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i ill'- illtlPlf
Removes wrinkles and all
traces of age. It feeds through
the pores and builds up the
fatty membranes and wasted
tissues, nourishes the shriv
eled and shrunken skin, tones
and invigorates the nerves
and muscles, enriches the
impoverished blood vessels
and supplies youth and elas
ticity to the action of the
skin. It's perfect.
Manufactured only b Mme. M Yale
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Call for MMB YALE'S 93-page Beauty
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the conversation with Lehmann. as it was
not what is known as a "privileged com
munication" of a client to h's attornc.
Jmlice Huricr" fur IJcfense.
Judge Harvey spoke an hour for the de
fence He reviewed the public indignation
against the crime of brlberj and the dis
closures of the recent inesllgution. Ho
shared in that indignation, but asked why
a racrlfice should be made of Julius Leh
mann. He said he had not been connected
with the bribery plot, and if the State
needed victims upon which to lay the mat
ter whv should not they select the men
who did the bribing. They had come for
ward willingly to tell what they had done,
he ald. and one of them had even done
the bribing without any paj and hope of
"Whv not com let the men who signed
the notes to do the bribing?" asked Judge
Judge Harvey next took up the bribery
charge. He said Iehmann was charged
with denvlhg certain thing's which he was
slid to know lis asked how wax any one
to know -what a man knew except by what
he said? He said it was a case of Reiss
versus lehmann and asked which should
1- believed Vlimann wa corroborated bv
Oatorf. Ileiss was not The attorney laid
particular stress on the statement of Gas
torf. who wis ijrvresent when Lehmann gave
Kei'-s the 51'grcheck. that nothing was
said about tRfe $73,000 in the safe deposit
b'ix at the 1.1'iculn Trust Company.
Judge Harvey declared Ms belief there
was no combine, and then entered at soma
lenpth upon a defense of the organization
in the Houe of DelegaUs
I'olk Closet Arsnmenis.
Circuit Attornej Iolk closed the argument
In an appeal for the Jurors to uo tnnr.uu.tj
toward the State and the public He Alia
the defendant was entitled to a filr trial
and so was tM State. He decland there
was no prejudice asainst Lehmann person
ally, but against the crime of boodllng". Ho
viewed tho Municipal Assemblv and pic
tured Lehmann and Murrell sitting Ide bv
side. He told of the debaucherj in the body,
and then came down to the Suburban bill.
He told how Murrell demanded the $75,000.
not for himself, but for "the bojs" of the
He told how tho money was actually
placed In the safe-deposit box and remarked
that It was tho first time the actual bribe
money was ever produced In court. Then
he passed to Judge Harvev's arguments
about not having the right persons. He
said Stock and Turner were not on trial. Ho
said he did not apologize for them, how
ever. He said he appreciated the enormity
of their offense In giving the bribe, but they
should be given credit for coming forward
and telling the truth Instead of perjuring
themselves (is Julius Lvhmann had done.
Stock and Turner were not public official.
While their offense might be grievous, it
was not to be compared with that of pub
lic officials who evtorted and accepted
Lehmann, ho said, was a member of tho
combine, a staunch friend of Murrell's, and
could not bo Ignorant of the 7",000 in es
crow. To corroborate this evidence of his
knowledge was the statement of Paul lielss,
who testified that Lehmann came to him
and asked him to get the key from Stock.
Mr. Folk sild it was a question of -veracity
between Holtcamp, Meilert and Keiss or
Julius Lehmann. Who should be believed?
They had no motive to testlfj falsclj; Leh
mann was on trial for his liberty.
In conclusion, he anked the jurors to vin
dicate the law and uphold the arms of tho
Grand Jury.
You always get full value for jour money
at the Delicatessen Lunchrooms.
Urothers-In-l.nvt In shooting Affray.
Paducah, Ky , Jlaj 17. nil Hutchison and
Henry Gray quarreled over business mat
ters on the latters' farm l ear Mount Zlon,
this county, to-daj and Hutchinson shot
Gray three times In the arm. stomach and
lir'ast. He will die Hutchison, who is a
Ballard County farmer, escaped. They aie
Boarding houses in eery section of St
Ixiuls are advertised among the five hun
dred and cirhtv-ono "Boom for Item" ads.
in to-dav's Republic.
Plnnt Cnnralod From striker.
Evansville. Ind , Mav 17. The strike at
the Evansville Glass Works Is still on and
guards are stationed at the plant to-night
lo prevent any trouble from the strikers.
The State Commissioners will be appealed
Boarding houses in every section of St
I.ouis are advertised among the five hun
dred and eighty-one "Room for Rent" ads.
In to-da's Republic.
euro Shoots JU-Ycnr-OIil Boy.
Harrlsburg; 111 , May 17. Henry Landers'.
a negro, shot and Instantly killed Isaac
Porter, a negro 16 years old. in this city this
afternoon. Landers escaped.
