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' v"re
.7 Jlr
"Every Bride Should
& 6oiettij cm fiv),
A-C n l.'i
fcldinfl 3jniiiafions
The latest
i 3
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a general Western tour. They nill be ab
sent until the middle of September.
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis have returned
from their European wedding Journey and
are at the Davis residence in Uestmi-re-land.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Goodwin of
New York arc occupying apartments at
Hotel Beers.
Mr. Fred Conrad and his friend. Mr.
Bert Werbcr, are at Kind's lake fishing
and hunting for a few weeks.
Mm G. G. Patlls and dauehter Marion of
Cincinnati are visiting Mr. William Steiner
of No. 1314 Hickory street.
Mrs. Joe I.vneh of Itutgcr street is home,
ofter a few weeks' stay at Eureka Springe.
Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Slusher of lliggins
vllle. Mo., are occupying the bridal apart
ments at Hotel Been".
MI?H Mary M. Kern has returned from
college at Staunton. Va.. and is with her
parents. Jlr. and Mrs. It. II. Kern at lintel
The Exeell skirtmaker and ladle.- tailor
reduces their prices during umrm-r inunths.
1M North Vandeventer avenue.
avi;iisti:i: ;not i:s.
Calling Curd!--, Mt-rmjid & Jaccard's.
Mrs C T. Martin eave an afternoon
l Friday for the lalle of the Congregational
IChurch. Mr. Hodcirk A. Allen and Mrs.
k. C. .lager aisteu.
ut the mlu'lli- of Jim.. Mrs. Burket will
JolrVjher husband and they will take th
trilf TJi Montreal.
rk .Moo'lv r.-:urnd home from
Jllch Ifin Thursday. In tli.- fall ho will
take the fra?Rlnn of principal of the Web
ster School.
3Iiss Helen Ian-ers Brown ond 31r. Gay
lord Bell will lif married Tuesday morning
Sn the parlors of th Congregational Church.
3Ir. and Mrs. Chas. Brown and Miss Anne
Brown will move to Fern Glen for the sum
mer on W-dnosdtiy
Mrs. I I Douglas1 and daughter. Vir
ginia, are visiting in Denver and may con
clude to reside there permanently.
Mr. A. C. Perret Is on an extended busi
ness trip In Kentucky.
3Ir. and Mrs. E. S. Healey have moved
Into the house recently occupied by the H'-u
Beckers, on Guy avenue. The ISt-ckerJ
family have moved to Old Orchard.
Jlr. Robt. Horrpool has sold lii i lace on
the South Side and will soon move into his
new home on Elm avenue.
Jlr. N. B. Weeks has sold his Klrknood
residence and will move to Webster next
week. 31r. and Jlrs. Weeks and Miss Dor
othy Weeks will be. for tne presen. with,
the-. R. A. Aliens.
M!s Myra Mtlnner and Mlsi Hazel Allen
were admitted as active members of the
Klyrwood Piano Club Monday.
3i. 31. dark or Tuxeiio lias movea
j Doctor Jlarshall Baker's new houe on
. -Tnstfn Kpndrlck Is in Washington.
D. C. Ijiinr she will loin JTIss Katherlne
Kendrlck, who Is at "school near Boston. In
time for commencement, after which the
two will return home.
3Irs. J. F. Allen and 3I!ss Sylvia Allen will
leave for Boston nbnm the l."th of June.
Miss, Allen will attend the librarians- con
vention there.
Summer Home
Aro made most delightfully
enjoyable through the aid of
The great popularity of the
Pianola In Summer Homes is a
pertinent Illustration of its prac
tical value. In these retreats away
from musical entertainment the
Pianola prdvides the pleasure of
hearing any composition one's
mood may call for at any time,
with the aijded pleasure of pro
ducing the music one's self.
Symphonies, overtures, or rag
time favorites may besummoned
at will. Dance music is always
I The Pianola is an inexhaustible
I Jsource of entertainment and an
lf Invaluable ally to the hostess, for
r It always knows how to play.
1100 OLIVE ST.
Sold on Moderate Payments.
European and Americar.
After Jtux 1. U02. '"dll he run on both
ilia European V American plxn.
Mrs. N. K. Bhtket and Miss Bessie liur
kit left this ek for Indian Territory
u2nr thfv wlii'Jislt .Mrs. A'trt.in Di- Yona
N K' NnI''-r'V'
DiMUfll A
Have a Copy."
A handsome souvenir book, especially
designed for a
Is arranged to contain the wedding
cards, signatures of clergymen, bride,
groom, ushers, friends, scraps of the wed
ding gown, list of gifts, photographs, press
notices, etc
Bound in Cloth-- $5.00
Bound in Silk.. ..$8.00
"Wedding Bells" is a similar book at
lower prices, $1.T5 and $3.00.
correct, fashionable forms, after this sea.
the fashionable thin flexible cardbo'rd.
Cor. Locust St.
3Irs. W. C. Wattruss will leave to-morrow
for a visit to her mother in Connecticut.
