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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, May 18, 1902, PART II, Image 18

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Jefferson City, ITannibal, Kansas Citv, .Columbia, Springfield, Mo.;
Alton, Edwardsville, -IJelleville, Carrolllon, Mattoon, Kast
St. Loui?, 111.; l,aducah,.Ky.J and Vinceiincs, Ind.
jnrrnaox citv, mo.
Fencer Gournor and Mrs. Lon V. Stephen
rrturtiH Ian "fn fr m a itit lo Mr. and Mrs.
W II I,vim ef liana.,. N V ,,-
Mrs Ad lie 1- .Manii f Mimeapul.s II Inn...
niur a delightful visit with her brother 'Mr H
R Churh r . am! far.illv. lure, and Mr John
J Church ana lamlly. in J- i-Un. departed Tur
.. .. if ,-t..F v ii visit ft ltr hho
wa aconpanied as far as M. Louis by Mr. and
Mr II It i hureh Fr
Mr UuNri Kami- o' St. I-cub spent h. few
eavs n-r Mriv In the week with tie family of
Mr J S Sullivan. . , .
Mis Frames Green of Ft. Loul spent a few
Aas the lirift mi if the week with htr brother.
Mr John II Green an J family. ,.,
Mai" Man William anl I rank L Moore re
turned Mmdnv t-venlnp irm Jopltn. wfcere they
went to attend the wedding . f their niece, Mls
L-.ulse Church, to Mr Hat elan Re.mMe.
After a rn enlmabb vlit with Mrs I. A
Victor In Coluinb.4. Mrs. F. C. P.lnJcr rctuaied
home Wedn"sdt , t , .. .
Mrs Pavjd Callahan Is a guest cf relatives la
MrsKP A Dallmevcr wan a guest of honor at
two card parties chen b her sister. Mrs H C.
Roone. in Kansas tit. Frldav and saturdiy
afternoon. Mrs. Palimever will return home
Mr-Charles i: Hess depirted Thursday for St.
IlU to visit her sister Mra K II Pkcr
Miss Belle Ke.wn is v Idling Mr-. Robert Grant
"mV and Mrs Oscar Wagrr of Colo ado Srrlngi
mm vlsltlrg their sUtei. Mrs. Louis Ott. and
ether relatives here
Mrs W II Wiodcn cf J p:in, who has bacn
MMting her sister, Mrs. Charley E. Dewey, has
returned home . . , ,
Miss Nellie Kill returned Monday from a six
wt-eks sojourn with relatives In Columbia
Mr John Drear of Veil, o hpent Wednesday
with the rnmllv of Mr. . S 1 CunK. ,,...,
Mr anJ Mrs J p.etr her Carroll departed
Wednesday for a short Malt in Ft lynils.
Mr A C Trice anl daughter. Mis Celeste
departs J Wednsdav for an extended vlit with
relatives In Virginia, and liefor return me home
will llt Washington Otj. New- Yirk and sev
eral of the FUinmer lesotf
Mr ( A War- and dautrhtcr departed for
th East, to remain until mi !urrmer
Fecretarj of State and Mrs It Cook are en
trtatrlnr; Captain and Mr I5ran of Mexico
and Mrs Kugcn. Rlpp'ey and children of Con
Mrs. J I Pearson cf Kansas City Is ilMtinK
Mrp II T Holmes
Mrs i? F Winston. vho li lsltinc her slter.
Mrs J P Kdser In Ft Iui, departed e?ter
dnv with her niece. Mis Marie Houch. for Ar
cadia, to remain a few- las with tie family of
judge V M IIouKh at tlelr county home
Tha Married Idle Whist Clul. which meets
cverv Wednsda afternoon, were i u.st" thl
week of Mrs II. V Prirsmejer Mis. Kuir-ne
Hlpplev tf Connerticut arted in the p'.are of Mrs.
O IJ "arstarphen. who In out of the city
The members of the Saturday Club we e rJets
yeMerday afternocn of Mli Alma las Mudc.
fano work and social converge wer? the oily
diversions, together with a daltv lunch
A delicious course dinner na civen Welpdav
evenlnc at T o'clock bv Mr -n.l Mr Sxm II
Cook, rompllmertiry to their cues's Cnpaln and
Mrs Unan ard Mr K-n IMpf.lri, t re
maining puets bolne Oowtnor and Mrs. PosSery.
Judce and Mrs Jamfs It C.antt Mr. and Mr
V T rarrlnjrtnn. Mr -Kdw'n FIHer Mr. John
Orcar, Misses Frances and Jersle Cok. Covers
were Jald for fourtfen and the table was deco
rated In American beautv ro3
Misses Janet and Adele Williams have returned
from a lslt w-lth relative in Pavette.
MIm Madfre McKenna. who has been In Wash
Incton. I). C. attending sthnol. reti'med home
Murray arcomianted bj. her little nice. I'tclIIe
Mffs Mabl Tnlnter. vln ha been llt!nr.h'r
brtilhvr. Ioctr Gcnrtre II Talnter, and family,
has returned to h"r home In I-Inn.
Ml I-aun Eunards was hottefa Mondiv nlcbt
for the Whist dub. with onlv the men' hers
prerent After the Karnes light tefreshments
were served.
Doctor T. S HarrH entertslned tbe members
rf the Oentlerirr's Whlt CInb Tuediv even n
the members nresent l-elnR Jude W C tar
shall. Metsra. AV P rih"r. O. A. Hsher. Paul
Prare. A. I. Hawkins. Kalph Oldhem. W J.
Ch4inbl!ss and the hot An elegant lunch eorr-I-lled
the pleasant evpnlnc Mrs 1 II Hani?
aided her son in dlspenlns the hcspltalltles of
their home.
Amonc the pleasant function of the week wai
a r-certion chrn TuecTny from Z to.C, bv Misses.,
Frederlcka and Victoria I)eWyl." at thelf heme
on Hlph treet. complimentary to Mrs. Kdward.
I'aeh of Iwndnn. Knplond who Is isltti? lor.
son. Mr. niivrr Pah and familv Afte- the
jru"ts arseinbled nn "auction tale" wit- arratisrvil
for the pleasure of the ladle MI'S Vlrtoria coi
duied it In h most entertalnlnc manner.' Quite
a gA deal of merriment vas cai-sed by the de
scription nf the article and the Mch bids m-ide.
Mrs Pash was Riven a beautiful siuvenlr. "Mid
summer Nlpht's Dream." containing serat
pace for autoBraph-. and all the guests p,eert
added their signatures. An decant course lunch
eon was rmd at S Ooeis nrsnt wer:
ItesdamM HdHBrd I'ash. .pifvrn p.ish- Bonnwu.
Bofcn. Andrae, IuW. Helnriolta. Nettl Honrv,
J W". Ifenry. A P Orimshaw. It. JZ. Vourr.
Y W. Warmer. II H. Church, fir.. ,J. TV4
Rriil. Michael Wolfstdn. Hupszen.- BommII.
Kltchy, Hodenhelmer. It Palltnever P. P Dall
meyer. Vo'kr Theodore Frhultz TJrlindt, Jclrt
Twredle. Farazen of St Ijouls; Mle-; G-rtnide
Aubuchon. Ida Hvn and Ivm McICenzIe Th
Irlor were prettily decorated -In cut flowers
and bloomlnp plants.
SKDAMA, 310.
Mr. Ieo Pltjs and son, Herman, anJ MIs
MinnM Hchmi't. departed Tuesday for Pt. Louis
to visit friends.
Mrs S. A. Donev of Jefferson City, who his
been Yinitlnp nr dauchtcr, Mra W. P. West.
returned home Monday
Mrs. Anna Iliplry f Pt. Tyrol and on. M-.
James Wenilridse. etf WoolrldRe, Trim . who hiv
been fruests ef the families Cf J. C. Uoiildln a"d
David Tbompon, defrted Monday for their
Mrs. II W. Zimmerman returned to her horn
in St Iuls Mondav after visltlnj with friends
nrd relatives in this city.
Miss Ilertha HavdlnKsfeldcr returned to IV
Moines. la., Tuesday after a "visit with friends
Mrs. If Hard In Ilvait and son, anl Mr.
Frank Hicker, arrived Thursday from KlrKwood
for a lslt with Mrs. Anna Hard and Mra
Charles Van Antwerp.
Mr and Mrs J. n Henkle rf Kansas Citv re
turned to their hem Mondav. after a visit of
peveral das with their daughter, Mrs. Thomas
E. irall, eif West Fifth stret.
Mrs. S A Trlplett and daughter. Mrs. W. IT.
llarrl. departed Monday for Kansas City for a
short visit
Mrs. J U. Harrctt and grandson. IUrrft and
Kmmct. who have leen visiting Mrs D. lUidy
In Ft Iwjuls. rerarned home Monday.
