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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 01, 1902, WANT SECTION, Image 37

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BE sixnss ron sale. I besixcss fob sale. 1 yy- - u-vww.-i .,,.,,,,-, h-wl-u.i S 5
. . .... ... .ill.r.u. Iliw.- W.11
established- dolnj; KxJ business. Cull or -write.
4116 Eaaton ve.
ATTENTION. Tailors Tailor shop, cheap, do
led food business, other business: urgent, ln
Teatl ,le 2K2 0me.
nAKERY-EstablIhd. rem K: UHB rooms;
Eolnr out of business, new men. well arranged.
SZZZjlZl. i.vi xnihnrn i Co . 337 OlUe St
.uin uw. .." .... -
BARBER ah. 432 -auls me
can suncuy
BBirAilM grocery. .-u-i- p.. a,... -Joe
,near Union Iepot. Krcicery has a larBe
staiS will bear Investigation. T 1m. Republlc.
BCILTJINO sold. stock of clothlnc hats. cap.
shoea. notion" and -lerythlni: jou need at your
own Price, stone filterl. Sr 217 N. Twelfth rt
"BUSINESS Opportunities" Reulrlnc -lu'f
capital, honorable enterprises sureested, taucnt
by our 64-naee tiook. roalld. II. circular. .
pleasant Company, St. Louis.
nUTClIEIl business complete, fixtures; price
? 374- Cass ae
COXFETHiNKIlT. stationery. Krocery ""S.
established eight sears death compels saie. -
Hell Glade ate .
CONTKiTloNEUY. soda fountain, clears. no
tions, llvine rooms, cheap lent, leavin; ciij.
4222 Eau 'nave
"cONPiyTIONEnT. ice cr-am r.arlor. s-'da.
fountain, clcre. Ihicg rooms. sowl loti-n.
cheap 4124 Easton.
CO.STCt-nOXEnY. notions, candy, ice cream,
dears, and laundrj. U"K rocm. bart-un. 1
Manchester ac. .
"rONKIXrnONEUT. notions '" "SSSn?.""
I-rlndlcals. mine rooms, cause other buin.
4J72 Easton at
" rnvr-nr-nnvnRY. Ice cream parlor, candles.
ci.!lioI4;;rh,l supply: larEetran,lent
trade er-elnt inration 1W, .tepur-nc
,-.v r-i-r-rifiVf.riT c'rar and news deiiot
.verare 'income 5Hi-rJ.V KSZ?S?; It
idl f st ljio litvjm . -. "
ivPfEiri"'KRV -icars tobacco, laund' .
Lee $1; aay. bie cream and soda trade -"Ci
OllY. St.
' COnJTER Groc-ry FreOi stock, fine fixture
rood locttion for meat markt In addiUon sell
feaVonaw"- cheap rent, partle. l'avtns city, a
U2. Republic.
DRl'G rtore In tVest F-nd dotas C"Od business,
no agents W 1M. Republb
DRfG store In dtv of ., dolnc cnort busi
ness, will lease or sell builimg. Address lsjci.
llox 7M. Loulana 1
DRFG stwk and fixtures ''"..jLISS
lnvrtce alout 51.'. dally sal's JK: R"Od loca
mn and surroundings .rood reawn, for , selling.
Address M'Vr Urm Drug Co t UTOls. Mo
DRFG STORE In the "et M. onl flve mln
titV. to World s Fair ground. This Is the blgg'-t
barkln In the cltj. fill l". t":;,,?IP Hares
day long lease, low rent. Inquire Jlr llayes.
st Louis Carbonatlnc Co. Sixteenth and ash-
lngton ae
ESTAULISliED buelnrt. f sale in coming
town of Arizona. Address Box 1.6. Dougjs.
ELECTRIC, lltncit trd general repair shop,
doing fino btunrtw jnJ 1 the toen location ht
l.uli af.'crdxi '" ' for selling las.
"EXCLFSnrn book and aUUonery business: rne
of the best :.onh Texas towns, good public
schools, college ar.d one university. For parUc
nlars address A LIsan.Vaxahachle. Tex.
fACv little conf ctionery. a sacrifice If sold
at once Call atSu X Nineteenth Et.
FEED rtore o, established mislness pood
Stand, good Mjsims3:ilJiTraln 1S17 S. Jefferson.
FIRST-CL-M-'S saloon for sal: pood r'?5
stand, a bargain If fold in a few days O 1.
GENERAL merchandise store: established 3)
years, two-story brick warehouse, stock, fixtures.
good tra'ie. raumau aim ii.n. ..;-..-.---:
r'rlfe. B.0W Siuenoia cnancr, J"BuetL' 1, .
nr. itox t Grafton. Ill . or I'atee. M Cas aie
GHOCEItr stock and fixtures. JIK. Call M13S
K Broadway.
GROCERY, fine stock, also soda fountain. P
.V. Republic
GROCERY stock and fixtures at a bargain. Call
222714 Franklin. ,
GROCERY and saloon: cash trade: will in
TOlce 13 " H IS Republic.
noon .nndhand store: gord trade. Bood
stock, good location. 2811 Easton are.
. . ... . . ..I. (.Vi.nn haip
lai E curtain iau.iui '. "-.., "
other biisine-a Call Sunda. Z1X Olive t
LrXHl stand, (rood location, sell cheap. 51"
aiamhcstcr. Call after 1" a m
Lixnl stand. gnod-paUng business, fine lo
cation, cheap forj-ash G 13. Republic.
MEAT-market, complete outfit, good tradci
.hMn rant- verv reaJliaDie &' juk i.
"TnTTrrrui i-. n- hon: good business.
make mea nrl-e: must Ilil24 N Ninth st
MEAT and grocery business; good location and
earn trade, rent J13. cheap, at once. . 5. i-e-
tT-oir' .r. if late Frank F Wlchard;
stand f.ir repair shop iM rranklln ae
vttat Tstnurant at A bargain.
111. Market t
NEATLY furnished twelve-room boardtng
housTrn Vest lcust st . filled xvlth good-paying
boarder-, owner mut pell: moving atvaj.
Jl 13. Republic
"NlCE-rrcerj- In splcndlfi neighborhood, near
V:orld-s Kalr site, ran oppcrtunitj Iniulre of
Adam Roth Grocery Company .
NINE-ROOM rooming-house: furniture nvc;
full of good-pajing roomers. U down four
months for pament Call Sundav or Monday.
SIS N. Ewlng aye., three i doors from Q1U st.
OLD-ESTAnLT?IIED gool-payinK toy. notion,
stationers, candy and tcbacco business. 1 1
TJIOTOGRArn gallry for salo. -with or with
out lnraTimcnts. Call or address BM Washlns-
tcn arc
'rLUMJSING Ruslne Doing big bu!ns. must
travel for health. Sono for thre.-quarter Interest,
take notes secured, good proposition. Glascock.
S'J2 Chestnut
PRIVATE boarding-house, with rooms, good
location, war Busch's hrewerj" Sis, S Brond
way. .
RESTAfRANT In rood location: Investigate:
C HW. ilepuDUC.
.-r.r.c. rrt -n M...f iflfl. rum."" In hos-
pltal; price tB. 509 N Eleventh st.
RESTAURANT Just the thing for lady; rent
tllj. -with Ulng-rootnr(lI757ranklln ave
"liESTATJRANT and lunchroom; open all night;
cheap. tlSO account sickness. 113 N. Jegerun.
BEflTArRANT tto for half lnterert, and take
charxe; xnust leave city hv Monday. 1135 Mar
fcet at.
RESTAT7RANT. Monday posItlTaly the last day
at aacrlfioe plioe; Al location; good trae; leav
ing city. 10 N. Eighteenth t.
RESTAURANT, three rooms, rent 15; food
cash buslnese. fine location; a bargain at 5171.
See this. Wllbnrn & Oo- S Olive at.
JIESTAURANT. In best location In city; newly
papered and painted, well equipped: rent J1S;
lady can't manage, reason; only J10O. ISM at.
""RESTAURANT, near Union Depot. European
hotels and under European hotel; sacrifice; ele
gant outflt; half value; J73 cash, balance easy.
UPS Chestnut st.
