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At RecorcS-Bre
Will Begin Rflon
M?S, "nvfcft
u r - i
mm n In 1 111 Pi af n m
B&. iB."lSfe. Vl 9Hb. vBk S tB Bk. vBfiL BlBk aBBHHV1
&& M.
Crash Toweling at 2XA cents, Women's Hemstitched Handkerchiefs at3 cents, 5 cases Women's Ribbed Vests (worth 12 cents) at 5 cents, 8-cent Can
ton Flannel at 4 cents, 3,000 yards of All-Wool French Challie (worth 50 cents a yard) at 25 cents, Men's 75-cent Negligee Shirts for 39 cents, 50-cent
Corsets at 25 cents, and thousands of others equally as good. Hvesy Department Contributes to this "Record-Breaking Sale."
Prices That Will Make Fast Selling All This Week.
Record-Breaking Sales Will Follow These Record
Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer ,
Women's Hemstitched Hand
kerckiefswith colored bor
ders, assorted size hems,
neat oatte'rns. worth oc
each; RECORD
Women's Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, all pure white
linen, with neat embroidered
initial, worth 8c each;
Parasols and Umbrellas
At Record-Breaking Prices.
To Be Correctly Dressed and in Good Taste You Must
Have a Parasol.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
On Second Floor
Beautiful Silk Parasols, two
styles, either in ruffle or
coaching: styles, shades to
match and correspond with
an ! tume, worth $2.25
ea 1 . ecord- $1.50
g Price..
For s-1 tion of a large lot
swell Coaching Parasols, in
cluding the new embroid
ered Shantungs, the fash
ionable black and whites,
styles actually worth $3.50,
$3.75 and up; Record
Breading $2.50
We will sell "The American
Beauty" Copyrighted Um
brella, made of fine pure
silk, in all shades; regular
price all over the United
States is from $3.75 to $5
each; stamped and guaran
teed; Record- $2.50
Breaking Price.
Women's Knit Underwear
These low prices will make
a record-breaking rush on
Monday. Come early and get
the plums.
Five cases Ribbed Vests, tape
in neck and arm; regular
prices 12c; RECORD
Women's Gloves
(ruin Floor)
At Record-Breaking Prices
Promptly it 8 o'clock we offer
Travelers' samples, broken lines
and odd lots, the most interesting
collection of desirable Gloves that
it was possible to collect.
1g a pair for Iice Lisle and Plain
& Lisle Gloves, Silk Taffeta
Gloves, and Silk Mitts; all the wanted
colors, also black and white; not a pair
in the lot but what is worth 85c (all
O EJ- a pair for pure Silk Gloves, two
'O' clasp, silk finished, imported
Suede Lisle, French Lace Lisle. These
sflre good enough for any one, and are
shown in a great variety of shades, ana
black and white, perfect in every way;
50c is what they have been sold at.
for Ki Gloves. Some are
"Trefousse&Co.'s" celebrated
mikes. To be snre, some have been
"tried on, others have had a drop stitch,
bat have been put in good order by the
factory and are splendid gloves; most
" oil' colors; worth np to $1.65 a pair.
I h
Men's Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, all pure white linen,
initialed, good size and erery
one a 15c Handkerchief;
now is vour time; REC
SAMFLES-A Big Lot of Agents'
Sample Handkerchiefs,
Women's fancr lace edges,
embroidered, hemstitched,
colored embroidered, hand
kerchiefs, all on separate
cards, worth from 2oc to 50c
For Dress Parasols, either in
pure white, or black, with
deep 16-inch flounce of fine
chiffon veiling worth $4.50
Record- &O QK
Breaking Price.'0
For Rich Dress Shades, in
pure white, solid black or
white - and - black effects,
with full double flounce;
worth $7.50;
Record-Break- $5.00
mg Price
Carriage Shades, expressly
for riding, made with j ointed
handles; every lady who
rides or drives should own
one; prices in this Sale
$1.25, $1.50, $2.00
Children's Parasols, good and
strong; large 25C
size j-
Two cases fine quality Riche
lieu Ribbed Vests; silk edge
and silk tapes; a bargain at
20c; RECORD-
Two cases Crepe effect Lisle
Vests, silk tapes, a regular
25c quality; RECORD-
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
2,000 yards Liberty Foulard Silk,
dress lengths; worth 75c, Sl.00
and Si. 25 a yard; A,r
500 yards plain black Pongee Silk
(32 inches wide) ; worth Jiff r
51.00 a yard; at -
1,000 yards of embroidered Pongee
Silk, linen color ground; worth
fl.25ayard, VQc
Skirt Patterns
At Record-Breaking Prices.
j Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
1,000 all-wool Skirt Patterns,
which include Basket Cloth, Lon
don Twine, Etamines, Meltons,
Homespuns, Borra Tweeds and
Canvas Cloth.
