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Sunday, June 8,
Jo Me ramc ana Oasvmde HI r (Wilis reports
HopfiUf St ai ta i m -ui.i.,n, Uourbon
Ijeahurc v . -. T z ( !c! Sal in
bt James l"iia A-..n,in n .fAmirjr anJ JeruTir
ROUND TRIP RATES, 75c to $1.50.
TIUJN JjI;I:h S W a. m. Returning, ar
rives 10.00 p m. btov both w a a at Tower
TICKETS Eighth aid OIhe street. Tower
Groie and Lnlon Siatltn.
St. Louis Clearings .47,i."(:;,43!l, an
Inu'LiiM; of J.G For Cent.
Ken- York. Mav SL The follow Ing tabic,
compiled b BmdMreet. thows the bank
clearings at tlie principal cities for the
week ended Ma 19, with the percentage of
increase and decrease) as compared with the
corresponding week last jcar.
Ine Dec.
Nra York $L2B.s:i.7r Si 1
Chicago 15161.4r3 21 s ....
Ho't m 321.122,751 IT 3 ....
Philadelphia lll,76:.: 41 t ....
bt Irtlta 47 23.439 3SS ....
J'lttsburi, 4aiD.W. 2)1 .. .
Baltimore 2) 61. ill S ....
fcan Francisco 23 fOl 332 2- 7 ....
inclm-tl I4I2 0 M
Ksn-as iTly 1..17MM 11 4 ....
Cleveland U.V60 h7 4)1 ....
Mlnnesiiolls I'MM MJ
New ( 'rl.ans ll.f-4 Z-2 1S.0 ....
Dftrolt e.W.'xi 22 5 ....
Louisville !.70S,62l IS ....
Indlana;io:ls S 322.17S 7 1 ....
Providence C.V 7 0 rs 1 ....
Omaha 6'.3S3 33 1
Milwaukee knw.Mt 19 t ....
Buffalo S241-..S) ID ....
ft. I'aul 4S34.7U :2 0
St. Joseph 4 2X1 4X 2 5
Denier 3.7.r77 5) 7 ....
r chniond 3 77j.JIS 45 4 .. .
Savannah 2,IS,6W 6 1
bait Lake City I.s33.4'i7 41 t ....
Albany 3.713 614 45 4 ....
l.l ATOlrs 4 733 413 IK 3 ....
Memphis 3 015.6,1 14 5
Fort Worth S 311.344 .. 14 5
Seattle 3'.70M2 42 1 ....
Washington 3 337,(71 &" 7 ....
Hartford : 201.TO 2 3 ....
Peoria 2 2-VM 15 6 ....
Toledo 3 375.HC 314 ....
TortUn-t. Ore I.S3s,e7 CS 4 ....
Ilochester 2 UK K3 15 8 ....
Atlanta 1.313.M2 27 2
Des Mnlncs 2 041.315 47 4 ....
New Haen 1 47'W W 9 ....
Worcester 1 370 icl 11.4
Kafhililc 1.C24.1C7 416
Frnnsflcld, Mass 1.331.S43 2 1 ...
Norfolk 1.215.VM .. . 2.9
Grand Rapids 1 072,343 6 9
Scranton 1 410 7IS 25 9 ....
Portland. Me 1 137.3?! 2 0
Sioux City 1.341.3K2 45 5 . .
AvKtt'tSL 827,')7 5 3
Srracure .. 1075,337 70 0 ....
Dayton. 0 1 3m 33-1 fil 7 ....
Tacoma. 1.37fuSl : 3 ....
Spokane 1.519.92$ .i ...
Toika 1 C21.6&1 I
Pavenport 739.S1S S 5 ....
"vvnmlnrton. Del i.nviMl Cl.2 ....
Bvansillle J 255.91S 3C o
Birmingham l,:r 1 12 2 ....
Fall IlHer .. 705 9)3 44 9 ....
llacon f27.00O It, S M
Little Itock 6VS31? 4S 8
Helera 450 31 'i 3 3 ....
KnoxvlIIe 717.9V) 40 8 ....
Lowell 424 3J
Akron - M5.7") SS 4 ....
Wichita 4S4KH 1.1
Sprlncfleld. Ill tVft.Jlt 36 2
Lexlnpton 4 62 2,! ....
New Bedford 413 475 CI.3 ....
Chattanooca ..- Ml 911 4S.. ....
YounK'town 5e1.705 0 4 ....
Kalamazoo 4SVS2 ol.4 ....
Farro 23;v 23 4 ....
JllERhamton 304.8)0 7
Ilockford 411 C3S 35 I . .
Canton .3 5
Jacksonville. Kla 343.92j . 4 1
Eprlngfleld. O 332 02 35 5
Chester 34121) CI J ....
Qulncy a22S
Bloomlmrton rTS 1? 7
Hour Fall. 2jr-;3J 30 1 ..
Jackson llio. Ill ICC-'t 719 ....
Fremont - Jl'-fii 7?;
tuouiton - lornm 417 ....
IGalveston C.0400H) 107 .
tColumlius, O '! 5O0 31; ....
IWbeell-c W3 U2 8 .
tWHkesbarre ... Jz-liS
Decatur - fS-H-i
Last week gM.07 .... ....
Total.. Vnlted States..J2.W7.49e.ll 21 2 ....
Outside New York 743.661.413 K.5 ..
Montreal '--SJHS H
Toronto - JJ-'-JS Si I
Wlnnlpcc Hi?S5 r'! .;;
Halifax -. - SJ;?: aJ I
Vancouver. B C - .-".Ml .... 1 0
Hamilton - "Hv; :;; 6-
Bt. Jchn'N n f9254 H.l .
Victoria. B. C ?; " - " J
luebo -l$ "" -1
Ottawa . . l.o3. .01 . -
Totals. Canada .W'.a-C241 43 6 ....
-tNot Included In totals becau- conUInlns
other Items than clearings
Last week's total . ,
tNo' Included In totals because of no compari
son for last year.
Kansas Citj- Youth Takes First
Ilonors in Thesis Writing.
Columbia, SIo.. 3Iay 31 -Dean Alexander
Martin, of the Law Department of the Unl
versity of Missouri, has officially announced
that first prize in thesis writing has been
avanlcd to Walter L. Chaney of Kansas
City. The prize Is a set of the American
Law Kncjclopedla vijlued at TO.
