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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 01, 1902, PART I, Image 5

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An Embroidery Opportunity. I
Thousands of yards now on sale in our Lace Department at
one-half and one-third the regular retail prices!
Only a most unusual happening could place these goods on
our counters at such remarkably little prices!
From 8 (o 102,000 dozen pretty
Embroidered Collars, in white and
! colors actually worth up to 16c
on main floor, from S to 10, "Zn
' each.. .-'C
Embroidery Edges and Insertions In Cambric. Swiss and Nainsook '
Korth to T'jc In our basement Monday at, 'yf
jer yard smm
1,000 yards of fine Embroidered Bands and Headings, In white and ecru g
Just the thins for trimming pretty summer dresses worth to 25c n P
sale price. In basement, per yard
Embroidery Edgings and Insertions, in all the newest pitterns ts
lengths from i to C ards worth to 20c sale price, yZ(
In basement, per jard
3.000 yards of Embroidery Edgings and
patterns would be cood value at 23e in
In basement at, per yard ""V j
800 yards of All-Over Embroidery and Tucking worth fully "to 6 r 5
suitable for entire dresses and shirt waists sale price, iO
In basement, per jaxd si
fcOOO yards of Fancy Embroidered Bands, Embroidery. Bands. Galloons and Bib-
Galoonz and It'bLc.n. heading worth to bon Beading, up to '. lnch;s wide. In 5
25o sale price, on main floor. filr white and ecru, worth up to 5"c- C H
per yard u3 sale price, on onr main tlojr. jd..-"-
t.OOO yards of EmbTClderus, Fdzlnss 500 yds. Fancy Hemstltchel Tujklnr, $
and Insertions, up to S Inches wM?. and with Insertions of fine la-u inl cmbrol-
worth to 25o on main fl-r. f 7l dery worth up to S1.2S chslcj Attn C
per yard .. 7-2 on main floor, per yard . .. . 7-"- C
Embroidery Flouncing and In-ertlng. up a table full of fine All-Ovcr Embrol- f
to U Inches wide usually sold at 35; derles and the new shirt-waist front- f
in this sale, on our main floor, Q Ins worth regularly up to 12 f)0 t
per yard -'' choice In thin rale, per arJ . .JOr. f
wMStisaMaAscinssSMSatfMNM wmiiifriiitTnnrf-einrft'sins,wwiiisi sswiihiijuimiwu tjf
ndermuslins Sacrificed.
M Hundreds of styles and not one that isn't right up to date! Full sizes, I
made as yon'd make them yourself and effectively trimmed after the newest
ideasl Drsiriptions don't desenbel Merc words and prices will not suffice! f
Come and judjje for yourself if we are not excusable in our enthusiasm over
these superb garments! I
Special From 8 (o 10.
50 doz. Ladies' Night Gowns, of good
muslin, with vok of tucks, finished withl
-tnhri- nifllc. cut full and wide and
.rtu.llf rhr-nn it r. Limit of 2 gowns)
to a customer and no mall or- r? ,
ders fllled-from 8 to It', Ai D C '
yet aiuiciii,
Corsei Covers I3c Full French style.
Of 1 Rood quality cambric, having low
neck, with hemstitched ruffle vou hava
paid Sc for corset covers not a? good.
Corset Covers 25c Full French Cor
set Covsrs of good quality cambric, with
square neck S row lace insertion down
front, finished with lace on neck and
leevesood value at 4Sc
CorsejCovers 49c Of good quality
Kalnsodf. full front, with 2 rows of
Point de Paris Insertion, finished with
iBC on urcK ana Biecves a. jtufie -
rlfety to select from worth 75c at least.
Ladies Vmbrella Drawers 25c Fine
cambric, tucked and
ruffles good value at J3c
.Br-twera 39c Many different styles,
made of cambrie and muslin, with deep
embroidered and lace flounce worth Dc
drawer. 49c-Fifteen different style,
MlunuiTUK aiiu ouajkul nun cuv
broidery and lace insertion, deep em
broidery and lico flounce "vorth 75c
PcMicoats 52.25 Ten different styles,
of Sne cambric and muslin umbrella
style deep flounce of India linen, with
several rows of lacs Insertion, finished
with two deep lace ruffles end dust
flounce worth CSS.
Shield Bows.
100 dozen Men's Fine Silk Shield
Bows, of same style as the one
here shown, in a
Urge assortment of
handsome patterns.
Sold by leading
haberdashers at 25c
.your choice
Monday at
Dinae? Sets.
A special tale,
just when
Weddl n g
Gifts are in
demand. Our
great sale of
sample china
ware is also
still in full
force, offrring
gift - buying
chances in dainty table china that
are of the most extraordinary char
acter. Come to our fourth floor
end aee.
