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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 01, 1902, PART I, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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---- - sii 4i -s;
J- sr-vM-"- -
-4U- ;
STJs-Q -", CrTrT 1, 1901.
tin -j'j&:? ;
If '
' L U lV2a' v&W
,.- tSTTEwms mLSIU- mwlllr ,11
1 1 1 tp&)J$w
Bx Drawers.
ill j PhnTK?
"We begin oar June Sale of Underclothes to-morrow. By constant and unwearying effort we are able to make
tiese garments better and better without adding to the prices. Having in mind the season of brides, graduates and airy
summer costumes, we bare paid especial attention to the daintiness as well as the practical requirements of sum
mer travel- Every garment ias been made to Barr's order, trimmings are perhaps finer, prettier than we have
ever before offered you, while the same generosity of proportions prevails. There's nothing "skimpy" about the
Barr Underclothes. Muslin, Cambric, Kainsook and Lawn beautiful materials, pretty trimmings, perfect finish
and the grandest and prettiest styles you ever dreamed of.
:n. Ladies" Bo-wot cood muslin, cambric tacked yoke, neck aDd sleeves trimmed
- " tain camnric nnne;
; excellent -ralue.
::. Ladies' Gowns your choice or sereral styles, rood muslin, yoke or hemstitched
J!", tnrlr nwtl mliiiilili i lrtTtinTi curt &k twinfillr !! fnr flfi .
T in &m T i u ,i i
C rood nmsiin. liemsrttrhed cambric isfie with, tucks abore,
Ladie- Dn(w-ciiitoc, mnbrella shaped, deep flounce, Wioffl with tacts
and edge a. Torchon lace usual ralne fee.
J" TirfllnTt-rr-ii -.ii-lr -nmhTnTlit tmp- rt p 1aT-r -flnt-nry., fiTitebeJ withTrern
r " JC stitched tucks; ezccllent -calue.
M ladies' Drawers cambric 7nte shape, deep flounce ol embroidery with
"' tacks above.
ladies Drawers camb-ie unio-ellastpe. deep lawn flounet;. trimmed with two
UC xows of Torchon lace insertion and edge ollace.
) ladies' Drawers good mcslin. umbrelli shape, deep embroered reffle Tlth
Vvw xncks aborts -actual value c
" XadleS" Travpr ciudma&lin, mabrella sh&pe, Isvm onnce tnr:Tned Trtth la
'C serdon sind edcor lace and tacks.
yr XadteS" I-aTeis cambric, cmbrella shape, deep ncnnice 01 embroidery and
ace trldmed
fig Xdirs3ra'rcT, cambric rood muslin. rmbreHa shape, laim flc-
o, -with InsertSons and edce ol Val. lace.
e fin lodies' Drawers euodnnsllc umbrrJla shape, deep laim flounce trimmed
&W -rta tro rows of fine lace iisertioa and edpe.
CI Qf) Ladie Drawers camb-i- or muslin, handsome? trimmed with embroidery
M.W nd tucks usual -price SlXi.
Other31rawen aTl handsomelT trimmed with lac or embroideries in 55-50
tacks and embrdidery insertion, such a csaally sells for ffc.
75. IJldiel: Gowns ermbne, V-shape neck, yoie of embroidery insertions; actual
C valnenoa.
s; Indies' Gowns cambric. V-ihape neck, yoke of embroiderx Insertions and
'1, tacks, xume of embroidery mend yoke, neck and slevs.
fir: ladies' Gowns cambric, low. square neck, elbow sleeve, yoke of tocLs and em
oi,c broidery Insertion.
QC Ladi' Gowns ctebric "Empire" stvle, trimmed across front and pointed coi-3r--
lar with Torchon lace insertion andeuce and fine tacks finished with dainty
ribbons; such as nsaally sell for SLS
OB. Ladles' Gowns cambncV-shspe neck, yoke of fine embroidery and Val. lace
-'t?L- insertion, ruffle of lace on yoke, neck and sleeves.
C p: ladies' Gowns cambric. "Cbemwe" style, entirely new. round low nck and
'i' short sleeves. trimmed with Torchon lace insertion and edee. hnlsbea with
dainty ribbon.
CI OSJ Ladies Gowns low. square neck and elbow sleeves, trimmed with icsertioa
"J7i " and edce of "Blind" embroidery and tucks.
