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tfT-TT-V- 1 -,
Boys' Suits. j Little Reefers.
R.. & G. Corsets.
The well-known No. S02 regular J1.59
Corset stralcht front silk ribbon
and lace trimmed made of best
quality French Coutllle with carter
tabs medium leiiRth in gray and
white Mzcs from 21 to 30 only that
is the reapon you can bu a genu
In.. x p- tl t rj
Cl Q per paii for white
Wl,lJ fancy colored Madras
tleres worth up to iZTC.
OutWR Suit"' for bojs of 10 to 16
e.irs made of a neat over-plaid
coat is fliiBle-lireated and pants
hae the belt loops and belt of same
We have selected all Children's
Reefers (age" 2 to 6 e.ir) which
we sold at J3.0O and $3.50 consisting
of 3-4 length all-wool Venetian and
I-idies Cloth in all the new shades
madu with Grass Linen ami Pique
CI HC per pair for 3 50 Mercerized
vfl.OJ t?nic .Madras Portieres.
Brooklyn Burglar Aroused Clergy
man's Family While Attempt
ins to Rob Residence.
i f
material entirely new and "very com
per piir foi JS00 Mercerized
Silk Madras Poitieres.
fortable for present wear. The pri
collars and cuffs, and some tiimmed
l,rfor' . 75c j
of thlo outfit should
be J6W
w-itn emnroiaery and lace Insertion.
:e insertion, f
.$1.98 j
'lanesanr cnoice of about
CT en pet lull- for $6 00 all-'ilk
J-JU ytripe Madras Portier-.
Broadway and Washington.
m wnne tney last
Monday at
wtw Mnwi'r.'wfimi't0w
e f
I Fastest Growing Store in America. Broadway and Washington.
His Alarm Awoke Neighbors and
the Robber Was Caught in
the Yard With the
New Tork. May 17. The Reverend August
Flamman. pastor of St. John's M. E.
Church in Sumner place, Brooklyn, together
with his entlro family, had an exciting ex
perience with a burglar at an early hour in
morning. The burglar managed to effect
an entrance into the parsonage, adjoining
the church, at No. 24 Sumner place, about
J o'clock, and his movements about the
premises awakened the family. After the
entire neighborhood hRd been aroused tho
nan was finally captured, lie proed to
be a homeless man. who sae his name as
Henry Braun, 2S years old. He was found
hiding in one of the rear yards, within a
few doors of tho dwelling he entered.
In the same yard was found the proceeds
of his robbery, consisting of some trifling
goods, such as handkerchiefs, ribbons, a
pocketbook containing CO cents and some
railroad tickets. Tho burglar, who was cap
tured by Policeman Miller, attached to the
Hamburg Avenue Station, was a prisoner in
the Manhattan Avenuo Court this morning,
where he pleaded guilty to the charge of
burglary and was remanded in the sum of
$300 ball, pending further examination.
XjUnablea Were UmpucUcd.
The Reverend Mr. Flamman bis been in
charge of St. John's German M. E. Church
but for a. short time. About three weeks
ago, in company with his wife and four
children, they took possession of the par
sonage adjoining the church, and man) of
their valuables in trunks had not yet been
It was about 2 o'clock In the morning
when Mrs. Flamman was awakened pre
bumably by some noise, and Immediately
noticed a light In Uie parlor. The Reverend
Mr. Flamman. In company with his wife,
occupy a small room on the same floor ad
joining the room occupied by the clergyman
as a, study.
Mrs. Flamman thought at first that some
of the children had been taken 111, and her
husband hastily got out of bed and partly
dressing, walkod into the parlor. He wore
his slippers, and made but slight noise. As
he entered he oaught sight of a. roughly
dressed man investigating a clotet In the
room. The man carried a dark lantern. The
burglar"!, profile was plainly visible with
the light of the lantern In tho foreground as
ho waved it to and fro examining the con
tents of the closet. Tha footsteps of tho
clergyman were evidently heard by the
burglar as he turned suddenly, throwing
the light upon the form of the minister.
Light Jn.tajitlr Shot Oft.