ROOMING and boarding house, 75 rooms; In
come J500 to J70O per month; west on "Washington.
ave. wiiDurn & -o . u uute ..
KOOilllvll nouse, l"i ciisn. oaiancv w)
eight lovely rooms, bath, laundrj. furnace; very
choice location, near Washington ave. 61B Leon
ard ave.
ROOMING house. No 3317 Laclede ave . direct
downtown. Union Station World's Fair; nine
wellumlshed rooms fiilea with good roomers.
going Xakota. sacrlfire; tltiO cash; balance asy.
Inquire 2S Chouteau a,ve.
SAIjOON Good-paying corner. Inquire Gast
Brewing Oo.. 319 N Sixth at
SAIXN, owner wtsie" to retir frona busi
ness, price reasonable. Addres? 2301 Lemp ave.
SALOON, roadhouse, park. Bummer reort. near
the World's Fair grounds. Inquire 26C2 Olive mi.
SAXOON. a feet from Broadway; owns fix
tures; World's Talr lease; cheap. M7 Market st.
SALOON and grocerv. one of the best paying
stands In North et Louis. Intrulro Gast Brew
tor Co.. 913 N. Sixth st
SAWMILU clearing net profit of il.W per
tnonth, guaranteed, machlnerv In good running
order, E.OW.fiOO feet of timber. 3ft) acres of land.
2U miles of tramroad. a snap for JtO.000 cash;
10,000,000 additional timber aecersabl to mill nt
reasonable figure. Add, H. C. Towon, Dequeen,
SPLENDID opening for druggist with stock of
roods or some capital. I) 155. Republic.
SPRING Ave.. 30 N Nine-room house, newly
and handsomely furnished: full of rooroTs: J50
month: will more part of furniture If desired at
leM rent.
BTEAM laundry and dye works, in good coal
mining and smelter town of 4.500; good ba!r.,.
no opnosltlon; price H,S?0. A Betsber, R'ch
Hill. Mo. I
THE best small grocery bargain fc. Wert St.
Louis. B 160. Republic.
TWO-CHAIR barber shep. two bathrwms and
two living-rooms. Uttt N Broadway.
VERT beautiful floral store, with larffe tda.
fountain: attractive, rustle ice cream garden;
coCee urn; room for cafe In connection; have
thlnn arranged to handle World's Fair buri
ness; four years leae, at earn heat, electric
l'rht: splendid location, on principal street, near
depot: sickness, cause for selling; call at once;
cash price. tUUSO. 1726 OUre,
vVELL-nj KNXSHED l-room romlng-honse:
beet location in dtr: sell cheap, K 1CS. Republic
Drue store; northwest corner Laclede and
Spring oves.; modern comer store, with grani
toid cellar; low rent.
Saloon corner; northeast corner rine and
"Twenty-third tu ; large storeroom; rooms and
yard: low rent; long lean-.
.Established .saloon, 1140 Euclid ave.; owner of
txm and Jbulldlng wants to lease same, be
SSeo "1 health.
tto Finney are., store and l room; Jtt.
S530 N. Broadway, store and 2 rooms; $20.
-M-w--WurXi'i i iii.i-iiiii-.. ---- ... m...mm
HOTU1.. HOAKm'.ti-tl-" ". V. i."i iwi
For feale Maa-Jott House, containinc S rooms
on third lloor, S room-, on .t'iiul il- -. 6 laree
rooms on first flo'jr. laree dlnlne-reom. kitchen,
vegetable-room, laundry. tollet-room. coal cellar
In basement, lire escape, brick bulidlne, t0x.
corner l-t 1Wx127. eierythln-r In neu nrd'r.
street and allej made Herman Taulc. 7164 Penn
riianla ae. .
&i. LOuis croKerage Lompauy
t fcaloon and dtnlng-room for rent in botl. con
niBtlnp of 32 -li?antl furnish room?, near
World'" Fair trimmi S-. CTnstnut r If you are
Irtoicins; lor a t uineR if am kind. Furh as nc
f 1. rfomlns aid boarding h'us Falmjn?. crt
cery ture. m-i mark t. bailor -h !. baker-l-p
and cfinfcion'riti-. vp ha r thtm at all
pritw on i" irrr, In uv l atlon In city.
(,M Iul? II- kerac- ''oman 2-' itiestnut St
Organ Bargains.
I 71 K-ston Kllrball
I i Ki Chiiag.. Cottast. S p
X ! Kimball. 19 stop . . - rr
1 llt l"-st. t, Kimball, chap-'l style 3;
ili k-stn Camn & Co
112S Mason i Iiamlm ;J
J17T. 14-stoii Chicago Cottage 2
J2f) elf-playine organ -
Kwr inv rf tnes is a .leclded hargam. and
v are closing them out at tlu-se low prices to
make room f r nfw pianos now on the war tVe
will .x (mnge ani .' 1V f t a i.iano and al-
i 1 m ou all tl it -i u 1 a ; aid v ,thin a reason
able linv F c, "i-h. JI" . Ml. OiKe st A.
I. Whi-ak.- Vig-
1114 OLIVE ST.
"Spre Piano Bargains.
J.VO Stelnwa
i" Stck .
iii. !- l V Mill- .
. l-W
' Ztti LmTin . . 3j
IJ'T'i Hiultz A. Uauer K
JTJO Broup AU-n - 6i
, jsw rx ii -'j ic
1 Z3r Gilbert 23
I"r nr of Ui hae t.-en thnrnuchly oer-
naui-o ana ii in nnp t-unaiiion 111- is a ru-ju
ojortunitj' of (Tfitinp a ilnvtfnpd rllabl in
ftruxntnit at a tpt low Drtr- t will excliunro
anv nf the for an upricht and allow aii trot
ou hav paid within a reasonable time. F G.
iSmlth. Mtrr . 1012 ome si a i: Whltaker. Mgr
In your pockf-t to cr'nJler wll before placlrff
an order for piano or buying nn lntrument at
pnt-ate resldent Isnt it miirh wlsr for j&u
to place your rder Trtth an old ard well estab
lished hu". whose terras plani and even thing
pprtulnlni; to Fal1 ou aboiut(.l know art per
fctl tafe f coer e-rv iud sold by our
firm witn a full and unlimited guarantee. Boll
man Itrof Co. H"i OIHe t
Throuch the liberal nuthod- omrlHl by nur
hfue an n- can own a djwu. terms t suit.
j pncfs Y.u rd"Pub!f it wi'i surprise ou simply
1.U1I ttil'l II- i. -LIKtl X I'I'I' III" , illfl ! -l .,!!
an adaniap In d-ihr.c with aii nld and es
tablished firm lEollmun Kw "o ir Ollte st.
A superior line of Instruments at low prices
and upon most reasonable terms Old pianos
taken at full value In axt payment for new
l'lanos renUd or tuned
THE EsTET CO.. 1116 Ollre st-
Upright Piano Bargains. .
J3"Vi New England upr.ght, dark rase .... S123
S32T. Shaefr row -od (8e . . . 133
J32T Fmlth &. Barne. oak cae 165
$." htttier mahuganj. ud 3 months ...... H"
t-T- leautifu! rk Whlttler. go-wl a new .... 22"
Hi Brpdhurj. large size . 225
Thpt a-e wmi of the brt bargains we have
vrr offer-'. Fir on- 1- In flrsi-claj's condi
tlrn and ful' warranted F G bmith, ilfr-. 1012
Olhc st A E TVhltaker. Mgr
JJM buj a Lester Ccaeert Grand Upnght
rlano. new jcale. one of the highest cranes In
the world, a ten-year iruarantee Money can't
buy better Cah or time t'n-to-date piano.
See and near them before bulnc. at ranlc
t-tell'a ealesroomr. ltl and Hit J.'. Sixteenth it.
Jsssi French,
111-4- OUVE ST.
OUR stodc of slightly used upright piano must
be reduced In order to make room for the latest
styles, which will coon arrive from the factories,
to do this a great sacrifice must be made, ccme
and look at the bargains at once, as they will
not be here long, for they are pianos of the high
est grades, mad by the best manufacturers t?ucb
mk a- th foil n wine- are Included in this sale:
Kurtzmann, Kroeger. Decker, Steinway. Kohier i
& Campbell. Mathushek. Mason & Hamlin and
oiner. prices rangs irom it up i,-i-.ua wu w
arranged to suit and no Interest charged.
