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th St. George Hotel, corner or First and Ixmrt
Mrs. Gilbert S. "Wright entertained & few
friends Ttoursday afternoon. complimentary to
lira Syrcom of Chicago.
Mrs. James Edward Cox of St. Lou la t her
for a few days, the euest of her parents, Car tain
and Mrs. Lee Howell, at their home In Chestnut
Mrs. 1 T. Dacon or Hopklnsrllle. Ky., Is In
th dtv fo- a fw dw.
Mrs S XL Dals has rturnfd to hr home in
Morpantown, Ivy , after spending several week
. here with friend
Mrs Herman L.iutn'- and oi Jovnh of A1I-
rheny, Ja and Mr Theodor Straub of "Wash-
nston. D C ar the ciim at ilr and Mm
3ed P. Straub tn Oiter IHrst aientt
Mis Etta, hharrer of Mount Vernon, lnd.. n.ftr
pending several days In the dtv as th Ruect of
relat!e and fiiends. has returned home.
Mu Emma fichreeder and Ml. Lillian Lichrn-
bercer have icone to Jndtanapoll to attend thf-
htate encampment of the 1 ml .ana State guards
and to vlnit friends for a week.
Mrs W It Scott of Indianapolis is the gueit of
the MlfMi banson
Mlac Floj Penney of Eaat BL Inula Is a
ffutil of th MIs..h Pfprnm.
Mr. and iira H c Kenney returned TVMn.s.
dar from a trip to St Ignite
Travis Itay departed Thursday for a visit
with hi parents m Louisville. Ky
Mrs. Kate M Oiartrajid of ICansan City la a
ruet of her brotfc.r. Mr. L llcFarland.
C. A. "WHiner haa returned from a trip to
Sieiico. Mo
John Kaaer has gone to Chicago for the ama
in rr
Mr B. H Brldxea of Bt. Ivrals aptnt Sunday
with his siller. Mrs Julia Hall
Mrs. Waiter Brown and son ors visiting- BL
Louta friend?
Mrs. A J Sharon Is visiting hrr mother In
The vrst End Club was entertained at the
uniry home or Mrs. Hnl Thomas on Thursday
Ura. Mat. Ttav attend. a hiooiM: In Uteh
llfld on Thursday
initsnvviixn, n.i..
Mrs Mary Porue Is entertajnlcc Mrs Andrew
I) lilshop of Seattle. Wash
Miss la llartor ha cone to Lebanon. Ill
Mrs Charles Du iladway entertained Miss Tll
lle 8cnattren ''f "'arrollton III last vrrk.
Miss Hulh Invjn su the KUesc of St. Louta
relatives last ixeea
Miss Addle Noble has rone to nioomincton. 111.
Mme. Marv Cadsvallader and J. G Marston
were recent visitors In St Louis
Misses Sarah Frlelds and Nelll Van Pelt of
Jersey. Hie were Visitors In St. Louis last wtek.
Mra. F J. Smith ha returned to Minneapolis.
Minn., after an evten.led visit with her parents.
Mr and Mrs-. UorB HKelhcff in Jerseyvllle
Mrs. Harrr Klrkpatrlck of EdwxdsIlle is the
ruest of Jerseyllle relatives
Miss Kra Beatr of Knobnoster. Mo.. Is a visitor
In Jerseyvllle
Mrs Arnold Tendlck of Itockbridpe. 111., was &
recent visitor In Jer-eyvme.
Mr. and Mr. Arthur I). TValne of JerTV We
were visitors in St. Louts last weeL.
Ills Etta Clnklln of Jerseyvllle has returned
from Chlcaco ...
Miss EJlta.N'th Feyerabcnd of Jers-yvlll has
returned from, a fortnight's vllt with friends In
Ft Loins
Mr. Jenn! Cummlncs of Ft Louis was the
jnest of Jerseyvllle relatives last Sunday
Mra. K. ntzpatrlck has returned to St. Louis
after aa extended vi"lt with Jerseyvllle rela-
Miss Cora 'Whitehead of JereyvIIle has irone
to Hlllsboro. 11L ... ..
Mr. and Mrs J. C Tack cf Jerrvine are en
tertaJnlnr Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tack of St.
Mrs. A. B. Allen of Jers-yv1 wa- the sueit
of Mrs. TV VL' rilng In Rt Ixiuls last wees.
ilrs. A- Vsn llorlxtke of Jerseyvllle is visiting
Mrs. I. D. Vanel In St Louis
lira. Caroline llawlo Is entertaining Miss Hat.
O, Bawley of Kansas Cty. Mo
Mlsa JoeJe Kingston has returned from St.
iJiana Mrs. B. F Calhoun of Jersevllle sr
rtrtxl Monday tnenlwr after an extended visit
&TfM"Ma?aSd EJla P.tndolph ar, th.
fuest. of Miss Lulu Ely In St Louis
Mhw Harriet Edwin entertained the Art Circle
en Monday evening.
rnWAjusviLLn, ill.