The stream of light was shut off in an
Instant, and the clergyman heard a rapid
retreat of feet and and th nnloa nf h
burglar's hasty scramble down the base
ment stairs.
With a bound he was at the rear window,
which ho j-ajseo, and shouted "help!'
'burglars!" Almost Immediately atter
windows were raised in many of the ad
Joining houses and heads were protruded.
The watchers saw a man scale the fence.
hen he it as lost eight of.
The shouts of the clergyman brought a
policeman in uniform, but when the cir
cumstances were explained he stated that
as the affair had occurred off his beat it
was impossible for him to make the neces
sary Investigation.
The shouts for police were continued and
finally Policeman Miller put in an appear
ance and in company with the Rewrcnd
Mr. Flamman an iniestlgatlon of the ad
joining yards was made. It was ex
plained to Policeman Miller that owing to
the fact thut so many persons were
aroused it was quite probable that the rob
ber had not attempted to climb any other
fences and was hiding in one of the ad
joining jards.
Dnrjjlar Cnuebt In Yard.
Policeman Miller was of the same opin
ion arid in company with the Reverend Mr.
Flamman he had no difficulty In getting
into the adjoining dwellings and examining
the rtfar yards. Thev finally found Braun
lying in one of the jards near Flushing av
enue, which was the direction In which he
fled after being discovered.
Ho was placed under arrest and when the
yard was examined with lights the prop
el tj explained as having been Btolen from
the residence of th clergyman was found
nearby and fully identified. The police, in
order to make sure, made the burglar take
off his -hoes and they fitted exactly in the
marks of the soft earth in the rear of the
clergyman's home and the adjoining yard.
The man was locked op. Later he was
taken to Police Headquarters, where his
picture was taken. He was then removed
to the Manhattan Avenue Court and held,
after his plea of guilty. He declined to
make a statement other than that he was
without home or friends.
Preaidrnt of Steel Trnet Announces
l'e to lie Made of e-nrly-Pnr-
chned llfchmond Ileaeh.
New York. May IB. Charles M. Schwab,
president of tho United States Steel Corpo
ration, to-day announced that the object of
tne charity that he and Mrs Schwab
are about to establish, and which centers
In his recently purchase of Richmond Beach,
is to provide durlnu the open-air senson an
outing place and health resort for the poor
and sick children of New York Accom
modations of dally outings for 1.500 to 2.000
ch.ldren are to be provided.
Mr?. Schwab has the plan ery much at
heart, and will be closely identified with
its evolution and consummation.
Richmond Beach is about a quarter of a
mile lone and has great natural advantages
for the purpose for which it is deflgned,
because of a fine white and and sloplnij
gently so that it affords a safe and shallow
bathing surface of great extent.
Included in the purchase are, perhaps, 200
acres of meadow land and woodland, p
tending back oer an extremely pretty and
healthful tract. On this is a fresh-water
lake called Arbutus I.ake. upon which, it
Is planned, boats will be provided for the
pUature of the children.
A hotel, a farmhouse, a play field and
bathlne facilities for W0 persons are already
features of the tract of land, but new
buildings will soon be erected and the bath
ing facilities vrcatly enlarged.
A feature of the plan, it is understood,
-nm be n Infirmary for sick children, built
In the mot modern fashion and equipped
with the most scientific medical facilities.
Trained nurses, it Is understood, will be
provided either by the founders of this
cnaniy or lurnisnea uy nuieu fimiiurs ."
George Wade Completes Portrait
in Stone for Academic Exhibit.
London, May 47. The new statue of King
Edward, hich has Just been finished by
George Wade, the eminent British sculptor.
Is the first portrait in stone made ot tho
King since hui aecess'on. Mr. Wade was
generously enoouraeed by KIbb Edward,
who save the sculptor all the sittings
ne,led to finieh the statue in time for the
exhibition of the academy this spring. The
marble figure Is noble and the likeness Is
said to De exceiicjiu
He Grew Abusive When . Mrs.
, Farley Ordered Him Aivay.
