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xmrmsi for the Sunday Mrunuc
Tha mlmlo stage occupies our attention
this -week. So many requests have come to
no to add to the list of distinguished Thes
pians already given that I have decided
gracefully to yield. The most successful
novelists of our day are doing their work
on those lines, taking care to give the pub
lic that for -which It asks, and surely If
these persons may do this thing a lesser
light like myself cannot 1m Warned It he
works with his ear to the ground. I would
call attontlon of correspondents to the fact
that I deal only with the real thing, and
however much I should like to help on the
young and ambitious, I cannot dispense
spurs to those who have yet to win them. 1
am therefore unable to Include with Jletsrs.
Mansfield. Hopper. Wilson and Gillette the
Fhort biographies recently sent me of Har
rington Perkins, the hoy Hackett of Okla
homa; of Hiss Berl Shortcake, the RlMng
Ilnchel of Minneapolis; of Mrs. Patrick
Ebbsmith. tho Mrs Campbell of Cohoc.
and others who as yet rank with the ama
teurs. Later, when they have won their
laurels and are really IVhos and Wnats,
with distinctly marked Whys. I Rhall be
Oiost happy to 1ft them enter my Hall of
Fame. Their cheques have been turned over
to Mr. Carnegie for w In the establish
ment of the Independent Theater, shortly
ta be opened In connection with a Park Zoo.
wiMinitroncE jnxiciNS.
Mansfield, Kiriinrd.
Actor. Manager. Nerve Center. Known as
'the Wizard of the Itlalto. and reincarnation
of Dooth. Forrest. McCnllough. Fechtcr and
Charlie Backus. Born Heligoland. 1537. At
the ape of 10 days he astonished his par
ents, by reciting Spartncus with such effect
that it drew tears from every ec in the
city, even from tho-o who were not present.
Studied art In England and opened studio
In Boston while yet a young man. painting
excellent portraits of the Bunker Hill Mon
Cment, Benjamin 1 Butler, and a number
Of genre studies in baked bean. Finding the
art movement in Boton setting rather to
ward old masters and brass hammering, and
Curing little for either 'as a profesion, ho
mbarked upon a stage career, which he has
pursued without interruption ever since.
His first notable appearance was as the
Biron Clievrial In "A Parisian Romance,"
tn which he died so realistically that the
dally newspapers the next morning from
Maine to California printed his obituary
and lamented the early demise of so tal
ented an actor. Ho was revived, however,
by the prompt administration of press no
tices In large docs, and has proceedd from
one triumph to another ever tlnce. His
"Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyda" was of such
vivid dramatic power that an ambulance
service was established between his thea
ter and the various sanitariums cf the ity.
and ho was required by the Board of
Health to provide every occupant of an or
chestra chair with free transportation
thither at the close of every performance
In case It was needed.
His success In dual roles led him next to
produce a composite performance of "Rich
ard IH" and the "Mikado." In which he
played tho two roles of the wicked King
and Koko. This effort established hl3 po
sition as a comedian of marked originality,
whereupon ho dramatized Mr. Clydo Fitch's
farco of "Beau Brummel," the Berry Walt
of tho Regency. In this the young actor
climbed another runs on the ladder of suc
cess, at tho expense of much nervous en-
Francis Requests Noted French
man to Visit World's Fair City.
President Francis of the World's Fair
Company, has invited the Count de Roch
ambcau. Vicomte de Cnambrun, Jan Gull
lemln, Michael la Grave, French Commis
sioner to the Exposition and the other
members of the distinguished party, now In
this country to take part In the unveiling
of the monument to Rochaznbeau, to visit
the World's Fair city before their return
to France.
The Invitation was sent yesterday by tel
egraph. It is an urgent request that tho
party extend Its official visit to this coun
try, to Include St, Louis. The coming of
Commissioner la Grave Is expected and
preparations In keeping with tho reception
of the French Government representatives
are telng made by the Exposition officials.
Voir Illinois Corporation.
REiTnuc spbcial
Sptlngfield. III.. May 17. Certificates of In
corporation were Issued to-day by Secretary
of State Ros.- as follows:
1 Tb l'alnre IJery and Bearding Stable. Peo
ria, canltnl. KVl. to conduct & IKery and
pale. ptaWe Incorporators rrank J. Quinn, C.
