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X V?Jy 1 jis4 tfi A. IJn nicer.
tt'" tJsY J-. C. Gutnthcr,
W. ZZ & TB2&J.'r' A. IJehers.
7 . xv
umszuaxx mwjnm-jMAMM C1!CT5. 3
rf which hi Is .1 member. Cuds were
I'lajea from 3 to .". o'clock, after fhlcli a
lunchion was serve.'. The nriz. trc won
by llrs O. E. Schultes. Jin. Eeno Meyer
and Miss Caroline Spoar. The dlnlnfs-room
nas a profusion of ferns anil palms, the
tabb- beins; artistically decorated with
Arrenean b"autle and smilax. Miss Clara
Wle'man vas the guest of honor. Mrs.
Helb of South Jefferson avenue will enter
tain the club at the nest meeting.
Thobe present:
Emily Besemati.
Minnie- Wiedmer.
Clara IViedmann.
Mi edames-
i iz nth Meyer,
U.ir'nri lieKeman,
Caroline Spohr.
.Minnie i.nrnarat.
A Furpric raty was given to Miss
n'anoho Stnajj. daushter of Mr. and Mrs.
J C. btraus of Xu 3130 Helle avenue on
.tun!..y ceninp. by fnerds and members
of the nw enior class of the Ilish School,
to which Mt Strauss belongs. The even
Insr ea spent in dancinc .in! itames, after
liVh refreshments were -erved In the
summer rou-e MTss Strauss wnl mtke a
tour of Europe during tbe summer months.
Arp.'iar those prtsent were:
nation K.iT e Klt !i at '
I.e .ivnne. Tuur-r,aj af
of her blrthi" i M'. Ul r.
the ciub aicain in Jun e
n i". hi nor
iv.ll -n"-:tala
rni:sov.i- mi:tio.
3Ir. James Taussic. w"io 11 ' i pr'!cs
a few dayj with frienis in T i-. i.c tt.
arrived at Jamestown 1 1- - . . r to our-
pose of Iookins after h' , nhi(-h iz
now neir. put in orcer 1 r i .e nis sea.
son. Mr. Tauss s !'l 'i 1 n. c me da7
lor si. ifluis.
Bridal parties for the month have been
Society Is occupied with nothing else.
Tho unengaged girl, the girl who Is not to
tie a June bride, the sirl who is not to be
even an autumn bride, has vanished. I
don't believe there Is one of her in town.
Not twenty-four hours passes without a new
announcement, and as for wedding lingerie,
I have inspected Valenciennes and tuck1?
and blue silk garters with blue satin bowl
and kimonas, and the whole lovely lot ot
finery that fills cery woman's heart with
glee, whether she I3 a prospective bride or
not, until my adjective stock is run dry and
my eyes are surfeited with daintiness end
Never has St. Louis been so positively
Eiven over to marriages as this month's
calendar shows. I took a look in the files
of The Republic for ten Junes pas-t. and
not one of them can show a list of brides
as long or half a' Important as that which
this rosy month has to offer. At least let
us be thankful that the ceremonies don't
all come on the Kime days, and that those
which do conflict are nt different hours.
The Wednesday weddings are nicely ar
ranged. Katherine Jones will be married
at half after 5, and If we make quick timo,
we can Just get to the Goddard-BIgg cere
mony at 6. with a rest until Grace Gale's
wedding at 9.
The GaIe-"Welh party gathered ItsMf to
gether on Friday, when tho bridegroom,
Mr. George Winton Welsh. Jr.. lately of
Kentucky, but more recently of Colorado
Springs, arrived, accompanied by nearly all
his masculine assistants. Iyonc Gale, the
bride's brother, will be best man, but the
others, who serio as ushers, are all from
out of town Horace Cochran of Masi!le.
Ky.; Guy Wiseman and Collins Sumrall of
Danville, Ky , and Jim A res of Richmond,
Va. The bride has chosen her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Leone Gale, herself a bride of only a
few months, to be matron of honor, with
Ruth Spencer. Margaret Wilkinson anil ,
LIda Robberson of Springfield, Mo . as re- j
malnlng maids. Pink and white tints will ,
prevail and the church will be trimmed In
an elaborate and effective manner. Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Duke Thompson gave a '
trolley party end supper on Saturday night
for Miss Gale: Miss Wilkinson will give a
tea at the Kirkwood country home of tho
Wilkinsons to-day and Mr. and Mrs. Gale a
dinner to-morrow night, preceded bv a
coaching party to Glen Echo, with the bride
bs hostess.
