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Jefferson City, Hannibal, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Mo.;
Alton, Kdwardsville, 1'ullt'ville, Carrollton, Mattoon, East
St. Louis, 111.; I'aducah, Ky., and Vinceunes, Intl.
: su
v i
P -AT t
al -
ji:i'ri:iiMx city, mo. i
Mrs. E. T. Orear anil eons, who have been
spending tlie winter In Swi-et prlnirs. returned
home Tuesday, j
Mrs. A(lAll)t Zuendt and dauafcter. Clolhl'de. '
of St. ljul. arrlvid Sunday to tcei.d two works
with Mm. I. IJcdi nhelmer and oti.er friends
Mr. Augustus Millar and daughter. Miss Flor
ence, uf tt. 1juI. arrived Timrtdvy to visit Mis
Rlla Mccarty.
Ml5 Nettie liurklty of H'arkhum. Mo.. sj.ent a
few dajs the past ttk ltli Mm. If. It. rnurch
Mrs. J. K. Luvts entertain, d ill.-? Uivis of
Paris and Miss MUUkln of Mexico the tnrl part
Ml5 Rachel Lo-fidls of .t. Joseph Is vlnittng
her sister. .Mrs. Wm. Eltir.tt.
Mrs G. W. A. Gordon f entcrtainl. her
rtauchlrr. Mrpr J. Tienrv Johnson of Kansas (.Its
and Mien Haz-M Hall of tit. Joseph. Knme time
next week hrr remaining dftuch!rs. Mm. N. I.
It Tavlor and Mrs "harles Curr. ami children
of Kansas City will arrive to spend a portion of
toe tummrr.
Mr. John It Green ppent a few days this week
wun rrienoa in Kanap ntv.
Mrs. B. E. Winston la expwted home pon from
a delightful visit with relatives In St. Lmls and
Arcadia, mo.
Earlv In June Mlf.Ke IU-vole Krnm and Be"!
Cocke of Pt. I-oulu will visit Mrs. Margaret
uaraing itoiiertsf n
The Wednesday Whlt Club met this wek with
Mrs. Sam B. Jcffrifs in the parlors qf the Mad
ison, with the- member and four guests pTv.-cnL
Light refreshments follow-)! duplicate uhunt.
Mrs. A L Hawkins entertained the int-mber
of the Saturday Club this vi-ek at her pretty
borne on nail Mccarty street. Slx-tmnded m-hie
was enjoyeduv those prevent, which was f j1 owed
by a lunch.
The May meeting of th fit. fee!la Morning
Musical was held Tuesday .-it tht home of Mrs
W. A Dllmeyer. with mt of tht member
present, the programme i -insisted of ecl.tlnns
for piano, voice and viohn from Amrlnn torn
posers, and a one of the men: pleasing .-hen
this winter, a short nk.tch of the composer and
composition was riven Ij the lady who Ban? or
played the (election. The mut popular tif th
i-ompofers was Nevln. and the other whoe
piece were selected were Gade. LanK'-, Johnson,
XrcDoweir. Gil'-hrNt. llarllll. Xemtiarh. A!Ilton.
Miss Ga-nor of St Joseph, Mo Cmrath of Kt.
Louis, Iliad wick and Gaul. Tho prvKramme wai
again repeated Thursday evrnnj. when quite
a number of guests were present. Amone the
iartlclpanti were the choral. Mls Carrie uatl
stn, violin; Mmes Dullineyer. Ubbs, Hinder.
V A. Moore vocalists. Mmes. Gantt. Elliott.
Armstrong, Misses Gaas, DoJlmeyer and Hall,
iss euie Kills wag hostess Tor the Monday
veninr whist club, only the members lelnc pres
ent After the frames lunch was served. Tho
parlon were prettily decorated In roses-
An entertainment was riven by Mrs. Charles
13. Hess complimentary to the members of tho
Tuesday Club, and a very few of her most inti
mate friends. The afhernoon was spent on the
lawn playing "ring-toss" and other eames, Mr.
IJ'Oench was awarded the firt prize, a tiny
wedgewood Jardiniere and pedetal. while Miss
Itessle Clark carried oft second honors, a picture
of the Madonna belnp presentM to her. A deli
cious lunch wai rvM on the lawn, followed hv
ccffeo In the parlor. Reverend J. II. Ifen.ly anl
wife were the guests of honor. Mrs. Hesj was
assisted In hr eharmlntr hospitality by hr
niece. Mrs, richer and Mrs. r-ulklns. Mr. ITeiw
Joined tha party about five and proved a most
pleasicr host
The graduating exercises of the High Bchool
took place In the House of Representatives Fri
day evening. The hall was decoratrd In sum
mer flowers and palms An Immense crowd
grseted the class, nnd a gr-od programme wai
presented. The members cf the class were MIsse9
Nellie Green. Annie Opel. Virginia Ptlnmeyer.
Pauline Hope, Cdlth Rait he, Jessie Glenn. Gene
viere Vrtlker, Ulllan MrCorralcJc. Caroline Mor-.
lock. Mamie Parman, Grace Tucklev, Marearet
Nacy. Minnie Hampton. Francis Clarke. DeVoIne
Ourot and Harry Hanszen.
For the post week Mr Tsadoro MIrhael and
sifter. Miss Gusfite. have been the guests of their
brother. Mr. Bam Michael and wife, the- former
returning home Friday and the latter goes to
Boonville Monday.
The members of last year's srnlor e!as of
ttw High School entertained the members nf thl
ear's class Thursday from 4 to e at the hnm of
Colonel "W O. Pallmeyer, the hostess being Miss
Alta Eisner, assisted by Jliwrs Nortle Glenn.
Dell and Kate Bolton nnd R Vogt The day
pelng very pleasant the rerentinn was held nn t"
lawn. The receiving voung ladles wore white or
gandies and green ribbons, the class colors for
this year. Tecs, cake and punch va served.
Mrs. H. K. C. Harding entertained a few lt
dlei last week most Informally, complimentary to
Mrs. Jame Kohl. After a social afternoon a
delictus lunzh was served.
Mrs. J. H. "Weldemeyer, who has been visiting
her daughter. Mrs. James n Gantt for a few
weeks, will return to her home in Clinton next
Mm. James K. McIIcnry returned Wednesday
from a six weeks' visit with her daughter. Mrs.
Kdward R, Hog?, in Wesson. Ark.
Mrs. T. M. Younc and daughter. Mrs. Jon
Glesecke. returned Wednesday from a visit to St.
Mrs. Mendell Goldmari departed Wednesday for
Denver. Colo to epend the summer with her
mother ,
Mmes. A M. Tockerr. Jjnn V. Ptepheni. Wal
tour U. Robinson. Wm.' D'Ocnch. Charle l.
liouxh. E. T. Orwr, Ii. a, Ho'llvan. G. W. Hobb.
Harry Edward. F. E. Luckett A W. Ewlne. C.
E. Crafton. members of the Informal Club, nnd a
few other Jadlea were entertained Friday morn
Inar by. Mrs. James R Gantt
Friday afUrnsmi Miss Msrr Gantt fntArtalned
members of the SaturJay Club from 3 to C Th
club members are: Mise Anne H'tlllvan Alma
Oass. Janet aort Adfle.CHlUms. Minnie Crafton.
Rossi Clark. Mary Oantt-Celeste Trice. Miller
Pope Katberlne McHenrr, Vrances Cook. Mmes
O. H. Mancheiter. A. I. Hawkins, w J rM
wardg, Ada Knaon. Lawson Price Two former
TPfiaPJS' AT.' &JtttlZ Johnson of Kanis ciy
fformerlv Miss Edna Gordon) nnd Mrs. John T
IV-ne. Jr., of Indianapolis. Ind.. formerly nthe!
Edwards), war present. -"
The, memliers of the Tuxedo Crab srave a dance
Thursday evening at MusIa Hall, thirty couple
byins- rresent. A light lunch-was served at m'd
pight The Capital City Orchestra furnished the
nusic ;
I'rldny afternoon. Thn itrrsent were
Chat!-) Shft'tiard. M.r. Hhoda ynepnard,
O'orse Anthnnj. Mr.. J. Ird. Mr. Ifan.
O I). MllllKan. Mrs. J. K TVm. Mr. Il?nry
IJttlc. Mrs. ' "!mentii. Mr I). I) Shep
Iard. Mn V. Hhepnard. MrF Wale llurden.
Mre. I)rul. Mm. Mlten. Mr'. IU.rll. Mrn.
Mune. Mrs. C. 11 I"u!t' n. Mrn. Hue W llleke. Mr.
