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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 22, 1902, Image 14

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I BfaSlVBjnSVffrKW!toiirt1i
i2SrV.S-fc'Vvy'' --4-
All lcal cxeliancei will le cloned to-ila; In commemoration "t the
birth Of GcorRe IVimliliictori.
Thero wis scry little country support for cither wheat or coin j cstcrda In the
ahsence of outside" lit- Ins orders, the market was largel In the Inji.ls of prof.sslomls,
most of whom were rjnsed ou the bear side. There Ji little mw, to justlfj .in .id
ancc Crop reports agreed on the statement that the fall-ri'antotl client In neailj all
sections of tho winter belt Has well protected by snow. Predictions did i ot indlcite anj
treat change In temperature either wa. Receipts, locallj and at other primarj points,
were large, and outside of tho sale of JO.tOO bu. of contract wheit to Southern inilVrs
thero was no outward movement. I'orelsn markets were e.isv. In addition to .ill thoe
bearish factors the approach of two consecutive holidajs had a depnssin-; inlluence. as
few trader, were wlllinc to carry Ions lines oer Satuninv and Sund.ij.
Corn was freely &old throughout tho session. From nnny tctloiu cune reports tint
farmers were showing a greater readiness to sell. There wus no corresponding outward
xnoxtrucnt and littlo cash demand.
May wheat opened V3'o off and closed iCJUc off. July opened ic off and closed
'.li'c off.
Ia corn opened l-16c up and closed HS'ie on. July opened Uc off and ilo-ej "iC?
".c ..ff.
There was no speculative ttaihns in oats.
Produce was in good demand, with prices steady to higher for top-grade fruits and
Local securities rallied well under, the Impetus of an Increased ouf-Me demand, trust
companj stocks closed higher.
Yesterd.ij's bank clearings were JS,r,,U'; balances, $l,fffiSM
steady betw ecn 4'5 and J1-., per cent.
Spot cotton was quiet and unchanged in the local market.
Professionals Control Tr&Sinr,
mil Outside Kuviiig Inquiry
Is Light.
Weather conditions and a decreased coun
try demand, lioth for cash and tpeculatho
nccount. ciused all (rr.-vlns to decline In tho
local market j.estcrda All ot the reports
rrceied indicated that th (rrowiiiB wheat
crop whs in sood condition and that the
plant was well covered by snow in most
if the winter Stales Trom the Northwest
.ime adice" tint fanners in that section
wire maklnp; nctte preparations to rush
tlilr Brain to market. Receipt-) nt St.
la ul-j and either primary points were 'he.iM
Tie correspondinB div lrust jcar was a
hi.IidH. Uhoucli 20.C 0 bu. of contnet
wloat were taken by Seiuthern millers, this
was practically the limit of the cash de
mand, and thero was almost no export in
i.lr. In its wttklj outlook the Jlodtrn Miller
' The crop in the central section of the I
wiiiier-wneat belt is iioinp; well, and sen
I'jlle is a in nh protected bv Miow. Mois
line Is pit ntlful eeijwhero. Ciilms of
iif (nil .1 imni-a fo nnlnlilA Co Him- - ,t-nl
I The weather since r entered his '
!,'! '.". r'I"',;i!S1C-, "Sl:11?,!'
v.'ient liv fannets are1 noted, oninir 10 liet
- .-j. m..u...... -. ...M. -t-......v . .. .
i - crop pro-ppcts and to tar a-sct.-iment,
vl Icli will be made March 1 "
Ia. wheat opened -iftc off and .oId nt:
: 2- a.ftii-t-,c. S2c 53,5i4i. sic. nr
dile 3".i, sJ-.-ieic. (J-.r 3,4JSa n, S3Jc. t3't
.S1s,c 4. CV Mc S.t. i, K!-c. S3c,
V..I (3V.iu.c and ft'tc
lull ta'f. 77-. ,''ir: 77'.c 77-l?77,ic,
77ri. 77?i.7tc ,,4e 7 ".7741. 77rc. 77a.c.
7iVe .. .t ,.Sc 77l-e. 77ec. 77,c. 77's'i!77'ie
an I 77't.i
lleiiortu tliat farmer-; -were s-ellins corn
fn'iie- in the- Vtt hroKe- the mnrket for the
eiir-e srain. 1'oreiRii prices were e.t-,
--ml thtre was a erv llRht cah dem.in1.
forn clearances for tlie week eeere l'57.S3o.
Trading was mo-tlj in tlie handt of pro-fe-'onal-.
ila corn opened 1-lCc up nnd --old at
rj2'.c. C2c. ;i,c. 61--,c. i.lfSel-,c. flVd82c.
IV. Cl'ka61--.c fiuc el.c, in-, rise.
"le. Cli.iifli.c fil'.c 1150. eiic. HUc.
lc. CV f'1-.c wVifXVt c)c. iii.Qwi'jc,
i'1-.c. or.fiflc die H'-iC fil'ic. Clue HWc
l'e. Cl',tf6l',(-. tl',c. MSM-nr. Cl'iC. tic.
I'.i. ric. &)-4(iC0".c. e'4c. UHSiWiC. CiiSc.
!. C"-ie CO-.0 and Wtc
lul iale- t2'c c. i:ff2',c, 2',c. C2c, f2B
er'.t C2c. fTic, Cl-.c. Cl'itldl'tc. U-iC. A".;
l.e and l',c
Thcrf ttan no ipecuiatlee tradins ln oats
M-iy clo-ed nonilnallv "Sill-c oft at 4!ic,
and July -c orf at 5(j--;C.
Iteceipti of wheat at St. I.ouis were 19,
:l I.u , of viiiich 2,175 .ikf. and 15 cars were
Ilecclpts of wheat at Minneapolis and Du
luth were 503 cars.
r-rimarj receipts of wheat -rrere 5IG.C7C bu :
fhlptnints 164,727 hu.
Itecelpts or corn at St Iv3uis were C2.3S0
i -. "t"-" "-1. cr.c. i.ju -w itii-i nciu lucai t
'. -, -msy iniuulli
rrimary receipts of corn were 202,130 bu..
shipment- 2G3.-J7U hu
Uecelpu nf cats at St. touls were ES'OO
bu., nf TiMch 2l0 fks. nnl 2S cars -nere lo
.! and 31 carp tlirourh
I'rlmary rcccipt-s of oats were 2C0.710 bu.
piiljinitnts l8f7W bu.
rimh Grnln. riimr, TZtc.
Wlli:vT-Cajh Market-Receipts 2.17.1 Bk nnd
cir local No ; at 5314c thl anl S3.f(s6o E.
:,'"a,n;lkryf,lrh.olce f o. I, c -ddedei from
this hde. No 3 red and No 4 not off, red or bid
lor No 2 hard Nebraska sold at 77c this ldo
and Zm tholo Turkey f o b. 1: id,, at 7S-.c
p",!-',1 -rflc below -No- 2 -No- "prtlwVoIri
1JI1N Cash Market Tleeeli t r-wt .e. .i o
fni Iwal and 3 cars throuch Bv sample del
.V5.a,.5 E "'de- No 3 and .Vo 3 eellow- at
Vi B,lc tnI nna B tllJ,. No. 2 -.eHow U ClHri',,-
i iTIJ".: az Sh,,e at e'"5ac: E. side. No. S
white at f4c E. side.
0T. rash Market Receipts 200 . End "S
cars local and 23 cars throuch. rtv sample, del
No ; at 43e this and E. side and choice at 43'-c
this Pldo- No 3 at S; Ii sll- Ko 2 white at
4'jit,c this side No 3 whlto at 45a4ltc to 47c
for fnnce thlt and 46c li side: No 4 white at 43
(ti4e,e this side
mi.-No 2 nt G2c
P.Altt.n Quotalle at CSe to Cc. acoardlni to
welcht nnd color.
H.tNinED-Kii market.
f LOI'lt ejuotntlon. en i-oft -winter for car lots
trk : Patents S3 )Sf straUhts nt S3 TOWI H:
extra fancy JJ.CJQTJ 60; clear 1.i:9S 30. low
Bradesoft winter In lute k. SX.'Wi. hard win
ter In Jute fks $2 7"22.S3 for clear. J3S3.I.'. for
stralnMs. S3 3fc7.3 3.) for patents, sprlnc wheat
l,"1'n'' 15 '"?"' J" hulk, rv hl(thr in word.
I.IJAN This -Ide or E sld nt )c, larir or
rmnll sks.: direct onle-s J3c. at mill MatlSe.. S-lp-stuffa
at mill at Slffl 03
, ItYi: lXOUIt Jcl I lnc at 13 13 in skn. and a 1)
In bid.
CORXMRAI. fit meal, r. o b . J3.10: rearl
meal. Rrlts and homln tt.4
HAT Receipts r;-, tons Ioc.nl and 79 tens
throuch- shipped 313 tons. Prices E. trk as fol
lows: Timothy SU 30 for choice. SltSM for
No T S123I2 61 frr No 2. cloeex SJ SOSU: eloiex
mlxed jll Mffl2 for Nn 1 nnd $10 10 for No. 2.
prairie this side $13 for choice and No 1 and
$12 for No 2. nlfalfn $145?14 SO.
STRAIN -t heat $4 304.73. oat $5 50CJ8.S0: rye
14 C096
L.1U1) ANO RPEIVrnR-Fpelter at 14 S L,eal
at $4 0 .15-1 c,7r.
HICIIYlIXllS Steady nt 11.21.
Prlpe nn 'Chance.
Th followins tables show the ranee of prices
UI. tJLUIC Uim MBU Krdll B
Ranced Closed
W heat Mav . SlIfM', a
Julj 77',
Com -May .. C2C2'; li
Jul R2I, I)
Onts-May .. 4(-,13b
July 367. 1.
1 esterdae . Yesterday.
CO'. r0 1,211
60V. I.
faih wheat, com and Oats rancid
. lesten'al Thuislns
Year Aco
4-1 it
sr. tn.
St'l . .
Tl'-W .
27 J27'3
-,, rti .sc. mi n;.-.. -i-4
No. 2 hard .77 ti so
irn N'o 2 mxd 61 (a
No 2 whit" .. 4t,r.
No. 3 mixel. )i,lil
Nc. lulled .. I 'a
No, r. white... 0.1 gel',
No 2 ellow. i...
No 3 elow.. Cis4i
Onls-Nu 2 mxd 43 43t
No. 2 Northern 01
No. 2 white.. ..4tji47
N'o. .1 white... 45 1.47
No. 4 -white.. ..4S fl47'j
No. 3 mixed.. ..4H,ft(.'.
No 4 mixed .. 41 414
e.,4,! erij
EZ i
M ei6i'a
1,1 tI
1'iV. .
47 SM7U.
4. (StT
43 (14, L,
Stock of Grnln In Store-.
Yesterlae Th'sdav Last Yr
I.)t1". 1.217 419 1129 1C6
No. 2 red wheat .
No. 2 hard
Vo. 2 mixed corn
No 2 white
No. 2 mlxe I oats
No 2 white .
No. 2 r ....
Na. 2 i el low corn
1.VM.74R 43.3.-MS
njll 37 7-11
101.3-M 13 TCi
42.047 43 S 17
101 2H
r ',73
t,"b 103
33 (r.'2
. 121 Ml
E47 111 1,704 33)
11 '-S3
107 .U
f irj2
Fruit, Vegetable, Poultry, Egg and
Butter Quotations.
c'urrerit n-oeipt at 23c Hecelved Hit pkgR.
n. 23 tlaoUKQ. 33U Fl.ll'peO.
Huttti Meadj. juotatIon: Crramery Cxt
3iWiV firsts 77Je; fecunfls r35?lc. Dairy
J'xtia "ftiU:; fin-tn l'hlac ountr Choice roll
37e; jMwr to cood JJiiH-o; choice jacked lftc; poor
tt flr Iffilac. KimM 4c. iJulle.pacKed lxtra
3o: tlitt ;7o
i !?eoe vTtJ-hlnq: T-vlnv at li-Jc: slnplra llJc;
lnlrlcj I2l , 12V. I'mp liorn llC. Tn. j
lire ll'c X Y, mhjU 12- lImliurcer 33c.
Mvls itulrc IV. No 2 i;91c I.rlclL 13te.