The Jones-Rew party Is chiefly remarka
ble for Its collegiate air as to bridesmaid?
and its long list of ushers, most of whom
come from other cities. Miss Katherine
Jones, the bride, is a Smith graduate and
has many friends among the college sets in
various cities, choosing her maids, there
fore, most Impartially, one from each of
four principal women's Institutions of learn
ing. Her honored maid Is Miss Irwin of
Albany, N. T., lately of Bryn Mawr, while
ills Mabel Riddle of St. Louis, a Vasar
Eirl; Miss Carolino Taylor of St Louis,
Smith: Miss Anna Ramsey, St. Louis, also
Smith, and Miss Weatherbeo of Detroit,
Wellesley, will lend their beauty to tho
bridal procession. The best man is a rela
tive of the bridegroom, Mr. Theodore Irw in
of Now York. Mr. Rew, who is a Yale
man. 'S3, has selected several college chums
to be U'hers, together with some of the
bride's men friends in town. They are
George Brown of Chicago, Georgo McBean
of Chicago, David Williams of Etanston, J.
D. Scoell of Buffalo, with Low-Is Thorn
eon, Louis Benecke, Carl Law ton and,
George Jones, all of St. Louis.
Miss Ethel Goddard, who is to marry
David Biggs at 6 o'clock at St. Peter's
Episcopal Church, will have only one
bridesmaid. Miss Johnston of Kno.viIIIe,
Tenn. C. H. McMillan will be Mr. Blggs'a
beat man, and Lewis Tune, Edgar Rand,
Evans McCarty. Tra Goddard and Stuart
Allen 'of Cincinnati, the ushers.
Miss Bertha Stollc, whose marriage to
Charles V. Brecht is to take place on Tues
day afternoon at 4 o'olock, will have a houo
wedding, the ceremony being performed at
the Stolle residence. No. 3301 Delmar boule
vard. There Is to be no reception, merely
a dinner to relatives and some few intimate
friends, after which the bride and bride
groom will take their departuro for a six
weeks' trip to Denver and the Yellowstone
Park. Miss Henrietta Stolle, who is the
only unmarried sister. Is maid of henor,
and Miss Flat la Lynch the bridesmaid.
FTank Brecht is to serve bis brother as
best man, and another brother, Gus Brecht,
will be the groomsman.
Two Kansas City girls are to marry St.
Louis men this month. Mlts Lula Duncan
and Waller Edwards have set June IS -for
their marriage date, while Miss Frances
Tabb and Dootor Hudson Talbott will
marry late In the month, the exact date not
yet being Axed. Both will be quiet wed
dings. Miss Duncan finished her school days
at Mary Institute with the class of '99, and
so often visits in St Louis as to be regard
ed as a resident of tho city. She is ex
tremely pretty and very popular, and will
come at once in a very pleasant circle of
friends. Miss Tabb, whose home Is at No.
22S Park avenue, Kansas City, will be wel-
corned with equal cordiality by Doctor Tal- i
Dotts inenas in town. They will live In
the West End, after a very short wedding
Miss Erwin Hayward and her fiance, Mr.
George Mowat Hlginbotham, have not yet
sent out their cards, but the dato Is ar
ranged for Juno 18. Mrs. George Nledrlng
haus. Miss Hayward's sister, has given the
-brldo her house for, the weddlnsr celebration.
hlch is not to Include many guests, as the
.Hayward connection Is largo enough to In
jure a houseful alone. Only a very few per
sons who are not relatives will be bidden.
and they are to come from out of town.