Your choice of the lot in this rec-
Worth $4.50 to $6.50 each.
(Main Floor.)
B. NUQSNT & BR, DRY GOODS CO., Broadway, Washington Avenue and St.
UTyT A "S3 f is our motto, and to-morrow we will swing out the banner to
JL ? V x3l-I.JL we ever had. 100 pieces of best Indigo Blue Calico at 3!
Record-breaking prices on new goods.
Come early, the best plums may not last all
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
In Baasment.
100 Dozen Summer Corsets, of good netting, lace trimmed,
straight front worth regularly 35c a pair, -J Q-
On Monday at..
60c Batiste Corsets .
50c Contille Corsets
50c Summer Corsets
On Second Floor.
Regular $1.50 Batiste Corsets, lace
trimmed, straight front
Regular S1.50 Batiste Corsets, satin
trimmed, straight front, long hip....
Regular $1.00 satin-striped Girdles,
pink and light bine
Dress Goods
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
3,000 yards of all-wool French Challies
worth 50c a yard, OZp
at -
2,000 yards of all-wool Etamines, all
good shades; worth 50c for QQ
35c yard; worth 75c for, yard..-'7''
3,500 yards of beautiful Tamise Cloth, in
tan, gray, blue, garnet and brown
shades; worth $1.00 a yard, e? f
White Bed Spreads
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
on Third Floor
One lot of White Crochet Bed
Spreads; worth 65c, at, each
200 White Crochet Bed Spreads, extra
large size; worth $1.00 TQr
each.at ' '
300 White Crochet Bed Spreads, hand-
wrought fringe all around C-t fkh
edge; worth $1.35 each, at.Wx W
Dress Trimmings
and Buttons
Record-Breaking Sales Will
Follow These Record
Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
Lot No. 1 Fancy Beaded Heading Silt
Appliqne, silk guimpes, Persian Qr
bands; were 25c to 65c j ard 7 w
Lot No. 2 Persian Bands, appliques,
jeweled bands; were 75c to 7t.fi f
61.03 a yard rHV9
Lot No. 3 Black Silk Appliques, black
jet passementerie, Persian 50r
bands, etc.; were 95c to $2.50.. "&
Lot No. 4 Dress Ornaments, black span.
gles, colored beads, pearl, black -j Cf
silk, etc; were 76c to $2.00 each --OS
Lot No. 5 White Pearl Dress But- fJn
tons; worth 5c dozen .ww
Lot No. 6 Small Gilt Dress Buttons, 12
dozen on a card; worth -f f
60c card XVFL.
Recent bargain purchases enable us to make
these record-breaking low prices on Monday.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
100 dozen fast black lace lisle Hose.
goods that sell regularly at 2Sc
-Record-Breaking Price -
180 dozen children's fast black cotton Hose, fine
ribbed, light weight, fashioned feet and double
knee; '"seconds" of a regular 25c quality, but
no imperfections that will impair
the wear.' 1 Or
Record-Breaking Price XJW
Several lots (about 100 dozen in
black cotton Hose, fine imported goods, with
double soles. Every pair a regular
25c quality. 1 Ql4r
Record-BreakingPrice X2L,
Promptly at 8
All at
All at
Regular Sc Linen Finished Lawns,
on Monday at
Regular 6c Genuine Indigo Blue
Calico, on Monday at
Record-Breaking Sales Will Fol
low These Record-Breaking
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
Lot of good quality Seamless Stockinet
Dress Shields; sizes 1, 2, and 3; worth
up to 15c per pair; Q
Becord-Breaking Price.... xTl
Fancy Elastic Bound Garters, with
r i lt.-1oB anil T-ITiVtntt Tinrrc
Were 25c per pair !0c
Were 50c per pair.... 19c
Were $1.50 per pair 75c
Silk Frilled Elastic Side Hose Support
ers; were 75c pair. ZLQf
Kecdrd-Brcaklng.Price tr 7 C
Feather Pillows
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
on Third Floor.
1,000 3-pound, all feather. Bed Pillows,
covered with splendid heavy ticking;
worth 65 cents each. fbp
Art Needlework
Record-Breaking Sales Will Fol
low These Record-Breaking:
Promptly at 8 o'clock-we offer
A lot of finished Art Cloth Lanndry
Bags, handsomely emDroIdered;
were 51.25 CQ
each; at OxJ,
Fancy Swiss Drpser Sets, 3 mats,
ecarf and mats ruffled; -j Cp
were 25c each; at XO
Tapestry Pillow Tops, great variety of
colors; were 25c and -j 7f
C3c; at :X i C
Richly Embroidered Sofa Pillows, fin
ished with cord or ruffles; were $8.75,
s?r.. $5.00
Burnt Leather Sofa Pillow Covers;
reafly for the form; college colors,
dragons, etc; t&Q Kfl
were ?6.00 each; at ty' - v
Burnt Leather Wall Hangers, Indian
Heads, were ?5.50 O AH
and 6.00; at i&jZ.JJ
All perfect
. 15c
all) men's fast
Wash Goods
In Basement.
