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I Added Attractions,
Novel and Winsome
Summer Essentials.
: X Jl3Wa
i y .... r&zaez-, mm mi mim m Mm
Attorney General Knox Keceivintr
Detailed Kcports From District
Attornpis All 0cr Couutrv.
May I'm- roil for Prosecutions ln
lor Sherman AiiJi-Trus, Law
Should That Course lie-
rome Xccessarv.
nr.ri fii.io araixiM.
Washington. May 17. Prom the Rocky
Mountain dllde lo the Atlantic Co.ist and
from tlif Canadian border to the Gulf .'
Mexico I'nitcd States District Attorm ys
are engig.d in collecting evidence against
hc Reef Trust. The news that Is comms
In fmm Morton. Topeka anil oilier 'cit
tered points of activlt on the part of tn
Federal DKtrlct Atto'ncxs ennstitufs nV
n part of the tor They arc all nfter
the Reef Trust and lime been after it cc
since lat Uaturdny. when. Imiiltnoul
v'ih the filing of the bill of complaint
ncilnst the Siift-.r:nour oilopiii.. Attoniev
General Knox issued a central order .id-drer-v
to the District Attornejs of t-e
The general order has not been made
public but it was hinted at in a rta la
ment made at the Di pjrtinent of Juitue
on that day to this effect:
'Owinir to the noitiirout commmncilion
from all oer the cuumry olunteHrm,; ,1
lence of the illegal pr.ietms, of the tru-t
and beeans,e of tb. limited force if th.
department in Wellington anj In Chtcieo
llie Dlctilct Attorneys throughout the coun
trj hae i-een directed to examine into th
testlmonj offered and to toward It to tne
department "
Purpose of the Order.
Kilt the older that the Attorney Oenr.U
Pent out meant more than this, it Is under
stood. It asked that the District Attornej s
begin an investigation into all violations of
The l.i u In tl.eir labilities by the U ef
Trust and IN local connection-: This step
Is for the double purpose of getting addi
tional nldence against the trut for uu
should it become necesburv In the procecd
ItiKs at Chicago when the Government's
application comes up and of pieparing lor
Indictments and proset utiorb under the
penal clause of the Shcrmin anti-trust law
should it be decided b the admlnlstrati .n
tint fucIi extreme Heps shall be taken
Tor ne-irlv a week the 1'nltcd d itc-j
Attorneis for at least tnentj illstrli ts
have been at work carrying out the orders
from Washington, nd no trust In the coun
try ever had such an overhauling rfs the
Beef Tru-t Is having now. Reports are
coming tn the df partmtnt in great numbers
and volume
Administration In In Kaniot.
Attorney General Knox haB been giving
these reports his personal attention, and
hs has been in almost continuous consulta
tion Willi Solicitor General Richards ard
former Judge W. A Day. the special A.
elstant Attornej General, who has from
the outset of the proceeding, btcn depend? 1
on by the Attornej' General for the hardest
work In collecting evidence.
Whatever ictlon Is being taken In the
various District Attornevs In the Grand
Jury rooms Is In obedience to instructinns
direct from the Department of Justice The
nlres are busy all day lor.fr.
The administration is very much in ear
nest In these prosecutions and Is determined
that the Beef Trust shall bo out of busbies
or to the wall.
Solicitor General Richards and fornur
Judge Day will leave Washington for Chi
cago on Sunda to p irtlclpate In the a"j:u
ments on the bill of complaint asking- for
an lntunctlon, which has been IKed for
May 20.
mi w& w ffMl
Enticing Bargains
That You'll Find
Impossible to Pass.
Sale of Summer Gloves. New 1. Arriva1-
Fownes' Silk and Lisle Gloves.
Wc have just received the entire sample line of Fowies'
Fabric Gloves, Silk Gloves, Lisle Gloves, Taffeta
Gloves, Lace Effects; all sizes and all colors: qualities
worth up to Sl.oO per pair Pft
the entire line at one price C
Paris, JIny IT (t'opyright, 19.il) ll:c
polo season opened at Bagatelle on Monday,
but, owing to the bad weather, few num
bers and litors were present to witness
the Prix tl'Ouvcrturc.