!nk -Now -taiilor0 J15 WI'j.IQ per lb In a
Discount rates were
I-jrd-Choice clran i: fide 5 l.'c rer 11 In a
ol.ltiiK was. ketlle-rende i rd at 'AiiC
Grcei Ha-a:, In tar lots f o. h I- side IUmi
H:jll4 av at V,Ii!';,(.. 1C ai it .' lie. lc0-,,"'
2i eUmcil bum i. av liiiiu at lHiC. v."1
al 1V,i. Ca'IfeinLi C5ji5-4- N lorl. hou Her
at 7c lYim Hoc,, ,'fI mioiftiOe lum- '
i'c to SV brl i at S'iSjJ'.c
r S-. len- lu iirrlv.. ...fr-iS -n lUtel fllM
1M at 4 5mjis i-c. Ai nv at S "i'sC. - 1
IKil lots ii i JnlniiiK vviv IMS"-. 1- "rorJ
mid cribs at !".(.. ilpar si cs 1V t-elll's at
'Vi'-V. Manilanl la k at t- rl-ms '?.
f.it to, lii SV. DtHlerh ,lnrf. hisli" on or J n
1 .i.i.n Ttx ! s c Melts m a njnlrs w iv
rannii Uxtrn i-'.u atil c ribs nt JV. "
-I.lu .. O. n IIHa. at ,Tn ti 1 11. e 1H 111 J el
n(,e platts -t Se4e fft laeks at "c. -l-llulM
lmcks at S-,c dealers cUoe lndici on orJers.
JlreaLfast la 01 at lc fir heais tu 1-: lor ,
fanei ti nil hinis at 10',e t Il'c. ' allfornl 1 at
7C3Sc Nen lork shoul.lt rs e 1
Coe.no laird eJi ilce TtiiSc j
t 01 ntrv leacon MJes at 6c. 1
Tallow iteajj: -.rime countre Ko 1 at C'c:
No 2 at r.i.c. rake at C're Packers' prime and
ch dee bell nt Tt to 71.3ii1-c '
Oieo Mearlne Quote nt li)'c .
Grensti fcmall IneRular lots ccurtry- Ilrnwn at '
Cvvc. eellow at 4-.c. while at 4.c railurs
FtO"k Kiown at 45c. elIow at I'lSJ'iC, while
at Ti
heep at 3ii3i2e. thin ewes and luck. Iii-'tc.
rprlnp lan'bs 4Vd',i-e
Veils Llcht rei elpts; firmer Quote hole
fat at tic lr lb. fair at 4'!lV heretic-,
roecli tmnll arl thin at 3c to )c p r lb
Dec' On order-i Hhlrl Pln'e at !S " ) 1 ulton
Market at in jO drb 1 rets 12c. t indues 12c
ier lb. ln"liles He knuckl. V out-Id- lie
I.'le Poul'r Hens a-d mieel chbkens at c:
old roosters 4e. caiKns 1iW13c staCKV yo 111c
heads THe
-Ponpl ill
ii-c dre--ed bull
buffalo rrni
4c dre-c-l bufrilo
drr''l Ocnmn earo 4c. threpheal :':e
OarnlVrel at e rer d : Jack -, $1 !0
iict IIOZ.
Ducks Mall rd XI V hlnc-wlne tcI fl'A.
PilM J! W) ritur-sb-irh-a -c rei lifiili J
Hal bit frnlcf at Cr72c. ls for frozen tc
du No 2 SI 2J
Xu 1 larse . . J
No i medium
Do mall ct No. 2
1 larce .
1 iu-dluni
t lletp
No 4
No 2
MI- k
l No 1 lar?e
No 1 medium .
Do mall .X. No 2
No 3
Ml 4
i -ki.rk Prime, a:
1 FllC
l.lnck, larire ....
lllail medium
ohort strii-e .
lied fox
No l . .. . 1
No 1 neliuin . 1
1 l
-NO 2
No 3
No 1
No 1
No. 1
1 i )
medium .
No 2
No 3
No 1
No 1 lnrce
No 1 medium....
No 2 . . . .
1 CO
Narrow trlpe
Broad strife
, -
Illue cT. unp'Irne la'.21
Wild int 1-ft.1)
eiret cat . . .. 10113
lit icer 3&2T
Ilou-e cat 10
Mlfkrat Sfj-li)
.... : ii-i
.... i ;
SifiBl '
No I
Prairie ..
TIniltr .
lie ir
.7)cM -.1
. Sllf
- .,r,-,
5outhern rkins 13 ;er cent le and
.y-j :cr ten more
Missouri A llllnoi
IIeai line Ii) fill
Combine and
ilothlii; 1STJ pi-
Jled clothins II 1P;
llrald nnd low. 17
M'Khtls burrj 11 il4lj
l.t"ht line it 4iP
unknta A. etern
Medium .I3':i!f'a
Pin- medium. !3's1714
Ucllt line 13 613V.
lieaij fine l-i r,tll
Ark -V Soulliern
Twelve months 1. Sil7e
Iinib . ... 1 , Clfij
lturrj . . 12 (113
II u d burry . 11
Tubw nshed-t-.0
1 24'2
llnrd lurry IP.
ll(a line
11 T1J
In ili-
la. tUs. &
M.edium .
11 a 13
It 012
ilT" Ined
Jllsnt ''E'
Une medium
.Ml - .. .. 1 t-li
lleaw fine
. II title
Ulcek and seci at from 4c to Ce rrr lb less;
15c allowed on eld and 2V on nev wool ski.
l'rnitN ami A e-eetnlilr-it.
The Repauiic s quotntions are for car lo's In
fi'-nt hand", unless i.herwle specifie.1. frmill
lots on order-, are chare, d higher
bTRAULl.ItltlKS 1 I.ridn -efriseratsr stoci
43i30o per quart box.
APPI.r- -e.urrtnt receipts -v-llinc from $1 '0 to
$3 per tbl fancj stock hicher Prom -tornce
l.en Jjni5 htll nt ti "Kil T3 as to rjl-allt,, and
winrsap and wlllowtwlg J4'j I 30 per bLl in a,
Jci bine wni
I'Ki: liillfoitlp $1 305?1 r,1 per Lot.
LEMONS e'allfomia nn trk 52 23 fir choice to
$2.73 for fancj and $1 4) per I") liasl.et car
lltl New Messina $3ftl ol ln a iobbinc way
ClItM'Es e'atnwbn w nle- 10'. I.e.
OP.Al'E n!l'IT-!3!iO-V) ter bat. atcordinr to
ORANfir's 'slow. st"?ih. tju te new Mexican
Scmra at S2 23 1 box on trk $-' 4) dil e.nll'o--tlla
naecls at $2&fiJt", fir choice seeollrccs at
S-12 23 Fleiidi at S3 V) for choice 'ancy Red
lands $2ff3 13, In a Jobbing wa 23fIC,)c per box
hUh.r Tancerlnes j" j-r I ox
.llAMlEUltlllS KoTM ier lbl .II 73-g2 J9 per
PIN'EAPrl.E 52 MS2 per crate for ejasenre:
New llaean.l SI r0rf2
MALAGA :i!M" S-$ V1511 ne- I.bl
"flCnAMTs-nlllnir In .Vnlr 1 t $25 per
l.oOl- In n sn-all wa at S3 per 10-)
HN'AV On older" at i i-cr 1(0
POTATOE Quote: Ku'al tn t k 73JI7V fan
ei 78ii'0c poor r fl7V 1'erlv Ohio JI 10S1 13,
red cut rose and triumph 735777c
INJUN- t lioice near-l iwihi at SI 22 on
in. . si i.. dti . wnne at si il. red clrb'
JI 4-1 In bulk SI 43BI 3n In k
PXUBAGI: New York Tlani-h 2221 del.: do
mestic 1, wcr ce-1 P- ikm lb
TOMATOE-e-rloridn nnd (i.b- at S2 ' pe- C-bnsl-et
crate, fnncv it $2 73413 Mexican held nt
$2 4K12 eo tier f-bnsket crate.
("ELI It! -Mlehlt in leiM for slrnll- white
plume 2ir'"V rer tloz ,unche Colnrndn 23T11-,
home-cr-iwn 1004V per doz bunches tty to se
bulk S2Si 2 o j er crate tilifo-nln Jlt72l;i p-r
crale i'eler roots ru'ftOc nrr .Ice.
LP . r iT 0f-, c per 1 11 1 ox for Imnlc-arowi
i-'lorida 111173 er I imp. r New O-enn $:
Fix v pr libl
fVTtUeiT- Ntrtheni SUftlt 0 pr ten ys.i-.i-el
70'i."-c 1 er ts-bM New Orlei- 23.J3V per tl z
'"PIINIP's- Iliime-Erown "0'i'V ne- bu clrbe
-rn.be, "liMc jer i bl 1 sick. New Orlenns at
23fl"c iwr 07 bunches
PU-iI.i: -New Orbnns at 2TSTC02 per dor
lu-nebe-t it to rlre nnd iU lllty
sU'BI TFOrATOE-i-Kenuitici J '3 fo- eellow
lo S3 M4i4 for red Oolis'cncd $2 73 rer bl 1 ;
home-crown $lf?12 per bu
RPT'.IH ; A- ii.Se per bu
piN'CIl Nw Oilcans nt ICfiMc per 'doz.
bunches . 1
AI rRKRl"T Ilandmnde Sl c3 per if bbl. '
nnd $1 r0 ner bbl In n Jobblnc inj
rRAN'nERRIi:-S7!iS per bbl . Ji.M-JI.TS per 1
llOT 1
iinnrPHADisli-S4f?i fi 1
PAR-VIIV Nrrthern SUVifJl ro pPr bbl. for I
unwashed warbed 50c per 'A-bbl -.ack
e'APMKI.Oi:it-New Cillfornin at II riTi (3
per cmte
lit-I.It ji u ier j,j iu. .ew eitiesns 3Ufi40c
.infisn' T)TIlH''rCl!rtI 1., it -,,-. -MA
SPANISH ONION- $1 Gi per crate. CondgnM !
wouM brin $3is so t-er Imix
HTKINI IliiAN .U1Kl lirm. J loriaa Jl " per
Inv for wix. ?" for R(-fn Mexican at $4 per C
lirtvk-r rrnt.
J'Nnivn $3 CO iht 111 fr choice
iTCl'Mnni' riiftern hotbiti" Jl.7.. per dos ;
riu Ida 4''Ji7c tr d-z for mall
liUIlIi; 4li&V ier doz bum he for New
?OUA5IT New l"lcrl1a S3 00 rr crat
JillALLOTS CofiSc ier doz bunch
MlKcclInnrnn 1lurUet.
rnATlICRS in demand, stead Trime live
cce in em All Fk. 47c. In lirpe k 4jc. cray
Shj In "imall "k ln liiro pk" . old white "ZZft
C r.frt.Tc XX ICi20c; XNN IMii:c; XX fie;
chicken 2c turke. till i.je. win? Cc, polntrra
2c wins md tall 7c: wins, till and pointers Zc:
Ludv 2c. durk whlto 3ic. dark ZTic.