Allium, Pa., May 17.' A tramp demanded
food of Mrs. Michael Farley, and when aha
rea rem away, ne- rew(-aDUiv and
i Sample
Nearly 12,009 Pieces of the prettiest and daintiest China that ever graced our '.tore! Samples from America' largest importer Geo. Borgfeldt 11 Co., of New York! These goods 5
are the latest ideas from the foremost factories of Kurope the newest shape and most distinctive decorations, bui no two pieces alike! Next season's Holiday Stocks for the large i
stores of the United States were purchased from these ame samples and the identical designs will he offered during the next S months at two or three times these prices ! Prettv f
articles of a hundred sorts
3our easy selection! Plenty
Tea Cups and Saucers
Coffee Cups and" Saucers
Chocolate Cups and Saucers
Bouillon Cups and Saucers
Worth up
to 35c, at
LOT 2.
Worih up
to 50c, at
75c Foulard
Silks at 25c.
A rare bargain for Monday! 150
pieces of Si-inch Foulard Silks, bouirla
by Grand-Leader from the Ken.'U'.on
McKinney Dry Good- Co. of this city,
effered to-morrow at a price th.il wmiln
drive silk worms out of hu-,ine-.si Xota
lot of undesirable hhades either, but
tl most popular coloring and design-,
shown thN ea.on. In slllt- that Iiavo
never before retailed for It- lhm (
nnd 73cl Don't cnect to find a vard of
It left after 5 o clock, and for K.t
choice you d better como
In tlm morning. E erj one
will want soineat
this price
Silk Grenadinea at lc"t than half
price! White, with bmc.ided trip" in
pink, yellow, light blue, black, old ro-e.
Illne and white, A luckv purchase from
a local jobber. Silks that retail usually
at S1J3 Peo thorn displaced in our
Washington Ate. Winnow 'llie're
Just rlslit for waistt and graduiilns
dresses, nnd the price 1Qi
isonly . . J-JC
Black Tftffrliv 36-inch (yard wide)
puarantcod black Taffeta - warranted
not to cut or brrak a new pioce if H
does lieeular 11.10 quality will be
offered here to-morrow CI ICt
at. perjard ipltlZr
I ws
I with
sh Silks All the prettv tints
wimn roros lor waists, eiuidrcn s
etc. tho same silks we soWl nni
loiiR amit .r-ana S-'K; As Ion; as
limited iiiantity lasts jou can
have tin m at. per, ard .
Shantung Pongee Silks in the natu
ral tan shades woven from the strons
touch silk spun by a sp-cles of worm
that feeds upon oak lc ivis.. We secured
soniefiO picros of these nover-wear-out
silks ami offer them to-morrow at prices
that will surely close tbem out in one
19-inch Shantitnc Poncee
50c quality, at
24-lnch Sunntnne, Pongee
75c quality, at ...
27-lnch Shantnnc Pongee
Wc quality, at
36-Inch i-hantunc; Porujec
ll.lOquallty. at . ...
x 0 iis faSii'Y
A Notion Commotion!
Every dressmaker, every housekeeper needs these little tilings daily, but
they're not to be had every day at such low prices as thes.-. Wc pared profits
till there's not much left except original cost to its.
Bone Buttons for underwear, etc., 2
and 3 doz. in a boi, regular prico 10c-3
boxes for gc
Silk Grand-Leader waste or short
ends of best quality Sewing Silk, worth Sic
-Perbor 5c
Hair Pins Japanned Wire Hair Pins
in small box es, sold a t 3c 1. 12 botes for 5c
Kid Curlers Glove stitched, worih
15c per bunch. .. . ... rjc
Wire Hair Pins Straight or crimped,
sold at 2 for Tio now 13 papers 50
Binding Corduroy Velvcleen Skirt
Wndlnff. cord edge, black only, alwaj lc
per yard . . 2c
Braid White and colored Feather
stitched Ilrald, recultrly So and lc per
pIpco 5c
Brtvs Pins in wool Pyramid cases,
regular hank pins, alwnjs ioc at.. 5c
De Long's Hooks and Ryes, white or
black, all slte-percard . . -.3c
Tape Line 60-inch Saliu Twill Line,
printed on both sides, regular flc at. ...2c
Rubber-Lined Cults or sleeve protec
tors, worth 25c at. per pair. 5c
Uropi Br.iss nickel-plated Curling
Iron Lamps, worth from.VV to tl.2.5, at 25c
Scissors Nickel-plated Scissors nnd
Shears, all sires, worth ."; and ."Sic -at-.IOc
n.W.l.sa !?,..& H...T t. nj. .... Tlv7...n
.v.......b . m. uu aiici &iAi. 1 iiuini
cneap at iz,c
La.wn One case of fancy Printed Eatiste
wiae, cneap at lajhc... .