Miss Emma, Keller returned to her home in
Jefferson City Monday after a visit with rela
tives In thl city
Mlis Sue Ftutman of Iloonvllle arrived Tuvday
for a lslt with her siter. Mrs fi. 1 Kraut.
Miss Joephine Urown, who ha been the puest
of Mrs. II. H. Gray for a month, returned from
a visit In Kansas City Tuesday, and de-parted
Wednesday for hr home in Carlsbad. . M.
Mrs Jamra Thompon returned to Kansas City
Ttesdav after a visit wrlth her sisters. Mrs Jo
seph Cunningham and Mrs. Georg Lest en
Mrs. Kmil Selfert and son. Herbert.. have re
turned from a visit at various place in Texas
Thev were accompanied home' by Miss Minnie
MtcH&bon of fiavoy, Tex.
Mrs. J. J, Frey returned Tuelay afterncon
from a visit with friends at Kansas City.
Mrs. CI. M. Ilabcock returned Wednesday f'om
a islt in St. Louis.
Miss Mae Gatlin of Kansas City' arrived on
"Wednesday for a visit with Misses LUHe and
Laura O'Conner of West Third ft-ret.
Miss Mar' Kennedy of Alton.. Illi arrived
Wednesday lor a ltitiwllh her brdthfr, Mr. il.
H. Cadde and family. ' ,
Mrs. Eliza Andrews and son. Charter -t-etunKd
to their home In Kansas City Tuesday, accom
panied by Mra. Andrews's mother, Mrs. M." E,
Steele. r ,, . - v
Mrs. A. M". Shaln Of Fort Seott. Kas. is the
gueit of her nephew. Attorney H. D. Shalru'and
family. -r
Misses Gertrude and Bessie Hud-on. who-iav
bsen attending the reunjop cf Confederates in
Pallas Tex., arrived Tuday for a visit with
Miss Edna Crenshaw f West Sixth street, be
for retumlna- to thelr-home In Hoonvllle,
Doctor William Parherrj and wife of Helena,
Mont., arriv ed Tuosdav tr be the guests of
Colonel and Mr John P. Crawford.
Miss Amelia Porn is-Msitlng Jier brother. Lieu
tenant Emll Porn. In Ksnrss City.
Miss Lucv Conkllng of Portland. Mich , who
hns been visiting with fccrt nephew, II. C. X)no
Uttle. and family, departed Tuesday for her
Mrs M A Hratten and nephew. Earl Cbrdes.
returned Monday from Tlorence, Mo , where they
visited with Mrs. Pratten's sister, Mrs. A. IJronk
horst. Mrs. Rone Taylor and sister. Miss Benlah, of
Pt. Louis, who have been visiting with Mrs.
Richard HUh'eyrr.Bn. returned home Mondav
Mrs. 11 P Faunder and sen. Master Charles,
ar guests of friends In Jefferson Citv.
Mrs. Mary E, Paird of Ionia, Mlrh., arrived
Tl'edneMay for a visit with Mrs. Harry Fucke
of Went Fourth street
Mrs. J. C. KcOrcw arrived Tuesday from Lex-,
tngton for a vllt with her daughter, Mrs. W.
E. tlarde. of West Sixth street.,
Miss Camilla Slcher returned to her home. In
Kansas City Monday after a visit with her
mother. Mrs. Joseph D Slrher.
Mrs. N. II. Gentry and daughter. Mis Xannle.
who has been very sick, departed Mondav for
Chicago, accompanied -by Doctor William Fuller
of Chlcaieo. Miss Nannie will be placed In a
hospital there for treatment.
Miss Lorraine Klniiev of Toneka. Kas , who
has been the guest Tf Miss Haxel Whistler, de
parted Wednesday for her home
Mis Louise Frick is visiting with her sister.
Miss Nellie Frick. in Kansas City.
Miss Lulu KUnk departed Wednesday for St.
Louis to visit with friends and relatives.
Miss Gertrude Faulhaber of Ft Louis, who har
been visiting with friends In Kansas City, nr
rived Thursday for a visit with friends In Se
Miss fiaJlle Brown left Wednesday for Knas
City, where she will visit her sister. Miss Lindt
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Camm of Bt. Lou! nrrlve-2
Wednesday for a visit with Frank Loeffler and
Tha Reverend II. Nelson and wife of Et. Louis
arrived Tuesday to visit their daughter, Mrs.
nnnr R. Krus.
Mra. C. II. Williams and nephew, and Master
Bt. John, of Seymour. Ind , are guests cf her
fnother. Mrs. A. E. Whitney,
Mrs. George Wells and daughter, Marjorle, de
parted Tuesday for St. Louis.
Mines Cora and Alice Perdue of Bt. Louis
were the guests of their mother, Mrs. Alice
Mra. J. M. Fcott Is entertaining her aunt, Mrs.
O. H. Russell, of Cleveland. O.
Mra. Clark Lrmgan and daughter. Elizabeth,
Thar returned from a visit with her mother,
Mrs, Charles Varnon. at Kansas City.
Mrs. C. C. Evans entertained tbe ladles of the
Xiutllu and Putcrpe club. Wednefday after
noon at her home en Won Proadway.
M.rs s H Heller ntert.ilned the m-mber f
the Itockmc Chair "ub W-dnesday afternoon at
her !ione on Pist Troadwav.
The members nf th Adagio Club vere rnter
4aineU Thurdav nf'ernoon bv Mi! I.yr.ne Hutch
inson, at her home on t ICroad.
The ""ominc Men of merlca" pive a danc
"W-VJnesdaj evtntnp at As("nblv lall
Mrs. W D. Fteele ha ben ie-eleted prrl
dent of the Indies' Mufeical Clah, and the fol
low Incr additional ofticers were dectej- ?li
Heulali Harris, U prthl.Jent, Mrs H P
Keens, j-ecretarj . Mr Nannie O. Estill, treas
urer, ll'ss Irmi Collin-, librarlsn; Miss Jessie
Fmith, accompanist.
Mrs A. W. Perrv entertained n company of
friends at eml.ro Tuesday aftem(n at her home
on rt Ilrrndwny, as a rompllrrert to Mrs
Kate llnux of Ft. IjuIs. who Is vlsltlnp line
with friends Mrs. ivrry wa assisted b Mr.
Jack Perry. Mrs. A. II Morey and Mrs. S. A.
Colonel and Mrs. W II. Wade have announced
that the marrlac-e of their daughter Ml. -ror.
to Mr. Loui Tozer Fearles of Grand Fork.
N D will occur on the evenlnc of June f at
the home rf olcnel and Mr Wad m North
Jefferson street The couple will nuke a tout of
th Kast before settling down in their new home
in Grand i'-rk. N P
Mr and Mrs Elwvn Plckerson entertained for
the day at their new home rear Crvstal Cive
Frldiy Reverend and Mr Harr.ev Jones. Mrs
-Teiome DIrkerson Mr II M. Heckart Mrs.
Poja Dllrer and Mrs Harry Durst
The Ihlrtv Tjrants met with Mr. and Mrs.
L P IuId Tmsdav evening
Mles -Nannie and Grace Bridges of Pittsburg.
Kas , are viutrar in the citv
Mrs. "WlllUni Fteenon has returned to her
home in Kewsne. Ill , after spending the w inter
with he daughter. Mrs J. T Miller
Misses Eleinor and Kate Ilolbrook are 6ojourn
inir in Kccl'lr t-prlng.
M-a. Grant Hazelton of St. Iiuls Is the guest
of Mrs Cl-nrle Brooks
Mrs W H Pickering ha returned to hr home
In Kiphs City, after a visit with relatives
Mr Charles McGrepor and children have gone
to Ere;lor Fprlnc for a few weeks outlnp.
Miss Ellzat'eth Fee will dejart soon for u vllt
to friend 'n th1 Eit
Miss Pmlly Dlggins arriv ed from St. Iouls
Irllaj night.
Mr F F Hefferrran entertalred the Wedies
dav t"-ml Club Wednesday afternoon. i:iepant
refreshments were served to Mrs. Frank Macv.
Mrs T J. Delaney, Mr J C Crenshaw Mr..
Chprlcj. Brook. Mn Tom Johnon. Mrs Jerome
lloannan Mrs Kirk Ifcixter. Mrs. Emma A.
Chambll, Mr Harrj Cooper. Mrs. J It
While. Mrs William Shelton, Mrs. J. F. Duncket
and Mrs Gecrce Cooper
Mr?. C. II. Baldwin was at home to the Pufv
Woman's Idle Hour Club Wednesday Elemnt
refreshments were served to Mrs. J B. Jewell.
Mr.. C c Clement. Mrs Preil Fee Mrs. Hirrv
Cooper, Mr. Cosby, Mrs 11 S Jewel, Mr J.
R Vatichnn Mr Kmma A. Chamhliss Mr
McTln Jone, Mr James Ahh.,tt. Mrs Charles
J Wrleht. Mr Dane Fhepnard. Mrs Will Fhp
pani. Mr Henry Eatn, Mr Ed Ftonebreiker.
