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BJ rv-mw-jlT.i-wj.-, -rr--rgr'(nr5r-JCfV-ia-- 7'M
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' v&$m
St Iouis Republican CInb Repu
diates tlie Action of the
Two Colonels.
National Committeeman Comes in
for Censure "Boodlers"
the Subject of Last
Eight s Meeting.
According to sentiments advanced at last
Bight" 8 meeting of the St. Louis Kcrubllcan
Club, there Is as much harmony existing
between the members of that organization
cud the Phelps-Kereas faction as there is
between a red rag and an Infuriated buU.
Resolutions, teeming with denunciation
and repudiation of the Phelps-Kerens plea
Jor Republican harmony, were unanimously
adapted, and speech after speech, declaring
the unwarranted action of the two CoioneU
as "nothing but an effort to widen the
'breach in the Republican party" were re
ceived with enthusiasm.
The hall and parlors of the club wero
thronged with Republicans of the practical
Irlnd, and their action in denouncing the
Sollcy decided upon a few days ago in tho
issourl Pacific Railroad onlces Is con
ceded to mean that such harmony as prajed
-for by l'helps and Kerens Is not desirable
among the ranks of the local Republican
Jrty. . ,
The chief Interest of last night's meeting
centered about the adoption of the declara
tion prepared at the request of the- Board
of Directors, by a committee, composed of
Qeo. I). Reynolds. Charles Parsons, James
It. MlnnlB. U J. W. Wall and O. F. Fischer,
II. D and which in part was as follows:
Strong; lie-solutions Panned.
The time having arrli-d for the nomination anl
lection of ele.egates to our fctate and Judicial
convention, the 8t Tuls Republican Club con
siders It proper to address itself to Republicans
at this city. Therefore, as a RepjKlcan club.
yr maks the following declarations and appeals:
Wfl protest that the plea of harmony snail not
fee used to fester the perpetuation ard domination
of compromised and discredited po'IliUazs. thali
those official representatives wlfiaa rerutatloru
ax tainted with the stain of city Hal! boodls
shall not, under the plea of hatmony, be per
mitted to contlnus in thefr po-lttons and to dic
tate the selection of delegate to approaching
eonrenUons: that any man. howeter prominent
rii may have been in our party's counsels, wha
rpUus his reliance for tucess upen the assistance
erf tha lobbr. and urion harrain and barter with
it. must bv and is unequivocally condemned as
snni to represent tee party in any capacity.
wa stand for clean politics, honest, clean and
JSapable men In ornce, prosecution and punlsh
iznsnt of bribegivers and bribetakers, ellralna
(tlon from party committees, party control and
J party counsels, cs well as from riectHo or ap
Icelntlv office, of all lobbrists. their tools and
rus. as ajo or an more wno in me past
shown thmselves corrupt. Inefficient or
nest servants cf the woole. Nor will ne
hirats the use of retaters or "Indian " or
lazty fraudulent practices at our primaries or
Ifithsr elections
f. We repudiate and denounce any political al
rSanoe with men recc-rnlzed throughout thi
IBtata as lobbyists, and actus In the control and
management of the lobby In our Genera! As
, Mmblles. We want none or tho counsel nor aid
cf such, nor have e auaat but condemnation
ttor their brazen and unwarranteJ Impudence In
assuming the right and power In ruHan'-e of the
election of the members thereof, to settle the"
composition of our committees; end. In ad-
Vance of the action of the oomenllcn Itself, to
determine what course the caseation shaH take
on importnn' matter,) whlrh tna cere bern- tt
We want no "harmory" brought abint by su-h
Influences such harmony is a "peace of dis
honor." We call on ou- ncpubllcan fellow- ltlars to
nominate ami file delegate In t'leir eeieral
wards for the Mate and Judltlal contntlon
composed of elean. fcrrest. Intelligent and eoura
ceous Hi publicans, men wno If elected as dele
sates, win slan.l for honest plHK nnd honest
and capable me-n in o:n-e end who will see to
H that neither b nominations there mde. reso
lutions tiieri- adoptrd ncr action thre taker,
shall the !chb that has long cursad oar htato
hate repiowntaticn titter on cur ticket or en anv
ci ear committers tist nor eif its schemes
shall he carried out lid that no Tin aided by It
or Its ncenf. or s-e-Hnv. o- n-.al'iig himself cf
Its old or sur-port. or co-orwratlns iih lis known
xeprc cntttln r. shall hae any recognition by
either contention
Tho austomary denunciation of the police
and Ncsbit laws wet a'o embodied in the
lle)xiu!i! IltirK !,mie Reinstinr;.
In prercntlng the declarations for adop
tion. Colonel George D. Reynolds, chairman
of the committee, in a brief address, stated
that tho Republican party of St. Louis Is
to-day confr6nt'-d with a situation that
does not often happen in other cities.
"We have read of the rascality of our
lellow-citlzcr.s, who previously stood high
In the community," tsJd he,, referrtac to
the Grand Jurj investigation, "and we were
disgusted at the awful exposition made in
this city No one will therefore misunder
stand thd.alIusions 10 boodlers mede in the
declarations which I am about to present
to your consideration.
"We learn with great astonishment that
In the last few days certain taen of- our
party and othcra who had nothing to do
with the party met In one of the offices of
a railroad corporation and organized to
forestall our .honest efforts at tho primaries
arid attempted to ellctate who should Ue'del
"gates In our coming convention They un
dertook to dictate who our committeemen
should be and set up a dishonest pica for
Jjarty harmony. In view of these two con
ditions. It was decided to draw up a state
ment and declaration that would show tee
true position of this club."
Colonel Reynolds then proceeded to read
, toe declaration, and was frequently inter
tspted by vigorous applause.
I Denunciatory Speeches.
1 Speeches were made by B. R. Conner,
i Bnalrman of fjia TtventV-elghlh Ward Re
. 'publican League Club, James Welsh, IS. C.
