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Itiated. and the arrangements for the econd
annual boat exiureicn w r 4iui?ed Mrs i.iiz
aVth Felt ma Rn cave a ni"t delightful ret -ptlon
Thurda afterr-ucn ol hor home In honor t
tl-e hite
ICnlxlitn nnd
IfM toil TTnmo Pit-,. In fn Alrwr h. Pra?-.M''t Inw .ll be auanM
y - -...-.v. -.-- -..vww . .. i i e-rcrai goou time i anxii ipatei At th-
gfiraiiu Poiiventiou June 5
Lodre Notes.
TM 'u-i' ' "irM of Missouri will convene
!t 3t ' ' - Jn .', C and 7. President II. C.
31 rgo s .r in. r-i., presided. The tlrst ses
Hniwf i ' '. .. i7ntJfn will be held Thursday,
10 TJrk m n Friday night, the Cth, the lar
K'tfii ,i"v t'i ' ' history ff the order tn thi3
i y k 1 t. Mtf tted at Concordia Club Hall.
N J lM'itau avenue. Over 150 candl-).-
ep in' .ilr,ady been examined and oth
ers fir- ' m.ng. The number. It Is predicted,
vttl ra 'i "' The "floor work" will he con -tiurttu
ih' 4'houteitu Circle decree team
a- tXom oi, Circle will j1e their "side de
" M I and an addrca by Supreme
l'l-tld r- Mil will follow Initiatory cere
moojes fi n,n!ay. June 7, will be the an
i) ;di ou; ! . "f the V. II. C In Carondelet
J'ftk 1 i ' -or Phillips and his orchesira
wxil'.furiii-'i the- music. At pome suitable
hour in ' afternoon Doctor Hall will mako
ifr & it - i ii the ''Organisation and Prog
rrtjty.r u, Protrcted Home Circle." AH the
draty ' the t.ty are working loyally to
m fat hl .i great occasion and Give mem
bcrfi nd Pi-ir friends a Good time. The
nreggnc , 1'iiday night must of necessity
bo feflu null t lo'ied doors. Some reprewent
anfe"t rr m Indiana are expected at the bl
cniiil session meetings.
rj Onlrr of Scottish Claim.
Oh h' I t llmtnary
Alt b i r- llmtnary and detail work for the
went '" h i-nual picnic of th combined
c.-nar ' tni-, c .i at :urmana. iro July 4.
hr tt n w ue n (.(imi'lttptl. The program-tie of
Kni" h 1 iht-r athletic events havi been ar
ra XfI ind wit'i the prizes to Im awarded to
th rffj " ti ntes'anii will attract many .f
lh'i?$ w !l al atlilt. s
U- nruj. - N- J. nfll iricet next Tu-cay
ri nais j ni. Crand and Katon avenuw. A
tlnJhi- i thi last meeting except one. rrlor
to tn (itt.t i, I'lenio at Norm uidy Gro- on Julv
4, a imi nruount of routine matter In con-
ne-tJCr in with nm Ft le dliwitd of and a 1ia
tumntit .if its m rubers i-i x peeled. A cordl il
lnitjl'in is J- xteniid to memb ts ot fclater
clanr to b pi-M-nt.
-llM(iiirI Praternlty CnimrcrtN.
SU TfRUidt mritithlv mtinB f th Mlsoutl
FraWTOji ;j n will le hell to-morro in
thp ,,Ji' -dquart ih room Nu. Kj Odd Pillows
builplne - p m
KhIkIiIw f the Mnenilire.
A'-Jthf lj-t riw of Dewey Tent sixty-nine
m l ra wr present, three randldaten cbll
piit' 4 mi i ur -n appllcntlcns pre-nted. ITn
der Jlie tie i i of "he ccck! of the oruer Interest
injr b'mario. n.r made by Ie-,p Trnff? fint
lit uCfinan- commander. Sir Kntghi Hartman,
t jiiiiander Hauth. Mcttler, Matrson. Ternltz,
S inBrfaun- llj--ld llaldnln and KIaler. 6e,eral
r rg tiere sunt; by tho I'ultrn Quartet anil
3ewy Tnt"B quartet, and Professor ilermon In
tere$ed -he m mber lth some slelght-df-hand
Ie fifjrrmanci a
T6ur?da evening. May 23. was a red-letter
nip St tn fti h'stiry of the Macdbee or;anisn
tlonUn ih)f mi the .nt belnc th lnltlatfon
cT J3 candiiL- t the (Jrcat Ottnp t..(rt-e team.
O.T'100 Mai atrfes Mere iirent In the North
wefijiTUrner Hall and Aere illkd with that spirit
of rtUiusia-m which makeM th'- Maceabee or
ganisation one of th- creatt fratrnitles In the
coufttrv The eddreFM of Honorable, I) !
MarlGcy. th supreme (ommander, and Honorable i
O. J. Slesle the supreme record ueier. Jere Tt
ceivfri with n great deal of npplau The mem
beraqip tn H'. Louls certainlj appreciated the
klndj remark made by our supreme officers.
Qui ft a larjr- delegation was present from Han
nihil; Mo under the guidance of Great IJu
tennt Commander O. t Schnitzer. The re
iefr? lasted until a late hour, and the sir
knights retired to their homes real! zinc that
theyihid been greatly benefit M by the exercise
antlltlhe t-I-'U of th supreme officers. The sir
kntrlit throughout the city are urged to k-ep
up th gool work, ns the results from this cla
Initiation show whit can he done by the united
efforts of the varlou tents In the city. After
June 1 the rate will be $1.23, as usual.
United Tent hld an int-Testlnt- review on
Vedntsiiay e,enlnrr. May 2. with quite a large
ftUcrdanoe prent Th increase in the nttend
nnre flf this tent ! .ery gratifying to the .f
JlcrF as they usually have from twenty-iHe to
thirty present at ery reIrw.
Knterprise Tent l- doing excellent work and
continue, to increase Its membership with the
same clas of material The dtiirlon compoed
of th members of this tent Is prospering ani
Is brromlnc -rv proficient In their drill work
Imperial Tent attended the cla Initiation
with several hundred members, each wearing a
small balg- whi.-h read "Ilanner Tent. No t2 "
This tent made a gvd showing nnd now numbers
OT-er 4pn mmlra The members have rnt with
such gtod suece-s rerntlv that they will not rest
until lhe have l.fKf) members by the end of this
jeir. The t-nll team of this tent rnt to fhif-ago
last week and d'feateil a Marra.be tam at
that plare t a wore of 3 to 2 A inownifjit l
on foot in the tnt to ortranlze a degree tam
and with tne mate tin will certainly Ret up a
good one Imperial Tent is maklnc great r repa
rations for the reception of the banmr, which
they will re--i fn July, fimirman Itlnmrrt
steln of the Tntertalnment r'o.nmitte". has gone
fishing nnd nr mt-xv to bring enough fit-h with
him on his rruirn so as to hao a fish fr at
the next tevlew
Anderson Teni had th largest number of can
didates at tho class initiation, coming to the
hall with fifty-seven candidates Rupy Ie was
second with Tortv nine. Missouri, forty-eiett Im
rerlal, forty-evcn, and Dewev, thlrty-een' Tfce
other tents that participated in the ela.s lutd all
tb way ftotn Jive- to twenty member.
