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Z-ki '
Great May Sale
Bargains In
And a closing out of many broken lines gar
ments that are slightly soiled from being dis
played during our recent great sales-
COTSCt 50 dozen Corbet Covers, lace trimmed.
Covers May Sale Price. 25 cents
35 doreu Corset Covers, of cambric, new French style, trimmed
with hem-titchc'l ruffles
May Sale Price, 30 cents
7C dozen Corset Covers, of lawn, French style, trimmed in torchon
lace, ti rows of hemstitching down the front
May Sale Price, 33 cents
100 tWen cambric Corret Covers, trimmed in Valenciennes lace and
insertion, i:rcnch style
May Sale Price, 50 cents
fllUSiin 123 dozen trimmed with lace and tucks.
Drawers. May Sale Price 25 cents
i 75 dozen Cambric Drawers, lawn ruffle,
and hemstitched tucks.
May Sale Price 50 cents
Mas! in
Gown a
230 dozen Muslin Gowns surplus neck yoke, trim
med with hemstitched tuck.
15 dozen "Slip Over" Gowns with short sleeves, of long cloth
trimmed with hemstitched yoke.
May Sale Price, $1.00
23 dozen "Slip Over" Gowns of long cloth, beautifully made,
trimmed with Valenciennes lace and baby ribbon.
May Sale Price, $1.25
ALL About ninety dozen in all, soiled and
KINDS mussed garments of muslin and cam
bric, some beautiful goods in the lot, all go
cheap Monday.
Corset Covers (soiled) were 50 and 65 cents each,
May Sale Price, 40 cents
Drawers Cambric and muslin Drawers, embroidered and lace
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May Sale Price, 75 cents
Gowns Soiled Nainsook and Cambric Gnwns all well made, of
fine material were 1.50 and 31.65 each,
Mar Sale Price, $1.15
(On Second Floor.)
Kid Gloves
Worth up to $1.85 a pair.
v Trefoil v.e Gio vc and other
m 1 4T C celebrated makes. Ftcr
& a J , hooks and 2 and 3 clasns
- - ,or In all sires and of splendid
color assortment. A SPECIAL FEAT
URE Is a choice lot of White Gloves with
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of the "Laay of Paris."
Fabric Gloves
Tniloc' .nd MtetAt' T ,-fm.
C Tjue. T.lslo and fino Suede.
'f, leather llnlsli. Preach I.islo
gray, slate and black ana white.
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Housekeeping Linens
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185 dozen Napkins, dinner size, silver bleached, all linen, soft spun, as
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Cnnirtff TnWftc hemmed and hemstitched, buck nnd damask tow
J'""r"c tun.a e,Si aU kmdgi assorted and put up In dozen ,ots
and about half their real value
Six for 50 cents Six for 60 cents
Six for 75 cents Six for $1.05 and up
Zntin riftmnck all-linen bleached Table Linen 72 Inches wide, heavy
jaLiuisauician qualltyf Ul four new choice designs; damask that
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May Sale Price, 79 cents
Bitter Fight Believed to Be Impending Between Richard Croker and
His Former Deputy, John F. Carroll John C. Sheehan Says
the Wigwam Has Been Defeated and Predicts That
the Political Machine Will Go to Pieces.
tpunuc srEciAL.
New Tork; May 17. The political Mont
Pelee which burst forth in the Tammany
.Wigwam on Wednesday evening, when
Lewis Nixon, the leader, threw up the lead
ership and abdicated, bag and baggage,
must not be regarded as fatal to the cause
of tho local Democracy. It la true It will
cause tome unrest outside of the city to
have a facUonal strife, but the best Judges
ore hopeful that the upheaval In Tammany
will provo the salvation of the party.
.I,... 1......1 Tnn. nAHM I a .Mn!.4ttnn lifin
,0 IUUM IrtlUUUUlH, Ulba....v.. . .
long needed purification, and If the present J
outburst rids it of Its Carrolls, Van Wycks
et al., those who have the good of the party
os a whole at heart will have cause to be
grateful to Lewis Nixon for his action.