JKKHSiciN iTTC lrlmn dcrrsklni Wc ier
lb : Teas nt 27c; antekno lc per lb , oat 30c
pe?i. dHni'tped nui,
UnnhWAX-Qottc at 27c per lb. for prine.
ii-ivr- ,c. urouers i.c junm ;- w- rj an,; jr,ic : ti 2 'n, h at KiK; ind Wtb Coin. i ,.V..ni. V. t , l e Iair IO m,,11m Mnls e'
Drecd I,oallr-acaIiIel nrd undrnwn. with tc,2i Yin nter "iwV.I i. mrh il s ;r-J V n l ,,,-,n ln 'nl",-t lleari-h nov.- was ill the reel, i ut woild hale boucht i-eieral m"re
he.n.1. arl lee, en Chic! cn-i hol '.'.' . jioiv. p.fiii- in, h u" s'C-a-i nmi sid i '- Jeirit . .mil -emimeiit w i- nearly all on ;i nnl Hie tudpH ban Ureir I'ick.rswei
J'"?-"0 ,;j,?n' !?',- Tujkei-eh. I.- li. l,i--e-s a-,! replies nt 2I t nruen at JJi h - tile -t IliiiK -idi Corn fouirlit ilcellneK btuli- ." 2i. l&'i . fri1 ' ,'.";"" rdirl.ujit.ner-
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o'Wl?- " ' w-lft'e?,'-7, -..' Vm,!'S,"-) "1J '-" '",k "--"ie Cables t? sic-uU-a little l.isher con'tnU" m"a " un-'iMt K,'iloi.0'An(r
nU?e-ln dema,U at SIS to SI 7", per ' V. IB ','n nf ' n, S;! -i" i hVl J,tr,I,J-.an'1 I':"1" reported n. t. eue.l. he.e, noLS 'Aui'1 i" rae Sal
rienil IIIckti-1 at s-GOin Id. k. r n-cle, it -i iVlnr ",,u '"'' P"irni.scu lor ArKentini. aoutn- :.'.."'."- meillllin llili.ll!-. l'-o t rju lb-.
crapple at fc for -mall ti c for lnree 1 l 7c rnrXT,n, V i .1 ..!,.". JTrLiiiY i n, ri-r. ntlt st nt In -lt,l. -o,m 'n,. .''. lu" - at 55 SMiC i,. the I ulk at i.. .. ltnt
for Urze IV for crd, r slie wl lie lu 2 . ;. i . "7.. '"' . ' 7 """'. '".' i """ "": I .;...; ""-.." ..!T''.' ""'.'. I'UII-. 1M to l-l lb nt l.f,.-,'.,i it,. f.;,ii" ,
,. .:.,;,--" , .. -l..-" ., ... iictxt ; . ii rk hiv sis lift line m r srt-o I . i.m,. nrr.i,a .th .i:t i . .- .. i.- .. ..."..
,eLz i. w, aac. rao.,.,, ,. er ( j, ,,,.,.-, run JJ .Inch -tocU fir nijo , n,- 'er mc 1 ra. u'oT. TJniln T o tlrnXer,
'? '-- -.:4nr.n,--!Viu-,fbic5nri--!fi orei7Ic.,r. Va,!:;",;" ,':!':'' ,'1."'""Jj:
.,VS?.n,rirJrS;-rVj:'rSa'.V." Ati?' r 0., , .l,,,, a, un,n,ereic. Trade nSS0,'i'' Von'.V, Vtl'n,'.
l..S'und-n'nlt:", sAVTilnillilrrk'blVsTl f '- &? to'k JP1Xi B '?" " t't
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r. . fV- .Al'l x; .Maj b4v. luni t 4 1. . Julc a -mill alliance Ontlnns Hiir-timtn.i ,eV- .Ml ,:t:sj- lend or two o' mulei .n-riicd Inf
"i. e i-c, .iui, j.jc.. pi Sc.Dct , s.c 'Ihemarket narruwle Mi, mrt .1 1 - Ti V . inureni. 1 ui ine 1 rmae nrrnaii wen- aunot
' cntnel elmlc. wnh 111.es 1 ..rl.,t 1,1. h.r t.. .. ...i."" 'V. -M.u PorK cloo-d ,ic hlKllcr at ncmlnal. ano tie frc-h 111 11K wai therefcre of
I I.--.. n -- 1 . -. . - 0 nt . !.... ,.-.. ............. "- Ml.'lo. A!.n l.ml imr-h ........1 . ... . ,. . .. ..".-. ..... ... .. ...
iiuiM-t. .vuii-m i tc-s i .. v -.1. ii.i.A . rt . i inn lor 111" 1 . -I OI I ne illy 101- i, 1, .,, .. ..,,i,,T-n ,u .tc. unu -man i'iiijm riicn'- ic n w il fuiei u IJ. Wlin
Medium H. mti- I.liht line 12i.ffl-'j lowed a nai on iut. with the I ulk of the buslnesn -";v '"'- - ic HP at JS.45fiS.471-. t 'he week olefins on an unchanjed baK and In
I ire medium 13 SiIV Medium 17 ilTe prehuliday icitlemcnts bj the "tilent" I-Kliiatd receipts for to-morrow : hent mo-t escentiili -ttJidc witli the week I-efo-e N'o
.-ii-rii une . i mills ime nicuium u u li 1 1 ere waa no inuieaiii n ot weaKniss n tie slot J. eurK, eom, 1 ft cat'- tmi 10 , ,- iw, orancn tu uie utmann nai ni'piaee-i anv steal
I lleaw fine 11 (f.lll. e'oar.o .C low .14 frtlll, ltllntli .i nt ntic n.-ilnr Sli.lcilm, - ...n .i-m,lc. -. .m i . " t -a --, uoaj-, aellcltc during the week nnl nlrieiher l-tve
h.. .in, l.,wl,s -T. -i i-'.o-Jlrt .. An ... .... " "" iu.-i.-u j.s. ,.,.j -'- -,i ii-n-.r, iwme
rjl4-; .titvlvv-ririrldn i irim """ , 1 tanc -mall Mate lull cream earli made.
234 4 V-r-r-p uiT-llrMi l'ffMr rrnle colored 12fii21.c tiru small Mate full cream
113 027 L(,dlM.M I iiithij 3-nt, per crale eiilt innil- lhlte l-frli.e
rssi !!ffiVft1;"AboeTS,.,,',r,,J-:-Sf, ,01 I'"' IcVS.: l-S, Jilmutr i: crenrren,, ..
I.H1 kOHMUBI-NHiv OrtaM 11 4.H Wr te. fl: .lalrlia 1S':i24.- I'hrese llrm 10ai2i'-c.
FIll'l'l' I'i:l.T5-Fuil viool pells nomlinllr Mc
SV I lmli at 2e to 4-e. &li, arllncs at 5c to
1-e drv uloik fallen, elc . Sc per lb
uoorb iiiiisui!.- ii :rtm k. r, t ti :;. u&i
fcllplHr flt fce seniles, at C'c link at He KOlJen
leil lit 4Je. it n uppi a, -'21 uahrwv lnrk of
wot So. bark of In 2'-c snaki- at S!c. bl ick
nt 'c ansrll-t it i(i(' tilool 'it :e blue IUk
2. lllkalJ UaMa lOu fisaofns tarU 5c. wild
Klrgt r -
CAbTOi: llUVNs-lll.l JI '.S and S! ' per bj
prime H cir loti -.111111 and inferior lebs.
.SLM I Oviint m:i.d j,-r Kt lb.
l.lsfi:i) fiiu-iun at CT- LotleJ Ic: prlco
CAM oil Ol!-I.ot 111 cat . ll'-c lb No 1 anl
lOt-i No 3 sm-il . r iiuant tut lo per lb. more
"no -Jl i:d oit.-sin.mT yellon at 4ic;
.hit 4t,i nhtirvtll 1 4Te ,Inter while 4Bc
uejps- N. link 1CC1T 1 ionic Coa-t i;3ICe
1,1 at lit fire1Kn qt 4j;l4
SVl.T-U id . itftlium W 1 rnnulated Euo jier
L,d r. i-r Ibl more this side
linMP--l.:i.l-Latist bid at SI K Pr 10) II13 .
pure t,st
IjKII.Ii e:iti:i;- PKXf.n-.IfMPl from strire
at 11 KhIki t-cotch S16,iilT0. 1 lit 11 3)1 iZ.
whij imk ruill pejFe JJ fo
Wllin; l.I. NS Hind pic'ted r't leira In a
Fmall wa from si ro ai 51 73tfl vo per bu .
-"tni 1 sic; itr bu icaLh!n. picked S! TO.
l.lilll b.an at tlSC- er lb IInke J".-o. CtI-Ifor-It
mi k nt 2c l.ntda nt I'.fil'-c. New
ork kldrej 4"
JIOMIY" Comb" L'Hk at f.jSe brltrht nm',r
10. lie while cloier e lilti ulfnlfi l",le
Mmlm I Southern In Mis at 4e to 4',c. csns i'j
W e'alifotni.i tans Cab'.c
MO. 'Mnrkit H ilj. i-Mvhlne picked in bet
deinail ttrr1n;s lllw-il, 51-0 nihol luiiy
mle,l ri-'.c in-ii bin rkked V r-e,e. XK
at 3.fit at 4'-i.c .X TO ' c. ln
Itrior pi. I.c.I l.vs ein 1 lae ti
I"IIvr It I1I1 1 i-.. 1 c.'I turpentine nnl
casolire ..:. 'npir To llm nil Me ilr-e.,l
lu'it ell upil irnl-h 7,. uc-tr IV. ililsK ', 1.
00 . li.df iill- CSt wine l tuerkraut T'
I'ei,le 4K-. nit rK fl.lr IV llflai" "A., lird
llercc a: 1. i ful- )3(n broken 1 ca.1. re ot
lor each 1) ion llte,tn
BlttUiM m n.ilmlli r-m Quote r-r ton
;!r. ? '" ' !V" ! "I :''. c-iiimon SKiff.
it u. I n r
-lr liO 11 t oimlrc i lira it Vff
fV Ml iope
- -c nil Ih r a
No 1 and ninila SI -0. N.i 5 at
rOM -. i 'Him blenched at III ier ton. nth-r
klr' frim Siorm
'OKM" IIMN i "IHTM--rer 101 lb :
urouiilt 1 1 on t-T, Iea east Me; m-illenble
'liel brenkise -k- ;nc 40c. burnt -V. lielit
l-rhsi J. lull Inn JiO. copier 111. zinc S2 M.
I a., $3 Ti iiei.lt- $1.
lOP (Oi:-nn i obl-Cholce white pecrl 51 'n
n ivh r - ion 11 ii, e w. nh 53 mixed II Wt
1'F l"s li rae li-ientu TliT'er
I'rXMT4 -We nuot. rarmers' --lock lied at
i ,Sr.c'i.r lb ulie -i
J) 1.I T5 .llln it :'c per bu
Hie K ( lit M Tb-Qnctnl 'e ier tu at S)c for
laipe and jrc fcr ehelll nrk
CIIU rt-Quctablc per I bl in lots at from S3
Pf)TN":Tllnr i-s.-i
sni'D-Nominnl at S2 50 per
"-Oi:tlHrl Prlije new quo'abI nt :03:;c per
"lIU'I.C hUdVn M SIP.I I'-Vew uar at
. !.? "' P r lb . l"madiin at 14c. mnplo flnip
at CPc o 'jic pt fill
iill si-i:i)t Tii-o'hT at r 75 to H hi 1
lor 1 rime w Millet j to J3.0.. for ltunparlan
or ctjirmon lle-m in !2 " Hntr mmlnalle nt
!to $1 "5 fcr elein. huh sra le red lip at SS-M
HIIII.U 1 It! lT.si,b- rb-e 11 nt 4e t
ie for Fundil-d cpin'tcrs and at Cc to c for
eanor-itcd rlnes e h 1 s it 1511,1 pcnei,es
San 1-iel nalees nt le-l(2i,c
1-1 iiiu.Ji 1 10m lust 1 inn quotation- ranKO
ii 1 mm i-opiar-: in 11 at 1.
md JIB.iH.
i- ini ii
?'i,,y.s:sfi ' nn'' W- -'. imb nnd tin k-
t S'lf,-; nnl 1.15.::. sr,uar.s-4,l n, j;j anj
,'V " " " l-7ri.s mil SPCili. S and up
er at
nt -MM
ttllTiOOil Mill 1 t.n fit SI 1 ""JlTl". 1-irtT lintrle lit
Imiw ind oci) nt JJ) in mm n ii for ip
$15 anl s f r n 1 c ptos it 2jh ' nnd Jlhl s
m Ice Iui-ari no th more Mjple $12 fjr
('w Ord. r Mcli r
t'ooiTUMfl 1; -OuMf Cdtnnuool fliur
' ' - . ii' nic ii i ii hi . n nt
S'l It If l..la it- u- .a n r "-. t. ...I
j.- .11 n t tvi mfi-i ,i, 4 .)( iu aiM
iictxt -; . j. rk hiv ?n let line
Il'.aniNfj. l-ri'-Ilnsclns r.r eard. l.-lb
'-c -lb at ".", 2'i !o at C'ic Ircn cotton tics
51 Heiiip twine V
sl. I.tml- Ctittnn Market.