Want a better position? Four hundred
and flft -seven "Help Wanted" ads. are
printed in to-dav's Republic Head them
Want a better position? Four hundred
and fifty-seven "Help Wanted" ads. are
printed in to-dav's Republic. Read them
iaie s
Calliolic Church Will Xow IV At-itated for Some Time Cher This Question Ii Concerns All Classes of
Oeeds. in a Relative Decree. a the (Mice Is International in Its Scope Han Chosen to Wear
tbe Vacant .Miter Jhist He an Organizer, Theologian, a Writer and a Financier
Those Who Have J?een Mentioned as Possible Successors. v
nnrrmjc stbciau
New York, Mav 17 Catholic clrcl". not
onl in New York, but all over the countrj.
and in Itome itself, will now be agitated foi
lome time over the probabilities and po 1
biliti( s in the matter of the choice of a suc
cessor to the late Archbishop Corrigan Hie
question, indeed, concerns all classes of
(reeds in a rt-littve dtgre-e. for the oiilc"
is one of tho greatest in its Influence that
am man cm hold It H n-itional and inter
national in its scope. New lork now riv 'Is
Peris ind Ylunn i as the largi-"t Catholic
Jurisdiction in tbe world
It is no easj an ompllsliment to success
fully ui-dtrtnke the slrlluil government of
.1 million and a half of -ouls A gre it
Archbi-liop must lie a nanv sidtd man Be
sides lreing a thtologian a writer and an
orator, he is jjocted to be an organizer,
a ltader, a Imarcli r. an ecclesiastic il states
man, a man cf Infinite detail and u deep
and comet reader of his fellows
l'evv men combliu all the-v qualitlcations
at once but it mnv be s t down at the outlet
thit the mm who will be choJen to wear
the vacant miter inuji be shown to have the
majority of thtm. Contraries- s'tniij to
until in the late r-hbtshop tht most
covered rock." is rchbishop Itvaai has so
apilj desyritxd him
('Unlet iin lnspiriitlon.
In good vhurch opinion the choice of a
Iii-hop is the in'plration of the Hoi Glioat.
In spite of this, however, frail human nature
has often shown a decided inclination to as
sist the proctss In certain r practical
and political manners and methods l"vtr
one lias a pergonal Lias and hurning. and
it is in evidence Jut as stronglj among
clerics as among lajmen Hence even in
the present instance there is no unanimit
of opinion as to the man who will be- cho-eii
Bishop MrQuald of ltoch-ter. who is- the
stnioi IJIshop of tht piovinte. Is tpiiited as
saing that the logical cand'dite i HIhop
Parlev. pastor of St Gabriel s Church. Vicar
General and auillarj Ilishop of the diocesv.
and that the suffragan blhops are unani
mikusl in his favor
Other names are mentioned, however. Lo
cal electois are tnser for the doctrine of
home rule, and couple with Hishop Parlej
the name of his associnte Vicar General,
the present temporar) idministrator of the
diocese. Right Iteverenu Mgr. Joseph P.
Moonej. pastor of the Church of the S icred
Heart. Mgr Moonej has? not -vet received
episcopal consecration and that is a draw
back, but not an insuperable one to his
I'relatr'-i I-itiuiutr Prleml.
Bishop McDonnell of Brookljn, the deid
prelate's nearest mid most intimue asso
ciate, is also mentioned It has often been
stated, and is gener illv believed, that Arch
bishop Corrigan deaiied hint for his coad
jutor, and hid he lived would pro!-ibly havc
made on earnest effort to accomplish "le
This In view of Mgr McDonnell's long
cornectlon with the administration of the
Now York diocese and his close association
with the officials of the atlcan was no
mean possibilitv The Archbishop's death
however, has takn from it its m tin sup
port. Then consideration of another of the Arch
Three Interesting Addresses Kol
low Courses at Union Club.
Tho St. Louis Chapter. American Insti
tute of Bank Clerks, gave iW second annual
banquet nt tho Union Club last night. R
31. Richter, the president of the organiza
tion, made a short address and then S. V
?.' .f ean spo've on ' Gold As a Circulating
Medium," M. 1'. Durkan on "Reeiprocltv
Between Departments tf Banks." and
Prederick Vlerling, trust officer of the Mis
sissippi Valtej Trust Compan). spoke on
"Bankers, Trustees of Wealth of the Com
munity." He said, in part
"Money in Its comprehensive and general
sense means wealth; It Is the measure of
value recognized bv common consent in
effecting exchanges of propert or pav
ment of debts Wealth in its true sensa
includes commodities of all kinds. 1 ind ami
everj thing that can be transferred in com
merce. "There have nlas been money-lenders)
who loaned. their own funds The modern
bank, however. Is an invention for leaning
the funds of the community. These institu
tions collect these funels and make it pos
sible to meet the legitimate commercial de
mands of borrowers at re isonable rates of
interest, and enable the business men to
command capital In order to carry on his
work on an economic 1ms to. his own
benefit and the benefit of the communltv
by giving tmolojment to numbers instead
of to onlv a few."
Those present last night were- T'elK L"
Goerlich. William Wnldhauer Alex mlt r
Miire-nberger. I. W Mi 'er, O T Priest.