Woillty. Mr?, .lames Abb tt. Mrn Holme. Mr.,
llnmey. Mrn White. Mr.. AI A. t.iiti.im M..
t'nrswn. Mrn. KIpk and Mis Hlit-ppird !
Mr. and Mm. Will Ufrkley and fon. Ita. are i
vlelllnB In St. I)uls for a few das '
The marrlaee of MIk Altifrtlne tieliolten and
Mr Ldtiln Moll of Kansas Otv. whlrh wl'l iHke
place at the Church of the Immtc-jlite r-,ni-p-tl'n
June 11. Is an eent of 1 .te-c-t to th lmt of
friends of the young couple ,
Mrs. Alice O'llar and Miss Marcaret Ouinn
Kae a tia at Mrs. 0'lr suliurhin heme Klfln
i'uie. iu-iciay in nt nor or iii!. ueorg.a YounR.
who Is the cuet rf Mrs .f ('. Crenshaw Thnj,a
prerent wre MI'S Qeontla Tmipj, Ml.. Alhertlna
Schi.lten. Mlstes Ina and .utlla Whaler. Mls'ee
Maude end Jesle Johnson. Misses Itlnftehe and
Jjillall Ualv. Miss Ixjulse Crenshaw. Ml"s IJila
Ilobberson. Miss Fue Crenthaw. Mrs Hirrv
Cooper Mrs Itessle Taylor. M's. Kd Sanforil.
Mrs Frank Fellows.. Mrs Crutchfr. Mrs. W. I..
Mory. Mrs Henr- Hfhnelder. Mrs. Char'es
Ilrook.. Mrs. Jerome rtoarman and Mrs. J. C.
Crenshaw nnd Miss Emma A ChamMl".
The I) u T. riuh entoyed the hospitality of
Mrs. I,ouls It Illnton Tuenlav afternoon. ' !!'
freshments were servel to Mrs. John Edcir lleft
rnsn. Mrs. Harry Cow.ll. Mlts Janle Abtmtt. MIs
...in- iiinton. juss irm. lladgley and Miss Julia
i sttrs.
The rieasant Hour Club enjoied a plrnlc at
Dnllnir Park Thu-siay Thoe pre-eit were Mr
and Mrs E M. Itobards. Mr and Mrs Frank
JJ veal. Mr. nnd Mrs. C C Fherwto.1 Sir and
Mre W A. Oanlner. Mr nnd Mrs Ed Merrltt.
Mr and Mrs .1. H. Hawkins, the Heiiren.l Mr
nnd M's E E StrlnrlleM. Jin Anzu-ta Fln
ner. Mrs A. t,. Townsend of Pintle. M.s Wln
eton. Miss Emily Rolm-d. Mia. nilve Wvcal
Ml., fjrlcv Fteln.c-r. Mis. Wlnnlneld Wml.
JZ ?.r Jkwni7I'r-.Mr- K!'1''- 'r- Earl Hawkliu
and Mr Fott (Innlrer
The marrlaire of Miss N"ell Wade and Mr T
Senrles of North Dakota will be celebrated at th
le.l.lence of her parents. Colonel and Mrs W II
Wde. June 5.
-?? J.Gn rpnn,l of North View Is the cu?st
of Mrs Harry Cooper.
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Jewell hae returned from
I;t Louis.
Doctor and Mrs. Joseph McAdoo are vlsltins In
Ash Grove this week
Ex'eIsfonrdSplfirn,F- C CU "" "i
j "ilTsJiSiSS o,,cs,e "iSnf" for her guert Ml"
Miss Llnle Shine- Is the truest of her sister in
M IjOuIs
Mrs. Joe Fenton of Mount Vernon. Mo . Is the
EUest Of Mr. Willi. m U'I,.W """". " " "IB
-.?e2 r-''nor and Kntherine Holbrook have
returned from Excelsior Fp-lngs.
Mrs. r. II Tarker has returned to her home In
Jejmour. Mo., after a visit with Sprlncfleld
Mlstcs Sadie nnd Georgia Hubble are spendlnit
fleMW ?aV3 at ,h"r ,',,ner',, ranch, near Marsh-
Sllsa Hattle Itathbun will leave neit week on a
'II' '".Wends In Kansas ritv nnd L.ilniiton
kI'! ",rr5" ,,!aiIwJn "lerarted Friday for her
??m? i'j 9eTria,,d' - af,er a vl,lt "! Mrs. C.
ii ifaidwin.
ii5U,'A.i,a .rla ta? "turn-d to her home m
DanJI? 3 a W Mn"- 5ecr:e Mc-
Mrs. nhoIa Sheppard and Miss Marcaret Phen.
rard will leave the 1st of June to spend the
""mnierat Eastern waterlne places
.nrs- .V9renf.e McMuhlln and little daughter
will said for Europe June 1
Mrs. Ilesle Talrr has returned from Joplln.
T-r, ri..81"1 J.In,v Ti i'- ,FJder have moved to
revely. a suburb of St. Louis.
ll?-1?"?. Mre- llla" R- M and Mrs. WII
i1 . ' Morj will depart for Europe shortly, to
J"?'0 "broad seme months.
-u.Ji":r H.'s'ow ""I" entertain at the War
wick this evenlne In honor of Miss Dayzle Dean
Hurley and Miss Nellie Strand Keneric. "
Mr. and Mrs W. 1. Stevenson have pone to
Colorado for the summer.
fnTts.ii!'!. iMr",J- Ti, nird ena daushter rail
for England on June DO
SITS. I?. IT MnWan I. .ar.nlnl ..1 T
rawneencit ChlcaBO and 1IlM Addle Kinney of
. Jft?. Ii, '' Morgan's luncheon In ccmpllineni
to Miss Imogens i Norton was attended by tho
follow Ing: Miss Fannie Hunt of Chicago. Ml-s
ilddle.Jlnf,TIr of I'awico City. Neb.; Miss Chrls
tlno McMillan .Mis, Celia Traber. JIIss Huby
Jwi5; ," Ed"!.ri..1"er- Ml pri scott.
Miss Julia Howard. Miss Elliabeth Swartz. Miss
I.'tlu Manre. ju nuby Winter. Miss Ethel
Jlerwln. Miss Edith Norton. Miss Olive Kenne
dy. Miss Fannie Norton.
?. 2 A.n2 Valn:ut Ilurnett and Mrs. Chirles
Airrea Johnson of Denver, were married In
Trinity on Tuesday. Thy will be at home In
Denver after June IS.
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Reader have cone to
Colorado Strings for a month
,.D?clor and Mrs. C. F. Walnwright are In New
Jork. Tliey will spend the summer on the lying
lain A fins at
MmSm0 i4Bmir IvPHP
f Graduation and Wedding Presents. J
M sterling siner, Xwt $ffF3m Cut Glass, 1
0H jr .s7BL-..a.SiwjSjsiS I sfll SSSi
Ex-State Senator S. A. Wriqht
announced tho marrinfre of his
lias just
daughter. JIIssi Frances, to Captain Dlwln
Jordan, to take place at 7 o'clock n. m. on
June 3. Two hundred invitation? have been
Issued. The wedding will be ono of the
most notable of the season, as both bride
and bridegroom are of the most prominent J sweet disposition and cleverness has won
families of the city. I a ho-n of admiring friend?.
The bridesmaids are Miss Agnes Ingelfi of
Nevada. Miss Xelle Cockerlll of Nevada
and Miss Lorraine Thompson of St. Iiuis.
The bride V a charminc and cultured
youns lady, of tho decided hiond type. For
several years she ha." been one of the lead
ing figures in Nevada society, and by her
Captain Hdwln Jordan is one of the mo"t
prominent young men of the city, in both
tho social and business circles. He is an
exceptionally handsome man, with the mil
itary bearing. Captain Jordan is widely
known in military circles, he being Quar
termaster of the Second Regiment.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorre Daigler havo relumed
from Joplln after spending a week with their
daughter. Mr. F. T. Fnapp.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Jewell returned Friday
from St Louis. '
Mrs. Oscar Headley entertained at cards Sat
urday night. Miss Alice Johason. Mls3 Slaude
Johnson. Mr IL If, Careen and Mr. A. E. mil
of Kansas city.
. '"i E,u?m. ."efferaan Is the cucst of friends
In Fort Smith, Ark.
Doctor and Mrs. Terry gave an elegant course
dlrner at 7 o'clock Friday evening. Covers were
laid for Professor and Mrs. E. M. Shenanl Doc
tor and Mrs. Cox. Doctor and Mrs. C. hi Ful
ton. Doctor and Mrs. Fulbrlght. Doctor and Mrs.