Mr G D Mllllgan, Mrs Jeff Hansel. Mrs M.
Ilolhrrk. Mr M Cooltaugh and Mrs. W. P.
Mrs lake Mirx ha for her guest Mrs. Nathan
Frlensdrrf of Peepwafr
Mrs It. I Horn Is visiting friends In 0wego
Mr J T Neville is entertaining Miss Mabel
Fnnther of Ft. Loul
Mb- Nell Iye will depart this week for a visit
to friends in Ft Loul.
Doctor and Mr Davis and son. Mr. Frank
Martin of Falrneld. III., are the guests of Mra
Ivan I-enk.
Mrs Professor Howlind entertained the Alnhi
Tnl and Webster societies at Fairbanks Hall
on Frldav evening
Miss Benlah Pal let te. Miss Meta Mitchell ind
Mr. Sam Wear were entertained at dinner Fntur.
dav evening by Ml. Madge Stone at McCulIach
Mr and Mr Harry Baldwin of ClveHnd. O.,
are the guests of Mr and Mrs C. H. Baldwin.
Mr. and Mrs A C Fisher are entertaln'ng
Mr nd Mrs. John Mattern of Donnellon. la
.Mrs. F II McVey and daughter. MI Emma,
will depart this week for Ft. Joseph to spena th
M'fs Adah Evans has gone to St. Louis for the
Mrs-.-J II. -Albers Is the guest of her daughter,
Mrs- Ruseli of Aurora
741 Helen Nelwanser has returned to her
home in Chlcano after a visit with her aunt,
Mrp Ed Ftopebreaker.
Mr L. I Lvnn departed this week on a visit
tn friend. In Georgia and Mississippi.
MI' Madge Bahl entertained the G G G O.
Club Friday afternoon Those present were Miss
Carrie Thorn?, Miss Lulu Nichols Mis Hatton.
Ml Alice Ilenshe. Miss Hollenbeck Miss
W hopples. Mrs. McCrum and Miss Pern Roberts
cf Ciunell Bluff. la
.3b Wednesday Euohre Club enjoyed the hns
nltallli of Mrs Waldo Gideon this week. The
guests were Mrs. Frank Rsrtnett Mrs. Jack Rus
sell. Mrs Lmils Mover. Mrs Emma A Cham
ibllbs, Mrs. Parry Cooper, Mrs. W. L Mjor.
Mrs. F S HetTernan, Mrs. J" JI. Reach. Mrs.
Ed Ftonebreaker Mrs J. II. Le Comrt. Mrs. n
LaicElhanv. Mrs Ralph -Holland; Mrs Henry
Fehneldcr, Mrs? Cv Wright. Mis Nell Gideon
and MI Florence Oldhafn.
Miss Edna Abbott citc.rtalned the senior class
of the High School Friday evening.
The F W Club had a pleannt outing at
Dollnp Park Frldav evening Tho party was
composed of Mls Maud" Mehl Miss Mlgnon I-e
Compt Mi Mary Hall. MIf- Nell Caruthers.
Miss Vfrglv Dade. Mis Kate Klntrea, with Mr.
Harry Henshev. Mr Iiuls Lnpham. Mr. Paul
New bill. Mr. Eugene Cockrell. Mr. Ralph Ander
son and Mr. Cliarl Finkler.
The Misses Roterd entertained Informally
Wednesday evening in horor of Mr and Mrs
IIarr Ilorton Atterdlng the function were
Mr. an! Mrs Ilorton. Mis Kate Ixird. Miss lyni
Vaughan. Mis Fannie Iord. Ml Clara Gap-.
Mr. John Atkinson Mr. Prank Williams, Mr.
Dvvlght Booth and Mr. Tom Williams.
Miss Eliza Marple Is visiting friends In Elnood
Mr. and Mr II B Plovd cf Wolf City. Tex.,
are -visiting friends In this city. ,
Miss Blanche Ehert Is in RrnokfleM Mo , the
guest of her sister. Mr. Arthur Battelhelm
Mis Blanche Dlllanl is home from a pleasant
visit to anises Maude ajid Rose Graham at
Mr and Mrs W. R. Ames returned Saturday
from a vlIt to friends In North Missouri.
Mls Helen Blaln entertained the F. W. Club
Monday afternocn
Mr Tanner of pes Molne. la.. Is the guest
of her cousin. Mr Kd Lee
MIs Nell L"e departed Monday for St. Louis
to be tbe guet of Mrs. Simon llonlp
Mrs. H A Dow of Los Anpeles Cnl . who has
been the puet of friends here, departed Monday
for Fort Smith. Ark. on a vift to relative.
Mr and Mr. Arch pi rains- of Ft TuW will
return here June l to reside permanently
Mis Carrie Vinton has rrfuroed from a visit
to frbnda In San Antonio.
Fisher' f(ic wn the scene of a pleasant pic
nic en Wednedav ovfnlnir Thos ho enjmed
the out i lit: were "Miss Stella Thrall. Miss Bess
Mack. Ml Idn Pixon Ml Reulah Palletto.
MIs MathMde Fergusrn. Ml Helen Otterron,
Ml Df.t McPherson of Gilcna Kas, Miss Cor
rella,0tterscn MI Metta Mitchell. Mr Carl
Eaton. Mr. John Ferguson. Mr. Eugene Heer.
Mr Ralph MoKIhanj. Mr Roy Teacher. Doctor
John Nixon, Mr. Percy Wagstaff. and Mr. Clar
ence Mack.
The Married Ladles' Sodality of the German
Catholic Church gave a very pleasant euohre
Thursdav afternoon at the school hall of that
An entertainment will be given ry the young
ladles of the department of music and elocution
at the college chapel Thursday.j'vening, Mav 22
Miss Eva Lemmon. entertained at luncreon
Saturday afternoon at hr hpme.prt West Clay
street in honor of Mis Player of St LoUlc.
Mlses Martha Lemmon. Tbeo. McDearmon. Xl!e
Fchnenelde, Olga Daudt and Stella Lunl of 'his
citv. who will be Mis Lemtnon's maids at her
wedding in June. The parlor and tanleg rwere
nrtlstically decorated with pink and white ear
nations, pink ribbon and tlesue paper. Ml
Immon 1 fo be married to Mr. George P.
Plover of Ft. Louis.
Mis Mabel Wode of Wentzvllle haa ben
visiting friend In this city several days.
Mls Palsy Williams basj returned from a vrslt
to O'Fallon relatives.
Mis Iamte Dyer of Ft. Ixuls visited Miss
Macraret FIdwardi tho rast wek
Professor and Mrs J P Ellis of Black Walnut
pent Sunday In this city with Mr. and Mr.
F. F Ohmnnn
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Collin have returned to
their home in St. Louis; after a pleannt visit
to Mr. and Mrs. John Schrelber In St Charles
Mr and Mrs Earl R Jllrltt of Ft Louis sn-nt
Sunday in this city the guests cf Mr. and Mrs.
M L. Comnnn
Mr and Mr. William M. Gray are viUlng Mr.
and Mrs. A. D. Williams at McCredle. Mo. Mrs.
Gray will also visit In 'Fulton and MxIco be
fore she returns home,
Mrs 0er-M Grav entertAlned the-Ladles' Kid
Foclety of the Fifth Ftreet MethcdUt Church Fri
day afternoon at her home on West Jefferson
H H. Morten and wife of Qulncj. HI., hav
been vi5ltlnj; his brother, S. II. Morten, and fam
ilv in this city.
Mis Ida Gruenewald Is visiting her sister, .Mr.
rrank Klerch ot Wdlston
Miss Leon3 Elsenteln of Wsrrenton spent the
week In this city with her sister. Miss Julia
Miss Bessie Slhey Is spending a few weeks
with relative at Howe'I
Miss Emma C Cooper departed Tuesday for
Cap Glnraeau. where she attended the reunion
of the O. A. R. and Woman's Relief Corps.
Mrs. A. J. Shullow and two little sons. Uovd
and Francis, have gone to Iowa, where they will
spend the summer with relatives.
Mrs. Shirley W. Johns and little daughter. Jane
arrived here Thursday from ban Antonio. Tex..
to visit Mrs. J. J. Johns and other relatives In
th's city for. several weeks.
Reverend and Mrs. Lesmann of Chicago ar
here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mrs. John Gauch Is spending a few weeks with
relatives in Moberlv.
Miss Catheryne Binge of this city Is a guest of
her sister, Mrs. George Gruenewald, in St. Louis.
Miss Carrie EberJe has returned to her ho.n
In St. LouIb after a visit to the family of Docto
Ellw anger.
Miss Kate K noble of Ft Louis Is here visiting
her grandmother. Mr. Iemke.