World b Fair Tent held a rousing review last
Monday night. There were twho candidates
elected to membcr-hlp. who were Initiated at th
class Tt-unjdaj night. L'twler the K, of rhf
order 'omm.id'r Stamra of Suburban Tent gae
a talk on the grand --Hocess of th Great dmr
dlFpenaioi and lioped that Great Crnmandrr
Andrson would Issu" a similar one within th'
next three mnnths ITfrssor Karhach erte--talned
the kmgnts present with several siectiens
on the piano
utiles of herur!t
Anchor Hrme Coumll. No 979. will gle its
first -iirhre and h p wdnedav eening lu-ie
4. ot riinton ILiIi. ccrcer of Clinton and N rth
m'tine of this coum II nitii a-nii uiiii Utr
nmlr-iblp wire recti-, ed and thiet (andtdtt-s
Twentieth Century hell its regular -j.n met
Ing the th InsM and ery pieuantl n'
tained Its memoers and isitors w ith inut-
songs and danHng. It ha ten dertd d t . h d
an oien mitlng the Iaut Vedned in n
mr nth and all meii.".,crs ard thIr ri t I- t
well as !sttrs from other oiunclls. .ir "'' !
ly inxit'd and assured of an e,enfr3 m
inm,in srnii firm. Much rr-edlt is iuf I k- ,
ar.d Mrs OHfass and I i: Ksaikoff for i-i
uce-i of thest meeting
The attenilani1 at Securitt ouncii was up t)
the Ktandaid tast Mninitt venins. een tt
Itlg Thr- tiuf-es rarttipatlng in th- t.er -monlis.
Three anuIfUtes were initiate i ,j d
thre. mere are billed for th- mat meeting '1 it
rnming nrnt is the celebration of th thrd .n
ntver-.ir of the organization uf thL c in il
June 9. at wh'rh time the ladles of th- -mirn 't
excluslIj will entert-iin in a mu-ne- s !-' m
C'lualed Amonc the :-itnrs were I pm N -tional
PreMdn: Itn'ther Snider and Geiurcl I'i -.
Hepresentatne M-ter inldtr
Pride of Weft hud Ih usual larce attend tn
at Its last metuig. Thl rouncil h-i alin t
doubled it- membership in the pat f w nit n.hi
not onl winning the city prize banner, but In,
the untirirg efforts of tt members in the mit
ter of entertainments. et. earned a et f
flft -legant badges In whub they take ja-titi- i
aMc pride
lCoutin buslnK. w!tn the new pr.'-mit nt. '
I?totbr Tenhlbbn. In the chair, and a "-'Mi! i
time after ward, filled in the eenln-; t.f th
last mttlng of Anchor ''ouncll, th 26th Ii-t
Nrxt r gular meeting. June l'l '
(arnM rn-rts a gool attendance of nemb" i
and many visitors at Its list meeting. ne ,ip
plication recei e,s All arrangement a" w
rompbt'd for th" annual picnic, to be !!; In
Ofensteln's Grove, June IS. and a fin- tim II
be had. Athlttlc sports an 1 many t..er am :
menta ha, e been provided, family tick-t,, J
The hepttahl deor of Hnrmonv Counril -t't.f I
wide open last Mondnv ntpht. and as iwm! i '
large rrowd wa in aitendnn e Mui dm-ir.
r frehments end a numb r f other l'l.- z I
things tilled rut the ptutcramni? of th- e. m
One Mi"h treetlng will I gien adi m n i
Three times more land on Spindle Top than an)- other company of like capitalization storage of 1,000,000 barrels of oil worth more than the entire
c;iliit:il stock one of the finest "ii'-liers in the He-Id in ami another rwly to come in dividends being paid from actual sale of oil are good reasons why
i f m vi r w n cj a u w. za ii in i . t
$ ,n'liL V1M1M irl 1 BEA6IAONT. TEXAS.
rCa.pital Stock $255,009. Par VaSue Shares 10c. Fuli Paid and Nonassessable.)
Limited amount of stock offend to the public to carry out the plans of the directory went so rapidly last week.
c: ifr ccc:
V b
0lil IVIIovvh.
Mound Clv IKlg rt-brasl Its thnith i
nlierar on ?atnnla Ma 21 I'bilip Iti
read statistic of the lodge ince Its r2an'7-iM
There were two eharter members pr.n. w i
nam Iiailev urn: orge t rrltsrh. t cn
seme interesting reinlni-w-eiic-s of th w iring '
the bidge during the I . thirty vear Oiail
J. Stibblns. h.rles J l.iler and othei- in
remarks. John Zarras anl IIerlert Griei-tn. u
gave roveral sale"tlon on mindoltn and su i
J"'hn A. Utile and Tranklin Titv fntrrtai" I
the audience with music on the organ and K-Im
tirars were rawed
Summit Lodge had work in the firs' anl -ond
Oak I'llI I-odge had a good attendance Pat
Grand St "lair Thompson was electa I fininci 1
sfretary tr nil the ",acsne oceaslinrd b h
resignation f William t. Morris Two canl -lats
reUrd the second degree. KI-ctb n of
officers nxt meeting
Mf.und "itv I'ncampment conferred the GolVn
Hide decrf" on one candidate.
WIMy Irlge will haw work In the Third de- K
gree Tuedav night. fc-d
coral lObck&h Lodge had a weii-atteni.""! (
meeting rf meinlers and visitors. One candid it
was Initiated Mr. Warren acted a vke grand
Mrs .Mice Stoner. president of the Ilebekah -- '
sembh. nnd her huband were Idtnrt
liclede Idgc had one petition for m mli
Fhip Two rHndtdatr were balloted fr T'v "
will le seeral tond'ates for the decrees :t nT.t
in'etlng. W L Hulhurd was ln.tallei a? rerord
lng rccretar A committee wns appointed to j
ct infer with eommittf from other lodes in re
gard to holding inemrrlal s-nlces
Anchor Iodg Initiated two candidates Next
Mndi night the Third dezre w ill l- -firrd.
Section of officers for enduing term I
will te held.
Notice of another monthly dividend of 3Tr. pay
able June 15, has been sent to stockholders.
Stockholders of record June 5th will rrceiv? same.
Ovi-r 4.j piirrics :icc'it inborn irtMi'tn-r tiflVr 10
conn- to Ki-nM.uout and invi-ti;it(- for thfin
selves liavi hf.'n lien, and all thoroughly satis
fied and inadr invcstini-nts. sonu inrroaiii their
original pmrhaso of stock. Other parties are tn
route and heiv.
Kenieniher that this company is paying larger
diidends than any other company in the lieM,
and brinjrin more actual investors to the Ilea.,
inont oil field than all other companies combined.
Our proposition exceed., our representations, and
we are not afraid to show it.