Jt Iiult. lib jn yuiet .irl unelunricl N'o
Old lure ,. .. 7 1 16
Hood ttdliiir ... . . 7 11 In
l.uiv mlJdllnK 2 1 15
Uduliu? ... .is in
lK.l it lil lll.i - . . . -i H
-li'ldllrs filr . s Mi,
'Iirscd -ir.l -lilte-I ',c to -tc off white
, i t on i.ui. l at
- ,-lM . rtteij-t-i i.t.7 Lab,
at 1 -t.al at 8 2 16c. re-
Ntv trrit in (jakt
c jt.s h i , bib
'cl Ut Qui. , at J-i,, reteipts '-21 balc-i
-.ieann in Quiet and cnj nt S w lee. receipts
., 4. bill -
1 haile-ton riln it si iictlt 3SS lule
Noifolk III II at Rl-C. re, cilf l-Ol-I laleji
Italtimoti- Nomlnil at i- le. e 1 1- i 71 1 ales
Ntw lnlk-Qi.Iit at e u hr tMeltis 7i. I ale-,
lrfi-tun Quiet at f 1- iu it i cl is wl bnlet
Hvjusi, n Meade at s 7 li receipt 4.,bab-t
;ieinihlr-.-te.iili at , i-e.ujts 335 tai
II? Telt-nr.ipli.
New "loik. IVb 21 -pot cotlon closed ut kl.
inidllln? U lauds slllw. 1,0 irulf JI u, tales
ingle biart-di If reckoned with alone, but when
Hit enorinjus sxpurl raoiement was cinslleiccl
and the tacerni -i, of exporters In the -outh to
snip up all .rrcrlncs at fo mer htcli pro tho
nioiericnl lickul -pei lal -icnllicancc' lhe j-up-r-Inlendtnt
of the rotten !.xclunc male the 'in
siht ' for the we, k -I'lc; I aj agniust 13 i.4
last c.lr. 1 V2j two Jiars ajj ind W i,D2 three
jeirs cko with the- total since -epl mber last
fc 3-'-' .7. t r -ome 4',(yi) more th in tliirliic the
-aine l.mc a icir .iko The LlieriKxl cabl-s wero
sometl lnc cl a di-.il polnt.nent but male little
lmpio-ion upon the local mirket At the elo-e
the 11 nrl.et here- was steady with rrlces n-t 2
points lo.eer to t poln's hlgler.
Lice liol Kcb 21 Cltton Mmt llmltcl de
mnnl prices steal! Americnn middllrc 4 21221.
'lhe --lies of the ilne were 7.000 bn.es of when
n were- for speculation and export an 1 lrelu le 1
C iijo .Mrerlt m. Ittceirtt 1!0"0 I ale. inclulini;
8 414 American Pulurcs o-ientd quiet an-1 cl -eu
-tcath : Anu-rltan nilddilnr cue Pel rurnry.
4 37-1.41 s. Ielrniry and Mar-h 4 17 C4"74 &-M
li . March and April. 4 35-C4IM 7C eM b . nrtl
and Mae. 4 36 C4.1 s. Miy and June 4 3-. Cl 1 s
June anl Jul 4CC41 b Jule and ucu-t.
4 2C-K41 -. Aucust an! September. 4 11 6iir
4 32 ft 1 K: .-optimlicr ail ilctolri. 4 22Cly
4 -TCI I b Oetob. ran-! Noiember 4 13 6)1 s
.Nt w Orleans I.". Peb 21 CHton fulu-e-
stenlc. IMrunn 11-7? lie Mnrch S 1. pidl
-lCl'20c. Mil "-27c Jun- slirm-,3 : julj -7
e Ifi . MielKt s23'nSlc t-pot quiet sabs 2 '00.
i,rdinni 1. 1" ICc. cn.,.1 ordinnre 7 7 Kc low icid
tlllrs 71"lCe mi-Mllnc I ll-10c cood inldllinc
s'Mfic inii.iiinc filr ss-ldc. rccii,is 7,031. suck
Vcvi York.
b 21 I Jim! wcitiVr Iia" lurt
in lr cv hI to i!t but tha
el ot husinct.1
ifnnril r.therwl- In Itepii of ar(ice xtcnt.
TI o t no or tie m irkrt rcrtinuva Hrm through
out Tor botli etiplt arl tint cotton e aJs
tiMricin f-tton ianis .re In Imprnw-J tlni tn I.
ith nn aiUancfrsr tntlnc U ortnJ irn
MUiet. iut firm "Un .un- .( ulv l.lnrn
ams t-tron Maiktt -Ioctl to-mono v Wa-h-inton
Alanthtcr I rb 21 t luihf bujers ami e(n
cri -irnrt Varna Jull ami hiacthc
X?v- ork 1 cb 21 oTe-1 -pot Itlo pti . No
nt-l'lnm eJlUn wlilt. in. h .it f, 1 i t
n ( T Imolco .vvc, miM !ull, "'ordoa SfilA. Th
t 4ffTee jriiMt rpnM U uU tth prkri un-
cn inRPxi to . i fiimi imvcr, aim ionimp ine can
' under 'brisk selling tor Utli
,1 Ly dlI pointlliK foreign mar-
.intlnni im-,,, ri.lms -f, I it.
turti or (a'-fd on
ncn lints. n'OliltltLi
1 t in'cirm itir.n 4ropt!nuo(i
ln ih rrr.tt countrv. frrr oierfn23 for Fpot
corf',t and er tamp ilem md Tlie close was
Malj, with rtcc- i-t 5 to 1) points lower
Toul aU writ f 7t lnc' lnlmllnK iliroh it
r -55 "'h lunc r ii) , Iu' i Vi., uc . 70-,
t. niifiW . " t 0 o. IV Iter j
fit tn hjj u'h Il!o o t 5jc nchanKP
12 I Ile'r ts 1 . nH M,s 'lpartl for ti o t n'te,I
vtats 1 Oh) li ir cleirotl for Unropc I &! Uijrs.
Mink &() 1 tKB nt'" weak, c.ki.1 aens
vrnio llic rocf-lpt ;i lacs. istocK 1.2Ut-
tip- Ilambi.rt; omuM W't1 pf! lowtr. ati SO
p m was nt tt pf lower, -tIc -Jiho ts.
1 iu ro miTKet openiNi nareiv Fteaaj ,
Inupr ii nriori tinrhiii2ftl t S n i ton f i .mA
uiKhaPKCtl. cloeJ Mi1, franc net lemer. sales
UOObac I
"HJiIir. I
2fv orK. 1 21 "UKir uitt FWaih fair
n tluiiiiT ZKsi. rontilfuc.iL It tet 3a-c. nui'dinw
Miwr c. icfineil llrm. (ru'-hoJ Z 20i., poudcreil
lCtT oljjllc
New Orlan4 La. 1 &! 2t ucar firm rp
kettle C$?25ic; contrtfusal, ranulitod nna
white none; scllows 3'Q3 13-lc owomls. S'iSI
ZKc. Mnacs Ptrori-j; cdt kettle HSiVSc; ccn
trifi'il 7Wlffc Syrup nominal i
Jluttrr ami Cheese.
Xcw Tork J li tl nutter n"cclnti 1 713
VSi . ft"" htat lalr :0'iT2c. ereamr 2T(3'c
.(unc creamT 17t2jc. factor li21r Chofo-1
ItfcHpts AC&) ukRR . fnn f-.c lirco "jrly
tii'nn rumriii jic, iiiinj tiiijr fitiiy irHie, wnili
. Helton Mv. IVb 21. The rmn en lal Eul- J
lexin wui vu in m-mt-nuw reoiT on the wo.1
iju" ui m. . mnii -i.m-a
Actlvltv nt'rs in the Uet rather ib.-m th
Kat. Tne in v Arizona clip upemd last wetfk.
had adviunc mltlv tbH week, thf longest and
llpest .w)li FUHmr thKwotk ,it i'noenix, Ariz,
at Cti' cle in. dellv red In Ilotoi. an ndtance
of li) cnt ths fcouud iH-iuiul over lait o-irs
opening rati, limern dealr are c intruding
for vool on the ?,u?cp tack In Nevada and
fl-ewhre l!-nfonl dealers hpve boucht thU
week, the entire upply of scoured wools left
in M Iout In lJoton Australian wools of 66
quality have foIJ nt 70c. clean, on advance of
2 cents Flnce the last sales At the comlmr
Iyindn auctions but 360.M3 lialen will be offered
acalnst 218 C bales at the same tlmp last
vear The receipts of wool In Tlo-ton Flnce Jan-
u tn j
. -. ...... ,s.... . -,i v, .n i--j w.i-jo. u.1 il vi .ira ..iii run rttn u- a t. 'Afa . t .
I'm.' ntp tirnn i i i: iili .miimta nmiw. i i
Ii0.-,t.l pcunds f,5r the same period In ll.j 1 " ,t:"f steers 1..TX) to I flo Uis The Hirers in this
'"iriJ.1 ins?wi ni-HT i..f,ir iVhet ."!"" , Durlns the nrnioui, week the full ranse
E'"1, J,i, 15; i-'Mtn " '"i",' '", ,;o.s""; -iasHfo. the lulk .old at 1 Q3 SO.
tMk to da, '63--st-- rJSflE a'' tho t0UI Sleers. l.eoo t, i.u, Lt.. -Th- reprofnta
stock to doj is 63.,S.G pounds. j tlon , ,,j, class In lars; lots cr loads sold la
Coin Altr.icts the Greatest Attcn
limi and LaiK in tho Down
ward Mou'inent.
Chicacio, Keb. II. Grain had another slow,
monotonous d ly Most ot the light trading
was eenins up in preparation for the hol
iday on 'clunKo to-morrow, but bearish
sentiment, especially in corn. entunlly
turned the pits weal;, an I Ma wheat clo-ed
r,.u lower. May corn Vrti" lower, and May
euis c oil. rroiislons elood unchansed
to Ze hicher
Whe.Vt conditions were little changed,
roitisn niw- was sliqiitlv liullioli. and do
imstlc the reverse. Clo-liiK up tlcilsi ttartcd
the ui.irl.ct a trille lower, but so tamo was
speculation th it iluctuatlon-s the lln.t p.irt
of ilie session were hardly noticeable,
'lhire was little intere-t In the market, and
the pit was illmobt without a fe.eture. ena
bles were iibout steady; Argintlno shil
nients a. ere much rulueeil from 1 i-t jear;
Northwest reci ipts are 1 irB r and are ex
pected to be larger for wmc time, oftine;
to line eIators ihlppim; into their ter
minal.: The preiailiiiB -entiment was to
tell for u modi rate break, but the eperi-
! enie of short -eller- in both cctn aril wheat
I foi the last feu da- held the feeling In
' c'leck to -ome etcnt Thero still holds eiut
the iIi'Dre-sint; absouee of ouuide bu-iness.
' i:entii.illv the Southwestern markets be
I can ttirninE: wmk; eorn w.n nffecte 1
0 .iiiblll, and wheat turneii the swale and
-lipped downward. When tho b-ari-h feel
ins was well manifested in whe-at. bulla
had a prett; hard timo of it supporting the
market. Mae, which opened a shade h'sher
to 'bC'iC lower at TSUc to Vic hailed for
n. long timo, then declined to 77'3C, and
elo-ed wtak, ric lower at TiiyaniC. One of
the ejrle beari-h inlliiences was the ad
iei that e-trda's export Ies were for
Manitoba wheat Cah business to-day was
onlj .1 trille better, lieal receipts were 12
ear-, one of contract grade; M.nncapolls
and Duluth reported !Wi cars, making 11 tc
t il fur the three points of 517 cars, agaln-r
M Int week This day last vcar wa- a
1 olidae I'rimnr reciipts were 0JSO1O bit.
Si aboard clriirancs In wheat and flour
ennaled Ssl.liiO lin Ar"entlno hlnmont.i
vert- t4 If0 bu , t ompare-d with i'UffUO hit.
' ..ut week S
-i,bMrd Vel
, ,ra rL1
aim iiij.-i mi last e.r. The
portend 1J loads taken for e-
quarter-, mo-tly for -mill lot-, hut eon-
re itiee hoti-es repeatt dl denied that the
cuiintre was o-ferlnK more freil. St. laiuis
ln.wiver. Iroe ,-h lrple, and -eld under CI. -
ipo the lir-t tlmt in a Ions period The
1.2'L?'-" y '"' -X'ed-inffuence, md
. .. ,,u. .. - . i.i. .eiiiii i . it win nririni
KniiKi- of I'uliirpN.
ltl le. oneii IIlKVt Uwe-t fio.e
Vneil-Maj . 77'. 7S', 77- 771-1,,
Iu!) . .. .7-V. 7m. 7 " '-t
'Ut 7-, 771 77'. 7-1,
forn-Mav GI', 1 1, eiv, ).