Jlr. and Jlrs. Spadden and son will leave
at the close of the school term for thsir
home at Ironton.
Jlrs. Frances Plant, who has recently re-turn-d
from .Memphis, spent several days
in Webster this week.
Hex Hogan has returned home after a
stay of several months In the South.
Jlr. and Mrs. J. It. 31. Bryant of Old
Orchard leave shortly for JUnnesota.
Jlr. and Jlrs. F. H. Belan. with -Mr. and
Jlrs. A. H. Bryant, will also leave for
Northern Minnesota, to-morrow.
Jllss Kuth Gruel's linen shower for Miss
rattle Lee Sparks orniti' off Tuesday after
noon. Jlrs. George Watson of Webster Park
gave a luncheon to eight ladles last
Claiborne Adams has gone to Fort Worth
to engage in business.
The Protestant Orphans" Home had its
annual Jlay festival on Tuesday.
Jlisn Harriet Austin will leae Friday
for a two week-s" visit in Keokuk. la.
Jlr. arid Jlrs. Horace Ghiselin have rent
ed the house on Ix-kwood avenue about to
be vaeat.d by Jlajor Winn's family.
A party, chaperoned by .Mr. and Jlrs.
Charles Blanchard. left last Saturday for
a stay of three days) at Forest Lodge, four
miles from Cracker, on the Gasconade Itiv
er. Jlembers of the party were: Jllsses
Katherlne Jlocaly, Luetic JUCrellK Bessie
Joy. Alice JIuude Slaughter. Constance
Jloody. JIamie Slaughter. Iiura Klii"ey;
Messrs. H. V. Johnson, Will Penny. JIayo
Hutchinson. Glenn W. IlJtehlnson. Claire
Shands, J. P. Helfenstein and Balph Hurl
but. Jlrs. Harry Wheelock of St. Iyjuls will
spend to-lay with Jlr. and Jlrs. W. D. Big
ger.s, and will sing at the Presbyterian
Jlr. and Jlrs. Alexander Penny have sent
out cards for the marriage of their daugh
ter. Elizabeth Vane, to Jlr. John Lunisden
French, on Tuesday evening. June 10. at the
'ongregailonal Church. The Reverend
Charles I Kloss will perform the ceremony.
A reception to relatives and friends will fol
low at the family residence, after which
the bride and bridegroom will have for
Jlemphls. where they will visit Jlr. French's
grandmother, a remarkable old lady of !
years. Jlr. and Jlrs. French will spend the
summer in Webster, ut Jlr. Penny's, but
will live in St. Louis through the cmir.g
JIIss Katherlne SIddy will entertain for
Jllss Penny to-morrow afternoon, and Jlrs.
William Claude Humsey ha.i cards out for
an "at home" In her honor Wednesday aft
ernoon. Next week. Friday. JIIss Jlyra
Skinner will entertain the bridal party.
JIIss Constance Jloody gave a "bachelors'
farewell" last night to .Misses Helen B-owu
and Elizabeth Penny, supposed to be a last
glimpse of the two ladles to their unmar
ried friends before their approaching mar
riage. JIany jokes were perpetrated on
the brides and bridegrooms to be. among
them the appearance in the refreshments
served of a "Brown" cake ornamented with
"Bells." and another with a row of "Pen
nies" surrounding a "French" flag. Those
present were Jllsses Helen Brown. Eliza
beth Penny, 3Iary 31111s. Anne Brown. Alice
JIaude Slaughter. 3Iamle Slaughter. Jlar
jory Dawson, Myra Sklnnr. 3Illdred Allen.
Hattie Hutchinson. 3Iargaret Bryant, Bes
sie Joy, I.ucile 3IcCrellls. Katherlne SIddy.
Sadie Avery. 3Iary anil Carolyn Allen.
Jlessra Gaylord Bell. John French. Glenn
and 3tayo Hutchinson. Campbell Dawson,
Wnltcr Payne, Jesse Skinner, Will Penny.
Harry Sieler. Ernest Plant. J. P. Helfen
stein. 3Iaik 3Ioody. H. V. Johnson. James
LwiH. Truman p. Hawes. c. I'. Hutchin
son. Walter and Edwin 31111s.
Jlrs. Lewis W. Lacy of Old Orchard en
tertalned at dinner Wednesday for 3Iiss
Helen Brown and 3Ir. Gaylard Bell. Others
present were: 3Ilsses Jessie Bell. Alice
JIaude Slaughter, 3Iamie Slaughter. 3Iessrs.
Henry Dill. Glenn and 3Iayo Hutchinson.
JIIss Mildred Jloore returned from a
year's study at Christian College. Columbia,
on Thursday.
A Wagner recital was given Thursuay
evenlng by Jljss Carolyn Allen, organist of
the i ongregatlonal Church, at Webster
Groves, assisted by 3tlss Genevieve Hussey.
Mrs Frank Knight, 3lr. G. T. Dickson and
W. A. Collins.
Best Watches, 3Iermod & Jaccard's.