American Porcelain iOO-pitce Din
ner Set filled-in decoration all pieces
English Porceltin 112-plece Dinner
Set In blue, pink, irreenand purple doc
ontlcns all Dleces with two cnlA 11n-s
cannot be duplicated for less en ns B
thanC7JO-lIonday. perset...S'5'-i'o J
Austrian Chins 101-pitce Dinner Set
Choice of three dccrnt!ons-ihlsM?tbaj
onp tureen and larjrs meat platters
would be cheap at f 19 00 cii An
Monday 3II.4y
French China 102-piece Dinner Stt
prettily decorated small or liree
flowew sold-stlpplcd handles splendla
raluo for CS.0O- CI C fC
Monday 910.VD
Losdon. May r. The night Honorabla
W, J. Plrtle, whose name is associated with
'ike skipping combine, is a Canadian, born
tfee ancient city of Quebec on the but day
.j.m wnn oi Ireland, however, la lis
"(iiwitrjr.cf hfs partntage. When h wai a
-? a iiothor returned to her native land
bom Cnaa and settled In utile Clande-
TesV fceautlfnl village In County Down.
U AsrelK)9'Jngla Belfast under eminent
,.j nsieteertbe. at the age of is. became a
' gfJitwtvat the Quecn'e Isiand establish-
it, IsKh the history or which hie name
fcwirne linked.
s ' trnftml-M ehlpbufldlng yard was etarted
,i ,s-'sic"r -uiaira jb connection with the
ii .owt wpi. u "". ii wae-carriea on
-.. by Hobext liicKioo a. w till it Deeame
i From 8 lo 10 2,800 yards of Em- )
J broideries up to 6 inches wide, in S
delicate or showy patterns, and J
S worth up to 15c for 2 hours C ?
i in basement, per yard i
Insertions, In open, showy a p c
thin ml. w nfr.r thm N Hs
Special From 10 lo 12.
100 doz. Ladies' Umbrella Drawers,
of good quality muslin with cambrics
ruffle and yoke bands-worth every cent S
of 2Sc Limit of 3 mlrsto a customers
and no mall orders filled Just
wu am w x .uuuuay, per
'pair .
Gowns 7ic Twenty different stvles
cambric and muslin V-shape. empire
and square lace ykes with reveres of
lace insertion and tucks SSc would be
a low price.
Petticoats 75c Ten di0erent styles,
of fine muslin leep flounce, finished
with lace ruffle aid hemstitched tucks
worth SSc.
Skirt Chemises $!.!9 Of fine iavrn
and cambric, trimmed with lace and
embroidery skirt trimmed to match and
jiuisuca wim tUCJU Worth UD to Xl.Sa. 1.
" -
V-shape. square, enrnlre and th nw $
Chemise Gown, trimmed with lace, em- 5
broidery and hemstitching: worth 'C9c
Gowns SI.I9 Square, low, V and
pointed yokes Nainsook and cambric
yokes of Nainsook embroidery and Point
&EZfflLgtmat to
PelficoMs $1.19 Several different
styles fine quality cambrio deep
flounces of embroidery and lace lace in
rertlons and hemstitched tucks worth
Petticoats 39c Umbrella style, made
of muslin with dutt ruffls and 'deep tuck
ed flounce worth'9c
Rare Picking in Fine Imported
Wash Goods. !
Gingham 32-inch Imported Scotch
Madras CHngham worth reenlarly 25c
all fast colors-new styles 1fl 1
llondty, per yard iUli
Swiss 30-inch Imported Scotch
Embroidered Swisses black srounds 5
wtth white flsures and white grounds i
with white figures worth fully tOf I
83c Monday, peryard .l"
Mousieiine 28-mch Embroidered 5
Dot Moussellne de Sole, in all colors and e
black-regular 50c quality- oq I
Monday, per yard Vl
Gintfham 30-inch Silk Warp Em- f
broldered Dotted and Striped Silk Glna- 1
ham. In all the nrettlest tttrl ta 1- 9
or regular SOc and 65c qualities-'a c
Choice Monday, peryard OOU
Batiste M-inch Silk Linen Batiste
swellest thin dress material shown this
season other houses ask 5c fnr -
Z. stme goods Here Monday, peryd.'"1'
e Tt s or t. . t-
to.iuuic 1-iiii.u xmpozxca Linen
Etamlne correct material for shirt
waist suits-all colors and black rez
ulsr 65c quality An
Mond ay. peryard tvC
f Window Screens.
Sf."??10?-61" ot seasoned wood,
with best wire cloth and metal center
bars you'll find these on our h floor.
No. 16 16-inch high extendsfrom
StSdlrfT.?-. IOC
No. 24 24-inch high - extends from
S to S3 Inches-worth 35s n
Monday lyC
No 30-30-inch high extends frm
22 to S3 Inches-worth 30c ijc.