F.irthermoie, rememb'-r, wlien we tll ou w-I:a-
a H D.O'i-HiarrH wshi-r. v.e haw it and noili
iiij, I"s, and will show it to ou in action. Ask
the mvn who has been here.
hViiieniher, this company owns more than throe
times as much land on Spindle Top as any other
company of like capitalization.
lf(Ud-4 success vV-.u
V; ftsh 7 8 9 ,0 "
u3st4:nE v fa&&Z2 lL-i I L
oiifco.o c fi 2ZT I
, ;..--5lr -, PI 2.1 I 20 9 '8 17 If. f
5 Z2 -Vz , -il, .,c tyfi?o ' A -h
. -k 1 -' e"?.V 1 k
Oiresfory's Flans,
ft!& a-w
The Direefory, realizing its duty to its stork
hoideis, as well as those who are to buy stock in
the coinpam, condudt d to tore one million bar
rels of oil in tanks above the top of the ground gj
and thereby create an existing, tnnjdbk asset for g
its stockholders worth more than the entire caxi- 9
tal stock of t't company, thereby putting the jg
comiiany beyond any contingency that might
arise, and for thi- purpose they continued to sell
a limited amoiiut of stock at 10 cents a share.
This stock is being rapidly taken, and when
enough is old to carry out the above plan, with
that of building connections to the transporta
tion company's holdings, which some of the pro
moters, of tills company are interested in, which
will handle part of the output of our wlls, stock
will be advanced and no more sold at the present
m Come io Beaumont and Investigate i Our Expense
Imm the aror tbo-,o wbo are thinking of buy
ing ml -ti. k c.irt mm that th. y will b hbvng the
i 1 e t If thi- .(mfany; Mod; 1"- t ik-n. and we
nx't- 'ti t- l'iV.'iigat' for (piirself. -.!ibh the
t'.iluvitig lettr exidafns itself: An rn n-tiji. town
cr t mntuniu IrFlrlnt, to buy as much or more
than &ftl inrth of Siiece5s Oil Company's stock
may depo'-It mi h money in thdr loou! btnk. to be
bdd ty su'h bank r-ndins a trip of one of their
number to lnt Galveston ami Keaumont and per
small inspect the oil field, the Success Oil Com
pany and its property, and upon the company be
inc notified by visclt bink of urh depo-1 we will
forward to the person Flerted free transportation
to GaUeMon and Heaumont and return; and If
upon thorough lnvetl;atlnn. the- rnre-entatlon9
nade 1 y u? are found to be true, such invetmnt
if to l.- m ide. otherwise al! mrn-r Is to be re
turned b the bank to te patties deporting same.
"HAT visiti(; IVi;STOItS SY.
Wilm'nston. X C. Mav 19. i-tti
Surres Oil Company GaIveton. Tcxaw Gentlemen-
I have vb-ltrdGaleton Pnd Beaumont
on jojr rfd-Ietter nfTer and find cy.-rvthinir
Hated in your prospectus to be true. While tn
I, n dies of the Mnooabrrs.
Iddy Iculih Hire. No tZ. held Its hut recu
lar rerlew In the Uurllnt-ron bulldln-r Thurp-lVy
afternoon, the C2-! Ther- were present Wtors
from 6UeTtj'' and New Ontury hner. I-adr HIr
don. commander of Liberty HUe. conductlnc rtart
of thrf Initiation of thre candidate-i. who w to
mnde memlers of the I O T M throueh Lcidr
Aldricb Hle. Mni Ully HiJl. record keeper S
absent by f-erlous Illnejs. tills llnp the first
time riie ha- ml-ed a meetln-; whn not out of
town since the hi.e wan organized, over thre
yearn Ago, since which date she ha nervM mn
tinuouMv In the offlce of record keeper. The pe
tition that ! -mln-r the rounds ot the hlv-s of tne
Ftate-, Ofklnf- Mrs. IIolIltr. the Fuprem com
mander', to appoint Mr. May A. C. lialkle, one
of the supreme auditors, as commander for tho
State of MlpFourl wa rend and acted, upon fa
vorably ili-H Oeorclna Raby. chairman of tho
Kntfrtalnment Committee, made her report and
thanked the ladles for th-ir cordial co-ojration
In thei-eceptlon that was jriven In honor of Mrs
ItalkJta upon 'which occasion a fraternal oillw
Tras- pfeented to the j-nest of honor. Thi fra
terrrar pillow rontalnel the names of all th
Fiipreme officers of the L. o. T M. and names
of member of th rder In Tt Tui?t toceth-r
tTiih the name of the Oreat Camp officers The
woikwas done hv the ladle of the Tln-t Chrl
tlart' church and nett-d theii nid rnciee. a tldv
jfum. and fo well keot wa th. st-c-et that th
recipient was taken unaware but n r!ieles
rcpoxtied in her moft a iminble manner
Tfhre" lror Hive No 33 held an )ntiretln-c
re. low Mondav afternoon, and. an uual. bad a
veryj large attvidince one can lidate was ln-
Hoal Aminunt.
The Fupreme '"ounll cIosmI It Ion Thu.
day. haln tranact-I much Irnr-ortant busi
ness Hrothrs Hajdcman and Mfcer wrr np
ixilnted on "eral imnorant committees Th
offlcers f Iat yar were all re-ebittl. ixieptbip
the Mipreme sentry. K. H Ii-ienrlni: of lenn
flvanfa succeedln; Carl M oiler, deceased. In that
oftlce A S. H'ibin-wn wa re-elected suorem'
xIco rercnt. and next -.ear Mt$.40uri inn iimfl-
u-iiii cij"ii uiak iiv it. w yiMiwi i iu i n ii
supreme lerentc. I Swl
The offi ial Ivlt of the grand recent in !
prnnu oit'cern ini nt-ii win jro to fri i. narit -
Council on I'riday evenin-;. June C
finind Vice Ilfjent K. A. Harbour of f-prin-
field. Mo., spent a portion of tho we. k in fct
l-oul and as present at tne Vandp. enter
Council isitatlon. whre he made an efffctlv
The latet adlitlon to the roll of crand coun
cils I that of Colorado, which wa In-t.tited In
Ien"er. May 17. with seventeen sulordin.ue coun
cils and a total memlicrship f 1.10". in th
Orator II I... Spencer, chairman of the Kntr
talnmnt Committee of the crrup compl cf
leimar. C-lix. Forest I'ark. KIrkwo-d. Mf"nurt
Old Orchard. Vally and Vando venter conn.-Ils,
which will celebrate Royal Arcanum da at
Orand View. Saturday. June 21. reports that a
Rood proiirammo for the 'ent has tcn adopted
crmI"tlnj' of varlou erntet for uj;- ani
old. v.bbb -a III le prlnt-d and ditr!tTjt.d to
all mnber In the week A i- d tlmt I eu
ttclpated and a full turnout -p.ced
Vand"ntr Councils lust n cetfn- w, a
bummer. TweUe applkatlon we rei.ii and
e..ei candidate l ill late 1. It'-;' n. A. II Lewis
prcfidln Thf crand 'jfftccir. wh.. wcr mvit
-n their official lslt wer acrrmpanled h 'arc
delegation from Oliw tt M harle " 'r'f
l'ark. teuton ValN-v. Vicn ria. C mpt'on Hill
Iielll anI Missouri councils. T"ndr dut 17
Orator I. S. Hall furnbhM an entertain"? pro
gramme. Vocal Foln. bv MI- Corinne VanDam,
piano accompaniment, by Miss Ma Relr- pimo
solo, by J. II Gren of MiBsouii Count.U. oca!
solo, by C A Holt of Vanleventer: cliyj-ient
addresses were made by Oranl Hecrent Rir n
ao(L Grand Vice Ite;ent Harlodr; aluo comrll
ni'vntary remarks by Deputy V, F. fottscia!k.