J. Samml. and O J. Butlr.
The Chlcasn Thr.to and Iladce Company, fhi
cap.i. capital. 52.&M; manufacturing noiflties.
IncorpTfitcr? TVnJamln Iwerinc. Charles C
Cock end B II Iyerlnp.
The Hill ISlndlng Company, Chicago, capital,
H5.eo. binding, ivnntlng and publishing Incor
porntnrp John G Campbell. E. I. Krankhauier
ami William ltmce.
The Gardner-Harada Chemical Company. Chi
cago, capital. f-0W; minufacturing chemicals.
Incorporators George N II Liwen, John K 11c
lasch and Fred D Jackron
Th llarket Chart Comi-anr. Chicago, capital.
j:.iVl. prtnllnc antl publishing. Incorporators"
Georae K Pto.lder. A. V.. hmlttl nnd V. A.
Fox Rber Di-patch Company. St. Charles, cap
EVEN the . best
tailors find it
hard to copy K. N. 6
F. individuality and
style. These are
pleasing features of
garments of our
The Kenmore sacK shown
here is an excellent ex
Write To-Day. Do Not Delay.
Any tulterer from STUICTUHU and Its en
tprfne. VnrlcocelP. rrostatltln and Stmlnal
Vfeaknesi, Is Invited to jmt out the ccupon
herewith, write his name and addre-n plainly,
mail It to the Ft. .lumen Medical Af sn , 115 St.
James Bldy.. Clneinnatl. o.Annd thej will
send their Illustrated Treat!ise.ahowl35 th
ated TTeatlseahowlnff th
pans qi uie maie i
system involved In
iirhral ailments.
curely sealed, rrepald.
Dissolves Stricture
Lite Saow Beneath the San, Reduces
EaUrged Prostate, Strengthening the
Seminal Ducts ani Forever Stoccinsr
Drains and Emissions. No Drags to Rata th,e Stomich. but a Direct and Positive
Local Application to the Entire Urethral Trict.
We Have Cured nEN la Every City In the U. S. and Almost Every Ceuatry on Earth
f - A. -N Jb.-
- ;-fifr,;;"vs.- t-'aw :?' - $'" -f.yft- Mfcy-&3at"i? sj!s?r?.i5gy'
( E? MrP rg-' '
ergy on the part of hl supporting company.
As Prince Karl, a charming vaudeville en
tertainment of a musical sort, supported by
a baby grand piano and several supernu
meraries, ho made a pronounced hit. and
reached tho acme of his career as Cyiano
de Bergerac a serious version of a farce
by that name written by Messrs. Weber
and Fields.
EInce his wonderful nasal triumph as Cy
rano he has successfully essayed the sar
torial role of Henry V and M. Bouquet, a
ital, $2,000; to operate refrigerator cars. In
coiporatorp F. K. GIlTord, G I llr.mnur and
Herbert Nicholson.
Audit and Maintenance Companj. Chicago,
capital, iZ,'M: to conduct an auditing and rirr
cantlle agncy. Incixpuratore Arthur II. Itia
ton. Timothy VT. Wltmer and Cnarle It O
Haskell 1'ost eradiate Si ho I i.f lintltrv,
Chicago: capital. Jllt.il. iducatiiral incop-1!
a40rs T. J. Itlcard. II C ua'eiy ani L.u at
A- Dickert-on.
The capital stock of the folluwln Curp ra
tions uQs lncreniHl:
Shear Out Shear Compaav, Chlcaco, iiii r r 1
from !2.ftrt to $3').0; (."ocasro i ' a.slc (ilao
Company. Chicago, lncrciscd tiom t4vri t" -11.
000. Hudolph Stecher ltrewbi Comp..-i. 1 i.
phj-pboro. Increaseil from lKa t- II'1' ' i X J
bidder Company. Chlcapo. Increased fr.'m 3'
to J2M.0O0; ht. Iuls and Utiles .lie We tru It il
uay Company, increased frcm fi"i.i..iio . 7
Notice of the dissolution of the i:ii.' -Bnlldlne.
Ixian and satngs Avicldllin via il
with the Secretary simi'nr nitlie we, rti i
uy the L.ye lTintln? i"m;vni- I.rglew !