Monday , C.OK,
No. 35 33-inch high -extends from
21 to 37 Inches worth 43c on
Monday C.)Z
Paints Mixed and Floor
all colors best made
l-quart can Monday for jgs
H-ealloncan Monday for. 33
l-sallon can Monday for. 75C
The hista.-y of Harland & Wolff Is inter
'".to MicKson s manager.
Ulckson's manager. Mr. Ed-
nd. fiftprarnrrl. Ktr VAwrA
ward J.
Harland. afterwards Sir Bdward
Bart., purchased an adiolnlne
snipomiatng yard and the following year
5iw 9l?,lavi- ?om ioind ilm m the un
iVFP1?,?; J.he 5 prospered, but tt was
-iTtZ.25" l"i. parmersnjp, mat the nrm
to h?60 recotnlt'on to the shlpbuild-
When both the. senior members of the
firm were returned as M. P.'s for Belfast
the business of shipbuilding at Quen'e
Island Was conducted by the youngest
member of the firm.
A Unique rteeord.
Ab a shipbuilder, air. Plrrie's record l
unique. He made voyages for the sole pur
pose of seeing what was wanted, and from
time to time Improved the plans and accom
modation of passenger steamships.
The lea in the nomenclature of ocean
liners afford instaneee of Improvements he
made. The Britannic .and Gsrmanic and the
Teutonic and Majestic maricepoehs la ship
building, nnd later the Oceanic and Celtic
are the results of h!s foresight and nter
prfce. v. PJrrle's success ia naval areSltHctars
la, tiu mwu nmmef - -J- . '' " f - ' -1 si
Fastest I pjjB'' "BSS "MSmSEOrli 1 1
s Growing t lfj& 4&S&&t&h& P & Hilly JftFm 7 W 4 w jffll !
J Store I jf s3s&z ''Jf1 Wa ff JMy M mfd m M &w mJgM 1
1 J America. I Jpjrtgfiglp jffiil 1
fctywonxim m:imt I- - - -"- fcmnitns
3 i
FaLi Samples.
An Importer's sample line from one
of the world-famed fanmakers of
Paris, France. Just In lime for
graduation or wedding presents.
1 One lot of fancy emboed woct St'ck
lin. Jlnrccl ne s,I!k hand-paliteil,
J tlnral decorations, spangled, lace top
g and pome pla.n a large tj- CI fill
8 rltty. worth to Jl.S8-at V,,uw
i Bone Stick Fans In Marcellne silk
and gauze, fancy hand-palnteU deco-
t rations and spangles, plain and lace
1 tops and appl que.worth to CI CA
S Fine Bone Stick Fans In Marcellne
H silk and gauze, beautiful styles and
g decorations, also spangled, hand-
2 painted floral designs, worth t"! Oft
5 to n.SS-cholce at ,uu
B The balance consists of high-class
t Art Tans, with beautiful hand-palnt-
ed decorations, silver scroll work.
jr fancy spangled, some lace top and
J applique, ail-over spaogied. pattern
pang!ed. etc
i Ixt 1 worth to P 50-at S3.00
J Lot 2 worth to J7 5-at .54.00
Lot S-worth to JllOO-at SS.OO
Hosiery ajvd Vnd
A great double sale of samples that will make these two departments the cenb-r of buying activity to-morrow!
Men's, Women's and Children's Summer Vnderwear Samples from the R.ice,-S(ix Dry Goods Co. at 40c on the dollar!
Not over six garments of a kind, so come early before the assortments are broken and best bargains are taken.
"Tepsjr" Hosiery Samples from the Ely-Walker Dry Goods Co. at fully a third below regular import prices. Over
eleven thousand pairs of the best Hosiery in the land, yet priced almost incredibly low for this sale!
Ladies' Underwear.
LOT 1.
124c Infants' Wgh-I.'cck Long-Sleeve Cotton
le Ladles' Low -Neck and Sieevless Vesty. .
li'-jc Misses Jersey-Bibbed Cotton Vests
10c Infants' Low-Neck and Sleeveless Vests..,
Also many other small lots
LOT 2.
25; Ladles' Low-Neck and Sleeveless Ribbed
25c Ladies' Jersey-Ribbed Cotton
rants -
25c Ladls' Fancy Lace Verts low neck
13c Children's Jersey-Ribbed Cotton ests and
Panw -
13c Ladles' Jersey-Ribbed Cotton Vests, with
wine sleee
Also many other small lots
LOT 3.
'8c Ladles' Jersey-Ribbed Hlsh-Neck Lonc
c Ladles' Low-Neck and Sleeveless Lisle
Z'.c Ladls rancy Lace vests, low nccx ana
sleeveless --
2SC Boys' Ralbrispan Shirts and Drawers........
c Infants' Fine Merino Vests, high neck. Ions
slfeve -
3Jc Infants' Fine Wool Ruben ests
25c Bojs Jery-Rlbled Cotton Shirts and
Also many other small lots
LOT 4.
t8c Ladles' Fine Lisle-Thread Union Suits
m t !. Rartw Yoke Lisle-Thread Vests
75c Ladles' Low-Neck and Sleeveless Silk Vests.