Bach yea' this Is offered for the best
essay upon a subject annually announced by
the law faculty and the contest Is open only
to members of the senior class of the de
partment. The subject written upon was:
The liability of persons who are at tho
same time Jointly and severally liable ex
contracto." The Judges were. b. L. Scho
lleld, ThomaB IL Bacon and W. H. Boul
ware of Pike County. The theme Is espe
cially difficult and In submitting their de
cision the Judges were highly appreciative
of the meritorious labor shown in the tlu
lshed productions.
Mr. Chaney was born In Nevada. Mo., but
at an early age moved to Kansas City
where he attended tho graded schools and
later graduated at the Varrensburg Nor
mal. During his two jears In Columbia he
i has been student assistant In the local onlce
of the United States AVeather Bureau, a po
sition requiring four hojra of his time dally,
thus showing the 3tuff he is mado of. He
was also president of the senior law class.
"Woninn Grow Tired of Life.
Mattoon, III., May 3L Mrs. Anna Mertz.
widow of Captain Charles Mertz. commit
ted sulcldo to-day, leaving a letter to her
children, statins; that she -wished to die.
Iianl of Holcomb Chartered.
Jefferson City, Mo., May 3L Secretary of
State Sam B. Cook to-day chartered tho
Bonk of Holcomb of Dunklin County with
a capital stock of J10.00D. The bank Is In
corporated by J. P. Tribble, J. M. Douglass,
J. B. Blakemore and others.
Heating and Ventilating Company filed ar
ticles of Incorporation yesterday. Capital,
J10.000, all paid. Stockholders: Sarah Ryan,
William M. Stanton and James D. Ryan.
Philip aruner & Bros. Lumber Company
ysstcrday filed a certificate of decrease, of
capital from J150.000 to J100.000: assets. J3X6.
S1C54, and liabilities, J30.W5.03.
1 1 Hi It RETURN
Tickets en sale June E. 6. 8, 9. Return
limit. July 2.
Lt. St. Locls..S-J0 a. m., 12 noon, 8 05 p m.
Ar Santotni..l25pm.. p.m.. 8:60 a.nt.
Ticket Office. Broadway and Chestnut,
C. L. HTIJ.WHY. A. a P. A..
St. Louis.
IMans for 00,000 Structure in
King's Highway Are Be
ing Drawn.
Family Hotel and Ajiartinent
House to He JJuilt in West
Pine IJoulevaul Keally
Plans are being drawn for a seen-torj
family hotel to cot about J3WW). at the
northeast corner of Klng"s highway and
Washington boulc.irtl Contractors ire
now figuring upon the work, but the ar
rangements hae not progressed far enough
to authorize a definite announcement.
It is stated. howecr. that the syndicate
bihind the cnterprtec has fully detcrminci
to construct a handsome hotel on the lot
indicated, and the papers are expected to
pass this week.
This is the first authentic response to the
demand recentl) expressed b w ell-po''cl1
real estate agents for more hotels om ers
of the Mercantile Trust, tne Mississippi
Valley Trust and the Lincoln Trust hae
placed themsehts on record as appmWng
the construction of more hotels, properlj
located, and built under sound business con
ditions. Daid r. Leah of the Lincoln Trust said
ic.su.rda that he could not understand whj
imestors haie overlookid or delajtd the
construction of several lirst-clats boteli,
downtown and in the West i:nd. That tni.
arc needid Is not questioned The tame
opinion was expressed bj IJIackwelder-Hol-brook,
Nlcholls-Rlttcr and other prominent
firms on "tin. street." While they adiccate
the building of a few good hotels, all of
them insist that great c-ire and judgment
should be exercised in the s-electlon of tltes
and plans.
"We do not want any temporary eje
sores." said Mr Holbrook "Mushroom
houses In the neighborhood of the World s
Fair grounds should be discouraged Upon
a normal basis St. Louis his need of mnre
hotels aPd the should be of the right
Few I.nrfi) Deal..
Last week's transactions in rcalt were
devoid of large deals Tne olume of sales,
however, maintained an average, and in the
main they were of residence propert. Onlj
a few deeds for stores and factor sites
were recorded. Special ac'iUty was noted
In the suburban division, where building
contractors are now finding most of their
A trip on any street car line through the
suburbs will convince a pessimist that St,
Louis Is spreading out at a rate never
equaled before And the cause of these
building extensions is found in the fact that
desirable residences anil fiats ire ill taker.
The renting lists at the agencies continue
at a" low ebb, the demand exceeding the
St. I.i.niH StnrN Nptt Home.
The St, Louis Star has acquired the north
west corner of Twelfth and Olive streets as
the site for a future home, and propeses
within a short time to put up a hnndsome
building to be used by it as a publication
office. The growth of the paper, shown hy
a steadv increase In ever department, has
made enlargement ahsolutel necessar. The
present extensive quarters of the paper are
at Ninth and Olive streets, to which it
moved In April, 1SDJ. The management be
lieves that vlth the advent of tho new Post
Office on Seventeenth street, the half-mll-Hon
C-irnegle library on the site of the pres
ent Exposition, and with the active demand
for Twelfth street property. In the course
of a ear or two. Twcltth stret will be oie
of the greatest business thoroughfares of
St, Louis.
The property selected by the Star Is re
garded as admirably adapted for newspaper
purposes. The lot has. a frontage of 79 feet
on Twelfth street, with a depth of 100 feet
on Olive street, running to a wide alley.
Mrs Nancy L. Johnson, wife of Doctor
B. Johnon. Is the owner of the property,
and negotiations have been conducted for
several months past b the Star with
Thomas G Rutledge. representing Mrs.
Johnson, for the purchase of the property.
Mrs. Johnson could not be induced to sell
and declined all offers, but finally consented
to enter Into a ninety-nine- enr leaop with
the Star to erect a building that will be a
credit to the city.
HandHomc Famllj Hotel Plnnne'I.
Qn West Pine boulevard, north side be
tween King's highway and Euclid avenue,
J. W. Thompson will erect a handsome ho
tel and apartment house to cost about J200.
C00 The building will be four stories and
equipped In the latest style.
Plans are being prepared by Barnett.
Haynes & Barnett, who state that when
completed there will no be a handsomer
hotel or family apartment house of Its size
In America. The exterior will bo of stone
and the Interior finishings of hardwood
throughout. All the conveniences known to
modern architecture will be Installed The
hotel will be known as the Imperial.
Slerrnntllc Trust Compan).