Miss Hayward will hato two bridesmaids,
iliss Maude Niedringhaus. who has been
her traveling companion and chum on sev
eral Eur9pean trips, being the maid of hon-
01, and Miss Mildred Hopkins the other
maid. A cour.n of the bridegroom's.Mr. Hig
lnbotham of Philadelphia, will come on to
olliciate as best man: while tne tbiee
groomsmen are George Stea.lman. Charles
riatt and tho bride's brother. Harry Hay
ward. Last of the month's nuptial events will be
that of Miss Florence Harris and John
Herff. which is set for June 3). at 7 o'clock
at St. John's Episcopal Church on the South
Side. Miss Harris will be twisted by Miss
Anne Ittner as maid of hono-. and b Mlts
Clam Trorllcht, Miss Carlotta Klemm and
Miss Am Herff, a coufIh of the bride
goom's from San Antonio. Te.. as brides
maids. The best man is to be -George Da
mon, also a student at Ann Arbor, where
the bridegroom will finish his medical course
Just before his wedding day; and the ushers
are Harry Baker, John Ileckert, Llojd Har
ris and Terdlnand Herff of .Kan Antonio.
Miss Georgie Wright and Charles Parson
Pettus have sent out their cards for June
11. The wedding will take place at 3 o'clock
at the Second Presbyterian Church, and is
to be followed by a very small reception at
the residence of Mrs. Wright in Cabann
Miss Mabel Holmes, and Edward Manny
Hodgman will be married very quietly on
tho same date at the Holmes residence In
Delmar boulevard.
On June 2, in New York, Charles Noel of
St. Louis and Miss Elizabeth Curry will bo
married at tho home of tho bride. In the
Ardsley Hall apartments. The ecrimony is
set for S o'Uock, and will be very Imple,wlth
no brldcsmaidj nor groomsmen, and no re
ception afterwards.
Miss Helen Brown of Webster and Gay
lord Bell of St. Louis will marry on Juno
4; and so will Miss Emelle Hughes of Ev
ansville, Ind , and Jean Chopin of St. Louis,
a son of Mrs. Kate Chopin. Miss Patty
Sparks of Webster and Albert Poulin havo
announced June 11 as their wedding date,
b5 f-e voung ladies during tho evening.
The S. W B. Quartet, consisting of Messrs.
Mr. Reher. s-chopp and Zlrnheld en
tut lined the gues's with some s-lnging. and
Mi- Z.rnheld also sang poptikir songs.
Thi guests were.
Messrs. and Mesdames E. Schopp.
A. Cheverlot,
U Sullivan,
T. Schopp,
J. Lutly.
t. swiorp.
U. Skinner,
IZ. Zirnheld.
F. Schopp,
G. Kerfc.
S. Itister.
A Jolly crowd of joung girls and bos en
Joved quite a pleasant outing to Illinois last
Thursday The day was spent In romping
In the woods and rowing on the lake.
Luncheon was served on the grounds. Thoe
present were:
!i S'arke.
Erma McCready,
Ethel Hamilton.
Charlotte Bauer,
Clara Isaacs.
Irma Heller.
S ma Kalter,
Aila Sehn-Ml.
P.iulir.e Kaais,
Acne- Hewitt,
Ra.ph J.aeebus,
R. I .1 Henrv.
Ned Rutleiige,
Ed Friedman,
Cut Smith.
Arthur JIcKinley,
Harry Winco.
Melvln Adam,
Emil lioehm.
She alumnae of the Isabel Crow- Kinder
garten Association was entertained at a
luncheon, given at the home of Miss Mary
S. Smith "The BIufTs." last week. The af
fair proved a very enjoyable one. Those
prtsent were.
Bessie Brv.
Blanche o liismfth,
Fiorenee Messing,
Hattye Habennon,
Eva Harper.
Violet Aiam
Rose Pechm in.
Rose Pfeiffer
Minnie Gajlor.
Laurence Cobb.
Alex. FranKenthaL,
Tom Caldwell,
Louis Mayer.
Milton Loewen.
Will Greater.
Walter Fltzroy.
Andrew Graham.
Leverctt Chase.
Charlev Hequcmbou
Edna Newcomb.
Adele Papin.
Margaret Price,
Victoria Scott.
Given Campbell.
Lillian Mathews.
Agnes McConntl,
Marj Smith.
J'llLa looker.
Olive Hammon.
A Jollv crowd of young fol'es took an
automobile trip throuh the various parks
at Toret Park Highlands Thur-iuy even
ing Refreshments were served and music
furnished by members of the Mound Train
ing School Mandolin and Guitar Club.
