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Distinguished French Visitors Will
Inspect World's Fair Site
in Carriages.
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.X nTsm I'll wftr erjfi 4nsnsMsnsnHI
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, i i
Countess Will Be Guest of Honor
at a Reception by Daughters
of the American Revolution.
Plans for the entertainment of the
Kochambeau party occupied the Ceremo
nies Committee of the Exposition yesterday
afternoon. A partial programme was pre
pared. Telegrams from Thomas "W. Crld
ler, European Commissioner for the Expo
sition, Indicated that the French visitors
would depart from New York for St. Louis
not later than Monday evening. Assistant
General Passenger Agent Clarence L. 3X11
ltSry departed from the city at noon yes
terday to meet the party In New York. The
arrangements for the reception of the dis
tinguished French Isltors has been for
warded to them.
On Mondav the party will start from New
York in charge 'of Mr. Htlleary and Mr.
Cridler. Their train arrives at Union Sta
tion by tho Big Tour at 6.15 p. ra Tuesday
evening. The ilsltors will be met at the
Station by Chairman Fpenccr of the Com
mittee on Ciremonlcs and the French Con
sul. Louis Seguenot. who will escort them
to the Planters Hotel. President Francis
win call on the visitors Immediately afier
,. nt-f1i.nl at fhf hfltll. lie will be aC-
companlfd by the members of tho Commit
tee on Ceremonies.
At 11 Wednesday the party will take spe
cial cars at the hotel to ride to Forest
Park, where carriages will be provided for
a vllt to the World's Fair site. The Ex
position buildings will be Inspected. The
carriage will be driven from the site to
the Country Club, where luncheon will be
served. A polo and goir same will be wit
nessed by the visitors The party will leave
the Country Club at 6.30 p. m. and return
direct to the hotel, arrKlng at 7.39 p. m.
Wednesday evening such function will be
hfld at the hotel as may be determined
npon after conference with the French
Conml and a. committee of French resi
dents of St. Louis.
Thursday at 11 o'clock the gentlemen of
the party will bo taken In carriages from
the hotel to the river front, to take a
trip on one of the steamers Luncheon will
be served nn the boat. Th Countess Roch
ambeau will be entertained nt breakfast by
Mrs J. L D. Morrison at 1.
The Countess nlll be taken from the
place of luncheon to tho residence of Mrs.
George H Shleldi for a reception by mem
bers of the Daughters of the American
Revolution at 4 p. m. Th; gentlemen of
thri party are due to return from the river
trip at 4 p m , and will take carriages for
a ride through the city, returning to the
hotel at 5 30 p. m. Thursday cenlng a re
ception will be tendered to the visitors at
the St. Louis Club, from 8.30 to 1130
O'clock. .
A revised list of the party Includes: The
Count ana Countes Rochambeau. Count
Lahune de Lafajette, Viscount de Cham
brun, attache of the French Embassy:
Jean Gullltmin, eubdlrector of the Cabinet
cf the Foreign Minister: Robert de Billy,
secretary of the Embassy; Jules Boenfoe
chancellor of the French Embassy: the
Baron de Rothlcob. ofllcer of the French
Navy: Michael Lograve, General Commis
sioner of the French Government to the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and Ed
ward Wellhoff, his necretary.
Scullin and Wade Deny Charges
of Mississippi Valley Trust Co.
Returns were filed yesterday In Judge
Wood's dhision of the Circuit Court by
John Scullin, Festus J. Wade. George L.
Sands, Ernest Pcusnet and the Wiggins
Ftrry Company to the suit brought by the
MUslrslppl Valley Trust Company against
them and A. C. Church to restrain the
transfer of certain Wiggins stock of the
voting pool and to have the pooling agres
ment dissolved. The case was set for trial
yesterday, but was continued.
The Wiggins Company states that It
makes no reply In regard ta the agreement
and that It Is not a party to any such
agreement. The return denies that the
company Intends to pell to the Chicago,
Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company
any of Its property.