Among those present, however, were the
Comte and Comtesse 3Iontp)merv. -the
Comte and Comtesse de Sleray, Baron and
Baronne do Waldner, Baron and 'Mile l.
Jeune. Mr nnd Mrs. I-oewe. Mme. Archlllu
Fould nnd Mme. Bache and the Comta de
Mrs. Ogden Goelct entertained the Grcnd
Duke Michael and Countess Torby at the
Kits last Sunday. Other guests were Miss
May Coelct and Mr. W. K. Vanderbllt
Among other diners, were Mrs Antor
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J, Crexel and Mrs.
Arthur Paget, who Is looking nilte recov
ered from her long Illness.
General and Mrs. Draper arrived at the
Rltz from Geia, and Mr. J. Pierpont
Morgan and Miss Morgan, at the Bristol
from Aix-les-Bnlns.
The Xahma, with Mis. Bobert Goelet. has
lert Venice for Flume, and thence is home
xvard bound.
The Margarita, with Mr. Alexander and
party, is at Malta.
Paris. May 17. (Copyright, lM2.)-Over
twele hundred entries havo been receded
for tho dog show In the Tullerie-J Gardens,
which promises to beat nil previous rec
ords. AH classes will be well represented,
"I? Jns USUil- the drafts on hunting packs
will be one of the principal features. Thir
teen lots are catalogued. Including a splen
did SOlCCtlOn Of thp nnehraa VT"-.a,, hn,....l
The classes, which will probabli attract
most attention, nnd In which there are a
goodly number of exhibit?, are collies, bull
dogs, setters and spaniels.
No British dogs aro shown on account of
tho long quarantine exacted on their re
turn to Hngland. The quarantine Is Justi
fied, for rabies, now extinct In England. Is
on the Increase In Franco, over 3,000 caes
lor the ar hlng reported.
Scientists of the Tnculty of Medicine have
taken up the mntter for their serious in
vestigation, and precautions similar to
those obtaining In England, will be adopted
Millinery Dept.
Kl eloguit laie lints, just received
from Xi?w York, ciuliotlyiiiR till the late
ideas lu liiph-fla-s inilliuery-. Lace
hats are the conect thiiiR In Paris to
d.iy These hats will In shown to-morrow
for the lirst time. Let us linw them
to im eailj.
We hae purchased a bis sample line
of Shirt AVai-t Hats, xu"li worth fiom
:'.." to ?(".."( each. Wo av III sell them
all at one in ice. Monday. -'-.US eai-h.
A complete line of childrenN hats in
both Milans and ronli braids open
Monday. Trices ningini; from 75e to
S."00 eaih.
We carry lj- far the largest assort
ment of Shirt Waist Hats in St. Ixmis.
Xew ideas aiTivinj; every day. Do not
fail to j.ee our line before buying.
Black Goods.
Value leaders for the week. 42-Inch
Black. All-Wool Etamlne. would be reas
onable at 51 per yard; our price 73o per
44-inch Black Mohair Brllllantine and
Sicilian, high luster, reliable quality;
at 75c per 3 ard
Grenadine Dress Pattern, at K. $7, SS
and 510 each
Wash Fabrics in black and white, solid
black and gres are shown In greatest
larlety. from calico to the finest organdies
and mercerized etamlnes.
(Black Goods Dept. Locust Street Corner.)
S. VTte. 's-ftt,vf..
CuriairA and Vpholsfery Bept. 'Aoor.)
Special offcriiifrs this week in Lace Curtains,
Portieres English nnd French Cretonnes bv the
rani, Swi-scs and Xets. for sash curtains and
15eil Sets.
Lace Curtains.
Iri.It Point Lace Curtains, 3 yards long, in
Iloniton effects, at S4.50 per pair7
Real Itattenbcrg Lace Curtains, 3 yards long,
with insertion and edge, worth 10 per pair, at
57.50 pet pair.