W J. Lomasnev, Daniel Engel. Charles
Spiegelhalter All ert Schoenle. George S
Belmdlek. Irving L. Jones. John B Young.
Doctor C. A Wall Jr . A A Brvden. J
H Dann H. W. Kroeger Joseph H. Con
roy, Stephen V. St. Jean William II Clop
ton, William B Berger, Charles T. Stickel.
Richard A Jones, James c. Jones. Robert
S Jones Francisco Tucker. Will Haser. J.
Hugh Powers John V Wieser. Charli
Hamllton. G II. Moll II Pell. R I John
son, Lewis Lipman. Josenh P McGrath.
Oliver de Hertern Robert L. Blanke W
G Larke. L S. Mitchell, Frederick Vlei
ling. W P Durkan and R M Richter.
iiii.ku::: j:cii wc.iz romii:u.
To Be Knoven lis the Triinsmlssonrl
Iutcrcli!iiiU'nlle Script llilrrnn.
ICansas Cits . Mo . Mas 17. A sj stem of
Interchangeable mileage for use on the rail
roads In the territorj west of the Missouri
and Mississippi rivers, east of .the Rockv
Mountains and from the Canadian line
south to the Gulf of Mexico has been
agreed upon at a meeting of general passen
ger agents in tl Is city
A bureau to be at the head of the sj stem
and to be known as the Transmlssourl In
terchangeable Script Bureau, with head
quarters at Omaha, was organized, with jn
executive committee composed of John
Francis of the Burlington, B. I Lomax of
the Union Pacific fciid J R. Buchan of the
Chicago and Northwestern. The new Inter
changeable svstem will bo effective Jul 1
if the plans of the general passenger agents
mature properlv.
AVorltl'n Itrcord Run I'unernl of W. ".
Lincoln Vin Iliirrlntiin Line.
A world's record for a gravity run was
made esterday between Denver and Pueb
lo, running to the latter ciU, on the Den
ver and Rio Grande The distance of 119 3
miles was made In 163 minutes, an average
of a mile a minute and twentv-one seconi's.
B. H Harrlman has ordered work be
gun at once on an extension of the Mexican
International from Durango, Mcx , to Ma
zatlan. on the Pacihc Coast, u distance of
rbout 140 miles
W. B Doddridge has formed a partner
ship wtlh J II. Collins, a civil engineer,
with offices in the Securit building Mr.
Doddridge is a railwaj expert. His last
work, after leaving the Missouri Pacific,
was to put the Tennessee Central in shape.
The business of the firm will be to make
phjsical examinations of railways, super
intend construction, etc,
The Southern R lllway officially an
nounces, over tho signature of C H. Ack
ert, general manager, that R. A. Dupan
has been appointed assistant general man
ager, with heaelquarters at Washington, D.
C, vice R. B Pegram, resigned.
Assistant General Passenger Agent Hll
leary of the Big Four will.depart to-morrow
to attend the gathering of passenger men
of the Vanderbilt lines at Pittsburg Tues
day. The funeral of W. S. Lincoln, chief en
gineer of the Wabash, who died Saturday,
will take place at Logansjiort. Ind , Tues
day. Want to buy or sell a horse or buggj ?
Read over the one hundred and lift -three
ads. printed In the "Horse and Vehlcre"
columns of to-day's Republic.
Ttco Wcddlnjrs nt Xevntla.
rEPUBLic srrxaAL
Nevada, Mo, Mav 17. Milton Davis and
Miss Edna Clark, both of Carthage, and
Harry Underwood and Mi"s Pearl Allen,
both of Kansas City, were married here
Want to buy or sell a horse or buggy?
Read over the one hundred and flft-threo
ads. printed In the "Horse and Vehicle"
columns of to-day's Republic
bishop's proteges Is stronglv urged. This Is
the oung and promising Hishop of Niw
ark N .1 . the Right ltcvmnd Doi tor John
.1 O Coimnr, who has al-cailv manifested
himself as one of tin virsatit numbers of
the Ainericin hleraichv lie was trained
in itoin.- where his splendid attiUnmciiis In
plnlosoohv a. id tluologv gave htm higli
rank it the Uncrican Colli- S'ncv thin
the Ireauth of his scholarship ind briUIaney
of his rhetoric made his reputation a. i
coll ge proKssoi and pres'dent at Scton
Hall Parochial and dloosau charges as
lector, vicar gemril and admuiistr itor
prove his capicliv is an t-ceciitive. wiille
liis eiillur-.. acailtmlc Mas. forcible and fas
cinating personality have won immedlte
sucecss scclallv He is 44 ears old
Vr.libisbop OlMi-Inliil.
Arrhb hop Corrigan ollitiittcl at his con
se i ration last er. mil thin told this story
hi n it h id been decided to n ml John
O Connor to studv in Itome, his good fuller
ame to i"e in the Bishop's rooms in New
ark one das to n- ike i gentle n monstrance
ausinsi sending John s0 f (r nvvav from
heme I said to Mr O'Connor, 'I send jour
si n ivv.ij s0 that he might conn back ome
dav and take possess'on of these looms J
tl ought then that the futurt might bring
episcopal hoi ors to John (J Connor and It
hes come to pass '
Admirers of Newark's ordmarj are con
vmrtd that the Mchliishop's iorecast of
Ins successor "-hould now le rtad with a
larctr interpretation and applic.it on
Another probability. ' Ihe dork horse" of
ntamr and more vvoridlj elections, brings
forward the name of the Right Reverend
John l.ancaster Sp ilding Ilishop of Peorl i.
