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At fair urojnias co....trv, m
: T
Wagner's 'fwo-Ycar-OM
Claude Wins, Heavily Uacked
at Eighty to One.
Sfr. Hmiih's Fast Filly Defeats J.
Mdney Walker and Lacy Craw
ford KI Caney Lands First
Hare for Captain Hit.-.
T . Thompson, a nejrro. who trains
r.i horn's for Sara C. Waguer of Chicago,
mnh'tl u hot one through the Mr crowd
and busy afternoon at the Fair Grounds
yesterday. The good thin); was Claude in
tli Fifth race, a 2-year-old event.
They backed this horse from SO to 10 to
1. He won pulled up from horses that beat
lilm twnty lengths last two occasion? they
met him. A io' of money was bet on the
lion-e Jn N'tw Yo-fc. I'hii-ago and St. Louis.
His party won a fortune on him. He beat
bui h gi.od ones as Se.ze, Christine A. and
Stand Pat a block.
For a l.andso:.ie reversal of form, the
race is in a clans by itself. Twice, prior
' to yesterday, has this colt started in St.
lyjuls. lloth times he v as !-atn off In
lields far wuise than he ran i-i yesterday.
He was last first out. and on his out previ-
t.ous to yesterday was beaten a block by colts
he beat off yesterday. Henderson rode him
', even time.
. Of courf. It will be said that this colt
,. won in the rnud. and that his bad races
were on a dry. truck. That is all right. Hut
Se'ze and Christine A. are mudders of high
degree, atid he was backed to beat them.
They are about as got;d as any 2-year-olds
at the track cutside of stake colts and
CliecUs Were Dosvn.
t "hristine A. s 1.-st race in the mud was a
beauty. There Is nit the slightest doubt in
the world that Claude cou:d nave won en a
dry track just as easily as on a muddy one.
He was allotted to run fir the odis last
time out. jest.-rday the enecKs were down
and h non in a walk. Stand i'al beat him
. a block the otuer d.i; . Yesterday he sol ff
? behind Stand I'.it ami ran over him. Size
and Christine A., the favorites, had eve.y
hanre 01. earth to beat him. but could l.ot.
Just how long Judge Brady Is going to al
low work of this sort to oantinu-j won! 1 be
lnleteM'ng to kron. Permitting hoises to
, be run as Cluudo has bocn running is put
ting bonus on in-and-out performances
.and making It worth while for owners to
run two race? lor the lurm and one for
tl'o nisch -s. There was mie niuney won or
Caud vesteniay than lie can hojie to win
in Hakes and nurses during his entire rac
ing career. Almost every owner has a
lior-e in his stable th.it could be handled
Ju.'t as he was. Letting Thompson get
' aw-iywlth such raring is incentive to every
" jJwwt to do likewise
Olcfiutit's Junior Clinmpionsltlp.
Olelian.. me favorite, put it tJ J. Sidney
AValK'-r and Lacy Crawford in the Junior
Championship. Walker led mi sufferance to
the strett h. Here uletiant went to him ottd
that w.11-- ail. he won cleverly enough,
th ugh tirej, at the end. She is by odds the
b. st l-yar-"!i se n hre this season.
AValktr had no excu es. but Lucy Crawford
.!. badl ridden.
Little Scout, who should have been fa
vorite in the mud. was a 4 to 1 outsider
uciinM Terra Firms and Crimean in the
thre -h r.-e race. Terra Firma carried a
ivurld of money at event, while Crimean
was backed at 3s. Those who know how
good a horse Little .Scout is In the mud
played Irm hard. Tirra Firma set the
pace to ihe last eighth. Here H-lgeson let
Scout out, hit him with the whip and he
won going away. Terra Firma ran 'n good
race. He probably was a bit short, rather
than anything else.
He has not been raced enough, and Mr.
Cnhn probably has "babied" him along In
works, as every owner does with a good
horse. He seemed to like ihe going well
enough. At least, he m race in it. While
Little Scout is a wonder In the mud. It is
not any cinch that after getting three
race In him. Terra Firma cannot beat him
weighted and In the same going, as they
were yesKrdiy. Crimean is a big, lons
striillng horse. Cndrr little O'Neill he
sprawled .-11 over the track. He may not
be a niudder, but It was not hi3 race by a
long way.
Captain Hlcc lilt Hookies.
Cpplnln flic's Kl Caney won the first
rare a bloi k at a good price. The Captain
'bet his plantation on him.
Tom Collins Ilk".! the going In the second
race, nnu waiKea nome though seven fur
longs v.-ts supposed to be farther than he
cared to go.
Wallace was the favorite In the sixth
race, but Silver Garter got out, led all the
way, and won It easily und'r a good ride
t rom Donecnn. who shook Walsh on Tlck
itil off In the stretch run. Wall is a bad
horse sulks and will not run kindly when
he gets pelted with mud.
Wallabout likeg the mud and galloped
home In the Inst race. Chlckamauga was a
go-d MCind. a long way In front of the
field. Tho crowd wan large and the hot
ting heavy.
Monday's Fair Grounds Kntrles.
First race, five furlongs. selling;
157 Harty (Jrtftlth..tm
132 I'ettllohn 1M
... Nimble Nag ...I'M
.. 76 Flying Girl .... !n
111 111 Liyson .. ..M3
.' 69 KJ Hall 9S
10O Gold Ornament 103
151 lmmorttlle :ti
.r.l Flora Lvy . nt
1-7 Budwelser ... Its
... Howling rxsr- '
ilsh 105
IS! Feixe lw
126 Tribes .
HI "Bear Creek ....101
Second race, six farlongB. rolling.
1SS Orlirfa lna 00 MIss Dora .... !;
I? Iist Lack I"-- .. King FOnl 1W
117 L-nch 109 151 Hfrodrs 1-4
... Lady II lor ... Gtn. Jouhert ...10
111 Pinter Sarah ...117 121 Mccsle Clopton 1"T
... Ben Hempstead VQ 113 lieclsely 112
125 Bona. 100 ; jngJI
Third race, six furlong'. rur:
1 Kobtrt, Jr. 107 1 10 Ijikview Bel!e.l'i2
77 Hermoso 112 . . Rollick 1"
... Flop 1W 12 TcnnlKon Iu9
ll Scorpio US (72) Colonial Girl ...1M
Fourth race, on mile and seventy yards, han
dicap: 105 Odnor 1021
131 Found 96
IS Wax Taper 10,
... Corrinan 105
I2S Xoblman
ln5 Jordan
131 Peaceful
Fifth race, ona mile and an eighth. !!Ine:
117 Ben tyFallon ..Ml
155 George le 101
150 Saracamp ...... &S
16? Wallabout PC
160 Joe Doughty.... 1M
143 Campus 101
13C Sallnda so
136 Luie'a Labor... 107
IS 'Alice Turner ..107
Sixth race, tjeven furlcnps. selling:
1 The Benedlot ..103 H9 Guide ltock 102
119 Cenaor 105 119 Sara Laiaruj
91 'Blue Blase .... K Esq 103
129 Kitty O s 149 Tho Bronze
IIS Erne S7 Iwmon M
(119) Sfmlcolen 113 77 Kl-i Quick ?t
111 Mlaj Aubrey ...1-K 117 Mls Gn!'i;htIy..lU
59 Curd Gllloek .. 9? 131 Ttnry Belle ....101
Apprentice allowance rlnlme.1
The Itepnblle's Selections.
Flrat Itace Seixe. Flying Girl. Gold Ornament.
Second nace Ireclselv. Hnli, t,jDCh.
Third Race Lakevlcw Belle. Colonial Girl, Her
moso. Fourth Race Found. Nobleman. Jordan.
Fifth Knee Alice Turner. Sallnda. Wallabout.
Sixth Race Semlcolen, Ttany Belle, Guido
llnllmn-n Waited Too Long; on Master
Man Mltchel Took Steeplechase.