Cluny Lace Curtains, exceptionally good values
at $5.5J to S30 per pair.
Kcal Brussels Lace Curtains, worth $7 per pair,
at S5.35 per pair.
Arabian Lace Curtains, worth $7.50 per pair,
at $5.50 grades and qualities ranging to $100.
and brown, with band and cord
Some of the prettiest we've ever seen and we're
anxious to have jou express your approval of them.
This season there's an added touch of daintiness
that is ver- fetching-, while the prices have been
placed remarkably low.
A CI SO-Women's Corded White Madras Shirt Waists. "Gib
Mi pi.JU son" style, buttoned at side, groupsof small buttons
cicellcnt value,
i CI Ifl-Women's fine white India I.lnen Shirt Waist allorer
t x..Jl front of embroidery, line tucked back, "elbow"
sleeve, finished with hemstitched rudlc stock and hemstitched tie.
At V CO Women's fine white "Satin Damask." In the latest
ill iJW'JU patterns. "Gibson" style, French back, buttoned at
side with small pearl buttons.
Infants' Wear.
q nil Infants' Colored Gingham Press, yoko of hemstitched
,pi.Ul tucksand briar stitching colors, pink, blue, rose and navy
Infants' white Pique Reefer, box effect, scalloped cape
ages 1, 2 and 3 jears.
CI 1C Tnfants'
pl'J waist of fine tucks
ages, 1, .'and . I years.
Colored Dres, solid-color Chambray
Gingham. "Princess" stvle.
finished with small penrl buttons, full-pleated skirt, fin
ished with belt, colors blue, pink and rose, ages 1, 2, o years.
Boys' and Young Men s Summer Clothing
$8.50 for Young Men s 0 utingSuifs.
Tortiercs m solid colors rose, green, red, tan
S5.75 per pair.
trimming, at
A Liberal
Barr's patrons can secure,
free of charge, this week, La
dies' Admission Tickets to
matinee performances of Sub
urban Gardens.
"U eMI!...K -
Sfnc;mi nnnnc Snnrlnv ATnv "vSV&.sa? Summer Articles to Be Found on Our 3rd Floor.
--,. , , T. . ." Cedar Chests and Skirt Boxes, Porch Shades and Awnings, Japanese Lanterns,
-SOUL Apply to Division OU- Japanrsc Incense, Porch Cushions. Lawn Benches, Bamboo Stools. India Stools,
Oerintondont nf Rirr'; Shirt Waist Boxes, odd pieces of furniture for the summer house, etc.
100 pair Tapestry Portieres, thoroucb.lv rever
sible and fringed top and bottom, vrorth $5 to
.rl per pair choice Monday 83.75.
K0 Rope Portieres for double doors, in reds
and blues, greens and rose, worth 53.50 each.
Monday $1.95.
Furniture Coverings.
We show the largest and most complete stock
of Furniture Coverings in the city.
Furniture reupholstercd estimates submitted.
Young Hen's Outing Suits, 2S to
SS chest measure; all wool fan
cy homespuns and crashos; gray
and brown colorings; up-to-date
makes; skeleton CB CQ
Boys Outlntr Suits. 7 to 16 ears,
single-breasted coat, unllned;
pants havo belt of same ma
terial as suit. In plain and fancy
figured crashes and homespuns,
many patterns cannot be had
elsewhere; large assortment of
style!!?.! .$5.00
Boj.r' Washable Russian Blouse
Suits, 2Vi to 6 ears; just re
ceived a new lot of this stle;
prettier thnn ever; many new
st)Ies that ret first C? CA
showing on Monday p.JW
Washable Shields, to bo wom with
sailor blouses; fancy C
stripes and plain white 'c
A Si, k I i XlT II &
wL ill
BoyK Oritivg
iuit ii.00.
Human S2.50.
Young .VnV
Ouhng Ault $3,50.
(Second Floor, Northeast Corner.)
Summer Costumes at One-Half Price
(In Cloak a.nd Suit Department, Second Floor.)