Mra. A. P. Steward cf Marshall. Mo, stopped
off here and spent a few dais with Mrs. A. It.
Huning on her return from the EasU
Mrs. Edgar Gaugh and children have returned
hcm from fite. Genevieve, where they have spent
several weekw with relatives and friends.
Mrs. J. W. Kelley entertained at a blrthdav
partv a number of her friends at her home on
Clark street Friday afternoon. Refreshments
were served. Mrs. Kelley and her husband wilt
shortly remove to sf. Louis to reside.
Mrs. Edgar Le Falvre of Kansas City visited
Mr and Mrs. Frank Le Falvre here this week.
The Married Indies' Fodallty of the Enpllsh
Catholic Church elected officers Sunday afternoon
for the ensuing j ear. Mrs. J. Chittenden was
elected prefect; Mrs J Rauch. first assistant,
and Mm. Robert Alexandsr. second assistant
Mrs-. George 'Acklev of rU I-outs was the guest
cf Ft. Charle friends several dais thl. week
i Mrs Joseph May. accompanied Ly Mts Cieo
Rechter. spent a lew dajs in bt Louts during
I the past week. . .
Mr. Benjamin Haenlchen of St. Louis nas uecri
vidtfng Mis. II. Alimtedt for evera! days.
Mies Alvena Koester and TUlle Teuersteln
visited Mi-s Nellie Crowley in Madison. III., a
few davs during the past week. ,
Mls Marten Norrl of Ft Louis has returnM
to her home after a visit to Mr Charles k.
Mejer. Fh.- was accompanied home by Miss
1'accj Gene Meyer.
The Ladles' Euchre Club met with Mrs Gen
eral Odin Guitar Tuesday afternoon. Her daugh
ter. Mrs. H. A. Blown of M. Joscrh, was trie
puest of honor. Refreshments were served to
Miss Martha Guitar, MIm Ethel Hud-on. Ml-s
lall Johnson. Miss Faille Pierce. Mls ltele
Watson. Mls Katherine Guitar. Miss ,vmljf
Guitar, Miss nma Strawn and Mrs. I-. .
Wldermt-er, Mrs H. C. l'enn. Mr. 1; D.
Hubbell. Mrs. J. O. Hockaday. Jr. Mrs. Hem
ing. Mr. Estos, Mrs. II J. Waters, Mrs. Jef
ferson Worley, Mra W T. Warder, Mrs. J. I.
Stetdien Mrs Alexander Martin. Mr Jams
Guitar. Mis Emma Strawn and Mrs I. .
Callfennli Mrs It M Hrkn.iAv of Kansas
City and Mrs. R A. Brown or Ft josepn, mo
Mrs J I Ankoney. Jr . ha- sent out Invita
tii'iis for an "at home" Tue-dav. M -, at 3
u'llork. .in honor of Mi A. M Hurty and Mrs.
Mrs Doctor Stanley Smith entertained a few
ia.lits at her home on Ninth street Thursday af
ternoon. , .
Miss Addle Overall returned to her home in
St I-outs Tuod.v, after a short vidt with her
luusins. Misses Mary and I loronce vtruj
MI Fuarr Gower h parted for her home In
Ft Jrfenh Mn, Faturdiv. after vldtihg Mrs.
Clara Matthews Miss tin an Matthews accom
panied her. .' , . , ,
Mis Arm Famucls of Ft. Louis denarted for
her home Saturday, after visiting Mrs. J. II.
Miss Ethel Enyart. who has been visiting her
sister. Mis Blanche Enyart, left Tuesday for
her home in fctanherry, Mo
Mrs. J. II Overall returned to St. Louis
Thumlay. after vldtlng her mother, Mrs M. L.
nollln. . ,
Doctor R H Jesse returned Monday from a
vidt In New York .... .t.
Miss Eva Johnson, assistant In Latin at tho
Ftate University, departed Friday for New ork.
where Bhc will sail for Germany to spend the
summer , M
Mis. II. B Rollln- and sons returned from
Ios Ancelos, Cal., Tuesday, where they spent
the winter . , , .
Mr. N. D. Evans, formerly a resident of Co
lumbia, but now of Chllllcothe, Mo., vl-lted
friends here this week
Attorney H D. Murray was In Fulton on busi
ness this week , , .
Father Shlathr.telier of Moberly attended the
Saengerfest lat Friday evening
Miss Clara llenlc Ilus-lng. who took a prom
inent part In the Faengerfest v;hich was held
h-re on Fnd.iv and Saturday of last week. left
Fundav alternoon for her home In Ch cao
Mls Ivie McGuho. an M V student, was
eRlled to her home In Klrkvllle last week by th
Illness cf her father. Mr. G. M. McGulre. whose
death occuued on Frld iy. . . ,
Mr. W II. Will!?, and MIes Irlortnoe and
Finile Willis left Tuesday for Cincinnati, to
attend the Mav musical festival, which wdl be
held in that city this week
Mis. T. B. Gentry left for her home in Kan
sas City on last Trlday, after a visit to rela-
Mlss Maud Montgomery, who has been visit
ing friendr In St Iiuis. returned this week
Professor II. C Penn was In Ft. Louis this
Doctor Glveus of Iajette was here en business
Mrs. G B Mr Parian was the guest of friends
In Ft. Louis last week.
Mr. Cuitis Hsvd-n. formerly of Columbia,
came up from Ft. Louis last Sunday to vidt
friend here.
Mr. and Mrs ril'ott Ptnffort vv-re the guests
of friend nt Christian College Sunday.
Mrs. M. E. Laktnan visited in Ft. Louis this
Mr T G. Pul.anev of Hannibal hns returned
home, after visiting his daughters, Mles Edith
anl Vivian, at Christian CfTcge
tiiptaln E. T Allen of BIes Military Acad
emy, Macon, ha? been visiting his parents. Pro
fessor and Mrs. E. A. Allen.
Mrs. N T Gentry was In Fulton en buslnes
a few fins thl week.
Mi's Katherire Lakenan was In St. Louis this
Mr. II. B Owdev ot St. Louis spent Sunday
with Columbia fderds ..-,..
Mrs M. D. Burnett departed for her home In
Cincinnati Moida, after visiting her son. Mr.
Duncan Purnett. Un Is connected with the
Missouri Ftate Umveisltv.
Mr. and M'. E I-. Harshee were in Mexico
Doctor Shannon departed Sunday for Pittsburg
nid Terre Haute, where he will deliver a course
cf lectures.
On Monday evening a musical will be given
in the Baptist Church. Mr. T Carl Whlttmer,
organist, Mrs C. 11. Sebastian, ooprano. and
Mr. George Ve-.able. violinist, will take rart
Mrs. E M Pi Ice has been vlMtlng In St. Loul.
Miss Pauline Dallmever of Jeflerson City is
vldtlng Cclumbla friend
Mrs L. F. Platter of Chllllcothe l visiting her
parents. Captain and Mrs David Guitar.
Piofesror Max Movers- of the Ftate University
departs on May 21 for France
Mis Iplf hart's avt-inbjy Wednesday evening
was very enjovable.
Lieutenant McClIntock. U. S. A., of Omaha,
will Inspect the cadets at the university Mon
Mrs. D. B. Holmes gae a house partv at tin
Country Club Tuesday. Eight guests attended.
The guests of honor were Mrs Charles S. Keith
and Mrs. George Megeath.
The Misses Orcar are entertaining Miss Lou
Stcxens of Mount Sterling, Ky.
Mrs. M. V. Lvle. Miss Pot and Miss Dorothv
are preparing to go to the Minnesota resorts for
the summer.
Mrs. Letltla Foster received jesterdav. Among
thoe who aslsted were Mrs. S. A. Foster of
Lincoln. Mrs. L. S Foster of Houston, and Mrs.
WMtcT Leming cf Tonganoxle. Tex.
For Miss Florence Curry cf Toledo Mrs. How
ard Kitchen gave a luncheon jesterday.
Mrs F. A. Hornbeck Is to give luncheon for
Miss Laura Nelson's guests. Miss Laura Mc
Curd Miss I J Ulan GUIett. Miss Julia Calhoun
and Ml Russell
Mrs. Morrison Munford will go to hr cottape
at Sweet Spring this week, to remain till the
end of June.
Mr Alexander Masse is entertaining her
mother, Mrs. James M. Bent, of Sallna.
Mr and Mr N. R. Tuller nnd Mr and Mr
George H. Edwards, are In the East, to visit
friends In New York. Boston and Providfnce.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brown are entertaining
their daughter. Mrs Harrv Todd, of Ft Ismls.
Miss Mildred Myron Is visiting fri'nds in
Ablllne and Sallna.
Mr and Mrs. J. H. Tomltn arc entertaln'ng
Mr nnd Mrs. Walter H. Totnlln of Puree! 1. I T
Mrs. J. B. Peck has returned from Chicago
and Milwaukee, where rhe visited friend.