Gingham 253 pieces of fine Zephyr Gingham, in all the
newest colorings, -vorth 12c.
Muslin Just one case of the well known
'-t. irlll nT-i --,; .. ....
im. jima Bicatucu Jiusun, WOftil li,AiC.
Lawn-40-inch White Lawn, worth 12c .
Nainsook A small case of fine White Checked Nainsook
12c quality ...
Cambric The very popular 36-inch Berklev No. 61 Cam
bric Jlusi in, worth la.c
Toweling Heavy, all-linen lS-inch
loneiing, worui isc
Spreada Larj;e size white Crochet
Bed Spreads with hand-knotted frlngo all
around, 1 bargain at f 1.30, J tq
W.V.-i.OOO Ladi';;-' Ready-M,d.
ooumj n riiira u; uuo ui .in, it- uu
cales. etc. reduced from 11.50 to- . .C
Long Cloth Fine imported 36-inch.
at, peryard 4. WC
Madia.s 66 nieces of 36-inch Printed
Madras to all Ithe newestcoloringai tn
may be picked up at trifling cost to-morrow on our -Ith iloor!
extra salesgirls to wait upon
1 m
Tea Plate:
Breakfast Plates
D:nner Plates
Sauce Dishts
LOT 3.
Worth up
to 75c, at
LOT 4.
Worth up
to SI. 25, at
iiwmw wrtiwo
Gowns of very fine cambric and
nainsook; Kmplru V-shae and hljrli
neck; U-antifiillv iilmmed with lace
and colored stitrhln::. embrolderv and
ribbons: also ten other equally attrac
ties,tles. Petticoats ot good cambric knee
flounce of India linen, finished with In
sertions of Torchon lace: lice flounce
and dust flounce: others jut asattr.u'l
ixelj trimmed Willi deep enibroid rj
Corset Cavers of fine nainsook,
tucked backs, some short at w.ilsi, with
several rows of Point de Parte lace,
others witli lino nainsook embroidery;
some fasten at the back
Garments worth to
$1.25. choice
X .s ---.
W ifusw WW II5? 0w &&
Extraordinary -
I 8,000 pairs! Scores of styles!
world! Here arc the names you
Todd, Bancroft & Co.,
Rochester. N. Y.
5e-3TV 5fc-Jt iA SVmt T K sss H&&FPk
fIL Vk K wk v- sk CS lltP
Every desirable style in low-cut footwear is here! Shoos tint it's safe to save on because they're the iu:st! Dressy patent leather and
kid Oxfords with French heels or the lower leather heels! Solid welted sole Oxfords of viei kid, patent leather and ideal patent kid!
All sizes from 2Jj toS! All widths from A to R! The entire purchase at one bargain price for Monday!
The most dainty turned sole Oxfords ever shown in St. Louis for $3.00 are here for -
The most substantial $3.00 extension s,ole Oxfords will he sold here to-morrow at - -B.
H. Lincoln's regular $3.00 high-strap sandals choice of several sties for only -
Pins- Larjj; bor of good Black Pins,
lwas5eand So at 3c
Turney's Black Pins, never sold
undcrlOo-at 5C
Coin, Hiir Pin Cabinet Assorted
stjles and sires of wlro hair pins, plain,
rrimplud and luisih!e. also in woo I box.