Again that happy combination, "Barr Push and Barr Cash," has brought to our customers the stock of
America's two largest manufacturers of Summer Gowns Crepe de Chine, Fancy Silks, Foulard Silks, Linens, Lawns,
Organdies, Veilings, Dimities, Etainines and Laces. It is almost superfluous use of adjectives to assure you that
tuese are all nign-ciass garments nie iacr. tnar. tney are on sale at jaarr s is guarantee or quality. There are many
styles, but only a few of any one style. All colors, all beautifully trimmed illustrations show examples. We sell
Paris. Slay 17. (Copyright. ISO!) King
Oscar's figure has been very familiar on
the boulevards for the last ten days. Ho
has also been entertained largely. On Tues
day he gave a dinner In honor of the Crown
Trlnce and Princess of Denmark. There
were also present Princess Thyra of 'Den
mark, the Marquesa de Muni, wife or the
Spanish Ambassador. Princess Von Itado
Iln. wife of the German Ambassador;
Princes Christian and Harold of Denmark
and tho Ambassadors of Spain, England.
German- and Sweden.
King Oscar has presented President Lou
bct a copy of his poems, which were pub
lished in Paris recently. The following is
the autograph dedication:
"A Monsieur Bmlle Loubet, President de
la Republlque Francalse. Hommage Affec
tueux. D'Osear." After tho dedication the
King has written the first two' stanzas of
his poem, on Presence The King also pre
sented conies to the Empress Eugenic, the
Infanta Eulalla. Queen Isabella. Prlncesse
Mathlldo and the Comtesse Greffulhe.
Paris, May 17. (Copyright, 190Z)-At the
American Art Association this week n lec
ture was delivered before a large audience
by M. Gabriel Mourey, the wclj-known art
critic.' on the works of Puvls de Chavannes,
best known to Americans through his paint
ings In the Pantheon.
M. Mourey Is contemplating a lecture tour
.In the United States In the near future.
Afle ouciwiy ui Awerivau j-ainiers Jn X ariS
ka.&Jn .mall rilntu. ,1,1a ...nl. . JZ.
When ire. added n Slinc rtepartment
to this, store, we experimented in all
the essentiiils that constituto orfect
shoemakliij?. Wlien we had found it,
our mauufactuier s-iid: "AVli.it ate you
KOin;: to call them':" AA'e looked Mir
prised, thought a minute and answered-
"AA'hy. Bnrr's Perfection, that
just expresses it " So when you buy
shoes at Ban's you ate not paying for
a trade mark, but Borr's-.truarantee of
shoe excellence, which, is much more
tb the point, lccaup it puts money in
to your purse. Tims, this week:
Barr'? Perfection Patent Kid Oxfords,
dull Kid Quarters, Ooodyear welt soles,
all sizes and widths, only J3
Barr's Perfection P.itent Kid Phoes.
Inco or button, dull kid top, Goodyear
welt soles. Cuban heels; all sizes and
widths; only J3.
Burr's Perfection Swls Kid Oxford.
Ooodjear welt soles, military heels; all
sizes 'and widths, S3.
If Barr's Perfection Shoes for women,
misses and children are not all we claim
for them and fall to gle you satisfaction,
your money back at once.
as avc bought just one-half price as folloAvs:
Summer Dresses.
$8.75 for $16.50 Summer Dresses
$10.00 for $20.00 Summer Dresses
$12.50 for $25.00 Summer Dresses
$15.00 for $30.00 Summer Dresses
$17.50 for $35.00 Summer Dresses
$20.00 for $40.00 Summer Dresses
$22.50 for $45.00 Summer Dresses
$25.0ifor $50.00 Summer Dresses
$27.50 for $55.00 Summer Dresses
$30.00 for $60.00 Summer Dresses
$35.00 for $70.00 Summer Dresses
$40.00 for
i II
',; JTv VTOw
Black Etamine Skirts ,:
Summer Dresses
$50.00 for
Summer Dresses
$60.00 for
Summer Dresses
Three of the Half-Prict Costumes.
Etamine Skids.
AA'e recognize no comp:tition in this
season's most popular skirt (Et.mine).