Ill and a scion of a great sactrdotil familv
linked with the carlv divs and the best
traditions of I athollcitj in Americi He
was for sotm vars a ri sident of tills citv
and went from here just twintj-ilve ears
ie.o when 1. was mule Bishop of Peoria
lie Is the vcholir. phllo-opht r l'tterateur
und educator of the hlenrch-. of the United
States, and will be 62 jeirs old tbe L'd of
next month He was born in Lebanon. K.
and Ills uncle, under whose tare he was J
trained, was tne great .viartin joiiii siinu
ing. Archbishop of Bilttmore. one of tho
church's intellectual giants of the list cen
turv Ponuder of Cntliollc tnlersltj.
The Ptoria nrelite vvts the founder of the
Cntl-ollc Unlv traits In Washington, one of
Pope Leo's most cherished enterprises. If
an outsider Is to be chosen. Bishop Spald
ing's chances are regarded as very pronns-
Bisliop Parlev, who Is si jears his
junior, was born in the County Armagh,
Ire-lend, and came to this clt at a very
early age. Hs was educated In St. John's
College. Pordham. b the Jesuits, and then
made his theological studii s at the Amer
ican ColI-e in Rome. Aftei his ordination,
en Jinn 11, 1S70, he returned to this city
nml un cl frti s,ni time nt St. Peter's
Chinch, Staten Island, and wis the ecre-
tarv ot tlie late ardinai McCloskey Irom
IS72 to 1S-! in which oinre when he wis
made pastor of St Gabriel's Church, ho
was succeeded bv Bishop McDonnell H
was made injnisiiore in ISit vicar general
In 191 and consecrated titular Bishop of
Zeugma and auxiliary Bishop of New York
December 21. 1S9J As a diocesan olllcial for
so many jears-, he Ins had ample opportun
ltv to displ i) liK capacitv for ruling, and
has maeie the most s-ifsfactorj impression
He is a graceful si taker and personally
very popular with the priests He has a
tactful but none the les aggressive char
' V
In the following table Is shown tho number of men and the capitalisation of
the railroads and their subsldlarj lines in the coal district alread Involved in the
strike, with tho men and the railroads that will bo Involved If the strike spreads
to the soft-coal fields.
Men Involvril.
i Anthracite miner U7.09J
Icn M no .incut lie cmn-ii uni.
faoft-coal miners. Penn'Mianla 19J.W0
Miners outside IMin.sj HaalaX" :n.t
Total - JjC &
Average dail wage $ 7d4,&.
Average je-arlj wages .......... 161,S4!,&
Railroad .Sjnte-nin Eneairrel.
I) L & W ..., S 61 000.IW
Delaware and Jluillon... (2S10 0W
King Kefi'igenitiug and Ice Ma
chine Cy.'. Wants l:ri,ij'J0.
The Ring Refrigerator and IceiMachlnp
Cumpaii) Hied suit jestenlay against the
National 'lube Works Company for J7;,ihjo
actual and IWJUO punitive dam lges, alleg
ing that Its business wps r-uifjeNj becailso
of an attachment suit brought against it
by the National Tube Works Compan.
It states that on October 15. IS""), it was
engaged in selling machinery and making
artificial ice, that It had a plant worth
$75 WW, and was doins a business that paid
&' a daj : that It had contracts for six
months, and hail six contracts amounting
to JlW,ni The defendant held notes 01
the plaintiff tor 54 92t 57 for material fur
nished, it Is htated There was a dispute
in regard to the material and the plaintiff
refused to paj . and the defendant attached
the ijUlntift s property, it is stated. It took
possession of its books and papers, its ma
chlnerj , tools and appliances ami all of its
propert, it is stated. December 13, liJ7,
illv Nitional Tube Compiny dismissed the
uttaehment suit at Its costs.
Children FoDRht tVltli Knlvm.
Paducah. Kj.t May 17. Cleo Cherry, aged
12, and Dune 111 Simmon, aged 11. fought .it
Dukedom Graves Coantv and the Simmon
liov cut young Cherry severelv. The child
will die.
Republican Ticket Is 'Nominated.
Marshall, 111 . May 17. The Republicans
nominated the following ticket In their pri
mary this afternoon: County Judge. Hverett
Connellv. Clerk, John Freuelbcrjtcr, Treas
urer. Wallace loung; Sheriff Millard Heil
rlck. Superintendent of Schools, Fannie An
drews. When the Joke Turned.