Among those pres-nt were:
Katherine R.
Laura B. Melcher.
Anna K. Thress.
Mami- E. Ander
son. Mabel E Farn-
Eugene Plietsch.
Frank Tarnham,
11. Frets.
Has ard Bockman.
Sumn-r Hammond,
Will Reader.
II. Laughlin.
Weddins Silverware, v.
Colonel and Mrs. Jarr
cempamed by Miss H 1- -on
Wst Wednesd ly for
atinual yachting tnp r 1
The Colonel has reccntiv
Duauesne. out In com mi
met by a large part in th
tending the
Mrs. Fred Coni-th ami
ere visiting la Jefirs -1 1
centennial t r-ises ar We-st
Mr- J. F Conrad a:
E CunraJ Mr and Mr-
Mr Alt-d M Rot,h 1
Louis Fruiiv morning uv
the West. They have ri
tour of the Pac fl Ci 1 t
of the lntersting W-st r
Conrad. Fisher ano Rot-.
the T. P A. Convention, v
May Honey.
Maud L. Williams,
Ella S Hull.
Ruth Williams
Einilie II ISarthel,
Ada L. Hull.
Forest Bookman,
Elmer Altman.
G Herman Barthcl.
WHIard V. Siegel.
Ham- RIchter.
Clifford Williams.
socivi. ci.t n.
The Up-to-Dnte Tenpin Club held Its last
meeting at the S:. Louis Bovrllng Associa
tion's alios Friday afternoon Mrs. G II.
Strathmann carried off the honors of the
afternoon. At 4 r'clock lunch was served,
after which bowling vva agin resumed.
At 5.30 the members bade each other "faro
well" until next September, when thy will
meet again, bowling th-lr first game on
Tuesday . September 2. The members are:
T. F. Wittich.
G H. Strathmann,
F. W. Krenning,
C. F. Steitz.
J. P. RIecher,
W. G IL Merten,
O. Schmuti.
J. Grenzebach,
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Mulvihill gave a trol
ley ra-t-v in honcr of their little daughter.
Veronlc's. birthday yesterday.
Those who were present were:
A. Bush.
A. Kern.
I Hofman,
I. Sauer,
1-1 Schumacher,
R. Engekklnd.
A. Fischer.
Earl Teason.
Miss Agnes N. Chapman and the Rev
erend Charles F. Blaisdell will be married
on Monday evening, June L at St. James
Memorial Church.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gay have an
nounced the engagement of their daughter.
-Rcglna Rose, to William Sheldon Batcome,
jr. xne weucnng win taxe place iate in
Mr D. K. Fraser, No. ZVQ Shenandoah
avenue, has announced to friends, the en
gagement of her daughter, Johanna Bald
win Fraser, to Mr. Robert Leishton Obear.
at present a resident of Hot Springs, Ark.,
nlthough he Is a former St. Louisan. His
father was the late W. F. Obear, of St.
Louis. The wedding will take place very
quietly on Juno 9 at Hot Springs, the bride
being given away b her brotner, Mr. John
Y. Fraser. Miss Fraser Is the daughter of
the late Captain Charles IL Fraser of
Natchez, Mbs.
Wedding invitations to bo absolutely cor
rect in every detail of style and workman
ship should be ordered from Mermod & Jac
card's, Broadway & Locust. Samples and
prices mailed freo. 100 calling cards and
tinest engraved copper plate script) 51.5U;.
100 cards from your plate Jl
One of tho pretty weddings of the next
week will bo that of Miss Mildred Hollwag
of North Eighteenth street to Mr. Frederick
Wenz of Chicago, on Wednesday, June 4.
The engagement of Miss Alice Le Guay
and Mr. Chaunccy L. Beynon has been an
nounced, the wedding to take place at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mfs.
Henry J. Le Guay of Kensington avenue. In
Announcement has been made of the mar
riage on June IS of Miss Minnie Kahn, No.
5232A Delmar boulevard, to Mr. Joseph
Blumberg of Chicago. After an extended
Eastern trip they will make their home In
Mrs. John E. Pllcher of Cabanno an
nounced the engagement on Thursday at
an nlformal tea of her daughter Edna to
Mr Stuart Knappen, of Grand Rapids, Mien.