Sir. anfl .
st. .Tohn H. iiaxttn. tn. uvuer
.tiiiei,l Jewell Sutter of St Louis, arrived
TiirsiaV from their weddlnt: tour tnrougn ins
WeTand axeVendiag a week with his mother.
Mra'SSgthr and children have re
turn from Texas, wh-re they spent th. Ian
I"lffi.h' Tnillam T. Flvnn of East St. Loul. ar
rlCed Tfednelay and Is a guest of Mrs William
juiiru. M . . , .., v.m..n
-VIJtlLJItK - -W"
s sflne to Hlllsricro.
has returned to Jersey-
Flejrenbaura vrslted I-
catur friends Thursday. ,..,,
V Miss Goldle Thornburs has returned to Mul-
.tttrrj urove. rvina Lounu. "r J,, i -.
r brother, juunei inornourTr, ni iw '
,llss WHma Schulz has r-turned from Altoa.
Vere, she was a guest of friends the last tea
Mlsa Annie Trares of St Louis Is being enter
tained y Miss Carrie Wolf.
Mrs It A Hoffman and daughter of St Louis
are gufts of Mr and Mrs W. H Jones
Mlse Maud White has returned to St Louis.
s Mrs C X.. J.liwooa vi
j' V In Alton
X Miss Minnie Hampton ha
Mrr. John D. Lamb ha
IJw-tnr ard Mrs E TV
1 1 ir, and Mrs Louis May gave a dinner rarty
r-unaay in nonor or ine mnnur uiiiin"i3ij it
th'lr sc-n. lyiuls. Among the guests were: Mr
and Mrs Clirtst. Jahns. Miss Jda May, Charles
Halter, William Cluny and .Euee Breks ofist.
Ixiuls. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Epp-rs. ilrr. mi
llsm Hess and daughter. Alma; Miss Josrpblne
ltapis-neeker. Miss Mary Wllholt and Miss
Bertha Cole of Marine.
Mrs J. W. ain and son. J. S Cltne. of
UtchBeld Tiers- guests of Mr and Mrs. W II.
Shaffer. Sunday
Mr. and Mrs R. Edwin S!cK of ftt. Louis are
visiting her pirents. Mr and Mrs L. C. Keown.
Judge John O Irwin has gone to French Lick
Pprlngs for a few weeks
Mr and Mrs W F Baldwin have been en
tertaining Mrs. Carrie Chappell of Springfield,
Mo . and Miss Maude Newton of St Louis.
Mrs. James J. Burns Is at Mount OlUe.
Mmes O. F Hamilton and II C Homrighaus
ha e relumed from a visit to St Louis
Mrs- Geo L. Matthews entertained the Treble
Clef Club Monday afternoon.
Mrs. I. W Ie Lay Is visiting in Chlcaco.
Mrs. Cleave Bennett la visiting In Champolim.
Mrs. Laura Trogdon la visiting In Ashevllle.
. C-
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flyan are making a tour
of Virginia.
Mlsa Letltia Hltt entertained Friday evening in
honor of Miss Selnohel of Casey
Mrs. M. B. ttothrock la back from a week"a
visit to Orrtralla,
The Beverend John B. WorraH has returned
from a vtatt tn Kentucky.
Mrs. John Phelan haa returned from a visit of
mr.mlwe.ks In Chicago. ....,,
Mr. Thoraaa 1. Kenny Is vlsttlng In Norfolk,
Mjv Etmt rettrmed to Morint Carmel, after a
srlt taer Kust, Mrs. Jennl. Harding.
Mttrsa. 3. O. Bawtn. a K. Evans an1 J. E.
tTpaslfilnr received from S t- S ccleck Thursday
afternoon, at th. resldrnc. of the former, on La
laysjtte Heights. There were SOT guests, and It
w&a on. of th. znest eaaborate affaire of the sea
on. Mra. J. O. Rndy and SaughtT. Mrs. O. H. lie
Clnr. of Chicago, entertained Friday evening. In
honor of Mra, SMward Thlelens of Chicago
Mrs. J, S. Norman of Champaign Is visiting
nlatiTas In tb. city.
Ilrt. Waiter L. Kttner gave a dinner party
Tmtraoar In honor of her mother, Mrs. Conlv.
Th. son-resin was-, photograph, of the guest of
Mlaa Zra ASTwryrth returned to Sullivan after a
visit to ilrs. J. J. wiuacson.
Mlsa Margaret Fosrell has retumej from a
visit in Lebanon, 111.
Mr. and Mra Charles Beckner of Kansas City
are visiting friends in this city.
Mrs. Thomas Stone departed Sunday for North
Vernon. Ind.. being called to that city by tho
etth of her alstrr.
Mlasea Nellie Padden and Katie Oaney of East
All Imperfr-ctiona of the- Eye, Even
Blindness, Cnret! W ltliont the Ine
of the Knife or Pnlnfal
ir any reader is afflicted or has a friend af
flicted with cataract, irranulated lids croni
es or any affliction nf the eje, they can haie
iin. f. geo. ccnTs.