75c Ladies' Low-Neck and Sleeveless Mercerized 1
50c Ladles- Lisle-Thread Pants, lace trimmed....
10c Ladies' High-Neck Long or Short Sleeve
Union Suits
BOc Ladles' Fine Sleeveless Lisle-Thread Vests..
Also many other small lots
Sample Hosiery for Men, Womea
LOT 1.
la.. T .IIs nhcV fnttnn TTftse
19c Ladles' Drop-stitch Hos.
19c Ladles" Fancy Hose
13c Men's Fancy Half Hose
13i Men's Black Cotton Half Hose
13c Men's Black Half Hose with white
19c Children's Black and Fancy Hose
LOT a.
feet ...
.c j-tfiuKrs lull icgui.u-iuuue riuit: uvsc
29c Ladles' Black Drop-stltch Hose
23c Lidles' Black and Colored Hose
2Sc Men's Fancy Striped and Figured Half
29: Men's Black Cotton Half Hose
25c Children's Black Ribbed Hose
Ladies' White Shirt
Three immense tables heaped with these dainty garments, at
the manufacturer intended them to be sold ! Second floor.
Special from S to
patterns Waists that are well worth
Tabic No. 1.
60 dozen Ladies' White Lavrn Waists,
in 10 different styles, some with all
over embroidered fronts, others trim
med with 4 and 6 rows of insertion
between clusters of tucks, all tucked
stocks and cuffs and pearl buttons;
perfect fitting: Waists actually worth
tl-50 and $1.76 QD
sale price ZPOC
has brought renown to the town of Belfast,
and every feature of the place shows evi
dences of the development of the gigantla
concern over which ho presides. Between
10,000 and 12,000 men, women and boys, are
engaged on the vest works, which cover
something like 100 acres of ground on the
banks of the River Lagan.
The nago bill amounts to over 12.000 a
week, nnd. roughly speaking, GO.000 people
in the town are dependent on the fortunes
of the establishment.
In 1897 the Arm built ten vessels repre
senting a tonnage of SIH0 a. world's record.
Last year, out of 1.400.000 new tonnage
launched on t)ie ocean way by British ship
building firms, Mr. Pirrle'a establishment
claimed SS.OOO tons.
Not only in shirs Is he Interested, but also
In the wafr ways of the oceans 'and ap
proaches to harbors.
To Deepen Rivera.
Mr. Plrrie. in rpeaklng to The Kenublia
representative, said:
"I have urged the Government to deepen
the Mersey, the Thames and Jbe Clyde and
the approach to Belfast"
He told the Americans to dredge New
Tork Harbor- some years ago, and they fol
lowed his advice. Now vessels have 0 feet
pf water from Sandy Hook to their berths
In New Tork Harbor.
Ho is a believer In the leviathans of the
sea. and the greatest triumph In the his
tory cf shipbuilding, the Celtic, his
I'Pfi eTen ,h.e mighty Great Eastern.
All the vessels-of the White Star Une
have been built by Harland & Wolff, at a
cost of more lhan J3S.O0u.O0O. without any
contract and open a mutual understanding
and commission terms. This conception of
doinjr buslneffl has brought orders galore
from abroad.
Rtrasrth. ctoJttr .'and' speed are the
A remarfcablv opportune sale for
buyers of wedding Rifts.
Prnm R(n 10-aich!T American
rromOIOltl cnt Lemonade.
Wlilikey and Champagne Tumblert,
also handled f-hrrbet (flakes, woitn
lift dozen from e to 10. on C -
4lli floor, each I'c
American Cut Glasi Celery Tray,
prett, new cutting, worth C"J Pfi
Kf -Monday at f-JO
American Cut Glass C-lnch Jelly or
Bonbon Dish, worth 1Lo0- 9Q
special at -c
Itich American Cut Glass Deep Fru t
Bowl. 8-inch size, cannot be dupli
cated for les than 15 CO C CQ
our price $J.OJ
American Out Glass S-lnch Flower
Vase, rew prism and bead cuttings
worth 12.50- CI ra
Monday $1.0:7
Rich Cut Glass 8-lnch Berry Bowl,
straw and fan cutting. Gt OH
worth KT3-at Ql.ZO
American Cut Glass 3-Lip Oil or
Vinegar Cruet, splendid value for 13
American Cut
las Carafe.
cliry-antbc m u m
cutting, worth
- $3.35
M eas Under wear.
LOT 1.
t-c Men's Bleached Drill Drawers
c Men'-i Fancy Jery-Rlbbed Cotton Shirts
and Drawers
25c Men's Plain Balbrlp;an Shirts and Dr-inrs.