Nobody doubts the sincerity of Nixon, and
while he Is criticised In some quarters for
acting hastily and' precipitating the present
trouble, he Is commended for asserting his
ldependence ns a leader. He no doubt be
lieved that the kitchen cabinet was work-
Zing against him and seeking the aid ot
Richard Croker In England to defeat the
plans he was working on. That Mr. "Nixon
was deceived Is now made clear by the
statement cabled by the Associated Press;
from London, In which tho former Tam-vJ
many boss, while acknowledging having re-
Railway, Mill and Factory.
At-408 NorttvFourth Street.
SKrfi'?',--.. W"-e f ifcfl J- kSfftl
trimmed in torchon lacs
May Sale Price 50 cents
May Sale
J. B. Straight Front Corsets medium,
low bust and long hip (for stout women),
sizes 23 to 30 Inches white, drab and
black were K.00.
May Sale, $1.00
P. D. Corsets, made of summer net, long
waist (broken sizes), regular price. $3 00.
May Sale, $1.25
P. D. Corsets, mado of Sateen, medium
length Corsets, in white and black; reg
ular price, C75.
May Sale, $2.00
(On Second Floor.)
coived cablegrams from Peter Meyer, his
partner, concerning the election of a grand
sachem In Tammany, made It plain that ho
gave no advice, but urged his friends in the
organization to stick by the leader, Nixon.
It Is gradually dawning upon Tammany
Democrats that Mr. Nixon's action was the
result ot a misunderstanding, aided by the
Intrigues of John F. Carroll, who aspires to
leadership, notwithstanding his recent pro
nunclamenta that there should be no leader;
that the organization should be conducted
by the leaders of the districts.
The split in Tammany will not affect the
coming congressional elections to any ex
tent. The Greater New York Democracy, or
Sheehan faction, is already pledged to sup
port not only the Democratic congressional
candidates, but the candidates on the State
Opposition to John F. Carroll's plan for
ruling Tammany Hall through Its Executive
Committee Is developing fast, and leaders
who have been mute since Lewis Nixon's
dramatic retirement yesterday, for the first
time found tongues with which to decry
the schemes and voice their Implacable hos
tility to Its author.
While the anti-Carroll forces modestly
asserted that they could muster twenty-six
f the thirty-seven msinct jeaaers in any
nnlct that might arise, all admitted that
fdr the present Mr. Carroll must be recog
nised as the director of the organization's
affAlrs. They hold him responsible for the
chaos that prevails, and are not averse to
permitting him to continue under that
shadW until the hour for vengeance ar
the leaders ot both fac
tions igreed, at that Is that the present
I v, ?& "jT.y r-. &f l"--'
Muslin In Basement
2 cases of fine, soft bleached Muslin
(a yard wide) that sold at 7 cents a
May Sale Price, 5 cents
May Sale Bargains
In Summer Weight
Dress Goods and
French Challies 125 pieces of strictly
all-wool French Challies in light and
dark colors all good styles worth
60c a yard
May Sale, 25 cents
Basket Cloth 44-inchcs wide, all pure
wool, tans, browns, blues and gray.
This Cloth is very desirab'.e for sep
arate skirts -worth 05c a yard
ill fly Sale, 33 cents
44 and 46 inch Mohair Krilliantine, in
plain and striped worth 85c and
81.00 a yard
May Sale, 50 cents
44-in. all-wool black Cheviots 44-inch
Granite Solid 44-inch htcrm Serge
44-inch Mohair Brilliantine worth
to 75c and SCc a yard
May Sale, 50 cents
54-inch black Cheviot, shrunk and
sponged worth S5c a vard
May Sale, 65 cents
Mala Floofi
In Upholstery
For the Windows
Lace Curtains
Nottingham Lace Curtains. CO inches wide
and A yards long, were J2.50 a pair.
May Sale; $1.25
Nottingham Lace Curtains, extra fine
quality, double thread net in Renaissance
effect. 60 Inches wide, 3H yards long,
were $3 00 a pair.
May Sale, $3.00
Genuine Renaissance Lace Curtains, made
on heavy cable net nith lace edge nnd
insertion, were $3.00 a pair.
May Sale, $3.85
Savoy Lace Curtain In Renaissance ef
fect, made on fine liohblnet and trimmed
with good quality lace edge and Inser
tion, were MSa pair.