Fihst affliction r-osltlveh- and oermnnentl., -,-i
without pair, or without the knife, through a
mild medicine method originated by Dr. F. Qeo
Curts. It Is a , home treatment, self-administered
by the rafent. Richard L. Pyatt, Alexan
der. 111., was almost blind with catararts on
both eyes: eminent oculists informed him that
an operation would be uectssary. but Ir. Curts
cured the cataracts and restored his sight In a
painless manner through his Mild Medicine
Method. Mr. II. C Womach. Eckert, Colo., had
chroulc granulated eyelids and ulcers on the
eyeball: llr. Curts permanently cured him after
all other doctora failed. Miss Amanda Forg.
Lyndon. Kanras. had cataracts and granulated
eyelids: "xas almost blind and suffered greatlv
her alght permanently restored by Dr. Curts. If
-you are In any way afflicted with eye trouble,
cr have a friend afflicted, do not delay: write to
day and receive absolutely free Dr. Curts's won
derful book. "Treatise on the Eye." It tells you
now his many wonderful cures are made: also
touch valuable information. . Dr. F, Geo. Curts.
MC Shaken bonding, Kanras City. Mo.
Kobert M Yost, secretary and member of
the Missouri Commission to the South
Carolina. Interstate and West Indian Expo
sition, reports that Missouri has attained
unusual honors In the way of awards, the
total of awards belns S gold medals, K sli
ver medals, 27 bronze medals and 34 honor
Hble mentions. This record exceeds even
the achievement of the Missouri Commit
s!on at the Pan-American, and will rejoice
the hearts of the Missouri people. Follow
ing is a list of the awards In detail:
Commissioner E. 9. Carver In
Gold Medals Missouri Experiment Sta
tion, Columbia, collective exhibits of seeds,
Missouri Suto Commission, collective ex
hibit of agricultural products; Mlraourl
State Commission, collective exhibits of
wool; Missouri State Commtasion. collective
exhibit of corn; 11. 8. WIllwrlKht, Granite
City, red clover.
Honorable Mention William Birt, Allen
dale, calico corn; Q. B. Bothwcll. Breckon
rldge, delaine merino wool; J. W. Brooks,
Auxvnspe. Shropshire wool. J C Burnham.
Unlonvllle. Mohair; Thomas M. Coonce,
Hartsburg, bloody butcher's corn. O. Cun
ningham, Grant City, white flower corn:
.lohn Easley, Grant City, white cap corn;
Benjamin Ely, Edlna, Shropshire wool;
Jes-ie Eagle. Sheridan, white dent corn; El
mer Fraser, Maryville, Mobair, U. F Paul.
Killwlnnlns. Shrojishire wool, Benjamin
Hubcr, Beiton. Shropshire wool. F S.
Huntsman. Cairo, Shropshire wool, James
Ktlley. Isadore Northern beauty corn. E.
McCleary. Denver. Silver King corn, Wil
liam McKcnsie. Sheridan, good as gold
corn; Harry MeCollough, Tavette. delaine
merino wool; Albert Mondlln, Allendale,
prehistoric corn. Albert Merckling, Isadora,
early mastodon corn; Joseph Mullers,
Granger, Shropshire wool: J. E. Mulrs, Bel
ton, Oxforddown wool; H. A. Olllvcr, Ful
ton, Hampshlredown wool, Henrj- Schoer
man. Hartsburg, white corn, L. E Shat
tucl:, Stanberrj-, delaine merino wool; J I.
Pand. IVnver. corn, H. C Taylor Kop
linr Shrojishire wool.
Cummla. Inner C. C. Bell In Chnrge.
Gold Medals Anheuser-Busch. St. Louis,
malt nutrine, David Nicholson. St Eouls,
pure malt extracts. Stone Hill Wine Com
pany, Hermann, one each on bitters,
schnapps white wine, red wine and brandy;
Barnhardt Mercantile Companj . St. I,ouls,
collective exhibit of nutB; C. C Bell Truit
Company. Boonvllle, lady apple. Mrs Ella
Butler. Atlanta, peaches in Jars; Central
Missouri Horticultural Association. Boon
vllle, champion apples; Cooper Countv,
Boonvllle. wtne-sap apples, C M. Gordon.
California. Grimes golden apples. Edwin
Harris. New Franklin, Huntsman favorite
apple, Howard County, Gano apple: Laclede
Countv. apples, crop of 1900; Missouri State
Horticultural Society. Westport, apples or
1W0 anil 1W1. Missouri State University,
Columbia, peaches, plums and cherries;
Missouri State University. Columbia. graps
for wine- Monitau Countv. pippin apples;
A. Nelson. Lebanon, apples, crop of 1500;
Arthur T. Nelson, Lebanon, apples, crop of
ltCu, Pulaski Count), apples of 1900. Bud
Roberts. Ilocheport, Gano apples; State of
Missouri. Ben Davis apples, woo and 1901.