May, Stern & Go.,
Southeast Comer Eleventh and Olive eta.
New Style 14 Bradbury.
One of the finest stylfs of upright piano ever
made pronounced by many experts us fully equal
to th finest baby grand tn tone and action We
cordially invite you to examine this latest tri
umph In piano building. Our store Is crowded
with an elegant assortment of the latest styles
of pianos in all the cholc woods, and we are
rure an examination will convince ou that our
prire. on account of being manufacturers and
selling direct trim the factorj to the purchaser,
are fully tzo to J1C0 less than what deafens would
charge you. Besides the celebrated Bradbury pi
ano, with a record of 32 ears continuous use
at the "White Hous. we make also the popular
and well-kniwn Webster, Hennlng and Whlttler
planes We are sure It will pay you to see what
we can offer -vou both tn qualltr and price- F
G. Smith. Mfr . 1012 Olive A. E. Whltaker, Mgr.
HAY, STERH & 00.,
S. E. Cor. 11th and Olive S.,
or. 11 tb and Olli
i n Spcclnl lint
Are nfferlna- a SpeelnX Ilnrgutn In
Terms to Suit No Interest ever Chargefl.
If you want The Besl buy the
Weber Psafo.
There Is nothing that will equal It,
1210 Olive Street.
f ror
"Want" Ads
j too late for J
I classification j
see Page 2, J
. Part 3. y
Were printed in The Republic
o$o last month than in any other
St Louis
A J KALTMAXV t-arV- ! nwn.'in !-rai!
r-a .nalil KG "Uih T"nt s.mrt t
N indiK-ement to t.u of u-n saved pur
chunc a plan., Irom w Jo. t. llunleth JlJSic
Ctropant. i b Ilroadway
UARCAIX? In Nw Flaws-Go tp J. I'lacht &
S'n L13 Ilro.idnn. St. Louis Ho. Old in?tru
ment taken m exchange.
ItAItOAINS Talking machines anl records;
send for catalogu 12V allowed for old records
llquer s I'romgtaph Store. 272 Graols ae
BARGAIN11 In graphophons: SI up; muicol in
struments reiialred and exchanged, records. -
.- 1 - n, . n 42 Msnntra
eacn. iiuniul jiusic viay-Aiiy, -j - -"
. -, r. .... Alt--
IIKST riano tuning. i w. nfn, - -'
E. Iore 451 Westminster place, years with
iiuilll mi a.
. -I.... mmln T1 4?V flT
cut prtcM. Jcs r Hunleth Sli"5lc Company. 9
, n. .,-l-.tr, tn Ml-if
D lirc-atiwaj . cxij - '
' . . . ---- from S2L and
up every one guaranteed Kk-ekxaap uros.
1'iano lo jfji x .tin .
T . i.v A r altr. s? tenors.
:' "&S5S I., slide 'tromhones-JS: lubas. n.
clarinets. Ton? Rlacht log CHe at.
IH--.H t GERTS Henri I". Miller. Victor and
other hlghSVanos" ten e Piaran.ee.
Kletkampjfro- I 'tano Co.. ao. l'ark a e
"ilL'T craphophones. M upward, record", c:
send V ratauaue """'B't-'l2?4nrin0,,3I"
change Haner Pnonog-apli Ptore. -.a oralis
CASH paid for secondhand cornets, altos, ten-o-
tuba. clarinets, tss viols, reiainng done,
Tcnv J Rlacht. l"e Olive st.
nus T WIPrERN. teacher of pip" organ
and "Loltera" reasonable. Studio. 43A Olive
w.iickTHiNrr UTHlOHT piano. large T 1-3
In cits . time ;ayroents if desired -JC a je-er
son ac
tion-T ml the special sale of , returned lent
pi-no. this eek at our store, n.rocu.1....
ano in. ?n j.i.t -.
z- rT .ti . .. ... s.n 1 ur
lXiN'T rent a piano unwi )""-, t
stock of standard mak-: pne" $3 50 Jl. .su. i
u. to iS- month, rent credited In ca of par-
chae iSlman Iiros Co . HuO Ole at
" EL.ECTHIC piano and other automatic ""ji
In-truments sold or renW. larse nock- lnvee.l
Kleelhorst rugoCoWOl" rt.
"nSTIMATEH cherfullv furnished on rrV,r
jou with complete and d"11""' '.i1!;?:
ggrAr'ifi? -&
" EVE11TUODT knows the "Gabler" P'.-J1"'"-a13
nra" t& "- f SS-
to . -l'J" Ollsj
FINn standard violin: cheap.
Can at aie
Graois ave.
nr oerman violin. Fplendtd ton-. with how
and cw. will Fell cheap. IO t-" "
Bros Co. UCO Oli'e et
FOR Sale or Itent-rine uprlcht piano. In eood
condition. SIB. Republic.
ac r TATLOR7 teacher of mandolin and
rJkar Trlvat- lesions a specialty: student of
'vilUam Aden. Studio 1513Goode ave.
?.SShSaSr. SHncS'cSi 5S
California ae.
" i HAVE a fine uprlpht rlano fancy case d
slre to efll this week? can make tH'!Islc $
yments. but close flsure for cash. Call 1K5 N.
Twelfth et.
"t -tfTKTt to U my beautiful uprlftht piano:
mihonV ca": &KbxJT
tfon ons-n? BoCon Bros. Co. lli Olive st.
TRA M TVA!rVs. teacher of cultsf. mandolto.
baSo pupil of m FVrfen. the world
rStaVl?t private m-truct.ons a spec.alty .
lucan ae . .
"TnnV T-FLD lis only reliable pianos Sohtner.
NeSh?1 i nSns MSnroe and MaJtic-cnly at
iwrlt. ou ave . Klnloch phone D 1413.
,.,.:t r,flnos art, the vror!dF standard
ii viwS capll hark of the guar-la.:-
t.ihinS Piano Co. 91. Olhe et.
. . .v Miflnl.v and Katicnal edltlnnn.
a? sheeT Sust Xfc Pr'ccpr. Jch F. Hun-
mh Mu-lc Company. & S. Broadway.
xT-cr01IN guitar, banjo and violin string.
?5SrS-lB loant: accordions, mpho
Hunleth's. 3 Broadway.
phone- and records
- ' i... -an-e ?S . OCiCk-
MITSIC box. $33, worth 1100.
W 1L8. KCrBPlic
- .a-A i- - ki. mV tvir
n?uit elte Sty: will eell at a very low price.
gan r,e eeen u ai S Jefferson ave.
vr-ATtT.T- new unrlEht piano. In perfect con
ditio wl -H it a . "crtBce. call after
Pundly. orae-hou.1. U3 Wa.hlngton ave
75; eay pay enta. 315 S.
KBW pianoia,
Klns hif:hwa.
OCIt enormoue bnslne makes powme me
low nrlcea we quote. lar alej .mall profits,
inrrstlrate Kleselhorr t Piano Co.. 914 Olive st.
' i'AIIIjOR orcans. W and J30 come early an4
Ket a ba?galn J. IlaTrt & Son 1 B Broadway.
n NO Good square piano: cost H50. sell for
175. F. H. Portman Storage Co . 5301 Cass ave
nANO lssons; thorourh Instructions lvcn on
the piano for 50 cents a lessen. Cnas. H. Crt.
; Qreen Lea place
Sinn 3OTt WENNTnt'S Vocal StnJIo. 1MT
Gerer Ave Teach-r of Italian method, prepara -tory
school for opera, churches and concerts.
PROP ItOSSOtV teacher of violin: eraduete
Conrervatorv. Coeln. Germany, deilre; echclars
at studio. Vfenner'a Con-rvatory. 1807 Geyer ave.
KENT pianos. SIS) to K for fine new uprlKhtSj
best lire in the city. Kleslhorst Piano CM.. Ill
OUre St. .