Grand Orator A. Petlnr, K II tickler, chdir
nian Conimitte on lw-. Reert J T. Kaeni
merlen of St Charles and oth-rs. nftT which
ctenrs and refrehm?ntH wer served The n
thuiasm p.JiU:h lui characterized tbl council
slcce its organization prevailed Althoucii tlie
baby council, Vind,inter. ha lecome a ftronfi
factor In the greit wcrk of tt? Ijal Ar-aTim
Ozark "..u:icil had an interesting meeting Tn..
apDlicaUon. wT" read and thre cnrdldates In
itiated Arrangement-, wire made for the eel
hratlon of Arcanum Dny. nnd a rommitte was
appointed to prepare a proKramm-, which will
! mot elaborate, in accordance with Ozark's
uual custom
Itelmar Council had four applications and eight
Initiations six of the latter fcr Carr Lane Coun
cil, whope officers an'l m miter-. alo those of
Felix Council, were prerent in force. Chas A
Sweetland was elected be regent and Clarnc
C. Coudrey oratn- to fill -.at ancles IWre'i
nr.cnts w-re ered In the I anquet r'-m.
Comrton Hill Council hid. as usual, a Iar-;e
meeiing wiin (wnio ai nncaiiuii!. .! rii in- . j-II -.i
tttatir-m -n Ttnnn.l i.n th an Ilt'ilrttc I lima- ' ""! a3areF'l
ment, namely, a four-round boxlns: bout be ween
rm!I Volght find Tonv l!rzrr. wretllng Inut
be-ween William IXnnert and Chi-les steinhaur.
bag punching bv Otto Hue, four-round iKixlng
bout between Adam J'ole nnd Al Huckshlre, club
swinging and baton throwing by Kmll VnigM.
winding up with a batie roal by the GoMm Star
team. Owing to the latenes of the hour, the
bout between Orator Perkin and Secretary Fred
erb k was postponfd until me future time.
Ka-CI-Mo-Ra Council had one application and
two initiations and organize a degree team. In
accordance with the purpose of Orator A II
Graham " ha.e n rood programme at eaer
rn'-etlng. the c un II w entertttnd with o-r
b W I r-'m'-ick of W S Hancock C-.uncI!.
XVw V'tI; r1' 'tatioi - an1 1 - ln inr- b V."
C Uawd'H and humor u- .t"rej bj Tli ma I.
V itt' if tlr-inite t l in' il
icb th un il had n a in i' n and two
inUlnti.tr- I. i; Haub preMmr in th. abenc
of Heg-nt Jame- i'Uu-en Tli- meeting w is en
tertained with s ngs by II c Hoener. piano iol
Gnlvstr n nffite a. j-h -wn very oiir'ey and
j'lTordtd twrj oppirt: titv to Inv-pT'ptte th
b ok. il'nis and c.ritra t- f r t iio of o and
am thoroughl. -ai 1 1 Found the wdl at
Feaumort a ru li r r ' . -iiw torl; -jj'n "n
with the sei-pnd. Yours truly,
J lCTHER toon.
Ottawa, ill.. .Mav in, imi
Success Oil Company. G.ilt&tun. Txas Gen
tlemen: After inveatlgatinc both at Galveston
and L'eaumont. I fed perfectly safe In sayim?
your proip--ctus tei's: th' whole story fairly and
fnuarely. Found that voa have one h'mlnir well
all completeil rni wcrh prc-crcrsSni; rapidly on
wtll No. 2. The officers and directors of your
company are anion t; the very be?t men of Gal
veston ad treated me with every courtesy In
tny investigation. Yours truly.
Galveston. Texa. llav 1C. 1.002.
Sueces OH Co.. Galveston, Texas. Gentleman:
I have just completed a tit Galveston and
lleaumont on the red-letter offer, corning from
Cedar Rapids. Iowa. I find all our representation-
to be entirdj correct in every particu
lar. I Ik-ii-,? that any cunpany under the man
agement f your ollicers will make a higher per
centage of return for Us stockholders :han
could psslb!y be earned in the Northern State.
The opportunity here for investment is the best
In the CnlteU States, as far as I have s--en.
Yours, truly, J. R. MTI-I-l:.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
P. G. Rledeael i Co.. IIankrs.
Assvlte lniines,
IbI Instate. Grain, Uve fcHock and Hardrare,
P. O. Itied-sel. lTes.
Oto. la.. Mar 2S. IW2.
Success Oil Co.. Gaiveton, Texas: G-tntIem-n I hae
Jtut returned from a trip to G?Iteton and lleaumont
-n your red-letter off -r I bare examined your rrop
csltlon thoroughlyanl tlrd it fully as represents. 1 aw
cne of your gushers In action, and it I far beyond
description. I find jour officers and director are men,
of high business standing, nnd the company seems to
be absolutely sure cf the brighten succe. Yours
truly. it. P. HIEDES-EL.
Galreston. Tex . May 23. 15?
Surees OH Co.. GtIreton, Texas; Gentlemrj w
bae UIted Galveston and lleaumont en your red
letter rffer. We have mt jour offle'rs and directors,
nnd find them to lie men of hleh business standing
Cpon an examination we find verything connected
with your company .n proper form and .our affairs
managed In a buIne-like manner In ie .f .ad
verse reprrts. we were surpried to see the spin lit
Tep gushers powerfully active. We ba Inetd
bc-avily with jou. and are nilrel ati-ti' -1 with our
heldinj?, and lrt-nd to In- reas im. r -rulv.
J K. HA.KX I'nnceton III
J F. KAITFMAX. Prln. tn 111,
WM. IS. bUl CART, iTlncet- n. III.
Galveston. Tex Mav Z Yj-'C
Succes Oil Co.. Gab est jn. Texo-s Gentlt-m o Ke
fore Iniestlng to anv extnt, I made a trip to the
field In January lat on your r-d-Ietter offr I
found the situation entirely -atIfact "-. I am ab ut
to leave for home (Priraet .n. Ill after another visit,
and I take pleasure m stattrg that our pr ip.sttion
has Imprfrted ry gr-atly; the nompanv 1 in its feet,
on a solid dliiden(i-pa-.lngba5ls and v ur weii9 ar
as i-owerful ah whei I saw them turn-! n in Jan
uary. I am much r.eased with the progress made by
you and cons4ier the situation entir j sausf tory.