State of Missouri, collective exhibit of
peaches in glass Jars; H J weber & Sons,
St. Louis, peaches, plums and cherries;
H. J. Weber & Sons, St. Louis, strawber
ries, raspberries, gooseberries nnd currants;
Webster County, apples.
Ft. Louis spent Sunday with Miss Julia O'Con
nel. Tho pupils of FS. Peter nnd Paul's Church
will gle an entertainment under the manage
ment of the Urrullne Sisters at the school hall
on Thursday and Friday evenings. May 15 and 1C
Mrs Irwtn Mraln Is spending the week with
relatives In Dletrlck.
Messrs William U Burroughs and William
Nlehaus spent Wednesday in Mcdlson, III
The public schools will close Frldaj, June 6.
their annual picnic being gien the same day
The Colllnsville Centur liand gae a picnic at
the Memorial Park Saturday evening
The German school will gle Its annual picnic
at Memorial Park Monday, May 19.
Mlas Mtnnle Jones of EdardsvlU was the
guet of Mrs. Jam's Combs this week.
Mrs Warwick of Ednardsvllle and Mrs. Oor
S?n ?.' Washington. D C, were the guests of
Mr. W Illlam G. Uurrcughs Friday.
Mr and Mrs Dunham of Ferguson. Mo., were
the guests of Mrs. Itenfro Sunday
II L. Clark and W. n. Tthode, of St. Louis
re spending a few weeks In the city.
M Joel of niooralncton. 111. Is the guest of
relatives In Hot Springs
J S Ament and O. II. Appleeate. traveling
men of Ht Louis, were at the Great Northern
Hotel Sunday
A J Hartman. R. L. Sktdmore and n. A. La
Follette. all business men of St. Louis, are
among the health reekers at the Springs this
Mr. and Mrs N. L. Mayo and sen of Claren
don, Ark., are Msltlrg friends In Hot SprlngB.
W. 8 Ralston. Robert E Itvan and A A.
Hauck of St. Louis arc among this week's visit
ors at the Waukesha.
George o. Edwards of St. James. Mo . is spend
ing a few days with friends at the Howard.
Mrs Oeorgo Wlrthman of Kansas City is the
guest of friends at th- Arlington
Mr. and Mrs. George Shannon have returned to
Potash Sulphur, where they will remain until
their return to their home In Illinois
Mr and Mrs. F V Oruhbs cf Ft. Louis are
among the late arrivals at Potash Sulphur.
Doctor Westervelt, surgeon of the Texas and
Pacific Railroad. 1 at the Waul.eshl.
Mrs. Marcus llerger of Joneboro. acermoanled
by her daughter. Is the guest of her sister, Airs,
li hoscowltz In Hot Springs
The following St. Louis pecple were registered
at the Arlington Tuesday. J Auer, Mr. and Mrs,
J O Pattee. W G. Ralston J. L Ooodbar. P.
V perry. C O. Harris. U F Miller. Iienjamln
Kauftman, J. M. Ilriceland Mr. and Mrs J. P.
Grooman. M. O Martin. Charles R Stone and
L. C Wall
August Hoffman of Dexter. Mo., arrhed Tues.
day to spend a few weeks with relatives here
Doctor Joseph Slmms. scientist and nuthor. Is
a Hot Springs completing another book, which
will soon be given to the publishers. Ills wife Is
with him.
Mayor George It yielding, member of Ar
kansas Hoard of Commissioners to tho Louisi
ana Purchase Exposition, and George Hart,
architect of the board, departed Tuesdav night
for St Louis to confer with Governor Francis
and others In regard to the postponement and
other matters of Interest to the State Hoard In
Its work. On their return a meeting will te held
and definite plans for a State exhibit formu
lated. R Phillips of St Louis is the guest of his
sister. Mrs M C. liamswell on Park aenue
Mrs Timothy J Sullivan of New York enter
tained twelve of her friends with a tallrho party
and elaborate dinner at Mountain Yaliev Sunday
Mrs C N Illx left this Week for a visit with
St Isruls and Chicago friends.
Captain Csrhart. manager of the Ozark bath
house, departed Tuesday morning for a week's
visit to friends In Ft. Louis
Mr. Fred Gregory is In St. Louis on a brief
visit to friends
Professor and Mrs. r E. Maddox of Maddox
Seminary at Little noes, chaperoned an
curslon party of fifty young lady students at the-
institution to Hot
Roiinas Mondar Tnev spent
the da
at vvnnngton i-eric ana tne ostnen larm.
and at nlsrht a reception was given them at the
Arlington notel.
Vm Jtfthn T MeJlmsey spent the week
her sister. Mrs. Hope DeBolt. at lrvlngton
inr-T. vrsrle and wife have rone to Centervllle.
la., to visit their daughter. Mrs. George nipper
Mra. H C. Cllpplnger gave a reception for
Miss Danforth of Tcklo Japan, 11 on day
Professor Albert E Humke and niece. Mi's
Haley Fheperd, are guests ct relatives In
Brooklyn, lnd. ,.,..., ..