2V. Men's Unbleach'd Jeani Drawers...'.
25c Men's Fancy-Colored Balbilxgan Shirts and
Alo many other small lots :
LOT 2.
59c Men's Fancy Balbrissan Shirts and Drawrv
Iace-Trimmed .
Zik Men's Plain EalbriRcan Shirts and Drawers.
5flc Men's Fine Pepperell Jeans Drawers
5! Men's Medium-Weight Jersey-Ribbed Shirts
and Drawers
59? Men's Fancy-Striped Balbrlggan Shirts and
Also many other small lots
LOT 3.
75c Men's Scrivens F2astic-Seam Drawers
75c Men's Fancy Mottled Balbrlggan Shirts and
75c Men's Stripd Balhriggan Shirts and
- Sleve
Vests 1
ft); Men's Plrin Balbrlggan Shirts and Drawers.!
C5. Men's Light-Weight Merino Shirts and
Drawers -t
A'o many other small lots
LOT 4.
ll.CO Men's Fancy Color Fine Mercerized Shlrt3. '
11.00 Men's Fine Lace
IS-'Men's White Usle -
83c M'n's Fancy Mot' -
63: Men's Tine Balbrlggan Shirts and Drawers..!
SSc Men's Derby RlDbed Balbrlggan Shirts and
Drawers -
Also many other small lots
LOT 3.
fl. Ti( Varnv TJsle
; Per Pair
49cr Ladies' Drop-stitch Hcse
43: Ladles' Striped Hose
4rc Mm's Fancy Figured Half Hose
45c Men's Black and Colored Lisle Half H032.,
19c Men s cotton Half nose
LOT 4.
ISc Ladles' Imported Lisle Hose
59c Ladles' Black and Colored Lace Open-work
SPc Ladles' Fancy Striped Hose ,
59c Ladles' Opera Length Hose
ic Men's Fancy Lisle Half Hose
59c Men's Embroidered Half Hose
rer fair
t9c Men's Black and
A big tabje full of Ladies' Shirt Waists of Madras, Zephyr
Gingham, Lawns, Dimities and Corded Tissues, in pink,
blue, red and black and white stripes, dots and allover
$1.00 and 91.25 from 8 to 10 your choice
Limit ot two to a customer.
Table No. 2.
110 dozen Pretty White Lawn Shirt
Waists, with tucked, embroidered, lace
trimmed, hemstitched and all-over
fronts; long or lace-trimmed short
sleeves, high or low necks, cluster
tncked backs; beautifully made and
finished and well worth S2.25 and $2.60
choice of all sues at,
words which mark the ideal of Mr. Plr
rie's modern Atlantic liner.
He is something more thin a shipbuiidr,
however. In civic affairs he bis sh:wn an
aptitude for public work, and wfon Lord
Mayor of Belfast did much for ttcbnlcal
It was proposed to build a new general
hospital as a memorial to her la;e Majes
ty's diamond Jubilee, and In speaking of
his wife Mr. Plrrie said:
"She collected the 100.000 reqaired. and
a further sum of 20,000 toward Its endow
ment, of which sum 1J000 was given by
the shareholders of the White Star Line as
a tribute to the memory of the bite Thom
as Ismay."
When the Prince and Prlncesa of Wales
visited Belfast in 1S37 they were the guests
ot Mr. Plrrie. who entertained them at his
residence at Ormlston.
Downshlre House. Belgrave Square, H
London residence. Is one of the bst and
most princely houses In the West Eni.
Of New Tork press men Mr. Plrrie holes
a lively recollection.
On the arrival of the Celtic m January
Mr. Plrrie was surrounded by a t-odv of
press representatives, who wanted Infor
mation on the subject of the subsidy 111!
which, by the way, is not yet definitely
settled. Mr. Plrrie. with some tact, told
the Herald nun In nV same of his fricmSm
Ismay and others who were wtth him
a he was furelv and simply a shipbuilder.
This was translated in
was translated In the mornm? tia-
pers with unconscious humor Into a head-'
line reading: "Mr.1 Plrrie is a pure and
ine reading: "Mr; Plrrie
simple shipbuilder."
Seedless Cherry Pies
are J now en sate
Lunch ,
St. Louis.
Ga.s Fixtures.
R-efn'tJeralors, Go-Carls, Etc.
Fourth Floor.
rs. Go
rth n
Gus Chandeliers Two-light, pol
ished brass. J5-Inch lone, with QO.
shade holders, worth 11 S-at.. oc
Gas Chandeliers Highly polished
brass, large fancy ball center and
2-IIght. worth 11.5ft M 25
2-Ilght, worth ti.S Cy 75
Gas Globes 4-inch, two stvles, in
worth SOc at .....IUC
Refrigerators Two specially large
sizes that we are overstocked on
2S-inch. worth ItLOO gg HE
30-lnch. worth 112.50 CO JS
Gc-Carts-All reed bodr. reclinine
biclf and dash. Hejwood's CX Ska
make, rubber tires Monday....
wsm mttmn0r wrtm0mim
Lisle-Thread Shirts and
Thread Shirts
ed Lisle Shirts and
and Children.