New Tork May 3L King Hanover, owned
by Mr. William C Whitney, won the Carle
ton Stakes for 3-year-olds, at one mile, at
Gravesend to-day. The public was unde
cided on their choice. King Hanover, Hy
phen and Master Man closing equal favor
, Ites at 11 to S, while Cunard and Ignite, the
,. two other starters, were quoted at 12 to 1
' each. Master Man was first to show to a
good start, tut Bullman immediately pulled
back, losing at least three lengths.
King Hanover then went to the front
and made tho running to the three-eighths
pole, where Hyphen moved up to him.
These two ra-ed head and head to the
Btretch, where Hyphen lost a little ground,
and Master Man. coming very STOng, made
& determined effort to get up, but King
Hanover had a little speed reserved, and
in a driving finish won by a length. The
"'Hudson Stakes, for 2-year-olds, at flvefur
' longs, was won by Hiver Pirate after mak
ing all the running.
Miss Mitchell, favorite, ,won tho Greater
Uew York Steeplechase. It was reported
lata this afternoon that Jockey Booker,
Backed All Over
at 80 to 1.
Judge, P. A. Brady; Starter. A. 11. Dade. Weather cloudy; track heavy.
iDij First race, purse 5301, for 3-year-olds and upward, one mile and a sixteenth:
II 1 Uettln;.
ln.l. I HORSES. . IWt. S. U. '.i- ai- S- F. Jnckevs. O pen ( Close rL
Iff '1:1 Oioty. 5 Ilfii . Vi l's 1 1" 1 Glvens f 11-2 2
lil ;.! Doughty 6 .... Ill S 6" ? "' '' llelseraon. ..5 7 3
19 Tea Goan. I 97 11 18" "no O C 3 Karl 10 15 6
133 The Nay. t 91 10 9' S "T1 0 4 Scully 6 6 t-2
141 ,llu Cajia. 7 HIS 1 4"4 J S4 6' Domlnlck ... 5-2 13-S 0-i
21 .Been. 4 97 I TH Inn t? Vft t'Mt O-Nelll 7 1) I
!- Lleht Hunt, 1 .... 80 3. lfe 10' 10 1 7 Luehls 20 50 12
127 iFbetKlr.g, 4 99 S !i H S' S Bell 30 15
Bequeath. 7 103 6 11' H' H U1 S Hardy 50 CO to
111 .Brown Vail, t .... 101 4 S".i 3 4' i 4 10 Donecan ... 8 13 5
76 ISarasarap. 4 N 1! 12 13 12 I 13 11 fj. O'Connor 1 10 1
111 fonnle Lee. 8 .... 101 3 3H C- t" 1 M 12 IFaumleroy. 12 17 7
kitnn n..l A ab.II... awini. eHs
Kl Can v W3F beat an! tea Hoped all ihe way. Joe Dnushty ran a gocMt ro. 1a Ouwa cloned
lust. Hftr takins lh- wrland rout-. Brown Vail reveled In tho pjlntf, but ttr-d at the half.
J)u .ttJirsa was w-H ridden, but tired when askek to race.
Ttm-:wT. 0, :1S. :45. ::, 1:11. 1:54. l:3s. 1:45H, 1:52.
Second race, purse $300. for 3-year-olds
ill II Bettins.
Ind. HOltSBS. IWt. S. 4. . S. I'- Jockeys. 1 Open Close W.
7T :Tom Collin. J ....I in) I 1J I H 1 1 1 momlntck ...' S-5 S-j 4
124 Tenny Belle. 4 ....! 1U0 1 4 I 2' 3 f I 2 lltell S 5 4
117 IPrucarood, I i 97 I a I & 4' 3 I ! ;J' O'Connor.. 6 10 4
111 Utile Ilmmjr S3 j 1 "no D 1 4 4'-" iHelEereon ... 15 20 8
05t IA11 Saints I 114 i 10 I S' I C E" O'NVIII ?-S 2 4i
124 'Frank Pearce i 104 , 7 I 10 10" 1 8 6 iLampard .... 12 SO 6
US ,Cora HbtiII H ! 95 I 12 12 lt- J ' 1 (Neneomb ... 12 20 8
Li4 .Jack Ford 105 , 8 9" 10' l 8' lilerdy 15 30 19
S'axly 1 101 j C ZM 24 1 Sno1 9' tjirl 20 I W S)
.Alfred L. I 102 I It 11 12 f li ! 10" il'rltchctt .... J , 0 2.'.
i Hart Hove 98 2 i C V,l 11- .UoneBan .... 12 20 S
9:; iQscar I 102 I a 4& 7 I U I 11 IMorae to 25 10
Start good; wen easily; second same. Winner Flier & Cb.'s b. h.. 7. Newcourt Malada.
Collins fresh and pood, and was much the best. Tenny Relle liked the going and ran an eaay
race. Pruen-ood ran a much-Improved rac and reveled In the going. Little Cmmy liked the
mud and did well under a poor ride. All dalnts fuuud it too short for her. Frank PeartM can
do better. Cora HavlU was badly ridden. She can do better. Saxby had good speed for half a
Time :13. 24i. in. :I3S. ItOSH. iaH. l:31'.i.
Third race, purse $500, for 3-year-olds,
I wt. s.
U't! Scout, S ....' 99
Term Flrnia. 3 .... vm i
iTim.an. 3 ' 107 !
Start Ki-.d; wr.n cleverly; second easily. Winner G. C. Dennett's ch. c. 3, Lampllichter Little
Indian Scout t-ok all the worst n' the goinft. as allowed Ui flounder when making his run,
but - iize canwlv urdvr the whip and Hon at hl.i ease. He a rr r horse in the mud. Terra
iMrnj) T'ffi well f Ihe last eighth. He -eemd to like the mud id probably was lwaten be
cause fbort of condition. He need mcs t( b. at his be-t. CrluKan is a big, long-strldlsg
horf-. and the pm.:ll t".y on him e.cild not hold him together.
Time 5. :17'-. :T. :!2t. :;'.'t. 1:074. t:2H. 1:55.
Fourth ra. e. purse $100, the Junior
value .J0 added:
I 1
Ird. I
1 wt
141) oloflant. 2 122
ill'.l J. Sidney Wlker.2 121
(1321 'Laey Cranfonl. ..i IIS
1 ( x 1 x
3 14 1"
2 13 13
ttart Kofi: won clex'erly; second same.
M. Cleflant indulceil W&lker with lead to stretch, then '.Tore him down In run home. She was
wary at the end. Walker In supposed to be bet'er on dry track, but raced well in the mud.
Crawford van very badly riddt-n, taken in heaviest spots end alkmed to flounder. He can do
Time :13. :2S. -JIM. ao. 1:0311. 1:1S.
Fifth race, purse $300, for !-year-ods,
Ind i1 nORSES. )wt.j S. . H- 1 i. S. F. Jockeys. lopraciSjf PI.
69 flaufie j 1J3 I 1 J I I m R llend'son 30 ' IS 1 j
0 Seize -. 105 2 1' ; JU. iSlnileton ...13-2 3-2 I 3-5
1U .Christine A. 1S I 4 5' 1 S O' .Veil 1 ..... 6-3 tl 3-3
1?2 lllfiiy Chappy ... 100 i 4 3 I U .Hrlgeison ... 6 7 2
19. Stand Pat 105 ! S 2H 4J I 5 lllenjohamp. li D 2
51 -CrcHlda i I 71 74 1 c ij. ')'ianor. 10 20
137 ,Lou Ilsndy la 7 P C ej in.-Iie!t,n ..' M W S3
SS Immortelle 100 ' 4 6' I 8' IS..1I ."...... 12 30 10
Pv-Wax-See 15 ! 5 & 1 9" I 9 lAsael 30 150 JO
-jue Vius M 10 10 10" I lfr' !D. Howall .. 12 CO )
'lero 108 11 11 H li IFauntleroy. 20 I 100
Start good: won easily: second and third driving. Winner S. C. Wagner's b o 2. L'ssak
IJda II Claude was ready for this race, was heavily played at h..me and abroad was well
In hand nil :ne way. and won pulled up. It was a tremendous reversal of form Feizc Old his
best, l hrlitinr A. was otr badly and badly ridden, ran a good race and was twond best. Harpy
Cha;ip did his best. Pa: was off woll. like! the roing. but eeetned to pulk
Tlme-:12';. :2. :37U. :50. 141.