The name ot the Kl rlntoi- i-u !a; , ,
Chicago, was chanced to Lin-;! 11 ,i le '
The name of Grab's Coa" lcilng i' m n
Sprlnrfleld. was changed to JfTe-vm - ( - .1 M m
lnp Company.
The name of the Ten Girl r.mpint. '11 ;.
Tian chnrced to the Hcl Tf.F Hum i -rtpT
The Citizens Blectrlc Ught and ianificiur
Ing Company changed the I'ur.tt'n of it cf:l e
from Nunda to Wood-.tocK
Tho Hamilton Manufacturing ''m;i" fhi
carro. decrenrcd it. capital s'lick fn.m $! i- 1 1
Tlielr "Weildlnjr; Annoniicei!.
RErrm.ic special.
Carilnville. III., May 17 Arnoum i miMit
was made to-day that the wedding of Miss
Susie Eenrdslcy. promlrent ung Inly
of this city, and Mr. Carl Jackson ,i pro
fessor in the Western Military 'ullege at
Alton, would take place the latter part of
Fnrmer Drowned In Culiokia Crock.
hepchlic special
Carilnville, 111.. May 17 John Traynnr a
farmer, and his 15-year-old ccn w. re
drowned while attempting to ford Cahokia
Creek to-day.
A Stylish Sac
of this, lou
caui procure n. in. a
F. clothes from title
retailers every
where. This is the
Kuh. Nathan &.
Fischer Co., Chicago.
Is Instantly Relieved and (he Obstruction
Dissolved Like Snow Beneath the Sun,
is CURED." and Weak Men Are Re
stored by the Magic St. James Treat
ment. Applied Locally and Directly
to the Affected Parts.
ZIS St. James Bid;., Cincinnati, 6.
riease fend me a copy ot jour illustrated
work upon the Male Srxual Fj.tem. se
curely sealed. rr.EPAID. ntEE ot all
pener.slon of a shon s-t iry by a leading
florist of Indtatapo'is M. Bouquet, mas
querading as a barber. ! I" rcilltv a Prince
if the rojal bin. d. a' d Mr. Mansfield In
producing tht dran.i In l'"G gave the Amer-l.-in
pe pie manv valt-a'de hlnti, of which
il'f v n.' ie a ,r"l ii litor In their entertain
nei.t of I'm ce H i.r
M- Mt"-!iiM i? I b-ral to his companies,
j.ijing their members generous salaries for
Knring in the ii kground, and awarding
them large sum1- latir for his inroads into
M 3BR iff !Ti&
NtteywS -: l - -hi l
Who wll' col.-br.nc the twenty-tilth minivers,
2Ir. and JIr. William C. Schutz ot No.
2001 naus-hnbach avenue celctirateil the
twenty-flPh annlvcr-ary of their marrlnso
nt their home, rtelatlve-s and a few close
friends weie prt-cnt, and n Celishtful cven
imr was spent. The conple. with their en
tire family, are ro'ns to take an extended
tri; thrcugh the West, and will be away for
seveial months. They will spend a large
part of their time in Yellowstone Park, and
will then fnvcl through Southern and
Western California.
Mr. Schutz for more than thirty years
has been connected with the 1". R. Kice
Mercantile Clpar Company, of which com
pany he It now vlco president, having suc
cessfully worlied Ills way up from the sub
ordinate place of ofUce boy to Ms present
responsible position.
Oliver G. Shuniard of Pt. Louis
County HsicI Fifty Competitors.
nm ni,ic srnciAi..
CohimLla. Io., May 17. It was publicly
nnnounceil here to-day that the followins
students of the Missour" State University
had ben honored by other Institutions In
The Missouri rnivcrslty graduate who has
tvou a teiiowsnip -at Cornell tn ccmpetl
tlrn with fifty other stadento from vari
cus Institutions In the lAjlted States.
O' ' s 9
V " ' v -
their rervous sjstrms He i ,i famous lec
turer, and in his series of "Scolding f"r
Audiences" and "Comments on Ml'-plaoed
Applausi" has spoken frequently to the
point. He w'H retire at the end of three
years, but whether as L'ttle Ilva in "Uncle
Tom's Calin" or Hamlet it would be rash
to predict. Recreation, plaj ing ball with
supers. Residence, on the road.
Wilson, Francis.