AA'e hae thctn in every weaTC, both
smooth and rough; every desirable color
such as black, blue, tan and gray both
plain and trimmed lined and unliucd.
Many of the new "pleated and kilted"
styles are shown and at prices that can
not be duplicated in St. Louis.
For instance:
$5.00 for New
$8.50 ' for New Black, Blue and Gray
Etamine Skirts (with nearsilk drop).
510.00 for New Black Etamine Skirts
(with taffeta silk drop).
$12.75 for New Bluck Etamine Skirts
(with taffeta silk drop).
$16.50 for new black and blue
"box plaited"
Etamine Skirts
(with taffeta
silk drop).
$15.75 tor new
black and blue
Etamine Skirts,
made with habit
back, solid yoke
and 42 knife
pleats (taffeta
silk drop); Just
recehed and
the most stylish
skirt in St. Iouls.
(Sketched at Barr's.)
iNy wjz
r Mi It I
The most irresistible bargains are at
this section. No woman passes these
daintily feminine garnitures without
bnyinp;. Unusual alucs are especially
enticing this week.
l-lnch wide Swiss and Xainsook Edges
Reduced from 3 to 5c per yard. "
E-lnch wide Swiss and Nainsook Edges
Reduced from 17 to 9c per yard.
7-Inch wide Swlsu and Nainsook Edges
Reduced from 2j to lSe rer vard.
10-lnch wide Swiss Sklrtlrgs Reduced!
from to to 23c per yard.
12-Inch wide Swiss Skirtings Bedueed
from B5 to 37c per yard.
l'i to 2 inch wide Swiss and Nainsook
Insertings Reduced from 25 to 15c per
3 to i'i inch wide White and Ecru Bands
Reduced from 45 to 25c per yard.
22-lnch wide Swiss Ail Over Embroidery
Reduced from SL35 to 98c per yard.
22-Inch wide Swiss All Over Embroidery
Reduced from JL25 to 87c per yard.
lS-lnch wide Fancy Net All Overs Re
duced from ) tn 2Sc per J ard.
18-inch wide Fancy Net AH Overs-Reduced
from f& to 35c per ard.
36S Sample Pieces of All Over Embroid
ery. In one-half yard lengths Reduced
from 75 and 83c to 45c per plece.
Speclal Bargains In Stanufacturer
Short Lengths of Fine Swiss Embroider
ies at about half Regular Price.
An opportune purchase for spot cash
enables us to give house and restaurant
keepers remarkable values for their
money this week. This is the way the
prices run, and the more you buy the
more money you'll save.
1.200 Cloths Sizes 62x66 Inches: J1.10 each.
400 Cloths Sizes 62x82 inches; SI 33 each.
40i) Cloths-Sizes 62x98 Inches; Jl 50 each.
2110 Double Damask Bleached Cloths
Sizes 72x72 inches: price J2.85. Would be
cheap at JI.0O. -m
3.000 ynrds Stiver Bleached Crash Towel
ing, the best absorbent made; 15c per yard.
6.000 ards Barnsley Linen Crashes, Pure
Linen; 10c, 12c, and 15c per yard.
Domesiic Department.
This week's Money-Savers: 1,000 81xS0
inches, made Sheets, 45c each.
1,000 81x90 Inches UtlcS Sheets. 67e each.
2.000 45x35 inches Pillow Slips. 8 l-3c each.
Asbestos Paper Cloth, for Table Tops,
yard wide, 15c per yard.
arr's Basement Attractions Grow in Interest.
Canas-C'oered Painted Trunks, steel
bound, 4 harduood slats, steel clamp,
heaw corner irons, monitor lock, two
heaty leather strap", covered tray and
hat box.
20-lnch 32-inch 21-Inch 26-Inch 3S-lnch
ifr,.ir, ;.o .sit.5 .s.r,o ifu.-r.