The engagenunt is announced of Mls Corne
lia Ketcham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Philip
Kctcham to Mr Howard Palmer Uuggles.
Miss Mattle Lee I'eak had friends for luncheon
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kirk Askew are established In
their new horn- n Rockhlll road.
Miss Laura Eaiwerda Is the guest of Mrs. W.
J. Fulmer.
Miss Marv Saga Is entertaining Miss Cathe
rine o'Brlan
Mrs Jutlon M. Blddle Is entertaining Miss
Lillian Busch of Washington. Mo.
Mrs J. T. Hlpglns I entertaining Mrs Ber
nard O'Donnell and children of Qulncy.
Miss Flovd Smith Is entertaining Miss Mary
Vincent of Cleveland. O.
Captain nnd Mrs. Drage have gene to Eneland
on account cr death in Captain Drage's family.
They will return next month.
Mr. J. W Gaines and her three little daugh
ters have peno to Passaden.a, Cal , for the sea
son Mr. D. IL Boeder Is entertaining Mrs. Edward
F. Ellis of Denver.
Mrs. Lawrence F. Rieger has returned from
San Antonio, where she has been viltlng for
two month.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Folrth are visiting their
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Christie.
Mr Roland A. HubUard of Lawton, Ok, Is
visiting Mrs B M. Sejmour.
Mrp. James E. Seaver Kave a Iunchon nnd
card party vesterday for Mrs. Austin. Mr. Will
iam K. McMillan of Hutchinson, and for Miss
llirence Curry of Toledo.
The engagement of Ml"s Imogene Downs,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Norton, to Mr.
John V. Robinson. Is announced. Tho ceremony
will take -place on June t.
Wednesday night, at the Central Presbyterian
Church, Miss Martha Brent was married to Mr.
Ernest C Moore. Owing to the illness cf the
bride's father. Mr T I. Brent, there was no
re-eptlon after the ceremony. The bride's slste.
Mrs. H. H. Allen, was maid of honor, and th
bridesmaids. Miss Evan Met calf and Miss Mar
guerite Harris.
A ping pong tournament was held at Oak Hall
on Monday nigru
Mr Thomas J Eaman and children have gone
to Call fornix for the summer.
Mr. Georpe S. Miller departed Monday fcr
the Northern lakes, to spend the season.
Miss Iaiclle Thack of Little Rock. Ark., Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kahl, Jr.
Misses Carrlo Pitts and Clara Bodlne of
Paris, Mo., arc the guests of Doctor and Mrs.
J. C. Chilton.
Miss Anre and Elizabeth Plndell entertained
at cards Wednesday afternoon. In honor of their
cousins. Mlsse Olive and Katherine Pindsll of
Minneapolis. Minn.
Mr and Mrs T. C. Wilson returned Wednesday
from a visit In Ft Louis.
Miss Sallle Bartram of Springfield, Mo., Is
vidtln? friends In th city.
Mr. G. A. Sturge and son, Gould A., Jr., of
Fedalfa. Mo., are guests of Mr. and "Mrs. T.
C Wilson.
Miss Sarah Mills of Moberly, Mo.. Is visiting
In t:e city
Mrs. O. W. rhllllp went to St. Louis Tuesday
for a visit of several days
Mrs. IV M. Patterson left Thursday for Chl
caro on an ext ceded visit.
Mr and Mrs. George W. Dulany have gone
to Winona, Minn , for a visit to their son, Mr.
George Dulany, Jr.
Miss Pearle Lnwrle and Mary Lane returned
Wednesday from a visit In St. Louis.
Mis Russella Anderson departed Wednesday
for Cincinnati. O., for a visit to her sister,
Mr. A. R Belts.
The annual opening of the Country Club was a
very auspicious beginning of the season's out-of-door
pastime. The cup offered by Mr. Pettlbone.
the president, for the best score, will be given
In June.
Mr. and Mr. John L. Robards have as their
fuesta their daughter, Mrs.- E. A. Richardson and
Ittle daughter. Stira. of Louisville, Ky.
Doctor and Mrs. Hornback returned Tucsdav
from Renselaer, Mo. where they had been to
attend a family reunion In honor of the. eizhtv
firt bl'thday of Doctor Horn hade's mother.
The West Side Llterarv Society met Tuesday
af trnoon with Mrs. W. U. Hanle. Papers were
read by Mrs. George Camsry and Mrs. Appier.
Miss Sallle Mullen of Moberly. Mo., who was
the sxest of her sister. Miss Barbara, has re
turned home.
Mrs. A. L. Philips- of Burlington, la., was the
puest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Old
ham, this week.
Mrs. Harry I-ogan returned Wednesday from
a visit in St. Louis.
Mr. T., G, Dulany spent Funday ard Mondav
with his daushtero. Misses Edith and Vivian, at
Christian College. Columbia, Mo.
Mrs. C.'A. Trowbridge returned Wednesday
from a Visit In Qulncy.
The Wednesday Club held thlr final meeting
Wednesday afternoon and elected tbe following
ofticers: President, Miss Florence Bough ton;
, vice president. MUs Martha Ra . fcecrcur. Mh
Any Gleason. treasurer. Miss Adelaide llruwn.
, The club will res-ime work in September and
I take up the ttudy of French and German
Mrs. Filer Overstreot gave a handkerchief
shower Friday nfternon for Miss Edith Moke.l.
who Is to bo a Juno bride.
ClIILMCOTili:, 310.
Mr. Herbert Cleary nnd Miss Grace Jackson
were married Wednesday evening at the home
of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs T E Jack
son, onlj the relatives and a few friends being
Mrs. P. A. Dicker and daughter. Marguerite.
atrlved from Fu luis this week, to make their
home here Mr Dickey U the assistant general
manager for the National Ufe Insurance Com
pany Mi. N. O. Borders of St. Jceph was the
gue-t Thursdav of Mrs. N J. Swttland, una at
tended the Loom Is reception
Mmes EUsha Wells and J I Bradshaw re
turned Thursday from an extended trip to .South
ern California
MIss Nettie McDaneld and Mr. Henry Robinson
have tone to Trenton, wfuie they will be nui
rled the latter part of the week
Doctor and Mrs James II shields of Cameron
Mo. who have been the guests of lector and
Mr. G A. Goidon cf East Calhoun Hrect, re
turned home ThiiraJa;,
Mr and Mis. A A Warren of Kansas Citv,
who havn been vWting Mr and Mrs A B. Mc
Donald, returned horn Thursday
The, Reverend Bay palmer delivered a temper
ance lecture at Maonn Thurrdav
The society event tf the week was the recep
tion Thursdav nf Mr C A Ijooml to open her
beautiful new home Fhe wa assi-ted in noelv
lnp by her sister. Mis- Iyittl ami Annn Ilurx
thal and bv Mines Rile v. Randolph, Leeper
Fotham. Fwetland. Si -de. Mlses Anna and De
cerning FMnor, Ujt Ine Leaver. Marj Mil
bank, Virginia Graci. Over a hundred invita
tions were Lssucd
Mr?. T. J. Nalley Is isltlng In St Louis this
Doctor John W. Hilrd of Itittlc Crffk, Mich..
lItea his fnther P II Itllrd. hcr( till, week
Mr ami Mrs F CI liilrd and "nn. Allen, cf
Pcnth Herd Ind . arrhed here Tuesday for a
l!t with nlitUr.
Mr anl Mr. Clnrl" Woods of Columblt p
turntd to th-ir home Trerd-n. after a lsllhere
with Mr. and Mr r M Il.iUs
Mrs .1 p fil birds or Jfcml n; Green tvms the
eiieft of Mr and Mrs. V I.. Tinsley a fen- das
tMs ueek
Mrs J r: Carstarphen of Ft. tauls returned
to her home Tuesday, after lsltlnjr a fov das
Mrs Hen "Watts and Mr Jennie Avers left
Tuesday for a sojiurn nt Ashel'!e X. r Itefnre
returnlnc home they will llsit the. Charliston
T.ane and Louis Hais of Ftinherry lslted
Mlsv.s Anna nnd nianche Zuzak Sunda
Mi's Ka I'nsell of raldne'l Kit Is It this
dlt the euert of Mr and Mrs T M l"nsn
Mrs (' A Martin has retu nci from an extend
ed lit nlth friends at Trov
I'liler r A Muhnll anl fimlly are Msltlns at
N" lyimlnn. their former home
Miss Fule ltrirc, nf this citv- Is lsltntr her
r.'rrns nt NVw Imdon
Mlcs Sadie Vas nnrellos Is .tlntr In St I.ouls
Mi's Marsaret Djer of M Louis l vlsltlnc the
familv "f her nlmt Mrs J n Mellrtfr
..Irs Xeiile Ilumnh'ev or St I.oul. . isltln?