The Mercantile Trust Compan report
that notwithstanding tho interruption of
Decoration Day holiday, this week has been
a satlsfactor one In their real estate de
partment. Inquiries continuing numerous,
with a n.ore evident disposition on the part
of purchasers to close their pending deals.
The recent developments In financial and
railroad circles make it apparent to in
vestors that St. Louis Is destined to grow
very rapidly, and that well-located real es
tato will greatl Increase in value.
They report the sale of premises No 2215
Locust street, a large three-storv brick
residence, erected on lot 69x153 Thlg lot Is
a short dlstanco west of Twenty-second
street and runs through to Lucas, on which
lt also fronts sixty-nine feet. The property
is known as the "Dwlght Collier Mansion,"
and when "Lucas Place" was the aristo
cratic residence street It was regarded as
one of the handsomest homes In St. Louis.
It was sold for the account of Judgo Amos
M. Thaer, who represented the legatees of
the late Samuel Simmons, for S15C00. and
was purchased by Thomas F. Harden, pres
ident of the Hayden Slate Company The
property Is fairly rented, and Mr. Ha den
fmrchases as an Investment, with a view
ater on of adapting It for business purposes
to meet the enlarged demand for business
houses In the district east of Jefferson ave
nue. This company also reports propositions
pending for a large corner In the downtown
district, the final closing of which will bo
delayed until the early part of next week,
the prospective purchaser being a gentle
man who has operated most successfully In
real estate, and Is enlarging his holdings,
anticipating a general advance in realty
values In the business district.
Also No. 6190 Bartmer avenue, a modern
nine-room brick house, erected on lot 60x
147, sold for the account of Judge M. Gil
s'nn for $3,500, the purchaser being James
ForTcstell, who bought for a home.
They also report the sale of two stores
on Main street near Market, papers for"
which have not et been passed.
Also No. 2S37 Lucas avenue, a three-story
bouse of ten rooms, erected on lot 32x115.
sold for tho account of Mrs. E B. Rodgers,
for the sum of $3,050. the purchaser being
Joseph Byrne, who was represented in the
transaction bv Moffet & Franclscus.
Also No. 1144 Aubert avenue, a modern
two-story brick house of eight rooms, erect
ed on lot 25x107 feet, sold for the account
of Louis A. Bosso for S1.S30 cash, the pur
chaser being Mrs. Lydla C. Perrlnger, who
benight for a home.
The Mercant'le Trust Company report
that the inquiry resardlng Compton
Heights, following last Sunday s advertise
ments, has been very marked. The ground
embraces about 1S5 resldenca lot.", covered
with shade trees and rare shrubbery
Also Nos. 110? and 1470 Union boulevard, a
modern two-story building arranged In fiats
of tour and live rooms each, sold for the
account of Joel Swope Estate, for $4,000
cash. The property rents for $480 a year,
and was purchased by Walter Welnstock
as an investment.
The Mercantila Trust Company also re
port negotiations pending In relation to the
erection of another building In ie district
between Market street and the Cupples
Group, plans being now in the hands of a
prospective tenant, and work will likely
begin on the building very shortly. The de
mand for modern buildings to succeed the
old tumble-down structures In this district.
is sufflcfent to warrant the Mercantile Trust
Company in advising their clients to e.-ect
modern bulldlnga with the assurance that
they will secure tenants on a basis to form
satisfactory Investments.
This company also report that Interest
In "Greenwood" continues, and that many
of the parties to whom they are s'lllng
lota are friends of those who have previ-
-5j Tfe4SjjflpfRft!r I 7T AlW PS.TJ bsjlj jjB B
m j ii
ft in
onIv totight. all of which proves the gen
uine merit of the lots
They sold i, ts In l..-t wek the following:
Alfrcsl C Marsh. GO feet on Manhattan
avenue. $235
Henry Blomenkamp. GO feet on Esplanade
street, $209
Matilda French, GO feet on Oxford ave
nue. $270.
George W. Wfaver, GO feet on Oxford ave
nue, $235.
Gustav A Jaeger, 120 feet on Manhattan
avenue, $VX.
David R. Baker. 60 feet on Common
wealth avenue: $33.1
William J McFarlane. corner Tennson
sauare and Inlanad avenu : $155
Sam G Stahlhuth, 60 feet on Manhattan
avenue; $235.
J II Jennemann, 60 feet on Common
wealth avenue: $300
Mirinnne Levin, 60 feet on Oxford ave
nue; $335.
Clara Jones, SI feet on Canterbur ave
nue, $135.
W. II. Lewis. GO feet on Commonwealth
avenue, $335.
ViMlam E Thompson, 60 feet on Byron
place; $135.
Abe Fchwartzman, GO feet on Oxford ave
nue, $335
Louis Strothkamp, GO feet on Canterbury
avmut, SIG0.
Real Estate IlxililliiKe otox.
Clnrles F Vogel. Special Commissioner,
sold at tho Real Estate Exchange ester
day property in cit block No 3t77S. being
a lot 25x132 feet, and Known as No 4237 St
Ferdinand avenue, to Henry It. Holtzman
for $1 100 c.Th
The transfers f r th month of May. up
to and inclndlrc the 23th Inst . amount in
volume to $1,03''.S33. There were 834 conve
ances fild, amounting to the above. There
were 711 deeds of trut filed, amounting to
fieiirKe 1'. IlcrKfriil.
The George F Brrcfeld Reilty Compiny
reports the silo of No 5131 Morgan street.
with lot 33 feet 4 Inches b 170 feet, from
the Gladstone Invtstmcnt Companj to Mrs.
Charles II Neun. This is one of six ten
room dwellings Jurt built bv this company
and placed on the market It Is finished in
hardwood. Ins hot water heat, slate roof,
tile bathroom, and Is modern and first-class
In every particular
Chnrles F. Vosel.
Charles F. Vogel reports the following
No 1724 California aevnue, between La
favctte and Gejer avenues, a two-story
brick dwelling.arranged as two flats of four
rooms and bath each; lot 25x120 feet, for
$4,09); from Mrs. Agnes P. Dressing to
Otto W and Ida Bruehmann, who pur
chased for investment.
No. 4719 South Ninth street, between Itas
ka and De or streets, a two-stor brick
residence, containing five- rooms, hall, bath,
laundry and cellar, lot 50tl3O feet, for $3 -COO,
from Mrs Kate M. Rllliet to Alorzo
and Georgia I. Holllngsworth, who pur
chased for a home.