Record-breaking prices on choice new
goods will crowd this department at the
opening hour.
o'clock we will offer-
I 6J4c a yard, OT
Regular 10c Satin-Striped Novelty Batiste Lawns, a x'y
on Monday AJAn.nr c Rm. A11.T .;
' T
Black Goods
(A!wy so Appropriate)
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
25 pieces Plerola Suiting; O Q ,
worth 65c a yard; at .OoC
47 pieces Jacqnard, all wool; Kft.-.
worth 75c and S5c a yard; at. .OvfC
39 pieces Granite Sollel.all wool; K ".
worth ?1.00 a yard; at -vu
65 pieces Plerola Suiting, mohair and
wool; worth i$L?4 ,n .,r TE,,
yard; at -: '-'-
And a Tot of fine cloths, such as silk and
wool Etamlne, silk and wool Plerola
Cloths, silk and wool Eollne; all splen
did fabric and this season's purchase;
worth 52.25 to $3.50 a flj- E f
yard; your choice at lX OU
. Flannels
(In Basement)
All Choice, Staple Goods at Record-Breaking
Begular 8-cent Gray Sanitary H
Flannel. On Monday at C
Kegular 25c all-wool cream white. Baby
Flannel. On 1 Kr
Monday at XOC
Regular 75c silk embroidered Flannel,
14 styles. On H'n
Monday at rff'afu
Belts, Etc.
Record-Breaking Sales will follow
these Record-Breaking: Prices
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
Genuine Alligator Combination Pocket-
books; were 75c each Q
Record-Breaking Price & ? C
Genuine Dongola Combination Pocket-
books, plain or sterling silver mounted;
nere 51.00 and 51.25. "7ES
Record-Breaking Price OC
Moire and Tucked Mercerized Belts,
with oxidized buckles; were (J S
39c and 50c each wOC
Wrist Bags, walrus grain leather, nickel
trimmings and chain;
were 75c each......
Genuine Walrus and Heal Seal Wrist
Bags, gun metal and nickel trimmings;
were 1.75 and 51.00
Ine Alli
Handsome Real Seal and Genuine Alii-
gator Chatelaine Bags; -g f(
were $2.00 and 51.50 each MJX. UU
Men's Furnishings
Come early Monday for these record-breaking
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
"Night Shirts."
50c quality men's fine muslin Night Shirts, cnt fall and
long, trimmed front, cuffs and pocket. , ,
Record-Breaking Price OOC
"Negllcee Shirts."
75c quality men's fine white woven madras
Negligee Shirts. Record-Breakmg Price oyC
"Unlaundered White Shirts."
60c quality men's Unlaundered White Dress Shirts,
re-enforced back and front. Record-Breaking Price. 00C
S5c quality men's elastic web Suspendera, cast off braided
mohair ends, with drawer supporters. .
Record-Breaking Price 1C
- "Neckwear."
23c quality men's fancy Silk Shield Bows.
Record-BreakingPrice iUC
50c quality men's Rnmchnnda silk, shield or band bows and
reversible four-in-hands. Record-Breaking .
Price. dc
Housekeepers Appreciate
A Linen Sale
Here Is a Record Breaker.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
On Main Floor
65 dozen Hemmed All-Linen
Doylies, 9 inches square,
worth oc and 7c each,
200 pieces of Heavy Cotton
Crash, 18 inches wide, worth
1 lvitcnen JLoweunp-.
worth 8jc a yard.
In Upholstery Department
On Third Floor
Records Will Be Broken by These Record-Breaking Prices
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
Piece Goods,
Figured Silkollne,
north 7',- and 10c a yard, at.
Good Curtain Swiss In coin spot
designs, worth 12c a fiZr
yard, at JHL
Plain and Figured Denim,
worth 15c a yard, at
Good quality Japanese Matting, jO
worth 30c a yard, at lOt
Oriental Striped Tapestry, OCp
worth 4oc a jard, at Ov
Fly and Mosquito Net (63 inches wide),
in colors, 8 jards in a piece, O !!.-
worth 60c a piece, at OOU
Irish Point Panel Lace on fine quality
Bobblnet, suitnble for doors and win
dows, worth S5c anu Ckr'
?1.00a yard, at JJK
Lace Curtains
At Prices to Beat All Records.
