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Mfe rff'tf'i jTTrdfi Jf HwrtMHI
With the advent of May we declared our intention of attempting to surpass in point of sales any previous Alay's business in our history. We succeeded beyond our highest expectations, and declare
now our earnest endeavor to make the month of June, 1902, eclipse any month's business ever done by Famous. This means setting the figures at "high mark" and means much to accomplish, but
we have laid our plans well for the purpose. The past two weeks our buyers have been scouring the markets, buying from overloaded importers and manufacturers carloads of seasonable, desirable
merchandise of all kinds, at prices Ion enough to enable us to turn them over to you in many instances at less than the cost of manufacture. No fictitious figures, but the ACTUAL ORIGINAL
SELLING WORTH is appended to every item below note the saving on each.
I Ration's Fervent Desire for Tcrmi-
i nation of Disastrous ar to
J, Be Expressed To-Day.
I i
Black Dress Goods.
Twenty pieces 50-inch
Black English Chev
iot warranted strict
Jy all wool, and fully
wcrtli 75c yard
A flno lot of Ribbon Bead
lugs and Double Edse
Hands in Hamburg and
Swiss open-work effects
new. pretty. efl"ectie
and miM wanted styles
values up to 15c Sb
yard-ohoieo. Jjfi
yard ,J"a
La.dies' Vests.
Ladies' White Vests
pure lisle thread
Richelieu rib low
neck no sleeves
silk ribbon at neck
and arms an excel
JUNE 1, 1902. 3
If SiW '-n
I dUnE PliiliaMlild HUE BLUddUlnlNil fwm I SI lifil E w El i Pier Ala 1 MM B 1
IWnr !-.
10 dozen fancy Fans in
the crepe paper ef
fectsenameled stick
and metal trimmed;
Japanese Fans worth
J 5c each in this
12 gross of the latest Co
lonial and Coronation
Belts extra, quality
heavy tlouMe-faced sal In
riMwn with handsome
biu-klt- in front jud back
beautiful metal slides
on sides to match- worth
Tv in this tp
?' , S&Slfl
June 5-ale . wwu
Lord Kitchener Is Given Mncl'
Credit for Rapid 1'rogre.is of
Peace" Negotiations lias
Confidence of Boers.
lent 35c value
in this Rreat
June Sale
while the lot
June Sale
Ij a el I e s' Blarl; Lisle
Thread Hoe-eierj- pair
warranted fast and
Mamies-, all-over lace
to tho toe handsome
patterns Me, J, to 10
- tiniversa.ly bold at
Sic In this I JS
P-at . , fijg
Jnui'.-alo " " "
I.ondon, May 31. Thursday's Cablnent
meeting, adjourned from Tuesday, was rep
resented by .1 voracious news agency as
sudden and unexpected In consequence of
Important dispatches from South Africa.
Inasmuch a,s the House now meets at 12
o'clock on Friday, it is natural that the
weekly meeting of Ministers, formerly held
on that day, should be held on Thursday
Mr. Balfour's announcement In the House,
cu the other hand, was highly significant
end Important. He hopes, though he is not
quite sure, ho will be able to state on Mon
day the result of the recent discussion in
South Africa. Of what nature that result
will be ho gave no hint. It is probable that
he docs not know.
It seehis pretty plain that the Govern
ment, through Lord Kitchener. ha sent an
ultimatum to the Boer delegates at Pretoria
"who have gone to consult the larger body
of their colleagues at Vereenining. Upon
this now seems to depend the Mipreme
Issue of peace or war.
Prnjcrs for Pence.
Prom every Christian church In Great
Britain and South Africa there will be of
fered to-morrow most fervent prayer for an
honorable and lasting peace. The Boers
have to consider the horrors of another
winter campaign and the destruction of
their family life as against what a great
poet calls the "glorious privilege of being
The Cabinet has to compare the draw
back of making concessions which South
African loyalists may dislike with the ad
vantage of a.voluntary mutual arrangement
which will" extinguish Instead of Inflame
the hatred of race.