Mr. Scullin and Sir. Wade in their return
adopt the return of the Wiggins Company
and deny that they have attempted .to de
liver over the property of the Wiggins Com
pany to tne umcago, hock isiana i
claflc Company.
flanfl mid Ponimet denv that they have
been 'under the domination or control of
Scullin and Wade.
Hears Report From Carondelet
Trip of Inspection.
The Board of Directors of the Public Li
brary met yesterday afternoon. The pur
pose of the meet'ng was to receive a re
port from the special committee which had
visited Carondelet on Tuesday to inspect
the various sites offered In that district for
a. branch library, and to discuss matters
connected with the Exposition - property.
No positive recommendation was made as
to sites, and no decision was arrived at by
the board after a long discussion; but pref
erence pointed decidedly towards a piece of
ground offered by Mr. W, W. WIthnell,
fronting on Michigan avenue, between Fill
more and Wilmington road. Another site
proposed by a committee representing Ben
ton Park region was briefly considered.
The board authorized the refunding .lo
the Exposition Company of money paid on
unexpired insurance, and authorized the
Committee on Administration to rent the
buildings temporarily for unobjectionable
Stray Bullet Struck William Win
dom While Walking on Street.
William Wlndom, a negro, living at No.
1429 Chestnut street, was accidentally shot
and killed last night while walking on
Franklin avenue, near Twelfth street. The
bullet was from a revolver in the hand o(
Thomas Kartell, a negro, living at No. HCSS
Franklin avenue. Farrell was arrested and
admits the shooting.
Farrell and "Bud" Tucker, who has a
bootblack stand near Twelfth street aid
Franklin avenue, engaged In a quarrel, dur
ing the course of which Farrell pulled his
Tevolver and fired four shots at Tucker.
Wlndom was walking along the street with
a woman at the time and one of the bullets
struck blra In tho back, lodging near the
heart. He died in th natrol war.m M1
wjL.SiJL-tt tne us? uizpc3ary.
Miontln eaiied much exclteraer
-f If . ?I3 r.trs2t'ri"riur -t.cpp-10 oi u
Annual Festival Brings Together
Three Hundred Instructors.
Toschers played children's games yester
day at the annual play festival of the St.
Louis Public Kindergarteners, which occu
pied the whole afternoon nt the Union
Club. -Jefferson and Lafayette avenues.
Three hundred kindergarten teachers par
ticipated In the grand march, which was
led by Miss Mary C. McCullouch and Miss
Mabel A. Wilson. It was followed by a
free play. In which the teachers repeated
the intricate figure marches and gestures
that they Impart to their pupils. The move
ments were In harmony with music. Miss
Gertrude Crocker at the piano and D. K.
Howells. cornetlst, furnishing the time.
Hope Wants the Courihouie.
Hope. Ark., May 3L At a mass meeting
held at the opera house this afternoon W.
is Foster was elected chairman and J. IL
Arnold, secretary, the object being to take
active steps looking to the removal of the
courthouse from Washington to Hope. An
executive and finance committee were appelated.
$w ' tin' " 'iiri " T'i-f
For th is Refrigerator. We n ave
a most complete stock of Ice
Boxes and Refrigerators in the
low-prictd, medium or very fim
grades. The above is lined
throughout with galvanized zinc.
Has bronze trimmings and pat
ent tra.vs and air flues. It is air
tight and easily cleaned. Actu
ally worth 39.r0.
Special Sale of
Favorite Gas Ranges.
Ths "FaTorite" is the best and most economical
gas range made. It uses ORDINARY AIR AS
FUEL, mixing 80 per cent with 20 per cent
of gas. thus making a BIG SAVING IN TOUR
GAS BIIXS. A guaranteed perfect baker and
cooker. Warranted In every way by the makers.
$2.00 Cash
$2.00 Per Month.
For this splendid Couch. It Is covered with heavy pan
tasote. which looks Just like leather, wears as well and
costs half the price. It. Is everlastingly durable. This Couch
Is suitable for office or home use. It represents a high
grade of workmanship. It Is fitted with noiseless steel
springs. Any shade can bo furnished, but the popular color
Is a dark olive green.
