. the Kevrrind 15 J. Plv.aids
j vtilt treaeii iiariilng ant eeenlug
l V KsT PVRiC. ihe Rtier. id Cull ". I'ook. Pa--
tur Mtimn Men 1 r tie kll gelom and tho
lelis'i.'m for Men". Tenli,- service.
1MM iM PI. at ? and Guoaftliow, Piesldtnt
Iiubit k,i Willun Jewell Colltgo will prcin
Honing and evernig
' CVTHKPRAIt Walnut btwoti Fecon 1 nnl
I llilrd. ill" Itevelend Puaeue e'ovle. l'a-lor
Ma-s at t.. i and 10 30 a. re . e-pers, 3.3)
p m
,A.NNI NCIATION" SKth and I.i b.lle. the p.e-
erend J .1 Head 1 astor Masjf, d, b.3o and 1U.I3
a in . ve'pirs. .' rtU p 1 1
! Assl MITION silnev and Ninth: the Reverend
Patrick I'o lev Ia-Ol Mass, 7. JO and la a. m
IiOI.Y liOss iCermari Chun n Riad, nea- II. I-
!. toe Jteveri.d peter UUi.fr. Ptbtor Mass.
u Ji md li-u a ni , vtsji. rB. ..3) p ru
IIOI.V tillcv-T iGcrman), Ta'or mil Girfieid.
the Ivtlelld 11 loin. P..stor-Mafcs. b, s and
1 a ii vsLer :: p ni
lloIA l.NMJC c.M.-. .so .C'l Reher IMee tin
lteveren.1 Jclni Vv .lite, I'-stor Mats at b anJ
lo a. i'i
HulA N vMn OP .IPsI s No 1011 Rist Grand:
the Revi.euJ lattKk M iallon pastor Mans
at i i y an 1 10 a. in . e;trs, 7. o p. in
fc. l.l.i IlUAItr. I n.veis-ti. Near Twenty-
llftli. lie Reverend ja-uvi -Iccabe. l'aatoi
irt-. -. 7. s and Ij .i in , vespers, 7."i)
p m
MSl'f.vTION". ra:Ior and I"astt-i. tl.c P.evererd
P 1. it iupse, Pastoi Ma-s. c. 7-3s. 'j and
i. 3 j a in , v ever-1. ' J 30 p. n.
IIOIA Alii;i.s, t,t AKf and I.i Sail-; the
ItsvertnJ l-..l:tr 1-. M lvic!t. Pastor Atab at
e. e J and l.i a ri . vesp;i., .s) ., lllr
IIOI.V RisAltV. Ncwetead anl Margjietta; the
Reverend 11 J L.ivei. l'as.or alasa at t). 7:J"J
ani '. (cuilaren). Ij. fce-rmoi.
IMMACUl.VeP CONC-t.lTIclN". Jcfftrsrn anl
tjcust. He ReiertnJ t,. 1. Power. Pator
Mass, eT, 7.J. 'J and U.3J a. in . sunJa tshool
-t J p c
I.ADY OP GOOD ("OPN'sra. Rleeenth anl Pe-.-
trehan, the Re(.reii J i;Io-oliu0. l'astor
Mas, 7 j.n.l J a. m ii 3 r in.
IAU1 Ol" MOI NT I'VKMUl. ( hurcli anl Hall's
1 rrv Roids. the R-vreni 1 s Pheian, l'is-
l i Vtai-. 7 3J and ly -i a in , vespers, ..
p 11.
Pel' OP pnilPKTPV.'. SI Ci OR (Germin).
l..:.to-i and 1 we'itle'ti. ilw 11 v. -end .Vasuuti le
J .--.billing. Pastor -a:-s. t j. and lu u. m ,
vespeis, 2 Jo r in.
s,T .S VT11 Vb (Ucra.inl Nr. :. South Ninth;
The l:ettrend Htnr Selirage. Pastor Mas. t,
h, anJ 10 a m . vesp-rs- J o'l p ni
SV AGNIs'S, sidnej .nut t'.-lena. the" Reverend
John I Tannraln. Pallor .tla-. 0. 3., h.ji
and 10 13 a in vtspus, p ro
ST Aljv s.it;sj s M .Km lia ard Januirj; tho
Reeerend P G ftolwtck, l'as.oi Masst 7.13,
t..o and 10 a m . i;re, J -il p. in
-T Vl.PHON'.sps H. Grind and O ok M .ss. ;-:3.
6. 7, s e 1 i a ni , inti mass, I'I u a. ni ,
ve'trs. 7 .0 p n
1. .S T .rn nnT T' . 1,,. - li. Tj. r.w. n I S
, j, inniM. ra.tor-Mass, i, 7 3). . 10 30 a.
' in : vepei. 7..0 p m
ST ANTHONY ri K.ermtn) :ieramec and Comp-
ton Ule elI.ea(, , raacls Alters. I'astor
I Mas C. S and 10 a. in . vespeis. .3) p. in
bT ALGL'sTlNirs (German), l.lsmore anl ile-
bert. the llevre.d H A HuiUei.sieln.
I AI. ft e C .n I TH , n . nc .. u "1.1 . ...
- -- f 'i, j; ',
Tr he s.in G ori;j ,:mn.aauei i-tt0T
j.as, 9 a. ni . vespers. .30 p. in
ST IinRNARHs. Hawk arJ t.ratlot. the Rev-
eretul Peter J Prtimeh. Pastor Mass, c 30,
7 3J a-d li a m vesrers, : p. m
hT 1 OMP.vCP.s (Grrmin). Michigan and Schlr-
ni r. the Rev mid H. Nlleri.. Pastor Miss, 3,
S anl li a 111 . vesper 3 3j p "l
ST liII)ti:i i? Oirr anl Jeffer'i-i the Rever-
t-1 1 dward l' rt m Paster Mass. 3 31 and
11.0.) a ni vesnr. 3 p
n.Ttni ita.-rart I X Omlelia-kl. I'.tor-
llreni itai.rarl I. X OmieIinskt, I'.tstor
Mj, b. i arl 10 a. m . t-i'er, Jf m
ST. Cn.UMi:ivlU,,., JllcliUm ,nl l)i!; tho
Itcrenrl ITanc -, J Jonrp, l'astor ?IasF, C, s
jntl 1ft ns . c,jr, 4 p n
ST It)NAN. l:cU .inJ w.m: th- Hpfrn",I
J I Volf. IM-ior .M.f. t. 1.Z0, y and 10 a
in , c-;t-. ' i ni
ST i:t)Altl) -Iji.i rnJ Maffltt. tb Unr-
-n 1 I'lward .1 A Min" r-istoi llaes 7 in) anJ ,
ST injZMtnTli'r. (Cd)rcJ) Xn. 13 Xorth
rourte-mli. th i:rrr-rd MirhaI I" Pplch
astur Mas. 7. S Ctf a mi 9",.) a n. ; citfrv, S
I. m
Pf M Wl 1UZW$. Kennfllv and Sanli th" IIe-
rf nd .luf ll T Shield 1'iiFtor Iacs, i, Z)t
h ard 1 a m , tfw:. ; j p n
ST ilHILKI-N Kl-cnth ind Clinton; tlo Kev
erend Mi'hal.I MiCabe I'ator M t-s. t. T j,
it anl 10 10 a rr . (J-;oit, 2X0 j rn
SI 'RTIOI-S ttSoni an). Jo 131 I-Jra-, th ,
ltpv(j"ni Jni)h A. t-c!iatfr, Pastrr Ma, 6.
S :n.l 10 a m.
hi' I'ATUIOjVS. PUth inO nildl, U.p l:eprnd
TIrnoth lenp"j l'aior V.asf. t, 7.30. y and
lf in , '-pei'-. i--") P ii j
E l'i:Ti;n NI rt WS (German), Seventh '
and Allen, tin Kevtrtnl O r CIoLor, 1'astor
?lav 6 i in . "icrH, 4 p in I
ST nol"?. (luodMicm and Ttzel. the ItPc'end I
J. .1 IcUUmi. i'a-tor Mas
a in
ST J-TVNlr.Al'S'S (rnllsh).
ma-. S a. jit litndiCilon, 3 p. in
ST THo.M S OF AQtlN'S, Iowa anl Oacc;
the Jleicnml John H Maj, J IX. J'ast-tr
Mas. C. s and 10 a. m , Sunday bchovl, 2.3)
P ni
ST VINCRNT Di: I'AUlS (German nnd Kns
Ilh). Parlt and Ninth, the Reverend D A .