3Iiss Charlotte Nelson of EdwardsvIHe is
spending a week with 3Ils Ituth Jordan.
3Iiss Genevieve 3Iorris of St. Louis Li vis
iting Jlrs. Thomas Tobln.
3Ir. and 3Irs. John Nickerson of St. Louis
have been visiting friends In Ferguson.
Jlrs. Paul B. Davli of St. Louis and her
mother. 31rs. Price Hale of Bunker Hill,
III., have been the guests of 3Ir. and Sirs.
Bobert Staley of Ashbrook place.
3Irs. Blackburn of St. Charles. 3Io., Is
visiting her son. 31r. George Blackburn.
Miss Helen Barret has returned from 3To
berly, 3Io.. where she has been visiting Miss
Nora Vineyard for the last month.
Sirs. Elsworth Smith and .Mrs. Sheppard
Cabanne have returned to St. Louis after a
visit to Jim. J. Sheppard Smith.
Jllss JIattle Garth of JIanchester Is
spending some time with her grandmother.
Jlrs. S. B. Liyton.
Jlrs. JIartha. Thoroughman has gone to
Spanish Lake to visit her daughter 3Irs.
Graham Hereford.
3Irs. Edward chassalng and her daughter.
Kiss Nanlnt Chassning.of Washington bou
levard, are the guests of JIcs. Adolph Janls
JIIss Lucy Nlckerron of St. Louis Is
spending a week with 31Is EHzibcth Cher
bonnler. JIIss Carmine Neimeyer of Cabanne, Is
visiting 3IIss Lynne Thoroughman.
3Irs. William 3Iasson am' her daughter.
JI ss Leonle. are the guests of .Mr. and Jlrs.
Thomas Copprnger.
MI'S Iu'se Loker of West Belle is visit
ing her aunt. 3Irs. Ellen La 3Iotte.
JIIss Julia Dalton has ..Me to JJadlson
to spend some time with hei brother and his
wife. 31r. and 3Irs. Fred Dalton.
3Ir. and 3Irs. lye Grand Atwood, Jr.. have
returned from a six weeks' trip through the
South and West, whero they spent their
Jllss Mary Hereford gave a party on
Thursday evening In honor of her guest,
3I!ss Olive Jacques of Kansas City. Among
the. guests were:
Felice 3Ianget,
3Iame Manget,
Helen Janls,
Sturgis Day.
Jasen Lodwick,
Norris Shreve,
Isabel Gregory. ,
Edith Seymore.
Nellie Brownfleld.
Fred 3Iange. ,
Robert Kennard,
Julian Janls.
Jlerrnod & Jaccard's, Broadway & Locust.
Miss Katherlne Gralney entertained tho
members of the E, B. Club Wednesday
evening at her home on North Ninth
street. Those present were: Misses K.
Locey, Hattie Walt. Lillie Walsh. B.
Morney, 31ay Walsh, Irene Venaman. 31.
Phillips, 31. Gralney. Florence Gralney,
Nell Walsh. Eva Brocker: Messrs. J. Pld.
gton, J. 3Iorney. B. Fisher. D. Jlc-Carthy,
J. Broderlck. William JlcCarthy. Al Vogcl,
T. Gralney, James Garen, John Gralney,
W. Gedney.
3Ils8 Stella Bean of Exchange avenue la
visiting In -Carbondale. 111.
I Misses Horn. Etta and Daisey Wetzler
are visiting their sister, Mrs. Charles Lam
bert, of North Eighth street.
Mrs. James Edwards of Indianapolis.
, 'Ina.,el, vlsUtas InBastSt..-Ii3UI.j .
3IIss 31amlc Williams has returned from
a visit in Columbia.
3Iiss Katherlne Haggerty Is in Kansas
City, 3Io.
.Mrs. Arthur Darrow of Upper Alton Is
the gue-t of her parents. Doctor and Jlrs.
W. Wiatt.
JIIss JIamie Housman Is lsltlng rela
tives in O'Fallon. III.
Jlrs. A. Helm has returned to her home
In Terre Haute, after a pleasant vl'lt to
Jlrs. J. Walker.
.Mrs. It. II. Harding Is vUiting in Lebanon.
Jlr. and Jlrs. O. Dodge of Alton are the
guests of Jlr. P. Kerrigan and family.
Jlr. and .Mrs. James Smith of Columbia
place ate vi'iting In Greenville. HI.
Jlr. J. W. Jlciloberts and daughters de
parted Thursday for England, where they
will attend the coronation ceremonies
.Mrs. E. T. Jones has returned from a visit
in farlyle. Hi.
.Mrs. it. X. JlcCracken has returned from
Kansas Cltv. Jto.
Jllss Blanche Brooks has returned from
Christian College. Columbia, 3Io.
.Miss H-izcl Norily has returned from
Stephens College. Columbia. 3Io.
Jli-s Jlayme Boyies of North Sixth street
entertained the members of the JIaple Leaf
Club. Thursday evening.