May Sale, $2.00
Bonne Fern me Lace Curtains
are the latest achievement of the deco
rators' skill. They are made of the best
French bobbinet, nith rows of lace
through center and festooned at top and
bottom with deep flounce Joined with
wide lace. They arc ucd to hang
straight as shades or sash curtnins; also
for inside curtains to floor; were $3 30
to $3 DO each.
May Sale, $1.75
(On Third Floor.)
Delightful Toilet Articles.
Special display this week, in
cluding Honeysuckle,
Cut Roses and
Vraie Violet
Perfumery at
50c Per Oz.
B. MErtT & BftO. DRY
Eituatlon cannot fail to redound to tho
benefit of the. Greater New York Democ
racy. One leader, who has close relations
with Mr. Carix-11, said yesterday that at
least 25,000 Tammany men would desert to
the rival organization as a result of the re
tirement under fire of Mr. Nixon.
This admission, if It be predicated upon
the true state of affairs, is Important, as
during this month and next there Is a
supplemental enrollment. In which any
Democrat Is at liberty to affiliate with his
own or a rival faction. Since Mr. Nixon's
resignation orders have been sent to all the
Greater New York Democracy leaders to
renew their efforts with Increased energy
to strengthen their rolls.
That John C. Sheehan, the leader of Tam
many's sturdy rival, regards the change In
the wigwam as a favorable omen for his
own organization, is shown by this state
ment, which he made In PJttsburg yester
day: The resignation of Lewis Nixon simply
means that Tammany Is defeated. The
leaders realize this, and, as far as I can
see, their political machine will go to pieces.
The end is near. Another fight will settle
It. It Is Impossible to state who will con
trol New York city politics at this time,
but It will not be a Tammany man."
Among the best informed men In the
organization it Is admitted that lines In
the Impending struggle will be drawn be
tween Mr. Croker and his friends on the
one side and Mr. Carroll on the other. Old
companions of the absent chieftain say
that the break between the former leader
and bis deputy occurred last fall. Just after
the election, and that It was not based
upon the defeat of the city and country
tlcketr, but upon an extraneous matter not
entirely disassociated from the scandals
that have arisen over the protection of
gambling houses and poolrooms.
No charge was made that Mr. Carroll had
any connection with the system, but Mr.
Croker was deeply incensed because, as he
said, his deputy had induced him to believe
that Deputy Commissioner Devery wos not
responsible, and had led him to regard
"The Chief" as a valuable member of tho
After this rupture, Mr. Croker's friends
assert. Mr. Carroll covertly began the at
tack which, they say, he Is now ready to
continue In the open.
Ono proof of the existence of the belief
that the fight is to be conducted on these
lines, was furnished yesterday when Law
rence Delmour. Mr. Crocker's oldest friend,
declared that he would contest with Mr.
Carroll for the leadership ot the Twenty,
ninth District. A short time ago Mr. Del
mour's withdrawal was announced, as a re
sult of Mr. Nixon's endeavors to restore
Mr. Carroll was silent, but not Idle yes
terday, and his friends said that he was
preparing for a coup at the meeting of the
sachems of the Tammany Society next
Monday night. What his plans are none
would divulge, but It is believed that be
will withdraw in favor of former Mayor
Van Wycke as a candidate for the grand
Should he not do so. It was asserted, the
former Mayor will lose at least three votes
which ha .received last week those of
Patrick Keenan. John J. BcanneU and John
Cambric In Basement
3 cases extra fine soft bleached Cam
bric, long cloth finish, a yard wide
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May Sale Price 7V2 cents
White Goods
For shirtwaists, separate skirts, bridal and graduat
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Piques, English Oxfords, 47-inch Persian Lawn and Wnrp
Welt Piques, that were 40c a yard
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fabric for shirtwaists
May Sale Price 50c yard
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ported to sell for $1.03 a yard six styles
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Ftrthe Floor.
Importations. IV&ttinS
From China and Japan,
A magnificent assortment excellent qual
ities to yards In a roll, worth $4 75 per
May Sale, $3.25
trUUlll "S (size 6! feet). wcreMW.
May Sale, $4.85
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May Sale, $7.50
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Ingrain Rugs are cool "for summer
very desirable over matting; also for
protecting tine carpets.