15 S Sixth race, purse SiCO. for 3-yeni-olds and upward, one ntllo and a sixteenth:
ind. I HORSES. )wt. 3. 14. I tt. ;. s. F. I Jockeys. ' OpenClose5' PI.
tir jsiivor Garter. 5 ..I ill 1 ii ink n, 2 i (nonegan .... 7 w 4
111 'T,-krul. 5 10 6 2U : - 1H 2" T. wWh".. 3 4 8-5
04.:) Lillian M.. 3 10) S SI I 3 3 3" r." iltell .? . 4 3 i
131 !-.,rte Lee. " I 10 4 10 10 10 7' 4' IGlven 5 4 s-5
Cogswell. 5 101 3 8 7l it 44 5' iFauntlrror. 10 16 7
98 'Prince Real. 5 .... 104 1 7 7:14 jt 6v? p jjor,, ...J' ,, SS i
(116) lda Penzance. 4 ... 101 I 9 C C 4' 5 7 illeleerson ... 6 H 3
120 llcnls. Ill 10 9' t 5' S' S' O'Xeill 1 .. 10 9 4
142 lAVall. 4 102 IS 4 O 6i 91 9 Ihauchamn 3 17-1 7J
19 IPrestone. 5 103 3 tnk! in 7' 10 10 ILuiKan .....".. 12 i 16 7
Start good: won easily; second same. Winner S. W. Streett A: Co 's ch. g.. 5. Gol,;.n Garter
Florida. Silver Garler assumed the lead ct tho Etort. raced Tlckful off his legs and came hom"
easily. He was yell ridden and can beat better homes. Tlckful ran a good race and was well
rdden. IJIllan M. ran to her foih. George Ixw s nllowea to flounder In the coins. Ha llkei
a a. ft. cuhioni'd track better than mud. Cogswell ran a good race, but Is not .Tulle ready.
Ida Penzance can do better. Wall sulked when they threw mud on him. He la a bad-ttmpe-e!
Tirae-KSJi. :13. 31M. tH'L am. lao. li3H.
Seventh race, purse ;3J, fcr 4-year-olds
14 i
41 J 1
2U 2
e f
' i'
3nk V I
Ind. I
U6 'Wallabout. 4 ....
O;) (lil.'kaniausa, 6
K-. Oilb.rt. 6
ITS iDeloralne. 4
IMi IMisb Thresa 4 ..
lJIo. 5
ir9 IKuclno, 7
. 1M
.! l'7
.1 M4
.' lno
.' 104
I J' I
1 1- I
3 34
5-2- 4 ,
G r.i.
4 V
7 7 j
,,. ?,urtJ5X:. on cleverly: fecond eaFlly. Winner II. XleOimn. Jr.'s. b. h.. I. Charaxus-il-l'.
Wjllabrut beet in tho going, well ridden, had to b shaken up at the fnrt to hold o'f
Chirkumausa. The latter ran a Rood raco and would have been clorrr had O'Xeill not let her
head so to draw his whip He staegcred then and lost ground. Gilbert tan his race. He jhowe.1
rined ftr a mile, then fell out of it. Itlss Thresa ran a bad race. Fuclno was doing well when
the ran out on turn. "
Time -!!, -2r.. :394. a3',i, 164. 13IU, 1:47. 2:C0U. 2:13. 3:20 2:424.
who was seiiously hurt this afternoon, was
still unconscious. Summary:
"irst race, for maiden 2-year-olds, fivo furlongs.
I'mir Stunts. 1"3 (Re.lf.-rn). 13 to 1- won: Cnio-
t n..i ,. , .,, .,. 1 .'- -.. .
liri ly.ci, jut .IV. ..Jll-Iia.'lS),
111 tn 1 asrt.'j-.n.l-
.M'.urtt Hpe, 107 T. Jlurni. 7 to 2. third. Time.
1:01 4-i
."i i-ii isi7v;ns.ii.iuii. iiuunun. jujia iiriniir. irsj
Ji'uiiinp. ..ury. i;ncinanTU9. lCiOOum
KvIIpw. Plunrer. Turc. Gt-crne V. Dniivli- itnvai-
lit. Solver, AbIc, Jan Kay and Him .ilso ran.
ie. ond race the Gr-ater N w Yiirk Steepl-chiso
Handicap, full cours-, about tv.o and a half
milt-a Sites Mitchell, 132 (llara. 4 tn 5. won;
Kitwdy. H5 (Hrirry). 3 to 1, second; IVrlon, ll
fponuliue). 13 to 3, third. Time, 5:01. Ia-t
Chtrd, mrfew Bell and Clasher al ran. Ciirftw
lien ana riancr eit. '. ureen ten oir list
Cord, but remounted and flnlshd.
Third race. ,n- Hudson Stakes, for 2-ycax-oIds,
five furlcnzsItivT IMrate. 113 (Odom). ll to r.,
won: Sir oorhlei( 113 (O't'onnor. C to 3, second:
Injunction 11. (S'ww). 4 to 1 third Tttn".
1? J-r.. vhorler and Menncnfl;ld afso ran. Mea
nt ni Id added starter.
Four; h rare, the arletnn Stakes, for 3-year-oliii.-
ono mil Kins Hanover, lis tT. UurnM,
31 to 5. wmi: Master Man. 121 iBullman). 11 to 5,
f -nd: Hyphen, ill lOdum), 11 to I, third. Time,
1:4 1-3. Ounard and Ipniter aluo ran.
F'fth rac, handicap, one mile and n. furlonc
Sadie S.. tS (Waldol. 10 to 1, won: Herbert. 124
(O.lom.. 5 to 1, second; Dublin US fLanlry), 2
to 1. third. Time, 1:2 4-3 Monocraph. Grand
unci a. wnrcmaD. i-.inia ana ArBrsnr alio ran.
Flxth rare, one rnlle and seventy jard?, eelllnr
Th. Itfftree, s? flte-lfern), 2 to 1. won; Tuky
Star, lis Dcccetti i to 1. seennd; Kinc Kalne.
104 M!ller. 7 to 10, third Tlmo. Utt Callh-
nis. Iocror Pr..ton. Vitelllus. Motile Peyton rjid
San Anr1rin nlcn ran
Joe rilninn linn ItevIcI Hlx 0I1 on
Cnmliilnlpi for Hip Xcxt 111c
Claaslr Heavy Play on
Gold IIcvIk.
nnruniiic speciau
Xew York, May 31. Joe Ulrnan. the book
maker, has revised the aids quoted niralnst
the Suburban Handicap candidates. The
new quotations beenme effective with the
rush to Gravesend yesterday, when Ullman
reaucotl the price against 'Water Color one
point. This colt Is still the favorite, with
5 to 1 quoted against him, which Is per
haps but a single point better than the
price obtainable on race day.
A most sijrnificant feature Is the tlght
ening of Gold Hecls's price. General ilc
Lewce, Captain Brady. H. M. Sieglr and
others In this division now operating at
Gravesend were reported yesterday as hav
ing goodly commissions down on Gold
Heels. Gold Heels, It will be remembered,
showed a mile a fortnight aco in l:!27i.
with a fair-sized boy up, done In smashing
style. Gold Heels's price has receded from
20 to 1 to 8 to 1. It will be 6 to 1 by net
Wednesday, so say the knowing ones. Ad
vance Guard Is now at 83 and S 5. Blues
is two points cheaper, and can ic had to
day at W, 4 and 2.