-.Broctaneyer, Charles Nagel, J. Hugo Grimm
And L. Mlnnls.
Tho hitter's address was tho most v'gor
. jpoa of the evening. He said In part:
Last Friday there was a meeting of Re-
publican lobbyists at which at leaat one
committeeman who Is a candidate for Sen
ator was In conference with Colonel "Bill"
t, Phelps, the well-known lobbyist, and a few
u others. There was some kind of u propo
' sitlon made to settle a controversy that eld
.not exist, and another proposition to brin
E about harmony In a party where the Na
tlonal Committeeman 13 the only disturber.
" (Mr. Rozler has threatened to becomo State
) chairman, but as ho has committed no overt
r act In the conspiracy he Is not liable to
i censure:. Mr. Aklns. our representative,
waa not present at the meeting, either in
" person or by proxy, and Mr. Roberts, his
representative, although present, did not
enter Into any agreement with the con
epirators." Mr. Mlnnls, speaking of the Ziegenheln ad
ministration, declared that no party could
, afford to stand by such corrupt -politics. He
I admonished the, Republicans to quit talking
about the Nesblt law and to do more to
wards revolutionizing their own party.
' Among the prominent Republicans present
teem: Julius C. Birge. Isaac M. JIason,
Perry Pout Taylor, VT. Lafe Sturdevant, L.
M. CbnkUss, Charles R. Graves. Richard
M. Hyams, Charles O. A. Brunk, Georgo C.
Hitchcock. George Vastlne, Justice Fred C.
dine. Colonel John Ockerson, Edward Blck
ley, Benjamin Taussig, Major Allen J.
ouuwcrs, Augustus ruiey, jonn u. jonnson.
If yon allow the
bowels to become
constipated sick
ness is sure to fol
low. A dose of
after each meal will
stimulate the
bowels and pre
vent Constipation.
If taken regularly
will core
Liver and Kidney Troubles, Hervens
Mss, Injamala, Indigestion, Dys
pepsia and Malaria. Don'i Fail fa
Try It.
The genuine must hare Our Private
Stuap over the neci of the, bolt e.
m a
Pcrclval Adam. Arthur Sheplcy. George
Welnbrenner, Charc3 Claflln Allen, Fred
Kolb, George T. Weltzel George H. Buehr
mann. Theodora BerryhlU and others.
Ejilscopal Sunday-Schools to Cele
- brate Thirtj-Third Anniversary.
. The Episcopal Sunday schools of the city
will celebrate their thirty-third annual Mis
sionary Ho3t at Music Hall thi? afternoon at
ZiS), when an interesting programme will bo
rendered. Follow Ins the processionals,
there will bo opening sentences, recital of
the creed, prayer for missions, tho collect
and Lord's Prayer. The wscretary and
treasurer will report, and then will follow
tho Bishop's address Every Episcopal Sun
day school of the- cltv and suburban tons
will be reprcsntcd. The annual election of
officers will bo held at the Schujlcr House
Sunday afternoon, June S. at i o'clock.
The Tountaln Park Concregational Church
Till have special .ong. scrilcu thl cvenlnj.
when the following programme will be
carried out: Prelude, organ, hymn. "March
to lctory"; anthem, "CI. How Amlablo";
hymn, 'O Paradbse"; offertory, organ:
hmn. "Still Will We Tru.f. sketch of
Rarnby's life by the pastor, toprano solo
and quartet. "Sweet Is Thy Mercy":
hymn. "Now. the Day la Over": Invocation
and organ postlude. The members of tho
choir are Ml3 Battle Ely. ooprano: MIsa
Florence Miller, alto, A. Kejmer. tenor;
Linn Paine, bass, and Gcorgo I'. Fox. or
ganist. The Ice Fund Circle of tho King's Daugh
ters and Sons ag.iin appeals to the public
In behalf of Its work of mercy among the
poor and afflicted In the summer mont!".s.
Contributions may he sent to Mlrs Edith
JC. Chllds. Xo. 52ti7 Rice avenue.
Tho Reverend Doctor Ahrahnm 12. Nelson,
pastor of LlSSell Avenu? Clirftian Church
(Nonsectarian). left tho cltv yesterday for
Legrand. la., where he will preach tho
baccalaurentft s.rmon at Palmer Christian
College on Sundty morning. Doctor Nelson
will aIo vllt Weaubleau Christian College,
at Wctubleau. Mo . and preach tht com
mencement sermon there on next Friday.
During hi absence the Reverend Doctor
J W Caldwell will -ropply the pulpit of tho
Nonecctarlan Church.
Sperjj Decoration Day Fishing at
McGregor Creel:.
Fifteen clerks from the Lincoln Trust
Companv tpent Decoration Day at McGn5
cr Creek, fishing and music being the enter
tainment furnished for the occasion. After
lunch the started to lurp the bass and
cropplo from thrir hiding places in the sil
ver waters of McGregor Creek.
After catching all the fish they desired
the party played ball. The Window Men
lined up against the Bookkeepers, and tho
gamo was called with the seore tied, on ac
count of supper. Among the guests were
Milton Fink. B. 11 Grace, cbarlc.t W.
Owen, G. E. Moll. Conway Elder, Fred
Reppe and William F. Eters.
Conductor Cook Supposed to ILitc
Fallen Overboard.
C. P. Cook, a conductor on car No. 21CJ
of the Clayton division of the Transit Com
pany, was killed yesterday mornirg on G ij
uvenue Just west of Clayton. It Ig sup
roed that Cook, in trying to put tho pole,
which had slipped, on the wire without
stopping the car. lost his halinca and fell
overboard. Ills skull waq fractured.
Cook was taken to the office of Doctor JI.
W. Caster In Clayton. He died without re
gaining consciousness.
