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Cuimfler jpuftemeri
Homer Wnd. who became well known !i
r. this city at a member of the iiriRln ll Cistle
Pquire Opera Companv at Music Hall, wilt
bo seen at the Columbia to-morrow in a
one-act operatic drama entitled 'Grincoire,
the Street Slncer." The bock 's adapted
I from the French b V.'ilHrd Holcomb.
Orlfiinal musical numbers arc contributed
' fcv Julian IMwards, In .1 gtnrr.il waj the
Fiorj of GrinRolre is well known Coquelln
presented the character In Trance, lleer
liohm Tree in HnRland and Nat C Goodwin
I In the I'nlted State" More recentlv Soth
' ern has presented a drama -ettmr; forth a
tale that is In men part'culirb "imilir to
that of GrinKOlre Mr. IJnd'o company In
cludes W. V Itanlus Fenvvick Iach, Ada
Nell and Zelic D-ucnport.
The I.-iop the Loop will be to'jr.il at
Forest Park IIlRhinds to-div, when its
. Knteq are thrown open to inaccurate the
Burden 0T-on. In New York the slang
phrase "Wouldn't that Jai jou''" ha"
i handed into "Wouldn't that loop our'
hj nothlnc ele than the Conev Island n-
- trifusa' Railwnv, which entered the field
' of al frco amusement desired last sum-
A Colonel Hopkins has pcsonallv looked
nftcr his bookings, he is in position to
promise man new acts never seen here
f before He has captured .lames J. Corbett.
. who will make his only appearance in the
West this afternoon and throuEhout the,
week In a monologue. Paulino Moran and
her hand of pickaninnies were encased on
"" that 'adj's return from ahroad a week ao
. Ml'p Moran Ls an imitator of Jos"phine
fnman IIaes and'Healev will do a fun-
nv "circus" act Will-- and Hassan hac an
acrobatic rpecinltv to offer, the Doherty
Sisters are a team of dancers and sinqeis
, nnd Itlckej and Nelson will ghe a comedy
" sketch
V The Messrs. McNeary, owners and man
.Bers of rhtlq's Cive. will begin the ea-
i-on of the cltv's oldest midveir amuse
.ment resort May 31 Departing from their
time-honor-d custom of opera, grand, ro
"'"jinntlc and comic, the offering-- at the Cave
this car aro to be extravaganrns. They
i-. are to be extravaganza as d'stlnguished
2 from burlesques. In that the former Is the
JJ more ornate, the more truly comic and the
more musical foim of entertainment.
C The May Howard Extravaganza Com
pany, an organization which tours the
; country some thirty weeks every winter
i-enon. will come to the Cave for a stay
of fifteen weeks Miss Howard's company
consits of sixteen principals and a chorus
of thlrtv joung women. The management
will supply a large orchestra In which, by
-aj of enhancing the benuty of the daneo
music, the ptrlng and reed instruments are
i . to predominate.
3J Hach evening's programme will Include
- two short pieces and eight specialties, the
crmpiiny haIng all the needed talent There
" will be two or three brief Intermissions.
i The orchestral concerts will continue each
j" evenlnii for some tlmo nftcr the regular
i The Suburban this v ear will try the exper-
- iment of bringing all of Its vnudcville acts
direct from New York City. In this way
it'hopes to secure a succession of noi cities.
2 The programme for the first week Is head-
ed .by Collbrl's Midget", an organization of
J lliputian fnnmakcrs Al Sheehan, Charles
'Warren and company will present their
J" farcical burlesque entitled "Quo Vadls Up
jj fide Down." Cushman. Holcomb and Cur-
tls will be remembered as capable como-
dlans and singers of moro than ordinary
"1 abllit). Rdlnl and Arthur, European eccen
JJ irlques, introduce a unique juggling act.
g The three Brothers Polo, rrench gymnast--.
- close the show. An extra feature during
3 the early weeks of the Suburban will be
J" the Royal Hungarian Gypsy Band, direct
jj from Buda-Pesth, Hungary. The Suburban
will bo managed on the same lines as last
' J ear, with' free outside attractions, such as
2 the band concerts and the electric foun-
JJ tain. There will be two performances daily.