Ivtnric!.. M , th Revet end A. II. ,mulh,
C M . the Itevtnnd 1. V. .lulge. C. M . th
Rvernd S P. Huhcr. M . Pastors Mas
nnd cim m. i "(, C J and .43 a. m , luh
mass and f-irnnn. s and 10 30 a in . csjer.
lvothii nnd l-m dictions, a JO p
si wI.N.KMjUVS n.rrmani. No ZV Ore-
... 1.,.. ...... t !. -v-l ..I .' !!... ...
s and l' a in . vt-perM 3 i in
S MAK1 ANI JOsLPIP. Minnesota and
Iron, the R-rnd Miles . Tilnn, lastor
Mas s anl 10 a m.
ST KRVIN Pirk and Cardinal, the Reverend
Rd I '-hea. Pastor Maw, 5 3-. 7, , J3 and
1J.S1 t m
tST M RG vHTT'S RueU anl Vand.venUr
M-s?'- at 7. ana 1.) u. in , a p m , scrim n
nd 1 tiK-iIh thin
S'l nNGRI.IIHRTS. Carter and Marcii"-. the
J lev trend Arton Pan k. Paster Ma-, b anl 10
a. in v-pfi!j, 2 j . ni
SV I'RNMS ni; SARI:s (Gprman). Grnvoi
ai.d Ohio, ihe Reverend P .1 l.tz. I'astor
Mats, i.Cj. irf and U a. in . vespers ..J p.
ST. PPNCW XAVIRH'S. C.rand anl UndMl;
'Hie K vrend Jltnrv i RronPse3t, S. J
MUS5. . t. 7, S.Ci ami l(i CO a. xu . vtspers. 7 4S
r. i".
ST IIRXPA'S. Hickory ard California: the Rev
Ten 1 Jnrn A. 1 In ff man. Pastor Mas, 5,3v,
7 d and li tu in , ve-iers, 3 p ni.
ST JAMRs'S. Tamm. Opposite Aade; the Kev-
trend R. a. Casej, Pastoi Mag". ard U a.
1 1.
ST. .T01IN"S. Sixteenth and Chestnut: the Iv-
Htnd Jame T. CoITev, I'astor Ma s, t, 7.JJ, 3
and lu tj a in , v esters, a p m.
ST JOHN OP NRI'OMi;iC (Rolemlan). Soulard
and Rleventh; ilir Re.ererJ Jcfp!i Iltssoun,
l'aitor Mu.. 8 and Vi ni. , vespers. 3 p in
ST. JOriRPlPS (Herman). Rlevcnth and Riddp;
the Rev tit nd J. Piancis alazza. s J Mi,
fa S and n ii in , Mindav t-cliLol at -p. m ,
benedlvilou at 3 p. tu
ST I.WARRNCK O'TOORR'S. Pourteenth and
01 alien the Reverrnd M. S Rrennan, I'astor
-Mat". Z.Ut. 7. S. y 13 and lu.? a. in., ve-prf
at S 30 p in.
ST I,D3 S, Mullanrdiy ard Twenty-third, the
Revertrd J.- J Hart. Pastor Mas, u.20, 7.
40 for childien; 0 3). with sermon; tvwilnj
t-ervlco, contesting of rosarj, sennon and Lene-
ST I.lROniCS S (Germin). North Market and
Jfosnn. the Revcrerd ; A. Reis, Pastor Mass.
C, i and lu a. m . vesper. -.30 p. m.
nrd Mirvlai.d. the Iteverend 1' V O'Rclllv,
Pa;or Mass t. 7.20 and 3. U 30 a. m., vepers,
i d. m.
ST. APUHIVP. Clark and Rwlre: the Rever-
nd "harle3 Ziegler I'astor Mas-, 5.30, 8.30
anl 10 ) a. m vespers, 7.3J p. m.
ST. MARK'S rJVANGKMVr. 1'age and Acade-
iri the Reverend Peter J. O It our It e. Paster
MiE? TO. 7.43. 9 and 10.30 a. in.
ST. MARY'S (German), Third and Gratiot; th
Reverend W. Paerb-r, Pator Mag. . ft and
30 a. m.. Sjnda school at '2 p. m.
riRST. N'o 31Ct Locu.ti the Rerend John I-.
Rranut, J'a'tor MornlnB, "l'llate's Qi.f-st!on'
evening, "Washington and Ills Time," Hlus-
CXRONDnLirr. r"0l Virginia. G. i:. Irelnad.
l'ator lj't"al mJrnlnp ami evenint- servicer.
HMXND VLU, Cornr IIuilt and I-anham. I.
R. OoKin, ratoi Usual mgrntns and een-
Ine- srvlcs
TI i:i)U (-t I, mi is Cbuntjj. .1 A Rennett.
Minister r-n ii morning and tcnjnjr Ftrvlves
Ol.i ORCirAKU tVJllase II ill). , P in .m-
dv scIhujI, A p. m , i reaching by R T. .Me
1 rlard
RAST srni! fKat St Irjl-. RI ). Y . MIian,
Pastor- Uvu it iiiurtilrgr ard ofnlr,T arvics,
SRCOND. HIecnth and Tiler. V. Livlss Pitt-
, 6 it), s and 1 1
Tn nntlilli nnl 1
i"a. the Reeiend I itan St in m?kl l'astu i ','", .U.,' iijckrer i ip-Vr c'e lt u '.z
Mas 7.C0 anl & ) n in . fpei. Z p. m e Lli T -it Ti m lanIHfnlc at 1J'J-
ST "iLRLSXS. No- 2413 North (.nnl. the Rev- pptiii vtiiu CK-...V ,i Tt,-rfrr,n. , t. r.
rrenl T C'nnniTli lrt.tiir Mqiu a 1", t I. I I IUIIIl M, SMw "pit Ilcreroru. te I.eCr-
'"riW .,:T? '" Aa,. f. .? ,.....V:- . er.l Henri C. Grabend'nkei. Ii-tor-.-erUcrs at
IHIU sf.JJ JHiii Kt i"r i'l ' IV tl nt . iniiuicii n t
mm. Pallor 10 a. m . services cor,binInrr
ehool and church, S p. m.. "Honor to Whom
Honor Is Due."
CTNTPAL, l'inr.ey. Ne3r Grand, th- P.r-nd
Howard r Cree, Pa-to' 11 a. in The viuer
iean'n God u Ged rf Gold", cvcnlne srviees
POI'ltTlI. So. 1M1 Penrose: the Itevcrcnd E T.
Mcl'artand. I'jstor Usual niornln an J even
ing ferviec.
I'llTH. Xo. 23CI South Seventh; the Re-.eren! J.
P. Quii-enbero. Pa-tor -11 a. m , mornliij
anl e tiling -, rlcea as usual
CMMprON HKIGIITS. St Vincent and Cill
fornU; ihe Reverend J N. t'nililier. lastcr
Psnal nernlng and cvenlrj fcervbes
JIOL'.VT CVIIAXM:. KIims IIl3h.-v and Mor
gan, the Reverend Prank G Tjiell. l-ator
ID li ,u m. 'The Glrry of tli enure & , even
ing. sieclal pregramme
1!I:IIIA1I. Comer Marcas nnd HiiiiiMt. the
Reverend VV A Moore rt"t r Toe Revirend
H P Davis will spik nn'i in-? an 1 ettnlrg
VIsr r.N'I). llimilton anl l'ljm utlt -Murnnig,
l ie..tlilrg and reteitun or new nunimrs, cea-
i s
IS. Mr
Prank J Meeulis v ill pnaili.
COMI'TOX II1L.U Co-np'nn anl Ijfajette.
'R verend W VV". Xcw. II Pastor In c a
' New Mrtive pi I.lfe", 6 I. In., tp.
rr.uuai i-eiviees
l'IKST. Delniir, Xeir Grind. Pie Kevennd Poi--I.
r ( Ii Patton. P.'stoi 11 a lu , ' A Hincd !