.."'''"., -1. ')"-) 6 riv. "'.iC
lull .. . . -il. .-;,, xi tj,
Tt "IV -p. 3!Ji21i DK1-11
M. - Tork-Mae H C.C ,; 7-. " 13 67' 13 j;i".
, 'ulj . . 1" 2je. 1 ..1 j- 1 j, ,-,-
Jird Mae . y 41 '1 4 . HI n 40 "
Jul . n vi -1 v. .j -q n -.,
f-'-oit l.iln JI.ni K 4". f mi s i 5 7i;
'u'e- . y V, K f 0 -,-, j. -,71;
i-'pt 5 7i ! (T, S 67'!
Ite-i-cipls anil -hlpincnt.
Article n., . s.!n
''""'. ':' 27 01-1 Jl.'jo
Uheilt, bl S.". L.J t,-. Ifl
'oil. hu . 7- Oil 41 oo-i
at in .... .... r.MNio in, ion
!;5-: bu -oni f-,,,,1
naiio. bu ... .").,) -.ij.yyo
I'rot i-'cins h...J a Rood tone, in contrcyrt
with tlie Kniln weaknt-. The Iiok mar
ket v.a- tiling, .md .1 f.iir dem md from
eoinini-.sion liotip-. tocether with ome
Mi1im;ts itv 'iui.cc:rimi.
New ork. 1M
:l Hour Receipts 13R34- ex.
. ,. ..-.. . . -
hA. M.t --- ..""v."""..:''-. " '
.ii--a, 11 i.j- i3 rr .it)H mi i and clen
to niouVrite depression b reason of faorabl
crop iifwe, Ifls actht, txport tnido and seneral
' Miw wuh int- ciost; weak at c net lo.
March tlWd St.c- May 3.,ivi i;.p. c!oe
hV-c. Julr Mi.833-c clo'-ert '4c: opt. hV
s2-c. lo-td K'tC rorn Hnlpt II 00) export)
8 JM, siot Ptead. No 2 6S,. eIeator anl 67sc
f 1- Tilrot. ilullnc4 In the corn nnrket was
.ilFo it ten led b eiIer price follow lnc wheat,
aid liit closo wis weak at (,zc net lower:
21 ly GfViefle. cloe,i -c: ItiU fa'tfottUc
cIoe,l )(( S.-pt C4MiKr. dost e4c. Oats
Heceipta l ooo bu export Ifl 20" bu : pot
Ftroiff; No 2 .Ve. No 3 ?. Xn while n.p.
No 3 whlto lc. trk mixed Western Cj5Mc.
tik. nhlte 30fif- Optima quiet anl taller:
c!o--el n Fhide lower with other in trkets Iird
eai- WeMern hteanind J3 ftVfi 6 n lined Ptead ;
ontinent CO TO -outh America J10 3J. compound
T34Clc. I'ork Pttudy. TiWow firm; rlt U2 per
Pkf; C'4c. country (j kg free) 6'Cc. Mo
lasses ffadj
t hienso Teb 21 Cah flour dull; winter
patents $3 S0JI4. nralRht J3.4j72.T0. Wheat
No. 1 TSIiTi'tc No i red i'ft
M4c Oit No 2 43'?44'bc: No. 2 white AV.'f
4le, No 1 v Mite 4414,341V Itj-No. 2 nH:6tC
I'srJej 1-alr to .rulc molting C(.S2r. e N
No. 1 Mix in',t o. l Northwt-nern Sl 711 71U;
prime tlmothj GJc, cloer. contract sride Vi 2j
rruviUin Me. ptrK. per bbl , Jl" ZO'iitf 03. lard.
Ier 10s lbs. fZKlZ112 "hurt rib fdc liom-i
303S4j: dr -F.ilt.i fliouWrs dioxedi. JT KMf
7 Jl elort ilear slle (boxed) JS.TiHJfS SO. T"hlky
UasK uf Iifqli winc tl JS.
hrpool. lb l-Hop3 at Tendon f Pa eiftc
( ri.t) liMH. (Z liC4 l'. Haenn-fiimberland
rut toidl. 4N UHcelmo ef uhit iltirlnp th .
jat thr?e lij 203Oijt lentaN, includinp 117.000 1
iiut-ricHii n-.t.-iiJis ii American corn pom inrce
dt. fcj centnle Weather dull
Milwaukee. UN, Kcb 21 W hfat '!o'-e. No t
Nirilirn -.C-J5..C. No. 2 .Nort'ieni 73,S7C-: Jl-v
'n.. ,c. Itie nulet: No. 1 WaftClc Uarley
weak. No. 2 uHsc. samtlles ..ifilc. I'nrn Mar
. 21 Wheat dull: lower: cash
luly fl',c Corn dull: loner: '
!c Oals dull. Teb 41'-c. May .
Tod-i O . Teb.
f'.c: ys S33.c
Mil fir.i. Iulv61'
41c. Jul 37',c Cloicrsoed falrlv aclle."hlclier,
ensh prime Jnd Jlaub Jii-i'i, No - aMlte J aO
Minneapolis, Jiinn . Keb 21 Close Wheat
"i'h 73fl71s-. Jln 71'. c. Julv 7',ii7-,5c on
trk N"o t lianl r.c; No. 1 Northern 73l.S74c:
No 2 Northern T2U73c. Flour First patents
Jlv'.ffi'!",. scconl pitent1 $S.75Ti3 S3: first It-rs
53 7Tft3 Si. cecfnI clears S3 40 Hran In bulk $13.
i tfirs,is uj. in . i-ru 21 cioc: Wnfat May
" rtTV-W- JlU 74'C ra;!l o " Jiarl TT.!?7Ht.f
" 3 74c .No rfil 43c: No 3 S384c; No 'Z
Fprliw Tt1, 4ac Corn-May ftU4c- ept BS"ic:
1I i1'" - ihac-ii wnmj'; .TQ VW1JIA t4Vl
t. No 3 t.3'(Me Oats No 2 white 4SfT4bCc.
Jit- ,o ; iiuc uav unoiee tlmothv J13 ) do
pr-iIrU $12 M nocelpts heat It! OCO bu : corn
VtA) bu . oit DOJ0 bu. shipments Wheat tin)
bu corn ,J(Kt bu : oats H.t bu.
I'earln. III. Teb 21. Corn eteadv No 3 59Uc
Oits tlrm, Nu 2 whlto 444c billed through.
Wbl'kv on the baIs of $1 31 for HnHred good
Liverpool. Feb 21 Spot wheat Mead; Xo. I
No-thern prlnc- 6 2.1: No 2 rel Western winter
Cs md: No 1 California Cs 3'4il ruturea quiet;
March r ld; Mav fis ld. "Corn Spo. Amer
ican mixed new Fteady. fs Id: American mlxpd
old oul-t. 3i 2d Futures stead , reb. nominal:
Minn r 1V1: Mav Si ld.
Dulutli. Ttb 21 Cione: Wheit Cifh No 1
h ird 77c; No 2 Northern 7H4c; No l Northern
74o ; May 7k ; Jl 77c. Manitoba No 1 North
ern nh 72'4e; May 74'3c; No. 2 Northern 690.
Oata 4i.c. Corn Cue.
ntle Cattle Scarce Ilotclier Prices
Stend Males Unchanged.
IVef Steers Native cattl receipts Tre email
and about like Friday of la-t week, a here wie
trv few beef 'teers on ale. lrices were ten
erall crWtred stead j to stron?ar. Durln th
wek there was considerable Irregularity and un
eenesd tn the market, but a ery general ten
deccy tw strength, and. the close fndi prtces
potrd 25c higher than on Monday on the bulk
ot the Bteer trad There are extremes to be
noted. Tho week closes with a good healthy un-
Beef Steer?. 120) to 1.603 I,b Steers averag- t
lnc 1.200 to 1 6 1 sold at SSQ4.3S, th bulk of I
FnT?ff- nt S3 Vfifi.lj The oualitv nas nnlv fair
arid he weight ranged from l,3ro to 1.C3) It'4.
jiuniiif tre rv1u' ck ne iuii rarge was
. ----.-i--'-. "' jrti- sitnuv tn tone;
w intir pal.nts S3 s."5! 23: winter stralchts $3 70&
1 B) Minnesota pilmts $1 -i"&4 10 bakers' $2 tja
"', ' H"r stijdj Cornineal llrm; jellow
Western JI -a. tlt Jl ; ine ensi : No "West
ern C. ,c r o li alloat. When Receipts 61 7T0.
Met easj; No 2 red SSo f. I, atlo.it. No 2 nil
BV dilator. No 1 Northern Duluth "3J.c f. ti b
1 nn, :: . -,. .,,,. . ...
ii'tual. sti 1 nnril XTnnltolia cti.- t .. u
itrmcs from WtitZZ. tli hulk s-n .it JI SOjil V
Dm ins h i'r1uu wtok the full range wis 55
(Uh.7 hihI the IuIIc "iM at Jiwdw
liutclur Miers (Zi to 90 Ujs. Tiic full rjJise
In ilii clifs wan i24i5-l. tn I ulk vt tales at
!3J &5 Dutin,; tin pn ious . tlif lull nipee
vis JJiiJi, wuh tit. Imlk at J3(S5rfl3
j uti ami jjutc-hi:u bTi:cit
T::J:S frAl 1'lM
an:tn7k.fc4.maut. "-aiLS'
1 .
Ilutiher CattleThem was a light run of
tiuuher and eanner snips on nli. Tr.ult was
MUlet for lack cf -uppl. 1 ut prices were lirm at
the pmdiial adeanc-: -Icieloiiid during the pre,
iius iln of the week and all dc -Irat le stuff is
tl otahie nt a 1 advanet of aniurd is. over the
elo-e uf lin wttk
'I be llltrI u riles of emls on tednc-sln nnl
rhiirsda nulled lujtrs tu nil up, and as 1
SiK,a"rl,uc" Irblaj's jrties dctlineJ around S,y
lc Wirt; slcadj it the hrm prices of the
Cow", Heifers and Mixed lits lie iters 'old at
? .. r,,"K! ef JJfiO'i-oo and ions at 51 litH v;
liefer nupi Ilea wem fnlr In (,!. best lull 1-i.uls
eeljlns at WTofi5 The bulk ut the cons -old at
s iJ'M. lielk t the bellirs nt J.I2Q(m4. liur
mc lh- ireilous wiek the blilL of all th- cows
Jilil t i . at The bulk of the .,ull.wet i, ives
sll at !- U it 4;, and the butt r clas cone-ally
.!i "Hi.1" " ''' "' solni; hlsher Cunning
S?" iS". ,Jt l -rv.. Mi-.I l.utiiKr cattlo b.ia
Ircrni J-riO, tho rail!, at U 7i (I v..