Coroner Armstrong held an Inquest over
the body and returned a verdict of acci
dent. Cook lived with his wife and child
at No. 103 Ella avenue
Pann, HI.. Xlay Sl.-llrs J. W Nichols,
atrei K years, a prominent resident of this
city, dit-d to-day.
mus. sAiirnr. LiMinn.
rxrucLic SPECIAL
BIeomlngton, 111.. May 31 Mrs. Samuel
Lander died to-day, aged S3 j ears. She vas
born in New York andtmo here In 3S42.
She was. the widow of Svnuel Lander, who
was n membe- of thr State Constltutioial
Convention of 1M7 and a prominent citizen
of IlliiK Is In the pioneer era
VIcksliurg, II ss.. May 3L John W. Pow
ell, aged 70 years, formerly Mayor of Vicks
burg, died to-nisht after 4 long illness. Ho
was a Mason of high rank and a Knight of
Vicksburg, Miss., May 31 Mrs. Irene C.
Whitehead, wife of Doctor Whitehead, a
prominent physician, who died here in thu
cplebjmic of 137 died to-dty.
"" LOXnrcitrrrTS. --" -
ja:pi,-BiJasrxciJ ,. . ,,. k
t.vansvllle, Ind.. May :l Lon Rickette, a
young man of this city. did last night in
Memphis. His remains were brought here.
, mjis. n. ii. HUTcmxso.
repl'iilk; special.
P,trae;tflTlrt Ttwl 'it,. -?1 f T XT
Tellrriln.n rT,.- nf etlo h.i;t.innTi rt rflman
in the city, died at tho age of ifl years. The
body was sent t6 Grandview, Ind., for
nnruELic speoai
Farber. Mo., jraj 3L Fred Glynn, a well
known citizen, died hero to-day. He was Ci
years old.
Marshall, Mo., May ZL Henrj' T. Yates
a, prominent member of the Modern Wood
men of America, died hero to-day.
Jacksonville. HI.. May 31 Chester Coats,
for many years an employe of the Alton
road, dropped dead to-night while at work.
Bids Will Be Opened in Mayor's
Office ToOUorrow.
The opening of the bids for the EJWVWO
worth of World's Talr bonds, issued by the
city, wrill take place In Maj or Wells' office
at noon to-morrow.
The bonds are all of the denomination of
Democrats Held Township Mcrdnir.
Warrcnsburg, Mo.. May iL The Demo
crats of Warrensburg Township to-day
elected the following delegates to the Coun
ty Convention which meets here Monday,
Juno 2: J. W. Suddath. J. L Anderson.
John Doran, R. M Xar, B. F. Ross. John
Miller, J. A. Kemper. C. H. Thornton, B. F.
Wood. S. H. Coleman, S. J. Caudle. Rich
ard Boston, W. Kapp, W.-D. Faulkner, X.
M. Bradley.
llepnbllcnn Delegates Chosen.
Warrensburg, Mo., May 3L Tho Town
ship Republican Convention held here nom
inated the following delegates to the Coun
ty Convention, June S: A. B. Logan, W. E.
Chester, M. U Day, E. D. VIgus. Lee Sims,
M. Miller, J. Colilns, W. C. Coleman, I.
Williams, John Scruggs. Charles Sollars. II.
Carver, D. Lake. 8. o. Campbell. W. Clark,
I. Kauffman. J. H. Spence, Joe Hemerick.
John Chambers. J. Jlc,Vey, J. B. Elliott.
William Smith. S. McNalr. J. Shepherd. M.
P. Rlne. Joseph Bunnell, William McClaln.
John H. Wilson and Charles Saddler wero
Instructed for chairman and secretary of
the County Committee.
Strike of Santa Fe Boilermakers.
Topeka. Kas.. May 31. Dispatches re
ceived here to-night from San Bernardino
and The Kcedlo, CaL. ctate that the strika
of the Santa Fe boilermakers at San Ber
nardino has extended to the boilermakers
nt The Iseedlcs. and that the bollermaklag
departments at .these two cities are tied up"
completely. '
Boy Injured by Train.
Lebanon, Mo., May 31. The Frisco pas
senger train this afternoon struck Reuben
Wilson, a 10-year-oUl boy and crushed His
right hand eo badly that It was necessary
to amputate It.
Thinks Knstii Miners Are Satisfied.
Topeka, Kas.. May 21. C. J. Devlin, who
operates more coal mines than any other
company in the West, stated to-night that
the miners In Southeastern Kansas- had no
grievance and would not -Joint the strike
ai announced In the dispatches on Monday.
Republican Primaries In Frenklln.
St Clair. Mo., May 3L The peirabllcaas
held primaries tbrocihout" this county to
day for the nomination, of can litotes for
the various county offices. The results have
not yet been received.
Grounds Revert to City and Commer
cial Mascara Will Be Established
Missouri to Itilic Exhibit.
Charleston,, S. C, May 3L The exposi
tion closed its gates to-night with a large
attendance, - llrew orks and an extended
programme of amusements. When the clos
ing hour arrived a detachment from tho
Marine Corps sounded taps, and . the , bril
liant Illumination of the buildings faded
slowly cut foreer.
During thu day the Missouri Commis
sion, in resyontu to an urgent request, de
cided to establish a small Slissourt ex
hibit in the permanent Commercial Mu
teum, which the ell of Charleston will
imm.dattly. open la the Cottoa Palace.
The city hau purchased nearly all tho
grounds now occupied by the exposition
coinpar.j. and will utilize it as a park. It
will tear down the palaces of commerce
and agriculture and strengthen the struct
ure of the Cotton Palace. It has also pur
chased the Mar;. land building, which will
bo removed to ? point, oi polite the Cotton
Palace and be used a3 a clubhoutc
All the States represented at the exposi
tion hae contribute 1 largely of their ex
hibits to the establishment of the perma
nent rnus-um. Oregon and New Mexico
giving th-ir entire exhibita The Mi-souri
Commissioners were s-omc-vhat handicapped
by tho fact that the lav; provides for tho
return of all the State's property and non
perishable exhibits to Missouri for transfer
to tho Missouri Commission, to the Louis
iana Purchase Exposition, but the Commis
sioners fcund among the.r persoral con
tributions, not the property of tho State,
a sufficient amount and variety of speci
mens to mako the beginning of a perma
nent Missouri exhibit.