Iucidcnt of Jefferson Club Party's
Trip to KanhiiH City.
Members of the Jefferson Club are re
lating jj :- -.n which om.
curred remutly tu 11. 1. Comti ss offlwr
of the Jefferson Club. Mr. Combs was go
ing to Kansas City last Thursday night In
company with Ilarry B. Hawei. and W. J.
Kljnn, when he brcame rather dry-throated.
Combs knows what's good for an ailment
of that kind, and he turned to Mr. Hawes
and asked a significant question. Mr.
Hawes told him that Mr. Flynn had "it."
Mr. Flynn was In another car. "He's in
the front sleeper." said Mr. Hawes, "lower
No. 11."
Determined to relieve his sufferings.
Combs started out in search for "lower No.
U." He found it. Ooenlng the curtain he
said, -plantively, and with o!cc afflicted:
Tat, gimme the bottle."
There was a slight shuffle en the inside
of the berth and presently a delicate band
held out a flask containing mlik and
capped with a nipple. In the midst of his
astonishment and tjerpleilty. Combs heard
the plantlve walls of a baby from within
the curtains, and. slipping the bottle back
under the curtains, whence It came, bs
tiptoed a hasty retreat.
The delegation left Kansas City on their
return trip last night, and will arrive home
Organize for a Poultry Show.
Mexico, Mo., May XL A poultry associa
tion, having a membership composed of
fanciers in Audrain. Callaway and Mont
gomery counties, was organized in this city
to-day. It-was decided to held a. three-day
need not take
For this China Closef.
It is of solid oak, well
finished and stylishly
and durably butlt. It
has glass door and
sides and vcrv tasty
carvings. It is almost a
necessity wheie pretty
table ware is used.
Easily worth 814 CO.
just think! The above set,
the entire output of a lare factory
for them, that we csn sell but one
show here during the latter part of Decem
ber. The follcmlrg officers and exocutlv
committees were selected: PreMdent. r. M.
Hereford Fulton: lce president. J. A.
at-aw, VcKittri'V: secretary jnd treasurer.
K, M f, 3XcX2C ',CCyf,Vte C-'T!T"lTT"-f
J. A. Kahlmjerl New'Florence: V. E.
McDonald. Thompson: J. H. Iinnpson, Mex
lf3. ir.-l H. E. Marlow Tnbett
Apjioiutment on Indian Commis
sion Thought to Be Unwise.
St. Joseph. Mo., May SI. Tho thirteenth
annual conference of the West Missouri
district of the Evangelical Synod adopted a
resolution before adjourning to-day, pro
testing the appointment of Archbishop Ry
an of the Catholic Church, as a member of
the Indian Commission. This protest will
be forwarded to St. Louis, and from there
to Washington, with a similar protest
adopted by the Missouri district.
The objection Is based on the ground that
the appointment would be mixing church,
and State, and this Is considered -Inimical
to the best Interests of all concerned.
The ofllcers elected are: The Reverend
William HacKman St. Joseph, president:
the Reverend I. T. Seybold. Wellington,
vlco president; the Reverend D. Buchmuel
ler, Lexington, secretary; the Reverend A.
T. Umbeclc California, treasurer.
Kansas City and Hlgglnsvllle are candi
dates for the next conference, the decision
to be made by the officers of the body.
"Borne swell turnouts are advertised in the
"Horse and Vehicle" columns of to-day's
Republic One hundred and forty-one ads.
Read then over.
ilS fr
CASH or If
And all prospective housefornishers should get our prices before
position to save you money. With our large number of stores
to handle big quantities of goods, we buy for less, and so can
our word for it compare
2 Rooms
Kitchen and Bedroom,
Furnished Complete
th all necessary furnishings,
THbV ARK PERFECT HEPS. They havi the latest sanitary improvements. The air having free access to all parts
ol tlit- beddtng, affords tl.e on'y proper method of ventilation. Room for all bel clothing,
THE WHOLE INTERIOR IS OF STEEL, with woven wire spring and spiral supports, metal head and foot ends. In
th:s bed are comb ned the best parts of the iron bed with the best parts of the wooden kind. It is simpler, stronger and
better than any folding bed made.
