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THE IR; IE IF TT B X, i:dj
M '"aw
f '
IT - ST -1st
I ft. C """"" """ P 'fews-Basa- " him- tew "pnin ' ""... ,J"ii;if jminn iiMMim-rii i i n i . .
jONDAY9 JUNE d 1902. Ordinarily we should now announce "Barr's Annual June Clearing SajegJ
out it marks anotner epoch m the commercial life of Barr s, the great house for over half a centurv most closely aiiieol
with the growth and progress of St Louis. It is so great an occasion, coming at the commencement of work which Is to nearttf
1fti1. t . . t . . . v-i- "i
aouoie xne ousiness racnities and conveniences ot barrs, making them commensurate with the demands of our enormously im
creased clientele, it is fitting to call this simply l)Jo. 1 of a series of great sales. We do not mean to carry over a dollar's wortHff
or spring ana summer goods, and have made the prices with that end steadily in view.
Every Hai Marked at Jhsst ls
The Actual Cost of Goods !&&
i Vl
inery Dept
Bvery one must be closed out
this week.
About 4fs Trimmed Ready-to-Wear
Hats', all colors, goods sold as high
as $3.00 each while they C
last at, each &JG
85 Trimmed Ready-to-Wear Hats,
clean, nice goods, all this season's
styles that sold from $2.50 to $3.50
each Monday the price C ft
will be, each UC
30 do;. School Hats, mostly
Milans; Monday they go at, ea
100 Trimmed Rcady-to-Wear Hats, goods that sold as high
as $4.00 each marked for Monday sale at, each
200 Children's Trimmed Hats, in the new mixtures and
silk scarfs, $4.50 was the price 90 Monday at
75 Trimmed Hats, $5.00 to $12.00 goods on sale
Monday for
87 Shirt-Waist Hats, sold from $4.50 to $7.50 all
marked Monday at, each
I .'
Reductions at Linen Section.
We quoted lower prices tbnn any bouse In St. Louis before the price auto
crat panned along with his pencil but now!
40 Fancy Weave I-lnen Cloth, size 62x06, iere $2.50; now $150.
10 Fancy Weave Linen Cloth, size 61x81, -were 33 CO; now $2.25.
23 Fancy Weave Linen Cloth, size 621M, were H 50: now $2.75.
1C0 dozen x Bleached Pure Ltnen Napkins, were 31; nov 75c dozen.
60 dozen x Bleached Fure Linen Napkins, were $3.75; now $3 dozen.
112 dozen Xi Bleached Pure Linen Napkins, were $3; now $2.50 dozen.
SO Carving Cloths, scallop all round, were $3; now $2 each.
200 yards Bleached Damask, was 60c; now 45c yard.
177 yards Bleached Damask, was $2.50; now $2 a yard.
"12 yards BIcached"xJamask, was $1.25; now $1 a yard.
13C yards Bleached Damask, was $1.35; now $1.10 a yard.
jlflOjyardSTBleached. Damask, was $165; now il.25 a yard.
f - 200 Hemstitched Sett.
1 Clotlij5aoct)lf3bz3n NapklnsT'IS per cent of theold price.'in all sizes from 2 yards
to 4 yards ilotr, $4 to $25 per set, - ' f
155 dozen Damask Tonels, cut from $2.50 to 32 per dozen.
- - -- Ji99S Yards
Two-Tardwiae-BltAcbKrTTamapk, at.31 per yard, the best goods ever sold at tint
price; Napkins -to match" $3.50 per dozen.
I,:O0 odd pieces in Hemstitched Goods, some of them hand embroidered; price cut
to half. '
Made Sheds And Pillow Cases. -
90c dozen.
York Mills Cotton. 25c each.
163 dozen 41x36 Inch' Pillow Sllps,T24c each.
270 dozen 42x36 Inch Pillow Slips, made of Wamsutta Cotton; price 15c each.
55 dozen New Tori: Mills 42x72 inch Bolster Slips, 25c each.
110 dozen 81x90 inch shec'-i. 45c.
100 dozen 72x90 inch sheets, 50c.
2,000 yards -yard-wide Homestead Cottons, S l-3c; 12 yards for fL '
3,500 yards yard-wide soft finish cotton, bleached; Ec per yard.
oak and Siif Department
In addition to the June Clearing of All-Wool Garments in this great depart
ment, starting to-morrow, there will be special showings and sellings of a large
purchase of China Silk and All-over Lace Waists and Summer Costumes at HALF
REGULAR prices ; also beautiful new styles (just received) in Shirt Waist Suits
(especially in white) and a full and complete stock of Wash Skirts.