Jlrs. J. H. Jlorgau of St. Louis avenue
is !n Cincinnati, O.
Jllss Jlinette lltmm"rle of Farmlngton,
JIo.. Is being entertained by 3I!s Ulllan
Sch.iub of North Eighth stieet.
3Irs. James Hunt has returned from a
visit In Fulton. Ky.
3Ir. Wm. Stephens of the National Hotel
is visiting in Jackson. Tenn.
Jliss Ida Bote of Chartrand a'enue Is vis
iting in Columbia. 111.
Miss Lillian Forester of Jlurphsboro Is
being entertained by Jlrs. Cooney.
Jliss Lillian Schaub entertaned friends
infermallv Thursday evening In honor of
h. r guest, Jlp-a Hemmerle of Farmlngton.
.Miss Natalie Schroeder of Belleville Is
the guest of 3I!sses Agnes and Anna Burke
of Belmont avenue.
Jlr. and Jlrs. C. C. Thrasher of Chartrand
a vi n lie are visiting In Bloomlngton. III.
Jllss Belle Platte has returned to her
home in St. Iouis. after a pleasant visit
to Jlrs. c. Beeb, Jr.
Jlr. and Jlrs. G. Alves are visiting in
Jlrs. Fred Lehmann is entertaining 3Hss
Itena Hedges of 3Iadlson.
Doctor and 3Irs. Falrbrother and daugh
ter. Jllsses Jllldred and Kate, are visiting
in Washylngton. D. C.
Jllss Cora Thomas entertained the mem
bers of the O. 31. T. Club at her home on
St. Clair avenue.
Jliss Florence Bland of St. Louis Is the
guct of her mother.' Jlrs. George Shonne of
No. 705 CclIinsvjUe avenue.
Jlrs. F. JIunch lias returned from a visit
in EdwardsvIHe. 111.
Jliss Beulah Jones has returned from a
visit In Bed Bud. 111.
The Jiatrons' Club will be entertained at
the last meeting by JImes. Isenmeyer anil
Hlgby at the home of the former In Granite
Cltv. Thursdav. June t.
W. W. Kimball has returned from Jlur
phvsbon). HI
Jlrs. Al KePchlcr entertained the mem
bprs of the octave Club at cards Thursday
Jlr. and Jlrs. J. B. Freet and daughter.
Jliss Lea. of Fairfax. JIo.. are visiting the
Reverend W. I Nash and family In Fraser
Jlrs. George Young and children of Fra
ser Park have returned from a few weeks'
visit to relatives in Kansas City. JIo.
-Mr. O. B. Fuller of Uule avenue has re
turned to Jerome, JIo.. aft.r a pleasant
vl-it to ills famllv in Bale avenue.
Jlr. B. H. Hall of .Myrtle avenue Is In
Friday Harbor. Washington.
Miss Eve Jackson of Cherry street is
summering in Colorado.
Jlrs. Alexander Stewart of Ellendale ave
nue will depart next week for Glasgow.
Scotland, to vbdt relatives, where she will
remain during the summer.
Jlr. J. H. Boyd of Carthage. JIo.. was a
guest of Jlr. and Jlr. A. E. J.. Gardner of
Sarah avenue last week.
Jlr. and Jlrs-. J. M. Pfaff of 3Ianchester
road are home again, after a few days
spent in Joneburg. 3Io.
Mrs. A. C. Komer of Anna avenue Is vis
iting relatives In the East.
Jlrs. C B. Ferris has returnul to Jlaple
wcod. after a few weeks' to hr brother In
St. LouK
Jlr. George Denny of New York is a
guest of Jlr. and -Mrs. W. R. Hawksley In
Jlurietta avenue.
Jlrs. Rogers, who has been spending the
past two months with her nioth.r. Jlrs. A.
Stewart. In Ellendale avenue, has returned
to her home In Barbado O.
Jlr. EJ Closs is erecting a pretty new
house in Sarah street.
lles & Culbertson. comer Sixth and Lo
cust streets, will furnish a monogram die
of two or three initials and S6 sheets of
fine writing paper, and 20 envelopes In white
or blue, stamjed In gold or colors, for
High Murk for Daily and .Moiitlily
Cli'.'ii'ings KeucIiL'd.
Figures glv'n out by the St. Louis Clearing-house
yosterdaj show that the clear
ings for Jlay broke all previous records for
a single month, ani that yesterday's clear
ings set a new dally record for the Institu
tion. The clearings yesterday were $13,740.
671; while the previous record day was
January 2. 1502. when the clearings were
For the month of Jlay the clearings were
S233.S22.7S3. In Jlay. 1501. the clearings wer?
S2.923.627. which was the hlehest monthly
re ord until last month. Business men
look upon the statement as a reflection of
the marked advancement In local business
circles. Tiie large clearings of yesterday
are partly attributed to the fact that two
days' business were concentrated Into
Hue Screamed and the Thief Fled
to Liberty.
A servant girl In the employ of J. W.