No 2614 Hickory street, a two-story brick
dwelling containing six rooms and attic,
lot 25x125 feet, for $1,900; from James I
Ryan's trustee, to Edward H. Tisher, who
purchased for investment
No. 433S De Soto avenue, between Carter
and Florissant avenues, a one and one-half-story
three-room brick cottage, with
attic and basement, lot 50x120 feet, for $2,
400; from Edward Ilovvon to George Hubcr,
who purchased for a home.
No 3401 St Vincent avenue, northwest
corner of Louisiana avenue, a one-story
three-room brick house and lot 95xl2S feet,
for $1,900. from German Savings Institu
tion to John S. King, who purchased for
J. M. Levi X. Co.
J. M Levi &. Co. report lithe following
sales for last week J
Sold, for account of the Collins Realty
Company, a lot having a frontage of 150
feet on the north line of Lindell boulevard
by a depth of 200 fet, nnd being 410 feet
east of Sarah street, to Marjorle Fcrgusson
for $10,000. Purchaser will erect three sets
of elegant apartments cf six and eight
rooms each.
Also sold to C II. Harrison No. 5040 Fair
mount avenue, containing two flats of six
and seven rooms, lot 2t'xie3 feet, renting
for $700 a v ear for account of C Charlo. for
$7,000, who bought for an investment.
AIho sold lot 80x213 feet, on the north sld
of West Pine boulevard. 423 feet wet of
Vandcventer avenue, from Meer, Banner-
man &. Co. to A. K. Jlatnias for $7,lw, wno
will Improve at once.
Also sold, for account of Mary A Thurs
ton, residence No 1520 Aubert avenue, eon
talning seven rooms, all modern conveni
ences?, lost 5x150 feet, with large stable,
to Fred T Mann for $4,500. who will make It
hi3 home.
J. M. Levi & Co. also nld a lot 70x155
feet on the north side of Fatrmount ave
nue. 500 feet west of King's highway, from
Edward II Wolff to C Benton for $3.5'i0.
who has started foundations for two fine
fiats of six and seven rooms each
Also sold for account of the Natlcml
Realty Company a lot S6xl70 feet on the
north side of Kensington avenue, 440 feet
west of King's highway, to Martna K. An
derson for $4,000, who will erect two hand
some buildings containing flats of six and
seven rooms.
Also sold for account of a client lot 0x213
feet on the north side of Lindell boulevard,
MO feet west of Boyle avenue, to Jacob
Wunder for $7,500, who Is erecting a three
story apartment building, containing six
apartment of six, seven and eight rooms,
steam heat, janitor service, telephone In
each apartment, oak finish The dining
room will have oak paneled celling Tne
building will be built of white stone and
gray brick.
Also sold to Martha K. Anderson a lot of
60 feet on the north side of WIndemere
place, a beautiful subdivision west of Union
avenue, just south of Cabanne place, from
H. C Jones for $4.0W. Purchaser will im
prove at once with an elegant double resi
dence. This firm also made loans aggregating
$2,650 at 5 and 6 per cent Interest.
Fisher & Co.
Fisher & Co.'s sales were seven In num
ber and aggregated $35,000, as fellows.
No. 37 Vandev enter place: lot 75x149 feet,
a three-story stone building. In the French
Renaissance stle, with fine porch on the
east of Tuscan order. It Is designed In the
best style of street architecture, and Is a
beautiful home It is situated In the most
select part of Vandeventer place, and sur
rounded by expensive homes. The Interior
is finished in hardwood. The first floor has
a large hall In the center with four rooms,
-parlor, library, dining-room, kitchen and
pantry: second floor, Ave elegant bed cham
bers and two bathrooms: third floor, three
bedchambers and bath. etr. Fine brick sta
ble and carriage house. Property ot B. F.
Hobart: sold to Mrs. John E. Liggett for
J31.O0O. Mrs. Liggett will occupy this prop
erty as her future residence. Ilutledge &
Kilpatrlck represented the purchaser In
this transaction. n
Fisher & Co. also sold Nos. 2203, 2205 and
2207 Market, street: lot 00x73 feet: a two
story modern brick building, covering en
tire frontage, which Is divided Into sir
J three-room flats; all supplied with sanitary
Beyond Question
No Limit. No Reserve. Must Be Sold to Close a Corporation. Bargains! These lots are laid out in beautiful
winding streets. Shade trees, rare shrubbery and beautiful lawns abound. Lots vary in size from 25 to 125 feet, and front on
Lots for all classes. Lots of all sizes. Sites for mansions or modest homes.
No One Can Afford to Buy a Home in St. Louis Without Seeing This Property. Go see lots to-day. Auction boards
on each lot. See the beautiful surroundings. Easy terms. Remember the day. "Wait for the sale. Plats giving full particulars
will be mailed to any address.
plumbing The-e flats rnt for $19 each, or
$114 a month Proper! of John Rova of
Cinelnnati. () . sold to John Rossi for $12.
000 Grlllln Red Estate Compan repre
sented the purchaser In this transaction.
Also a corner in South it Louis, three
storv brick building divided Into flits, rent
ing for $220 a monih, sold to Mrs. Pauline
S. Schnll for $IS0iv Full particulars will
be given later.
Fisher .V. Compan also sold No. 3817
"Washington boulevard, a three-story stone
front dwelling, containing fourteen rooms,
modern in ever respect, with lot 50x155
feet, property of Mrs. Penelope A Orrlck,
sold to illiamson Bacon for $11 (
Also house and lot No 41 South Sixteenth
street, two-storv tin room tenement build
ing, owned b Mrs Olivia Woodruff, sold to
Nicholas Pelligreen for $5.(K0 Mr. Pelll
green will make alterations In building and
will usi same for his olllces.
Fisher & Compan also sold No 7119
Emelie -trc.et (Lllendalc). lot 71x172 feet, a
two-stor eight room frame dwelling, beau
tiful shade. Propert of Frederick M. Col
burn, sold to Henr Deahl for $2,230. Mr.
Deahl will oecufc this property as his fu
ture residence
Fisher &. Company also sold on South Sec
ord street, near Park avenue. 144 feci front
for stable purposes. For business reasons
p irties to this transaction desire particulars
withheld at present, price $11,011".
Xlrnrt IllentenK. .Jr.