,, .os I"r;"''t Sheplerd and Jo'eph Bray of this
Misses rear! and Coral Gordon Wt Thursday
for an extended lslt with fr'end. at St Josep-i
Mrs J ..ircnc J thron o HufTslo - Y Is
jl'Itlnir her parents. Mr and Mrs S W. Temple,
Ml"s Alice Itejnolds and Kntl nricht of St
Louis were the Kue.f of thel'- Brandn1rnts
week" an T- ' C Pg,;- '"" flr,t 0f thc
fro J"!:..-."'", f.. " '".,(fum returned Monday
front a visit at Clinton. Mn
Mr. N Meriwether Is .tlne In VlrKinls
Mr Tien tlmj.!o!l or Ithlne'nnl Mo. .sited
,J?ll", Kf"',,f:':,ro''?"ch has returned from an ex
tended stay in Washington. I C.
3Ii:'ICO. MO.
The Salmapuntl rinh will he T.te'talned hr
Mr Harrv I.acklmd Wedncday Th- Kue-ts
i" Inelu.'e other, than elgl, members
The memb-rs of the rhiiitlui'ti Society will
spend the afternoon In the wno,ls Tueslav A
Putch lunch win b. served after the lesson In
itf rman hlsorv
Ttu yii1- ha; rrturned to her home tn Tort
I Paul U-ltlng her rlter. Mrs. W
nir .i"nkn,n-n ha',-"rturned to her hom In
;nneanoll. Kas after a visit to hr sfster
Mr Will am H Coon Mr. Coon will depart
r"1 LMt ,n thf,t c,tv n two week ucpatx
'!,. lr"eTn, nv w,"l retun next week from
n visit In Biv- Ft Lrni's. Urr dnuphter. Mis
.ranio. who has been there with her, will return
On Tuesday afternoon Mmes y, u Wallace
and A. II Smith nnd Mle Miul Walltce and
Marv- l4ing received nt the Walltce home in
South Jefferson street. There were about 3V
Mr. Joseph Mixwel! of St Iltil s here to
spend the summer at her country home, east of
this city
Mrs. W. I Harper is In Pt. Louts, to spend
several weeks
The Young Married Women's Club will be en
tertiined Tuesday at the home of Mrs. A. II.
Captain and Mrs. .1 W. Brjan of this city and
daughter ct Connecticut were entertained at the
home of Mr. and Mr. S. B Cook in Jefferson
City this week.
Miss Sue Roberton is the guest of Mr. John
Ankeny, in Columbia. A reception will be giv
en for Mis Robertson Tuesday.
Miss Julia Luckle was the guet of her grand
parents In Montgomery City during the wnk.
The "Big Four" will hold the next meeting at
the home of Miss Stella Robertson, on Munda,
June 2.
Mra. H. J. Silver of Jefferson City ts here to
spend the summer with htr daughter. Mrs. W.
M Treloar.
MUs Fue Roberton entertained the following
at dinner Wtdnesdav. Mints. Hill of Fort Fnitth.
Ark , Jackman ot Mlneuupotls, Kas., Will coons
of this city, and MUs Neva French of Fhelhy
ville. Ind.
Mr? E D. Cook had a few friends at tea
'lhe Itiandford Memorial Association and the
Daughter of the Confederacy will mw-t at th
home of Mrs. Liura Fteelo on Monday, Junu 2.
Mrs. J. 11. Miller cf Hign Hill id tho guebt
of her cousin, Mis L- Miele
Mr. Harmon of Illinois was tho guest of Mrs.
C T. Vcmon during a portion of th week.
Mioses Jessie Greenwood nnd Sophia Roth cf
St. Louis have been tho guests uf. Mrs W. J.
Jllxev during the week.
Doctor and Mrs. A. W Kokendoffer. Mr. C
T. Varnon and bister, Ml-s Lavson, of Kentucky,
spent Wednesday at th home of Mrs. toeurs,
south of Mexico
Mr. and Mrs J. G Lkeman entertained Pro
ftbHor and Jlrs IZlmer tharp of Hardin College.
lrofessor Baiber of New ork and Mls J'iovii
of Aibanj, Mo., at plnd-pong Wtanesaay tven-
jIIfs Rose Porter has returned from a visit to
Texas. . ....
Mr and Mrs. B. R. Cauthorn are in HirrU
Pprtngs for the Kr.cllt of Mr. Ciuthorn's health
Mrs. M. L. Tavlor nas returned Irom a several
weeks"' M-it In Fajette.
Mi. John W. Jones Is home from a visit In
3IACO., .MO.
Miss Ada English is visiting friends in St.
Giham Wilson, Sr.. and his son, Graham, of
St Louis were In Macon the rirst cf the week.
Mrs. George Guy and little son of Ft Jusepn
came "Thursday, and aiu the gutsts of Mrs. J. J.
Brown. . , ...
Mrs F. C Billings has departed for an ex
tended visit In reoila, Chicago and Fait Lake
Harry Tlbbs of Kansas City. Kas , Is spending
his vacation with his parents here.
Mrs. Mabel Paitun-Sibeltn cf Deadwood, S. D,
Is the guest of her parents, -Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
Wendell Stephens departed Thursday night for
Colorado, where he expects to spend the greater
part of the summer tor his heulth
Mra. Sallie TliumPfon of Oakland, Cal.. ar
rived here vesterday for a visit with tho lamllles
of John Thompson ami Web M. Bubey.
Mrs. A L. Giles of Charter Oak, la, returned
to h-r home Tuesday after a v.sit here, the
guest of hr father. Doctor J. H. Poland.
Mrs. Kmma Harlman-Johnson of Vaihington.
Mo., came Tuesday to visit her parents and
other relatives.
Mrs. Thomas O'Brjant of Crjstal, Coio , who
ha been visiting the families of J. P. Moore
and E. McKec. returned to her home Monday.
The Antt-Rust Club has disbanded until the
flrt Monuuy in October The members will read
and study as exiinshely as they do In the win
ter, but will not have regular meetings.
Cards were received here this we-tv for the
marriage of Miss Kula Wll-nn and IVahk Card
well, which occurred at the bride's home in
Pomeroy, Wash., Wednesday, 'lhe bride Is a
niece of Mrs. W. S Norman of tnls citj, and
visited here several month list summer.
Mrs J. G. Chidbev has Issued invitations to a'
reception In her suite of rooms in the Jefferson
Hotel Monday afternoon Iing-ong is to b tlw
principal feature of entertainment.
Mrs. J M. Pattoti entertained a party of lady
friends at euchic and whlit yesterday afternoon
at her home H North Rollins street in honor of
Mrs. Richard Whltton of Detroit, whet Is visit
ing relatives and friends here.
nnoOKKJEIiU, 310.
On the eve of the close of the BrooJcfleld nubile
schools, superintendent and Mrs. J. U. White
last Thursday evening entertained the thirteen
prospective graduating class as-well as the entire
corps of teachers of the five public schools.
Mrs W. II. Brownlee'and Ml3'mma Brown
lee were at Kansas Citv last Tue-dav shopping.
T. Klmber departed last Tqeeday ftr Neck
City. Jasper County, Mo,, on a visit to hU daugh
ter. Mrs Charles Arbuthnot.
Mrs". Sam Brenncman is here from Denver on a
visit to her mother and sister, Mrs. and Misa
Mrs. W. H. Do Graw and daughters. Misses
Kate and Francos, departed this week for New
Jersey to spend the summer.
Mrs. Nate M. Jones of De Queen. Ark., Is ls
Itlrg relatives in Brooktteld.
Miss Judith Ingram of Brunswick Is the guest
of her aunt. Mrs, Jarres Wheeler.
Mrs. It. s Bmwnlee and two little eons have
returned from a visit to St. Joseph.
Miss Ono Patrick of Mafceline has returned
home after a week's visit to Brookfield friends.
Miss Kate McCormick hss returned from a
month's visit with friends at Macon.
Doctor A. J. McBride or Edlna. Mo", was the
tiiot nt ti xrftn Tfliipu lnt Sunday.
Mrs C. H. Lowary Is visiting her sister at
ruaniain urove, Aio.
The Tuesday Evening Euchre Club was eater-,
talned thl week by Mr. II K. Hillldiy at the;
John si np family grounds, on the Sangamon Riv
er. Members of the c ub congregated at the
home of Mr. and Mra, John C isnisg and weio
convejed to the club. grounds In p'cnle vvapon.
.After Fupper the members indulced their usual
game In" the clubhouse. Mrs. Aaron Friedman
won first prize, Mrs. John C. Silgg second prize
and Mrs. Allen Enos the con-'Olatlcn prtr. The
gentlemen's prize wras capture! by Allen Enos
Members of the Spriagfild Council pf the
Daughters of the Am ti lean Revolution met Mon
day at the home 'of the resent, Mrs. Charted
Rldgely. for the purpo? of panning arrange
ments fcr the State conference of Ce society, to
be held here October 13 and 14. Tne following
Committee on Programme was namd: Mrs. E
G. Crabbe. chairman: Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber,
Mrs. Samuel Mtcdechal. Mrs. Harriet Taylor,
The Choicest P
of the
WM ' "ii Wl
Bottled in the most scientific and
modern bottling establishment in
the world.