Fink of No. 3172 Falrmount avenue dis
covered a burglar in a bedroom on the
first lloor Friday evening about S:30 o'clock.
She screamed and the thief leaped out thS
Sir. Fink tired four shots at the fleeing
figure, but they only caused him to run the
faster. The burglar escaped. The s'rvant
girl furnished the police with an accurate
description of the man. and says she thinks
she would know him If he were arrested.
A thief got into Jlrs. Al Warren's rooming-house
at No. 1315 Olive street, yester
day and stole clothing valued at $100.
W. A. Pittenger of Louisville and R. J.
Golden of New York at Horn's Hotel.
II. L. 3IcCormlck of New Orleans, La.,
is registered at the I.aclede.
William F. Simmons of Nashville, Tenn.,
spent yesterday at the Southern.
31. S. Coxwell of De Soto. 3Io., has rooms
at the Planters.
John 31. Grade of Little Rock, Ark., Is
a guest at the St. Nicholas.
Henry Rlckel of CeIar Rapids, la.. Is
stopping at the IJndell.
Frank P. Lawson of Kansas City, 3Io.,
arrived at the: Laclede yesterday.
3Ir. and 31rs. J. T. Rogers of Atlanta,
Ga.. are at the Southern.
George W. Campbell of Chattanooga,
Tenn.. is registered at the Planters.
George B. Stlne of Camden, Ark., spent
yesterday at the St. Nicholas.
Thomas W. Pearson of Indianapolis,
Ind.. has rooms at the Lindell.
V. A. 3IIIler of Yellvllle. Ark., Is at the
Laclede with 3Irs. 31iller.
W. L. Blocker of Dayton, O., Is a guest
at the Southern.
K. I'. Flint of Los Angeles, Cal., Is stop
ping at the Planters.
31. Herman ot Philadelphia, Pa., ar
rived at the St. Nicholas yesterday.
H. H. Abraham of Rutland, Vt., was at
the Lindell yesterday
C. Buck of Abilene, Kas., was among
yesterday's arrivals at the Laclede.
H. L Tanner of Buffalo, N. Y.. Is regis
tered at tho Southern.
J. G. Kugel of Cincinnati, O., Is stop
ping at the Planters.
C. W. Weaver of Nashville, Tenn., has
rooms at the St. Nicholas.
H. S. Edwards of Decatur, III., Is a
guest at the IJndell.
J. II. Stubenraucher of Philadelphia.
Pa., arrived at the Laclede yesterday.
O. S. Pecher of Joplln, 3io., Is at the
Southern with 3Irs. Pecher.
L. C. Reber of Iowa City, la.. Is regis
tered at the Planters.
Sir. and 3Irs. Lawrence T. Kins of At
lanta. Ga., are at the St. Nicholas.
3Irs. R. F. Schenck of Houston, Tex., Is
a guest at the Lindell.
G D. Blake and C. H. Sayers of New
York are nt Horn's Hotel.
IM.fllln lln.il.. nnn.
. Is now located at his new store, 616 Locust
a.AA. All tfl l.fa nnn..fn- 1.....1 -
i.c.. .... mw .t ,wiu.i uuvjLs m popu
lar prices.
Tobncco Crop Promises Well.
Clarksville. Tenn., May 31 Fully B0 per
cent and In some sections 73 per cent of
ihe tobacco crop has been planted and It Is
thought that the cron will be larror thnn
laat.y-r. . ....,. ,
i iimripri inn iiwiiiiiiiiiMaiMMMMiWBMnMMiaga
IT :". ' '.' -
B ' ' ; ,. , -ia;v.rr -. "I
K"TO llZ!!Cf!j l"Mn . ''..!! ll -LMMDM WnjW. l. CWIIZmi
Kffl Ijai.tyv miWtaaaWi jmBS5 irjifcrBBSfeSl
Wli i ii i-wTT-mffiii wninminFif" "'ii'i liiiiiii 1 11 al
j3idi'j.ioioiti oi;nnc!.i;i i: .H
3Iuch interest of an historical nature H
attached to the tire engine company which
a frw days ago moved from Seventh ami
Olive streets to No. 12 North Ninth street,
whfre new quarters are located.
The cpjarters Just made vacunt by the
removal of the engine company was known
as the old Seventh Street engine-house, and
many pioneer citizens of St. Liuls remem
ber it as the home of this city's original
volunteer lire department nearly a half
century ago.
The following extrart from the rncord
of the Jllssouri Fire Company. No. 3, now
ill the possession of the Volunteer Fire
men's Historical Soclet . gives some idea
of the original company: ".May 3. 1S33 The
Jlissouri Fire Company. No. 5. this day
removed their engine. hoe carriages and
all thelr appliance-., furnlturp, hall decora
tions, etc.. to their new engine-house, just
tlnlhe,l for neeiiTianpv. It is a. larce thre--
story building, situated on the east side of
Seventh street. jut south ot Olive street.
I.Ike our old place, it has a yard in the
rear running to the alley. The hous- Is
much larger and better adapted to our
wants than the old one. which was built
for us in IS42.