Mrs Emma Callendsr. assisted by Miss Mayme
Hinds, entertained the Methodist Home Mis
sionary Society last night.
Attorney Noble H. Judah and family cf Chi
cago are guests of Samuel B -Tndah and wife
Mlrs Gl-la L Weber of Cincinnati Is the
guest of Miss Elizabeth Thuls.
Mr and Mrs Ephralm Smith are home frem
an extended visit with Oeorgo and Thomas Snlth
at Liberty. Tcx and Mrs. Annie Hard at Wal
nut Ka.
Mrs Elmer n Shores and daughter. Mins Gen
evieve. Miss Jessie HevnoMs, and Miss Margaret
Dukate. are guests of Mrs Jchn L Green nt
Indianapolis Mrs. John S. Eonslb and nlce.
Mlrs Vera Bonslb, are visiting relatives In Ko
knmo. Mrs Frank Thorn and father are guests of
Miss P-e.sie Cantwell at Indianapolis.
The Pern- Street Club was entertained Tuesday
by Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Glass.
Pennsylvanian Erected Tombstone
on Which Epitaph Was "Written.
Hanover. Pa.. Mar IT. Jacob Gettinger.
who died at Sandyville. aged SI years, was
burled In a grave dug by his own hands.
Several years ago he ss?cured a lot in the
cemetery and dug and walled tip a grave
and erected tombstones upon which an epi
taph, his name and date of birth were In
Large Copperhead Was Discovered
in Front of First M. E. Church.
Torlc Pa., May 17. A large copperhead
snake was discovered crawling on the pave
ment In front of the First Methodist
Church, only two blocks from Center
Combination and Concentration
Is the order at thodayand to be successful
one must be expert- We may riot be "up"
on alrahips, but we do know how to so
combine the best paint materials as to
obtain the best results. Don't think that
any old paint will do. Poor paint Is false will be Instructed except those to the Con
economy. We have a GOOD paint for jv gressdonal Convention, who will be in
ery purpose. Piatt & Thornburch Faint structed for C. F. Bcoher or this cltr for
w.un.v , .w, .a.,...,.. u.b,.w..
Silver Medals J. E Courtney. Portland,
Gano apples, Greene County, Ingram ap
ples; William Hitchlngs, Gr.int City, cher
ries: William Johanmyer. Boonvllle. Ben
Davis apples, Lawrence County, black twig
apples. Missouri State University. Colum
bia, mammoth quinces; Missouri State Unl
ersity, CoUmbla. pears, John Mueller,
Boonvllle. Ben Davis apples, Samuel Oerly.
Goodie's Mills. Johanathan apples; Henry
Rankin. Boonvllle. Ben Davis apples. Wil
liam Schuster. Pilot Grove. Ben Davis ap
ples, St. Louis County. Willow Twig ap
les; Mrs William Spahr, Vermont, Ben
'avis zpples;
Bronze Medals J. H. Marion, Fulton, per
simmons; Honorable Mention Missouri State Uni
versity. Columbia, grapes.
CommlMluuer John F. Ben I In Chnrjre-
Silver medals: American Lead and
Barytes Company, St. Louis, collection of
Bronzo medals: John F. Beal. Ednla, col
lection of Knox County wood, D. S. Crumb,
Bt. Louis, timber from Southeast Missouri;
Livingston County, collection of hickory
and walnut; Missouri Lumber and Milliner
Company, Grandln, curly pine.
Honorable mention. Mb-souri State Com
mission, collective exhibit of Missouri
wood; Missouri Lumber and Land Ex
change. Kansas Cltj, collective exhibit of
yellow pine.
Conumtanloner J 1. Crnves in Clutre.
Gold medals Doe Run Lead Company.
Doe Run. lead ores and concentrates, Mis--slssippl
River and Bonne Ti-rre RallwaJ
Company, Bonne Tcrre. granite, Missouri
State Commission, collective exhibit of
lead and zinc ores; Sheehan Bros., Doe
Run. granite; Winkle Terra Cotta Com
pany. St. Louis, terra cotta work.
Silver Medals: John George. Joplln, cal
cite crytnls. 1 I. Graves, Do' Run, col
lective exhibit of Missouri minerals.