Farnsworthv Miss Georgia Hardy, Doctor Lucas
and Mr. Wallace Hard
Mrs. John Crenshaw entertained at cards Fat
urdajr afternoon in honor of Miss Georgia Young
of St. Louis. Prises were captured bv Mrs. Jack
Ilussell and Mlfs Blinche Daly Uefreshments
were served to Mrs. Charles Ilrooks, Mrs. Graat
Hazleton. Mrs. Ed Stanford, Mrs. Ivan Link. Mrs.
Aj?..8ntWard'. Mrs- Frank Fellows, Mrs. J. n,
lrStVf..fs- JF- vDSn!5el' 5!ra F s Heffernan.
Mrs. William nelnhoff, Mrs. TL o. Cra-ens. Mrs
Harry Cooper. Mrs. Emma A. cbambllss. Mrr
''nryHIIllard Porter. Sirs. George Cooper; Mr"
n11!-.0 Da' siV; 9,car Hwi'lley. Mrs. C. II.
JWaTlo. Mrs. Kirk Uaxter, Mrs. Wmston. Mrs
iv-,A. Gardner. Mrs. George Hancock. Sirs K.
J-Jii'K"- Ptt'rlne Wilcox. SlrV. Itolrt
.."i .V.'...' j0.h.n"n. xfrs- Mel n Jones. Sirs.
Alva Mllllgan. Mrs. Story. Mrs Harry .McGregor
mS clmSinBoSm,uH Ms; fnry Schneioer
Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Joo Masterman, Sirs Ed
f'ontJVreaker. Stlsses Alice and Maud Johnson
AinlenAhUVh..'un- i" ""& Qulnn? Ml
A.nnle.fbN?,'' M1""es I.lanchc and Lallih Daly
iHrt. Kearney and M)..es Kate and FannU
-ifl'J&Si Mrs- Jame Dllln entertained at crokl
SS'.ff'lKi eVn'nETho present were: v,i
I? sfJrM J" h Sttz'.'.- Uoc,or a"d Mrs. .
iVfS.',10, Mr- and Sirs. Harry Nelson Sir ind
Mr. Olvey. Mr and Sir.. H st Heckart i.
and mWi- AABaJk'-,M!;v sa sr!
Mitchell Ifr. anl Sir., o. I). McMillan th
Jlra Farn.worh nnd Mr. aaj Sirs JuPh Leon
fifi'lnlJl" ,','?nk ""enatned nt enr-t, rri
or st. ixitiia. rrt2e. were won bv Mrs t p
guJ":'l nd Mr.. Grant Haselton of Kt f!ouls
nefreshments were served to Mr? HazVSn'
wm VtSiCr "W"'' ?.'". e " Ilaldwln. si!
Will Horlne. Sirs. It. n. Johnson. Sirs. Alva
? "f,n- S"S F,rfd .F'""- Mr- J. I.. Carroll
J"; l,.K- p Ooode Mrs Ed Htonebreak.r Mrs
V' v.i.A; 'W v. ".. " ""n neinhoir. sirs n
- 31,',,c,i"' Ir" ll'nry Srholten. Mra Jack
Ry"i Mr2- ,I-oal Meyer. Mrs. II. Clay f omp
klnj. Mrs. Suter, Sirs. Will Smith, sirs Robert
Andres Mrs Otis Patterson. 5lr..jSK
man. Sirs. John C Crenshaw, sirs. Oscar Head
ier. Mrs. Harry Cooper. Mrs. Emma A num.
bliss. Mrs Henrv ifmiard Portir. slA'. Frank
Fellow; Mrs. John Farrlngton. Sirs. Jo- shen
rard. Mrs. Ivan Lank. Mrs. Kirk Tlaxter. sirs
Tom Johnson. Mrs. Oeoree Cooper. Mrs. SIcIiln
?s.n! .Sl?' .C.amp.,r"-. Mn" Ma.sey? Mrs
Cy Wright. Miss Hattle Itathbun. Miss fceorgla
J2Vne? St-.,f"uli '' "lanche and Lallah
5' .MJ"t,A,,2 J'nr. Ml-. Annl Abbott
SI" Aiv"?.lne Scholten and Sllssea Carrie and
I.dna Abbott.
Mri Bam Paul gave an elegant 7 o'clock din
jer Thursday In honor of Sir. and Sirs. V X.
Heer anhd srr. and Mrs. Will nimann. Covers
were laid for Sir and Mrs. Her, siru and Sirs.
Vllmann. Mr. and Mrs. Will Horlne. Mr. and
Mrs H c Mosher and Doctor L. Ullmarn
Doling Park was the sc-ne of a merrv picnic
party In honor of Miss Julia Waters of Nevada.
Those who rnyed the outing were: SIlss Julia
!T"1i ,ixli" limx Hadgley. aisa Lulu Fish-r.
SIlss Nell Ross. Miss EJna Hadgley. with Mr.
Leonard Gold. Mr. Joe Fisher Mr. McDavld.
Mr. Trematne and Mr, Percy Wagataff..
Mr. and Mrs. v. A. Ingram and Sir. and ilr.
Walton Cope hav returned from Joplln.
Mfss Gscrre Hardy gave a dinner Tuesday
evening lo honor cf d:- .l.ltlng members of the
OenersJ Arsembiy. Covers were laid for Doctor
Fullerton of Bt. LouU. Doctor Lougblln of Chi-,
cago. Mr. Perrln of Alton, the Reverend SL L.
Gillespie of Martinsville. Sir. and Mrs. E. Jf.
RatcllfTe of VInlts, I. T., Professor and Mm.' A,
P. Hall and tht Reverend n. pan) Douglas.
Sin. W. F. Chalfant entertained the Busy
Woman's Idle Hour Club Wednesdar afternoon.
Those, present were Mrs. J. D. Jewell, Mrs. C C.
Clements. Mra. M. Holbrook. Sirs, William Shep
pard. Mra. C. H. Baldwin. Mrs. John Tarrant.
Mr. Dave Sheppard, Mrs. Charles J "Wright.
Mra. Fred See. Mr. J. R. Vaughan. Mrs. SlcLaln
Janes, Mrs. Henry Eaton. Mra. Q. D. Mulligan.
Mrs. Jeff Hansel, sirs. Emma A.. ChanialUu,
Mrs. Cosby Ely. Mrs. 118. Jewell, Sirs. Ed Rtone
breaker. Mrs. Charlaa Sheppard. Mrs. C. VU Se
bre and Mrs. Harry Cooper.
airs. M. J. Park entertained tha Progressrire
Worlters Friday afternoon. ,
Mrs. Wmitsn R. acrteaKtcrtalBed.kfsrmallr
Sirs. Allen Granthan Is enLrtalnln k.- .A.i.
cr. Mrs. P. J. Carson, cf St. Joseph.
Mrs. James O'Donnell's guest Silts Clara Wal
lace of Wlscoa.In. has returned to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashbrook are to give a coachlnsr
party to-morrow.
Sirs Jacob Newhous. Is entertaining Sirs.
Samuel Harlmann of Cleveland.
Sir. and Sirs. Julian Haar are to be at home
lnrorxnelly- to-morrow afternoon.
Sir and Mrs. Percy F. Lucas are on the Slalne
coat forth" summer.
-Sirs. Jeanne W. Ilrtggs and SIlss Llbble Kehoe
enlertalne.1 at cords at Dyklnglon Inn on
Wednesday. The guest list Included thirty
.Mt-,Th?r!? Hochs tetter sailed yesterday from
Jew York for Europe.
Sirs. Emmet Austin had a pretty welcomo
home from her army post exile on Tuesday. Her
sister, Sirs. Spalding, received In her honor and
last night SIlss Olive Kenedy was hostess at a
-cond arfalr. Those who assisted at the recep
tion lncludeo: sirs. Frank Stoller. Mrs. James
t.. Seaver. Sirs. John Trumbull, SIlss Edna Ir
win. SIlss Harriet Barse, SIlss Georgia Hoyt.
Miss Mamie Spalding. Miss Katherlne Dunn. The
f?.f?'8 w.ere: MlaB Norton. SIlss Chrlitlne SIc-
-iiiiau. iipB eu.i. iraoer. iiiss aianei I'ratt.
SIlss Alleen Irwin. SUss Irene Traber. SII.b
IMIth Norton. Miss Huby Iwls. SIlss Elizalieth
Swartz SHsa Pearl Scott. Miss Addle Klnev of
Nebraska Sirs Edward L. Page. Sirs. John
Powell. SIlss Reba Winner, SIlss Estelle Norton.