SfVfisil Persons Rescued From
Perilous Positions in Washi
ta Uiver Bottoms.
Stream a Mile Wide Near Ana-
darko, Ok., and Crops Destroyed
Presbyterian Mission
( irounds Flooded.
Anadarko. Ok.. Jlay 31. In three hours
last night the Washita River at this point
rose nearly sixteen feet, carrying away doz
ens of tents and outbuildings on the low
lands and flooding the town to a depth of
four feet or more.
People in tlw bottom? barely had time to
escape to high ground, and several were
forced to climb trees).
Boats were secured and several people in
perilous positions were rescued, one woman
with a 3-weeks-oIJ baby being taken frcm
the branches of a tree.
It Is believed no lives were lost, though
many people are homeless.
To-day the water is receding. The flood
Is the rvorst In twenty years. The river
north of Anadarko is a mile wide and
farming land Is under water. de?trcylng
crops. One mile of track of the Rock Island
road was washed nut and the Presbyterian
Indian Jllasion grounds and the Govern
ment Indian School and farm are under wa
Acting Governor Wright on
Still Hunt for Cold.
Washington. Jlay 31. The Secretary of
War has forwarded to the Senate Commit
tee on Philippines the following cablegram
from Acting Governor Wright of the Phil
ippines, concerning the condition of the
treasury of the Philippine Gox'ernment:
"After making available In Fnited States
money appropriations Immediately neces
sary, there Is left In the insular treasury
about JGOT.COO money of the I'nited States.
Practically none is being received fronrcu?
toms or ln:ernal revenue. We must very
soon face the question of obtaining money
for next month to pay obligations, payable
only In money of the United States: rfqu?st
suggestions is to method of obtaining
money of the I'nited Stntes: can pay for it
only Jle.tlcan dollars; can advertise for
bids to turnlsh gold, payment to be made
In Jfexlcan currency, or can raise rate so
high that customs and Internal revenue
receipts with gold. Either method hlghly
objectlonable and would greatly deplete
treasury balance. Price of gold ut local
banks to-day Is 1 for J2.1l Mexican, but
no large orders can be filled."
Gnalier Spouts OH and Jliid.
Natchez. 3I!ss.. 3Iay 31. At Florence.
La., a point near here, at a distance of 1.
873 feet, a gusher throwing mud. gas. salt,
water and some oil a hundred feet In the
air was struck yesterday. The gusher Is
still spouting and every indication points
to a real oil gusher In the next day or two.
lnnunlly Lovr Kuie
To 3Ilchlgan resorts for the season of 1S
via tne vanuaiia-t'enasj"1- iuuft..
sleeping-car line. Just about half fare. Ad-
aress or can on v -. uuruw, .-.,j x.,..,.
ger Agent, Seventh and Olive.
Attorney General Knox Better.
Washington, Jlay 31. Attorney General
Knox Is slowly recovering from the cold
he contracted on his recent trip from Plttn
burg. He had a comfortable night, and al
though he Is still quite peak, his condi
tion ts reported to be distinctly Improved.
3'asonlc Bnnn.net nt O'Fallon.
OTalloc in.. May Sl.-Tbe local lodge of
Masons held a banquet here to-nighlL. Vls-
ftlno. XnAtrvm fmm Vir fit! LOUlS. COllfnS
vllle, Belleville and otherlnearby towns are
is attendance.
"The old S'. Louis Theater, whit h it n df
at the southeast cornr of Third and he
streets, and which adjoins our property on
the north, was recently s-jld to the I'ul:. 1
States Government, with one rng.ne-h i .
upon which is to be built the nev. is',,ii
house and Post ottlce. Jlay go-.d l.i. ti t
tend us In our new .piarters ..nd bm.s i
creased member diip to our ompan . is t:e
people seem to be moving west ,.f F.nif'h
stnet and demand bette lire protei-tlon "
The Jilssouri company, a part of th !!
volunteer department, with Its band II'
engine. occupied the Seventh street house
until September. l!i3S. when It wa trans
ferred by the 3Iiss.iurl Fire Compmy t
the city of St. JmuIs for a nominal -urn.
the company having; decided to disband m I
to make way for th.Ir successors, tne pies
ent steam department.
Captain Joseph liovce. a member of '.he
Alissourl Historical Society, belonged to tie
original lire company.
No. 6 Engine Company, the present or
ganization, has a mascot, which was taken
along from the old to the new housv. ThW
mascr.t Ic a eat. named "Nance." which
was born in the old home. Nance has thre
kittens, and the kittens' grandmother, who
was also born in the Id heme. N with the
family. The three generations occupy quar
ters in a spacious wicker has&et on the sec
ond floor of f-e new hous--.
One Man Killed Outright. Another
Sustained Fatal Injuries and
Maiiv Others Iiadlv Hurt.
Leaped Into Air When It Struct;
Stone and I'lnngctl Into Specta
tors Accident at Speed-Test
Races on Staten Island.
itEPunuic ?rEciAU
New York, Jlay 31. A frishtful accident.