.Vo '"t'-ial lall.s teal lirttly at le?7
l'Zju " and the full ians- for veals was, jJV
. Jjulls, Stass and OienThe bull s.ji.i 2t j: ".,
to?' "L " Za- stJts nd oxen at &
,nce,:nl.Ir:I"'rA2:r5. ' ?fU of
tZ ,: "r ""'"a " iimu. ini tti tetM
:7.:2.lf 0I.?'"r iuallt ini iJliuiiJ nui
J,"10. "-nbaed to ti uleis and ns not ur-ent
eliaiiM I " "u"ft a" ' "a nteri.ill
JM't- u"'v" bo-ine-5 from an out s .mj st.nl
point uj- t,n liupiatcni-nt oier in,- Ireil'iii
j; 'Wf-. but thecl.ee lln Is , r cJ,! .. t
fea"?. t-0""r " ek-ti -ere Mill on a bed rJtlt
Muck Flrern
miin.r'v.-'V"",3 - ,u '"- " i-tf-
- ?. i".',"'5. r.1""1' ,,ul,i oU nalnl nt S3 i
" 1 -,i "V'i "' '"" n.nB was 71 z, '
f.ni'1',' ' -'Ili.i-lti,i,,t, or quar mtlne
gatlns iij.v ataint .1 11111 of 41 on 1 l-t llllu
ilii?m'.Ut'' LM.i,ra'' ''T-' fca'id uitiJ titers
liinn- Li '"' .''"", u'""l"d imi -old win ai
iim oT.c 1 . lK'"B urou"d iSc h!(,hir thin
el.?-it l lVe !irit ot tlif wick "lhe wed.
sZTcwLrSXS- nTme- ,,ta,,,, ""' ttlth J
ii.e,ilnB t,,c wtcU r'' na'1 Indian TerrPo-v
steem .ncr ifcintr 7i, to l.JH ib -0id at a full
lV.'f, f3-7" , ",ost ,' """, K' ,n " 4 "
and btlfers bioinht J.nlj... iuu 3ci4. i-tacs
Hill:- Tlie ttt-r.l. .f !,... ,. , . ...
in.. , -,--j -. -,.-. -,.im uni lair. our.
included a kihhI n prc-ent ition t, medluin an!
in ii hu-i lominiid ti rtetTit luipli 'li.
inarktit oiencd .utile ,.n 1 ialui,i uu 1I11 bet
l.rii,lt wen eoniil.rtl ab ,ut Lr. bl-her ilinn .,11
Jlliil PlltAJ ,
i.,-if t. rMird n r.(. t..i itv. .. t --
eull,nt M 0s i.. fair Vo K.VW.'ed tt "
CIO. the ton iut St, 4". an 1 ih bulk .if t.ie ho -3
e u ib. n.1,1 at r.os a. aualrM a up
or ,7, ,',,"' ' the bu,k "' ''"'' -" "n 'Ihur.dis
. ,,,1 iT. '""1' mirkot wan in mucn tre
Vh" w 'SKtt , hi' kJliY ?
week nji th upu1 half us
renire of 4.-l63D with the bull of the -lies
ruins at ;:735i., -toc'.iri -ill I it S13,)B2 2,.
cull iambi at j "fifi 1 anl buck- -old at W
4 3-) 1 rincip-UU at S3 30it M Ie al-j Include-1
W.-tcrn lanib-t nt J 4nil,"'i lb-urn ceirliusi;
nt '1 ai 1 Weinrr -hctti at S3 2 anj Mexlu.ni
tbiep at $3 ii
IIOIt-Ks rile hor--e nrrlinl- were .ere IlKlit
Th"r, were 1 11K 1 1 irload t,r tm. not tnjuzh In
Ju-tif in nil. In 11. anl whit few were milUtl.
ntre on 1 hnils .f i.rliate rale The week I n
I een mi 1 strnrcr baslt thnt the week p-e
ce-llnp- fn-nu dtmnnd haefne; ooriderabl lm
I ro ed fortlnc prices ,,f pitdliun chunks up
about S3 ier bend ijno-l I.isi.rn hue ini; ha 1 e-n
the rule md illhoucl, there wnt no inquiry in
Siuthern bu.inz t wn 1 kdo-1 mirket for ten
Mnds. The week U ilodrc with a pood c'tnr-sn-f
Hore quotat.ons Heare draft common to
pood S121al3n choice to extrn Slf0-183 rhunl .
1,U0 to 1330 lbi . fnlr to nood Siii''l Rood t)
choltc JK'itVtO e'om Ii horses and iol"s fair to
fcood J14iil73 choice to extm $2iJ0,i7 IlTse
for the -outh -mall 1'rht drle.rt, filr to pood
31043 ,h tee to cxtri S30a7-l -iilthrn diiiT-.
lirKe Ss3?tl2o l.xport chunk-.. 120. to 1 V.i II - .
I lain to i;ool $7-) t hotce to extra SlOJf I2-
Iluslnes- drierej fair to pood Ss3tilM. choice to
extra S123f.l3il S-adlhr- ftn- Southern iie. filr
to Kod S.S'is-1 .hobt ti ott t Slc313. fnnev
Faited and New Yt rk salllem ei3iV73i). Inferior
hors, . tomnion. mall pluqs f-JCfCO. hca work
mndo un n mc lente olume of sale-.
Mule ouotatlo-s ifor 1 roke mules 4 to
I oi'U.
1 14 lipid-., extreme ranee
,.$ ".J Mff 70 10
... SOIklc 010)
,. To 00 W 10
. 7.3 Ol-i Ii3 0-1
. 71 UMi 110 Oil
, 77 WIS th1 fO
. ! 011-&1L'. (o
. 7 Oil ( I .3 SO
. 12) OOtiiaion
' 14 hands bulk of sal-s
I... .....,. ........... ..
..'Z nail,,,, t-,...:.,,-; tuiixt. .......1
14l2 hinds, bulk rf sale.
15 bandit, extreme nntc,e
13 hands bulk of salts
laifc hands, extreme rane
13t- hands lulk tf sales . .
into li-Vy hand", extreme ranee
ii 10 jii'j hands nunc or -mes
, 125 waiu.o
'TIia flrct Tina nf niintnllAiii In (! ritm l!4tsi i
.. ."." " mv vr. " "-" a""
raicuiaiea 10 rcrn cent int run ran-sp ironi com-
nion to extra Deiler hoeer. oft"n clatfij
superlatUe bunches (all Up') for buers, which
sometimes Fell .onlderabiy ato the Wfihet
obotitlon The record line of quotations signi
fies the bulk of pale and Renerall represents
the arfcurt c!fs3 ar the are roil un the t-m-mIslon
market, more or less rnKed
Ily Telcsrrapli.
Kaovis 471 tr. Mo, IVb 21 Cattle Receipt 2,
4) natives. &.0 Ttxans, 100 cahes All clare
actixe. -teadj , choice extort and clrctd leef
steers J61fi 5; fair to pwl V'lb. .ockers nnl
fee,icrn $.1 r)ffl 0. WetnTi Ted steers $."Ijfi.
Ttxns nnd Indlin Fteerj il ."Viif 72, Icwi tows
JT 25574 . natUe cow S-lglTJ, heifers 11 73W
C 5, can n en S21i3. bull 53 23 f4 3', in He SI M
trf 7 Hi's Pccejpt 6 2tf, market Ic hicher. ton
Jb "Vi-, bulk of ales S "cj6 30, heavy $( riitf
6 37's. mixed iiacker 5"i fuG 23, llsht $3 Ti
6. piss SI 7j&3 23 hhe !-Keceiptl jO), market
f-teifU , native limb Sfi 40?n 75 Wettrn Iambs
S6 Wt6 do rative withii $5i3 73. Western
wethers 53tT3 CO; earlln $3 -.iC t", ewes Sl C3
I OS 50. mil an.l feilera J2 305f 4 50
-1 jo-epn. mo, d. si i-aitie ifceipt vj,
market etrong, native Sl 23j7: cows and heifeis
Sl.733 V). veils S45;tj ,,; itockers and feeders
J2 U)i& s't Hoics Jleeelpts 3100, market steadv:
Ilcht and liRht mixed S 70tio 10. medium ind
heavy Sl 031 37,, pli; S3 U4 90 fcheep Ittr
cflms 1X. mnrket stcudj
Clilcaco. I'eb 21 Cattle Ketelpt 3 V0 nctlvo
and.sten.1v, jjood to prime tteers $., 7-3 ponr
to medium $41tS -13, tocl er anl feeders 5-30IiJ
cows i.-r7j iu, neiiTs j i'j w cinnera
S1.2vll2 40. bull1 S. 'ii &). idUes J2 Vi;
'lexas fed Fleers S4 .V1i4 &" Hcri Receipt 2-1.-
r-Oi). left utr 4 001). actUe: strnnir to 5c lilcher:
mled and butchers' $3'-0-iib4). gKKl to cliolio
liay $1. 23b 4",; rouch he-tj rtyt. A). IUht
KMlm lulk or sal-s 1 3, ils 25 biieep It-
lelpts 7.000: sheen stead 1 . lambs weak to 10c
louir: Kood to choice nttliirs 14 73&7 Zj. fair ti
1.UVII.V iiiiAeu . oj'ii-i vi. iirnrni snecp ami jni-
llnga Jl 30-nl . natbe lanil-s 13.75i6 J) Western
lambs J.--1it n' Olflclnl jcsti-da.- Ketclpls
Cattle IOSIj, hORs ;7 0j;. hen Mm. ship-
rocnt-Cittle 4 43. hegh i 15i. prt 1.972
"Sew Yoik. Teh 21 lt'?e-KH.ppH 3 0 fl.
steers sletiv: bull; and cow jinn 1 1 1 to hlshT.
ftPr $1 7"fit 10. oxrn ami st urs II VWi; bulls
$3 4 rows iZ.V&iM. t-tuckt rt S3 ' CiI.m
loucr. live cattle lSsiill'ic. clreU weight, re
frlKfrator beef. 104ilUic per lb Kurorts t-
morrow 8S0 cattlo anl ." 31J murtern f beer.
ralvcs Keccli'ts K. slow and -"c lower; tn
cr ot vve'ierns unjoin, ain i- o-iyi i, ioih
$S 73: bamvinl calves 5J-S3 .0 eterna $3
. li';.
Sheep and lambs Receipts 5.710 sheep tcad.
limb' slow, pood lamb 1 c lover, medium
grade rTj2Tc off. Sheet. $IIi5 2.",. r.n choice here;
cuIIh J35j3 50. limbs $.ol4t7".. culla It Z-)QZ
IIoks Hecelpts 3 423. rtnrer feellnj, nominal
quotations 5t50j6Cv for Mate ho;s.
Sapplj- nscreiln Deiuund nt .Nrrr Vork
and Price Arc Cnnler.
New "uilc teb 31 Live poultry receipts for
the week wer- J7 cars Western, J Southwestern.
2 tfoutiern and fullj 2 cars cf near-by fattened,
ccee, with S cars exprtFa, asalnst 2V ear- last
w rek The receipts for t he vv et k hav hovvn
an mlookfd fur Increase both from A extern and
"outherls "actions and the fact that mre than
& cart were carried m unok! b Job! ers
swelled tho available supply mitt h ln eces
of trade wants, and tho market declined sHght-
ly. out not n proponioti to tno mere iaeii -uppij
Jl is expected mat iuu a io ? cars win
ovr to next ret.ki market, to-morrow being'
a close holMar. and th outlook ftr prltTS next
week will depend entlre upon t)e clutne of
receipt Prices to-day wero unchaaged.
OreiLfI pultr receipts tu-ili. were 2 113
not Is ages. The frebli ietelpt ot fouls thh
, Meek were lealer than lookel for. the In
' crease belrs due tn t late prr ultlng hii
prices wnicn atiracieii iock in tnj? airection.
besides considerable stock arrl d last u etlc
after the trade was put piled. whlh ad to be
carried ocr to this week Demand on th who1
raa cf limited -volume, ai nearly all th dealer?
u?e frozen and the demand for f'eh fonl
as connncd mainly to the phop trade, which
found mach difficulty in ratting to market on
account of heavj snoxvtoms Several cirs of
fowls arrived to-dij. but li the absence of de
mand hid to be put away In coders till next
neeit Receivers offered best drj -picked fonts
at Ulir. but couM not uttract bn crs Scalded
ffwls were nnt plnt and cteadi'. Prices rc
miln untltanrcd
Xen lork. ret). Il.-Eses Rtccipts to-iay
lid lt,ler In ihu el.i. ti,
'ini1-.! "".""" "H.hts r.ni,c.I from
1 .ir". ",- "" tl" iiuaiit. wa l ilr t.i
SWid lhe lull, ot ill t, sti.Vr-. ioq ,. , -
"-. -old it cijvjioj. .mi . .to liV)'b
-Joel, llilftrs ml ltar!ln-.-hlci.k towi ,,.-!
helfei -.oil .ii i ..-- ..,7.. .,.,. . ..r. . . 'J'.1
j V ,". -tl.ll .1 LUllv IT 5',
ti --.,-. !'ii -, uii a -n- u. alii calves
i7l,V '"r ''Y ""J '- Ht-O lor 1.J lbs
.UUiims in,l lenas -teei- vju t r.'l ILt ai-
"'.-V-W',1""' 'd iKifcra Void it
!'-,l ".'r-.;""'- in.d 0.xen il 'f:-il. lulled
li1!' "-..V "l-l. be luik at J. l. jearllliKJ
.--1.1. t. and wilts. j(i ,.r no ils
CTW cd-?s Th courir of the marl"! ha b"n
dpclclllj rrratlo llirt-tifihoiit the wJm1 Wsrfk'f
ttit'llnc. ind ti nmclii,'lr- of the p.j-td oi
eruturs as to th- iinniMi it futnrt- lia It"! r
much at fault at to It-ad to considerable hwt-s
in tlm Pirt df thoe who cr I-d to antltlpit"
a decline as the effect of diminished cnumiitn
and a u Mt n Increase In uppliH rs
misht ie antlclrilM from the fullj uU ncel
pei-on On Monday the mir';tt Opemd Ftroi? and
pomewhit excited under locnl and Interior t-mh
er condltli n biislne-" ilrT adjusted 'i lh
IaU of Zie to th repiilir tnde On TupMij th
imrket rose to Z7c. hut In thi n port of tnit
dit' it was noticed that there wi' a more
mijilprite lnnuln anl the lick of brik dem ind
ffirenhadoued the decline on ednMliy to ?c
t'lir-i deralb ifulitle Inn In? wis d n In th.