Established 1840.
Mrs G. C Smith, Miss Geitrude Converse and
Mlbs GrNvvold
Tho wedding of Janes Elllnger and MI-s Oak
lev Brady took i lace Mondiy evening at the home
of the bride-'s parents. .ir and Mrs Wil.lam II
Bradj. Reverend J E. Rogeis. pastor of the
Third Fresbiterlin Church, offl lated
Mi Henry Abel entertained the members or
tho Willing Circle of King's Daughters Tuesday
afternoon at her heme
The teason of the Furnvsid Club closed Tues
dav afternoon, the iinal meeting bein with Mrs.
1- A Hall. . J . ,
IllinI Club members met Wednesday evening
with Mrs I G Miller. A prosramire dealing
with Illinois history was under discussion
Members of the llam.lton Whin Club met Tues
day a ft moon with Miss Georgia. Edwardj. The
next club meeting will Le at the home of Mrs
11. L Hampton.
Mrs Yates held ber weeklv mitlnee at tho Ex
ecutive Mansion Wednesday afternoon fceeral
Springfield ladle-. asistM her In receiving. The
number of caller was unuuall lirge
Mrs. W. J Conkllng w hes es at the meeting
of the Women's Home Missionary S clety of the
Fecond Presbvteriun Church Wrdnrday after
noon A programme on Pertn Rico was in charge
of Mrs. Annie Johnson and Mrs. (.Union I. Conk-
Ijidles of the Church of the Immaculate Con
ception gave a card party Tuesday evening in
Knights of Columbus Hall. Over 3M pcrons weru
In attendant I'rlres Were awarded to Mls TII-Ilt-
Drenner. MI Mary Lubj. Mrs Charles baner
and Jaeph Fortune.
Thirty-six ladies and Mr. J. E T Butter, pres
ident of tho Springfield Golf Club, were enter
tained at luncheon Wednesday afternoon by Mrs.
Ftuart Brown. The party was given in the club
house on the links and wa for Che Mlse Mary
Lewis and Alice Bunn. who will depart oon for
Europe. In the afternojn a tournament was
plaved by thc ladles tor a set of clubs offered by
Mrs. Brown. Miss Lewis captured nrst prize and
Miss Faille Firkin second prize. The other con
testants were Mmes. Hatrj I. Hamptcn, W T
Lewis, C V Hlckox. J A Klmber, Chirks
Rvan. George Bunn. Andrew J. Lester. Frelerlok
Morgan Ml Misan Merrltt, Georgia Elwards
and Miss Alice Bunn
The orcbestra or th Flst M E Church gave
Its third annual concert Wednesday evening, as
sbted bv Walda Stutzman. n reader
Mr. WillUm R Irwin of Fan Marclal. N M.
and Mis Mary Ros of thl city. wer united in
marriage Thursdav evening at tho heme of t'e
bride' parents. Mr and Mrs J Henrv Boss
A musioale was given Thursday rvcnlng tn the
''Japanese Home." under thc auspices of "O ir
Master's Helpers" Circle of King's Dau enters.
Tho programme was participated In by .ns-i
Chlsm. Mrs. Frank Biggs; Kvetvn Stitch. Cecil
Boone, Mls Nille Grant. Mis Mae MrCosker.
Mr". I ti. MUlcr. Walter Bowles Fannie De
Prelta. Ms Ma McClellin. Mrs. L. M. D!xLn.
Miss Ethel Pnicn England and Miss Ann i Raw's.
CH, dav exeroUe were hold T.mrsday after
nonon at the Convent of Our I-adv of the Facrd
Iltirt Tlie programme was participated In by
a nnumber of joung lidio. who will be grad
uated from the ncademv this spring.
An elattorate rei option wai- given Thurlay
afternoon at tbe home of Mrs. I. V Goltra Mrs.
Goltra was assisted In receiving by her daugh
ters. Mrs. Harry WlUctt and Mrs Robert I.ord
Foveral hundred ladles called In the course of
the afternocn
The Modern FrisclIIni met TrMav afternoon.
Members of the Literary Researchers were en
tertained Frldav alternoon at the home of Mrs.
John Neal
Mrs Harris Hlckox. chairman of the roclil
elo'pirtment cf the Springfield Woman's Club.
pne a reception at tier home FUurday after
noon, for th outgoing otficer of the c'ub. This
affair took the place of the meeting of the lit
erary and art deportment of the ilub The sea
son will be formally closed next Saturday win
a musical programme, arranged by Mr. J. B.
An Interesting event on the social calendar for
next week 1 the musical to be given bv Miss
Mary Tiffany, who has recently returned from
Chlcapo whera she has been studving vole
culture with Mr. Magnus Miss Tiffany will Lo
assisted by a number cf Springhe'd musicians.
Mrs. C. IT. Palmer has returned home to
Clevelanl O. after an rxten led visit with her
parents, Mr and -Mr D. C. Hot.
Mrs N B. Wiggins and family have moved
Into their summer home on the Leland faim
Honorable DeWltt Smith has gone to the
Frrnch Lick Springs for an, extended sojourn
Mls Jesle Hot has pon to Chicago whe-e
Fie will be the guest of Miss Newcombs sev
eral da j
Miss Margaret White has gone to Pittsburg,
Mr. and Mrs. B. II. Ferguson arc sojournlnj
at French IJok Springs
Miss Katherine A. Palmer Is In On'irnatl at
tending thi May festival given by th musician j
cf that citv ...
Colonel Henry Davis ha returned from a visit
In TavlTville
Mls G Daisy Brown and Miss KHtherlno Big
gin entertained the pupils of their s-hool
Hawses Wednesday afternoon, at Mildred. Park.
Tno afternocn was spent in rowlrg, bowling,
swinging and outdoor games. r
Mrs. Joseph M. Grout will remove to Chicagi
Mr. and Mrs. Reec Jones have returned to Chi
cago from an extenleJ. visit In North Alton.
Mr Frank Levis entertained the Woman's
Club Tue-day afternoon at ber home In Wash
ington street. A parer was read by Mrs. L. T.
Mrs. William Graham has returned from Chi
cago. t
Miss Lulu Elwell of I pper Wlton entertained
Mlsse lontlne Tatum and Emma Qutsenbery of
St. Louis last week.
Mrs. Joseph Qu'gley has returned frcm Hunts
All I. Ala.
Mri. J. A. Smith of Chicago is a visitor In Up
"per Alton.
Mrs. A. D. Bishop has returned to Seattle,
Wash., after visiting Mrs G. F Crowe In Alton.
Mrs, W. R. Smith has returned from a visit In
Lincoln. 111.
Mrs. F. M. Johnson is entertaining Miss Bertha
Prat her ot Indianapolis.
Miss Minnie Loro ot Upper Alton Is entertain
ing Miss Mattlft Loee of tlde.j. HI
Mrs, J. F. Randall returned Thursday from
.Owatonua, Minn.
Mrs. Famuel u. uook oe L.ast ai. jou-.a is a
visitor In Upper Alton. ,
Mrs. Hannah Flags; has gone to Denver. Cole,
to spend the summer. mam
Mrs. II. K. Boot and daughter. Miss Lilian
Root, are visiting in Chicago.
Mrs. M. r. Whltnak is entertaining Mrs.
William De Bolt of carrollton. ill . . .
Mra TVlIMrm XV h!ie r.f Ottiara. Neb.. IS a
'visitor In Alton. .....
Mrs. Charles yager entertained me rrmay aft
ernoon Club last week at her home. In Langdon
Mls Grace McAdams of Wichita. Kas., Is the
guest of Mrs. Annie McAdams in Alton.
Mrs. Arthur Darrow of Upper Alton Is enter
taining MUs Ruth Watt of East fct. Louis.
Mrs. Georpe Wise and MI-s Schlafly returned
Satuidav from I os Aneeles. al.
Mrs. George M L-xi of Upper Alton Is enler
tatnlng Mrn. Oeoigr 'ray of Milwaukee V.I.
Mrs. W. T. Cathci t and daugfcteis. ti ? Misses
f.Iay and Nellie Cathcart. have tone tj Dayton,
O . for thc summer.
Mrs. Adolph Mohr entertilned the Whist Club
xwdnpstdav evening Prlzen were won by Mmes.
(No'an and Vihlaia 11. Eiuer.