In which a great automobile of the largest
type, a sort of road locomotive, swerved
from its track while soinu at the tre
mendous Freed of a mile In tifty-one sec
onds, and ploughed through a crowd of
several thousand spectators, brought the
speed-test races of the Automobile Club of
America to a sudden termination on the
Fouth Shore boulevard on Staten Island to
day. One man was killed outright and terribly
mangled; another was mortally injured, and
a large number of persons, both men and
women, sustained Injuries, many being
hurt seriously. Oddly enough, the two per
sons in the machine were not hurt. The
automobile was a huge clsar-shaped. electric-power
machine, manufactured by tho
Baker Motor Yehlcle Company of Cleve
land, O., and weighed a ton and a half.
V. C. Baker, president of the Baker com
pany, and C. A. Ienzer. the chauffeur of
the machine, were arrested.
Hom- tlif Accident Occnrrrd.
The accident occurred at 12S3 o'clock at
the three-quarter mile marl: on the racing
course. As the auto approched there It was
going at the rate of a mile in 51 seconds.
The surface of the boulevard was rough
and furrowed at this point, and as the huge
machine struck the spot it fairly leaped
Into the air. The steering lever got turned
slightly while it was in the air. when the
wheels reached the cround again the ma
chine swerved ani plowed through the
great crowd.
lien, women and children tried to escape,
but the thing was over before they had
moved from their places. The big machine
tossed those In Its path about like rubber
balls. Fcathcrstone was directly In the
path cf the juggernaut and the great ma
chine simply knocked him down and mashed
him to death.
The auto brought up at the edge of a
wcod. because there was no more machine
left to run. It was merely a great tangle
of wheels and machinery and split wood.
Itagard was found horribly mutilated under
h re;U tani.lp o debris and his rescuers
were comrHwl to pry his body free.
Ne.rul ItecnrilH Ilroken.
Before the accident which brought the
races to a sudden close, tho participants
In the mile dashes did not disappoint the
thousands who went to see the record3
broken. S. P. Davis's steam automobile
made a mile In 1:12. breaking the previous
world's record for his class, which was
'iri the motor cycle race, C. II. Schmitx
fixed a new time, when he finished In
110 2-5. against the former world's best
time of 1:12.
It Is probable that had not the accident
caused the officers to stop the events, there
would have been more records of the dif
ferent classes broken.
Clarksville. Tenn., Jlay 31 J. J. Hamlett.
one of the oldest and best-known citizens of
this place. Is dead, after a short illness-. He
was 68 years of age and leaves four chil
dren. He was a prominent Mason. Odd Fel
low and Knight of Pythias.
a. .
Xevr Woodenware Factory Planned.
Clarksville. Tenn.. May 31. Local capital- j
Ists are eoon to start a large factory for '
the extensive manufacture of wooden lmnle- .
irnentz, such a spoons, ax handles, hoe nan- .
dies, awl nanuie-, louteyicis ana tne iiKe.
We arc fully nwai-e Mia the
dim's, tin- time win n so maiiy ;
kcpitii;. T conv me you i.f oil
ynur rimins tvi make tin- umi
Let us furnish
3 or more rooms
for you on our
easy terms and
at o u r 1 o w
prices, anil we
will present to
This elegant I!
ptece Parlor
Suite (ju-.t like
cut , mahogany
finih. h a nl
'omel uphol
stered in velour
or ta pe st ry.
You can have
in color or
m fssa KW
ha &(x?! ym
sV-'l..- MctsL'j
Z51i RANGES sod by us
during 3Iar. That's conclusive
proof that the psople know a
good Gas Range. Made of blue
steel, asbestos lined; uses 80 per
cent air and 20 per cent gas;
made by the largest stcve plant
in the world, von
can btiv one of us
as low as 'ArSiS-a
RPMPMRPR T '"' ni-.-e-.iary eaili Is
nimtniDin , reijuin-! when pur-i-lia.iinp
at our s..re Weil trui' you.
and we ieli giHKli at .-aih prii-es.
- t&i!i'-rUti&' I
anO-i ALJtn V .
All Car Lines Transfer lo Our Door.
Nominal in; Convention Will le
convene in Lebanon Twsday.
It. S. 1'hillip of I.aclede Count, u mem
ber of tli1 I,-i-satur.-. w,. In th city yes
terday. The Democratic Congresilonal con
vention of the Sixteenth I)Itric;. which was
tlrsl held In Salem, will reconvene ia 1. -banon
next Tuesday. June U.
"As It now stands." he said, "Bob Lamar
has thv delegates from Dent. INIaukl.
Teas and Shannon counties, with thlrty
v.,tes; Jim Ilarrlson has 1'heips. iraford
and Maries, with twenty-one vntes; Elmer
Holt has Laclede, with nine vote; John
Haymes has Dallas, with six votes; and
Kalzell has Webster, with nine votes. I
think that when the convention is nfain
railed to order eight of the nine Lacl-de
fiiunty votes will go to Ilaymes, thus giv
ing him fourteen One of the I-aclede Coun
; delegates, Jesse Kuilbright, told me that
he would go to Dalzell. What the next
I.reak will lie remains to r seen."