Miss Ethel sierwln. SIlss Dorothy Hodson. SIlss
Julia Howard. SIlss Grace Ferguson. SIlss I.ulu
Slance, Miss Fannie Hunt of Chicago.
Sill. Wright of Cambridge. Slass., Is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Clarence Wright. She returns
home shortly.
Sirs. Ii H. Riley of Detroit Is the guest of
Sir. and Sirs. T. I). Patterson.
Sirs. Rosa Rich of Denver and her daughter.
SIlss Sadie, are visiting Sirs. Adolph Hlrsch
Miss Judith Weill of Chicago Is visiting her
aunt. Sirs. Charles Weill. E
Sir. and Sirs. W. F. Anderson will spend the
summer at Slankto. Sllnn.
Sir. and Sirs. C. It. Holcomb entertained Fri
day evening.
tertalned a Jollv crowd of young folks Wednes
day evening with a trip through his famous tiff
cave. A number of ladders were put down as
meatus of getting' into and out of the cave, and
very pretty effects were produced by fireworks
discharged in the cae by the youn men of Uwj
party. Thow who injoyed the trip through were:
Sirs. W. J. Sli.rphy. Sir. and Mrs. Con Kadley.
Sllsses Ileatrire ard !rn Griscom. SIlss K-rtha
l'arsons of New York City. Edith and SInrtha
Scott. Gufcfle Itadley. Nell Rennlck. Ida Ibarh,
Nan and Ilecta rduirds. and Sitssrs. I&l
llrfghton. A. Roach. Clarence Troutman and Wal
ter Simpscn, Edv.in Vutes and Henry Lowe cf
I.Ol'ISIA.Vl. .Ml.
SIlss Slabel Peters of Summer Hill, HI., visited
SUss Edna Lind.y here thl wefc.
I'rcfessor T. I!m- Smith of Paette. SIo.. ar
livel here Sloniay on a fehort visit with relitlves
In this county.
Sir. and Slrp. J. H. Ogd-n departed Sunday for
St. Joseph. SIo.. where ihy will be the custs of
their daughter. Sirs. II T Holliway. and famll".
The Reverend Sir. and Slr. C. E. Hajes. Stite
missionaries of the Cumlerland Presnyterlan
Church In Illinois, are spending a week with rel
atives her-.
Sirs. Gfcrge E-tes and daughter. SIIs. Irma,
have gone to Hot Springs. Ark., for a "hort vaca
tion. Sir John Knight of Dallas. Tex.. I. the guest
of his brilher. Ctplain Harry Knight, of this
Mrs. J. W. Reynolds and daughter have re
turned from a three week.' vl-lt with relatives
at New Franklin and Mr rroe ci'v.
Sir. J. Siwyor and family of Sllnneapolis, Jlinn..
are here for the summer
SIlss Hecilah Ilurks is visiting In P-oria. III.
Sll.s Nndlne I.eafm Is s;cniln the cummer in
Sirs. D. O'Urien Is spending the summer at h r
old home In Zanesville. O.
SIlss Slarie Jrrdan lf thl. week for Kanas
City for a short visit. She will go f-om thereto
Denver, w-h. re he w 111 rwnd the rumra'f.
Slls.er Jrdle Orr nnd Ne lie Caldwell departed
Sunday frr a summer trip through Canada. S ir
nla will he their headquarters.
Sllrse" El!zvleth Whliiker and Ju la Wctt. are
In Chicago this week. From there Sll.s Whitaker
will go East for a summer coun-e In Harvard
SIlss .Tesie Tlnsley depirtcl Wednesdav for
Eureka Springs. Ark., to loin hr mo'iu-r. SI .
W. N. Tlnsley. who has been there f-r s-eral
Sirs. C. SI. Divi. and son. Frank, who viiited
Cash will returned to her former heme In Indiana.
frUU.lLI.t. 3IO.
Sirs. Sam Combs of Nevada returned home
Tuesday after a visit wllh frlenJa here.
Mr? J. E. Lydick departed Tuesday for Par
rons. Kcs.. to visit with frlenls and relatives.
Miss I'aitli E. Smith rcturn'd SIctidav from a
vl-it with her parents at Aurora. Ill
SI1..R Ncna Shelt'jn d-parted Tudav fir a
visit with htr aunt. Sir.. It. H. Shelton. -,f
Kansas Clt. and to attend the un-elllng of a
monument In memory of Confederate soldiers
SIlss lla7el Itrown departed Mon-'av for a visit
with relatives and friend, at -vtn.nii. Ind.
Sirs. William SuiNIath of California. Mo., is
the guet of Mis.. Jennie and Kittle Ashweii.
SIlss Ida -a.dnl of St l.iis r tum si home
Tueidiy after a visit with SIlss Slabel Beiler of
East Broadway
Sirs. J. II. Gfrktns of Cleveland. O.. artlved
Monday to I tho guest of her sister. Mrs. A. C.
Sllner. and famllv
SIlss Mabel Sillier' of St. Inls arrived Slonday
to sptnd commer.en;nt wek with Mis. Slvrza
Ianiels of South Masi-achusetts a'en"e.
Sirs. E. Ii. Barnes of Calhoyr., Ky., arrlvid
Tucday to bo the gurst of frln :v ahd rela-t:-es.
Sirs. G. C. Str.tts anj daughter. SIlss Valerie,
left Monday f.;r Kansas Clt. to visit her son.
Sir. Ernest Stotte.
SIlss lialsy treagan departed Monday for St
Louls to vivlt with relatives fcr a few davs.
Sirs. Charles SlotTehead of Parson", Kas.. is
the guct of Sirs Sallle Potter Sne-d.
SIrfc. Ii. It. Williams of Montgomery. O.. ar
rlved Tuesday for a visit with her aunt. Sirs.
SI. SlcCabe. of Wei,t Fifth street.
SIlss Edna Slurphy departed Wednesday for
Iola. Kas . to spend the summer with her sister.
Siifi Kate Huffman cf St. Louis arrived
Wfdni'sda.v t be the guest of h:r parent.. Sir.
and Mr. Sliltrn Huffman
Slisa Anna Baker eas retu-nM to Kansas city
after a visit wlt her parents. Mr. and Mr.. J.
SIlss Joseph!.-. Barflld, who has ben the gu.t
of her brother. Mr. S. It. ftarfield. r,nd wife, re
turned to her home In St. Iiuls Sbuiday.
Sllrse. Nina and Eula Harris left Wednesday
for i'iM Grove to visit for a few day with
Sir. SIarsh-1! last
Mr... I Hanlv- and sitter, ill's Jnhr.s. of ft
1 :i.. who lave ben the gu-.l. cf Sirs. J. U.
B.irr. It depart.l Slonday f-.r treir hem".
Ml-'- Sliniilt SI' Mnh n of avfii. Tex., who
has bc.n tne guest of Slrs. Emil Seifert. departed
Sirs. O. D. Royse, Sirs. W. C. Porter and SIlss
Julia Wlttlch attended a party given bv Sii-s
Isabel Perkins at her home in Carthage, YvVdnes
dav afternoon of last week.
Mrs. Howard Gray will depart this week for
Lima. O.. to spend the summer. Sirs. Gray will
be accompanied l- her niece. SIlss Detwelller.
who has been visiting In Joplln for some tlm
and who will remain in Lima.
Sir and Sirs. George Daigler have returned to
their home In Springfield, after a week's visit
with their daughter. Mrs. Taylor Snapp.
Sir. and Sirs. Fred Basom. now visiting the
Northern lake resorts, are expected home this
Sirs. Stevens of York. Pa., Is visiting Sirs. J.
Lutman of No. loit Central avenue.
Mr Charles McBrlCe. who spent part of last
week In Joplln visiting his brother. Joe SIc
Brlde. has returned to his home In St. Joe.
Mr. Obe Wllmer Is visiting relatives In Illi
nois. Sir. and Sirs. W. IL Lelb will depart this week
for Parsons, Kas.. for a short visit.
Sirs. Cadi Klein and children are visiting rela
tives In South McAIester. I. T.
Sirs. Jay F. Summerfleld and son. Ward. are.
visiting relatives In Springfield.
SIlss Bess Powell deiarted Thursday even
ing for her home In Columbia. SIo., to spend th
summer vacation.
SIlss Sllnnle Cotton departed last week for
New r,rk City and other Eastern points to be
gone the most of the summer.
Mrs. W. Hogan and son. J. B. Hogan. were
the guests of Kansas Cltv friends last Sunday.