The public confidence In ' ord Kitchener
as negotiator is such as no soldier since the
Duke of "Wellington has enjoyed. It Is
Known from private but authentic sources
of Information that he has from the first
most favorably Impressed the Boers by his
good sense, good !"umor and sympathy with
their point of view. No one would daro
to suggest that the hero of Omdurman is
Indifferent to British Interests, but Lord
Kitchener Is one of those who respect
others because they respect themselves.
He has no desire to trample on a fallen
3Ir. '.Bnlfoar'n Lntest "Break."
Mr. Balfour's complaint that his refer
ence to matters In the "balance" had been
misunderstood Is most extraordinary. The
Idea, that it imnlicd dissensions in thi
Cabinet can have entered nobody's head ex
cept nis own. wnetner tnero tw dissen-
Vflons of- not, no Cabinet Minister much
less the leader of the House of Commons
Vwould bo so amazingly indiscreet as to
anlt: their exPTience in public, but It Is.
at the same fiie, perfectly obvious that
mcMlficatlons will be made In the budget,
nowr-flgaln postponed till Wednesday It
peaeoi is at onco concluded.
At ixst It was thought the corn tax
would gfc. , .Now tho extra penny on the In
come tax ts the favorite with speculators
If the, budget were In anytasc to remain
OS it was. there could be no object in put
ting off the next stage of the finance bill
till after the receipt of the final news from
South Africa.
"Thet libera.!. party will, of course, prefer
to fight the duty on corn and raise the
whole question of free trade on Its merits
They are extremely grateful to leading
Conservatives for having memorialized Mr.
Balfopr In favor of the tax.
Whether tho income tax bo 11 or 15
pence in the pound Is a question of ex
pediency, not of principle. At the tame
time the reduction will be popular and
would not be a humiliating defeat.
Cocrnment Enclneer Ciiiri'ts
veep 500 Men Bun; Till Suni-
nier at Mach-Secded Wurk.
Sioux City, la., May 31. The assured ap
propriation of 50,009 a year for three years
for the Improvements in Yellowstone Bark
will keep 500 men, fifty teams and fourteen
foremen at work in the National Park for
six months.according to the plans of Colo
nel H M. Chittenden. Chief of United States
Engineers, with headquarters at Sioux City.
To carry out Improvements contemplated
for this year will cost the Government ZM
000. divided as follows: Macadamizing roads
JS0.000; new buildings, KXi.CO . repair and
building of roads. 5110.000; bridges, jrs.COO;
BUrpHes, J35.000,
Financier Expects to Be in His
Office To-Morrow.
New Tork, May 31. Russell Sage, who
has been confined to his house for several
days, was so much Improved to-day that
he took a drive .through Central Park with
Mrs. Sage. He feels so much better that
he expects to be at his office on Monday.
He bad a good night's rest.
Doctor John P. Munn, Mr. Sage's phy
sician, said to-day:
"Mr. Sage Is all right. There Is nothing
the matter with him."
"Was he threatened with pneumonia?"
the doctor, was asked.
"No, not at all. There need be no worry
about Mr. Sago. He will be all right In a
Base's friends In Wall street have
worried about his health. His ab
JT" ia office Increased their alarm.