Judge J. II. Harrison, -ne of the candi-d-ites.
was In th. city yesterdav on legal
lij-iness. It is said that Holt will withdraw
in favor of Haymes. who is about as vell
known In Iiriede County as he is at home.
There if a possibility that Harrison will
profit by the combination.
Hilo- -'When did the Freemasons stnrf"
Bllo: "In the stone age. Idiot-" Harvard
Bella: "He said his ears burned awfully
-tttBKVZUUUU-JIBUil i i will MUM III - i m ""
mwm 1
Notice is herebv given that upon completion of negotiations now In progress
-hares of the Mergrmhaler-Horton Basket Machine Co. will be advanced to par.
The present selling price of the shares la
(Par value H, full paid and nonassessable.)
There will be no intermediate price between 73 cents and par. as the present
negotiations, now nearly completed, will equip the company at once with a great
trill property surrounded by Inexhaustible supplies of lumber at inconcelvably
low prices. The property Includes
Over Two Miles of Docks
On one of the Great Lakes, with Ideal facilities for cheapest water transportation
of baskets to every frult-growlnc district in New York. Michigan, Ohio. New Jer
sey, Delaware. Maryland, New England, Indiana and Illinois.
200 Machines
Orders for which have been placed, will at once be Installed in this great property,
glv'ng the Companv an equipment sufficient to turn out ISO millions of grape bas
kets and iV3 millions of quart berry baskets per year, a total volume of business
upon which tho actual net profits exceed
2Vi Millions of Dollars
Or over 25 per cent on the Company's entire capital.
This 'tatement Is given at this time In order that those who are considering- In
vestment in the shares of the Company may be fully and fairly Informed, and 4
may. if thev act promptly, secure shares at
which harfs will in a very short time be worth many times this price, because
the Company has actual demand for the full output of this Immense factory at
tiiiees which will yield the profit stated.
The time to decide this matter Is NOW. and to assist those who wish to sub
scribe and who are not fully provided with the money, the Directors have author
ized the acceptance of
Qnc-Qusrier in Gash With Subscription
and balance In three equal monthly Installments.
Vot less than fifty and not more than live thousand shares will be accepted In
a single subscription, and the right is reserved to reject-any subscription.
V B The automatic basket-making- machines of the Company are on exhibi
tion "makin" baskets In Boston at ITS Tremont street. In Chicaso at US Monroe
street and In Philadelphia at 812 Chestnut street, and they will at once be placed
upon exhitltlon also In Pittsburg. Buffalo and St LouLs.
107 Onion Trust
Fletcher, HoCulcheon & Brown
76 William St.. New York.
iim.ii) "f .June is nfeil for its main vrctl-
ims .iiiinlfx c'liiti'iiiplati- cur);. Imu.-c-
r nu :ir!..illv . i'Ii i
ft luttittiu
leD'e'l iili.-r:
Tli is offer good
onK for month
of Jniic. You
can't buy this
Parlor Suite in
o ny furniture
store less than
S24.00. All we
want you to do
is to call and
sec this Parlor
hnttv and get
pr:es on onr
goods. We car
ry everything to
fit up a cozy,
c o m 1 o r t a b le
Anything in
our large sales
rooms can be
bought on time
payments. Just
pay us a little
d o w n. We'll
trust you for
the rest.
ON Till, M.I!h.DT TO-DAY.
The "WIIITK lirw-NTAIN- 1 the mest econom
ical R fnjrratnr maile a miniature coIJ-storace
riant Weil sIl -.u one cS A nT
on as pav-ients fir v"vw
Trap plptur "snnvvs the i:erl?.rAtor in p-irt.
Earh piirt can eabll removed, clane4. scald
ed and aim! Over l.ftO people ar to-day
um ih WHITE MOINTAIN" KffrlffPrator.
iq ana cass av.
Semi In Your tsnliscriiitlon For
Columbia Copper
Company Stock
lat night " Stella: "Well, I'm sure he's
got ears to burn ' Tonkers Statesman.
Mntr' Body In Identified.
.Carlyle. HI.. May 21. The body of the
unknown mute who was killed by a loco
motive on the Baltimore and Ohio South-wet-tern
Bailrcad near this city has been
Identlflfd. Ills name was Keel Furgusson
of Vallev City. Ky.. where a brother of the
deceaswl lives.
Kej-etport Xoiv Has Saloons.
itErriiLie sr -IAL.
CarlyK 111-. May 31. Saloons have been
reopened In the village of Keyesport- This
week a special election was held, and as
a result the license people have control of
the Village Biard, which was antilicense.
i.dg,, SI. Louis, is.
135 Broadway. New York.
"v -1 . -. '- Us
.? v-&yy&.ifcs.
-,-. SMl ,
iu , . t jf-V-rSi

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