TtnrUr.N'ED rent pianos very cheap this week:
easv weekly or monthly payments anted. I.le
flhorat Piano Co . 3U Olive St.
qeco'CDHAJCD cornets. 18 up- altos and ten
or? 17 up J Tlacht & Son. 113 S. Broadway.
b' flat Helicon for 'I), a bargain.
IGNOR POBCASPS Italian vocal and pttno
(tudlo. 312 Washington; open all summer; mod
erate term-
SOME great Danauns in ?" "!'"
this wetk. get our prices. II. Eisner & Son.
1Q2S Chouteau are.
SFECIAL Bargain A -ery fine little uprleht
piano of the Gabler make, just the kind of piano
for the children to nractlce upon. Special pric.
cSh or Sme. on Monday. $13) Bollman Broe,
Co.. 110Q Olive st
SQUARE piano; first-class order; cheap. 3445
Magnolia ave..
SQUARE Piano If you are looking for a good,
flr-t-class piano, do not fall to call en Monday
and examine the following: A fine Steinway
square special low price. Dicker Bros . was SIS'.
rut to $143; J. & C Fisher, was $135. cut to $140;
Knabe was $11. cit to $. Cronlch & Bach,
special price, $135. Thee pianos have ben thor
oughly overhauled In our extensive repair shop
and guarantee them fully In every way; can b-
bought on very easy monthlv payments. Call
early Bellman Bros. & Co.. 110) Olive st.
THE Gabler Piano L300 in St. Louis homes Is
its greatest Indorsement; if you want a piano of
the verv highest grade, and one of the mest
standard piano in the market, this is the Instru
ment, uniy a.i ,ixj.-i. ntur. o.. ur uhtc ?u
TUAIaO ana r-pjnng oy a corps 01 experts;
lowest rates; b-t work; prompt attention. K!e
selhorst Plann Co.. 914 Olive st.
TWENTY years experience and buying from
the best makers for cash, you can reH- on what
vou buy from us. Kleckarop Bros. Piano Co..
2307 Park eve.
UPRIGHT piano; not over $10); state name and
price. Z 129. Republic-
TTPRR1HT organ. In first -claw conditon; never
used; sell at a bargain. 232S Washtngtcn are.
UPRIGHT Plane Good tuned, standard make I
upright piano icr sale cheap; call and examine;
cheap to promnt buyer. 2C12 Locust st.
"UPRIGHT Piano Have a nice, full 7 1-3 octave:
upright piano for .sale; can be purchased at one
half Its original price; cash or time. 2506 N.
Jefferson ave,
VIOLINIST Yo-qyc lady desires position as
-r?tes la church, E l$e, RrrQt'.l-w
VIOUNP Finest flert"n uf 1 Mlns in city;
gu'tjrs and niarlo!ln Ju-eph F JIunleth iluslc
Comra-.il . f Broadway.
"n AI-. plant, tiarainnv les-cns. "A: by con
Fen.utor p'-'-fet-snr post-craduite. at West Und
ftudio ,t pEpjl't- h-UM? Z a35 Bepublic.
WE are selling this week a very nice upright
piano of standard make for J1C our Tv best
ruarantw-, timt iavment If desired. Ihlman
Brow 'q. iitip pm? t.
ZXTllEIt and v"al lsons given by lady teach
er 11T7 Chouteau ave
ZZl buys a nic Ivind piano, co-t l?Z. Trtth
stcx 1 and cover 141 N. Sixteenth ft
Jfl bnyH fine piano vrith stool and cover.
Schubert A: iIoster.2GC2 Franklin ave
JC3 Ituj fine piano, stool and cover: guaran
tetd KIekamp Bros. I'lano Co. IJ7 Pari: ae.
J2J to Ji for a slightly used secondhand titaro
thi wk wnrth twice the price Kieseluorst
I'lano Co. 911 OlUe st
S21S buv. a line, slightly ued Kimhall upright
rlano worth S.V- . nv pavments Kleselhvr5t
llano Co . "4 OUre st.
ITO-IPC TT7rtj-thre vear- bef r- the Ft.
Iui" puMir Iwal wth the old rell lbl Kies-1-hor
man Co . 9U Olive ft.
tV buv CMckerlng pqua-e piano
IW bu Sf1 u t:e Ind .Iph pqua- piano.
J"" h llu.in1'! nn 3juj-fc ptano.
j-C. bijv; liu: Market iua,r- plan.
IT" bu5 N-w England juare piano
51 lxxF Stelaw,i A. S'jnt- quar piano
Hi"i"Bri"T a. Mfxrnr; rn rrtnkim avt-.
Eitr-r. T Oct., f Stop. .8"S
.Tuiiiipf. r. Oct.. top 'Jrz
Frencott. T Oct.. C Stops 1:7
FnlfU'c. Ti ctM ! Stop ...... . 'Eft
Kntcj, r Oct.. 11 StopK. ...... . Till
I"le. I Oct., ! Stops. ....... TiTi
KMcj. . Oct., 1-t Stops........ TO
Stool nnd Tlook Inrloile-tl. A few rare
Iinrtrain I1 K'od tcconilUaDflT
Square rinnu.
THE ESTEY CO.. 1116 Olive St.
j-U-rj'ijLiuu-irii.i'i iri "
GOOD secondhand top-sprlnc wagon- Address
wjtn full particulars. 1 15 Republic.
Fop Sule.
A GOOD -work hon-e, 515.
23-t-i O FaUoa Ft
A BATtG-WX Fin peddling OTitfit and rtrate.
cheap $Z7 fc Sarah ft
A HIGH-GBALE Fonihan 1 rucabout. al'O a
tv.i-Feated cui-under Stanlu'iJf. both hich grade
and In fine condition, having be-en u5-d but ery
Uttle &15 X Broadway.
BARGAIN Xir- Ugh: top Tracon. 153, newly
painted 3tN Gratiot st.
BARGAINS In nw and fecondhcxd light de
lirerv and grocery wago-s iCT Wathst
BL.VCK hrrse. 15 hand" high. S years old. d-ad
down pullr 2)23 Thcsjns t.
BEAUTirtri sorrel horse. fat. ladj'-broke
st-l and ruljer-tired and Rieel nmabouts; also
druramers bcgy and harresss; must selL 27S)
BABT carnnge. In rfAJ ccndltlca. with para
aol coer ST34 Walnut.
BIG. pound horf. coal wagon and stake wag
on, owner left city A2 Eaton av
BLATC horse and surrey, worth JdO, for $VJ0.
l&t locust
BROWN mare. 13H hands; trial, 23; 6 years
eld, fancy bred 145 Barry ct.
BUGGY, end sprinca. top, also good set trap
harnefg at a bargain. 4101 Wtft Belle place
TiEAP small donkey.
Call at 4-8 Whittier st.
'EAI', ten drnft hcr, harness, etc; four
dri-'ers Apply 11ZI N. Seventh st.
rHEAT: a fine, nearly ney.. rubt-r-tlrd strm
buggr and harness, must be sold, I have no use
for thm Can te ;en at I'S I'endletna ave , near
rOMPIETE lunch Tngon fir $20; alsa thr
sprli g toj huckster wagon, with hPr"". harn? s
and license, for VA Charles I-urte. 33 Texas
CONTRACTORS waecn". gardnrs cne-h.fre
wagons, farm wagnre. $35 up; large varictj.
ManIe-ompon. 7tt Cas avp.
DP.IVING Wagfrs n-.d Stanhope- VTf hav ten
of these already llniphfd 'ut tlii out; It entitle
jou to 10 per cent discount should you purchase.
Manlej-Thompscn Carriage Co. J Cas- aic
KXPRESS wagons, full line of buslnes- wagons
and trucks: special work built to order Mc-Cabt-Blerxr.an
Wagon Co., 1212 N. Broadway.
FINE secondhand cut-under Furrey, cheap; can
be seen at Long's. 3327 LncusC
FIJCE end-eprlng. panel-back storm buggy; J3S.
Apply 3539 S Broadway.
FINE mare rubber-tired storm buegy; also
small horse and storm buggy. 421 B. Jefferson.
HNF s-rear-old nv mare with colt, or will
exchange or two delivery horss and pay differ
ent e ilonday morning. lKl N Ninth st.
FINE surrey mare. 3 ears old lady broke, rnd
good delivery hone. J6t. also four delivery and
buggy horses. J0 up. 3SS0 S. Broadway.