Ullman regards Frank Farrell's horse as
the most erratic and unreliable racer in the
first division of handicap performers. Vi'hilo
he concedes Blues of superior class to Ad
vance. Guard, he feels that the Canadian
horse will run up to his best form eight
times out of ten. On tb other hand, Blues
shows his best race about three times In
ten starts. Since Alcedo's accident L'llnvin
will give 20. S sjid i on Mr. I. V. Bell's
Ballyhoo Bey is just now at 40 to 1, but
If his race to-day Is good there will be a
cut to li to 1 right off the reel. Ullman,
speaking of hlg operations on the Brooklyn
Handicap, says:
"I did not have one bet on Relna for the
Brooklyn Handicap, but paid out heavily on
Advance Guard, place and show, and on
Pentecost to show."
His very latest future quotations on the
Suburban Handicap, which will be run at
Sheepshead Bay on June 14, follow:
Hone, and wciaht
Straight. Place. Show.
Advance Guard, 117 .
Alcelo. 125
All Gold. SS
Arden, 97
Anrreftor, 105
Autollght. 112
Ballyhoo Bey, 123 ....
... 8 3 s-5
...20 3 4
...200 SO 40
... 60 25 U
...60 25 13
...CO 25 12
..40 U
HJJ .fl l'al Dunne
Hawthorne i two Diiys.
Hnn T T TKaa' Vi ti -i TiWtimfa II llrfifnri?.
and upward, seven furlongs:
one mile:
I Retting.
Open"lte' PI.
1' IHolierKin ...I S-2 3
21 iRcauchmp. I 1 :9-10
3 (O'Neill I 2 112-5
I 1-2
Championship, for S-vear-oIds, sis furlongs,
Jockers. lOpen'Close
I t' l'H'Pomlnlck ... 9-10 1-3
lnkl 2'W Rt-aurhamo. 11-10 I 3-1
I I 3 3 ISlngleton ... 9-8 T 5 I 3-5
H. 4. j S-
3 2 I 2
l", I'M V
2nk. 2 3
Winner J. F. Smith X, Ct.'K li f ? Omti.Ati-.rln
five furlongs:
1OT, 1:44. 1314.
and upward, ono mile and a half:
I Rettlnr.
upenlore PI.
1 IJ. O'Connor.
3" lO'Neili
31 JDonecan
4' rixrl
5W il'auntlemy.
C1 iLimpard ...
. 1V. Xarvaei.
I:amn Pepper, 109 20
lilm- Girl.
Tfl.L.a 141
....... 6)
'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 12
....... 75
..j.... 30
....... 75
RnnnfMrt. 1T3
ltiR?!Jer. 108
"arluncle. 103
Chilton. 10
Cnunil. S3
Dixi-Ilne. 57
Dublin. Ill
j:ik!.orn. 1C9
Fl-whecl, 37
Carry Hermann, 121 .
M llffN. 12
Odd Kektr. 10) ....
II. no. liC
Hertert. 121
Hf-rnando. 120 ....
His Kralnetste. 110
Kahnra. 104
Kenot 52
Iidy Fchorr. 113 .
MtMckln. 121 ....
M.nicraph. 100 ....
Northi-rn Star, M .
Oom I'aul, im
rentecost, 03
Port Royal. 93
Helna. 102
Jioehamnton, 117 ..,
M'll s . P
l FtHerdale. 113
Fix Shooter. 30$
Fllnthrm. 92
Ttn ".indies. 119 .
The Khmer, 305 .
Toldy. 103
Trlfpar !
: ".Vni.r rvinr iV?"
I 1t-,t .. -tii
tVatercure. Ill
pat nux.xn ix gheat icck.
Wlna Three Stnke IIiicc-k In Tito Daja
nt llmrtborne.
Chicago, May 31.-Pat Dunne, who won
the -Flight Stakes with Toah and The Pre
mier Stakes with J. V. Kirby at Hawthorne
yesterday, took tho Juventlo Stakes for
2-year-olds at Harlem this afternoon with
his chestnut colt, narly. Tho Juvenile
Stakes was at five and one-half furlongs,
the prize being $1,500 added money. Early,
favorite at 7 to 5, simply made a show of
the field and won by three lengths, with
Watklns Overton second, three lengths In
front of Sidney C. Love. Early Jumped into
the lead before the first furlong had been
run and stayed there until the Mulsh.
Owing to the fire which destroyed the
Hawthorne grand stand last night, to-days
card was run oft at Harlem, where the
races for tho six days remaining of the
Hawthorne meeting will be run.
Weather clear: track fast.
. First race, six furlonss Doublet, 105 (Prlsr).
13 tn r. won: Itrirade. 104 tljeani. h in -, mm. .
Joe Martin. 105 (Mathews). 12 to 1, third." Time.'
l:ltS-S. Scarlet IJly, Wseth. Carl Kahler. The-
ory. llarnv and lady Jilrd also ran.
becond rac. six lurlonc- 1 tavers. 1M (Otis).
11 to W. won: romplno. 101 (Prior), even, second:
Frank Ireland, Ml (O Brien). ; to r,. third. Time.
l:l.r. Ilcome. Hansen. Henrv of Franstjim:! r.
A nn.,' .ml Inn.iVlul ,l.n n n
Third race, short course, steeplechare Fatella.
1& (M. Kelly). 7 to I, won; Alice II.. 130 (Slatr).
10 to 1, second: Maze, 113 (Hunt). 10 to 1. third.
Time. i:U Farr.-ll. Precursor, Iai:mar. Currlllj
and Hirdonlc also ran.
Fourth race, Juvenllo Stakes. Ave and one-half
lunonKS r.any, iw vinKneia). 7 to b. won
Watklns Otrerton, 113 (Hlrkenruth), 15 to 1, sec
ond: Sidney C. I.ove. 153 (-p. Dean). 8 to 1. third.
Time. 1:0s 2-3. Captain Arnold, Mallory. Perthes.
John C Kins and Sarah Maxim also ran.
Fifth race, one and one-eighth mile Louisville,
97 T. Dean). 9 to 2, wen: Qtls. W (J. Dtly), 9
to 1. s-cond; Ilermeneta. lut I!lrkenrutH), & to 5.
third. Time. 1:53 3-5. ncney Boy, Frangible. Doc
tor Stephens, Pcsltion and Greyfeld also ran.
Sixth race, one and one-fourth mile Compass,
101 (Donnelly). So to l. won: Cherished. 101
(ltansch). 7 to 1. v. ond: Major Manlr, lrt7 (Dav
Isfen). t to 1. third. Time. 2:09 1-3. Radiant Heat,
Kentucky Habe, Pralne Do?, Malay and Farmer
Dennett also ran.
Itesnlts nt Toronto.
Toronto. Ontario. May SL There was a record
attendance to-day.' the last day of the Woodbine
races. Track fart. Results:
First race six furlongs Itassato won: Co:n
mona. second; Aloa, third. Time, 1:16U
Second race, five furloncs-Dramatist won;
Chambles. second; Woolsack, third. Time, 1:03U.
-Plri,ce,e0:1f 5nd one-elehth mile Wire Fn
jren; Butter Scotch, second; John Kuskin. third.
Time. l:t3.
c.rihS?VV0,'ie na one-e'Ehth mile-April
Tlme'iaSS? e" Eecona: Ohnet, thtrd.
-f'lnSSJ- ii2Pl'ch?s'' "" mlles-Sallust
jn: ll'eble. second: Uurnop, third. Time. 7:11.
..?.?. 5.ee,T,onf nilleBor.okart won: Tlllany,
second; Far Itcckaw&r, third. Time, !:.
l'al Dunne Wins Three Stakes
n 5 1 f
If Sprinter Is Disqualified tliu In-
teruolirgiaip Track Cliaiupiuu-
slup Goes to Yak-.
Five Xew Iuterrecords Art' Made
I'law Not Quite Able to Catch
De Witt in the Sixlo'ii-
I'ound Haminer Tlirow.