Yours truly, J. II IiROWN, l'rtnceton, I1L
Weliman. la iray V. 1W1
Succs OH Co.. Galveton. Texa- Gen:femen--I ac
cepted jour red-b-tter offerand came vdIi .ou on
same I hae mad- a thorough examinatlcn of wur
!ok. deds. contract, etc.. and rind them emi-ely
satisfactory. I haie met your officer and directors,
ami find them to- be mn of hlrh huiness standing. I
x Isit Heaumont and saw your gusher turned on,
and the flow wan powerful. I find raur prorwisltlon to
be entirely up to representations. Yours truly
E. r. MITir.
For the purpose of carrving out tiic plans of tlir- Dirccmiy in huihlin-i tanks for ilie storage of l,OfMl,W)0 liarrc-ls of oil. buying tank airs and building connoi-tion with
ti-aiKptutatKiii eouirn;s pip-- Him and t:;nks, a limited amount of sto-.-i: nii-d tho pubHc it
ARTHUR A. IHERfflOD & CO., 517 Hermod-Jaccard Bid?., St. Louis, Aio.
Kcrait by draft, cliet-k or hioiuy unli-r. ili;icr dt-rosiicd in any bank and notification sent to Secretary. C!alveton, Texas, will reperve stock.
Least amount of stock for sale, .10 -hare-i. or S.l.fil) worth.
For finther particulars, prospectus stock, address
SUCCESS OIL COMPANY, Second Floor Trust Bid?., Galveston, Texas.
r tme r .Kline- b. I K Haub and a !
-l'l, danit bv tirnt r Fred ItMenthal
In korv f'oun il recciwo several applications
and initial d ti.e canrliuite-. t irpo of th:n bfing
f r KIk "'un-il The (minuiic on I'ntsi'n -f
th- !t La.v. rtpred an ntlre new oje. which
was ndtpttd luu xll was of an eitempt -ran
. u -haracter. but hl-hl entertaining tt -gnt
John H Itell of Klk '"ouncll wis present
wnl a l?rge delation of U members.
North I'na mini il tnd a "tell-attrndHl meeting
ard a g-m-ral g'"l time Twle tan lidats we-v
Iritidted thr-- of :hem beirg for Hentoa i" tn
cil A numi t of iitors were preent, Hirnmx
th-ra J hn Mil.ngan of Utnton with a de'egat. n
fiotn that council, ?nd Grand tentr I-i.n H-y-r
of Kik .uneJl Tne meeting was addressed b-M--r.
Iirojer. Mcl.asan and other
Fi clid '"'lur'-il had a gofl turnout rf nr-nbT
and .trrang d f-r the crlebratl t of Arcanum
I u . AIireSfs w er made b Doctor J. T.
Xfd'bn H C 'Abbe ard others.
Foret Park Council Is pr mlM-d a unique rro
grimme at the next meeting The early clo-In
1 bringing" out the memliers in goo.ll number
nnd as matters i-erulnlng to the celebration f
.r-anum Iaj will come up at this time, a large
attendarce is bfked for.
Secretpj-y Henry J Braun of Benton Council
and Cornelius fcklnner of Comptnn Hill oun"iI
hae tne fraternal mpathy cf their brethren In
ard four ai j II. atitu f..r iren hi i . r.re r-- I
n ul
I'ad n I 'ge. Xo T. n r I . r : ut I i
full firie .tt th'ir lat m eiir. the , m in b -ing
tn- annual t-ltatinn ot the ('rand I.lg "f
fl. ers .md in. mbfi. -f IvjIu irt-dge. .. J.i.'. ai
wMI as large d-lrg it ions fr m O k. LII. lint r
prise, Mirn-ba, Ust '"ate. ni nttean. liillippin.
Anna, Aia and Ti:umphint bslg3i An tpr
tdlnraent and bop was givfii iu 'ivjancUi n with
it i. affair ard was arrangffT b 3-afiurt 3ieTniske.
i harles Frami-xo Ui.Um. Urk. . C bander
and tlllani eoe. - iativl .l'rjt,;u)r .Jmiii i
j Keef madt an ddr-?t en rnp ci-si or tho .
du' t I
fr in1
i tV
tit-L r-
Ijt er
.rm on lute l the la ln'stion
f nglng dir"nc and prtaking v.ro In
i.rn. r tit g tl i f tii -.1. r in 1 r
nt- wre .cfrifsl b. the ccmmitte Thi
I let Ii de In the ritv if St U U. A
. tfii hi", bfen organize! nni ih nprtin
niijusiasiic o,er ire wrr, ami ni ir '
w rl.tc? hard to make the team
Hjde Park Indge meets n the scoid iri't
fourth Wednesday '".'nings of e-irh month
Vi-Iti.rs ore alwayH welcome.
Murrell I. dgi will hold Ifs next regul-tr m t
ing i Fri.ia eer.mg. June n. nt Anctt r Mil.
Jeffi-TMnn nrtil t'arlr mnnt full ittinlan.. r.e
1 K n.. .tj.i- i. ........ ..
i.-'.Trjr iS?' '?. .'?'.': ' i7X?fr.S?
number of canli.Ut . :ihn SMr. IIlK; 1 ,. 'J i?'l " "'V,'- .', "
I tii 01 nonor. -in memijers are urefi ti fc
able time at thi U U-t ii.ttt.ng
Knig re elel eight rifef-funi certtfictes -for as
many m mbers dtrinc thf -k
"aiondiet lgf. Z 1431. inltiatl . ne candi
date at a ut-i;-aitend"d in tting iat M tm'.jv
nlng Cndtr tr.e .,(i f Ui- .ril"- a id re s-t
were delivered bj J)..:otK Uhv.. M. M F id
inann. Martha l-eftlt-r and -In ma Mal'T
Mrtle Itlce. No. ?j. had a targe attendance
t Its last mertlrc and initiated ix mnlMite
At the nxt mettir.g of the lodge el-.'tion if of
Icers will be held nnd an itrta.rri-nt Kiun
Shiller !-Ice, No. 71. rrembera w re out In
full fen-e at their last me-tlrs A comm'tt'-e
the death of Mr. Man Antoinette Skinner Th" , -i-nnfnTi tn nrmnoo t.. n nnrin .m ih
bereaiemert was mutual. Mrs r-kmner being the rteamrr rt of I'roidence on th "ibis of
wife of one and the daughter of the o'h'T
Jame CIauen. regent of Vlcoria Council, hss
retu'Tie.l from his . at Ion. hiing visited I."s
ton New York, Philadelphia and other Hi'tern
piinti of Interest He attended several c urc 1
meetings and has much to tell of his pleasant
experiences during his Journey.
9 I, FInley of IJttle Ito(k. Ark. an.l pa-t
grind regent of Tenneee, wai a caller at the
Grand Council office. j
I The capital Stock of the Eg
t Has Been Increased H
From S2505000 to S3505Q00 1
Making $100,000 more Treasury Stock in this Compan.v,
to be sold at
20c Per Share.