Henrv Hlemenz, Jr , reports the follow
ing sales
No 2"15-17-19 South Third street, two
thrce-stor brick residences of six rooms
and two two-stor' brick houses In rear,
each four room-, lot 50x114 feet, owned bv
the Franklin Bank, was sold for $4,100 to
Joseph Bvrne. who bought for investment
Nos 3MO-3S12 Botanical avenue. two-tory
briek 10 rooms and attic, for two fnmll
lps. hot and cold water; gas, bath, ce
mented cellar; rent $540. lot 20x127 feet;
owned by the heirs of Julia A. Mepham.
was rold to E P Luecklng for $5,125, who
bought for Investment.
Nos 5316-15A Theodosla avenue, two
storv brick, modern flat, lot 25x125 feet;
owned b Catherine Moore, was sold for
$3 70o to Doctor Joseph P. ritzpairick, who
will occupy It.
Triangle lot on Carter avenue, just eart
of IHrris avenue, fronting 25 feet 8 Inches
on Carter avenue, owned bv German
American Bank, was sold for $250 to Caro
line Justlcs.
Aipll .H Ilpitiinelniann.
The Alple & Hemmelmann Real Estate
Compan report the following sales.
No. 4313 Arco avenue, a one-stor three
room cottage, lot 25xl2S, for $1,825; owned bv
Trank Eickmeier, was sold to George H.
and Drucie Trott.
No 2205 Arsenal street, a two-stor' and
mansard brick dwelling of two flats, four
and six rooms, with all modern conveni
ence", lot 27 t121; owned b C. W. John
son, w as sold to John Fetcrleln for $4 850.
ljit 53xrA on the south side of Dickson
street, seventy-three feet east of Twent
second street, from Monatch Investment
Compan, was sold to Theodore Fehllg for
Nos. 2611, 2637 and 2639 Market street, three
two-story brick houses of six "three-room
flats renting for $672 a jcar. with lot 50x
SL owned b the ArgIe Real Estate and
Investment Compan. was sold to a client
of Slatter & Hauer for $5 000.
Nos 3029 and 3031 Lawton avenue, two
two-story stone fronts, each of eight
rooms, bath, hot and cold water and all
conveniences, renting for $660 a ear lot
S5X123.6, was sold to F. Wlegers for $3,200.
Djns Real Estate Compiiny.
The Das Real Estate Company reports
the sale of a modern eight-room rock-front
residence. No. 5141 Von Versen avenue, lot
25tl50, for $5,600 cash; from A. C Seubert
to F D. Varncy, who wns represented by
Hackman & Co. Mr. Varney bought for a
home lie refused a substantial advanca
over price paid before getting his deed.
rurnltnre Exposition llnildlnar.
The furniture manufacturers' exhibition
building to be erected on the southwest
corner of Fourteenth and Locust streets
by the Western Manufacturers' Building
Compan will be commenced on June 2.
The building will be eight stories, front
ing 155 feet on Fourteenth street. It Is to
be used bv the manufacturers of furniture
and allied lines, as a display room for
showing their goods to retail merchants.
All the St Louis furniture manufacturers
and quite a number ot manufacturers in
Ohio, Indiana. Kentuck. Illinois and Ar
kansas, have secured space, and Manager
II S Tuttle reports that by the time the
building is completed October 1, all the
space will have been leased
.Mcluillx-ltltter Compan).
The Nlcholls-Rlttcr Real and Financial
Company have teen extremely busy during
the entire week. They have succeeded In
closing several deals, some of which cannot
as et be reported One ot their largest
was the propert of the John M Verdln
estate, fronting 244 feet 2' Inches on the
south line of Lindell boulevard, bv 214 feet
deep on the western part of which let Is
situated house No. 4930 Lindell boulevard,
between Euclid and King's highway. This
property was sold to Alonzo Slajback, who
was represented bv fatorm & Parish, for
$53 25). all cash The property hereafter Is
to be divided between two purchasers, one
of whom Is to take the house and 100 feet
an.l the other the vacant ground. The
ground on the east of the house, consisting
of 130 feet, is so restricted that only two
houses to be used as private dwellings can
be built upon it This restriction also ap
plies to the corner of Euclid and Lindell,
100 feet upon which only one house can be
built The house sold by Nicholls Rlttcr has
fifteen rooms, two handsome bathrooms,
lower floor finished In quarter sawed oak.
handsome mantels and Is decorated
throughout. This property Is Immediately
opposite the handsome residence and ground
of John W Kauffman. The house was
built by John M Verdln for his own use,
but was never occupied by him.
NichoIIs-Ritter also report the sale of
three stores ard two flats above, located on
the northwest corner of King's highway
and Suburban Railroad, lot fifty feet on
King's highway by 100 feet deep on Subur
ban Railroad, from Chalon G. Cloud to O.
C. Woodson for $13,000 This property rents
for $150 a month and Is very desirably sit
uated on the corner.ot Suburban road and
King's highway.
They also sold to Mrs. Kate G. Bunch a
six-room brick house, lot twenty-five feet
front by 100 feet deep. No 3319 Kennerly
avenue, for $2,500: property of A, N. Craig.
Mrs. Bunch bought this house for a home.
She had been looking for a gtipd residence"
for some time and finally concluded to set
tle In Chouteau Pl3ce, where all Improve
ments are fully made.
NIcholIs-Rltter also closed some other
sales, particulars of which will be given
next week.
Love Son..
Love & Sons sold, last week as belowr
No. 2332 Arthur avenue, consIsUng of
seven-room brick: modern: on lot 25x140
feet; sold for $2,250 cash; from Davidson
Bros. Improvement Company to John
Senourtalfe; bought fora home.
Also Nos. 6124 and 26 Wells avenue, two
frame houses of live and six rooms each;
Beautiful Residence Lots
Comprising All
at urday, June
the Prettiest Residence Property in St. Louis.
Subdivision Ever Sold at Auction.
on lot 30xlS5 feet; sold for $1,710 cash; from
Raphael Bush of Jefferson County. Mis
souri, to J Clifton, bought for speculation
John DocUprj n Veteran dvertlser.
Evidence of the value of The Republic'"'
advertising columns to real estate men Is
afforded by the record of John Docker &
Son of No 1021 Chestnut street. For more
than twenty-eight ears this firm has
never missed appearing In The Republic
with a Sunday advertisement. Its rent list
Is always in evidence
Mr Dockcrv admitted jesterday that The
Republic Is practically Indispensable to his
business). Ho believes In advertising, and
that his belief Is well founded needs no
substantiation beond the statement that
the firm has prospered and continues to
William A. Rutledse Company.