I it Pow -. .Not Words', P. lu . Uf. ur
Christ" II! nitrated with terroptien
mr.NTtlX PARK, -ulert and l'ountiln, the
Rteeieml 1 ' Cror.T-r. Pi.steT 11 tl ui
j fhrlt s Clttive', ' JJ p. 111. "I'lligs 'ihjt
I I..ue '
I M Vpl.i:w001 tho P.evererd George I: Kites.
Parlor Morning
I HlDU PARK, llremen and P.lair; the Reterenl
W M Jones. ! ti. ra-t .r-M 17 a m .
"Pienarli i. tl e Waj", S p. 1 1 . "I .)'l;!itnes H
i National i.lfi "
IM:iANI'i:i, llnn-erk and Jamlco.i. th Re--
rcnl M J Nurtoii. Patoi 11 a m llae
I 1'iltli In ;!'. 7 5l p. m, "Wall. While le
liaie tho Uj.1-1 "
MPMORI U bulphjir ard Was. the Reverend
j Ptank l'ot'r. Paster 11 a m. er,0,l r. i
I "ervicee. 7 3 p ni . services at g;mnjs'UT,
fit lalK l i.u-rsllj
-ifh, ,,,,.. ,,. .. , ...
ryaltv t 'ltr-t '. S P in . hits th
Iht Ir ipwrtant Ihins1'
ril-fililil. Waii'ntoi and i:inK tho Kcrrcnl
I-t tur M J-uinn im, li;tui Aljuiinjr, 1
UorK nf the Uoij fcpuit', tvcnlny, l-ii's fr
l:MUM:Mi:Hk lUutt and Tlonifm t'i' J
f r nd tloorrp I, llod, I' if-tor M rrdnr tcrx
t. p- .it tiu,!. s t ni. niorthly son Frit
Ili:niIt I'l-VCF. Matkliml and Old :!anchcvtcr;
th Htmi-ind 1'ranK lon'-laU, raator llorntn,;
OIaI OUiHAIII. xhf RotcrrT-d Hirrv lt.unt,
raptor tsu 1 iiinrni'tc anl f'ili 3'rlcps
Mi:urni: GKOLS. t.V ItrtrU - I. K!o.-.
1'istor- loniint " i Inlt it ion tn j; itun",
eidnp. "ietnas: A ("i.ara-ttr stutlj "
l'IKST iJLKMAN. GdrrteM and Spr'rr tl !:
crend W II Io-n. l'attor 1' 4'. a. in. Oin-t
In '(Trthomant': s p in. "1'tter lJenIng tho
S riilH. Armtn7ti nnd lllrlvrr th Itct-
r-nd "" O I-akao". Pastor fatrwcfs at 11 i
m nn I i i in
I'MOX No 14" Nutli Tenth: the nrrend Si.
T JtrK nnoi, I'a'lo- Mnrrlri: erive. icnIrK.
prcuhintr b tn Ktieitiul I'ranK ros-trr.
XtinilLi HI A! ""'frnth and Al'cn, . Uet-
rpnd lMmund WobIlt2kj. l'astor 10 Zi a. m
ami 7 "0 ii. in fTic s.
Iini'n. It-It ard Ka'ton: the Ivercnd llirtln
I UIrd Iatn-- Mwnific "Hnv V M iv
J.firn ur Ijutv From the ltlhle". evening.
"Th rromite of IXtrnal Life.'
cimisr cnuncn cathfdtmu Thirteenth
anl Iocust. tl j;r",crerd C 7.1 Uiis. Dear
ani s a in holy trmnanlon. II a ra ,
prier nrd sermon b ("aion Sm'tli ' Taith In
C.chV', s. p m. "DivUed CTrltlanity' l.y
Canon Mncl Ur
cm noil or Tin: afckn-sion-. c- and
GvMffiio t! IIcrmd IJot-tor Jam- It (
Winchrter. llci-U'r i a ni . holi tommun- I
m mion Jl a ri . i rave'". crmrtn and hoh com- .
rnunJon. 7-t ? rn . pner and sermon 1 tho
Ue-rcnd J K i:rnnnn.
t-p!phth and ah'iiRton, Vio Itetrfnd It IX
Ijs? Craijr. Hector 9 a. in , holy c mrunlcn;
11 a m.
t GHACi; i:iernlM nnd "Warren tho ncrtr:d
.T I T Incrahim lienor I1) Z.) a m ani 2
, p in. "-errnon and t.er!cei
MOI NT CAIA MtY Gmid anl Ij.fivett-. t
It erend V Iauntlrroy. II", tor 11 a m.
and s p ni -prinon rnd isenitc:
CHL IICII OK Till: Ii:Pi:CMi:n IMne and Gar
ntii. tne KPWienii t inrici rotman. Hector
11 a m nnd v. m . ennon and rcrUcra.
bT ANOItnU S Gnrrlon and Ca.; t-ti r.ev
Mfnl J iVis-rN Itfcto"- 7 'l a m holy
rninunIon 11 a m , mo-n!nK pracr anl r
inon 7 tZ p in . p"-acra.nd sermrn
.T At Gi;:iTIM;v I'nno and UlepJon; th
Rernl G It 1 Mil'-. Hector U 20 - n
anl K i. in. MTtnon ard iirle Tl.o Ite er
end It I, caddy vill ofticiatf at the morrln
ST GKORGi: Verdletnn nrd OIH: the He-e-rnl
T. Holland T T . Ileeto- Moui
Ii'tr, "The Vifon of Hln. icond in a se:ie3
from Tennvvn
PT JMIX-. Goole ar.i Coe Tril!Hnte: the.
ICei-n(' l)Ktrr I' natkr,o"th. Kcctor 710 a.
m lioH ro7iinur'Ion: 11 a. in ' The 0e j
Thine NVedfuI": .ven'rr, "A Half Hour In
the Court of Judsnxrt " I
ST JOIIN. Illclv'n rnd Dolm.-n- th- Ileereni
A T ouim. Jtector 733 a m . holj com
munScn' 11 a m, prajer anl "ermon h the
Ite erend Ilean Pnif. S p m ItNhon Tuttlo
will Fpeik on ni-.tons and confirm elites t
&T MM:::'.', Fortieth anl Washington; thr j
i:efrnl J K lirenmn. Itector J a in, holy f
communion. j
ST ii:rn!t"S, i5.mdcll jind t-prln: the Itevprer.t
WilPam ShTtj Hector 7 1". n m, hnty rom
mnnion II a m. vn rnlru prater nnl Fcrmon '
Wore th" Pons of the Ueolutlnn ill -hop Tut
tie i residing, S p. m tcrmon and special ,
ST l'HIMPH. Unlcn anl Mnpl; Hi- Heerend
WIlH-in Kln"er. Heeler 11 a. in nnd S p. in..
tn ice
hT Ti:i'IIEN"P Sixth and Ituter. the Tier-
erend II W. Mizn"". It et tor 7 and ' a m.
hol communion: S p ri , termon arl cr!ce?
fa11 .MATTHKW. WINon. Nenr I rico Pari..
the Herend II. .llln?. lUctor ll a. m
uid S i in . cermoti and F-rvI-'es (
tjirncii or Tin; gooh srinPin:nD. xn :-.
-niena, tne iteitrenit ll i teuton. Hector
W a in. loh Lrmnunlnn. Ij 4 a in aiicj
7 t) p in. rrr n and e-he
IMMN"I 1 M O'clrrd the It- ervn J J M
"North- p Hictor 7 a ni 1ml v . numunion. 11
p. in ani S p m nuon ml st-rfe-
ST T1IOMS.d Mlt'-lOV lnt-Mut- IJorinjr-r
Mein'i.al Chp ', the )l t ni T II. Cloud.
Hector 11 a m . er.Icen a unnl
ST I'M'rK Mlrhlcin aid Milt, th ItTend
V Jl HUho JUctcr II u n and S p m ,
ervic1? anl :ej-mon.
I.orV IXNOCIJVT. Morgan I'ord Hoid anl
Tholozm, te Hfiern! G. A Ottmann. Hector
11 a m and i? n . sermon and ervice
MlStflO.V OFTHC VDr:NT. No 6143 PUmouth;
he Iteercnd I C 'u'rn, 3ltnnt Heotor
9 a m . bjndi -chGcI. 10 a. m., mornins-
p-Ter a.d sermon
TRINITV annninir an.l VnrkUn: the Heviird
M c St Clair. Hector 7.30 a m. holy com
lnimlon, H a m . holj communion ard t-ennon;
i I'
praer anil sermon.