SHsee Jeanette and Ada Lotus departed last
Thursday for Salt !.ake City. Utah, to spend 'he
summer with their mother.
Sir. and Sirs. K. El Harris ptient the r.n. u-..ir
In Seneca, the guests of Sir. and Sirs. J. E. Shep-
fcerd. H
SIlss Emshlmer of Wheeling. W. Va., who has
been the guest of Joplln and Galena friends the
Sast month, departed Wednesday evening for her
ome jn Virginia.
Announcement was made Tuasday of the ap
proaching wedding of SIlss Mabel stelzner of
Anadarko. Ok., to Sir. E. SP. SlcAdams. local
paspenger agent of the Missouri Pacific. The
ceremony will be performed at the home of the
bride's parents in Anadarko on June 16. They
will leave Immediately after the ceremony for an
extended Western trip and will be at home In
Joplln about the middle of July. SIlss stelzr.er
Is a former Joplln girl of much charm of manner
and was a member of the Joplln Choral Society.
On Wednesday. June 4. at the home of the
bride's mother. In Cherokee. Kas.. SIlss Slabel
Grant and Sir, Arthur Sillier of Joplln will be
united In marriage. Sir. and Sirs. Georse E.
Wheaton and Sllsses Rebecca and Nan Edwards
of Jcplln will attend the wedding. Mr. and
Mrs. Sillier will come to Joplln to reside.
Cards are out fcr the approaching l.-arrisge of
Sir. Charles Walter Simpson of this city and
Miss Levata Atkinson cf Sheldon. Mo., on June
S. The wedding will take place at the home of
the bride In Sheldon and they will. come to Jop
lln Immediately after the ceremony,, where they
will reside.
SIlss Deborah and slary Morrison cf Racine
were the guests of Joplln friends Tuesday.
On Wednesday. June 4. IMS. at St Peter's
Catholic Church. Miss Margaret Lewder, daugh
ter of Mr. and Sirs. E. Lawder. will be married
to Sir. Thomas Nolan. The wedding ceremony
will take place at 6 o'clock, with only the im
mediate relatives and friends of tha bride and
bridegroom present, sir. John Roberts win war
the 'Lohengrin" wedding march and Mrs. John
II "Ju "-': -JL i feffi ifHrp HJBjsssssssst SBBfrsssCseefoyiiKFS 1tfe BBBsSSSSSSS r 's'V' H
kins, cf Cleveland. O-. and Mrs. J. C. McLaugh
lin. Jr.. departed Wednesday tor a visit with
xrknds at (ju)ncy. Ill
Mrs James Karr ff Sugar City. Colo., who has
been the cuest of her sister. Mrs. Ii. Ited. re
turned home Wednesday.
MIs Urace Baker entertained a company of
f i lends Wednesday evening at her horn m South
Vermont avenue, ccmpllmf ntary to Miss AUIe
McNemar of Santa Barbara. Cat
Mrs J. C. McLaughlin entertained the mera
lrs of the KtcKir.g hair Club Wednesdiv aier
nVin at htr t'-m on West ?-eventh street. It be
ing th lat myelins of the year. The meeting
was called an 'anti'jue pa-t," each guest being
required to bring trie oldest family relic they
po-stts and give Its hl"to-y.
Mrr T P. MiiTjn. president o the Sorosls.
entertained the irfmben Monday aftemo" n at her
nom n . es: v.rominay. tn- was as'tstf.j ny
Mrs. Hattle L. Pa(f. Mrs. Harry A. Pratt and
her niece-. Mls Mrra Tuttl. This being the last
meeting of the yar It is always observed eo
clallv, the prercnt bine the hostess.
Mr. O. M. Karnett entertained ai cards Thurs
day afternoon at her horn on West Seventh
Mrs. Edward Mo ire gave a dinner Tuesday
eenlnc tn a number of frlende. In honor of Mrs.
W. 2L IllRhUyman. who will leave the city soon
to rtsldc in St Louis.
Invitations have been issued for an "at h'rfne,"
to be given bv Mrs. J fl. (jalaler, Friday. May
31. at her home on Kat Uroadway. In honor of
her son. William It ju!gley.
Mrs. X J. Klnne of Wet Iiroadwav enter
tained a partv f thiriv-slx ladie Tuesday morn
ing. i,m..Iirr.-ntarv to Mrs. Kate Houx and Miss
Uertrude Paulhiber of St IwU'S. at slT-bandM
euchre Mrs. J. II Ma-a and Mrs. Krank Monroe
were awarded ihf prizes
Mr?. L N. Guild entertalnM Friday afternoon
at her rwnie on West Unadway. compllroentarv
to Mr. Trevor nf Ithaca. N. Y. and Mis Tuft
of Itockport. N. V. The tad' of the Rocking
Chair lub were the guetts of honor.
Mrs. A. I. Morev cave a euchre W'edneydiy
mornlne at her ht-rre on South Ohio avenue, in
hinr of Mr Richard Morev of Kansa? Cltv.
Mrs. II. II. Hyatt of Kirkncod and Mr. Frank
Kicker of St. Louis. About ixtv cuests were
prent. out-of-town miets were Mrs. Charles
M.-rehead nf TarKcne. Mrs. Kate Houx and Mis
O'rtnide Faulhaber of St. Ziuls. Mrs Trever of
Ithaca. N. V.. and MIrs Tuft cf Rockort. S. T.
Southern trip .spending mot of the time at
Aihevfli-, N C
4'olumbia friends have received Invitations to
the marriage of Mr Hurt on Thompson and Miss
Anna Harriett Slade which will Uk place at
the bride's home In MIddleburg. Vt , on Wednesday-
June Ii Mr Thompson has many friends
her this being his former home, llr and Mrs.
Thoinpyon will arrive in Columbia o the 11 th of
June to visit Mr. Thomppon's mother, Mrs Lib
bie Thompson, and sister. Mrs. J. C Jones.
Captain and Mrs. Samuel A. Smoke will arrive
Tuesday rnurnlnc from Lincoln, Neb.
Mr Ann Gordon departed on last Friday for
Chicago, after spending the winter at The Gor
don." Her son. Mr. Turner Gordon, accompanied
her to St. TjiuIs
Mrs Joseph Kste; returned Tliursday from St.
IjouIs. where she has been visiting friends for
several das.
Mr. Ucctor Iaul Schweitzer vhdted her daueh
ter. Mrs Kenneth Gardner. In Kansas City this
w eek.
Mls Georgia Walker of St Louis Is the guest
of Miss Florence Willis on Ea.t Uroadway.
Mrs. Captain Jamei S. Kolllns snd little ansa
Jennie Collins arrived Tuesday from Pan Frin
clsco, Cal
Itctor W. S. Drewry Instructor In hlstoo to
MlFiourl State lnlverIty, wn called to his
home In Virginia Monday by the illness of bls
George Jacob? of Chicago U visiting his moth
er. Mrs. Annie E. Jacobs.
Doctor W. C. Taylor, who delivered tha bac
calaureate sermon at St. Stephens College last
Sunday, returned to bis home In Indianapolis
Mre. Sharp of St. Louis Is the guest of Mrs.
N. E. lyas at thw Powers.
Mis Emma Itcupthelle will depart soon for
Colorado to spend the summer.
Mrs. Walter Williams will depart In a few
dajs to visit In Buhceton. Mo., before going to
New York to meet Mr. Williams, who will return
from Europe.
Mrs. IL M. Gerhart of Excelsior Springs waa
a visitor at Christian College this week.
Of Louisiana, ilo.
in Callaway County for ten days, rttumedhome
Mor day.
Mr. H. L. Adams, who h?s been iiting his
father here for seeral we-k, r-turned to his
home In St. Louis Wedne-day.
Mrs. .1. R. S. McCjp and daughter. Miss Ger.e.
are In Columbia to attend the commencement of
Christian College. in which Mls Eufci McCun is
one of the craduates.
Mrs. J. D. liowman entertalnrd a number of
friends Sundav with a speclallv rcnared ibh din
ner. Among the out-of-town guestn were Colonel
1). P. I)yer of St. LonK IE. F. Hirrett, Robert
CamDbell and Asa F. Ilrntchrr rf the western
V?Tt? 3h "JtV and F. L. Wllsjn. Harrison
R-iPdclDh. George Hates and Jeff Edwards of
Bowling Green.
Mrs. Alenzo Fry and srn. TInlev. are visiting
tbf fcrmer's aunt. Mm. Sieed. at Nevada Mo.
Mrs. Wm. Elgin and baby of St. Louis are the
guests of relatives in this county.