Cam as-n ered. leather-bound, bra-ss
trimmings, riveted throughout, sheet
steel bottom, solid leather straps, heavy
bolts and corners, cloth lined, deep set
up tray, covered all over, extra skirt
tray, ;
32-lnch 34-lnch 36-Inch 3S-Inch 40-Inch
si-.;ir. i?i i.oo $i5.oo $10.00 $17.00
Club-Shape Ttaellng Bags, brass lock
and catch,
12-lnch 14-Inch . 16-Inch 18-Inch
jlOe SI. 1( 81.25 I1-1G
Solid Leather Traveling Bags, leather
lined. bras lock and spring catch, strong
13-inch 14-inch 15-lnch 16-Inch 17-Inch
$2.-. l?2..-,0 92.75 9.1.00 S-1.23
Horned Alligator Traveling Bags, leather
lined, spring lock, hand sewed and
rieted. strong handle,
11-Inch 13-lnch 16-Inch
93.00 93.50 90.00
Dress Suit Cases.
Dress-Suit. Cases, made of solid leather,
steel Trame, brass spring lock, strap and
buckle, lmen lined, has shirt fold, color
tan. slze3 22 and 21 Inch, worth J5 25; May
Sale Price ifa.liS.
Solid Leather Dress-Suit Casts, lintn
lined, shirt fold, brass lock and clamp.
steel frame, riveted throughout, colors
ollva and rosette, sizes 22 and 24 Inch,
worth SSC0; May Sale Price 94.09.
Solid Cowhide Leather Drea?-Sult Cases,
linen lined, shirt fold, brass spring lock
and clamp, riveted throughout, steel
frame, colors brown and tan. size 22-Inch,
worth J10.00; May Sale Price 95. 7B.
Canvas-Covered Telescopes. leather cor
ners, leather straps, strong handle.
14-ln 16-In lS-ln 20-in 22-ln 24-ln 26-In
lllr 29c 42c 50c 60c 81c OSc
Summer Necessities.
Lawn Swings, strongly made, painted and
varnlhtd all oer. will hold two adult
perrons, worth $5.00; May Sale Price
9.1. 1S.
Garden Hose. 3-pIav Standard Hose
coupled, M-foot length, worth J4.25; May
Sale Price 93. t.
Hoso Reele, Bent Wood, will hold 50 feet
of hose, worth 75c; May Sale Price
Neatly Painted Hose Reel, will hold 100
feet of hose, worth O.00; May Sale Price
Lawn Mowers. Run Easy. 3 blades, self
sharpeners, 12 Inches, worth $2.75;, May
Sale Price 9-.10-
14 Inches, worth J3 23; May Sale Price
92. -10.
16 Inches, worth $3.50; May Sale Prlco
92.7U. x
Hammocks Colored Web. with pillow
balance and spreader, worth JL75; May
Sal Price 91. 20.
Heavy Colored Web Hammock, -with wide
pillow, balance and spreader, worth $2.35;
May Sale Price 91. US.
Croquet Sets Polished hardwood. S balls
and mallets, worth $1.63: May Sale Prlc
Water Coolers Neatly Japanned, with
nickel-plated faucets:
2 gallons, worth $1.50;
3 gallons, worth $2 00;
si. cm.
4 gallons, worth $2.50:
6 gallons, worth $2.75:
FILTERS Absolutely germ proof. Every
One Guaranteed to Gle Satisfaction:
No. 6 size, worth $1.75: May Sale Price
No. 7 size, worth $2.25: May Sale Price
No. 8 size, worth $2.75: May Sale Price
May Sale Price
May Sale Price
May Sale Price
May 'Sale Price
Basket Department.
Fancy Wnste-raper Baskets asrted
colors', worth 33c; May Sale Price 2.,c.
Fancv Waste-Paper Basket, braid straw,
assorted colors, worth $100; May Sale
Prlco unc.
Fancy Work Baskets, assorted colors, fine
straw oval .".nd round, worth 43c; May
Sale Price "
Cpen-Straw Infant Baskets, worth C9c;
May Sale Price 5Cc.
Fancy Straw Hair Receivers, assorted
colors- and shapes, worth 23c; May Sale
Price 10c.
Fancy Flower Baskets, white and colored,
high handles, from 25c to 75c.