Ccruinii KtitRollcal.
10 3a a m and S p m.
CHONni:RRT. MlrhJean nnd Kooln; the Rev
erend Rdnrd I Ulelbtnie. Pastor services at
11 a in and 7 3) p in
CHRIST. ManchtstT arc! Rlndon; th" Reverenl
John Rrdmann, l'a-tor Scrvicfc- at 10.15 a. m.
and S r m
cnuRcn or jnup. victor and Twelfth: ti
Revertnl John J rink, Paster Services at 1
a in and 3 p. in
rMMAU cpouteiu pnd Towr Gro-. e; the Rev-
rrerd On I Jegcr, I'astor beivleea nt It) 3) a,
IRIRPRN. Nlnfteentli ?nl Newlion-e; the Rev-
on n 1 utto l'altzer. l'ator t rvi' cs at lo a.
in and 7 13 p m
IMMVXrr.U Maple ahd Huclid: tl f R"rreni
M r Rblf. I 'ae'or ierv Ices at 10 a in.
and 7 3) p m
SARKM MarRaretta prd Marcus the Reverend
llenrv Aalr I'astor -S-r. ices at 1 a. ni mid
7.3.) t ui
RliRV. II tmllton nnd RTr'mer; the liverenl
Paul Pfeinr, Pastor 10 35 a m . Inten cer-
vke. ji m clet.tli annlverir of tho Radius'
Mil Stjic . with trrmuii I'i tlo Reverend ()
ST J COFr? folio; and Rjalr. tlie Rpv rTend
. lleas, I'afctor Firvlct at 10 a m. and
7 30 v ni
KT .lOU N'N'US"S Pourtoorth and Madison; tho
Reverend K T II. Uettcx, 1'ustor Servic-i at
10 n m and 7 13 p. ni
ET. I-ncrr-. Sctt ard Jefferson: th Reverend
Ilenrv Walscr, Pastor Servict 3 at 10 a, m. and
7:1-1 P. m
ST MARK'S Third and Soulard; tho Reverenl
V. lt. Rllie, 1 'aster herUc-s at 15 a. rn. and
7.3i p m.
ST MATTHEW? J'fferron and Potomac, th-
Reverend Henry D-ecf, PastorServices at 30 3J
n. m. and 7..w0 p. rn
ST l'Al'IS. Xo. 1SI0 South Ninth: the Reverend
.1. Jrion. Pastor services at lo a. m. and S
ij. m.
ST Pim:rt Iourte;nth nrd Carr; tlie Rever
trd John KIlcK. I'ator-servIce3 at 10 a, m.
and 7 30 p in (
TRIN'ITr Neosho and MIclitein: the Reverend
Ii. W. n-ser. Pastor Services at 30 a m and
7 30 p in.
ZION. Tnentj -fifth ard B-nton: tho Reverend
John P Raltzer, Paster Services at 10 a. in.
and 7.4 p. m.
nRRN'nzCR. No 2521 McN'alr: the Reverend A.
Fischer, Pastor 10 a. m. nnd 7.30 p m , ter-
Cerninn Ilv nnsrollcal Lutheran.
RRTHANIA, Natural UrldRe Road and Clay; tho
Reverend M. Martens. Pastor Services at 10 a.
ni and 8 pm.
RRTHLKHRM. Salisbury and riorlssant the
Re erend C. I Janzow. I'astor; the Reverend
I, ruorbrlnger, AEs'stant Services at 3:30 a. m.
and 3 JO p. m
CHRIST. No. 33C4 Carolina; th Roverend R H.
T Scllesle, Pastor ScrAlce at 10 a. m. and
7 pm.
Ohio, the Reverend Charles C Schmidt, Pastor
Services at 5.30 a. m. and 2.30 p. m.
CONCORDIA, No. 23)1 Torest: the Reverend
George I. A. Schaaf, Pastor Services at 10
a. m.
ERENRZRR. No S4T) Cliureh Road: th- Rever
end Ferdinand S Ruenger, Pastor Services at
10 a m. and 7.30 p. m
RMMAUP, No 3323 Jefferson: the Reverend
Richard T. Kretzschmar, Iartor Services at
10 i't a m. and 8 p. m.
HOLY GHOST. Grand and Fare; th? Reverend
Pedro Ilgn, Pastor Serv ices at 10.30 a. m.
IMMANUKU Fifteenth and Morgan: the Rever
end G Wanerln, Pastor Services at 9:31 a.
m ard 2.3) p m.
fT. JOHN'S. Mi rsin Ford Road and Chippewa;
the Reverend Herman Rarteis, I'astor Services
at 10 a. m. and 7 p. m
ST. l.UKK'S, Itiskri pnd Compton; th- Reverend
1 redtrirk V. Kinrr. Pavtor Senlrcs nt lft a. m.
ST. PA I I.'S. Pr-ilno and Vcn riiul: the Rever
end John F. K'rfhterlns, lator Services at
-3i a. in and 2 30 p. m.
ET. VSTllR'S. Mtta and Netcad; the Rtver-
. -tinsi., ..i.. IMrrirtVTt Tn-oif -tlilf.l -irt.I W-nc.. hn. T-
end Theodore Rchurdel. Pastor Sen I ccs at 10.13
a. m. and 7:11 p. m.
&T. TRINITY. Mxtli and Kneln: the Heererd
.laeoh J Hemthal, Iastor StrTiecs at lo a. m.
and 7pm
bVi:i)IH GiyrilStAIANH No 1C1I Callfo-nla;
tlie Iteerend Carl J Henhard, 'astor Services
at ll a m and 7 15 i ri
TJtINlTY, lnfaetti and Eighth th Heerend
Otto C Hauler. Palter nlces at 10 a. m.
inl : p in.
ZION. Ilenton and T ntj -tlr--t, the Itecrcnd c
1 Obtrmtier, Pastor Str Ices at 10 a. ni anl
i Sti p m.
IIISMO.V I OH TIlp M:Ar the Hoerfnd Her
man llalhilmrp Pi'-tor Fer.Ici s at Z'on
Chuich at Z p m In sif,n lansu: g
CAHONI)I:l1:T (outht irglnU nnl Haen:
The ite er.nl .1 M llngland. Pastor Momlrgr
and eonim; eric
CVUOVIil'LI.T. N. 7iu0 Vlrslnia. the Rexerenl
II G ilalc, Pa&tur J lornlng anl vi n.ru
ser ices
CHNICNAHY (c..th slitentli ind Pine: th
i:etrend D 'tr J II ouns, Pasto- Mornlns
and L,nin tervltf
COOTC AVHM E (Snath) Cook anl Spring, the
Itae-enJ Doctor It D fcuiart, I'astor Mrrn-
Inc strn.s db u-uil
PIHT c-otrh; Glamour and Ilajtrn, thrt Itev-
eitnd Txt r II G. Ilenleri-m. Pastor Moin-
IiiK, "IVt tl t or Affl'ction". ev kilns'. H-b'LCu
tin M.dl Aitt "
IMMAVLTI. outht. McCau!-ind; the Iteerend
H Uuein". I'astor Mjrnirg anu ecnln.j
i.rMrrn: rnic routM inf iettn ana
-MIeouH the Rerenl Uot-tor ( K PattUIo.
Pf-tcr ilomfnK and tvenlnj -enhs
WM)i:U WI LJ I.Inl-U nnl .a"id, the
Heerend J) ct r Iti.!.-1 D ri.hester. Pastor
.Moniint; ail in("5 k 11-
21 VJ'M: V'Nl,: II: and Maple tN Hee--
nil Ductc-r A. M Ihilin'-ltij. Pistor U a. ri .
and S p m M.rUes a-, uaiini
.MARVIN (South. t-Ilmy and Twelfth, the Hel
en rd Ll irtni li-rfn. Pati jr-ilormr and
ee jinq 'rfcii.fJ'
MOPNT APRCHN (outh). NoiPi Market and
lludiamont. th Hexm nd J t phus Stephan,
l'a.tnr Morning, Sei:-i:xamln itkn". S r. m ,
no 1V11 -liPMOHIM.