I I?11
B Bte
An Important June
1S7 beautiful Trim
med Hats, each one
hand- made o n wire
frames of hair braids
and combinations, tasti
ly draped with silk
laces, flowers, foliages
and fancy ornaments
black hats, white hats,
pink ?. 0k $ft BB
light blue hats the sort
that you'll find priced else
where at 85.' 0 in this great
June Pale, and but one to a
customer, choice for
Iiats vfi. Mm Kn
and tafiM KM nKFlW
tti i ii'LjOTTnmf "-"yinrr
i 1 1 1 in i i ii ii ilij-jl "''-J
Sensational Purchase of Ladies' Wash W&ists I
The most wonderful trade triumph achieved tkis season. This time and nothing could be more season- i
nf.fA 2 t. ..!.. n-t- ah fvnnW f f 4 f a l.nAe ... .1. . 4.A-... ........ ..... J.. 4. ..-.J.... I. .. .. !". .. .. ... ' ).....? ii
ilUlG ii d 1Jt; CiilllC iUbA UU MlUtlU tSJ 1I& JlJibI cttuj'-iu-iv cut tVUidid IH SlllJClJl.lI IIJC "JXCIIUtVJI UIUUU,
65 and 69 Bleecker St. , New York City. 1,000 dozen in all, comprising 60 distinct styles, bought by
Famous at just one-half regular price, enabling us to sell to you right at the opening of the hoi-weathzr
season at less than wholesale cost. The "Renown" copyright label as illustrated below) sewn in every
garment, Is Indicative of best fitting qualities, best tailoring and standard material, such as used in the
highest-priced made-to-order waists. These Waists are WASH Waists, nat in name only, but in every
sense of the word felled seams throughout all insertions are re-enforced every inch is carefully
stitched you'll find they'll come back to you after laundering in perfect condition. The beauty and
exclusiveness of the styles and extremely low prices should hurry all tasty dressers Famousward.
White Goods Bargains.
Mors white goods worn this season than ever
before. If you're lotting for the highest qualities at
lowest prices, this is the store for you.
Con-.mencing Monday We Will Place on Sale
2,400 yards of India Linon A beautiful sheer quality
32 inches wide and worth 15c a yard but owing to a
very fortunate purchase we got thorn for
half price and they're yours at the same
low rate while they last, yard
Persian Lawns A very popular dress fabric vcry
sheer, but heavy enough for good service these are
extra good 19c values to this Jot we'll add about 15
half pieces of Fancy White Goods 35)1 SH
worth lac to 25c yard in this great $ "J g
June Sale, yard HKa
The "Renown"
Will be found on
sale in the leading
stores of the larg
est cities, and
worn by the swell
est dressers. The
styles are unique
and original.
It's An Excellent
To become ac
quainted -with the
splendid qualities
carried by our
Great Cloak De
partment, and
how Famous
saves 3-0U mone3
ens Furnishings.
H'e have bunched together these FOUR big Items,
acd will sell them at the uniform price of 3-4-c
many recognize their value by the brands.
Men's Imported Balbriggan Undershirts and Drawers
the Bon Bon brand, made in Troves, France shirts,
sizes 31 to -14, with short or long sleeves drawers,
sizes 2S to 42, for extra long and short
stout men; 50c always in this, great
June Sale, per garment
Hen's Negligee Shirts All-over madras, with cuffs de
tached, Bedford cords, in light blue and pink and
plain white open work; cut full and large, double
stitched throughout, the "Eagle" brand,
sizes 14 to l"i"2; regular 75c quality
in this great June Sale or
Men's Genuine "President" Suspenders known for
durability, ease and comfort; new a n
webbings; regular price 50c ".t-tLb!
in this great June Sale .. ? 3
Hen's Fancy Half Hose plain and fancy drop stitch,
silk embroidered, m black, pearl colored,
tan and blue; imported to sell at
50c in this great June Sale
A Lace Certain Marvel.
4C0 pairs of newest patterned Xottirghams 34 and
3j yards long 45 to 60 inches wide grouped from
several sources there are curtains worth up to $3.50
that are slightly imp;.-iect, there arc curtains that
have been used as samples, a little soiled, but worth
S1.E0 to S2.50, and small lots of curtains & fpk
frnm niir reclilnr stocks, worth s51.25 to S2 H Vfl 1
in this great June Sale, pair
Smyrna ILus.
All-wool size 9x12 feet hcautilul
patterns worth 25.00
in this great June Sale
Imported Batistes,
Very Sheer Lawns,
Fine Chambrays,
Imported Madras,
Linen Tissues.
"Renown" Waists
Regular 86 and 8"
values in this great
June Sale
"Renown" Waists
Regular 85 and 85.50
values in this great
June Sale
"Renown" Waists
Regular $4 and 84.50
values in this great
June bale
Silk Linen Lawns,
Fancy Zephyrs,
Swellest Embroideries,
Basket Weaves,
Rich Openwork.