All Pure Wool Art Squares (size 6x9 feet),
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All Fure "Wool Art Squares (size 9x12 feet),
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May Sale, $6.00
AxtnlnsterRugS, (szc 6x9 feet.) Ex
tra heavy quality Axminstcr Rugs in
handsome new design, were $20 00 each.
May Sale, $15.35
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Art Needlework
Special Prices
Me Hand-Made Renaissance
35c and 50e Tapentry and Tinted
Bora I'illow lop"
25c Fancy Swiss Dresser Sets, Scarf
and three Mats, ruffled
KOc New Tinted Sofa Pillow Covers.
printed, tinted and stamped
Top, T?...1.1.0!:
T5cpi "n cu-ntoS?..!?
GSOOS 00., Broadway,
Tox, close friends of Mr. Crnker, and none
of them Intimately associated with Mr.
Hobert IJ. Roosevelt, former president of
the Democratic Club, and uncle of the
President of the 1'nlted States will be the
opposition candidate, if Mr. Van Wycke re
mains In the field. Mr. Carroll may accept
Mr. Roosevelt ns a compromise cand'date,
it was said.
In any event, the election of grand
sachem will not be regarded as a test of
strength, though the defection of Messrs.
Fox, Scandal! and Keenan from Mr. Van
Wycke would tend to confirm the belief that
Mr. Carroll is fighting Mr. Croker and his
Frank C. Reilly of Cincinnati,
istered nt the St. Nicholas.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bell of
Ark., are at the Llndell.
John II. Green of Springfield,
yesterday at the Planters.
John Ingalls of Chicago, III.,
O., is reg-
New port,
111., spent
arrived at
the Southern yesterday.
General J. C. Jamison of Guthrie, Ok.,
former Adjutant General of Missouri, Is at
the Laclede.
A. G. Hlldreth of KlrksvlIIc, Mo., has
rooms at the St. Nicholas.
O. G. Meyer of Centralla, 111., Is stop
ping atthc Llndell.
M. A. Low of Topeka, Kas., counsel for
the Rock Island Railroad, was among yes
terday's arrivals at the Planters.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Johnson of New Or
leans. La., are at the Southern.
William C. Jones of Sedalla, Mo., spent
yesterday nt the Laclede.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Well of Chicago,
III., are at the St. Nicholas.
3. M. C. Fahey of Milwaukee, Wis., Is
stopping at the Llndell.
L. F. Llmbert of Dayton, O., has rooms
at the Planters.
J. H. HUI of Galveston, Tex., arrived at
the Southern yesterday.
W. H. Havden of Detroit, Mich., is a
guest at the Laclede.
J. C. Babb of Columbia, Mo Is regis
tered at the St. Nicholas.
Timothy Cramby of Denver, Colo., is
stopping at the Llndell.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Barnes of Colorado
Springs, Colo., are at the Planters.
J. W. Muphred of Oakland, Cal., has
rooms at the Southern.
J. C. Ripley of Kansas City, Mo., spent
yesterday at the Laclede.
William Baxter of New York was
among yesterday's arrivals at the St. Nich
olas. Mrs. H. Martin of Bowling Green, Mo.,
Is registered at the Planters.
George F. Glone of Sidney, O., was at
the Southern yesterday.
Thomas A. Long of Denver, Colo., Is a
guest at the Laclede.
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Washington Ave. and St. Charles.
Block of Buildings Burned in Ef
fort to Apprehend Desper
ate Negroes.
Four Policemen Among the Vic
timsSheriff Has Hard Work
Controlling Crowds After
the Fight Is Over.
Atlanta, Ga., May 17. Four white men
and three negroes dead, five white men and
one negro wounded, and an entire block
of buildings burned. Is the result of a con
flict which began here early to-day between
the police and blacks.
Will Richardson, who Is believed to have
been half Indian and half negro, the owner
of a store on McDanlel street. In the suburb
of Pittsburg, and four other negroos,
brought on the trouble by resisting arrest
and defying" the officers of Fulton County
and Atlanta. The dead:
ED BATTLE, a Bailiff of Fulton County.
H. O. OZnURN. a. potletman of Fulton County.
THOMAS GRANT, a city policeman.
EDWARD CRaBTREE. a city policeman.
WILL RICHARDSON, tho negro desperado,
who killed theee men.