ifUrnotjii of Wt-dntslny ind with tock -wIl In
band operaturs 1 inir t-u-Uined bj a cnod d
rrand it th- oirnlnjr were en ildd to ileir thtlr
l,oods at a prnilt althouKh at i eonceson undr
the rtKulir in irket, which showM a d trrnln
nt 3f'c Tculathe holdlncs hie been vell re
duced as the inirket sraduilly worked up to
owners' limits an I the amount of stock o
held hTe N nm mal! The nmrc of price? I e
tnt"n th fiiift anl defetle nuilltl bis Iwn
er lipht anl prolftbU Zc a dozen would coe
thf entire nnc unless in the ent of tt-k
Wins thoroushlv frozen of which les I hjnl
than lit week T-dij mirket oenefl at
?tif vlth cIolnc ales it ST'-c. Quctatlons at
mirk Xcrthern and Centra! Ut Src et
e-n an! south western straiiel 3T.ie, Kentiiek'
ended "-1 c Tennf st jnd South"n ?rail"l
TiV frh calbcrd filr to sod SI 0 35c. de
fect J i "2fiSV
Kanis Ht Mo IV1 Z Vcr Eteidv : f esh
3IIourl in I Knnis tok onote 1 on 'chins
it -7e doz cn:es Ineln ld 2'-?
Cliicio. F-b :i rxz wealcr frtsh 25P3IC
rer Jus
Pried Irul(.
Xew- Yi.'k IMi II There U k qul-t mnrket
fir eentnrnteil ipTile-t. anl 1 rlcei nr T-lthout
ehnrse Jelbtrn -now a fnlr Interest In htrietli
priin-i ajr'c" 1 it th rroeenieat i irrerallr
l-iw -late common to pood art quo-e.1 at Tffc
Sc 1 rime 'tPr,,tO chclee pu'jlftc fance loVille
In eallfi-nln tlrlel fruits the feelim: show. Ilrni
re . nrd a fnlr -U,d movement ! notdl Prant n
S'.cjf, prlit' rojal Il14i Moor IV-k 12"
l-'st I.a hi' jeltd nfl-c anp Itl S'u.c
O': CPy Pn r b -I 'ndlt Intnnee. 115 cer-tllltnti-i
r,, 11J shipment lc!24l. aicrace 7 -CijJ
ritni 1 C14 aee-are cf, R7-7
Tobdo r I cb :i -Oil North IJrra Kc: South
I.i-ra a-d Irdlnni
'lhe Melnl llarkrt.
Ne-v Vork IVb jl All of the mefet mnr
j.et Mere tiult to Oav except In two rr thrie
cate where price- -iere Ilfled Fllshtl Tin
1 ere wnn ouctel uri to SZZ'iZoZ) for T?ot nnl
Iindon prices were adeorce-1 1 to tU7 for
.fot nnl tl it! 17 ftl for futures The New Yon
mil I.o"lon copper rrarket weie stea Ir. but
unlet nnl unehnnsei' I.end wa firm here nt
41. wl He Iyindnn was ln31 1 Iicrer at 11 13 ! 1
-pelle- wnn hlrrlier closlmr nt X4 20Ji4 2.i. I,ul
Iyirttn wai 2s ed lower, nt 17 ,3s Tb local
Iron mnrketu were- ouiet and unchapcel, and thfl
Kinrllh mnrketi wire erndernblv lower I7!n
goiv clewed at Ki Id anl Mlddleiboi) at 477,il
Ilur Sllirr.
Np Yo-k reb 21 I'nr illeer Kc or ounce;
Lonlon dull at 2T3. 1 per ourc-
Kw York. Ib 21 Siles cf bends were zxi3.Ce
here to-daj as follows
I'lrwt Call
J.CO) I i Jf unit
4s 101,
a l'ensa & All
ti 112i(
2.000 Man cn 4s.. 33
n.Wi Jinx O con
4" S.'.-k3:':
a.0-10 Do 1st lnc
3s . .. &.vfi9
7 0)0 Atch pen U !04T4
's .. .. Wi-SOl
&0o,0 h &. o rold
.. . 1C23
wVW) io pr V.cn
2 () JI &. St L.
con 6i ZZ
LOW) MKtT lt
ti in1;
J0) Io 1st 4 Jll,
7m. IJo ;.,! t, . . ),;u
Tii Do ext m .. IUj'i
3 M iO ne
...'' 131'j
CCiO Ho liU M .114
1.UU0 .N 1- . tt I.
lit 7s .. .. 12JV
1.W.N i ii i:
I. S col Ii-i SJ
2.000 N r c i St
I. 45 .. 1 7.
12.000 N V Dock
Co 4 o;
10.W0 N V Gas Kl
1. 11 1
pur tm-ncj
Win ! c, 5s u
S0.I-I-) Do 4s liiWllivl
a,ipiio ;. ,i ton
4. ...i sj'Hii-:i;
o.o-o i: i n irVj, '
14 coo r.as Ecnvr;?sl
J.o-0 nt, o m- .n
It J01
2iW --t H JI i
" 'n ts
10W Do nnlf'ani"73
ret 4s ... 9(i
45.C-.9 bt I. h v.- lt
31 m Do M.. T-ijiiTj.;
-s i ut ; ljjil
l: WJ Vpx l'a- 2 1
3.00 TUlllI
is7.-i.jj L- y c-- f'
i:Wv.ab d,ii",Iws'4
a w s 4, n.fe13"
1.1W) W 4. J. JJ in
7s ...... 115
30 000 DU lt nm
t 900 v c ecn '1
t n.tn i . ... JT
,v-v wj r u &. w
4i . . loo3
1.000 I S W dlv
3-s .10)-
. 1 tn a is iy0
1 J) Ceo t-f ih
con 5 m
ry' D) lt im 731.
' ui . j ,en
bs . ICC
1.000 r a. o cm
fTnA JM. .. WI
" Jt ' s. i ,. i is
M 13!)
S.fl-0 I1 I . I., ,cf
. 1141.
:c i-.,i .-v, i.t ,. Si:
lWtfiJCcn Tob 4i
- j ui o. i, at'
ii-iw jj 4. i; i, crn
4 . lii'J ,1 ;:
0.HJO U Jl ,v i
V0 ifct f-o 41 m
- WO 1; T V ,v O
1 on 1st 1:1..
S."1 I !.-n Clfe
III ot V Y
Jst run Zl i)3
1 i I ne ut ton
s .. . . ro
ISiKj 1st ,.,
4" . J.i.l7sl
' 114:
jnouiioa riu n
A JI II il:v
Mo JI i 1-
Jl 4s ... p-Vfa-i:
'" I. K . V Ut
lO.fflO "li s, . 121li
1, s
""al et ftil
'? - . 153
et-oncI Call.
Cot U is 3 cou lus-,
-0-M .mn Spirits
JI 63 .. 871.
3 I") it ,V o told
4s . ..102".
22 000 1)0 I j .t. Jt
-T's Jin
0000 Do II I, r. X.
V- 4s . 1(1)-.
4.(K0 Hrook U IN
Ists lOOL
C,0iJ Ten f!a con
-rs in
10 WO Do Zi ino.... Jlli
16.00-) l JJ Q jct
4s SS
1 OO-i Do di-b Sn 1-31,
5.(00 1- CCi-l
I. Ken u us I03U
1.C05 CS)I JIM 1st
4s S3
1' 00-3 Do 1st 35 anil
4s S1J,
9.f- ol So 1st sfi "ill!
30 Det m 4s .is
22.0l 17 W A. D C
1st 112
14.000 H SL Jo?
con s .... 122
2,003 H V l3t 4',a
lOO.O-'O I S. G X ; l1''3
fs ini
10.0"O Iv c h- h &
JI 4., IJ
BO. 000 JIan con 41-.10T
9.0OOJI K.T 2d"3
.. . Si'i
2.0v) N & ;v con
4s 103:
1.009 l'ac of JIo
1st Id
40.000 i- i c mc
4s Sl'jS-
6,f" Hde --en 4s sjs,
l.oifl bt u s, vr it
IS 000 S p dl con D,:
., js stamped .111
1 I4 T loa s
4s jl
E.000 T bt I & -4k
S?;'f."-- rn .--?eb. ".rroUowlnic ar-
i-- --.- v.. inu ,vjf, siuuk. Donas and ralnln
Call leans. 3171: time loars lffl'5.
Aichlsoi 4r loi i Gas 1st ... f
S!ev. Central . xn, t ,-. E. Oas i Coke . (3
Alchlson . .
Amor. Tel & Tel..
Do. j,fd. . . 's-,
Po.ton . Allmnj 25.1
Iloston i Main .181
Iloslnn FIitl . 1U
X Y. X 11 til .11 "
1 lt-huuiK pfil. ... Hi
1 nion I'.ioillc .. .. MPS
Mev. Central .... Cs
Almrlcin buar . IJ-X
1)0. pfil HS'i
l)omin I. A. H no?
Oen. l.lectrlc JS7
Mas. i:irctrlc .... "H
Vi pfd f)M
S. Ii Gas . Coke. 5
I ritcd rrult fv:
v s sti-si -:
Do. irfd
W estlnbouse com. S3
31iniu; Sliarcs.
Adenlu"e ..
Baltic . . .
Osceola 75
Parrot 3U
Qulncy ut
banta Fe Copper... lli
latiiaratk 23.1
Trlrauuntaln 3
Trinity 12
1 nited States iji;
Utah ZV
Mctorla rf
Vinon.i j
Wolverine jqi
il JL irecli.eiJJiC.
("entennlil . .. I")1 ,
"oprr Kanse . . . (V?
iKiinlnlon Coil ... M1.
franklin Hu
IIe Uitjalf iri;
Mnl mk il '
Old Dominion 211-
Mining Stock In New Vork.
New Vork. Feb. 21 Mlnlre stock quotations:
Nfiiin vvu. ....... f
Alloc 43
lt-cec- ol
rn-nsulk an ... R
C-mstocK Tunnel.. 5
f'on " ul al ..12,
Dcidnrwd Tern .. ".)
Horn Slher .. ..H
Ircn f-IUer W
Ltadllle Con ... 3
Little Chief 1
Ontirlo TOO
Ophlr ioo
I'noenix ...... ..... 4
Potosl n
-J5HKC 7
Merru Nevada u
Mnall Hopes .)
standard .... u
(iairrament Homln.
Xew Ycrk. Iel' 2! Government nonds.
Unit."-! Ftates refun.l'nir Cs. reslsterel
1'nlteil Mates refunding Cs. couyo'i
I'nlteil t-lales 3. registered
T'nlt-d Mites rs. coupon
United Matei, :tei 4s. rcslcttred ...........
I'nlttil MatiM rw i. toupo-i
rnlte-1 stptea old Is, reslstertd ,
flitted btates oil 1. coupon ,
1'nlle I Watt &. reglstcrtd
Vnlted State3 M. coupon ,
lreainry Statement.
IVashlnsUn, Fet sl vailable cash balance.
JlM.(sO0 sold. S-7.C13.TS:.
Tlie Until..
New "crk. Feb. 21. Clcee: Moiv on call
siendv, lth CSCii per cent cloned bid and asked
2fa-ls fer cent. Trine mercantile paper Ai)
4U s-r cent Mertlnc exchange very strong,
with actual buslnes In bankers' bills nt 14 STss
il.S7a for dimand and at 4 srB)4.& for &i
ilaj"; iiosted rat's 14 K and 14 S8: ommerclaI
bills 11 S4'it'4 b3".. Har silver iie Mexican dol
lars C3.c. lloveniment bonds strong; Mats bond
Inattive; railr-id bonds Irreular
Chicago. Feb. 21 Clearinas i:c,SI.S0;: bil
amts llSSlCTil l'osfed exchange J4 S frr CO
days: 4 SS'i on demand. New Vcrk xchan
lie discount.