Cards will be sent out this week for the
marriago of Miss Mae Sidney Williams,
daushter of Mrs. Marv Williams, jcv 4347
Vista avenue, to Mr. W. J. S Hemphill of
ht. Louis, which is to take place on
Wednesday, June IS, at th home of the
Miscni,i.Ar:ors rrvenoxs.
The graduating class of the Mary Insti
tute was entertained on Friday with a
luncheon given bv Miss Lily Lambert at the
Country Club. Miss Mary Sherwell will also
give a luncheon to the rlas on June 7 at
the residence of her uncle, Cnptaln Bofing
er, in Vandeventer place.
Mis Ida B. McLagan has vnt out invi
tations for a pupils' recital en Monday
evening, June 2. at the Odon.
Miss Graves will give a dance Friday
evening, May SO. in honor of several Monti
cello and Llndenwood seminary girls.
Mrs McCarthy. No. IKS Coleman street,
entertained the Pleasant Hour Kaffeo Klatch
on Thursday afternoon. Among those pres
ent were:
Maher, T. J. Ward,
Jutz. Mulcahy,
Bruen, McDonough,
Antram, M. J. Ward.
Burgen, Pow era,
Walsh. McCarthy.
An afternoon reception was given at the
home of Mrs. E. Mchrhaus. No 2u01 B'.alr
avenue. In honor of her fifty -third birth
day. The guests present were:
playmates, last Wednesday afternoon, the
occasion being her seventh birthday.
The Juniors of the St. Louis University
entertained the sophomores Thur-day with
un eAtur&iuii iu oi'aiiusii i.nvc. juc unj
was conveved to the grounds In a private
car via tho Burlington. Iloatlng. nulling.
Millie Belegamba,
Mae Belegamba.
Jennie Gal'eant,
Chr'stlan R petto,
Lruise Reppetto.
Joe Carestro,
Joe Perano.
Hiral Vassarida.
Herman Pi-rl.
Lillie Garbarino,
Stella Fieri.
IJzzie Pieri.
Lula Rebori.
Louis Backie,
Georse Relegamba,
John Rareno.
Dr. Bond, expert optician at Mermod &
Lmiothv- Barber,
Mary O'Fallon.
May McKeown,
Maggie O'Fallon,
Hester Berber,
May- Behan.
I.nretta O'Rourke,
Florence Sullivan.
Christine Banner
man. Regina Shea.
Ethil liire
Celeste Devoy,
Agnes ltvan.
Loretta Shea,
Genevieve Ran.
Winnlfreil McKeown
Marie Dwyer,
Hernice Frey,
Delphine Frey.
laiclle Mustek,
Elcaror Cron:n,
Mary Sheehan.
Alice Saeehan.
Grace FInnertv,
Uenev leve Wille,
Ruth Tebeau,
Ethel Hf Ins.
Francis A. Connor,
Daniel Dillon. Jr :
Allien II. Donne-
Tieo C. Duenw-ald,
Jos A Fleming.
Eugene C. Cum
mers bach.
Edwin F. Hendrix,
Jake M Lashly.
Among the sophomores present were:
John J. I. McGrath,
Herman J Meier,
Charles A. Newman,
Edward J. O'Brien,
Ray moml J. Pad
berg. Walter H Tol'man,
John R Reyliurn.
Oscar J. Stenka.
T. Clement Wolf.
Emilia Vlerllng,
Marie Mohrhaus.
Elizabeth Mchrhaus.
Mr. Bernard Vogelsang,
IC Mohrhaus,
E. Mohrhaus.
Adelaldo Mohrhaus,
Mary Hufker.
Take Big Four trains for Cincinnati.
One of the functions of the week was the
luncheon given by Mrs. Cornelius Mahoney,
No. 2211 Mullanphy street last Tuesday to
tho kaffee klatch of which she is a mem
ber. Covers were laid for about forty
guests. The house was decorated, green
and white being the prevailing colors The
hoitess was assisted by her daughter. Miss
Gcldie Mahoney. Miss Lillv- Sullivan and
-wt,... TTI,. Tr.i
J.l3 XVlhkJ iVCl Will.
Iawrence C Car
tan, John R. Chambers,
Edward J Corbett,
Andrew I. Drew.