The William A Rutledge Realty Com
pany sold to Magnus L. Lelley a six-room
brick house. No. 1246 Aubert avenue; lot
80x140. for $4,000 Mr Magnus will occupy
lt as a home The property belonged to tha
William A. Rutledge Realty Company.
Cornet A. Zelblc.
Cornet S. Zleblg report an active week
in ever department- While renting Is not
as active as several weeks ago, still there
Is a good demand for all classes of houses
and flats: they made several Important
le-i-o.s on business property, among the
number being oni for ninety-nine jeara on
a prominent corner opposite Fnlon Station.
The sales for the week were as follows:
Twent-rlve feet on the west side of
Twelfth street, 53 feet north of Chestnut,
from Mrs. R. R Wallace to the Turner
Real Estate Company The purchaser
owned the corner ard bought this piece as
lt was offered at a price that made It an
Inducement viz $25,000 cash.
Also twenty-five feet on the east side of
Twelfth street between Olive and Locust
streets from H. P and V H. Phlpps to
William Norrls. for $35,000, this lot Is Im
proved with a two-story brick building un
der leite for several cars and pas 4 per
cent net The property was purchased by
Mr. Norris as an investment. Rutledge &
Kilpatrlck represented the purchaser.
Alo lot on Locust street, south side,
about 100 feet west of Eleventh street, lot
23.9x160. from M Letora to a client, who
bought for inv estment for 122,500. The seller
was represented by Griffin Real Estate
Company. Also the northwest corner of Von Ver
sen and Clara avenues. lot 75x180. two-story
red brick dwelling, with all conveniences:
from Mrs L. K. Tatum to H I.. Wrape,
for $11,000; purchased by Mr. Wrape for a
home. Purchaser was represented by the
Lincoln Trust Company.
Also southwest corner of Clark avenue
and Tom street, 55x120, Improved with an
old office and used as a coal yard; from
Ralph W. Borchert to R. Newton of Chi
cago for $9,0u0
Also Nos. 912-14 North Eleventh street,
lot thirty feet front: H. L. Cornet to tho
Muckerman Ice and Coal Company, for $4.-
200 The purchaser was represented by the
Maguire Real Estate Company.
Also No. 6103 Page avenue, two-story yel
low brick dwelling, seven rooms, bath and
all conveniences, lot 25x133. from Standard
Realty Company to Mrs. Man' A Frazer.
represented by J. Wallace Brennan, for
$2,600. Purchased for a home.
Lincoln Trust Company.
The Lincoln Trust Company reports the
following sales closed last week.
No 1414 Aubert avenue, lot 40x140 feet,
with modern eight-room brick, from a
client of George N. Cooper, to Frederick
W Hald Mr. Hald will make some alter
ations and improvements and will occupy
as a home.
No. 4341 Cottage avenue; lot 23x120 feet,
with plx-room brick, with all modern Im
provements. From the Norwood Park Im
provement Company to Hattie Bush: con
sideration, $3,300. Mrs. Bush bought for an
The Lincoln Trust Company also reports
the sale of the home of Coldnel E. J. Spen
cer on Maple boulevard. In Maplewood, to
Hal W. Greenwood, manager of the St.
Louis branch of A. G Spalding & Bros.
This property consists of lot 100x143 feet,
with modern eleven-room house; considera
tion, $14,000.
Lot 50x140 feet on the south side of Clark
avenue, between Pacific and Bom part ave
nues. In Tuxedo Park, from Kent Jarvis.
trustee, to Ike Piatt. consIderaUon, $175.
Mr Piatt will erect a home.
The northeast corner of Flora and Sutton
avenues. In Maple Lawn, from the Maple
lawn Land Company to C. R, Carlos; con
sideration, $18 a foot. Also lot 30x140 feet,
on tho north side of Flora avenue, west of
Sutton avenue, from Mrs. Kraus to C. R.
Carlos: consideration. $18 a foot
Lot 25x105 feet, on the north side of Maf
fitt avenue east of Clara avenue, frcn
George P. Prendergast to Tim Hlckey; con
sideration $12.50 a foot, Mr. Hlckey will
erect a two-story brick house, which he
will occupy as a home.
Lot 25x105 feet on the north side of Maffltt
avenue, west of Clara avenue, from George
P. Prendergast to Owen Dally, considera
tion $12.50 a foot. Mr. Daly will erect a
Lot 25x105 feet on the north side of Ken
nerly avenue, east of Goodfellow avenue,
from George P Prendergast to Lavvrenae
Reed, consideration $12 a foot. Mr. Reed
will erect a modern two-stor brick resi
dence, which he will occupy as a home.
Lot 25x105 feet on the north side of Ken
nerly avenue, east of Goodfellow avenue;
from George P. Prendergast to Joseph
Kick, consideration $12 a foot
Lot 25x103 feet on the north side of Ken
nerly avenue, west ot Clara avenue; from
George P. Prendergast to August Rohlfing.
consideration $12 a foot. Mr. Rohlfing will
erect a modern home.
Lot 56x105 feet on the north side of Ken
nedy avenue, east ot Goodfellow avenue;
from George P Prendergast to William L.
Haes, consideration $12 a foot. Mr. litres
will erect a modem two-story brick with
all convenience, which he will occupy as a
Real Estate Transfer..
ASHLAND-40 f t , a. s , bt. Newstead
and Taylor; Henry tfesAer to Kdnln
Wade w d $ 1.CS0
BROADWAY 2S ft . Nicholas Washington
to Francis Krennlnr w. d 19,000
BIIOADWAT-W ft , w. s bet. Adella.