alwajs.To at,2 for. 5C
Cable Cord Cotton White o- black,
for all klndsof filling ami cording, usually
sold 3 j ards 5c per yard . &c
Larje Spools of liijen l-'inishThreid,
black onlv. rcRulr;c at2 for. 5c
P i n Cubei "Waldorf." bright,
mourninc;. while and a-sorted color he-ids
regular price ltv;, .it 7c
Satin Pad Belt Hose Supporters 2
pads in front and fancy frilled webbing,
rejralarvilueif at . 23c
Cotton Twilled Tivpr 11 yards in
pic-e. usually Trolls 5c. at. per dor Oc
Patent Sa.fe!y Pins Protected on
lwth sides, -vorth ; doz., at, idoz for 5c
Fine Tubular Shoe Laces all S!?cs,
6 for . 5c
Patent SelM-ockinj Skirt and Waist
fasteners, impossible to comu apart fi
setsone.ird. usaallj 25c. at (Oc
.11 (Oc
rv fr.lled and
jrth toTx rani $
10c I
Silk Webbinj In fancv
Cable Cord, alt color-, wor
H jnrd Icnztlt.
T. ! . .... -
Aviuiiiies, vci
Choice From
8 to 10,
Lawn, 30 inches ,
Monday Morning,
yard-wide New
Per Yard.
Barnsley's - Roller
Pique Fine i
Plnue Suiting, j
ladies summer
wun uinct aots. ngurrs and strlces c I
cheap at She per yard .... ....JC
Sheeting 2-yard-wide extra pood I
Cin 'him- Cnaice of nnr ..; ....i. 1
ofAnjoslreajj Apron Gingham for this C i
.aav.oniv. il tier m- t n a
r V
I ffl B
von, but we advise ou to come
nti v-.m &. &
Bread and Butier Plates
Oatmral Bawls
Chocolate Pols
Sugar and Cream Stt
Chop D.shcs
Pin Trays
Manicure Trays
Worth up
toS2.00, at
Worth up
to SI. 50, at
48e 75o 98o $1.25 $1.48 $1.98
niwnxrMMoiwiiiwiiiiiniwniiMix)i,iMrl. tmviMiMwMtMwniwwnMWMwawnaMwmwMni
I'our items you'll be jftad to read
for they mean economy in its truest
Ladies' and Men's Plain
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs
worth up to tOe
Monday in hasenitnt. eah .
Men's l?ull Size Linen Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs rejjulir Q
:XV quality - Monday in basement fQ
eai'h . vv
Ladies' Linen Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs- Monda- on
main Iloor at fi for IV.
or t'icli .
L?dtes' 1jihc Swis and Linen
Handkerchiefs scalloped, embroidered
and tdsed with footinc and fl 'TJJ ,
Lice worth 2,e- Monda on E A.ZC
main door, each . . "
Canceled orders from four of the bijrcst and best makers in this, the
certainly know them already if you're posted on shoes.
VaJ Buttenhofer . So.-s,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sample Suits.
At less than halt actual value! Samples, etc., from
several large manufacturers, including' this season's best
blouse, etou, Gibson j.nd reefer styles, of Etamines,
Granite Cloth, Russian Crash, Cheviots, Venetians,
Broadcloth, etc., in colors or black. Many have new
pleated skirts jackets, all silk lined
drop skirts. Away they go to
morrow at these tremendous
512.03 Tailor-Mads Suits a.t S4.9S
$15.00 Tailor-Ma.de Suits at $6.95
S20 00 Ta.iljr-Msie Suits at $9.75
$25.00 Tailor-Made Suits at SU 95
530. 00 Tailor-Made iuits at $14.75
535 00 Tailor-Kade Suils at 517.50
The New Skirts.
A new shipment of the latest fail in skirts!
Handsome lxn-pleiied md killed skirts of Chev
iot s. liKnt-neizut Civerts. Husslin Crash. Hop
Sacking;, etc. In black, blue, srayor 1:111 Orai'i fill
perfect flttlns garments, fit for the most si lish
woman in M fjuis a-id well worth (7 r ft, Q
K.SI-vou may have them Monday Jn Vf
at only VWO'.VJ
$10.00 Ladies' Silk Coa.s, $4.95.