The State has ben conceded tho space
in the Cotton Palace, which for si
months has been occupied by the Missouri
horticultural exhibit, and befcre their de
parture next week tho Commissioners will
Install the specimens of Missouri re-sources
and industry that aro to remain here.
Preparations for Semiannual at
Home 1'anama Plant.
The regular semiannual "at home" of the
Shaw Missouri Botanical Garden will be
held to-day, according to the will of the
late Henry Shaw, and preparations have
been made for the entertainment of 40.
1W people. The garden 13 thrown open to
the public twice a jear, on the first Sun
day in June and September, and as many
ppople as can be comfortatly are ad
mitted without char;e.
Ths garden has been greatly refreshed
by the recent rains and will present a
beautiful spectacle to-da Pond Wiles are
blooming, roses are at. their best and pop
ples are brightest. Tho garden employes
will serve thu crowd as guides to-day.
William S. Trelease. director of the gar
den, said lat night: "An unusually Impor
tant featuie which will Interest tb visit
orb will be- their opportunity to see tho
preparations for tho coming of the bloom
on the Amazon ,wate.r lily. The publlo will
doubt!co also ) interested in tlw tropical
American tan's frertn which the. panama
hnt art- rnnilp. Th Venus Tv TraD will
attract rrAich attention, and there aro a j
number of worthy Elgts in the tropical
house whero carnivorous plants are
trown "
Tra Tanatna plant at the Shaw Garden
crows o feet high, which meats that it
flourishes there to the. vxteaf that It dots
In Its native country. This plant Is. one of
tne tropical species v hich arc sustained oji
InfectF. It Is from tlie-m 'hat th Panama
hot Is made. The plant Is green, but Is
mauu to change Its color by a process
Attempted Suicide Became "of
Parents' Attitude.
- i
Harrisburg. III., May CL Because her
parents objected to her marrjlng, Misa
Myrtle Ston, the 17-year-old daughter of
John R. Stonf. a prominent cUb-en of
Brushy, ten miles south of this city, at
tempted suicide at noon to-day by drinking
a large quantity of carbolic acid.
Miss f-tontf and e'lyde Boatright were
match, not WSuusa tho y-ui-g man v.-aa rot I
wortny or tier. Bui, in account oi mcr cgeF
The courfl metscretjv and when tho par
ents of the girl learned of this they scolded
her, which angered iier so that he took
tht) poison. The physicians say she can
not recover The yoang man is heartbroken
in er the affair.
Commercial Club Acitatln? the Proj
ect In Vnrlous. Cities.
The Commercial Club of lnJ.anTO''-' 'ia3
revived the project fo- an eiun on of t e
Wab?"h in'o Ind'anarHs from Huntingtoi
to Indlanaoolis, Ia Maricn.
Let' r& are be'nir "ont to the comme-cial
organlz -Uoa. oIRclals and nev.jpapors -f
the cities and towns through which this ex
tension would rass. nskinz sunDort and agi-
tatlun with a view of creatine a fublic ,
sentiment In fevor of th prnposItlOT I
The road would provide a direct nute to
Toledo and Detroit from Indi&napolK be- I
fides reaching Fo-t Wajne and its re go- I
boring territory direct, all of whlh. It is I
nrgued. Would be of Immense benefit to the i
waLa-ai ami inaianapous
Thinking of moving' Read over the 5S9
Itoom for Rent" ads. printed In to-nay"s
Re-public before dc-cldlng where to move.
Bnndy Ruminated for Scnntor.
nnrt;'3LK' special.
Elnsham. ill.. May 31. The Torty-ree-
ond Republican Senatorial Convention wus
held in this cltv to-day. William F. Bundy
of Centralla being nominated without oppo
sition. Mr. Bunuv is en avowca uawes 101
Jowrr. The district is composed of Efflng
liam, Clinton, Marlon and CIa.
I'r'oblbltlon Ticket Is omlnated.
Vnndalia. 111., May 31. The Prohibition
ists of Favettc County met here to-diy
nnd nominated the following county ticket:
Clerk. Giles E. Romack of Loogootee; Treas-
urer, jonn v nuiia unu., ,-k-Inttndent
of Schools. Thomas D. Lovett of
Shobonler; Sheriff. O. L. Brown of Van
ilalla. Ten delegates were selected to tho
State Convention, which meets at Peoria
July 1 and 2.
Some swell turnout? are advertised in the
"Hors and Vehicle." columns of to-day'H
Rim:b!Ie One hundred and forty-one ads
'Read them over.
Mississippi County Republicans.
Charleston, Mo., May 31. Mississippi
County Republicans to-day selected John A
Rhodes. W. A. Dudley and Charles Beldlng
as delegates to the State Convention at Jef
ferson City, unlnssructed as to officers, but
Instructed as to Aklni for chairman of tho
Stato Committee. Delegates to tha Joplln
Judicial Convention. Instructed for Mosley.
,ara L. P. Lobe and AV. I. Sliweli. August
lb was nameu as tne aay on wu:cn nomina
tions fcr county officers should bo made by
convention. ,
If you really want work, read over tbo
four hundred and sixteen "Help Wanted"
ads. in to-day's Republic.
Teachers Selected at Kinmnndy.
Klnmundy, UL. May II. The School Board
lias ear oyed the following teachers for the
coming year: Superintendent. Frank J.
Snipp; Room 1. Miss Nellie Mahan; Room
2. Miss Nellie McClure; Room 2. Miss Msud
Bayliss: F.oom J, M'ss Myrtle Wyatt. The
principal, and No. 5 are yet to bs employed.
Appointment or St. Lonls Man.