Mrs. C IX. KUutr Is litlng her parents In
Bloom! net on. III.
Mrs. Ira Miller and MUs Kittle Culver arewls
Itinr the former's parents. Mr and Mrs. J. P.
NeLson. at New Hop. Mo.
.irs. J.t Robert Alien returned from Palmyra
Wednesday and was the guest of Mrs. F. W.
Buffum until Friday, when she left for Chicago,
where she will spend the summer.
Mrs. J. & Brlmer and Ml?a Hattle Bflmer are
visiting In St. Tuln.
Mr. J. J. Blackwell of EdwardsvilVy TH., Is the
guest of his danghter. Mrs. Wm. Conrad.
Mr. aill Mrs. William Wilson of Ashburn ar
the guests of Mr. Wilson's aunt. Mrs. Julia Morrow.
.Mr frfta,11"1; U F. Mackey entertained a num.
C. Keenan will elng Stanley's "Ave Maria. Th , w nf thf..V.i3acKfr nrtoined a num-
aepart immediately after - t?AaV mvZnin Z? riT f ".ewB .;''. u u::k unner
JTa .i.i t .,. - fnaay evening, at their beautiful sv.timrtr hnmB
bride and irrjom will
k ...n. - '. i.. . ..' :
and will be at home upon their return at the . ZffiL StL.?1 Eutte- ozU. Is here this
Mrs. John C. Keenan entertained the membets cnurc"hCin,tho?'?f' m!fnat, ri?t C'fan
Oft. Peter's Catholic Choir at her heme ,cn Uun. !51?2??Jd E -A- in-tPn and fim-
C and Pearl streets Wednesday evening. A short
musical nroiiiajiiiiie n. r.ndMrf Hh. mHl.
werei Mr. and Mrs. Frank WhlCfen. Mrs. George
Layery,- Misses Marie ana Nellie .Toohey andr
Slersrs. J. B. Hogan and J. Roberts.
ml. rM.J?mitOT...w'" aor '" "
JrM'f. i.tSS-'iLiL the "" el"ch was ballt.
TueMay for a short visit with friends at But-1---.
Miss Atlle McNcmar of Santa Barbara. Cal..
arrived Monday to be the guet cf Mfss Grace
MIs Margaret Hal if St. Loui. who has been
the guet of Mrs. I'wnk 1'ark, dtparted Tuesday
f or her home.
Mrs. 31. II. IVmberton of St. Louis, who lia
been ltlng here, and her granddaughter. Miss
Louise O'Connell. d'-patM Toedav for a snort
visit with relatives at HoonvlUe. Mo.
Mis' Margaret Ivans left Monday for St. Jo
seph, where she will visit with A. J. Ayles and
Mrs. IL IlarJ departed Monday for Kansas
City to visit with her mother, Mrs. James W.
Miss Ada Purcell of Kanas City returned to
her home Tuesday after a visit with her friend,
Mls Jessie Twist.
Ml Emma WV.hrmfln of Jefferson Cltv. who
has been the gust of Miss Louise Frietnel for
the past week, left Monday for her home.
Mrs. H -P. Paunders and son returned Tues
day from a visit with friends 1 Jefferson City.
Mrs. J. ii. Xall departed Tuesday for Liberty.
Mo., where she will spend the summer with her
mother, Mrs. M. E- Porter.
Mrs. Anna Conrath of St. Louis arrived
"Wednesday for a visit with her mother. Mrs.
Crrtftlna Landmann, and other relatives.
Mr. arfd Mrs. Dick Rector of St. Louis arrived
Mondayfrom Kansas City and are the guests of
David Thompson and family, west of the Ity.
Miss Mae Gatlin of St. Louis, who has been the
suest of Mrs. W. H. Neely for the pact week,
departed Tuesdav for her home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Brown left Monday for Pueblo,
Colo., where ther will v!s;t tor some time.
Mrs. w. H. Pritchafd a! 3 of Wichita, Kas.,
are the gutsts of her P Irter. .Mrs. II. IL Btacfc.
ilr. Hugh M Grtfcham of Kansar? City ar
rived Wednesdar fcrl visit with friends aad
relatives. I
Mrj w 8v Shirk returned Monday from a
virttixvflth friends tn f1 S,r' -o . ...
jiisweg Qieiia canPDf ij"MU,"rc - c-
The engagement of Miss Ludle Todil of New
Work to Mr. E. D. Valllent of this city has been
announced. The wedding will take place early
next month.
Mrs. D-ivId Sager entertained at her home in
El wood Monday afternoon In compliment to Mrs.
Will Flynn of San Francisco.
Mrs. Edward M. Wray gave a tea Thursday
Mrs. C. E. Van Loon gave a reception Wednes
day afternoon at her home. No. 1102 South Twen
tieth street. Her guets were members of the
Congregational Church.
Miss CaiMe Maxwell and Miss Uda Maxwell
departed Wednesday for California, where they
will epend the summer.
Tie Isadle' McKir.ley Club met . Wednesday
aftcrnwn at the home of Mrs. J. T. Mays. No.
t.8 Dewey avenu.
Mr. and Mrs. James Summervllle have gone
to St. I-ills, where they will probably remnln
Miss Hazel Hall Is visiting In Jefferson City.
The flrrt of a series of spring recitals by the
fupllK of Miss Jessie Gaynor and Mr. Frederick
teale. uas Klen Friday night In the Gaynor
Studio In ihe fommerclal block.
Mr. Milton Tootle Is visiting in New York.
Mr Norton Ttrokaw has gon to St. Paul,
where she will iend the hot weather with her
son, Mr. Arthur Ilrokaw.
Mrs. O. M. Spencer has returned from a short
vi?lt with friends In Columbia, Mo.
Mrs. W. A. Mesmr departed Thursday for
Burlington, la., where she will visit friends for
a short time.
Miss Gertrude Falrlegh will depart early In
July for Battle Creek. Mich . where she will
visit her father. Mr. W. C. Fairleeh.
MIs Mae I Idns ha been visiting friend in
St. Loul fhly week. From there he will go to
Kentucky for the summer.
Miss With Fife went to St. Loui this week.
Fn-m there she will go to Indlinapolis for a
stav of two months.
Miss Adeie Kellev U visiting her sister, Mrs. :
liarrv t on iter, in ly-uniana.
Guy V. Holiday Is spending a few days In Chi
cago. Miss B'sste Mitchell of La Belle visited friends
In the city Thursday.
Miss Marlon C Powell entertained a number
of friends Thursday evening at progressive
euchre. Her guests arrived from St. Louis on
the s o'clock electric car.
Mrs. Charles Rechtem entertained the Ladles
Euehre Club ' Thursday afternoon. Prizes were
awarded to Mrs. B. Genet, Miss Lena Martsa
and Mrs. J H. Bode.
! Mrs. Barney Fuerstein and daughter. Miss Til
He. vlMted St. Lou La friends last week.
Mra. Harnett, who has been visiting Miss
Theo. McDearmon. has returned to her home in
Clinton, Mo.
Charles Koetter cf Meadow Grove, Neb. is
vi-lting his father. J. Henry Koetter.
Mrs, F. J. noche has returned to her home
in Toronto. Canada, after a visit to her parents.
The engagement of Errt Schnedler of this
city and Miss Tuhra Kna.rel of Defiance Is an
nounced. They will be married June 2S.
Miss Edna Bran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. B. Bruns. Is expected ncme from New York
next week to spend her summer vacation,
Mrs. C Young of Qulncy. III., arrived Friday
to visit her daughter. Mrs. George Wentz.
Mrs. W A. Donning arrived Saturdar from.
Klrfesvtll to visit her sen. William Downing.
Mrs. Lucy O. McDearmon of St. Louis has
be-n visiting St- Charles relatives.
Miss Auxelfa McDearmon is In St. Louis spend
ing a few dajs with friends.
Mrs. Douglas Martin entertained the Ladles
Reading Club Friday afterno-m.
Mrs. J. P. Renno and daughter. Miss Bertha,
have returned from a visit to West Alton.
Mrs. George Zlener of Qulncy, I1L, Is visltin?
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schneider-
Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Meyer and Mr. and Mrs,
O J. Marten went to Maryvllle Sunday to lsir.
Ml? Mazle Meier
Miss Ida Buchanan entertained a number of
her friends Sunday evening at progressive euchr.
Miss Eva F. Lemmon and George P. Tlayer
will be married Tuesday evening. June 17. at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Mr. O. J. Martin was pleasantlv surprised
Mmndav nfternocn and evenlne br friends.