Cf aB Ladies" Gowns nainsook, round, low neck, trimmed with insertion and edce
J"-'-0 of VaLlsee. -finished with ribbons excellent Talne.
Ct 7S Ladies Gown fine nainsook. "Chenure" style, is ncy yoke of fine embroid-
ery and Val. lace, tacked Iront trimmed with dainrv ribbons such as are
sold for CIS.
Other liuvii'- all bautif uEy trimmed In fine embroider and new laces and Ct Ann
all newest effects in prices g.OC. f -S, C1M. &T5, 83J0 and upwards to ?1V.UU
White Petticoats.
4g LndieV Petticoats good muslin, umbrella shape, deep cambric tucked Eounce,
7?p Ladie' Pettlcoa'ctvd muslin, nmb-plla shupe. deep flounce, finished with
' - tucks and hemtltchUis actual value Lia
51 00 I-afl11' Petticoats stKd mnslin. dfp knee flounce. tnmnid wiih insertion
" " and edce of Torchon -act andtu'-ks. dust ruCie: such a- usually Mil lor IL5.
muslin, umb-tlla sliape. deep flounci; trimmed
ftij iiutr EmuzvinKTj
Ct OH Ladles' Pettlcxiat cood
WS.UVT l.h P .TnW lirir
Ladies' Ppttlcoat cambric, umbrella shape, deep flounce trimmed with tucks
and deeprufie of embroidery dost ruffle
C.1 ) r; Lndies- Petticoats camlinr or mt"lin. umb-ella shape, deep flouuee trimmed
'' with aeep ruffle of mbroidery. dust rufile.
Ct SJA Ladies' Petticoats fine cambric knee flounce, t-imnvd wifh lnertion and
Ji. v finrp edce of Torchon lace and tacks, dust ruffle. cac-'Ilect value.
Ct TSj Lsdies Petticoat line ci-miinc flip knee fionuce. finished vh vp-tieai
'-'' irimmlnjr of insertion of lace and tncks. deep ech;e of lace on flounce and dust
Ct QC Ladles' Petticoats n camhric. deep knee flounce, finished with deep flounce
s-1-' of fine embroiderv- dtuctrnffle.
kne flounce tmnmed with tlm-emws r.r
ueep core o: same . aust ruuie.
Ladis" Corset Covers short "French" shape, round Tiect
trimmed with Torchon lace edr;e.saeii as usually sells 'orCe
of fine embroidery, dust ruffle.
S") ; Ladies Petticoats fine cambnc,
" ' "Russian" lace insertion and dei
C? 5J Ladies' Petticoats-fine cambric deep flnnnce. fcnislied with xerti-a" trio-
c j . .-.-.- . ....... uu,i. w. vwiu uiutij ua.v luum.
Colored Petticoats.
jjrices racciuc - tL50. tl.75, CM and upwards to
AR Ladies' Cbemise
-"- Boodmaslin. plain corded band ;rxceHent quality
!"j Ladies Chemise cambric round neck, trimmed with insertion and edce of
Point de Ians lace, finished Trllh ribbon.
xaaira L;pcaLts--Eln8oot, roimd Deck.triTriiai wrfth CI AA ladles Cbcmis
ujuwius2ieriionandMireS2ianea with rib- ' -xw
4l"t KniaKui) .11. i j .iT
tMuuusu niuj urjAEQ laiQC.
nainsook, vonr choic of pre-al
Btrlea, ail pret.Uy trSnmied irjtb fine emb or lace.
fViWv' rTrtcrrnl-aaa tTi In n V nrw1fKT aTl VftrtrlfrtTl- wl iiihhJ
Chemi--nalr)iook. a selection of several in the new effects with laces or embroideries C": Til
ranging In paces C73. gJO, SSu,t3JXcp-to
OtLer Petticoats handsomely manned with ernlroidery oriacrs, all new
patterns, riinrJC in price cju, z..-, e.uu, tzu upwards tc .