Bronze medals American Lead and
Barytes Company, St Louis, ores of lead
and barytes Aurora Mines, Aurora, ores
of 2inc and lead. Central Lead Company,
St. Francois County, lead ores, Columbia
Lead Company, St. Francois County, ores
of zinc, lead and copper; Granby Mines,
Granby, ores of zinc nnd lend; Granby
Mininir and Smelting Company. Oronogo,
zinc concentrates; Greene County, ores
of lead and zinc; Marlon Mining Com
pany, Joplln. zinc concentrates. Markle
l-ad Works, St. Louis, shot and metal
products, Markle lad Works. St Louta,
clav products, Newton Count. Neosha,
trlpoll; Pitcher Lead Companv. Joplln. sub
lined lead. Rich Hill Zinc Works, zinc fur
nace products; Royal Blue Mines. Joplln,
zinc and lead ores; St. Joseph Lead Com
pany, Bonne Terre, lend ores; Taney Coun
tv Lead Company. Bonne Terre lead ores;
Taney County. Forsythe, ores of lead and
Commissioner Ilobt. M. Tfist In Chargre
Gold medals: St. Louis Board of Educa
tion, exhibit of pupils' work and photo
graphs; St. Louis School of Domestic
Science, exhibit of pupils' work; St. Louis
Kindergarten, exhibit of pupils' work, Mis
souri State University. Columbia, photo
graphs ami publications; Lincoln Institute,
Jefferson City, photographs.
Silver medals- Public schools of Boon
vllle, Chiillcollie. Kirkwcod. Montgomery
Cltj-, Nevada and Webb City, exhibit of
pupils' work and photographs, Missouri
State Normal Schools at Wnrrensburg and
Kirksville and the Douglas County Normal
School, photographs.
Oircn Letter From John Trebane of
Euprland to Directors of
Steel Corporation.
Holders of preferred stock In the United
Stnles Stel Corporation who live in Europe:
and England either oppose or ask delay of
the proposed conversion of 200,000,00 of the
preferred mock Into bonds. The proposition.
In the understanding of the English cap
italists, will reduce the rate of Interest n
their holdings from 7 to ."i per cent, and
gie them nothing In exchange for the loss.
In an open letter to the directors of the
Steel Corporation John Trehane of Lon
don, England, a member of the United
States bar, a friend of the late Colonel In
gersoll, and who represented the United
States in the Delagoa Bay arbitration, has
requested on the part of himself and other
stockholders a postponement of the pro
posal. In a communication addressed to The Re
public Mr. Trehane says:
"The directors should, as to their own con
siderable holdings, certainly not be in a
hurry to fasten a mortgage for their bene
fit on the corporation whose affairs
they manage and for which thev predict
unclouded prosperity. Such anxiety on
their part would be a danger slsnal."
The proposition of the Steel Corporation,
which has awakened wide discussion in the
United States, is double. First it Is pro
posed to raise the KQ.OW.'-W cash by an i
tue of 0 per cent gold bonds, to be redeemed
at the maximum of -sixty years and the
minimum of ten years Ten million dollars
of this is to be uaed for the purchase of
new properties, and JW.O9.000 for improve
ments of prevent properties.
The second part of the proposition In
volves the exchange of stock for bonds.
Mr. Trehane, In his letter to the director",
does not oppose the former, but condemns
the latter us bad financial pollcv. For ne
gotiating the KO.000,000 loan J. 'P. Morgan
& Co. are to receive a commission of J2.CJ0 -000.
which Mr. Trehane considers fair.
For managing the bond issue in exchange
for preferred stock, the same company Is
to receive $6,000,000. Mr. Trehane says that
this Is paying heavy commission from the
nssets of the company as reward for sad
dling the company with a $2,000,000 debt.
Mr Trehane asserts that he has conll
dence In the corporation and its officers,
and believes that the business can continue
to pay 7 per cent on the preferred stock.
He does not wish to secure himself by be
coming the holder of a mortgage and
thereby reducing his Income which was
lust as safe the other way. He prefers to
bo a partner at 7 per cent than a creditor
at C per cent. The exchange would neces
sitate a surrender of 40 per cent of each
stockholder's preferred stock.
Entertainment for the Benefit of
Babies' Home.
A Mother Goose reception will be given at
the young Men's Christian Association
Hall, Grand and Franklin avenues, Thurs
day evening. May U, for the benefit of
the Mothers' and Babies' Home at No. IS21
Chertnut street. All the various characters
of the Mother Goose fables will be imper
sonated, and an amusing entertainment Is
The home has been In existence three
years, and has cared for 431 babies. It has
sheltered and riven employment to 250
needy women There nre now forty babies
and ten women In Its care.
"Yankee Doodle" next Thursday will be
represented bv Mr. Tom Messlck. Miss
Mildred Bnldwin will appear as "Little Red
Riding Hood." and Mrs. Jesse Smith will
be "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe."
"Little Miss Muffef and "Little Boy Blue"
will be presnted by Clara Busk and Master
Duane Howard, respectively. Mabel Law
rence will be the "Old Woman Who Swept
the Cobwebs from the Sky." The five lit
tle pigs will also be realistically represented.