"Renown" Waists
Regular 53.50 and 83.75
values in this great
June Sale
"Renown" Waists
Regular 82.75 and 53
values in this great
June Sale
"Renown" Waists
Regular $2 and S2.25
values in thib great
June Sale ,
Special June
Sale of
What could be more tlmtlj than this great sale, comln; as It
does, last when White Ribbon Is so much In iessand tor graduation
and like functions. Thousands of yards of the finest Pure Silk
While Ribbons gathered from the best foreign and domestic looms
suitable for sash bows, corsage bows, hair bows, girdles, sisbts.
etc., at extremely low prices.
No. 1 White Silk Ribbon, SO-yard ip.
spools, pcrspool VtiC
No. IK White Silk Ribbon, 50-yard 1 S?
spools, pcrspool. .. I yC
No. 2 White Silk Ribbon, 10-yard
bolts, per bolt
No. A White Silk Ribbon, 10-jard
bolts, ptr bol t
No. S W hlte Silk Ribbon, 10-jard
bolts, per bolt
All Wider Elbbon at correspondingly low
3-lnca All-ilk Taffeta RiV.n. high luster on both
sides. 13c value peryard
3!-lnch Silk Toilets Ribbon, 25c value
per yard ,
Sashes and Bows Tastily Made Free of Charge.
Sj I
Picture Dep't Special
Framed Pictures, in an endless variety of subjects
high-colored landscapes, very artistic designs some
frames with pretty brass corners, others JP
with raised decorations, worth 39c $ J S
in this great June Sale S&axy 65
Wash Goods.
Don't wait until the very scorching
weather la upon us, but buy now.
You surely could not wish for
better values.
30 in. Batiste in the very latest col
orings ana patterns worth lKc yard Cn
in this sreat June Sale, yard.. . . OG
Fine Dimities and Batiste Lawns
nearly coual to imported poods exceed
ingly stylish effects -worth 15c Q
yard in this great Juno yalc, yard. O l
Lawns and Dimities exquisite de
signs. Incluning many band styles usu
ally sold for UV yard - ( 9 '
In this great June Sale.yard Ib2w
Real Foreign Dimities 25c jj
quallty In this great Juno Sale, yd . 1 0 C
Real French Embroidered Swiss
65c quality OOn
In this great June Sale, yard ....fw
Real French Embroidered Swiss
7Sc quality i30
In thU great June Sale, yard R
The very iiopulnr lacy effects, In Silk Snot
i auncs wortn wc yaru
in this great June Sale, yard
Special Juie Sale of Chmaw&re, Cut Glass aid Household Waiis.
yt& ijrt?l rJN. r Sff&Si &MsZ$Wv
-. 3Ck. 1 I V V It -Jmpf i --" Bfcur'xLMJ L.
Fine Imported China Din
ner Sets -Including soup
tureen - ill set table for
fi persons (J fj ft ("
Siri.VUalue. dUi90
lO.Piece Lhimbcr ts
filled-in divoratinn and
golil-tmced ) QQ
83.75 values.. ui30
Palm Tree extra largo
leaves 4 feet high
SS!" 81,48
Palm ' rees-10 feet high
?0i,h S2.25
Imported China Fish Sets -lieautlfully
(like cut)- Sq "IC
fC0 valuo . 3d 10
China Fruit Bowls and Cab-
arettes neat decora-
values . .
China and Engllth Vases
assorted shn pes and dec
oration": -worth Oft a
up to 75c ... v3li
fletal Photo Frames gold
PUted-Worth gg
Water and Lemonade Sets
different colors and
deeoratlons large
crimped-top pitchers fi
tumblers and tray
F$. $1.25
Olass Table 5ets new
shapes butter dish,
sugar bowl, creamer and
spoon holder A O A
worth 75c... -0C
rietal VasesChina hand-
f tainted centers Ii In
ilgh worth C jSQ
Sale of
Genuine Cut Glass.
Sothlnr Is mere appreciative for a
wedding present than a piece of Cut
Olass. ipeclalJuoe Saleprlcei:
55.00 Tut Glas
Uerry Boww....