Comedian, golfer, lecturer. So.netimes
dubbed "The Henry Irving of Comic Opera,"
duo to the expert u-e of his lower limbs,
which In humor rival those of the great
Kngllsh actor. Born Philadelphia. February
7, 1S5I. but waked up In lSJ and practiced
falllrc downstairs with assiduity eight
hours a day until he was 10 years of ag? In
his bo hood days his favorite diversion was
stindlng en the corner of Chestnut Mrcit
and Broad reciting Hamlct'M soliloquy to
the farmers of the surrounding country
br'nging in their scrjppU and spring
cl.ickens to markit-
His Hist professional engagement was in
a nlnstrel troupe In 'he Quaker City. I""t
he was compo!ld to resign because his jokes
kept the audience awake. He then em
barked upon legitimate comedy in the Rest
Cure Company, performing at the Chestnut
.-ii "t Theater, r.nd wa;i so uniistsai!' suc
cessful as "Cool" In "I.imd n As.-urance"
that the Philadelphia, doctors prescribed him
for their patients Instead of haring iccourse
to tho far-famed tonics whesc names are
emblazoned upon ovary far-nlnjse rof and
board fence In the lclnity. His old troubl?,
however, of keeping his audiences aw ike
again Interfered with tho permanence of
his engagement and he was advised either
to go to New York and play before an audi
ence more suited to his abilities or take
the full four-vears course of stidy at "The
Camden School of Dramatic Art." where re
poso Is regarded as a slna qua r.on of an
actor's art and Is therebv persistently
t-iught from first to last. He chose the for
mer course and Joined the C.i&ino forces in
New York City, and as Caddie, in "Er
minie." fell downstairs into the hearts of his
countrymen at hU fln-t performance. He
has remained there ever since.
Judging from his p'rsonil appearance ami
bis indomitable energy, he is sail by some
to be til" reincarnation of Napoleon Bona
parte, but this is doubtful. It 1? more likely
that he is either a thespian ray from Sat
urn or a composite of David Gairick and
Grimaldl. He haa the wit and polish of the
former plus all the attributes of humor of
the latter. The Idea that ho comes from
Saturn Is based wholly upon the suppor.'.tlOT
that nowhere cisj in the unimse is there a
ring largo enough to hold him when he feels
well. It is his habit to play thlrty-pi-: holes
of golf four times a day. once before each
meal, and once after his return from the
theater at night- In the latter game he uses
rhrsphorescent balls, but :h!s Js net at all
nrcfiry, lince his natural effulgence 13
sufllclently luminous to light up the links
for miles around.
His form at golf Is original and his prow
esi as i champion is said to be due to tho
fact that when plajing with Wi'son his
opronent invariably keeps his eye on him
Mil. W. C. SCHUTZ.
.iry of their marriage by a trip to California.
Ho was born in St. Loui May 12. 1S.V1,
and has Flnco resided in this city. He at
tended the parochial schools of the I-u-theran-nvanfrelical
Church, and has always
been prominent in the work of his church.
He was married in 1577 to a Mls- Hoimi.inn,
then a prominent society belie of North
St. Lout Mn. Hopman is devoted to
church work, and i3 connected with .ion
llvangelical Iutheran Church. Fle chi'dren
were orn to the Iuppv pair, of which three
daughters Misses Lydla. Kstellu and Mra
are llvinp: with their parents, and will ac
company them on their tour throush the
Tho employes of the F. It. Itice Mercan
tile Company remembered Mr. Shutz by
sending him a handsome silver service and
several Individual silver pieces of raxo
beauty and workmanship.
having been awarded fellowships and simi
lar place;
Wilhelm KTancis Kauhart. who hat been
a teaching fellow in the Missouri University,
has won a fellowship In tho University of
Mls Mvrtle Knepper of Skidmorc. Mo., a
tiost-grnduate of the university, has been
awarded a scholarship nt Hrjn Mawr. Th.n
was won in competition with a number of
Oliver Garfield Shuniard of nallwvn. St.
Iiuls County, a member of this years
graduating clas. has alo won a scholar
shin In the Sage School of Philosophy at
Cornell fnlverstv; There were some finy
candidates for this position, but the Mis
souri student won.
Street Cars Ciinie Together at
Eighteenth and Market Streets.