(Gerrran), Jefferscn rrd Accomic;
tho Reiend m Svhultz, lator Morrlnff
rd tidn sfrices
CDNM, (s.th. Vn-ide Hill, the Reer-rd
r s li'h'J, Pastor Mornlnp "Tli- Second
Semptiton' ecnincr. lul lEungtr anJ Its
b Ulsf.u ttotl
ST JOHN'S .Suit?), out nal i:w!n;; the
Hew rend Dcrtn- i w Iee. Pator Tho paitur
will j rrat !i mornlns-and oienlr
ST I LKJ I t-'ric and !!.: the Heernl
1 C 1'ori.hcilcr. l'asui-Jlornin. serilcej as
ST mu.S ('-outhi No. W St Iiuis; th"
Re erend 5! T IIa,, I'astor Mornlrs an 1
te:iin(s; erIcs.
TOUIIR GUoVi:, No HIT Kntuekj: the Reer-
end W A linmn. Pastor It a, m , ermon; ".
P in. mavs mettnji; for men. S v ni., revival
erles. ccial imitle
I'MJRN. No iCCj North Rroa-2viay Rvenlnc scrv-
SHAW AVCNl 15 lmth), Shrw and Tower
.r.e, tne p; M-rini A S Coker. Pator
Mornirfr nnd fnln terkeg
UNION. Uuc an I C'lrt-ivon. th" It-vererd Doc
tor N I,utLOk. I'a'-Ur Slornln; anl eenlns
Y GHN1.R PhACH (;otuh) th" Tt-ncrend T K
Sharp. pH-tor Aion.Inc the H erend Ioctor
P Milium. Pn'-UI"tT H'dtr, will prtaeh:
tvtnlns". urmon by th im-tor
I'HY MIIMOKIAU Clifton IleiRhf-. the Reeronl
II I. ote(i, I'astor Usual morrln and cen-
inij "iniu1
ltoMN. Tuentl'th nnl Onear; the R-erend
J- el A Ilarker, I'at jr Jlornlns and evnlnj;
t?cr ice
0K HILt: th" Rec-erd H J. RInkel, Pastor
Jlorninir, -rics . usxtil.
KIHKOOI touth. the Heerncd . F. Smith.
PaMor Mornliirf and eien'ns b rlcs.
1'FHGl SOV fojtht the Rerenl O.In Rcggce,
1 'as tor ilo-nlnK and evening 'riite'i
II VKI.UM I'U i:. Jameson and Filer, th? R-v-
trend V- I Ple. Pastor 11 a. in, an3 Sp. m,
i men and trvii.e'..
TRINITY. Tcrth ard North Market; th- Revcr-
mil c H Ci'Ios Pastor Utual moinirg and
tnln; it,r!te
Tl i.IO, th Ivrrrnl T R Rren'ngtcn, Pas
toi 11 u in , .-frkes as ueuil.
I'rcibj rl:iii.
PRVMC Mi::iORIAL touth), Aufcert and Pa?-;
the Revtieiil UoLiur It. Jl ( hailf, I'astor
.ii miiiK and evtniis frcrvic-.
CARJNLhLKT Nu iP Michigan; tho n tr
end J. 11 Gaus, Pattor Mormaj, services as
Cot MULRIANli:. Mar-ua and I-ibadle, the
jleverend C M. Raucli. I'astor H a. ni ,
t-eivircs as u'uai.
I I Uii MliM';ltl.U Utah anl Tca. the Rv-
rni tj tu- r u. Walker, Pastor Morn InE-,
ii-n icf j .ia tmii.il
(!.MlaI.. luir --on anil L.'jca. the Revoren!
J Lavton Mauze, pislor ll a. m, "The S--tiet
t-f .i PjinuU3 l'reachrr's success", 3 p.
m., ihu Cot of hervliif: Mammon "
CUUt iu. lili-L. CHAPiU Coinptun anl Park,
I me Jievcrtnu i. j. w.iihiihs, j-aiitor iu.u a.
in. jiti i, p. in. servicer
! cm rcii or run cornant, no. 2:10 North
i.ianu, tl e Rv-?rtritl I . 1 vrnnort I'astor
I Hum, "servmsr Christ." Evtalngr services,
i COtvC AM.Nl U tlh;. Cook and iAirah, the
j Jtt.vtri.iid l-t-r it. P. i'arris, buppo Mtninu
1 .md t. veiling fctrvn.ef.
GJtACR. Lla.ie and Ridge; the Reverend Gorjre
v Cnaltant, I'liator Morntng and evening
, Gi'ANO AT.XUE Fouth. C.rand and Wahlns
j tm, the Itvtrend locior J. 1 Cannon, 1 'as tur
( MircuiK and evening setvice.
1 1'lRbT. wasilnion unl Sarah, the R-vcrenI
i lJov.ti.r W J An.ivittri-k, Pastor, the Reverend
G. W Kins As.sant Mornlnic. "The Crt
! of Christ . evening. "I'uther nu Cld.d "
IIK-T li- P ) N-rt-t-aiI and Morgan, the Rev
erend Changs 1: uatson. I'astor 11 a. m,
' Ihe Life of 1 aith In Christ , s. p. m . str-
GRAND AVI XLT Grand anl I'oret Park
Houlevard, th Revertrd J V. Asnvvcod, l'a
lii Usual morning and tvnl"s teivlcts.
LM'AYITTi: PARIC. Albion and Missouri; the
Reverend S. C I 'aimer, Iator 10 30 a. ni ,
MeplinN Addns j.eioro ihe Sanhedrim":
R P. in., th Revciend Charles fctelzle will
lire icIi
1.RI: AVI:N'1l:. Prairie anl T-'e; th- Rev-rend
ilenrv i.nrdner Pis tor ilornlmr Children In
the ( hurch. tvenini?, "A Roval Invitation."
I.UCAS ARNUi: (Cumberlard) Utica and
I'hnnnlnc; tu Reverenl Dorto- t. P Fullerton,
J it i" P,ofs of Salvation , evening. "A
RnurKaMf Coni nation "
McCAUSRANI) AVRMU the Reverend J. N.
Real I'asto 11 1 m. 'An Old Question";
evening. "A Cond'tioa of Dlsclplehlp."
Mi:MOUIA7- TURRNAC1-R. I iftppnth and
Cirr. the Rvennd Doctor H. Migill. I'astor
11 a ni . srvlce as usual
iHIIKHAM MEMORIAL. Menird and Julia; the
Reverend i harks btelzle, I'astor Morning and
fverln? 'crvit-10.
NORlll, Eleventh and Chamber : the Reverend
Ioctor A. T Wolff, Acting Pitor Morning.
"Relation of tl.c OlorlPed Savior to His
Cliunh". evenlnvr. ' Tin Cree .f the Modern
ould-Re Infidel ; tecond cf 1 erles.
NORTH CAHANNE Hartmer Av'nue. In Coun-
tv . the Reverend Howard Smith. I'astor serv-
Ues aa tisLal
OXK HILL, Rent and Ilumphrev; th- Reverend
Samuel I LIndsav. lator 10 I", o. m . "Rury
ln Our Idols", s p. 111, "Flc Church at Co
l'nth "
RAYMOND PTCE (Cumberland. Kinc'i Hlch
vi and Cabnnne; the Reverenl Tailor Rer
rard. I'astor .Morning fervid ts; no evening
m rv ice.
SKCON'D. TaIor and Westminster; the Reverend
Doctor s. .1 NIcculIs, LL l . pastor; the Rev
t rend R Do! son. Asstant;ervicei nt 11,
"Stninfiers anl Pilsrlms"; S p. m , "A Kind's
Lovalty to Christ."
TYLER PLACE. Russell anl 5-pring: the Rev
erend D R LMand. Pasti r 10 43 a m ,
"Th Sinless Clirtst", 8 p. in "Th Heavenly
Fath-i "
Revrrrnd T'oitcr F A Sneed. I'astor Usual
morning nntl rvtnl"p s An ices.
V. EST. Mjrwil! and Map!-, the Reverend Doc
tur 1 I 1 ergti'-o", Pator M)rnln- and even
ing servlt cs.
FIRsT RElORMKD McMillan anl Taj lor; th
Reverend M. M. Parc-, Pitnr 11 a. m ,
and S p. in.. erv Ics d u:ual.
CLIFTON HEIGHTS the Eev-rnd E. J. Eroivn.