An immense pur
chase has inen nade
from one nf Th lnri-
lnr sunt manufacturers at s the rerular value; the saae
ne placed on sale at tae loiiowrar; prices
Int 1 ARr 1 dozen Ladles Petticoats made of fan-y col
""" T"-l- o-cd stripe jr check cinrham. a selection of
many styles that havesold for tec will ro in this sale for J"-c
In T C. 1W dozen Ladies Petticoats, made of food
uTa&uxT d, nia:iis. .u cuioren
I - "S OK- " dozen Ladies Petticoats, made
-. yiJL, of Madras gincham. fancy colo-ed
strrp-s. trimmed Trttk, iBBjd tadj hemstltchinc,
Lsually sells lor XISD oCtTETi r
M . -. i-! iS.'T elh
- i x -,
3v-N&, V SI ftft I4
Jt f v v-"- 1f A IJ-"a. sammeu wrai yak Jace or embroidery
Mr I 1 iI5 tjL A - i-j:fe?-3" ?s-a
&$; "?
Uii V-CM .J
Corset Covers.
"7C Ladies" Corset Gbvetv--Frcnrh shape crti-ht-Ettin?. plain or
""' lce trimmid, actual -value Cc
CO Ladies' Corset Covrs tnede of ctfcsook or eambrir. French
'"'- shape, trimmed across trout with four ruws of lace insertion
round neck and sleeves, trimmed with jare eJpc excellent "Jau,
Ladies' Cerset Covers a s-ltiou of tveril xles: nain
sook or cambric French shape, neck and sleevrs tmnmed
witn lace or emaroiaery edge.
Ladies Corset Covers na!csiofc. Frenrh shape, trimmed'
across trout, voce ezect w'tii-'ace in--rsion-iace rtirron necs
and siseves: actual Talue sc
Ladies' Corset Coveri nainsook. Trencij sliape. round neck.
trimmed with insertion and tthre of a, lace, tiusliid with
dainty ribbons.
Or. Ladies Corset Covers French shape, trimmed front end
OJC back with six rows of Val. lace, shoulder straps of Ice and "
ri obon entirely new.
OI. Ladies' Corset Covers French shape, nainsook, round necfc
-'- trimmed with Insertion ani
with dainty ribbons.
CI (igl Ladies Cort Covers-fine
rl,w nainsuok. shoti J- rench
shape, frost and hack of fin" tucks
round neck, trimmed with fine
z embroidery edge and dainty ribbon.
nnt; izCfc, inshesl
$L09 S
adies Cor-
fine namsnok trbs
rard with three rows
i'f Val. lace round
neck and sltves.
trimmed with 1 a r e
edf-e and Inry rib
boa. Cf (U) Ladles' Cor
$l,TU j cover-
fine nainsook;
French shape, trlu
nied with hne em
lrvidery. insertion
and edce. finised
A full Tine of fine
French Corset Cov
ers lace or embroid
ery trhnmkranrrinr
in prices Irom Gjo
2? $5-59
pholsteryf Curtains, Porch Shades, Porch Furniture, Awning's---3rd Floor,
Jine Clearance Sale
la Curtains -and Portieres.
Muslins and Xets for Sash
Curtains. Tapestries, Dam
ask and Brocatelle, for Pnrrri
tnre Coverings. PlIIotvs for
Porches and Xawns. Sum
aner Tnrnrtnre for the Cot
tage and Porch. Uugs in
broken lines xery much under
Every liem Quoted This Week is aji
Extra. Bargfcia.
1D0 pah- Eufflpd Fish Set Curtains, -worth
C0 per pair; in Jose Bale, CI AS
per pair v?I.W
XottinRhstn Lace Curtains. yerds Ions,
in Brtrwels effect; regular -value STCS0 pe-
palr; in June Sale.
per pair . ...
"Kottint-ham Lace Curtsdnt In TBoniton "f-
lerrts; nX" prices a.nu sua ts.w. m
June Sale -tl.
per pair, S.0 BTifl
Irisb Point Lace Curtains. ?i yard long,
b-atttlfnl patterns, -worth JS.W CM CO
per pair; June price . ?
Heal atmy Lnce Curtain, "worth Cft
JE.09 per pah". " r-
Odd pairs at Out Lace Curtains. If yna
neei but one pair of Curtains, -we nave
some exceptional bargains marked to bsif
Fertieres and Couch Covers.
"We hcire made ionr lots at about 106 -pair
and expect to close them out quickly.
LOT 1 Mercerized Tapestry Portieres,
xrineed top and bottom in one and two
pair loyi. is blue green and old rose,
jvorth S2.J0 lo 12.-5; CI A9
June Bale .?'