and Florissant; Edward Haco to lnll
Herman w. d 3,100
BLKTHOLD-15 ft.: Ellia, C3ark to Wil
liam Mcllale-w d z,00
CLARA a ft-: George DInltry to John
Dmitry it. d 1
CLARA-2S ft.; John DInltry to Mary
Kelnhardt w. d 1
CLARA 60 ft : Mary Rtrahardt to Lou!e
DInltry w. d 1
CHIPPEWA a 1 1 . n. s , bet. Michigan
and 2ompton: Relnhold Miller to John
-Brown w. A 1M
COOK-) ft.: Robert Guthrie to John
Drury w d .? 1
COOK M, ft- . s.. bet. Vandeventer and '
Sarah: Anna Graham to Henry Schwelck
w. d - . W3
CHOCXEAU- : Prairie Avtnua Efalty
CSmspanr to William Gale w, d. .......... 615
COMJ(ONWEAWH-J ft.: Malvern Real- ,
ty Oompanrto Agnes Powell w d IcO
CIeVBLAND-25 ft., s s . bet, Lawrence
and Thurmaa: August Helfrerleh to
Mathilda. Moss w. d MOO
CHOUTEAU 2S ft . s. s , bet. Dolman
and Eighteenth: Dorothla Schuchman to
Henry Rodenlch w. d 5,vWJ
the Unsold Lots in
14 S P I
See the incomparably beautiful stock
of new things at
On Broadway,
DUSTP.EHAN--15 ft 6 In . s , b-t Elev
enth ard Twelfth Frark Goefr to John
Trac w d
DE hTO-2-. f t . n s . N't Enlly an I
llorl-sant, John llecker to I.amkemejer
-w d
ELLIOT iZ ft. s s . bet. JUdl-on an 1
. Nettle Ubsap to Kach'l Ka
w d
IIFBEIIT 75 II ii bet. Ten'leth ana
Tnentv-frst. Kate Krennlnir to Vlrhnla.
Wsshlneton ... .. .
IIORTBNSR PLACE 100 ft . Rachel Cun-
det to Marion Limbert w. d
HICKORY 3 ft n . bet. Montrose aid
Cardinal. John Drury to VV llltart Fen-
IOWA 2) ft V. ht "chi-TOkee ari
Pntomac: William Haley to Conrail
Hlrty w. d
LAKE ro ft lo in. e s. bet WV.tniln-
ster and Mcpherson . Iyarfe Pplnrtler to
Marion Lambert w d
LAKE 24 ft. 2 in., William MrMIIllan to
Arlington Investment Company w. d ....
LAKH-1V) ft 10 In. Bernard Prcetz to
Lewis Spnllder jtc. d
MAIN 3 ft Herman Haeuer to LnuU
Harrii vr d
NORFOLK 2. ft . William Waldeck to
Ma nenrh w d
NOKFOLK 25 ft., n s . bet, Twrer Orove
ami Ne stead. Ida Bench to William
W aldefc "vr d
net Turner and e-iarence: aiuuanpnr
Tlutldlng and Loan Association to Mabel
Phea w d
RCBER PLACTv-r; f u n. s . het Sablett"
and January Henry Miiehl!er-en tf
Henrv TVahoff w. d .... .
TREMONT on rt. e s . bet River des
Peis and Fnlnt: Jimes McDonald to
Nels Leafgren w d
VIRGINIA SS ft Rosa BehaefTer to Emit
Kauffmann w d .. ..
VON VERSEN 3.1 ft ; Augusta Fetlbert
to F Varnev w. d . .
VISTA 26 ft n bet. Vlrc-inlT anl
Theresa William Pharkev to Pi Hon Ick-ham-w
d . .
WAPHINGTON w ft . . het Whltt!r
end PcndIton: John Roberts to Martha
Mflthew w d ..
WAPIIIXGTON-3T f t . n s . N't. Iy'flne
well and Fwlnff Julia Glarow to Wash
ington Cnlversltvs w d..
WATERM N 61 ft . n. s.. bet r mil
vl.re and Rlt: Sohnehmann nalty rvim-rant-
to Wllllim Hsaren r. d
WSHI?TOTON ?J ft r In. s bet
Taylo- and Walton; Robert Merryan to
Emma Kehl w. d..... .....
WALNUT 20 ft n s.b.t Twentieth an!
Twenty-fir.t; Leltla Smelser to Lell-v
Woods w. d
3. "W
Ralldlnp: rermits.
Ft Rose's rarish Etzl and (Jocdfellow ave
nues, twe-story brick addition to school hone;
H A. Pledr.or. Nos 717 to 73 North Flah
teenth. one-story brick addition to building:
Lindell Real Estate Cnmpany No. 1219 Sulli
Yan. two-storv brick butldlnc $3.K0.
George W Mitchell Ncs fAO and 5S2 Ridge,
two-storr brick; 5,(y
Maud Knowls. No 1223 Baltrer. trams addition
to building; $1,000
Election, Which Takes Place To-
Morrovr. Promises to lie Full
of Excitement.
Portland, Ore., May 3L The biennial elec
tion In Oregon, which will take place next
Monday, promises to be the most exciting
in the history of the State.
The Democrats have made their cam
paign almost entirely on State issues,
while the Republicans have laid great
stress on national expansion, and the re
tention of the Island possessions. The fac
tional fight among the Republicans of
Multomah County, a Republican strong
hold, will undoubtedly greatly reduce the
Republican majority In the State. If, In
deed. It does not wipe lt out entirely, as
far as the head of the ticket Is concerned.
The Democrats hope to elect at least
George E. Chamberlain, candidate for Gov
ernor. The Republicans, however, say that
rtports of disaffection In the party are ex-.
aggerated, and that they believe they can
eluct W. J. Furnish as Governor.
Inspection of Grain Troubles Mer
chants and Brokers.
New Orleans. La.. May 3L A serious dif
ference has arisen between the New Or
leans Board of Trade and the New Orleans
Maritime Association over the Inspection
of grain exported from New Orleans. For
fifteen vears the Inspection has been In the
hands of the Board of Trade, which has
the backing of nearly all the cereal mer
chants and grain dealers.
The bis- grain exporters of St. Louis and
Kansas City, sixteen In number, want a
change, and have declared In favor of the
transfer of the inspection service to the
MarlUmc Association. The change will be
made on July 1. after which date the ex
porters say all their transactions will be
based upon the certificates Issued by the
Maritime Association.
The difference between the two commer
cial exchanges has reached such an acute
stage that some of the Board of Trade
rrembera say they will appeal to the Leg
islature In favor of a State inspection law
providing for a State Board of Grain In-
SPeClU.B, 14,; .c tut..... ..... ...1. u-..,.v . -
ing into the State Treasury. A bill to that 1
effect has Deen uiifvuutcu in mu .ueia
lature. and the Indications are that lt will
Fees Collected by Secretary or State.
Jefferson City, Ma. May 3L Secretary of
State Sam B. Cook reports having received
and paid Into the State Treasury taxes and
tees for the month of May, 1902, as follows;
The Handsomest
Cor. Locust St.
Notarial commissions, $6n; domestic cor
portatlon tax. $12,803, foreign corporation
tax. $420; miscellaneous fees. $516.75: land
department fees. $3S33. recording railroad
contracts. $52.13: bank inspection fees, n.