'''lEllii! '
consisting of one larp;e bowl and half dozen saucers. All Complete for IScl As to
and have distributed it amoug our different stores. This is such a remarkable ofTer,
to each customer.
American System Will Be Aban
doned at Planters.
Beginning this morning at 6 o'clock tho
Planters Hotel will become an exclusively
jjrnpAftv h-iur, Tr Tr'. ' - f i-
commodating guests ms Lor., ubandened
and from now on the more modern plan will
be adopted. Manager Henry Weaer says
that the Changs' will not effect the prices
charged, but will afford a more commodi
ous system by means of which the ssrlco
can be bettered, and the general clan of
the hotel expanded on up-to-date lines.
As heretofore a table d'hote dinner will
be scried from 4 to J JO o'clock p. m. A club
breakfast will be served between 6 and Vi
a. m.. which will be In conformity with tne
prices which customers have been in the
habit of pajlng. There will tx no change
In the personnel olthe management of the
hotel, save that occasioned bv the absnce
of certain members of the staff who will be
away during the summer. Practical charge
of the management will be given to Mr.
Callahan until the return of Mr. Weaer
from Mackinac.
orkgos coujrrs" nEruni-icAjrs.
Resolutions Indorse Aklna nnd Ker
ensDelegates Selected.
Thayer. Mo., May JL The Republicans of
Oregon County met in convention at Alton
to-day and elected delegates to the conven
tions as follows: To the State Convention
J. R. Hearle. John Buchanan. C. S- Gohn;
to the Judicial Convention Q. M. Durst;
to the District Senatorial Convention W.
F. Crabtree. 1 O. Ecksrd. W. R. Wlllard.
Owlaa a th. rrr mn i.iii
Credit Is CoocF at
our prices.
We have on free exhibition a beau
tiful model home, all furnished com
plete from front porch to kitchen.
Come and see it. It will give you
new ideas in furnishing. On the
fifth floor. Patent safety elevators
every half minute.
Iff' .4IN $lll
flEnnih &l
kI VS S fc
nominations were made for county offices,
but the following committee was appointed
to name a ticket: b Sachs, C. S. Ouha, W.
i"-.imw Tn-f9 adopted Indorsing both
Aklna and Kerens.
A. M. Strub'.e was rt-elccted chairman of
tho County Central Committee and C. 8.
Gohn was re-elected secretary.
Effects Were Saved From Diaaa
troua Early Morning Fire.
Iievier. Mo.. May 3L A disastrous fire in
the center of the business portion of the
city early this morning destroyed the Be
vler State Bank building, with Thomas's
photograph gallery above, the Post Office
building adjoining, owned by Rowland
Bros , the restaurant of A. O. Macey, dry
goods and notion store of A. H. Gullllek
and the residence of William Hardlsty.
The restaurant and dry goods and notion
store were owned by Mr. Hardiity. A loss
of between 110,000 and $12,000 was suffered,
covered by Insurance.
The majority of goods in the buildings
were saved Postmaster Francis secured
another building and moved th; Post Office
effects without loss or inconvenience to
the patrons.
Two Prisoners Broke Jail.
Eureka Springs, Ark., May SL Will Mc
Dermott, charged with grand larceny, anl
Andy Johnson, an ex-convlct, recently re
arrested, charged with horse-steallnr, es
caped from the Jail t BerryvlUe. this
Cauntr. Thursday night.
buying. We are in a particularly favorable
all over the country and our immense facilities
sell for less, than the other stores. But you
3 Rooms
Kitchen, Bedroom and Parlcr,
Furnished Complete
with all necessary furnishings,
For this Chiffonier. In
construction and work
manship it is all that can
be desired. Has beveled
tilting mirror, five large
and eas -working draw
ers, each fitted with sepa
rate lock. Bras pulls
and escutcheons. Regu
larly worth 69.03.
how we can ?o it we bought
and there will be such a rush
per yard
per yard
per yard
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per pair
per pair
GAVE $1,000,000 TO BRIDE?