100 simple Silk Coats in blouse. Kton ami
(.ihson st.les. of Pramla Sole. Taffeta or Voire
Vrlonr. "simu pi In others all-oTer tucked1
some with fancy vests -an nni il
with tiffeta orsjtlu regular s a
SlOJncliets -imr cholierlumiay
Sale of Fine
Elejjant coaching Parasols in the. most
fetching stj-'.cs, at but little more than half
nrtl'es nt-ff1 In- nf1inr: All 1invr nrntti clifir,..!
f1 natural wood handles and best paragon frames.
S-cK You'll find these on main floor, near North
Y"s Broadway entrance.
Dainty Silk Coaching Parasols, in all the leading- ft
shades really worth $1 69 our Monday price 0C
Parasols of fine silk, charmingly finished with veiling ruffles all
the most desirable colors, including white and black fl f f
reg. S2.9S parasols, which we'll s,ell to-morrow at . vBfla m J
A superb line of taffeta silk parasols with colored tops and white
hemstitched borders, trimmed with fluffy ruffles of black and I
white grenadine and silkirassel.
-pay $4.25, butour-pric&.isonly;
Values that will amaze and
Celery Trays
Silad Bowls
Cafc; Plaies
Tea Pots
LOT 7.
Worth up
toS3.O0, at
LOT 8.
Worth up
to S3.75, at
tarcwxmmnx,iMm rm,?ft woosry
Lace Curiains.
SPECIAL-250 odd sash a.nd full
length Lace Curtains, inciuding
band-made a.rt filet, rca.1 Brussels,
Irish pcint and cable net many
pairs to match worth up to $6.56
pair as Ion as they last CQ
per curtain ... .CsC
$1 25 tcr p-ilr for 2 00 Nottingham Lacu
SI (,9 per pair for K M ol(ll Ijee Cur
tains. $1 3) per pnlr for SJJT irmbroidered
hwis t urfiins
iZ.51 per pair for H M Cilile Net Lace
Curt line
Si.os rer pilrfur 1". W Irish Point
$3.50 nor pair for Kfl I nlile et I. ice
Sale Ladies9 Fins 0
P. N. Wadleih Co ,
Il&vcrhill, Mass.
9 Wffi lnP4PVllPVV tpvjgV wffM0V 4MHPM3 m
-some have taffeta
(if mfn
or Diack ana a
$2.50 1
You'd expect to
-r- -
delight you! All in 12 immense
Cream Pitchers
Water Pitchers
Berry Bowls
LOT 9.
Worth up
to S4.50, at
Sugar and Cream Sets
Ice Cream Trays
LOT 10.
Worth up
to S6.00, at
Mailings. I
Extra quality China and Jap
anese Mattinps regular 30c
quality bv the
roll of 40 varus...
1,000 yards extra qualtty
Linoleum worth 85c
Sale price per yd.
While they last Linoleum
remnants from 4 to 20 yards
of a pattern worth 0 I
75c Monday, per yd.C I
xf rds !
foremost shoe country of the
E. H. Lincoln 11 Co.,
Ha.vcrhil), Ma.ss.
Our Greevt
Has the followingr arra- of
Embroideries by the Pound! Bought
SI 117
M009mitmAwmi&'m $0tttm awaM mttMif
(jan, Switzerland, uaos antt enns irom a large owiss iactory, mcmuing ooia
perfect goods and seconds all kinds, widths and lengths! Many edges amd
insertions to match!
Embroideries tind Insertions, worth up to 8c in ba.sement, per yard..-3c
Embroideries and Insertions, worth up to 15c in basement, per yard ...-5C
Embroideries and Insertions, worth up to 20c on main door, per yard. 73C
Embroideries and Insertions, worth up to 30c an main floor, per yard.. IOC
Embroideries and Insertions, worth up to 40c on main floor, peryard ..5C
Balance of those pretty Point Venice
and Irish Crochet Motifs or Medal
lions, suitable for trimming waists,
etc., worth at least 10c- in
basement, each
Fine Goods Sacrificed! Our buyer has
tions lor Us to continue the great cut price sale ot fine laces, etc., winch lias
caused such sensational selling during the past week! Therefore, for an- I
other six daj s you can buy our suberb Parisian and Irish Crochet Robes at J
off. Here are also some additional rare buying opportunities for Monday f
Lace Waists Real hand-made Lace
Waists of Russian. Renaissance and
Irish Crochet, also a lot of imported
garnitures; all nand-made tt 04
aud worth $15; choice at.. H0 ZJO
tt WMI tfttttt MM
I Seasonable Household Needs.