. I ....
u Beginning with the afternoon band con
Si cert to-day Delmar Garden will be formally
"" opened. A scenic railway and a waterway
tailed the old mill wheel start from a large
s Tottinda at the entrance on Delmar avc,nue.
X Both are constructed on different lines from
-. the conenuonai transitory arrangoinents t
i; familiar to warm-weather omiis-racrf scck
"t ers In the old mill wheel ride, w-hlch is
2 about 1,000 feet long, the central idea of
M Feenes is a kaleidoscopic representation of
jj the Idea of the Ioulslum. Purchase i:po-
sltlon. At tho entrance will 1 found a
painting representing I)c Soto's ffc-Bt iew- of
"J the Mississippi. Then a scene, showing a
" ootton plantation with its Coloilal mansbn
and slae cabins Is supposed to represent
- the South. A tunnel MO feet long, a sharp
'cme and another turn brlcgs tho Miltor
to-a scene depicting winter, on the Mlssls-
plppi, in which the Ice-covered rher l- por
- trajed. A premature sugar plantation, the
ft cane fields in the distance and the methols
j! of grinding cane are next. A little farther
; on through this miniature canal will be
j. seen a picture of a band of Indians at a
M camp fire surrounded by Jesuit priests,
. supposed to be the plonecre of Missouri.
" v ho afterwards returned to King Charles
i! with wondrous tales of the West, rinally,
; St. Louis of 19D2, as seen from Eads hridge,
-Is shown, nnd before the end of the jour-
ney an old well with its oaken bucket ls
Z supposed to represent the story of that
m ltle.
j; The scenic railway Is also replete with
r-.-i----.-s ui mis cnaractcr. wnne the mldway
k Is crowded with attractions.
A new arrangement of the auditorium in
j-j the jiaillon at Mannlon Park Is announced
for this summer. The old reserved-scat sec
tion will be dUlded into two parts, that
.-"-"Uprflon nearest the stage being equipped
ith leather-upholstered, folding orchestra
chairs, after the manner of those In a thea-
tet-; and all numbered so that reservations
of seatsaccording to location may be made
In advance for any performance' during the
week. A ticket office will he kept open at
the garden all da, while another will be
. established downtown.
The entertainment for the opening week
- at Mannlon's w hlch begins May 25. Includes
"Post and Clinton in a sketch; Warren and
Gi-een, acrobats; Belle Belmont, dancer;
Flood Brothers, offering a grotesque mu-
is'ral specialty; Elizabeth Murray, a char
acter singer, and the Leon Sisters in a con
versational and singing act.
.' . .
Hashajen's Park at Grand avenue and
Mcramec street will open with the matinee
to-day. The 'programme includes CoUUle
and 'McBrlde, "ketch artl-Js; Sldonla, tho
wire walker; Jones and Williams. Dutch
comedians; Katie Clde, soubrette; the De
Youngs, black-face comedians, and Pro--fessor-
Scanta, high diver. Every Sunday
and occasionally In the week the Mlexels
will make a-balloon ascension. The chutes
J -ftill be In operation again this summer.
considered by MIs Marlowe, because she
thinks It presents such an Interesting side
light on domestic life from the point of the
servants' hail as Shakespeare understood
it. fain. placd the pan as a child, and it
was the 'coiid Fhake-peanan role she ei.r
atteinjited. Therefore, it has a peculiar In
terest for hc-
Tho author Is unique In her literary
an-il.si of these six Shakespe -rean wom
en. In that she has collected a vast amount
of data coi.ctrnlng the stage tradition", so
called, of the characters. She tells how
nth one was plajid In imirent actresses
of the last tiv0 centuries, how the "busi
ness' of the pirts has been hmded down
tiom one -"Mi. ration of actresses to an
other, linw the aitres-es of the old school
InterpreteJ the ivris, and how those of the
modern stae attempt to delme ite them.