Thrpflil TTne
: Ladles' Black Cotton Hose ) Per Pair
Per Pair
Colored Half Hose
almost half the prices at which
at, only,
Table No. 3.
93 dozen Swell White India Lawn
Waists, with all-over embroidered
fronts, others with circular lace col
larsand some finished with insertions,
tucks and hemstitched; open front
ana Dace styles; made to sell ;
and Sd.oO our sale
price, each
Herman Woblfrom, 15 Years Old,
Committed Suicide in Home
in Broadway.
Because his father chastised him. Her
man Wohlfrom. aged 15. son of L Wohl
from, who resides at No. 2763 South Broad
way, where he also conducts) a bakery,
shot himself at 11:45 yesterday morning'.
Standing before a mirror in his room the
boy placed the muzzle of a 25-callber re
volver to his right temple and fired. The
ball lodged In his head. .
Attracted by the noise the father and
mother, who were busy to the room be
neath, rushed Into the rocm and found the
boy's body lying on the floor In front of
the dresser, from which the revolver had
been taken. The feet were toward the base
of the dresser, indicating that the boy stood
watchms his movements fa the mirror
when he fired the shot.
mother cf the boy, he washed the bakery
: 3 3c I
at $3.00 1
$1.98 j
jwwMHiFnaaMvvaamimiMMMKVpiipqmiMmAn seBjSBwawMmiwiww iik
White Goods, Muslins, Etc.
Offered to-morrow in our basement at prices that will cause the
biffgrest kind of a commotion:
Specia.1 Values On SaJe Only From 8 to 10 Monday Morning.
We will offer just 1 case of solid white
Oxford Madras. In lengths up Q
to 10 yards, worth 2Sc. at. Yard
to 10 yards, worth 25c. at, yard
35 pieces of very finest genuine
Gall pin-dotted Embroidered Swiss, la
dark and light colors, worth up 1 Q
to 50c In basement at. per yard., a-'l.
India. Linen, 65 pieces of good Whtte
Linen worth 7Kc in basement. 5
at.peryard "'
Checked Nainsook 12 pieces of White
Checked Nainsook and other fancy Ar
white goods, worth up to 10c, at
Irish Dimities 54 pieces of fine Im
ported White Irish Dimities, worth QP
fcc in basement at. per yard. VK"
Bookfold India Linen 2 cases of sheer
white bookfold India Linen, worth Sr
10c In basement at, per yard "w
140 pieces of very nee 40-lnch-wtde White
Lawn, cheap at 0c In basement at, 1 n.
peryard. lu'
Drapery Swiss One small case of very
finest 34-Inch-wlde white fancy fisruxed
Drapery Swiss, worth up to 25c at, 1(c
8 per yard
3 Pique Suiting 35 pieces of
Piquo Saltlruj. worth 25c In base
( tnentat, peryard
iPeresJe 23 pieces of 38-inch-wide
plain white Imported Percale, worth 1 Sc
SOc In basement at. peryard
1 Persian Lawn 13 pieces of fine 32-
Inch-wide Imported Persian Lawn , OEr
worth up to 50c in basement at, yd. '
I N&intoak 1 small case of none finer
f imp., white soft-finish Kalnsoolc f lc
f worth up to 40c in baseto't at, yd1 "3W
From a large jewelry manufacturer of Providence, R. I. also including a
sample line from a New York jobbing house bought at a fraction of actual
worth and offered to our patrons at correspondingly low figures to-morrowr
Jewelry Department on Ham Floor.
Lace Pins, Belt and Sash Pins in Tnr
qnoUe and fancy styles worth Cf.
25c at.
Gilt and silver headed ribbon or
fancy 11ns per dozen
Scarf or Tie Pins ladtes' or men's,
in Jeweled and fancy styles and 15c
shapes worth to 75c at itw
Cluster Scarf or Tie Pins large col
ored renter stone surrounded with bril
liant white ston worth lOr
Ladies' or Men's link or lever
d.ff buttons-worth to 49c. per pair..
now uarettr, a Darette wim large
ribbon bow for back of hair-always Oq
j5cnow... .... ......
Pretty Lace or Brooch Fins Cres-
cents, wreaths, stars and many other
shapes Jeweled, enameled and rolled YJr-
plate-worth to 7.V. at.