Percy J. Hayes.
Robert F. Imbs.
John II. Little.
Paul J. Moriarity.
Valle Rev-burn. Jr.;
Paul J. Schlaffly,
James J. Wheeler.
Excellent Dining Cars St. Louis to New
York every- day on Knickerbocker Special.
Mrs. Robert Dillmnn. No. 3)11 Utah street,
celebrated her birthday by a kaffee klatch.
During the afternoon plnno and vocal selec
tions were rendered and In the evening
dancing was indulged in. Among those
present were:
Harold, Bryars.
Hshcr. Beard-ley.
Smith Dlllman. Jr.,
Rhode, Jfleman,
Lang, V. eber.
Stark. Boel.
Riechmann. Jaur.
Franke. Stellern.
Osterheld, Hcintz.
Ella Nieman, L. Stellern.
A. H Intz. A. E. Dlllman,
R. Dlllman. Jr.. E. Dlllman.
A party of voung people enjoy ed an outing
at Lake Ramona las: Saturday, notwith
standing the morning's rain. Rowing fish
ing and other sports were enjoyed during
the day. and dancing in the evening. The
party consisted of:
Nellie Kirk.
Jennie Bradley,
Eddie Laux.
George Perclvai.
John T. Bradley, Jr.
Those present were:
Charles Crocker,
John Wolfe,
John Nold,
John Schriner,
James McKay-,
John Crocker, Sr.,
Frank Bryden,
John Jvivits,
Nelly Sullivan,
Kitty Kerwln,
Lilly Sullivan.
The Kenwlck brothers have snt out
cards for their annual recital under the
direction of Miss Helena Gockel, Friday
evening, June 6, at S30 o'clock. Recital
Hall, Anchor building, Jefferson and Park
av enues.
Graduating Gifts, Mermod & Jaccard's.
Miss Dcrothy Shaw of No. 3341 Maffitt
avenue entertained a few of her little girl
George Solomon,
A. L. Stocke.
John Scharkey,
Charles Wlsimath,
Charles Muench,
Morris Tiernan,
Ben Burkardt,
Dav e Noonan,
J. Mason.
Irlne Cronin,
Goldle Mahoney.
T. J. Flnley.
Geo Heckel.
Mabel Pritchctt,
Gcrthrude Russell,
Lela Malone,
Edith NIehaus.
Walter Conaway,
Ed H NIehaui.
. Irving Koch,
Pauline Hcrzos.
Florence Williams,
Laura Pritcheth,
Blanch Dye.
Mrs. A. T. Critchett, Mrs. E. II. Niehaus.
Mr. Glenn W Hutchinron of Old Orch
ard proved a eenlal host last week by en
tertaining a prty at his cottage. Forest
Lodge, on the Gasconade River. Rowing,
fishing, shooting and explo'fr.g an Inter
esting onyz cave were the chief pleasures.
The party was chaperoned by Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Blanchard of Old Orchard.
The guests were: Misses Alice and Mamie
Slaughter. Constance and Katherine Moody
of Whster. Misses Bessie Joy, Lucile Mc
Crellls. Laura Klnsey of St. Louts. Messrs
J. P. Helfenstcln, Valentine Johnson, Mayo
Ralph Huelbutt.
ine your ejts free of charge and guarantee
a proper nt if glas-.es are necneu. oteei
frames, $1 and up. gold. $ and up.
A party was given in honor of Miss Kra.l
ley at her home. No. HS3 Cote Brllliante
avenue. Saturday evening last. Luncheon
was served at 10 30 r m. A very pleasant
evening was spent. Entertainment was fur
nished bv Miss Mae Smith, Miss Nellie
Kirl. and Joseph Kirk Kellcrman. Solos,
were rendered bv Miss Annie Iiowen and
Mr. rrank Kirk.' The Misses Smith enter
tained with ducts Among those present
Mae Smith,
Annie Bowen,
Cora Smith.
Ada l'erclv al.
Frank Kirk.
Joseph Kollerman,
John l'erclv al.
Harry SchUltz.
Miss Clara Wilson of Kirkwood enter-,
talned informally Wedncday afternoon
from 3 to C at her country home, in North
Webster avenue.
Russell Lartz entertained a party of
friends Thursday- afternoon at his home.