The merits of this Company are too well known to go into
details here. We have paid five monthly dividends of 2,
and the sixth dividend has been declared.
If you desire any of this stock send in your orders at once.
i!!J, I
Second Floor Trust Building,
Galveston, Texas.
KnlKbts nml L.mUes of Honor.
The class initiation, held last evening at Con
cordia Club Hall, w-ls as wicc'ssful as antbi
fated. about Id candidates appearing frr lnit'a
tli.i The ceremonies were conducted hv rirnd
Pmtector .Irhn V Keefe ar.d other grand o
lie rs Supreme I'rcteetor I. B I-ckard and
Suprtra Trvasurer George A. I(id were p-een
and addreFel the roc ting. An entertainment
and hon followed, conslstirg cf a projram:n' oi
first -class audcvllle. Dancing crnduied the
ev enings pleasure.
An unofficial rej-ort. received from Sup-eme
Medical Ksamlner U I Witherill in the werk
states that MIouri leads all other Junslict'on-i
fo- the month of May and that the aDprovnl
will exceed "& fcr this juilsdlctlcn for that
A new lodge Is being organized In Klrkwoid
Mo. and will be instituted the latter part of
this week with a charter list of flftv
Jenkins Iodge I the name cf the new ic
riuiritlrn nt Itentcn. Mo. with a rotd-clred
( oar ter lit last Wednesday evening bv G-and
Fr tector .It hn I. O Keefe. and aslted hv
Grard St retary J. J KeijneU and Sister Mav
KnIe.. Iaiura It Co-k-n. Mel ie Kean? ini
little Thn. TTie reu recniit Wi-plijel gr'at
nthu'iani and activlt. ard the el tun of the
f il. wing officers developed a pli!tcd c nt Ft:
I'Tt protector. rinH K. Marlowe, prut ctor.
I'rank L. S'tuedt; vice protector J II Hvan;
v'crctarv nnd flnar.cier John W Iong trra-
urrr Paniel . Donovan, chaplain. Mirlnm
Williams guide Ilobert E I-wth-r.
ci dlan John ri McVej , sentinel Hrnrle'.a
flitbrook. trustee. Michael MeAuIIfT. John T.
McCaffrey and Thomas j. Collins Ftefrehment'
vere served, and a social was held after the
treetlng. which was thoroughly enjoyed bv the
deleratlon of 100. which acompanied the pran.l
prelector irom inn -jilj. ...., .
The next roertlng of the Protectors AsocIa
tlon will be held at hall of Anchor I-odee, No
HTi Uroadway and Tark avenue, Thursday even
ing June 7. v.hen arrangement will be perfect eI
for' the celebration of the twenty-rifth anniver
sary of the order. Ireldent Geo W. Cobb and
Secretary P K Harclev have been arranging
the standing committees and will promulgate the
names of the members ccmpri-dng them at this
Goethe Lodge. No. H5. will meet next Weiln
day evening and initiate one candldite nnd re
ceive a number of application, that have been
Enterprise Lodge. No. 2234. will mft next Mon
.. oonie Th Entertainment Committee have-
i been ouletlr arranging something for the last
I month and It is expected that It will be srrung
a a surprise on tne members at im nu-eum:
The summer outing will alo be d4cued In
conjunction with the Initiation of five candidates.
Thi I the home lodrc of Grand Guide S-iran
J Grime, who was abent from the last rreet
irg owing to a serious attack of pneuminla
Flora I,od.-e.- No 101 bal a well-attended meet
ing last Tuesday evening The routine bulnes
flllv qimkl Ifpened witX -ifter whieh the ho
plil tv of the lodge wa extended to a larje
deb nation of ii-ltor
"Iover Leif I-odre. No. 12 member attend!
th hirr tlas initiation at Conconlla Club HjP
ii .i chMhi MoIInch. Tte ker S"lv
LV rcmann vlitel I D Kadlec and Banner
loigis of Eat St. Louis. 111. and Odlinavlll-Ic-Ig-
during the week Grand Vice I'rot-ctor
m A Dill of Illinol sas that Clover Leaf
will have to have two special coaches to accom
modate the delegation from the Illlno! I-n'-jes
who will attend the Clover Icaf e-xcjrion to
Falllrg Sprirpst. Ill . June 15. One train t til
leave tho I'nion Station at R 2 a. m. and the
other at 1 p m to th cave and "prln.
Olive Branch Lodge. No 319, continues to add
to 'he roter of its memters. At the meeting
lat Mondiy evening four candidates received the
degree and five applications for membership were
received The close of the meeting was followed
by refreshments and the rendition of a well
selected musical programme Among those tak
ing part were the Misses Illlian Mackey. Coia
Pursiey and Mr. James Fox. Dancing concluded
the evening's pleasure
Philippine Lodge. No. .05 has changed its
place of meeting to the Garfield Hall. Thlrtenth
and Wright streets and will meet on the first.
third and fifth Monday. The first meeting In
the new hall will be celebrated ty the Initiation
of five candidates.
Victoria Lodge. No 333. had a largely at
tended and Interesting meeting last Tuesday
evening, at which two candidates received the
degree and a number of applications for relief
fund membership were received.
Chouteau Lndge. No. KM. made thing- Interest
ing at Its meeting last Tueday evening by re
ceiving three applications for membership and
Initiating two candidates, it was decided to
revle the constitution and by-laws. Brothers J.
J McMahon. Henry Dinnlus and J. J. Kennedy
were appointed as a committee to perform the
work. The Entertainment Committee made a
-iery flattering: report as to the success of he
euchre given recently.
Silver Star Lodge. No. 2247. Is determined to
defeat Its congenial rival. Friendship Lodge. No.
224S. by leading them In initiating candidates in
this term. The last meeting was well attended
at whicn four candidates received tbe derree
June 10 An Invitation ha be n extended to tb
rnemtrer? of the- rder at lorue.
Imperial Lodge. No 227. has arrarged t
have a box. party and hop iter eonferrius the de
Kree en Ive andldtie.j at their mecng at
I'boenix Hall. Jefferson and Cass avenues, Sat
urday everoig. June 7.
Irving Iyv'Re. No 2253. had an Intereting
meeting Tueday evening. A social was given
at the clse of the meetln? and a good time was
Kureka Lodge. No. HI, will have three can
didates to InttUte at the next metlne. Tie
old guard na-s been reorganized and will per
form th cereinonbs. The Con.irittee on Kxur
eion have sf cured Itf-m'na ark for he out
ing which will ttke place Tuesdav. June 1'
berokee Lo;-e, No. I2G3. In t at d twen'y
two candidal s dur ng tne month of Ma and n i
las a U'tal membtr?hlp of 2 At the list meet
ing nve candidates wire tsitiated and five appli
cations fur membership were rceiv-iL
UegrtM' f Huii'ir, A. 4J. I. IV.