Sterling Silver (025-1000 fine) Chate
laine or Bnxyh Pins hard enameled In
green, red or blue well worth I Q C
L03, at.-
Lace or Brooch
Pins of fine rolled
piste in various pretty designs brilliant
Klmberlr unes aud colored stones
worth to '1.25. at . . . .
Ladies' and Children's engraved chain
Rracelcts. lock and key, gilt on
silver worth 43c, at
Ladies' or Men's fancy coin
fobs, square or round, oxidized
old at 33c at
Sterling Silver Thimbles
Sterling Silver Thimbles worth 75c at..35c
Sterling Silver Handle Pocket Knives
-good steel 2or4 blades worth Or
to 75c at -t'
Lace Curtains.
About 2,103 pairs odd lots from
oneofthe best known manufacturers
in the United Slates 5 to 10 pairs
of a pattern at fully a third under
From 8 to 10 Odd Cable Net,
French Oulpan and Brussels Net
Lace Curt ain.3W varus long and up
to SO inches wide. These are seconds,
but it takes a sharp eye to detect the
defects. Many pairs to match
worth up to 4.a per pair 1Q.
for2bours, at. per curtain
Q, per pair for 1X15 Nottingham Lacs
Ow curtains.
CI 1Q per pair tor Jl.SJ Scotch Lacs
pi. 1-7 Curtains.
SI 69 Pr palr for 73 Scotch Lacs
C? ) Per pair for SX50 French Gol
Sfis.lJ parn Lace Curtains.
CJ en per pair for KK Cable Net
?. JU Laco curtains.
C llil per pair for R50 Corded Ara
$J.UU ban lace Curtains.
CI OR per pair for S&50 Real Sasony
P'- ''Lace Curtains.
C ntl Per pair for IIZJ00 Corded Ara-
yO.V'J bunLace Curtains.
C7 Cfl per pair for 115.00 Corded Ara-
'' blan Lace .Curtains.
Odd Lots of Rvf and
At Clearanee Prices Monday 3d Floor.
Brussels Carpets worth 65c 4214c
Brussels Carpets worth 5o CC.
Velvet Ca rpeta worth tL10 - 75e
Azmlnster Carpets worth IL35 QQ
9xlS-footBnts-wortht20J0 Cl? Cf)
10Hil2-foot Bass-worth
wagon in the yard, when he had been told
never to do to. For this disobedience he
was scolded and slapped. He was his fa
ther's main assistant in the bakery, and.
working at night, he slept days. Mr. Wohl
from stated that he told the boy to go to
bed so be could rest for the night's work.
He refused to retire and was punished
again. He became very angry and west to
his room- . .
A noise several moments later Mrs. Wohl
from describes as being like the falling of
a heavy object attracted her attention. She
mentioned the matter to her husband. Mr.
Woblfrom was first at the side of his son:
his wife and daughter. Bulda, followed
Sergeant Thomas Neugent and Officer
Herman Temmen were called in and a
crowd of neighbors visited the scene.
The boy worked at night In the oven de
partment of the bakery, which Is In the
basement of the Woblfrom home, and In
the morning he drove the bakery wagon
until about 7. He was fond of his few
associates, who. his- father says, often
enticed him away when he had work to do.
Because he was compelled to stay at home
one morning about a year ago the lad be
came very angry and said he would Jump
Into the rive" some day.
Young Wohlfrom kept a pistol of his own.
Fearins that he would Injure himself, his
father took one away from him several
years ago. but he procured another, and
seeing that the boy was determined to keep
one, Mr. Wohlfrom let him have his way.
The revolver used In the tragedy yesterday
was kept In the top drawer of the dresser.
Valtors at the Capital.
Washington, liar 2L7chaI Sverltt of
Onft care of th rpry flnet imported
J2-lnch-wIde. White India Linen.
"1 gntly Imperfect on edges, would
bo worth, in perfect condition Oi
up to 35c at. per yard li:c
French Lawn 70 pieces of 48-inch-wlde
fine imported genuine French Lawn,
usually sold at ZOc during this ir.
sale at. peryard Ok,
While Madras Choice of over 50
pieces of very finest mercerized, striped
or brocaded white Madras, worth or.
up to 40c In basemnet. at. per yd i?l
Embroidered Pique 32 pieces of
Embroidered White Pique, the mott beau
tiful material for ladle.-,' suits and waists,
worth up to 75c in basement at, Aflr
peryard --tou
French Organdie 2G pieces of 72-inch-
wide very finest French TThite 7 c
Organdie Goods, sold at SLSO. at. yd.' fc
Embroidered Chambray 46 pieces
of 32-lnch-wlde embroidered dotted Cham
bray, in aU the newest color- 1 1 r
lngs. worth 25c. at, peryard l-y2'
Madras.-Dne case of fancy colored
silk stripatl Madras, cheap at 20c Iflr
In basement at. peryard lut
Duck Skirting 10 pieces of heavy
Duck Sklrtlni blue with, white dot
worth 15c in basement at, H ic
peryard. 'J1,
Pique Suiting 33 pieces of fine
Pique Suiting white, with dots of
colorings worth sc at,
per yard
Odd Lots,
Fan or Lorgnette Chains rope or
open link styles gilt, silver or tOc
oxidized worth 59c choice at j
Ladies' Xeclclaces, with hearts t cc
and other pendants worth 19c at.. Ol
Belt or Sash Pins hundreds of shapes
and styles large center stone of Tur
quoise, Sapphire. Enby. Emerald. c
etc worth to9c at ''
Gate tops for Silk Shopping Bags
Jeweled and enameled worth to 1 Qr
JUS, at..