Shirt Waist Suits.
Ai C 1V-Wll"te iawa Shirt Waist Suits, flounce skirt, beautiful styles
n( tJiUv and perfect fitting.
ifl PnBlack and White (white grounds) Shirt Waist Suits, two dif-
nl t)liJU ferent styles, excellent values, cool and stylish.
t7 C A While Linen Shirt Waist Suits, tacked rnd pleated, will
XTll $ I .JS launder perfectly.
A a CP O rv tt Lawn Shirt Waist Suits, in white, green, blue, pink and linen
x4l v?C 0 J shades, neatly trimmed with lsco and embroidery insertion, tacked
" and pleated.
ki mtid ftrt"8"'1'''1'' Shirt Waist Suits, in all colors, styles and mate
i1 I P I V U rials, cool and simple summer costumes at popular prices.
Wash Dress Skirts.
A 4 QL'9 Ajfl Chimbray and Polka Dot Duck Skirts, made in new side
f t tPAiVV ploated and flounco effects, perfectly draped and thoroughly made.
A 4 C "J Q Q New "Pleated" Skirtftnd Golf Skirts, of white pique and tan
i vp&tZO linen very latest effotlaoirect from the East made by high-class
men tailors. r
A J CjJ Afl Innumerable styles at this popular price, white pique and tan
JHl wJiUU linens, box pleated, side pleated and kilted skirts, in a great variety
of styles and now effects.
li fffl C ""I $10.00 High.cia Wash Skirts, of white and tan piques
jAI D0 I J, and genuine linens, in all colors, pleated, kilted and trimmed with
lace lnfmrfclnn.
& -. . !
(S. -WW
- .e2?-
Thls la one of the departments nearest to the beginning of store alterations If
1 VF
Iff fit I i l i 4 J
flM fuum
When jou remember how much under the usual we've been selling silks 'ljF
spring, and read that we now propose to reduce those prices ON&HJUiFfaglS.
there's no need to say another word! ??
Best Quality "Wash Silk, sjod colors. 25c: were 50c. " V?lp?'
21 Inch Satin Foulards, also twills, choice styles and colorings. 53c; were 31 "j JUS, irjtrjStJr1'-
zt Inch Satin Foulards, foreign and domestic prints, all this season s test styles.
Tic: were 31.23 and SL35. '
24-lnch English Tussore, the fashionable fabric for traveling costrones. 73c: wai
3125. i l?IB5eS
27-inch English Tussore, 31.35; waa 32.
45 Inch Black Meteor Crepe. 33; was 33.50.
45 inch Black Brocbe Crepe, 32.75; -was 35X0.
All lengths of Silks up to 12 yards at H, 1-3 and H off sell.rg p..cr fii 3 aa
excellent opportunity to secure lining, etc., at about M price. '' ?
Sale of China Silk Waists.
A large stock of China Silk and All-over Lace Waists came to us on Saturday
at a large reduction from the manufacturers' regular prices. They are beautifully
embroidered and trimmed 'with lace" insertion, and are to be sold as follows:
? QR for 4.00 China Silk WaIsta-2 colors,
630 black and white.
Qfi for K 00 China Silk WaIsta-2 colon,
ipj.70 black and white.
Nttr Ubco Skirt, Prk 6 SO.
CI ft ftf tor ,15- Wij'o China Silk WaUK elaborately tacked
(iiv.iv cuffs, col.ar and yoko of fine quality Irish crochet
! llfl for T.50 China 8Uk.WalstS-2 colors,
fJ.UU black and white.
QL (Ut for 110 00 Ctflna Bilk WaIsts-3 colors.
wm.wV oiacK ana wmic.
Clft Aft for 315 00 Cream White Venetian Lace Waists, silk
ipiu.ou lined made wlfh elbow sleeves front, collar and
lace. sleeves Unlihed with fancy white chiffon bows.
Summer Costumes at Half Price.
A large purchase of Summer Dresses at half j price will enable us to sell high-class garments at less than actual
cost of material alone. They comprise Foulard and Fancy Silks, Linens, Organdies, Lawns, Dimities, Nets, Laces
and Crepe de Chines, designed and manufactured by New York's most famous costume makers. They are to be sold
in same ratio as bought, as follows:
SI2.00 for $25.00 Summer Dresses. S25.00 for $60.09 Summer Dresses.
S15.00 for $30.00 Summer Dresses. $30.00 for $60.00 Summer Dresses,
$20.00 for 8.40.00 Summer Dresses. 537.50 for $76.00 Summer DreBses.