Phoenix Lodpe had a large and en thus last I
gathtring of members at its meet ng Iat Tus
tlav evening, the eccarlon tcirp .m offlcial vilt
from the deputy grand haf uf honor. dlter
v.iu:u i .lurreu emus w. .""iiwr ujiii 1111- i, .- . . ."i t -- -
lnS.mfmb,r3 from xe'y Degren ..' Honor M "'"1? JXZ'Z?!?'1?.!"' .""' ."
ina iiem rii-f , -- -- -'" " --- - "" i"--
nt ai tne cioe cf the meeting refrehm-nts
wh t fr r ?..
W.ft. Hrrl I.oJi -till mf J'ltiT-.tt- Arunfn
tli- .th of June, at Its hall. Bojle and Chouteau
aveu,s Several candidate s are on the IIt or
ipitiaticn and the cl!f.n of officer for the en
suing term will I held The Committee on i:n
trrtalnment. compoNi of Sisters Alice F I,w
re. Clara pa it and Mary Toome will have
IT-nared a well-seiecteil programme ..f a Mrees,
reeitntlons and vocal and Instrument-! select b -s.
KniKbtN of Honor.
Mi unt fliv- 1 iter bad a large attendar-e at
the Inst meeting lx appllcntlrnn were re
ceived At the Hose of th- meeting. a n mn
., " rged for, ill prent parttrpvd 'ii th
gsni.. f pr-'re-io'rp euchre Iri2es ere dl
tr..'Utd to t're Unirs A mar loPn lul m
p,jd -f rpe-rber frern the lodge enteriin. I tne
memb-rs vitr fnenl selections, at th. ci . of
vvhlrh rtfrhtrer.ts were served
Vmrnrijl bad a rlenr'd meeting. Ih- ap-pllf-iui
n vero received, an 1 the wimml'-c h
wfr- instruct-! to give same p-iompt attention
and have iand'dtcs ready for InbiHtlon with a
rumt-r of camtidttes to re initiated a OjK
Ledrv i n next Welnesilay.
T Iftlt. -.olved to p--ipone the ,-n.. -nin-rr
r; Ii log ar-irge,! for June on scenunt of the
Pier4'- ar t tMehrrtlnn rf the twentv-nlnn an
!v "-y , n June ZS at Ih-nnn I-irk Pr-i Ial
ivpntk Holton and Amepda. who were vliti.r
and Itrtf ers Flnnegan AVeber and Thav nat
ms'' br'ef remark for the good of the order.
F'-hTitfT Ixnlge hail a good attendance One
anpllinri n Ra- receive seven! members nle.!g-i
th-e ad''lt'oinI for nc-it merttnir n. Ilrninm
William KTanke M Grallnkl and A Ger el
srl-e fo- the -rood rf the onlcr.
Pat-teon LIge ertertiined vblMng member
of cftv IoIges Th. Initiation of tweitv-fire can-
utiiaief wa n succe The maloritv of th.
iHmniJLM.t4MiMMHiw fMLrj&&y!Uixixr
Tho Company's Properties are Near Pima, Graham Co., Arizona.
A limited number of shares are offerer!
At 2' Cents Pot Sh.-ro of tho Par Value of Sl.OO Each.
$5.00 will buy 200 sharss, $200, full psui and non-assessable."
$25.00 will buy 1,000 shares, $f,Q0D, full paid and non-assessable.
$50.00 will buy 2,000 shares, $2,0G0, full paid and non-assessable.
An in that pic'rtW n frr different arrountfi of mvpstm(nt The capital ;tock cT the
( mpan Is $1 ' i)
Completton cf the proposid Custom Smelter at Pima, on the Gila Valley,
Globe X Northern R. R.. to which it is an easy dowa-gratle wagon-road haul 9
miles from this company's properties.will largely increase the value of the stock.
TIic Stonewall ore is a carbonate of copper associated with lime and iron,
an ore in constant, large demand by smelters, v.ho will buy such ores on the
dump. Make checks or drafts payable to the Company.
Address or Apply to
421 Olive Street, - - St. Louis, Mo.
er Doctor E. O Greer, Supervising Solicitors
Erl-e anj Itoehning and George II. Harlow cf
Hyde Irk Lite and Thomas Sanders of West-
ern Lodge For the enertainment of the mem
bers sons were rendered by Peter Costello,
Johnnie Gannon, Bertie creates and Wnilani Sut
ton and J Maginnls rendered piano selections.
Aftt-r the meeting refreshments and lunch were
served, and a good time was enjoyed fcy all pres
In the citir were present, and al-o Grand Itec, r(jt;r
Henry W M.ver of t:.o A. O V W. luterenin?;
addtC'cs wore mad. b. the chiefs of honor pr s
nt and also bv the grand re o d r He. era! n;i
plliattrn for mmbfr-hip wtre receivel. anl
two nrplkants were 'ected tt mmtersh!n Tie
cv. nines nn gramne wound un with vota
lustrum rttl teerti n. the trn-t prominent f
teres 'f t b'l-h wo niuac 1 n inr . r b it n
31d:nie .'oi.v.av and lZa I- n r. comic ,ngi
b. Hrother Uers liak - an 1 a cj' so'o bv
Ml- AI "nwav I en in anl cak. wt
Hcjfi nnd IoIge held a vn Intere'ning m'et
li g .n list Tuedav afierii'in Tnis was tn-o-caslon
of the bo mer pany.' whlci had cau-e 1
rnui h curloit In Degie- of Honor cln le in th
past two weeks A bouquet of earnattcn. and
roes was presented to eitrh ladv attending, and
these were the 'bloomers" f"r whm the pirty
was named. Anion- the visiters pr sent were
iJtputv uranii rnter or iiotn r Sister Cnra II.
Lincoln I,M.-e had a fair attendance at Its
last metirg The being no lmiortnnt bu pes
the m'-mlter availed themelws ft tie .nnr"
ramne wound im with vocal anl " i" m w ar.n laniiianze iijemetv with
Gmnd Iodrr sib n
Grand Vkf Irt. 'nto" r K HsU ch.-.irrmn rf
the Kxecut.e f. mmltte tr arran f -- the
mr' ter pbni ft Hamonn lark on J me 2'. t
ce'e'irf" the twertv -ninth amiviriry. e rs
all arrnpement p-oeress:ng fi. -ablv Mainbcs
of all the loilgt- will hTVe t'ck't and t p-o-rramme
mailed to th m tn the mlng week fur
diftrtbutlcn to their friend, complimentarj
the Grand Iile as chairman f the Finance
C nm.iiff. wit address the meeting, a will also
ether i r m'nent reakets of the A O V. W
fn Iat AIondi evening IT.faee Ledge had
and open meeting, which was largely attended I
by mirnbers of the order anl their friends. There J
w'cre also pr?nt Grand Alaster Wcrkman Wil
liam H Airier Grand ISecorder Henry V. Aleycr.
ttrar.d Ale'ilcal Examiner Doctor H- O Grer.