Pastor 11 11 m. and 3 p. m, service.
GONKR PLCK if. P.): the Reverend A M.
'anmbdl. Pastor I sua! morrlns anil evening:
FOULT PARIC MINION, No. 41H Mincbcst-r;
the Rpve-end G V Kins, Pato- 1 s la!
tnornlnir and evenlm- evIces
I'ERGLiON. tlie :-. trend M V P. Yeaman.
Pa tc Morning an 1 ev nlns s-rvices.
ROCK HILT', St Louis Count; the Rever-nd W.
i: Smith. I'astor 11 a m . "Th- christian
safeguards", 7.3) p. rn , "Comers on of Peter."
KIKKWOOD; the Reverend Doctor II. r Evans,
I'astor Morning and evtning sen ices.
"WKtiTER GRO'I; th- Reerejd IVivId M.
Skllliner. Pastor-Elect Jl a ir.. "Tlie Trun
Minister and th- Tru- Church, f p. m . "The
True Eel'Klon "
rron-ES CHURCH (onth). No. $ig North,
Illeventh; th Reverend R If. Lent. Pastor
Usual morning and cscnlng services.
nitST GERMAN Tfnth and Rutf ei , the Rev
erend J G Keller Pastor 10.30 a. m ,
O-rman '-rvlccs, 7.30 p. m , Fngl sh sermon to
jouns ladles
RVDEX; the Reverend W II?on StUt. Pastor
Mnrnfns and evening services
V.ENN!tGO MISSION. Wlnrrbago Ftr t
and TeJinesse Avtnui- tlm Reverend A. IHIh--n
ann. Pastor 10.30 n m. pr idling in Ger
1 mn, 7 30 t m. preaching In English.
JZtitzllU Lutheran.
ST. MVUK'S, Cardinal and Rclt: th Reverend
Dot tor M Rhodes. Pi tor Morning. "Nico
demus nnd the Kingdom cf Gcd" ; ev enlng,
Grace and Truth."
MOUNT CALVARY, No 1C07 Euclid; the Rev-
erend T T. Cmner. I'astor 10:30 . m , "Sane- I
t Itlcatlon the win nt God-': 8 p. m . "It PleaseJ
lion to uau jic ,
wiVv '.' - "3 u -... .no Jicerna
Martin Somnerp, ra s tor Moral nff and evening
Hf"T !;"
ST PVUIS MISSION. Choutfau nr.d Taylor
IIenlnc srrlc.
VAXDEVKNTint MfFSION' No. G10 Vandven-
lor; the Heercnd Hugo Eishop, raster 3 p.
m , preaching.
MAPIJ: AVENUE. Maple' ana Cllrer.rlnn; tha
j:eerenu J. -. iiornms. x-a-ior .Morrtnff.
I'le 1 net ui oiii . ftv,riiuib,
Thlncs '"
SAU:M (Gnnan). tli R erend VT. r. Horst-
mejcr, pastor Morni-g and afternoon sen Ices.
SIIAARi: UMETH, Und'll and Yamleieriter: the
Rerend Doctor Sarajil i-ale. Itabbi mm; a.
TnMPi.n israhu 1'lne and Lfrlnewell: tho
j:ecrend Doctor I.eon Harrison. Kabbl lO.t:
"UfrM Tennjfori; the Pot at Seer ard
CHPUCir OP THR MLSIAH. Garrison an.l Le.
cust, the Keerend Doctor John Vv. P.ay. Paw
tor Jl a i.. '"The Panble of ins Paraite"r
R p. ni . "The lafe of ("iianning."
CJiriM'II Of Till: UVITV. Park anl Arm
etrong, ths IZcicrcnd 12. U. Scuvur, l'aur
31 a. m. Mr. W. L Shellon will 1-cture on
i;merons poem. "Thernody "
Christian h:irrh (Auascctnrlan).
CHRISTIAN CIU RCH. Lindell Houlevard md
Vandovr nter Vvena-. the Reverend Abraham
1 Nel"cn D 1 Pastor 11 11 ri N(.r-i -tarian'sni
and OtIir Isms " 7 tj i in Ou
Countrj's Greatness," a. p itriotiv ten ice Spe
cial muc.c.
CHRIi- riAN CRl RCH VoIon and Tosver Grove
Avenues, tho Reverend Abraham E. Nep-on I.
D. I'itor -servlcts at 'j Z) a. m ani 2 20 p.
m . 3 3( p in., preaching.
Ucorxnntx'Ml Church fit .Ienn Clirlnt.
ROCK C1II RCH. Glnfc-ow and Dkkon tunlay
ser-ool It 30 a m 11 a m.. Elder N N vko
ivhool at l' u in. 'lravt-r irt-ttin t j p
m rr-f aching servkt at 7 30 ; in hy btvl
ii:Mpm:EY street nd morgn roup
ROAD undai - hut it - " a vi . p-ca. ulz;
it i p ni. by E.der Ivor DnvV
Other CIinri'iit'M.
UNION MISSION. No 112 Fmnklln; tne R-v-eitnd
M II G tt 1'utor er ' es it 11 a m
the pastor, the Ite' lend S II Do tjn. mil
Treat h at Z 3 anl p m
CHLRe.II Ol GOD No -O Montgomery, tha
Reverend J. N III jd. pa tor brviees. 10 0 a.
in . Saul S p ru.
ML-URINGHAL.-. MISSION". Sevntn and Cj,
the Rcvrrrnd 1 N. earlo", PiFtor 3 p m ,
Mindiy nli'd, S p m., urcit Iiint;
CHI RCH F DIV'NE I'l M VNJTl (Sne.K-n-borgiani
Dt'ir. r aid i-prln,;. th Reverend
C I3v. Pastor 11 a m.. "Tlie iiysUrj cf .'-rr-lov
fik&t nir.vii of cani&T Oricntm- ::i.
3726 Pine -trv!rp tt Ij Ij a m. and i p 11
"utrjct Mmd "
Hall. No SJii Lai.as 1 3) t m , TrutMSteke-s
Ijs. J 13 t m. adartH bj ,lr "ald,tti,
reading y Mr L e and d cirnrt rations
'itniple Rail, in'un tlir Lcverebd Tin na-
c;rims!nw. 1 astor I cenpi. 9 tj a in. !!"
a in Ihe- Untfiation if nint . 7.L n 111.
Seeking th Kn gioin of God "
SOU OUe. the Re.end F Pe k. l;ieb r--Jt)
p m . ltni. 7 F p rn 1. 1 tun by Mr
Alice Eokcr of Cleelinl. o . fjllowed bv pnt
SOCIETY OF -PIi:iTFM. iibil Wit. nd-s
Ilali J.30 p in. Lieum. 11 ilui-l phW oOph I
J' in, Pctu e bj the Rvr-nl M's E U
J'rlt" "n "Wlien Mfpev U Oiu Gr, is G ll
Mljhtler 'Iliall .Ttj-tiie7"
TENTECOSTAL CIU IH H. Nt 913 Garrison. tf
Reverpnl I. C e.riei, I'atcr U i a in and
7:30 p m.
CLEANFU MIIOV. No 211 Notth Tv.elfth;
V. M Ruth Sucri itmient 3 n 1.1 s,initay
s rcol, p m . the Rev e end H lllak v. I I
T recti
ETHICAL SOCIETY Nineteenth an I.ei t.
W. I, bhldon. Lecturer 11 a m . "T h1 ' itv
1v the R-verend E II t-pei t er of the Cnureh
of th Lnltv "
lln 2:3 p m , Sund iy bdiool, ruading at 7 3)
P m by the pitor
ttenth and Wriijht, Pie Rc-ic-erd T I- Muel
ler, I'asto" Mcrnirg service at 10 30
Cote P.riltiar.te tie RevennN K C ard Marv
McGee Hall. Panto's Strvicen at 11 a in . J
nnl 7 4" p m 3.- i in. Junior Seventy,
p m , Mr Hall will "peak
RUS LEM, Twelfth an'' Tver. tV Reverend
Charles A Nussbaum. Pitor U a. in , "Pcr-s-cutlcn
In the Earlj Cnureh '
-it. Ivjuis and R.iuschf nbarii. the R-v"-rd
L Carrlerc, I'astor 11 a. in , sermon anl serv
Iucas 3 I" p in . aldres by Mr allwelt
and reading bv Mrs Ie; demor" tr.it ions
OPEN-I0iR MIS-ION. fae.o-d "and e"ark Gis
pel services at 11 a in and 7 3(t p m . crfee
and lunt'i served to th needy after ev.iy
oerv I e
Kishteerth an I ketaiczi. th- Reverend II. II.