She relates lion the effect of hv pnotlsm
ls exercised in the "bloody handkerchief"
scene of "As You Like I'", how she her
self Inaugurated a new conception of the
pirt of Viol i, how she all but failed as
JScitricc, how .she loves Imogen, and thinks
lur the mot adorabl" of Shakespeare
women, how as a child she spoke with
rnuiii spirit the naughty lines of Maria
without knoving what the meant, how
1'cr lirs-i conception of the lole of Juliet
was ovirloii'ud with bric-a-brac, and how
she ulltniatelv simplllicd hi r reading so
tint it beiainc direct and b.r lightforward
instead tf over-relaboratid, as it wa it
first The thiif value of the volume is its
preservation of the triditlops of the "stage
lnislnt sb" attaching to these Shakespearean
In Tall Itiver. Mass. Mi 12. Joseph Jef
ferson. Jr. and William Jeffetson, the son
of Mr Joseph JeffeiMjn. m ide their debut
as stars in "The Rivals' '1 he pirt ot Bob
Acres was acted hv Willi mi Jefferson, and
the role of Sir Luiiui O Trisser bj Joseph
Jeff, rson, Jr
In he-- lev p.M. "li -Madileine."
r.'ar.ehc Yvaish .s said to show greit versa
tilitv. The hcroire is a woman nf mm
dhci.se piss-.-ns. In the earlv scenes MI
Wilsh arts the part with reckltts gajetv,
inl latir sho runs the gamut of all the
'I his wlN I'roprrmiinie.
TS- Hiv.il Itiliin rind lommenies ihc s-ccn4
v, of Its st-n at the (Won to-d.u
lie Uinl non nmnrfr- littv-lm- ram "r-itere
-eems to have crciun -i lltilf less eeitihlr, hlch
is irrtibh nnirs to tho fact that Hi" larccr
1 -ml need- lrs eneomap mont from him thin
t ...-!.. .a I.-.lU'c .nimnn cnlos arc hPnri
1 1111' I1J .1.1111 1 HII 111, .-"l" -- - -- - .
at riT lerforirsnc" Th pmKranme for thlj J
(ven'ng is annourLl as ft How
l 1 V f!ST3, .
x iisv m . &- " 4ZA 'S I a I ' 5,v 7-4-sV
feet Caffltin !ne5. ylj
K VmL frVE '
Ml ' ,K
& M II
I'll' '"' ' 1 J& '41
.. . . fii invl i
rrgi'ynw-- " yy ai ' ' i i i Mil i
Q ygBeSt5;V-. Sfe lfi&$fflllO ' th" f""!""'''1! ,hs - th lnt ef th sea
OIBBWaHRrKS)1 SSSS n II inr UnJ, the nellknonn barjtone tins
with a companv and a bi-: production nf 1 1 BBSSBtSffiftSSSi' " -'"?'- wmMirfiawm . v i
V aner
March rtiltlrro-e Centennial
Overture U elrnianv
Itombadlnu solo i:(n!n s, ir
1; (.urti
Ilirro!. tro-Vct iv
t'relu le tenor air, i.inrtet
.siqnori 1'ilma, AMIa I.iberatore. Curti.
J'arrh-Colmnlms . . . rr-atore
I.iiko . 11-ennel
Harp 8ol . Selected
s.z sVfro
Mop iltofi le- Onntl Selection Tloito
S-". 1 s ij PlRn ri rieMitrls Aiala ard Marino
rice Tob.n tl.e manager, announces the ful
lowfng fe.-itutrs. Barnes's diving elks, t.(.
onel -L-ga'-e. spiral -tower i erformer, and
an Indian band . ,
Alice Nlelson is coming ba"k to her rative
land next season and will return to rer first
love, comic opera Mis-, Nielsen's tour is
to be financed b.v Olson- Parker, who Is re
ported to have become rv we ilthv
through his holdings n the Texas oil flnlds.