LOT Iilerceri-tea Tftp";?- Portle-es.
heirry irinr top and nottam;"a31X-pe.lr
lo; -vorth J4.3) to C; C" ?;
June Sale, at, per pair . ..?&'
LOT 3 Gordon Eep end Queen's -Cord Por
tieres, with tapeftry border and co-u
trrannintr: tvorth IS.7: to C "
Ti.75. at, June -price .. F
LOT 4 Tapestry Conch Covers, irinped all
ii and "rt-.j;
June price ............
In tali list yon cey find what you want
Harris Chairs, oat and mahogany finish.
velour covered cushions: o
worth 1K.00. at ?JJ
IB pieces .aMneh ficured Catrraf" for -window
and bed drapery. 40c and 2c qualirr;
while thy last. t
per yard .. .. . .-'
IB pieces Duff!e3 Swiss, with lnce edpe, lor
Tnnwn curtains; xi r
IPjc quality, xi
2T, nieces flwiss. npsocrted netlems.
blue, pink, jeen and jellow; sold
4ic-tn 50e Tier ard: choice.
-while th-y last. jt yard ..
in colCTfi.
lldlcine Cabinets, in ffolden oak, -with bev
eled class mirror; regular
p-lce sr. 7a. at
Flemish 3late Sacks.
TLS. in this sale
India Stools, -worth ""Sc
at. each .. . .
IgajV-'Tr-j'T. T.g5fg- H
vtv 7 I
- A !?sx n
XtW yards Plain aid Figa-ed Denim, sold
at 15 to .Si per yard. C
-CiOJDysras-I&nlfci om-lhij' season's pat
terns; has ben selline at IT-sc; C
while it lasts, per yard "-
SOO yards of Flgtr-ed Chln-se SUk. in Zh to
3 yard raees: thi is our TJe sSk; 7r
Monday, while they last, per yard '"
100 Remnants of Tapetry and Dannrk.
pieces Jx. xery suitable lo' chairs or
pillows; worth -up to T1 per piice; to
clean up. 7S
choice Monday s,'c
EDO Jlemnants of Frrrnlture Ctrveriairi. from
1 -vard to Z and Z yards in a -piece; cooes
worth up to 14 CO and C.0O per yard: to
clean up re-.naants. in oar Ti
June Sale," at, ver yard .....
Combination Toilet Cabinets in oak. -with
Venetian glass: regular retail CI e:
price SMC. in this -sale 1J
Iretal Hat Eacks
Z Hooks -
4 KookB.......
7 Hoaks-. ...... ........
In the Rug Section.
Oriental and Dcmestlc Bargains
5 Anatolian Mats, -worth SS 7Z.
rich colorings, to close, each
0 Carhauch and Hamadhi Bugs, sizes!
ebout 2x4 5. -worth S5.C0 to SS 06; CM "
in this sale at. each t.iJ
S Dashes-tan. Sbervna and Seloocbistan
Hues, all antique and soft eotcringsi. sizs
about fci: marked in CO 7S
tms sale at ?J.J
S Bokhara Ejgs. In verv fine weave end
vritb colorings; sizes about CIB 7
Jx4 ?e-t; at $ltl.iD
i n -
55c Z-J:
ElSu --JW-
'Bt5a8fil ""
$5.75 JaZ
S Modem Persbin
and jLntitrae Kemky
sizes about 4x7.
raartcea to
100 Mat-size Biiu'J.ibs,
at eacu
.5il.75 1
65c I
3o Z0xB Smyma Jings. CI C
each JI.JJ
H"lIIH-!flllflBa mHV
- 3,SnUllAI. MATINEE 5
Jtraace tickets to Suburban
Caj4ea anatiieEs -will be distrib-
atecl io Barfs -patrons (free of
fdsargexins "week on application
. tto vas -flirision saperintendents.
50,000 Worth of Wash Fabrics
Lace Trimming's aad Neckwear.
. -wiexn. iur hub; nay M.i.k, u
to 13e -per -yard.
iC euila, j ouauiy i or at per ju.
.toys "trcaiv ic quality, dou-n to
down to 33c -per yard.
flannel ana -wooieni at
Xttocns. Jnotcn
To ro at redrjeefl prices bstweca JcneaBt tnfl July 4th.
selections, Imucht ot 20 per cent Vtiovr present valne.
I.C0O pieces JL.T. C Gingnams in waist and dress styles and B.000 pieces lace stripe
Dimities in one immense bargain lor 10c a yard.