Stand Work Baskets, covered top. braided
straw, assorted colors, worth $2.69; May
Sale Price - ,s
French Pnlm Cloth Hampers, with rattan
handle, roJnd, square and octagon
shapes prices from $3.75 to 98.0..
Fancy Straw Hampers, assorted colors,
from 92.75 to 1M..-.0.
English Coverfd Market Basket, white
and colored, with double covers, worth
75c; May Sale Price 3c.
Fancy Straw Fruit Baskets, assorted col
ors, fancy shapes, worth 2oc; May Sale
Price JJc. ,. ,
Fancy Braided Straw Music or Paper
Stands assorted colors, worth $2.00; May
Sale Price 91-
Toilet Sets.
Toilet Sets, pink, green or blue decora
ilon. Set has 10 large and useful pieces,
worth $3.00; May Sole Price 92.25.
Fancy Decorated Toilet Sets, in flown
blue and green decorations; has 12 large
pieces, worth $7.SS: May Sale Price
Toilet Sets-, consisting of 12 pieces, pink
flower decorations, fancv shape, worth
$10.98; May Sale Price 97.00.
House Furnishings.
Never-Sag Curtain Stretchers, worth $1.00;
Sale Price 05c.
Good Parlor Brooms, 4 string, worth 25ei
May Sale Price 17c.
Long-Handle Celling- Dusters, worth 23c;
May Sale Price 12c.
Clothe9 Pins, 12 dozen for 10c.
Ualvanlzed-Iron Wash Tub. small size,
worth 55c; May Sale Price 39c.
Toilet Paper, fine tissue roll, perforated,
12 rolls for 25c.
AVrlngers Star. Iron frame, 10-lnch rolls.
worth $1.25; May Sale Price 83c.
Ammonia Large bottle, worth 8c; May
Sale price 4c.
Rice Boiler Granite. 3t4-quart size, worth
Ke. Mav Sale Price 75c.
Coffee ami Tea- Pots Granite. lM-quart
size, worth 25c; May Sale Price 27c
Wash Boilers Extra heavy tin. copper bot
tom. No. 7, worth $100; May Sale Price
No. 8. worth $125; May Sale Price 70e.
Large Household Sponges, worth 15c: May
Sale Price Oc.
Covered Dust, neatly Japanned, worth 12c:
May Sale Price Sc.
Duntlng Brush, good bristle, worth 15c;
May Sale Price Oc
Dusters, turkey feather. 10-lnch slze.worth
15c; May Sale Price Oc.
Cut Glass.
Rich American Cut Glass Berry Bowls. 8-
lnch size, worth $4 95; May Sale Price
Beautiful Cut Glass Nappy, 8-Inch size.
worth $4 25: May Sale Price 92.08.
Neitly Cut Glass Rose Bowl, worth $8.95;
May Sale Price 94.1)5.
American Cut Glass Water Bottles, large
size, worth $3 9S; May Sale Price 91.7B.
Handsome Cut Glass Cream Pitcher,
worth $3 00: May Sale Price 91. SO.
Cut Gla"s Mustard Jar. with quadruple
- silver-olated covers, worth 65c; May Sale
Price 35c.
Rich Cut Glass Handled Nappies. 4-Inch
size, worth $L9S: Mav Sale Price 91.23.
Beautiful Cut Glass Sugars and Creams,
worth $2.25; Mav Sale Price 91.48 set.
Rich Cut Glass Vinegar Cruet, worth $1.25;
May Sale Price 75c.
Beautiful Cut Glass Candelabra?, with
triple-silver-plated arms, worth $J98;
May Sale Price 90.75.
Bakers, 6 inches, worth 25c each; May Sale
Price 10c.
Bakers. 8 Inches, worth 39c each; May Sale
Price 20c
Chop Plates, -worth 95c each; May Sale
Price 75c.
Sauce Boats, worth 33c each; May Sale
Price 2c
Platters. 8 Inches, worth 30c; May Sals
Price 23c.
Platters, 10 Inches, worth 43c; May Sale
Price 33c.