Schrotdcr, Pisto- 2 p m (German)
sonic Temple. Odeon. Grand and Finney 13 31?
a. m. "Mulles Iruin th- Ancient Wlsdcm."
Delmar. tli Rp ren I R 1 Pcrtsr, Pator
pr.aehirg morning and evening
UNION MISSION No 3 Robert Avenue and
Twentv-tntid t-ect. tip R'verend T A, Him
lltrn. I'a-tor 3 5) p tn . preaehtng by pastor,
Sp. m, bj L. D Abbott.
"The Arrest of Stephen." (Act"
vi, 1 to.)
rrep-ird for n-c RrulI!c by th" I'"" mihl J E
Gllbtrt. I. IJ , Pccretirj- of tha .'.n.erlcan So
ciety of lielleious Education.
COXXECTIXG The ra'ao a?si!;np'l for
tn-daj's btudy might rippropriately follo.v
the sixteenth er-t- of tha las; chapter The
thirt ersis Ijlnt; between treat the rela
tion of the church to the nutmle worlj.
If omlttcil from the nariatle e hae i
more continuous account of the Interior
condition or tho church and the coni-quence-,
of ir-nt condition It will ho rem' in
hered that under the nromptlnK of extreme
brotlierly love the follow trs of Christ tad
a common treasury, out of which the neels
of tne whole congregation wtre met. (Arts
iv. 31 57.) The outcome of that communistic
arrangement appeared first in the deception
and death of Anann and Sapphtra. Our
present lesson thov.s that, althotigh tha
people had rtcened large measures of the
Spirit and hid been united in the mos,t d
lmhtful fellowship (Acts iv. 32). they were
unable to maintain proper relations, on that
MUIUIL"RIXG-(Verse 1 ) The church t
Jerusalem was composed of two cias0.
There were some of pure blood, descended
direct from Abraham. conerted to Chri-it
bv the nre.irliins of the apoMtle--. and others
of a mixpd race, prc-elytes to Judai-m and
afterwards, to Christianit. (Actn i. iy)
These were called Grecian-, because thev
spoke the Greek toiiKue and lied in other
Province". The were ainom; thos-e who
came annually to the Kreat ti tival. (Acts
ii. D)) There mi a strons; race prejudice
between these class?"!, which was not re
mord when they became followers of
Jesus and which showed itself at u time
and in a manner that one would Iea"t ec
Pfct. The Liistom of citini; for widows was
'u ,.,r1'r."?.,J"l,a'!" ."r-'i-l"' "I!1
"1- '"' . '"""-uy"- iiiviii wi-;c Ul.iue t
At .1 general gathering of the church, which
all might attend w ho desired, they proposed
a remedy. They would cortlnuc to devite
1'lieV milSt hp Plinwn nr- ti'nitml
dv ine congregation and afterwards ap
pointed hy the apostles. This plin inolveI
nearlv all the features now characteristic
of ecclesiastical bodies a l.ind of congre
gational piscopacy. The sugges-tion was
not unlike that made b the father-in-law
of Moses (i: shl. 17.) A division of labor
secured by tailing In new ofticuls to meet
an emergency is ever admissible In any
OKDAIXIXG (Versfs ." and fi) The laity
approed the plan of tlie apostles, an in
dication or its wisdom and ot the harmmy
between the two orders or members. Tho
sei en men selected Stephen. Philip. Pro-ehoru-,
Xleanor, Timon, Parmena.s. Xico! n
all had Greek name;.. The church oppar
entlv put the work of d'stribution largelv in
the hands nf the complainants who would
not bo likely to disparage or oterluok the
(.refk clement Two onlv of the set en
Stephen and P'lllip. are afterwards men
tioned in tha Xew- Testament. (Acts ll.
r M.) Tlie eleted men wer then brought
before the apostles, who praed and Iid
hands on the head of each. This act of
ordination was highly proper, as It attestul
approal and formed a connecting link be
tween the church and Its officer". It was
'.aluable In the Interest of good order Prob
nljly borrowed from Jud-iism (Xumh. xII.
IS), it represented the shing of authority,
and It was supposed to be accompanied liy
tlie d!lne blessing and the bestowal of the
Spirit. (Acts ill!, 17.)
IXrHKASIXG-(erses ' nnd S) T'ds
liappv adjustment of the difllcultv restored
the church to perfect harmony. There was
r.o discrimination on the one bide and no
murmuring on the other. The wants of all
vere freely and promptly met. As a re
sult the apostles gac thcmselies entirely
to their legitimate work, what would hate
been impossible had there been disturb
ances rncr secular matters, and the word
of God so preached brought forth fruit.
(II Thess. ili. 1.) The number of disciples
was greatly Increased, and among the con
verts were many of the Jewish priests, who
surrendered their incnrnfii Tt,n&u a r-n.
t,e church to become members and possdbly
ministers In the Christian hodv. The spir-
nuai interests- lar surpassed the temporal
'"i. jiuuiwjij muru is nenrc or mo sfri
ice which the s.ven newly ordained wero
expected to render to widows. Stephen, who
was at the head of thexhst, appears In an
entirely different function and becomes one
of the most conspicuous workers and
DISCL'SSIXG (Versus 9 nr.d 10) Armr.i.
Ing to rabbinical books, there were in the
lime of the apostles more than 490 syna-
gogucs in Jerusalem. These were nini. nf
F??iUiv- r-TSn,,t ,harU ntrSUPrVeS i"g was awai.entd in the 1 carts of rrnnv.
(Ac.i !. .) nut there was faoritism I vhateer ele the Jews of that dav lack.t.
ote'GanSf'rien "CfSlCt StVre foLtdAdcnMi reTercnce of a
fntler VT,li l friends of the Ctrtain Kind for the institutions which Jud
PltOPOSIXG- C'erses ,,, nTi o ma1? thom a peeull ir people. Herco 3(e
t'esrllri not Tr Vnr r,,:,.ni J, e,ap,os" Phra vras arrMl and hj-tily conducted
JkLn".iJl, lpu' Lc0,,'br.';:! V. .' irfore the Council to answer for Ki
wl.l?h wisniYi ,,,,nnTi., ,Xt,r ""...r of bhisphens ..cair:.t the holv pHco and
an avbMx was "'aU-lmf ortin?1 -Thi' "-.ho'v the ,aw declaring that they hid heatd him
mlLht Vi,? ii Vh.1 i! aL .. l!at lh?y frequently utter language that was calcn-
mignt do this without distraction certain int'i . i.-tr... mcred tliiii".s into conteraut.
?ot'd1sSA0but,e;o5d1CT Jnone"C th0, ,3"!e- ! To make 3 thffflrtn th. r raw tho
ber must L honr.T nnm ?,-,ir-V!I,,ia Vi'T" substance of th- language used-that Jcsji
RhmM ,w?,.'11111 otr1" Il0l; Iwoald destrov Jerusalem and chinge the
JlV.0!.':. 'Li'ln,?..i.hr.re.f" th? confWcnco of ,.,, of Mose. Paul was accused of .l
t"U LllurLU. Ilt'V ihiist no rnnwin rtr nntn.l
Dow Hani religious instruction so arranged as to meet Instead of the riot guns which they usual
the needs of tho neonle from tho wirinns Iv carry, thev will be eaulppcd with Simula
Piovlnces and designnteel by appropriate
titles. Men well ertd In Scripture and tn
ecclesiastical literature -"were associated
v.iin euesf synagogues sometning like the
faculty of a college. The preaching of through which the Prince1 and his at
Stephen. perhaps in the temple, and some- tendants will pas3 up to the second floor of
times in the synagogues, where great lib-
erty of expression was allowed (Acts xlli.
1". attracted attention 7;y its wisdom and
spirit, until sorrc felt called to oppose him.