Washington, May 2L George C Leltzel
of St. Louis has been appointed a computer
In the Appraiser's storehouse at St. Louis.
W. A. Keeling- of Boldln, Kas.. has been
appointed a magnetic observer in the Coast
Survey Office.
Read over tte TS adsk In the "Houssnold
Goods" columrs of .to-day's JBepubllc If you
want some good bargains In furniture.
Former Dragged ta His Deatb.
Fadecah. Ky., May 31. Dan Grogan. a
farmer, an ex-Confederata eoldler; was
dragged to death by a team attached to a
disk harrow on his farm n:r Princeton today.
"Slllc Stoelclnc:" Faction Dlarerjorded
Wishes of Other Dele-sates aael lu
"Cotton S'oelc" Eleaient
St. Joseph. Mo , May SI. The Republican
County Convention to-day was tho most
disgraceful eter held here. The "sllkstock
ing" element disregarded all, the rights of
tho other portion and forced mtS 'on the
delegations to the Stats -conventions who
had been repudiated at "the prinWles.
W. E Jamieson.eo. "cotton sock" leader,
bolted and Hftj-four delegates went with
him. They will hold another convention
Tuesday night and a contesting, delegation
wi'l go to each of the Stato convention'?.
The following de'egates were .chosen to tho
Jtiiicial Convention:
W. H. Kgan, C. M. Guthrie. II. H Wll-linm-on,
G L. Zwlck, Milton Btucr, Frank
IS. Fulkeron, M. L. Kull.man, J. M. John
son. Clarence Sampson. J! iL Wilson. Louis
I Ehnltch. W. T Wankrnshlp, 11. IvWh't
i I). C Reeves, L. C. Wilson. M, Wogan. II.
. F. RobertFon. To the State Convention:
I CaTer Carlson. William King. J D. Clark.
Charles W Hardnian W. K. Amlck. Her
bert Beardsley, J. L. BIttlnger. R. O. Staub
cr, W. L. Bneehle. A. W B-ewster. Wil
liam Tjgart. C H. Haskell. Jame Moran.
John WW.ilevvskl. C V. Hickman. W. J.
Campbell. C. J. Borden, J. Hansen, John
M.ipes. L. R Sack. H. H. Wilson. D A.
Turner. Cicero Hamilton John Van Hoosier,
A. E. Isaacson. H. C. Hathaway.
Fifteen Ilnndreil Prominent Demo
crnts Are Imite-il to Be Pres
ent June ID.
New York. May 31 Ex-Prcsldent Grover
Cleveland ha3 accepted an Invltitlon to
peak at the opening of the new Tllden
Club on June 19. About 1.800 men prominent
In the Democratic party have been Invited.
Among those expected are David B Hill.
William J. Bryan. Senator Bacon of
Georgia. Mayor Patrick A. Collins of Bos
ton. John D. Milburn of Buffalo. Richard
Olrey. Doctor Felix Adlcr. Bourke Coch
ran, William C Whitney, ex-Mayors Grace,
Grant, GHey. Van W.ck. Hewitt, Edson
and Hooley. and Lewis Nixon.
This K the Hrst time that Mr. Cleveland
has consented to address a political audience
since his retirement from ofdee. This,
coupled with the fact that so many dis
tinguished Democrats whose views on silver
and other questlors have been radically op
posed to each othr, are tc bo present. Is
pointed out as ou ev.dsnc? that the occasion
of tho opening of the club means a direct
effort to harmqnlze various discordant ele
ments of the party.
Xo Strike fan Close "Rosebud''
Shaft at Tamaqua.
Tamarjua. Pa , May 31 Some coal will ba
mined at Tamaq.ua daily, even though the
struggle of th T'niteel Mine Workers
against the operators should continue for
six months. Tho "Rosebud" mine, half
a mile north of town, operated by Christ
& Boyle, will not shut dowy, and. strange
to say. a majority of the mine workers are
In bjmpat: with Its operators. A commu
tes of the United Mine Workers Interviewed
Mr. Christ In refrcEco to a suspension of
operations and was politely told by Mr
Cl.ritt that the colliery would continue to
run. ,
.Mr Christ said: '
"W have no railTad communlcallon. the
Fchuv lklll River dividing us from the Read
ing Railway. All tho coal we can mlno is
for private consumption. For three yean
wo hnve been running In debt. We crniM
strike no coal, and ever; thing seemed to
be working against w Now we have cnal
and can supply a portion of tho town trade.
We havo no facilities to ship a. pound of
coal nnd we should not be molested."
Over three jears ago Cnnt & .Boyle be
gan prospecting for coal. Boyle, being a
practical miner, did the excavating, while
Christ, who is a carpenter, did tho outside
work, and at the sami time worked on the
construction of a mlniiture breaker. The
men worked day aud ntsht, and the best
they could do was to go in debt. Fmally
thelr water pipes g.v.e out and their cour
SRe failed them Ebylo then said: "Lets
toss a coin. Heads we continue; talis we
quit." Heads It came. They "borrowed
more money, and continued replug away.
Just a short time ago they struck coal In
paying quantities. Tc-day. with their backs
baddlcd witli obligations, they are in a po
sition to mako money without aiding other
operators, and they consider it an injustloe
to be asked to susrerd
n-co ts
O .UD 131) LIVES AnE I.OiT.
O Constantmoplc, May 31 A tcrriHc
O storm has swept over the-Black Sa,
causing great damage to shipping
r and heavy loss of life.
O Thirty vessels were wrecked and It
Is estimated that'll lives were lost.
H G. Adrian, assistant at Holy Trinity
Church, has been mode pastor of the
church at Shelblna. Mo. It will be part of
his new duties to aftend Hunnejvllle, Xa
kenan and Clarence. Th Reverend Jowph
Breus?. assistant at St. Peter's Church,
St Charles, assumes charge of St. Martin's
Ciiurch. Ozora. Thl change is made nec
essary by the ill health of Father M. J.