We didn't know embroidery prices could be made so low until the price an)
tocrat passed this -way. ,-j.,
Vfi inch -vide Swiss and Cambric Embroideries; reduced from Sc to Scyard.
4 inch wise Swiss and Kainsook Embroideries; reduced from ISc to Scyard.
5 inch wid Caiqbric and Swiss Embroideries; reduced from 33c and ?7e to 15c a yd.
4 to 6 inch wide Fine Swiss Embroideries; reduced from 40c and 50c to Sc a yd.
1 to 2 incl 'vide Swiss and Nainsook Inserting?; reduced from 23s and Ic to ISo
a yard.
3 to 5 in wide Grass Linen Batiste Edges; reduced from 35c and 46c to Ba
a yard. f
6 to 8 inch wide Grass Linen Embroidered Edges; reduced from SOc and 68c to 3Eo
a yard i IJPjrHx i L
3 to S inch wile Cream Batiste Bands; reduced from 35c and 59c to Sa s yard.
2 to 3 inch wiie Cream and White Guipure Bands; reduced from 49c and 5Sc to 25s
m yaro. . i
10 inch wide Cambric Embroidered Skirtings: reduced from 40c and &0o to 17 a yd.
10 inch wide Cunbric Embroidered Skrtimrs; reduced from 40c and 503 toSfc yd.
ia incn wiae rue uudwio r-muroiuorca eairungs (sugntiy souea); reaucea ITO
i.io ana i.u 10 zoc &.yara.
IS Inch wide Fancy Net, all-over material; reduced from 4Sc to 35c V yard.
18 Inch wide Fancy Net. all-over material; reduced from 75c to 35&.I yard. "
22 inch wide Swiss, all-over Embroidery; reduced from 31.35 to Sic a.rard ' .
22 Inch wide Swiss, all-over embroidery; reduced from M.65 to SSc k yard.
Manufacturer's fhort lntths of fine Swiss and Nainsook Embroideries in
sale at about ft regular prtc. . v .-
Art Goods.
fr 4.
Itw i'
545.00 for $99.00 Summer Dresses.
$50.00 for $100.00 Summer Dresses.
$60.00 for $120.00 Summer Dresses.
$ For summer fancy .work, you'll find these so much tuiderprlced that yon can
lay In a larger supply than nsnaLjJBecaosa; IHey-rtj slightly eoUed wr I
made the prices about half on stamped llneni. Centerpieces go from 10c up. 1
Stamped Collars 2c each and waist sets 5c set ,
Hand Embroidered and Hand Fainted Fin Cushions, In all the delicate shades) -trimmed
with lace, were 32.75 and 33; reduced to 25c and SOc each. ..v -. -- i
Pipe Backs, just the thing for gentlemen's euchre prizes: reduced'from'32 to"3Se -each.
, t
Oriental Cushions, tops In various colors; reduced from 32 to 75c eaclu ,' .'
Tapestries, very choice designs, reduced (com 3L50 and 25c each; tbs 68e and Sak
ones reduced to 15c each. J
Handsomely tnoroiaered Center Pieces, done in Mount Mellick Etnbrolaery: re-g
aucra irum m is ..
j .' ria.ae oneeis ,a.na rmov
1.000,d'oS!Ofl,45i36 inchFlHow Slips, 81-3f ach, or
-iW'd&ten 64s3Sfach''Flow' Slips, made of New X
Boys' Summer Clothing.
$3.75 for $6.00 Doublc-Brcaslcd and Sailor Serje Suits.
Ages 3 lo 16 Years.
1 C for $6.00 Double-Breasted and
Sailor Suits, all-wool serges,
sailor suit comes in four shades, red,
ro3al brown and dark blue; two-piece
suits in rich dark blue; these suits were
reduced owing to the sizes being
broken, all odd lots, one and two of a
kind collected together regardless of
what they sold for earlier in the season,
all new st3'les, best makes; 7 C
will be sold Monday for PJ i O
5 0 for 75c Boys' Blouse Waists, ages
" 6 to 12, bright, new, fresh en
patterns Monday, JUv
Young Men's Suits, 2S to 36 chest meas
ure, all "wool, navy blue serge, cor-
mr.tlv tnilnrpH- tnailp -roitli ffflffc As
durable trimmings $Iv.UU SI0.00
The Greatest Ribbon Sale Ever Undertaken in "St Louis,"
Will Open Vp a.i Burr's Monday Morning, June 2nd,
And the Greatest Display of Ribbons Ever Ma.dc in St. Louis
Can Be Seen in Our Olive Sireet Windows a.s Follows:
Window No. 1. Will contain Beautiful, New, one entire counter will be devoted to the sale of
Fancy Ribbons --soft and lustrous width White Ribbons Only.
aoout incnes, ana it win tauc xor nseu ar. W5ndow No. 4 The attractions in Window No.