Miss Nlelon has Irirl a rither meteoric
starring experience. Mr. Parker, her new
Iwckcr. is c-id to be worth mll'ions and
has given the actes carte blanUie to
spend a shafo ot It in.he,r,v cnt.ur.es When
she left the Kostrfnlans and "started out as
a star her manager was Wililims, the San
Francisco racing magfit!, v,ho spPnt a
small "fortune In providing M.ss Nlc'oaa
with a companv and a bU production of
'The Fortune Tllcr " Although that piece
establl-herl the little singer as a s'tar, it dftl
not earn anv profits for those financlallv In
terested ilf.-s Nielson then' went to Eu
rope. ' ' ' '
Nat Mlls, whos. ttamp specialty has
been a viiudm lilt- feature -for-sevcral sea
.sons, ha been secured bj Managers Brond
hur't arid.Currie and will be a prospective
star season after mxt in a piece that is to
be written to fit his eecentiie stjle of fun-making.
May Ulot'in sails fur Europ". Maj 31 on
the Umbrla She ls under contract to plav
a twelce' Weeks' engagement in Loudon it
the Palace 'Theater, beginning June IS
Miss, lilouln, returns, to -this country next
September, and starts her next American
tour October, 1 in New York.
Julia Marlowe's long-promised book will
shortly appear. It has been known for
some time tint she aspired to write a book,
and she has not been backward in confess
ing to that ambition. The volume which
will bear her name is entitled "Sii (J'rls
A Free Trip to New Mexico
Proposition Includes
Free Trip With
Guarantee to
Tlii. companv owns five- 'l.ilnis. .'iKL'ir.itliiK lintntal nroa one liumiml awl iwentx-olsht acres In
the (upper bottomed Otnms IJ.iusrc. Clilonde litiitt. Socuiro County, New Mexico, which have been
(lev eloped for a ilistanee of -I.OfM) feet bv the sinkiiir of live shafts, and by trenches and cross-cuts.
There are 100 feet ot shafts, :;ix) feet el "trendies fiecn live to fifteen feet in deptli. and .0 feet of cross
cuts from the shafts. '
The vein 180 feet wide, with a pay slrc.il; of Tleh oie rui.j ing through it from four to nine feet
wide. " '
Due sliaft is eanipped with a 'SI horse power K.ifViliue lmUt engine, nnd other machinery for the pros
ecution of the work. ,
Shipments have bten made from the .shaft whert- machinery is loc.Wtd. and after paying all charges
-inrluditi',' hauling to station iwentv live miles, fieljht and smelter eharses-there was a net profit per
carol over I'mir Uundred and r.islity Dolla'rs il;0i'inj. Two other shafls show lare bodies of liieh
Rtade ore, wliieh c.in be made shippcis. as soon as eiiuipped with machinery.
This Company lias options on topper properties,, which have as rich a showing as the properties
owned b.v tho Company
Tin; ovm:us rrurosn making tiicsi: 3iii:s tup: most vau'aiili; in this distiict,
and to dav tlteir holdings have suilieient ore icadvlfor shipment to vvairant very large permanent dlvi
dei ds. ,ii:d are Al'.SULl TKI.Y VHVAZ OP DPI'.T. lint thev piopos,. to and are acquiring additional de
veloped mines and installing impiovtd nricliinery, and for this reason maUe the following KPMAIIK
The first allotment ever offeied to the public or the Capital Stock of the AT.CAZAK COPrPK
COMPANV, full paid and nonas-essaliK par value d Oil. will be ISRPPI) .II'Ni; iiTH at 20 'u'3
per share, actually worth .sl.oo today, subjett to tho follow ing (.oinlitiiin-:
That the subscribeis to this first allotmi-nt ajj-'intitled to name a committee of seven competent
perbons fiom the list of subs( nb-rs, to visit the Ceinp.inj's propertv in New Mexico during the montj
of June and npoit on its value a::d ALL TUP, LNT'PNSPS OP TUP TUIP TO P.i: UOUNP HY TIIK
PItESPNT ()WNi:iS. Any subscriber in t being s.atllcil with this (ommittee's report will have ALL
HIS MONPA" Iti:TTKi:i). The owueis n .serve th' right to limit the allotment, and no allotment will
be made lor les th-in ."nil shares, nor more than .".'JOO shares to anj- One person.