Garni 1 and dancing formed the pleasure for
the greater part of the time, every- one tak
ing part in old-time dances. Among those
present, were:
I.. EL Lartz. E. Moper.
Adrienne Dunn. Edna Lartz.
Alice Mermod. Lillie R. Krebs,
Margaret Lanitz. Ella Schmidt,
Jean Shaw. G. Pollock.
T.ouI-1 Mollcr. Ambrose Lartz,
Houvhton Crake. R. Pollock.
Robert Adam-.. Adrian Iartz.
Harry Grulltzer.
Miss Anna O'Connor gave a pupil's re
cital on Saturday af'.ernoon. Among thaso
takmc part were tre Mioses J11II 1 Griffen,
Matilda Link. Agnes Butler. Ella Manke.
Marie Ryan. Natalie Laupheimtr. Frances
and Josephine Lochmann, Octavia Steven
son and Delia Bruckner.
Mrs. E. Powers of Lexington avenue gave
a farewell euchre party- to the Newstead
Heights Euchre Club. The house was
decorated. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. C.
W Graf. Mrs. Iyhr, Mrs. L. Nolle and
Mrs E. Schwartz. The following were
pre sen
Mrs. M li Branson asi-ted Mrs. Mulvi
hill. There were games, refreshments and
other amusements to entertain the little
Society pootle like tne I-
qlal via Ilh ur. M. I.c J
baseball and swimming were the sports of j Jaecard's. Broadvay S. Locust, will exam- I jip. Charles Bkir en'ertalned the Car-
la" c.av. j.eiresnmeijis weie serveu uy u
lonil eatcrer. Those of the faculty- who
responleil to" the invitation were: The
Reverend B Otteng. S J.; the Reverend Ij.
Kenney. S J.; Mr. I. Kirscher, S. J.; Mr. I.
J. Dolan. S J.
The Juniors were represented by:
E Stewart.
H. Kortum.
E. Powers.
C. W Graf.
A Kortum,
It. Kahn.
E. Schwartz,
L Nolte,
N. Holbcrt,
F. Buser,
A surprise party was given to Miss Isa
belle Schopp of St. Louis averue, last Sat
urday evening, the occasion being the cel
ebration of the young lady's birthdar. A
number of valuable souvenirs were received
The havride given by Mr. Phil C. Bolras
has been rostponed from last evening to
next Satunlay nizht. June 7 Departure of
the hay ricks will be mads from the Eolms
residence. No. 4363 Maryland avenue, at
7 o'clock.
The dance given by the American Bed
Company, at their new factory, on South
E"ght enth street, was very enjoyable. All
the employes of the company were present,
with their friends, and dancing was In
dulged In until a late hour, after which re
feshments were served-
On Friday afternoon Mrs Knapp of La
fayette avenuo entertained the euchre cluo
Waist- B
lo-Morrow. Monday.
5,000 Ladies' II as h 11 aists which came
to Garland at lets than half their value,
ir ill be on sale af follows:
Ladies' Fine India Linon Waists, with all-over Swiss em-(Tfl QlO
broidcred fronts, worth 5:5-50to S!.25 will be marked pk.jQ
Ladies' India Linon Waists, made as above, but worth f P
up to $3.25 will sell at $&.,Jjf
Ladies' black and white striped washable Albatross
Waists, worth 2 "5 at, each
Ladies Linen, Percale, Madras, Gingham and Lawn
Waists, worth up to 1.3 at, each
A Card
o o
; liAc
We have purchased Jeffries' entire stock of
Milliner at 20c on the dollar. Jeffries was
located in the Jaccard building and catered
only to the very finest trade. Her entire
stock is NEW, having been in business only,
since March. We will place this entire stock
on sale Monday morning at 8:30 sharp, at
about J4 'ts rsgular value.
" ! . Jac-ard's.
.t1 r. ac-
: Path un left
'- i or their '
i or. i oast. 1
i " "ht. the
' . ' i will bo
. t artr at-
tle son Veitclt
'I- and Mrs F.
i A Ffsher and
irtd from 5r
he Wab.isb for
"" d an extensivs
ch t kes in all
"-ignts. Messrs.
re delatees to
.'ia will he hel.i
at Portland. ore. .'io-wi iy Tuesday.