4.!0 Cut Gbfis $
Celery Trays iSCs
S2.50 Cut Ola's
Handled Nappies
$100 Cut Glass ($1 QC
Xappls VlluJ
$)50 Cut Glass G n C
Water Dottles VuibU
$5 00 Cut Glass Q) "JC
Sugar and creams UUi I 3
$3.W Cut Glass 9 7K
Flower aes lyiailw
50c Cut Glas Salt and OCn
I'eppers. Fterling tops., bsfv
Tho latest cuttinci. shapes
and designs'
Bfaifc rj
Window Screens !4 in Inch ad
just to S3 In. wide hi).
worth 30c. .. 60
Scnen Ooors-(lllcecut)all f)F.
.sizes, worth il.50 . ... SUC
WlndowScreen Frames with gal
vanized Iron corneix
Slze30.x'M. 5c Size 06x42, 20c
Famous Lann flowers steel ept-
uui: ujr-i-usj running ll-lll.
worth Al JP
S300 OrilhO
Polar Refrlgerators-mado
of hardwood -7inc-llned
Famous (tr; en
rrict-$ls to.. OQiOS
White Mountain Double
Door Itefrlserators
made of hardwood, fin
ished In colden oat.
lined with galvanized
iron -Famous
in the Domestic Aisle.
Table No. I Short Ends of plain
lawn". 1 toSyardlensths. 30 to 40 Inches
wide-cood colors wortli Sc to 12c yard In
full nieces-AIso I'rinted Lawns. Glnsr-
nams. i'rints. etc. in snori mm
lenzths -worth 5c to Sc yard
while they last
In this great June Sale, yard...
Table No. 2 Short Lengths of
Bleached Muslin. 2 to 10 yards each
worth 7Kc yard ; also Sv
Apron Ginghams worth ig A
8c yard luj U
la this great June Sale.y.rd
Table No. 3 10c Dress Ginghams,
12Hc plain black and plain f
white Duck and 10c Lawns and 3fi
Dimities- Kjtt
In this great June Salo, ytrd w
Table No. A Plain and Corded Linen
Colored BatLste. plain white and colored
lawns, beautifully printed lawns. Batistes
and Dimitles-early y I
season price 12Hc. 15c and B P
lsc yard . M oil
IU LUIS glCAbJUUO uait,, J .l...
a-t'm T'j
u ii njmjjm i H n MiiirrrraiMrTTrTTminiTTTTTTiw1 'Wiir.rrtpTj..uilf.i'ilni Ji'a
Declares Miseries of Anthracite
Miners Are Such That Thej
Are Compelled to Fight.
Secure the Cup Carried" to England
by Watson in 1SSG.
London, May 31. The International polo
match between the American and English
teams at Hurtingham to-day was won by
the Americans by a. score of 2 to L
This gives the Americans the Polo Cup,
which John Watson and his team carried
to England In 18HL
Tho English team was a warm favorite
tn the match, but the Americans, captained
by FoxallKeene, have been steadily at work
and their play to-day was magnificent.
Both teams were, in tho pink of condi
tion and the pace was rapid throughout
the periods.
erican Pugilists to Participate
in Goronation Boxing Carnival.
New Torfc May SL "Tommy" Ryan and
Spike-" Sullivan, the prize fighters, sailed
to-day on tife Tlmbrla" for London to fight
In the National Sporting Club during coro
nation? week. . . .
Ryan Is mateheo to nght Johnny Gorman
ena Sullivan will box fifteen rounds with
Jabez White. .
Just before sailing. Tommy Ryan said
that he had signed articles to fight "Kid"
McCoy In the latter part of August In Salt
Xate during tha Elks' celebration.
"Questions in Dispute Are Matters
of Fact, Not of Principle, but
Companies Refused to
itEPunuc srEciAi
Washington, May 3L Samuel Gompers's
American Federatlonallst for June comes
vigorously to the support of the anthracite
coal strikers In an article, apparently
written by the president of the Federation
of Labor himself. Among other things, the
article says:
"For more than twenty-flve years the
condition of the miners in the anthra
cite coal districts has constantly grown
worse. In season and out they have suffered
reduction in wages. Their necessaries of
life including the powder used In blasting
coal and the tools of labor they hae had to
buy from the 'company stores' at pricee
far In excess of what they could be pur
chased for elsewhere.