.".no slnies cen be bought for S too oo. value today .."i0u00; ,",000 shates tan be bought for $1,0C0,
value today S5.C0O. .
JO per cent must accompany application's.
If Intprptfpri (C,,t thl" out aart miU t0-'la)
Pnnrl Tfl noil of the ALCAZAR cnprnit COiIl'AN S CP1TAI. STOCK In amounts no less than
uBIlU I 0"USi . tlOOl") nor more thin !!,) to any mne person.
Tiin nr.onix company, .. i?"!. ,
7i I Cnrlclnu T?!dfr . St Lmii. Jlo.: " ' T
Gentlemen 1 hereby make application for ..."shares In the firt allotment
of the Capltil Stock of the ALCAZAR COl'ITR COMPAKT. to be issued June Jth, at 3o
per share, par value $100, full p lid and nomsse-able i
Herewith find $ to I held as nrst p lym'sit. and when I know number of
shares that are allotted to me. I apree to pay for same upon notice from jou.
It is understood and nereed that for every Z) shires allotted I am entitled to cast ono
vote for the selection of the personnel of the Inspection Committee of seven to he elected
by the subscribers and in the event that no allotment is- made to me I am to have the
inclosed amount promptlv rettirned. -
. It will pay jou to mail application to day to
THE' BRODSX COMPANY, sole FiSci mu".
New York office-i56 Fiftn Ave. 705 CarEeton Building, ST. LOUIS, no.
Unce a boxer
now idling hli natural role of monologue artirt lie will appear at Fcrest
Pirk IIlKhl.indi during the present week
rrom Shakespeare " The subject matfr
will ele il itn tilt stv. fcliahi.si,tllie m Km u
roles in which Jlis Mirlowe ha appeared
in the course ot her career A ch lpter each
ii devoted to Rosalind. Violi. Juliet, Imo
Ben. Beatrice and JIarli. The Iattr part,
thouph a er5- minor one, occurring as it
dos In "Twelfth Night,' is, rather fully
I 1 ij ' - ''JiiiMtMWSlSl
&". . iip?m&"t&jKT'uiii- ii$xrmmmii'' wtwiMM i
KS imi&'ssSmamBSBSP
.;: is EsSBgsSSSSamaSBK
V, gHHSwBgjflHJPRl bmWMWwS g3SiMgEgf&jy
&'.?-; '"aBBp1 lAninr .?,.,,
. . - . i
An amusement olio 'Is to be given t
HI belns the matinee of to-day., W. ilau- ''-- ljr "FA.TJST."
or will prcent hU 0-1r.-r.rt epon ' Grinzrlre the
-tr.t Sinscr r-intr and Sinclair, knoun for
m tc rs vaudeville lieadlinrr have a new offer
ing rntitlPd ' Caesar'B Anfifl. The action I
supposed to tike place in a zo oloeical garden
and talL for niaiu unlfiue effects A. O. Dun
can ventiiloqulal comedian. i aIo announcf-d as
a leiturw lite Fix Iltickhird', have a concPlt
in the s'nsirK line entitled On thf Golf Link
MarTlnetti and sutlnrlini are ilown for a dt
entitl,d 'i-herlocK lionize. Jr." that frve id
Introduee the uptsjaltifs of each .limes II Cul
len pa-otlj slnsei anil mjnolosiiWl. Arnnttoiff
and Caedj, in .1 new ml. William Jerome
Mill", character chaises. Mitchell and Lole, talk
ing comedians, and l nort and tt Clair 'ketch
artl"ts complfte the llet. The b'osraili ;1U
Ehoiv a dozen new views.
Next Sundaj night at llavlln's will be the oc
casion of the b'nelit ot Treasurer John 11 ricm
in and AdvertilnK Agent W m J. Counlhan.
.W alreadj anno meed, the entertainment will ue
entire J local, and ulll confer, of vaudcvUlr.
hucK and wins dancing inglni; and dancing anl
Kelche, lioxmg anl wre-titnt, Manager ,ircn.
vi ho has arrongeri t-c programme, hag glen it
varletv. He villi appear In a one-act plaj. The
Manager's Woes."