Ke York, M.iy ."1 -Ilarv.n.! l-ftated
Yale in the contest f.r chamii:i.-h.p hon
ors at the intcrcolitgiale athl-tic m.-et
which began )-esurau and was concluded
to-day at Berkeley .al.
The total scoie was 31 to 40. Princeton
came up surprisingly cloje to the leaders,
her representatives scoring 27 po.r.t.
The. Executive Committee of the I. C. A.
A. A. held a brief meeting at the oia! to
day to consider the protest made by i.tle
against Schick of Harvard, but it was de
cided to allow the Harvard spr.nter to com
pete in the finals of the lw and 127 jaid
dashes. 'Ihe committee adjourr.ea the fur
ther bear.ng of evidence In the i.isi until
June H or ul. when it will cuute.ie in ihi;
c.ty for that spct;!l purpo-'c. rfchick fiii
isllvd second in both sprints, scenr.;; tlx
points tor Hirvard. Should Hie dciKiou
of the ciunmittie be ad-erse to Schkk, Har
vard will liyse Bix points and Yaie will pain
two. so that Yale would win u;e chaniuiou
ship. honors by a total of XI pol:its to ii.tr
vard's 2S.
Arthur F. Iijltcy, the little Genrg- town
sprinter, create d a new wo-ld s i ecord In
ine iw-yams Hash by winning ,n jj-j
nencc ana will take pirt in ur.il athletic
meeting during hi stay atrn '.
New int-.-roviii'Kiate r.voi'ls uio cs-nb-Ils-hrd
in live vt tiie ewnti, l.au.uly, tlie
hammer thiow. shot put. polo vault, one-Qtiarti-r
ttiie run and l(K-aid dash. Dv-witt
of Princeton did not improve on him hn-'
throw of Itrl fet 10 inches made yesterday,
but Plaw of California was in bttttr shape
to-day and threw tho hammer 2i3 ft-vt 8
inches, shoninc an Improvement of over
19 feet op. his Sc:n trial throw yesterday.
The Saniiitnrlen:
IW-yard dah, sm:cr.als First a. won bv
P. H. MouUon. id: v. a. ,'i k Kararj.
tSfccond; J. s?. Weinney. Inn- ..aula, third.
Time. 10 seconds. Stfn. htat, ,mii bv A. P.
Duffy. Cieorgft'iwn; A. . "alloxan. Calif rrnia. sec
ond. J. K iiaiK. lianard. third. Tim, t 4-5
eeconds. This time ni.ils the uorld record.
120-yard huni'.e ra . iPmiflnals-Pfrt heat,
won h i. :.. WUf.s. liarvanl; K i. V:!-..n, Am
hertt $cond. Time. 1" 4- 8?ctnd. Fioond b-at.
wen hy C J. 'l.ipp, YaJe; J. H. Conrw, Har
vard, necon't. Tunc. 11 C-5 seconds.
A. P. Duffy of Georgetown won the final of
me iw-yoru aa?n ana crcatea a new w or id's
record of d J-5 recend.
Putting it-pound not, won ly F. G. Bck,
Tale. 41 feet i, ir.- ftes; J. TniRl.-y. Harvard.
Fectnd. 43 fet 4 Inc i-s; J. 11. lnit. Prince-'
ton. third. 4'J iet 1 inih: C. 11. Itobinnon. Har
vard, fourth. 4i feti l (nch. Beck's put ma;e a
nc-u lnterc"iliKiEte record.
One-m'lH run. won by U. E. Wllliamit. Prince
ton; O. It. llarphcll. Ct-Iumbla. tn nd; C. r.
Jacobus. Yal. tMrd; It. S Trott. Cornell,
fourth. Time. 4 minutes 1-3 seconds.
(n htmdnd ya.d run. llnal hc-.t Won hy A.
P. Duffy, OriretK-wn. V. A. sViucs, Harvaid,
Gcon'i.J. d. 'i;nt:j, Pennsylvania, third; F.
A. Mi-ulton. " .,!. fiurth. Tlmt. :"U 1-S. Th
tirrif made was a nw amateur aJ profss&lonal
record fur t'ie world.
Four hundred T-(d fcirty yard run, Hnal heat
Won by Y. H-'ilin-i, t.irrtown; . li. L'irB.
Tale. BecQTid; K. C. hust. Harvard, third; M.
Ughtner. HarvarK fourth, Tim, :4a 3-5.
One hundred and tirtnty v.rd hurdle, final
boat Won by J. H. Omvenw. Tirard; E. J.
Clapp, Yale, s-end; J. G. WUUf. Harvard, third;
E. P. WllBon, Amherst, third. Tlat. :I 3-7..
Runniuc hl;:h jump VVoa by v.. . lv-w .Svra
cup I. ftet U Inches; O. Yt. Powell, raltfornla,
eecurul. 6feet l' inches; O. W. Curtis, Irlneeton.
third. A fi-t 9 inches; A. Jack, Val-, tourth, a
fee'. 9 !rw lies.
Two-n.iJe run Won tjy A. C. Bowea. I'ennsyl
vania; M. TV. Franchotte. Yale, r-rnnd; T. M.
1'oster. CV'rnel!. tMrd; K. Russell, Pennsylvania.
Fourth, Tim1. ?:i".
220 -yard hurdle, semiiinnls. first and second o
run in iinal First heat w"n bv K J. Claop,
Yol: W. A. 1'owell. Oiiiiornia, seunil. Tim-.
5 second. Fe-vni lit at x-n h- J. V. Willis.
Hannrd: If. '. 'he-k. California, scoid. Time.
24 .'(-" S'-conds
Polo v.tt.lt Won by D. S. Horton, Princeton,
11 fet 2 lTi'hs; II. L,. Gardner, t-'yrause. second,
11 fe-t; A. W. celrrnen. Frimetcm. third. Vt feet
$ inch1; I. A. Grav. I'enns'lvanla, fourth, 13
tet C inche?.
Throwing sixfeun-pound hammer Won by J.
11. Dew.t. Pr!nc'tn, )4 fet 10 inches; A.
Plaw. falifi-rnlo. sfirJ. 163 ft S in.-he?; K. G.
Wrlcht. Tilnreton. third. .39 feet; V. T. Plner,
Harard. fourth. 13fi feet 2t in bes
2J-5.-.rds run. semifinal, iirst nn-J ?fmil ti ran
In final; first heat wan by J. S. Hale. Harvard;
W. A. yehick. Harvard. sec nd. Tim1. 21 3-5
recond". Jerond heat won bv V. T. IghtnT.
Harvard; W. It. Moult on, Taie. cecond. Time,
21 4-" scond.
Hnlf-mile rur Won by H. H Taylor. Amherst;
I M. Adstt. Irinceton. second: K. P. ltmnten,
llanard, third; J. R. Kan Tale, fourth. Time,
2 minutes 3-3 seconds.
Two hundred and twenty-yards hurdle Final
won by J. G. Willis. Hnnarf: R- J- Harp.
Tale, second: II C tlek. iallfornia, third; W.
A. Tow II. California, fourth. Time, 23 4-& sec
onds. Robinson. Mlchlcnn, fell In the trial heat of
the 220-yard hurdle ar! b'okc his leg.
Running broad jtivp Won by A. T. Fister,
Amhert, with 21 fe-t 11 inches; i;. 3. Fallows.
Yale, wond. with 21 fet I'a4 in-he; Jam-
Grims. Prince ton. third, with 21 feet 1"H
Inchts; J. S. Kpraker. Yale, fourth, with 2t ftet
SW. inches.
Two hundred and twent.-vard run Final hat
wY.n by W. T. IJrbtnr. Hirvard; W. A Hchlck.
Harvard, second; F P. Mouiton. Y-al. thirl; J.
I Halff, Harx-ard. fourth Time. 21 3-5 sernni'n.
Hnn'ara nlns te u i enamrlnnshin with 3t
points. Yale second, 30 point; Princeton, 7
iiv.v itcssni.i. vr:;s cwi'sijtta.