FINE gentle little mare. 7 or 8 years old, suit
able for bu-gy. delivery or mail cr;llctcr. price
545 wagon and harn9A if wanted. $13. CaJl 5S36
Cote Brllllante, all day Sunday.
FIVE farm mares, ten large draft hor. Are
grocery and delivery horses, five plcg horses,
zcur stake wcgona. dirt n&gons. two runabouts;
also harnesa PhoTitx Express. 416 Wash.
FOR flrst-claFs repairing and pointing of your
vehicles, see John Netner &. Co.. 3il7 ilorgan st,
FITRNITXTRE wagon, saltable for one or two
horss heap 612:- Wagner ave.
GENTLE family hors-. cut-under surrey and
harnes. $110. leaving city. 2235 Olive.
GENTLE farallv hor8; lady can drive or ride;
IS bands. 7 year.; black 22ul Pine st.
GOOD S-year-oId mare, little thin In flesh;
cneap Z30 KPsseu
GOOD storm buggy and rpeeding cart, 2X6
Natural Bridge road
GOOD horse and buggy and nice st of harness
for sale 2521 Dickson st.
GOOD, large team wcrk horses, ch-ap. Apply
coal vard, 2012 3Iarket st.
GOOD spring wagon and trap; fine condition,
cheap; must sell. 4416 Easton ave.
GOOD, heavy work hore. sound, gcod condi
tion. for3lecheapffSttageavB:
GOOD secondhand surrcv. stake jwagons anl
spring wagons, good condition. II. A. Elcr:.
14C5 Casave
GOOD strong park wagon; also fine delivery
horse, cheap E T David, contractor. 104 S
Jefferson ave
GOOD hors suitable for grocer or butcher cr
any purpose, lady can drive; cheap. 2222 Mon
tana ave.. upstairs-
HEAVY spring vwgon; p-lc $23. 2311 Man
chester ave
HIGH covered wagm: good as new and very
stylish, something extra good- Can be- seen at
1330 Louisiana ave
HIGH-GRADE. late tyle rubber-tired ron
about. been used cniy as a sampl-, will sell at
a targaln, Storage-house.lC3 Washington, ave.
HORSE and rnbbr-tlrcd surrey. 4431 Ashland
HORSE, wagon and harness, $45, open buggy,
$13. 2521 Dickson gt
HORSE and harness and light wagon; $17;
call Sunday. 1536 St. Charles st.
LARGE black mare, good for delivery r heavy
work. $53. also strong bay work horse, $45. Rear
LARGE, sound draft horse. Apply 2542 Frank
lin ave.
UA.T- irtj-Ie bur: olmpst new; chtap. 41M
C&stoa H.rc
LArNIlRT icon. cn In rear; also ncery
and butcter wagon; ba. Ja. S13 Cass ave.
IJGHT. cpen" tossr; Cxl condition. OS. 1713
Morgan n.
IJGHT irrlntr on: bnctater or "?.
Bord'a blackimith nop. Leltngrvtll and Wal
nnt ix.
MOVING vaa and la e furniture car: i all
gentle no e. 4iS? -EBEtQ" "'-
vrv Mxb -n .h'nfitirm mare. Bice Bell. 3:00 ;
gJUfSoSM-Vt attaK'sub -
For Sale.
NEW and Epv-cndhun.! nib"r-tired surroys and
trap ch-ar lj25 ar
Nnw j-tcrm bucc. ruhbr-tlrd runabcut. lot
bugcieg. nne fcarnts. ZiZ: OHf fit.
NK jiart. uscm no seutF ictih and cur- i
tairir-t Jir. n for JST. 2325 F Third
t.w folded K harness: nvfi
A-k. for Math-waon. 2&12 Waghlnptc
NEW folded "K harness: Eenrer teen u?ed.
NET and fcrndhand landaus, ccahes. six and
fcur "eat rokawas and business v.ac?ns- Juhn
Nelcer i C . 2i)l Mcrean st ,
NEW and secondhand surrejs. runabouts, traps,
storm and top burjries, full line of pleasure e
hlciea Nelnr. ls llorpan st
NKE sorrel mart,
srtund, lad) can drlte
city broke: 1G hands.
131S N King's highway
NlfKLY painted light top business wagon. $C3
3iS Gratiot st.
ON"E good aort mare for sale. IS. 43U Dunkln
at i
HXE fine hors- for buggy or dellierj' wagon.
iu Aew Rremen Laundry. 2oll Ilremen.
ONE two-eated surrey, with top anj curtains.
ETod ord"r. cheap, in; S Fifteenth t-
j ONE peddler wagon, one milk wagon and one
one-horse block snfr,n imort tinrttttnt. rrt
Gra ols
ONE tet double hameb. three set? single har-n-fs.
ir. pwd nJition. ry che-p. 1A Chou
teau a e
ONE nw park tragon: also pcondhanJ park
nag'-n a' g-Hi t tndhand torm buggy, good
secondhand urre 211 Gratci ave.
ONE r-ad wagon, with top. built to order,
i givnl a mw, witit harns. W. J Hook. Anna
una .unrqnaii ae . Jiapiewoou. m.
ONE gcod Mack, sound fcore. 7- ear-old.
broke for children to ride and drUe; two other
cVap faorgyj for Faie Jt23 N. -enth st
ONE nice matched pair of ta cbs (marf).
1 handF. tnppv, sound and cir brok: alo
on nic. tTlih Lay cob. gaf for lady, and ab
solutely farie- of all objects, aico thre- or four
nice business har&eE, 3ojnd. acclimated and cirr
la-cke L Kaanaueh and J Godrre. Nin-teenth
and Market st.
OIEN buggj good as new, cheap. CC: Tower
Groie ave.
PAIR chunky-built horses; on-4 riding and
driving pony, top grocery wagon 4422 Easton
PEOPLER wagon and barncs. In first-class
condition. chap 232 Warrn st
PETPLTNG wagon, cheap; almost n-w. dll
Sundnv or Mcndz.. 2241 Howard ft
PERIECTLY gentle and sound bav horse; 7
rar. old gooj driver for lady Apply to Ictor
Heuer. 3) Cook ave
PI A"E vour orders for new wagons at 310i
P Rrondnay.
REMNVNT ale of Berlin landau '-ockawaj-i,
fur- v ". jjiaemns. storm buggies, runabouts,
laundrv and business wagons, n'w and eecond
hend Erik ilartpon, 2227 Chouteau ave
RUBBER-TIRED nmahout. sll reasnbly;
after 0pm 2S11 Park av
RlBRER-TIRK surrer nnd tom buggy, as
good as new. Frank J. Kurz. 1710 ItUS?U ave
Rl'NABOiT. drivlrg wagons handsome de
sign , 23 iut ftnthed own make, with or with
out rubber ti 7'rS Cas ave
condition, cheap 212S N.
and wagons
Ninth st.
in gHd
FEEN-TEAR-OLD driving hnr buggj- and
harness , J buyn a tine driving hors?, park
wagjn and harnss 1704 Belle Glad ave.
MX-SEATEI cut-under surrey, latest stvl. at
2T12 Market st.
SIX-YEAR-OLD bay hor?: citv broke; nice
diir. runabout nnd harnes" 4422 Easton.
SORREL carria- team If yoa want a strictly
higl -cla-s. showy tam you can buy them at
2112 Lucas ave
SPRING wagon.
815 La Beaume.
STANHO!E. with English umbrella top; beau
tiful desicn our o.n make; city truck, cheap.
?lanle -Thompson. 7C9 Cass ave
STORM buggy good as new; must be sold,
t3o 2C20 Carr st-
STORM buggy, cheap go-id order. $23. Schaefer
Moving Co. IOvS Choufau ave
STORM tuggi"
wii-cut. at Long's.
f all kinds, rubber tir and
3327-2? Locut
STORM buggy, rubber-tl'ed. ued but twice.
Can be seen at Long's. 3227 Locust
STORM buzgies, latest designs, large variety,
stef I and rubber tire, our own manufacture .