Three persons were Injured in a collision
between a Market street car and an Eight
eenth street car nt Iiighteenth and Market
yesterday morning at 6:10 o'clock.
Miss Emma Hentz of No. 232 Madison
street was Injured about the left side of thr
face: George Moore of No. 45SO North Mar
ket street was hurt about the back; and
Fred Heist of No. 2129 Allen avenue sus
tained bruises about the right knee and the
back. They were all passengers of tho
Eighteenth street car and wore thrown
from their scats when the cars ran to
gether. ,
The collision was the result of a mistake
of signals. Each motormaa thought he had
the right-of-way.
Is Going to Bocas del Toro Where
Clash Is Expected.
Washington, May 17. The Navy Depart
ment to-day was Informed of the departure
of the gunboat Machlas from Colon for
Bocas del Toro. where advices to the State
:partment Indicates another' lmpendlnjr
-- yvv-vcj- -s
j.'i-H -?j...:J -Sft -
;is nFim
Instead of on tile ball.
chIIe. N. Y.
Gilletto, William.
Actor, author, smoker and detective; alias
Sherlock Holmes. Born Hartford, Conn.,
July 21. 15S3. His early joitth was -pent In
learning how to smoke, which feat, after
many unsuccessful attempts, he finally ac
complished in 1SG5. The statement that be
was torn with a cigar in his mouth is not
true. It was not until six months after his
b'rth that, mistaking one of his father's
cheroots fur his tc.ttung ring, he first ac
quired the taste for tobacco. At 10 he gave
tho first indication f his genius as a dra
matic author, writing a thrilling drama in
seventeen acts and a prologue, entitled,
"The Stolen Ptrfecto; or. The Old Tobacco
Trail." This was in rtallty the hrtt of the
interesting series of dramarizat'oni, cf
cigars anil detectives that hae since made
this author famous.
The young playwright followed this at the
ago of 12 with "Generously Good, a Threo
AU Study in Nicotine, by William Gillette.
Btq . the Nutmeg Shakespeare." Neither of
these piavs was e.er put upon the stage,
bud it Is the unhappy fact that at the age
of l.' the young author used his manuscript
to make wrappers for the corn snk cigar
cttfs bo took up smoking i't that time. In
1S77 he went upon the professional stage m
a comedy lole In a melodrama entitled "The
Porto Rico Breva; or. Beppo the Tobac
con'st." Later on he produced the famous
tragedy "Colorado Madura, the Bandit Chief
of Havana."
Finding st igo hfe somewhat exacting in
the late eighties, he went to Edinburgh,
where he formed a partnership with Doctor
A. Conan Doyle, for whose famous studies
of detectiio 1 f e in Sherlock Holmes he
posed. Doctor ')oIes keen insight into
character and Mr. Gillette's almost cyclo
paedic knowledge of the Ins and outs of
cigar ashes formed an admirable combina
tion, and ore w.ilch. In spite of them
selves, has continued popular until this day.
Doctor Dujle has tried to kill Holmes by
drowning him, and Mr. Gillette has endeav
ored to smoke him to death, without avail.
At present the actor-author is acting as
brigadier gm'rnl of tru American army ot
lnias.on stationed at London. By humane
methods, in which the water euro plajs no
part, he is gradually pacifying the British
Islands, although he nor. and then Is booh"d
by rebellious nttits, who obj ct to the
quality of the cigars circumstances compel
him to use while In tho field. Recreation,
writing plays and striking matches. Resi
dence, tho Lyceum Theater, London.
clash between the Tberal and Government
Ollicial Foiecast Annoinicod for
Tu-Day ami To-Monow.
Wahnton, Maj- IT. rorccast for SunU and
i Unites Showers Sundaj ; warmer In northeast
li-iiin, biik fj hijri uth wind, iltxvlay,
fchouers ar.'l coo'-t
i:.(t Texjf- I'artlv ckuJy Sunday. Monday,
fair, i-omh wi:tit. irsh to ii..k en the coat.
tstem Tcxa - l'-rtly tinudy Hun.lay, with
bowers and tmirvleit piih ni.d cooler tn th
1'JT.handlf. Mondj. iair; brisk to htgh mouiIi
to wet wind--?