Bahr, who will Shortly depart for Europe.
Louis Germ in Trotestant Orphans Aid So
cletv (St. Charles Rock road) will meet at
room 500 Imperial building, soutlfast cor
ner Tenth and Pine streets, Tuesday even
ing, at 8.
inventory of the estate of Louis Sehloss
stoin. filed "Jn.ptobate jesterday. describes
twenty-two parcels of St Louis real es
tate about S'l.tv) acres of land In Tennessee
ard a personal estate of $5J3,CS?.75.
annual concert of the Missouri School for
the Blind will bo held at Union M. E.
Church, Garrison and Lucas avenues. Tues
day evening, June 3. beginning at 8 o'clock.
The prcgrammo lrcludes music selection
by pupils, many of whom have displayed
much talent,
FEAR FOCL PI, VI Frank Poeolce,
21 jears old. of No. 1022 NiMth High street.
N missing from home. When he left home.
Friday moming, he bad ?C00 In his pockets
Hrd his family fears that he rniy havo
fallen a victim of foul play. The police have
been asked to locate him.
I drink as the fates ordain it.
Come, fill It, and have done with rhymes;
Fill up the lonely glass, ond drain It
In memory of dear old times.
William Makepeace Thackeray.
Let us have wine and women, mirth and
Sermons and soda water the day after.
"ipon Juan," Lord Byron.
Were't the last drop In the well.
As I gasped upon the brink.
Ere my fainting spirit fell,
'Tls to thee that I would drink.
Lord Byron to Thomas Moore.
Then fill the bowl away with the gloom!
Our joys shall always last:
Tor hope will brighten days to come.
And memory gild the past!
Thomas Moore.
Drink to me only with thine eyes.
And I will pledge with mine;
Or leave a kiss but in the cup.
And I'll not look for wine.
The thirst that from the soul doth rtsa
Doth ask a drink divine:
But might I of Jove's nectar sup.
I would not change from thine.
From "Celia," Ben Jonson.
Racliael Acton In St. Lonls.
Rachel Acton, a St. Louis girl, who has
Just graduated from the Frohman school
of acting in New York, appeared at the
Olympic Theater Friday nignt. Assisted by
Hugo Goldsmith, also of St. Louis, she
gave the short plays, "Mexico" and "In the
Queen's Service." A great number of the
friends of the young entertainers were pres
ent. Miss Acton won favor by her charac
teriiatlon of a difficult emotional part in
"Mexlcct," Her accent, too. wag uncommon
ly good as Malka Vaidemlr In the English
drama. Tn tho. Queen's Service." Mr, Gold
mUh Dleasest as Cantata Standlsh;
il2i-il23-ll25 .K ON OLIVE Sfl
&LiVE,s!iii f M
S 3 COMPLETE FOR . . . $ff I
jtrs. a ' b.
On terms that are sure to please you only
$10.00 Cash and Balance $2.00 a Week.
This great offer continues to meet with a rousing, enthusiastic response. We
can't begin to tell you how many outfits we've sold since the season began.
Seems as if everybody naturally turned to The People's for their home
furnishings. There's a logical reason for this remarkable business. People wouldn't be
coming here so steadily if they didn't KNOW they could do better here
than anywhere else. The more they ltxk around the more they compare
prices the more they are convinced that their best interests are served by
buying at The People's.
Let us show you this three-room outfit which we offer at $97. You'll be sur
prised to see how thoroughly complete it is. All the furniture, carpets,
curtains, rugs and stoves are included. Nothing is omitted.
Jurie brides who want to start housekeeping those who like to buy prudently
and with an eye to
IsRooeiat MOI.WS
IIP j& 43 ID0LL1
The People's. B1S S Heart? IIrtf aVial V b tj 8
Major Berthelot Slips on Polished
Floor in Residence of Navy
Yard Commandant.
Boston, May SI. A mishap befell a mem
ber of the Itochambeau mission here to
day, when Major Barthelot. the aide-decamp
to General Brugere, sustained a frac
ture of the left leg.
The accident occurred at the navy yard
at Charlestown, whsre Major Berthelot
with Vice Admiral Fournler and staff went
to Inspect the buildings, equipment and
While passing from the hall of the com
mandant's house Into the reception room.
Major Berthelot slipped over a rug on tho
polished hardnood floor and fell. lie was
unhblo to rise nnd had to be assisted to a
Doctors, hastily summoned, found that
one of the bones of the 'left leg had been
As soon as possible the Injured officer waa
taken to the French battleship G-iulola,
where the ship's surgeon attended him.
The- accident caused some confusion ana
brought the visit to the navy yard to an
end. Admiral l'ournler and staff had pre
viously been received with full honors by
Admiral Johnson.
1'cnslonn for Sonthwesterners.
Rnrccuc SPECIAL.
granted to bouthw estemers as follows:
Mls.ourl-"Jsiie3 M. Xtciurus. QC3U, .vtMas t.l,
112: Clemens HledDeck. Sc LouLJ. s; tVm. If.
leer. AHileton City, ; Anderson Emfth. Louisi
ana, S: Vajidllon I. Howard. CnuvesTllJe. 1;
Lemuel Hartrave. Chluicoihe. lit: French P.
JlmJ. Appleton City, SJ; ArJrew Goans. Leb
anon. J!I. Homer T. Burrls, Clinton. W: Mlcbael
Cunalrcbara. fct. Louis. 110; Georgs Baettncr. t.