F-ice? ivasnnabl.- call and examln and see how
made wri'tes guarantee furrlhed with every
vehicle Transit street rars take ynu right to
c:r i lace Mailj -Thompson C-rrlage Co , 70&
case ave
STYLISH 4-vear-rld lmn-gray mare; stylish
teem 4-year-old' 132G N. Elliot ave.
SFRREY. nice two-seated rig. 1215 Franklin
TEAM of work or dMlvry horses, $35 apiece
2731 S Broadwaj
THE fa ---trotting mare. Bertha and her son.
Silver Dick. a I have no ue for th'm. R. D
LancatT. ...41 VonVe-sn are
THE finen line of ball-bearing, cuihloo-tlrs
vehicles en tn- market. See cur line of harneis
Deeds & Manley. 20 and r02 S. Eighth st-. be-twe-m
Walnut and Clark ave.
THREE gwd deliver horses, two match tsams
one targe pulling hor- weighs 1,550 303 Madlvra
THREE sets carriage harness; six sets buggy
harress; four set express hames; acondhand
and all kinds of nw harness. 15JJ N. Broadway.
THREE busrgv. four delivery horss. one cart
hors'1' farm wagon, harness fine saddle horse,
IVteryn'a Farm Yard. IS3 S. Broadway
TO sell a
-vear-oia horse, at 210S S. Seventh
TRAP. Engl!-i tvle; good condition; nice, low
Ctpen till 1 154: Papln
TWELVE head cf good eitv-brok wrk horses;
cheap: big as wIl n small, at camp 43-v Fln
nv ave
TWO good worU
hers;. f0) and 590. 31 Ar-
TWO nice light top wagons and one barouthn.
23.19 P Jfrrwin avf.
2319 P Jrrron ave.
TWO team" largo horws, btcr-Ms and brick
vjgon. pr.ip. 2661 Luca.
TWO good centle hor-e1: can le bought at a
bargain 717 N Eighteenth
T O fine bugET h,rei and four wcrk hordes
Call at 44S McPhron ave.
TWO good rock woors and a two-horso ccal
wagen. 3113 North Market st.
TWO good work mules, new harnes and wag
on Call at 2241 A Chouteau ave to-day.
I'SE Wittlch's top wagons, patent end gates:
ell kinds vehicles sold and tultt to order. 1222
N. Seventh st.
VERY good surrey at low price. Apply at 2307
WasMnglon ave
WAGONETTE3, either glass side or curtains;
rallbearer cevchs. depot warons and hears,
McCabe-Blerman Wagon Co., 1215 N Broadway.
WHEN vou want a fine storm buggy, go to
Long's. 3327-2? LocuH st
ft) buys fine light family surrey, in first-class
order 31'Ja S Broadway.
JI3 buys a good rubber-tired runabout; all in
good condition. Iv24 Pendleton ave.
JI25 surrev ud but three months ;
condition, for $55. 3026 Pine at.
tn good
t.a buv- rebuilt storm buggy; finely painted;
new trimming 3105 S. Broadway
J50 for fine rubber-tired mnabout: $W for sur
rey, $40 for wagin 3045 Madlscn st.
$5 bujs a -ood peddler wagon, a good, steady
horse $0 Call 2315 Division, Sunday.
$50 buv? roomv, strong-built runabout, cushion,
rubber tires; Meyers ball-bearing axles. 3105 S.
Bread way.
$150 buy high-class dark chstnut sorrel horse.
16 hands high, Z jeans eld, Jl") rubtr-tired run
about, fin harness 3642 LindIl boulevard.
LlOO-nound horse $45, storm burgy, $53; run
about. $35 harness, $$ runabout ard storm bug
gy. tn good paint 1206 N Thirteenth.
We show e largest line of the?- goods In the
cltj . our styles are new, novel and up to dite,
our prices- within the reach of alL
STUDEBiKERS, Eroadrraj, near Franklin ire.
tHK-lLniJ asblagton Av. and art.
E. F. KKLL1IA.. a007 CASS AYE.
Ilu!Idrs of fine pleasure carriages of very de
scription. 221S. 222t and 2222 Pin st., St. Louis,
ilo Special attention given to painting and re
pairing. Telephones Main S?SA and C TtZ
WHEN" buying a vehicle, don't be "pnnr wise
and pound foolish' and be misled into buying a
cheep vehicle on account of the price You ar
risking llf and Limb as there is nothing mor
-dangerous than a cheap, badls-mad vehicle. We
build all our vehicles frcm the ground up. The
Ptudebaker vehicle Is. therefore, not one of
doubtful make. Quality, style and finish taken
Into consideration our prices are lower than tho
of airy other builder Visitors are always we'
come. Come and se us whether you desire to
purchase or not.
STUDEBAKERS. Broadwaj, n;ar Franklin Ira.
3 Is but on plare In this dtr for
STUDEBIKERS, 915-917 Korlh Broadwaj.
Everything new; visitors welcome; come and
Lage variety, in pd order; must be sold.
WRlGHTa Vashlngton ave.. cor. 13th t.
VW horw bonneta. Pltttbn rgh Plate Gla Co..
plate, vrfa'ow and ornamental glass; sol dis
tribute Patten's "eun proof paints." F. A.
Dmr. local anager. Tweirih and Su Charles.
Of all kinds; open and panel-top deliveries; gro
cers, bakers and milk wagons; express and
stake wagons: storm buggies; drummers' wagons.
For Snicr.
The largest variety; beat quality. nr?darate price.
Wahirpton are . cor IStft t.
REpair'cgand Repainting Fine Carriages.
VTe hae all facilities Your business solicited.
WRIGHTS. Washingtcr. ave cor. Uth st.
No old styies everything new up-to-date
stvlih and higb-rrad'. uur lin of STUREYS
includes eTrth.ng fr-m the vt llghtt pen
fc-ho!- urrv k the r.ne; and larcest in
f-mtlj carriages ur prir ar- -aumlated to fit
evry puree ur )i i TRAPS and STAN
HOPES Inilud- .-. thvi- in -mcle and double
seated cut undr and tratght. all of tht-m the
very latent in trle
STUDEBAKERS, Eraadrray, n:ar Franklin Ate.
Spring Opening Sale of Vehicles,
Fine cr-hors- cut-undr su--eys. traps. Stan
hopes and storm buggies driving uagens. runa
outs. covet warons park wagons and delivery
-zgoTia eas - .vianiy rw ana irs u. x-isnia
st.. ftwen Wamut and lark ave
Dover's Fine Vehicles.
nrAiioi Ti.
Sold In t. I.nut rsrlanl vlj- 1J T. F.
Jtonnlfl. UlNt WnKliInKton are. unit
St. Cliarlr t.
At our repository, whetner they deslr- to pur--hai--
-r not If vou ae at all interested and
care to feat our eyes on the tmst in the rar
riar liuildrs art. be -ure to rtv us n visit:
our rep-jsitory fl"or are itOWT-rn tITH THE. J
v tn LATLhT EAaTLiiirw smts I V t
HK L.ES Evnthlng nw and up t-dat N T
ynu do not purcha" a pleasure vehicle ev-ry
dav thererore d not make tn- mlstaJc- of bu
irg an nut of-date .)id-stvle vehicle of doubtful
make soll on acount of th little saving in
rrire. OIK TRI'-ES ARE LOWER than th
of anj rthr maker, quality, style and finlh
taken into ccnIdTatlon.
STUDEBAKERS. Eroadrraj near Franklin lit.
FEED WATER rums and tank lr h't iratcr
fcr 15 anj 30 h -p boiler T 1G1. Republic
WANTnr one l"-n -d sm-vo!: otor: one
15-h.-p. t-Tolt motor. W 13. Rfrubllc
T7ANTEI--Thr- to flvf hcrw-.pf)Wer motor,
must in g-"d condition S Washington
WAN i ED fiuline engine. 4 or 5 horee-powr.
for automobile good eordlttin. new or second
hani W. V. Getter. Warren ton. Mo.
We are alwavs in th market for th rurchae
of any kind uf machinery plants, belting, new
or secondhand, o- anything in the machinery line
Ft. Louis Belting and bupply Co , 5i.9 S. Fourth.
"Write us for prices.
US S. Fourtb st.. St- Lcula.