Tho new musical corned j In which Jerome
j .Sjkis will iir pear rxt seaon will. It Is said.
. a uepanuie in mis cm of entcmlimT.t
1h- Lomiunj will number over 1"0 persons Th"
t 1st of principals will be made up of a large
number of plajers who have made wide rrrmt.-.-
lions as entertalneis In light rnushal prcnluc-
- -"s- wjvti i uj iiit u. iniin ana me
music bj Cus Kerkcr.
John J Mcs,allj. the librettist, and Krnc't
Gros, the scenic artist, paid a vllt Jo Harv irl
Cili'Ee in Cambridge. Mat- . last week lo make
sketches for tho sceond-act tccn of the n.
vehicle In which KUw . ftlanger will resent
the Itogers lliotr.ers next reason' Jhe ltcjers
Urolhcrs In Harvard"
The North side S. If Culture Club will produce
irauptmann's, sjinbollcal plav. "The sjUnkn
Hell." at No. 1S3; iarr stietrt Maj i.
Al r.tcves and his burlesque (company wilt
give the new show at th Mandoxd Urst on
the programme will be 'Count Oh Fudge," a
tnivestj, in which the entire organization will
appear. HcCabc. Sabine and Mile. Vera have
a new comedietta which thy call "Th Irfsh
Contractor and the Tjpewrlter." An olio iv.HI
then be given by Mazus and Mazetle, con-ejj-acrobats,
Al Heevt-s. banjolst. Hdey and l.ee.
who write the parodies thy slug. clliT Gordon,
comedian. LoUse Amber and her'compinj and
the Sramore sisters The bill will conelud- with
the farce, A Mght at Narragansett I'ler."
The &Ipe Educated Ailnial nd Ulllputlan
Fhow will begin a weeks ensagement at Hand
lan'r 1'ark to morrow.. f
The chief feature of "the hip- show is the fact
that all of th ponies and other animals are
under the dl-ectlon of children or midgets. While
It wis original j equipped for the diveslon"of
children. It is said thit the entertainment con
tains enough diverting features for adult-, as
The revemj-two-ponj-pjramld.act. under the
direction of Ml-s Edna Kallj. ls the principal
novelty of the attraction. Miss Bailj Is but
5ears of age. The pvramid is 3) feet high and
IS feet wide. Circles of ponies.- each with flag
and plume, will match round the dizzy whirl
to the strain of the "Star-Ppangled Banner." A
rtreet parad will be made on Mundaj at 11
a. m. Starting from the show grounds at Grand
and I.acede avenues, the line cf march will be
to Fine, to Jefferson, to Chouteau, to Itroadway.
to Olive, to Twelfth, to Franklin, to l!roadwa,
to Washington, to Fifteenth, to Locust, 'to The-
21 iONTHiY nivinFiynTi
o IfslllllliLI UlfEULliUO 1
I BleaLris 24 Annually, i
ero Wsuid You Lsok hr a Batter Investment?
The Continental National OH and Refining Company Gives
an Oil Certificate, Good for One Barrel of Oil,
with Each 10 Cent Share of Stock.
This is done for two reasons : first, that stockholders -vvill receive collateral with their
stock certificates in the shape of oil, worth fully the amount they invest; and, second, a selfish
reason, which is that through the stockholders selling their oil certificates to manufacturers and
other fuel users, their further and continued patronage ma- be obtained and the Company
re.ip much good thereby.
The London Oil and Pipe Line Company of Beaumont will deliver at any time the full
amount of oil that oil certificates are issued for.
Hushes' No, I is Being Baled and is Expected in at any Moment.
Gusher No. 2 Will be Started Immediately After Gusher No. I is
Brought in.
The allotment of treasury stock offered to public subscription at 10 cents a share, including
the free oil certificates for immediate development purposes, is nearly all taken and you will
have to place your orders at once if j'ou want to get in on this very liberal and fair offer.