1090 pieces Scotch Madras, Embroidered Cnambrcy and Barclay Zephyrs, -worth
2"jc: nil go at 13c a yard.
48 pieces -white ground Pique, -with red, blue and clack dots cf -various sttea. TbH
Is a email lot of 3)c goods, at Hfec a yard.
One carload of Satin Btripe Batiste. Embroidered Swiss Muslin. TJnnTj-y Organ
file chain and other leading fabrics, in indescribably bczitif.al patterns; an -week X&
a yard.
SB pieces 22 inch Imported Scotch Madras, some mercerized, come .sat. sold la
early season at 23c; now they go at Jdc a yard.
7 uleces Anderson's Scotch HhlrtingMadras, sold in this city to-flay at 43c;
come .and see them; our n&ttems are exclusive -and elegant; 2c a yard.
"We alsw ihow a few extreme ziorelties in Embroidered Etacune; Meroertza Pon
gee, Silk Tissue, -and Silk Mousselines in late importations, 30c la TSc- a. yard.
These) are choice new Eight at the Tapglivnlng of the EeaBon for -which hnces are erpeciaUr aflaptefl
we maie these reanctJons:
Duchess Laces, 3 to 5 inches wide;
-son yards Plat Valenciennes, Point de Paris
cut -from Sc to 12c per yard.
"J0 .yards Plat Valenciennes' Lace. 2y tD 4 inches wide; cut from 15c to "c per yard.
LSB0 yards Tvhlte and Cream "Wash Lace Galoocs and Taney Bands; cut Irom
Se t 10c per yard.
LSD yards Eeal Torchon Edges. 1 to 34 inches wide; cat from 12c and 15c to
ic per yard.
X0S yards "White and Black Chantlny Laces, 34 to C inches wide; cut, Irom ZZs I
to He per yvrO. '
Pongee Four-ln-Hand Ties; cut from "50c to Se each.
Fancy-Check. "Wash String- Ties; cut irora JOe to So each.
Fancy. Plain 'Wtite. and Colored Embroidered Turn-ever "Wash Collars; cut
23c and 50c each, to 25c and 123C each.
All our Dotted SUk Mull Ties, -with crushed stocks, bias edge in colors.
Lewn Ties. Tucked Stocks, -with latest Turn-over Collars Fancy Embroidered
and Crochet Stocks, with flowing ends the 31 and SL50 qualities; est to 73c an- Uc J y
each. (yZil
mm rfii
from I JL Vv. 'fev Vim tiltV . n
k "
Jose Clearing Sa.Ic
Greatest rednctioas ever kno"rra in -orsets 4
in SL Lotus.
At 48 c Corsets, -were $1.00.
At 68c Corsets, -were &L2S.
At 75c (P. D.) Corsets, -were SL.73.
At $1 68 Corsets, -were 2.00.
At $L50 Corsets, -were $3.00.
A! $2.08 Corsets, -were S5.00.
At $2.98 Corsets, -were J5fio0.
At $339 Corsets, rerz $10.00.
: Ei.if Value. I Trunks, Bas ajid Suit Causes.
Ji-. -ki-,-r ' Canvas covered and
,rTv ""- -r- -nroof TTrtmlc: m
j y r .is
Cat tup. -water-
bound and clamps:
frna nottom, stronr bolts. Monitor loclc:
4 nardwood slats In top; 2 aH around body
rtf t,V" iffninr lwithr liandleK. covered
I -Parefiarn duos. I m muf int tun. mi -RBrrain.
jJ2SljS2.75 SooL-JMs. - 3Ha. S-ln. 3S-in
g0teJ3KOrM'i.JAJ' jijsj.cs .89 4-i5 A.S 4..T
i lull "jss'fwli TfWircelsin
w hufMaeaatre n2 Ttjit t Tics msde a
irlJtU MPs? tt -eel bound, irrass
ZZT 35.0ll a-Ts and clamps. 2
aEraaelain i
8 Jlill
ani-n. i-mr1 rfTff rrtttTTTMl! TSct 'J"llL
-wrr v liw -wrfaf-lf nf t iTsijfc-T-iHr hnwmnfi-
t Tnmmfa jcnss cur
clsceldor lock. 2 iitraps
X around, -ieattwr Juinal. Ttrfa
-GrTUHthtnrt7 dotli flaefi. deep B-ig tray
-. - w. ... ,n eW., l,m l.hi,rf
f-ii mi.m i Jjariiuoar-u -ui. .w j. -
jC2rSU---jS7-O0 .S!es JS-J3. 3-m "SfMn. "SS-ta.