Misses Bessie Small and Ethel Canary of I
Cuds. mo., are guests or jirs. tawaras vtnue.
Mr. and Mrs. William Nleburg and daughter.
Mis Lcrine. avcompanled bv Mra. Louise Brandt
and daughter, have returned to Wright City
after a visit to St. Ctirles relatives.
Scruby. Simpson. A. J. Simpson, Pardonner.
Mathews. John Newland. Screhlow,. TrjcJceninli
ler and Miss Ethel Williams.
Mr and Mrs. N. J. Swetland entertained at 6
o'clock dinner Thursday complimentary to 1Jn
and Mrs. Ben Craycroft of Chicago, wto are vis
iting Mra. W T Browning.
Mrs. J E. Pardcnner of Enst Wettter street
entertained tho East End Fancy Work Clab
Tuesday afternoon and served a delicious
Miss Almona Anson was the hostess Tuesday
evening of an informal party of music, dancing;
and carda. . ,. .
Mrs. S. Palmer will depart Monday for an ex
tended visit to Colorado resarts. At Canon
City she will attend tha marriage f her son,
Don, the middle of June
The Grocers Association of ChUUcotlie is plan
ning one of the largest picnics of the season, ta
occur early in June.
Mfss Margaret Wells will depart next week for
K a rial s City to visit her aunt, Mrs. Joseph Wat
son. Mrs. Daisy PIckel of Pattonsburg. formerly
Mls Daisy Gordon of this city, arrived Tues
av frnm Columbia to visit her Uncle. Doctor
Dald Gordon. She attended commencement ex
ercises at Columbia, where her sister. Miss Gor
don, was graduated with highest honors. Miss
Inez Gordon of this city will accompany Mrs,
PIckel to Pattonsburg.
Miss Katherlne Wengler of Clayton has re
turned to her home from KirksvIHe. where sfa
went to attend the closing exercises cf th
Klrksvtlle Normal School.
Miss Lulu Autenrieth. who baa been attending
the KlrksvlUe Normal School, has returcsd ta
her home In Clayton.
John Blanner celebrated his twenty-first birth
day at the home of his parent In Manchester
with a reception en the evening of May H. Th
guests were Misses M. Reinecke, Anna Bopp. Tie
He Meyer, Anna Selbel. M. and B. Garth, M. and
A. Hoffstettet, Fink and Klein and Messrs. Jo
seph Wetterer, Jacob Eschenbrenner. John Hoff
Etetter. Otto Stoecker. Georg Meyer, Peter Da
wahl and A. Klein.
Miss Tlllle Krueger of Ball w la is visit lax
friends' in St. Iouls.
Miss Alice McDonald of New York Is the guest
of Miss Waldon of Tuxedo.
Mlfs Anna Reynolds of Brentwood will depart
Sunday for Louisville, where she will act as
bridesmaid at the wedding of Miss Ethel Allen,
and Mr. Arthur Perry-
The Ladles Aid Society cf the BrtdgeUm 2rL
E. Church will meet next Tuesday at the h0m
of Mrs. Will Ileldorn in Brldgeton,
Mrs. Laura Davis of Eureka, Ark., Is visiting;
her mother. Mrs. William Blackwell, in Bridge
ton. Mies Ann Massey of Klnloch Park. Is visiting;
her sister. Mrs. B. C. Stevens, in Clayton.
Miss Clara llede of St. Louis and Mr. R. C.
Purviance of Wellston will be married next
The annual picnic of the Pea Ridge Public
Echoot win be n"H in i.iarK Jaf to-uav. i
Miss Izcra Montaigne of Flo tan t is vlsltlsJ
her aunt, Mrs. Ldward Jamt.-s3T. St.
Ji net ion. ".
Mrs. Zora Mulhall of St. Louis visited 1-
Adellne Stevens In Florissant last wteek,
Mr. E. 31. Denny, who has been teaching
Bollefontalne oublie school, will I detar
Franklin County some time this wprJt-co spend
nis summer vacation.
Thomas Blake of Brldgeton Is at West Baden,
Miss Emma Boucielle entertained In honor of
Mrs J. Herman Boswell of I'nlcn City, Tenn..
Saturday afternoon at six-hand euchre. Guests
were the members of the "A. Y. I Club.
Those invited were Misses Be-le Anderson. Nell
Dcrsey. Virginia Dyas. Margaret Trimble, Kath
erlne Guitar. Emily flultar. Mary Gray. Flor
ence Gray. Ethel Hudson, Madelle Jacobs. Neda
Jacobs, Besle Law son. LIU Johnson. Bessie Mc
Conathy. Mildred McConathy. Sue Stone. Emma
Ptrawn, Stella Strawn, Eveljn Strawn, Florence
WIIMr. Helen Conlej-. Marie Fleming. Vera
Frederick. Mary Ixinanl. Sue Hume, Georgia
Walker, Mary Robnette. Mr. Bragg and Mrs.
Bos well.
Mies Ruth Moss was hostess of the A. Y L.'
Club and a few other friends FrlJay afternoon.
At the clcs of the game when eight games of
six-hand euchre had been played the score was
counted and Miss Sallle pierce and Mrs. II. I.
Braze received the prizes. Refreshments were
served to the guests. Mifts Sallle Pierce. Bessie
Anderson, r.mma uoucneue, irginia Dyas.
Katherlne Gnltar. Emily Guitar, Mary Leonard.
Mary Gray, Florence Gray. Ethel Hudson. Neda
Jacobs. MadIIe Jacob. Bessie Lawson, LIU
Johnon. Gall Poor. Margaret Trimble, Sue
Stone. Mildred McConathy. Mary Allen. Julia
Conway, Mary Fleming. Mattle Smith, Estelle
Andersen. Edna Jefferte-,. Roberta Houx. Vir
ginia Strawn. Evelvn Strawn. Dora Rogers:
Mesdames Mauths cf Fulton. Verdechberg of
Denver. Niednrmeyer, Estes. Jones, Hubbell.
Smith and Hockaday.
Mrs. E- W. Htnton w. hostess of the Wednes
day Euchre Club this week at 930 a. m. at four
hand euchre. Irlzes were won by Mrs. Odon,
Guitar. Mrs. J. Worley. Mrs. Maughs and Mrs.
L O. Hockadar. Jr.
Miss Hazel Hogan of Webster Grove Is visiting
friends here.
MIfs Ruth Moss and Miss Gail Poor departed
Saturday to visit Miss Moss's aunt, Mrs. M. A.
Prewitt in CJarkeville.
Mr. Walter Williams has returned after spend
ing the winter In Florida,
Mr. and Mrs. T G. Dulaney and son. Mr, Wil
liam H. Dulaney. Jr., attended commencement
exercise at Christian College this week, return
ing to their home in Hannibal. Ma.. Thursday.
Miss Laura Mathews returned from Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. James TT rxnltar were tn St- i
Louis, tt few days this week.
Miss Ectelle Porterk. left. Wednesday for Nash
ville. Tenn., where -she will visit In part of her
surrmer vacation.
Miss Carey MoanHoy-Ia visiting her sister. Mrs.
Harvey Pringl in ForesteRe. Mou
Mr.- Laws Watson of Georgia Is the guest of
hi- parents. Doctor and Mrs. B. A. Watson.
The play "As You Like- If which was to be
prieented by the pup! la of Christian College on
the lawn at Grasslands, the horse of Mr. 5. B.
Rollins, Tuesday evening, was given In the Unl
Trersitr Auditorium owing to the weather. The
play was well rendered and all taking- part de
serve mentlcn.
Mr. jr. w. riledermeyer returned. Wednesday
Hunter Gary visited In St. Louis last week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Coulter vitited their
daughter In St. Louis last week.
Mrs. John It. Lyell of Shelblna spent last week
with friends and attended the High School com
mencement exercise?.
Miss Alleen Smith of Olathe. Kas.. arrived
last week to visit the family of her uncle. Frank
Mr. and Mra Joseph Banta of Ottumwa, la.
returned home Let Monday, after an extended
visit here with friends and relatives.
Mrs. Maude S. Brock visited in Hannibal the
first of last week.
Miss Francis Holman of St. Paul. Minn., will
arrive home next week to spend a month visit
ing her parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Holman.
The Reverend H. E. Truex went to Columbia
Friday and delivered an address to the gradu
ates of Stephens College.
Mrs. It 1 r. Kern of New Cambria natsec.
through here Tuesday, en route to SL Louis to
meet her daughter. Miss Mary, who Is return
ing home from school In Virginia.