Chauncjy M. Depew, the Senator from
New York and Samuel L Clemens, the hu
morist, were crossing the ocean on the
same steamer. One evening, alter dinner, it
was suggested that, following the time Hon
ored custom in the United States, the dn
eis make speeches Mr. Clemens made a
characteristic address, such as might hive
been expectcil fiom one whose writings are
so well known under the nom de plume of
Mark Twain
"It was understood." said Senator Depew,
when called upon to spe ik, "that Mr Clem
ens and I should write out our speeches for
this occasion in advance, and then exch inge
manuscripts We have done so, but I regret
to sav that I have forgotten Mr. Clemens'
speech "
The Senator then took his seat. His
auditors roared In appreciation ot the Joke
The next da an Englishman met Mr.
Clemens on deck.
"I say," he remarked, "I have always
heard that Senator Depew was remarkably
clever, but what v retched drivel of his that
was which jou were obliged to recite last
night! '
"Do ou believe In municipal ownership?"
"Certainly We office holders own ihe
entire cit."
He Liked Cigars.
"I believe Higginslde smokes the vilest
cigars on earth. When he drops In at my
office I alwas give him a good cigar to
keep him from lighting one of his own."
"Dr'ops In every day, doesn't he?"
"I thought so. I know Higglnlde. He is
a fellow of a great deal ot thrift and In
genuity." Harlod: "Well, Perc, did OU find petrol
a good remedy for chapped hands?"
Percy: "Splendid! Not only did it cure
the chaps, but every one In the ballroom
detected the smell and thought I owned a.
motor car."
acter and uae manner He Is of short,
stout build-in fact, is ere of the smallest
iltrlcs In mature In the diocese
Record ns Plmtucler.
As a financier tne rapiditj. with which he
cleared off tin- J25ft.0i) mortgage on the Dun
vvoodle Seminar, as the gift for Archbish
op Coirlgan's Jubile-e, y.io all tho evidence
that the critic could require.
Mgr Moonev comes from Kingston, X.
Y. but he was born in Pennsvlvanla dur
ing i temnorurv visit there of his p irentH.
In Julv, IMS He was also cduc.iti'il In St
Johns Colic ae I'oidhani. and made his the
ological course in the dioce"aii scmlmry
th"ii located in Tro, where he was or
dalned 1 priest In 1S71. He remiiiiel In the
si miliar-, as professor of mennl philosophy
for eight ears He left "liov for the rec
torship of St. Patrick's Church, New berg.
N Y, whence, in lis!, he came to this cltv
lo bo pastor of the Church of the Sacred
Heart, in West Plftj. -first street. He was
made chancellor of the diocese, succeeding
Mgr McDonnell, in 1S9J. and four months
later, on the death of the late -Mgr. Pres
ton, he was appointed lcnr general of the
ilioces which oftico he has since tilled with
h itisfaction to everv one.
A Bishop is denned as one who has re
ceived the plentltude of the priesthood as
instituted foi the government of the
church H Is superior to the priests, be
cause- he can administer the sacraments of
orJInation and confirmation, which thev
cannot, and because the founder of the
church has willed that they should rule
dioceses that Is, both priests and laics. An
Archbishop, who is a metropolitan, or ruler
of n chief citv or metropolis of a Province,
has now onlv limited Jurisdiction over his
puffragins This jn regard to the latter Is
Eiiperv ler and of an admonltorj char
acter and for their subjects in an appellate
'Ihe appointment of everv Bishop rests
absolutely with the Pope. Tho olllce is in
his unrestricted gift, but he does not al
wavs exercise this power. There is a can
onical proceelure that allows the perma
nent rectors and consultors of each dio
ce se to in ike nominations of three candl
elites thev consider worthy of the dignity.
These mmes nre then e-nt by them to
Reimo aril to the othir suffragan Bishops
of the Province to which the vacant See
belongs The Bishops may approve these
selections, or the miy reject them entirely
and make a new list with three names of
their own choice and refer that to Rome
There the names are weighed and consid
ered bv the Committee of Cardinals known
as the Siered Congregation of the Propa
ganda. The one these Cardinals think best
fitted for the otlico is given to the Pope,
and he If he agrees with their choice, rati
fies It, and the Bull of Consecration is
elrnwn up and Issued to the preltte elect
It is the commission of his episcopal olllce
in which he cannot be consecrated until It
is accepted bv him and formallj offered to
the consecrating prelate at the ccremonv
The Propaganda or the Pope may turn
down all the names sent to Rome by both
pri-sts and Bishops and ask for a new list,
when the procedure of local selection must
be gone through all over again, or a can
didate not named at all by the local elec
tors, and not even belonging to the diocese
maj b appo'nted. Grave reasons, of
course, are usually present when this last
mithod Is adoiitqd. such as serious disten
tions among the clergy of the diocese, lax
discipline or other manifest need of a rad
ical change in methods of government and
administrative policy.
Philadelphia, and Rcndlnc . i C!1j C5S 00
Frie Railroad 202.:4),!00
New York. Ontario ani We-sttrn.. GS.11SSS2
iotal .
. JiS3.718.es:
Soft ConI Railroad..
Norfolk and Western .............