Sulld Leather Dress -Suit Cases. Unen
lmrd shir- "told, steel "frame, brass Irr-k.
jr-w- is-in. and 2-in choice -tal ny C
T--mi ii-ary Xi"nther "Dres cit Cases.
31 -mrae 51nen lined, land sewed and
Jsfj-rted nrrss lack, eolcr, -ottxe or myset;
sires 22 and 21 inches long; Jirice -"3.
i tirnuu xstner jjress buii uisen. ui --
GMtf -cndJ3 3 irottai rte tan, linen lirfed. annt
j IKS, epriCE incn nc tiurnrs. ktc; iii
file. ies "2 laches; ji harjrain. S
wiii , ii, an jt
;Mhsi "-1h!b
, -fcesHsf- o-
Lai z?-?b iMf'n
fK j tfc2'-'&KI'5fil
( i y us Wtfpi
I T i ji ilrf1
l 3 , ffifiFjir
Special Values in Cut
Blwn GlsLSSware.
Elen. Amrrlrm Cut Glass Berry Bowl. -mch C'? OS
xie -worth J3-SaJe JStt. 7.'7
Elegant Cut Glass Spoon Trays, assorted shapes and S'J "7-J
designs, -s-nrih SltE-'Sale Price 4i.&
C-rrme deMenlhsSet. consisting or decanter with green cut-glass topper
and ueck. 6 tem -glases to -match, -worth 5SJC C2 7"
Sale Price ,T!I . &O.JO
TRIcb Americas Cut -Glass Handle Decanter,
wirrth 23.BC Sale Prlre .
Tressed -Glass Table Tumbiera, i
Sale price, dozen
rorth 3Ec a Ocaen
Thin Blown Table TtrmWers. neatly -etebd
-with sutr and Grecian yUeJu. 7fTlr
worth SLS doxs Sale Pre. .doz J "xt.
These Blown Table Tmnb'eng. plain cryKaL
-worth "Sc flceen 2flj-r
pec!l. 3sr nirrf-n..-. ajVfc
Dcoraied Opal Gtess SsH and Pepper
Shatarar dckel pjated "tops: A
urtU 16s Sale Price, -each .. , ,. UC
Paint Dept.
Bart's Beady 3Czad Souse :nrd
J'loor pamts; aa In.-
colors. Quart .
Floor Stine. ell colors
Small size can
Xerge sire i
Steel -Blade trraSS SMCfe- Batlrtob Enamel Paint-
les,stroriff -fepua,
handle. 19c st can
- fT"T: "
BelTs Star 3etal Polish "Tur poV
iehisr ims, xlckei. lis. etc, ete
at lea then 5 pries.
upntt stzs ' ' ,ff
ti-pint size can . .ie
Pitese. can . 33e
Quart s&e cza , ..-
Extra Tieary Tin "Water SprT)fc
ler. nartiy Japnnsedt
4qts. Cats. QK.
iSs 2e
Bulrie-w -Flrj- "ITsrT- far -rmTbiS-
ElectTO SIKcDn, for p6I- ls haruwood Hoora. AOf
zshmz silver, ffold, . -""
irass, etc box) .-6c S0 2Qc
Herrrwooa Towel EaTicrs. -flw
nsatly Unr-hcd Uie era Uw
Steel "l-'bade Shrw Cutters , TSc
Potato Sneers, hawHmn is1
Sial Ontbes Lines. 43 Tt .Se
Brass Picture Hooks, doz.
Genuine Dover Esc
Surprise Xsc
C Carpet Tacks, all stn-s.
.7W inzes. lor
3r Insert Powder Gtu.
J. Leak J(,
i Olhre m Leait Sirtrtti-. St, Lins,
Siiit fflifa iii Imis? Sinsfs, St, Lttii,
-c -. 1J
.5ci- 1
r s
'E?3kw'rr S. TT '
jw l h w -r .v .ff .ar . i -r.
1: J
s - "
1 1
H .
1 It
K " J5?
S .3
?- r
: .33ii.
'-Ji F-0 -J-i-
4 "-rSSJiSsJj
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