STot n SIkcIi- Favorite Sialic fioiitl at
Cincinnati, 'o.. .May 31. The Clipsetta
Stakes for 2- ear-old lillles at Ave furlonrs
was the feature of th- card at Latoria to
day. (Jrand Mary was add.-d to the race
and coupled with Flora vVilloui-liby as the
Schultc entr-. The pair was made favorite
In the betting at 13 to 3. Seven younssters
faced the llac.
The Etart was a pood one and Mary Olenn
nt once took commard. Sh-? led to the
Etrcteh turn, whn Flora WlUoughby moved
up and they raced I-ad aid head to the
last eighth pole. Iieie Eva Russell, De
borah nnd K-wcial Tax moved up and a
grand strucf-ie resnlted. Eva Itussell win
nine by a half length, hard ridden.
The surprise of th- day was the victory of
Hemp, at 50 to 1. Xot a favorite won.
nrst rac. seven furlonss Jane Oalcer D2 J
Martin). 11 to 5. wnn: lurlane. 97 ! A. Jack
son!. 6 to 1. wend; Elcvm Uells. 105 (A. Weber)
!tl third. Time. 1:!8. Ituby Itay. Sky Flyer.
Mrllu Eh 11. Lizzie L :y and Lova alfo ran.
Hecond rai-e. Rvc furionps Lendcn, IP) flrvin).
7 to 1. won: toc Wom1. l's (Gormley). 20 to 1.
second; Olnnth, 110 lit. Wiliiarrs 6 to 5 third.
Tlm. 1:(CH. Joe IJei-kley. Itls-n, Athel Stone.
Itoanro, Quality Street and F.l nlfhop also ran
Thrd race. ,ne mil. FelilnK li'mp. )M (A.i
ter). M to 1. uon: Hefur.dus. 102 CJonalev) 7 to
;;nu; i:a:m it.. i".j c Hsiroi. l.i in l mira.
Time 1:12-,
hcfnh'''nus. Ma:rri!L Kliie
Name-, ix-xru.
Itu-Jlan. Mcgja. Jim Nap and
I Jtan It'anhael also ran'
Fourth tace. Clipsetta Stakes. ;-year)ld nlll's
I Ave furlone". value Jl ".In-Eva Itu.jell. 110 tMIn'
I der). i to 1. w.n: Flora Wlllouchby. HI ale-
Inerny). 16 to 5, second. Special Tax IS. tUnd-
net! 4 tn 1 thlr.! Time !... ivimI. -.-
( -1 r.. , ., n ... .. " ..
Glenn. Grand Mary and Two Lick t.?n ran. Fl nt
WI'louciil"y and Or.iril Mar- coupled in lettinjt.
Fifth race, one mil-, selllnc Brief 109 tilorm
ley). G to I. won: i:d Adack 102 illick" 7 to 10,
second; Polly Wacner. 103 (Dade). 11 to C. third.
Time. l:42i. Hinsdale. I-ady Kratnbl? itanuuo
and The Caxton also ran. rat JlorrlV?y loft
at post.
Sixth race, seven fiirlT.e-. selling Fonda 107
(Llndey). 7 to 1 won. rlorlta. H (Mcln-mvi.
2 to 5, second buave. 109 (Aker). 8 to 1. third.
Time. 1:23?;. Quaver ar.d Julia Junkln al.o ran.
Tnyii .yi.SOO for tlie Fine KncIIali
nrcn.'BLic spepi al
Mesiro. Mo.. May 31. Doctor I. F. Schcop
of Racine, Wis., was in this city to-dav and
bought Ortiz I-ad. a line EnKllsh setter,
from Charles Crisucll for Jl.seo. He also
bought a fine Audrain County saddle horse
from J. It. Middltton for a fancy price.
Ortiz Lad. the dotr, has been a prize vrlnncr
In the field trials in this and surrounding
States for two or three seasons, and is
considered the best in the State. There was
a great rivalry between this dog and Dock
Hicks, a Paris dog-.
No Uvea I.oMt nt Hawthorne.
Chicago. May 31. Ofllciclj of Ihe Havrthcrne
raco track, whose Brand Ftand burned yesterday,
xaid to-day that n lives had been lost in the fire.
The stable boy vrho was reported kl.t'd had gone
to Harlem track be 'ore the Are. Detectives are
workias on the theory that the lire iaa the work
of incendiaries.
onlooketsas well a? the contes-tiuK athljetes li !
when till- phi niimeual time was unm.uneei. I S; I
uuntv will p.ill :nr Knvl.ni,; li... t.-. ir j
fj! I
U ''
1 R - - .
S50,:00 Worth if Woolen Fabrics Most 1)3 Closer! On) "ot a Sacrifice.
i, s'".!ii .; 'itjirft
1 Ukkmi
1 if
I- Ml
A Fiver in Tro
Michigan Wins Tntcrcollegiato
Moet at Marshal! Field With
Chic:igo Second.
Minnesota Wins One-Mile Relay
Race, Which Does Not Fig
ure in Points for
the Championship.
Chlcai-o, III.. I.Iiy 31. Five Western Inter
collegiate records were broken and one
equaled at the annuaj meet ot the lnter
cillefi'.ate conference Athletic Association
nn Atni-aiin!! KintH tn-ri.iv Mlchlp.in WOT1
the meet, having secured M points, while
Chicago was, second with 2j rolnts and Wis
consin third ":1th a total of ID points.
The da-, was an ideal one for the cames
end the grand stand was taxed to Its ut
most to accommodato the thousands of en
thusiasts who rathe to witness the .-ecord-
breaklng events. I
in the pole vault, it. l. tnapman ot
Drake University created tho senKition of
the day by def-atlnu both Dvorak t.Uich
Igan). and Jlacee (t'hlcaso). who bad be?n
picked 'as sir.- winners In thla event.
Obaoman cbated tho bar at 11 feet G'.j
InclKA which Is half an Inch better than
the former record, held by Dvorak of
.Weinman. no s-uureu seuoiiu inace to-u.v
over Mace. . .
In the one-mile relay race, which was
participated In by Minnesota. Illinois and
Northwestern, the former college won bv
a Rood marfiln. The result of this race did
nut tliM-rn in tho residto.
The scores of the various college were:
Michigan, 3S; Chicago. IS: Wisconsin, IJ;
Drake University. 10: Minnesota, 9; Belolt,
S: Illinois, li: Notre Dame, i: Iowa. 5: North
western. 3.
In the 220-yardii hurdle race. Robinson of
Michigan fell badly and was carried off the
Held. It was stated later that his left leir
was fractured, and that his left knee was
thrown out or joint.
1'he araninrles.
The fir t heat of the 130-yard hurdle was won
hy Itflimiti, Minnesota: Sarldakl. WNconsln.
secon-J; Kreesc. lUlni'it., third. Time. :13 flat.
Second lia'-. 120-yard liunlle Wen by Maloney,
t hL-apo: second, frier, jjeioii; inira, u.
aiinnesora. i inie. :it, 1141.
l'to-vard dash FIrtJt h-.-at won by ixnhn. Michl-
pan: aond. Senn. fhlcaso; third. Beacon. Be -
lrit. Time. 10 second.
Second heat won bv Blair. Chicago: secon-I.
Nuf-r. MIciilsin; third. Pierce. Minnesota. Time,
"L.2:11 '''onds. .... . .
Tr.lnl m-'i on dv aiaioney. tnicaxo; Fecor.a,
Merrill. Hi loit; third. Hire. I-urdue. Time. 10 1-S
lvt-ar. -Insh Final hi-at won by Uahn. Mlehl-
gan; seroml. IUa!r. hlcaj:v: thtrJ. Maloney. Gil-
caco. Tlm. 10 seconds.
1-i-vard hurdle r.nal hat won by Moloney.
Chicasn; -wcortd. Bckman, ilmneota; third.
SorWabf. V.'lwonaln. Tlm. :IS 2-3. This breaks
the Westrrn lntercolleijtrfte rcccnl by two-HTths
of a second.