Anurevr Carnegie, It Is Said, ifte
membered Pittsburg Girl.
Pittsburg, May SI. If Miss Harriet M.
t.-....jt ,cv!- tior wi..
gift from Andrew CaraugU, no one in the
Lauder home, on Pennsylvania avenue, can
be Induced (o admit It.
M'ss Lau&r became Mrs. Js.t C. Green
wr on Thursday, and to-dy a story, re
ported to t-e on the authority of Doctor
Greenway -f Hot Springs. Art, father of
the bridegroom, was told to the effect that
the retired ironmaster had given his niece
a million dollars.
The members of the tender family say
they will not discuss tee affairs of the
young pair Mr. and Mrs. James C. Green
way went Cast after the wedding on Thurs
day, and wfll spend the cummer In Scot
land, visiting Andrew Carnegie part of ce
time. George Lauder, father of the bride.
Is a favorite cousin of Carnegie. Miss Lan
der is, consequently, not a niece, as was
said in the dispatch from Hot Springs.
When Carnegie visits Pittsburg; he always
stays at the Lander home.
If you really want work, read over the
four hundred and sixteen "Help Wanted
ads. in to-day' Republic
Township Convention nt Pans.
Pana. I1L, May ZL The Democratic Town
ship Central Committee baa Issued a call for
a convention to be held June 7 for the pur
pose of selecting delegates ta the County
W mM 1 Iff
For this Sideboard. This is one
of the season's most populac pat
terns. It has richly carveJktop
and base, and lined drawers. The.
mirror is a splendid piece of
r?- ,- ,.- t , M t r .
xtcucu piaic gias, ocavuy ucvy
eled. It is well worth 33.00. "A j
Special Sale of
edroom Suites
BBC 8 Jul,
This is a flrst-clas three-piece Bedroom Suit,
and consists of bed. dresser and washstind.
It is a beautiful pattern, elegantly finished
and most durably made. The bed and dresser
art decorated with raised carvings and tha
dreser is fitted -with fine French beveled
per yard
per yard
per yard
per yard
50c i
Untlng Will
Be Held at Forest
Park Highlands June 0.
T?S armJ' .!S?te o! Clinton School
will be held M vh 7"uis Hu:hind cv-
5rii -Jzr-JZ'v-" -; sett--: Tts- -
band, and the SL !xuls fife and drum
eorna. Bheriff Dlckman win be gTanu
marshal of the parade.
The officers in charge of the arrange
ments are: President Tbeo. F. Hagenowr
ecretary. E. IL Christie; treasurer, Henry
Una. Committees- '
Music Julius Hatenwlcht. chairman;
Theo. Conrades. Doctor EL Brtbacb. Albert
Schjnk. F. W. Dollman and Doctor Georga
Finance Henry Neon, chairman: L.
Tohls, Robert Gaertner, 3. A. Welssenbern.
E. J. Helmerichs, c. C. Crecellus, A. Tj.
Wehrhelm, Henry Hell, Doctor eTs. B-,
wend and Doctor W. K. Altken.
Entertainment F. J. Ebllng, chalrrsanf
George Luth. F. L. Seidel. A. E. Kls4er-
vaier. jonn it wall. H. Bockstruek. M.-J.
Trezler, Jacob Mueller. B, AndersaB-and,
Refreshmects Fred W. Eggllnr, chalrr
Maack. Joe Schmidt and E. A. CoVaea.n5
Transporutten-August HeakeL caalrar
J. C. Fleming. L. C. Kordraeyer, I, F, M"
ler. A. Joquel, Doctor E. W. BberteiaJ'
SJ H- V VainllebejxB. ivmSmt. ,
G H. Klett LonU Bayer and H. Fry
&ae awell turnouts are advertised la tie jJk
orse and Vehicle" columns of to-daif "
5aJHe. One huadred and f orty-oae ad - -Read
them over. w j. . w .?
9 $
i 1
i -
m Jff
m 4
m I
4il I
- .. -rm

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