ArUanras, ills- u-i. Oklahoma and Indian Tr
rlt I'artiy rloudj ur.laJ , shoucrs and ctwler
at nlcht or Mcndi. tiilt to h'h south to west
Kansas rartljr rluly Sunday; probahtv show
ers and coiltr in vea ami n.rth portion; hrl
t hlh Miutn to nest winds. Monday, iair in
west, showers and coolvr In east, pjrtica.
Locnl Hcxjurt, .
St. Louis. Hay 17. ID.
6:o5 a m. 6.53 p nu
63 79
Thermometer, ilisrccs
ll?;atie humid ty ..
l.re tlon ot wind ..
Vchxitt ot wind
0 .01
neither at C-S
m.. fair, at 6:3 p. 111.
clear Maximum temperature. iS, rr.iniiuuni
temperature, &s. iavtr H.o ret,
lx'al forecast Ulncal.
Government ltcport.
Depirticent of Asriculture. Weather Imre-iu.
Metturolnlcal otfenattons recehed nt St. Louis
May 17. 1M2. at 6 J9 p. m. local time ad S p. m
secntj-!lft!i meridian tlm. Observations u adc
at me fame ircmenc ot inn" at all stations.
Dr. Tp. M
tvicksburj- ....
Xew Orleans ...
tMcnlphls .... ,
I'liattanoopa ....
I.oulslIle ... .
Indianapolis ....
Cincinnati ....
I'arltc rsburjr ....
Orard Haen .
.. ..K 70 S
S S4 7S
.. Pair
.. Fair
.. Cloue"
.. l-alr
.. C.ear
.. ("It.-ir
.. Cloudy
rs ss
7b S)
:o 70
i6 M
r Si)
74 78
73 7S
, SW
, N'
i .... viear
tS Clear
75 .... Fair
W 7.'
ND 72
sl eo 7j
Duhuitui ....
...sn 7 )
.. Cowly
Davenport SC S) SI .02 Fllr
Ies Moines
S M s
.01 Cl'udy
tTrlnrtleld. Ill
ISt. Louis
i-r.rlnKfleM. JIo.
Kansas City ....
HapM CltT
Voith I'lalte ..
tlvklso Cltv ...
S SI ?2
...S SJ n .01 Clear
S 7-t !5
S 1,4 S
S 4 S
sn 73 k .
S W 6 .
S 52 CS .
s ts :i .
SW 7S Si) .
hW S2 M .
SK S) 10 .
... Claar
.12 Clear
... Clear
. Fair
... Cloudv
... Cloudy
... Cltar
... ClOMlV
... Cloudy
, Oklahoma
S 7
J air
1 iiiict-nun
El I'aso
Atiiln .
.S S4 Sl l.lear
SVV 7S S3 .... Cloudy
!K fj S .... Fair
Orand Junction
...SW 74 SS Italn
W GS 78 .... Cloudy
Kilt Uk
,.o, n 01 ,vi fair
fcinta Fe S CS 72
indicates precipitation inappreciable.
Local Forecast Official.
Employea' Picnic.
The employes of tho St. Louis House-rur-nishing
Company will run their annual rail
road excursion and outing to nuettner"s
beautiful park at Red Bud. 111., Sundav.
May 25. via the Mobile and Ohio Railroad.
They have arranged for prlzo dancing and
athletifc fports of all kinds. This llrm has
generously donated some verv handsome and
valuable prizes which are displayed in tlielr
wlndows at W2-I-G Franklin avenue. The
train will leave Union Station promptly at
9 o'clock nn the morning of Mav 2o. The ex
ercises will b"gln at 2 p. m Arr.inc ments
have been made for a verv enjovable time
and a large attendance Is expected.
Interesting Entertainment at Ilen
neman's Hall.
Miss Lilllc Schall gave a piano recital
Thursday night at Henneman Hall, No. 3723
Olive street, at which several hundred of
her friends were present. The young ar
tist's rendition of famous compositions by
the old masters elicited unbiased applause.
Mis Schail's flrnt number was the ronata
in I) major, by Cecthovcn. It was followed
by two little sketches by E. R. Kroeger.
two pieces from the romantic school of
Chopin, and transcriptions from two famous
operas "TIiq Miserere." from "II Trova
tore." by Verdl-ICunkel. and "Martha," by
FIotow-Aseher. Enccrcfi wore demanded
after each number. Miss Schall Is a
daughter of Edward Schall. buyer for the
Meyer Brothers Drug Company, and Is re
garded as one of the most promising pupils
in the Geiser school of music.