Discus throw was won by Swift, Iowa; fccon-I.
Italrd. North wt?ra; third. riap. Cldcaso; dl
ti4ic, US.1. This breaks th Western Intercol
legiate re "!
Two hundred and twenty-yard dash First heat
won bv Itlatr. .nlcaco; niond, ToaKU. Wlrcon
ain; third. Inj;harrt, Illinois. Time. :2Z 3-5.
Sipond heat Won by Hahn. Michigan; Ftconi.
Ed Men dl, tWIcit; third, Ken.n. Chicago. Time,
Two hundipJ-yard dash Third- heat won by
Maloney. (lib ago: second. Itk-e. 1'unlue; third,
:ntnn riIn!t Time. 23 fccn(i.
tne-nill run W-n by Keachi Wbrconfln;
S:S:m S: "ff'feiKlS
Western record.
Four hundred and forty-yard run was won by
U l. Merrill, Belolt: second. Nufer, Mlchliran;
thlrit Ti!.hert. Minnesota, lime. J) second.
Two hundred and twentj'-yanl hurdle I-"l"st
heat was won hy Il'M'kman. Minnesota; Nufe,
Michigan, second: Freeze. Hllnoh". third. Tlrr-.
26 1-5. fecund heat mui by Maloney. Chlcaso;
I'crter. lieloit. second; natcliffe. Illinois, third.
Time. 27 secondJ.
Shot-put won bv Kirby. Netre Dame: second.
Snow-. Michigan; third. E.1 Merrill, Ilelolt. D!s
tonie, 41 feet S'i In hea. This breaks the West
em intercolleplate record by half an inch.
Two hundrnl and twenty yard hurdle, third
heal Was won by 1M Merrill, Helolt: second.
Kirby, Notre Dame; third, Anderson, Iowa.
Time. :23 3-3.
Kicht hundred and elchty yard run Waa won
by Urellkr'-utz. Wisconsin; second. Foster. Mlrh
Ipan: third. Daniels. Wisconsin. Time, 2:00 2-3
Two hundred ard twentv yard daih. final heat
Wa won by Maloney, Chleago; Rlalr. Chicago,
second: KJ Jlerrill. l!.-lolt, third. Time. :22 1-S.
I'ole ault Was won by Chapman, Drake;
Dvorak. Mlchlenn. second: Metjee. Chltarfo.
third. Helaht. 11 feet 6'i Inche. This breaks the
Western Int.rrollfKiat.- record cf 11 feet 6 in-hes.
The two-mile run was won by Kellocs. Mlch
ffan: 3IcEachren. Wisconsin, second; Ketiell.
Ill'noi... third. Time. 10:C7. This breaks Western
intercollegiate reeord.
Two hundred and twenty yard hurdle, final
heat, wn won by Itorkman. Minnesota; second,
Nufer: third. P. Merrill. Time. 3 3-3.
Hammer throw was won by Pell. Drake: tna
Wisconsin, srennd: Bear. Illinois, third. Dis
tance. 117 feet IV Inches
Ilich Jump Snow and liarrett. Mlchliran. tied
for first place, hcleht 5 feet STi Inches; Quantrell.
ChleaBO. third.
Itucr-nc broad Jump Won by Honkln.. Chi
cago: second. Keater. Illinois: third, lleftner,
Wisconsin. Distance. 22 lect 4'4 inches.
HorseH Are Sold at Gravescuil.
New York, May 31. The following horses were
sold todav In the paddock at Gravesend:
Collirny. b. c 2 years, G. carlstad, rOrlent, J.
E Widener: ISM.
Ink. blk. c . 2 years, by nermence Flutter. T.
Manahan: S9OT.
Stunts, b. c . 2 years, by Doctor Rice Eothens
Fe-irl. K. reters; Jsoo.
Bay filly (unnamed), 2 years, by Albert Marie,
J. S. Morris: S.
Aden. b. or br. c 3, by Athellng Ulsle. E.
Peters; S700.
May Harrison, b. 1.. 3. by Imp. Gold Crest
Ovid. J. & Widener; 31.250.
The KaKKed Cavalier, h. c. 3. by Tournament
Imp. Innerdale, Vi. Hogan; 3300.
FIchtlntr the Bookmakers' Tax.
Nashville. Tcnn., May 31. To-day th. Cum-
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berland I'ark Ass ciatifin. ownin? the f'umberlanl
ir- ic. u- it- -t -.r- ni. i i--. t i" ei
3-f" paid a- a .je iai 1 - n makers' tax durinif
th- prin meetiiitf The a?'h 'atlun claims that
thf -ict li un-onVitiit.' r.a!, jllfpmrf it i- claSJ
leKi'-aiion lh- N ft Memphis Jockey dub has
a!iw attai ked th a t
XVaierhurj- nml Kerne tin) $nrn
llrllSliinlly I'lajnl Cnmo
fit lIurlltiKIiaui.
I London, Hay 31. Tho result of f-3ayB
j test polo niatoh nt Hurllnsham fmni tho
American Clip was a complete surprise to
i nil the experts and was all the more wel
come to the hue cathenns 01 Americans
who nw their team win, 2 to 1.
VeonllnK to all prei-Ious form the Eng
lishmen should have won; but the Ameri
can team rose splendidly to the occasion
nml played a nearly faultless came, much
t'etter. m fact, than they ever played here
before. 'U'aterbury mid Keene were tho
jiartlcu'.ar stars of the American team and
aRaln and again saved the Ramo.
I.ot to Country CItili In Golf Gnmc
rJI llctrvD.
Tlie Kansas City golf learn was acaln
defeated yesterday In a match came with
the Country Club on the links of the latter
j organization, near Clayton. Tho score was
i to :. urr saved his teammates from
Fhut-out. He was the only visitor to score.
in" matcn score is as lotions:
Country Club.
Brookmlro 13 up
A. Ptickney 13 up
Scudder It up
Swartz 9 up
S Sticktier 7 up
n. JlcKlttrick .... r. up
Miller 0
Kansas City.
McKlrdy 0
Marh 0
noTrllnc Tournament Avernp;e.
Secretary A. I.. Seaman of the National Cocked
Hat Bowlinir Association baa prepared the foi
Icwlns list of percentages and averajret of play-
.j. in ii.. wuiu.iiuriii. iiui ui pronres:
i Xame
34 fi)
:i 4
31 S'l
51 CI
M 4
EI 31
51 21
Jl 17
51 C5
la 11
:o. m
45 51
ti 31
4" n
1 f.
1 11
i ;i
1.1 1
1 4-T
1 tl
i n
1 3
1 47
i r.-
2 43
3 CO
3 03
4 1
3 13
4 31
4 ?0
4 14
Miller ..
! Meier ..
Fcholl ..
i ':f-lh
Itlckart 33
Ilirsch 33
Mitrhell 3
Bruen 73
Clj-mer 3)
C. llollwec S
i Hollwe
' ,,'"-
urinht ..'
Brunswick 3
Ponlrum, IS
Sparks 31
Kahre 3
Goetz 31
, j0riV,
i jVu "
A."in!i '.'.'".'.'.'.'.ii
it?JlPl t-
. j t a
f-i,"- "
Krn"tnfr V)
Hraiin 2T.
Hauer K
TIMhfi: 3
prckman 21
flauch V
Orprmnn 3
Fchrtnl 2")
A. Ilnlltrcs l
FuifvT t-l
ivivld V
' Irper Zn
45 5)
Team hlch fire Mntmt Citv
Team hlah anrle-St. In(
Individual hlrli live Pcholl
Individual hlch single 3Ieler
" '
J GIHL. WANTED-An experienced elrl to dust
; fmuisure. Apply Lonensteln & Co.. 1107 01le st.
YOUNO MAN WANTED About 16 rears, hav
ing somn experience in Rents' furnishing; goods.
Apply, with reference. alveler-Stewart-Lewld F,
O. Co.. 707 Olive st.
MORGAN. 3107 Furnished room, with board,
for one or two persons: modem home.