You may take advantage of the Free Trip to th: Textvs Oil Fields and Return offer if you
will immediately wire or write to have $500.00 worth of stock reserved for you. The money
not to be turned over until after an investigation of our Company, its officers and its holdings.
Deposit the amount in your local bank as an evidence of good faith and wire us for free
The first 2 monthly dividend is pa.ys.blc June 15th to stockholders of record June 1st.
You cannot afford to overlook an opportunity like this. The brightest and most conserva
tive business men of America and England are investing in Beaumont oil stocks.
The opportunity is offered you to-day in one of the best Companies in the field, without
a particle of risk on your part, and if you let it pass j-ou will surely regret it.
The least amount of stock sold is SO shares, SS.00 worth, and this entitles you to a free
oil certificate good for SO bancls of oil.
Make remittance, or wire or write for further particulars, prospectus or stock to
Continental National Oil and Refining Company,
T. D3. XioMOIN, Secretary,
Levy Building, GALVESTON, TEX.
A Tho worth of Quicksilver is 70 cents a pound-cost of treating
Is S2.50 a ton. Assays of our ore show 572 pounds of Qulck-
5i19f6i al,vor to tP ton- F'Sur tms out and send your orders to
Par Value $1.00 GEO. 0. ROGERS, 311-314 Continental Bank Building, ST. LOUIS, MO. Par Valut $1.00
H Share.
rera. to Washington, and st on Wahlngton to
Grand avenue, and thence back to the show
ground?. The Freh Air Ml'ston will h the nn'flclary
of two perfomvanee'! of the new political melo
draiM. "John Carver." to he jwyented for the
firtt lime on anj rtage at in Oljmplc Theater
bj Guy Un.lslfy. hi pupil' and a number ot
professional entertainers. May 23 anj Ha 29.
Mr. Llndslf has had the I lay In hind for
several weeks. Rehearsals have taken place al
most nlRhtl at the Oljmplc. The author of.
John Carver." Mr. Uenr William Charlej
Block, ls a fct. Loulsan.
The Church of the Immaculate Conception villi
benefit bj a performance to lie irlien at lhriirs
nive May y. The American Minstrels, under
the direction of Dan S. llshell. will give a min
strel and vaudeville crterlalnment. The flrst
part. Introducing aclioiu: of fifteen ta,'H wU
be a Hhakespcarean Interlude. All the performers
are to appar H costume of the tin-e of the Bard
of Avon. Among the ballads to be clven are:
"The Treasures or tn, j,t jonn s,v. Merer;
"You Tell Me lour Dream." Harry Ie nor;
"WS-n the Jtoses Iiioom Again." W. U. West,
and "Dearest Kate." fred nose.
Graduates of Christian Brothers'
College to Meet.
The second annual banquet of th Alum
ni Asoclatlon of Christian Urothei- Col
lege will take place at the Mercantile Club
next Thursday evenlns.
The prcsramme will constat of en address
the association. Alex--
Joseph P. Hartnett-
annual address. Judge
1 answer to the toasjt,"
nnd the- Tlevevenrl .T. Pr-
"Oar Alma MateCC X
by the president of
ander X. DcMenll.
will deliver the
Daniel Dillon will
'ew St. Louis.'
Foley will spealc upon
Profes-wr Frank Geeks ls the musical
uirecior or tne association. James mor
dan, John A. Rohan. John J. Carney, Jos.
H. Rohan and Rudolph Olsen will supply
the music.
The Executive Committee of the asso
ciation, under whose management the ban1
qnet will be riven, is as follows:
Jo'enh P. Hartnett. chairman: Profe-sor
Paul P. Peltier. John F. Magner. the Rev
erend Owen I. Mr-Donald. William G.
FrveGeorK A. Mellon. Prank E. Rohan.
Henry A. Rredeck and Professor Fraud
-. A-?fei-:,-
: jZ-2iTl'-i-,'-.
jult&C TS.
t--'i: J,a-JjvfeWtVXi'-? f-fffiCJtS'l '
!,-(...- 4- --
,- " a V-SsjS' VkV.,
r-v O ' ? , ;
.,.. ...j-&tM--sj I

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