Mire Violet E. Gelser rendered several
numbers at Miss Schail's recital.
Vininnit Klnancinl JnilKment.
A Now- England woman made herself
comfortable and Independent for life by
investing $100 In stock, and now receives an
Income of 51W monthly; You can do the
same by buying J100 or S2ft worth of tho
Associated Mines Developing Company's
stock, now selling at 20 cents per share.
Do not let this opportunity pass unheeded.
Call or write to-day. The Edward Dawson
Woodward Company, Fiscal Agent, third
Soar, Chemical building, St. Louis, Mo.
?. i ..- 'sxi-. . .
tl i t .... p.. nut. n t - -iAWKSSrSeSi5M
Residence. New Ro- H " JUU KHIH LU1T Ddb DIMS Dliy d reS "4 " "frfiSffiffi '
B 13 5- IH I 6 r W$ 1 2 -va -! -- ;
n kjUdtbiiQvJ'BS vta Ua lEa
gas rawge.
The Blue Planished Steel
body, built double to retain all
it 'tl , ,, , ,,
the heat in the ovens, keeps the
kitchen verv cool, makes the
H rantre last a lonp; time, and do
i e;ood, economical cookine: while
U ?. i.i t t inf 1
it iiuv.3 uiM. iiitJii -;u c ;a ujiti
80 air. We have an elefrant
J line as lOW l a fTl t A-.
M . Qj 1 &.B S tJ
fl E,1?T?.W nCSSD"?!f73!r
K HW fJCraaHU.'.Es
Gnu Flxturrs ia Time Z'ayments.
,.,,,. , ,, ,. t. , x
iiiiii ura-, 111 Bum iiliil uroilf 1II11MI -gu.ir-
anl.-ed to near a, lone as tho higher-priced
kind-. 1'he foPoKine prices tnclmlo tin.
.ostof puttlns up. -No eharso for testlnff
V"l . . .
BUIIier as OW as ffli.yo
j-Burner as tow as a.
.o..- i... ironi:
Come in and se' the beautiful designs.
P'OCTS' Valuable Cook Book,
1 rvt i- Explains How to Cook
UUil Qvyj 1&&
i il 5" fit C 19
h S id iuji La eb
tTan BfJilil ffV'-lJ- Blrft I SWBHSfa
Pill Car Linos Transfer to Our Door.
Former Iiival Deniocnitic Factious
Unite in Call for I'rimaries
and .Convention.
Kansas City, Mo., M.iy 17. Democrats
hurled their last troubles in Jackson Coun
ty at a joint meeting this afternoon of sub
committee? from the rival fact! .n. It was
acreed to call the Kcitinu and tho Ulack
committecstocether berarately next Satur
day mornlnc to inriiedlately hereafter BO
Into joint session as one tMly, with James
Black of the county family a? chairman
r-nd Mil:e Casey ot the city winr. as secre
tary. Although dlseu-sid cfTicially hy only the
conference committee, it is known that
tills plan is acei ptablc to Joseph Shannon
and James I ndtrgas:. the opposins party
Other husin"ss transacted was an order
for primaries to he held June r; and the
tmention June !S. The primaries will be
held under the auspices of tho reorganized
commlttert instead of by the direction of
the i:ie"tion Commissioners.
To-day's mfetinff wa3 a decided victory
for the harmonizen and a irratifyinc; one
to the Democrats of the county. Tor four
years thev have been at loKcrheads. and
two years ago named two tickets and fought
all the way up to the Stipreme'Court.
Delegation Chosen tn Senatorial Con
mention I'a ars Ills Itcnoilllnntiou.
St. Charles, 3Io.. May IT The Democrat
Ic County Convention was held In this city
, RDEKS for fortv-five
were refused by the
Saturday, May 10th.
uruers ior over iniriy minion eijjui-pounu grape-
baskets were also refused one day last week.
This makes a. refusal of business in one
amounting to more than
One Million Dollars.
Present facilities are crowded to the utmost limit, and '
not another new contract can be taken until some of the new t
machines arc finished.