279 77. Total. $15.73S..
Knete W II IIae 1 ntcrirorks.
Fayette. May 31 Faette Is Jubilant to
night over the result of th special elec
tion to vote bonds to establish a water
works system Only three votei were cast
against the proposition
The Reverend K. umt VCat Pnu.iw. trtts
North Eighth, girl.
J. H and Alvlna X. Tossom. 10 Hodlamont:
E J and Margaret J McDonald. SO North
Grand, boy
Yahn and Lis! Gerhart. Ft Inils; boy.
William and Nora Fenton. 6S1S Manchester:
N A. and Auguta Williams. 12K Porlar; boy.
Floyd and Lizzie Ring. 1SH South King's high
way girl
Ike and Julia Sears. 721 North Fnrlng: boy.
T J and OlIHa Lynch 3M Hickory: girl.
H and UlHe Glbb. 430 Lahartie. boj.
R and Annie VValh. 11 fas". glrL
C and Kate Nlnner. 3.V2 North Twentr-thlrd:
A J. and Elizabeth Rlttr. 23H Atlantic: boy.
John and Winnie Schebeck SOI Fecond: bey.
H and LIU Fteinmam. 29 Cates- girl
T and Chilstine Harhirth. 4 Missouri: girl.
T II and Catle s Mallon. 171D Wagner. glrL
I, and Alice EJscrrn 4C41 Pleasant: boy
C A. ard Mary L Young. 2713 North Four
teenth, girl
W L and Bertha. Mee. 3421 Eads: bov.
II and Josephine Hobold. 1319 North Ninth;
boj ,
Mr and Mrs. G II Fteln. 3417 California; . '
F and Lulu Johnson. 2117 Randolph. 007
Ilenrr and Rose Ahrens. 1430. North Twenty
first glrL
Fdward C Cooper 8S57 Bruno
Kate Drls-oll 5557 Bruno
A. Jv- Chorman ms pine
Mabel I Stiles K06 PenrO'S
Edward Docttllns 4615 South Tenth
Marv Augustine 4140 Louisiana,
V ? Sevens 1240 South Broadway
Mamie E. Turner 1131 South Seventh
A. VT. J Whltten IS11 Olivo
Anna Jokerst :91s Pine
Charles Elchlnger 1544 North Eighteenth
Emelie Klein lilt North Eighteenth
W R. Paterson 1325 Papln
Susie M. Hawk 1325 Papln
Salvatore Falzona EOt South Fourth
Katy A. Haley 730 South Broadway
John Mohr R21A Ko-soth
Carrie A. Maxlmer Okawvllle. Ill
J. J. Qulnn 2.-00 Randolph
Emma Crist Humansvllle. Mo
Haraslm Tavelczak. 1240 south Third
Yuhanka Orsrullak .... 1233 South Third
George Belger 4310 Maffltt
Laura. Brooks .... UOZ Maffltt
Albert D. Evans ..32ns Lafayette.
Susan C Arnoux 837 Cabanne
F W. Temple Elsberry, Mo
Hallie Brother Elsberry. Mo
J J. Hembery Danville. Ill
Laura Ever 3033 south Jefferson
Fr T- i?0i'!r ..- STJi Daltca
Lizzie F Herbert 217 Geyer
R R. Scogglns 22 North Ompton
Clara B. China White Hall, III
Tfi. .Jy,nk?ru " Euclid
Bridget Walsh 6142 Washington
I7.',? JU,V': Chicago. Ill
Katharine S. Jones 4337 Washington
I1 Hi iHc$ 6I5 Newstead
Zoe B. Willis ;a8 Delmar
2i3rbf.m - 1405A Newhouso
...lldred Weaver...... ........... ....4243 Pleasant
E2." cI?Iuh-'.w North Jefferson
Bessie Klmmel 704 North JetTenon.
L F. Li-ton Decatur. Ill
Lulu B Hemstreet.. Decatur III
Srf.acilck.KoeM 8!S CBambers
Betty Nordmann s Chambers
William F. Van Desser. Jsew York, N. Y
JasmU-e E. Stone SXZ Clemens
Wetldlnsr Ulnars (Snll.l nni.tt.
Finest qualities, $3 to $20. Mermod & Jao
card'r, Broadway and Locust,
'-"---- ,-irir-i -ii-ii-i.nn.'-iriririiiri.ri.
Thomas Shaughnessy, 37 years, 222$ Locust
htirt disease.
Mary A. Kerr. 70 rem. 1830 South Grand; heart
Vemta lioos, 1 month. Suburban, maraa
mus. John Pllat. IS j ears. 2649 Vista; mitral insuf
ficiency. Rosa Weber, 36 years. 1S0S O'Fallon; consumo.
Barbara Bukowska. ti years, 140G North Four
teenth; consumption
T. McOrath. 45 jears. City Hospital; burns.
Marv Grogan. 7 years. VtiC O'l-allon hernia,
li. Harris, z years. KM bouto Third; com men
tion. Minnie Applesteln, 4 months. S33 Carr; brala
Carrie Wleselthler, 33 years, St, AnthonVa
Hospital: peritonitis.
S Gruenwald. 37 years, 2S17 Chouteau: over
dose morphine (accident).
W. Foster; S3 years; City Hospital; hemor
rhage J Meyer, 33 years, C3ty Hospital; abscess.
W. H. Sternberg. 1 aays, woo North Eight,
eenth: convulsions. iw
.. It. Dotbs, 7S years, Mullanphy Hospital- ..
lnUrocoiltls. J ' V"' f'"a "ty-thlrd,
Isam Mosfcy. !00 years, fjlty Hospital: accident
fracture right femur). f."u. accident
ehltlsfGhn reara' 2 SUlh ZIlhteU; bron-
blilty Co11""'' w year' Foorbouse. senile d-
X- JL sfi!nldTi M yeni. Poorhouse: asthma.
Carrie Minor, is years, citr HosrttVl-TburosT
chm's?bu,'J cn- " I&arSSn-
menlngitls,lkel' nonthl' " Old JUnchestsrj
John Hllderbrand. U years. 329 Shaw? nenhrJ-
Katle KropfleHz, 3 years. 3S Psoir.: gastritis.
John 8. Lehmer, 72 years, ini California,;
; 1
sj-p". ty- ,'.j
p.v 1wrs
V... ,,
ill lis 'a ITiiaiii 11 r - 11 -v--i-lmmGI'&&haitmiiimmllmmm

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