4 will be a good quality All Silk Taffeta
Ribbon in all the leading shades width No.
I c $3
1 f$3.75
& js)i9BB9HBHisBBsBaaSB9HsQEiB
rl B $s. , iff v-tss"
M m Xv JH r
'If ) W
K A ia Lawn Mowers, 3 blades,
Pi ffl m self sharpeners,, strong
i B hickory handle ,
1 1 ";. $1.98
"85och. ..$2.45
nii " $2.69
y S iwniiu li.
K B 1
I? r!
l a
f if
"I f I
25c a yard all new, fresh goods
Window No. 2. Will contain 6-inch Plain Taf
fetas, 4-inch Satin Taffetas, Liberty Satins, in
all desirable colors, and Brilliant Taffetas
this entire assortment 25c yard.
Window No. 3. Pure White Ribbons of alt
kinds will fill this window Satin Taffetas in
all widths, Plain Taffetas, Liberty Satins,
Satin Merveilleux, Satin and Gros Grains,
Moires, etc., and at the Ribbon Department
40 at I5c yard.
Also, Black Satin-Back Velvet Ribbons, in all
widths and qualities, at low prices. One
special is width No. 1, at 29c bolt (10 yards)
sold elsewhere at 50c.
Window No. 5. The goods displayed in this
window will not last long at 25c yard they're
worth 65c to 85c yard better see this lot early.
2. frSl
Hand Embroidered Sofa Pillows, some of This season's roods: rcduivd from "jl ia,' -l.--..?
310; 310 reduced to 35; 33 reduced 34. , . -"I.-
dooks ior uramuanon ums. iaX
No article can be selected that win have the lasting: mine ot X- book; ,
hare greatly reduced the prices on ail our standard sets. The authors -si
sented are especial favorites for graduation presents.
uicKenr. ciotn ninaing. li volumes; reduced from us to 57. , '
Scotf b Waverley Novels. 12 volumes, cloth blndlns: reduced from 312 "to 38.
Hug-o, cloth. 8 volumes; reduced from 312 to 38. ' ' .
George Eliot leather: reduced from 315 to S7.7S. w"ji,
A "number of 2-volumo sets, handsome!! bound cloth, 31; and H .leather bted-'!
A lino ot cloth-bound volumes, sllghtlly soiled, for less than half trice.
On Bargain Table.
On Barr's famous Bargain Table, to-morrow morning; will S oar remalntesT,
stock of 3-Inch satln-strtned Challles, to be closed out at only 15c per yard.
Also 3S-lnch. half-woot dot Henrietta, at 10c per yard; worth 25c. ,-
42-mch all-wool Cashmere Checks, blue and white, and black and white; at 26a
Per yard. , -
45-lnrh. flll-ironl Frpnrh fTh.V xcnrtli ffl npp vnrrt at RV fpr Vflrrf. .! -.
45-Inch all-wool. Novelty Eultlnss, regular price. 31.E0 per yard; at H.per yard, i
N. B. All remnants skirt lengths and dress lengths of Dress Goods'. to.be Cfasea 1;
out as. salt price. Now U the time to buy. r-
SKoc Dcpt
V '
r ' r
Ladles Kldskln Rhoes. lace or
ton. Broken sizes; 34, reduced to SSc.
Irtdles Fine Kid Oxford Ties, patent
tips, heavy or light soles, 35.50. reduced to
LftfH?K' Kill Oxford Ties, hand-
turned soles, kid or patent tips, 32; reduced to 31.C.H- ..u-
Mlsses Box Calf Shoes, lace or button, heavy .sole?,
sites U to 2, 32. reduced to 98c ' '
Misses' Kid Button Shoes, patent tips, flexible soles; sixes U to 2, reduced to. -"fojl
"pmv.n int. nhildren'a Bhoes. button or lace, tome patent leathers lnv this lotT" ? .""
sixes & to 8. 3L50: reduced to -ISc. ,,.-,.... .....' 'Z&tOPOKl
Every pair of these shoes stamped. af". u lajuh. iou anow wnat. mat means. -vgt -j-t
Men's Furnishings.
Prices here have heen hit pretty hard. It will be a good place for invest
ment this week. The dividends are yours in advance.