Ladies' or Children's Pearl
Necklaces worth 25c at ......
Ladies' Pearl Necklaces with
bows and each in a glass box worth 50-
to$L25. at J-l
Metal Belt Buckles samples many
styia an(i hapes-GIlt, Gray or Oxidized,
Jeweled and Enameled worth Cflf
totl.43.ai OVL.
T ,. , ... ., . , .
all styles of settings and color stones
25c and 39c Rings at... ISc
SOc and 75c Rings at.. 35c
Ladies' and Children's Link Chain
Purses with long chain attached !?
silver only worth 35c at. .......'
Ladies Solid Gold Finger Rings, 8,
10 and 12 karat many styles of 6046
settings worth to S5.D0, at.
Ladies' Solid Gold Brooch or Lace
Pins hand-made mountings many beau
tiful Ideas and patterns worth C3 CQ
Lace Pins, in brilliant white stone,
stars, crescents and fancy shapes Cl nf
-worth to J2j0. at ,,uu
Ladies' Fine Plated Lorgnette, Fan
or Watch Chains full length Cf fln
Jeweled slides worth to 12.50. at.-'1 vu
Kid Gloves.
Ladles' two and three clasp Klfl
Gloves, -with silk embroidered
backs. In all colors and sizes somo
are a trifle soiled, but well worth
89c here Monday we y TX
offer you choice at, B m
per pair t
Boys Summer
For Strenuous Boys four big Mon
day values that you'll find worth
investigation 3d Floor.
HKr for Boys O to 8
'"'ynirs) Sailor
Blouse Suits washable
striped and neat fig
ured effects well trim
med collars and cuffs
regular K.00 suits.
Cl 10 forBoys(3to9
H,,ly yearsT Wasba
able Buits made with
sailor blouse, of an im
ported Oalatea neat
stripes eparate shields
contrasting color on
collar pleated sleeves
regular SL50 suits.
? 30 for Boys' 9to
Breasted Jacket and
Pants, of light-weight
all-wool cheviots not
many of any sire every
salt well worth R50.
St RO toT Eo7 ( to 18 years) All
sPt.oy wool Homespun Outing Suits
an ideal dress summer suit, msjln with
single-breasted coat, pants and belt of
same materia I, extremely light in weight
sua serriceaoie regular value auu.
41 pieces of ecru or biscuit
plain Batiste, worth 15c
in basement at. per yard
Taxoo City. Miss.. Is visiting the capltaL
Mr. Everitt called upon Representative
Williams to-day to pay his respects.
N. J, Lonce of Hot Springs, Arte is hi
Washington on a pleasure trip. He win re- 1.
main a few days and then continue hi- ,
trip through the North. VgL
John Knell and wife of Aurora. 111., are 3;
In the city on a pleasure trip. They will a
go to New York Monday. ,
F. W. Wlbtr of St. Louis Is In town on J53)
private business. Mr. Wiber called upon -S
Miss E31z Layman. Ellen. Ilussell and n.
Grace B. Ward of JackESnville. Iil.. are
visiting friends here. The young ladles ars '
on a trip through the East and are view-!
tag the crinclnal places or Interest.
A- J. Miller and wife of Astoria, EL. are i
in wasningion on a pleasure trip. j
W. L. Phelps of Oklahoma City is here
in tne interest oi me siater.ood naj. -
M. D. Ridley of Knoxvflle. Term, is here
on business with the departments. Mr..
Rldiev called upon .Representative- Gibson
to-day. 1.1
Seedless Cherry Pies are now on sale at'
the :ucateisen .Lunca xooms. , ,
Plan Street Fads- nt Cailyle.
Carlyle. HL. May 3L A meeting was held 3A
In the City Hall Friday night for the pur- im
pose of commencing the preliminary ar- -H
rangements lor a street rair to be held In tfi ' ..;
this city. A finance committee, composed s ?
of ,T. W. Means. J. B. Trlerwuller. Elmer i .,",
Sadler. W. S. Westennann. W. J. Schmidt -i.s i
the funds and report at a meeting- to be Jfir-
held Bast aSedaaxdax resla&
xSf -A
si -a

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