Che-sapfrako and Ohio
Baltimore ard Ohio
Iturfalo. Rochester and Pittsburg
SS Crfl e.o
GO ;uMo
m on 1:7
1.' 0.0 too
5 C:t 24 S3.!
Total Cnpltallzatlon. ?l,IUO,n-l-",!lll.
i:m:lisii aov at ckicicct.
Ucfenter AHI ICorjiers In dime at l'or--at
I'nrk bj Wide MurKili.
The first of a series of cricket games be
tween the English teamb and all-comers
was plajed at Forest Park esterday after
noon, with the result that tho English
team won by a total of 1CI1 to 67. Both sides
gave a good displ 1 of batting and bowling
The Reverend Edmund Duckworth, W. J
Price and R P. Dongall were the principal
scorers for the English team, while D. A
Murray and H. Clark did the best work
for their opponents Scores of the two
teams, with batsmen, bowlers, the manner
In which the teams were put out, follows:
P.. Duck-aorta, run out . . ..... 20
W .1 Price ct Wall Inynr i
P W lUtcllff. ct Cl-irk. Win-or 9
P 1' DonR-dll, liuwled. Clark 2,
1: (5 Opiwrm in, L II W , Mmp-cn 0
U, I Clark, ct Wall, hlnnv. m ;
IP H Iiirlij. run out . . 7
P s Rjtiert" not nut 4
K J Mirthall. ct Clark. Mmpon 1
J Fleteh r. bowled. Mmpsou
11 ltartletl, bo.vli-d. s,imj sun u
Kxtras . . .. 11
Total Tl
j Murrnr, ct Duckworth Donegall r,
11. -lark. ct. Pr!c- R.ilcllrr 11
D s;iTip,oni howled. Donegal 2
I Hagancler. lmwlesl ItntclltT 1
! E lilies bowled. Djnepiil 2
A K V ln.or, run out . . 1
M Sharp ct Tinrgnl, Duckworth 1
ri'non. sr Trice. uucKworin 5
Wall, twiwlfd. Imckwonh
Fernley, not rut C
M1UTU5. ct Price Ponoira! .
Total 67
Tiun.n rLAYnns mh't opt.
Glen Hcho Geilfera Whitewashed For
ot I'nrk Team.
The Triple A Golf Club team wan shut out
in a match game with tt Glen Echo team
jesterdav afternoon The game was plajed
on the Glen Echo link", and the l)0s- from
Forest Park were not In It at any stage of
the game
A. T. Kellev and I II. Koehler made the
lt scores for the Glen Echo team. Kellcy
wn matched with R Gaer and Koehler
with Doctor Gorln Thev were each 7 up
at the close of the second round. TJie score
is as follows
TrlpI- A
A TV hlllemore
A Annan . .
C C Conner .
It Garr
I- M Canter. ..
Doctor Gorln ..
.i' Annan..
VVIP P'in .
L C. Gale
V VV Connor .
loiais . j'l ti
The next match that the Glfn Echo golf
ers will contest In will be with the neld
Club team on the links of the latter organ
ization near Bissell Saturila. Ma 31.
Ortlirreln snl.c To-Dny.
With the running of the Orthweln Stakes at
Pastime Park this afternoon the local courlng
season will come to an end several well
matched course are scheduled in the stake, and
Interesting contests should b afforded The
management will eren free-match course for
those eleslring to enter dogs at the conclusion of
the stake
. 4 ..I
Amatcnr nanebnll otes.
The J P Itenz tram will pla the Caronde
let Business JIn at Item's Park this afternoon
Lihr and Volte will servo as battery for the
Itenis. while Kose and Maer will serve for the
lisulness Men.
The Cables have organized a ball team, and
have won their games to date. For games In
the If j far-old clas address B. New berger. No
4040 Cook avenue.
Compan L. First Missouri, will play Trcop
I. Fourth Cavalry, at Jefferson Barracks this
The St Loui, Marines will play at New
Baden to-day Davles and Hutchlnron will fur
nish batter work.
The Eisenstadts would like to arranKe a
irame witn the Alton Blues for a side bet of JIW
or $150. Manager Jtarker may be found at tn
Elserstadt Jewelry Compan.
The ABC. team and Pueser Brothers will
meet at Sweigler's Park this afternoon.
The Illinois Watch Company team has or
ganized, and would like to arrange games for
ihe, season. Address I J. Blckox, manager,
Springfield. III.
sThe Diets play at Colltnrrille. Ill , to-day.
rneetlnr the team of that place. Terry and
Winch mil furnith battery work for th Dieli.
Glen lVho
A C V lrkerv 4 up
11 (" Edmunds 4 up
s; e: vv ll-on 0
A T Keiiej 7 up
J s McGrew I up
J H Koehler 7 up
1: T 1 amrbell ..2 up
A VV Southward 0
E II Gorie . . 1 up
J T Watson I up
58 Newly Wed Couples
Prlade glad this month by the beautiful Furniture and Carpafs
we placed in their cozy homes. Oome and join ihe happy
throng, We will fix up your home handsomely at a very mod
erate cos? on easy terms thai will suit you.