TO hoard one or two children: motherly care:
beautiful home: opposite park; reference given.
H 161. Republic
VINE St.. 321S Nicely furnished second-story
front room and other rooms.
MME. SHIl'TOX. the peerless fortune teller.
Call and be convinced. 1132 N. Nineteenth.
FLOWER store; (rood location; good reasons
for selllnc. J 164. Republic.
GOOD, durablo storm buggy and harness; al
so horse: good puller. 4321 Fountain ave.
MODERN nlne-nxim house, built for owner's
use: terms rearonable. Telephone A 13S7 Kln
loch. IIOfSFGIRL WANTED Girl or woman to do
housework, 33 per week: good place for right
parts'. 3C Washington.
GIRLS WANTED For machine and hand work
on shop coats. 2633 Gravels a.
OUVE St.. 3417 Neatly furnished front room
and other rooms.
WASHINGTON Ave.. 2303 Choice large front
room, newly papered; housekeeping: gas stove;
bath: southern exposure; quiet, desirable loca
tion: 32 and 32.23.
NICE driving mare, new runabout: good work
team. 202 N. (."banning.
GOOD work horse.
1724 Elliot it.
THREE work horses, two deliverey homes,
cheap: runabout and harness. 203 N. Channlng.
SIX horses and mares. J23 to $100; runabout ana
harness. 202 N. Charming.
AUTOMORILES storjd. repaired and sold on
commission. Dudley-Carper Mfg. Co.. 1211 Pino
ONE horse. l,IW pounds, sound. 365; can b
seen at 238') Pope ave.
RELLBOYS WANTED Two mod bellboys.
Apply this mornlnj to head bellman. University
Club. Grand and Washington.
HOUSEMAN WANTED Good houseman. Ap
ply this morning to housekeeper, remr entranca
L"dv.rslty Club, Grand axd Washtngtn- -.
816 Chestnut St., St. LouIk. Mo.
The ItKLl.VlII.K Spcelull.t.
. Tires pnvata ana cnrcnlc d!
rnrei Lest Manhood, Nervous
Debility. Loit Vigor. Seminal
lKness. Mgjjt U--i. Dcbiil
tatlr.s Uream... Early Decay. Va
rlc '"le, rwults of errors or ex
rete. Urinary til--aes. Oleet.
fctnrture l"nnatural I)lchart-
and all dlM-QBes of Kidneys and
Madder and Blood Poison all
stares, nniltiv.lv rtirerf (Intf.
j town patients t-eated ty mall. Dock free.
$1.00 PER WEEK for Treatment.
l'ou could buy no tetter tor Jltf a wek.
Con-ultatlon Free. Call or write. Hours: 9 a.
m. to S p. m. hundajs. 3 a. m. to J p. m.
'n "
g bend In Your Subscription For
Goiumbia Gopper
Company Stock .
hi m c y, i ta
Js s & n e
v r "4(r' r rti . rz.
s cr Avo-k iv jwi n m
pOi "nBiiioi ouii
719 Chestnut Street.
n I
ii I
,-, I
Telephones: Main 21W Bell; A 1M2 Klaloch.
iii Cabanne. llr., b., t S14 N. Theresa,
xumisnea; sia.-
ble t73
4433 Morgan. 11 r.. b.
h.-w. beater 63
620 N. Theresa. 6
t r.. b 25
r.. b.. heater 27 30
4744 Labodle. 7 r.. b.
Sas 3j
afntt. 3 r., b.
f 3J
KS3 Vernon. 8 r., Ix. t b 22.M
f. 23 4S1SA Bell, 5 r.. b.,
4703A Labadle. I r. I f.. Ilx 25
1015 Mississippi, stsre 12
117 N. Main. 3 sto
ries 45
2220 Chouteau, store,
hall and room... IS
1M1 N. Grand fl
213) Pendleton 10
4ACA Finney 23
215 S 11th, ft . 25x60. 23
4ftS-7 Kalrfax each. 13
101 . oommcrctal.
2d and Zd tlcora
hand elevator . 13
1S01 N. Grand (rear;. 1)
iV9 N. htb IS
370 Ilelmar. brick... 1J 1W1 N. Grand 10
4362 Swan, shed a I
No. D350 Cabann place, corner eff Hara, avc;
11 roomi; larg-e lawn, trees larg Phrubb-rr;
hardwood finish floon'. Front Rank farnace. Horn
Comfort range. hand3t,mn furniture. Incluiltn
piano; carriage-house, stable, cowshed and chl It
en-house. Applv to
G UKKIt-ANDERSON' R. CO . 719 Chestnut.
117 N. Main st.. suitable for a light manufac
turing, su'h as clothing, overalls, waist xojdi,
baking r-owilers, rant medicines, etc : atout
2.W') quAre feet, extra well llchted; h-indomo
skjlleht office, pod cellar, easr mnnlnff ele
vatir. has Just ie-n thorouyhly overhauled antl
remodMed Ai-ply to
Oi:int-ANDERSOX R. CO.. 7U Chestnut
23H Maffitt avc. 8 roonn each. bath(. furnaces,
htit and cold water and all modem convenience;
rent only J3o each per menth.
713 Cnr-tout t.
IiOb'SEGlHI. WANTED Good girl to d gen
eral housework; apply at once. 239 N. Grand.
norSEGIRL WANTED Competent girl to 6(t
light huusenork and to nurse cne child. 4511
OKK WANTED Cook: small family! good
w ages. 3112 Pine st.
LAFNDRESS WANTEDWh:teIaundresa""for
Monday every week: apply Sunday morning. 4M
fitter, also two men for rouch beam work; must
leave town 3Iondiy evenlrg; good chances tor
right men. Southern Foundry Co., 303 Fullertoa
STENOGRAPHER A competent stenographTr
desires a sosltlon: eiperlenced In Insurance work.
G 161. Republic.
MAPLE Ave, . IKO Two nicelr furnished front
rooms, southern exposure, with flrat-clas board.
ONE front room, for g-ntlemen. furnished:
southern exposure. Call at 2S0! Magnolia ave.
LAfLEDE- Ave.. 8114-Second-Hcor front con
r.ertlng rooms, light housekeeping; no children.
ENTIRE fumlhlr,cs of ten-room house, 3124
Morgan: houe lor lease: parties declining house
keeping; bargain. 413 Lccust, room 203.
MOVING SaIe-323 trunks. SScTocash reg
Ister, 310: benches, cupboard, one-tenth of cost.
Bay yourself rich. Kclghfa. 311 N. Fourteenth.
HOUSEGIRI. WANTEDA good."relIabIe"Kl7l
to do general housework, only three In family:
no children. Apply 1718 Wagoner place.
COOK WANTED Good cook; good wages. Ap
ply 4323 Kanton ale. -
GIRL WANTED Small girl to wipe dishes, at
once. 6120 Easton ave.
WANTED At once 61l Easton ave.
CARETAKER A middle-aged lady would Ilk
to care for house of family leaving city for sum
mer; West End or suburbs preferred; honest
and reliable: gocd reference aa to character: with
smailsalary. all or ad lrcss JL W., 2634 Locust.
HoVsEKEEPER-Mlddle-nged lady wouldilk
place In the country as housekeeper, where there
is lady In family or care for children; must be
an agreeable family; moderate wages, good ref
erences JL W.. 2634 Locust.
OLIVE St., 374s Large or small southern room;
hot and cold bath- private.
SAN FRANCISCO Ave.. Cor. Newstead Cbupl
or gentlemen to board; southern exposure; large,
shady place; large and small r"oms.
LOCUST St.. 222tEIegantly fur. back parlor
and other rooms: first-clasa home cooking.
LADT wanting to leave the city for summer
would like to take one or two children In charge
best reference tn regard to character; references
rvrhanged. M. N.. SCSI Locust.
LOCU8T St- 230
Famished rooms, with board.
SECONDHAND cash-register.

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