Men's very fine quality Sea Island Cotton Undershirts and Drawers; worth 73c;
June sale. C0c each. .....
' Men's Fancy Cotton and lisle Thread Half Hose, worth 25c and 33c; June sale,
12Kc a pair.
Men's Silk Shield Bows, Bat Wings, Butterfly and Strings, worth 25c and SOc; June
sale. 10c each.
Boys' White Silk. Puff Bosom Shirts, worth 75c; June sale, 60c each.
Men's Cambric Night Bobes, worth "Sc ; June sale, SOc each.
Special Values in Handkerchiefs
Will be offered this week.
At 3c each Ladles White Hemstitched Hankercblefs: a. flyer, at 3c each.
At Sc each Men's All-Linen. White Hemstitched Handkerchiefs'. Monday at 3a
At 10c each A small lot of Ladles' Scalloped and Embroidered. Pure Llnea, "5o
roods (seconds), at 10c each.
Also a. lot of odds and ends, lace trimmed, and some hemstitched and embroider
ed, unlaundered; worth 15c and 19a each; all at 10c each.
In Cloths nd-F
, .JtrlifcCea
arrs well-known Strtpfd Coven;
uarr a weu-Known m lsca genuine
w -!.. vet ycru.
Ban's 34 Inch National Linen
m incn au-wooi Jersey ciotn,
27 Inch Fancy Linen Check
25c per yard.
27 inch Fancy Linen Check
au snort lenctna or piaia
great reduction.
Universal Food Choppers;
chop all kinds of raw
or cooked meats;
price . $1.15
Polished hardwood Bathtub
Seats, with nickel-plated
and rubber-covered
ends $1.15
Hennis Fruif. or Potato
Press (like cut .... 19c
Ice Chisels .....Bo
Grass Shears ......lOo
Gem Ice Shavers -3c
Cup Lemon Squeezers..,. ...... ..6e
Furniture Handle Co
sL m
fQvV ' J$J
Enoch Morgan's Sapolio
(a cake) - 5c
Nickel - plated Sponge on.
Soap Holder, to fit bath
i tub (like cut).- f- y.. 17c
Nickel - plated Towel
Rods (like cut) 30
inches long,
Coat and Hat
, dozen.
Decoraied China at Half Value.
English Bemlporcelaln Dinner Sets,
complete set for 12 persons, rich
ly decorated in green underglazed
decorations; regular CC Aft,
price 310.G0; Sale Price.. V.tO
English 'Semiporcelaln Dinner Sets,
assorted shapes and decorations,
in blue and green patterns; fin
ished In gold; regular CO AO
price 315; Sale Price.... A0.yO
Ponyat French China Dinner Sets,
richly decorated with flowers and
gold; complete service for 12
BSpSa.r?SS.p.,S!?.. $12.98
Austrian China Dinner Sets, richly decorated with flowers and gold, new
shapes and designs, thin vitreous china, worth 313.CO Cff QQ
Ha.v!Iand French China.
We are closing out E patterns of Haviland French China, an rich decora
tions. An excellent opportunity to make up a. set or to replenish your stock
ot china at just one-half the regular price.
Open-StocK Dinner Ware.
10 open-stock pattern of best-grade English Porcelain Dinner Ware, at coat
and less. These patterns we Intend to close out and have marked them at
prices that will clear them out quick.
Coitage Chamber Sdrii fall
,'i!i """.. .. .
flBBBi y. "sasb.
Decorated ;BBeh
wart tsJtrSafe
ber sets, east
piece.? wjvts)
ChaMfcmr; gets;;
eful uecos;?
-- '4-
sat t
- tl'V-. "3
f?"BBBr SS
SSV '--''
'"-'i . r
Kt;va uuv
.- mr fnimi.- oinmrii
dJJ Sixth, Olive and Locust StjeBis, St. Louis,
- mwa -mmUV3Es??& "
. . r " . j- t.-. -in-7. - r- i 'Ta. .
'. ii '-T-T - li AVi-fyr-i i-i iTr-iTaflj'
iJ2xif- Zf '
Sixth, Olive and Locust Streets, St, Louis.
-. 4 t t Trt"
Crc 5
sixtti, mwm
'. -JZ
WS?M3$.. rJ&?jco?ii!i, Aha ,fc.-feawi?6fe,
Cf- ---S-J4 ""1:,... .j.-.v ..W AJT,: S C a.M3t.StJ-at?agaaJfaa'SJ.Ji
JS-- f-.L L-
-. lljt

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