Louis. M; Joseph II. VaaHorn,- Columbia, III):
Patrick c-onlin, St. Louis. IS; Warren Mason,
tprlngrlela. t: -lorri Brand. Osacs Bluff. SI:
Vvrs. H. WWl. KADOK8, w; EKieiion i. nccvei,
Seialla. JM; George W. Granger, Licking, SO;
Isaac B. carter. Gill. IIS: Wra. IL TocM. New-
Bowllnjc. Lebanon. SI; Anton Edlcr. St. Louis,
S12: wm. CJ. Kennedy, siocxepa. iiv; laomu
M. Helm. Mllford. Ill: Mary Verholt. Rhlntlaafl.
SS, Mary Klna.ey. WUcoi. S12: minors of Andrew
w Jing:. ianaas uity, u; nuusuuu- uuu
Is " ' III .SS
. T tffl
aCHHSSP'aff'SalBalaaaHaHalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaHlsHiBa h JflB
L ' 1' J x, L , ?J1IW Ulli'iii'i " i iWi " I " I P fit ' ' I i!1 1
Wmik MraHS FOR SKIN diseases AND Wf i
mtmmmWgmmv&ia!ii jOKBiaEyv a EsiiiiuiuiRm DABi-e mm
ifeSvlBKtev. mmV&tezJ&mm5v fJ6 Kv -Ot No matter of how long stancUrjorfroeVsail
PvjSfra-J IK7 JaaCBa1aTaMWfSfeW-3J43tW.TTfVjy 47 Ws em what nnw Truin XtTT-r fJS
Smi?mWjmwmmSsS?&!S&. f3r at home. Advice free. iiidVnfwSSt. H
mwM9mmmtmmmmm,, Carpathian med. co.u.t i
economy will welcome this opportunity with open arms.
- MK. -"it tffP NJ eTBBB T ArraneeTonrowa
S' Iwls. SS: Martha J. Bstfs. ClvU Bend. SS:
Ida BrenajnaD. Srrlsgrleld. S3: Mary Moustr.
Alhanc. ii: Amelia L. Drake, St. Louis. S3:
Lovlca 2. Kobblas, Wellnlllt. IS: Elizabeth
Stroat, t. Louis. S3; Amanda J. Frybarrer, Kan
sas city. S3: Krnma. Otte. Dunlcsburr. S; Susan
E. Bjrkhalter. Jrplln. SS; Sarab Lee, St. Joe.
Si: Sarah Zeck. Olden. SJ.
Arkansas Spencer. Hajl. Forest City. St:
Thomas A. Carson, Fayettevllle. S12: Thomas
Hut "to. Omaba. SS: Frank Williams. Newport.
SI; Jobn P. oumans. LntivIIle. 110: Anna Harp.
I Illinois James McBreaty, Daytcn, SS; Richard
A. Jonoson. Woodstock. S: Edward Flcge. C3
lurat.lt. ss; Dayld J. Crer. Ellin. SI: Cnarles
M. Crawford. Itoekton. Jt: William R. Wbeeler.
Petersburg. IS: John Isate. Bloomlngton. S19;
Louis Houck. Decatur. SI: Robert Bprlght. NI1
wcod. SS: Silas P. Ralner. LovlEttoa, S10: James
C purclfull. DanTers. U: Lswson 8. KUborn.
MontlclIo. SI: James Kellsr. 8oldIsrs Home.
DamlUe. SS; Robert Field. BIoomLnctnn. S3; tvil
llsm II. IL Krsldl-r. Warrensbarg. SU: Gailrord
D. Elder, Bloonusgton. ii: Elmer U. Keot,
Morn Ills. S1Z; PbirTp R. Cox. Modesto. SID; Jo
seph Rumelb Vancsis. Stt; John H. Monk, El
gin. Sit; William M. Gordon. Mlnonk. 33: Elliott
Baker. Plttfleld. Sill: William M Alkra. Mar
physboro, S3: William Jenkins. Chllllcothe. SC:
Levi A. Stark. National -Home, Canvtll. SS;
FJlia J. Mitchell, Pcnttac. S3; Florence Poole.
C Maniey. Raaisey. S3: Nancy Sammors. Cortntb,
IJ: Mary WHDur. HsjnUton. S3; Mary V. Ra-n-
' sey. Byerton, SJ; Albert Shortsss. PUllvan. S3:
' Martha M. Mcstgomery, Marlon. S3: Elisabeth
Staples. SbawntMown. ss: Eleanor Vandswarker.
BeUlelere. SIS; Marts, Stebblns. Aurora, ill;
Mary C. Davenport. Springfield. S3; minora of
nenrr zscrDtnco. iiignwooa, s:i; axaruia, J. An
derson. Ocoya, S1J.
Indians rerry Gessells. Tent. SS: William S.
Ftrree. Dogwood, S3; Hiram Rlchcreek Warsaw.
g; Samuel H. Stuckey, Petersliurs, S10; James
ush. Indianapolis. SI I: Joseph Miller, Elkhart.
tit: Clinton T. M. Troisl. Frankfort, SIT: Al
ander Lotus. JetTersonvdis. 312; Noah G. Suther
land. Washington. SI; Charles Gulamlre, Elk
hart, SI If; Johnson Rice. New Albany. SI: Isaac
B. Dunn. Washrnjton. Sli; Hugh Fields. MItchall.
JIT: George W. Kolwes. Indumapolls. JU: Isa
bella Lots. Oseood. S12: Nancy R. Landermllk.
Mooney, S3: Anns. E. Irwin, Lngansport, S3;
Jane W. PbotmakT. Carksvillo. $13: llarrlet J.
Hearse. Indianapolis. SIS: Magdeleis. Tochum,
Vlncnnes, SIS: Slary J. Cmrtslock. sTancesvlil,
S3; Violet L. Gibson. Logansport. S3: Ruth Run
yon, fihelbyvillf. : Esther W. Hand, Indianapo
lis. S13: Mary A. Kill in, ottrrUln. SI: Sarah A.
Cotton. Walkerton, SU: Sarah A. Henry, darks
Hill. Sis.
Indian Territory John Cuslc Weer. IB;
Adolphus A. Pearson. Comancbe, S3; Cnarlss J.
8hallenberr.r. Marietta. S3.