Wednesday. Thor-1 ty a-! Friday of next
week. After the .idliirrrnvnt of the con-v-ni
on th par:.- w .' go direct to San
Franoiseo 'rr from thin the wnd'nir
route of trav' his be-n n.ippM out whica
will ir-D them away lor tw months. Mr.
and Mr- F E. Conrad have supplied them-m-1
- with ea rerrs ..id f:.m- and htve
enoa-rh, "stock" on hno to take several
thousand pictures.
M's. T W. Wear of Boonvillo. Mo.. Is tho
guest this week of Mrs. George P. B.
Jackson. No. 1019 Thorrby place.
Mrs. M. I von Bcnkendorir and son. O.
Esmond von Bmkendorn. No. 4730 Dlmar
In ilevard depart d Saturday for their
summer home. Lake View. Mich.
Miss Clara Fletcher is v. siting friends.
Sh" will be- accompanied on her return
home by Mis Orce Wagner of Cabanne.
Mis5 Sephia Louise Schank of Evansvllle,
Ind . is In tr city with Mr? Bruere. No.
5019 Minorvia avenu-. She will study mcslj
during the summer.
Mornir.jr. Neon and Night, Big Four trains
leave St. L- i.U for CineinnatL
Mrs-. Andrew J MeCarthv will depart
Wednesdav fi r New York, and rail Satur
day for an xt, nded tour through Europe.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Lambert of
Washington boulevard will give a coaching
party and mo.-iniii.ht supper at the Country
Club on Tuesday vening In honor of their
daughter. Miss Ma-id La-nbert. and a few
of her friends.
Mr. an! Mrs. Harry- A. Woe-man hava
prolonged their v.eddirg trip and do not
ox 'i ct to reach their nome in St. Louis
unci! Ji re v hen they will receive their
tr.rds m tre 'hird and foi-rth Tuesdays
at .no ii l wagoner place. They are nowj
in At.ury i--r::
kerbocker Si
,-o New Tor4
Treni-h Di.ision of Cha-t Ciub williflrMS
2 p. m. every .iiv thi-. wt s except fc.nr
day. in parlor of Non-eel u- on Churclj. cor
ner of Liniiell and Va-ideventer venues,
under d.rtcti m of 1'rofissor Loukilreuque.
Indies in charge will be: Mrs Theodoro
Shelton, Mrs .Maria I. Johnston, Mrs.
Frank Sheldon. Miss Marmaduke. Miss
Hemp, Mrs Itayraond ard and Miss Frazler.
Senor and Senora Fernando StaEd y
Ximenez and wife of Chicago have departed
for a three week.-, visit with the Misses
Helen and Miliicent Heinzelman of No 4S3
fchecardoah av enue. Senor Ximenez is pres
ident of the Spanish Club of Chicago, and
professor of Spanish in Lewis Institute and
San Ignatius College. He Is also corre-j-pondtnt
for several prominent Spanish pa
pers Mav 17 a coronation celebration was
given In Chicago in the Fine Arts buildins
in honor of the new King of Spain. The
whole procramme was given in Spanish
and was conducted by him.
The most beautiful trains are those of tho
Big Four to New York and Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. i,ou's J. Kern returned
home after spending several weeks at
Okawville. Mr Kern has recovered 'irom
an Illness.
Doctor and Mrs. C. C. Vandcrbeck.
Miss Vnnderbec!:. have reuraed from
extended trip along the Pacific Coast.
Mr. and Mrs. John IL Cutten of Jefferson
City. Mi . are th" guests of Mrs. Emma
Langnn Moulton or No. 3 Linden bou
levard. Telegraph your friends you are ccmlng to
Cincinnati via Big Four.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Hondlan, the MissrS
Marie. VtHa and Katherine Handlan. and
Edward Handlan. will ilerart to-day for
( olorado. Yellowstone Park. Salt Lake and
fW M
SI t
jij. .bii iff w ii mi i ,tm WsWlj. v WpT
( A9-42l-A23-AaS-N.BCOADWy. I (5
VT.I ii i n .1 m . miimb ,m ii umm i rn ittJ t
b g
i t ,-
Iife-rfc?:3?j-.-$ ,i

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