"The miners have been obliged to live In
the company's 'bogs' called dwellings. They
have been hounded and cornered into abject
mental and physical fear.
"Surelv when 147.O0O men voluntarily and
deliberately lay down their tools of labor
and declare that they and theirs will go
hungry if necessary and bear the other
burdens and sacrifices which a prolonged
strike may entail, they must keenly feel
the wrongs from which they suffer and are
painfully conscious of the necessity of this
step to attain their object.
Cost of Living In Dlspnte.
"Nearly two years have elapsed since the
laxt strike and the cost of livlnc has been
greatly Increased. In the present strike the
miners have acted not only In a conciliatory
spirit, but were willing to submit the case
to arbitration. This the companies have re
jected. The questions In dispute are mat
ters of fact not of principle, hence there
can be no good reason why the companies
should relect arbitration. If they are right
it can be demonstrated before a board of
arbitrators. If the miners are Justified In
their demands, that, too. can be settled be
yond doubt
"The miners in this conflict have con
ducted themselves with calmness and de
liberation. Thoy have been guided by con
servative opinion and Judgment. The strike
was not declared until all conciliatory and
peaceful means were exhausted. Two
months elapsed between the formulation of
the demands and the inauguration of the
strike. Every fair-minded citizen, every
llbcrty-loving man, every union workman
unites, not only in wishing tho miners the
greatest possible success In this contest,
but will supplement these wishes by every
assistance, financial and moral, to the full
limit of his ability.
"The conditions by which the miners have
been surrounded, the misery which wan
their lot. must never again be possible.
They moved upward and onward In the
social and Industrial scale. It is essential
n thn fiiliir-A TXTtl.btnir if the trtrf. Amer
ican people that they be aided to continue I
this movement lor tneir material, moral ana
social welfare."
Say They Will Voluntarily Come
Uack From Canada to Be Tried
by Any Judge but Speer.
MsaB I ij i a iiii
fair's1"' lifMr&lflf? & i ILJpb ipftspas no 7A
SMWW StBL jw&fflMfVHtt?K itt jb B3& ffi K1" i" B P'P.ia
r, bezw wiB8fmwa-ag bibb-m. w j
That's the kind of a store the Blue Front is. We want it to become a household
name in every family where the purchasing power of a dollar is a consideration.
Through the values we give and the service we render we strive to merit your
patronage. CASH or CREDIT, prices are the same our sixteen-year-old policy.
French President Appreciates Fa
vors to Rochambeau Mission.
Washington. May 31. Information was re
ceived at the State Department to-day from
the French Embassy that the President of
France had conferred the cross of the Le
gion of Honor on Herbert If. D. Pierce,
Third Assistant Secretary of State: Colonel
1 Theodore A. Bingham, Engineer Corps. U.
, S. A., and Commander Raymond P. Rogers.
U. S. N.. in recognition of their courtesies
and attention to the French special mission
sent to this country for the Rochambeau
statue aeuication. jir. t-ierce is made a
commander, and the others officers of tho
The three new legionaries are now with
the French special mission In their capacity
as members of President RooFevelt's Com
mittee of Reception and Entertainment. The '
decoration cannot be accepted until Con- I
grew, by special resolution, has given i
Teachers lor Carlyle Schools.
nrl..1n Til Mfltr 1 Ta 1 ., -
...i.j.c, ..... -j . xcciiFrs jor in 1
Carlyle public school have been employed
as follows: E. E. Van Cleve. superintend
ent, who was re-employed for the ninth I
consecutive time; John TV. Fisher, prln- '
cipal; M. N. Tcdd, Miss Mabel "Whitney. I
i.I" "."" -uieo omoa veiling.
Miss Mamie olmer. Miss Jennie Ford.
Ilaa XfnT 17 T.Hnirt.n .-ft.. .