Karsas Chester D. Goff. Fort Doles, v.; Mark
A. Richardson. Savonburg. 310: Hugh A. Bah
enck. Hutchfnson. S17; James Christmas. Galena,
g: Oliver N. Cartsr. Fulton. S19: AIIn Hadler.
ellevllle. S3; William Newman. Wichita, S3;
Alsxander C Whltloek. Kansas aty, Slfl: Natley
Osborn. Xsnta. XV): William F-caeel ArtspK til:
Major W. Epencer. Columbus. ; John 17. Bnoon
Ter. Haven. SIS; James Broornflsld. Ottawa. SIS:
John If. Cooper. Gralnfield. S17; William Rsnkln.
Pollard. SIS: Abram O. KIndr. National Horn.
Loaremrorth, S30: Etlza R. Fleury, Concordia.
S3; Bally M. Converse, Kansas City, S3; Mary Y.
Simons, Fort Scott. S3: E!In Lemfcke. Scandls,
S3: Mary J. Albro, Junction City. SS; Eraroa For.
Topeka, S3; Phoebe Pike. Columbus. S3: Sarah
Benton. St. John. S13: Melissa J. Mlddletera. Ox
Soro. S3: Nancy E. Riley, Wellrnrton. S3; Mary
A. Evans. Cimarron. S3; Mallnda Hutton, Scotts
Tllls. S3: tnnnla Kltzrahler. Highland. S3: Ellza
rxth u. Deemsr. Ottawa. SIS; minor of Edgar
N. LockwooiLAmeTlcna. SIS.
Oklahoma William, T. Moictots. McLond. HT;
" .. k j&
WILL 00.
l&ts&s S terms of payment.
John Wearer. Newkirtc. S: LIsiI MeMnrry,
Butte. SS.
Texas Thomas O.
Roberts. ICirr. SS: Joha Pa-
den. Houstdn. SS: JossDh Lee.
en. leaiutrin. X.5 Iunh T. wnlf. rst- ,
Michael Gorman. Lockhart- 'S3: Theodon."'W.
; Theodor
Gates, El Paso. SIS; Tyrrssa El Cocrsi, Qrsxd
Muae; iapnenua, 7. v. iusg. seguis, as.
STenr Domestio lloarr Order
Washington, May M. Th Poet Office 3e
I partment to-day Issued a list ot domestia
money-order offices to be established July
l ine loiiowing aoutnwestern oaceg are
among ttem: , ...
Missouri Adair. Akren. Amos. Anglum. Anna
da, Antcnla. Arley, Arnica. Bamett, Beaufort.
Belgliue. Ball Air. Bellamy. Hellefcntame. Ben-
Jamln. Berrrman. Bathpage. Beulah. Black Jack,
Hack Wanrat. Bloomtngton. Boles, Bnmds,
Brooklyn. Brunnr. Bryant. Bockhart, Burford-
vUle, Burnham. Byraesvilie, Byion. Cagls, Car-
rlntton. Casco. Cedar Creek. Cedar HnVCSrauc
LereL Chambershunr. Chamnioa City, C&nonU.
Chapel lull. Cberrybox. Conraa, Crosno, Cress
town. Dickens. Durhanj, Dutchtown. Kirlire,
Falrdeallnc. Falrharen. Faucett, Femrlcge.1 Fr
sr. Frultland. Goodman. Gos Grayson. GtunboJ
Hamburr. Hams Prairie. Hancock. Hardeman.
Holt's Summit. Horton. Hunter. IeenlmrJ. Jake
Prairie Klnloch. Lentner. Lerasr, Lohnian. Mc
GlTk. Mora. Northrlew, Oak H11L PattocTUle,
Arkansas. Friendship, initio's. Knlxe Indian
iwruoTT. jonnson: ttansas Banner. Bethel, Dar.
low. Ltebentaa:: Oklahoma GosntU, Lon Wolf,
homa Gosneii, Loao Wolf, j
XaIonaI Bank for Jrurper, Sfa.
Washington. May a. The Comptroller of.
the Currency to-day approved an application
to organize tho First National Bank ot
Jasper. Mo., with a capital of C5.000. Tho
organizers are B. A. Gooding. Jasper: Mont.
Fairfield. A. H. Joyce, William Beaty,
Georya W. Ball and others.
The designation of the National Basic of
Commerce of St. Louis as reserve agent
for the First "National Bank of Jefferson.
City, Mo., and the Tootle-Lcmor National
Bank of St. Joseph as reserve agent for. tho
First National Bank of Taxklo, Me., was
Increase for Western Fostmuurter.
Washington. May 31. In the PtmnM re
adjustment of Postmasters? salaries,1 In
creases or from iuq to saw Have been grant-
ea me following omces: ,
Indian Territory Ada, O.405: EufaoIa..E. i
3C0: Marietta, S1.10O; Okmulree. JUffl; Co
manche. J1400: Holdenvllle, &.CC0; MarloW,
IL3C0; Sapulpa. JLBOO, ,
Oklahoma Geary. SXCOO: CordelU- SX90;
Lexington. SL290; Mountalnvlew, JL560;
Okarche, H.H: Watonga, JL0l
Texas Stamford. 0.600; Sweetwater, tt- ;
200; Tlmpson. S150O.
Wont Recetver Appointed.
Peter and Kate Charleston yesterday aj;
plied to Judge McBlhlnney of the Clayton.
Circuit Court for the appointment of a-re-
celver to take charge of the Streets of
Cairo and Turkish Theater at the Delmar
Judge McElhlnney ordered the' drfsnttant
to appear In court June E and show 'cruise..
why the petition should not be granted. - s
,aa'JafclK: F -PvrOaai
OAees. flff
3-zJL -fi? 1
& "2 r- rJM
lUi- -
.z:. jrj " is
m Ml
' & X I
f I
.TaL I i
. . l -?A -. . - ,
- e--jXr.wt6f.airT (r. texK.r&.r,s: .-.,-.&.
strfag-''.mAtvra--r- w.- si
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