Bought. Sola and Exchanged, write or call at
All KINPaQ f nw and second-J-
L. L. rVlllLO band wood and iron
sullsys. shafting, hangers, leather and rubber
belting, machine-, etc Send for 'Machinery
and supply Iisi a machinery buyer's reference
book e Ie-id; others follow
93 N. Second st.
BELTING, all sizes, various lengths, 15 and 3
cents a pound, pell entire lump In lump at very
low price Jaffe Bros., C1T Franilln are.
BOILERS to l00-h--p. upright and horizontal
air receivers Otto Kracker. T33 . Seventh s
COMPI-ETE set cast-lrcn pulley-molding ma
chines with Tasks, at one-quarter cost, Standard
Foundry. 1W Colllruj st.
DAYTON gas cr gasoline engine; flrst-clas cr
der, all complete. S-b, p Apply at 3H Locust.
DRYROOM Portable dry room, for clothes cr
laundrv T3 S, Seventh at.
ELECTRIC motors rnd dynamos to rent: 1 t
H horse power Ros- Electric. 2M S Third st.
ENGINES frcm 2 to lW b, n. : stationary, hoist
ing; alo pumps. Otto Kracker. TS3 8. Seventh st.
FOR Sale A wire-weaving lath-fence machine.
Address II. Fritz. 1S We: J ct.. Belleville, III.
GOOD three-hors" poer gasoUne engine la
flrst-clasg condition- bargain. IX TVashingtcn.
LARGE stock grate bars In any quantity at
3uc per pound, fctaadard Foundry Co., 1240 Col
lins st.
SMOKESTACK!? Let 10 to 26 Inches; second
hand sheetiron smokestacks, also upright" boil
ers, almost new. Ryan Bros.. S10 N Levee
ENGINES at low prices; 14-b--p. gasoline en
gine, 1 6-h--p. gasoline engine. 1 l-h.-p. gasoline
engine, 1 l"-h--p boiler and l-h.-p. engine, com
bined an one base. Creamery Package Mfg. Co..
18 S Twelfth st., Sr, Louis. Mo.
GRATE bars In any quantity, at IV cents per
icund. are liners, 3 cents per pound, for any
oiler front. 1249 p?l!lg- gt.
HAVE to hand small Wectlnghouse engines,
electrical purposes Otto Kracker. T23 S. Seventh
HAVING purchased the machinery of the Altca
Box Factory. No 21S N Rroadway. -we have the
following for sale cheap One Corliss engine,
lixC inches, toilers, pumps, heaters, shafting.
hangers and pullejs, Sturdevant exhaust fans and
blowers, cyclone dust hnds, and galvanized pipe.
dry kiln; all the above Is neany new. C H.
Hug A Co.. SI3 a Twelfth st.
HAVING purchased a complete foundry and
machine shop, we have for sale, cheap, consist
ing of lathes, planers, shapers. drill presses.
beel press, steam hammer, wneel boring mill.
punch and shears, boiler roils, wood lathes, der
rclk and cranes, square and round tanks. C H.
Huff & Co.. JU S. Twelfth st. Telephone Mais
"NEW model gas and gmrollsa engines Agent.
Otto Kracker. T33 S Seventh gt.
ONE bO-lnch boiler. 20 feet long; one double
cylinder, slnsle-drum hoisting engine, one HxM
Bay State engine, and one a-Mlght dynamo P
P Manlon B A W Co.
ONE railway cut-cn; combined band resaw
and scroll saw. mcrtlsers. foot and power; auto
matic knife-grinder. T-inch molder; 2-tnch broken-roll,
double-cylinder planer, self-feed r1paw;
gauge lathe; double sand-belt machine; f-Inch
t-o-drum sander. shaving fans, single and double
spirdle shapers. C C Harris Machinery Com-
ONE Arm Incton & Sims 45-h.-p. automatic en-
One 10"'x20- piston valve throttllnc enelne.
One 14"i24" Bay State variable cut-off engine.
Oiie 6"xl0" double-cylinder slnBle-drnm. link
motion hoUtlng engine, new. with .boll'r.
One duplex steam pump. l"ir"xir .
Two duplex steam mumps. 60 "X4- HO .
One steam pump, H"xT'.
One S"xS"x5" air compressor.
Three boilers. 16-x45". set slngie. complete.
Two boilers. 20"x50". set slntle. complete
Tiavelers. cranes, iron blocks, wire bolstlns;
rer iruys dynamos, motors, all sires. C H.
HuS Co-. S13 S. Twellth st. Telepaone Main
OJCE Su IjouIs COrllss enfrtne. riRht-hana. IS"
l4One Bay State verable cut-eff engine. 14"x24".
One piston -alve enelne, ir'x20" ...,
One Aim tagton i Sims automatic. K-h. u. "n-
One double cylinder, slnde drum ioist.
Two double drum belt Jnctlon hoists.
One r'xS"xS" air comprsscr
One Sarcent-EnEersoI chardllne machine.
Derricks Rnd stone-quarry outfits
Two bra tuUar pressure J1?1'" .
tot cf iron tanks and shafting, pulleys and
b Lof nItur5e"ant blowers and exhaust fans.
with plplnc for two comrlet- dry Wins, two cy
clone dust head- with Eaivanlzed ptplnir
Three boilers. CO" dlam'ter. 3)- Ions, with 20 6"
"rourbo'lle'ri. 45- diameter. 20" lone, with 12 f
tl-Al-oInaeiari:e assortment of steam pumps and
doctors a complete machine shop outat. consist
ing of ' lathes, planers, drill prer-e s. Bheays.
" i . i -mm hnrn. bCirinr Tntlt.
puncoe?. n -i jj.". -- - -
steam -",?. & CO.. 3U S. Twelfth st-
I'lHNTINa press. 7x11. Liberty; vr cheap.
J. J. Witt, 40 N" Tnird at.
STAR air compressor erglne. receiver and
boiler, complete-. Oto Kracker. 3 S. Seventh.
ctir air compressor, engine, receiver ana ,
boiler complete. 732 S Setenth st. Otto Kracker.
TAXKS IS feet lone and 4 or feet wid. for .
salTcheap. St. LouU Bltlcs and Supply Co..
VJi 3. Fourth st I
n-iinrrFt.PCl W Clt casolhie enelne: jenalr-
ine of raj and easollne enslnes; work euarart-
r eas anaaas'J.jne .nsiuirs. nuih KuuM
world's Fair Machine Shop. 4457 Easton
teao. v oriu x j
r' aoorlne machine.
4" planer and matcher.
24"' double surfacer.
42" comb. band, scroll and resaw.
Defiance felloe saw.
' headlnsT machine.
XiarTIS jmcomct? v... J-..W ... jwm ju.
. .t. ... 'p-.lrbenlc. easollne enelne.
1 iS"xV turret lathe.
1 lVxS- eneme lathe.
1 90-Inch radial drill.
i nrown A- Saarpe hand-milllne machines.
- "" jtf coLcORD MACHDCBRT CO..
433 X. Second si
tr Boorlne machln.
24" plan and matcher.
24" douMe surfacer.
AX comb. band, scroll and re.
Denance felloe saw.
45' headine machine.
HarrU Machinery Co.. UX X. Tlfila A
1 5-h -n self-contained throttling engine; 1 6x7
b"ltd air eompr0'- 1 4x1 seam air compress
or full Un- of raacMne torK eryr-r. and
boilerr. J. V. bright & Co.. ftl N Second st.
X l-h -p C. A C. moii r. "tt yIt.
1 l-h -tj i-volt O h " m-tor
1 l-h -p Ti-nlt Jnnev m",ir
I 11 v It r'-'ig1 XVasner inamc.
1 'I'Kri: t-ln-h "-th itil-.tor
i -M":dband - t- reillns fans
f AIl . ' L H" .i
VAX N'nilT IsrjO-.
MS Market st.
Of ever dsrrirtion
TITJ.CT. a Lo-nst t
Etc St Lnul: V- 1-lne and Sujiply Co 5.