Cincinnati. O . Feb. 21. Money 3hG5TS per rent.
New York exibdni,? 1 i-ETSOc dNcount. clearings
4 lm Si)
Nev- Vork, Teb ;i Exchanges ;:-H KT.fTJ:
balances Jll 431 S6
lioitton. JIass . Feb. 51. nxchare-s 2:.(C?;3:
balances Il.CM.SK.
l'hlladelphlt. 1'a . Feb. 81. Clearings Kl.CS.
000; balances :2.443,S08!
peared Chief of Police Klely rcclved a
circular letter yesterrlty from Sjperln
tcndent Delt'ch of the Cincinnati, O . police
retiuestlnr; him to be on tlio lookout for
Frank noting, a captain In the Tiro Dcp irt
mont of that clt), who disappeared lit 1-Vli-tutry
T. lie is 47 jears old. When he dis
appeared he wore the uniform of the department.
Trust Coinpsiny Decline Clreck
anil Other Issuer f-trong ius
' ;
Local securities responded promptly
outside "-urport je-Ucrday Rood bujlnd
lioth sessions checked tlie donnnard raq
ment. and at the cliv-o of the day's trad
the tone of the mirket ms better tha-j
had been in nearl two u.cek,i. Despite
inclination on the rart of mnny Investors
let go tluir holdings', hullfch ad-vices w
acccptid bj the imjoritj. and a majoi
of tho.ro -vho sold o fretlj- on the deel
c ime back into the m irket on the oL
side G-iini at the- afternoon session w
capeci.il! rcasturiiu
In the morniii'; only i few of the iss
r.trc deprri---s.il CltnaanU Trust was fre
offtrid, and sold loner at J137 ). St. T.i
Trust was e.i"-y -tt S-i--"lO. and I'nion Tr
barely suadj. at JIIj American Cent
ras,t;d olT to ?1C? .MI of tin- others, were
tin- upturn Jlis-soun. nflcr selllnET
MJ3 .7). ,iil.incrl rapiulv to jr.l.o". with t
bid at tiie lIosi . MisMiv-ippi Vnllcj', nil
o!il as Iov .ii ?ir, on the recent slui
vai well tul.en at Jljo Third National j
Aaiiuuai f
was In g
Max stri
llrm at .'i:.,.- .mil (Joiitini-ut.il Ttas m :
iliinnud at $2-
L'liitnl It.iiln.-ijs, pitfirred.
at Cf 17' .mil ? V
iiiiitiK onh rs floo-Jcd the iwrltct at
afternoon M"lon Jlisscuri Trt't as )
lirst to fetl the iniiictti'" of rr-sflycil col
dentc. "lhe Ilrst -iiit- was -it jny.r-0. i
Ultra was u later transfer at flT3.At
tio'e tiio stock was wanted at Jljn.K"
niai j rust was strons .it 5J"). and
ciipl Valley eacerly sousht at S42I.
tioslns bid of J1J1.G0 Uncoln Trust
ut $
bid un in S-JlI A sm.nll Till srtl.l -,t l
German! i Trust was In much bctttr sill
at $137. J1S7.W and SMS.
Tmctlons tliared In the general advan
Transit was sharply higher at SU.:;; a
I'nlted ItPilwajs, preftcred, ery stronuj
J'iS.iS and JS1.
Mnrnlnsr hcsalun.
Closing; quotations:
c. . m . Bid
1 lyiufs Transit t ! C
i 53,) ;
nusfi itaunajs rra J-2..', t
I nlusl Itallwnjs is Ki"i mi?
I Intrr.tato Transit iu.-. oo " I
ISc-raanU Trut l"t,.73 hl'i
..ii,.-it-ji,i. v.nii.-y 1-rust 4.il0i ....
("nlonlal Trust 2u7.un . J
Mlssojrl Trust 132 O f
W Mli Tniht m m iat
i -non lrut 4i .,
J'ertditlh Trust (oldl 4-i5..1i
Mer. intlln Trust (neu) 4..Vl
Lincoln Trust 237 i)
American Ontnl Trtst i& to
ommonnenlth Trust (oldl
Third National uj 73
Continental National 2ik'r)
"irch ints-Lacledd National
Ptato Jwatlonal 2i'3 C-)
413 4
rf.,, --iiiuii r.-ti.-iiiins-. ians......
I4ank of Commerce
Alrerlt.nn Penlml Tn,nrann
212 (v
Msourl-nlison pfl 4- 0-)
"VIls-ourl-Kilson rom
JIlssourl-IMIsoii Ts UrflO) S2 0)
Missouri-I.dlso 1 3s (H 000)
"" 2 r5 102 3-)
blmmons Il.nrdnaro com............ IS-) ril
bt Jo- I-a-1 je 0)
American Gold Minlcc
.11 United Rallwars nfd. at
23u fnlted I'.ailnars pfd. at.
4) fierni inlA TTll.t nf .. . ..
A. Ml slssirr! Vail. T Tn.st at
. Missouri Trust -it
3" Jllssourt 'lrust nt
13 Missouri Trust nt
10 Missouri Tiu-t at
75 Missouri Trust at
3 Missouri Trust ut
43 bt. Douls Trust at
I nion Trust at atu.L
J ' ijrnericnii Central Trust at -flCTU
- ,1.1111 ...uuniii at.............
lis. intlnental at
1.0-t-) B:en cry ts at
Afternoon Sesld
Closing quotations:
Bid. JUkl
S 31.23 331.3
4 0O 81.
59.12ii .s
197.75 19SO-
t-t. Louis. Transit ,
limtd Itallw.ijs pfd
Unlti Kall.ij3 43 ,
flermanla Tru-t
illsls.pri all.y Trust...
Colmlal Trust
ilissourl rrust ,
Mercantile rinst ir.l,n
4.-4 CO
400 a
Mercantlla Trust (non) :.... til W
I-lcioin Tmst (cafh) zm W
Amerlc.in Centril Trjst.
'ommnnn-rallh Trjst fold)
1 65.01
l ommonnealth Tinst (new) 'SM.50
roitlnenta! .N-itloial aa 0)
American ExchanKo Bank JSi.w
Jll'sourl-ailson prd ., 3 sii
iit 3 6s tivi i)
2S3 5I
303 OJ1
.me'l-aii :ili Mlnlns l tin
uranitc-BI-Mctalllc 2.K', Z.
Sale-. J
aw St. Louis Transit at l njl
rr; I ntteU Ilalln-ijs pM. at. Jta"
Ullnlteil ltllhvays pfd. at. Mjc.
i.c.i ymted innwa's at,.....::::::.:: SS
ri V,?01 lx Tj"31 at a
lAIisSourl Tru-t at in
i uivun irut at. ..........,.. 1:
o viis.ivtnni VaJlPV Tni.srtat j-
i-jjincom i nm at 250.
wmt-u.ii inibi at .....-......... S'. art.
- .tn .ucrijiiiii! ill .. 4
'ennania irut at ......1JJ
25 Germania. Trut at Aafj'
i- wvuurtiiia 4iU"i in .... ..........
l". Continent-it atlinal at ,
10 Bank of Commerce at ,
1 American I'xchanKf Banlc at..,
ii .viissoun-KiiFon rid. at ij,
ivt urinite-tuMetaiiie at.... . c
J Granlte-Bi-Mctalllc at 7 Ltti
Chicago Stock Market. j
Reported by G. II. Walker JL Co . Jfo. 310 Xorli
Fourth street:
S2Ll c.. , - B!l. Arfi
., , BI1. Arfl
Striwboird 5 1
Carbon com jjij mi
Ki'e""i:."n"-r.;;i:i;;.:"::; . ;:t!
Mcult 7'4 :.u
BKcult pfl 107 2
jlliri ! au CM I iu ucua
Do pra.
iaK tt.
National BIcuit nf 1...
West Chicago ijt. it. n..
Jfetr York Cnrli Stocks.
T.J?."tte.'l LJ".G' H wa'k & Co. Xo. a.1 Xorfi
Close: Tim
American Tin Can com if
"oKf:v' :...::&.
firttlcti ('nJiimKI i . nr.TU. j
Conwl. llerrlcer. i Ug. Co...... 4I J
Llectrlc Beat com ?B-tl
1.. pfd
tlectric Vehicle com
. ti m
i" .!
Klectro-l'ncumntlc i
Enameling cum., -uti j
uo pfd iS n
Oen-ral Carrlaco II'."'. 1 l
v.t-imun Areasury 4 per cent 101T. WL
i.recn consolldalea Copper 3 CO
xi .-uiid -.uiunicrciai com........ 11
Do. pfd . m
IIIInol3 Transportation " u
Ne" Amsterdam Gas 1st 5 per cent. 'J
i J.. 1J41 ml'
X. T. Flee. Veh. Trans " iji
i... t-iec. ven Trans i.
Otis 1. levator com
, 4'
iw. pin
Ttojal liiklne; 1'onder pfd
fceaboard Air Line com....
In. pfd
IJ) 4-
Standard Oil ot N. J
Telesraph. Telephone and "cnWe.""'." 6
Ternesee Copper 14!i
st. Louu Trinsit Co. com ."..".." Mi.
United fctreet Iljs. of St. Louis dM.. "3.
Do. 4s ...., SJ
....... -L- yr, .. ..............
l b. Cast Iron ripe com....
Do pfd
11. i- of lleilco Cs
Mr. Iron, Coal nnd Co'te....
Do. 5s
White. Knot. tpper
Ncr. Securities
IjOCQI Motiev Mnvlr.
Trannaction' at the bank tver (n fair to
"" V' wuu,cr na outsue buI less on-
an.l tlm- loans Ulftconnt rates, for whleM?
't" -"-iuj. ueuic-a s-j ana oia pr cent.:
.. .1tc?rrl7i nnk Clenrlnirj. ':
lesierdas clearine-ho-ise Ftaten-.nt shore!
rleirlnE3 IS 6S4 15 Inlanccs ll.irb 301. corottnt
vvith clearings
XX full Y14 I.T.t-.. 1 -.
' 4
St. I.nulK Curb Market.
Wheat lower: Jlay sold on to ffl'.c. bark
k S
e 4-
s-',c to S.Tc: puts Kiic to srue: calls Ste
1-lV.i- Julv nfferB.1 .1 r-. ..... -.-'-. n-li. r?:
torn lower; May sold at fil'.c to 6"", and
ter asked; puts jO'.e in C9V-; calls T,rlc.
Domestle P!vl.nn-r.
"tvhlttker t Co. bond, stock, commercial nu
fr...""1""1" brokers. Xo soo North Fourt
street, quote exchange as follows: t
New Tork rd!,
Chicago locdls
I Vi3") VKlMs
Ni-vr Orlea-is 10c dls
I'orelsn Excliaii-xe.
8v..lKr,? by ,,"rnela. Bro. & Co. aiVo:
- "U ,1. BlIITi;
-.V?-me 'erllnn cables 4 --iSJI SSIJ: checks
S4.S.S: (0 das 4 '(i4 S3V
-.uiim-rrrni piernne checks
"a,tg4.MV lii 4
4 S7'ia4.S7J.
-.-.,. Willi- I.BVl.
Cotton bills 4 84'4
Bankers' I'arls cables 5.1S; ch-clrs S.15H:
cais S.lSli.
womniercjai jrench francs checks, s I6i: t
najs 5 1Si: Swiss checks S 19.: 60 days i.ZVt
ItelSlan checks z HT.-It-lS; 0 dajs r.l!H31-l.I
5- - ,ierN reicnsmark catle; ;ij -K cceeja
- .. w ...j. in. .
Vrnrrrrclal sterllnir checks !Z S-1C;C0 Ja-I
ro j1" Tn Dutch guilders, checks 40 5 lffl
yjEfE1."1 'crllfS chcclj 41 1-15515';; CO dl;
--- l-3lilf3?7..
?trlinc: ven- elrotis-. 1 2 hlirhe..
Ccntinental cxciiangc uschaasiill
.. 42) i
.. 32J1
.. i2.:
.... is)
130 S
.... 13tJ
.... IJUIl
Jl. S43.7
S3 5
:::::: n'lW
Ask. I
Tar f
i V" I '

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