I .vard 4th fl
1 r. -uji:
required at the present season for both house and
Gas Chandeliers
i. i. ,.t
One-light, solid
brass, 33 inches
lo-ig ,
worth oz,-d.P J
Two-light polish
ed brass 35 inches
lls. -i-.
with shade, Holden and fancy
center worth 51.50, at
Three-light Chandeliers, fancy ball
center polished brass 36 inches
long worth S-'.io
High-grade Chandeliers furnished in
rich gold and Etrusran gilt fancy
curved arms large double-ball cen
ter and canopy
Twrvliiht worth SB Rd .tilt
Three-light worth 6.60 at... $4. 50
rour-ligit worth $7.50 -at . ..5.00
Medicine Cabineta made of oak with.
three shelves and, large mirror two
styles V
Cabinets woith 81.60 -at.jv.... 85c
Cabinets worth $2.00 --atir?. .SMS
lots, arranged on tables for
Olive Dishes
Pickle Dishes
Shaving Mugs
Etc., Etc., Etc-
Worth up
to S7.50, at
LOT 12.
Worth up
to S8.50, at
$2.48 $2.98
$1.75 Imported
Swisses a.t 49c
Almost J-j its worth ! Dainty,
silk embroidered St. Gllswrss,44-lnches
wide and in the most charming deslghs
and tints! Some pieces would sell reg
ularly at 51.75. and there isn't a yard
worth less tlian l.a: Think of it! Wo
offer these exquisite poodson
ourmain floor Monday at the
ridiculously low pr:ce
peryanl Batiste 32 inches wide the finest,
sheerest lawn in the market; dainty
stripe, dsts. serolls and designs: euar
anteed to launder 7Ap
Monday, per yard ii31.
Madras Gingham Of this season
able fabric we show more styles than all
other St. Louis stores combined; tho
only diflcrencr Is that our prices are
nlxjut Sfi per cent lower.
Lot 1-
Worth to 40c at.,
Worth to 30c at.
Lot 3- .
Worth to25c at..
Lining La.wns All colors 40
inches wide; the only material suitable
for linlnz thin dresses; .Mon- 1JIZ
day (In basement) per yard a.jo
I Silk Gingh.m The best quality in
newest sijies anil cuiurmijs; nKiimr
selliitR price Is .Toe as ionjr as 50 pieces
last ou can have them Monday Vr
at, peryard J
Lmeni Extra fine quality, with
embroidered dots pure llnon and
anteiil to launder
-regular 65c qua
per yard
Mounelinei Another T)ig lot of
these beautiful silk warp materials In
swell printed effects worth at least 30c
as Ions as 30 pieces last they'll be
sold at. 2Sr
per yard - "'
Lace Dep't
attractions to bring; you here
that way by our representative at Saint
Tucking a new shipment of fine!
All-Over Tuckings at half price on
our main floor Tnckings CI
worth to 60c at, peryard... .tjK
Tuckings worth to 81.00 4Q
at per yard TC
departed for Europe, but left instruc
Laces Black Marquise, Real Rus- X
sian and Arabian, Real Cluny. Em- j
broidered Chiffons and Appliques, j
Irish Crochet, Point Rose, Silk J
Linen Galoons. etc., worth tCJfl rt f
$5.C0 at. peryard If OC
Lawn Benches
Made of hard wood
red and green can
be folded
worth 98c, at
Folding Chairs Es
cially for lawns
made sf hardwood
worth B8c, Cq
sale price 9 J lv
Gasoline Sieves Two-burncr3, first-
class make every stove guaran
teedworth $3.25
Solid Comfort Lawn Chairs can be
adjusted to three positions CC
worth 98c Monday jZfC
Gaa Stoves Two holes, good burners
worth 81.98 fl Q
Coal Oil Stovea Two-wick large
Stove, suitable for light housekeeping
large J
keeping I
1st J
wortn fl.OO,
r i t

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