Miss Louise McVulIy. who hi attending the
Gem City Business College at Qulncy, is viU
ing relatives.
Mrs. Lou S. Deal of Wlnsor Mo., arrived here
Monday to attend the commencement exercises
of the Macon High School, her daughter. Mt-s
Nettle, being among th graduates.
Mr. B. E. Frey returned yesterday morning
from a two weeks visit In Washington. D. C.
Miss Edna Martin, who has been visiting Miss
es Ethel and Emma Hornett of Chicago, returned
home Thursday.
Mrs. Mary McCuIIough of Philadelphia arrived
.Thursday to vl-Jlt the family of Frank Smith
and other friends.
Doctor Ed Simmons, who. with hia wife" and
daughter, have been visiting parents and friends
here the past two weeks, departed Thursday for
Denver, Colo. Mrs. Simmons will not go until
Mrs. W. II. Sears and son. William, will go to
Columbia to-day to attend the commencement ex
ercise of the Missouri State University next
week, at which time her son, Charles T.. will be
graduated from the law department. While In
Columbia they will be guests of J. A. Hudson
and family. . . ,
Mr. and Mrs. B- A. Guthrie entertained th
graduating class, of 1303 at their home In Pearl
stret Wednesday evening In honor of Mlsa Grace
Linn, who was valedictorian of the class.
Mrs E. J. Demeter gave a reception to the
class graduating from the Biers Military Acade
my Friday afternoon In honor of her son. Rein
hold, who Is one of the graduates. ,
M!w Beulah Griffin of Pearland-V Tex., is visit
ing her mother. Mrs. M. E. Wlldernsan.
Mrs. Oscar Laderaech of Long Pine. Neb., waa
in Belleville last week, the guest of Miss Hands
B. Wangelln.
Miss Alma Goelitz gave a birthday party Tues
day afternoon.
Mlas Cora B. Hlrschberg' of St. Louis is tht)
guest cf the Misses Long of AVest Main street-'
Miss Luella Fleischbetn was hoatess Tuesday
afternoon at a rose luncheon, given at her heme.
No. 121 East A street. In honor of Miss Elsa
Ohlendorf of St, Louis, whose marriage to George
J. Fritz takes place Wednesday. June 4. These
present were Mr?. Will Hendricks, Mrs. Doctor
Rlesmeyer. Misses Elsa Ohlendorf. Tlllle Cramer.
Elsa Schmedje. Mlnnette Rippe. Elsa Hart man.
Natalie Gelset. Leonora Doer, Adeie Heerlch.
Miss Eleanor Schumex gave an "apron show
er party Wednesday. In honcr of Mlsa Catbertr.a
I Karr. who will be a June bride. V
Mrs. Charles Qriffen of Grassland. Mra. T fcv
Park and Miss C A. Sheckley and-Mrs. P.fT.
a vujojeu n vuunjj hi savage i-JJie msi. wn
Mrs- Will Gates has returned to her horn i"
.anon arter a pleasant visat wttn ner parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gramllch of the West
End announce the engagement of their daughter.
Miss Julia, to John Ackermann, Jr.. of Belleville.
The engagement of George Blom and Mlsa
Gertrude Ullrich has been announced.
The Misses Sshlender oC West Mala street en-
y- for trvUlv wth rtena to. St. Rafter a few-days' spent in St. Louis.'.
Mr-. VT. II. Mansur and son. Hugh, departed
TueMay noon for ereral week' visit In Minne
apolis, the guetts of Mr and Mrs. Virgil Dillon
Messrs. Swetson Crews and Clarence Kase of
St. Louis arrived Thursday to visit Mrs. T. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Leper of Braymer were the
guests this week of Mr and Mrn. Watte.
Miss Maragret Wells entertained at luncheon
Friday afternoon complimentary to Mrs. Daisy
Bueil McNeil of Chicago.
Doctor and Mr Barney, pr. departed this
week for an extended Eastern trip. They will
visit Washington. New York. Boston. Montreal
and Quebec.
Mrs. I. N. Page recently entertained ilrs. Go.
Cunningham and Mrs. Blanche Rucker of Mo
Mrs. Daisy Buel McNeil has returned to Chi
cago, after a week's visit to her unci -a. the Wig
ley brothers.
Doctor and Mrs. L. E. Tracy will depart nxt
week for Washington. la., to attend a wedding of
Mr-. H. M. Grace and little daughter, Marie.
are visiting In Liberty and Kansas City.
Mrs. Phil Hartman and children are visiting
in r Tjyuln.
Mis- Kate Hackett is entertaining her cousin.
Ml is Isabelle Manor ey of Chicago.
Mrs. Mary tTaycrnu or cmcagn is visiting her
mother. Mrs. W. T. Browning.
Mr. Frank Sheets and 'daughter. Miss NelL
are vl-dtlng in Chicago.
A "n"h fry" wa given Wednesday at the Utica
cut-off by the citizens of Chilllcothe, complimen
tary to Mr. J. D. Houseman of St. Chsrlrs. Mr
George D. Rosenthal and Mr. J. II. C. Lucas of
St. Louis, who are here In the Interest of an
electric line connecting Chilllcothe. Carrollton
and Trenton.
The Young People's Whist Club was enter
tained Tuesday night by Mrs. J. F. Hawley, com
plimentary to her mister. Mis Kate Everhardt
of Warrensburg. The prizes (pr the evening a
lace handkerchief and a novelty shoe polinher
were won by Miss Neen McVey and Mr Mason
Little. -
Mrs. J. W. Botts wa hostess Tuesday after
noon of the Domestic Science Club and assisted
br her daughter, served elegant refn-shments.
Mrs. F- E. rvLongy entertained the" "XfX" Club
ir-iiTrMj wiciuuvu, .m.s. ,. j juiiier belnar
leader for the study of Raskin. r
Mrs. Wales and children left this week for a
two- months visit to the -State of Washington,
Mlu Ethel Poagi of Nevada, Ma. Is vlsltlns
her sister-in-law, jrs. J. M. Pog "
The Dorra Society of the Elm Street M. E.
Church will sire a production of the cantata
"Queen Esther" at the Luella SOperaVhcSS on
the night of June 12. An artist nSKewYork
Mr Fondray. assisted by Professor J. Marshall
Williams and his pupils, will take the leadhur
Mrs"vn pe? " ,rro,"' ' tln
Jliss una lampDMl la Tlsittrur In Lock Rnrtn..
The follovrine;. ladle. nnZUXLi i ."ff-WWl
lsssssssssssssssssss"9sssssssssssBtt '
HdssssssssssT asssR'SlsfissssBsssssssssssssssi
isasssssW asssssstalssssss-sssH
m TsB
ITttra -nmmesdaT ntmkt, mt7Si-ZLF&:
357v 3SS
W AH the New
are In the stores now. They are
TTondcrfnlly made cciraets, so ligbt
that the figure does not feel their
wdght and yet sturdy enough, to
give the cost satisfactory -wear.
All VT. B. Summer ErecS Ferta
are made of our own specLiI white
batiste which b as tough a'jcaoru
and as cool as net.
Choose from the foQowing'
models t
933 for slight figures -1 JI .SO
971 for medium figures I l.M
972 for developed figures
9,1 for tnediuta figures f
9U for stout figures t
;. If your dealer caa&e
K, 37J'BmawiT.H.Ti5
' 4 Jl
m af "-
-Of Jr
m i
W. B. Corsets are sold br all atorea
an si. i.aaia.
Man needs a. certain amount of food to
run his body, just as an engine need coat,
water, oil and repair. Starch' Is &r
the most important part or man's diet. U
coal being about four times toe required
Quantity of "oil and repairs" Starchy foods
should be- dextrlnlzed. -howerer. as they
overwork the stomach. The- easiest, most
appetizing and best way to secure the ne
cessary starch la through the use of that
thoroughly cooked cereal. Toasted Wheat
Flakes. It makes an ideal starcb-dcxtrln-ized
foodideal in that It gives the amount
of enersnr rsonipt. mMi K.U.....& ti.tne' del.
lcately sweetened" with Malt Jloney. It
tempta the nalat.- Mii wns tt fnrcisb-
es the staxcLeeitrtnised for rapia and er.
it l
'-5 31
W3 i "J
$M f
irjgt '
IsTJai -J t
"HsjSK -
iuzic.fiom3i;.Qxl. ait4ur.a.P Wr"
i- ----' -- "- lHHHs;ri(lsa
'-. .. n- .v.-,sr-- -."iWIUfTl mi (XI
. tie - &ium-.
-w.uufl. (aua.sovtss.tne giotayg rTs

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