Others who will take part are Mabel
Qulsenbery. Grace Morgan, Lee Williams,
Lillian Etadlcr, Miss Bessie Splcer, Bernard
Hale. Ernest Shultz, Lillian Spurlock. Mas
ter Sidney Baldwin. Miss Hose Baldwin,
Mrs. C. S. Test, Miss Mattle Reynolds,
Miss Mary Marshall. Miss Gertrude Bald
win. Master Eugene Rothwell, Miss Leila
Martin. Master George Owens, Master Sill
ier Roberts. Miss Myrtle Fortune. Miss
Josephine Gettys, Miss Nina Brandt, Mr.
Joo Reynolds, Miss Ella Devoll, Mr. Mar
quid Brandt, Mr. Horace Morgan and
Mable LnwTence.
Andrews County Democrats to Meet.
Savannah. Mo.. May 17. The Democrats
of this (Andrews)- county will hold their
convention here Monday for the purpose
of selecting four delegates to the State
Convention at Springfield, four delegates
to the State Convention at St. Joseph and
ten delegates to the Congressional Conven
tion, which will be held In St. Joseph
Wednesday. July 16. As the Democracy of
this county Is opposed to instructing its
delegates, except for one of Its own citi
zens, it is likely that none of the delegates
-...gi.av .& BWU.MW.W,J UJ U11U,
409 :KTo2rtl3.
A Suit Opportunity
Surpassing in richness of offerings and redac
tion off of prices anything heretofore attempted.
S10 and S15 Suits Reduced to $6-00.
Ladies' Eton Suits with silk-lined Jackets;
Ladies' Blouse Suits, made of Cheviots,
Venetians and Homespuns; all made in 1(02.
$18.50 to S22.50 Suits tor $10.00.
In this lot are some of our finest parments
in point of workmanship and material.
These are all the new Blouses and Etons
with skirts just ripht trimming right
all 1902 make.
S30 to $40 SSik-Lined SuHs, $86.50
$25 to S35 Walking Suits, $15.00
S36 to $50 Silk-Lined Suits, $20.00
Delepales to the Various Conven
tions Are Selected.
r.nri-BLic spkcial.
Hlllsboro. Jio , Hay 17. The Democrats
of Jefferson Countv met In mass conven
tion here to-day and selected these delegates
to tno various- conventions:
State Convention at St. Joseph Joseph J.
Hoeken, l II. Donnell. Doctor T. A.
James. John V Williams, Doctor W. W.
Hull, John J. Hyrne.
Judicial Convention at Springfield Judgo
I. It. Dearine. Sam Dvrnes. i:. J. Dean.
Judge J. F. Green, J. It. Funk, It. D. Madi
Court of Appeals Convention at St. Louis
W. E. Graves-, T. J Wiley, Hubert Ueck-
ner. Doctor F E. Gurbar. T. L. JlcCor
macl:, James G. lierkeley.
Resolutions ore unanimously adopted In
dorsing the State administration and the
candidacy of Judge James D Fox for
Judge of the Supreme Court. Judge Frank
I!. Dearing for Congress, J. F. Alltchln for
State Senator, and Thomas S McGulre for
llailroad and Warehouse Commissioner.
Speeches were made bj WaVer Hensley of
St. Francois Countv, Clyde Williams of
Jefferson County and J. F. Mitchln of De
Ton always pet full value for your money
at the Delicatessen lunchroom5.
Funeral of Civil War Veteran
Takes Place To-Monw.
General James H. Coates died at his home.
Xo 23 Watson road. Friday evening, of
pneumonia, after a short Illness. He was
appointed a Captain in the Eleventh Illi
nois Infantry bv the late Governor Richard
Yates in April. 1S61. He served with that
regiment until it was mustered out in the
fall of lSGj, participating in many battles.
He was promoted to -Major, Lieutenant
Colonel and Colonel of his regiment, and
when mustered out was commissioned as
Brevet Brigadier General by President
Johnson for gallant and meritorious service
during the war. He was the fourth Colonel
of the. Eleventh Illinois Infantry. The ilrst
was General W H L. Wallace, killed at
Shlloh while commanding a division; T. E.
G Hansom (for whom Ransom Post of
this city is named) was the second, anil
General Xcvlcr, killed in Sherman's assault
on Vlckiburg, was the third.
The funeral will take place to-morrow af
ternoon from his lnte residence, and the
burial will tie at Jefferson Barracks, under
the auspices of Ransom I'ost, of which he
was a member.
I "Let the GOLD DUST twins do your work" I
I This would be a cleaner, brighter "world ifl
every housekeeper used I
It Multiplies your pleasures; Divides your I
efforts; Subtracts from your cares; Adds H
H to your life. H
Chicago. New York, Boston. St Louis. Makers cf OVAL FAIRY SOAP. H
AN Ladies'
and Hisses'
I Reduced.
Jt Was Generally Supposed to Be
Much Larger Than "Will Shows.
Rnrunuc srnciAU
Washington. May IT. The will of Rear
Admiral Sampxin was filed to-day. It was
signed at Key West. April 16. I'SS. when
Admiral Sampson, then Captain, was about
to start out for the naval campaign.
He died possessed of bonds, stocks and
insurance to the amount of IS-O"", and a
farm at Manchester, X. Y.. valued at $10.