Chief among them v.erp men out of the
most influential synagogurs tho?e of the
I,ibertins. Jws returned from foreign
oonoge: ine t remana, inosp irom '.rene.
in Xortliern Arrita; the Alexandrians, those der tin direction f Assistant Chief of D
froir. the city ot Alexandria. ,i famous p'.iil- tecties Smith, will guard the Prince fror
ofcuchicaj tenter, and those from ClUca. and the time of his arrhal until his depart.
certain t cure rliearratis::i as wattp
i to qujnwSi t!.:rst No rnnttcr wfcaS
pirt o? th; t .J tho fain may be; in
or whether it "i . acute or clirnnij.
V21I drive it Qi.t 111 a few hours, ci:u
fuiiy care in .". 'jt.- days. HUWON.
M ioT . Pjt f -, -x I 1 t: ui ! cure a j i t'
I mety p-r ecr t L .-vco-nplanr i' n?
the 'sr'iest stig' !r 1 t s D.s.ja, tan b uud
Mtmon sCtarri.Cii r ".rcaMTrhm t ip .,
throat fcr.J s:otj l. rt s .ird hurl m. : ia
.rrOJs.-.fft.ctlonatdcl.irfSfn I .hell .'arm .
tr-.'et! a dcu- d i Munrri 0rrcaui' llr. I
Mjiii- sC I'dC ir- r- '1 rcalc u,)an, for i
Muduq s i.l ;cr rcsto'cs I-st pu tcr fis
rz i 1'rtrii
The ! Imtto n llrllli fff)!-:!-. abni '- r-z
nrd tl :r r ir nrM:.t.t!n drt1."' 1 ' rcS
ar- 3.1 i i s i1 t1 n ni. 'tv r-t c?n' at
JIii' n -v rX a- f'hi idffhia
uimovi imull-u ttr.-. tixvnr.n.
ThltUst A-p-zn Ci:rr Sf'irlir
HjjFO"?ri3ATSO ' GO.
St. Louis Qffics,
'o Y rl nLC 3 Pail. I'l- .
Hotels and Resort,
A. '., 'uiercan t'tr.n C r.. rurrpni fit
3!l5',.!ir I '"fsr U -" Him I i i Vmt r n, i
MlUiliiu I,,.,, ( apu-iij s-i -n.iW hit l "'
Pi!v PI I i1"'"1'' '"' 'r"-t Ilninrh Dm-JtII
Atlantis City 'ap5.','rlii"lvr,rGh5is;a
Baltimarg M,'j.P1,o.ciSr?,y HolelBemafl
Bcs'oi ,Vn,;v.e1,.'iVat:.t1. Mtl VcsiIcdj
BjsioS'it'iiS Hqtil Eroaswirt
N. V.
IJuiTrrlo sru-uctaiid T(.a I aiit
i-,t I iimputn PW ' LLiWt
BrGokin.'-p1' Ty1- Hotel SI. Gsorga
Colorado Sp'gs RreM'ff Tie Hea Antlers
DsnverGal '"S1' Win3sorloiel
Lakewooi, N. J. I
ST. minutes from cw Vork.
Hew Orleans, ri''-Heg SI. Charles
Sew York
E. O Uoes.r,
r.'iav nnd fSt'i St.
Gilsey Kous3
Poland Spring -"e- Jg,1 Mansion Ms:
Corllsnrli! Cal Amid or.'ince
neaianas Brorcs. noowiets.
The Gasa Lcm
San Antonio lhsGiTrt.,s.t Hot Sulphnr Bafo
fomlInlnB Xaturtl Heat and Mini nl (n llitii .
Santa Barbara lnJi?.VoEiet The Arlinglci
San LoisOBlsgo ntiHl'iSn.TIie Romona
Tsmpa ri3-A"p');'"jl,1!C':rK'- Tampa Bay Hotel
Washlngtofl JJiiVS-KT The Sh iito
Asia. Uoman TroUnces. Xhl3 formidable
combination of talent against a, deacon 'n
dicates the nbllit of the latter.
AfCUSIXG ('rsei 11 and 12) This ne-v
mode ot opposition to Christianity fail rt.
The men who nrr.ijed themcles aKainst
Sttphen were not equal to him. The appcil
to the judgments of the peoplo on mater
of doctrine heliied the cause of Christ. It
was necessary, therefore, to resort to mis
representation and slander. the la'
weapon used by bad men. And this w,i.
the charge that Stephen had bHspheme 1
against llosss and against God. To sustain
that charge thev suborned witrcsses It
was an easy matter to find base fellov.-
vho would, for a money consideration,
testifv to anj thing. The same method n
rrrmlorpd airnlnst Jesus. (Hark xiv. C )
i Having start d their abominabl? stor'c.
W-H would circulite from one to another
t!T.nijTV.niit tlna rnmmiin v. n hitlPl ffrl
WITXns3IXG-(VerC4 11. 11 and 11) Tlie
hired defamers of t'tephen appeared aUi
similar off era; jcars after, shoeing lmvr
senitne tne people were on mis siiuj'ci.
(Acts Nv. S ) lt is iios-lbl- that Stephen
did sav whit might hae bern construed
inti this, fcr hKtorv show that Je-us has
'one p'eci'rlv .!iat was then nllirml
he would do I!oweer the wonW wcro
ouo. d and colored with m-ilice. there b.-in
li.-ln.id all .i desire to tllerce this i e-i mill
j opiil.tr advocate. I'.ut tin re stood tlie'taan
of God iitK'istarbed bv all tint hN marries
sa'd ami old. Ills face .as. srene ivilh
censiljiis tnroie.'ee and as th) looked
upon 1dm the thought it appeared like tho
face of an argel
Itl'MATtKS The topic asssr.ed by tm
committee and used heie does not nror""'1
toer the enure Ieisjn. but only tho thirl
part. The lirst j.art Hrre 1) might bile
lgnatcd ' lass llistlnrtiou in the La' ;
("hurch " 'll'e second pirt (verses 2 tj ti
might lo termed "Aponol'e Jlelhod
Avoiding a Church Quarrel " The thr
parts, takdi together, might be used t
rhow how good people max d.-rie a bni"
nt out of a temporarj or partial wnlntv
The race spir,t that disregarded Grctia.i
widow's led to the ordination of deaco"w
That brought to public notics a slf'e.1
man. who was mightier in advocatln -Christlanltr
than rminctit Jewish teach
who opi'ostd it. That gave occasion t
present before the Sanhrdrin a inagnifi cut
tvpe of a m in. against whom not' I:
cbuld be uttered but falsehood. It l a K7' 1
dav for the peo;ile of Go 1 when thi.1T i"
tcrnal dis-enslons are adjir.tcd bv v I
rren and when in the readjustment g't t
good results. (Uom. viii. 3 S"esknr-?
nnd error !n the cliureh might to be mit
v,lth wisdom and lo.e.
.Chief Kiely Ari-.-innii:: the Dclall
to Accomiiany Koyal Visittir.
Major V,"e!l3 adjrrs"ed a letter to Ch'cf
of Police Kiely jrsterday requesting hirr
to meet him Td"sdaj morning at 1 o'cloik
to arrange for the pol'ce ilet-vi lor tne re-
ception of l'rincc Henry. The meeting is,
to be held in the office ot Superintendent
V.. S. Mrfhrsney of the Terminal Itail-
rdad Absocntion at U'e tnion station.
Chief Kiely has already parti illy ar
rang.d the police detail- Pesldes the pla
toons of ofllc rs from the Jlountcl District,
which ia to lead in. the escort, he will hao
the two title terms, a. and I!, under tho
command of CTDtaimi .Reynolds and Jovce.
Th" two companies, constating of 112 men,
will Le dra'tn up en either side of the p!at-
lorm at i.r.ton atauon. lormmg an fiis-ie
the Ftation for tlie public reception. While
the reception Is m progress thei- will b
rang'-d In front or the (station In a file lo
the Prince's carriage, which is to convey
him to the St. Mollis Club. When the car
riages ,inir at the elub the einc-r!. will
be there' to Ircelve him
In i-ddltioii to these oKl"ers detect!; rs. yn-
iipfnr tnc rnimf nnri rtivpu in c larc
f ,.,-i.j,i...
-"h'-'-o 5 '"A&'. '
" -?S?r" ri' i&-"
v-'.rrt.'ji, .tc."-.1:'"'
j-, ijil'-r; . Ahi."
-r V-- ...
si z-

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