Balance on
Easy Payments.
like cut;
an ice saver.
also a money
saver; price
One of our pretty
Dressers, made of
golden oak, French
mirror and nicely
carved. Price
unrrrev roit tub bundat RFruBuc.
Xationi li ivc bi-en baptized in human
blood, and each foundation stone ot prog
ress, iaH crushed the lite out ot some mor
tal. AVe dally read the storj of deaths that
come through dls-eise. diatho that ne call
natural, ami then we read the startling ac
counts of deaths that eoine suddenly and
unucpectedlj, to the well, strong, igorous
and actle mortals who are busily engaged
in the work of the world.
These latter emphasize the terrible fart
that every human adance, eiery evidence
ot progress, eer improvement that means
a higher civilization, every wonderful mi
chine, even great engineering feat, every
towering building ind every work that has
a form stands as a monument to mime life
tl-at h is gone out that it might exist.
D'gglng and delving among the dry bones
ot statistics has resurrected figures full of
Interest In tho'vlng the value of a human
life not spared to disease and old age, but
tanen In the accomplishment of some work
of human progrers
These figures show that through (Wee
war each squire mile of territory gained or
maintained bv nations of the earth has cost
a human life. Some have cost more, some
lss, but taking the world over, s-lnce hls
torv began, the records show a charge of
one untimely death against each 640 acres
Each pair of church spirei that po'it
toward the c!oud9 stand for a monument
to a grave .somewhere. Since records of
deaths by accident have been kept they
show that the life of one mortal has gone
out with each two churches reared. All
bunding have taken part In the ame
work. A poorly constructed scaffold, an
Insecure fastening, a parting rope, a
swinging timber, a loose board and scores
of other things that tell of human falllbil
itv have contributed to make thii record
Men have burrowed in the ground and dug
their own graves their first temporary rest
ing places, where they were to lie in death
where a moment before they were in ac
tive life. Every live mlle of tunnel blasted
from the rocks and dug from the earth re
quires the lite of one man
vAc gather heat, light and power from the
sun made coal that was stored for us cen
turies ago, and each million and a half tons
of it cots one miner's life before it passes
frcra its ancient bed to the surface of the
Since man hns delighted In what Is bright
and lasting, he has sought for gold and
made from It tin great lever that moves
the world, but it has had its price Each
ii.CiOO.tfn of gold has asked for a human
sacrifice and received It.
Since before the dawn of history, ships
have spread their winglike falls and carried
rrun from shore to shore, and recently har
nessed steam has passed them in the race:
but from the time when shipwrecks were
first recorded until to-day the ships havc
demanded human toll, and at the end of
each JO.OCO miles that each one sails it drops
a living soul into a never-resurrecting sea,
or casts it dead into the arms of the shore.
here boats would not do man has sus
perded his bridges, and each one of these
that spans navigable water" marks the spot
where a man was brought to his death
through an accident.
So on the steel highways, where, through
the energy of steam, we rush with the
speed of te wind, the law sajs that one
life must be given for each DOO.OCO travelers,
and the law is obejed.
Look where you will, these accidents con
front you Lite with its requirements pavs
its way with life.
Dimensions of Heaven.
Taking a erse from Revelation as the
basis of computation, some Industrious and
probably uneasy fellow has again been fig
uring on the dimensions of heaven. Tns
fjijjlj j
1 L
3W "n fc-.-'TOa
Six Chairs.
For this
Dining' Room
Ea!y terms Pay us
$2.00 "sh
and the balance
$8.00 per Wek
This set is actually
worth S35.00. Made
of golden oak and
nicely carved. Each
article is substantially
built and made to
Stove-. liki cut,
wortli 53.75.
Oar price".
85cln(rrain Carpets reduced to. yard 23o
70c UnnseW Carpets reduced tcujrd 48o
113 00 Room-Size Brussels Itu?s ...$9.75
Si 50 Room-Slzo Iupraln Hugs..- $4.50
Iace Curtains, per pair - 98c
Straw Mattinp. yard ... 1 2o
f W -V s ,i- , , i.
JUNE (3,
TirLet Office. CroadiTay ami Chestnut St.
text Is in verse 15, chapter IL and reads as
follows. "And he measured the city with
the reed. 12.0H0 furlongs. Tho length and
the breadth and the height ot It are equaj."
He concludes that this represents a iace
of 467,7!s3,OSS,l0O.OuO,0OO,0Cii) cubic feet. The en
terprising statistician sets aside one-half of
this space for the throne and the court of
heaven, and one-half of the balanci for
streets, vvhich would leave a remainder ot
i:M,13S,-J72.00O.CK.'0,C'O.iXiO cubic feet. He then
proceeds to divide this bv 4,096, the number
of cubli-al feet in a room 16 feet square,
and this procesH gives him )0,32l.S41.750,000,
0X rooms of the size indicated. He then
proceeds upon the hypothesis that the world
now contains, alwajs has contained and will
always contain 990,000,000 inhabitants, and
that a generation lasts for thtrtj -three and
one-third jears, which gives a total num
ber of inhabitants every century of ',297.Cm),
OoO. He assumes that the world will stand
l,no0 centuries, or loO.OOO jears. which give i
a total of 2.9;o,000.000,OW inhabitants for this j
period of time. He then reaches the reas- j
suring conclusion that If 100 worlds of the I
same size and duration, and containing the I
same number of Inhabitants, should redeem
nil the Inhabitants there would be mors
than 100 rooms of the size Indicated for each
Trison Bible Lore.