Platters. 13 Inches, worth 6Sc; May Sale
Price 53c.
Sixth, Glive and Licust Sis., St. Louis.
Dinner Sell.
Royal Austrian China Dinner Sets, neatly
decorated with rose. gold-traced
handles, consisting of 101 pieces, worth
$15 95; May 8ale Price 911.0,
Pouyat Llmoge- China Dinner Sets, neat
decoration of sprays of wild flowers,
stippled gold handles, consisting of 100
pieces, worth $21.90: May Sale Price
English Porcelain Dinner Set. decorated
with Grecian border, consisting of 112
large and useful pieces, worth $10.23; May
Sale Price 97. 50.
English Porcelain Dinner Set. neatly dec
orated green border, illuminated with
fold, consisting of 112 pieces, worth $15.00;
lav Sole Price 9S.OS.
Bread and Butter Plates, worth $4 50 and
$2.65 doz.; May Sale Price 93.48 and
91. SO doz.
Tea Plates, worth $3.25 and $3.25 doz.; May
Sale Price 94.20 and 92.28 doz.
Breakfast Plates, worth $6.50 and $4.00
doz.; May Sale Price 94.80 and f2.7U
Dinner Plates, worth $7.25 and $4.50 doz,
May Sale Price 95.40 and 93.48 doz.
Tea Cups and Saucers, worth $7.50 and $5.00
doz: May Sale Price 95.40 and 9&S4
Covered Dishes, worth $3.50 and $2.00 each;
May Sale Price 92. us and 91.41) each.
10-lnch Platters, worth $1.25 and 80c each;
May Sale Price OSc and Bc each.
12-Inch Platters, worth $1.75 and $1.45 each;
May Sale Price 91.35 and 91.13 each.
Coffee Cups, worth $8.95 doz.; May Sale
Price 9B.CO doz.
Decanted American Porcelain.
4-Inch Plates, worth $1.15 doz.; May Sals
Price 7c each.
5-lnch Plates, worth $1.30 doz.; May Sale
Price 8c each.
6-lnch Plates, worth $1.43 doz.: May Sale
Price Oc eachr
7-lnch plates, worth $1.75 doz.; May Sale
Price 12e each.
8-tnch Plates, worth $2.00 doz.; May Sale
Price 13e each. t
Tea Cups and Saucers, worth $11 doz.;
May Sale Price lBc each.
Covered Dishes, worth $1.23 each: May
Sale Price SOe.
Sixth, Olive and locust Sts.f St, Liuis;
Fancy Decorated China at Just H.IL
Royal Saxe, decorated In yellow and
green stippled with gold and flowered
Salad' Bowls, worth $1.20: May Sale
Price OOO
Celery Trays, worth $2.00; May Sale
Price 91.00.
Trays, worth $1.35; May Sale Price 68c.
Hair Receivers, worth $L1S; May Sale
Price BOc.
Bread and Butter Plates, worth 75c; May
Sale Price S.
With heavy gold decorations
Celery Trays, worth $2.00; May Sale Price
Sauce Disb. worth 50c; May Sale Pries
Comb a nd Brush Tray, worth $1.53; May
Sale Price' 70c.
Salad Bowls, worth $L75: May Sale Price
Berry Bowls, worth $3 00; May Sale Pries
91. CO.
Victoria. Austrian China Vases, neatly
decorated in assorted subjects. 10 Inches
high, worth $1.25; May Sale Price 63c.
Victoria Austrian China Vases, neatly dec
orated, gold handles. 14 Inches high,
worth $3.30: May Bale Price 91-J-
Royal Saxe German China Pitchers, neat
ly decorated, gold handles and traced. 13
Inches high, worth $6.25: May Sale Price
Victoria Austrian China Vase, blue color,
lngs. stippled with gold, solid gold dec
orations, 10 Inches high, worth $198;
May Sale Price 08c.
. kmmm Mwm "". -,wy -o usmuvf
SgfKit6,A'5S5Er,.-S&'i eSS-jrig
jy?! ..gkfe'g tVSS

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