B ssmmmi
Erect Form" Summer Models
Made of a wonderful white batiste, as light as a zephyr,
but tough as canvas and always coo!. Trimmed with
lace and ribbon. These different models :
-Erect Form" 983 For slight figures . . $1.00
"Erect Form" 970 For medium figures . . 1.00
"Erect rorm" 972 For fully developed figures 1.50
"Erect Form" 961 For medium figures . . 2.00
"Erect Form" 903 For stout figures . . 2.50
ures and young girls. Lightly honed, eloes away with unsightly bunches anJ
It accentuates bust and hips, and has unyainlv ridjes a bust, and shoulder
the weight ota feather In white, pink, blades "Fus nine v. omen out of ten. In
and blue batiste. Trimmed with Cl 1! vnitelinen batiste f rimmed with 1
lace and ribbon. Moid 127, V lace and ribbon. Model 115, ? A
If vourtlealcr cannot supply joi, scrtt hi
name and cost of corset desired, d.rctt to
WE.INGAR.TEN BROS., 377-379 Brasdivay. New York
Larzeit Manufacturers
Mrs. Eliza McCarthy and daughter. Miss Sarah
McCarthy, have gone to Little Rock, Ark., for a
month's visit. -
Mr. I M Waterman of Upper Alton enter
tained Mrs F. M. Smart of St. Joais- last week.
Mii Edith Ruo entertainei the Thimble Clu,b
Tuedav afternoon at her home. In Middletou-n,
A "china hower was given Wednesday even
ing at th home of Mr. and Mrs David Ran.
In I'ropect ftreet. in hanor of Mioses Theres.i
Rvan and Geno Morrlstcy, both of wh.m will be
married in June.
Superintendent J. C Dally of th U'lnM Cen
tral Railroad has returned from a visit to Xenia,
Miss Margaret McGowan. afler nn extended
visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs! Warren
McGowan. ha returned to St Louis
Mme. George nrd Chrle fc'ourlock of Jack
sonville. III., are visiting Mr. and Mrs J. M.
Clarerce PlatT of Sdpilpa. I T . Is vPitlng W.
W. Plater end other relative in thl oit.
Mrs. P. E. Hlleman and mother of Jonesboro
are guests of Mrs. A. 'A Gtlck
Mr. E. E. Kolser fturnM to St. Tiuls aTter
an extended visit vlth Mr O Barbour
Mrs. Doctor L C Young of SprlaelleM Is visit
ing with her parent1, ex-Mayor and Mrs. J. M.
Johnor. . .
Mlses Maccle and Hattle Trrnnt of Chicago
are vlitlng their parents, the Reverend Mr. and
" Mr and Mrs HrmT B-artley and Miss Etta
are pst of friend In Murr.h.horo.
'Waller Crow of L'tt'e R tck Ark, Is visiting
the Reverend Mr and Mrs NatharM Crow.
Ml Fsther II ineeH:k Is home from a week's
vl-lt in Murrhvt.oio.
Ml May Putnam Is at home from a weeks
visU In Dunuoin nnd Mount Vernon.
Mrs. George- Holme is visiting her sister. Miss
Ro. at Golcom'a.
Tbe next meetlnc of the Woman's flub will be
held at the residence of Mrs. II. G. Ej$terly.
Mr William Whmeier entertained the Mis
sionary Society of the Lutheran Church Thurds.v
afternoon at hex home. No. 301 South Jackson
Miss Ida Reus entertained thc Parthcnlan So
ciety Saturdav fternocn.
Mr IMwirJ Stephai of East Fifth street en
tertained friends Monday afternoon, the occasion
beinp the anniversary of her birth
Miss Ilettle Hyde of Chicago Is visiting her
mother, Mr. E. W We-t.
Mrs. Addle If. Watson 1 visiting In Kirk wood.
Jacob Kluz and wife cc!ebateJ their china wed
dlrp Mondav.
Mrs. C. Dickson on J Mr. Klrchenhelmer of
Now Orlean and Mrs, E Ieonanl of St. Iouls
are tho iru'sts of Mr Fred bunkel.
MI Slefcrt is visiting Mre. Wendt of Milwau
kee. Wis
Mrs. NIrk EIl7enioefcr entertained friend In
honor of her blrthdav. The entertainment was
euchre. The puests were Meprs. and Mmes. G.
H. Thcbus. L .Louis, H. Greun. J Funck. A.
Funcfc. W. WIemar. E. Schanuel and G. Erie
sacher Mr. find Mr. William Lotz cf Bentchler Station
entertained friends In henor of their silver wed
dlnp anniversary Surdav. Thoe nreent were
Mor. and Mrre., Schroe-'T. E.- S:hrodr. c.
ShafTcr. Emll Blum. John Fcder. Jacob I'efferer;
Louis Perrottet, M.lke Plab. August Tunp, L.
Schubert. Cbarles Eiloert, Adolph Kasbelcca, An
Incorporated 1892.
c Carsets in Iftt li'erld
drew Hemcrlch. -George Selbert, G. A. Feder, F.
Clark. I. Nennlnger, Charles J. Ackerman, I?.
Ackerman. Mossr J. Ruschler, Iouls Feder, Ja
cob Mclster, E II. Selbert. Isadora Yung. John
Plchtr. E. Feder. Misses Rosa Yung and Kata
Mrs. David Hatzonbuehler Is visiting In St.
Mis Marguerltn IClrchenheuter and Mir Jua
nlta Dlck.son of New Orleans and Miss Emilia
Straub of St. Louis visited the Misses Sucisl
?dr and Mrs. Oscar Wclnel were guests ct
Mrs Vnlentlnw Hepl Iat wee(.
MKs Jessi a, McKe of Columbia was; a gust
of Mrs ;erge Hermann.
Mr. and Mrs August Baum and chlllren spnt
several dijs vlfeiilng at St Iouls last week.
Mr and Mrs Peter Fchoeneberg were guests
of Mrs M. Peddcke last Surds y.
Miss Annie Bckerle has returned to St. Loul.
Doctor Otto Giurn arrived home frcm fat. Louis
Monday to spend tbe summer.
Mb- Anna Coerver ami Miss Alice Baember of
Harrlsonville were visiting their many friends
last Monday. m
Mr. AI Winters cf St. Iouls Is the guest of
Mr- Mike Belt. , ,
Mrs. Jacob Prank and Mrs. Christian Router
spent Tuesday in Columbia .atUndlny the blrth
dav celebrntion of Mrs. John Petre.
Mis Dtlti Quernheim is visiting friends In
Murphy iboro.
Mrs. Frank He'dcer of Ft. Loul was the guest
lat Tuejdav of Mr. I'eter Welsoh.
Joseph Hellmer and MI-s Josephine M. Wclsch
were married by the Reverend Father Eckerle at
Madonna 1H. HI Wedeluv
Mr and Mis Henry Bickelhaupt nnd children
anl Mr Jacob Knnpp spent a week visiting
relatives in &t Irfjul. Klrkwoc-I and Webster.
Mr- and Mr? T. J. Payne Invited a lirge num
ber of thir frlenils to iwdp them oelebrate their
wooden v.eodlnp list Monday evenlnp. The prlz-i
were won by Mrs. Louis E., Dcmint and Mrs.
Charles Iaitz. Mr. Charles Lutz and Mr. Theo
dure Schumacher.
Mrs. A, S. Butterfield tnlertxine'l sixty cf her
fnend at her home in Second street Tuesday
Hfterroon. Mrs. Butteriltll and her mother. Mr.
Axro Dver, received the gue;ts In the rlrst par
lor. In the receiving line were Mr. E. O. Bib
cock. Mrs. II. A LewU, Mrs. William Field. Mrs
Fannie Keene Roach. Mrs. M. W. Vii?rt Mrs.
S. p GUIett. Mrs. George Sonntap Clifford Mr.
Varney Dixon ami Miss Grace Field wers
hostehe in the second rtarlor and served n re
freshlnp fruit punch. Following the receiving
hours the ladles of the receiving committee were
entertained at a 7 o'clock dinner.
Mi. Hedges of St. Lous and Mrs. C. C. Rea
klrt of Cincinnati wero the puets of honor at a
gathering Tuesday arternoon. when Mrs. Hirry
Allen Wartmann entertained the German class at
her home In Fulton avenue.
The Tourist Club of this c'ty held the last meet
Ing of the sea? on WedncFday afternoon at the
heme of Mrs. W. J. Vlckcry in Washington ave
nue. Several papers wee read.
At a meetinp Wednesday afternoon of th Altar
Guild or St. Paul's Eplcupi! Church tho follow
ing officers were e'ected: President, Mrs. George
Weaver vice president, Mrs. MacLauren; secre
tary and treasurer. Mrs. Lottis fatlnsnn.
The Thursday Afternoon Eehre Club was en
tertalned Thursday by Mis. George Robinson at
'''sssgBBaaasBasBi m
fi. . fvcf ."''v"-
1tt- ?AJiF.&.", v?.'-.-!.'!
.";VP-. -. - - L3p J.
, v . . piv. . .. f Ji"t.
v-fvvc (;--ly:;Cf.3.a.-5.-i,v.

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