Tupils of the "school" In the Xew York
State Prison at Sing Sing are an Interesting
lot to even a disinterested spectator, savs the
Xew York Herald. All nationalities are as
sembled in this schoolroom, most of the
faces are brisht and thoughtful, and every
countenance exhibits a profound attention
to the dally lesson and lecture.
Perhaps it is a mark of diligence and en
thusiasm that each and every pupil In
variably insists that ho never neglects an
educational opportunity.
A few days since the school teacher, (an
Inmate) delivered a lecture to his class upon
phjsioloslcal anatomy. He drew the shape
of the heart, the lungs, the liver, upon the
blackboard, and described the functions of
each: and he concluded his lecture with
especially Interesting and instructive infor
mation about the kidneys.
The lecture finished, the teacher. In dwell
ing upon another matter, had occasion to
refer to the Bible.
Said he:
"I wish to say to jou that outside of tho
spiritual benefit to be derived from the
Bible there is so much of value to bo ob
tained from it that every man should be
thoroughly conversant with it. How many
of ou read the Bible?"
With the ever readiness to exhibit thirst
for knowledge, each hand shot an enthusi
astic affirmative quickly Into the air. Even
the teacher was astonished, and perhaps
somewhat Indignant, too, at so many bare
faced lies on such a sacred subject, for he
suddenly pointed to a brlght-ejed Italian
and demanded:
"You read tbe Bible, do jou? Tell me. of
what does the book of Genesis treat?"
With absolutely no show of hesitation tho
answer came, loud and strong:
The kldncjs!"
An Injury to the tongue Is repaired by na
ture with more rapidity than is the ca
with any otber part ot the lystem.
You Will Ee Delighted With Our
4 Roons
$9.00 GASH
Balance on
Easy Payments.
A handsomely scrolled
Iron Bed, assorted
colors, worth $5.50.
Our price,
This Couch, upholstered In vclour,
deeply UlfteHl. assorti-el e-olors,
stronulr built, worth 5o 00.
ve sr Credit.
14 and 15.
f . L. HlLLEiEY. J. C. P. 1., St Louis.
Work in the Sick Room.
Nerves of the sick are very acute, and It
Is positive torture to them to see the door
open silently and a figure cretp In on tip
toe No one would dream of bursting the
door open, or even turning the handle with
a rattle, but there is a medium course to
Walk in quietly, but without any undue
and ostentatious silence. Go straight up to
the bed. and speak in an every day tone,
and. without asking any tiresome questions,
commence "reaking of matters which you
know will interest, but not Irritate, the
patient- Let jour visit be short, and when
you rise to leave the room say your "Good
bv" briefly, and go at once, avoiding any of
that lingering which Is both annoying and
wearjing to the Invalid.
When visiting a sick friend dress with a
certain amount of care and forethought: do
not put on vour dullest and shabbiest
clothe-", and, on the other hand, avoid any
thing that rustles and fldgetH the patient.
Some people like to take flowers Into tho
sick room. It is as well to ascertain before
hand, from some member of the family,
what kind of flower is liked by the patient.
A powerful perfume sometimes causes a
headache, and even nausea.
roliceman: "Go home or I'll run you in."
Benedict: "I guess jou'd better run ma
Ilis Wide Circle.
Reporter: "What shall I say of this man
who has Just died?"
City Editor: "He was a member of the
Tat Man's Club, wasn't he?"
Reporter: "Yes."
City Editor: "Then say he had a wide
circlo of friends."
Dnmnsreit by the Storm.
Stranger: "Did the late storm do much
damage In this section."
Farmer Meadow: "Did It? I should say It
did. It rained so hard that my wife and
six darters, who got caught in It. rushed
into the cros-Roads store an" bought seven
umbrellas an" had 'em charged to me New
York Weekly.
rood tbat Makes Brilliant Newspaper
Nervous prostration cannot continue if
the right, kind of food Is used, but food that
will bulla fat does not always contain the
elements necessary for rebuilding the soft
gray matter in the nerve centers.
A lady tells how she got well from using
Grape-Nuts Breakfast Food. "I was treated
by several physicians at the hospitaL My
d'set&e was pronounced neurasthenia (ner
vous prostration). The doctors gave me va
rious nerve tonics without producing any
bneflcial results. I finally got so weak
hat I could not work either physically or
Abouttwo years ago I began the ttse or i
Grape-Nuts and a marked lmpr"overaent set 1
in at once. In eight weeks I had regained '
my strength and could do my old work
even better than before, that of wrlttac 'or
the press. All honor to Grape-Nuts.- Nam t
lvn by Fostum Co.. Battle Creek. M-. '
Jtrf t J-.? J O-" UwW
, 1 rf- Vje- I(
t,D- li--- V

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