MILTON 09BV. a negro who attempted to es
cape from a sewer.
UNIDENTIFIED NEGRO, killed in nearby
The wounded are: S. A. Kerlln: W. A. Wright,
a county policeman: W. T. Jackson, a street car
man; Otren Heard, a county poIlc?man; Coll Of
ficer Spreadltn and a negro hackman.
The fight between the officers and the ne
groes occurred In Pittsburg, a negro set
tlement directly south of the city limits, on
McDaniel street
The officers attempted to arrest five, ne
groes suspected of having beaten former
Policeman S. A. Kerlln nearly to death yes
terday afternoon. The negroes resisted ar
rest by entrenching themselves In a house.
Waron loads of collcemen. heavilv armed.
were hurried to the scene of action, and
Governor Candler ordered out a detach
ment of the State militia.
The shooting was followed by a speech
from Sheriff Nelms of Fulton County, ad
vising calmness on the part of the crowd,
and tha efforts nf the officers thereafter-
were directed toward controUina- tho temper
vj" iihEr'---i't'w "--. o- ar-atfggs r, -g--
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Sizes 32 34 36 33 inches
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XOTICK To Onr Patrons Since April
Open Saturday only until 10 p. in.
of the white men. who were walking the
streets of the suburb with drawn weapons.
Few Visiting Democrats in Citv
Congressman Dorsey W. Shackleford of
the Eighth District spent yesterday In the
city on his way to Washington, from a
trip through his bailiwick. "I have been
out In the counties while there was little
doing In Congress," he said, "and have had
a good time. Politics Is quiet in our part
of the country." J. W. Marsteller of Jef
ferson City, an Intimate friend of Judge
Shackleford. accompanied him from the
State capital. ....
It Is said that Governor Dockery will be
In the city next Tuesday, nnd will attend a
meeting of the Business Men's League, at
which time some recommendations In In
surance Commissioner Wagner will be con-
t sldered.
I Captain Jesse Joplln ot Eureka, candidate
for Railroad Commissioner, was at the La
! clede yesterday. He is making; a "still
bunt" for delegates to the State Conven-
vL -. - t;-Am.V- - w;-'a'i i.'yr.-My
No. 4 bolts jj
?nr - Vioc n.nn I
with two straps $5.50
iron tipped heavy slats, iron bound,,
$2.95 to $4.50eachy
Cases, leather lined
:ner uneu
$4.95 ea
Ladies' Fast Black Lace Lisle Hose jrere
25c a. pair
May Sale, 17c
Boys' Fast Black Seamless nose good,
strong stocking, worth 17c a palp
May Sale 12&c
Ladies' Fancy Hose Two small lots
black or navy grounds, with extracted
figures were 35c a pair
May Sale, 17c
Men's fine quality Lace Lisle Hose, fast
black were 25c a pair
May Sale, 15c
Men's Fancy Lisle Thread Hose, black
or blue grounds, were 35c a pair
May Sale, 17c
200 dozen Children's Medium Weight
Ribbed Hose, spliced heels and knees
were 23c a pair
May Sale, 15c
(On Main Floor,)
Sweet Grated Cocoanut,
per pound
Marshmallow Ginger -Cakes,
per pound
Ehreded Wheat Biscuits,
per package
Coleman's Genuine English SI us- I A
tard, -lb. can C
B. & R. Potted Turkey (for making
sandwiches), finest quality, lAf
per can ItC
Empson's Condensed Chicken Soup (and
11 other kinds, ready to serve, enough
for six portions),
3 cans for
Best for Iced tea Formosa AAfk
Oolong Tea, per pound "tUG
California !Nam Pcr
Claret fflllOi gallon,
Old Bob Pepper, our best 4-year-old
Bourbon Whisky, All
per gallon iffciUU
for the first time nt onr handsome
21, 1002, we close at 0:30 p.
If your eyes trouble you. or you have
headaches, don't risk permanent injury by.
straining them.
The Leading Opticians, ,
of 317 N. 7th Street,
(between Olive and Locust)
will examine your eyes free of charge, and
adjust glasses properly.
The only bouse in the city dotna- an tx'A
elusive optical business, and their owr
IWanw , .JJd&Zznr-fe.

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