John A IVck. mi mber cf the Grand Lodge Fi
nance Committee, and Purer. iing Solicitor
.vc.ii...!,. 'ii 'l win ill muti iiiiri---tiini .ti- ; - c- "-
.ti-u. o kx.1i. r.ua r i-ho ..-.tr- v thi ..-.! I ?ni oi ai. teorge,
1 uf the meeting, cigars. lunch and "refreshments -A good attendance of members of Nelson Lod-re
were served (xfted I'resldcnt Harris when he called, the
, outh St. Iuls Lo-'ge. Xo 412. had an open ' meeting to order Tuesday nlffht. Oae applica-
meetine on la: WedneMay evening which was tlon was received. The election of officers re-
will attended by members and their friend; also ; suited as follows: Prcsld-jnt, E. Bartsley- Jco
' bv Grand Recorder Ilenrv W Mever. Grnd A!eJ- president. . J. Painter secretary. . Wilson;
leal Kxamirer Ioctor n O Greer. Henry A I a'sltant secretary. II. Irammer. messenger. IL
Grimm, chairman of the Orir I IIg Financ ' K Perkins; tru-tee. O J radfleld; treasurer.
tVmmittee. end J E. Mulkev. pas: master work- t Doctor E. Alorrtsh: repreentatles to Grand
man of Ih'enljc Lodge, i ach of whom made in- r Lodge. W. H Maddox and W . J. II. Perkins;
terettng adi'n-ses under the good of the ordr all-mates. J 11 Mawn and J. W. DuaJonL A
a did al- Supervi'ins S Ii it r Erbe and It-ehn- ' committee wa apiointed to act with a, commlt-
. Inc )ne ailicaion wa tired by Sunerv'sT i tee from WllhnctMii I-odge to arrango for a fra-
S iicitir Erte and other v.re promie.i 'or th i teraal vi.t t be paid to IJritish Oak Ud-e.
rear future Pongs were rendered by Iesrs. tnszj.1 CItv AIc , June 14. It was decided to
Anrlcnt Ortler uf I'nllrd Workmen.
St Ixul Ijlge No. 1. had an interesting
meeting TiKday night and made final arrange
ments for the nlcnlc to be rrlven on Siimta.- .Inn-
Alurrell and Grand Lady of n-nor Alice C. AIul- I" at Schwelgler' Grove tahokia. Ill A binl
Key anu delegations rrom iimi- f-irK Phoenix wi
and lIutTell lodges The lodge voted unarlmon'-I
to change Its meetings to the econd and foarta
Thursdav evenlne nf tarh mnnth The nest reg
ular meeting will le he'd rn Thur-dy evening
Jure 12. at which time e ecti n of o'ficfrs will
trt.e jip. VtItors are alvave welro-re.
Ilvae Park Ilge ntenain d Gr-in I I-od-e of
ficer and delegate from the citv 1 dgep on lit
Vedneday evening Among the Gnnd L'-ge of
fieers present were the p3t f-u1-' l'T Chief of
Honor Sister Glnevra L Jh'tf.- f;rnnl Lidv of
Honor Slter Alice C Mulltey and neptitj Gran I
Chief of lienor Siter Clara It Murrell rwl
gatlons were present f- m et End. Phoenix.
Acorn and Mutrell lodges The Murrell Lodge
r.'lll furnNh muic for danclnr. and a Benerni
tockI time is rromi'ed to all woo attend AH
member, their families and friends are invited.
Farmers' Lodge had an unusually Iar;e attend
arce at its meeting en Wednesday evening, ard
received oip application fir membership On
next Vednsdi- evening this lodge win confer
the degr-es on two candidate, and all member
are Invited to attend Election of officers for the
ne-tt term will alo take place and a lively con
tent Is cintemplated
A punlic meetln? will be held at Ferguson.
Mo. rn Thurdav evening. June 5 for the pur
p e ff making arrangements for the lntitutlen
of n r.w lee at that place Judge Walter F
M'Tntlre who. for four years past has served
Ilcssel jnd liar .ice. imunied bv Mr Frd Ort
Mr ut al r rdTed hi- famou latn.hng song,
whbh wa ver. much enj-'ved bv nil present. At
th- e!oe of the meeting all wer InvitM To par
tike (f an elegant lurch which hid been pre
pared bv the committee and which all enjojej
lien ton I-odge on next Thursday evening will
have flection of officers for the enulng term.
and. as a spirited contet for the different offices
Is expected, a full attendance of the rambrs Is
requested. Quite an elaborate programme for the
octasicn Is bing prepared bv the conmlttw. The
pie-eaters nre training "ery hard for their con
tent to come off soon, the date of which will be
announced in dje time A number of members
of th1 lodge are preparing to honor one of the
brethren with a stag anniversary surprise party
In the near future. A triple initiation Is expect
ed very soon
Allrpah I-od-re had a large attendance at Its
meeting on Thurdav night. ronsUtlng of the
member of MI z pah Lodge, flrand Ivlge officers
ard representative of the Workmen's Associa
tion Afte- the regular rouflne buslnes of the
lod-- had been tranacted the chair wa turned
over to I.r-ther Edw P Walh. president of the
Workmen's Association, who presided Addresses
were made by Grand AIater Workman Miller.
Grand Recorder Meyer. Grand Aledlcal Examin-
hold a public installation cf officers at the next
meeting, JUIl' - BUi i;i,i"-JWiie.ii,r nM4 me
Tribe of IJen-JIur.
The court of the cltv will hold a union memo
rial service Sumlay. June at Shoemakers Hall.
northwest corner Twenty-second and Frarklln
avenue, at 23) p. m.. for all members of the
order and their friends.
Slmonide Court, at their last session. In Itct
ed eighteen candidates and recelted fourteen ap
plication. This court Is out to win the 13 tat o
banner from St Louis Court,
St Louis Court had a large and Interestm
-esion. initiated a clas of eleven and received
several applicatlrrs. This court Is doing" some
hard work to retain the State banner.
Eureka Cburt at their last meeting Initiated
one and received several applications. A large
clas will be Initiated at their next, concludlnjr
with their annual banquet-
Mlsourl Court had a large attendance at their
last The business concluded with donkey
Crescent Court initiated seven at their last t-s
slon and received ten appllcatlcns. This court,
under the guiding nan 1 of Irrotaer Ragor. Is
S3 mh gppg m mmYHsmfi m &h tt& fc"ESi m&JmWUm Ste IMP m ""23 m &. 5s 23 IB mm OK
KZ fell fs? fSi rn li H KJ ii EitS J K) 9H , ES Pi! K:r Ki-SS' ZfS9 fs fn --, FS CM 'pa v!n M SKI ( 9M IB1 HX'
A safer investment never placed on the market Mr. George P. Andrews Has
just returned from the mines and reports our ore assaying up to 24-, which will en
able us to earn at least $1,100.00 per day. Buy now at 50c, as the directors
will, soon advance the price of this valuable stock. The company reserves the right
to reject all subscriptions sent in, without notice.
alee Checks or Drafts Payable to the Treasurer.
A. L STEINMEYER, Secretary. JAMES L CARLISLE, Treasurer.
Send for Prospectus.
7-9T.J-w.)-. ,

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