Nottingham lace Curtains, with button
hole edge, worth $1.00 a A K r
pair, at vPOl
Nottingham Lace Curtains, made of,
double-thread nets, worth flj -f f(
IL50 a pair, at .Cpx. JJ
Nottingham Lace Curtains, ( -g o EJ
worth ?25,a pair, at LjfX. tJO
Nottingham Lace Curtain (DQ AA
worth $3 50 a pair, at. . . 14? JJ
Cable Net Laco Curtains, ffiQ AA
worth $4.00 a pair, at...CpO. JJ
I Arabian Lace Curtains, with Inserted
and edge effects, worth SJO ff
55.00 a pair, at CfJO.lV
Ruffled Curtains
At Record-Breaklne Prices.
Ruffled Swiss Curtains, trimmed
with lace, worth 51.50 a Cirir
pair, at 57VW
Bobblnet Curtains made on flne Bobbl
net and trimmed with good quality
lace edge, worth - o EJ
52.50 a pair, at Cpi.OO
Ruffled Curtains, made of fine plain Or
gandie, with two rows of Inserted lace
and two rows of tucks on either side;
also edge of ruftle has deep hem;
worth 53.00 a (tj-fl J gj
pair, at CpX O
Lace Bed Sets.
Record-Breaking Prices.
Cable Net Lace Bed Sets, with Shams,
extra fine quality of net and very
handsome Renaissance
designs, worth O fi
50.00aset, at LpOtUU
All Records Will Be Broken
in This Department if
Prices Will Do It
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
in Basement
Dolly Varden, fancy striped,
percaline, black shadow silk
and sateen Petticoats, m
great variety of styles;
worth 75c and 85c, Record-
S 39c
On Second Floor.
Petticoats of black and white
striped, checked and fancy
patterns in sateen and per
caline, trimmed with plain
black; worth $1.00 and
$1.25 Record- 59c
Breaking Price
Taffeta Silk Petticoats, with
deep accordion plaiting and
dust ruffle, in red, Ameri
can beauty, purple and blue;
worth $5.00. Record
Breaking &O 7E
Price ifra.JO
Charles Street.
beat any June Sale
cents, Heavy Cotton
80 dozen Huck Towels, 18x36
inches, worth 19c - ot
each, at A2C
90 dozen Huck Towels (21x42)
fine damask border,.- q
worth 25c each, at. . .loC:
Table Damask.
100 pieces Turkey Red Dam
ask, 56 inches wide,
worth 29c a yard, at.lOC,
Prices to Make a New Record.
Tapestry Portieres In Oriental stripes of
rich Persian colors, trimmed with
fringe at top and bottom, CJO OC
worth 53.50 a palr.at. . . . vp 4 O
Portieres of Mercerized Tapestry, ertra
a pair,
Heavy quality, worth 56 UJQ tTfk
r, at. . LpiJaCJXJ
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Reversible Smyrna Rugs (size 13x30
inches), fring
worth 60c, at
incnes), rnnged on both ends, Q E? .,
Axmlnster Rugs of eitra heavy quality
(size SCi"2), worth 43 O E
from 54.25 to 54.50, at. .. OptJ.Q
Reversible Pure Wool Smyrna Rugs,
very heavy quality, size QJQ Ogj
6x9 ft, worth 512.75, at. . NP ? O
Window and Porch Awnings
At Record-Breaking Prices.
We carry the most practical, simplest
kind In the market; require no tacks or
nails; any one can hang or remove them
without a tool of any description.
Adjustable Awnings that win at any
window from 2 feet 6 go nn
inches to 4 feet, at I)0UU
Adjustable Awnings that will fit any
winaow irom 4 to u reet ifi E k
6 inches, at itttOu
Porch Awnings, 5x8 feet, of split bam-.
boo, with cord and tackle, TE.
worth $1.23, at OC
"" Hammocks
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Strong Woven Hammocks, with
stretcner, worm 70c, at. .
Strong Woven Hammock, vith Pillow,
Stretcher and Side Valance,
worth 51-23, at ... OC
Mexican Grass Hammocks, are rain
proof and will not rot, extra large slze '
worth 51. 75, (g-g -a g
White Goods
At Record-Breaking Prices.
Everybody Is buying white goods, but
we are bound to outdo an records,
hence the great cut in prices.
Promptly at 8 o'clock we offer
300 pieces Checked Nainsook,
sold elsewhere at E
8 l-3c andlOc a yard, at.oC
225 Pieces of 40-inch India
Linen; worth 17c
a yard, at IvPC
250 pieces of pure white Ox
fords, worth 25c a
yard, at xOC
100 pieces of Madras, pure
white, worth 35c a orh
yard, at .' tC
500 pieces Pique, plain welts
and fancy, worth 0
35c, at ....OC
White Dress Patterns
1,000 Imported Plain Swiss
Dress Patterns, 48 inches
wide, 8 yards to pattern,
worth $4.80 a , Q
pattern, at; each...2"&
- i
A... . . . rfjv, .
to -&
.i! AJ
.,-.! . ssss- ..t;,-."

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