I Elstant principal has not yet been employed.
Assert They Have Witnesses to
Prove That He Made a Remark
in a Savannah Hotel Which
Would Disqualify nim.
Washington, May 31. Greene and Gaynor,
the American fugitives, who are now In
prison In Quehec, Canada, of their own
choice, to avoid estradltlon to the United
States to answer the charge of embezzle
ment In connection with the notorious case
of Captain O. M. Carter, and the frauds
in the Savannah Harbor contracts, have
notified the Attorney General that they are
willing to return to the United States and
stand trial before any Judge of a United
States court, excepting Judge Emory Speer
of Georgia.
This statement was made here by An
drew J. Rose, who was one of the leading
counsel hi the case of Captain O. M. Carter
and afterwards prominent as one of the de
fenders of Messrs. Greene and Gaynor. Mr.
Rose arrived here to-night. I
Mr. Rose went on to say that he was In j
Canada last week and saw Messrs. Greene
and Gaynor. and they are p.rfectly willing
to stand trial In this country before any i
other Judge than Judge Speer. They claim
that they cannot get Justice from him, as
his prejudice- against them Is too strong to
be overcome by any evidence that may be
presented In their behalf.
Mr. Rose stated further that Judge Speer
had been heard to make remarks In th;
corridor of the De Soto Hotel at Savannah
which. In his opinion, disqualified him from
slttlnir at the trial of his clients. Mr. Rose
did not say that he heard Judge Speer mako J
the remarks, but he said" that witnesses j
could be produced to prove that Judge
Speer had made them.
IRON BEDS, all $Q 85
a styles .. & up
Dollars do double duty at the
Blue Front.
All the subjects that brighten
the walls an I lend an-air of re
finement to the home. 3Iany
Bast Matting, (Oc to 35c.
stynsn. tineiy tin- CB2
Era 2jj G
m IS 'HI
1 "'' Irtn-gsrZ.
SIDEBOARD: bigsest and best
stock In city, OC
superbly tin- CTU
Ished " up
Genuine old-fashioned
bargains like your neigh
bors talk about are al
ways to b: had at the
Blue Front.
Well balanced, comfortable,
splendidly finished ones, cob
bler or saddle c
seat, and ;
of styles..
;g 35
Ours please every housekfep-
er; mey ro nanusome. save
Ice. keep food perfectly and
cost no more man
somooftho 3
cheanor i
ones up
ODD DRESSERS.decp.roomy
drawers. highly ay OR
polished, spe-
clal this week.. up
The prudent housewife
buys at Mulvlhill's.
Mulvl hill's prices make
It expensive for you to
buy elsewhere.
Absolutely safe Gas C f
or Oasoline. latest O W C
pat., economical., a wook
Three pieces, all woods.
est upholster- g
lng, finest
finish. up
OUR STORE is full of
pleasing wedding suggestions.
tra nice, every B"V'
good pattern up
and OO-OARTS as 5UC
low as a wook
The most desirable of floor coverings for
the summer at prices so low that It's' of
interest to every housekeeper; and what Is
of greater Interest is the fact that you can
pick any carpet In the house and have it
made, lined and laid for
$2.00 Down, $1.00 a Week.
P '--wrwOiwJSfcJT7-f'Wll
1'" -----
Trenton Fire Deimrtinent Officers.
Tronton. III., May 3L The Volunteer Fire
Department of this city has elected officers
for the ensuing vear as follows: Sidney Sul- and Jacob Metzger, assistant; Arthur "Wenr-
lens, prerident; Wesley Glanzer. vice presl- . II. captain of chemical engine; J. C. Wolfe,
rtpnt- John Wolfe, secretary: Mat Wanger,
treasurer; L. C. RIemann. Louis Trippel and
John Malerl, trustees; It C RIemann, chief.
captain water engine; John Glanzsr, cap-
iom nose curi; .louis inpp&i, caBiam wi..
hook and ladder, track.
. tv , i'w-,
z.. c .tarysj) ,
s-.c .t-rtxzrii-1 jf -.
'.n .

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