Besides these definite and positive offers of new business
from the fruit kinjjs of America, there are innumerable ncv
inquiries for supplies in smaller volume which cannot tjj:
furnished at anv price. --
Next spring the equipment
business. l$j
By September 1st this year the present output will tr''
doubled. By January 1st it will be ten times as great as now!
Next year the Mcrp;anthaler-Horton Basket Machine
Company will sell and manufacture and deliver more than
six millions of dollars' worth of fruit baskets and will earn 4
bip; dividend on its entire capital stock. r
It is extremely gratifying- to all that the" exhibition of
the work of the machines in Xew York City, Philadelphia arrd
Chicago has made the superior quality of the baskets turned
out by the machines so apparent to the big buyers that thej
havc not waited to be approached for business, but they have
voluntarily urged their orders for this year's needs upon the
Company. .
The shares are now selling at
(Par value $1.00, Full-Paid and Non-Assessable)
and are undoubtedly the most
to find on this continent.
mt VH TfWVTfi VyTrTCT-
Subscription Agents: BANKERS' FINANCE CO
- i- -jg"
ft t !), f ns "
wnne iHDuniain neirigsraior
Bill Xvc-uscd one. Tliey give perfect
s3"-"10"- .Over l.ooo.tfoo people
are usinsUies "White Mountain." Ihe
above ct sljow3 the refrigerator in
mrts. Kacli nart can be easilr re-
moved, cleaned, scalded g n't
a"(1 aircd We llaTe whU. HH
them as cheap as WTDUU
Special Sale of Carpets.
Tlwrrallilr Ir.rralr. Car-
I"". cod CuaUtr, yard...
All-tVnoI IncTaln farDet-
superlcr quality, yard......
Gno.1 IlnifBela C!ai-D8t.
Hocher Mills, yard......
OixnI Wilton Velv-etp.
t,., ci t,-... ..,,. Am m.
S-JL'JS I,mtseis $9.95
V. c. ?"" 'l"
""gj; Jf. $13.75
rem or Vrhlt I-ice. St yd.. Ion. M Inches '
ww. join button- .
hole edsc pair BWto
netter Brace, overlorked edses, frl QO
elrfrant dslgna. pair
ur ......-.. ..f.i
Containing Many Rcclpos, and It'
by Gas and Read Your Gas Motor, i
this afternoon and was largely attended by.
Democrats throughout tho county: T. t
McDeannon was selected chairman and J.
It. Ttnie"emnn nnd Perev Alexaniier. pee-
I retarles.
Tho principal feature of convention, was
centered on the delegates to bo selected to
tho Senatorial Conontlon to bo held lr
Varrcnton. Thero was a hard light xnada
nsainst the present Senator, Charles J.
Walker, forrrerly of this county, now oC
Boone County, but ha came out victorious,
and the delegates selected were all Walker
Tho prominent local Democrats were op
posed to Walker on the "rotation" theory,
and fought him hard In favor of H. W.
Johnson of Montgomery County, and tha
light had been waged for several days be
fore the convention and was one of tha
bitterest contests that has taken place in
St. Charles County for years.
The delegates selected to the State Nom
Inatintr Convention at St- Joseph -were In
structed to vote for John A. Knott for
Rallroad Commissioner. The delegates to
the State Judicial Convention at Springfield
were instructed to cast their vote for Judge
E. M. Hughes for Supreme Judge, and tho
delegates to the Court of Appeals Conven
tion were instructed for Valle Itcyfcurn fop
that office.
a o AJfl
y c.milos rnoTESTS agaixst"
"rMJuiwTiu.v op TinioaE."
rarir. Mar 1 A copy of a Carllst
manifesto, seized at Madrid, has
reached Paris. It is signed "Tour
King. Carlos." and protests against
the "usurpation of the throne'by the
so-called Alfonso XIII," and dwells
upon the- sad legacy left by the re-
gency and the darker prospects ahead
unless the Almighty provides a, rem- 4
O edy, w hich is to be found In thcrestl- 4
tution of the throno to Don Carlos,
"a monarch by right." 4
s Tho manifesto fell flat and the pub-
lishcrs aro prosecuted. ' 4
million five-pound prrape baskets
Basket Machine Company on i
will be complete for inimem'ns
attractive investment possible
r ? i
yfo ftgfa-y"-?

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