CC0. The estate Is left to the six daughters
and sons. Mrs. Sampson is to administer it.
Some surprise was expressed that the
value of the estate is only 51$.0X The hou)
in which Admiral Sampson lived and which
he bought from Captain Folger, it is under
stood, is the propertv of Mrs. Sampson. It
is said also that all of his priae money
went to pay off mortgages on the home and
other obligations.
Association Formed at Cartilage
for Fifteenth. District.
nnrtTii.ic srcciAi.
Carthago. Mo.. May 17 Graduates of the
State University have met here and organ
ized an association for the Fifteenth Con
gressional District. Arrangements were
made for n banquet in Xovember, when
plans for tho betterment of the university
will be dl-cussed. Clark H. Craycroft of
Joplln wa elected president, and J. X. Coll
of Vernon County vice president. E. G.
White of Lawrence County was elected sec
retary and treasurer
The president appointed the Executive
Committee as follows J II. Drydcn of
Jasper County, Ethel Snearengen of Ver
non County. R. II. Davis of Lawrence
County. A V. Manning of McDonald Coun
t, IS. G. Thurman of Barton County, and
C E. 1'rettyman of Xewton County. The
representative from Barry County has not
yet been named.
Benefit Sale Will Be Made Xext
The annual festival and sale of fancy ar
ticles for the benefit of the "Memorial
Home." Grand and Magnolia avenues, will
be held next Thursday, from 2 to 6 o'clock.
As the home Is very much In need of
funds to care for the aged ones, the man
agers hope to have n large attendance.
C6RLET0N BUILDING '"doiiiests.) f. BeDONATO
Hunters invariably withhold meat from
their dofrs, feeding them upon dry bread,
cornmeai and similar foods When apked
the reason for confinlns huntlnK doss to
such a diet, an experienced huntsman re
plied: "Meat spoils their wind and blurts
their ken rcent " Dr Baellz. a German
physician, practicing in Japan, observed
the same thlnp tilth reference to Japa
nese runners The coolies who carried him
lived on rice and bans He save them
beeftak After three days they refused
it. declaring it made them tired. The bost
of all muscle-feedlne foods is Toasted
Wheat Flakes, sweetened with JIalt Honey,
made by liattle Creel: Sanitarium Food
Company iiich crisp delicately browned
flake represents a flattened wheat grain
thoroughly dextrlnlzod through cooking and
loartins. It contains all the muscle-building
qualities, is appetizing and immediately
10 Cents Each 10 Cents.
T7 aaK ei
xMvW Yk
i I w
Blouse, 32, 3J, 36, S3, 40 and 42 inch bust, c
Skirt, 22, 34, 26, 3S, SO and 32 inch wdst.
XT' .JirSt
Wff if1 I ""al i
.4iIil! A. WW m
mm ft!
fR"MTlS?ffc. 'II
32, 36 and 40 inch bast.
735 Ladies' House Jaslcet.
8385-Udies" Perlicojt.
Jacket, 32 to 42 inch bust.
Petticoat, 22 to 30 inch waist.
Tiir- nr-nnni inr noncn m
inc ncruoLiu o unutn oiniir size;
n . -n I,.. ji . ... mt
B"na iU cellar luiie a.ivtzi Uiiui:; n amc itciiuuii. ai.. - -- -- ----
building, for EACH pattern ordered, and inclose this blank, properly filled out wltn
your name, address and bust or -waist measure, or age, for each pattern ordered.
No. SG4. Ladies' Blouse 'Waist. Price 10 cents Tiust measure Inches
No. 8S. Ladles Skirt Price 10 cents-. "Waist measure inches
No. SCSI. Ladles' Corset Cover. Price 10 cents. Bust measure Inches
No. 7C33. Ladles' Hcuse Jacket. Price 10 cents. Bast measure Inches
No. 83S". Ladles' Petticoat. Price 10 cents Waist measure inches)
No. SCO. Ladies' Jacket. Price 10 cent: Bust measure Inches
No. 8616. Ladies' Shirt "Waist. Price 30 cents Bust measure inches
STREET and No..
Many thousand laces ar:
spoiled and rendered unattrac
tive by some sliRht defect or
p blemish. These embarrassing
and humiliatms: disfigurements
are removed forever in a few minutes, with
out the least pain, annoyance or danger
with my scientific treatment; the result of
thirty years' practical experience. Call or
write. Full information with book free.
306 Mermod-Jaocard, St. Louis.
", i
32. 34, 36, 35, 40 and 42 inch butt.
32, 34, 36, 3S. 40, 42 and 44 inch but.
h. htu T)..iim, Tv,m r I ineTit, Tiemihlle
im III
win '
VIM" SsW k
ii HI wSci ' c
; IEv. y5r
fVB( 1, , JC V " Baft.
(J W jCizZsk
if I
'..(... -T1.!
?. ?,$t8' .Tfort
- rr ?

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