Fcurth Ft
Marine Gasoline Engines.
l-r h -v ti 32 b -p Cr m.ry I'aclzage Mf;.
ft 1 S TVf'ftb t St Lou; Mo
j IKaf-kMnith f-Is ard arxthlng m the machinery1
'In3 Ft Lc.ui Illtin- and Sur-tv C ZrJ5 S
In stock i zt prompt s-ipment. "Write cr ate ua.
The Brownell & Company,
fU N. Se-ona 5. St Loulg. ito.
Ha ing purcha!-d Cc'i worth of 1 1 -". V
3U 4 r and 6 inch n-w s git- leather belting, wt
ran nr gol dlc untb aiso hae tl.&" wortl
of Nc I s-ondhnd tK-lttr.g. ail sizes and widths
tv selet fr m. at n w fgurs Write or -all and
se u before vuu purchase. St Louis Beltlajr
and Supply " jy& S Fourth st-
Anv bae. i to ' oi?. 4 to 15 C. P.2C "FV
"Nati nal lamps, barrl lots .. Hc T3o
"Xai r.al lam; -. less quantitls .Iie 24c
Pelive-ed anywner ast nf Denver by express.
Atove prices same as lamp omblnaJon quote en
I ts of 1 ' lamps to be takn in one year.
A'l lamps g-jarar.teed in ly particular.
St Louts, Xo.
1 No 10 Stunlevant exhaut fan and heat-.
1 ir.-fi Rlackw.U entilating fan. 1 ItJ-hor-w-p--u-e
boater with brass tubes, 1 Newton eye?
ri-ani o- lrr.n -aw cupola Ladle and derrick for
fondrr u Large lot d namos? alternators, etc,
of all voltages and sizes Let us know your wants,
!Ca N Twelfth st.
Of any eIz or style; a complete line of Sawa and
fc aw mill Mnchlrery
CLItTIS fz CO. MFG. CO. St Lculs. Mo.
Gasoiins and Sieam Engines,
Bnlr "tezm t.umps. nnn, gas and water sup
plies pawn j machlnerv belting, hose, etc.
FAir,BANKb. MORSE g cx. St Louis.
For ccntractors, builders and quarries; we uav
them in stock for prompt dellvrrv
TIT N. Second st.
in st. Loris.
Rnilirny. Mill nnd Factory Snppllca.
At 4()S X. Fourtli St.
I make a specialty of all kinds of printing;
macclnery repairing, special parts built to order.
Out-of-town orders promptly attended to. Refer
ences: Any of tte Sl Louis dally papers.
ROBERT ZIEGLER. 115 Pine st.. at Loai.. Ma.
CO., 717 N. SECOND ST.
ron sai-e.
boll?. 60 : wlta If 6" Cnes.
Z boilers 6""ilf with 2 C Burs.
1 boiler. WHi'. ulth 13 6- floes.
1 boiler. TxlS with IS -f fiues.
2 boilers . 6T11S-. with IS P flues.
2 boilers. S"x with ISP" floe
1 boiler. M"I1V. with 34 4" fluef.
1 boiler, IT'-U'. with ST flu-s.
1 boiler. -I3"xl with !1 4" flues.
1 boilers. AZxlV. with 24 4" flues
2 23 h.-p. flre-box boilers complete.
1 h--p. flr-box boiler complete.
1 Jit h.-p. irprlht boiler.
1 15. 1 12 and i 10 h--p. upright boilers.
1 10 h -p. bioler arul engine cmblnei
112h.-n- Scot's niariae boil" complete.
3 2 h--p upright boilers complete.
1 14 h.-p irpriRht boiler
Tank, fmokenacks. breechinss and boiler re.
pairs and supplies of ererr dvcriptlon. John
Nooter Bailer Works. SIS N Main St.
in nirys-i-nn-nv-' . l B- - tr-l 1,ifxmi
DOCTOR A. H MO?EB, dentist, formerly ct
1321 Washington ave., has removed to Go rrank
lln are.
BOSTON Steam Dental Rooms. 435 X. Broid
way Sets of te-th SS painless extraction. 2V;
bridge work J3 Opa Sunday until
BOSTON Steam Dental Rooms. CC X. "Broad
way, between Locust and Ft. Charle; Est. ISTl;
gold flillng. tl up. Dr J. H. Case. Prop.
DR. E. P VV I t'Kl-KSHAM wish-- to announca
to his friends that he has removed to American
Dental Co.. fil- Olive st. . prices reasonable.
DOCTOR A E. MOSER. dentist, has removed
from 1234 Washington to 10 Franklin, crown, and
bridge work c specialty consnltatlcn. er. free.
If aching should be saved If possible, by filling
or crowning. Bridge work and plates at" moder
ate prices. Gas or freezing gums for painless
extracting. S. c. cor. Sixth and Locust ta-
Leadtnc Dentists. Established for 42 Tears.
K. W. Cor. Broadway and Oltve.
Entrance. KI9 Olive st. Extractlne
FREE when teeth are ordered.
Largest and oldest dental estab
lishment In the city. We emplcr
the most skillful men In the rro
fesslon. All work laranteed.
Consultation FREE. Do not look:
tor cheaD dentists, but come to us
and cet reliable work at lowest
prices. Oxen dally from S a. .
to 6 p- m . and Sunday fro
1:30 to 1 v. el
COSTT-aTES. wigs for plays, operas, confetti,
carnival goods. Cummins. 45 Walnut gt.
Oxvgen and hydrogen gas furnished for stereop.
tlcon and movirg picture machines. Stereoptlcona
and views for rent, also calcium lights with col
ors furnished for theatrical entertainment-, mas
(jueradfcs. dress ball, fancy solo dances, tableaux
and llvlngplcture-. shadow pantomlmea. chorea
festivals. 3maa trees and weddings. S19 Elm JU
itttits tn th 1li-ooo business cards. C:
billheads and noteheads. J1.50; quick serrlce.
BUpIeton Jk Co.. 4 N. Twelfth st. t
.( letterheads printed on bond paperv '13. J
J Will, U Ir'" ' -
.. w.l niB Jivi r rsii v
- m i --. -. A4 ) a VIITlSrla n TT
1.VUU DI-. cmue - uunim'.t iyiuu., ,..... .t
cut prices Denton A Co. U16 21ne.
HIGH-GRADE commercial printing: Imitation
of engraving, costs much less. Electric Printing
Company. 16 N. Fbarth at.
CRESCENT Printing Company. MT N. rourth
St. Fine commercial job work; popular prlcest
send for samples. mi
GOLJ spectacles, c .50 cp; cempneatea easts a
specialty; flrest eqnirp testlnB parlor In dty.
pt. JjOUIS VPticai urrjaut. .w Jw-w3. .
-ir-T4v- Ont! f Bhool. full course 123: diploma
free. 1216 Olive st.
i-i l s rvrif.nwi TV Honey's select recep
tion every Thursday evenlne at academy SH4
Olive: cooled with electric fans: classes itondajr
evenins:: open all rum rcer. "Z
GRAJTD cpenine Prof. Schulte's new dandnjf
pavilion. 57 Maple ave. Take Suburban car.
transfer on Maple ave. on any car to Delm-ir
Garden: walk one block north. Sunday afterneoa
and nlzht. June I. Adm ltalon free.
PEOF. FARKE - arantees staltx and two-teS
for 3. private less any boor. 1210 Oily at,.
DRiiSSMAKING Ladles' stylish sum mv
eowns. U: tailored slclrts. K; silk shirt walate.
J2. 23U Olive st. a
MISS FAXNIE HALET has moved from SB7
Easton to 0 Mores - W Til be pleased to hara
her friends and patrons call.
SHIRT waist, frcm toe to .91: pretty oiesstns
sacque. from 75c to Jl.W- Send postal to Mrj.
ro. iy K. Grand.
kjka-Ti - yi -'-- ..---.....
LADIES! U-eChIche-nVsEnfrEjhPennyreTilr-n
Bert! aMt! Osdr B U.I Tat. atker.
Boy fyaar 1 s-sist. r md 4a. fltaiM. teM.1.
slats uil "BciWte L i7- In letMr kr tn auQ.
Cklcaan catm 1 1 o, rkllak, fa.
i Jk&jSw-i-lSir-.
ag&tf v,drs'2:'.-'-Ut?"S?f' .
J JttfeCafgsa!t '' J-Ljf-J

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